Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 23, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 23, 1864 Page 2
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. .-■ — . THE DAILY PRESS. | POBTLANB, MAIN*. ! -— -- Tuesday Morning, August S3,1864. The circulation of the Dally Prut it larger than any other Daily paper in tAe State,and T i 'able that of any other in Portland. !*»«»—S!,0* per year in advance i tr Reedies Matter ea all Fear Page#. UNION NOMINATIONS. FOB FB18ID1VT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, or ILLINOIS. \ - FOB VTCB-FRBSIDBSTT, ANDREW JOHNSON. ON TKNNSSSSM. For Flecton. JOHN B. BROWN, of Portland, ABNER STETSON, ol Damariscotta. let Diet.—KI GUARD M. CHAPMAN ofBiddeftord. id Diet -THOMAS A. D FESSENDEN of Auburn. A DUt —GOING HATUOUN of FltUSeld. 4th Diet.—BEN J. r. GILMAN, of Orono. blh Diet.—JOBS N. 8WAZET of Buoksport. FOB QOVBBHOB, SAMUEL CONY Or AUGUSTA. For Members of Congress. Zat DM.—JOHN LYNCH, of Portland. *1 DUL—SIDNEY PERHAM, of ParU. lid Diet.—JAMES O. BLAINE, of Augusta. 4th DM.—JOHN H. RICE, of Foxcroft. 6tA Diet.—FREDERICK A. PIKE, of Calais. Senators. Cumberiand—GEORGK W. WOODMAN.Portland. SAMUEL A HOLBROOK. Freeport. GEORGE PIKHCB. Harrwen DAN L r. RICHARDSON, Baldwin. J*rt—E3REFF H. BANKS, Bldderord, KLIsHA U JEWETT, South Berwick, LUTHER SANIiOKN. Paraunhold. Andratcoggtn—JEKEMIA H DING LEY, Jm. Sheriff*. ' «mbtrlaad— GEORGE W. PARKER. Gorham. / rl—RICHARD H GOING, Anton. Treaeurern. Un '6«Wa>ui—PETER R HALL, Windham. Tort—ALBION K. blLE, Allred AuArotcoggin—ISAAC U. CURTIS. Judge of Probate. Fori—EDWARD E. BOURNE, Keanthnnk. Rertatere of Probate. ‘ f umbrrlabd—EUGENE HUMPHREY, Pertlltg Fori-OEORUK H. KNOWLTON. eiddeford. Androtvggin—GEOKbE S. WOODMAN. Commieaionerr. Cumberland—CALEB A. CHAPMAN. Brldgton. Fori-ULKM ENT L MULDKAM. Well*. Androicoggin—LEE STRICKLAND. Clerk of Courts. Feri-CALEB C. LORD, Allred. County Attorney. Fori-INCREASE 8. KIMBALL, Sanford. UNION MEETINGS. GEN. E. W. GANTT, ol Arkansan, WILL STKAK AS FOLLOWS ; AT Winthrop.Tuesday. .Ang. 13. Waterrluo. . Wednesday.Ang. 34. LEWIS BAKER. ESQ., ot Stetson. WUlspenkna follows; at liiddeford.Wednesday.Ang. 24. Snnnebunk. Thursday.Aug. 26. Alfred.Friday. Aug. 26. Limington.Saturday.Ang. 37. WALCOTT HAMLIN, Eaqn of N. H„ Will apeak as follows; at Sanford,. Tuesday ...Ang. 23 L> bacon Center. Wednesday. Aug. 24. West Lebanon,.Thursday.Aug. 26. Acton.Friday. Aug. 26. ohapleigh,.Saturday.Aug. 87. NewSeld,. .Monday. Aug. 22 No. 1'araOMfleld,.Tueerny.a tig. 80 Cornish.Wednesday. Aug 81. Limerick Corner,.Than day.Scot. L Water boro' Center,. Friday..... tsept. 3. The Argus and the Richmond Sentinel. Our neighbor a few days ago copied id elab orate leader from the Richmond Sentinel, and presented It to his readers at proof that the rebels are very desirous of peace. Now we hare no doubt the masses of rebeldom desire peace, and would pursue a just and honorable course to obtain the bleaeing, if they were not kept under and bound down by the most cruel and relentless military despotism that ever cursed any country ou the globe. If these crushed masses could emerge from their pres ent position and once get the control of what is called the confederacy, they would ask for peace and admission into the Union, and ask too in such a manner and on such conditions as to secure the immediate attention of our Government, and the.boon they so much de lire. But until the military power of Jeff. Davis is broken, and his army routed and scattered, the voice of these masses cannot be heard amid the roar of rebel eancon, or if heard, It will not be boeded, but stifled and powerless. •Stop the thunder of these rebel cannon, the rattling of rebel musketry, the shrieking of reb el shells, and the music of the rebel ear-pierc ing fife ond soul stirring drum, and the erv of peace would come up from the depth* of mil lion* of heart* and reach the heaven*. The love for the old flag of the Union would be re kindled into a blaze,and war and rumors of wtr would no longer be heard within our borders. The policy of the rebel leaders would be repu diated, and they would be driven from the land they have so much oppressed. But it may be asked, do not these rebel leaders want peace ? We answer, they do, but on such conditions as the loyal people and the friends or the Union <U never grant. But what of the offers of p ce which this organ of Jeff. Davis has re ciL’Jy made? We give below an extract from tb Richmond Sentinel which embodies the gis> of their peace offers, and which the Argus so foudly hugs to its bosom as evidence that these leading traitor* are anxious for peace. Here it is:— •■We of ths Sooth consider independence as the gree-. and drat objeet of the war, and that aeptratlon 2* *° independence; yet we ahal. be willing to listen to whet yun have to ear and propose on the other side.” • • e e • • * * "You may ofer as something that will secure our equal rights ».(*■• the Vn,on. We don’t consfdernti<on*",f* bttt "object is worthy of Now let the reader remember that the ideas shadowed forth lu the above extract are di rectly iu the teeth of what Jeff. Davis said to Gilmore and utterly opposed to the whole scope and tenor of rebel proceedings. But this is not all. This Richmond editor, this pretended mouthpiece of the arch traitor himself, is ex ceedingly cunning and shrewd, very cautious and careful not to commit himself or any body else to any definite policy, or to any distinct and tangible offers of peace. Let the reader mark that well. This rebel editor is most anxious to furnish political capital for Vallandigham and his par ty, and to give the coming Chicago Conven tion something to harp upon, and, if possible, to deceive the people and secure their votes for the peace junto. Their object it as clear and distinct as a sunbeam, and no intelligent reader can fall to see it. The democratic par ty is sadly in want of political capital for the coming campaign, and this rebel editor has un dertaken to furnish It cheaper than it can be obtained elsewhere. ———J—j*——*“ “You may offer us something that trill se* | cure our equal rights vithin the Union,” he says, and yet he Is very careful to intimate that the offer may not suit them. Ol course, this shrewd fellow prepares a plank npou which to slide off in case the propositions might not be agreeable to tbe traitors. What arrant non sense is all this? O yes, we conld “offer some thing” to these rebels which might be satisfacto ry, provided we would bend the pregDaut hin ges of our kuees and fawn upon them, and for ever disgrace ourselves in the eyes of all the governments of the civilized world. But we shall not probably do any such thing. “Offer something that will secure our equal rights” I What a mean and coutemptible sub terfuge I It is enough to rouse tbe indigua tion of any people. J ust as if we of the North had ever deprived these rebels of their “equal rights,” aud were now eudeavoring to destroy, annihilate, exterminate them! Just as if the United States Government had deprived the South of their constitutional rights aud privi leges! What an unfounded charge, and they and all the Northern copperheads know it, and yet the cry of peace is based upon such a foun dation. It requires a good deal of pa'icnce to deal with such ineau aud contemptible soph isms, but they must be exposed and their au thors treated according to their deserts, gif tliis Richmond editor could coax, wheedle j or,iu any way,induce our government to sue for peaee, lie would rejoice aud all rebeldom with him, hut he lias no hope of that, lor he and his master know better. All they expect or hope for, is to furnish some political trading capital for the democratic party, and help put one plank into the Chicago platform. Tbe whole scope and drift of this Richmond editor's lead er, which the Argus has so exuitingly placed before its readers are to a«sist Vallandigham and his party to rise into place aud power, ll that could be done, then Jeff. Davis and his coadjutors would have thiugs all their own way. The cunningly devised document was out lined at Niagara Falls, and tbe print of Vallan dighatn's band is evidently seen in it. These traitors and copperheads outside the limits of rabeldom, have been concocting plans and pro jecting measures for the express purpose of furnishing the Chicago convention with some thing to place before the people, gull tlieih and sscure their votes. Jeff. Davis himself is en gaged in this work of deception, for lie very well knows there is no hope of a dissolution of the Union and the erection of an independent Confederacy, if the present administration is continued in power. Tbe only hope for such a consummation is In tbe success of the dem ocratic party at the coming election. Who cam suppose for a moment that Jeff. Davis de sires a reconstruction of the Union? flow would an arch traitor like him fee! in a Union over which the stars and stripes must wave? The idea is entirely preposterous. No, he nor any other leader of the rebellion desires a re ' construction of the old Union, for they know ! it would be political death to them. They are j not fools. They know that they could not j breathe the same atmosphere hi which the old ! Union flag floats. i Again we say, and wish it forever to be borne in mind, that thousands upon thousands in the South desire peace and the reconstruc tion of the Union, and they would ask for it i too, if there was not a liou in their path, aud I that lion is the military power still in the grap of Jeff. Davis. The loyal millions will yet slay that lion, or drive him into the waters of the Gulf as horses and riders were plunged In { to the Red Sea, And when that work shall have been accomplished, the rainbow ol peace will once more span the heavens over the | length and breadth of our domain, and the nations of the earth ouce more behold the old Union flag,“full high advanced, its arms and ; trophies streaming in their original lustre, not a stripe erased or polluted, nor a single star obscured.” May God hasten that happy day. -- Hard Lines. The Copperhead editor of the Belfast Re | publican Journal complains that the same day Uncle Sam exacted from him a $0000 bond to answer au indictment lor assisting the rebel ! lion, his “Southern brethren” on board the Tallahassee executed a S5000 bond lor the sur render of his barque Suliote, which they had | captured and released. He thinks “one Jvf | fason Dan's1’is chivalrous, but not grateful, or at least not well informtd, or, not to put \ too flue a point upon it, that he has not a well i defined notion of what oue political associate may demand of another. If the editor had !>een on board at the time of the capture bow i could he have fired a gun in defence of bis property ? That would have been aiding this | "abolition tear.” It would have been conlrib ! utiug a skull or two to build Abe's pile as high as Geugis Kahn’s, (whoever he may have i been.) lie would have explained. There was - a mistake about the busiuess. The Suliote was not properly papered. If she had been furnished with the dozen last issues of the “Republican Journal," she would only have been overhauled, and suffered to proceed on her way. We do not know what discretion is reposed in this Tallahassee pirate by his rebel employers, but we believe il Mr. Simpson will j forward him his last paper, reciting the In ! dictment against him, and an eloquent narra tive of his sufferings fur the cause, that the captain will cancel the bond, so far as his in ! terest in the barque is concerned. The Brand that won't Bub Out That they might have a piece of horror over 1 which to expeud their righteous indignation | and with which to stir the hearts of ignorant i people, the Copperheads have invented a silly story about branding rejected recruits, and the New York Express—feigning to feci the Iron in its own quivering flesh,exclaims, “We are Lincoln’s dogs.” In answer to this exhi bition ol Copperhead feeling, the Washington Chronicle says: “Don’t be alarmed, gentlemen, for any visi ble brand that may be put upon you. Time will wipe that out; or, ir not, the corroding band of death will efface it. Hut you ate branding yourselves with an ineffaceable stig ma, that neither time uor tbe destroyer s touch, nor the charities of meu, nor Hie for giveness of angels will ever wipe out. In prolonging this war, by helping traitors and thwarliug tbe efforts of our gallant armies in the field, you are consigning yourselves to a depth of infamy that almost relieves the guilt of Arnold, and ligotens the baseness or J udas. * The Copperheads and Gen. Gantt. Tbe Argu has taken to abusing and copy ing slanderous paragraphs about Gen. Gantt. While tbe Genera1 was a rebel, wore the Con federate uniform, ane was fighting against the Federal Government, tu Argus bad no hard word for him. He was tfien a “man and a brother. But now that he u« abjured his re bellion, renounced his disloyalty, |aij jown bis arms, and taken an oath to’.,ipport ti,e constitutional government of bis com,try, the Argus assails him. This is not woum'rful. Gantt the rebel General wa.» in sympathy with and tbe ally of the so-called Democratic cause as a loyal worker for the Uuiou he injures that cause, and hence the opposition of tlie copperheads. Atlantic Monthly. — The September number of this popular and talented magazine has been received from tbe publishers, Messrs. Tickuor and Fields. It is a number of utitisu I ** merit. One of the leading attractions is Edmund Kirke’s" account of the visit to liichmoud of himself ami Co). Ja<|ues. The table of contents shows about a dozen and a half original articles. Godey’b Lady's Book—We are indebted to the publisher of this inimitable Lady's mag azine for a copy of the September number. In all respects Mr. Godey keeps up the repu taion of this work, and distances all competi tors. The illustrations are of a high order and finely executed. Letter from the Lower Mississippi. Tt the Editor of the Portland Prese ll. S. General Hospital, I Natchez, Miss, Aug. 3, 1304. ) I send you for publication a list of deaths of soldiers of Maiue regiments, that have | occurred since the 1st of July last: Everett Leighton, Co. D, 13th; Owen Getchell, Co. I, 29ib; Ckas. H. Trail, Co. 13, do; James Wellman, Co. E, do; Morrill San born, Co. D, 30th ; Samuel Gross, Co. 13, do; Geo. S, Herrick, do., do. There are several more left here from the 20th and 30th and a lew from the 13th and 14th. I am expecting to soon receive an or der to take them North, as the Regiments have already gouc. We have a One hospital here, delightfully situated in one of the healthiest cities of the South. Mercuty has not reached 00 this season. Wo are lib erally supplied by the Sauitary Commission with pfeuty of potatoes, onions besides dried fruit and all the luxuries of home, and I can as ure the people of Maine, notwithstanding all the reports about Doctors and nurses re ceiving the benefit of Sauitary supplies, that here, and as a general rule iu this Depart ment (Department of the Gulf) the soldiers and soldiers only receive the benefit of the ai tides so liberally supplied by the Sanitary Commission. 1 have myself, been so situated that i could I 1 not procure auy thing to eat for three days, ex ] cept what I received from the Sanitary Com mission, which was at the same time feeding live hundred sick and wounded meu from the i Red River campaign. If any one objects to | this, I ouly ask that he may be placed in ; similar circumstances thus giving him an opportunity of displaying his moral quail- : lies by a heroic endurance of the demands of hunger. I am inclined to think he would have yield- j ed to the temptation of good fresh beef soup, crackers (soft I, butter, pickles, to say nothing of vegetables, jellies, milk punch, lemonade, wine, Ac., Ac., in the greatest abundance. To see those sick soldiers thus cared for, on board j a crowded boat, and to know that many of their lives were saved thereby, would stop all “croaking” from any man wiio hail any hu manity left in him, even if he did know that the Surgeon (who was working all the time for them) satisfied his hunger from the same food. No, the Sanitary Commission lias been ' the means of saviug thousands of lives, for it often comes iu at a lime when uothing else can be had. It comes like inauuafrom Heav ; en. Let the people continue to do, trusting ! (safely) that the must goes to the sick soldiers. S. C. Gordon, Louisiana V js. Inf, Surgeon in charge. Swiss Kindness. Under the above caption the New York World Indite* a leaner, cold-blooded, heart ier* ahd shameful. The Swiss have sent over to our government a letter in which they ex ‘ press much sympathy for the United States in its present struggle agaiust the most gigan tic rebellion that ever arose against aDy gov j eminent. This lettar is signed by some of the best and most influential men in that ■ country, and is written iu the most courteous l terms, and yet the editor of the World sneers at it and treats it with the utmost contempt. It is shameful that any American editor i should Puns treat respectable, intelligent aud influential men of a foreign country, whose only crime is ihat thoy hope aud pray that ] our government may succeed in putting down this unholy rebellion, aud once more raise the - old flag of the Union orcr every inch of our territory. There may be .mother crime in the : estimation of this heartless editor. These Swiss gentlemen did express their opiuion that human bondage is a great evil, and thereby incurred the censure of the World. There’s the rub. This opposition to slavery is the trouble with this writer. If nothing had been said about uegro bondage, perhaps this editor would have remained silent; but lie could not patiently hear any fault found with the “peculiar institution” so dear to his heart. Shatne on such heartless editors who 1 live under a Republic m government. Arizonia. We have before us the Arizonia Miner, of a recent date. It contains Gov. Goodwin’s Proclamation for a Territorial Election on the 18th ot J uly, for the choice of a delegate to Congresi and the election of members of tie Legislative Assembly ; also a Proclamation defining the Judicial Districts of the Territo ry The Miner is a small sheet, about one quar terns large as tbe Daily Press, published week ly at $5 a year iu the new town of Prescott, the location of which, as described in the I Miner, is not very definite to a distant sran ger: Prescott is about 12 miles west from Walk er’s Gulch, (Lynx Creek) about six miles north from Groom’s Creek, leu miles north Irom the upper Ilassuyampa, and some thirty miles north from the town of Weaver aud the Ante lope diggings. The first sale of lots in the new town took place on the 4th of June, and passed off in a spirited manner. Seventy-three lots were sold, for a total amount of $3, 927,50, though the appraised value was but $910;—a pretty good speculation. As usuul, says the Miner, tbe press took the lead, the highest price hav ing been paid for a lot for that paper, aud its building being the llrsterected upon the town site. Think of that; the flmt building iu a town for a printing and newspaper office! There's enterprise for you. Gen. Burnside—The Prospect Gen. Burnside, whose devotion to his coun try has been as steady and persistent as the affinity of the needle for the pole, entertains t ie most cheering views ol the prospects of the army, and has nu abiding confidence in Grant's full aud. triumphant success. The Providence Journal says he brings very cheer ing account* from the army of the Potomac Tbe Journal adds: Mil. A_-__ _.L._ . . * .. . ^ • vnowii iuu iirnpuii* i deacy which seems to prevail bpre, and to in crease iu proportiou to the distance I'rom the scene of active operations. Gen. Burnside ! feels certain that the enemy has been greatly weakened hy losses, and is wearing away uu i dcr the continual pressure of our forces. He i feels entire confidence in Grant and in the officers and army of the Potomac, provided ' they are sustained hy the loyal people of the i North. He has no doubt that Grant will take Uicbinond or do tomeUiing better. Our men -laud the. heat quite as well as those on the other side. Burnside, although of cheerful temperament, is always a careful and sud an honest observer; and liis opinion is of as much value as any that could well be formed. We regard it, therefore, as good cause of encour agement, aud impot taut to be made public.” Spirit of the Bangor Convention. The Boston Evening Transcript, one of the i ablest papers published at the “Hub,” very 1 iuslly remarks that the true Copperhead principle has never been more lucidly stated thau it was by a Mr. Silas Drew of Bangor, iu tbe late Maine Peace Convention, who said “he believed Geu. Lee to be the advocate of ! true self-government, and Abraham Lincoln a hellish tyrant.” This sentiment was loudly cheered and, one enthusiastic delegate shout ed, "That's it; we are all rebels agaiust Liu- I coin. V irgll D. Parris, Buchanan’s agent at the Portsmouth Navy Yard, the infamous slanderer of his old friend, Vico President Hamlin, who escaped from the just indigna tion of tbe loyal men in that vicinity in 13(11, was an active member or the Convention. Sad Disaster on Lake Emu,_The Sher brooke Guzettc says the propeller “Hacine ’ bound to Buffalo, with a cargo of corn, took lire on Wednesday of last week, off llondeau 1 Point. A life boat with live deck hauds and four passengers was upset, and all drowned. Twenty-seven out of forty of the crew aud passengers were saved by the tug “Avon,” of Montreal, thirteen perishing. The Seven-Thirties^V^hat are they? We trust that a large portion ol our readers lave pondered the Appeal of Mr. Fessenden,ouc lew Secretary of the Treasury. Tue purport , if it is that the people of the United States, icting as a body through their agent the Gov ernment, wish individuals to lend them two liundred millions ol dollars for three years, at seven and three-tenths per cent, annual iuter- i est, payable every six muhtlis. For this they | oiler Treasury Notes—that is, in re.tlity, notes drawn and endorsed by every tnsn in the country. The loan is wanted lor a great na- , lional purpose, to effect which every man, un less he lie a traitor at heart if not in act, is solemnly pledged. The Appeal is addressed not merely to a few great capitalists, but also to the many whose aggregate means constitute the mass of the wealth of the laud. The notes upon which the loan is asked are front $50 upward. Ev ery man who has fifty dollars can take part in tins loan. Apart from patriotism arid tire du t.y which all owe to their country, no invest ment is so desirable as this. It is secure. Every dollar of every man's property is pledged lor the punctual payment of the inteiest, and of the debt when due. ! The security is increasing iu value. F. r se ine years before the war we were earning luo I millions a year more than we spout. Dining the three years of the war, owing to tiie high price and constant demaud for labor, we have earned moie than ever before. No man who could or would work lias been idle; and, ex cept fir the. war, we have spent less than be lore. Tiie total valuation of tiie property of the United Stales, according to the census of 1«00. was $10,151),000,000, ot which $10,957, 448,950 was iu the Loyal States. This valua tion, according to the. usual rule ot assesim-ut, was not more than two-thirds of tiie actual cash value of tiie property. The increase ot property in the Loyal Stales during tho last ton years, was over 120 per cent., or an aver age of 12 0 10 per ceul. per annum. In three years of tiie war we of the United States have \ certainly earned 8000 millions more than we have spent apart Horn tiie war. The cost of , tho war may he set down at 2000 millions. , Deducting this from our net earnings, the l’eople who are security for this loan ate 1000 millions richer to-day than they were when the ! war broke out. No other investment can be so easily con vertible. The man who has a Treasury note for $50, or $100, or $1000 can turn it into money more readily, and upon heller terms, ; than if it were invested upon bond and mort gage, or in railroad stocks. The interest offered is higher than can be realized from any other sate and convertible investment, it is, moreover, readily colleeta li e wheu due. To each note are infixed live •‘coupons'’ or intercut tickets, due at the ex piration of each successive halfjear. The holder of a note has simply to cut off one of coupons, present it at the nearest bank or Government Agency, and receive his interest; the note itself need not he, presented at all. Or a coupon thus payable will everywhere be equivalent, a hen due, to money. Thus, while this loan presents great advan tages to large capitalists, it offers special iu uia:viiiviiii« w iuudc muf nnu iu niaur a pan* and profitable investment of small saving. It 1 is in every (way the liest Savings, Bank; for ) every institution of this kind must souk how invest its deposits profitably in order to pay interest and expenses. They will invest j largely in this loan, as the bast investment, I hut from the gross Interest which they receive ; they must deduct largely for (he expenses of the Bank. Their usual rate of interest allow ed to denoeltors is & per cent, upon sums over $.■>00. The person who invests directly with Government will receive almost 50 per cent, more. Tbps the man who deposits $1000 in a private Havings' Bank receives 50 dollars a year interest; if he deposits the same sum in this National Savings’ Bank ho receives 73 , dollars. For those who wish to find a safe, convenient, and profitable means of invest- < ittg the surplus earnings which they bave re- ; served for their old age, or for the benefit of their children, there is nothing which presents so many advantages as this National Loan. It Is convertible into a six per ceut, gold bearing bond. At the expirattou of three years a holder of the notes of 7 30 loan base the option of accepting payment in fill1, or of i fuuding hi« notes in a six per cent, gold inter est bond, the principal payable in not less l hau live nor more than twenty years from its date ns the Government may elect. For six months past, these bonds have raged at an average premium of about eight per cent, in the New York market, and have sold at 109 to-day (Aug. 12<h,) thus making the real rate of in terest over ten per cent.; and besides, to make the inducement even greater, Congress by | special act exempts its Treasury notes from i state and municipal taxation. Could Shylock I ask more? Was patriotism ever so liberally rewarded? | Harper’s Magazine. The Pay of Union Prisoners. Gen. Order No. 9 1801. Provides, that: “Payment will be made to persons present ing written authority from a prisoner to draw his pay; or, without such authority, to his wile, the guardian of his minor children, or his widowed mother, in the order named. Application for sueli payment to be msdc to the senloi paymaster ol the district in which the regiment of the prisoner is serving, on the certificate of a judge of a United States court, of a district attorney of the United States, or of some other party under the seal of a court of record of the State ir. which the applicant is a resident, setting forth that the applicant is the wife, guardian of children, or widowed mother of the prisoner, and, if eith er of the last two, that there is no one in ex istence more nearly related according to the above classification.'’ We arc authorized to say that applications made personally or in writing to Major James Mann, No. 8 Clapp’s block, U. S. Pay master, will he promptly attended to. Maj. Mann will cheerfully render all the aid in his power, to the families of our soldiers now in rebel prisons, to assist them in securing ! their pay, for which hexclll make no charge, but will esteem it a pleasure to do so. Papers in this state and New Hampshire, * giving circulation to the facts stated above, will doubtless confer a great lavor upon the families of Union prisoners, and save them the payment of large fees to claim agents. -. Casualties in Maine Regiments. The following is a partial list ol casualties in Maiue regiments in the capture of the Weldon ltailioad: Eleventh—Col. Welsh, wounded aud miss ing; Major C. Baldwin, wounded; also E. Haight, J. McGau, B. Haskell, F. Kith ford, S. Whittier, W. Davis, H. Crocker, A. Boughs, S. York (killed), G. Capin, A. Briggs (killed), A, 11am (killed.) G. Marill, S. Smith, A. Sin r--. Seigt. S. Hall, W. Fry, Corp. ('. Moore, M. Burton, C. Ilardsden, A. Chrocker, K. Small, J. Johnson, H. Briber, Sergt. S. Campbell, H. Blab, Corp. S. Boyer. Corp. J. (boshm, Corp. E. Noyes, D. llose, J. Elliot, J. Day, J. Keele, L. Bugdeu, A. Butler. W. S. Herman. A. Station, W. Davis, W. Bincake, -Sinilher, Sergt. G. Daiue, C. <'arrister, W. White, W. iSorti S Iilntlviii.'fl li Sptipin K (Jrii.n/.n N Steven, C. Joideu (killed), J. Mitchell, J. Butler, J. French, M. Glove (billed), J. Young, Warren, W. Chapelt. J. Ham, J. Sutnler, A. McLaver, A. Gtrrus, Sergt. W. Brashton, C. Bribble, E. Scott, Sergt. K. Andrews, C. Brig ham, A. McLoud.F. Smith, E. Kimer.B. Witn ey and 1). Young. ■Sixteenth—B. Dalton, Corp. E. Wing, L. Brigdon, E. H. Floyd, Wm Butters, J. B. Howard. Twentieth—D. A. Spain. Who is to be Cheated? The Penobscot D •uiocracy,—the key-stone county ol the copperhead arch in the state, “believing war to be not a remedy for seces sion,” ‘‘solemnly protests against its further prosecution," aud "are in favor of an immedi ate and honorable /Voce.” The New York World, the orgau of Gov. Seymour and the friend of "Little Mac,” j says : "iltn World aud the Democratic party ' mean Union anyhow, and Peace if possible.” j Somebody is to be cheated; echo ran tell which faction? As a disinterested looker on I we can serenely watch the result. What Does it Mean ?—We are informed by agentlemau whose varacity is unquestion able, and who is personally cognizant ol the fact lie states, that the gunboat Pontoosuc, carrying a 200-pounder rilled Parrott, and’ eight other guns, sent by the Navy Depart ment to intercept the pirate Tallahassee at l Halifax, laid in the harbor or in sight of (/noddy Head at Eaatport more than forty eiyht hours, after it was publicly known that I this ravaging pirate was engaged iu coaling at Hallifnx! Aud this white there was no obstacle whatever ol weather to detain her! ! The telegraph tells us that four hours after | the pirate had left Halifax, the l'outoosuc ar rived there, and immediately went in search af her, having been delayed us it alleged “by I fog and signals!” [Bangor Whig. iY Twenty of the recruits and substitutes 1 from New Hampshire attempted to make their escape while iu Boston. The most of them were Captured. • ^ "Jr -- ORIGINS Ai y A\I) SELECTED. ET Kbod« islan.I has extended the right of ufirage to r lCr goi,j;er8 in the field. V ‘-^licigo Claims a population of about 160,000, V The Sagadahoc County Union Conven tion meets in Bath to-day. I?/" When Ood breaks our idols in pieces, it is *jot for us to put them together again. ■V Hon. S. P. Chase is stopping for a short time iu Beverly, Mass. V The following deaths of Maine soldiers ne.-urred at Washington: Casper Johnson and Kclwin A. Marfield, 7th; W. L. Alley, 32d. £5f~The Albany Argus reports (jov. Seymour as utterly opposed to the use of his name as a candidate before the Chicago Convention. TV The Wade-Davis manifesto is used by the Peace Democrats as an electioneering document. “To such base uses have they comcatlast.” TV Music is the only earthly bliss which the imaginations of men have transferred to heav en. t5f“Mrs. Partington, who hanbeen rusticating among the Kanucks, is spending a short time iu Portsmouth. £51“ The yellow fever is making fearful rava ges in Bermuda; sixty or seventy are dying in a day. ZV Col. Jonas A. Hall, of Damariscotta, ar rived at his home on a short furlough, on .Satur- j day last. 0” In some places the grass has been so short it had to be lathered before it could lie , mowed. TV The “coat of arms" on a steam fire-eu- : ginc just brought to Lynn, is a lady's gaiter boot. TV The hot weather has pushed the corn I ahead out West prodigiously, ami a tremendous I crop is expected. TV A Southern paper speaks of Mr. Lincoln ! as “a dying gorilla, against whom the smallest j cur can lift up its leg.” TV Cotton continues to rise, carrying with it dry goods of all descriptions. Many cotton mills will suspend operations. TV Misha Parks, an old and successful mer chant in Boston, died at his residence in that city on Friday. TV Secretary Fessenden arrived in Washing ton on Saturday, and entered at once upon the j duties of his office. tyThe question is often asked, what becomes I of the cents? Ten thousand dollars in copper coin were shipped from New York last week. 0“H is said a large number of Western troops , are on flieir way to New York preparatory to a .1 — 0 y Daniel E. Hinkley, Esq., senior member of the firm of Hinkley & Egery, Itargor, died at his residence in that city on Sunday. jy A man in London was recently sentenced to six weeks iuprisonment for kissing a married woman against her w ill, (lather a dear bought luxury. y Persons addressing soldiers in hospitals, should not put on the regiment and company to which they belong when writing to them, hut the hospital and ward. iy A Saratoga letter, speaking of dress men t ons “very low Dairy Windows, with short sleeves and long skirls, for the evening." What are Dairy W'indows! 3T A Republic in convention at Ravenna, Oh o, passed a resolution “censuring Senator Wade, and requesting him to vacate his seat in the U. S. Senate.” SSTThe Provost Marshal of New York is pre paring for the draft on the 5th of September, and being forewarned of resistance is determin ed to be forearmed. *y Since the beginning of the month, $27, 000,000 have been put into the bauds of the pay masters to settle with the soldiers to the 1st of July. y There are over a quarter of a million of people in England bearing the name of Smith. There can be nothing good or bad curried on to any extent without a Smith in it. £y Chicago, with a population of ltiO.OOO, has but four daily papers printed in English; the same number that Portland has, with but one-filth of the population. iy A Sanitary Fair of the State of Illinois has now been fully organized. It will be held on the grounds of theState Agricultural Society and during the week of the annual exhibition, beginning Sept. 12. -y Solon Chase, Esq., of Turner, returned from Washington on Friday, with his son, Lt. James J. Chase, of Co. D, 32d Maine, who was wo juded in the late assault on the rebel works at Petersburg. y The work of building the branch road from the Roix Station to St. Stephen will soon be commenced, surveys having been completed, and the contract for building the road having been made. jy A monument to John Smith has been rested on the Isle of Shoals, for which the five euud-twenty John Smiths of this city, more or less, respectfully ami respectively tender their thanks. y The Lowell Courier offers a new “peace proposition.” It is that one million of men shall volunteer for six months, and place their services at the disposal of the President, to put au end to the war in one campaign. y i rangements have been made for the celebration of the two hundredth anniversary of the settlement of New Bedford, Mass., on Wed nesday, the 14th of September next. The ora tion will be pronounced by W. W. Crapo, Esc;., and the poem by James 15. Congdou, Esq. STA maiden lady, whose age is not a proper subject fur discussion, warns young men that the stauip act on matches is to be enforced on and after the 1st of September, and that it would beasavingof money to finish up engagements bcfoie that date. iff Mr. fessendcn, whose visit to New York was very brief, has gone back to Washington, after leaving the orders for the disbursement of the gold in the Sub-Treasury to such parties as may apply for the payment of coupons duo the first of next September and the first of N'ovenber. —f Boston Advertiser. J2T~ The Boston an 1 Sandwich Glass Company arc makiig quite heavy shipments of their man ufactures to England. The goods thus sent out, are mainly kerosene lamps of various patterns; and the skill of the Americans in making brass trimming, enables the company to undersell the Euglish in their owu markets. y Tic Richmond Whig says “the naval dis aster at Mobile is unquestionably an unpleasant affair, ard, we fear, will tend to fix ineradicably in the piblic mind the idea, already widely en tertained, that our iron-clad navy is foredoomed —each ship, when built, either to be captured, blown tip by our own people, or stranded.” y Albert W. Beyer, son of Capt S. Beyer, of Boothbay, died at the Soldier’s Rest Hospital, Alexandria, on the ’20th ult. He was a young min of much promise, who hadbeeu noticed by' his officers for Ills bravery and had endeared himself to his fellow soldiers liy tils many acts of k uducss. y The New York Evening Post, in an elabo- j rate article, taxes the ground that the present prices of the necessaries of life are the result of wholesale cheating on the part of the forestall enand speculators, and recommends a concert 1 of action on the pait of the people against one , article at a time, say butter, by simply discon- 1 tinuing its use. y The Ncwburyport Herald seems to be a { little befogged. Three weeks ago the Herald ! thought Mr. Liucoln was just the man and his re-eltctiun eertaiu; iw» "he does not represent the loyal people on the subject of slavery.”— Has Mr. Lincoln changed during the last three weeks, or has a heavy fog settled down upou the Herald office! y The New York Herald of Saturday says, "we are glad to see the price of coal falling.— Instead ef $13 to $13.50 per ton, it is now sell ing for $11 to $12 wholesale. The public should not be guide! by these mock auction sales of seal. In faot, the newspapers should not report lUch sales, as they help to mislead instead of guiding the public in the purchase of their win erfuel.” I Sons or Temperance Excursion—The ; success of this excursion exceeded the most sanguine expectations of Its friends. Home thousand or more were carried over the York and Cumberland railroad, to the beautiful grove at Saco river. Col. Cousins and assis tants commanded with their usual ability, and to the general satisfaction of alt, carefully guarding against ail accidents, and try ing in every way to make all feel that it was good to l be there. The Division would thank the pub lic for their very liberal patronage on that occasion, for by it they are enabled to replen- : hh their funds, which, by repeated draffs, had become quite low. 1 he committee would thank the daily pa pers for their tery liberal treatment to us by repeatedly calling the a tcniion of their read ers to our entertainment. Also to the Tem perance Journal lor its very flattering notice paid us after the “time'’ was over. Such a sensitive scolding, we presume, is to be ex pected from those who are our immediate re - atives' __ Char.rv. ,,.I.Jl:K<'t'AI‘ arrested.—("i Thursday last, Chie.-ol-Eol.ce Kurtz received a despatch Irom Saco, Me., requesting him to ex amine a truuk on the noon train, uuderihe supposition | that it contained countefeit money. The trunk was searched aud two sets of burglars' tools and tools for blowing open safes were found. | Orders were given to arrest the man, and on Saturday evening, after considerable trouble, officers Duun ami Leeds brought the mao to the city and lodged him iu me tomb.-. He gave his name as Eugene Davenport, aud he is know to the police as a Ntw Vork burglar. IDoetou Advertiser. Gah is $4 the 1000 feet.—An advance of •» per cent, upon our gas bills, lias induced many people to enquire for a remedy that will j give them as much light and keep the bills a. the same rate. This is very desirable, ior economy is the order of the day in all well regulated families. The new Gas Regulator, ol which Mr. Edward Shaw is agent, is pro nounced to lie the desideratum long sought._ The article is coming into use very rapidly. -if Col. Chaplin, of the Kirst Maine Heavy Artillery, of Bangor, died recently of wounds I received at the severe fighting on James River. , Col. Chaplin has held a commission in the arm} from the commencement of the war, and after i passing unharmed through scores of the fiercest and moat sanguinary liattles of the war, sleeps at last the final sleep of the brave and chival rous soldier, |>erisliing at the head of his com mand. ^—i 1 l»CUL NOTICES. Carriers of tho Daily Press are not a'lowest | to tell papert on thrir roultt. Bjjt Your Sin inn -r> PacUngpit AtDrPMurtPH, 99 I'Achingp Kirprtt, 32 per dozen, or 26 rentt each. , *»**«•»•• wx^ed^ddie., L. DRESSF.R. Port land, Me., Box 133. _ tiigidJiw A New Perfume for the Handker chief* 1'hilon’i “Night Blooming Corona.*’ Phalon's “Night Blooming Cereus.” Phalon's “Night BloomingC'erena.“ Phalon’s “Night Blooming Cereua.’’ Phalon*a Night Blooming Cereua.*' Phalon’s “Nigl# Blooming Cerens.'’ Phalon's “Night Blooming Cerens.’’ A most Exqnisite, Delicate and Fragrant Perfume, distilled irom tho Rare and Beautiful Flower Iron it takes its name. Manufactured only by P/SALON * SON, N Y ItTBeware if Counterfeits. Ask for Pkiton's Taketno Other. Sold by Druggist* geaerallv juneSVCMta Portland Photographic Gallery, SO MIDDLE ST., PORTLAND, Me., A. S. DA VI9, Proprietor, Portland, M»y 12,1864. m»yI2d6m THOMAS G. LORI.VG, DRUGGIST, -ASD PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, Corner ol Kichnnar .V Federal St’s. A perfect flt (tnarautecd. 1 lie poor litre rally con ildored. mch26dtf Impure Hueath.—Among all the disagreeable consequences that follow fast the decay of the teeth, an impure breath most be the most uoplpamu' and i mortifying to its possessor, and it is the ra«»*t inex cusable and ofhmmvo in society. tlow oft«u its pos sessor experiences a distant coldness shown even from the boit of friends, or perhaps the one most fondly cherished. from this source. You are ignor ant of the cause yourself, the -ubject is *o delicate— your most intimate frisud will not meutim it. Why pot remove this one great barrier to your heaPh, beauty and happiness at once, bv nsfng that Justly popu ar Deutifr c. Fragrant SOZODO s T, the moat convenient, pleasant and efficacious gem for the toilet tho world has ever produced. Hold by Druggists everywhere at 76 cents per bottl" mebl9 It “L. F.” Atwood’s Ritters, Frxoe 3- Ulg „ Tuorxdiix, Mk.. April 26.1863. Dear SirA lady of my acquaintance was troubled with severe attacks of sick besdach fora number ot year*, aud could And no lelief until the tried L. F. Atwood's Bitters, which iffected a per manent cure. r Mr daughter wan troubled with attacks of severe headache and voraitiu*. which have bccu cured bjr these bitters. I have imselt been troubled with dyspepsia, which has already been relieved by ibis remedy. I always keep it on baud, as I believe | it to be a speedy cure for all derangement* of the st raach and liver: aud f>r female complaint# when arising from debility ot the digestive organs. Yours truly. Cuss. Whitvby. I t#*' Counterfeits and base imitations, in simi lar bottle aud label are iu the market and sold by unjtrincipled dealers. The genuine is signed L. F. Atwood, and also hare '?!* prper. countersigned ti. //. HA Y. Druggist, Portland, Me., sole Ventral Agent. Sold by respectable dealers •» medicir. e generally Unyl6eod&w<3 “A Slight t old,'’ Tough*. Few are aware ot the importance <>* clucking a Cough or “BLIGHT col**" in its tirst slags; that whieh in the beginning would yield to a mild reuse dv.if neglected, snot, attacks theluug- "Brown s Bronchial Troches” give sure and almost imme diate relief. Mr it ary Oftc-rs and SoPiiers should hare them, as they can be carried in the pocket and tul *n as occasion a quire*. aug2 dft wlm A THING or Beauty is a jot forevki;.—The living breath of tho loveliest flower that blooms iu the garland of nature and wafts its sweet perfume on every breeae has its exact counterpart in the brevtlis of all who vse that unequalbd aud justly popular Deutif.lce, Fragrant hOZuDONT. It purl ties and sweatens the brea h, cleanse#, beautifies and preserves the Teeth, haroen* tho Gum*, aud gives to them that roseate ca*t so much coveted : most dc lielous, conven ent, efficacious and beneficial prepar a iou for the toilet ever gtveu to the public Sold *y Druggists every whore at 75 oentsper bottle mch22 It DR.P.P. QL’IMBY would give notice that he ha- returned to Portland, and can be found at his Room, No. 13 International House,where he will attend to all wishing tooonsult him. First Examination at office.S2.0R Each subsequent sitting at office. SO City Patients,tirst Examination at residence.. 2 50 Each subsequent visit at residence. l.tO wtf6 Rozo do NT.—We have tried th1 Fragrant “Sczo dont.*' aud cordially agree with hundreds of others in this city who have used it, in pronouucipg it one of the bf»st and most fragran' nrtiele- for the teeth and gums that ha* ever beeu introduced to the pub lic.— Port land Argus. Read Dr. Hughes' advertisement, in another column, in his specialty Dr. Hughes is unequa'led i by nuy physician in this couutry. jaul Wly J7T CARDS and BILL HEADS neatly print# at this office. tl KITH yon arein want ol any kind ol PRINTING ail at the Daily Press office. » _ , liostoii Stock List. Rales at the Broke*#’ Board, Auo. 21. 2.200 American Gold.,.257 6OhO L' S Coupon Sixes(1881)...,.108* 15 ir.* !! 108* 6,500 Lulled States 6-20 s.. ..i«,.? . . . . . . . 1101 2.000 .do (small).HO3 1.7(0 .ii i 6.0 36 000 United State#'Currency Certificates . 96 6.UK) Rutland 2d Mortgage Bonds. *io _1IXARU1ED. In Gardiner, Aug 16, Solomon K Peacock, of G, aud Miss Cyrtau K Coofidge. of Dixfield. In Pro spec, July 10. Jefferson Clark, of P, and Mrs Et*a M Sanborn of Stockton. In Gardiuer, Aug 10. >ainl Leavitt aud Miss Mary S Wilson, both of Richmond. In Prospect. July 24. Mauiv Clark, of 1\ acd Miss Nancv J Howden.ot Frankfort lu Warren, Aug 24, Oliver A Spear and Miss Mar tha B Kirk. In Surry, July 17, N EConsius aud Miss Elmira i ('lark. In Watervllle. Aug 13. Greenhaf O Shaw, of W, md Miss Mary Ann C Perkins, ot Rome. In Farmington. Aug 11. ( has V llovev, of Farm ngton, and Miaa Marcia C Brackiuy, ot Fretmsu. DIED. I n thtocu\. Abb31 Mm Sarah M Hunt, aged HI. , '.AT"Funeral this (Tues'ay) afternoon, at 8 o’clk, it tier lata redden#j at Libby's Corner. Relatives md Irieud* are iuvited to at'end. At Great Falla, Gorham. Aug 22 of diptheria, Minnie, only daughter of William W'and Jane P Jr,Hey, aged 6 years 10 in uths. In Induatry, July 15. of diptheria. Benjamin Shaw ‘ »z°«i 14 years; Daniel Khaw, aged 7 yeais: Aug 7, Mia* Lanra Shaw, aged 21 y ea.a—children of albert shew Eq. Iu Chea.erville, July 31. Mr* Rebecca, wife of the late Dt-a-born P encil, aged HI year In Biddeford, May 29, ad*I aide I Nesbett. aged 27. I In New Orleans, Au< 4. John \v Neabett. of Bid- j ilefurd, aged 67 years—member Co K, 13th Me Reg. In l'htpaburg, Aug 29, Ccutcst Percy, aged tiSyrs 11 months ' _ IMPORTS. . r? ~ I 8A60A. Sch JTleHwing—114 Lhds molasses. 64 i bbl* do, to E < hurcl ill & Co. HILG'BuKONB. Rrig C lyde-199 ton* coal, to Keroeue Oil Co. Brig A returns— 3'1 tons eoal. Kerosene Oil Co. SAILING OF OCEAN STEAMSHIPS. | STUAMEK VaoM BOB SAILS Gutonia.Southampton New York ..Aug 6 Asia.....Liverpool.... Boston. Aug 6 City of Limerick..Liverpool.New York. Aug 6 Peruvian. Liverpool.Quebec ...Aug II Pc n us) Ivan hi.Liverpool.New Yoik.. Aug China .Liverpool.Beaton.Aug 17 r Nova Scotian.Liverpool.Quebec- Aug 18 Northern Light. .New York. .Asplnwall... AugJ3 , C reole.New York .New Orleans Aug24 Persia.New York . Liverpool... .Aug 24 Golden Rule--- New York.. Arpiuwaii. .. Aug 27 Erin..New Yo'k. Liverpool.Aug 27 Hanna.New York. Bremen. .Aug i7 North American. Quebec . .Liverpool.Aug27 Koauoke.New York. Havana. Aug 29 L bertv.. . NewY’ork Havana. Aug 31 Asia. Boston.Liverpool.Aug 81 Kedar .. New York . Liverpaol.... . Aug 81 Havana. .—.New York .Havana.8<pt 1 Peruvian...Quebec.Liverpool... feept 3 Nova Scotian -Quebec.Liverpool.Sept 1) MLVIATL RK ALMANAC. Tni wlny.As;sst 93. Sun rises.6 17 I High water (p in) .. 8 27 8uu set'. 6 67 I Length of days 134k) MARINE NEWS, j PORT OF PORTLAND. Monday,.August 29. ARRIVED. Steamer CNssaoeake, Willett*. New Y ork. Steamer Lady Laug. Koix, Bangor, huamer Scotia, Kimball, Augusta. Steamer New Uruusvick. IViuchestcr, Boston, for St John N B. Brig A return*. (Br) Stile*. Hillsboro NB. Brig Clyde, (Br) Wood. Hillsboro NB. Sd» Flcctwiug, (hr) Cau> land, Sagua 4?h Inst Sch Eliza Ellen, Noyes. Portsmouth, bch T 11 Benton, Orr. UarjMwe;!. Sch Norm Star, McDowell. Machias for New Y'ork No clearance*. Sch Josiah Ac horn, Capt Joue*. before reported destroyed by the pirate Tallahassee, was from Port- 1 laud bound to l.iugau CB. Mm registered B3 tor s, and was built at Rockland in 1862, where vbe was owned. Sch Forest Oak, at Boston from Y armouth NS* brought Capt Bartlett and *rcw of the ship Janie* Littlefield, from Cardiff for New York, berore re poricd destroyed by the p rate TalJaba*ce. DOMESTIC PORTS. NSW ORLEANS —Ar 12rIt. barque Savannah. Stinson. Boston; Iddo Kimball,Clark. Phi adelphia Below nib. ship K C Wmthrop. trom New York. Cld Mb, •hips Elizabeth Hamilton. Wide. New York; 9th, Uariirburg. Wiiaell, Boston; 10lb, bark Nineveh. Stackpolc. Boston Sld loth, ship E ti trail ton for New Y’ork. NORFOLK—Sld Mh. brig Tltania, Stevens, for Philadelphia. BALii toKE—Ar 19th, brig J W Sawver, Scud der Fortress Monroe. ArStth. barque Traveller. Randall. New Y ork. I'll!i.ADEI.Pii 1A — Ar 1SK i, barque John Boul ton. (Br) Porto < abello; ach* Natauzas, Job neon, Portland ; Chump.on. Clark. ( aiais Cld 19th. brig* Circa««tao, Herriman. and L M Merritt, Pierce. Charlestown; John Robbins, Nick eraon. lilltou Head: ache kUc'.ric Light, Wallace, Portland; Kscliel Beal*. Moore Gloucester. Ar >th. brig C E Kelley, Morrell, Matauzas; sch Lamartiuo. Hill, Saco. Cld 20th. brig Susan Dunca**.Mitchell. Alexandria; rch F A Sawver. Keed. Fort.ew Monroe. Off Reedy Point 19th. barque Wirslow, from West Indie*; brig Herald, Dora New York. At quarantine 19:b, brig Satul Llndaay, from Mao •anil a Below Bombay Dook 19th, barqne J Godfrey, for Cape liaytieu. <tLbAt> I—Ar 19th, ach Saiah E Jones, Cash, fm Portland sld 19th. *ch Jaa II Deputy, Stnrgea. Portland. NEW YORK —Ar 19th, barque Albion Liuco'o. Bibber, Neuvitaa ll daya; brig Relief. Strout, Ron- i dout for Bo-ton; ach* Helen, Carroll, Litigant B; ’ Moonlight. Smith. Fortress Monroe; Sultana Flttch- j er, Port Ewen tor New Haven; Mar Ann, Bryant, Machia*; Com Kearney. Roberts, Calais, Annie J ! Kt>*««il. Hutch* us, Poitland; i izzie. Glover. Rock land; Moaea Patten, Dobsou. D’ghton; Sarah. Con ary; Hu d. 8uow: (Live C uitis, Wright, and Gol den Eagle.Kelley, Providence; John Langley,Lang lev, »ud Olive llayward. Barber. New Haven Ar 20th, barque Tib-r. tHr) Liverpool; b.ig Alfa ntlt. I ay lor, Dorehtster NB; aob George, Rogers. Matatnoraa. Ar iO;b, barque Two Brothers, McCu l*y. New Belford; bng De'phiu, DeUahn, Goaaivea; seb* George. Rogers, Matamoras: Harper, ( o< mb* Cow Bay CB; Kllen, McFailat.e St John NB; Oliver. Ma oney, do; Ottoiuau. Billing*, and Medford. Hop kins. Bangor; Python.( aedage. Bluehill. WCIlall, ! Brewster, Rockland: Dr Kane. Rvder; Delaware, ltrals, and Susau A Jsue, Torrey. Providence. Cld 2iKh. ship Bridzwa er. Mason, for Liverpool: barque t'a-sh Buck, (hr) for Londou; bngs Relief, ' Crowley. Boston ; Iz*.Thompson. do; Mavuct.Stew art, Phitadelph a: sch* J Paine. Mayo. Lingan CB; Nautilus, Davie, do: sat ah. Dri-ko. Boston. Sld Ms, brig* Octavia. ( has Adam*. Springbok. Sld 19th. eh|p Marcia C Day, Harry Bluff barque Almoner; brig Tubal Caiu. BRISTOL—sld 20th, ich Freeport, Farnsworth, New »k. PROVIDENCE—Cld 20th, barque Evelyn, Patter son, Stockton. Sld 16th. sch* Dr Kine, Ryder, and Delaware. | Means, for New Y'ork. Ar 20th, brig J W woodruff. Flat on. Pictou. Id 21-1. barque Evelyn . ach M M Merriman. NFAY PORT—Ar 20th, bng Hudson, Grittiu. from Calais. Ar2l«t. brig Koatuer. New York for Boston: sch Gen lu.ox. Fountain, St John NB for New York. lu port 20tb, sch* M F Varuurn, Mary Stewart, City Point, Sarah Jane. NAN 1 L’t_KET—Sld 19th. ach Levant, Smith, for Bangor flOlME*'S gOLK-Ar 19th, brigs Abner Taylor. Gullifer, NowbnrgNY ft>r eo«ton; Judge Hatha way, Rogers, New York for Cow Bav CB; Crania. < or mb*. Providence for PicU u ; Jaa Davis, Clough. Dighton fordo; sch* Cniou. Post. Koudout for Boa ton; Ham ie Heat brook. Littlejohn, Nortbport 1.1 fur Portia- *1; Wentworth, (Br) Craig. New Y ork for St John NB; Springbok. Haskell, do lor Mac bias; John. Falkecham. Providence tor Joue*port; Dem ocrat. Grierson. Norwich tor Calais. Ar‘Adh. brig* Convert. Allen. New York for Ma chia*; Sa ab E Alien. Merrill. Boston for Fortress Monroe; acb* Constitution. Strout. Koudout lor Bos ton ; Beta, Gilpatrick. N*.w Y'ork for Salem. 8!d. brig F'ranx K Alien In port, brigs J Means. Chesapeake, E M Strong: *ch* F Keed. Clara Norton. Sol F rat cis, Gor Cony, and M W Hates, a d the above arrivals PROVINCE!(>WX—Ar 21*!. barque Arctic. Hart ridke, TrarautAu- Boston (at d tailed ) BOSTON-AE2xMr: brig Flash, < Br) Donne, from St Thomas- sejKaura Jane, Babbage. Bangor CK1 5KV(• ,*f agpii s Malitta, Dunbaui. Buenos Avres. Kidiaut. rticif, .leretule; subs A L Putnam Dver, Port au Priuoc; Ocean Traveller, Adams, Washiuz toa DC. * Ar 21st, brig 11 G Berry, (Br) Ccl*on, Ciciifucgns. sch* Compliance, Turner, Grand Henan N R; Julia Hakcr. Low. Georgetown: Samaritan. Dodge, from H rook II n, Me. J Wane**. Grant. Sedgwick; Chris liana. Dodge, Bluehill; Magnolia, ( a dage, fm do; Kllxa Leland. B • dgott. Bangor: Tarry Not. Co'trel! do: Concurd, Perry. Rockland; F.c uonijr, Uaat tugs, Bristol; Mt-an Jane. Matthew*. Vo k. Ar 22 i bark R g W Dodge. Jarvis, E'izabcthport. brig Minna Traub. True. M.ttan/a*. achs 8 A Ham mond. Paine, Philadelphia: S P Adam*. Wans, do; * Hardsctabb.c.Gregory, Rondout: Red Jacket, Fiver- ! etr. and Jqgti.n, Gregory. New York. Suaan k Phcbe. Chagn, Marinas Viatic llardtt g Bangor; Roach k i:Adv Achorn, do; C C Farnsworth,Gray! Portland; ■■tody. Winn. York Cld v‘2d. A>u> • John t.ilpin. Wi lting, (or Cape TuwaCtiHB! Dwight. Her. ink. Caye? no and suri nant; SicillM. Sparrow. FucfoucheNB, sch Wm Gregory i Brl Regan, Matamoras. SALEM—Ar 2Utl\ sc ha Jatxn*. Winchenl ach fm E ixibethport; F'redk Hahn. Farnsworth, Wa do boro; 8* a $0'pent. Burton Reck land. Ar 21 *t, ach Lebanon. Wind ei bach. Waldoboro C <1 20th. «oh Mabel Hall. Hall. Rock'and Ml 2I-J, *ch« Sat ah Buck, and Label Hall. (»LOlICfcSTKK—Ar lv>ih, aob* Mrltose, Smith, fm Bangor: Little Republic, herd# I. do. PORTSMOUTH-Sid 16th. sells Marietta. Hal), for Rock la* d: l'i'ot. Tnotap'on. do. S d 19tb. sell* Alma Odlin*. Frank. Blu -hill; Wm Stevens, Ewell, Bangor: Albiiu, Bilrgeas, lor Port land. Sld 19th. ach* Eliza Ellen, Noyes, Portland; Shaw- 1 niut. Hinks. Bangor. BATH—Cld loth, barque* Mary Wilder. (Rr» Pew, ! Matainoras; Leap ighter, Morri-. Port Royal SC. ’ FOREIGN PORTS. At Rotterdam 2i inst, Isabella C Jones, Shaw, tor New York. Ar at Cadiz 10th ic*t, barque Arg--an, Lindwy New York. *' At Uagtiarra 31st nit. barque Roaroke, Cookrty, from PhBade'phia. di*g. At St Thomas 2d inst, brig Ida Abbott, for Boston In 7 day*. At Matamoras 16th ult, barques Twilight, fm New Y’ork for Liverpool, wig Ucrbett, FTost, one. AI sterdsm. Benson, do. Ar at Kingrton J. 26th ul*, ‘ch Iw-ring. Webb, New Y'ork: 6th IneL brig Komarce. Duncan Nevada. At at du 14th ult. brig Wm Allen, 8tubbs. Phila delphia (and sailed 29 h for Black River; 2d lust, i John God es, (Br) Machine. Ar at Falmouth. Ja. 9th ins*, sch 11 E Ik 11, Hag gerty, New Y ork (and aaihd 2«»lh for Cut a ) Ar a'St John N F 30 h u t, brig l-abei.a. McCar thy. New Yotk. Cld at St John X 3 18th intt.ship Sapphire, Hatch. Lit et pool. [Per steamship Kedar. at New York.j <'Id at Liverpool 6th inst, Island llom?. Boston . CLimbora;oo 1‘hilade pi iu Ar at Loudon nth. lieaj i angs, Noreross. Akyab. Sld fin Cardiff 6fh. J G KicharU-ou, Kendall, Rio Janeiro; Kcniot 1 oring, < apo Good » ope. Aral Falmouth »• h, Lawn nee Brown, Pierce, fin Akxab. Ar at Sunderland Gth. Sparkling Wave. Emerv fm Maulmain. Ar at HehtH.t 80th ult,Chris opher Hall Fre« map Ak \ at>. At GaJ'e let ult. Canada Wyman, for Calcutta. SPOKEN. JU|T 10 la' M 80 S. ton 42 M, ship St G#orXr, from Ne*• Y ork tor Montevideo * An,: 16. totton 00. ,blp F.wn, X.toon. On Sew York for London. y» \m brig ViUafranca. trom knstport for Barbados. , *EW _ ADVERTISEMENTS, fo Wood Dealers andLumbermen. 10,000 Cord. Wood aud Lop Wanted. P*ovrimf w*"^*1* d*,ir*d for cargoei of'ha M itimloch *Bai’wt*'dTi’ ~wh,t* or CaLadian Poplar, fellow birch*and*wif. Awwrican Linden, bttcn. lit log O, b,r a».t<"d'M J* liameier upwaid, to Ujdei.vm.!*’ ****** 111 n>r vessel* drawmx when on “*»*•«»>• "* or lea,. ..... .he kOTWSfifXr "*'■ lurhlah, where thresh it d.n““0?‘‘t ,K1“y inenl, and when It will he dellveVia hew £ss,ss.pri" *---«• *wwr& [.Ip'rt‘c*l'T'' or «»<“■>« proposal,, _ B BUIIVV, irtasurrr Ameiic*u Wood I'sper Company Aug 33—d8m,*: I. Provision Store tor Sole. T"'^, “dJf*!»re* ®f a Pfovtai n Store. ,oe»;»A I a a thriving mnnulaeturiu. land*’ !**? “* “•» nil*, Horn Port c.mtal11 T.'ti *00d uhf|“CB lu' * parly with artnaii £.xPe**,«« *n»all; r*ut uuly live collars a H^d by enbettaeu te CdW^n, in^* Aug. 23, ISm'-SJ?*"0-*1 U‘“-* rortl“d. X,. To Lumberman. A? situation wanted bj a sober and industrious man wuo has had • «\ eral \eLm’ *.* pviijnce iu the basinets ao a Siiiain.., u ^**rV*.Jt rale aud retail LumberV“ 5.' wboT J" ..IVT" T; la. e Charge of. ippiag or away lag lunte r i„r auy .Wppiug port. Aud ea* a letter to r A B To .Li, • Bic . .ratiLg where and v. hen au interview 'can cl had, and^itn^ l b. promptly attended to. '* ** Wanted. JW ANT to hire. ImmedteUly. to work In the Lu*'. termaaler'e Uepaitment. Nashville, Jta? L0 wood llewera, to ( he pper,. and KlO Laboreri at *16 (er mouth each lu addition to theabore rate* r.L.ponatiou Kill be fornuhtel to Naahvll e and board afterarriving thrre. Wage, will commence irum time oi leaving tor plaoe oi de.tinatiou for I articular,inquireat the American lion,-. Portland Me , of Jft. L. CLAKK, huvl. Agent Aug 30—dlw Wanted. 4 N able bodied iudu.trious man, ol good ebarae .V ter. who can rea^ aud write, to tubor in tbe w no.eaale department of an Eailbea «in Katab luhmeut. Apply to Pcrtland, Aug 33—dlw STEELE * HAr“' B. F. HAMILTON & Ca Successors to C. %V. Robinson & Co. WOL’LU very recpectfully Invite all former p*. trone to the honee, and the public generally ’• a tree (\ ami list ion of oar |ovti at all time* With long experience aud clow attention m tbe want, of cuetomtra, and ndbering itrictly to the CASH SYSTEM, Believing It to be better for tbe buyer a* well aa th# •eller, w. hope to merit. large charge of pa ronbte. Several lot, of good* to clow cheap to make rocm for N K W GOODS. Mr W N Prinea, together with the employees ia flic store are to be retained and will be haonv to t»e all tbstr customers as form erly, B. f HAMILTON k CO . .. .. Corner Congnt* and Preble rtraata. JnatTeudtf J. H. TEUPLE, Dealer ia HEW AST) BECOSD-EAHD FURNITURE! 43. 45 and 4T Ualom Street, PORTLAND, Mam. eJT Hl;;heet price* paid for find band Furniture. Old Furniture Repaired end medeto look like new. Aug 13 -eofifiw* L. J. HILL A CO.. Wholesale Dealer, ia Cream Tartar, Coffee and Spices, No. as YORK STREET. PORTLAND. ^Green and Roasted Cog... iu the Grain. Ground i U. S. 7-30 LOAN. The Secretary of the Trenenry gives notice that subtcriptirns will be received lor Coapoa Treesnry Rotne. payable three yea e from August 14, 1864. with semi annual internet at the rata ol seven and thrae-teath« percent per aanum,—principal and in terest both to bn paid ia lawtal money. These ao'ee will be convertible at the option of tha bolder et matarlty, into aix per cent, gold bearing bonds, payable not leee tbnn live nor more then twenty ytare from their dele, as the Government mny elect. They will be leaned iu denominations ol fifty, one hundred, 8ve hundred, one thousand, and Urn thousand doUare, and all subscriptions meat be for fifty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dol lars. The notes wUl be transmitted to the owien free ol transportation charges as loon after the receipt of the original Ccrtiflcitea of Depoeit us they can be prepared. As tbe note* draw Interest from August IS, persons gmaking deposits subsequent to that date must pay tbe interest accrued from date of note to date of de poeit. Parties depositing twenty-five thensued dollars end Upwards for those notes at any out time will be allowed a com mission ol one-quarter of one per cent., which wUl bojiald by the Treasury Depart ment upon the receipt of a bill for the amusiat, cer tified to by the ofilcar with whom the deposit was made. No dtdaetiea* for commission* must be made from tbe deposits. Special Advantage! of ihifi Loan. II it e National faring* Bant, tabling n higher rate of iolereet tbnn any otter, uad Ik* beet (scurf *1 Any savings beak which pays its depositors ia U. 8. Notes, consider* that it is paying ia the bast circulating medium of \he country, and It nianol pay iu anything better, for iu own assets art either in Government securilieu or iu notes or boud* pay able ia Government piper. It is equally convenient asm teraprerr or perma nent lorestment. Tbe sole* can always be ssild for witbie a fraction of their faee and accumulated In ter -st. and are tbo best security with banks us count er tl* for discounts. O-mreitible into a 6 per cent 5-20 Gold Bond. III addition to tbo very liberal interest on the notes for threw years. this privilege or conversion is new worth about three per cent per aanum. for the oirrsnt rate for 6-80 Bends is not less than nine per c*nt prevuttm, and before the war the premium on •Lx per cent. V. 8 stocks were over twenty percent. It will be seen that the actual prodt on thi* loanwat the present market r»*e, is not less than tea percent, per annum It* Lxempfion trout Slate or Municipal Taxation. But aside from all the advantages we have enum erated. a special Aot of Congress exempts all bonds and Irtasnrjf note* from local taxation On the average, this exemption is worth about two per cent, (er annum, according to taxation in various parts of the country. It ia believe l that no securities afhr so j rent in ducements to lenders as those issued by the Govern ment. In all other form# of indebudne s. tbe fa th ox ability of private parties, or stock com* an ie4, or separate communities only, is pledged for pay ment. while the whole property of tbe country is b«* d to secure the discharge of ail the obligation9 of the United States. While the Government offers the mostUbcral terms for its loans, it believes that the very strongest ap peal Will be to the loyalty and patrk tism of the peo ple. Subscript ton* trill be received by the Treasurer of the United States, at Washington, the several A*, list ant Treasurers and designated Depositaries, and by the First National Bank ol Portland, Maine, tnd bfall National Hauks which are Depositaries >■ public money, and all respectable Banks and Jankers throughout tbe country will give fhrthar nlormat on. ami afford every (hcillty to •nbscribe. Aug B}->d**2in

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