Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 24, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 24, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, WEDNESDAY MORNING. AUGUST 24. 1864 WHOLeTno 064 PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T. OILMAN I Editor, pabllthed at No. 83 f KICHANGE STREET, b> N. A. FOSTER A CO. Thb Postlaud Daily Pamela published at *8.lX per year. Thb UaikbStatbPiikssIi pabluliwlevery I hnrs day *3.0* par anaum, in adennoe; P3.3I 11 paid within sin months; and >3.60, iI payment bt delayed beyond the year. Rates of Advertising;! One inch ofapaoe la length of oolumn, constitute! a “eqcABB." •1.60 per sqaare daily Erst week; 70 cents per week after; three fnsertioas or leas, *1.00; continuing avc ry other day after trst week, 60 cents. Half square, three insertions or lees 76 oenta; out uaak, *1.00; 60 oents per week after. Under head of Antreasani-e, S3.00 per square pei a c k; three Insertions or lew, *1,60. Bract a L Notices, *1.75 per square *rst week •1.00 per square after; three insertions or less *1 So talf a square, three Insertions, *1.60; one week • 1.26. Advertisements inserted tn the Maivb Stats Tebp* (which hiu s large circulation in every part ol the 8Ute) for 60 cents per square in addition to the above rates, for each insertion. Lboal N otic ns at usual rates. x Transient advwrite—entf must be paid for in ad vance Busmnee Noncna, in reading oolumns, 12 oente par line for one insertion. No onarge let? than fifty oente for each insertion. nr*Ailcommunication* Intended for the paper Should be directed to the "Editor qf the Press, and lb or of a bufinee? oharaotcr to the Publishers. V*Jos Pmnrino 01 even description executed nfui dispatch. F. Truer. Traveling Agent. Wednesday Morning, Aug. 24,1864. A Perilous Trip. RUNNING F.IIE RAPIDS OF THE ST. LAW RENCE IN A SKIFF. The Prescott (Canada) Telegraph has the following account of a hazardous exploit: “Dyrlng ihe latter part of July two men named Violet Jones, of the Kuaileer Guards, aud Kobert Welsh, of Mr. Barker's exchange office, Prescott, left here ou a trip to Mou treal, intending to run the rapids ol the St. Lawrence. They started iu a lapstreak skid, twenty-one feet long, three feet, six inches beam, aud carried with them two pairs of oars, a sail aud a tent, with the necessary cooking apparatus, Ac., lor a camp life. They succeeded in ruuumg the Gmlope, Kapid du Plat, aud the north channel of the Long bauil as far as the poiut, that evening. Be ing alrald to venture the remainder of the channel, they carried their boats and traps across the island to the head of south chan nel, but the darkness was so intense that they considered ‘discretion the better part of val or,’ and they camped ou the island all night. The following morning, they ‘packed up their duds,’ and made another, aud this time sue ol about twenty people who had congregated upon the shore. The peril ol the undertak ing will be octler understood, wben we stale that tbe swells washed over me boat, hall til ing it with water, one ol which struck the man at the oars (Welsh I in tbe face, almost depriving him of his breath. They then ran to Uogansburg, where they lay over a day. “Next morning the Coteau Rapids were passed in beautiful style, aud they soon reach ed the Cedars,‘the most splendid rapid of the whole lot to run.’ The Slit Rock neatly tlu tened our adventurers. Being unacquainted with the channel, they took the norm shore, and wneu ouiy about one hundred yards otr, in a very swilt current, they saw ahead ol them a fall of about seven leet. By hard pul ling aud good steering, however, they suc ceeded in making tbe 'Old Lock,’ on the norm side, wben an oar broke, fortunately just as they were within reach of the lock. They here struck an eddy aud went back to the head, wben a passing raft pointed out the channel, aud amid some good swells they de scended tbe rapids in safety. “Then came the Cascades, Here they weie advised by a gentleman whom they met uut to attempt to run them. as the Cascades had never been run by auytiling smaller than a batteau, and be was sure they would be drown ed. Notwithstanding this they determined to proceed, and were anxiously watched in their in their perilioiu journey by tbe geutlemau above spoken of. Tbe hist pitch was pas-el salely ; at the second, however, the boat went down, aud struck,whelher the bottom or a rock they could not, of course, say. She, however, raised, they supposed by the force ol the cui reul, although tilled with water, aud was car ried about thirty yards to a friendly rock. The moment they struck still water the boat sunk. Tbe rock before spoken of, however, was near, and, though small, here they bail ed out tbeir boat and prepared to start again. Mounted on this louely rock they took a view of the “situation,’’ being anxiously desirioua to ‘change their base’ but no asisntauce could there reach them, and nofens rofens, they had to lake to their boat again. A poiut ahead was selected’aud they deteiinined if the boat should swamp in the rapids ahead, they would stick to her as kmg as she was kept up by tbe current and tbeir lustily-plied oars, and then abandoning her swim tor the point. “Although badly tossed, however, she still kept up, and, about half filled with water bravely she came out ol this latter peril They reached the point, bal ed their boat hoisted sail, and started across Lake St. I’eter reaching the Nun’s Island that night, where they camped. This was a good day’s work. Seven rapids, large aud small, were passed, aud two lakes, maklDg a distance or about sev enty miles; aud although ‘wet to the skin,’ they slept soundly, feeling thankful, it is to be hoped, to a bountilul Providence, to whose nroteetive hand Lhev. in a Dectiliar manner. this day owed their lives. Tbe next uioruiug they reached Caughnawaga, aqd were here * atrougly advised by a gentleman I'rom the Montreal Ttlegraph aud others against at • tempting this new danger. But they had passed through to many perils safely they had uo notion of quittiug their setl-iinposed task until they bad completed it. They ac cordingly did run the Lathine Rapid, aud rau It aalely aud without adventure, thus making tbe entire trip from Prescott to Montreal in a skill of one hundred pouuds weight, with about live hundred aud twelve pounds load, including baggage, their own weight, etc. “All the rapids were run stern first. The reason for Ibis is that a better brace may be c biaiued with tbe oars in this position—the boat being at the complete command of the man at the oars, who, besides, goes down fac ing the danger. In such place* a quick eye and steady hand are imperative, and even these, we should imagine would hardly in sure saetyat all times. We hope Messrs. Welsh and Jones will not find many imita tors.” Hunting Substitutes under Difficulties. ' A few days since a fat substitute broker of this city, who weighs not less than 240 lbs., conceived the idea ol taking a trip to the vil lage of Mordeth, C. W., in quest of substi tutes, aud undertook tbe journey against the earnest solicitations of his friends. With a horse and buggy he started on the overland route, and in due course of lime reached his desliuation, where be iininedialhly set about procuriug his men. He succeeded in enticing seven or eight to return with him but one of the number evidently peached on him, and but a short time elapsed before two officers had him in charge, aud were conveying him to the nearest magistrate’s office. The fate of Conklin, who was sentenced to21 years in the Canada penitentiary, was suddenly revived in tbe mind of the broker, and he determined to attempt an escape, in an imlant the tw> constables were thrown to the ground, and their prisoner was on hia way to the woods. A lively race ensued, and by great presever ance the broker distanced his competitors. Once under cover of the neighboring forest, every foot of which he was familiar with, he eluded thevigilance of his pursuers, aud af ter travelling about 26 miles, occupying two days and two nights, be readied the residence of some friends, who aided him to escape. The race through the woods is describea as ludicrous in the extreme, and well it might he. The broker, during the time he was in the woods, subsisted on lierries and other wild fruit, and when lie reached the first settlement he was scarcely able to walk, having lost 23 pounds of flesh. He suffered greatly and had it not been for the kindness of his friend*, he would undoubtedly have beeu captured. By running for the woods, however, he threw hi* pursuers off the track, aud getting into a bug gy was driven to a point between Baud wid and Amberstburg, and crossed the river in i small boat. [Detroit Tribune. Future Wives or England.—My pret ty little dear*, you are no more lit for matri mony than & pullet Is to look after a family c fourteen chickens. Tbe truth is, my dea girls, you want, generally speaking, more lit erty and leu fashionable restraint; mor kitchen tad leu parlor; more exercise an 1*8s sola; more making puddings aud less piano; more frankness aud lets mock-modes ty ; more breakfast and less bustle. I like tue buxom, bright-eyed, rosy-cheeked, bouuc iug,lull-breasted lass, who can darn stockings, make her own frocks, mend trowsers, coui j maud a regiment of pots, and shoot a wild duck as wed as the Duchess ol Marlboro' or tlie Cj ieeti of Spain, and be a lady withal Iu tile drawing-room. Hut as lot your pining, mopiug, screwd-up, wasp-wait ted, putty -laced, music murdering, novel-devouring daughters of fashion and idleness, with your consump tion soled silk stockings, you wo’ut do lor the future wires and mothers of England. I Mrs. Ellis' Lectures. Kitchen Work. Many young ladies in our day look on kitchen work as so much drudgery, to be shunned whenever possible, it may possibly inspire some of them to better thoughts, to know that the loyal lamily ol Eugiaud cousider excellence in this department as au important womanly virtue. Au exchauge says: but Dueen Victoria, the highest gentlewoman iu Uie laud, did. down to the lamented death of the i’liuee, pay daily visits of inspection of her kitchen pantry, conteclionery, still-room' and was proud ol,aud did herseii show these rooms to her visitors wheu stay ing at the cas tle; and carrying out tbe recognized princi ples of female duty, model kitchens wtte con structed at Windsor aud Osborne, where ail the princesses, from tbe eldest downwards, have passed a portion ol each day iu acquir ing a knowledge ol the various duties 01 do mestic economy in tbe management of a household. Iu their model kitchen tbe prin cesses have daily practiced the artoi cookery, and also confer tiouery iu all its various branches. There is a small store-room ad joining each kitchen, where each princess in turn gives out the stores, weighing or measur ing each article, ami making an entry tbeteof in a book kept for the purpose; besides which, tbe pi iucesses make bread: and that is not a I, tbey have a dairy where they churn butter aud make cheese. (Exchauge. What if thk Clothes Take Fire? Per haps three pets.ius out ol lour would rush right up to the burning individual and b.igln to y aw With their hands without any definite aim. It is useitss to tell tbe victim to do this or that, or call lor water. Iu fact, it is generally liest to say not a word, but tear up the carpet, or seize a blanket Irom the bed, or a cloak, > r any woolen fabric—If none is at hand, take any woolen maletial—hold t'te comers as far apart as you can, stretch them out higher than your bead, and running boldly to tbe person, make tbe motion ol clasping in the arms meat about the shoulders; this msianllj smothers the lire aud saves the*faee. The next instant buiwn im- uuiwi luuaiv. vu uir uwi . uiu IB au a.iililioua! safety to the face and breath, and any re.unant of flame can be put out wore leisurely. The next instant immerse the burn ed pan in cold water, and all pain will ceaac with the rapidity of lightning. Next get some common flour, remove from tLo water aud cover the burned parts wilb an inch thickness of flour if possible. Put tbe patient to bed and do all that is possible to soothe, until tbe physician arrives. Let the flour remain until it falls otr of itself, when a beautiful new skin will be found. Uuless the burns are deep no other application is needed. The dry flour for burns is tbe most admira ble remedy ever proposed, and the Information ought to be imparled to all; the principle of its action is, that, like water, it causes iustaut and perfect relief from pain by totally exclud ing the air from the injured parts. Spanish whiting and water of a mushy consistence is preferred by some. Dredge on the flour till no more will stick, and cover with cotton bat ting. In washing clothes, use one part of sul phate of amonia with nlneofwater; one pound of tungstate of soda to .a gallon of water.— Dresses to be starched should have one-third of tiinstate and two-thirds of starch.—[Hall’s Journal of Health. O F F I c; E O F T H E ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, NEW YORK, JANUARY 26.1864 TIIE Trustees, in conformity to the Charter of the Company, nu mil the following statement ot it* affair* ud the 31*t Dtoetnber, ’8oif: Premium* received on Mariue Risks, from let January, 1868, to 31st De cember, 1863. 69.214.3U8 93 Premiums on Policies not marked off 1st January, 1863, . 1,706 *02 24 Total amount of Marine Premium*. *l0,u06,UUl 17 ' No Policies have been issued upon Life Risks; nor upon Fire Risks discon nect'd with Marine Risks. Premium* marked off from 1st Jan., 1863, to 81st December, 18-3,, $7,507,666 56 Losses paid duriug t*>e same period, 8.8U6.661 04 Returns ot Premiums and Expenses, 1 .<*0.967 48 The Company has the following Assets, viz: Unit d Mate* and Mat of New York Moca, City, ban a an i other Stocks, *3,41*2 631 30 Loan* secured by Mocks, audot her wise, 1,450,700 mu Real K-tateand Ronds aud Mortgages, 193,760 00 Div idends on Stocks,Interest on Bonds and Mortgages ana other Loans,sun dry Notes, re insurance and other claims due the Comp*y , estimated at 104,964 61 Premium Notts and bills Receivable, 3,27s 676 03 Cash in Rank, 744.813 88 Total amount of Assets, *9.266 456 32 Six per c**nt Interest on the ouUtan tug certifi cate* o i pro tit* will b i paid to the holders thereof, or their legal representatives, on and alter Tuesday, the Second of February rent. After reserving Three sod One half Million Dollars of profits, the outstanding certificate* of the issue of 1862. u 11 be redeemed and paid to the holders there of. or their legal representative s. on aud after Tues day, the ;>eootid of February next, from which date aU interest thereon will cease The certificates to be t»r<»diico<1 at the lime ol Daymen t aim ph A Dividend ot f orty Par Cent. is declared on the net earned premiums of the Company, lor the year eudiug 3l't December, 189t, for which certificates will be issued, on and alter Tuesday, the Filth of April next. The Profits of the Company .ascertained From the 1st of July .1842. to the 1st of Jan., 1863. for which Certificates were issued, amount to 314,828,880 Additional from 1st Jan., 1868, to 1st January, 1864, 1.680 000 Total profits for 21 j years, 316,968,880 The Certificates previous to 1862, have been redeemed by ca«h, 11.690.219 j Net earnings remaining with the Com* pauy. ou 1st January, 1864, 36,168,670 By order of the Hnard, \V. TOWNSEND JONES, Secretary. TRUNT EE S . John D. Jones, David Iauc, Charles Dennis, James Bry.a, W. II. II. Moore. Wm. Sturgis, jr., Thos. Weston, 11. K. Bogert, Henry Colt, A A. Low, W.C. Pickrrsgill, Wm. h. Dodge, l-ewisCurtis, Dennis Perkins, Chas. il. Bussell, Jus. Gailiard, jr.. Low II Holbrook, J. Henry lturgy, P. A. llargous, Cornelius tinunell H. W. Weston, C. A. Hand, KmalPhelp, Watts Sherman, Caleb Barstow, K. E. Morgan, A. P. Pillot. B.J Howland, Leroy M. Willey, Beuj. Babcock. Danie S. Miller, Fletcher Westray, 8.T. Nicoll, K. H Mmturu.jr., Josh'aJ. Henry, G. W. Burnham, Geo. G. Hobson, Fred. Chauncey, James Low. JOHN 1> JONES. President. CHARLES DENNIS, Vioe President. W. H. H. MOORE, id Vice President. nr*Applications forwarded and Orix Policix* procured by JOHN W. MIINGER, Agent, Bio. 100 Fore atreet, head of Long Wharf, PORTLAND, MR. June 3.—w2wAeadtojau29 New' Steam Mill, Footol Cross, between Fore k Commercial Sts. WINSLOW. "dOTEN & CO.. WOULD iniorin their former customers and the public general v, that they have fitted up their New Mi'l with New Machinery,and are now ready to do /'ianing. Sf<itching and Jointing, also Sweep and Circular Sawing, W -od Turning, fr. We have in operation one of Messrs, (.ray A Wood’s new no proved Planers, for PLANING OUT OF WIND. It will plane with the greatest accuracy from i iuch in thickness to 12 inches square. Also an edger fifty feet losg, For sawiug tuavy plank and edging boards. Particular attention given to planing Ship Kneea, Clapboards, and heavy Timber. f\»r the accommodation ot dealers and others hav ing large lot of boards to plane, we have in conneo* ti n with the mi.'l 17,000 square feet of yard room. 1 jy!9eodtf Maine Central Railroad Comp’y. 1 TREASURER'S OFFICE. I Waterville. Aug. 17, 1-SI. J THE Maine Central Ra. I road Company will pay their Coupons at the First National Bank, Port land, from this date. . J- NYE, Treasurer. I Aug 17—dim | /^|NE STORE In Galt’s Block. J . Vpffl dtf Appl5r10 T MISCELLANEOUS. THE DAILY PRESS, CALORIC POWER JOB PRINTING OFFICE, N. A. FOSTER & CO., Proprietors. Fox Block, 821-2 Exchange St., PORTLAND. RE. Attention is respea' fully invited to oar unrivalled facilities for executing in TIJR BEST STYLE OF THE ART, Every description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. Our Establishment is furni-hed with all the ap proved MODERN MACHINERY, And our collection of Book and Fancy Types IFI11 bear fhvorable comparison with any establish ment in the city. Business and Professional Cards, |Of every variety, style and cost, PRINTED AT SHORTEST NOTICE. Bill-Head* Baled nad Cat ia the Neat e*t Manner. BLANKS AND BANK CHECKS,' Of »T«rjr dMjription executed in tb« be»t «ty>. Bsilrond, and other Corporation Work, done with promptnea. and fidelity. INSURANCE POLICIES, BILLS OF LAIUSO, TIME TABLES, and all aorta of I.EilAL DOC U M BETS, at short not ire. Scratu, Ktptrtt, ud til kitdi tf Fuaphleti, Pvt up In superior style. Bronzed and Colored Labels, For Apothecaries. Merchant#, and Fancy Dealers fot up in the best style o! the art. "Weddinrr Cards, Notes Invitation, Visiting Cards, Lists qf Dan ces, etc., etc., of every variety and cost, furnished at short notioe. LARGE POSTERS, Hand-bill,.. Slio|>-bilK, Prognm hk’s. Circulars, Aad plain printing of every description. Also, Rule and Figure stork, executed neatly, and on term# that cannot fkil to satisfy. THE DAILY PRES8 Printing Office basone of Soper' Improved Calorie Engine* for motive power, and is furnished with improved aad costly Presses—Cylinder and Platen— from the most celebrated makers. We have in con stant use one of HOE’S LARGE CYLINDmR PRESSES, capable of throwing off 2500 Sheets an hour; one of Adam's Poster Presses—the best book press in the wor d ; Adam’s and Potter's Fast Machine Job Presses; Haggles’ superior Card Pres; Adams' and Union large Hand Presses, Stand*nlf Presses, and ail the machinery necessary for a well appointed office. The Daily Pres* Job Office is believed to be as well furnished as any similar establishment in the State. Those sending order from the country may rely on receiving prompt attention. We execute a’l orders in the shortest possible time and in (he neatest end best manner. We will do all kinds of printing as well and as promptly, aad a« cheap as any other establishment In the City, County or State. All orders for Job Printing must be directed to the Daily Press Job Ofice, Ho. WJ Exchange street, Portland. Me. The Job Office is uader the neruonal sunerviidon of the senior proprietor, who is the CITY PRINT ER, and is himself an experienced practical work man, and employs only well-skillec mechanics in this department ol his work. The Portland Daily Press, | The largest daily paper east ot Boston, and having j a larger circulation than all the other dailies in the city combined, is published at the Office in Fox Block. 89 1-9 Ejtchano* Street, every morning— Sunday excepted, at $8,00 Per Annum, From which 1? /-i*prr rswf. is dieeounted for ▲DVAXCB ra ymkxts. Semi-annual and quarterly •ab.-cnptions pro reta. Less than three months, sixty cents per mouth, or 16 cents a week. Sikolk Co rise 8 Cents. VST Newsdealers supplied at the rate of two and one-third dollars per hundred. THE MAINE STATE PRESS, The largest paper in New England, eight pages, is published every Wednesday, containing all the news by mail a d telegraph, important reading matter Marine List, Ma’ket Reports, dc , of the Daily Press,at the following prices, viz:— 8liglerspy,ese year, Invariably la adrascs.#2.00 Far ala naontfaa. 1.00 Tsrlaba uf four or more all to the same post office, each. 1.16 To eluba of tea or more, all to the same post office, each. % I *50 And a free copy to the gett«r up of the club. Subscriptions solicited. Agents wanted in every town. Postmasters requested to act as agents. N. A. FOSTER & Co., Proprietors. Portland June 1, 18*4. dtf IATfcKYATlOA AL, Fire Insurance Company I Qf New York, Office 113 Broatheay. CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. WM K WARREN, rretident. HAMILTON BRUCE, Vico Preaident. GEORGE W. SAVAGE, SMretary. 1Portland Board of reference, Jobs B Known ft Son, IIkukky Ki jcti’HIK ft Co. H. J. Libby ft Co. John Ltsch ft Co. The undersigned Laving been appointed Aobst and Attobsky forth!, (ompa y. la now prepared to i«ue 1'ollole. on Insurable l-roperty at current rates. tW~Portland Office, 186 Pore Street. JOHN W. Ml'KliKK, Agpiit. Jun. S, 1WS4.—otf participation? Portland Mntnal Fire Insurance Company. This Company will issue Polices to be free alter ths i payment ol six, eight or ten Premiums at the optioi • of the insured and at rates as low as auy othoi j Company. The issue oi Free Policies renders it a I t* 'least equal li not superior to the participatioi Ot&*« Mo. 101 Middle St. i CHARLES HOLDEN, TrM. EDWARD SHAW, 8.0. I MUitfU. MISCELLANEOUS. Life Insurance. THE MANHATTAN Life Insurance Company ! OF N R W ) O It K Cash Capital and Accumulation Over $1,700,000 ! HENRY STOKES, 1*be§idbnt. C*. Y. WKMI’LK, secretary. J. L. HALh^Y A sal. Secretary. H. IS SI EBB I \8, Actuary . K. DWIGHT KENL ALL, General Agt. This long-established Company offers the follow I ing ad va< to insurer?, viz: A large and L, creasing Capital, securely invested ; Immsaute availability uf toe • ivideodi*, in cash; A perm mrnt loan of oue half of the premium; 1 ami a feature ptruli ir to this compwy, by which insurer* are protected agiinst forfeiture of the poll cy from circumstances ot adversity The company also issues non-lorltiting policies on the “Teu kear plan. ’ Policies incontegtib’r five years from date (the on ly company in America hawug this provision In policies.) Local Board qf Reference Hon William Willis. N. f. Miller E?q. C Hector Int. Revenue Wm Moulton, lUq., Prest. Bank < umberland. XV. XV I Iiu hhh. E*q , t'rest. Canal Bank. J. B.Carroll. Kan. Merchant Jeremiih Dow, Esq., beo’y Dirigo ln«. Co. Wm Kimball. Esq , Tr« a*. 8. Packet Co Edward bhaw. E>q . Hej’v Port. Mut. Ins. Co. Messrs. v\ oi lman True 4 Co. Messrs. II J. jLibby & Co. Parties are invited to examine the merits of thh company before ? fleetlug inrurancv. HENRY K oTlChNhY . Agent, Oftice No. 13 Moulton St. 8. n. TKWKHnuBY M. D. i Medical C. W. Th.'Mas, hi. D . I Examiners. Gentlemen of energy and responsibil**y In the different edits and towns ot Maine, detirou*of fl» resenting the Mant a”an Life Insurante Co. will please address E OWIlill* h EN DA LL. General Agent Box No £>51 P. O.. Portland. Aug ll.—codlm STATE OF MAINE. * HEAT) QUARTERS, ) AriCTlHT OK2IKRAL S OFFICE. J Augusta, August 1, 1904. ) General OrrVt No. 29. 1. Th rty companies of loPantry for Regiments in the field, and to be c• e , it< d upon the present cad, are autbo *ze j oy tne War Department to be raised in this atat*, f*"oto Volunt era for eitn* rots,two or thr».e years' service, as ibe rcciui may elect. 11 Eurolicj meu or tneir ub-tituu*. have the pnvi (ge of electing the company and regiment in which they will s-rve, by wiuuteeriag lu tue-e organizations; but if dra ted, such liberty is ntccs sarilv de ied them. ill iti 8iaie bounties to all volun et-r* and to snbstinroseu is ed pr or to the drat, is #100. #200, or t3.t0.acc rding 10 the period of their enlistment (or 1 2. or 3 y* ar*. and the l' 8. bounty the same, toail voluutcers a* d reprv entative re* 1 nit* sub stitute# tor enrobed meu are not entitled to United State* liouutv. IV Tne officers of»he*e companies will be select ed rom those * b • have served at l.aat blue mouths in the tleld. uule»« very special reasons exist iu par ticular cases. V Such immediate action gho Jd be taken by citiaens nut liable to enro.luicnt. de iriug to avoid a drati iu thi-ir Community , and by club* ot emo’bd meu, as will tnak it lor'thepccu iary iutere#t < fihe latter, to volunteer instead ofoi.t.ring ttrvico a* drafted meu. VI. Couoerted action init ated in cities and pop ulous plac g, and extending to the -a.urbs anu ad jacent towns, embody lug 1 he r»rti«l -motion o< of ficers and uon commissioned« ffloer-, may insure the adnp iou.atonce, of such plaits 01 proceed ure, «* wiii |i,u »iantee the rai-ii,g 01 ac mpauy inevery in stance where it is uidcnat eu. but any «tficers« lecied as above. *hou d be a p«r*o«* who has *?r ed h morably, for at least mu* months, or the selection uiay not be conlirmed by the Governor. VII. The following rule* will be adhered to in raising the**- s. 1st. fto fees, premium* or expense* will be paid for making the euu»timui*. 2d. Each vo uuteer uiu#t be examined and ap proved by a local physiciau, who * ill b j aid 25 eta. lor his v»*rvic s; but tne pu>>icntu is not to tigu t .e certifloat - of su h cxa' an up 11 he enlis.ment ptper, that being foi the autbo iz*-d su geon. who iranes the fi aiexauiiuati na the mu*tei in. 3d. A Justice 01 me l'esce will a minis er the oati tithe recruit, and flu aim *i^n the certidCxle on the 'we of the enlisaneat. # 4th. When the enlistment i# for a le«s period than 8 viars, the blank wil b. changed to exhibit the lact. 5th. Each company mu-t comprise on#* hundred ami oae ed m* n. and as #oon •« that number ot am able person*, who are • lig.b • to euii-tinnai have each rigued three « nlistmeut p-| er , one part 01 eacn euli.-tment with the uatne# of persous des ignated for the c minis ioued ofliors o the com pany. sod their residence ami »i#e place of the ren dezvous of ihe Company, will be inrwa'cud the Adjutant General who w II arrange wi h Major Gardiner, H. 8. Military »uo« ri i.eudt-nt. for tht transportation, uiu-ter iu, clothing, arming and equipiugof the comj anv. • V . it the company is detained beyond the Mine, of which rHOltPii 4.otice is gn n U e Adjutant General that it will a**r mb e at its rendezvous, to leave tor the place of louder, forty ceuts a day p»-, man will be allowed for boa d an 1 lodging or the period of such deten'i* u and the tim occspied in conii* gin lrom flu emu auy re ..dezvous. VII. 80 oi'.cn of General O der Twenty-Seven . ot the20th nit. as pre*.rii>e* rules governing eulit tueut- and credits 10 * qtt »tas a <1 aiu uut ot boun ties aud enutn rate* tue persons enti led therco aud e igible to enlistmems, is applicable to these thiity companies [Extract from War Department authority of Ju’y 23, 1*>4, to raise these companies j • • • • * • • “the sail cotnpanks rau-t te mustered in *etore Sept. 5, 1164, in o'der that • be« ini -• be credited ou the quota 01 ihj Sute ai d r th** aforesaid ca I.” • Should any of the compani*-* ad to orgaiize within a reisjuable tints, ibnr will b • consoUuatej so as to form aud be n us re red iu as complete cou • panic- be.ore the aforesaid dat-.-a." • • • • • • • By Order of His Excel leucy the Governor. JOHN L HOl>3 ON, Adjutant-General. Aug 4-dlw ltlHIOO Insurance Co. of Portland, Me. OFFICE NO. 2A EXCHANCE ST. Authorized Capital, $500,000. CAPITAL PAID IN $200,000. Invested as follows: Loans ou Mortgagoa of Real Estate at two third- i s value, f.cC,300 Loans ou pledge of Uuited States Securities, 51,8 0 Loans on pledg ot (1 y Scrip, 34 WO Loans ou pledge of Rank Sti cks, 28.800 Loans on pledge of State of Maim Bonds. 2a,600 Loans on pledge of Androscoggin ( ouuty Bonds, 4.00U •auo.o* o This Company f$ now prepart d to issue policies upon all kiuds of property in the city or country. Laole to lo s or damage by tire, at a low rates as is taken by anv tther «trice. 1 h« patronu e ot the j merchant- and citizens generally otiotLa.d and viciuity, is most »esn*c'luli • ol idled A Iv SHl'Rl LKKF, President. JEREMIAH DOW, Stcretary . dibxi roaa ■ J B. Browu, 8. E. spring. D W. Clark, J B. Carroll, Joan Lynch, li. 1. Robinson. JftUtTKK*: St. John Smith, II J. i ihb»‘, II N Jose, U. M Payton, J N. Winslow, li W Woodman, Andrew Spring, Alvah 1 otiaut, II 1. Robinson, Philip H. Browu, C. H. Uask 11, 8. C. Chase. Jeremiah Dow, N O I rani, WmMouiton. Portland, August 1,1864. -isd3m STATE NORMAL SCHOOL. The opening term of the State Normal School, a Farmingtou, will commence on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST *2llh. Every arrangement w ill b<-marie as the law re quires, to accommodate two t uudrr-a young ladiis aud gentlemen with board. a* res so i able r* es, and to fu nish the instnutiou specia'ly noed-d in a i school 1or the tr .ining of t ic it*. Four teachers, besides lecturers and sp. ctal iuctruc'or*. wi 1 te em ployed at t e outlet, and the number will be in* i creased if tue neces-itie< 1 the school shall requite.t. Candi »a»t» for-tteudacce must be ixteeu yetrs old, if IVmales and aevento n years, if males: a* d must edare their in*en ion to b come teac* ers in the public, schools of the .state. No pledge will he requi ed from pupils to remain co .neetea with the school for any rieflnl e Vug h of time. Applicants will be requ rod to shiw a rea«onab’e familiarit with the principles ot Reading and **pel* I ling. Arithmetic English or min r aud hi* tor* of the United Stat a; and to p e-eut testimonials ot good ebaraett r and prospective aptitude forthe work ol caching Person-attending the Normal School w 11 be per mitted to pass noth ways over tho Audrosooggin Railroad for one ft re. X > charge for tuition. Pntranct fee «1.00. More part cular information wtl be furnished on application to Prolessor A. P. K bey, at Farming ton. EDWARD P. WESTON Gorham, June 20,1864 Jy2l4Uw*w8w MISCELLANEOUS. HROCKMEPER'S PATENT Gras It eg-ulator*! EXcLUhIVIC Ag nry for the sale of the Reg ulator in Rortiaud No. 102 j.ludle nnet, up Muirs. Ed war i Shaw 8ole Agent This n W article for public Lvor wLI pa e 8u percent, to the con urn cr © ©*■ A«y g«* burner now iu use; 26,000 have b en sold iu Me v rm gland since January las . This is m>t a regulator ;o he alii Aed to the merer, a.I m m have railed, but i-cttached immediately under • achburn er tip, and is a part of. and an ornament to, tap gas hxiuie itse f The parti >uiar -hiteiess and steadi ness of the light pro Jneed -because of th» exact proper comousiion—a-romshes »li who have seen it, while the post>i re fact of obtainli g the improv'd light at a reduced «-xpeu n ed only be investigated ai mis oihce t*» ensu e the co* fi o the m. st skeptical. rtiercg iato is a perfect “tei] tal*-' on the exact amount of ga< n ed Mo pres-u eattaintd by toe Las Com pa- y affects .t disadvautageou Jy in the least; Qtt Cumpaiiiet* at! rocunmisid It because it gives entire satisfac uu to c -nsutuera, hence their number uf wonsum rs an. iucrea>ed. Retail 80 cents each. T te article w in be adjusted L.r con suine s immcd-ately (r* quiring but a few moments time) and ii not suited will b taken off free of ex pense. EDU ARD SHAW, 102 Middle Street, vp stairs. Wehivethi, day iLp-iined tdward hbaw *>lo vender and a eut lor U ockai.-ptr. l-.tent Ici-vuU tor iu lo-tlind; all order, lor the ,ro d, mu.t ee mad. through nim. HULL & QOODELL. Below w< give certificates ot the high estimation of the Regulator in other place* where it is now iu use. ,, „ Dover. July 18,1*61. Messrs. Hull k (loodell:—The Directors of the Dove Las Light l omyany, after a ftiil and n orougb ex ami n a i«>u and test of "lirocksiet er Gas Regius tor,” have ordered me to purchase one h uur«d dollars world of the same, which 1 have this nay done, aud bav a'so rocei ed for -aid company tie exclusive agency f.»r sid goods in and for the city of Dover. Youis »ruly, JuNAe D. TOWN SEND, ttup. Dover oas Lt. Co. Certificate from the gts fitter of iho Mills, etc., at Lowell, Maas. „ Lowell, Mass., July 11, 1864. Messrs, lid! fr C,nodell:—*n expeii»LdP oi many years in the gas fitting business has often *uf geeted to me the great va uc of au improvement »hereov thepr* ssure of gas might be regu ated at the poiu' ol consumption. Ma •> and fruttle-s attempts have fio n time to time been Hindu to place regu ato-'s at the meter Experience has shown that all such at tempts bar proved failures 1 have also aeeu and used in inv bu iness nearty all the so-called improve ments in bur era. whertiu tha' which y* u have ao comp ished has been attempted, but alwa>n failed. Afier a careful exam nation and a thorough test of your Gas Kegu'a’or*—which are attache*! im lin'd i ately under each burner as a part of the gas fixture— 1 am fully convinc d tha y »ur impiovemert j a de cide" •‘Uraess. the lighti- improved iu brightness and ini s illuminating power, while the expei te *a ed to th- consumer is full SO per oout. The oombustion is perfect, • euce the mpro%>nient must be l<1 opted as a and -toady light. 1 clierritiliy rencinmtud it to the tra-'p and to a I consumer* if gas Voura, lc.. li Ii. BARKER. Jr2« dtf _ Gm Pitte . 8 Central 8treet. 126 Exchange Street. 126 Hugh M. Phinney, llfOULD inf -r:n hi* fried* *n«i for«tv-r customer* vf thttnohas takeu the Star# So 126 axdmnge Street, where he iuteudi1 to ra^rj on the Wove and I'uriisicr Btisine<»«, In all its branches. ro I FS, of all kiuda, of the newest aud most approved patterns. Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. nW Hfcourt hand Stores bought, or taken in ex change tor new. Stove*, Ranges. Iubkaceh. and Tin Wash repaired at short notice, in a faithful manner. Grateful for ormer patrou*gn, he ho^e* by strict attention to basiue«s and fair dealing, to receive a generous share ot public avor. ms>23dtf GRANT’S COFFEE ASPICS MILLS. 0 OltlulMAL JCS TA HUS HUES T. J. Gr 1ST T , Wholesale Dealer in all kind? of COFP’EE, SPICES, $ul(rraiu8 A t rmni Tariur, St to Cqfte atul Spice Mills, 13 and lb Union street, Fort hind. Mi. Coffee and Spices put up *or the trade, with any address, iu all variety ot preka^es, and warrant o a* rapaseatut. Coif- *- aoasu d and ground for the trad** at soor. notice. HP" All gr ode entrusted a'.the owner’ risk. _ inarch lud-f John Kinsman, GAS FITTER, —A HD— Dealer in (thh Fixtures, Ind fiasAr Kerosene Cooking Appurutn*. The public are invited to ex-mine aud test theft* new in eutious, which are highly recommended for fumiiur ujo SO bb US ION STREET. Portland. June 14 —*od3m pro Vos» Marshal's ofhlf.. 1 First District State of Maine * 1 oi.TA»u, July 13,18*>4. J >rOTlCEis hen by given that any tn-r-ou rurv fd I may appear before the Board oi Kurolnu-ut a<m claim to have hi - name strickeu off the list, it ho can »h-w to ibe »ati.*.iac ion of ihe Uoaid that he is not prop-rly enrolcd on account ot 1 t-AUsBIgs. 2d— N ou- Residence. 8i—Over Age. 4th— emit * nt Physical Disability,of«uoh degree a« to render he ternou not a proper subject for en rolment under the 1 «» and regulation*. i bat the examination r* f r ed 10 above mav not interfere with ihs daily routine oi office busineo*. the hours for xam nation will be from 1J A. M to 12 M. and from 2 to 4 k*. M. Charles h. DOUGurv. and Provost Marshal. i ITY OF »»OR* LAND. y kl A Yob’S Ornn ( July 19. 1861. ) The special attention of ou- citizens i» cailea to theabov« uoti e of the Provost Mar-h I It should oe the duty of all those vr »o a * ex mpt from d»a't from eith r ol the < ause* me- tiout ri. 10 apply in per son and have th ir name* taken from the i*-t iu Ol der that Wien the *iuo’as lor the •» at* a*o appor tioned. the number to be drawu will be baaed upon those who o* y are (table to • nr l***e»»t. July’4d3tawlm JACUll M< LKLLAN. Mayor. For the Iftland)*. On and aftt-r June 13t t>’he steam* i will uutil further notice cave Burnham’* charf, for Peak's and ( ush ng s at 9 »u<i 10 30 A. M . and 2 and 3 301' M. Keturuiug will leave Cu*hiug’s Ulaud at-9.49 and 11 15 A. M . and 2 45 and 5.15 I* M ticket*26ceuts. down and back; Children 15eta. June 9— tlit DK. O. II. KM M. SURGEON DENTIST, WO. 145 MIDDLE ST.. POHTLAND, (Opposite foo* of FreoStreet.) Having fitted up the above named room* he would be ha* py to * ait on all who may wi«h for the ser vices of a ski! tul L)en»i-*t. Mr-ry br-inch of • e» tittry vsi 1 receive careful attention, and perfect sat isfaction will re war anted. jy2t> *13rn Fa* iii for Nalo. 1 offer for sale my Farm, situated one mile from Wiathrop Village, on the toad leading Horn Augusta. Said farm coutaiL< about one huu _ dr«»d aer s of land, wiiha good *-up . ot w <uu aud - ater. 1 he lai d is uew and in a igh-tateot cuiti ation. there is on the premiers a good ham. 36 by 33, and ah mi I *«•» young thrifty apple trees. 1 aid s« I tlie whole toy-th-r, or I will sell about 0acre* with the oa. n, orcha d and most of the wood. An* on** wanting a good farm pleasantly and con veniently loc ttd, will do well to call ana examine the ab ve property. 1 also offer tor sale a two story Dwelling Douse ant Lot. situated iu the Village knuAuai the Meg gui-e • <>uw. au<1 iwo Stores n«a r’v opposite the Cot ton F.ctory Any or alio the above property will b« sold at ’air prices.and on te»m*tos *i» purchasers. For f irther p i »icular« as to prices, Ac., call.m the *uv'scritcr at hi* store in Wiuthroe Win’h'op. .»uly 1864. E. W. KELLY, j 29 d It A w6w No lee of For4*4*h»s«irt*. Default having be n marie in the performance • f the condition* ot a c-o aiu conveyance In il i t^ageoi real es’ate in the town of Weatbrnok. County oi ('umbeilaud and State of Maine. *o be executed on tb- eighth «»a ot April A. D. 1859. by Imieou I) llamoltu of VTestb-ook atbresa d. and which s id rea: estate is describe 1 iu said Mort gage. as fo'lows. to ait: a certain piece ot land with the buddings thereon situated in Westoro- k afo esaid and bounded thus: beg uni g a* the south westerly corner of Char m Hill’s laud, th nee running ortheriv u* i-aid oili’s fence novr *tan- » to thee oss road: thence f»o»n th***e two hour d **xtei«ding nor h westerly on aid road and on one Wilson’s I ne ar enough to i'elude twenty-tive acres: and I«i g the same piemke* occupied b me and on which 1 now live, i o'aim to foreclose said Mortgage for breach of the renditions tltereol. Altouuw J. LABS«Bk£. Por Jatfd. A* g 2.18*>4 a Sir Notice*. THE Stockholders of the Westbrook Manufactur ing To are hereby notitied that their stinua1 meeting for the choice of officers, and tb* transac t«ou of ativ o’her business which tuav com* before them, will be hold** at tnc office oi th*su scriher. in Portland **n Tuesday ’he 23d dsv of Aug , 1964. at 3 o’clock P M KEN 9 EL LA EU CKAM. Aug 2—dlawSw clerk Fryeburs Acad»*i»y. TOE FaM T* rm of this Insti*ufion wil commence WEDNESDAY. September 7 1894. and wil continue eleven week* Mr. Main F Atnbrotc Pri cipal. Mr. Atic*r*»«*e is a recent g aduate o> Dartmouth < o le*-e, and Is »Jghly recommended as i scholar, teacher and gentletn* n • ». 0.8EWAT.L. Secretary, 1 Fryebnrg, July 26,1864. JyttdlwA*Sw BUSINESS CARDS. paper box itmEtAcroMi. J. "P Libby, MANCfACTHkAR or Paper Boxes, O* every description. *ncb as Shoe Boxm, Jewelry Boxtg, Dpufftfirt Boxes, ColUr Boxes, obe i k..x -«, t\.i.c-.olo«ncal Boxes, Fowder Boxes, Card Canes, Ci*ar Boxes, kc. 144 Middle Bt.9 (Up Stairs) Portland, Me. Janeld3m i ... .-----—— Dana & Co. Fish and fc a 11, Luther d«d», i Portland, Woodbury Oa^a. J Johu A. tt. a ) tfaillf. i __juneldtf 0*. Smith dj.Oo., XnxrrAC'Ti’RKRi or Leather Belting, Card Clothing Loom Strain, Kelt Leather Barks ud Sides, LEATHER TP’liUlXOS, *«., Hanson’s Blook, 144 itiddie 8t., Portland, Or at the f’.ril Clothing Manufactory, LewDton. H- M Brewer, (jnld3m) D. F. Notes JOU « T. KOKfcttft A CO., OommiHsion MerohnniR, AND WHOLE*A LX DBALS&8 IB Flour, Proviaions & Groceries. No. 81 Commercial Suett, tum.B.uTe"*. } PORTLAND. ME. ______ Jnnelddm Wholesale and Jrtotail. L. DAVIS, Bookseller, Stationer, ARO ■AEUEACTDHER OF Premium Paged Account Books. PAPER HANGINGS. No, 53 Exchange Street, Portland, Me. _ juneldtf v>juao. * owaunAuaia, Fresco and Banner Painter, No. 1.44 M Idtlle Street, PORTLASD. MR. tS~ Work executed in eeery part of the State Juueltr RUFUS DURHAM, Mauu aotur r «nd tVboleeali Dealer la B RITANNIA —AMD— Platt d Ware, Xo. 218 Fort i'rett, Portland _ J/aus. Portland, May 17th, 1364. • maylTdn BURGESS. P0BE8, & CO., MAlvrPAOTrBKRR OF Japan* While Lend, Zinc* Paint*. And Ground Colorn, AND DiALKKrt IN Drags Medicines, Pa nts, Oils & Varaishes. Paint and Co’or Factory, Xo. 29 Munjoy St., OfKce A Salesroan* 80 Commercial 8«., (Thomam Block.) Henry H BcR**zft*, pnrvi t«n M| Chulks to. ffKTl'‘ marlddt! ULAKtS JOUR & t O., FLOUR &’GRAIN DEALERS, And K« rers of Weattrn and C adian Produce, 137 Com merciiit Street, • • • iJrvnite Riod . Charles Bl *ke, ) Henry A { I'ORTleAM). K. W. tire. ) Jaue’dtf JOHN LYNCH & CO., Wholesale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Granite Stores, - - - Commeru al street, (Opposite head Widgery Wharf.) John Lvneh, ) Petex Barker/ 1*0KTLAND, ML. Tho* Lybch ) Jnneldtf dole a Jiouinr, or SURAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Aod H holeeale Dealeie m FLOUB. CjBNARD PRODUCE, No. S Salt Block, Commerc'al Et, ttcZr. I I'OBTLAJfD, ME. JuoeldSm LAVE Al LITTLE, Wbo’c?alc Dealt rain Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, AMD W oolons, N o. 1-43 Middle street, I PORTLAND, ME. JuneTdtf E. K. LEMON T, Carriage Manufacturer, Preble Stieet. - • Portland, Me. jy Carriage* and Sleigh* on hand and made to order janeiMti €. P. KI1BILL, MAMUFACTCUKB OF Carriages and Sleighs, Preble street. (Near Pieble Hoaw.l PORTLAND, ME. Salt Rooms, 110 and 113 ziutibury St., Ration, Mass juueltf Safes \ Safes \ \ FOB SALB AT JAMES BAILET & CO , Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealers, 103 MIDDLE STREET, POR TLASD,.MR. j»18 8m_ 63 Removal. 63 J. M. KNIGHT & SOM, Commissi o n Merchant*, *ud dealer* in Country Produce.have moved to No. «3 Commercial street. Portland. Mav 10th, IH64. mavlOdtf Law Partiier<«hl|>. HOWARD A OI.KAVES, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, Office 91 Middle St., over Casco Batik, PORTLAND, ME. Joseph h< ward. natham cleaves. jyl^dlk w Jm To Carpenters and the Public 1 A NEW AttTIOLK. Whiiuore'* I’nlcni Bllad Faaieusr nnd Handle iambiued. nEINll a thoroughly • (Tec ive *»*‘ei*ing, and » handsome, com rnie»'t handle, at d a* tb» v can not be opem** r »m *he out* d**. are do tar, protec tion a/aiiiK’ thieves; *t> n-e prevurfing Th i*(rtyi« $ ot hand-or breaking of tl ger nail* in opening oi closi-g blind* They are Japan> ed gr«*eu. mod ca* be pu» on old or new blind* by an* peraou n fiv* minute* For sale by uli Harij ware m«u. Whole • ale Depot 16 Winter struct. Romo » ii. D. WaiTMOPF. Storeol Whitney Brother* junelw.-in Farm f *r «nlr. * leurantly >ltuat 4 i* Wirdl am.on the road t adm j from Gray to Go* h*m. contsiu-rg BO* acre* d»»i * My d vld-d t»N> t«ll*g»*. pa**ur. f a (i wood Ai>b rt*** b* ildicg* a a rood *torv V d a half ai*»» cm ▼* i I- nt ou I bulbing#. Termse**y. Fur furihrr ftr* rular*up ' ply to JlU. Purimotoh, I Mg*w4W WwiudM® R USCN KSS (JAKD&. BRADLEY, >! O LLTon\ruC KRb 1 Wbolxsal* Dxalika ij, Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, Ihcmes tlcck, j BOBXr.T BKaLBT, i e.« aoCATva, j POkTLASb.kiy | A. O. ROOEK8. ) a__m») 3dtf W. W. CARR & CU, tiavtu, taken the » run tnore formerly occupied u a. H A W Y K K. rVo. 9 Exchange street, if* prepared to offer to too trade alargt tad wei* •elected stock o: Foreign and Domestic Fruit !1 Wholesale and detail Jiraag*.. rare lisa, Lssen|t> L Laaa,, Usdlss. Usssy. unit ’ »«' Muds. Dates, Olive*, RuUlaa, Tctaicss dardises, Cllsla (fancy Candles af all dearrlpitaw* oots» dtf IRA WINN, Agent, No. 11 Union St., I* prepared to fernish STEAM ENGINES and BOILERS, of raiiont sites and pattern. Mam Pipt iri Fiitirct, till faansf. su'iug, hllapi, L Lioht Uonsi Work of all de*cnpti »uj*, and aii kinds of work required m buiMii g FORTIFlOATlOna. Irorltam and other ArchiierUral Work Hoasss. burns, and other buildings, a tied wit. lias and Steam in ths best manner. Uoonaeetion with the aoovs U an iron Poondr> with a large assortment of Patterns, to whioh tie ettention of Maohinisn.Miilwnghts.and Ship-Bail', <rs IS invited—and nil kinds ot Castings famish*. *t short notioe. (^Orders tor Machine Jobbing. Patterns an. I forgings. promptly executed oaldtt MlNtxEK’M SEWING MACHINES! WOODMAN, TRUE * CO., AGENTS, Hm. 54 aad I#.Middle Street ■mOmmI Tllaelumatp eefeaad. A CARD. DR. S. C. FERNALD, DENTIST, No. 170 Mul<11 Strut Saraaaaoas.On. JUooa aad Baaaua « Dr. J. H. riEALD HAVING dupoeea or his entire Interest in hit Olllce to Dr. 8. C KERN ALD. wonlu cbeerfBU; reocommend him to hi* former patients and the pnt lie. Dr. Pbrnald. from loneeaperiencR, ispreiar- i ad to Insert Artificial Teeth on the*' Vulcanite Base.* and all other method- enown to the protaudon. PortlmUU’l^ IW t# WOOD AND COAL CHEAP FOR C'AsH ! SPRING MOUNTAIN, LEHIGH. HKZILTOIV it'uAK LOAF, OLD COMPANY LKttloii. LO CUS1 MOUNTAIN DUi>> DIAMOND. WIB8 TERsd BLACK UEATki These Coal* an ol th« very bent quality, well screened and picked, ant warrauted to *ive satis fhctiou Also lor sale bent or HARD AND SOFT WOOD, da-lrand lo aay part of the city. Orvtcm Coaaaxcui. St., head or franklin Whan ' S. KOl'.MJr. .V SON. <bbl«dly W1HKEN5 I.HPOUVED i KIRK AND WATEK-PROOI. FELT COMPOSITION, -AND Gr«vol Roofing FOR FLAT ROOFS. K. H HUSKY. Ascoiit. Jnn») <1tf So. IS Union Street. i ALBERT WEBB A CO, — DBALIBS m — Corn, Flour and Grain, j HKhD or KKUILL'S WHAKT. CeaawrtJnl Sitmi. • • Pardmad, Me. lakStf EDWARD H. BUP.GIN, WHOLESALE DBA LEB IB Lorn, Niea\ and YTonir. j A'io. Ground Bock ta't. Coinniiwsion tlm-hanl rot rutfciuMAiD paleof oar lev, nye ana wots. IWt'ar* leaded with Corn tm balk free of ebargr. Waieboow to. 120 l.'oanerciai St eel., Oeeri..g Bridge j jaueleodtm JOHN F.ANUEKMn, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, ('OILMAN BLOCK, ischndfcwtr Tnurta STannr. Mcotch Canvas, -FOB SAAB BT JAMES T. PATTEN A CO. Batfc, Be. •1AA BOLTS Superior flesobod I ^m*?Es££2& k&2K§ 100 do Extra ail Long flan I WO do Navy Fina J DoUrarodla Portland or Bootoa. •nth. Anrtito.inw aatldts TL EMO V\A. L . DR. NEWTON HAS removed bte reel deuce to No. 97 JFfaMI* Htr+*t, oorner of Franklin street. Office a* heretofore. No. lift K ech*»nge Stroet, ii NoHe - Block, no stairs. Office hoars from 9 to 1< A. SI.. «rom 1 to 3, and (Tom 9to 9 o’clock P. M. Dr. N. will continue, in connection with genera i oradMv to give *D«cia! attention to DJ8MA<KS OP *MMAt.MS ooSIdtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, PLITMBE R! MAKER OF ; Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 121 EXCII * NdJE STREET, PORTLAND. MR. Warm* f’otd aid Shower Ralhs Wash Ruwls liman dr Silver Plated Cock*, f^VKHV description of WiWFi**urNtor Dwel j ing Hoii«»*h. Hotel*. Public Building*, Shop* %c , arranged anti «et ut> in ♦he host msnner. and aP »rd#*rs in town or country faPhfh Iv executed. Al’ vivid* of lohhing n*ompt»v attended to ros^ust' intend LEAD PIPItM. slIF.EI* LKaDand P»*RVrtof alldMMriotione. »***"'_ I J. T. Lewis <3z> Co., . Manufacturer* tud Wholesale Desle»s *n ' READY-MADE CLOTHING, AND FURNISHING GOODS, Chamber. • • • *"■ 1 nnd 2 "<**■ (Over H. J. Libby k Co.,) J. T. IawI*. PORTLAND. ME. J p. Lewie. JjlMtf Tike Ctieapeat Agent) 1X1 >R cnlleetinr alleliMo. of olaim. artniag froo the war i. that ol the j MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION,’ n which tb.expenw. are coatrolled by adictator *ted r.xecu.iv, vomraifee. , Apply in person or by letter, to CEtiKUA » EMERY, oror th*Portlaad port Otic*. W »«OjT. hotels. flotiiVr ziKtu.t novae, Ocl jbratsd Mt. Zircon Minanl Sp. on. Mutoa I’lantatitH, Mt., ™ _ l» now opened to the public, end no pair* Jwlll tx> spareu Ui a as.-a tv Intel the w«* g Uid ftrUutf plMrAbt slid iB’tr«rtif| u« «in/of guest*. And Ml mo mm mu*., 4 a.lii luted crisper than an/ other cummer — JfoM kc^aod. » « cases of Uyspepiia, Kidrey Comphnot. Lrtr ?toue iu th B.sutler, ana otlnrs * luuia , I wai* * •**• by the use of li e irate-. op-end d rO*u * t^a riuee. At (be -boit ui*a>oe of hi. mi ee S”*^®u K^mfor a Fal s. tie Lrged in he* * n» • Mlti.iJLiu “ lud IMUd*. A LAW igU *1* 1'^t Ultoo Uum. HI Zi cob Me z. co..j..^a. AMiuri- *rgx? JSea-ftiide House, H IMPS W ELL NU K. c AbC o__ bay. * -v- . T*1*'ele/“t »"• °®" »«Mow Bo i/ht-T. J •» the u.nBii) .1 ■ Harpr«e.l JSeok, sbtiUi naif a mi e llfRiZ-MUV the w. l k o»n Mans on WQE House, hm just been oossple.ed aft r in. ae»Awsvt u M. M ▲ noma, Esq . Aret Meet and .uoer hs snperiateudbnoe, ana sill he upon ter company Oa mmd after tho Fearik of iely. rhe House is iui iSigau es ab lstuatni, consireet *• expiessi^ for the iu«p« ee ol a ut tei, i any w at* riitu riace on «be i«an oi Marne. It euiuiw ia he 0clitre e a dense grove M old trees, with e»o -ues au4 vistas » inn Ug to the waters of th Bay. rut a tew yaids distant on either sane. Beariy ,urrt>uno*d by the sea, *• d abundantly bsdeu by tr» es the House has a spacivm aio team Jet verandah e*unaio»o tr tb».e huodieo end bir y .set on three ski- s of tbt building, with wioo md thorough!,. ven i ated ial s ano eovnoon In iho tuai v isitor, can enjoy the most cvmpk o uutccln n irotu the »uu.nici t-*at. Ta. st«amboa w bar» ai d boat land Age are oa tho «e»i siae, tat a few s«»p* tr% » the Lome Annie scilitie- are at band tor boati. g ano isUug in ilo asi slueisa hne gtavei be oh. wbo.etbemxa* *f ea-ba hi a* nan be eojoj ed a* a -1 times oi il i tM •. At a short distune* on the no. tbemt. across aira »f theses udrr's Inlaid. OHeb.steo by hnlM.s* rro owe's w 1. known novel. I he 8 a 8ide House » avoes ibis by iABd In m lrun.»wick. fifteen mile, distant b. oi e 0 the tr f at t ivusinthe 8tate. and r». daily* sttamh -si ft. m *o Hand through the inside pa*»ag«t smotg tho •lands of the lk y. Visitors coming from the Kennebec ard elite »arU oi the inieikr, eau W»e %n« railroad at Bnm* viok, and proceed b sag* o Harp well, or con»m ie to l'ortiauo and taka the steamer, which mat towu and back twl.e adn - ( 4tf JJU T. SMITH, Proprietor. BKADU2 TJ8 HOTEL, — on m i inert ran ua.u Kuspoui Pim, Cor. of Conmorciol ft India 8t*. Thi* Houm m al naiad directly oppoatto tie Grmi.d Trank i mi rue Depot *• - hriil oi Boston ana Portland e team* re W kart tonne ted with iki* House la a trat oiaaa ester mu Dining LialJ. J HE** BKAdlEY, Jr.f A CO.. Proprtmcft. J. Bradley, Jr. r. d. Mr die#. . jBPel&dflm Aflantio House, 6CARBOBO’ BEACH. fc.. THIS Fouae having booo aalaraad tad ■ WlLBretHted throa.Looi will Opoa tor the aoa> JKMiub od 'rWs'J Monday, June 13, MS4, E OL'hMSO*. N. B — cloaad on thu S.tbo h to oil r»i»»»*8 vtokors. Jaarli Ucoan House fie-U^ened! Tho iid,ra.|M. ktrlat Iwaod for U# *fi»i t i. wel wtabii brd * .uita/ plMO. charmingly .Itaafcd a bo oo'or rarge of < ape Elizabeth. With aarival ad acilb. ia. lor *BllM»S, Boating, UWd FtOllln«r( ri'l open lor trta.i.ataadp*nauc(tgneata on lad tftor Tnraday. the 7th day of June. Everv dealeabie coot* lane* • ill b* .a Pi I led *ar he plewura .on cow or . ot It. pa rooa win regard o the ,eqn a FlR.T CLAM HOTEL. We feei earned th.t < ar exart oat, added to tho u.iuaal at laonoa.oi the hoeaal wit wnlMoatoflO he .. proh.t on and lama... oi th. puhMa. &TTotit\cdp doted, n Ike Mbft.M. HILL ft JORDAN. Proprietor*. Cap. Vlirahatb. Jana 7. l*df. dtf bay view house, CAMDEN. ■rSjnfr Tbe Subscriber* taka pleasure ta aa !JmLS nouuciu# o tketr traiMMhd a±< interested ; [ in dud lux a Orsi ciamasa sioe bot*i iu< a td_i » ouaiion#,ti.a* thet i en «lu spacious Bo 's r.ecup nearly inJuut. It con<aiL* a*i tie Bed* ?fn iuip«o*« Uicnts ai d every conv»a*iea»oa lot u« >>miort aim m commode t»vi. ol Ik tuv«itu| 1 nh c It t* duel# located. comma din* aa* a«u.vmi«4 /iew of the Pt.BotMk.ot Bay. Tbe auvsahig* oi saw* j*thi8| aid ih« loolitk* tor 1 Ling aid boating, ire- uurarpnosed kor its Oeauulai BOektry mu «v ight.ui dr.ves and nails. Camus* is already in*or* iuj hui-wn anoiAt* ot iLa uMMi tiiaibld a a. a deb. k - uJ place* hi >»* fcu*t*b4. toanecud i\ b (be bctei is a flue Livery t>mUe, kcis»» ati mi isges bavin* U» u se ecieu m»b treat ante. Iki orriup e» are from the best eeiai/«n»liiaa*e ka tLa mtati y. Button the m<st approvto style# ttfim aa« lau iug« ea-y oi aoe*ae; *utam to*, ktagee i) dav in »ke week. iel«>»r»|.k ioaatwimimb v tb all §mrt# ol tb« ©• uatn. 11» m wist m o ra ure good tmmi wilt do we) to apply soon, a* many reaoreauy tL-gag 4* Cl »UUii A JOHBSIOJI, Propr.ttora. Camden. Jan* A I>**w*.—dtf I'lt'UMiut huhiti bun Hnen. C\A.I?ISI o""h O U 8E, WEST BROOK. Tbo • tgul *abarbae Watering riaea. I1"* a<«4 apuu a pteaaaut taiam. u, la 1 ■*•* I ouu. but i, u m* from Poiilaed tat. ■ 1 ■ f bath p'ae>d IB the ■«> ample, rvat I* i!A '.e.araeriU-r, b. mo., r»p«Ki*Lll> a. tuna iSi^raaftsS!' “d *°*<i*‘Uj • •***• boam I. pWaat, retired am qmiet The taraitare aa. turu.abu.fa are ail new, n a me ay and airhtiy > b. .able* at* eat piird with all he ueladuem* a* well a* the •abataatial. e. the tea. ««>, aud the aervice el oue oi the ret] baet nwil .a flanu haw beta recced. Lxteuai.e.hede aad a due table with roomy atalU ***•■ »« the aeurcp.ei.eea ot the oiablwbrni it e bice livtwiujk leut lar ibe actevat latiou . I*ewr I bean erected with mm .ojeotjug Utu» ten ml of water, gad the whole **• :ar d ftum 'twervni oi he agoanag to.eea Smoking Ar. ura gr..e t e bunk* o. the Read aad aeue the mdulgeuce o th lounger. ttupin* f. r a i are oi .at public patronage tkera lera.gked prime a luaynaeuo efun lor ibe .a ar aiLment oi bia gueatt. oEO W MlBlti. W»*i rook M«. ,1. 1884._ ma nldtf HALLOWELL HOUSE BEOPENEDI »1W FPBK1TTJBK 4 f I’. UUf | I.G. OBNNin, FrtprtPMr. TV~ The public ar* neatly latormed that th* •paciona. eenrani. ct aad wet. kaowa Hiuowui I ora a, in the c. m, r .,1 Halt-well, two m )** mom lerurfa aad lonr mi ea (bom Toraa 8p.lag, ka* h ea [Mural*bed. »nd i* open Ibr Ik* recepdoe ef c.tmpaay and permuaeat board, re. Krary attemion will be fieea te the eemfbrt ef (amt*. STABLING. uid all tbe uraal convenience* ef a popular betel, ire amply provided Hall wrf.k>b 1 1884. mohJI aodtf a THE AMEBICAJ* MKUMfc, mlHanjver Street • • • • Bo*ton, rhe UifUl ud Be*» ArrtlfM HoMl 1H Ilf »8U»B. ISWII KICK. Preprint**. eel* ly _ George W. NI«naoa. SOLD & SILVER PLATER, 74 Middle Ulrffl, PorlUidf *e. A «hare of pstrosifs rMpetteUy ro! «i**d sad vMrcih n *iv n (Vsrs from th* eoaitir prompt Adil rvR(t itwirf* W. di' »f. T4 M ddl# sir Ml, Room Vo 10. up Btair*. Portland, Mo. I nn* 14—^ A. & 8. 8HUBTLEFF A CO., ,\f ft .16 fllDHLE STREET, rotnifD, Mannfltatarera aad Dealer* la Ren's Boy*' and Youth's Thick. Kip ud Calf Boot*. iVoutnf'« Mis-na aad Children** Goat. KM and Cal* Rnlninral*. Rubber*. Shoe Stock, Finding*, fto WITH nur nupertor fcrllttim frr irennlkctn'lre. and k iarrn rx-*.le*f e In the bo,tr<*e. w* a* am able tonsil •• 'on a* ln Poetor er ltnalrr* are m« recede Invited te call and aminr our ■took ItkrtMi b** n(t_ gwr Oednre hr mall nmmpWp attecdec m Peril aad. April IS, iSC*. ••

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