Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 26, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 26, 1864 Page 2
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THE DAILY PRESS. Portland, mainm. __■ ... Friday Morning, Aug. 26,1864. .. ... - ■ — The circulation of the Daily Pres* is large* than any other Daily paper in the State, ana double that of any other in Portland. lsaas—IM.UO per year m advance. '*'• jF" &«<!■( Matter all Fear Faxes UNION NOMINATIONS. FOR pbesid; ABRAHAM LINCOLN, OF ILLINOIS. _____ i FOR VICB-FKEdIDKNT, ANDREW JOHNSON, OF TBXNKSSBK. For Elector*. JOHN B. BROWN, of Portland, ABNER STETSON, ol Damarieroita. 1*1 Diet -RICHARD M CHAPMAN of Biddefortl id bid — r .OMASA D Hi StNDItNul AubQrb vf£>tit -t.oINu lAfll iRN of Piltttt.ld. Ft hut —BLN i P FlL 4 AN, of Orono MS bid —Johns mW ,il*.Y of Bucsport. •late Election iUtnidity, sepl. 11 FOR GOVERNOR, SAMUEL CONY OF AUGUST A. For Member* of Congress. 1st DisL—JOHX LYNCH, of Portland. Diet.—SIDNEY PERU AM. of Paris. 9d DM — JAMES G. BLAINE, of Augusta. . 41A Diet —JOUN H RICE, ot KoxcroR. ‘ bit, Diet.—FREDERICK A. riKE.ol Calais. Banal ra. CsmtoWaad-GEORGE W WOODMAN,Portland SA HULL A tloLUKook. Frsepon bbOKuc. 1'ic.KLK, liar.-eon DAVi, r KlCH^RuSoN Baldwin Androeengg%n—JEREM 1A • * DIM» LEY, JB. Pttcafaquis —ELI is J HALE, E**xc«oft. Sa tad Jioc—T »oM AS J oOU HI A HD. Richmond /*CMOtoi*>f—OS<i« »OD N. BKAOHlkl . Spriiigtk-id. Af iUSTiS D M AS&.jh, Bangor. L'.Wh BAKktK Meuon. Kennebec—JOSEPH A SANBORN. Readtkld. JO■>I a II 1KUK, U cutteld. CRt»bBY I11NDS. Benton. York— ESREr F ti. BAVK>, BilOetO'd, ELI 5iiA 11 JEWETT, oouih Berwick, LuidbK SANBORN. Paraonheld. Amot— . R. LNDWIG. Thowa^.ou. JOHN B. WAi KaR. Union. Ahenflk. Cumberland-G EORg.aKK ER. Gorham. Piscataquis—KUWaKU J ► W EIT, Baujfftillp. ga>l ik *e—PA i kick k MIL AY, Bowdoiuham • Motor f— JOHN H. W1L»»'N. Bangor. . t»efc.c-JoaS DAiCH. China. < * rt-RICHARD II GmNG. Acton An u*—SlErilEN W. LANgHTON Treasurers. (\i.nberland—PE1 ER R. HA LL. Windham. Androscoggin—ISA iC G. Cn B* Is. PiscaJaqixs—l ARLES E. MM BALL. Sag tdaioc— HENkY M BOVRY. Bath. Pen Asrot— a atiKO^b C. t LINT, Bangor. A**n»£*c DANIEL l’lk r . Augubta. i'ork—a LBI in k ul> K. Ail rod. Knoj -ALDEN SPRAGUE JucUes of Probate. Stgadahoc—iitoyjt .• ot c. on u Pe+obsc t—J jliN E. UuDFiti Y. Bangor. Kensbcc- l K BAKER, Hallo we ». York—E (WARD E BOJRNE, Kcnuthunk. Aaor-N. T. TALBOT. Cumberland -IftS£|¥8S M Pd KEY. Po:tl» nd. And'-otcog ,**—HKoRGE »*. W0ODMAN. P tcAtaq a — i'A G tTCHltl L, Dover. Saga i hoc- ELI » t II UP I ON, Bath. Pastor*-JOSEPH siH1 LEiT, Bangor. K-nn b e— J oEITI ' UKTON, A* gnnta Yo k—atviKijK H KNOW LYON, oiddeford. Kmx—OLIVER G. BALL. Commissioner.' • Cumber/ ind—C ALkH *. CdAPaiAN, Briigton. And- n-teoggin — Lts/L STRICKLAND Pucst i jU**—BE (LIN liiiAN Sag utak c—WILLIAM W. H E. Hswdoiuhara. Pe ubteot— AoAiiE W Mr M A ii ON. Kdington. AVsi bee — NATIIANH'L bK*VtMhtni York— i.e If «NT L Ml uUKAJl, Walls. Asor-RICHARD R. WALE. Clerks of Courts. Stgadaboc—JOSEPH M. IIA YES. Bath. Pen toe x—rZRalV BRET*. Oldiown. York EB «:. LORD A fr«d. Ah dr—uEORgK THORNDIrE. County Attorneys. Kennebec -LORE Z ) CLAY. GargjfiT. York—lNCKRs.rE S. KIMBALL/Unltm!. Registr of Deeds. P.ic^a^au-MARK PITMAN. UNION MEETINGS. GEN. E. W. GAN IT, of Arkansas WILL SPEAK AS rOlLOVTA ; AT Bmofwick ...Monday Eveu ug Aug 29 Fr-jepori. .I'u^dajr F. M .Auk 3* Y*rm >u h.i ueaday Freni g.Aug. 3». Wluuham.Wejut$n*> T M.Aug. 31 R*coar»^pA .Wedousdsr Kveumg au*. 3» Grsr.. lUorttsyr M .>ept I. ■ •>* “..I huracU) Et'vuiug f?.» t ■ i'fkon.. Fnd y|\ h."»ept. 2 Hitt .r.KrH»yFv ulus.S«?pt. 2 djc El zmbnh .Saturday Kv.-uiug. . .v pt. 3. LEWIS! B Y Ilk I.lie ESQ., ot hteteon. Wiliipeakas toilo**. At Alfred. . Friday.Aug. 2ii Limlngcoi. ..Saturday.Aug. *7 WALCOTT HAMLIN, Esq., of N. II., Will apeak a* follows; at Aeton...Fridav.Aug 26 «*ia»lei.b. HatU'day.Aug 27 N trde d. ..Yf inlay. Aug. 2*.* H i. Parsons del d,.Tue*< ay. *ug 31) Cornish.Wednesday Aug. 31 Limerick O r'.er,.1 him day .Sept 1 Wat-rboru' Center. Fridny bipt. 2 Hon. MARK H. DUNN ELL ami lion. UEO. F. TALBOT, Will «pe.k a. follow.: at Ksymnnd. Hone,, Kieowg . Aug. 29 toco, ( Webb’, Millsy luoday Kveutug.Aug. k» until Id. Wed t-sday Kreuiug auf. SI U.rn.ou.Tour, lay 1' il S,.pt 1 Nseles .. . Thursday Freeing Sep' 1 I*. ««■>.Friday PM .sept S Baldwin . Friday Kruviug. uvpt. 2 Staadiab . Satu da, F M .Sup . S lion HANNIBAL HAMLIN Wi i .peak a. follow. %t Kart ParaoD.firld .Friday Evening_ Aug. JC Walirtairc’ Corner . Saturday Eveuuig A u. 27 .Tueadsy P. M Aug S" Anaoti Village.W inlin e lay F M Aug. gl Mechanic Falla.1'huraday.kept I. L yeruioie Filia. Friday Bipt. g Lnrtie'd. wurday. ...Bipt- » Sou.b Faria .Monday Bept 6 Hon. JOHN A. PETERS WUI apeak aa follows at M»cha-ic Fa la.Thursday.bept 1 Portland .Friday .eept. 2 Auburn.; Saturlay.bipt. 2 a oath Pa Is.Monday.bept. 6 « uL WALTER HARRIMAR, ot N. H , Will apeak ulollowt: at Ti’: y .. F. M . .Sept. 1* B< Uton. Friday P. M .Sept. 2 FurUand. Saturday Evening bept 9. Death of a Distinguished Novelist. The death of Mias Catherine Sinclair, the distinguished novel writer, has been annonne* ed. Her last novel, "Modern Flirtatious,” has Just been published by T. B.|l*eterson, &■ Bros., Philadelphia. She was the daugh'tei of Sir John Sinclair, and was born iu Edin burgh in the year 1800. She was early dis tinguished both for literary talent and for be nevolence, and, moving in the first circles of Edinburgh society, she was always attentive to the necessities and feelings of the lowest. Her first publications were two little volumes for children, called “Charlie Seymour," aud “ThejLlvea of the Caisars.” In 1836 her Hr-t novel appeared, entitled “Modern Accom plishments,” followed by “Modern Society.” The popularity of these works is evidenced by the 'act that thirty thousand of them have been aold in England. Since then she has written a number of other and equally successful productions, among which are "Caott Purposes,” “Hill and Valley,” “The Journey of Lite,” “The Buslnesa of Life,” “The Mysterious Marriage,” and “Modern flirtations.” Copperhead Lies. Should auy oue undertake to refute all tl e aUehoods and confute all the inuendoea tbn laily appear hi the copperhead press, he collle it nil a year's work in a single week’s issue ol some of our sinullest and most insigniflcam provincial papers; to say nothing of such wholesale factories as the World, _V< ice, Chi ■ ago Timex an 1 others of equal influence anil ! ireulalien. liul occasionally, iu the exutier mce of their malice, these professional de amera let slip a calumny which can be easily efuted, and the weak points of which they iverlooi—sillier IVjai Igiimcj, or from tie haste with which they invent their vast uuilitudes of canards. The following appeared in the Argtft ol Tuesday. Whether it is original with that ■'eratious sheet, or has been captured bodiiy rom sonic other patriotic and virtuous news paper,we do urn know. It appears as editorial: Thgre is double the number of negro troops i >n theflap roU that there is in the xertice. .rjjlei ni are working their lea.-*d plantations town South with them, ant l ncle Sant oots the bills. Old Abe says it is all right ay acquiescing iu it without a word ol pro est. We have the authority ofpersons who have ieen conversant with the enlistment of ne- ' jroes in the Southwest, for declaring the above o be utterly false. Most effective measures j lave been takeu for separating the uegrnes ; vho work on plantations from the soldiers: j md all the army officers, anxious to increase j he force in the Held, have been particularly vigilant iu carrying out the orders ou (his ' subject. There are very few, indeed scarcely my—negroes on plantations who could be ac epted as recruits. Every drove that comes a from the interior is at llrst carefully culled or the army. Those not fit lor servtce are placed iu catnps or ou plantations. An order 1 ■sued nearly a year ago forbade ei lored sol tiers visiting plantations without military pass s. We defy the Editor of the Argus or any me else to point out asinglecass where a com msaioaed officer is carrying on a plantation, e ther with or without the help of his soldiers. The statement Is absurd on the face ol It. All tarnations are outside our lines or subject to ittack from guerillas. Every officer iouud ut-lde our Hues without orders, and captur 'd, i" dismissed the service without trial ou lis return from captivity. Neither he nor die soldiers are liable to he treated by the re ■els as prisoners of war bat muij he lawfully xhet us spies. Can the Argus point out auy oue who is running this risk ? We may go still further. In the Depart ment of the Uulf plantations leased to the gov •rnment were tabooed to recruiting officer. It wt s thought reasonable that those who had invested their capital in atocking plantations and buying laborers should not he liable to I uve their nanus taken suddenly away while raiaiug a crop. Recruiting ollicers were ther bre forbidden to go to plautations. Recent ly however, under the exigencies of the service. | (} 'iieial Canby hn* ordered recruit* to be token from the plantations. Does this look ike favoriug speculators at the expente ol che government? As we have slid it is a profitless task to fer rjt out aud expose ail the lies o! the copper h -ad press. The re^iUliou would uot louclt them. They would never acknowledge th< ir error, on the contrary we should find our selves in the condition of Hercules when hi* underlook to dispose of Hydra. No sooner Ind he cut otf one head than lAo sprang in - nedi ttely from thu stump. When however, as in this instance, wo can without much i ouble cut dwon a falsehood and brand it it may uot ba a waste of lime to do so. The Copperhead Programme. “Peace" is evidently to lie made the watch *ord of the copjterbeads in ttie approaching cunpaign. True, the intelligent ones know t toy can have no peace except upon the ba«i* „ » oiTWrd t/ulon or m arrmrttte sutnmasirn 11 the most exacting demands of the rebels, bit what care they for this? Such knowl e Igo they will keep to themselves till they cau h md wiuk the masses into subordination to tdeir treasonable purposes. The programme ot the McClellan party in I Vew York, it is said, contemplates the statu* | lno on slavery, aud the assumption of the | c nfederale debt, with payment lor all coi.ti - [ c ited u-liel property, aud restoration of all figitire slaves, who, by the fortunes of war, hive found themselves freed from their own e s. Of course the gallant fellows who, cloth e I in the utiilorm of a federal soldier, have bsen fighting our battles, are to be returned t> the plantation, there to labor beneath the lull of the oppressor. This is ci pithead justice; copperhead hu manity, aud this is the basis on which peace it. 11 be solicited from men who stand w i.h their taggers aimed at the heart of the nation.— We have no fear that such a result will he se c ired. The people are too iuteiligeut to he h imliugged by such a sham, aud too patriot ic to consent to such au arrangement, were t possible to secure for it ths couseut of the rebel authorities. The only fear is that honest and patriotic nen may be misled by a misapprehension ui i-tual facts. Attempts are made to iinpsta tpon them lai-hoods for truth, and that, too. if the most baseless character. And it is not t little surprising that papers usually regarded | is respectable will lend themselves to such uksn tiftft*. TaLtp fnr PYumnln tins I'linmio,. , laragrapii from the Newbury port Herald, rc | iVrring to the l.e >d ol the rebel government: When he proposed to speak to ns directly, e> he did through Alexander 11. Stephens, Vice President ol the Conlederale States, or ihrougl, messengers claiming some authority, vhy not give them audience ? Why not let them speak? Why, after we have slammed ne door iu their laces without listening to a vord, turn round and say, '‘they will make no peace that is honorable to ue.’’ The Herald should blush to prostitute its otherwise clean columns to so loul a purpose as that of imposing a mischievous lalsehood ipon its readers. When A. H. Stephens pro-I posed to come to Washington his instructions from Richmond, afterwards published, stated ■o V ruin, to vij'tutt peremptorily ail nego'.ia tions with Mr. Lincoln unless Jefferson Davis I should he acknowledged as ms xtjVAI. in i ali, liKsPECrs! Would the Ilei aid so debase i the constitutional President of the United I States as to makt him acknowledge the per ; •ect equality with himself of a rebel and trai- ! tor worthy of a halter? Will that dignified j paper labor to excite iudigriatiuu on the part j of the people against their chief public ser vant, liecause Vi would uot get down on the 1 guilty leva 1 ol a traitor, or admit a traitor u> 1 mutual audience at ll„ VVtiite House? : Messengers cinitnuig some authority.*'— j This tefi-rs to the ( .itiou House tngotUtor-, j who, with all taiir lolly and madness, neve, i claimed the slightest autuority, but, „„ tbe ! c mtrary, disdained all authority, ui„; on|y sumed to hare "the confidence” of tv,,, coll federates Rat wrhat signifies this, or should a copperhead hesitate at any Ua ,nJ vided he cau Uiereby deceive lionest men ? Tite Case Well Stated. The following iro u the Near York Tribune, is not only the truth, hut a truth pa'ent and undisputable, statal in terse ami appropriate language: Tke Demoeratlc party of the Slave States ! tnaiio Uut Rebellion, the adhering Democrats 1 and I mS *“*Tu tlK> generally justified "lu 1 this city, two Derao crats holding important and lucrative offices abondoned them to take part in the Rebellion > a Democratic Editor absconded f,„IU a neighboring city to fulfill a similar purple , troiu every e ty, village, bar room, the S ol Democratic sympathy with the Rebellion has loug resounded. This essentially Demo cratic revolt has filled the lanu with mourning ! covering Its soil with ashes and ruins. And now tbs country Is Impudently asked to re story to power the party which has wantonly I Inflicted upon It these measureless calamities ” State Rights Doctrine at Home anil Abroad. This is the season of Conventions, and they ire multiplying upon us w ith marvellous ra polity. The “school” of them held at Bangoi recently, though differing somewhat to tin eye, will yet, on close examination, be found to have an astonishing resemblance to rail other. They are plain!)' specimens of the tame genus. The resolutions passed by the Slate Convention are remarkable as embody ing no principle except tiie "needy knife-grind , r" one ol recommending tbem-elves for pow er. From the mass of gliltering generalities, atnl patriotic protestation* which, after many tierce throe*, the Convention succeed* d ii bringing forth, we can extract but this ot e genuine and unaffected idea. Of the sincerity sod genuineness of this plank in their plat form, there cau be no reasonable doubt. A1 bey ond is false and hollow as the claim of this assemblage of worn out party hacks of every poliiical stripe to represent tin- position and principles of the Democracy of Maine. The ' d sirict and county conventions have the mer it of being more cu'spokeu. They avow the rebel doctrine ol “State rights” which in volves the right <>l see*-.-ion. deny the consti tutionality of the, v r, and the right to “co erce a sovereign S ate,” thus deHberatelj planting themselv* < ou Jell' Davis' ground,and making that uow uu open which has from tin I tint been a virtual alliance with the author* ! of the rebellion. But this boldness is just what we like to sec. Wo are all tired of tin “Good Lord,” “Good Devil” utterances of this party in the mouths which are gone. To say nothiugof the present being the more respec table because the bolder course, it lias the ad- , ditioual advantage of being understood by the ; dullest. , Other States besides Maine are going exten sively into this busiuees of conventions. A body claiming to represent the democracy o I.liuois,have recently held a meeting at Peoria, where they passed a series of resolutions -trongly r<seml>ling some of tljesc of Banco?, and embodying iu addition the monstrous doc trine that the administration of Mr. Lincoli haviug “denied to sovereign States all consti tutional i ights hat thereby absolreel them front 1 all allegiances." Iu Syracuse, the other day. the peace democracy of Mew York held a con venlion which was addressed by Vallaudig liatn an*l Fernando Wood, and in which they called upon the people to obtain a suspension ol hostilities, enioiued on the Chicago Con vention to nominate peace candidal*s, tie nounced the war as waged against the rights of the South, and especially thanked those who have stood up for these principles and declared for peace, promising that “llteir ser vices shall be rewarded when Ihc tlemocralie party shall be reinvested with the reins of e/oaernment.” In other words, if these north ern traitor# will but lend their aid to the southern rebels in destroying the best consti tutional government under the sun, they shall have their reward in the rich “loot" w hich wii! abound when that iair fabric lies in ru ins! I •, is manifest that the resolutions of these meetings though they may differ in the more or less ambiguous statement of their princi ples, (!) do really sound thimine key. If any one of them isequivaient to six, each of tlx othera is expressible by. hall a dozen. They ail alike demand an immediate #u#pcnsion ot hostilities as a preliminary to yielding to the rebels ail they have ever claimed. They all denounce the government but never the re ; iiellion. But most especially there is dtaceru able through all their utterances, despite the greater or less degree of verbiage, in which i they have chosen to envelope it. the Calhoun doctrine ol State rights, the theory that, it spite ol mathematics, the whole is not gteaten , than any of its part#,but that each of the part* is greater than the whole, it is at la-t appa rent that the pseudo democracy of to-day de Isi#"its i• are right ami the government is wrong, that f the Union is but a rope of sand wriilcli any State may break at wilt, that the majority ! have not the right to rule since the most 1n significant minority may at any time set it* will at defiance, and the government of tin I United State# is destitute of the very first ot 1 human rights, the right of self-protection. For eighty year* that government, combin ing the fullest representation with a rtioig central power, has enjoyed an unexampled prosperity ; ami we now see it brought almost to the verge of ruin by an attempt to exchange this integral character which 1ms been the source of its greatness fer a mere compact at will, which would reduce it from a mighty na tion to a mere horde of petty Stales,each pow - erless to command ior itself either safety ot respect. If it were possible to conceive ol such a thing as an honest paliiot among these d -mocratic leaders, we might wonder at bis blindness in fulling to read such a lessou ss this. It is certain that it# teachings have not been lost upou the people of other countries. Two great and powerful nationalities, the one i ■ the new the oilier in the old world, reading in these thing" the value of union, are seek in : to secure for themselves the very thing theve men aie so anxious to throw away, n ime!y. a strong central government. Our Canadian neighbors, tired of division# ana .ptarrel#, arc aiming to gather up those scat tered elements ot strength now lying waste in d.*conteuted provinces, and uniting them un der ah integral yet free and representative government, to lift themselves from the #tate Canadian union is probably a thing decreed, and Cauadiati must follow in lime, when the Uuited Slates will have on her northern borders a ns', ion kindred in origin, language and customs, rivalling her iu the friendly race of development and civilization, aud two closely connected with her by a com munity of pursuits and interests to make such near neighborhood other, than productive ol mutual good. In the old world the case of Germany affords a (Hiking example of the value ol institutions resembling our own.— 1 he German Empire, bound In a close consti tutional union, held for tommies the first auk iu Europe, and was able to give the law to all Christendom. Iu an evil hour she gave up thls-etrongdentral government, the Em- . pire was suffered to fall iu pieces, and a weak- j ly held Confederation, just such a thing as these State rights fellows would pursuade us to su!>slitute for the glorious Union of our fathers, took its place. The result was what might have been anticipated. Germany as a nation declined iu power and greatness, indi vidual States crew strong at the expense of the, whole of the weaker onrs, and a genetal retrogression was apparent. Kitty years ex perience of the beauties of this new order of things, has seived to convince the Germans of the immense advantages id the old system, aud a Mr mg movement is now iu progress to restore the old el c o al empire, and give baek Gent a ty to her place among the nations. If it were possible for the American of in telligence aud patriotism to have any doubt* on this question, it would seem as If two such notable instances as these must at least enable him to sec what view the clear sighted men of other countries at e taking of the matter. Ersu.ox. “fitKAv-uv Guards.”—A regiment has heen organize at Washington, composed of the eierks ami employees in the Treasury De partment, which U cco ol menu m the city. Ge., u Kennlston ol Maine, is Lieut. Colonel, and Edwin S. Lenox of Marne, is Assistant Surgeos. A11 the < divers are thoroughly drilled militar, lm,Ulany ot them have seeu active service i„ ,|ie pres ent war. Col. Kennlston is a native 0f ltooth bay, where his parents now reside, is * grad uate of Uowdoin College, was a Lieuten»ut iu the Maine Filth regiment,was iu the first Hull Hun battle, where he waa made a prisoner and taken to Richmond, and confined several mouths in Libby prison. Gen. Shepley Vindicated. A correspondent of the W'dlcAmon and I Reflector of (Jo*1011! under the head of “Per eculiug Freedinen," has recently brought se rious charges sgaiust Geu. Shepley to the ef fect that ho broke up a* school for colored children, who occupied a room which was al j -o used for public worship, in Portsmouth, Va., on the pretense that it was needed or a hospital; tlml this was the only loyal church in the city, while all arouud it, and much more conveniently situated, were secesh churches of. various denominations, which might, have been used for this purpose; anil that in other respects the freedmen were ill reated by Geu. Sjiteplcy. Aud the corres pondent closes his couimunicattbn by suggest- , mg that liis “clerical friends cannot put a naif hour to a better use than in writing a etter to the President .or Secretary Stanton on the subject.’" The following reply to these charges ap [leius in a sulrsetiueul mtinher of the H atch man over the signature of “E. S.," and is un doubtedly from the pen cf Judge Shepley of j this city w ho speaks pb authority: “The statements which have been made in ihe II "tchman and Reflector ol July gSth, | respecting the use of tne baptist church in Portsmouth, Va., lor d hospital,arc ettoncous. j So member of tne church winch worshipped mere has been known to complain. It was necessarily taken for the relict of wound, d colored soldiers. The Hotels and public halls mere had been previously used lor hospitals. tVoutided soldiers wore constantly arriving trout the front. The day before that church was taken a telegram was received by the , surgeon that three hundred more were on j heir way. More room was necessary. The surgeon in charge applied for the baptist church; and the provost marshal also urged us occupation us Ireing nearest to the hospital, aud best adapted to the purpose. Geu. iihep ,ey, before consenting to its occupation, per sonally inspected ibe hospitals, and the build ings which c. uld be talo n, and fonDd that Mete were apoul fourteen hundred patients .o be provided lor, wfnlc the number of.medi cs! and other attendants had Item provided for rtioiit four hundri d only. This church could easily he connected with the principal hos pital. It was neater than the other churches, ml much better adapted to hospital purpose.-; hail a yard not exposed to the street/or nee is sary purposes, w men the other churches exam men bad not. Neither the surgeon who ap ,.l.ed for it, tit ■ military olllcers who recoin- [ mended it as the most suitable, nor Gen. Shepley, who permitted them to take it for • he immediate reliei of tick and wounded freedmen aud soldiers, ltarl the slightest reler- , ence to or thought of anything but its tupe.- , rior Illness for the purpose. The other churches must he taken when needed, if no other building is provid. d for the relief of -uttering soldiers. Rev. Mr. tjtockliridge, a chaplain in the navy, charges Geu. Shepley with dcpiiving colored children of their school. Did he not well know that no schools are there kept open in July and August? riic school would have been closed in a few days, ns the other colored schools Lave been, lor the usual summer vacation. During this taken of all the colored children in that military district, preparatory to a more com plete system of education for them all.” In addition to the statement of Judge Sltepley, the editors of the U'utefiman ap pt nd the follow ing reinatks: ‘•We have received from another accredited •ource—a surgeon in the Portsmouth hospi tal—j communication which covers substan tially the fame gr >und of the above, showing that the Initiative in the action complained of was not taken by Gen. Shepley, and further most t'ullv exonerating that officer from blame. Our correspondent, according to these two witnesses, mmt have written his article under a misapprehension of the facts in the case.” Difference of Application It makes all tbo difference in the wot Id i whether my bull baa goit d your ox, or your hull has gored my ox. In both cases indeed, i bull gores end an ox is gored; but the real, essential, vital fact is of no sort of conse quence; the whole matter binges upon two ittle words—little in tbcmstlves, aud often in«s in their application—namely, inruns aud I tuum! in Tpnai »nr*rt mim tun t" jm* „ .... | respondent of the Xew York Ttibnne: “The Daily Ketcn says: ‘We area 'ter all circumstances fer jeate.’ Are you? Suppose peace bad been broken by a revolt, not ot slaveholders, but of slaves, would you then hav. been for peace ou any other ground than that of the unconditional submission of the insurgent'? Von know von would not. And yet yeti will not pic tend that the slaveholders bail half the Justifi cation for revolt that thejslavi s have.” Does not the thing lie in a nutshell? What possible way is there of escape? Aud yet liters is not a Democrat in the land, North or Sonlh, who would utter auy other words, in case of a revolt among the slaves, than this— “C ush the rebellion even to utter extermina tloj,if need be;” and be would expect all the world outside of rebcldum quickly to re spoud—amen. D es the political or social status of the parly in revolt change the nature of the act ? is not- rebellion against the constituted au thorities still rebellion? Aud is there any other possible method in the mi ni of men or angels, to deal with it ‘hau its thorough sup pression? Would not a surrenderor lib principle be a complete disintegration of tc ciety, and a relapse into barbarism? The question answers itself. Casualties in Main* Begimcnts. The following is a partial list of sasuailies iu Maine regiments of the Filth Corps in the battle on the Peterburg aud Weldon rail road ou Thursday is.It inst; fctl.tV K3TI1 MAINE. Killed—Co. A— M Drove, A Cbrocher, K —A Hull, l-i -ergruut b ilail, sergcaut \V Fry, corporal 0 Moore, M Huriao, C liarii tleu, sergeants b Campbell, U loan, corpora! b Bo>« r, T Mitchell, J Ham-, J Fiench, cor poral J Gordon, b York, A Briggs; Co. c— .1 Young, C Warren, corporal E Noyer, I) Hose, J Elliott, J ltay : Co. D — vV Chapel, ,) Hall, .1 btanler, A McClaver, A jlrigg-; Cip II—S Smith, G Merrill, A Sh.,« . Hounded. Co. A—A Garrurl Co. I}— ser g< ant W Hrashlon, K Aniiiew-. privates C." lliibble, E bcott, W Davis, H Crocker, A Houghs, G Cupen;C». C—FSmith, E K Her, H Wiley, I> Young, W Malt, J Keele, S Rug. den, A Butler, W Sherman, A biultou, W Da vis, W Biucabe, Suiithcr, C Brigham, A Me Cloud : Co. D—sergeant G Day He, C Caidplef, \V White W UevajCo. C—GS l.lockrell, R bagur, Major C Baldwin, U Grippou. b bte veu. SIXTEENTH MAINE. Hounded—Co. A .1 B Howard, shoulder; Co. E—D Rogers, head and right arm; corpor al I, 1! Brad lord. Kit shoulder; Co. F —\V Hum is, luad; B Dillon, left side: corporal E 11 Floyd, sergeant J Mcblieo, left thigh; Co 1 K—corporal Hiving, left arui amputated. TWENTIETH MAINE. Il’ou 11 '—Co. A, s argent t D A bpavin Decidedly Semantic. A comsp mdent of a lea ling New York p; - per, who accompanied the Congressional, Ex cursion Party, in a letter trout Bath describ ing the trip from this city to that, says: “Passing out of Finland llnrlior through Whltehrml l‘a*mye, m opportunity *a*!ti forded of beholding the peculiar formation of | the rocks at this point. From one point the i profile of a man's face was plainly v Bible; near er, the tucks presented the prollle of a hoy’s lace, and when in front, of them a full view of a iiian’s lace was seen.” Again: “Passing Pond Blind Light, the flutter lay of white handkerchiefs attracted attention, anil lit - fri mdiy salutations of the ladies there assembled were acknowledge!? by dipping the colors and uu unearthly sehreech of the whis tle.’’ The ro notice is taken out of the tlrst pira graph ol the above by the simple statement that the Cutter did not go out through Whitehead Passage, but down the regular 6hip channel, and of course uo “peculiar formation,” no “man’s lice,” uot even “the prollle of a boy’s lace” was seen at all at all! In relation to the second paragraph it is suf ficient to remark that Pond Bland is a mere huge rock, with only the Light Keeper’s hut I upon it, and that not so much as a night cap was visible, as the Cutter passed, to show that crinoline had there an abiding place. The me tropolitan reporter must have mistaken the fog bell for a Kent bugle, while the “dipping of the colors’’ was all In his eye. ORIGINAL AND SELECTED. The State Normal School opened in Farm ngton on Wednesday. y It is reported jthat Maj. Gen. Dana is to •uCCeed Gin. Banks at New Orleans. jiJP'The first National Haul: of Augusta, w t. icanitnl of *100,003, has heeu established. yYhe barbers of Gardiner have decided not to open their shops on Sundays. y rt.e Shipment of specie to Kurupe from New York last week, whs but *45,000 against *300,000 the preceding week. pTThe death of David Snow and JohuW. Kinney, 11th Maine, at Fortress Monroe, are reported. jyThe Overland Mail Stages to California have been discontinued in consequence of Indi an troubles. y The Atlanta papers say that mauy of the shells thrown into tliccity havetexts of soripture fastened to them. y There has been but one death in the hospitals at Augusta, during the month of August. §yTllc Advertiser lias raised the names of McClellan and Guthrie for President and Vice President. yGov. Gilmore of N. 11., lias "vetoed the hill allowing the soldiers to vote, lie seems to ho at loggerheads with the legislature. y The name of Gen. Buell has been mention ed in connection with the nomination for the Presidency at Chicago oil the 29th inst. y Provost Marshal Fry has decided that nu n who paid commutation under the draft i* .lime, 1863, are liable to the draft of September next. jy A new mill, three hundred ami fifty feet long, by one hundred and eighty-four feet wide, and three stories high, ingoing up at Lawrence, | Mass. y when the loyal Dutchmen at Mobile i heard the guns of our fleet at the mouth of the { hay, they studied and said: “Datish Furragool!” j [X O. Times. y It is said if the 26,000 men enlisted in the Navy since the commencement of the war, from New Y'ork are allowed on the quota, there will lie no draft in that city. jyThe l'. S. steamer Colorado, which has been at the Kittery Navy Yard for the past two months, is to go into service immediately, under the command of Commodore Thatcher. y.Vu old building in Rockland, and occu pied by Mr. James Hewett, containing seven tons of hay, was destroyed by fire with its con tents on Monday night last. yJeff. Davis is atraid ol majorities, and so are the Copperheads; hence their opposition to all meas . res securiug to the soldiers the right to vote. y The largest tax payer in Lynn, Mass., is j Samuel M. Bubicr, who pays *2,lHs.s0. The rate of taxation is 31.56 per *100. The aggre gate of assessments u|Kin |*dls and estates, is *147,653.07. The Irish are not the omy ones wno mam bulls. Sir Robert Reel, in a recent speech. Mid: “They ail saw with satisfaction that the heroic l>:uiisli forces hod C'jccen'fully resisted the over whelming power ol the Prussian arms.” gr Reynolds, the dramatist, observing to Morton the thinness of the house at one of the play s, added he supposed it was owing to the war. “No,” replied Morton, "l should judge it was owing to the piece.” '"jf liusliicss is suspended at Omaha, Nebras ka, and the citisens are arming for defence against the Indians, who are threatening Elk horn, and driving off stock within twenty miles of Omaha. jyilev. Mr. Lymau, of Canton Center, Ct., announced to his congregation last Sabbath, that they must engage another pastor, as he had made up his mind to enlist as a private in the army. jyOld newspapers are worth eight cents a pound, which is nearly the old price of white paper. Housekeepers and others should care fully save them in these hard times. It is very Wasteful to use them for kindliug fires. y The Providence Journal Mys, by a very gingular accident the New Haven train of cars arrived in that city oil time. No blame is at* oa> the conductor or cugiiwv., i tears need be entertained of its being repeated. ST Herbert, the uiertiber of Congress who bhot a waiter at Willard's Hotel, for not passing the toast quickly enough, has died in the rebel service from a wound received in the battle of Mansfield. Frederick Howard and Stephen Downes of Portsmouth, were quite severely injured on Wednesday morning, while at work on U. S. Steamer Colorado at the Navy yard, as we learn from the Chronicle. STWith McClellan,Seymour, Pierce,Guthrie, Uuell, Nelson, Fremont and a host of other can didates urged upon the Chicago Convention, it will be ditlieult for the most ur lent peace men to secure peace and harmony in that body. j?y*The Bangor Whig states that the agent sent by that city to Fort Monroe to obtain re cruits, has returned w ithout being able to secure any recruits, all the negroes being absorbed by i Grant’s army. ffiTThc Kennebec Journal contains an able and patriotic letter from Hon. Jai. G. Blaine, ac cepting the nomination for Congress unani mously tendered* him by the Union Convention of the Third District. 33TCol. Dunning, who has just returned from Fortress Monroe, informs the Bangor Whig that Lt. Col. Hill, Maj. Baldwin and Capt. Sabine, 1 who are wounded aud in hospital, are doing well. Col. Hill has submitted to amputation of f the fore arm. jyi’lie Transcript hints at verdancy because we were ignorant of the meaning of “Dairy Windows.** Our friend was in the milkingbusi ,laf tk,t, wit wa... an it tat not strange that he should be better posted iu such flutters. arw e understand that large Mass Meetings will be held at Mechanic Falls Sept. 1st, and j South Paris Sept. 5th. Vice President Hamlin and Hon. J. A. Peters, will certainly be present at both meetings and very probably some addi tional speakers from other States. lari' be i Lowing limit*i Maine soldiers died iu the New York Hospitals betweeu Aug. 12tli and 12th instant: Joseph HninefunJ, Co. 11,7th; Wesley Murphy, Co. C, 30th Maine; Albert W. K >l»crts, Co. 1), 10th; Addison J. Stone, Co. G, 1st Maine Heavy Artillery. ^y fhe M:iinc Farmer advocates the use of woolen calico, or what is called mousselin de Uiue, made from the long dry kind of wool which is shorn from the 1 >ug wool breed of sheep, asauntterof economy, during the extraordi nary high price of cotton. ''if Hon. C. W. Goddard. Consul General at Constantinople, just returned home to this State ou a fiait, says that the ruling classes in all countries ubroad are utterly without sympa thy with us iu the great struggle now going on for Liberty and Union in America. Establishments ou the New York streets where the weaker sex can get their “bitters" in a quiet way when out shopping, are said by the veracious Herald to be indicated by a placard bearing the words, “If you don't sec what you want, ask for it!” jy There arc many who make it a point to lay one side all the metallic currency they cau get hold of. A trader iiuN'ewport has accumu lated nearly three bushels of nickels and is hold ing on for a rise. He may live to learn the truth i of the proverb that “a nimble sixpence is better than a slow shilling.” jy On the 17th of September next, the U. S. j steam frigate Franklin will lie launched from the Kittery Navy Yard. She was built in 1855 by William L. llanscom. Esq., who was then Naval Constructor of that yard. The Franklin is a first-class steam frigate, capable of carrying 50 guns, an 1 measures4000 tons. -y l'he ed itor of a Western paper is in clover. His printer boys having all goue to fight the Iodiaus be enlisted half a dozen of the best looking girls in town and is now training a corps of compositors not subject to the draft. “Blessed he crinoline,” said the enthusiastic man. ;y Deacon Phillip,” in a communication in Zion’s Advocate, enquires “how a minister can live” and support a family who relies entirely on a salary of $400 or jf500 a year. Perhaps the men of wealth, who listen regularly to the preaching of suoh ministers, will investigate the matter and give "Deacon Phillip” and the rest of mankind the result of their inquiry. yMaj. Henry Titcomb, a highly respected ntitenof Farmington, died at his resideuce in that town on Friday, 19th iust. yThe Rockland Free Press of the 94tb says, j is we go to press we see a large gunboat in our liarbor, wearing the stars and stripes, and cot ?red with men in Uncle Sam’s blue. When she ;ame in the southern battery fired a shot across tier bow, and in response she sent a boat ashore. She is probably keeping watch upon this mast. y rhe Gardiner Journal says the lecture of ten. Gantt, in that city on Monday evening, was numerously attended, acid well calculated to strengthen and encourage many a matt who was beginning to feel despondent. We think, tays the Journal, no lecture that we havo had tere for a long time has done so much good in .lur community 5y In the financial year ending with March list the drinUcrs of tea, coflec and chocolate in England contributed Si5,:iG9, t>90 to the public ■cvenue, anti the consumers of spirits, wines :iud iquors paid their $100,109,750 of taxation.— rhis is without reckoningthe tax on licences for staking and sidling these articles, or on sugar to iwecteu them. &T The battle of Waterhio closeil sixty-live years of English war. in which time the British government borrowed SI,175.01X1,(MX) and raised J 105,945,000,000 by taxor; a total of $110,190, M)0,000 expended in war for purposes which cer tainly ditl not rise to the level of national pres tr vat ion In twelve years of war against Napo leon the same country cxjtcnded $5,795,000,000, jrfive hundred millions per annum. ;y Ol the recent McClellan demonstration iu New \ ork, the Montreal Witness—one of the most friendly papers to our government in the British Provinces—says, ”ouc of the “is-akers dated that the committee could not get a lead ing politician of New York,of any influence, to preside, and therefore they had tu import, one. The speeches were poor, abounding with undig nified anti almost treasonable expressions.” jy The managers of the Chicago Convention i haveinvited Bishop Hopkins to open their Con- 1 vention with prayer. This is significant.’ Mr. H. takes the extreme Southern view, defends slavery as a divine institution, ami secession as a . right on the part of the South, and is, in heart and feeling, in everything in fact but the overt act, as much a rebel as Jcfl. Davis himself. Why is he invited to do the praying it not became the managers are in sympathy with him? The Use* of the Northern Peace Party. The Atlanta Register can see no d iff-mice between the results of the Northern peace parluership and the Southern armies. It says: “We can gain nothing by denouncing them. We may lose much by presenting a hostile front to their peace movements. Live with them under the same Government we never 1 will. But in the meanwhile, if they use the ballot box against Mr. Lincoln, whilu we use the cartridge box, each side will be a helper to tlm other, and both co-operate iu accom plishing the greatest wbtk which the country and this continent have witnessed.’’ - ' SPECIAL NOTICES. |ST" Carriers of the Daily Tress are not allotoeil to stllpapers on their routes. Mo|». Drunkard ! BPK&ANZA, an Italian preparation to destroy . thesppetlte for Intoxicating Liqroi*. It can be admii i«tcred with perfect ratety. Price One Dollar pw box. rfiOMAS G. LORI NO. Drujrffs*. Cor. Exchange and Federal .sts . Hole Agents for Maine. Portland, Aug 25—(13* Bay Yoar Stu ion-ry Packages At DreMMtr H, 09 Kzohanzo street, 92 per do~en,or 25 cents each. wanted, address L. DItEHSEK, Port land, Me, Box 132. auglbdlw A New Perfume for the Handker chief. Phalon’* "Night Blooming Cere us." ^Phalon * "Night BloomingUreui." Phalon’s "Night Blooming Cercm." Phalon’* "Night Blooming Cercus." Phalon’* “Night Blooming Cereoe.' Phalon’* "NigLfl Biooming Coreu*.’’ Phalon * "Night Blooming Cercus." A mist Exquisite. Delicate and Fragrant Perfume, diuilled from the Uartaud Bemutiiul Homer fron> it takes its name. Manufactured only by TBALOX if SnK. N Y tW~Bawart cf Counterfeits. Ask for 1*baton's— Take no Other. Hold by Druggist- gem rally junc'Jl G4d3oi Portland Photographic Gallery, SO M/DDLK ST., PORTLAND, Me., A. S. D \ VIS, Proprietor, Portland, May 12,1864. mayljd&r THOM iS G. LOIUNG, DRUGGIST, —AMD practical TRUSS FITTER, Caraer sf kuiehaaitr A Federal St’*. A perfect flt guaranteed. The poor liberally con Jidered. mch25dtf 4tL. F.” Atwood9!! Bitter*, Price 3^ Cta Thokwoisb, Mr.., April 25. 1863. Dear Sir:—A lady of my acquaintance mas troubled with severe attacks o( sick luidarh tor a uumber of year*, and coutu hi d no iclief until ,l.e tried L. F. Atwood’s Hitters, which effected n per manent cure. Mv daughter wa* troubled with attacks of severe headache and vomiting, which have bteu cured by thcae bitters. I have myself he*i* troubled with dyspepsia, which has already been relieved by tins remedy. 1 always ke« p it on hand, a* l believe it to be a epeedy cure for all deruQgenwut* of the §t mach aud liver: and fir frmaV complaints when arisfug from debility ot the digestive organs. Ycura truly, Cliaf Wuimr. Counterfeits and base imitations, in simi lar bottle and label are in the market and sold by unprincipled dealers. The genuine is itgued L. F. Atwiwd, and at so ha ve ' It KOI ' y'lywr , ' ’/UIIi I rai / new //. H. HA Y, Druggist, Portland, Me., sots Ver.erat Agent. Bold by respectable dealers in medicine generally. lanyl6eodfe w»J “A Slight rold,” Cough**. Few arc aware o* the importance o' ohecking a Couah cr "ulioht ooi. ■»’* ia it* first si age; ihat which in the beginning would yield to a mild reme dy, if neglected, a<x>u attacks tbeluug •'Biowhs Bronchi it 'lYcckes” give um and almo*' imme diate relief. Mb itary Officers <uni Soldiers should hare them, as they can be carried its Ike pocket aid t il. u as occasion requires. au/2 da w im knuitur Sozodobt.-This article has i«etu know n and appreciated iu New York for some time, but it is only recently that the proprietor* inerufetd the! • ability to supply the article amt introduce if to the Boston*p ib'ie it ha* taken well, ft r it is really a rwy exoefloat doatif tea, laaaaiagflu tooth, and impartiog health to thtk gums. As a wash after sm iking, it is rerv grateful. Having tried it. we commend it with pleasure — Boston Saturday Art« ing (iazette. mrhl4 It 5F"CARDS and BILL HEADS neatly printe at this office ft HTIfyou arein want of any kind o 1 PRINTING all at the Hail) ! ress Office t> HoMoti Sun k l,bl. Salk* at th* Brokkr*’ Board, Auu. 25 45,(XX) American Gold..264 i 5.000 do . 254j 2,400 United Sates Coupons. 2 4 0 00 do . 253 j 1 Son United S'atrs 5-lto s.1124 4.000 do. 11./ fcixio United States currency Certificates_ if'.* 1 "*«• do .lull* 4.U00 do i Julv). W54 3 tMO U 8 Coupon Sixes (1881) .. 1‘Hij 4 6*!0| 4.600 United States 7 CllOthstOct .11 • 12,mx» .. do.11**4 8«SX» do(AUg! .Ill} 2 'XX) Ogdeusburg 1st M t tgsge Bonds. lt'34 6.'xm> Ogdeusburg 2d Mortgage Bonds . .. b2 I Western Railroad 17** Brighton and i umbridgr i'atlic Miuktt. I yontSAT, -Aug 21. IS64. I At market 2170 beef caHle,—stores, $187 sheep and lambs; 1840swint. v. PEK'K>-Br<Y Cuttle— F.xt.*/ a, 14 0**; lir*t quali*y 12 6)^14 0*: second do loollhLU5u, third do $ imu.o 50 per luO lbs l'he market i* agaiu without change i^^prices, ex cept on best graces of beef, which is alHglur A tVw extra caitle so il as high os 16c. TradW active and cows aud working oxeu iu good demand SJwt-p are again plenty this week, aud tue demand Gil0* tiuues active The following salts were madt at Brighton. Sumber. Price. Pr Cl Shrink. /* H t. One lot.. 4.....12* .001. 117'* do lu.13i 34 •• 1*75 do 8. 10 . . 4 > .... “'i' do t>4. 14 31 1-”H) do *1$.12,. 00;.1168 do 26 J3j 80..1271 do * In . 10 83. Oil do 20 .11 ...00$.1013 do 24 0 42 7*1 do 17 1*4 06$.121* do 5*i • 13 i 32 .1201 Working Oxen—Safes. #115, 115. 140.' 185 and 250. Stores— Yearling Irum 413 to 24 per head. 1 wo Tear* D (I 425 •« 40. f trs—Salts <*36, 40, 60. 65. 6°, 75 Sheep <bud Lambs—Sales of 1 ainbs at 43 £0, 3 60, 1 5-). 6. 6 76; Old Sheep 6 to $c per lb. Fat Hum-12-4124 Calf Skins from 93 to 8 50, or 23 to 26c per )b. Sheep Skins—l 60(8*2 00; Lamb skins, #1 6* 82 00. Hides—12c. Tallow— U^Ujc. HARRIED. In Augusts, Aug 18, Sergt Fred lleun. Co A, 7th ►In Reg. and Mb* Aunk- 11 dTooda, of A. I > Vienna, Au/4ilt George Lutd and Mbs Mary r Dear*, rn. I lu lia li.aspnrt, Aug 18 Warren Caliigau, of Ca! ili*. a'd Vi.-* Mary M < nlUrsn. of M. In Cutler, Aug 11, Sewell C Trafton and Mbs Jo tphlue Gardiner, bo4h of Muchiaspoit. i , »«Tre-cott, ho imen T Rfcc ard Mb* Catharine i Colson. In Bi-ngor, Aug 21, Andrr w J Gardiner and Mbi L Mars all lu Ohltown, Aug 2i, Chas II Bern and Mbs Caro me s Spencer, b">th of Bradley. ^ DIED. t»«iM Blanchard, aged Xj year* M mootus. . monti-'"*10'’’ A“S *’ San,h I {“ Ai.-0.IU A«e Mr uteven.. ,ecd 7:. , In Attgntf*. due III, Li/zie,, duiuM-roi 1 La't i boa K aud Buran 8 Fool, egeu In Sydney. Aug 14. AW Su-su Baker. aged#* In ^airfield, Mr Caleb Varner age 1 13 y, afB 1 In North Sedgwick. Aug 7. Air hphrai>n do* -m iged 63 ytar*. In Augu ta. 'Augt‘, Air* Maria A, wife of J*»hn M Wyler, aged 10 years 5 months. I .VI PORTS. MAITLAND NS.’Sch Albion--#) tors plaster,9 t>bb ground plaster, to order. SAILING OF Ol KAN STEAMSHIPS. STBAMBB FROM FOR MAIM Ifutouut. BocfhamptonNew York Aug G Asia.Liverpool. ... Boston ..Aug 6 I'uiimy 1 vania.Liverpool.New York Aug tt* Hhina.Liverpool.lkvtou.Aug 17 Jura. Liverpool.Quebec.\ug 18 'termania. Southampton New York. .Aug 2-4 Damascus .Uverpool_ Quebec.Aug 25 Uoruwi.1.Boutliadtplon Now York.. .Sept 7 City of Baltimore .New Y'oik . Uverpool.Aug 27 Golden Rule Now )ork . Aspinwali.... Aug 27 i Dm. .New York . Uverpool.. Aug 27 lUn^a .New York. . Bremen .Vug 27 North American Ouebfc .Liverpool.Aug 27 Roanoke.New Y’ork.. Havana .Aug *2i> KJd*r. New York Liverpool. Aug 31 ! L berty New York Havana.. AugfH Asia. Boston.Liverpool.Vug 31 | Kedar. New lork Liverpao!.Aug31 ’ H ivurn.—.New York .Havana... 8«pt 1 IVruvian.t2t,! bee-Uverpool_Sept 3 Ktna.New York .Uverpool.Ktpt U Chiua.New York . Liverpool ..Kept 7 dura..Quebec. Liverpool .. .Sept 10 M1MATCRE ALMANAC, frhlar.AMgaat 26. 1 3uu rise*.5 2»i I High water.ip as)_6 #» ;iuu *«l*. 6 42 I Length of days. ... 13 2i MA-KINK NEWS. ! PORT O •• PORTLAND. Thursday,. Vagus! 25. ARRIVED. * .steamer Forest ( ity. Lise nib, Boston. steamer New England, Field, St John N H for Boston. Sch Albion. (Brl Hunt. Maitland \S. Sell E F Lttvis. L-c. rlniadelphii Sell Charlotte, Pierce, New York. Scb Eagle. Hall. New York. Sch Augusta. Gregory, New York. Sch Catawaint'ak.iini. Nsw York for L’ngan CB. Sch Vixon. Smadage, Mt Desert for boston, sch Arabella, Frisbee. Bau^or for Boston. CLEARED. Brig Nancy N Locke, Hill, Maiauzaa—E Char chi! I A Co. Bn* Danl Boone. Fester, Matanzxa— l«*rc Emery. Sch Eclipae, (Br) McBuruie, Windsor NS — S F Randall. Sch Wm Arthur, Haskell, Philadelphia—Orlando Nickerson. (BY TBL. TO X EH< 11 Ah'TX XXl'HAIiGK.] gLOL'CKSTEK. Aug 25. Sch Lapwing Irom Baf ton for Bel last, was towed in here to day by Pilot boat No 4. leaking badly. The following sales a*e reported by the N Y ship ding List: A1 b.u«;u«- At me, r fib tons, built at New castle in Wi)l. brig Id win l‘.l» tou-. built at Wal doboro in 1S5J, oa private tenns. NOTH K If >1 •> RISERS. Hydrographic Ofloe. Admiralty, I Loudon. Julv 1» 1904 I Tbent rumeut of Ilayti has riven notice that on and after the Pith day of May. a light woo d be exhibit from a iighthou o recently erected cn Lamcntin Point, at the south side of the entrance to Port au Prince.Ts’and of Havti The fight i- m fixed white light, placed at au eleva tion of 50 fe?t abovri the me «u leva! of th® rea. and shonhl be teen in c ear weather from a distance of 1) mites fin fewer is in latitude 1«3S*5N. Longitude .7125 12 E of Greenwich. disasters. scb John E Patten, (of Hampden) D ane, from Kindnut for Bo-ton. w:*h coal, run in*o tn Tue day n»*ht, about 8 o'clock, ©if Cape Cod, by an unknown schooner, end rui k iu ten minutes, lie C p*aln. cr w and pa.<»eiger« bad bt't-lv time to jump into th < boat be ore th. vc* c' went down, t hey i"rRi'i.itl in the boat abont two hours, the pas sen gars a man and hi-* wife haring nothing on but their night clothe*, a hen »hv\ were picked up oy * the sch Olive Avery l ap* Wilson, from New York', sad Jimivd or Hetcriy 24th inat. Th« veu? 1 wa* owned bv tu« « attain Aid Mr tim.t. »«d wr« \aln> c datST oO No insurauevt on cargo or vessel. The l>p ain had U* money of the last t ip (about •$»)j on board, which was i««t. t he vessel that run iuto the J E P was not seen after she struck, it beiag fcggv a* the time. Sch Hannah (of Millbridge, >Uuu*. from Rondout fO" Provi en« e. with a cargo cl 103 tons coal, went a bore ou Monday last, haviug previously sprung a - ieak on the shoal grourd west of New Haven Light, a d sunk in about tcu feet ©f water, low tide. DOMESTIC PORTS. BALTIMORE—Cld 23d. barque Ella Virginia. .L'hucou. Pernambuco. PHI LADELl'IilA—Ar 23J, brig Ayres, Miller, fm [St Kitts Ar22d, barque John < urtis. Sylveatrr. New York; : brigCareUtx.- fed y. Smith, s onfuht. ?chs Mag tie Bel. Gilkey. Pori'and; Ida. Blake, do. Cld 23d, birijUP Brilliant.I o burn Port »oval SC; “'ha Rrwanwab Rose, Burgtsx. Salem; C M Carver. Treat Ware ham Ar 2|th. brig E A Bernard In*. t'i*afu*goa (bring* ; Cent Berry and crew ol sea J W lliuer, atrnck b% lightning and burnt ) Chi 21th, brig A K Larrabee, t'ar’ialc Boston, ach Snow Squall, a-d Clara Jane Port:at.d B low '44th. ship North, from Antwerp. NEW YORK—Ar 23J. ba.tjut* Eta. Kidd. Foo chow: Cornwa ll*. Cochran Livtrpoil; «ch.-lienry Perkins. Uugio*. Cow Ray CB; Forest, Hall; Paf !a*. Oxton; Mt lisp-*. Spaa ding; Albion, McLo n and Ma-^acbU" ts Hunt, trout Hock at d Cld 23d. »h*ps Gra'iiude, Ja *ou. Liverpool; Aca [ ilia. Van Ketaner. Melbourne. bar«|Ut> S D Ryt • n. 1 Ueatov, Cork; Banshee. Henry, I»u* no- Ayres; brig Milo. Faulkner. H&vaua • Cld 24th. ship* Rot better 1*1 eu. Rouleaux Aah burton Prudish. Liverpool; baique Texas iBr) Hor ton, Antwerp; Cnnotauer, Br » n. London; brig* J I! D liiugiiim. Mudgett. Pictou, Reuahaw. Smith. Ur medio*; set • ST King, l ic-ndinnin, from Calaia: Carherarico Beal*. H ddi; Convoy, Merrill, aud , Corvo. Holbrook. Boston. s d 23d. ship John Bu y.n: banjae Persia; brig ' Hey wood, Ar tUh, ship Eamera’da. Me-'drum. Liverpool Ar 25th. .‘■hip Ocean Eagle, t hirra, Manila Below •tip Amr ricsu L’ni n. Uubtard. from Liverpool. PROVIDENCE — Ar Ml •chs Liziie Raymond. Lord at d Choctaw. Parker. Eli; a1 e hr»oit. Ar2l»h, ach Trenton Martin, N Brunswick NY; ! Ariel, Treworgv, Rondout. *Id 24tb. *cts < ■tt aOne Thome*. Preston and llepChih, 1 ant, New York. NEWPORT—Ar 23d, schs Maracaibo. lleaVy. fm Bristol HI t'or New York; Mexican. McCarthy. tin uomiou: for OOf on In port 24th. brig* Hudson. .John Hatch; ieklT P Abell. Hrarg Portland for New York; Pat agon. Ha'cb, Di.-ltton lor rbii.alelphhi HOLMES’S HULK-Ar2.l t brig E Xthmn. Rider. j Komlout f »r Pour* u; »ct» l ’erianc -. Komi, Fort Kwen fordo; J 1. Snow. Muyo do far Well Heat; Ocean Traveller. Abates. BoMcn fv r M ashingtou; Daniel | WilIPna, Thorndike. Liuran CH for New Yo»k. J a led. b ig 1 or an a, Haipsnny, rhilsde!|>hia for Boston; schs Alcoa Poster, it mi h f Lewi*. Lee. do t r Portland; James Ti den. Davis, Nt wcaat.e lor Providence, and »be above arrivals. BOSTON -Ar 28th, b- <, Em*» a C,(Br» West Cate Haitien; \\ intaker, i\ a «, N w burg N Y ; schsOri anr.ii. HUgin*. Elizabeth port; Pole Gardiner. Port K«tn; Couatitu ion, S root. Komlout: Kio, Went- i worth. Caai*: Emcx, IlambU-m. Doer Ida; Hear) Clay. Jatf'er, curry Cld 24th, ship Rainbow. Kcllt y, MaantJus brig Mont (cello, Moon. Y.atan/U' ach S.utherucr. Crow ed. Philadelphia. Ar 2ofh. trig Ira. Thou j-on, Rond- at *clw Amy | Cbm e, WPson, Turkihhid: New Zei 1 nd. Eon • liasu. aud Acquirer, Watts. Philadelphia; Eioelit e M6Laf?*. pi ekiln, and I carl, lliowa, (lu; IXfiance, [ Ko-*.*». Port l.iu u Cld 2jth, baii|Ue Mitiuiv Gordon, McGregor, lor Piefou BEVERLY—Ar IMt \ nh 4 liv*- Aierv. Wilscn. fioin New York tor Danse s, • o rtiaaatti* j SALEM— Ar 2lfh. • bn liar a. Giipat rick. N Tor* ; 2Mb, Minnie 4 obb, lt-jiral.siu. do. !• 11 >1*4 ES l‘EK—Ar 27d. ach* A’piue, Pn-aaev. fYn j (’alai* tor New ftiavch: Le nesfa, Tapper Lock po.-t for Baltimore: Ml/. b ih titggi; a, RUfrworth , for New York; KDabeth Bo i*r, Langor il > Bo ut it lie nek. Mt Desert. NKWBI KY L OKI*—Ar 24*h.sch Ocean Star. Ham. New York BANGOR- Ar 23d. fell II Crosby, Smith. and Madonna. Coomb*. Bo-ton Ar24ih. aabs A E Widard, Conley, and Col Ui • 1 git-s, Kendall, Boston C-d28d. ikLs Atlantic. Herriman Havana. Eve ino. H i-kina, Waal in;ton sch Kate Aubrey. J a cols, Bo tin Cia 24th, brig MoM. Haskell. St M rks; sch EJi/a Oti*> Kyfler. hew York ROCKLAND—Sid I6:h, » h* Ada Awes Antf, j St*rucr Head, to load tor New Y ork . Aug- .’me, lli>, . Yiualhaveu to load ior d »; l.s.n'.lliggiui, Dix Isle, to load Baltimore. UAKUlNtK-Slil Hth.sdM Only Son Jobu-oo. New York : Ricbtuond, fcuia and D Britton, S ian ders, for Wa-hln*ton FOREIGN PORTS. Sid fiu Liverpool 11th fust, j-ttp Guy Manuering, D ill.ird for N « Yolk Cld at Loudou 12th i* t, ship Plymouth Kock, Gr< it. New Y’ork. lu port 13<h. ships'll * * Whitney', K el lev. for Bee tou; Fat ick H»urv, Kob u>oo. and Danl Webster, Spencer, for New Y'ork HU lui Sunderland 10th l>ark Lie: Ellen. Robert son lor Poston. • Ar at Calcut a pre? to 2 id ult, ship Euieka. Hall, ftvru Melbourne *5ijd, C o datei abin Orphan*, Hdlpjyjr, for Bvflon; baruYNkGen C« b . Dudley. New Y'ork. At OrMdlla 2*tth. barque Orlaudo. Dcdfe. for I hil- : sdelpoia : orjg Hampdeu Snow , for do, hlg. At BarbadowaBd ust. barque Indian Belle, 'trem ble. from PhdatPtyb a Sid 23d ulr. brigftJfrta lhouip-on, Pcteraon, for Antigua; 20*h. Evelvrvi*'nD» Giun, St Marks sld tin Maosauida lOfK Inal, brig Lucre, ia, Wal ac*». New York ^ At Turks l-2aud Dili iust, snip Clara Ann. Stinson, for Bath. * At Barbadoes 4th inst, barque Reindeer, Welling on. for Ni w York t-oon \ Sld I’m l i.uAusu* biu m,t. rti* A Uoni. B»d, | or Boston. Cld at Havana 15th iust, trig Nebraska Hooker, iagua. ^ SPOKES. V Au,WJ,« 3A 42. Ion 74 80. brljf MaiV*. •>«'*». t>U»deipbt« tot B»rb»doe>. v / { s' E W ADVERTISEMENTS. Found, DX tbe 16th of August, near Pori land, a Sifvtr Watch, which the owner cvn r«th« bv apply iig to I UoS. L. 11 ALLfjWOHTHt , No. Ho Com nercial bt., Hoetoo, and proving property. August 2tf—d3t# RE-OPEN HD. he subscriber- would respectfully announce to their numerous iricud.- and the public that they have thoroughly Repaired. Refitted and Refurnished Tbe popular and oentially located EATING HOUSE, s#* — jh No. 77 Middle Street, (FOX BLOCK.) Wiiicli will be open oa aad alter MONDAY. IVLV tilth. Seals »«<1 Laicbu at til bon ti tbe H; uni Ikum ICK OKKAMS. PLAIX A\D FAXCY CAKE, FRI IT, CONFECTIONARY, Ac., Constantly on hand. SODA WATED, Drawn from Dow’s Pa’entlco Cream (Soda) Foun tain, with Fruit Syrups. PARTIES SUPBIED AT BHOBT WOTIC E. We shall be harpy toseeallonr old friends and in ik* * host of new ones, aad tnut that none will tjare cau e for complaint. CALL AND SEE US ! ATKINSON & INGERSOLL. Jr*_«_ USE THE BR0CK3IEPER GAS REGULATOR. AMD SAHt YuCP. HAS. .aft 3- dim Tuxcn foi* 1^04. collector's notice. The Assessors of the City of Portland, Havig committed to me, with a warrant for the col lection of the same, the Tax List for the Present Year, Notice is hereby given, that on ail l'axea paid within Thirty Days From thuiiat*. being tbe date of the a**etani«Dt five per cent. uiNCoiiirr, Or within Q I V O' V 1 t A \ U Three Per Cent. Dfoconnt wil be allowed. Oa u*i taxes remaining unpaid four month* after the da e of the a* eecment, iutrrrtt wi l be cbaiged, toonoMiic- Sixty Day* the dated the ** nauMat. IILNUY 1*. LORD, Trt a-urt r and Collector. Portland. Aug 24th 1*^ —dlw B. F. HAMILTON &CO. Successor* to C. IV. Kobintton A Co. WOULD very reapect fully invite all former pa t;ou* to the bouse, and th? public generally to a free examination of our go via at ail ume*. W ith long experience and close attention to the waata of cuatomers, ami adhering strictly to the CASH SYSTEM, B?!ieving it to be better for the buyer as well as the teller, we hope to merit* large * liar go of pa i on age. B'. veral lota of good* to close cheap to make room for N K W GOO DR. Mr XV N Prino*. together with the employeea ia the store are to be regained aud will be happy to aei all tbair customers a* for** eriv, B. r. li AMI LI ON k CO . Corner Congress and Preble afreets. junelTexftf Eilwin C. Owen A Co., Wh< leaale aud R. tai Dx alert ia Foreign and Domestic Fruits, f Confectionery, Nuts,Cigar*,&<%, .V*. 2o Erckangt St..forflatti. Orange*, Lemon-. Limes, Tama- in .*. Probe*, Cit ron Rai*ii a, Pig* Nuts of all kinds, Olivet, ba>dire» D-us >pp ca, P*ir». Peoche*. Preserved Fruits. t>um Dr» pa. Lore ign, Candies, liouey. eprcrv <.,um. Tobacco, Cigars, Piesiea. Pepper 6au«*e, etc., e c. £7“ Th • Trade aupp!iad on the most liberal terau. Aug2A-lm T. J. ilIKKtl, Inspector of Distilled Spirits, Coal Oil T acco and Cigar*, May be found at the office r f Hon. N. G. Marsha?’, A«cc«sor for the Firat Distiict oi Maine, No. 22 Ex change St , I ortlaad. Me. Aug 26 -dhw3w* Copartnership 'Notice, -AID BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT THR subscriber* having on the 7th dir of May formed a copartnership uuder the name of McCarthy & Rerry, For the purpoee of carrying on the BOOT AND SHOE BUSIBESS In ill it* branch!*, «ml having nil th* facllitie. for *it in* up brat clu, work for inntlomrn and lad*e», wen., arc now r< ad, toixecutesll order* with uon- and dispatch. Unr work will be made of tbo rest of imported stock, by ibe be*t of wort mo i, aod warranted to give per eot ratiefactirn it |, our aim that oar word .ball ngt be Mcjodtoany lath, Unit ed Slate*. We hire al.o completed a .lock of ready-inaJ . work of the flrrt quality, for Ladiea, Oeutl men. and Children’# Wea delected from New York aod Ho.tcn markets Uor Ladies’ work Is from the celebrated .ILinq/iicfory of New l urk I or (icutlcmen*. wear we have the b* * a..ortu.» nt eeer Oder- d for .ale in ibi. city; inch a. no* french I'aunt Leather Boot.; idove Calf and Calf 1 oa *rt‘» for gentlemen s wear, Latent Leather Con «res«. aod Calf Congress Balmoral, and i aw french Buck e Boot., you wa the new atrle < KIMl’b'.H-K KuNl UU KI.U Boor, now made by McCarthy k Ber ry! Kor aealaem comlori and beautv. it rurpaaere anything ever got up la Ibis city Call aud iwe It; simple, always oa baud at the old stand of M Vic Carlby. HcCARTIIV A BERRY, No. 96 K t> huub'e Nlreet. laaoldtt ALDBICH’S PATENT Water Elevator ! i I'ATtN i com tit. tog more good and lees tad im. iiuahties than any ot' er Oxtuie in u*e toi home wells. Don't till to see it before j ou tny any i amp or drawer now ia one *ft works so eaailv ih t a ohiid tight years'old can dr«w it. It is > w prio*d; it lesvHDoili g iu the wtttr to injareit; it does not freeze; it is rimrie; It is not likely to get cut of order Ike bucte b»s ro valve and empties itself. You have your well all open or owe* tnd at p!e*»urs, and is just »ach <i simple nature as every man ne< ds who values jure water for family use. ttT Drawers and Town and County Rights for •ale hv BOYNTON 1 HIGGINS, 18 and 15 Warren Market, tcrtland. Jj L*d3m BRADFORD A HARMON. Petition and Claim Agents, fEetabllahcd In 1861.) STILL continue to derote their ipecial and eactn »ive atuntiou to the i>r< s< cotton oT Claims for IVindons llountie*. Arrears ol Pay and Prize Money, And.all other claim* against tho UoTerntncnt. h * „ tag been duly lice tied ther-for. “ * TV* All tdvice free. Term* a. to* an zt am olh -A.™,, and no pay ictutrco until the clun.. are Offlce 88 Exchange street, Joes Block. E BRADFORD, Jnnell.—dtf * K ,1^*ului Proposals lor Wood. A»’t 1,'i‘AHTeRM vsTBM’n Omni, 1 Augusta. Me., Aug 23,1*6*. i PROPOSALS *or the delivery of one tbou ard 10»0) cords of merchantable hard wood, will be r* coived at this offloe until Wednesday, August 31 1864. at i*i o'clock M 7t *** ol' Thi wood to be delivered at l amps “Coburn '* b rye," ltd "E D. Keyes." near Augusta. M.ioe. is the *>anse may be rt-ouim-d for use ol troops oo* ;*ni|»« d ther« at v Piop jsals will be received for one half cr the whole >f the number of oo>d*. I he ^ubec fiber reserves the fight to reject all pro i>oea e It they are deemed unreasonable WM S DODGE. 1MMI. C«pt.C.8. and A A. Q. M, ^

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