Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 27, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 27, 1864 Page 1
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■ . VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, SATURDAY MORNING. AUGUST 27, 1864. WHOLE NO 667 PORTLAND DAILY PREbS; JOttft T.GLLiMAlV. Jffidltor. published at Nc.82* LlCHAKOt N. A. FOSTER A CO. Thb PoaTLAvo Daily Pavesit published*! 96.00 per> ear. Tua UaiM-Stati Pre*b1a published every i bui» day morn! tip, At 92.0* per annum, in advance; *2.36 if paid «ux month*; and *2.50, If payment be delayed bey end tbe year. Hates of Advertising Z One inch cispace in length of column, constitute* a “•'jcrAU.'* *1.50 per square daily hr*t week; 75 oents per week after: three ioscrtious or Iuhs, 91.00; continuing eve ry other day after first week, 60 cents. Uaif square. three insertions or 1 we 76 oents; one week, *1.00; 60 cents per week after. Under bead of Amcbemk.-. t*. 92.00 par square poi »sek; tkm inceptions or leas, *1.60. {Special Sotzvxs, $1.75 per square first week, *1,00 per square after; three iiisenjouf; or less, *1.26; balf a square, throe Insertion!, *1.00; one w**k, *1.25. Advertisement* inserted in the Maiwb 8taib rnrea (which ha* a large circulation in every part ol the .State) for 60 oontn per squarein addition to tbe above ratr-a, for each insertion. Lb<> a l Notwkf at usual rates. Transient adv rii:*tment xaa?t be paid forin ad ▼anot . # Busivkfa Xotzoea, in reading columns. 12 cent* per line for one insertion. No charge leu- than fifty cents for each insertion. Mr*Ailo*-’urttuwoatiou* intended for the paper Should be dixocted to the ‘ JIditvr of the Press' ’ and (hot* of a bu-duf r character to the Pul.Inhere. P^TJob PuiMTZiro o: every description -xeouted a ith dispatch. F. Tracy, Traveling Agent. ae"__ ___ . Saturday Morning, Aug. 27, 1864. From Mobile Bay. FarraguVs Victory—A Glanea at it« /mjxjrt tancc—The ltebel limn Tennessc—Ineide View of Iler Bcjore and Ajler the Fight —Her great et length and tceakneiet—The Work yet before tie. Kokt Gawks, Ala., Aug. L2,1804. Id tbe lull between the pounuing ol our fleet at the jiortHis ol Fort Morgan and it* probable eaily surrender, It may be not amiss to eousider carefully tbe result ol the brilliant achievement of our fleet, under the noble old Admiral. Uulike most of the achievement* of the war, this success ol Admiral Karragul, splendid us it was to a superficial observer iu its first fruits, grows iuio iufluitely greater value and importance the more we consider and under stand what it actually lias succeeded iuaccoui plisbing. The triumphant entry of the fleet iuside the bay under the blazing ibuuderaof the guns ol Morgan aud Gaines, and through a chan oil sown wilh torpedoes, was an act lor which ilia pages of history can show no parallel; hut all these accomplished, the work would have been hall undone had the destruction of I he reliei fleet iuside the harbor been left incom plete. Wluiout undertaking to belittle the wonderful achievement winch successfully carried our Ueel iuside lire harbor of Mobile, I am luiiy persuoded that the victory over the rebel guuboats, especially the formidable ram i Tennessee, in its immediate and remote results, was of at least equal importance to the na tioo to the passage of the fleet inside the forts. Tue rebel ram Tennessee, in the extraordi nary tight with nearly hall our entire fleet, which took place inside the barboi, proved herself one ol the most formidable emits lor harbor defense which has ever been construe leu, mui on inspection o; her which 1 have beeu permitted to make, shows with what justice the rebel Admiral Uuchanau claimed that bhc was able to sink all entile fleet. ller hull was originally intended fora man- ] of-war, and is pnt together iu the most stanch and substantial manner iu which it is possible to build a vessel. Her length is about one bundled aud eighty feet. In form she varies from the old Merriinac, though evideutly a modillcatiou of that unfor tunate aud shortlived cratt. Her armor consists of two and a half inch 1 iron in bars eight inches wide crossing each other aud bolle4 don 11 with oao aud three quarter inch bolts, making live inches of solid iron. This again is backed by two feet of sol . id oak throughout the eulire portion of the boat above the water line, and extending some feet even below that. From herforward case inate* forward, including her phot bouse, an ■tdiiiuounl inch of iron is given her, makiug six iuches of plating, and an additional foot, making three feet of wooden backing at this pai t of the boat, Her gun room, if that is the proper term to use, occupies about two-thirds of her length, ant! is constructed with a flat top, composed of two aud a half by eight inch iron bars, crossed and boiled together, forming a close lattice work above her gunners, aud affording ventilation while iu acliou. The sides are in clined like those of the old Merrimac, aud as before stated, are coin nosed of five inches of i iron plating, backed with two feet of solid ouk backing, through which, in the fight wifli our fleet, no ball succeeded in piercing. Her ports, i of which there are two on either side,aud one fore and all, are closed by means of iron shut ters, which revolve upon a pivot iu the cen tre of one side, aud are worked by means of a cog » beel on the inside in a very simple and expeditious mauner. They are liable, how ever, lo derangement, and in Hie engagement wilh our fleet two were actually so deranged as to prevent their beiug opeued, while a third, the alt one, was shot away eutirely, the pivot on which it revolved beiug broken oil, aud it was through this that the fragment of shell eutered w bich wounded the rent! Admiral, us he was standing near directing a gunner to dear away some splinters with which it had become filled. It is a curious and interesting proof of the cxcelfcuce of our gunners that some ten shots struck in close couligulty to this port which it was early discovered it was impossible for her crew to close and iu fact this really became 1 the heel of Achilles to the fated Tennessee. Somewhere between forty and lllty shots slruek her during the light iu nearly every HU It /if till, In.nt i.nt «... * ...... _I . .. impervious armor. One lifieen-incli shell irotn Ihe Monitor Manhattan, as is supiaised, made a deep indentation which must have caused her to stagger, hut bounded rll from her ribs of sleei. The linpactiou ol the blow, however, stove through her two feet of wood en hacking, and produced inside all the evi dences of the missiles having come through. The splinters Hew promiscuously in all di rections in the neighborhood, inside.' The ram is armed with two seven and an eighth inch titled guns of the Drunks pattern, fore and aft, and with four of the same six-inch guns in her I (roadsides. These effective weapons have beeu turned since her capture towards Fort Morgan, and w ilt doubtless, as old tiiends, he highly appre ciated in the fort by her garrison. Some eighty superior muskets were also captured along with the ram in complete or der. Nothing, in fact, which could render her more complete iu her appoinltnen s iu any respect was spared by Admiral Duchattan in titling her out ; and, as she has been some two years building, site was about as thor oughly appointed aa it was possible lor her to be. in addition to hei armament a» described, ■he was armed witu a formidable iron prow for ramming, which made her in that particu lar iu uo wi.-e interior to the old Mtri imac, whose exploits in that line must ire ftesh iu the minds of the reading public still. Doe point ol weakness with her was her rudder chains, which were on her deck, aud covered only with a half inch of iron, and wore soon deranged, rendering her, but for au additional provision of ropes and blocks, entirely un manageable. Aa it was, tbe rbpu substitute was the means by which her rudder was managed during more than half of her en gageuieut. The shooting away of her smoke stack has been given by some as the cause ol her sur render. Nothing can be mmc absurd. The etiect of tbe hiss of this could do nothing more than to lessen her draft slightly, as it was only shot away above her upper deck_ on a level with which it rested; of coimo it could in uo manner have anything to do with causing the rams surrender. That fortuitous event was the immediate result of the wound ing of her brave though misguided command er, the terrible hammering at her by our fleet from every side, the derangement of her Portl and consequent uselessness of three of hei guns, aud the severing of her rudder clialus rendering her to a great extent unmanagea ble. Finally, the utter demoralization of hei crew at the sight of her fallen Admiral mor tally wounded, as was supposed at the lime caused them to run up the white flag and sur render the boat to our fleet. The machinery of the Tennessee has beci greatly improved since first begun, and en glues of greater power put In than thoee firs assigned her. She is, however, by no mean ■win, as it is, though capable of making great iff speed than flnt stated. It is claimed tha she cun make seven knots, which is without doubt above her capacity. Her draught is about lourteet Icet six inches. Her condition at present is such that iu spite ot all the can uouuding she has received, iu spite of the ram ming she lias undergone, in spite of her lost smoke stack and her broken rudder chains, she can be tllectually turned against Fort Morgan to-morrow, ami with a littl.e repair ing, which can be giveu Iter, as she lien, iu a few days time here, sheeui he turned towards Mobile and made, if the new ebauuel permits her to get there, a most tormidabie antagonist against those who built her. Ilad this craft, with Iter three wooden con sorts, the Selina, the Gaines, and the Morgan, been content to have lain quietly under the guu» ot Fort Morgan until daik, and have then come out and attacked our fleet with the impetuosity which they displayed as it was, they might, without a shadow ot doubt, have succeeded iu siukiug or destroying half of our ships and gunboats, if not all,as the darkness would have led to our fleet's tiring, and run ning down our ow n boats, and committing ir reparable and fatal injury upon each other._ This matter is so much discussed in the fleet that I again recur to it, to show how great a danger we have escaped by the tight and cap ture which we have made. Ido m.t wish to be understood as saying that the Tenues-ce presents no evidence.soi the struggle in which she has been engaged, for most assuredly and unmistakably she does. Her iron armor all over shows the deep indentations where our halts have struck her. Her iron plates arc. many of them, bent and warped by the tre mendous blows which she lias received, while many of her iron plates have been torn away and displaced by the action ot the shots she received. Hut for all this the ramming she received from the stanch old Hartford, the Osaipee, the Lackawat nn, and the Monongahela, who sev erally tritd to run her down, have caused uo seam to opt n in her unyielding hull, and the is to-day just as sea worthy as before the light, and when some ot her scars shall have Ih cu healed she will do just as clfective ser vice for us in repelling foreign foes as she did against us in the bands of domestic ones.— With a few Yankee improvements in non-es sentials, the will I trust live long to the glory of the heroic old Commodore who captured her. 1 would suggest that when we get through with iter here she be brought, at a suitable time, to New York, where she would, in cer tain possible cootiugenccs, be invaluable. I shall now proceed to sum up the result of our late a chi vcinenl in this quarter. / Vest—The heroic old Admiral lias taken his wooden ships, manned with iron hearts, his monitors and guuboats safely past the llery' ordeal ol forts Morgan and Gaines, through a channel sown with more than three hundred torpedoes, and with the loss of one of our monitors only, out or eighteen vessels, has authored them inside ol the bry beyond the range of the guns of the fort. Seconi—He has met and vanquished Hits formidable Tennesee above described, cap tured the wooden gunboat Salma, with her entire crewr also, he lias disabled th« gun lioal Gaines, and caused her to run under the wall, of fort Morgan, where she was burned to the water's edge on the !Hli lost., and has dll'-en lue Morgan, their last remaining gun boat, in fear and trembling to the northward toward Mobile or beyond there, wherever she can flu J a resting place for the sole of her . foot.. Third.—Wh linv<> nnol.lo.l a I__ land force uuder the brave Col. Grier of the 77th Illinois, across into the peninsula to the rear of fort Morgan, which completely iso lates that lortress, and gives tho flrst turn of the tourniquet which will soon loosen the rehol grasp upon the last stronghold of this harbor, and which land force will prove a strong auxiliary to the reduction of fort Mor gan. I ourtU—Wv have unbolted aud flung wide open the gates to Mobile and !he State ol Alabama, and sent a sickening thrill of dis may and despondency to the uttermost ends ol the Confederacy, which will tack the rheumatic hones ol that desenaed aud con sumptive patient worse than they have been racked since the fall of Vicksburg. Ftflh—Wo have wounded aud captured the rebel Admiral. Our loss by the opeutious thus far are ea sdy told and qocikly repaired. Of the fleet we lose til ■ single lurreted monitor Tecum- : st li with lid of her crew, who went down to a grave more glorious thau may who read this recital may ever till. She was probably sunk by a torpedo and went dowu in a twinkling wheu struck. The loss of life to our flset apart from this casualty was 240 killed aud wouuded. Of our land forces, one kilted aud none wound ed. 1 inally, we have the cerlaiuty of an early capture of Fort Morgan if its immediate capture is deemed worth the trouble of a vigorous assault, or we can by patience and a small force judiciously disposed soon starve its garrison into capitulation. Mot cover, Mobile lies prostrate at our feet whenever we may reach forth and gather it up, aud with her the last southern city falls from the palsied grasp of the Confederacy in llus part ol the South. How long, at this rate shall the flickering light burn ou iu tho socket where the oil is so nearly spent aud wasted ? The seign guns of our laud forces will be in position iu a day or two more, at latest, who. they and the fleet will without doubt lie able to shell out iu a lew hours the garri son of fort Morgan, notwithstanding the an swer of Gen. 1‘aige to our demand for a sur render on tho tnh, that he had provisions and auunnniUou lor six months aud should de fend the fort while they lasted. This is bombast, of course, and worth what it may ha proven to auiouut to by the course of future events. Thank God, the world is yet advancing, and the flrst streak ings of the dawu glimmer through the dark ness. U. 8. Marshal’» Sale. United States or America, I District ok Maine, hs. j 1)UK8lTANT to a Vend: Expo: to me directed 1'rom the Hon. Ashur Ware, Judge of the Unit ed States District Court, within ami ior the District of Ma ne J shall expose and Sell at Public Vendue to the bigtie t bidder thereior, the following proper ty and imicbanri ze at the time and place within taid District a- oilowe. V’r:— At theCuaTOM liol -*b Building, or Fore street in I’urtlaiut, ( M Moutl ip the hth <lay of Stvltmber next, u' ten o'ctocl, .1. M. Six Cases ok Brandt and Ikn thousand Cm;are Three Barrel* Molassph and Two *i iiouSAND Cigars. The ratne having been decreed fork it to the Unit ed State# in the District Court lor .-aid District, and ordered to he sold and the proceeds deposed of ac cordirg to law. Dated at I’orJai.d this 19th day of August A. D. 1964. CHARLES CLARK, t. S. Mart hr. I Dirt, ft Maine. t d I). 8. Marshal’s IVoIicr. United States ok America, l District ok Maine sp. y 1>t HSU ANT to a Monition 'rum the Don. Ashur Ware. Judgeofthv Unite 1 State* District Court, itliita and tor the District cf Maine, hereby give PuUic n tice tt at the fallowing Libel had been filed In said Court, via:— A t ihri against One ri hiuty-becond fart ok T^K j?11* Clark. ami her appurtenances. Poized by the Collector ot the District of Bangor. Lll-lrict' Ilt 1 d“y U‘ °c’ ■ '*»*. »t Bangor iu said Wbii-li raiiun-wv for a breach ol tl.elaweoftlie l nitcil Matos a. i< inure particularly sot forth in .a .. Libel: .hat a Inarlng and trial will I., had fhftreon at Hath, in i-aid l»:*tr;ct. on the First Tnes ,htp of sept, n>her nr 11, w here any persona interest ed may appear and *h-»w cause, if any can be shown. * he re fore the same should cot be decreed forfeit ami disp sed of according to law. Dated at P< rtland thin twenty-second day ol An gw t, A. D. 1*64. »- A. QUIN B V, U. 8. Deputy Mar-hal, atig22 dlid Dial, ol Maine. For the Islands. ^yon- On and after June 18tbthe#teamet L^y^sMlAsrn will until further notice « ••**- ]<.ave Burnham> Wharf, for i’eak’i and Cushing's Inlands at 9 and 10 30 A. M , and 3 and 3 80 P. M. Returning will leaveCu*biEg'# Island at 9.49 and 11 16 A. M.. and 2 45 and 6.16 P. M Tickets26oents, down and back; Children 15ct# June 9—dtf 1ST O T I O E PROVOST MARSHAL’S OFFICE, ) F.rsi District, Hratenf Maine, Portland, August 111 li, 1864 ) INQUIRIES on all ordinary subjects connect** J»th the enrolment, drult. exemptions, Kahili’} *2 <*r.a,L credits and accounts ol men furnished should be addrt ssfd to the Provost Marshal of th' Ciiigrcsstonal Distiict, ami in ca^e lie is not able t. it*1* Vr "H* information «f the Provos Mai al General oi the State. Answers may bo thu si cured more promptly than l»y addrefsirg the Pio vost Marshal t.em ral at Washington, where nor i important business oitcu prevent prompt answer to multitude ol inquiries now address*.' to the Ku reau on personal and other matters of minor concc L ijueuce. i By Order of Major J. W. T. GARIHKKK. _ , . <-HARLK8 H DOUGHTY. Capt and Provoit Marshal ltt Diitrict Maine. Aug. io—dam MISCELL ANEO US. THE DAILY PRESS, CALORIC POWER J0BPRINTING0FF1CE, N. A. 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Tit rty Companies of Infantry for Regiments iu the field, an l to be credited upon the prtaeut cad, art- autho'./ei oy tlie War Department to be raised iu tins otai*\ f*-oin Voiunt en*. for eitn< rone,two or three years’ set vice, as the ricrui may elect. If Knrollei men or tneir -uhstituUs. hare the privilege of electing the compauy and regiment in which they will »**rve, by volunteering iu these organizations: but ifdra ted. such liberty is neces sarily de led them ill. i h- .State bounties to all volun'ecr* and to substitute* enii* ed pr:or to the drat, is Slot). S20<>. or 63LK), according to the period of their enlistment for 1. 2, or 3 years, aud the U. S. bounty the tame, to all volunteers ai.d reprv* entative reciuit* Sub stitutes tor enrolled meu are not entitled to Uuited States Bouutv. IV The officers of those companies will be select ed irom those who have »erv«d at Last uiue months iu the field, unless very special rea-_ u» exist in par ticular cases. V .Such immediate action should be taken by citizens not liable to enrollment, de.-iring to avoid a draft iu their community, aud by clubs ol enroll'd men, as will mak* it lor’thepeon iar> interest ofthe latter, to voluuteer instead of ©nt-rin^ service as drafted men. VI. Concerted action initiated in citle aud pop ulous plat* 8, aud extending to the suburbs ana ad* jaceut towns, embodying the ^nrtial election o: of ficer* auiTnon commissioned t fticer.-, may insure the adept ion, at once, of such plans of proceedure, as will guuantee the rairiug ot a company in every in stiuce where it is undertaken, But any < tticer se lected as above, shou <1 be a person wh^ has served honorably, for at lea-t muemouth*, or the selection uiav not be confirmed by the Governor VII. Hie following rule* will be adhered to in raioiug these compana s„ 1st. Mo fees, premiums or expenses will bo paid for making the eulistineuls. 2d. Kach volunteer.must be examined and ap proved by a local physician, who will b - j aid 26 cts. lor bis service*; but the physician is not to sign tue certificate of su-jIi ion up. u the enlistment paper, that being for ttie authorized »U geoti, who irakes the final exaunnati n a tin* muster iu. 3d. A .lustice of the I’eace w ill a .minister the oath to the recruit, and fill and sign the certificate on the face of tlie enlistment. 4th. When tin* enlistment is for a lett period than 3years, the biauk wi 1 b * changed to exhibit the tact. 6»h. Kach company must comprise one hundred and one ends ed men, aud as soon as that uumber ot suitable person*- who are eligible to enlistment, have each -igued three % nlistnu-nt paper-, one part of each enlist meat with the nanu s ot persons des ignated for the cumuli*-ioued of hors o the com pany. aud their residence, aud the place of the ren dezvous of the Company, will be forwarded the Adjutant General who w ll arrange wi.h Major Gardiner. ir. S. Mi itary su otrinieudeBt, for the transportation, muster in, clolhiug, arming and (Hjtiiping of the company. V . if the company is detained beyord the time, of winch reaoouabl- notice is given the Adjutant General that it will assemble at its rendezvous, to leave lor the place of uiu-ter, forty cents a day per mau will be allowed tor boa d an j lodging tor the period of such detention aud tlw. tim * occupied iu comirgin from the com' any rendezvous. VII. So much of General Order Twenty-Seven o! the 20 th ult os prescribes rules governing enlist ments and credit* for <{u >ta« and am »unt ot bouu tie* aud enuui-rate* tue persons entitled thereto and eligible to enlistments, it applicable to these thirty companies (Extract from War Department authority of Ju’y 29, 1834, to raise these companies!] • » • • * • * “the *aid com par its must te mu«t<-red in before Sept, u, 1864. iu order that they mar be credited on the quota oi the S*„ute under th • aforesaid ca I." “Should any of the compani « oil to organize within a reaaoaable time. Hi y will b_> consolidated *o as to form and bo mustered in as comjiletc con • panics beiore the aforesaid dab s.” • • # • • • • By Order of His Excellency the Governor. JOilM L HODSi ON, Adjutant-Geueral. An*g. 4 -dlw Insurance Co. of Portland, Me. OFFICE NO. 29 EXCH ANGE ST. Authorized Capital, $500,000. CAPITAL PAID IN 9200,000. Invested as follows:— Loans on Mortgages of Real Estate at two third- i’s value, •6C.90Q Loan* on pi. dgoof Fnited States Securities, 51,8'0 Loans on plcdg- of City Scrip, 34 600 Loan* on pledge of Bank Stocks, 28,000 l.osns ou pledge of Mate of Maim Bonis. 24,600 Loai s on pledge of Aiulro«coggln County bonds, 4,000 •900,000 This Company Is now prepared to issue policies upon all kinds of property in the city or country, liable to lo<-s or damag** by lire, at a- low rules as is ■ taken by auv ether office. lhe patrons c ot the ( rnercliHut* and citizens generally ot iort!a.»d ai d ! vicinity, is most rest <-ctfullv olicited. A. K SLHJRlLEFF, President. JKKEMIAll DOW, Secretary. DIRECTORS: J. B. browu, 8. E. Spring. D. W. Clark, J.B. Carroll, John Lynch, li. 1. Kobimon. TEU4TBE*: St.John Smith, H. J. I ibbv-, II. N Jose, H. M. l*a>>ou, J N. Wiuslow, (i.W. Woodman, Andrew Spring, Alvah Conant, il I. Robinson. PltiliplI. Brown, C. 11. Haskell, 8. C. Chase. Jeremiah Dow, N. O Cram, Wm. Moulton. Portland, Augu3t 1, 1S»34. — isc3ra STATE NORMAL SCHOOL. The opsning term of the State Normal School, a Farmington, will commence ou \VEI>M>I)\V, AUGUST 9-ltb. Erery arrangement will be made as the law- re i quires, to accommodate two burntreu young ladiis and gentlemen with hoard, at reasonable rates, and to furnish the instruction specially needed in a i school for the truiuiug oft ackers. Four teachers, beside* lecturers and sp» cial initruc *>rH, wi 1 te em ployed at tue outset, end the uumber will bo in , creased if tne necessities * f the school shall reqaixe *t. Candidates for at tendance must be -iateeu years old, if females and sevente* n years, if males; and must r,edare their intention to b come teachers in the i ubiie schools <•! the State. Ho pMfli afll D requi ed from pupils to remain connected with the school for any rteftuie lerg h of time. Applicants w ill be required to show a reasonable familiaritv with the priuciples oi Beading and Spel ling. Arithmetic F.nglish lir-nmnr and History of j the Culled Stat. *; and to p eseut testimonials ot good character and prospective aptitude forthe work ! ot teaching Personsau< udiug the Normal School w 11 be per ' S m ^ t° PtM both ways over iho Audroecoggin Railroad for one faro. ' AT) charge for tuition. Entrance fee *1.00 “®w particular information will be furnished on application to Professor A. P. K*l*ey,at Farming *0® . . EDWARD P WESTON. Gorham, June90,1864. j> 96 Jluw A wflw MISCELLANEOUS. RKUCKNIEPER’S patent Gas Regulator! f^XCLUSIVE Ag ncy for the sale of the Reg J ulator iu Portland'No. 102 middle street, up stairs. Edwnra Shaw aole Agent This nt w article for public favor wiil save 80 percent, to the consum er o-er any gas burner now in use; 26,000 have b. eu sold iu Ne>v h,ugland since January las . This is not a regulator to be affixed to the rnetor, all fuch have failed, but is attached immediately under each burn er tip, and u a part of, and an ornament to, the gas fixture itself. The particular whiter e*s and steadi ness of the light produced —because of tha exact proper combustion—astonishes all who have seen it, while the positive fact of obtaining the improveI Itynt at a reduced expense need only be investigated at this office to ensure the confidence ot the most skeptical. The reg ilatois a perfect "tell tale" on the exact amount of gas used No pressure attained by the Gas Company aflWt* it disadvantageous/ in the least; Gas Companies all recommend it because it gives entire satis lac- on to consumers, hence their number uf uousum r* are increased. Retail price 80 cent- each. Toe article will be adjusted for con sume,s immediately inquiring but a few moments time) and if not suited will be taken ofl free of ex pense. EDW ARD S1IAW, 102 Middle Street, up stairs. We have this day appointed Edward Shaw solo vender and u^eut lor Riockskper’s Patent Regula tor in Portland; all orders lor tin* goods mu-Tt be made through him. HULL & QOODELL. lb-low we give certificates of the high estimation of the Regulator iu other place* where it is now in use. DovKa. July 18, D64. .\fesir*. Hull if dootlell:—The Directors of the Dove- Gas Light Corny any, utter a full aud thorough exa-.uina ion and test of "Brocksieper Gas Regula tor," have ordered me to purchase one h«nar<d dollars worlh ef the same, which I have this day done, and hav- also rect i ed fur said company the* exclusive agency for - aid goods in aud for the city of Dover. Yours, truly, JoNAfc D. TOWNSEND, Sup. Dover Gas Lt. Co. Certificate from the gas fitter of the Mills, etc., at Lowell, 31 ass. Lowell, 3las*.. July 11, 1864. Messrs. IIUl if iloodell:—An experience of many jears in the ga* titling business has often suggested to nre the great value of au improvement whereby the |»rt s*»ure of gas might be regulated at the poiu» of consumption. Mauy and fruitle-s attempts have fro n time to time teen mad.* to place regulators at the meter. Experience has shown that all such at tempts hav-proved failures 1 have also soou aud used iu mv bu-incs* nearly all the so-called improve ments in burners, wheriiu that which you have ac compdshtd has been attempted, but always failed. After a careful examination and a thorough test of your Gas Rcgu'a’ors—which art* attached immedi ately under each burner hs a part of the gas fixture— 1 am fully convinced t ft at your improvement i, a de cided success, the light is improved in brightness and in i s illuminating power, while the expense sa eu to 4l|e consumer is fill 30 pcrceut. The combustion is perfect, t euce the mproveinent must be adopted as a matter of economy as well as Iho luxury of a good and-teady light. 1 cheerfully recommend it to the trade aud to a'l consumers -»/ gas Yours, Ac., U R. BARKER. jy2$ dtf Gas fitter. 8 Central Street. GRAHTS COFFEE* SPICK MILLS. OHIO INAL ES T.i BUSHMEN T. J. GKR1ST T , Wtfoles&le Dealer in all kindsef COFFEE, SPICES, Salairalus A ( rt uiu Tartar, A'eic Cojf'ee and Spice Mills, 13 and 16 Cnion street, Portland, Me. Coffee and Spices put up for the trade, with any address, iu all variety ot psekages, and warrant! d aa represented. Coffee roasted and ground for the trade at short notice. OT* All gi ods entrusted a t the owner's ri*k. march lOdtf joiih GAS FITTER, —AMI'— Dealer in Quh Fixtures, Ami Gaa Ac Kerosene Cooking Apparatus. The public are invited to examine and test these cow invention*, which are highly recommended for summer use NO 55 UNION STREET. Portland. June 14.—eod.'iin IV©w SSteam 31 ill, Foot ol Cross, between Fore A Commercial St*, WINSLOW, "DOTEN & CO.. WOULD inform their former customers and the XT pub ic general v. that they have litt d up their New Mill with New Machinery, and are now ready to do finning. Mitching and Jointing, also Sweep and Circular Sawirnr. IT od Timing, 4v. Wo have in operation one of Ste**rs. (iray k Wood s » w improved Plan, r$. lor PLANING Ol T OF WIND. It will plane with the greatest accuracy from J iueh iu thickness to 12 inches square. Also AN EDO Ell FI F l Y FMKT LONG, For sawing heavy plank aud edging boards. Particular attention given to planing Ship Knees. Clapboard*, Hud heavy Timber. For the accommodation ot dealers and others hav ing large lot- of boards to plane. He have in counec tioti with the mill 17,000 t«|uare Teel of yard room, jyl todtt OFFICE OK THE ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, NSW YORK. JANUARY 26, \SA. milK Trustees, in conformity to the Charter o' the A Company, suomit the following statement ot its atliirs on the 81*t I>» cetnbir, ^>3: Premium* received on Mariue Risks, from 1st January, 1863, to 31st De cember, 18*53, £3,214,398 93 Pr mium* on Policies not marked off 1st January, 1%3, 1,706 f02 24 Total amount of Marine Premium*. £10,605,001 1“ No l*oiIcii* have been issued upon Life Risks; nor upon Fire Risk* discon nect* d with .Marine Risks. Premium- marked off from 1st Jan., 1868, to 31st December, 18^3, £7,597.066 56 Losses paid during the same period, 8.806.651 04 Returns ol Premiums aud Kxpeuscs, 1.062,967 48 The Company ha* the following Assets, viz: Unit d State*and Mat of New York 6toe*,City. Bank an l other Stocks, $3,492 031 30 Loan* secured by Mocks, and'>tberwi*«. 1,450,700 00 Rea1 Kstateand Bonds aud Mortgages, 193,760 00 Dividends on Mocks,Interest on Bonds and Mortgage- ana other Loaus.tun dry Notes, re i .surat,ce and other claim* due the Comp y , estimated at 104.964 51 Premium Not* * aud Bills Receivable, 3,27*,676 63 Cash in Bank, 744 813 88 Total amount oT Assets, £9.266 456 32 Six per ceut Interest on the outstau ing certifi cate* oi profit* will b • paid to the holders thereof, or their legal representatives, on and alter Tuesday, the Second of February rest. Alter reserving i Dree ana um nan Minion uoiiars of profit*, the outstanding certificates of the issue of 1H63, w 11 bo redeemed and paid to the holdei* there ot. or their legal representative a. on and alter Tues day, the Second of February next. Iroxn which date all internet thereon will ccare 1 ho certificate* to bo produced at the time of payment, ana cancelled A Dividend of Forty Per Cent, is declared ou the net earned premium* of the Corn; any. lor the year eiidiuglil't December, lSfit, for which certificates will be issued, ou aud after Tue day, the Filth of April uext. The Profit* of the Company,ascertained From the 1st of the 1st of Jau . 1863. for which Certificates were issued, amount to 914,33?,S80 Additional from 1st Jan., 1863. to 1st January, 1*04, 2.830 000 Total profits for 2U rr*rv. 910,»68,880 Ih«* Certificates previous to 1 uJ, have been redeemed by call, 11,690,21# Net earuiugs remaining with the Com pany. ou 1st Jauuary. lho!, 93.263,670 By order of the B-'ard, \V. TOWNSEND JONES, Secretary. T K IT STE E S . John l>. Jones, David Lane, Charlea Dennis, James Bry.e, W. II Li. Moore. W m. Sturgis, jr., Tbos. Tileston, H.K.Bogert, Henry Coit, A. A. Low, W.C. l'ickt rsgill, Wtu. K. Dodge, I-cW'isCurtis, Deuuis Perkins, Chas. il. KiHsell, J »s. Gaillard, jr., Low 11 Holbrook, J Henry Burgv, P. A. Hurgous, Cornelius Griuuell K. W Weston, C. A. llaud, Koval Pbelp , Watts Sherman, Caleb Barstour, K. fc. Morgan, A P. Pillot. 15. J. Howland, Leroy M. Willey, l>uj. Babcock. Dame' S. Miller, Fletcher Weatray, 8. T. Nicoll, K. B Minturu.jr., Jonb’aJ. Henry, i . W. Burnham. Geo. G. Hobson, l red. Chaunccy, James Low. JOHN 1) JONKS. President. CHARLES DENNIS. N ice President. W. II. H. MOORE,*4d Vice President. FET* Applications forward. >1 aud Ofkn Policies procured Dy JOHN W. WI NNER, Agent, No. 108 Fore street, head of Long Wharf, PORTL.i . D, MR. June 3.—w'JwAeodtojai.'Jt* Di?. Q, II. me II. SURGEON DENTIST, NO. 145 MIDDLE ST., PORTLAND, (Opposite foot of Free Street,) Having fitted up the above named room*, he would be happy to waitou all who may wish for the ser vice* of a skillful Dentist. Hciry branch of / e» tistry wi'l receive careful atteution, and perfect sat isfaction will be warrauted. jy28d3m To Let. ONE STORE in Gait’s Block. Apply to B. T. MACHIN, i apt? dtt BUSINESS CARDS. PAPER BOX MANUFACTORY. J. P. Libby, MANUFACTURER OF ‘ Paper Poxes, Ox every description, such as Shoe Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Druggist Boxes, Collar Boxes, Bhelf Boxes, ConetiologicaiBoxes, Powder Boxes, Card Cases, Cigar Boxes, fro. 141 Middle St., (Up Stair,) Portland, Me. juneldSm Dana & Co. Fisli and Salt, Luther Dana. ) POTtlilDtl, Woodbury Dana.' John A. S. Dana ) Jl ill IIP. __Juneldtf J. Smitli c*3 Oo., MANUFACTURERS OF Leather Belting, Card Clothing. 1-oont Straps, Belt Uithw Barks and Sides, l.BAT/IKIt TP'MMI.\U3, *<■., Hauson’s Plook, 144 ifliddla Bt„ Portland. Or at tho Card Clothing Manufactory, Lowijton. 11. M. Brewer, (juld3.-ni D. F. Noyes •FOB \ T. ROUEKM & CO., iJommlHHxoii Morcliants, AND WROLHALE DEALERS IN Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. 61 Commercial Street, John T. Rogers, I pomti *wi» mv {.tins. B. lingers. j 1 OKI LAND, ML. _ junelddin AVkolesale and lie tail. L. DAVIS, ItottkscMer, Statiancv, AND MANUFACTURER OF Premium Paged Account Books. PAPER IIAXUINCiS. No. 51 Exchange btre.t, Portland, Me. __ juneldtl CH AS. J. SCHUMACHER, Fi •esc© ami Kaiiiht Painter, No. l'l 1 NT itltlli? Street, PORTLAND, MB. Work executed in ©very part of the Hta»t Juneltf RUFU8 DUHHAM, Manufacture r and Wholesale Dealer in B RITANJNIA —AMD— Plated Ware, No. 218 Pore e?rert, Portland Maine. Portland, May 17th, 1864. may!7dtl BURGESS, F0BE8, & CO., MAVUPACTUUBB* OP Japan* White Lead, Zinc, Paint*, And Ground Color#, AMD DUALBBM IP -x Drugs Medicines, Pa nts, Oils & Varnishes. Paint ami Color Factory, So. 2a Munjoy at., OlHro L SnlrtreeutR 80 Commercial St., (Thomas Block.) IIknky II. Bubo***, panel i\I» Ilf I'll ABLER S. Foueh. HIMLCIP, mnylSdtf BLAKE, JOIEN A CO., FLOUR & GRAIN DEALERS, Auvl Re VITA of Western and C adiau Produce, 137 Commcrciai Street, ... Granite lilocb. i'harle* Blake. ) Henry A. Juuei,; POUT LAND. K. W (.age. ) juneTdtf JOHN LYNCH & CO., YVYioYesuYe Growers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Granite Store*. - - - Commorc al street, (Opposite head Widgery Wharf.) John Lvneb, ) Pfcfc* Barker,} PORTLAND, MR. Thus Lynch ) janeldtf DOLE A nOOUl , Ot.VER.4L COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And Y\ bolesnle Dealeis in FLOUR. CjRNAND PRODUCE. No. 5 G&lt Block, Commercial St, Andrew T. Dole, I i*OKTI vvn \IF Fraukliu < Moody. I rOKli-AAO. nr.. jumldCm LAAE A LITTLE, WhoV^ale Dealer# in Foreign ami Domestic Dry Goods, AMD W oolous, No. IIS Mi.Ml.- Ktroet. A.u“;} rORTLAND. UK. JoneTdtf E. K. LEMONT, Carriage .Manufacturer, Preble Stieet. * - Portland, Be. t Sr'Carilagt-and Sleigh# on hand aud nuule to order. juuelSdtf V. F. KI1IBALL, NANUrACTCRER OF Carriages and Sleighs, PreLlf »t i’<*et, (*«M l*nblc U<hu«,> lUHTL. AND, ME. Sn/r lhums, 110 aitd 113 Sudbury St, Boston, Mass. juneltf Sales \ Sales \ \ FOB BALK AT JAME3 BAILEY & CO., Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealers, 162 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND,.MR. jyl8j3ut 63 Removal. 63 J. M. KNIGHT & SON, Coiniuistti o u Merchants, A nd dealer* lif Country Produce, have moved to No. 03 Commercial street. Portland. May 10th. 18«i4. maylOdtf Law Pnrlnei*!ii|>. HOWARD & CLEAVES. Attorneys A Counsellors at Law, Office 91 Middle St.,over Cairo Bank, PORTLAND, MR. JOSEPH HOWARD. NATHAN ( LKA VKB. jylSdi w3m To Carpenters and the Public! A NEW ARTICLE. \V hiliuure** K'ntnii tiliiid IVtmrarr and Handle* ( mukiard. BClNii a thoroughly i ffec’irT taateniug, an«l a handsome, convenient handle,and as tin y can not bo opened from the ouls de. arc solar, protec tion against thieve#; its use preventing the dirtying of hand- or breaking of finger nails iu opening or closing blinds. They are Japaund green, and can be put on old or newMinds by auv person n five raiuutes. Forsaigby all Hardware men. Whole falo Depot 15 Winter street, Iiosto > ii. D. WH1TMOHK Stored Whitney Brothers. Junelwira Farm for Naif. Pleasantly situati d in Wirdham.on 7*"Y tho road h adiug from liray tol.or -a-5 ham containing fifty acres, suita bly divided iuto tillage, pasture _ _ £ aud wood'and. Tho baildiugs are a good story aud a half house with convenient out buildings Term*easy. For farther particulars ap ply to, A.U. PUBINOTOM, i augS w4w* Fast Windaam. BUSINESS CARDS. BRA DLLY • MOULTON k ROGERS Wholuali Dealers im Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, 'Ibemaa Block, ROBERT BPA LET, , e.M rocltcb, } PORTLAKD, MJC A. a. ROOERS. ) __ maj 3d If W. W. CAKK It (XX, Having taken the Fruit Store forauriy oecapteu l O. SAWYER. No. !i Exchange Street, Are prepared to ofTor to the trade a large and well eeleotod stock of Foreijrn and Domestic Fruit ! Wholesale and Retail yf*"***- Spruce Cum, £?-“«• J-unury ■’red, Caudle., ? l-rm.u s,,„p, H.uey. lltrou, Nui». all kinrtA, Outre. 0“vr,, K, T.Jie., Hardiuee, t'laurn. Fancy Caudle, af ull drarrlpil... ootii dtf IRA WIHN, Agent, No. 11 Union St., D prepxrfd to furnish STEAM ENGINES and BOILERS, of varioas «ixe* and patterna. Stab fipe icd faiir*, Kill 6e»riaa, Sfcaftiag, rilitji.ii. Liuot UoUpe Work of all descriptive., and all ' kind, of work required In buldinf . h'ORTi VIOATIOBP. I rod Stairs and other Archi tenure 1 Work. ilonaw. Stores, and other building*, fitted with (aa. and Steam in the beat manner. fn connection with the above la an Iron Foandry, will) a large assortment o.'Patterns, to which the attention of Machinist*, Millwrights,and Ship-Butlf. err la invited—and ail kind* ol Cnaticge furnished nt short notice. t»“Order? for Mnohiae Jobbing. Patterns ana Forgings, promptly executed. ocFdtf SilNCiB R^S SEWING MACHINES 1 WOODMAN, TBIIE * CO.. AGENTS, Noe. 5« and 56 .... . Middle street. Needle* and Trine miaginl ways on head, mohlstf A C4BD. DR. S. C. FERNALD. DENTIST, No. 176 Midtll Street, kamaaon.Dr* Baoob and hiaaui, Portland, May 16,1S63. tf Dr. J. H. UEALD HAVING dlspo*ed of his entire interest In his Of&ce to Dr. 8. C FERN ADD. wonld cheerfully rcoccmmend him to hi* former patient* and the pnb tie. Dr. PnaBALD, from long experience, la prepar ed to Insert Artificial Teeth on the,,Vnlenulu Base," and al’ other method, known to the profession. Portland. May '16. l«fi tf WOOD AM) COAL CHEAP FOK CASH ! \ _ Sl’ttINU MOUNTAIN. LKailiU. I1KZILTOK. SUMAK LOAF. OLD COMPANY I.KUIOIl. LO CUS I MOUNTAIN JOHN ,. DIAMOND, WFBS TERttid BLACK UK AT II. Thine Coale are of the rcry belt quality, well icreened and picked, and war rant ud to give lati.fkc ion. Alao tor aalo beat of HARD AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part or the city. Office CowwaaoiAL St., bead of Franklin Whirl. 8. ROUNDS A SON. feblSilly WARREN’S ItTIFORVED FIRK AND WAT KR-PROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -AND Gravel Hoofing FOR FLAT ROOFS. K. HER8BY. Agent, jauM dtf No. 16 Unioa Street. ALBERT WEBB A(O, Corn, Flour and Grain, HKAD OK MFKUILL’S WHARF. I'awaitnlal St Feet. - - PaFtlaad, Me. _|_hlf EDWARD H. BURGUt, WHOLESALE DKALEB IN Corn, Meal and Flour, Also. Ground Bock 8alt. CoiuiuiMMioii .Merchant FOB ri’ECHASK AND PAL* OP Harley, Rye and Oats. cr-> ura loaded with Curuiu balk free of charge. MuipIioii.f No. rio ( omnrii'isl Sltttl, And City Mill*. Doerlug Bridge. JuneleodSm JOHN F. ANDEKSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODMAN BLOCK, mctii: iJAwtr TawrLX BraaaT. \vH Jl V IlN, -rot m> it JAMES T. PATTEN & CO., UutSa. Me. >1/ T HOLTS Naporu'r HleaciiMi i -M) do All Lug tet -Gor- Wort(| eminent contract, . _k. .k 500 do Extra All Long flax *rt>roai*. 300 do Nary Fine J Delivered in or Boston. Hath. Anri’** 1%*3 arlldtf REMOV jLlTT UK. NEWTON HAS removed his redid* nee to NTo. 37 Middy Htroet, comer of Franklin street. Office as heretofore. Mo. 115 Krrh-tnve STfree/, in Nolle# IBook, ap stairs. OtLoe hour* from 9 to 10 A. M., from 2 to 3, and from 8 to 9 o’olock P. M. Dr. N. will coatisne, in connection with geaemJ practice, to give special attention to DISK A sM9 Of WKMAlxf on* \dtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, PLIT3IBER! MAKER OF Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 1*1 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND, UK. Warm, C old and Shower Hath*, Wash Howls, tlra»*4r Silver Plated Cock»9 EJlVJgRY description of Water Fixtures for Dwsl j ling Houses. Hotels. Public Building*, bbops. St* . arranged sod sot up in the best manner, sod sll orders in town or couutry faithfu’lv executed. AIJ 1 kiuds of lobbing promptly attended to Constant'? on hand LEAD PlPKif. SHEET LEAD and HFF.fe PUMPS of all descriptions. ap9dtf J. T. Lewis & Co., Manufacturer* and Wholesale Dealets in READY-MADE CLOTHING, AND FURNISHING GOODS, Ck'Uubers ■ - - See. 1 ami 3 Free Street Sleek, (Over H. J. Libby A Co.,) J 1' LewU. PORTLAND, UK. jylldff The Cheapest Agency FiU collecting all classes of claims arising from the war i« that ot the “MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION” in which the expenses are controlled by a disinter ested Executive Committee. n»A«n» ■ Apply in penoD, or by lrtt.r to GEORGE F. EMERY, ovirtb* ^urltand P<*« 0«c», M atory. d.vly HOTELS. MOUNT ZIBCON HOlnE, ▲T TBS Celebrated Mt Zircon Mineral Spring. Milton Plantation, Mt , ^ 11* hqjnt opened to the public, and no paisa Uwill be spared tuis s. aeon to meet the waste *ud rt-nuer pleasant aad interesting taa stay of guests. And also ae usual, j ..m board cheaper than may other auaatr u?.“~ •“ *« hu.iaud. el UT*P*'P,1*> Complaint, Cray ‘“ h: « odder, and otter. .Imila*, I war raut . cure by the m. of tbe water, bmendid - ewK,K^BIVllVllor, di,“" or lour ml.ea l.nd lid'? Kl '*’ '"«•« *» »•* Lae a'b.D* ,luurr £•"*»*«• to Oood Treat bad. ft tbe Ho“ lift .5^4, «* er than tc aa, other Muu.ti?“oSft l£3T«£Tb Er4r^‘ ho4m— »'«- <&3« Poet Office addle,., Mt Zircon Me Mr Zircon. Ig' Nca-Mide Mouse. HASPS WELL NECK. C A S C 0_ BAY. Thi. elegant nod commodioa. My tel, .itn.ted on tbe extremity <M ,_ Harp.we.1 Keck, about ball a mil* JtkMSjTjg mow the well-known Manaiea KBrSMMB. Uou.0, hnejn.t boon nomploted niter the uwigie, ei ti. M. Ilxauixo. Eq., Ambtteot. tad uniler bi. .upcrlnteudence, aad wOl be open for company »■* after the Fearlk ef Joly. The tiuoM I. tbe largoel c..abii*bment, oon.treel ed npnwl) for the pitrpoae of n Hotel,. t nay Wat ering Place on tbe ooa.1 ot Maine. It militated la tneoeati. oi a den,e grove ol old treM, with ary nne. and viataa opening to the water, of th. May. but afew yard, dlataat oa either Mde. 'Orr unded by the mb, and abundantly monied by trees, the Mouse ^** i upsoloia and bws* tiful verandah, extend iug o. er thi we hundred xixt thirty «eet on three «id.» or the building, with wMt and tuoroogbly ven bated ha,.- nod eorndorain tbe interior, so that visitors emu enjoy the most eemnia.n protection irom the summer beat. Tbe steamboat whari and boat landings are on the west ride, bat a tew s«epafrom tbe lloa-u. a&t»ie facilities are at band for boating anu Ashing. On the east side is a tine gravel be-ch. wbeie the luxurv of sca-ba bing can be enjojed at ail times ot tbe tide. At a short distanoe on the northeast, acroae k a arm of the sea is Urr's Island, celeb* ated by Mrs beach er Stowe’s well known novel. The g«a Side Mouse is accessible by land Irom Brunswiek, fifteen miles distant, by one oi the finest diivesintbo State, end by daily steamboat from l*oi Hand through the inside passages among the islands of the Bay. Vi.ltorv coming from the Kennebec aad other part, of tbe iatert- *. o.o l< ave tbe railroad at Brua wick, and truce, d by atige to Uxrp.well. or com in ue to Portland anu tube tbe ateamar, which roue down nod back t»i.e a day. 4 f JOHN T. SMITH, Proprietor. BRADLEY'8 HOTEL, Amerlraa and European Plaao, Cor. of Gommereiw] 4 India Sta. Tbl. Hoate In >i anted diraatty oppoelte the Grand Trank Hnl.roa > Depot, ana bead ot Boeton and Portland oteamen Wharf. 1 Connected with thi. Houae la n Brat elan ,w,ail.e.r tad Dining Hall. “milk BBADLLV, Sr., k CO.. Proprietore. J. Bradley. Jr. P. U. Bradley. ___Jaaeldddm _ Atlantic House, 8CARBORO' BfiACii. THIS Hoose having bean enlarged and refitted throughout will open for the sem ,i*on on J_| Monday, June 13, 1804, W » » , , X GUKM1SOM. s PoHtlrely eloeed on tbe Babbaih to all transient visitor*. Junell BAY VIEW HOUSE, CAMDEN. mi The SubKritwra taka plaaaara la aa nouacio, tolbalr friend, and all intaraatad dadiu, a Ural r ias. Ma-aida Uotal accom lASBJI ifloditio&s.tiiit their new and spscious Ho* to. widi be op nearly in June. It coo tains ali the mod* ern improvements and every convenience lor the comfort end accommodation ol the travelling r mb •io. It is finely located, conn*' ding an unrivalled view of the Penobscot Bay. The advantage* of see bntbiug and the facilities for fishing aad boating, are uusurpaasod. For its beautilni scenery nudoe* lightiul drives and walks, Camden is ahead? favor abi known as one of the mo«t eligible and delight fal watering places in New England. Connected with the Hotel is a fine Liver? B table, hems and cariiages having been selected with great care. The carriages are Iron the best establishments ia the couuti y. and on the most approved style* h leans boat lanuingseasy of access: steamers Trashingst ery dav in the week. telegraph cc mm unicat Ion ail parts of tbe country Those wishing le se cure good room* will do weh tospply soon, ns man? are ai read? engsg. d CCbHfM. * JOHNSTON. Proprietors. (. amden. June 2, IMF—dtf Pleiasant kubaibau Hraort. CAPISIcllOU8Ef WEST BROOK. This elegant suburban Watering Plane, inhaled upon a pleasant eminnnoe near Ca ».uic l oad. but if miles from Portland, hav ing bean placed in the amt ample order by i-Uhe subscriber, he moat reepectlnll? soliclu tne alientioa of the public, and cordially Invitee a call from his old friends. the house is pleasant, retired an< quiet The taruitnre ana fUrn:*h»ng» are nil new, and tberoome • cusy and slghUy The tables are supplied with all the delacacic? us wea as the sub*taaiials 01 the sea *?n» •rtT,p‘' »l our of tho very best cooks ia Me* England have been secured. Extensive shed- and a fine -table with roomy stalle are among the Convenience* of the •‘-tabilshment A nice Bathiug House sulf? lent for the accom mo dation of seva-ialbathf-M ha« been erected with steps projectingiuto ten leet of water, and the whole se» cartd from <»b*ervat>on by a Hosting screen. Blocking Arbors grace the banks ot the Pend and Invite the inUuigeucu ol ihe lounger. Hoping fwr a share of the public patronage the eh arraigned proraists to spare no effort for the ea er tainmentof his gnests. UEU W. IflUBCU. W est brook. May 21. 1864. max 21 dtf HALLOWELL HOUSE R E O PENE DI NEW FURRITTJRE ft FIXTURES I 8.0. DENNIS, Proprietor. Of fh« pabUe an ipociallr Ialbrmad that tha «m»ciob!>. convenient aad well known HiUowau Hocob. la tha oentar of Uallewall. two mflea horn *»»«.», aad loar mi'M (Tom Tocaa Spring. haa been!, aad I. op«a for tka raaaptioa at company aad paramount hoarder.. t*ery attention will bo (Iran to tha comfort at STABLING, and all the osaal conveniens** »t a pop alar total, are amply provided. Hallow-el . Fob. 1 1M4. taebX eodtf THE 19EHICAH HOl'SB, Hanover Street .... loetoa, “IS— The Largest and Beat Arranged Hetal IN MEW ENGLAND. LBW1H RI rV Proprietor. saMly M. PEARSON. Silver Plater, ▲ HD UAHUFA< TCRBB OF SILVER WARE, 93» Casper >j St , Opp. (hurt Home. Portland. Jit. XW~ VII kind, of IFrvrr, ,uch Ok Kalraa. Forks, NpHioe. Cake Baekata, Castor., a«„ piatad la tba tol m.oner Arm, Repair tap and K<-nn,thing Old S.lrtr H art. aa*«d«m Maine Central R&ilioad Compy. TKEASIBEB* OFFICE. I Watervllla, As* 17. 1*41. f SlmiDe Centra] Ralroatl Compsnv will pmy 1 th*ir l uupocsat the Font National Bank, ton land, from this dais , J. m, Troonrot. | Auf. Is—dim tsforftf W. IHaBMit, GOLD & SILVER PLATER, 74 Kiddle Street, Portland, Me. A .bare of patrons*, raspctfnlly solleltad agd •stitfaoiion giren Orders from th# oouMtrr promptly atteadtd to. Vddre-r. ‘.torft W. Maasoa. 1% Mlddls strsat Boom No K>. up «tairs. Fortlsnd. Ms. jiu. 14—d3ie _ A. & S. SHUByLEFF A CO., .nos. M A *6 RIDDLE STREET, PO BTLAND, Manufacturer, and Dealer, la Men’* Boy*’ and Youth’* Thick, Kip and Calf Boot*, Wotuon’i Misses and Children’s Ooat. Kid and Calf Balmorals, Bubbers. Shoo blook. Findings, to. \\TITH oar sapertor Ikctlltlee for msnuibctnriap, VV sndalarae experience in the betinrse. we we are able te tell as low as In Boston or slaewbern. Healers are rsspeotlbUy Invited to oall sad an aatlaeoarstook bsfbre perebastag. Reorders by mall promptly attended to. rtlaud, April U, UN. dha

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