Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 29, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 29, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PR SS. VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, MONDAY MORNING, AUGUST 29, 1864. WHOLE NO 668 PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, /OHM T. OILMAN, Editor. published at No. 82| EXCHANGE STREET, b» H. A . F O 8 T r. K A CO' Tra l*oaTiA»D Daily ra««*I» published*! **.00 per year. Ihi MmkeStjti PBE68is publishedevery 1 burs da\ ri.06 per in advance; *2.25 If l aid within »ix months; ani *2.6«»(|f payment he delayed beyond the year. Iiat«8 of AdvBrtieing: One inch ol space in length of column, constitute? a “8viuar*.m • 1.60 per square daily first week; 7i cent* per week alter; three insertions or lees, 111.00; continuing eve ry other day after first week, 60 cents. Half square, three insertions or loss 76 cents; one week, •1.00; 60 cents per week after. Under head of Axobemextb, *2.00 porsquare per we<k; three insertions or lees, •1,60. Special Notk *8, £1.76 per square first week, •1,01 i*er square after; three insertion* or less,91.26; ball a square, throe Insertions, £1.00; one week, •1.26. Advertisement? inaertod in the Maine 8tat* Peebk (which has a large circulation in every part ol the SUte > for 60 cents p r square in addition to the above rates, lor eaoh insertion. Legal Notice* at usual rates. Transient advvrtitement> must he paid for in ad vance BU8IXC88 Notices, in reading columns, 12 cent? per line for one insertion. No onarge los* than fifty cents lor each insertion. fcgr AUoumiuumeatioDs intended for the paper should be directed to the "/editor qfthe Press, ' and Ibowr of a basinet* ohr.racterto the PuUishrrs. KJP*Jof i>Ei*rriE« oi every description « xeouted With dispatch. F. Tracy, Travclim: Agent. M.ndav Morning, August 29, 1864. Foreign Missionaries to our Soldiers. The following spirited and patriotic address from the American Missionaries in Tuikey to the soidiers who are lighting to uphold Free dom and the Union on this continent, is worthy of careful perusal: Constantinople, June 20,1804. At a meeting of American citizens held in the hall of lfobert College, in Bi-bek. on the Bosphorns, near Constantinople, the following resolution was passed, aud the faculty of the college were appointed a committee to ac company it with a letter addressed to our wounded and luvalid soldiers in the hospitals of the l’otomac army and elsewhere. Resolved. That as American citiieux. having the deep est iuterest in the honor aud welfare of our country, ms uieu aud < hrutians j*y mpathhdng with the oppressed and enslaved us patriots bound l*y the sacred claim* of duty to every sacrifice which our country dt-maud.*, hav ing cheerfuLy given some at our beloved assodecs, ton* and brotuen to the «laugcr* and toil-ol this terrible, but holy mar. and to dcatn in the hospital and in battle, we 6*1 compelled to olfer the expression of our cordial ?} mpathy to the brave aud sufliriu* soldiers ol the ann> and navy hospitals, and to as*urv them of our coolant prayer to Go t that he may comfort eustaiu a.d rwtorc them, and richiv upward their sacrifices and puttering*, in a laud delivered from the *iu, the curse aud the die grace of slavery, from the domination of the slave lord*, aud restored to truth, justice, merry, and to God. The undersigned, in communicating this expression of the leeli gs of American citi zens in this dark and distaut empire of Tur key, wish to speak, if possible, a word of cheer and cotnlort to the sick aud wounded Tue gentlemen who passed the above reso lution are missionaries of ditferent denomina tions, ageuts of Bible societies, and profes sors in American educational institutions in Turkey. From oar foreign post of observa tion, we are able to estimate your sullerings aud trials to some extent as future history Will estimate them. 'Tire cause in which you have fought and bled is the cause of Ireedom, good govern ment aud. national existence, and these in volve in various ways all the most precious interests of our existence on earth. Tue cause ayaiiul w hich you light is the organized despotism of slavery, the most ac cursed despotism that was ever established on earth. Your enemy, by his malignant aud cruel treatment of prisoners, his savage bar barities and brutal massacres, has fully justi fied all that has ever been said or writteu of the moral degradation and corruption w hich slavery induces upon the masters themselves. The Sepoys of India, in the late British re bellion, were a civilized foa compared wtlh the "Southern Chivalry.” European sentiment has done you loul in justice and wrong. The most influential or gaus of the press have uniformly advocated the interim of your savage foe, have con ceaied his defeats, extolled his victories, been Bilent at his revolting baibaiities, ignored the moral issues of the conflict,defamed your prowess and valor, and held you up to the world as a bloody, mercenary aud cowardly crew. History will inflict due penalties up ou these base aud seltisii traitors to freedom. You Lave met, too, w ith disasters, delays, and discouragements enough to dishearten any but "heart* of oak.” in the midst of all this, your forbearance, loyuity, and courage have been unshaken, aud with your brelhetrn in arms you have been steadily achieving the salvation of your coun try. Our land was pluuged into fearful guilt ire fore God, and without the shedding of blood there could be no remission of its sin. And it is patriot blood alouc that can purify the land. It is not tbe blood of rebels slain, but the blood of our fathers, brothers, and sons, of the best and noblest hearts ol the land, the shedding of which God will sanctify and bless to our redemption from the manifold curses aud degrading influences of Southern slavery. The corruptions hud worked deep into our land. The South had ••tilled up the measure of her iniquities,” had become a “vessel of wrath titled for destruction,” and iu the ar rangement* of Divine justice the things which belonged to her peace were hid forever from her eyes. It is thus that God leaches nations to he just. Tim Vnrtll ulan maa ca doanln the guilt aud corruption that, to this day even she dentes to the black man some olhis rights, and thus straugely refuses to hear the veice of God, which sounds like the thunders of Siua over the world, denouncing woe to all inju^t ice. But we rejoice iu the Arm belief that God has not abandoned us. Your own achieve meuts show us tbst he has not. To our dis tant view, the most glorious result hitherto attained is the wonderful change iu public sentiment iu regard to slavery aud the rights of the blacks. We earnestly pray that that righteousness which exaiteth a nation may guide our future course, aud make our land the friend and protector of the oppressed. A grateful country will then remember your noble deeds, your calm aud heroic endur ance, and your loyal service. We pray God to grant you a firm conviction of this, so that you may now enjoy your coming reward by laitb. Should you return to the battle-held, may lie protect you. and speedily give you tbe final victory. To those or you who are to bear the scars of a glorius warlare, we would say, as you have done nobly, to sutler cheer fully. If you can do this heartily, for the sake of God, and truth, aud your fatherland great shall lie your reward. The present age will not fully comprehend the greatness and goodness of jour cause, but history will do you justice, aud for the present you can atford to despise the criticisms that are blinded by inter, st and passion, knowing that God aud ail good men are with you, and all the abettors and defenders of slavery shall he cov ered w ith shame and everlasting disgrace. Cvki'h U am ui.\, . faculty vf the Gko, A. I'l naiNs, Hubert Cullcje vf U. A N-UAiTti.t-.xi, \ < 'onutantinopU. Catching a Lobster. Iu Bobert Carter’s "Summer Cruise on the Coast of New Eugland,” a capital summer book, we find the followiug about lobster fish ing: While fishing for cuuuers, I had observed several lobsters prowling about, hacking iu aud out from the sea-weed, and scattering tile cunuers by their approach. Two or three smalt tlouuders had also made their appear ance, sliding along on the bottom, taking my bail wilb their usual stupid greediness, aud getting caught accordingly. The prolei-or cut a piece iroui one of these, and lasteued both Uie hooks of his line in it and. dropped it over the side of the dory. It was iustant ly surrounded by a crowd of dinners. By gently jerking the line up and down, he kept these Horn stealing the bait, aud iu a few minutes a lobster darted out of tbe sea weed, aud, rushing among the crowd, as i to see what was goiug on, put them to liighl1 lie did not seem to notice the bait himsels but the professor, following up his movement, dropped the tempting morsel iu front of hh claws. Presently he seized It with avidity and conveyed it to his mouth. The professoi let him have it for a minute until his claw! wete semewhat eutaugl. d in the line, ant then, with great caution, slowly aud gently pulled him up till his horns or feelers appear #d above the water. Seizing these, tbe pro feasor drew the lobster into the boat. The iustant tbe creaturs felt his touch, it diseu gaged itself from the line. “ f Im hook is ol no use,’’ remarked the pro fessor. “I have caught them this wav with merely a piece of Halt tied to the end of a suing. All that is needed is quickness apd caution. The lobster will let you draw him to the surface, it you do it quietly, so as not to alarm him, but ii he is frightened in the least,he is off like a Hash. Y'uu must grab him tbe instant his horns are out of the water.” I bailed my liue with a piece of flounder, and watched lor a long time in vain. But one lobster showed himself, a small one, which the professor caught. I was nearly out ol pa tience, when ihe prolessor, who was watching Ids liue on the opposite side of the boat, said : “Here is the fatherof the family, probably just w aked up Iroin an after-dinner nap. He is under the boat. Hook out for him. I shall leave him for you.” The hani-slu II gentleman thus designated soon appeared on uiy side of the dory. He was truly a large one, and hidoeus to look at. For a good while he would pay no attention to my bait, but amused himself with chasing the dinners, who sculled out of his way with an alacrity that indicated no small degree of terror. At length 1 contrived to attract his notice by dropping my sinker on his bead. He seized tiie bait promptly, with a sort of eluinsy w ratb, and conveyed it to his tnoulb. 1 pulled him up gently an iuch or two at a time, till his horns were within my reach. “Grab him!” said the professor, who had watched the proceedings anxiously, i It was easier said than done. I put out my hands to take him by the horns, hut with so much leluuctanco to run theiiskot an en counter with his formidable claws that, before 1 had secured him, lie let go the line and sank ’to the bottom. Bah I exclaimed the professor, “you have lost him. Was that cowardice, or only clum siness ?” ■ "A little of Itolh,” I replied, “but you must recollect that I am not accustomed to handle lobsters, whereas you have been intimate with the crali tribe ever since you were out of your cradle.” 1 tried again, aud being less nervous, suc ceeded in getting tbe big lobster to tbe sur face and lining him into the boat. Wo caught three more, aud concluded we had enough for all reasonable wants. Enlistments in the Navy. The Augusta correspondent of tbe Bangor Whig learns from Senator Morrill, who has been to Washington to ascertain the status of Maine in Navy affairs, that all restrictions up on naval enlistments are to be removed. We gather from his letter the following particulars as matters of public interest: “A ship of war is and will be in 1'ortland Uai bor with a mustering officer on board, pre pared to receive until the tilth ol next mouth, all grades of men ior the navy that pass a salismctory medical and surgical examina tion. miuuia uuuer years oi age aim loreign *r», uot being liable to enrolment ami draft, will uot be credited lor naval enlistments ns ruluiUeem upon the quoins ol cities aud tonus, but such will be received as substitutes for enrolled uten, aud if all tbe enrolled men in any locality procure substitutes even from these classes, the quotas of Uteir towns will soon lie lilled. No United States government bounty i» paid lor natal enlistments,as the prize money obtained generally tar exceeds the most liberal bounties yet oflered. The State bounty is *100 for one year's enlistment, fciuo for two yea-s, ?3l)0 for three yeats. Municipal authorities, or their agents, shoo'd accompany candidates for enlistments in the navy, to Portland, and remain with them until they are examined, accepted and mn-tered into the l nited States service, and descriptive lists and receipts given for tbeut by the commanding oflicer of the ship, one of each for the Adjutant General of the State, to enable the payment of the State bounty, aud one of each lor tbe Provo t Marshal's records, to enable him to lie credited to the proper quota. Coparincrship Notice, -AUD — BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT rilHK subscribers having on the 7th day of May A formed a copartnership under the name of Mel.artlw ^ Berry, For the purpoeo of carrying on the BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS In all it* tranche*, and having all the facilities for gif in* up nr.t class work for geutlemenand lad'es, wear, are now ready to execute all order* with ueat ue*s and oi*r,atch. Our work will he made of the boet ol imported stock, by (behest of workmen, and warranted to give penect (atiffacticn. it la our aim that iur word aball not be second to any iu the Unit, ed state*. We have also completed a stock of reade-mxdv work ol the first quality, lor Iiadiea, Gentlemen, and Children’* Wei selected from Flow York aud Boston markets Our Ladies’ work i» from the celebrated Burn ilanujactory o! Fiew York. For Genthmeu’* wear we bavothe best assortment ever oflered for sale in this city , s*ch a* fine French latent Leather Boots; Glove (alt and (alf (di gress for gentlemen’s wear; Patent Leather ( on gross, aud ( all Congress Balmoral, and lew French Buckle Boot*. o.U,‘oVoU,.*e<\n,the mw •‘y|® CRIMI'ED-FROHl RLb BUOl.uow made by McCarthy k Ber ry7 ,^or ueatnean, comlort and beauty, it Kurpa^ anything ever got up in tbi» city. ( all aud »ee it; samples always on baud *t tbe old stand of M Mc Carthy . McCarthy a herry, No. 90 IsK'huufe Street. Joneldtl lT. S. Ttarwiial'w Male. Uhitkd Statek 09 AMKIin i District op Maine,*§. j 1)UHSUAKT to a VAd; Expo: to mo directed from the Hon. Ashur Ware, Judge of the Unit ed Slate* District Court, within and tor the District of Maine. 1 shall expose and Sell at Public Vendue to the highest bidde.- therefor, the following proper ty and mere hand ze at the time and place w ithiu said District a* follow*, v**:— A t the Custom Hours Building, on Fore street in Portland, i n Monday the 6tk day Sent ember neut, a* ten o’ciacl, A. At.: Six Cabix of Brandt asd Iks tuoisasd Hoar* Three Barrel* Molakseh afd Two thousand Cigars. The same having been decreed forfeit to the Unit ed State* in the District Court for said District, aud ordered to be sold and the proceed* disposed of ac* cor.iirg to law. Dated at Portland thus 19th day of August A. D. 1864, CHARLES CLARK, U S. Marshal . Dist.tfMaine, ftuglddtd I . S. Tlar*lial% Notice. Ufited States or America, t District of Maine.**. J PURSUANT ro a Moniiiou from the Hon. Ashur Ware. Judge oftha United State* District Court, within aud lor the District of Maine, hereby give public tr tice that the following Libel ha* been filed iu Maid Court, viz:— A libel agaiaat One thirty-second part of T1IU Ship Joseph Ci.ark. and her o/ipurtrtianr, e, seized by the Collector o! the District of Bangor, ou th'» tenth day of October, 1862, at iiaugor iu said Dhtrict i ^.hlfh«,clzurv "** for 1 of the law * of the Ciiited State* as is more particularly set forth in >aid Libel: that a hearing and trial will be bad tin rt od at Hath, in .-aid District, ou the First Tars September next, where any persons inter?*! , fflaj appear and *Uow cause. If any cau be shown, w h- the same should not be'decreed forfeit and dL*p »ed ot according to law. Dated at Portland this twr. nty-sccond day of An gu-t, A. D. 1S64. i \. QUIN BY, ,w .... 18 Deputy Marshal, aug22dl4d Dist of Maine. For the hlandy. gy On aud alter June 13th the steamer t CAS1 ‘<> will until further notice leave Burnham * Wharf, for Peak's and Cushing’* Islands at 9 and 10.30 A. M., and 2 aud 3 80 P. M. Returning wii! leaveCa*hing’s Island at 9 49 and 11.16 A. M.. and 2 45 aud 6.15 I’ M Ticket*25couta, down and back; Children 16eta. June 9— dtf N O T_I C E PROVOST MARSHAL'S OFFICE, I First District, State• t'Maine, Portland. Augu-it lUh. 1864 > I NQUlRlhd on all ordinar> sublets connected with the enrolment, dratt, exemptions, liability to drait. credit* and account* of men furnished, should b< addressed to the Provost Marsha! of the Congressional Disfiict, and in case he is not able to an** it them he will ask iuformatiou of the Provost Mai Nal General of the Stale. Answers raa> be thus at cured more promptly than by addressing the Pro Marshal General at Washington, where more imuorant busiuesM o1ten prevent prompt answers to multitude ot inquiries now addresse' to the Bu reau on personal and other matters of minor cease qu*-ncc. lty Order or Mu!or J w. T. G ARDINKR. ,, . . CHARLES H. DOUGHTY, CapL and 1‘rovo.t Marshal 1st Datnct Maine. Aug. 13—d3m Board. °*n b® Meommodated at „,?.^f0rth ,tr*®Mwo door, above Brackett Apply eooB, |nr« MISCELLANEOUS. THE DAILY PRESS, CALORIC POWER JOB PRINTING OFFICE, ! N. A. FOSTER & CO., Proprietors, Fox Block, 82 1-2 Exchange St., PORTLAND. ME. Attention is resptVfully invited to our unrivalled > facilities for executing in THE REST STYLE OF THE ART, Every description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. Our Katablithment is tarnished with til the ap proved MODERN MACHINERY, And our collection of i Book and Fancy Types Will bear tfevorable comparison with any eetebliah ment in the city. Business and Professional Cards, |Of every variety, style and coat, PRINTED AT SHORTEST NOTICE. i Bill-Head* Rated and Cat in Ihe Neal e»t Manner. BLANKS AND BANK CHECKS,' Of every description executed in the heat style. Railroad, and other Corporation Work, done with promptness and fidelity. INSURANCE POLICIES, BILLS OF LADIBU, TIME TABLES, and all sorts ot LRUAL DOCUMENTS, at short notice. " a Straoii, Rtjiorts, ud til kinds »f ruiphld*. Put up in superior style. Broiut^l and Colored Labels For Apothecaries, Merchants, and Fancy Dealer* got up in the best style ot the art. "Weddinty C ards, Notes qf Inriiation, Visiting Cards, Lists qf Dan ces, etc., etc., qf every variety and cost, furnished at short notice. LARGE POSTERS, Ilnnrt-blll*. Miop-bill*, Progum men, Circulars And plain priuting of every description. Also, Buie and Figure work, executed neatly, and on termi- that cannot fail to satisfy. THE DAILY PRESS Priuting Ofl.c*- has one of Itoper' Improved Calorie , Engines for motive power, and is furnished with improved and oostly Presses—Cy Under and Platen— from the most celebrated makers. We have in con stant u?e one of HOE’S LARUE CYLINDER PRESSES, capable of throwing off 2500 Sheets an hour; one of Adam’s Power Presses—the best book press in the world; Adam s and Potter's Fast Machine Jolt Presses; Buggies’ superior Card Pres ; Adams’ and Union large Hand Presses, Standin* Fressos, and all the machinery necessary for a w ell appoint oil office. The Daily Press Job Office is believed to be as well furnished as any similar establishment in the State. Thoi-o sending order from the country may rely on receiving prompt attention. We execute all orders in the shortest possible time and in theneutest and best manner. We will do all kinds of printing as well and as promptly, and as cheap as auy other establiahment in the City, Coanty or State. All order* for Job Printing must be directed to the Daily Press Job Office, Ho. 82; K\change street, Portland. Me. The Job office ia uuder the persona! supervision of the seuior proprietor, who is the CITY PUINT KB, and is himself an experienced practical wora man, and employ<* only welbakilled mechanics in this department of his work. The Portland Daily Press, The largest daily paper east of boston, and having a larger circulation than all tbo other dailies in the city combined, is published at the Office in Fox block, 8V f-t? Exchange Street, every morn&ig— Sunday excepted, at $8,00 Per Anunm, From which 19 1-9per cent, is discounted for ADVANCE payments. Semi-annual and quarterly subscriptions pro reta. Less than three months, sixty cents per month, or IS cent* a week. Single COl'lXa S C»ENT8. %BT Newsdealer* supplied at the rate of two and one-third dollars per hundred. THE MAINE STATE PRESS, The largest piper in New England, eight pages, is published every Wednesday, containing all the news by mail a d telegraph, important reading matter. Marine List, Ma kit Reports, Ac , of the Daily the following prices, viz:— Single copy, sac yrnr, Invariably Ian ins re.92.00 Far «ik mouth*. 1.00 To club* of four or more all to the same post office, each. 1.7 5 To clubs of tea or more, all to the same post office, *50 And a free copy to the getter up of the club. Subscriptions solicited. Agents wanted in i vory town. Postmasters requested to act a» agents. N. A. FOSTER A. Co., Proprietor*. Portland June 1, 1804. dtf r\TEKY\TIOV%l, Fire Insurance Company 1 iif StM York, OJHc* 118 Broadway. CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. 1 WM. K. WARREN, PretMet t. HAMILTON HELVE. Vice l’reudeat. GEORGE W. SAVAGE, Secretary tPortland Board qf Pt/ermctt: Job* B. Blown k Sow, Miilsky Flrtchkr k Co. 11. J. Lins\ k i o. J on n Lynch k Co. The undersigned having been appointed Aqkht* and Attorney for this ( ornua y, h now prepared to issue Policies on Jntvzirabliu Property at current rates. rF*Portland Officr, 166 Fore Street. JOHN W. MONGER, Agent. June 3.1864 —<itf PARTICIPATION. Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. This Company will issue Polices to be free after thi °* or ten Premiums at tho opt ion of tbe insured and at rates as low as any ot**ici Company. The issue of Free Policies render* it a 'least equal It not superior to the nartioiDaUoi jpanies. r ~ m~ ' OAootfo.lW Middle St r»bl& dfcytf, MISCELLANEOUS. Life Insurance. THE MANHATTAN Life Insurance Company ! o r x k ir y o /: a* Cash Capital and Accumulation Over #1,700,000 ! HENRY STORES, Pbksidekt. O. Y. WtMPLE, Secretary. J. L. HAL.skY, Asst. Secretary. 8. N. SIKHHIxK. Actuary. E. DWIGHT KEN DA 1.1., General Agt. This long-established Comrany offers the follow ing advantages to iusurers, via: A larg'.* aud Increasing Capital, securely invested: Immediate availability of the oividends. in cash, A permanent loan cf one half of the premium: 1 and a feature, peculiar to this company, by which insurers are protected against forfeiture of the poli cy from circumstances of adversity. The company also issues nou-forleiting policies on the "Ten Year Plan. ’ Policies incontcstible tiveyears from date (the on ly company in America having this provision in policies.) 1 steal Hoard of Inference: lion William Willis. N J. Miller Eaq., Collector Int. K**voune. Win Moulton, *>q.. Prest. Bank 1 umberland. W. W I homss. Km , Prest. Canal Batik. .1. B.Carroll, Esq., Merchant Jeremiih Dow, E*^., Sec’y Dirigo Ins. Co. Wru Kimball, 1 sq , Treas. 8. Packet Co. Edward 8haw. Esq , 8ec’y Port. Mut Ins. Co. Messrs. Woodman. True fc Co. Messrs. II. J. Libby & Co. Parlies are invited to examine the merits of this company before effecting insurance. HENRY It. eTIChNEV. Agent, Office No. 13 Moulton 8t. ' S. II. TlWKBBUBY. M. D., I Medical C. W. Thomas, M. D., I Examiners. Gentlemen of energy and responsibility in the different citits and towns of Maiue, desirous of rep resenting I ho Manhatiau Life Insurance Co. will pleate address K DWIGII l KENDALL, General Agent, Box No 2%1 P. O.. Portland. Aug 11.— cod 1 in STATE OF MAINE. 1IEAD QUARTERS, ) AC JUT A XT (iKMCUAL'O OFFICE, } Augusta. August 1, 1884. ) General Ortei Xo. 28. 1. Thirty Companies of Infantry for Regiments in the field, an 1 to be ceiitcd upon the preseut cad, are autboired oy the War Department to be raised iu this atate, from VoluuGers, lor eitntrone,two or tbr*e year#' seivice. a* the rtcrui may elect. II "Enrolled men or tueir ubstituUs. hare the privi ere ol electing the company and regiment in which they will s-rve, by volunteering iu tho*e organization#; but if dra ted, such liberty is nece# sarilv deiied them. 111. lh« State bounties to all volua'eer# and to substitute# eu.i# cd prior to the Oral, is 8100. *20o, or 81/kJ, acc rding to the period of their enlistment for 1 2, or 3 year*, aud the L'. S. bounty the same, toal! volunteer# and repre>entative recruit* Sub stitutes lor enrolled men are not entitled to United State# Bouutv. IV Tne officer* of these companies will be select ed from those \%h > have served at least niue month# iu the field, unless very special reason# exist iu par ticular case#. V Such immediate action sbo-jld be taken by citizen# not liable to enrollment, deviriug to avoid a draft in their community, and by club-« of emoil»*d men, as will mak*- it lorthepecu* iary interest of the latter, to volunteer instead of ouUring tervice a# dratted men. VI. Concerted action init*ated in citie*and pop* ulous plac a, aud extending to the sut urbs ana ad jacent towns, embodying the partial selection of of ficer# aud non couuuissioued < tticer*. may insure the adoption, at once, ol such plan# oi proceedure. a# will guuautee the racing of a company iu every in stauce where it i- undertaken, hut auy officer se lected a# above, »hou d be a person who ha* served honorably, for at least nine mouths, or tho selection mav not be confirmed by the Governor. VII. The following rules will be adhered to iu raising the#* companies. jat. no fee*, premiums or expenses will be paid for making the enlistment*. 2d. Each volunteer must be examined and ap proved by a local phyaician, who will bv (aid 25 ct#. tor hi# #**rvic* #; but the physician is not to #igu t ie certificate of suuh ien upon the enlistment pfc‘pcr, that being for the authorized tu geon, who ma::e* the finalexamiuati n a tin* muster in. 3d. A Justice of the Peace will a i min is ter the oath to tho recruit, and fill aud sign the certificate on the face of the enlistment. 4th. When the enlistment is for a less period than 3years, the blank wi 1 bj changed to exhibit the fact. . . . 5th. Each company must comprise one hundred and one cu tired bkU. and a# soon as that number ol suitable peraon#. who are eligible to enlistment, have each signed three »niistmeot paper*, one part of each enlistment with the name# of persons des ignated for the cominis*toned officers o the com pany, and their residence, aud tho place of the ren dezvous of the Company, will be forwarded the Adjutaut General, who w 11 arrange with Major Gardiner, II. 8 Military 8ui»* riaundent. for tho transportation, muster iu, clolhing, arming aud equipiugof the company. V». If the company i* detained beyond the time, of which reasonable notice is given the Adjutant General that it will assemble at it# rendezvous, to leavo for the place ol muster, forty cents a day per man will bo allowed lor boa d and lodging tor tho period of such detention aLd the tirn- occupied in coming in from tho com any rendezvous. VII. So much or General Order Twenty-Seven ol the20th ult a# pres-rib©# rule# governing enlist ment# aud credit# for qu »tas aud am iuut of boun ties aud enam rates tne persons entitled thereto aud eligible to enlistments, is applicable to these thirty companies , [Extract from War Department authority of Ju’y 28. 1804, to raise these companies.] * • • • • • • “The said companies must be mustered in heiore Sept. 5, 1*>4. in o#der that they maz be credited ou th»- quota of the State under th»- aforesaid ea 1.” “Should auy of the companies ail to orgarize • wit Inn a reasonable time, ih y will be consolidated ' so as to form and be mustered iu as complete coir panic* beiore the aforesaid dates.” • * • • • • • By Order of Hi# Excellency the Governor. JOtiX L UODdi OX, Adjutant-General. "“h 1 "___ DIRIGO ' Insurance Co. of Portland, Me. OFFICE NO. 2S EXCHANGE ST. Authorized Capital, $500,000. CAPITAL PAID IN $200,000. Invested os follow*:— Lotu* on Mortgage* of Real Estate at two third* i*s value, *5£.800 Loans on pledge of United State* Securities, f>l,8‘0 bonus on pledge ot City Scrip, 34 500 Loan# ou pledge of Hank Stock", 28,900 Loans on pledge of State of Maim Bend*, 2»,60d Lotus ou pledge of Androscoggin County Bonds, 4.000 *300,000 This Company is nowprepund to issue policies upon all kiuds of property in the city or couutry, liable to lo-s or damage by tire, at a* low rates as is taken by any ether ofllce. lbs patrona$c ot the inerchauts and citizcus generally and vicinity, is moat rest ecifull* -olicitcd A. K SilURfLEIU, President. JEREMIAH DOW, S cretary DIRECTORS. J B. Brown, 8 E. Spring. D. W. Clark, J H. Carroll, John Lynch, II 1. Kobiuton. TBUeTKES: St. John Smith, Il.J.libbv, II. N Jose, i H. M. Pavsou, J N. Win#low', G.W. Woodman, Andrew Spring, Alvah Conant, II 1. Robinson, PhilipH. Brown, C. H. Haskell, 8. C. Chase, Jeremiah Dow, X. O. Cram, Win, Moulton. Portland, August 1, 1SsV4. — isdorn "state normal school. The opsniug term of the State Normal School, a Farmington, will commence on ! WEDNEslIAV, AUGUST «4lh. Every arrangement w ill be made as the law re quires, to accommodate two huudred young ladles and gentlemen with board. at reasonable ra«e#, and to furniah the iua ructiou tpeola \j sei N •*> * school for the training of t‘ac*’trs. Four teachers, besides lecturers ar.d spicial iu&truc'ur*. wi 1 te em ployed at tun outset, aud the number will be in creased if tne uece>dtie$ • f the school shall require it. Candidates for attendance must be ►ixtceu )c*rs old. if female* and seventeen year*, il male#; ard must rte« lare their ir»ten»iou to become teacher# in the public schools of the Mate. No pledge will be a re<4Ui pd from pupils to r**maiu cu^nectid with tbe f school for any deflni e lerg h of time Applicants will be required to show a reasonable •f» miliarit. with tbe principle# ot Keadiug and Spel ling. Arithmetic. English Grammar aud History of the United Stab-#; and to p-csent testimonial# ot gu >d character and prospective aptitude forthe work of teaching 1 onions attending the Normal School w:ll be per* , uiit.ed to pass both ways over the Audrosooggiu Railroad for one fare. Jfo charge for tuition. Fntrance fee *1.00. Mere particular information will be furnished on application to Professor A. P. K> Isey, at Farming ton. EDWARD P. WESTON. Gorham. June*0.1864 Jy'JJdWw A w8w MISCELLANEOUS. BROCKMEPER'S PATENT Gas Rejgulator! I EXCLUSIVE Ago ncy for the sale of the Reg J ulator in Lortland No. 102 aiiudle strtet. up stairs, Ed war a 8 haw bole Agent This ntw article fur public favor will sax e 80 percent, to the consum er o*er any gas burner now in use; 26,000 have been sold in New England since January las . This is not a regulator to be affixed to the meter, all such have failed, but i* attached immediately under each burn er tip. aud is a part of, and an ornament to, tne gas fixture itself. The particular shitetesa and steadi ness of the light produced-because of the exact proper combustion—astonishes all who have seen it, while the positive fact of obtainiig tho improved light at a reauced expense need ouly be investigated at this office to ensure the confidence or the most skeptical. The reg latoi is a pet met “tell tal*" on the exact amount uf gas used No presume attained by the Gas Company affects it disadvautageou-ly in the lea*t; Gas Companies ail recommend It because it gives entuo satisfaction to cousumert, hence their number of consumers are increased. Retail price 80 oeuts each. Tne article will be adjusted fur cou • sullies immediately (requiring but a few momenta time) aud if not suited will be taken off free of ex pense. EDWARD SHAW', 102 Middle Street, up stairs. We have this day appointed Edward bhaw sole vender and agent tor Brocksieper’s Latent Regula tor in Portland, all orders lor the good9 mud be made through him. HULL & GOODELL. Below we give certificates of tbe high estimation of the Regulator iu other pl&cea where it i* now in use. Dover, July 18,1*64. Messrs. Hull Sr (loodell:—The Directors of the Dove*- Gas Light Comyany, alter a full and tLorongh examiua ion and test of “Brocksieper Gas Regula tor/' have ordered mo to purchase one honored dollars worlh of the same, which 1 have this day done, and hav-also recei ed fur said company the exclusive agency fur raid goods in and for the city of Dover. Vouis. truly, JuNAb D. TOWNSEND. Sup. Dover Gaa Lt. Co. Certificate from the gis fitter of the Mills, etc., at Lowell, Mass. Lowill, Mass.. July 11.1864. Messrs. IIUl GoodcU:—A u exp* i ienoe of many years in tbe gas fitting business has otteu suggested to me the great value of an improvement whereby thepn ssuro of gas might be regulated at the poiur ol consumption Many and frultle-s attempts have fron time to time teen made to place regulators at the meter. Experience has shown that all such at tempt# hav? proved failures 1 have also seeu aud used in mv bu iness marly all the so-calle 1 improve ments in burner#. when in that which you have ac coinp ished has been attempted, but always failed. After a careful examination and a thorough test of your Gas Regulators—which are attached immedi ately uuder each burner • # a part of the ga« fixture— l am fully convinc d that yuur improvement G a de cided aucoos*. the light i- improved in brightness and in i’s illuminating power, while the expense saved to th»- consnmer is full 80 per cent. The combustion i% per feet, hence the mpro\ fiiw nt must be adopted as a matter of economy as well as ‘ho luxury of a good and steady light. I cheerfully recommend it to the tratfe and to all consumers of ftas lours, Ac , U R. BARKER, jy2S dtf Gas Fitter. 8 Central btreet. GRANTS COFFEE ASPICS MILLS. OHIO INAL ESTABLISHMENT. J. GrR ANT, Wholesale Dealer in all kinds of COFFEE, SPICES, Salar rains A Cream Tartar, New Coffee and Spice Mills, 13 and 16 Cnkm streetp Portland, Me. Coffee and Spice* put up #or the trade, with any address, in all variety ol prckages, and warrant* d as represented. Coffee roasted and ground for the trade at snort notice. C3T" All gcod* entrusted a t the owner’* risk. march lbdtf John Kin-iunii, GAS FITTER, — A*I>— Denier in Gas Fixtures, And Gas *V Kerosene Cooking Apparatus. The public are invited to examine and test these new indention*, which are highly recommended for summer u«e NO. 65 UNION STREE T. Portland. June 14.—cod3m New Nteam NT ill, Footot Cross, between Fore k Commercial Sts. WIHSLOW, ~DOTEH & CO.. TffTOULD inform their former customer* aud the ** public general v. that they have ltt< d up their New Mill with New Machinery, and are now ready to do planing. Matching and Jointing, also Sweep and Circular hawing. IP- od Turning, ifc. We hare in operation one of Messrs. (»ray k Wood'* new improved Planers, for PLANING OUT OF WIND. It will plane with the greatest accuracy from } Itich in thickness to 12 inches square. Also AN EDGER FIFTY FEET LONG, For sawing heavy plank and edging boards. Particular attention given to planing Ship Knee*, Clapboards, and heavy l imber. For the accommodation oi dialers and other* hav ing large lot* of boards to plane, we have in connect ti% n with the mill 17,000 square feet of yard room. Jyl9eodtt OFFICE OK T H K ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, NEW YORK. JANUARY 26, lbC4. rpHE Trustee*, in conformity to the Charter of the JL Compauy, submit the following statement ol its affairs ud the 31st Dtcembir, • Sv.-o: Premiums received on Marine Risk*, from 1st January, 1863, to 31st De cember, 1863. *?,214,398 93 I*r miums on Policies not marked off 1st January, 1863, 1,700 602 24 Total amount of Mariue Premiums, f 10,u06,001 17 No Policies have been issued upon Life Risks; nor upon kin- Risks discon nect* d with Marine Risks. Premiums marked off from 1st Jan., 1863, to 31st December, 18^, ff7.W7.666 56 Losses paid during t*e same period, S,806.651 04 Returns ol Premiums aad Expeuses, 1.062,967 48 The Conipauy has the following Aaaets, viz; Unit d Mates aud Mat ot New York Mock,City. Bank an 1 other .Stocks, S3.492 631 30 Loans secured by Mocks,andotherwiae, 1,460,700 uo Real Estate and Bonds and Mortgages, 193,760 00 Dividends on Stocks,Interest on Bonds and Mortgages aud other Loans.sun dry Notes, re insurance and other claims due the Comp'y , estimated at 104,964 61 Premium Notes aud bills Receivable, 3,2:•» 676 63 Cash in Hank, 744.813 88 Total amount of Assets, 99,266 456 32 Six per c**nt Interet-t on the outstan ing certifi cates oi protits aril 1 b j paid to the holder* thereof, or their legal representatives, on and alter Tuesday, the Sccoud of February neat. auci rrwmujs iuktsiiu wur nan jiihiuu l/uiibir of profit*, the outstanding certificate* of the issue of 1863, w ll bo redeemed and paid to the holder* there of or their legal representative a, on and after Tues day, the second of February next, from which date all interest thereon will cease i he rertificatea to be produced at the timeot payment, and cancelled. A Dividend ot Forty Per Cent, is declared ou the net earned premiums of the Company, lor the year ending 31%t December, 1834, for which certificate* will be issued, ou and after Tuesday, the Filth of April next The Profit* of the Company,ascertained From the 1st of the 1st of Jan., 1863. for which Certiri cate* were issued, amount to 914,328,880 Additional from 1st Jan., 1868, to 1st January, 1964, 2,680000 Total profits for 211 years. 910,968,880 The Certificate* previous <o 1862, have been redeemed by oa^h, 11.680JN Net earnings remaining with the Com pany. ou lat January, 1*64, 95,268,670 tty order of the IV>ard, W Tt >WNe»i.N D JONK8, Secretary. TRI'ST K E 8 . John D. Jones, David Lane, Charlos Dennis, James Bry*e, W. 11 li Moore. Win. Sturgis.jr., Tbos. Tileston, II. K. Itogert, Henry Colt, A. A. Low. W.C. Pickersgill, Win K. Dodge, Lewis Curti*. Dennis Perkius, Cha*. il. Russell, Jos. Gailfard, jr., Low I) Holbrook, J- Henry Hurgy, P. A llargou*. Cornelius Gnuuell R W Weston, C. A. Hand, Ko^alPhelp, Watts Sherman, Caleb Barxtow, E. K. Morgan, A. P. Pillot. B. J. Howland, Leroy M Willey, Benj. Babcock. Danie S. Miller, Fletcher West ray, S.T Nicoll, R. B. Mlnturn.Jr., Josh’s J. Henry, G. W. Bupnbam, Geo. G. Hobson, Fred. Chauncey, James Low. JOHN D JONKS. President. CHARLES DKNNIS. Vice President. W U. H. MOORE, 3d Vice President. Applications forwarded and Opkv PoLintft procured by JOHN W. MI NGER, Agent, Mo. 100 For© street, head of Long Wharf, PORTLAND, NS. June 3.—w2wAcodtojan29 Oil. a. II. HIGH, 8URGE0N DENTIST, NO. 145 MIDDLE ST., PORTLAND, (Opposite foot of Fret' Street,) Having fitted up the above named room*, he would be happy to wait ou all who mav wish for the ser vices of a skil'ful Dentist. Mrery branch qf t era tistrp will receive careful attention, and perfect sat isfaction will t© warranted. jy26 d3m To Lei. ONE STOKE In Galt's Block. Apply to B. T. MACHIN, j Apsidtr BUSINESS CARDS. PAPER BOX MANE FACTOR V. »T. R. Libby, MAM'FAOTDr.KK OF Paper Boxes, Ol every description, such as Shoe Boxes, Jewelry Boxen, Druggist Boxes, Collar Boxes, Bhelf Boxes, ConciiologicalBoxes, Powder Boxen, Card Cases, Cigar Boxes, ko. 144 Middle St*t (Up Staira) Portland, Me* jonelddm Dana & Co. Fish and Salt, Luther Dun*. ) Portland, Woodbury Dana. J __ . John ▲. $. Dana ) MUlIlC, _ juneldtf J. Smith cb Oo.f M&M'FAlTl'KKRI OF Leather Belting, Card Clothing. Uou Straps, Brit Lrathrr Barks and Sidra, LEATHER TP’HHlSOa, flomon’i Block, 144 Middle 8t., Portland, Or at the Card Clothing Manufactory, Lewiston. II. M Rrewkk, (jnl<13m; D. F. Norxa JOIIl T. KOOERsA CO., OoihmiHHion Merchante, AND WHOLES A LK DIALKCS IN Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. 81 Commercial Street, Cum.B.k!!SS. } PORTLAND, MK. Juneld6m Wholesale and Retail. L. DAVIS, BooVseUcr, Stationer, AMD MAVVFACTUKEB OF Premium Paged Account Books. PAPER HANGINGS. No, 53 Bxchange Street, Portland. Me. _ juueldti CXAS. J SCHUMACHER, Fresco and Banner Painter, No. 144 Middle Street, PORTLAND, MX. IT Work executed in every part of the State. Juneltf RUFUS DURHAM, Mauufkctur r and Wboleuk Dealer In B BIT ANN IA —AHD— Plated Ware, No. 118 Fore afreet, Portland Maine. Portland, May 17th, 1$64. miyl7dtl BURGESS, FOBES, & CO., MAMUrACTURBBA OF Japan* While Lead, Zinc * Faints And Ground Color**, AMD OKALIRA IM Drug® Medicines, Pa-nte, Oils & Varnishes. Paint and Color Factory, No. 29 Munjoy St., Oflrr X S«lrarMni* 80 C*«n»f rrial Si., (Thomas Blocs.) Henry H. Bcrhe***, PARTI ill) lil CHAULB8 8. FoFEA. nfcILT.l®, II. msyl&ltf BI.AKG, JO«GSt & < «., FLODR& GRAIN DEALERS, And Re ver* of Wedtra and C adian Pradaoe* 137 O-himerciai Street, ... Granite BlocL. Charles Blake, ) Henry A. Jones, > PORTLAND. K- W- "*«*■ 1_Jnneldtf JOHN LYNCH & CO., Wholesale lir ocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Granite Stores, - - - Com more al street, (Opposite htsd Widgery Wlisrf,) John Lvueh, ) Pefeg Barker, \ PORTLAND, MK. TUo«. Ly Lch ) juneldtf DOLE St MOODY, OESERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And V* holeMle Dtnlot. in FLOUR. CjRHAND PRODUCE, No. 5 Qnlt Block, Commaro il St. I 1-outland. mk JnneMdm LAKE Al LITTLE, Who’eHAle Dealer* in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, AMD W oolons, No. 142 Middle street, I'.U&} JnneTdtf E. K. LEMONT, Carriage Manufacturer, Preble Sti eet. • • Portland, Me. ^yCarriage* and Sleigh* on hand and made to order. jnnelOdtf €. P. HI flllALIi, MAUI' FA CTCRKE OF Carriages and Sleighs, Erebl« etreet, (NearPreble I(ou<«,) PORTLAND, MK. Salf Rtxymt, 110 and IV1 Sudbury St , Musi Juneltf Safes \ Safes \ \ FOR HALE AT JAMES BAILEY & CO., Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealers, 102 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND,.MS. JylKcSm 63 Rsmoval. 63 J. M. KNIGHT A SON, Commissi o n Merchants, And dealer* in Country Produce, have moved to N«. 03 Commercial street. Portland. May loth, 1864. maylOdtf Law Piinncrshlp. HOWARD A CLEAVES. Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, Office VI Middle St., over ('awo Bank, PORTI.AyD, ME. JOSEPH HOWARD. NATHAN CLEAVE*. JylSdfc w3ra To Carpenters and the Public! A NEW ARTICLE. Whitmore'* Patent Blind Pasieuer and Handle Cambiraed^ BEING a thoroughly elfecUMP fattening, and a haudftome, convenient haudle.and at they can* uot be opeued trom the outs tie, are no far. protec tion agaiuet thieves; it* use presenting the dirty leg of baud"or breaking of linger nail* in opening or closing blind*. They arc Japauted green, and can be put on old or now blind* by anv person «u five minute*. For sale by all Hardware men. Wbsde* pale Depot 16 Winter street, Botto.i G. D. WHITMORE. Store of Whitney Brother*. jauelwSm Farm for Snlr. Pleasantly »itaat'd Ip Wirdbam.oa tho road J*a.liug frond lira, to(,or ham. oovtafoinp fifty acres, •alia bly divided into ti|la*e. paature wood and. The bi.lliilu,,^re a pood itory and a hail tK>na» with eonvenient xat balldmcn. Termaeaay. For farther parvtcalara ap ply to. A. B. pP»i»«o», I aa5S w«tr* bit Wuda**» BUSINESS CARDS. BRADLK1 , MOLLTOX A ROGERS Wholuah Dialekr IB Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, Thcmae Block, ROBEBT BKiLIT, 1 MOULTOB, [ PORTLAND, tin A. 0. KOUI1I, ) _ma>3dtf W. W. CAliK & CO.’. Haring taken the Fruit Store formerly oooapicd b G. SAWYER. No, 8 Exchange Street, Ar» prepared to offer to the trade a large and wall •elected stock of Foreign »nd Domestic Fruit! Wholesale and Retail Orai|(,i, 8prace Gam, Laaeages •semen., Canary Seed, Caadiee. Cimem Lem.n Syrap. Haney. £rnaes, Oaa .Sato, rip., oltot"’ *11 blade. Dates. Ollres, Kalslaa. T.baeea, Sardines, Cigar a. raney Candles el all detorlptlee 0Ct9 dtf IRA WINN, Agent, No. 11 Union St., it prepared to furnish STEAM ENGINES and BOILERS, of rariou sixes and pmturai, St«ui Pip* ud Fuurt*, liU Gaarttur, Sluftiag, Pilieyt, U Light House Wok* of ail descriptions, and all kind* of work required in building Fobtipioatioes. Iron Stairs and other Architectural Work. Houses, Stores, and other buildings, Sited with Has and Steam in the best manner. In connection with the shore Is an Iron Foundry, with u large assortment of Patterns, to which tlx attention ol Machinists, Millwrights.and Ship-Betid era is incited—and all kinds ol Castings farnishec at ihort notice. (^Orders for Machine Jobbing, Patterns asc Forgings, promptly eneeated. oddtf SINGE R>8 SEWING MACHINES) WOO»,TUN, TRUE * CO., AGENTS, If os. 54 and 66 .... . Mijdle atroot. Heedleaand Trimmings always on head. amhiatf A CARD. DR. S. C. FERNALD, DENTIST, No. 176 Multi 1 Street. Iimnov.Dn. Bacon tad Bnmua. Portland. May It, im tf Dr. J. U. HEALD HAVING disposed of his eatlr* Interest la his Office to Dr. 8.C KKKNALD. woald cheerful:, reccemmend him to his former patients and the pub lic. Dr. Keans ll>. from lone experience, is prepar ed to insert Artificial Teeth on the *• Vulcanite Base,' end ell other methods known to the profession Portland. Mst K. lues tf W O DD AND CD Ala CHEAP FOR CASH ! STRING MOUNTAIN. LF.fllGU. HEZILTON SUGAR LOAK, OLD COMPANY LEHIGH. LO CUST MOUNTAIN. JOU1.8. DIAMOND, WEBS TER end BLACK UEATll. These Coal* are of tht rery best duality, well screened end picked, end wsrranted to give satisfaction Also tor sal* best of HARD AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the city. Oenca CoaaaactaL St., head of Fraakhn Wharf 8. HOUNDa A BON. febMJly WARREN'S inPOHYED FIRE AND WATERPROOF FELT CQMP0SITIQ1, -AMD Oravoi Hoofing FOR FLAT .:OOFS. E. HER8EY, Agent, JenS6 itf No 16 Union StreeL ALBERT WEBB A CO. -DliUBI IB Corn, Flour and Grain, BEAD OF MERRILL’S WHARF, Cemmerelal Street. - - Psrllsed, Me. Ie*»tf_ EDWARD H. BUROm, VHOLHALI DIALER IV Corn, Meal and Flour, Also. Ground Sock Balt CoiuiuiMMion Jlcrchant fob rrtCHABiAin balk or Bariev, Bye and Oats. tT-tsr* loaded with Corn in balk Geeof charge. Warehouse No. 120 Commercial Stieet, And Citt Mill*, Deeriug Bridge. __ JuueieodSm JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFWCE, CODXAN BLOCK, mcblTdhwtf Teupli Stukwt. wootcn Uanvas, -YOB I1L1 BY JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Ruth, Me. BO LI 3 Superior Uleeohsd ) 30040 tsSsKS? JOo io ICxtrB All Loftg Abb I 4rDr0*“ SOU do N ary B ine ) Deliver'd In Bortlmd or Bottom. Hath. Aorlllo. 1DM 1,11111 R, E IVI O V A. iTT DK. NEWTON HAS removed his residenoe to JTo. 37 MlddU Street, oorner of Franklin street. \ Officeb* heretofore. So. 115 Exchange Street, in Noble * Block, up stairs. Offioe hours from 9 to 10 A. M., from! to3, and from S to 9 o’clock P. M. Dr. K. will ooctinuo. in connection with general practice, to give special attention to DISEASES 09 wEMALES. ooaidtf WILLIAM A PEARCE, PLUMBER! MAKSH OP Force Pumps and Water Closets, 510. mEKCMtNGE STREET, PORTLAND. ME Warm. Cold and Hhower Baths, Wash Bowl*, Brest Ac Hirer Plated Cocks, c |71VERY description of Water Fixtures for Dwel* fi ling Houses. Hotels. Public Buildings. Shop*. Ac , arranged and set up in the best manner, and all orders in town or country fait hfu'lv executed. All kind* of gabbing promptly attended to. Constant'? on baud LEAD PIPES. SHEET LEAD and BEER PUMPS of all description* *l* dtf J. T. Lewis &z> Go., Mau it facta rer» and Wholesale Dealers In READY-MADE CLOTHING, AM) rrRMSHIHG GOODS, ( Ctuimbtn - • • Not. 1 oh, 1 Frr. St root JUook I iOr«r H. J. Libby k Co.,) j r LlwH'. PORTLAND, VK. Jylldtf The Cheapest Agency ! E)OR OOll«Otkn(BllolBM«, of ClBlBU BTlBlBf 1BOB1 JT tbo WBT it tl'iot Ol th« j “MAINE WA»n CLAIM ASSOCIATION,' in which the oxpen.^e* ore oentrolled by a disinter eeted rjimBuUve Coa-imlttee GEORGE F HOT KL8. MOUNT ZIRCON UOlMi, AT THE Celebrated Ut Zircon Mineral Spriner, M%Uon Plantation, Mo., It bo 0 opened to tbe public, and no paint will be spared tuis season to meet tbe warns iud render plea*ant aad interesting u.w •uajr of guests. Aud also as usual, i still i board cheaper tbaa any other baansar »•**. ‘u New kngiaud. »or casee of Dyspepsia, Kidney Complaint, Grne ««, . tone in the is,adder, aad others (inula*, I war* rj” b7 use of tbe water. bp.end.d eoea ery and ridet. At tbe short distanee ot lour al ts “ De Romford Palis, the largest in New kag luht»,^*15? *“d triages to let Ocod Tnu* asQiag in stTr-am* and pouda. A new toad wan er tha^ taean,W!!*!L!a^’,,,, ** mmkiu* tu* 1(0,11 easi er than to an/ other Moan tail* uouse. Dam c< ach UMwZjX.UH2SLbU*k* 01 lb* Gr“d T'““* J*ost Office addie-a, Mt Zircon M« jii zocoABBorr.rm^o,. Nea-Sido House, HARPS WELL NECK, C A S C 0_ BAY. This elegant mad commodious Bo t«l, sitnated on the cxtnn.ii, ot Marpsae.l Neck, about bull a num ooow tbe weli-koown Mansion _House, baa Just boon completed nib r tne> u M. Uauxhho, Leq.. Architect and under h>a anperintendenoe, nnd will bn open tor company Oa nnd after the Pnnrlh nf Jnly. Tbe tiuosn is tbe largest ns.nbilsbment, construct ed expressly for tbe pnrpine of n Hotel, > t any Vk an ering dace on ibe const ol Maine. It issitaated la. tbe oenUe 01 n dense grove ot old truaa, with sve uuee nnd vistas opening to tbe wuteri of tb Bay. bat nlenr yards distant on either slue. Nearly .urrounded by tbe sen. and sbnndnntly shaded by trees, tbe Mouse has n spacious nnd hem tital verandah extending o<er tbi.e hundred nnd tbiriy .eel on three aides of the building, with widn and too roughly ven i.nied bal.s and oorridoiain tbe Interior, to tout visitors can enjoy tbe moat eomnJa a protection irom tbe summer bent. Tbe steam boa' whari and boat landings are on tbe west side, bat a taw tmp, from tbe liou.e Annie facilities are at band tor boatlug nau taLlng On the east side is a line gravel beech, nbeie the mxaiv of eea-ba bing can bn nnjo) ed at nil times ol ibe tide At a abort distance on the northeast, across an arm of tbe ana la Orr’s Island, celebrated by Mra bench er Stowe's known novel. Tbe B- a Side Mouse is acces-ible by land irem Brunswick. Bfteen miles distant. b> one o> Ibe Is eat drives in tbe Stain, and b> daily steauabAt fr, m Portland through tbe inside passage; among tkd islands of th# Bay. Visitors coming from tbe Kennebec and other parts of tbe imeiior, can h are tbe railroad at Brans, wieg. xad proem d by stage to Marpswall. er ooalla ae to i'ortlnao and take tbe steamer, which rand down and back twice a day. JOMM T. SMITH, Proprietor. BAAiJiaL' X'B MU JL\EXmj American ami European Plano, Cor. of Commercial ft Indio Bu. This House U ai Hated directly opposite oa i Depot, aao hand steam* re Wbaxf oeeetaa flret claaa J. Bradley, Jr. r' dh£ _juaelSdflm Atlantic House, SCARBORO* BEACH. A . THIS Househaring been enlarrad and refitted throughout will open lor the Itp. n on I'MK'l Monday, Jane 13, 1804, H. ■ — Poattlraly eloaod on Uw Sat,baih*?*all tranaiea. vial tore. laaoll BAY VIEW HOUSE, CAMDEN. flE&C| The Subscriber, take pleeeare la aa* Uma nounclng o their fruguu.eud alt inlereeted . la Audio, aaret clauMa tide Uuwl aowtm toodat ioui.tuai their new and ■bacivaaUo. t«. » woe op a early iajeae. Itcontaiua alltht mud* era improvement, aud every convenience lor The comlort and accommodation oi the travel line , nh 'I comma, din* an au'ruled view of the Penobacot Bay Tbe advantage* oi sun bathing and the bcllitiee for getting aid boaul. for ite beautiful mu try a ,u oil lightlul driven and walk*. teamen m al.euy tavor abi nauwn Hone or the moat eligible and aeliahi* r*l waMnng place, ia hear Kugiand. Connected with the Hotel iaa flue Livery atahie, boreaa cud oariiagee having been Mieeteu with grant care. The carnage* are from the beet Mtahliehmeaia la the count, y, and oa the moat approved ny lea. nMam ba*! lancing, ea.y of aceei.; .teamen Masking ev ery day ia the week. I cleg rapt, coouauamaiioa with all part, of tbe country, 1 brae wishing • se cure good room, will do well M apply «ooa, u many are already eogmg, d. CLsTlIM. k JOHSSION. Proprietors. Camden, Jeue g. lSefl —dtT PIcauiBI knbuitau Kewort. CAPI8I~HOU8E, WEST BROOK. Thia e'egont suburban Watering PIms, ^located upou n pleasant eminetue neai Cn kisic rond. bat i* anldi from Portland. **sv. ing been plaoed m tbe moet ample order by J-\ihe subscriber, be moet respectfully solicit* iuo Rt.eution of tbe public, and cordiall) invitee n call fKa hie old friend*. lb* bouee is pleasant, retired aac ontet. Tbe tarmltare ana furnishing* ere ail new, ana tbe rooms #4*htiJr 1 hv wles are supplied with all tbedelaoaetee as wail as tbe sabstantialens tbe eon eon, and tbe service ot one of tbe very beet cooks in Site England have been secured. Extensive sheds aud a flue -table with roomy stall* are amcag the conveniences ot tbe establishment A nice Bathiue Uvuse suA.ient for tbe aeeommo dation ofsehermlbatbersbas been erected with steps projecting into ten test of water, aud tbe whote to cdr«4 from obeervat on by aflosimg screen Smoking Arbors grsce tbe banks ot tbe rond and invite tbe indulgence of ihe lounger Hoping fur n snare of tbe public patron age tbe an* dersigued promts*• to spare uo effort lor ine en er taiDBuentot bis guests. UEO W ML'BCtl Westbrook. May 2i, 1864._ma lidtf HALLOWELL HOUSE REOPENE DI **W FUBBITPBB ft FIXTVRXSl S. O. DEW IN, Proprietor. a# The public are .peciclly la formed that the ipacloo.. convenient and well known ll.LLOWBLl. Hocna. la the center ot Hdlowell, two milM from Auguta, and Mar ml ee from Togu Spring, hu been refarniehrd. sad W open Ibr the reception el company and permanent boarder,. Kvery attention will be gives M the comfort of facets. BTABIilNG, and all the uul oonreaieaeH ef a pop alar hold are amply provided Hdlowef , Keb 1 1864. mchflt eodtT ; THE AMERICAN HOIKE, |_Xsnoyer Stroot .... Boston, The Largeit sad Beit Arranged Hotel IS NSW IHQUID. LEWIS RU E, Proprietor. teUlv M. PEARSON. Silver Plater, AMD KASUPACrUBlB OP SILVER WARE, 9SS Conger*, St.. Opp. (b«rt Hour* Portland. H,. EVA11 kiada of Wart, auch aa Kalree. Forka, Sp'-ona. Cake Baakeu. Caater*. la., p ated la tko boat maaner A to, /itpairing and f<-*«>jA<ap Old S letr Wart. ii|Mla Ueorjff W. Ulansob, GOLD & SILVER PLATER, T4 Middle Street, Fort land, Me. A aharo of patroni«o reapetfally aolioltod and *a'i»faction fives. Or«*r* frura th# country prwnptlv attended ts. Addreaa tieorge W. Manaoa. 74 Middle alxoot. Room No 10. ap itaira, Portland. Ma. Jon* 14—d3m A. A 8. SHURTLEFF A CO., NOS. MAM mnOLE STREET. PORTLAND. Manufacturer* *ad Dealer* la Mea t Boti’ and Yonth’» Thick. Kip and Calf Boots, Womon’a Miaeoe and Cblldrea’a Goat. XU and Calf Balm-rale, Dnbbora. Bboe Stook, Finding!, Ao. IITITB oar aaperior fkollltle, for minnfkctartng. and a large experience la tha baelaeee. wo we are able to *ell aa low aa la Boatoa or elver be*-e. Dealer* are rwapeet folly Invited to call and ex amine oar atnek before par, baaing. Reorder* bv mall promptly attended to. rtland April W.1WU rffo* Maine Central Railioad Comp y. TREASURER’* OTFIC*. I Watorvllle. Ang. 17. 1 M I THE Maiao Central Rm Iroad Compan* will par their Coupon, a. Ibe Ftrat National Baab. Port land, from ttal* dale. 1 Aug. 17-41m

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