Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 29, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 29, 1864 Page 3
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... ■' ■■■■■■■ ■■■jui'.pm'jg-i l'ORTLAND ANT) VICINITY. -Yew AdvrHaemmntM To-i>uy, Letter List—A. T. Dole' Auction he e— Henry Bailey A Co. Auotlon Sale—L M. Patten Caucus—North Ya mouth. Bricklayers’ Meetiuk Provost Marshal’s Notice. Meeting of the School Committee. A special meeting of the School Committee was held at their room on Friday evening, Joseph C. Noyes, Esq., in the chair. Communications from several gcutlemou recommending persons as candidates for Prin cipal ol the High School, were received and placed on file. Sundry bills were presented and ordered paid. It was voted that the sub committees of tbe High, Willis and Grammar Schools and a special committee fof the Primary Schools be instructed to examine the teachere of these schools before, or as soon after, the commence ment of the schools as may be, and give cer tificates as the law requires. The motion to have two sessions a day ol the High School—from It to 12 A. M., and from 2 to 5 P. M.—alter considerable debate, was passed by a decisive vote. The motion to have two sessions a day in the Willis School was lost by a tie vote. The fall term of the High School will, therefore, commence with two sessions a day, and the Willis School with but one. Several members of the Board were opposed to two sessions a day in the High School for the girls, but tbe importance of two sessions for the boys was so apparent that they waived all oth er considerations and voted for it. The Forthcoming Draft We are suspicious that a slight misappre hension exists in the public mind as to the time when the draft is to take place. It is generally supposed that it has been ordered for Sept. 5th. We are told by those who claim to kuow, i hat so far is this common impres sion from being correct that the draft has not yet been ordered at all. The Provost Mar shals have been directed to have their enroll ments made up and perfected by tbe 5th of Sept., blit the order lor the diaft itself re mains to be promulgated, U- S. Circuit Court. CLIFFORD .1., PliBSlDINO. Saturday.—In the case of Edward Potter vs. Elias M. Clark et at., the evidence was all put in by Saturday noon. In consequence of tbe engagements ol counsel in the case, the arguments were deferred until Tuesday morn ing at 10 o'clock, to which time the jurors were excused. Court adjourned to Monday at 10 o’clock A. M. Municipal Court—Aug. 27. Mary Clark, alias Mary Cofl'ee, who stole the coat from Boyd’s store and shoes from Nutter’s store, as stated in Saturday’s Press, was brought up ou a complaint for stealing the shoes. She pleaded guilty. Xu considera tion of her young family she was let off with thirty days imprisonment in the county jail. Soldiers received and discharged at Port land Soldiers' Home for the week ending Aug. 27 th: Received—David Hopkins,Co. A, lflth Me.; George B. Stevens,1,68th Mass.; Michael Gal lagher, C. 15th Me.; Caleb H. Kuowlion, I, Sth do; fd-i.ii Cortliele, H, 1st Me. Heavy Artillery; George H. Richard-on. A. 11th Me.: Abraham Newton, 16th do; Henry Hopkins, A. Ulh do; George W Spears, G, 2!tthdo; Henry Merrell, E, 32d do; Willard B. XXU1, G, L’tt'.ii do; Levi M. Garceton, E, do; Horace Wright, C, 1st Me. Cavalry; Selwiu Heaid.B, 32d Me.; Richard Canon, H, 1st Heavy Artil lery ; John Voting, C, 29th Me.; Albert Gup py, I, 1st Me. Heavy Artillery; Charles K. Calef, B. do; George W. Bryant, G, 1st D. C. Cavalry; George A. Varney, D, do; David kpredbury, H, 13th N. H.; Byron B. Brown, 11,16th Me ; Alvab X. Ham, D, 323 do; James Coulter, D, tiOth do; Jouatban D. Snow, C, 15th do. I)i»cltarged—David Hopkins. George B. Steven.-, Michael Gallagher, Caleb U. Kuowl ton, Ed son Con hele, George W. Kichatdson, Abraham Newton, Henry Hopkins, George W. Spears, Henry Merrell, Hotace Wright, Selwin Heald, Richard Canon. AibertGuppy, Charles K. Calef. George W. Bryant, George A. Varney. David Spredburv.returned to tbeir homes; Willard B. Hill and X<evi M. Gatcelon, returned to their regiments; John Touugsent to the City Hospital. Wm. H. i'l.CMULii, Agent. Bosket Bleacheby.—'The Maine Bonnet Bleacbery, at 3u8 Congress Street, which has been in successful operation for several years, has, under the management of Mr. James B. Kacklyft, fully sustained its former reputation. Straw. Lace and Leghorn Bonnets and gen tlemen's Hats are bleached and pressed, so that in style and appearance they would be mistaken for the latest imported article. In these times of high prices it is very commend able in persons who have the means of grati ' fyiug every desire, and are expected to lead in the fashions, to practice economy for the lieueflt ol those of limited means who are alruggiing to keep up with the limes. A sav ing of a few dollars ou a bonnet and in other directions may enable the rich to relieve the sufferings of the poor, and those in moderate circutnslances to maintain their independence. Bbowx’s Commercial Colleue.— Mr. Brown, whose health had become somewhat impaired by constant application to business, found it absolutely necessary to take leave of absenee lor a few weeks, for the purpose of availing himself of a change of air, exercise, and such invigorating amusements as bis physical system demanded. He has now re turned, much improved in health, and is ready to devote his time to bis classes as heretofore. Koine of the best accountants and business men of our city have been educated at Brown’s Commercial College, which aflords every facil ity that can be desired to obtain a thorough business education. Mr. Brown has been so long and favorably kuowu in this city that a statement of the advantages of his college would be like “carrying coal to Newcastle.” Democratic Expectations.—Hen. I’er ley Poore, iu writing from tbe Cliftou Home, w here, he says, “oue half the Democrats who intend to figure at Chicago, either as dele gale*, substitutes or outside operators, have made it convenient to call during the last fortnight,” says: “I have not seen tbe that delegate who be lieves that Mr. Lincoln can be deleated, (al though some growl about probable military interference with the freedom of ballot in the border States,) but they want to get peace doctrines before the people, and they are wil ling to wait four years more. Indeed, I heard a leading New York Democrat declare to-day that If Lincoln would but “go in for pea<e ignoring the nigger question,’ he would go iu for Linco’u. A long-haired chap in seedy gray, who is an escaped aecesh prisoner from the cauip at Sandusky, didn’t seem to see it iu that light.” Personae.—Adjutaut Charles K. Larrabee of the Maine :10th, arrived at his homo in lltii city, Friday evening, from Annapolis, on a furlough ol twenty days. He was confined by illness in the Naval Hospital at Annapolis aotne weeks. Capt. Jones and Lieut. Motley, Co. I, 30tli Maine, both of thia city, were in the hospita when Adjutaut Larrabee left, but were doiny well. Lieut. Charles B. Hall, of Co. I, doth Maine arrived home Saturday evening, from Net Orleans, where be was left sick wjieu bis regl meat came North. He has a furlough fu sixty days. The American Illustrated newspapers fc this week, have been received at the bool and periodical store of A. llobinson, No. 5 Exchange street. Foreign Exports.—The total value < foreign exports from this port last wee amounted to 146,425.82. I —■ .. . Railway Thaffic.—The receipts on the Grand Trunk Railway, lor the week ending Aug. 20th, were Corresponding week last year, 8i,850.OO Increase, $21,810 00 There was an Increase during the week of $1,093 00 In passengers, and $19,623.00 in Ireight. The aggregate receipts from July 1st to August 20 amouuted to $735,319 00 Same period last year, 032,750.00 Increase, • $102,509.00 Contbiiu TIONM to the Christian Commis sion not previously acknowledged: People of Sumner and Hartford, $24.55; I W. Coug. Chapel, monthly col., $8.35; Sol diers'Aid Society, Shapleigh, $14.(i0; Citizens cf Lebanou, by J. H. Garmon,$s.50; Citizens of Livermore Centre, by J. A. Lord, $11.75; total, $67.15. Cykits Sti.kmvant, Treas. of Army Com. of Y. M. C. A. ! ____ Ward Five.—We would call the attention of the Union voters of Ward 5 to the notice of the Caucus to Ire held this* evening for the nomination of Alderman. Let there be a full attendance, that the nomination may reflect the sentiments and command the support of ail the Union nirn in the Ward. BY TELEGRAPH -TO THE EVENING PAPERS. ofiirial Ittrjinlr/trM front Stcrilurr/ Stanton. War Dl l'aktmknt, / 'Washington. Aug. 27—10.20 A. M. ( To Maj. Hen. IAx :—On Thursday, the 25lh, | Geu. Hancock, who was south of Ream's sta tion, was attacked several times during the day, but he repulsed the enemy in every as sault In the afternoon a combined attack was made on his centre and left, which, after one of th-: most desperate battles of the war, resulted in the enemy withdrawing from the tleld, leaving their dead and wounded on the ground. Tlie details are given in the following official reports of GeD. Grant, Gen. Meade aud Gen. Hancock: The following is just received: St coni Army Corps. Aug. 20.—For GeD. Humphreys—1 he attack about 5.30 P. M. was probably intended to be simultaneously by Wilcox on my centre and Ileth on iny left. The enemy formed in the woods, placed their artillery in position and opened a heavy can nonade, lasting about fliteen minutes. They then assaulted Miles’ force. He resisted tenaciously, but the enemy broke his lines. Some ot Gibbon's troops were hurried over to repair the damage,and the enemy only gained a slight foothold. They soon attempted on my extreme ie t to drive Gibbon's division from his line. His meu had beeu much wearied in rushing over to Gen. Miles and hack. Dur ing the r> p ‘ated assaults Gen. Gibbons suc ceeded in forming a line, and the enemy, who were pressing ou with great enthusiasm, were severely checked by tbe dismounted cavalry under Gen. Gregg, which he handsomely led. Miles regained most of his entrenchments, distinguishing himself. All he had to work with were such small parties as could be ral lied and formed by staff officers. Tbe fight was continued until dark, the euemy being held in check by artillery, dismounted cavalry and skirmishers. At dark we withdrew, for reasons slated. The Chief of Artillery re ports that he lost about 250 horses. The enemy made no advance up to a late hour last night, holding as far as could he seen some of our captured guns with their skirmish lines. They must have suffered heavily. Our own loss, including cavalry, will, perhaps, not exceed 1200 or 1500, though this is surmise, as the command is not yet or ganized. Capt Brownson, of my staff, was mortallv wounded, and died during theuight. Col. Walker, A. A. A G., is missing. This i> acknowledged to have beeu one of the most determined and desperate fights of the war, resembling Spottsylvat ia iu its char acter, though the number engaged gives it less importance. A lew more good troops would have given a victory of considerable importance. I forward this forenoon, as prisoners from tbe li>-ld, Wilcox and Hetb. Major Angell, of my stall', saw and con versed with two prisoners of Malione’s divis ion last night. I do not find them this morn ing. They said Mahoue’s division, with the exception of one brigade, was there. (Signed) W. 8. Hancock, Maj. Gen. U. S. Grant, Lieut. General. The f tllowing is just received : Second Corps, Avy.Mtk, 12 3Q P. Af.—A safeguard that was left on the battle-field re mained there uiitil after daylight this moru j in*. At that time the enemy had all disap peared, leaving their dead on the field un buried. This shows bow severely they were punished, and, doubtless, beating of tbe ar rival of reinforcements, they feared the results of to-day if they remained. (Signed) G.G. Mkade, Maj. Gen. The following is just received: Second Army Corps, Aug. 2WA, 1 P. Jf.— i Since sending my last dispatch I have con veis -d with the saleguard referred to. He did not leave the ndd until after sunrise. At that time nearly all the enemy had left, moving to wards Petersburg. He says they abandoned not only their dead but their wounded also. He conversed with an officer, who said their losses were greater than ever before during the war. The safe guard says he was over the field, and it waa covered with the enemy's dead and wounded. He has seen a great many battle-fields, but uever such a sight. Very few of tbe dead were ours, nearly all belonging to the enemy. All of our wouuded were brought off, but our dead were unburied. 1 have instructed Gen. I Gregg to make an effort to seud a party to the field and bury the dead. (Signed) G G. Mkade, Major General U, S. A. To U. S. Grant, Lieut. General. Our forces hold the Weldon railroad, and In a dispatch, dated at :t P. M. yesterday, Gen Grant says that their “loss of this road seems to he a blow to tbe enemy be cannot stand. 1 think 1 do not overstate tbe loss of the ene my iu the last two weeks at 1U,000 killed and wouuded. We have lost heavily, but ours has bten mostly in captured when the euemy gaiued temporary advantages. The number of rebel prisoners taken on our side has not yet been reported." Gen. Grant makes the following report of an unsuccessful attack by the enemy on Gen. ’ Butler's picket line on Thursday : ‘‘Yesterday (Thutsday) morning the enemy drove iu Butler’s picket Hue. The picket guard soon rallied, however, and drove the em my back and re-established their Hue. The result was one killed, sixteen wouuded and fourteen missing on our side. Two command ing officers and flfty-niue enlisted men were captured from the euemy. What their casu allies were iu killed and wouuded we do not know. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton, . Secretary of War. From Get*. Sherman's A mm;/. I 1N( INNAT1, Aug. 20. The Gazette has a dispatch from Atlanta, which says Kilpatrick has destroyed the Ma con railroad iu several places, tearing up about fourteen miles; also burned a train of sup pies for the rebels en route to Atlanta. Ou his return he met the rebels iu strong force, totally defeated them, capturing four stand ol colors, six cannon aud 200 prisoners. After wards met another force, who pressed him so heavily he was obliged to abandon all but two guns and most of the prisoners, fie made an entire circuit of Atlanta and reached Decatur with 100 men, and inflicted severe damage on | the rebel formications. j __ Jh’rom Sag*an. Nkw York, Aug. 27. A Nassau letter of the 20th slakes that the steamer Fox had arrived there from Charles ton, having thrown overboard 130 bales of cot ton while being chased. The steamers Lucy and Syren, with cotton, from Wiltningtcn, had also arrived. Tiie hari|ue Lexington was burned on the 10th, oil' Uog Islaud, by the ignition of a jar of vitriol, and is a total loss. The new pirate Kleciric .Spark was off Nas sau on the 2d, and was cruising off that port. Front ihr Army before Richmond. Fohtkksh MoN’ROK, Aug. 27. The following information has been received from City I'olut: The euemy, in a very strong force, attacked the 2d army corps ou our extreme left yester day, and having supetior numbers were al most on Hie point of overwhelming us, when r the ;id corps came up, and the enemy were re pulsed from the Held. Loss—both sides about We still remain as before, holding the Weldon Hail road in our possession. t'arious Items. 1 , ...... New York, Aug. 27. in retaliation for the cruel usage of our sol dters by the rebels, all the prisoners in Fort r Lafayette are not allowed any luxuries. Bermuda dates of the 20th mention the ar | rival of four steamers from Wilmington with i mi aggregate of 3000 bales of cotton. jBY TELEGRAPH TOTII Portland Daily Press. .... ... ——— OFFICIAL NEWS DISPATCH. — LATER FROM .MOBILE. Fori Morgan in our Possession! FROM OEN. SHERIDAN’S ARM7. REBEL FORCES FALLING BACK. Washington, Aug. 28—8 A. M. To Maj. Hen. Dii.—A dispatch from Gen. Grant,Just received, state* that the Richmond paper* of yesterday (27th) announce thatFort Moegan is in our possession. It is not stated whether the fort was surrendered or whether it was blown up. Another dispatch gives the following ex tract from the Richmond Examiner of yester day :—“Fort Morgan is in the euemy's posses sion. Whether blown up or evacuated is not known.” Gen. Sheridan, in a dispatch dated yester day at 2 1-2 I’. M., reports: “The enemy left my front last night, failing hack to Smith Held or middle way. We cap tured 101 prisoners yesterday and inflicted a loss of 150 killed and wounded. There have been a few leinls to cross the river by cavalry at Williamsport, but there was no strength shown. The indications to day are that they will fall hack out of the valley. Other reports state that the enemy is leaving the Shenan doah Valley.” Nothing has Ireen received Irom Gen. Sher man for two days. (Signed) E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War. From the Army before Richmond. The Assault on Hancock’s Forces. Washington, Aug. 27. It is elated unofficially that at tne time of the attack on Gen. Hancock he was engaged in the work of destroying the Weldon rail road, and bis men being scattered along a con siderable line, the rebels were able to do some damage before our forces could be consol i da ted. The rebels captured some guus, it is said, by the aid of their sharpshooters, who were concealed in a cornfield, who shot the horses and men, and then made a rush upon the guus. dragging them within their skirmish lines, but it is doubtful if they got any of them off the field. These batteries as reorganized, consist of only four guns to a battery, and, consequently, if the rebels had succeeded in carrying ou an me lour naileries iney are re ported to have had at one time, it would been but sixteen guns. Gen. Barlow's division, 2d corps, is said to have lost considerable in prisoners at the time □ ill made hit first onset. Terrible were the losses of the rebels, and they were obliged to retreat, leaving us again in possession of the coveted Weldon railroad. New York, Aug. 28. The morning papers contained nothing ad ditional about Thursday’s battle. The Hagerstown dispatch to the Herald, dated 26th, states that the enemy endeavored to cross the river at Williamsport and other places, but were prevented by our forces. A dispatch from the cavalry headquarters, dated Saturdty night, states that no rebelt have as yet crossed the river, and that all is quiet at Shepardstown, Williamstown and Hagerst- wn. A Harper’s Ferry dispatch to the Hera'd, dated the 27tb, slates that a careful reconno s sance that morning developed the fact that the rebels had wi hdrawn from our front dur ing the night. The cavalry pushed on and occupied Chailestown without meeting the enemy. The opinion prevails that Grant’s recent move necessitates the recalling of Early to Richmond, while some conjecture that he in tends crossing into Maryland at Shepards town or Williamsport. Washixgtox. Aug. 28. A letter from the army ol the i’olomac, dat ed yesterday, says the portion of the line of the Weldon railroad recaptured by the rebels on Thursday extends from Beam’s station about three miles northwardly. The road had been previously destroyed, and cannot be of any use to the enemy while we continue to hold a portion of it north, and between that and Petersburg. The latter portion is secure ly in our possession. Everything was quiet along the entire front at last accounts, with the exception of picket firing, and both parties were engaged in bury ing the dead and caring for the wounded. A letter from the upper Potomac says the rebel cavalry force was last Been at Cherry Run. eleven miles west west of Hagerstown, on Friday. The shelling of Williamsport by the enemy from the opposite side of the river on Friday 1 did no damage to individusls, but three bouses were somewhat damaged. " From Memphis. Canto, 111., Aug. 26. Advices from Memphis says Geo. Washburn has issued an order permitting the cotton now in Memphis to be shipped North; also estab lishing supply stores In the district of Ten and stating the amount of supplies which may be imported to such places. Memphis is limited to $10,000,006 and Co lumbus to $50,000. Supplies are to be sold only by loyal merchants to loyal persons re siding in the limits ot the districts. The order also provides that no contraband of war, nor liquors, drugs, medicines, salt, cotton, cords or gray cloth shall be imported, except with the approval of the Commanding General. Merchants In Memphis having cords or gray cloth are ordered immediately to ship litem to some loyal Statu. Geo. Washburn compliments bis officers and men and the Memphis mitilia for their prompt and soldierly conduct in defence of ! the city agaiust the rebel forces of Forrest. The (test estimates place our losses in the raid on Memphis at 15 killed, 50 wounded and 140 mls-iug, the latter including 80 citizens, lhe raiders arc said to have captured 220 I prisoners. The rebel loss at Uernaudez on Sunday night was 50 killed, 100 wounded aud 50 mis I sing. | The Government transport J. C. Miller was captured, plundered and burned on the 18th on the Arkansas river, between Pine Bluff and Little Rock, by guerrillas. All persons on board, Including Soldiers,were taken prisoners. 1 Railroad Accident — A Train Mttotrn Orrr hy a Hurricane. Cincinnati, Aug. 11. An accident occurred on the Indianapolis & ; Cincinnati Uailroad on Friday, by which thirty persons were injured, one or two fatally. No one was ki led. The traiu consisted of three passenger cars and one baggage car, which were completely wrtsked. The accident was caused by a hurricane. The engineer of the traiu raw it coming, and just as the train reach d Weitzel's bridge, he put on all steam in outer to clear the bridge aud obtain tbe shelter of an embankment just ahead of it.— The tornado, however, struck the train with such ft rce as to lift tbe cars from the track.— T e two passenger care made two revolutions and landed with ahelr wheels uppermost in a ravine. Stone walls were leveled by the force of the wiod, and the massive roof of a large storehouse was lifted in the air and carried a considerable distance. Indian Drpredationa. St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 27. Advices received from the West state that seven men of the 7th Iowa cavalry, en route from Saline to Fort Ellsworth with dispatches, were attacked by upwards of 200 Indians, and four of them killed. Large bodies of Indians are reported be tween Srnokey Bill *nd Saliua rivers, and all the valleys west of Kausaa are swartniug with i toeu1,_J"e •aTa8ea are "aid to have captured I over .WOO horses and mules, besides a large number of cattle during the past six weeks. The populalion of the various tribes banded together lor the war is about 18.000, of whom 4000 are warriors. Fram Xru> Orlrant. • Nkyc York, Aug. 28. The steamer Thomas Scott, from New Or leans 20th, arrived this moruning. She re ports that while off Charleston Thursday morning heard heavy firing. Tbe steamer Yazoo arrived at New Orleans on the I9th The FungSbung was to sail on ihe 21st for New Y’ork. There is no army or navy news In the New Orleans papers. Capt. Bulkley, per the Thos. Scott, reports that when passing Mobile Bav our land forces i had planted mortars within 300 yards of Fort Morgan. FROM MOBILE. Particular* of the Xaeat Engagement in Mobile Bay—Operation* of the federal fleet—Arrival of Sick and Wounded Sole dier* from Sew Orleans. Washington, Aug. 2i. The Navy Department is lu receipt of dis patches from Admiral Farragut, dated Mobile Bay, 12th, he says: Notwithstanding the loss of life particularly to the Hartford and terrible disaster to the Tecumseh, the result of the fight was a glori I ous victory and lie has reason to feel proud of I his officers, seamen and marines of the squad ron, lor it has never fallen to the lot of an of ficer to he thus situated and thus sustained.— Regular discipline will bring men to any amount ol endurance, hut it is the natural power of hidden dangers, particularly when so awful destruction ol human life as the tor pedo, which requires more than discipline to overcome. I In the course of the narrative the Admiral I says: “As I had an elevated position in the main rigging, near the top, I was able to overlook not only the Hanford, hut the other vessels of , the fleet. 1 witnessed the terrible effects of the enemy's shots and the good conduct of the men at the guns, and although no doubt their hearts sickened as mine did when shipmates were struck down beiore them, jet it was but a moments hesitation to lay their comrades ! aside and spring again to their deadly work. The Admiral also says it was only at the urgent request of the cbanlain and command ing officers that they yielded to the Brooklyn the privelege of being the leading ship ol the line, as she had four chase guns and an inge nious arrangeineut of picking up torpedoes, and because, in their judgement, the flag ship ought not to he too much exposed. This be behgves is an error, lor apart from the fact ' that exposure is one of the penalties of rank iu the navy, it always will be the aim of the enemy to destroy ships and so it appeared lu the sequel. Such au attempt was very per sistently made, but providence did not permit it to be successlul. Caiuo, 111., Aug. 28. The steamers Continental and Leviathan from New Orleans, 20th, have arrived. Col. Dwight, Commissioner of Exchange, corrects the statement published iu the news papers concerning the exchange of prisoners at Tyler, Texas. He says no right has been waived temporarily or permanently in the ex change, which is man lor man, leaving all dispute where they stood before. A letter from the sqiiadrou in Mobile Bay, dated the loth, says a naval reconnoisance on the loth, towards Mobile, found formidable, but not insurmountable, ol structiors, besides batteries, rams and sunken vessels, and a strong casemated fort mounting ten guns. Id all the spaces between the batteries and sunk en vessels, and between both shores, piles, the tops of which where sawed off just below the surface of the water and have heavy iron bolts in them, sharpen at the upper end, so as to tear off the bottom o: a boat passing over them. Men were seen w.a king over two ram lock ing contrivances. Tbe whaaves were crowd- i ed with steamboats and among them four English built crafis, | robahly blockade ruu- j ners. The streets of the city were completely deserted. The rebel* are completely cut oil from their rear works. The health of the army and uavv is good.— The fleet was still pou ding a»ar at Fort Morgan with considers hie effect. No casual ties are reported on our side. Intelligence from the Bio Grande is to the effect that the rebel General Ford occupied Brownsville two days after our forces evacu ated the place, ond procceeded to rent out the propeitv of Unionists, but the Mayor of the city continued to exercise his functions.— Ford has only a small loice and is evidently prepared for a rapid retreat if neces-ary. New Yoke, Aug. 28. A U. S. transport from New Orleans 21st. j arrived to night with 134 sick aud wounded soldiers. She brings the following news from Mobile: Several gunboats had gone up the river as far as Dog River Bar. 'lbe Metac< met and Selma made a recon no isance within three miles of Mobile and found <he rebel steamer I Nashville sunk across the channel. The gun- I boat Morgan was lying at a wharf at Mobile and they opened fire on her. She steamed out and returned the Are, aiming principally at the Selma, her lata consort. Ihebatleiies | around Dug River Bar are not manned. Admiral Farragut is busy putting things in order. The Hartford was being repaired.— The Admiral has succeeded in obtaining the services of the man who set the torpedoes and i he is now taking them up. Our soldiers and : sailor are in the best of spirits. The fire of Fort Morgan on the Tennessee does not injure her a particle. The Chicago Conecntion. Chic 'Ago, Aug. 27. Eceniny—The National Utdou Mass Con- j veuliou at Bryan's Ball, was largely attended. Amos Kendall, President. Resolutions were adopted denouncing the ' aduiiuisu attou ; declaring the ouly solution ot j our troubles is iu the di-plac ineut of the present admiuistratlou; that the die a ationof the Southern leaders as well as President Lin coln's ultimatum, are alike impracticable aud tavuriug the earliest return ul peace, ailain able on a basis of the constitution aud the Union. Ml'lniylit—The mass meetiug to night was large and boi-terously enthusiastic. Three different meetings were organized. Among ihe speakers were Leslie Coomit of ' Keulucky , ex-Guv. Weller of California, aud others. The meeting was exceedingly enthusiastic for McClellan. It is rumored to-night that the Ohio delega- i tion will bolt il McClellan is nominated; that the Keulucky delegates will bolt if the Guth rie delegation is recoguizied; that Senator j Sprague has brought the news that Mr. Lin coln is willing to witldiaw; that lbe New York delegation is doubtful for McClellan.— The latter rumor, as well as the others, create considerable excitemen. Tie vote ot the New York delegation, it is ' believed, will decide the no-tiinatiou. The var.ous delegations to the National Democratic Convention are now full, the lew 1 vacancies existing yesterday having been fllied by the selection ol substitutes. No apparent changes have occurred in the views of the dif fereiit delegations as io the most available candidate, with the exception that McClellan seems to gain strength with the New KngianJ. ; delegates. It is estimated that there are 25,000 strang ers in ibis city, who have c« me to watch the proceedings of the conventions here. The wigwam where the National Ilemo i cratic Convention is to ce held has been crowded to-day with visiters. The building erected for the special purpose is capai le of accommadating 15,(MX) persons. It is in the lorm of amphitheatre, is well lighted and ven tilated, aud neatly decorated, aud is beauti fully situated on the shore of Lake Michigtn. The delegates to the Convention will oo< upy the platform In the centre, which is capable of sealing several hundred. Political. New Yoke, Aug. 28. The Herald's Chicago special dispatch stales that Senator Sprague arrived ou Kiiday night with au official document or agreement Irom {’resident Lincoln, of his w ithdrawal as a can didate lor re election. It is understood that 1 Senator Sprague aud others have gone to Joii ! el, 111., to agree on a candidate to present to the new Republican convention, aud that Miuister Adams, now in England, will be the i man. The meeting of the peace party on Satur { day afternoon was a lizzie. Prom Grn. Sherman'. Army. Louisvii.le, Ky., Aug. 27. An officer from the irout says Gen. Sher man was moving with the bulk of his army 10 a position ou the Macon aud Georgia railroad, in the rear of Hood's troops, aud heavy skir mishing was constantly goiug o.i. The Virate Tallahaeeee. St. Jons, N. B., Aug. 27. I The steamer Princess of Wales, Irom Cliar ! lotteiown, at Shediac yesterday af.ernoon, re ports that the Tallahassee burnt twenty-two I American Ashing vessels Ob' North Cape, j Piiuce Edward's Islands, on Thursday. Moot York Market. Naw Voss. Aug 27 Cotton—1^2c lower. i Flour—25c lower, sales 9,000 bbls; State 10 10$ 10 75. Wheat—do lower. (1 *rn—lclower; sales36.CKX)bush; mixed Western . 162*163. Beef— »erv dull. Fork—higher; sales 8 50 bbls; new mess 40 503 4101. Whiskey—lower; sales 500 bbls at 1 84 Naval stores—tiuiet. Peti oleum—gulf t Freights to Liverpool—dull. -Vw Orlmnn Market. ~ New Orlkais* Aug. 20. ! Cotton was more active and price! advene d. The i*wer® oroinary 1 4581 48; good do ! 153*1 06; low middling 1 58@1 67*. The picking season has fairly opened, although but few bales of ! bad arrived. The sal s of the week were, 4000 bales; rtceipts. 1400 do; eaports. <234 do. j The stock on baud was 6027 bales. Provisions and G°°d ,up*r®no fl°ur celling at FINANCIAL. _ U. S. 7-30 LOAN. The Secretary of th9 Treasury gives notice that subscriptions will be received tor Coupon Treasury Notes, payable three yea s from August 16, 1864, with aemi annual Interest at the rateot seven and three-tenths percent per annum,—principal and in terest both to be paid in lawful money. These no'es will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity, into aix per cent, gold bearing bonds, payable not less than five nor more than twenty years from their date, as tho Government may elect. They will be issued in denominations ol fifty, one hundred, five hundnd, one thousand, and five thousand dollars, and all subscriptions must be for fifty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dol lars. The notes will be transmitted to ths owners free ol transportation charges as soon after the receipt of the original Certificates of Deposit as they can be prepared. As the notes draw Interest from August 16, persons making deposits subsequent to that date must pay the interest accrued from date of note to date of de posit. Parties depositing twenty-five thousand dollars and upwards for these notes at any one time will be allowed a commission ot one-qnarter of one per cent., which will be paid by the Treasury Depart ment upon the receipt of a bill for the amount, cer tified to by the officer with whom the deposit was made. No deductions for commissions must be made from tbe deposits. Special Advantage* of ihia Loan. It is m Ha.tonal Savings Bank, offering a higher rate of interest than any other, and the best securi ty. Any sa rings bank which pays its depositors in U. 8. Notes, considers that it is paying in the beet circulating medium of the country, and it cannot pay in anything better, for its own assets are either in Government securities or in notes or bonds pay able in Government paper. It is equally convenient as a temprary or perma nent investment. The notes can always be sold for within a fraction of their face and accumulated in terest, and are the best security with banks as collat erals for discounts. 0 invertible into a 6 per cent. 5-20 Gold Bond. In addition to the very liberal iaterest on the notes for three years, this privilege of conversion is now worth about three per cent per annum, for the current rate for 6 30 Bonds is not le«s than nine per cent premium, and before the war the premium on six per oent. 1J. 8. stocks were over twenty percent. It will be seen that the actual profit on this loan, at the present market rate, is not less than ten percent, per annum. Its Kiemniinn Ktato at UhiiUmI Taxation. But aside from all the advantages we have enum erated, a special Act of Congress exempts all bonds and treasury notes from local taxation. On the average, this exemption is worth about two per cent, icr an mm, according to taxation in various parts of the country. It is believed that no securities offer so great in ducements to lenders as those issued by the Govern ment. In aU other forms of indebtedness, the fe*th or ability of private parties, or stock compan ies, or separate communities only, is pledged for pay ment, while the whole property of the country is held to secure the discharge of ail the obligations of the United States. While the Government offers the most liberal terms or its loans, it believes that the very strongest ap peal will be to the loyalty and patriotism of the peo ple. Subscriptions will be received by the Treasurer of the United States, at Washington, the several As sistant Treasurers and designated Depositaries, and by the First National Bank of Portland, Maine, and bvali National Banks which are Depositaries o' public money, and all respectable Banks and Bankers throughout the country will give farther information, and afford every faedity to subscribe. Aug 30—dk w2m FIRST NATIONAL BAflK. Seven-Thirty Hotel foi Sale. Interest semi-annually, payable in paper at the rate of sere*, and three ten.hs per cent, per annum Bonds con vertable in three years into six percent five-twenty bonds, upon which the iutereet is paya ble in coin. The notes will he delivered here free of expense. The purchaser will reoelve the interest to August 16 11 subscriptions are made before that time. One-ngkth per cent commission will be allowed subscribers at this Bank upon all amounts qftl,UOO and over. W. E. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, July 30th. 18*4 —d* wtf casco uahk. " GOVERNMENT 7 3-10 LOAN. THE Casco t ank to prepared to received subscrip tions to the new < 8-i0 loan l«j sums of 860 and upwards, paying interest on same from date oi sub scription to August 16th, the date of the Government notes. All persons having 860 «nd upwards now have a good uppor.nmty of 1* nding a helping rand to their Government by subscribing liberally to this loan. The notes are convertible at the end of three years intospe ie. paying 6per cent 6-30 bonds. Loans taken on as ravorab e terms as at any other Bank. E. r.GERUSfi. Cashier Portland. Ju'y 39,1864. Jy» distf RE-OPENED. The subscribers would respectfallv announce to their numerous iriends and the public that they have thoroughly Repaired. Refitted and Refurnished The popular and centrally located EATING HOUSE, -AT No. 77 Middle Street, (FOX BLOCK,) Which vill be opee on end after MONDAY. Jfr’LY SSlh. Inis tad Laackea at all kein af tke kaj aid Ireiiag. ICE C K E A M 8. PLAIN AND FANCV CAKE, FBI IT, CONFECTIONARY, *<* Constantly ou hand. Drawn from Dow's Patent Ice Cream (Soda) Foun tain, with Fruit Syrups. PARTIES SUPBIED AT 8HORT NOTICE. We shall be happy to see all our old friends and make a host of new one*, aud trust that none will have cause for complaint. CALL AND SEE US 1 ATKINSON & INGER80LL. _ _tr NAVY SUBSTITUTES! —AND— "V olunteorN. PERSONS having substitutes or recruits to put into toe NAVY can have their pap* rs made out in proper fo*-m. aud their substitutes put on board the U. S SNIP • SAH1ME” with dispatch and at moderate charge. Substitute and enli-tment papers for the ARMY also made out and atiei d**d to. by applying to MANASSF.U SMITH. Office 62 exchangebt., Over Lovell k Renter's. Aug 27-dk wtf Edwin C. Owen A Co., Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Confectionery, Nuts, Cigar*, Acn So. 26 Exchange St...Portland. Oranges, Lemon-. Limes. Tamaiin .s,Prune*. Cit ron Raisins, Figs. Note of all kinds, Olives, 8a dine*. D»t«s. Apples, Pairs. Peaches. Preserved Fruits. Gum Drrps, Locenges, Candies, Honey, bpmee Gum, Tobaeeo, Cigars, Piekies. Popper 8auee, eta., •>©. ET* The Trade supplied on the moat liberal terms. Aug it—lm educationalT Select School. THE Fall Term of Mias Du gin's Schorl for young ladies and misses, will begin Sept. 6th. For purtloulars apply to the principal at iH high j St. eug27dlw* Casco Street Seminary. THE Fall Term cT this Ins itution will commute on Tuosd.y Sept. 6th, and continue ten weeks For further particulars ioqui e of the Principal, at 217 Cumberland btreet. alter Sent. 1st. MISS H. IIAWKKS. 1’ortlaml Aug. 23,1.804 c3e Portland Academy. TIIE Fall Term will begin 8epter/ber 6th in Union Hal). Free 8t., opposite the Church. Fu pile ot both aexea received. For additi -nil infor matton iuquire ofJ. H. HANSON, 371 Congresa St. Aug 23— d3w WESTBROOK SEMINARY, —AID Female College. THE fall term of tins Institution will commence Wednesday, Aug. 31st, and continue twelve weeks. Board ot Instruction and rates of tuition the same as in the past. O. M STEVENS. Sec y. Steven’s Plains, Aug. 16,1861. augl9d2w ‘HOME INSTITUTE.” miss I. Ci. Prince, Principal. THIS Boarding and Day Sehool for Young Ladies, will re-opeu for it* sixth year, ou Inarsday, Sept. 16th. For Circulars containing terms. Me., adores* the Principal at 62 Free St., Portland, Me. Aug 19—dM wlm North Yarmouth Academy ! AT YARMOUTH MAISR. THE Fall Teim will commence Au<mst^(>th. The Cla ries, Modem Language*. Music, urawiug, Tainting, Penmanship, and “TheNew Gymnastics,’’ are taught by a pennauent Board of Teachers. A Tf a mans1 ( lass is formed in the spring and fall. Ol tue Science* special a t utiou will be giv en to (uanisruY during the tail. Board may be had wttu t'-e Teachers at “Bussell ilall “by making early applica ion. Address the Principal, K 8. IloYT, A M , or JAMES BATES, Secretary. 1 armuutli, August Sd, 1861. _ au*18i-dMw2w Gorham Seminary. fpilE Full Term of this Institution will commence A on Tuesday the Jjib of August, end continue eleven weeks, under the charge oT W. t,. LORD, A. M. inquiries re’stive to the school should he addrete ed to the Principal or t > . J WATKRMAK.Socy Gorham, Aug. 16,1364.—dfcwn NEW H ATI PM HIKE Commercial College, Central Hall, - - - - Concord, N- H. THF. moft thorough and extensive Commercial College H New PiDgland, presents u uqualle^ -i »ciiit e* tor imparting to young meu and ladies a complete busine-s education Send tor a circular containing fu'l Information address WottTUINGTON M WABnEK Principals. Aug 9—dfcwfni WANTS,LOST,FOUND WANTED—An active, iinlu«triou*. houmt BOY, 17 or 18 years of age. who resides tn the city, and wuo ties:res to learn the buonoss . f an Apoth ecary. One mho ha* had soinc experience prefer red. Address Portland P O.. box f8 with real name and -tate where an interview can be Lad. Ang 27—dlw* Fonad, OX the 16th of August, near Portland, a 9Unr H'atch, which the owner can receive by applv j iogtoTIIOS. L IIALLsWoRTH V, No. 8»> Com n>' rci|l St., Boston, and proving property, i August 26-d3l* Wanted, OA C08TOX Coat an6 3ft custom Pant makers. Apply at Clothing Rooms of woodman, mi s a co., 64 and 66 Middle street. AugO—dAwi*6w House Wanted, Ck Wanted by the advertiaer, a convenient, ' centrally located, and pleasant hou<*e for a Lsmall family, without children—possession to be had as early as the middle of October, sooner if possi' le. It most have good water couvenitnoes, and be well ttuUhed. The advertiser would lea^se such a hou-o lor n term of years, or purohase if terms kuited. A two-story oottage. small lot. preferred. Address o. P. g , at the Press Office, stating loca tion. genial terms. Ae c mjidentiailm. Portland, Ang 1.1864 —dtf L«M. STRAYED from the pas tore of Mr. Francis Rob erts, Westbrook, last month, n three year o<d gray ioit, small size; whoever wil* return him or information where he may be found, will be suitably rewarded, by calling ,t No 19 Spring bt. FRANCES E. a MERY. Portland, July 13.1864 —dtf $SS Reward ! STOLEN from the subscriber on Tuesday Even ing. while in Pierce’s auction mom. a Cnii Skin Puck* t Book contaiug 164 in money, a note agnmst Charles iioagdon. Gorham, for t60,and ene against Charles uooper for 312. The above reward will b* Slid lor the recovery of the property and the detec* on of the thief. Tune 8 -tf GEORGE BECK. Board. SUITS of Rooms, with Board, can be obtained by applying immediately at 30 Danforth street. Mny 11th. may lad tf ; MERCHANDISE. Caglairi Salt Afloat. ‘Itt/'MkMUDS CAQLA1R1 hALT, rargo of lOlrU Br Brig Edminston Brothers, now dis charge g and for sale by aug27 d2w DANA A CO. Spruce Shipping Board. 1 (!/ V i w I, a Kfc.EI' (j.U| 8.wei Spruce IOI >,UUU h wrd. 'or tale by 7 J. a. UAMLLN, UobMD • Warf. I'ortlauu, Me. A„V—Mw Liverpool Malt Afloat. 1 WHO HBDS LIVEHIOOL SALT, cargo of Bng JameeCrow, now uwcbargiug and for aale by aigSidlw DANA ft CO. Trinidad Sugar and MolaaMS. iJQ UuDd. Choice Muscovado fhigar, 36* hhds Choice Musoovado Molasses, 48 tie roes Cooke Mutcovado Mo lass- s. Cargo brig J. D. Lincoln, now landing and for sale by HoPHNIEATON. No. 1 Central Wharf. Aug 19—d4w Lumber. OAA i I FACT of merahantable, Hear, sw vFV/y V/vFv " and square edged K. Pine Board* and Deo* Plank, fur sale by 8. D. KKED at his Mills at Paiker’a Head, Me. Also Spruce Timber , and Plank. Parker's Head. Aug. 16, 1964. augl6d2w* Hackmetack Sbip Tinker* OAK. Haokmetack, and Hard Wood Plank.Tree nails from 13 to 38 iuohee, Treenail Wedges, Ao Ac, by L lAYLUtt, Juoe2Sd3m Galt’s Whart, Portland. Treenails. 100 000 wj,,l5TEOAETREENA,L8'for * 8*1 MONTON k KNIGHT, 48 Commercial Wharf. Portland, June 13,1864. jun«15dif Sugar and Molnsses. 300 “UDLj CHOICE MUSCOVADO AU* 10TC8. j GAR. 371 HUBS Superior Muscovado, and 8f TCS Cla>ed Molasses, ll BBLS froui sierra Morena. Now landing and loraale by TllOMAS ASCNCIO A CO.. may9tf Custom House Wharf. Sierra Itturenn IUola**e*. QOKUUDS . OOt) ( CHOICE81 ERKa MOKKNA 30 TIERCES l MOLASSES, 10 BBLS ’ Now landing from Brtf "C. H. Kennedy" TUOS. ASESC10 A CO . May3.-tf C. H Wlrnrf. USE THE BR0CK8IEPER 0A8 RIOULATOR, ARD SAVK TOUR GAS. Aug 3-dlm T. J. MVRBAV, Inspector of Distilled Spirits, Ccal Oil* 1 a cco and Cigtrty May be found at the office rf lion. N. G. Marshall Assessor for the First District ot Maine, No. 33 k«. chat ge At , Portland, Me. Aug 36 —dAwSw* Prompt Collection of Bill*. MERCHANI8, rhyiMiM, Mechanic, and all O'hen wishing prompt collection of their bill,, will receive prompt ana personal altealion, and •peadr return, fnm JACOB FROST, Jnaction Middle and Free Ste up.tair*. OT"i‘»*t dfflee addraea, Box 1786, Portland. P. O. Rr/erne*t—T. C. Hsrtey, U. W. Woodman, A. T. Dola. aaglldtf To Let. TflR Store DOW ocooplod by 1.1. Little, under Maohanio Hall. Rnqalro of C. P. KIMBaLL, aagM Preble Itroot. .. LJ. t 1 ENTERTAINMENTS ; Miss Major Pauline Cushman . -at LANCASTER HALL, Monday Evening, Aug. 99. B' imitation of the ciiiseui of Portland, the »rAre rant/ beautyf.l Scout end Spy of lhr Cumberland, will reiat* the history of her exploits and suffering, while in the United otate. Seoul aer vice. i ickets 26 Coats. Poor* open at 7i; commence At 9 o o ock. * Aug 26—d4t Attention ! EXCVKSIOX PARTIES ! TUB STEAMER Maraena Johnson Buying been with drawn Pom the route to Harps well, is now offered for tbe accommodation of kx« oarrion partiea, aud will take them to any place In Casco Ba/. Large par ies taken at low rate-, Tbe public are invited .o iusp«c; tuia boat, it being It ted up in a superior style, and is by far the safest i excuirion boat la .beae waters. For furthir partic ulars enquire of (i BO RGB WATER* IOU8E, Agent ' oa board, or to J. B. JOHNSON. Proprietor. Aag. S—tf i. E. FEM1LD 1 SON, Merchant Tailors, And Dealer, In Furnishing Goods, No. 87 Middle Street. OarfaellitiM for .applying oar customer, with I promptness ddelity ,od despatch .re enexcellad. Oor Stock 1, large aud deelr.ble, preeeoting all the Novelties of the uwod. TERMS "NET CASH." Portland, Aug to, 1ST4 -dtf LEWIS St SMITH, Manufacture rs und Dealer, la CLOTHING, No. 171 Fore Street, A.M^tZttb. PORTLAND. *•* Particular attention given to Caetom Work. Aug 9. 1904 -dtf Portland Army Committee Of THU U. S. Christian Commission. Chairman, T. R. llayee, rooeiveeStore, at 110 Mid dle afreet. Treasurer CyruaSturdivaot, reeeivea Money at 74 Commercial aireet. Secretary, Haury H. Burges, receive. Letter, at 40 Commercial street. Andrew J. Chase, Dr. W. R. Johnson. lunelSdtl rKMUHTS, Pictoii, N. 8., to Pm broke. Maine. < Any tiled VmmIi. Foreign or Ameri rW icio, wanted to freight Coal an above. /WlA The ralee for d .charging art lower at Botloa, and there are oth.r faell eiMHr Itiee. Applv to or adoiew WML E. COFFIN ft CO . Bo,ton. Also a few Toeeela wanted to bring Coni to other port, JnlyltUta. Small €. Strant, Of the late Arm of Howard ft 8troat, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 105 WIMIe Street, Oppoaitc I aternational Bank. Portland. Aag U—dft wSa Canal Bank. Government 7 3-10 Loan. Thia Dunk U prepared tu receive subscriptions to the new 7 3 10 loan In snms of 860 nnd upwards, P*y*®8 interest from date of subscription to August 16th. the date of the new loan. The notes are convertable at the end gt three years into speole paying 6 per cent 6-30 bonds. One eighth per cent will be el owed on all amounts of 81000 and over. B.C.80MERBY, Cashier . Portland, Aug 1, 1864.—dtf To Wood Dealers andLnmbermen. 10,000 CorSs Wood and Lots W anted. PROPOSALS are desired for cargoes of the fhl 'Pwi®g woods, vis White or ('SDsdisn Poplar, j »» unlock. Bun wood, or American I.tuden Beech, leliow birch, and White or Red him and Whit* Sprue*-—all to be soaud and merchantable Offers mav be made to turuinh by ,tbe cord, or in i the log ot 8 or 13 or 16 feet long, iroca 6 inches in diameter upwaid. to be delivered on navigable water for vemtb drawing when loaded bine feet. Partus please state the kit d of wood, and the amount they can tarnish, where they wish to deliver for ship meat. and when It mill be delivered there, and the • prioe per cord or 1000 feet, as they desire , to contract ► or further particulars, or sending proposals, please ado ress 1. BIFFl'M. Treasurer American Wood Lb per Company, AagUdAa ~ A 1. , The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN. Are the heel iactraaent, oftketr claw in tb#world , Naarly ait the Boat promtnen nrt»U in tb* eoaatry have gives written tettlaony to thie effect, nnd thoa inatrnaent, nre in conitnnt nn in the concern 01 lb* nott dietiegnlnhed nrtiiu- u t.otuebalk and 1 other,—na wall na in IM tna in tb* prtuc pal cit >M whenever anch iaa’rnaenta an reqn redo Flier t<6 to (,00 each Tbeae m.t-ua-nta any be fon-d ! at the Mn*c nooaa of the anbneribor. where they I will be ,old at the tnaanfactaren' prieee. H. 8. EDWARDS, No.349, Stnwnrt'a Block, Congree* St. aprlldtl For tSe Pool. - _ elT—n Steamer ••CLIPPER” will leave aBSaiCFictorf Island Wharf. Saco, forth* r \ 1. ” every day. (Haaday excepted)at 10 a a andZr n. Retaining, leave the Pool at 11 a m. i mnd&r. o, arriving in tiaae for the evening train for Portland. Parr from Saeo to f Ac Pool and back SO ell. Excnraion Ticket, furnished to partiee 01 Fifty or t aor-, from Portland to 'he Pool and back, by rail road and ateaaboat, al 90 eaata. ROSS ft STURDIVANT. 73 Uoamercial 8t, Portland. Aag 3d. 1864.—dtt w a ft msf h on nr mb ran ■ aa an TO USB TIB BR0CKSIEPER8 GAS REGULATOR EDWAKD SHAW, Aj/enl. Aug 'V—dim__ To the Electors of Ward Five, ■■ ibe City of Portlaad. ItfOYicnie hereby given,that in poreuato* of a war ; il rout fr» m the Mayor and Aluermen of the City ol Portland, the inhabitmnU of Ward Five in said | i ity, (v aiitltd according to law to vote in the elec tion of City Officers, will meet in the Ward Room, corner of Spriug and South Street*, in said Ward, on Thuni'uy the tint day ot Sept nUr next, a- 10 | o'olock iu the forenoon, to give in their vot-* for one Alderman, roeioent of *aid Ward, for the remainder or the priest Municipal year, in place of Al.ermau Stevens Siuith, deceased The poll* to remain open until four o c ock in the afternoon when they shu'l he closed And the Aldermen of said City will bain o;en 1 *ea»iou in the Ward foomom Sew City Huildiag, (entrance on Myrtle St .tfrom nine o'olock in the foreuoou to one o'clOvk 1 • the niter noon on er eh ol the three strcnlar da?* next preoedirg such day of election, and firm three o c ock to flve o’c ock iu the afternoon of the last ot said three >rcnlar ouy*. for the purpose of reccUtog evidence of the qualifi cation of voter* who-u name* have not been enter ed on the li*t of qualified voters in and for said Ward and to- correcting said list. Per Order of ibe Mayor and Aldermen, J M ilKATU illy Clerk. Portland, Aug. 23.1864. did USE THE ■ROCKBIRPER GAS REGULATOR. ABD a A EM r O UK HAS. Aug 8—dim BRADFORD A RARROR, Pension and Claim Agents, (Eetabliebed in 1861.) STILL continue to devote tbeir apeeial end excla ,ive ntt.ntiou to tbe pro* cutlou of Claim, tor IVn.lou., Bounties, Arrest* of Pay a ad Prise Mosey, And nil other claim, Again,t the Government, h |. ing been dulv ltcenned ther-for VtT Ail advice free. Term, na low na at any oth er Aeenoy, and ao pay inquired until tbe claim,are obtained. Office 88 Exchange atreet, Joee Block. r BBADFORD, Z. K UARMOlt. Janell —dtf PORTLAND DRY DOCKCOMPANY. AN aaaeeeroeat of Right Dollar, par ahareon the I Capital Stock of tbe Compaay I* Payable at tbe offiou of the Tronenrer,. IlT C»»m- I claJ atreet C. M DATI8, Treooaror. , July IMh, IMi.—dtf —__- jaj AUCTION^ SALES. B. M. PATrKN,‘AUCTION EEK, 11 Exchange et. Valuable Beal Estate ou Free St. WILL be mid on Thnntfay, Sept let. at 3 P M on tpe p emises.the 8 storied double bouse end lot No M Free St. rile house la arranged for one or two 'families,With ati the modern ouLvuoieuces. The lot coutaus aoout eighteen thousand Ire hun dred Let giviug amp i room lor the eree ion of sooti er dwelling. Tnia is the best piece of proper) r that has bseu offer ed to the public this season It Will he so d without the lesst re one For pariirutars ca I on the auctioneer Aug 26 -did . Auction Sale ot Heal Ftlalr. BY virtue of a llceuaorrom the Probate Coart ot Cumberland couuty. 1 .nullsell at public auction the lot of laod, with the buildings the: eon, situated at the coruor ol x sari Street auu Cl u cb Lane so-called io Portland, saio lot containing about tbisty >ia tcot oo Pearl Street aod about seventy lent on Church Lane, and being the homestead ol the late John Av ertll. deceaaeu The suction will lake place on the premises on Thursday. Septembei 1.1 64, at 12o’olotk Acti. E. Sl'r.V FINS, Aaaualatrator. 11E.NKY HAILS It CO , AOCTionaraa. Portland. July 36, lS^'A. eodtsi pi A w3w Valuable- K«al Ltluir at Auction, ON F riday, sept 3d. at 8 o'eloek P M . on the pr- mises. we shall soil two undivided thirds of the va aable lo' ot laod on High Nt, adjoining Ike Muasey bumoxtesd with the bixlloinga thereon; the lot la about 61 feet on High nt, by about IM> fret j tack. It is a large aod valuable lot, pleasantly and ceutra' y located aod In on excellent neighborhood. The buildings ate tu good repair, sale positive title clear. e-U!x.IiK,r BAILEY a CO , Aucticiecrs. Aug. 37 —dtd K.M. FATTEN, AUCTIONEER, 13 Exchange St Dwelling House* A Land on Cum berland! »i„ nt Avctlou. OH katurda. Sept'rater 3d, at 13 o clock oa the promt os, above Wsrhinginn bt., eoroer of Cassidy's Coart, two 3 stoned owellings, together wi h the land; booses nxarl. us us a 1 v,-od order Lot 36 fret no (_ ombs> land et . rat log I sac v hail thedutanco to Coagreos St oraboutnine tWVWe •‘ef- Terms to suit—Sole pos.tlvo. VnVi,^-_. 06M6, Uri:-*"'* Muruesmp*, OM ^ 11 o’clock A. ii, ou 'Saturday. Sept. 31. at ano 11-in. ae*s, juTto1".'’ Hofsec. Carriage, -r„ tYa.ons, —ea* Carryails, lop Buggts. Cooc. -ae ictus me^a^T; KfPro- Wagoa and Hama- ' “* oi eftcb now and *econd b«t.d Ang 3-dtf“FJiM* * CO .Adefra Ver» DetiniMe K.ul Estate ut A union. ON Wednesday, Sept. 7, nt 8 o'eloek I . sf on the premia*., wo aboil tell a valuable property near ,‘V* '**'* Hour# la tape Elisabeth, oa the road to the Ocean House and oue mile from Portland Bridge, contains about el ht seres of land In a fair state ol cultivation, and admirably adspuo lo early gardening. Oa it is a nies one and a ball story Cot tage House, admirably arranged and inislrd bom gamt to cellar; a good a- able, Ciiriagwhiuse wood he use. bencry , Ar—nearly all new fbert la eaeo< Isot water ad abundaooo of It. Also a large amount ot frnlt such as Crapes. Currants, tioosbem i, Ac This property is beaut folly treated, e m.ondlng i bb Harbor, titj aad tiirutttdiDi Codu* . m ****** HAILET A CO . Aactrs. Aug 19—eoxQw- then dtd K* rb A ti mm HA a rm rm- m m. Commission Merchant A Auctioneer Hu removed to Um spacious store IS ■xahauce Strsst, four doors below Merchant's Exchange. Will receive consignments of Merchandise •• •very description, for pablic or private sale, bales •/*•»! Estate, VeeeeU. « argues, blocks cad Mer chandise (elicited. Cash advances mane. with prompt sales aad returns. mchll dly Scholarships good la any pert of the United States ae Principal has bad SO years experience; is always on the spot, aad attends to hia business; and prom isee, as daring the pest U years, no pains shall be •pared ia the future. Five hundred reference# af the drat class business men. with many others of this atty, will testify to the practical utility, capacious mom sad completeness of my systems and manner af teaching, and citiieai el other cities have teetihed to the same. Diplomas will be awarded for thor cagb coarues. Able Assistants secured. Bartlett's Pina, the founder of Commercial Colleges, strictly sdhered to as regards not copying. Certain times will be devoted to Commercial Law slucidstione - Come all who have failed to be taught a baaineee hand writing aad I will guarantee to yon saeecm. applications sol lot ted for Accountants Separate ia it ruction given. Students can cater any time. Sep arate rooms for Ladles. Tuitioa reasonable. In tri oats acct-antsadjusted. Ladies and l, cat! emeu that desire to take lessons, or a fall, or a separata oouns, ia either Book-keeping, Navigation, Commercial Law, Phonographs. Higher Mathematics, Civil Kn rtaeeriag. Surveying, Native Basinem Writing, Commercial Arithmetic. Correspondence. Card Marking, (and teaching from printed copies aad raott Books will be avoided 'least- call, or addrcaa the Principal. H N BKuWN Portland. Oct 1. IMS rtB sod heowly Proposals lor Wood. Aas'T gi'isTiistiTissovrri, i Augusts Me.. Aag », ltd* I PBOPO8AL8 ‘oi lbs delivery of one thousand (Uh Ol cords of merchan'atle hard aw d will bo r-eeivrd at Ibis oSoe aatll Wednesday, Angast (1. IMS. at >t a -loch M The wood to be delivered at Camp# "Cobarn." Frye. " aid"E D. Keym,”aiar Augasia M Lae. as tan -sns may be required for ns# oi troops en camped thotv at P-op-w»ls wilt be received for ot* halt trthewhole of the number ol oo ils. The mbseilber reserves the tight to reject all pro pose alt they urn deem d surras,,as bis »* M 8 D >DGB. Capt C b and A . a.Q.M. Aag tt-dlw Taxes for 1804. COLLECTUit'S NOTICE. The Assessors of the City of Portland, Hang conmitted tome, with a warrant for the col lection of the same, the Tax List for the Present Tear, Notice is hereby given, that oa all Taxee paid within Thirty Days From this date, being the date of the asse-smsat FIVE PER CENT. DISCOUNT, Of within SIXTY L> A Y S Three Per Cent. Discount wtl be allowed. Ob all taxes remaining unpaid four mouths attar the date oflho as roneut, lutrrttl ail ha char tod to ciumancr Sixty Days after the data ol tha as aaaaaeat. HENRY r LORD. Treasurer sad Collector Portlaod. Aug 24tb, 1-04 —dlw Carriages, Carriages! Fiimlr Bai and Neatly Fiaiahed. J. F. LIBBEY. No. 20 Preble St., OFFERS foraale, at hla eatahliehmeat. a variety of Carriage* made in the eeateet end moet ante stantial maneer. The are. itment ei n,| rw. rail the diff rent etylee or Light Carriage#. auo they ell! bw sold oa the moet favorable ter me Per*, m island l»g to purchase Carriage* will Had it A r their later eat to call and examine before ha. Ing e'rew here. InneSSdtf * 7 — ■ ■ USE THE BROCRSIIPER 0A8 REGULATOR, |A.\D SAVE rOLE OAS. Aug S—dim Sewing Machine Improvement*. ALL owner# ol approved Sewing Machine* ar* iaeiled to call at NO. 11 CLAPP’S BLOCK, and aee th* operettoe of two of the moet important improvement* of the day— Vitliia’i Paint Cruk Idioi. uk Ijfe'i AttackM. The former place* th- control ef th* machie* en tirely under I econtrol ol the feel of the operator preventing all nook ward motion of tho wh#i al lowing the freedom of both band* to handle the work, end earing the breaking of noodle* and tho tmUngling of tbetbread The latter wtl. allow th* fro* nae ofliaoo rhredl or of inferior cotton and entirely do** away with the *oaping of the doth. Call and *eo*ad you will not fail to bare tbrm ap plied to your machine#. JOHN PORTER, Agent. Mr. Portor will put maebiuee in order and leech th* operator, how to uee them, eo that they will haee no tronb’e Portland. Aug in ISM dtf ECOHOMTJS WEALTH. THKaahecriberrerpectfUlly informa hi* friends In general that he will Repair Gentlemens’Garments or KYBXT DSSCRirTiOH. AT SHORT NOTICE AND FAIR PRICES, So that Monef can he Saved in these War Timu $ J. K. 8TO&Y, No. 28 ILxcbtnie >t, Aug 27-dtf For Smto. ~

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