Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 30, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 30, 1864 Page 3
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VORTLAXD A SI> VJCIVITT. Death of Capt. Oliadwell. We regret to state that Capt. George U Chad well of Co. B, 82 J Maine Regiment, dim at hU residence In this city Sunday night, a the age of S3 years. At the breaking out of the war Capt. Chad well was Orderly Sergeant of tho TortUm Light Infantry. With a large pot lion of that company he voluuteereil his services for (he defense of the liberties of his country and w.r appoiuted 2d Lieulenuut, and subsequently 1st Lieutenant, of Co. A, 1st Maine Regiment. Having served out the three months for which that regiment volunteered, he returned home. His heart still beating for his country he exerted himself in raising a company for the 12th, Col. Hhepiey's regiment. In this he succeeded and was appointed Captain of Co. B, In that regiment, aud went with liis cotntnaud to New Orleans. There he was taken down with illness, and after being some lime in the hospital, he resigned his commission and re turned home to recruit his wasted health. After spending some little time at home, he gained such health aud strength as induced him te try ouee more for his country, lie set to work and was very active In raising Co. B. of the 321 Maine Regiment. Willi that regi ineut he marched to ilia fields of the Potomac. There the secret seeds of the disease contract ed at Xcw Orleans, again shew themselves, and he was obliged once more to throw up his commission aud return home. Since bis returu he has been gradually fulling with con sumption. But hit mind was clear and Ids courage bright to the last moment, when lie quietly dropped to rest. Friends in abundance had Capt. Chadwell— enemies none. His quiet yet genial disposi tion endeared him to ail and his loss will be deeply regretted. His funeral will take place from the Central Church, (Rev. H. D. Moore’s I at three o’clock Wednesday afternoon. He will bo buried with military honors—a detachment from Camp Berry, with the hand of the 17lU U. S. Infan try, forming the escort. Oapture of a Blockade Runner. A dispatch to the Pre«s, from ltockland, dat ed yesterday, slat, s that the steamer Merri mae, which left that place yesterday morning, captured the irou steamer Rouen, of about 000 tons. The steamer had no papers nor col on, aud her oiilcers, as is said, told ditlerent stories about her destination. This steamer was sold at auction in Boston last week and was purchased by parlies be longing in St. John, probably for the purpose of beiug used as a blockade runner. Misi majou Cushman.—TiiU heroic lady, whose name has become famous iu the annals of our National history, because of the glori ous pirt she has played in the present rebel lion, gave a gloiviug account of her advent tires while n the L uited Stab's secret service, at Lancaster Hall, last evening, to a crowded house. Miss Cushman is young, handsome, vivacious and vritty, aud held her audience chained for upwards of au hour. Her story is simple, bu: the artless rnauuer in which she relates it carries couvictiou of its truthfulness to the hearts of ail a ho heard, aud not unfrequent ly elicited rounds of applause, lu compliance with the request of many of our leading citizens, Mi-s Cushmau has consented td remain another night aud will repeat the account of her interesting adventures at Lan caster Hail to-night. We understand that the Portland Band has been engaged and vrill fa vor the audience with several patriotic airs.— Miss Cushman will to-uight sing the John Morgan song, “Trust to Luck.” During the day yerteidaj, the gallant Msjor was made tha recipient of a splendid hat, the gilt of Miss E. Chadboutpe, the popular milli ner on Congress street. Stbise or thk Boorm-acns.—Tho lads who polish the understanding of individuals, held a meeting yesterday. They took posses sor of one of the recruiting ofllces in trout of the post efflee and organized by placing a graduate from the “flub" in the chair. The chairman remarked, “blacking are high and brushes is riz: consektutly we cauT af ford to polish gemmeu’s boots lor flve ceuts.— We must have ten cents.” The vote was unanimous to charge teu cent-. One of the fraternity complained that a brother had polished two pairs of boots on Federal street—a place where he had no right to go. He hoped every bootblack would con fine his operations to his own particular dis trict. There seemed to he some little trouble about this matter, and. without settling it,the meet pt adjourned. Personal.—We notice iu the Army and Navy Journal that Henry C. Proctor, son o ' J. C. Proctor o( this city, has beta promoted aud confirmed as Acting Eiuign, aud ordered to the Mississippi squadron. Young l'roc’.or has been two years in the service of his coun try aud still continues to do liu duty. IPs example is worthy to be followed by the young men of this city, who cau do no butter than to buckle 01 their armor aud engage in ike pat riotic work of putting down litis terrible re bellion. Tbe young men of the country have more at slake, in this great struggle for the natiou’s life, than those whose heads are blos soming for tbe grave. We trust tbe good ex ample of youug Proctor will not be without influence. A good rnauy from this city have goue to tire war and their names will tmt soon be forgolteu. Valuable Estate fob Sale.—The Mor ton property on Free street, comprising a three storied double housarranged either for one or two lamilies, and nearly 10,000 feet of laud, Is to be offered at auction on Thurs day, at three o'clock P. M. This is the most valuable piece of property that has been offer ed to the public this sea-on. Its location, the size of the lot—which is amply sufficient for the erectiou of another dwelling house—the faithful manner in which the present tene ment was built, and all the advantage* of so retired, yet ceutral place, effr inducements to capitalists such as they do not often meet with. _ Wabii Five.—At the Union uieeliug last evening in Ward 5, lion. V J. Miller was chosen Chairman aud Henry Willis, E-q.,Sec retary. On the lirst formal ballot for a candi date for Alderman, N. A. Foster, Enp, receiv ed all tbc vote* but two, and he was unani mously declared the candidate. The election takes place on Thursday, the polls opening a*, ten o'clock. Tbouble lx Camp.—We b arn that there was some trouble at Camp Berry yesterday afternoon—such as the guard was not suffic ient to quell. A request being made to Capt. Inman he dispatched a (quad of 00 or 70 sol diers from tort Pable,who soou reduced mat ters to a state of quietude. Miixochau's Patent Paint Oil is now ex tensively used as a substitute for Linseed Oil. It costs very much less, aud gives eutirc sat.a fstiou wherever tried. Orders promptly sup plied by Crafts Jc Williams, 0 aud 7 Commer cial Wharf, Boston. U. 8. Circuit Cottar.—la this court yes terday, no business was transacted and it ad journed to ten o'clock this morning, at which time H. W. Paine, Esq., of Boston, will com mence his argument for respondents in the case of Potter vs. Clark aud al. Accident.—Yesterday afternoon a lad was thrown from a carriage he was driving through C> mmercial street, In consequence of Its wheel interlocking with that of another vcLl cle. He struck npon bis head and was se verely lujured. Lost.—Attention is called to the advertise ment of a pin lost. It Is prized more by the owner for being a gift, than for its intrinsic value. _ Seamen.—About one hundred seamen wer.: sent to Boston by the steamer last evening.— I They were recruits from the receiving ship Sabine, enlisted at this port. HY TELEGRAPH — TO THK KVUNlfttt PAPIK* / /it't'C Ihii/n i.ahr / ron* A- iirffjit. New York, Aug. 29. Hie steamship New York, from .Southainp tonl'ih lusL, arrived this morning. The steamships Lumps and Marathon ar rived out on the 15tb, ami the Bt-lgiau on the Kith. The London Times expresses astoni-hment at the maimer iu which Federal bonds are ab m rbed at Frankfort, adding that each succes sive failure is regarded by the existing bond holders with gratification instead ot dismay. The Times believes the campaign wiil contin ue unless the danger to Washington is so great as to demand the return of the main liody ot Grant's army. The capture of liichmoud is the test of the ability of the North to make a peimanent iinntession on the Confederacy.— The Confederate loan advauci d if percent, on Graut's repulse before Petersburg, the latest quotations being 77 a 79. The pirate Florida destroyed the ship “lin b an,'’ rdf Brazil, bound Irom New Yolk to California. She took *70,000 from her. A p :IVerful three-funneled steamer anchor ed oil Foques Island ou the i.ith. and sailed apnm suddenly on Saturday evening. A war like parly, with oue of the Alabama lieuten ant-, landed. She is supposed to be a block ade runner. It is believed she is to carry an imineuse supply ol clothing to the Conlcder ates. The Federal sloop of-war Sacramento ar rived at Plymouth on the 10th. She run down the Norwegian brig Ceres otf Start Point.— Crew saved. The Sacramento was uninjured The Prussians have prohibited the export Irom Jutland of cattle and grain during the armistice. Saxony intends pronosing the following to the German Diet: Explanations are to be demanded ol Austria amt Prussia in reference to their having permitted the King of Den mark to cede rights to them to which the King had no title. The Federal frigate Niagara lias sailed from Lisbon. Her destination is unknown. An unexampled heat prevailed in Portugal, and crops and vines suffer exceedingly. r/ie Chiraya Convention. CHICAGO, Aug. 29. The New. York delegation held a final meet ing ibis morning. Altera brief consultation was take : as to win should be the choice of the delegation for the Presidency with the lol Iawing result: For McClellan 3d; scattering lo. Tin* vote of the Ohio delegatiou yesterday OS. sa .UWI'-IIBU 19 * lie iUlSAOUri | vote lor McClellan was 13; scattering 9.— Neither Uhio nor Mi-souri vote as a uuit. In diana is IS for McClellan to <i against. Illi nois is 22 lor McClellan to 19 against. Bets o: j four dollars to'ono are ollered this morning that McClellan receive? the nomination on the first ballot. it it not expected that more thau a tempo rary organization of the Convention and the ■Pie>iaiuicnt of the usual committees will be etlcctcd to day. A majority ol both the delegations from 1 Kentucky are said to be for McClellan. As yet little or no difference of opinion is mani- - lasted as to the character of tbe platform. An i armistice, a convention ol States, and the adoption o( i very means consistent with j Christianity and civilization to bring about a i permanent and honorable peace, seems to be the points generally agreed upon by ail tbe , delegations. Yaliaudighaui and Wood are uuderalaod to b ‘ pledged to tbe candidate of tbe convention. Ii 'u. Wood, it is said, will support the noin iuee unless au ither convention is called aud a peace Democrat nominated. Uov. Seymour, Yaliandighaio, lticbardsoa I and olh'T prominent men were received wit j ; music and cheers as they entered the hall. Ill-Mil from Souther* Source*. PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 29. The evening telegraph has Richmond pa- j per*. The following aie extracts: A sp-cial dispatch to tb- Mobile Advertiser from near Aberdeen, dated the 20th, says:— 1 The enemy burnt Asberville last night. Their I advance lorcea passed tlitough Holly Springs this tuoruiug on their way to Lagrange.— j Their wagon train crossed Waterford last night. As they were about crossing yest r- ^ day, Chambers fired into their infantry lorce, | and a sharp skinni-li took place, lie eaptur- | ed three wagons and their teams. Our loss was twenty. The pursuit was renewed this ! morning. Bristol, Tenu.. Aug. 24. Three hundred Yankee cavalry dashed iuto Rogersville on the 21-t, aud captured Hon. J Leiskell. C. K. Shields, Col. Walker, Captain Clay, and fourteen privates. They retired in the direction of Bear Station. Atlanta, Us., Aug. 24. Another large conll sgralion occurred this evening ia Alabama street, destroying a large warehouse and Seurat dwellings. The lire was caused ley a shell from the Yankee bat teries. During the conllagratiou the Are was kept up on that portion of the city with great rapidity. Prisoners rep 11 that Shcrmau's army con tinues to be well fed. Citizens trout Marietta report that Federal officers claim that there are twenty days pro visions at that place. From the Army before Riehmond. Washington, Aug. 29 A letter from the army of the Potomac, dated yesterday, says all is .julel except the usual picket firing in front of the 9th corps. The firing on oor right on Thursday aud Friday was occasioned by a movement of our troops from one position to another, which the enemy evidently did uot understand, aud p riiups fearful that it meant another attack on their right at Ream's station. Our total loss in the tight of Thursday did not exc cd 2090, while that of the enemy is I supposed to be about. 5000. We still hold about four miles of the Wel don railroad, and the pot lion abandoned by tbe 21 corps was eflbctuaily destroyed. Deserters who cair.e in yesterday sav that Hill's corps, with a division of LongstreetV and the" Jeff. Davis Legion, were the rebel troops engaged on Thursday. They a's) state that since the Weldon railroad fell into our possess! >n pork ha« advanced to six and beef ' to eight dollars in Richmond,and their officers j declare the road must be captured at all j bn*srd«. / rain .yetr Orleans. Cairo, III., Aug. 28. j New Orleans dates of the 22d have been re ceive! via way of the liver, but are valueless owing to advices from Kichmoud papers of the fail of Fort Morgan. Look, ol the N. Y. Herald, and Chadwick, of ilte Tribune, have been ordered beyond the iines by lieu. Cauby for publishing in forma tiou valuable to the rebels. Th* Surrender of Fort Morgan—lien. Vaige and the tiarrieon Frieoner.. IVasuisgtos, Aug. 20. Di'patches received here from before At lan'.a state that Atlanta papets of the 27th inst announce that Fort Morgan has turren dete i to our lorces with all its garrison, in cht'l ug <*cn. I’alge, guns, tuuultionsof war. elc. Peace Scouted ••It [peace] his become a hateful word, aud t-homd tie loft exclusively lo the use of Buffalo ' orators in a neighboring State, if any of that sort still drivel and snivel. Let ns get rid of the whole vile cant, aud say at once we are for war, and nothing hut war, until, as Davis is said to have said, “the last of this generation falls in his tracks,” and then we mean to pass it to the next as uu inheritance. It is for those who have unjustly invaded our country to offer us peace; and when they do, they will still offer it in vain until their armed men are withdrawn from the soil of these Confederate States, aud the felon Hag of stripes is hauled down from every fort within our bonier-'. After that it will be time enough to prate about peace. Now the very Word isnouseiise.—[Richmond Examiner. “ Peace n Hateful Word.” “It [Peace] has become a hateful word, and should be left exelusively to the use of Iluffalo orators in a neighboring State, if any of that ! »°vt stiH drivel and snivel. Let us get rid of the whole vile cam, and say at once we are for war, i ’in<* nothing hut war, until, as Davis is said to have said, ‘ the last of this generation falls in his tracas,’ and then that we mean to pass it to the next as an inheritance. It is for those who have [ unjustly and wantonly invaded onr country to offer us peace; and when they de, they will still offer it in rain until their armed men are with drawn lrom the sod of these Confederate States, and the felon flag qf itripes it hurled down from every fort within our borders. After that it will be time enough to prate about peace -Yog. the very word is nonsense.’’—[Richmond Examiner ( Aug. 13th. | BY TELEGRAPH rOTBK Portland Daily Press. OFFICIAL NEWS DISPATCH. LATEll EllOM MOBILE. 1 __ The Surrender of Fori Morgan ! FROM GENERAL SHERIDAN. I - REBEL FORCES FALLING RICK. FROM OEN. SHERMAN'S ARMY. _ Washington, Aug. 2i>. /o Major Gtn. I)ix /—The capture of Fort Morgan u lully continued by dispatches from lien. Grant aud Gen. .Sherman, who derive their information from liiclimoud and Mobile papers. It appears from Gen. Gram’s dl« j patch to the President, just received, that Fort Morgan was surrendered. City Point, Any. 'Mlh.—A. Lincoln, Presi dent:—Since my dispatch of this morning 1 I have received the Richmond Sentinel of tin 27th. It contains the following dispatch from Mobile:—“The report of the surrender ol Port Morgan was most unexpected, and We await an explanation of so unfortunate an oc | currence. The press of Mobile is hopeful aud contldcut of their ability to hold the city." (Signed) U. S. Gkant, Lieut. <ien. The latest intelligence the Shenandoah Val ley represents that a large part of the rebel force there lias beeu withdrawn towards itich IDOIld. The latest reports from Gen. Sherman rep resent that thus far his recent movement to occupy the rebel lines of supply has been suc cessful. (Signed) E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War. The Chicar/o Convention. Chicago, Aug 20. At noon the National Democratic Conven tion w as called to order by August Uelmont, chairman of the National Committee. In the course of his remarks be said: “In your Hands rests, under the ruling of an allwise providence, the future of the republic. Pour years of misrule by a sectional, fanati cal aud corrupt party, have brought our coun try to the very verge of ruin. The past aud present are suliicien’ warning of the disas trous conse.|ueuces which would belall if Lin colu’s re-election should be made possible by our waut of patriotism and unity. The inev itable results of such a calamity must lie the utli r disintegration of our w hole political aud ocial system, amid bloodshed aud anarchy, witli the great problems ol liberty, progress, aud self government, jepordized for genera tions to coine. We must bring at the altar of . .-- --.. ..I-J-~» opinions and convictions, however dear and long cherished they may be, from the moment that they threaten the harmony and unity of actou, so.indespeusable to our success. We are here, not »' war democrats nor as peace democrats, but as citizens of this great Repub lic, which we will strive and labor ui the last to bring back to it* former greatness aud pros perity. I*t pure and disinterested patriotism, tempered by moderation and forbearance, pre side over our deliberations, aud uuder the blessing of the A'migbty the sacred cause of Union, Constitution and must prevail over fanaticism and treason. Hon. Wm. Bigler of I’euu .was chosen tern porary chairman and made a brief address, expressing his confidence iu tbe wiso deliber aliens of the convention, and the success of its j nominees. ltev. Dr. Clarkson of Chicago, offered a prayer for the speedy return of peace and tbe permanent happiness of tbe country. E. O. Perrin, U. M. Towers and Moses Strong, were appointed temporary secretaries. The list of delegates was called by States. As each chairman presented the credentials of his delegation, he was welcomed by loud ap plause. Mr. Tildcu of Xew York, moved that one delegate be appointed by each delegation to report resolutions for the consideration of the convention, and that all resolutions be referred to said committee without debate. Carried. Mr. Cox of Ohio,moved that the committee on organization be instructed to report rules lor the government of the convention, aud that in the meantime the roles of lire last con vection be adopted. Caraieil. Mr. Powell of Kentucky, stated that the ‘ contesting delegates from that State were agreed and harmonious as regards .his con- j veution, and moved that a member from each delegation be appointed on the committee on resolutions, they to have but ouc vote. Car- ' ried. Mr. Olds, of Ohio, moved that the commit tee on resolutions be inrtructed to report what ' action, if any, is necessary for this convention to take iu regard to tbe late military order of I Gen. Heintzelman, prohibiting the people of I the NorthWest from purchasing aims and ammunition. Kelerred. The following resolution was offered by Gov. Hunt, of New York, aud referred to the committee on resolutions: Resolved—That in the future,as in the past, we will adhere with unswerving fidelity to the Union and Constitution, ana insist on main- ! tainme our national unity as the only solid foundation for our streugth, security aud hap piness as a people, and as a frame-work of 1 government conducive to the welfare and pro-perily of all the Stales, l oth Northern and Southern. And with a view of terminating the pending conflict, and restore the blessings of peace, we are in favor ol au armistice aud earnest and honorable efforts to adjust terms of settlement on the basis of tht Constitution of the United States. And for a final solution j of all differences, we would recommend a cou- ! vent ion of Slates to review the Constitution aud adopt such amendments and modifications ! as may seem necessary to more fully ensnrv ! to each State tbe enjoyment of all its rights and conslitu'ional coulroi of its domestic con cerns, according to the intent and purpose of the Federal compact. The convention adjourned until 10 o’clock to-morrow forenoon. 11 P. M.—The streets and squares about i the principal hotels were filled with immense ibrongs all tbe evening and at this hourclubs are marching, binds playing and large meet ings being held at several point*. iVoi/i Hen. Sheridan'a Army. Balttmobe, Aug. 2D. A special dispatch to the Auieiicau no id Gen. Sherman's army, says the long looked for i advance of onr army commenced yesterday morning at four o'clock. Our cavalry started out aud commenced driving the enemy's rear guard. At live o’clock our iulantry broke j camp, and at 7 had taken posiliou in the line ' ol much, which was in three parallel columns. We had not proceeded tar when we liecame sa lsfled that the main force of the enemy had r« tired from our immediate front, and retreat- 1 ed to some posiliou up the valley,or they have retreated with the intention of reinlorcing Lee. Even now the wheicabonts of Early’s main fmee is a matter of specu a’ion. Our cavalr. ' ad some heavy skirmi-biug yesterday ft the vicinity of Chailestown with the ene my's rear guard, in which we lost two U. S. officers killed. We captured twenty prison ers. who state that ih- tnaiu force of the ene my moved off three days ago in the direction ol Martinsbtire. One /Pay Later from Europe- Arrival of the Stra m*hip* i.ouiaiann and Ed in bury. New Yore, Aug. 20. Steamship Louisiana, from Liverpool lftth, has arrived. The Europa, from Boston, arrived out on the lftth. Liverpool, Aug. nth.—’The not at Belfast continued last night. Many persons were 'hot and several killed. A strong military mice is uow on the spot. l’er steamship Elinburg. Steamship Edinburg, from Liverpool 17th, arrived to-night. Liverpool. Au-j. 1S(A.—The Belfast riots continued tiercely yesterday, with much in iury to persons and property. To-day they are apparently subsided, the rioters being j overawed by the strong mihtaiy force. Expedition from Magnolia, fi„. New York, Aug. 20. The steamer Fulton, from Hilton Head, has arrived. An expedition, cousistiing of the 7th Ohio and companies IJ and D of the 4th Mass cav alry and oue p ece of artillery from the Sd It. I I-t *11 commanded by Col. Harris, of the 75th, | started from Magnolia, Florida., to make a I make a raid. The column reached Start with out flglriug, ami there destroyed a railroad train and captured a large quantity of mer chandise aud supplies. They tkeu proceeded to Ga’uesville, and while there were surprised by 000 of Dickinson’s rebel forces. A fight ensued, resulting in the capture of 150 of our men and the piece of artillery, and the recap ture of the property. PROM GEN. SHERMAN'S ARMY. Nashville, Tenn., Aug. 29. It is rumored that Geu. Sherman has moved the position of his army to the vicinity ot Red Oak and is moviug on Atlanta from the South. It is doubtle-g his intention to attack the city from several different points at once. No official intelligence of any movement has been received as yet. Gen. Gilhtrt in a light with the rebel forces at Greenville, E. Tenn., on the 23J, killed 40 rebels and drove the force from the town.— He lost 23 men, among them Col. Carney, mortally wounded. /I.mis from liichmoml i,./erl. New York, Aug. 29. Richmond papers state that Gen. A. J. ■ Smith is sweepingathrougli Eastern Mississip pi sud Alabama. ^ Gen. Early lias been ordered back to Ricb mond. Tile rebels are, very sore over the loss of tin Weldon railroad, and say little concerning the battle ott Thursday. Mosby has hung thirty of our men in Cler keco, Va., fur burning bouses. Fortress Monroe, Aug. 29. Yesterday’s Richmond papers acknowledge ' the loss of live rebel Generals, four killed and I one wounded, on the Weldon railroad. The rebel Gen. W. G. Lewis Is wounded. Various Items. New York, Aug. 29. Gold opened at 2 43, and after settling down to 2 42 1-2, recovered to 2 44, and the confirm at ion of the news of the capture of Fort Mor gac sent it down to 2.33. Toronto, C. W., Aug. 29. The Grand Trunk elevator and wharf wen burned yesterday with their contents. Loss, $100,IHJO; insured, $30,000. Halifax, N. S , Aug. 29. The steamer Asia arrived here to-day from Bermuda in five days. II amhirifjtnu Cot- rrspondenre. New York, Aug. 29. The Post’s special Washington dispatch says John A. Stuart lias been appointed Sub , Treascrol New Yoik. The Commercial's Washington di-patch I says the New York delegation arc workiug with a urobability of success, to place Gen Butler in command at New York, in place cl ' Gen. Dix. --- From f tmrlesion. New York, Aug. 29. I It is expected that additional guns will be i ready to operate against Fort Sumter in a lew j days. Meanwhile the fort is undergoing a sc veie pounding, Shells are sent into Charles- ! ton daily. Financial, Washington. Aug. 29. The subscriptions to the 7-30 loan to date, as reported at the Treasury Department, amounts to $25,876,000. The subscriptions to the 10-40 loan to-day amounted to $413,850. Quebec, C. Km Aug. 29. The Congressional excuitiOQ party arrived j here this noon. Commrrriat. Per steamship Edinburg, at New York. LIVERPOOLCOrION MARKET, Aug 18—The tale* ol Cation for two days were 13.UUU bales, in eluding 4,60./ to speculate* and exporter* l he market dull and «jUoiation* Lately maintained. Brt adutuffs— dull and leuciug aownward. Prows on*—quiet and steady. LONDON MONEY MARKET, Aug. 18.—Consol* closed at 89j lor money. AMERICAN bbtl'Uirikii.—Illinois Central rail- . road 4<*£i45di*; Erie Railroad 40&42. New York Market. .Naw York. Aur 29. Cotton—dull; sale* 25*1 bales at 1 80 for middling uplnud*. | * lour—tale* 8 200 bbl*; Stale and Western Waft* lower; State B75a.l'»66. Round lioop Ohio 10 86^ I 1300; Western U75gl00d; southern dull; saie 76) bbla; Extra do 1116^ !4 2’>; 1 anada 2ou " >c low er: sale* GO bhla; Extra I0 8t>a.l2GO. Wheat- 3fl5c lou**r; sale* 75.UA) bushels; choice Auab r kil»at>kce235. C ->rn — 1 u2- tv/str, eaies38uX> bush, mixed Wes tern 1 QO&Tdl. Oa»j—lc tower; sale* Canada at 92(a92*c. Beef—dull. Pwrx—lower. I ard—Jc lower; sates 30J bbls at 2A£24c. butter-lo lower; 8ta;» at 49j0toe. Whiskey—’ower: sales 700 bbls at ISt£ls3 Na\ al atoms— dull. Petroleum—heavy ; crude GtMtb&e. knights to Liverpool—dull. Block Market. Naw York, Aug.2D. i Second Board.—Stoci t. American (iold....333 Unite*! State* 6's 1881 coupons,.li ft United States 4 * It-40 bond*.. 1« 37 | 1 rea*ury 7 3-10ths.;i2 United Static on- year certificate* new. Gold closed this afternoon at 2 80. J. H. TEQPLE, Dealer in NEW ANT) SECOND-HAND R TV ITURE ! 43. 45 and 47 Uuion Street, PORTLAND, Mama C7* Highest price* paid for 2nd hand Furniture, i Old Furniture Repaired and made to look hks new. i Aug 13 -eoo2» * USE THE BH0CK3IEPER OAs REGULATOR, AMD SAtS TOUR OAS. Aag 8—dlm i, v m b¥r7 CivroliuH Lumber Company. ^ TIIE uude reigned ha - been appointed by tin abors Compau . S 1* A^em for the sale o lumber, ioi the Mate of New 1 ork aud all orts and place* north of New York, aud 1* prepared ‘O furnh-h hard pine lumber1 in any quvntiti. s, by ihe cargo, sawed to any ‘ desired d mens! n*. at the shortest notice; also Black Walnut. ba> wood, Ae. JOB A. TU RNER, No. 50 Washington St., Boston Mass Aug. 10, tM>4. eod3m fiiB&C. H. OSGOOD, DENTIST, No. 8 Clapp's Block, Market Square, PORTLAND. Sy Artificial Teeth inserted or Gold, Sitrrr, a> d 1 Vu cariifr Vase. All operations tcarranttd to g«re | satisfaction, juceSoeodUly‘64 iWl* C. in, A. Tub stated meeting of the M ine Charitable Me ch^nic amoc iliou alll be held Id the Library Hoorn, Thursday Evening Sept. 1, at 7$ o clock. Starwikex Xakch, Sec’y. MaroE’d Ornci, i August 20 1864. I The attention of the citizens of ibis City la par ticularly called to the following u"ti e. JAcOB M( LLLLiN. Mayer. PEOVOST Mir.SHAL‘1 Of»KI, I FT rat Di*tiicr, Sta'»* o? Maine. J In accordance with ins rue ioa* receive from the A. A Provost Marshal < eneialot Maine, examlna* J ri^ns ot men from the diflVent towns in this dis trict will oe continued * ith a view to c met rite j f* rol latent ‘1st*, and com* ponding correct ot» will j he mad- in »h8 tjuuta-*, according as names are add* ea to or strioten from the lists I'HAULKft If. Doughty’ Captain ana P.ovost Msr bal. Aug 59,1864. dlw Bricklayer*. Tjik Bricklayers ot Union will hold their mentF ly meeting at their ba I, Thursday evening s»*pt. 1st, at 7j o'clock. A lull membership is soiic- i tied Portland. Aug 29tb, 1864.—<*31 Worth Vnunouih. IIuk uncondi ional Union voters of North Yar* ! mouth, ary r»*|ue.-t»d to me* t at their To»n ilou«e, at 4 o'clock. P. M , on saiurda'-, the third uay ol Sept., toninniuste a candidate for llepresen* tative to Legislature ^ Ter order Towu Committee ^orth larmoutb. Aug. gft its* dtd IVOW 18 THE TIME TO UBK TUB BR0CKS1EP£R’SGA8 REGULATOR. EDWARD SHAW, Agent. Aagddlm Prompt C ollection of Bill*. MKHCHAN>8, Physicians. Mechanics and all o her» wishing prumpt eoUec'ion of th*ir bills, wilt receive prompt and personal attention, aud speedy retnma fram JACOB FKOST, J auction Middle and F ree Sts up stair*. r/“P«Mt 0*ce address. Box 1780, Port aud, 1*. O References— T. C. Mersey, U. W. Woodman, A. T. Dole. ______ auglldtf PORTLAND DRY DOCK COMPANY. A *?, a^eessment of Fight Dollars per share on the ( Stock of the Company is now dae aud payable at the office of tbe Treasuier. 117 C mmer* 0l7Mh.,«._4„ C " L»AV18, Treasurer. 1__ | For sale. h»J' Ot th. two •tcrlct Hoaw Vo. 4 1 *“-l»ow 6t ) A Bvormblc opportBB SJ ^»“][|0' e wi«hln,topuroh*«-»,t.Bai, uenoBt. • For porttouljM enquire on tlw |>r»uj»t,. | An* 19—dSw * o» FINANCIAL._ U. S. 7^30 LOAN. The Secretary of th3 Treasury gives notice that 4Ub*oriptl. n? wlil be received for Coupon Treajary Notes, payable three yea • from August 16, 1964. with semi annual interest at the rate ol seven and throe-tei*tbs percent per annum,—principal and in I torest both to be pail in lawful money. These notes will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity, into six per cent, gold bearing bonds, payable not le«3 than five nor more than twenty years from their date, as the Government m*'T doct- They will be issued in denominations ot fifty, one hundred, five hundred, one thousand, and five thousand dollars, and all subscriptions must be for fifty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dol* lan. The notes will be transmitted to the owners free ol transportation chargee as soon after the reoeipt o the Original Certificate* of Deposit as they oan be prepared. As the notes draw Interest frem August 16, person* making deposits eabbtqueat to that date must pay the Interest accrued from date of note to date of de posit. Parties depositing tweuty-flve thousand dollars and upwards for these notes at any one time will be allowed a commission ot one-qnarter of one per cent , which will be paid by the Treasury Depart ment upon the receipt ot a bil! for the amount, cer tified to by the offioer with whom the deposit wav made. No deductions for commission* must be made from tLe deposits. Special Advantages tf this Loan. It is a Xu ion at ^arisyi Bunk, cffeiing a higher rate of interest than any otler, and the best securi ty. Any savings bauk which pay* its depositors in U. 8. Not**, considers that it is laying in the best circ ilatinr medium cf die country, and it cannot pay in anything better, tor its own assets are el.ner in Government securities or in notes or bonds pay • abl* in Government piper. It is equally convenient as a temprary or perm* nent investment. The notes cau always be sold for Within a fraction of their face and accumulated in terest, and are the best security with banka as ooliat erils for discounts. > 0 invertible into a 6 per cent. 5-20 Gold Bond. In addition to the rerjr liberal inters,t on the note* for three jeer*, this privllefe of eonveriion it now worth nbou: three per oent per annum. for the cirrent rate for t 30 Bondi it not e.i thin nine ptr ci»l premium, end before the war the premium on tin per cent. If. 8. itocki were orer twenty peroent. It will be »tei> that the actual prodt on thlv loan, at the prevent m u-ket rate, b not lew than tea percent, per annum. It* Exemption State or Municipal Taxation. But Mid? from all the advautagea we bars enum* erated, a special Act of Congress rrrmpti all bcmdi and Inatitrp nottt from local taxation. Oa the average, this exemption la worth about two per cent, i er anuoni, according to taxation in rations parts of the country. It is believed that no securities offer so great in. ducemeut* to lenders as those issued by the Govern ment. In ell othvr forms of indebtednese, tie 6s th or ability of private parties, or stock eoaipan •**. or separate communities only, is pledged forpay ment, while the whole property of the country is he d to secure th* discharge of all th* obligation* of lha United State*. While toe G uvernmen t offer* the most liberal terms or it* loam, It believe* that the vary strongest ap peal w.ll be to the loyalty and patriotism of the peo pie. Snhtcriplions trill be reeesrrsf by the Treasurer of the United .states, at Washington, the several As sistant Treasurers and designated Depositaries, and by the First National Bank ol Portlnnd, Maine, and br alt National Rauks which arc Depositaries o public money* and all reapectable Banka and Banker* throughout the country will give farther iuiormat oa, and afford every fac lity to aubaeribe. An* 30—dfc v 2m FI KM AATIOAAL BA HR. Sevea-Thirty Hotes fot Sal*. Intereat atmi-atnually. payable in paper at the rate of »e*e« and three teu ha per oeut. per annuaa Honda con vei table in three years into ala percent dve-tweufy toads. upon which the intereat U paya ble in coin. 1 he notea will he delivered here free of ezpenae. The purchaser will receive the intereat to August 15 u subscriptions are made before that time. Oue-t syhth per cent m-nnm tin trill be allowed inbsrfibers at this JtamJ. upon all a.nuunis 31,out) and over. W E. GOULD, Caahitr. Portland, July 90th, 18 4 —<1* wtf CAM'O UA lb. GOVERNMENT^ 3-10 LOAN. f J1HE Cisco Tank Is prepared to rtoeived suhsertp lions to tbe new 7 3- -0 loan I., sum. of Mo and Pw*'ds, pay-n/iut-reston same fr-.m date 01 sub scription to August 16th, the date of the taevemment not,*. All persons haring MO-nd npward, mow hava a good oppor nuity of I •• ding a helping r»r.d to their Gov, rumeut b> subscribing liberally 10 this loan. The uutce are convemble attbe end ut three years into *pe ie. paying doer cut 6-30 bonds. Loans taken on as tavorab a terms as at any other Bank. _ „ . , _ K. P. GEKKIbH. Cashier Portland. Ju’y 2s, 1864. Jylfealatf First National Bank. This Bank wi'l convert the soven-thlrty nut.s rna taring A ng. lb, and Oct. 1. Into six per cent, bonds of 1881. in ail the deaominatiom in which the note were Issued, via:—M0, rlOO, »i00. aid bl.COO. W. E. GOCLD, Cashier. Portland, July S', 1814 —eodtf RE-OPENED. Tbe subscribers would respectfully announce to their numerous iriend* mud tho public that they hare thoroughly Repaired. Refilled and Refurnished The popular ani centrally located EATING HOUSE, No. 77 Middle Street, (FoX BLOCK.) Which will be open on and after MONDAY. JULY Mill. Seals aid Liithrs at ail bean tf tbe la; aid Iteiiag. IOE OK K AMS. PUIS AYD FAYCY CAKE, FBI IT, CONFECTIONARY, Ac-, Constantly on hand. SODA WATER, Drawn from Dow’s Pa*eu» Ice Cream (Soda) Foun tain, with Fruft Syrups. PARTIES SUPBIED AT SHORT NOTICE. We shall be harpy to fee all our oM friends mud msko * host of new onca, and trust that uone will have cau-e for complaint. 0 CALL AND SEE US ! ATKINSON & INGERSOLL. Jy«____t£_ NAVY SUBSTITUTES! —AND— Tolu 111 eersi. PKRSON8 hi' Ing substitutes or recruits to rut iuto ti»e NAVY can hare their pap- rs made out iu proper'orm. and their substitutes put on b >srd the U. 8 8^)P “SAHINk” with difpaich and at moderate ch irge. Subs itu e aud e'li tment paper* for the ARMY also made out and ati»* d.d to. b» applying to MANAS^K'I SMITH. Office 62 exchange ot.. Over Lowed k Neuter’s. Aug 27-dk wtr T. J. niKKAY, Inspector of Distilled Spirits, Cral Oil. 1 » cro and Clears, M.r be font d tl the ofbee rf Don. N. U. Mkrtbtll, Auuwur for tbe Flr»t Ulitilcl of Milne, No. li Ex chmrge St , ronlind, Me. Akf »— dfcwfw ; EDUCATIONAL. ! Frytbnrit AcHdnay. THE Fall I'crm ui Uiii Inatiiutioii wll commence WEDNESDAY, September 7, 1 vA. aud «Ui i coutinue eleven week*. Mr t,duln l embrum I'rincipml. Mr. Aniuroa# ia a recent g edueie oi Deuniouth • cllejie, and i* highly recommended aa a •cbolai , teacher and genth-ic n. D. U. 3c.IV AI L. Hecretary. tryebnrg. JulyM, 1364,Jy2bdlwk»2» Gould’s Academy. THE Fall le nt of eleven weeks begin.* Tuesday. Aug. -JOHi, 18»>4 B. F. Suow, M. A. I* iucipal. aijed bv a lu.i corp*o! first rias* Insiincturs. For - particular*. add res* the principal or U. A. FKYE, Sec'y. Bethel. Ang. 9, 1814. eocfiw jTJridgton -A.cademy, At North Iliidgtoa. Maine. fTUlE Fall rerm ofthia Inatitution will commence ’ : A un inueuay, aeft 6 1S64. . „ _ TliOS. H. MEAD, See'y. ■ Aug 3—eodhwtd Young Ladies’ Seminary. THE Pauses ion of this »cho- I opens Thursday. Sept. iu Mor’on Block, Coogres* St. In add ttou to the d*> »ciiOol widen hss received so | ; •■rge * share of the best patronage ol the ciiy, ar 1 raogetnenU h*«v» now bt-eu made to admit a lew Boa ding Scholar-. For Circulars containing Perms, t address MISSES B V MO^DS. Filntip Is, „ 18 Brown 8t. I Aug 24—eodtd&wGw Select school. fllllK Fall Term of Xiji Da giu’s School for X young ladies and miss**, w il U giu >?pt. 5th. For particular* appiy to the principal at N high 1 »• angSTtilw* Casco Street Seminary. fVIHE ball Term - f this Ins Nation will comm'cc Ji on Tue-d y Sent. 6 h. ani continue teu week* For further particulars ir.qul e of the i rintipal, ai 217 Cumberland cuvet, liter Kept. 1st. „ MISS ii. HAWKK.8. Portland Aug. 23. IStH c8u Portland Academy. fpHK Fall Term will teglu Septei.ber 6th in A t'uion Hail Free hi., opposite the< hurch. i u pits ul both a xes receive !. For adilitl ual infor matioa iuquire ul J. H. H ANSON. 871 Congress St Aag 22—d2w WESTBROOK SEMINARY, -AKD Female College. **** tvra of tli&d inatitution will commence A Wed-eaduy, Aug 3ik,. »..d couti.uo t«eiv. week*. Board ol Instruction end r»tea of tuition the umt : u in the |**t. U. M STKVE-8, Seo'y. fcteven’e Plain., Aug. It, 1*64. auglfcttw ‘HOME INSTITUTE? _• ■' Mi»s I. ti. Prince, Principal* ! rpUIS Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies, X win rc-opeu for it- Sixth jvar, on iborsday, i Sept. 16th. For Circilars containing terms. Ac., ad»r« s- the Trii ci^al at 62 Free 8t., Fort.aud, Me. Aug 19—dkw lm ! ftorth Yariuuuth Academy ! j AT YARMOUTH MAISR. THE Fall T«i m w.ll commence Au ust 80th. The Cia-»ic>, Modern Language-. Music, u rawing l amtiug, i'enmauahtp, and 'The New Gymnastics," are taught by a perraauent Eojrd of t eacher?. A 1» Ac ii tLRft’ C la wo is formed iu the spring and fall. Of the Scl“ucts special a t ntiou will be giv en t» CiizuiaTur during the Gil. Board may be bad witn the Teachers at "Hassell llall "by making early applies ion. Addpri.llin PrinriiirJ L. h IlfiVf* A If J AMESBATES, Secretary. Yarmouth, August 84, 1X64 augIBJ d&w2w Gorham Seminary. fllIiE Kali Term of this iusti tat ion will comtveccc X on Tuosaay the 3*th of August, and coatlnm eleven weeks, under it* ehltxe of W. o. LORD. A M. Inquiries rv'aike to the veboe! ebould be address ed to the Principal or t > J WATF.SXAS.8bc v Gorham, Au;. 16,1x44—cJkwu NEW U4llP.MIiaC Oommeroial College. Oantral Hall, - - - - Concord, N- K. TUE moit thorough and extensive f'ommercia College in New r.ngiaud. |-ro-«-uti« u rqualle >or imparting to y«ung meu and uuiie* a complete buMue-s educat.on Scud tor a circular containing fa’I Information address WoaTillNGTON k WAR>EK Principal*. Aog 9—dAwfm WANTS, LOST,FOUND WANTED—An a<'Ure, industrious horn ft ROY, j 17 or 1$ years of age. who resHee in the city, and wao dos.res to learu the buduers t an Apotn v*ca>y. Due who ha* b d * me ripcilrncr prefer red Address Portland P O.. box M with real nam-aici t it»* where au iuttrvicw can be Lad Aug27 -dlw* Wanted so lieiil ONK Sitting r<*« m and two good fired Redrootn* from the middle of the month ot - ct her next Apply pereot a’lv at tr.e B iti-h i cnsulstt. No » a.acbang; 8t..orit by l«tt.r to II. J M , Cox 34 Post Office. aug&eodlw* , Wauled, QA CUSTOM Coat an 4 80 custom Pant makers. tP\J Apply at ('lotni'-* K >oni »»f woodman, iki k .% co., 64 and 66 Middle street. Aug OhUvMv House* H aui«d, Wanted by the adre'i^er, a convenient, Hj;: ee>‘t al*y located, and p!easant hou-e for t JKJLsmall f«m ly, without eaildieu—\os-es*>os to UeM as tarly a* the middle of October. sooner il possl le. It must have good water conveniences, aed be well flnb-hed. The advertiser would lease such a hou-e for a term of years, or purchase if term* kuited- A two-story cottage. ima<l lo . preferred. Address ». P. g , at the Press office, stating loca tion. gene al terms. Ao muL/raf uiily. Pori laud, Aug 1,1664—dtf ---■ — — MM. STRAYED from the pasture of Mr Krnncis Rob erts. ttestbrook, Iasi moutb. a three year o-o gray Colt, small »i<e; whoever wll return aim or < ve information where he may be found, will be suitably rewarded, b> calling No i9 spring St. Francis e. rmert. Portland, July 18,1864 -utf fU Reward ! STOLEN from the «ub*orlber on Tuesday Even mg, while in Pierce’s auoiioa room, a Calf Skit Pock* t Bo. k contain* 8M in uionev, a note against Char’ee Uocgdou. Gorham, for fbd.and one against j harlee uooptr for $12. The above reward will b* paid tor the recovery of the property and the detec- ; (I.ib of the thief. Tone 8 —tf GEORGF, BECK. j Board. SUITS of Rooms, with Board, can be obtained b> I applying immediately at 90 Danforth stieet. Wav 11th. mavlsdtf MERCHANDISE. Ctglairi Salt Afloat. | €J(\t | MUDS CAGLAIBl bAI.T, rar;o o1 lOV/U Br Brig Edmiustou Brother.*, now dia ubarxi* ■ and for wue by aujt£7 d2w DANA A CO. Spruco 8lilpplu| Board* 150,000 b^T *,°SS< ;s‘Wfl 8pr,‘" J U UAMLEN, Hobson a Warf. Portland , Me. An* If—d4w Coni dl« Ml. BBLS Superior Kiln Dried Corn Meal. 0\J\J tor rale by FREDERICK DAY 8. Aag 19— od.lvr 1.7 Commercial St. Liverpool ealt Afloat. | tJi w t HMDS LIVERPOOL SALT, cirgo o lOUU Brig Jarue» Crow, non discharging anc lor sale by augiodlw DANA A CO. Tiinidad ^ugnr and lUolaMti. wq II a US. Choice Mnscovado Sugar, 85 hhds Choice Mn»oovado Mo’a«aea, 48 tieroce CnoL« Mutcorsdo Molaw ■. Cargo bug J. D. Lincoln, now landing and for salt by UortiM EATON. No. 1 Central Wharf. Aug 19—d 4w Huckmetack Ship Timber* OAK llackmotock. and Hard Wood Plank. Tree nail* from 12 tu 38 inches, lreenaii Wedges, A*. , Ac, by L. TtVLOii, June2Sd3m Gait’s Wharr. Portland. TreeuutU. ioo,ooo.r^,toA‘t rRKKSA,L8fc' B1MONTON A KNIGHT *8 CommoTOllI Wh.rf Portland, June IS, 1864 JusvI&dtf Sngitr and Xvlaua, 300«“W.|CEO.A muscovado sc ' 10 TC8 ) GAR. 871 IIHDS Superior Ma«co. ado. and 8 res Clawed Molasses, il BBLS from ■ois^ra Morena, Now landing and toraaie by TUOMas ASKNCIO A CO.. I mayfftf Custom House Wharf. sierra Morena Molaai*** I 335 UUI>8 / CHOICE sierra MORES. StriKRCESj MOLasSES, 10 BBLS ' I fsA?%sjtoirso!r Marl—tf c. a. wtari. ENTERTAINMENTS Attention ! EXCVRslOA PAHT1ES ! TUB SlEAMEH Marsena Johnson Having bees witbd tuu from the r itte to llerp* well. In now . ff.Tfd for ihi acco itiuodarioii of rx uttreion parti**. and will tj*.k»* ihctn to any pl*c It Caaoo bay. Large pan I a taken at low rate , 1 be public are firii« i .o iuap -<•* t e« boar. u belvf tiu*>d up i». a superi i fetilr, and N bv fat ih* aam eacutnion b«at in neee waters. For lurch- r partic ular*e«,qture of OKOHGK WATERHOUSE, Agent, on board, or to J. B JOHNSON, Proprietor. Aag. e-tr J. E. FERNALD 1 SON, Merchant Tailors, And Dealers in tient'N i'uruifcliiux (iood<t, N.». ST Middle bm*et. Our fkeilitie, for iupplying our cuitotnrr, wltt. proicpint,, ta.tclity and derpatch are unexcelled. Our Stock l, large anl detuaUe, prer.nting al the Novel tie, of the leauon. TIlKild - NKri Asa." Purtlnnd, Aug 10, Hoi -dlf LEWIS Sc Sllll l H, Manifac urer# and Denier, In c L o T II I rs o , No. 171 Fore Mreef, T. C. Lewi,. A. M. .smith. PORTLAND. *.* Particular a'tention given to CuaUm Work. Aug 9 -a.f Portland Army Committee 09 TUI IJ. S. Christian Commission. Chairman, T. R. Hayes, receive, Store, at 110 Mid lie it re. t. rreaaurer CyruaSturilivant, rretire. Money at 71 Commeicial »trtet. Secretary. Henry U. Barges*, receives Letters at <0 Commercial street. Andrew J. Chare, Dr. W R. Johnaon. nnelSdtl COAL FBEIGUn. Pictou, N. S., to Prmbrole. Maine. Any siae i Vcs d«. For« l*n or Ameri lean, wanted to freight C *1 as abov-* I he rates for u schir (tug are low, r than at boston. a;td ther* %r* otn r facil _ Hies. to or ad -m‘im WIT E. COFFIN k 10 .Boston. aw > a few vessels waatea to bring Coal to other pons. JaljlCisim Small €. Sire lit, Of the late firm of Howard t St rout. Attorney and Counstllcr at Law, 103 Kiddle Elrrrt Opposite International Bank.Portland. Am 12—dA *m Canal 13 a,n k.. Government 7 3-10 ivoan. Thi* Bank i« prepared to recaive subscription* to •be new 7 3 10 loan in sum* of fy and upward*, paying interact from date of »ub*eri?tJon to Angus! L6'h. ih*$ date of tba sew loan. The note* ara convertible a* tb** end of three rear* into *pecfo p*.»ia* f. percent 6-20 bo^l-. One eighth per cent will beat owed nr sir*mounts of 21000 and over. K. C. BOMKKBY. feihier. Portland. Aug. 1, ItM—dtf To Wood Dealers and Lumbermen. 10,o;h> Cord» Wood .nd Logs Wanted* PROt'O^AlJJ are de-irp'i for esr^o*9 of *be f»l •owiut woudi, visWMt# or t'anadiau |V|* ar, • •nilock Ha-word, or Aaurican J.'i>d*-r Beech, fellow birch, and W ri«* ir Ked fcJna and \v itr 3pruc«- all to be soai.d and merwban'tl le Offer* niiv be mu :e to itin.i* i b. tba coni, or in the log oi S u# 12 or Hi f*et long. ironH inch** in liaiieie' upwa> d, to bedt iirs'Mi on navigao* t water for \*mtU drawing when Uaded i in* feet. fnrt. - data* at ate tbe kn d of wood, and the amoai t .h«*> uan tartihih. where th*-jr wUh to deliv er for »hip cent. ai d wh'u H wi 1 b- dcii . r d ihtre aod th. owe** ea*h price per eoid or 10BJ feet, if they da-ire to contract ¥*>r farther partld'irr. ar sending promoaaJ*. plaaae addre»s b Burmc. Treasarcr Americ n Hood I* jer i’omj any, AngW-d*. *Waa^Et The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Arc the beet'* *1 ihcir claw i* 'he world 1early til tbe mo.t pr< m i ,i. ai ti*t« in tt * c. uutry met given written tratimouv to this ■ 1wr and > bera a.trumen'. tre in eou.ttut in in th. concert, ot ■hemoet d .tt-'gnnhed arid-—a* tiottachalk and ■thare—a. well u n tne ra> in thw pii..e pal elt n. -henever aoch iu* ram-u'a ar*> ra- n r-d. prict .16 to S' 00 etch. Thee iut um- u' • tu,v he fon* 4 It the Via. c nooin* of tbe <ub-eritrr. wbare they will be .old »t the m*cuf.cture> *' p ioei. It. ». F.DWVHU8, *« M»; Stewart'* Bio^k, Cong re*. St. tprUdtl For the Pool. - Ste.m. r “CUI't ER" will leave kact-irUi* aetory I. aim Wha t. Saeo. lor tie •i * L' every dav. isuuday r.cepted)ar 1‘iA n tndir x llec ■ ruing leave the Pool at II a n. tndhr. x. .rriviug iu lime for the evenn. - train for Portland. Fare from Sara to th. Pool and hari JO clt. Exeuraion Ticket-turn' bed to pa tie. o Fittv or ■or .trom 'ortland to he Pool aod b-ck, by rail road aoc viaambrat, at 9u cent* LOSS S SIT KIM VAST. T3 Commercial St., Portland. Ang 3d. 1M4— dtt NOW IS THE TIME to osn T«a BROCKSIEPLR SGAS REGULATOR KUWARl* SHAW, Agent. Aug 6—-dim r*. *Lo i (.oi... -P tir_j r •_ *w »>MW A41WVVVAO U1 fiaiu f ITCj In ihe Cliy of Portland. N'orirxis herebv given, that iu pti>a<tat cm* f a war r-ut Ir< m the May r at d ALrm. n ■ f the City of Cort'siid. the iuhibita* t* of Want Five u • id tty,4 a litd according to law to vote n the elec tion uf City Office**, wit) me* t the Ward Room, comer of Spring ano South street**. Iu -a d Ward, •n 1 burs ay the flr*t day oigipt mb r n*xi,a' 10 /Olock in the loreno »n. to give iu their vot » ter . no Alderman real >t the pr • ei t Mum oiyal year, iu place of Al irmati Steven? Smith, d cessed The poiis to remain open until four o'c ock in the tPernoon wh* u thev ah# 1 bo c :o-ed. And the Aidcmeu of <*iid City will be i*» o cn **sei^n in the Ward ► oom« iu bow Cite Building, entance on Myrtle 8t jfrom nine o'clock in the orenooo to on i o’clo.k > the *Her ouuoae eh ot he throe mu la r *»a * text projedi^g ► u*'H d»yof lection, and fit m three oc.vk to five o'clock tr Imj affei neon of the last O’ raid thue veui i days, • *r fhe purpose of r*H»ei log*videice of tie lation ol v ters ® ho e »a . cs hav not b***> * n rr d on the list • f quaiiri d voters iu and foi #aiu Ward u.d fo correcting Said 1i#t. rerOrdarot he Mavor a-d Aldermen. J M UKaTii City C’erk. Portland. Aug 23 Hftl. dtd USE ’• h k 1R0CK8ISPFR GAS REGHJLATOB, j a d a a r x YOUR HAS. Aa* 8—din BRADFORD A HARK OH, Pen*ion and Claim Agent?, I Letablishod in l&l.) S'~“TILL continue to devo’e ibt ir special ar d cxcla ■ive att.ution to the pro# cu ict of claims lor PeiiMoiits Rouiitics Arietirt ol Pay and Price Money, Vnd all other claim? again*! ti. Government, h f ug been dult hem- d tht-r f. i OT AH advice trto T»rn -*as lo* a? at sn ota r Agency, and no pay »equ:xec until the clatn aatv btaited. Office sS EBhM,..ln.U«.W«JI>TO#D / h UALMON. Jun?21 -dtf _ Edwin C «w*u A Co., Wkotcwlc .“J BiUl O iler, In « Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Conlt-ctiouriy, Nam,Clean,Ac., U Fr -k'iHf St. .fiwtland. Orange*, Lemon , Lime#. Tami tn ?, Pru-•*#. Cit ron Kaisit **, i v* Nnp of #*1 kinds, Olive* Sa Pile I> i. s p|> e*. Pairs. 1*# the*. Pr* «* re J l >u t* t.uw D P** -oseng. <*, Cat dre#. H»u»y -tree 1»mu» T* b*cco Clears. Cios -s P p or 8* »«c etc ec TP The T ado supp led on the most »H>- ral terms AurlV-lre To lifi* OWL STORK In Gait s Block. Apply to H- T MACIUV, tpfidU AUCTION SALKS, *■ M- rAlas, AL'CUuMtLJt. 13 L>ctu|« »t Taiuaitir Ural lmui. on Fr«-*- St. be MJ'U on Tl.u »' »y, ll> »i 8 P M , ▼ "U the p < mine*, l* 8 • * rieo doub.t. i ou • md ot *>o £4 Fr. e St. i * fcrfat«°d ,'cr olo or two famJUee.e iih j lufcuiwl «». »• -iimota dt bK‘ V1*'0' ,,rP'»P»rty ’hat ha* Uen offer h. J1. ''!« it ' *C?'* U 11 *‘!l bo ... U ailbOul t,~b- - rser.e. to. CB | ou ,u, iiictioi fir au. 28 -dtd Aillloa* salt* ot Iteitl e M*«|r. BY virtue of • liccLscfrim the Frobstr Cent ol Cumberland count) . V ji aJiaufl a » ubiicauct.iu fie lot oi laid, with ib builui gmLe to* ,a.matiaal Ur corner e» . ea I S re. t anuLi u cl. Lai*< mu ed u Coi t aril »ajo io co tainii $ afoul >Laji> *lx .**t ' u Peari sirtetbbd aU ut seven l> ket thlUick aue. and > mug the homoatiad o' tLe la twohn Ar il I. uret-aaeu Theaustion will fake place on t * prendre* om uttisrtay . s< pfi n be 1.1 84. a’ 12 - *eic* k Aio. fc. gfr.VKN!*, Aummiatrati r. IIKNKY Itail ► Y A LO , rtciioratUA. Povfiand. Jniy 18 4. eedt p k»3v ^almUhc Heui lialttiv at Auciien, ON Frida,. Nipt 2d. at 8 o’clock P. M . on the pr iuw » wu »bal« *cil i » „ Ui di> !< • d t lr> a if ia Ujb e lo o» i«Dd ..u SaJ nfi g I e •I •**«.•) lit me.- ead. a i b tl r I uiloa *» t »-ei*t n . the >i i* k tout ol ftrt on rj.^h s . b a out 1*0 ft it a>k. it i« a targe aud vauabl lot. pl»-**aut y at d vutra ly *oc ten anti In auexcellent u* IgLbon ood. be vui diugji a»e 1m tfooti repair. sa«e io iuve — tlr c.ear. r uESKY FULLY A CO., a act*.! toe. Au£. 27 —dtd <•». M. i*AriLN, AL Ll luNr tU. 12 kh\ change si. OuHliiiKllciHeiiA Liird on 1 uui* br i taaiti bl„ at A vcltfe ib. ON ‘•amnia. S< p‘- nltt 8a. at i2 o c ock on 'he premi e«, Cumber at d abort W* M , umrr id i a#-id) *« L'- Bit. two 2 »U ueeiliig*, •grthcr wi.b the land; lubm i.tari i re an. a ■< u older. Lot 9) ter> eu I unite, lai d ; t iu. lug ack ha.i the oi*ia .ce to C* i *ii*» >t or about nu.* >-tr iter Itrmi to iuii-aaiv pvnine. A>i*u»i 29—oid Adfack, LWriuktH, A Hut u« iau, ui Auction. 0* Saturday. Sept. Si at 11 o'clock A. II. cm Lime otitef, liotac*. Carriage? a no li itoai, * ih an Carr a-'», lep t u., ». 1<lco.o Ha cia, leun> Lind*. Exprt>» Wagon idu Uiiumu; ktae m each anr -rcoat ha* a. uL.Nal bAlLLY A CU..Atct r« Aug 8—dtf *wJi.PArTKA, AClTIoMEU, 1*4 Lrcb:ugi St. Adminbiisi(ii*i isle. LASH VS COM UK HU aL ST. aT AVC lOS. IIV tin oe of a 21'en»e giatifed t«. m* b\ the H u. J~# f«»lin A * ale man. Judgv of P- oba’e ioi c. »• i-r.aad Liuuty, 1 -tail pki* «i 1 ut lie tue puni.fM. ou kiotiay ibr 6ib aaj if SrpUeb-r, I A U, ri 4. *t 8 o'uii'ca iuib- af ern cu. oi pat ent ot debt*, and cage if At nun-tiai. i m ironi toe »v« lit of ftir Ut« VV t Mm«h. t»*ice ourtha io c< mmiu and uutm dtd oi tie ta iiba »to La tl ouL'oi'tuie ciai duet, n*a ly cppiane tie heaa of Frankliw Wharf, together with the re ttfeJon ot L»».aer i theftm-. It* a Jo ixiaii' ima Lomiurreial to Fore Street, u<d ha-i i ;;ooi| front on to* It »U> v •. I Tne * mow'* di ut of u wer iu b» atoie prep < c. ty will to >o!u at ih« hue iLa »rd p »ce T« !- » ot i aa a »r»n» on Mnotica' bt»ee* of ■ ib r 31 fcpf ty ib it K vtinut|li It » ou tl e ! 41 eat inoiott* la'i i< m >Le i.n no Tiu. k Lh) 01 to I ut W c-tuii S- b. l»v; ot. nidi* the on j lo that la ! uot in the ha o«of lapituli.t* I P an of theprore. tv m «y 0 • •* ■«•.» the Yfe cbeut* Lftchangc. and \* at the Cfl.ce o. tkr Anc t onarr *u 8^ dt. i or% llvik.ri.hlf id. sal i eiuf# fit Auction. OX Wednesday. vcpt 7, at 3 o'clockl M ortho premises. we t a t «li a valuable properly i ear •'C uvu iiuu ► tkteU'k, «a ilo r U M be Ocean tlou-c au« et c c.i!r tr>a I • n »i d ! Hiia^t, con atrif ibca1 cl ht kiw oHa* d to a talr I -ale o' culuva'ioi, and t <'.mirsil. cd pooto ea>ijr 1 a dining. On it is a *jfce mtudk |.a t »t< ty Cot ' t*. e Moit-e. odm.rat>> »id hklid t in <«rr* t to cellar; a gwott n able, e-iriajr** b« i so » o«-4 •* n*e. hi ne y , A o—i eai l> a* • ni w . fl«r« I* • ace • water an • a' u xlaop-ot I Also a larr* swtcaat I 'j ft tut • web aa C. r»p« a. < an tats. l»oo»h»rr a, A • I Thi- fropeitv i» b* aat tul»> licaud e nnaimrg \ titwuf ih. flaiber. CH. and »n. n. ul iling Loan 11 LX BY FULLY ft CO . Ixl'n. A or 1®—'Odt1*- Ibett Mill j kiumi'H ii.paitir. Commission .Hmkant A Jurtlnirr Ha* removed to * be .-p.ctcoa store IS Cioharrf Btr**t. four cnx rs below ttorciiant'a Cschar*•. Wilt receive ocisiruroente of fcerehaadtso •• averv dt oription. for Labile or pi it an sate. Paita I ot Heal Estate Vcittlt, • atj|<M block* aid kto ohandlae solicited Caab advance* ware, m-.tb p, onapt sales and re tarns wichlt dl> Taxi'N lot* 1864, COLLECTUH'S NOTI( E. The Aa&cseon of the City of Portland, Ha*i* eouBit’rd >■ m». »llb > nntjl fa, ittril* to* to. of Ito uu.*, IL. Tax List for the Present Year, Notice is berebjr p i n, that On all Tsxr-s paiu wilhjw I'hirty Days rrom thi* d ton / ito dat. .1 tb» am* it.,1 FIVE CENT. DISCOl NT, Or witLln SIXTY L> A Y 8 Thrre Prr Cam. Diaeuuui n il br allowral. Oui'iH.w rrmnimt:* a, pal. ic.> mmtha alar th da v Bf 'hrn. r»,u<.i l, Ja mat wi t to.ihi,.., '«c hUi> La) • al tr the <l.t. o ,L. ta* season ut. HKN .Y f I PI l). .. . . rr a ar. r and « rortlard itfSllh I 04 —ill. Carriages, Cumagi »! Firmly Hill Hint >• .lily Fiui.hrd. J. F. LIBQEY. So. 20 Preble St., OFFERS for sale, at M» **tab'M &;»! t . a var ety of Otn%«i mercia the Mfimi ai d most »i b •lam si mat i <r. ILe a-s* HinitiiB)i »•> nl . I4 d ff rent style* of Li»hi < ai nt*«9 at* 11,ev will bw MW on the most iavornbip to in- lere* »* iatei d I ■* to t uteta** Can lares will hod it r* r the»» inter eat to cat! and fxmmiue be fore bm Inc e a«w beie iuneVdtf USE THE BR0CX3IJFER GAS REGULATOR, IdSD 5.1 li rol u UAS. Inr ?—dl**i ECONGMYJS WEALTH fTIHE *ab<e«ib«T mpatt.uily ln o utr hla lri«ada A in geLiral th-t l.c Wilt Repair GeDtlemers'GaTments or svaav uafcairr.oa, AT SHORT S&TlCEAftD FAIR PRICES, 5o I Mi ntf (ua to oararf •» I tor. ir<u- Tim, a. J K. s lull No U toctua., 4L au* 27—urr TO THE AFFLICTED I dk. Mledical Electi'ician, No. 11 Clapp'i Block, C ORX'ZM OMCOXOMMBM AXD SIX STL MM It WOULD n.’pwtfali^ anQO'jiikvti'ilteliifHt 0* Forfiaca ctrt>, that kv ku» ptiwa* «at v located in th.o city. Dwiiug if* titia aoith* •hat v c have been uv tuv*a «c have cun a m b * d I-'® Worst forms of £?'-•■ as-, it p*i «'ti* a ho 1 tvi film j»htr loims ot irvi’.iutki In i*-u. aid cunt* pa* Hunts iu tv short a !»xaa tin the oat-wit a la ottao .iked, do they stay cured ? lo au»*«r I4u« a to will say that all that do not ta> cu «o, *r an* iuctor the wound in** Hr ntl Dr. D. na» boon * yracuct. -st cuKiaa ft r twaaty v a© years, and L Aro a rt*ular gt aduan a }L>»nua ailcctrlelty i> jertectly actaj ’-od to chn ak <>>••»*• iu the form ol aensu» it tick fc©*drc)«; teural^< la the head, uock.oi •-•amnuruw, cix.*i*u j tioi.» • a is the acute siogr* or aborv th© lanjr» art ait fta'ly nrolved . acute or chronic < hexnn: :i*r . *croll la. hit <i taaca. abiu awcdlioa'S. -idoal dbeoaea. ccrr.* « ol the ©June. contract.* a*aeclt*. cutorteo urtta, ^alav r taraiyais ot. Vitas’ Dance, d-ailmw,**am* a rla.* <*r hesitancy of-jcccb. dv»Lt^ara, ti Jig©*. it n, c -aatiK.’Ka ai d liver ©» aplaioi pile©- wt can ♦Tory oaae that can be predated ; asthma, t roncfci t a. ©triefur* « ol the chert. and all form* © ('ai* jomplatnU.I Ely Blootrlolty rbo Kbenwatio it* gcetT.tbt. lame and tie hue leap wiibjoj. and more with the agility u, elaatw. i»r of To nth; the Ueated brain it cooled; ib. (rMi boiyaoaM incnd. the uncouth deformities re **T«di Vtotacea converted to rigor, weaknwa to riKBcih. the ll.ud made to me, tie deal to hear and tOo nalricd form to moro npriaht; Ibe, o, ,-yuth nro obliterated: tbe Accidents of mam re Its re*.-. ted; the cktbmirfih o- oM age ob»tatcd, an ■ in not. to oirouiatMnt mn.Llaii.ed. Lll>ICI Vbo uateoold hands and f«»: wenb rtumaeba ame and weak hacks; Lorrone and rick bet'nolo i.Hints* and eurtmaing in tb. b- ad. »lib noi, aa turn and con,tipaiko of the bonel*. palu in the ,-dl and back: kicorrbtee, (O' white,!; tkiUsg ot 'he a.iob nitb lut-ratl cancers. ten otn, polyjne, .at til tta'. long tram oa disebeer wul rud in I leetiio tty a rare men*.- of cure, tor pnintnl menatrnat < n too wrofhav meuatrubOn. aadnil of three lent 'a> of trout*!..- with young Indie*. P’cctriclty 1. a or el .1 redo, and Will. In n short time. mate re the •*• ■ it ■o the ei/or ol Health. X*-» ' *£■:<■ •*» *mc«r(,.Cb. ie«i Ayfmrun In .xtractlna Mini ml Poison fr. m -he ,**l. a . « .k a Mircur*. Antimony Amente. he. llundred. • k in-troubl-d w,ihstiff Joint,, weak beche. aao nr >ae otberdiOoultme. tbe direct ornate 11 I line o-'taee nut oi ten, la tbe effect ot t otr- aoneort, • :ar bo reeto'ed to r. turn! strength ard viao. by tb ire ol from d*t to eight Path* t tSoe hourstrem 9 o'clock n. ■ to 1 *.■•; ki <; aad 7 to b r n *'fiI«.slKM(yn V»«p. tvM ••»>* To le i. TO h Amro now o-cple' hjr ff. %. Lit He under Mechanic UaU. «n,nire of i, r. kimball. •ttgto Preble Street.

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