Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 31, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 31, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, WEDNESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 81, 1864. WHOLE NO. 670 PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, J OH A' T. OILMAN. Editor, published at Mo. S2| K1CB SSOi ft. A. FOSTER A TO. 1‘bi Pobtlasd oaily raassit publishedai fis.00 per yeer. Tub m a tK a.Statu Pass* is published every 1 hurt,. day nsoru' d».0« per annum, in advance; »C.r5 If paid within eta months; and *2.6i>,lf payment be delayed beyond the year. Kate*of Advertising; One inch of space in length of colninn, constitutes s 'equAan.'' *1.40 nor square daily first week; 76 cents per week alter; three fasettioos or less. *1.00; continuing eve ry other day after first week. 50 cents. Half square, three insertion* or toes 76 cents: one week, Sl.iU; 60 cents per week after. Under bead of Asossssits. M ooperequare pet wee-k; three laser l Ion© or le$«, 91,60. Noiiox®, 91.7© per ©quart* first week, 91.00 per mare after; three insertions or lea©, 91.36; Slit* ■<!»**«. thre* iiuertion©, 91.00; one week, AdrertiMflmt? iarerted in the Mates 8tat* » rawf (which ha© a large Circulation in every part of the State) for fiC oeut© per ©quare in addition to the above rate?, for each ineartion. Lbgal Notice® at seu&l rate©. TraoHJen adt-nlboEientr most ba paid iorln ad taaoe Bnai*t?R Notices, in reaiing column©, 13 cent* par Uno for one insertion. No charge Je*- than flf*y Celt© tor each insertion. fJT*AiiO‘»imaumoat>on- intended for the paper •heeld ha direct e<t to the4 Hditor tfthe Preaa/' and Ikoee of a basiacs? character to the Publisher a. KT“Job Fxibtik© oj every description executed Witt* dispatch. F. Trucy, Trarelias Anent. Wednesday Morning, Aug. 31,1864. From the Morniug Star. Testimony of a Refugee. Mr. U. W. Osgood is the only sou of res pectable parents residing at Milton Mills, X. U. For the last twelve years lie has beeu liv ing in ibe Mouth, and dutiug the preseiit war has beeu Very Conversant with the progress 01 events in reMdom, bis business calling him dally to liichtuoud, the rebel capital, lie has recently made hi- escape into our lines, and a lew days ago anived with his wile and two children at his lather’s house and bis native village. He is able to stale facts in regard to mailers at the Mouth, aurl as his testimony is reliable, it may he interesting to the readers of the Star. MANXEK OK ESCAPE, Mr. Osgood's business was that of a railroad engineer. On the day of his escape heraa a supply train, desigued for Stuart’s cavalry, out of Riciunoud, about fifty miles towards its destination, at which place his train slop ped lor a few minuter,, when he leaped Horn his engine and entered the woods. He found his way past rebel pickets and many dangers, uuiil he reached the home of aMouthern man ol Uuiou sentiments, who kept hitu secreted about eight days when a Union scout come alone, in whose company he again moved to ward our lines, whi-b he finally reached in safety, having several times narrowly escapi d capture. He next proceeded to Washington, w here lie remained until the armii s moved, which brought the place to which his wile, was to ilee within our Hues. He then pro needed with an auxions and fearful heart to the place, when to his great joy, he found his wile, according to arrangement. Thus they made sure their escape to our lines, hav ing lost all their property con-isting of sever al i tousaud dollars. fyivnmnvnr tup •s/hth According to Mr. Osgood’s testimony there is a great contrast between the two con tending force?. The rebel army is very poor ly paid, scauliiy fed and hardly clothed at all. The ration of a soldier in camp is a pint of rneai and a gill of molasses, while those in the fleM have the addition ol a small quantity of very poor meat. ' Many of the soldiers are mere skeletons. They have uo regular uni form by reason of the scarcity of clothiug. Many are barefoot, hatless and shinies?. It is a rare thing to tlud a soldier properly clothed, something being wanted <>:: each one. As lor tents, they have comparatively none. Food is very scarce indued, and many per sons even around Richmond have died from actual starvation and disease generated by a want of proper food. Even most wealthy do not escape actual privation and suffering. The price* lor various articles are as follows: Flour, $450, per bbl; Bacon, #12 and 14; Sugar. $15; Coffee, #IS ; Corn, #70 for SO lbs; Irish Potatoes, #25 per bo; Molasses, $20 per gal; Salt, #75 per lb; poor Beef, $7,50; Pofk, $14; Sheeting. $12 per yard; Pair ol Bools, $9t*>;Children's shoes, #50 per pair; Socks, $5: Common suit of clothe?, $1000. THE CXKSCHirTWX Takes alt from between the ages of 17 nnd 50 years, while some younger and many old er are (tressed into the service. Everyman is a conscript. Mr. Osgood was save! trout entering the artuy ouiy by the auptriueud ent of the Rail-roed certifying unde- oath from month to mouth that his labors Were es sential to the operation of the toad. CHANGE OF SENTUfENT AT THE SOOTH. As might he expected from the above, ma ny ate gening sick of llie war, and iiilbiiutd of their mistake and the pur; o<>- of our government. There is a strong U 1 u sentiment even in Richmond. Ma y of me soldiers ssy they are “tired of fighting for a rich mm's uigger.” REI1EI. OPINION OF COPPERHEADS. The rebell regard the Copperheads as be- { ing their friends and lu sympathy with their cause. They are hoping they will ga n the ascendency over the Unionists and control the elections, wtieu they may obtain a c mi promise by wuioti they may obtain their l'ln di peitdet ce.” They scorn any compromise that Shad bring them back to the old Un on. Should the Copperhead? fall to control the elec lions, the rebels are ho; ing they may re- , bel; that by a civil war in the North they may have an advantage by which they utay be "victorious. Mote might he mitten in this co nectiun, bnt enough. lu the light .ol the above, does rnybody doubt our ability to conquer the rebelli in, or our rut/ to do so? And does anybody d tuhl me purpose of the men rmoeg u- who arc prolonging ihis bloody war and in every battle are killing Our soldiers Ly the aid they give the foe? D. Born. Milton Mills, Aug. 5, 1 »'4. xmr oi me now xiugiRiiu Agnuui vuroi Society. It will bo but about a lyrtnlght before tbe first annual exhibition aud lair of tbe New England Agricultural Society will commence. It will be held, as our leaders will recollect, in Springfield, >law., comm- ocing oa tbe ciih of September and couUuuuig through the Vtb.— We hope that Maine will ba well represented there, not only by a goodly throng oi her far mers and mechanics, but by her citizens gen erally. We hope, also, that specimens of Maine horses, cattle, sheep. Ac., will l>e exhib ited there. We hope, als", that specimens ol our manufactures of whatever kiad, trom a hoe 10 a locomotive, r om a brnomatick to a threshing machine, ai d Horn, a lamp mat lo splendid broadcloth, will be exhibited ihere.— Why? because we warn our New England brethren, who n-ed lo think ‘ down east" as the "ultima Untie"—lha tip e id of cieation, aud who are still a little apt t) ask, la reler ence to us, “cau any good tiling conic out of Nazareth?” to see and to ui fl srstand, by oc cular and taugible dcinoustruli in that there is not a little ol Yankee thrift and Yankee inge nuity, and Yankee enterprise in that same down east country, as they call it, up cast as we call it, and that we arc ready aud willing to compete with any of our brethren iu such a useful aad peaceful contest. The officers, and especially the Executive (.'oniniltcr of the Society, have been indefatigable iu their la bors of preparation to give suitable accommo dations and reception to all who will conic aud take part with them. The several rail road corporations in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut ,Ku0dc Ja'and'and Mas sachusetts, have cousemed to do tLc liberal thiug, by carrying stock and srictes for ex hlhitiou. to and from the show lice, on certain conditions, aud visito's at reduc d fare. We be ieve everything has been don; that could be, to give tacililies to exhibitors and visitors. . The premium list comprises a great uum'uei of premiums, and some of them are maguil! Cent. Let us sec how many of them eaa la brought into Maine by fair and honorable com petition In the classes to which tbe stock o articles belong. It is to be remembered that this exhibit ioi is to take its annual turn among the Net England States—that it will iu some future year come into Maine, and we really hop that we shall, by our spirit and devotion lo it interests, and by our exhibition of Maine stoc and Maine articles, manliest that wo are di serving such attentions, and that Iho Sociel will not find Itself ontln the cold" when fives us a call. There are other reasons why you should gi You have alt passed through a season of ut: common pressure as to labors In the Held an the shop. You have all Usd no small shar ol heart work as well as hand work to do, an you all feel as if a little relaxation, both ol'tb body aud the mind, would do you good—as i it would act a-, a cordial to the body, and com fort to the soul. A trip to the Springfleh show would be just tbc tiling for you. 1 would relax the rigorous pressure which h* borne down upou your body aud mind, ant renew the vigor of your frame aud elasticity of your intellect. It would give you pleas aut sources for present cn|oytncnt,and theme' lor hundreds of interesting and useful remlO isceuces for the future: and you would conn . Iiack refreshed by the change of thought change ot scene, and change of iaijor, slron ger, wiser and happier. So much for inert personal incentives tor going. But there art reasons higher aud more noble than these.— l’ne dulit - which all of us owe to social life.— Wecau't live without help from others—oth era can live without help from us. Think anti taik as you may abouL it, ail the interests autl organizations of society are interwoveuyts art the meshes of a uet, as the roots and branch es nni fibre* and leaves of a tree. Small and Individually weak as are the component parts when divaembered aud separated, they ate nevertheless elements ol lifts aud strength aud power wi.en united into healthy and harmo nious action. Much has been said aud written ou tills topic. Mankind, and larmers especially, have not yet come up to a lull realization of the importance of associated action, aud the value of-more freely aud more frequently visiting and mingling with others of like leeliugs aud like piit-ti'N b ound tho smoke of their chim ney-. it would lake you a long time, and ale sorb lota of “greenbacks’’ to ttavel over all New England, aud chat with the farmers on your w ay. But a ftw days spent at the com ing exhibition, and comparatively small ex pense, would enalile you to see much of New England people, and ol New Eugiand products, and help you to realize tital you are all recip rocally useful and ever necessary to each others weK ire aud prosperity, and that the more intimately aud ardently you cultivate these soeial relations, the stronger and more prosperous y< u become as individuals and as a people. | Maine Farmer. A Mob Dispersed by a Joke. When an officer of the government of the revolution, the first Napoleon had been order ed out to disperse a body ol riotdTs. Having drawn up his soldiers and some guns across the street, he waited their advance. They at length appeared, sweeping down on him and his party likearoattng torrent. The artil lerymen, with their port Area, stood ready at his signal to pour showers of grape into the body of the mob. Unwilling to shed blood, he stepped out from his mod to reason with the sutieriufc aud misguided people, and soon found himself c/a-a-ris with their head—a virajo of a woman, wbo-e appearance pre s jited a remarkable contrast to his own. Site was of great size, aud enormously fat, while he, always very little, was at that time so thin, as well as small that he was known by the nobrifjuet of “La Petit Corporal.” He remonstrated with this lady; but she replied with a volley of abu»<—telling him that white she aud other honest, hard working people were starving, such idle fellows as he and his soldiers, were fattening on the best of (he land. With thst eagle eye and remarkable nrrtmnt.itiirlo whif*h n.ftrrwnrrif. tnmo.l tlm of mauy a batllfflutd. Napoleon saw at ouee the weak point of his adversary’s position. He paused till she was out of breath. Then taking eft' his hat, he bowed to the mob and p'aeing bis own thin figure beside that of hit ■at opponent, he asked them to say, whether the good lady or he looked u ost like starving. As happens in more respectable assemblies than mobs, and else where than in witty France, a good natured joke won the day; and the people, for a time at least, nuietly dispersed. |(iood Words. Coi»urtner*hip Notice, -ASP BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT TlliC subscriber# hatiug on the 7th day of May formed a copartnership under the name of McCarthy k Berry, For the pun>o*e of oarrying on the BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS In ail it# branches, and having all the faciiltie# for get-iug up iir>t c.**-work for gentlemen and ladJea, wear, are now r#ad> to execute aU order# w ih neat misatbl uitpatch Our work will be made of the best olimported tock. by 1 he beet of woikmen, and warranted to give perfect satiaiaction. It is our aim that cur worl ehal! not l»e second to any in the l' nit ed State*. Wo h*re also completed a stock of ready-mad* work ol the hr*t quality, tor JLadi.'e, Gentlemen. and Children's Wea Melccted from hew York and Boeton uiarkcta Our Ladies' work i# from the celebrated Dvrtt Jfimq/teefory of htw York. kor Ueut lemon's w<ar we have the be#t assortment ever offhr- d for safe in thi# c*tjr; #»ch a# floe V rencli I'Stcnt Leather Boot*; clove Calf and Calf Con f rt>! tor gvntlt men's wear; I*%t*-nt Leather Con gre*-'. and Calf Conger?* Balmoral, and 1 ew Frenct Buck e Boot#. Hire rou #e>-n the new style CIUMPED-FKOIO IHCiiLE HOOT, now maue 1 . Jk< ar hy t Bee ry f For reatue*# comtrrt auu beaut), it #urpa»:>ri anything erer got up in thi* city. Call and see it: samples alwaye on hand at the old stand of M. Mc Carthy. McCarthy & herry, No. VC Eichnuge Street. Juneldtl T. *. narwhal'* Male. CKITtU STATE* 09 AMERICA, 1 District or Maine, bs. J T>UK8UAIVT to a Vend: Expo: to m«‘ directed 1 from the Hon Asher Ware, Judge of thet'nit cd Slates District Court, within and »or *he District of Maine 1 riiaH expose and bi ll at Public Vendue to the higtied biddt t^er far, tt-e following proper ty mid in .iciuud ao at the time and place within #aid District r- oilows, r*: — At D CuaTOtt Ilovet Bl ildivu, on Fore e/reet in PvrtUmd, • » \f*md »» the Lth <fov of Sepitml«r weal. ar ten n’clcck, A SI f»is Cams rr mum and T«k thou*a»d Cigars Three Harkh.b M<«lames and Two hovaani' cigar*. Ti e Mm Living been decreed forfeit to the Unit ed Sa'os iuthe Di* ricr Court lor **id District, ai d ordered to be sold and the proceed* di«pt sed of ac cording to law. Dated at Cortland this 19th day of August A. 1). lRi>4 CHARLES CLARK. L. 8 Marshal Dist.dfMaina augl&ltd (i. S. Harxhal’it Hoficc. UvtTVD State* ok Amkhica. I Diktrk tof Mai>e **. { PIJSlR'AN 1 t h. a Monition from the Hon. Ashur Ware, Jud^eol the l »itsd buto* District Court, v»ithi?i ai d lor the District of Maine, hereby giv« pur lie a tic* that the following Libel ha* been filed iu «&M < ourt. via A libel agaiust U>e )RIITT*llooiD part of the Ship Jompi Clark, and her appurtenances, sc-lrcdby the Coilec’or ot the District of hangor on th» tenth day of Oct her, IWt, at Bangor iu said District Which seizure f r a breach of the laws of th« Uni tod Stair* as is more pa rttcnlarly set forth in »aiu Lid: that a hearing and trial will be hat! tl ivor at H ith, iu -aid Di-tr ct, oti the Firtt Tnes (hv *f pt ember n<ct, where any pit sons interc-t tu may appear and •n»*w cause, ifauy can be shown *hrr< 'ore the *ame should not be decreed forfen and disposed of according to law. Dated at r itland this twenty-aerond day of Au fast, A D. mt r A. QUIN BY, U. 8. Deputy Marshal, attg^2 dl4d Dial, of Maine. For the Islands. 5*VV „<>n *IH* »*Ut J»ne lSthtb.itosmr CASCO will until further notic 11 'i eve Iturnhira . wtiirf, for reek' ■tod Cu«h<njr’. Irl»u«l» at ft tint io 80 A M mud ‘ end3 SOIV M. Ke’un.iu* will li*v,Cu‘hInc‘i IiImii at 0.49anil 11.U A. M , mud 3 «i and i. IS ,• jj I ti-kctr 2u cents, down and back; Cluldren Ucti Juno 9— dif 1ST O T I O JE VROVOHT MARSHAL 8 OFFICE, ) First District, State v'M (tine, Portland. August lDh. 1864 ) INVtllSlU on all ordinary »«bj<cis connect! wRhthe enrolment, draft, exemption*. Habilii <o drt’i. credits and account* ot men fu nishe* should be addreesi d to the I*rov«*l Marshal of It C**ntroR»tonal Dintiict. and in case he la not able i • n* crlhembt nitt ai-k information *f the Provo Mu val General of 11 * htate. Answers may be iht s*caicd more promptly th«u by addressing tire Pr< vo*t Marshal General at Washington. where moi iint'or1 mil business o'teu pievent prompt aaawe to u>u!Dtude of inquiries now address « to the F reau ou j« rsonal and other matter* of minor teas oueuoe. Bv Order of Major J. W. T. UARhlKRR. CllARLF.8 H. DOUGHTY. Cat t and Provost Marsha’ 1st District Maine. Aug. 18—dim ' DUftnln'ion. f|lHR copartnership heretofore existing betwe< a 8aand cleave* as Attorney* at Law, ta tl B day dissolved by mutual consei t. The affairsol t & l*1’*' ttrni w»ll be adjust'd bv either party. ..M* t Sweat will continue in burines* It office K * H. Middle street. Mu^eyVHow. !* ; /?***«* th* oiface of Howard k Clearea, K If . 31 illau.e stroot, over Cft*co Biiuk t 1- U U SWEAT. _ . . , , NATHAN CERATES FortUnd, J«ly l»«h, ISM. JjUdta MISCELLANEOUS. ; ”the daily press, i , 1 CALORIC POWER ; JOB PRINTING OFFICE i! N. A. FOSTER & CO., Proprietors. Fox Block, 821-2 Exchange St. PORTLAND, ME. Attention is respev fully invited to our unrlvallec facilities for executing iu TUK BEST STYLE OE THE ART, Every description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING, Our KtubUflmcftt !a fttrnbhed with all the ap proved MODERN MACHINERY, And our colleotion of Book and Fancy Types Will bear fhvorable comparison with any ettablioh* ■cut in the city. Bnsiness and Professional Cards, |Of every variety, style and co»t, PRINTED AT SHORTEST NOTICE. Bill-Headn Haled aad Cat ia the Neat ent Manner. BLANKS AND BANK CHECKS,' Of every description executed In the best style. Bailroed, and other Corporation Work, done with promptness and fidelity. INSURANCE POLICIES. BILLS OF LAD/NtS, TIMM TABLES, end all sorts ot LBOAL DOCUMENTS, at short oolite. fcnNii, Itprti, ad all kiifa of Paapbleu, Pat ap in superior stylo. Bronzed and Colored LabeK For Apothecaries, Merchant*, and Fancy Dealer* got up in the best style of the art. Weddin w O ards, Notes qf Invitation, Visiting Cards, Lists Dan etc, etc., etc., qf every variety and cost, tarnished at short notice. LARGE POSTERS, Maud-bum, 9bop-oni«v I'rognui ims, Circulars And plain printing of every description. Also, Rule and Figure work, executed neatly, and en terms that cannot tail to satisfy THE DAILY PRESS Printing Office hap one of Soper' Improved Caloric Engines for motive power, and is famished with improved and costly Presses Cylinder and Platen— from the most celebrated makers. We have In con stant use one of HOE'S LARGE CYLINDER PRESSES, aapable of throwing off 2500 Sheets an hour; out> ot Adam’s Power Presses—the best book press in the wor-'d; Adam s and Potter's Fast 1 Machine M Presses; Buggies' superior Osnf Pres: Adams’ and Union large Hand Presses, hland.c J Freeses, and nil the machinery neoessary for a well appointed otdee. The DaTy Pres* Job oflioe is believed to be as well taruished as any similar establishment in the State. Those sending order from the country may rely on receiving promy t attention VFe axf cut** a 1 orders in tlae shortest possible time a*d in the neatest and best manner. We will do all kinds of printing as well and as • promptly, and as cheap as any other establishment In the City, County or State. AH orders for Job Printing must be directed to the Daily Press Job OJM, No. S2j Exchange street, Portland. Me. The Job Office Is under the personal supervision of the senior proprietor, who to the UTY PRINT ER. and is himaeir an experienced practical work man, and employs only weil-ekilled mechanics ii this department ot his work. The Portland Daily Press, , The largest daily paper enst of Boston, and harini a larger circulation than-U1 the other dailies in tb< city combined, is published at the Office in Pol Block. J? 1-2 Esschange Street, erery morning— Sunday excepted, at *8 go per sannui. THE MAINE STATE PRESS, I The largest paper in New England, eight pages, ii published erery Wednesdsy, containing all tin news by mail a d telegraph, important readiuf matter Marine List. Ms k»t Repcris, Ac , of th< xsmtij m iuv ivuvwufi (iiivt*, Slagle cwpy. year, Invariably In advance.-... *2.01 Subscriptions folkittd. Agent# wanted ill ever town. Postmasters requested to act as agents. N. A. FOSTER & Co., Proprietors. Portland June 1, 18*^4. dtf IATUKAATIOAAL Fire Insurance Company Of 2ft& York, Oflar 113 Broadway, CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. * WM E. WABUF.N. frtndmt. HAMILTON BI2LTK, Via. President. HEOKtiE W. SAVAUE. siecretar] ’Portland Board of Ptforencet: , Jomw B. Brow* k 8oe, Hki.rxt Fletcher & C< 11. J. Libby A Co. Joy* Lyech k Co. The undersigned baring been appointed Aob* and 4 ttorhky for thi* Cou pa y.m now prepare to isaue Policies on lusuralie Property at currei > rates. fgj* Portland Oper. 166 Fore Street. JOHN W. DllilHIKR, Ag< nL .1»ns>*. HUM —<i»f PARTICIPATION. Portland Mutual Fire Iuauranc Company. This Company will issue Polices to be fra alter t payment of six, #>ight or ten Premiums at tie opti a ' °J ‘ho insured nud at rates as low as se»y otli . Company. 1 te issue ot Frea Policies renders it i ** 'least eqanl if aot superior to the parb'oipati ; ipanios. o®oe Ro. 102 Middle 8t. lt CUARLFS HOLDKW. Pres, » K.h EDIT AMD SHAW. Dm . I* ____ C . ‘ -- ■ » Notice. I" TTHTS 1|7 1 10 ,wo sons. E J anti Ch ► A Ha pdBI. their Hmo, to set an<l trail Mr the •alraa; 1 shah not claim tbotr warn or ni tb d*Ma. T C. KAN DaI.L, Kr» , Vail.. Me Wit Mia, Mary ITII.knry, Mar, a Mll.bary. .ImnafT.UaA Inn.** Board. •n A REIT me Boarder.can bo ' iceommodateit is iV 73 Danforth street, two dooi . abort ltra. k< to Apple inos. InWa 0 ' For Kale. 0 rjTHE tm.ij halt ot the two storied He ore X 1 Horton n*e*iDnw 8t ) A lavoratle opport it, fbr anv^t. e wishing topnrch sse asmailtenemi For particular! enquire on the | .ramie**. Aug 13—d3w INS L' K A N C E. XLilfo Insurance. THE MATHATTAN Life Insurance Company ! of if it tr ronx. Cush ♦ npital and Accumulation Over #1,700,000 ! HENRY STOKES, Tuksvobxt. O. Y. WbMTLE, s'ecrt-ury. J. I.. 11ALS► Y Asst Secretary. ». N S lb Bill \ H Actuary. h UWIGHT KE5DALL, General Agt. This louff-e*tabH<«lie«i Comrany cflers the follow lug advai t&di>« to insurers. viz: A larg:* and U.creasing ('apt*), securely invested; Immediate avai.atiiiiry of toe • hideudr. in cash: A permanent loan of one half of the yrinnum; tuo a feature ptculiar to this rmnptuy, b) which insurers are protected again* toifeiiure of the poll 0y from circa instances of adversity The comp in v also issue* nou-tbrleiling policies on the “Ten \< ar l*iau. » Policies incontcstible live year* from da’c (the on ly eouuptny in America haviug this provision in polickf.) Local Hoard Htferenct: lion Wdliam Willis. N I. Miller Esq. C- Hector Int. Revenue. Wm Moulton, *u>q., Treat. Rent« U'nberland. W. W I'housui. K*i , Tress. Canal B*nk. J B.Carro 1, E*q Merchant Jeremiah Dow. K*q., Secy Di'igo lua. Co. Wm Kimball, Esq , Tr*a*. 8. Tack.. CO. Edward Shaw. E«q , Secy Tort. Mut lns. Co. Messrs. Woodman True it Co. Messrs. II. J. Libby k Co. Tartlet are invited »o examine the merits of this company before effecting insurance. HENRY R alKfNtY. Agent, Office No. 13 Moulton St. 1 8. II. Tkwkpkuby M.D.,1 Medical C. W. Timm aft. M. I> , I Examiners. Gentlemen of energy and responsibility In the diuerent Citk* and towns of Maine, <i*riron" of iep reseuting Tho Mant-ftrtau Life !n«urauce Co. will pledfte address E nwiuif >' KENDALL, General Ageut Box No 2161 T. O., Tortiaod. Aug 1L—codim DllilUO Insurance Co. of Portland, Me. OFFICE NO. EXCHANGE »T. Authorized Capital, $500,000. CAPITA I. PAID IN $700,000. Invested as follows:— Loans on Mortgages of Real Estate at two third- i s value, SAT 9)0 Loaus ou phd«eof United States Securities, 61,9-U Loam* on pledg oi Vi > Scrip, 3*500 Loaus on pledge of Hauk Stock4, 28.900 Loans on p edge of State ot Maiui Bonds, 2«,60l Loans on pledge of An Iroscoggln County Bonds, 4.0QO •DOCKO This Company Is now prepared to issoe policies upon all kinds of property in the city or country, liable to lo s or damage by lire, at a. low rates as is taken by anv t ther office. I he patron*-e of the merchaaU and oitizeus generally oriortla»d and vicinity, is most >efti ecdulK elicited A. K SUl'IlfLhKK, Tresident. JEREMIAH DOW, Stcretary. piKEcroBn: i J. B. Browu, 9. K. Spring. D W. Clark, J. 11. Carroll, John Lynch, 11 1 KoWwon. raun ate: 8t. John Smith, II. J. 1 ibbv, H. N J«M, H. M Pay-on, J N. Winslow, G.W. Woodman, Andrew Spring, Alvah Couaoi, II I. Ko In neon, PhilipH Brown, C. 11. Mask* II, 8. C. Chase. Jeremiah Dow, N O Cram, Wra.Mouiton. Portland, August 1,18GL—isdSm OFFICE OF THE ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, new York, January as, \m. iiuir, trustees, mt'iiiiuiiuuj UMcusawi w tu« JL Company, ru'.imt the following statement of ita affairs on tin 31«t D*c«-mbtr, 8*3: Premium* received on Marine Risks, from 1st January, 18J3, to 81st De* ociub-r. I8d3, 83,314,388 93 pr nuunt* on Policies not marked off 1st January, 1868, 1,706 *03 34 • Total amountoT Marine Premiums, 810,o06,001 17 No Pulido* hate been issued upon Life Ri*ks; nor upon F ir* Risks discon nect d with Jl »mif Risk*. Premium' marked oil from 1st Jan., , 1863, t<* 31st December, 18,8, 87.687.666 6* Losses paid daring t*>e same period, 3.885.661 04 Returns ol Premiums and Flxpeusus, 1.082,867 48 Trie Company has the following Amo*s, viz: L’nlt d 6'aresand SUt of New York otoc--. City Bank an t other Stocks, 83.492 681 ft) Loan*secured by t>tocks,and<>thef wine, 1.460,700 tk) Rea! K*tatc and Bonds and Mortgages, 19*1,760 00 • Divid nd* on Stocks,Interest on Bouds and Mortgages and other Loan*.sun* dry Notes, re i isurarce and other claims due the Comp'jr , estimated at 104.964 61 Premium Notts and Bills Receivable, 1,27 v 678 63 Cash iu Bank, 744.813 8» Total amount of Assets, 80.J66 4*> 32 Six pe c *ut Interest on the oututan mg cert it caru»<>- profits will b p»id to the ho den* thereat, or their legal representative*, on aud alter Tuesday, the .Second of February * eat. i After reserving Three «nd One b*l! Million Dollar* ol profit*, the onGtandius certificates of the issue o 1*52, w U be redeemed sud p«id to the holders there* ol. or their legal representativ s. wn and after lues* • day, the Second of FVi-ruary next, from which date ad interest thereon will cease The certificate* to be produce ) at tl.e time of payment, ana cancelled } a Dividend ot Forty Per Cent, is declared on the net earned premiums ol the C ompan., tor the year i endiug31>t Deoerab r. lW*, for which certificates • will bt- issued, on and after Tuesday, the Filth of ; April uext. The Profits of the Companv.AAcertaiund From the 1st ol Julv.lSi^.to the 1st of Jan . 1803. for which Certifi cates were issued, amount to 814,339,890 Additional from 1st Jan., 1863, to 1st January, 1864, 2.630 000 Total profits for 21J years. 816,969,980 Ths Certificates previous to 1862, have been redeemed by ca-h, 11,600^19 ^ Net earnings remaining with the Com pany, ou 1st Jsuuar) , 1S64, 86.363,670 t Tty order of the B srd, f W. TOWN SEND JONES, Secretary. TRUSTEE*. John 1'. Jones, David l.aae, Charles Denni*. James Bry e, W U. ll. Moore. Wm StnrgKJr., Tho*. Tiie*ton. H K. Hog. rt. Henry Colt, A. A Low. W.C. 1‘mkeragill, Wm h. Dodge, * l.ewie CurlU, Deuui* IVrkine, Chaa. J. Konell, J,.« (.ailurd, Jr., Jmw il Holbrook. J. Hour) Uurgy. lb A. Harguae, Cornelius Grmnell K, W Westou. C. A. Hand. Ko’ al Pbelp , Waite stu rman, Caleb Bare tow, E. B.‘ Moreen, A. P. Pillot. 11. J Howlaud, ’ I Leroy M. Willey.. BenJ Babcock Dauie 8. Miller, Fletcher W eatray, 8.T. Kienll. K. B Minium.Jr.. Joeb’aJ Henry, G.W.Burnham, Geo. U. Uobeon, Fred. Chauncey, Janie, Low. JOHN D JONHS. President. CHARLES DENNIS. Vice President. W . H. H. MOORE, id Vice President. ^ w*>“Applleatior.a forwarded and Ora* Polkhd procured by JOHN W. MCNOER. Agent, No. 100 Fore street, head of Long Wharf PORTLAND, .If*. June 3.—wfw& ©odtojsnSB 8TATE NORMAL SCHOOL. r The opening term of the Slat*? Normal 8cho©l, a Farmington, will commence on 1 AVE»NI>DAV, AUGUST »4lh. Every arrangement will be made a* the law rt ; e«ure*, to accomm. date two 1 ui.drea >oung laait . and gentlemen with board, a* rea»oi able race, .au to farnifth the Instruction t>pecially needed iu ftchool lor the training of uac «r» feur tear her b« sides lecturer* and iq*» cial iuitruc’orft. wi J te rn p ployed at tue outlet, and tho number will be it 0 creunea if tne nece^ dtie* f the school *b».I require i i Candl ia*«» for attendance must be *i*t©eu )e*i • lerealee and sevente n )tin, it male*: a* >e must '•eclare their inten ion to b- come teaorerft j >h the public echoolft of the Mate. No pledge will 1 ** req*u ed fVom pupils to remain connected with ti me bool for any deftni e *ei g h uf time. ,n Applicants w ill be required to ihn* » reatonab familiarity with the principles ot Reading and Wpt ling Arithmetic. English or u»m *r and Hetorv the United Stat s: and to p ei-ent te«d*raomals good character and prospective aptitnee forth© woi of eachiug , .... — • fenoDk attending the Normal School w ll be pc I mift©d to pans noth ways over the Androaoogg Railroad for one fare. -- J/trkarg*fnrtuitim. Wntrancfft**'™ ■* More particular information wil be fnroWhed * ! »""***10,1,0 ft0^«Dwjk«nT'wMnw | Swrham. Jun«». l*M- |,!l4l.wk»Sw DK. G. II. RICH. ,? ^H&8UBGE0N DENTI8r NO. 145 MIDDLE BT., FOBTLAND, i Opposite foo> of Free Street.) a 4 Having fitted ut> the above named rooina. be woi In- ' be harpy to u ait on all who may wish tor tue • lit. vioeaota skil ful DeptM Rrerg bntmch Of'j tittrj will receive caret*! atteation, and Pe*j**t* isf«et!on w III be wanaatod. MISCELLANEOUS. UROCKMUPKK'M PATENT Gas Regulator! EXCLUSIVE Ag*ncy for the sale of the Reg ulator in Portland No. 102 aludls street, up ' stairs. fcdwaru Shaw hole Ageut This u w article tor public Uvor wld sate 80 percent, to tlie ooueum* er O' er any gas burner now in use; 86,000 have b. en sold lu Nt.v England since January laa . Inis is nol a regulator ii> be affixed to the meter, ail ruch have faikd, but In attached immediately under »acb burn er tip, and is a part of, aod au ornament to, the gas fixture itself The particular .% hit ©Less and steadi ness of the light produced-because of the exact proper comoustion—a*toutshet til who bav« teen jj* tvhiie XU* positive feet of obtainii g tbe improv'd light sx a reouced expense n .tsl only be lnvtatigated >t this office to ensure the cot licenceot the m^st skeptical. Ibereg Uto is a perfect •*t©li tak* on the exact amount of gas u*ed Ao pres-u e attained 7 Gas C ompany iffi-cU it disadvautafeou ly in the Last; Gas Companies aii reootnmeud 1c btc iase it giver entire satiaiaot on to «• n»tuner*, hence their j number of uonsam rs are inervaoed. Retail p»iee 80 cent* each. Toe article will be adjusted for con sum** ti immediately inquiring bur a few moment* time) aud ii not suited will bu taken off free of ex pense. EDWARD SUAW, 108 Middle Street, op t fairs. We hare thi* day appoin ed Edward Shaw sole vender aud a eut lor B ocksi per*. Patent Regula tor iu t'onland; nil orders lor the goods oiu-t he made through nim. HULL A QOODELL. Below we give certificates ot the high estimation of the Regulator in other place* where it i* now in use. ,, .. Dovkk, July 18, D*4. V^uri. Holt f Goodell —1 he Direoiors of the Dove Gas Light lomy any, after a foil and ' i.orongb examine ion aud test of "Brocksieper Gas Regula tor," have ordered me to purchase cue h uur.d dollars woilh ol the same, which i have this day done, aud hav also rect i ©d for said coxnpiuy the exclusive agency for raid goods In and for the city ol Dover. Yoois. truly, JuNAb D. TOWNSEND, • Bap. Dover ua* Lt. Co. Certificate from the g*a fitter of the Mills, etc., at Lowell, Mass. Luwmll. Mas*.. July 11.186*. Messrs. fl ill (loydelt:— a n exp. i knee ol many years in the gas fitting business has often rug^eato-i to me the gnat va.ue of au improvement - hereoy thep.- s-ure of gu might be regu ated at the poiu of eo sumption. Ma .y and fruitie sattempts have fro u time to time teen ••*d«» to place regulator at the meter. Experience has showu that all such a. tempts hav * proved failure* 1 hare also see* ai d used in my bu-inesi1 uea- 'y all tbe so-calt© »improve inputs in burners, wherein that which y. u have ac complished h** been au m,-ted. but always tailed. After aciictui exam nation aud a thorou h test o« your Gas Kega'a o.-*—which are attached immedi ately under exch burner **> a part of the gw* fi state— l am fully convinced that your imp>oveaeM 1 a de ei«*e'i -ue jess, tbe light is improves iu Lightness and in i s iliuraluatiugpower, while the «-xpeiin sa.ed to th-- coni-uraer is full 80 *.©•" c*uf. Tbe combostion is perleet, heuce the mprov*iueut must be adopted as a matter or economy. as well as the luxury of a good and -teadv light. 1 cheerfully recommend it tv the trade aud to a 1 consumer* at gas Yours, Ac., ti R. BARKER, Jy 28 dtf Ga« Fitte*. 8 Centra) titreet. OR AST'S COFFEE A SP1CS MILLS. or./oiyAL mstahlmhmiat. J. G-RA 1ST T , Wholesale Dealer Ld all kinds of COFFEE, SPICES, Salsrraius A Cream Tartar, X*k Cofee aud Spice Mills, 18 aud 16 Union street, Portland. Me. Coffee and Spices rot up *or tbe trade, with any address, in ail variety of packages, and warrant* d as represent© 1. Coffee roasted and ground for the trade at short notice. All mr nil t antmitiul t * llrn nanor1. rtak march lOdtf John Kinsman, GAS FITTER, —A*I>— Dealer in Gam Fixturen, And (iwA Kerosene Cooking Apparalnn. The public are invited to examine and teat these new inventions, which are highly recommended fur summer use NO. 66 UNION STREET. Portland. June 14—cod3m New Hteam Nlill, i*.u>i a< r.A.. w—-if— a *-» WINSLOW. llOTEN ft CO., AJKTOULD inform their former customers and the il pob ic aeneral t, that tney have fltt d up their Hew Mi l with New Machinery, a»d are bow ready to do l lading Hatching a^d Jaitiino also Sweep and Circular Sawiur. B od Turning, trc. We have in operation one of Memra. Gray k Wood's new improved Planer*, tor PLANING OIT OF WIND. It will plat* with the mat<et accuracy from J Inch in thick ues* to 12 inches square. Also AN EDGAR FIFi T FRET LONG, For saw in? heavy plank and edging boards. Part icali'attention given to planing Ship Knees. Clanbosn s. ana heavy l imber. For th* accomm 'da'ion ol d alers and others hav ing arge lot- of boards to plane, we hkve in conueo ti n with the mill 17,KO square feet of yard room. jvl!*odtr Hanson Block, Middle St., No. 161 Scholarships good in any part of the United Stater no Principal ha* had *> > ear* experience; is alway* on the spot, and attend* to his business; and prom ite«, as daring the past 12 years, no pam* shall U *uar*d iu the future. Five hundred relercuoes oi the first da** business men, with many others of this city, will testily to the practical utility, capacious ness and complcteoeea of my systems and manual of teaching, and citisens ol other cities have testified to the same. Diplomas will be awarded for thor ough courses. Able Assistant* secured Bartiett'i Plan, the founder of Commercial Collages, strictly adhered to as regards not copying. Certain time will be devoted to Commercial Law elucidations. ! Come all who have tailed to be taught a businew hand-writing and 1 will guarantee to you suoces* I Application solicited lor Aooountant* Separata ia •traction given. Students can eater any time. Sep irate rooms for Ladies. Tuition reasonable. Intrl cate accounts adjusted, t ante* aua uenueinen »a Jetirt to take lessous. or a full, or a separate course in either Book-Keeping. Navigation. Commercia Law. Phonography. Higher Mathematics, Civil Kb ginetring, surveying, Native Business Writing Commercial Arithmetic. Correspondence, Cart Marking, (and teaching iron printed copies ant Tent Books will be avoided k ease call, or addres the Principal. k It BROWH. Portland. Oat 3.Ik** o«i»» eonAoowlj PropvoalM (or Wood. Ass*T QCABTguM isthu s tlrrri, 1 Augusta. Mb., Aug. 23,164. i PROPO&AL8 'or (be delivery of one tbou*an< (10» ©» cord* of m -rchau'able hard wo d, will b r evtved at this c®ce until Wednesday, August 31 196«. ut 2 o’- lock M rbj wood to be delivered at Camps "Cohani •Frye.’* a d “E D. Kejr»».” near Augusta. M int as tire -am* may be rt^uiud for use oi troops ec camped then a 1* op »s«ls will be received for ota halt orthewhol ( of the number ot oo d>. I he 'ubsciiner re-trve* the tight to reject all pre ! posu s i\ they are chtni d unreasonable •1M. S L> »DGK. Ccpt C 6 and A. a. Q. M. Aug25- dlw , Sewing Machine Improvement! ALL ownrn ot approved dewing Machine, at lnvi ed to call at NO. 11 CLAPP** I1LOCK, and <ee the operati >n of two of the most importat tmprovevr.iit, of the day— William's Piteat Crank ltfin. ad Dide'i Auntkmenl J The former places th -control of the machine el tirely uudert eco itrol Of th- feet of the operato 1 preventing all i-ackward motion of the wh-4*i,i lowitig lha freedom ot both hands to handle tl tick, saving t*»e breaking ot needle* and tl * , entangling of i tie thread. Thelat*arwil allow the free nse of linen threi J or of inf rtor c »tton and entirely does away wi ? tbes -aping ot the cloth rail and pee and von will not Ik»1 to have them a * plied to your michiti ,ioUK ID It TEH, Agent. e Mr. Porter *lll put mn-iiiues in enter and tca< the operatois how to n-e that they w ,* have lio troub'e. Portland. Aug 1© 1*H. dti k Farm for Sale. 1 offer for sale my Perm Mtuat r* oue mile from Wiutbrop Village. 10 the road leading from Angus ' bald (arm contain* about out* hi r dn*d aer s of land, w ith a good si lB sly of woou aud water. The land is new and in If* high state oi cultivation. Iker*is on the premise good haru, 96 by 36, and ih-rut 16U young thri apple trees 1 eill t+ I the whole together, or I i sell about 0 acres with the Darn, orenat d and m of the w* od. Anv on«» wanting a good farm, pleasantly and n p veutently loc t*d. will do well to call and exam the above property . 1 also oBcr for sale a two story Dwelling Ho an i Lot. situated in Me Village knowu as the M gui*e louse, au i two Ktores near'y opposite the! ton F otory Anv or all o the above n-opert* i Id b* sold at ‘air price*.and oq term* to» n purcha*< if- . For farther pi ticulsts as to nrlese, Ac., oalioa ’*• eu* scribor at his store in Winturop d* WinMrrop. July I. W. KELLI * * ft* an**** i BUSINESS CARDS. PAPER BOX HIANUFaC'TOmV. J. P. Libby, Iva vcracTuaaK or Paper Boxes, j Oi every description, each s* • Shoe Bom, Jewelry Boxes, Druggist Boxss, ‘ Collar Boxss, slwu B..x<«, Coac oologies)Boxss, : Powder Box©., Card Cases. Cigar Boxes, Ae | 144 Middle St., (Up Stain) Portland, Me. , JuneldSm Dana k Co. FUh and Salt, | Lather Dsns, , POFlUnd, I Woodbury Dana. [ M Joha A. h. Dana ) H «!■«. • _laueidtf J*. Smltli cto Oo., MiNCrACTC&BU OF I Leather Belting. Card Clothing Um Strip, fell Leather tub ud Sides. LBATIIMR TP’MM I NO a, fc„ Ban eon's Block, 144 Middle St., Portland. Or at tbe ^ard Clothing Manufactory. Lewt*ton. H. M Dskutbe, (jnldBm) D. F. Notm alOH a r.K(HiLK»A l O„ UominiHsion Mprchanta, AND WHOLMLtK DBALCflN IV Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. SI Commercial Street, ®0**r'- | POHTLAKD, MK. Cum. d. ttv/gera. | Jnnelddm Wholesale and Retail. H. la. DAVIS, Bookseller, Stationer, AND M AKUFACTCRKR OF Premium Paged Account Books. paper hangings. No, 03 Exchange Street, Portland, Me. loasldti CSAS. j bobuxacuxT Fresco and Banner Painter, No. 144 M iddls Street, PORTLAND. MM. XT' Wo, a exeoated In every part of the htate Jonsltf RUFUS DUB MAX, Mauutactar r aad Wholesale Dealer la BRITANNIA -AIR Plated Ware, *2Fo.B18 f^rt a‘rttt, Portland Main*. Portland, May 17tb, 1HW. mayKdti BURGESS. F0BE8, * CO., »A«rncrrKi«* or Japan, While Lead, Zinc, Palatm An<l Ground Color*, AMD DKALUB* 1U Drugs Medicines, Pa nte, Oils 4 Varnishes. Paint ami Color Pndorg.Se 29 iiunjog St , oar, a Salrirmr. 80 CrnnmlrlSl., (Thoma* Block.) Ukkhy H Bpe-l*., MKTL1TI II CHAULKK 8. F..KKK, ^ BLAKE, JO KifcS A CO., FLOTJH A Cl RAIN DEALERS, And Hu Ytr, or Wexttrn and C adiaa Produce, 1ST Commercial Street. ■ • • Granite Mod. CbirlM Bltke, ) lltl4 Ueary A. Juum.I PORI I AND. “ * ’ Jnno’d.f JOHN LYNCH A CO., Wholesale Grocers. AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Qr*nlte Storoa, • - • Oommere al street, (Opposite head Widgarjr Wharf.) John Lynch, ) I'eW/ llarker, J PORTLAND, UK. ) Thot L>i*cb ) Jnneldtf _ DOLE 4 MOODY, 6tSMM.iL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And to taoie«b> Dealer* in FLOOR. C RH AND PRODUCE. So. S Quit Blook, C,mm»ro *l St, ^ ! FOKTLAND, XK. Franklin i.. X jodj, ) . JuceUom LAKE At LITTLE, WtK>'<vwJ. Dealer, in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, AMD Woolens, No. 143 Middle Nireet, 4 Iftf&i FOBTLAHD.ME. _ )nn.7dtf e. kT lemont, Carriage Manufacturer. Preble Sueet. Portland, Me. band and madetu order Jnae’tdtl_ t. P. KKIB4LL, Maacraurvun or Carriages and Sleighs, Pr-V.lB Htrxet. (Hear Preble Howe,) PUKTLa.Nl>. ME. Sait Room, 111) and 111 Sudbury St., Bolton, iiau juuallf _________ ______ ___ Safes \ Safes \ \ > FOE SALE AT JAMES BAILEY A CO., Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealers, ’ 1*2 MIDDLE STREET, ' j PORT LAND,.** JtI8 8m Q3 Removal. 62 J. M. KNIGHT A SON, « Commissi ou Merchant*. ,od dealer, In Conntry Produo*.have moved to So 68 Commercial street. , Portland. Mar K)ih, 18M. maylOdtf Luw Piirltteiihlp. HOWARD A CLEAVES, i: Attorneys A Counsellors ai Law !* Office- 01 Middle St.,over Casco Bank, 4 . PORTLAND, HP :h J Btva B'WitD. NATHAN CLEAVE*. JylHdlwNm _ h To Carpenters and the Public A NEW ARTICLE. — WhiinMre's Pairni lllind Fnntonnr an Handle* Casatined. Bd TOMEG a thoroughly »ffec if® '»aiering, and jd *3 handsome, eon\e«>iert handle, ai d a* they chi a. noth® opened Tom the o«ta d® are so tar. prof* o* tion acaiost thieves; ’t- n«® preventing th * dirtyi p- of hand-or breaking of finger nails in opeuintM a closing blinds. They are Japaai ed green, nodes ia | b® put on old or new blinds by inr person n Vy miuutes For sale by nil Hardware ua«n. Wbol ill ; -ale Depot 16 Winter street. Bosto i M ut G. D WHITMORE Storeol Whitney Brother* Jnnelw.' >**- j- i — Farm t«r snip. l.,f _ rwintly .|IU*I d Id Wlrdt any •*. the road i adUa from Wray tot.o o>- 1 ham. cootaioitry tlfty acroa am nl) uly divided Into t«Tla**. paa.u n _ _ lu,i wood an'. 1 ha bi llrilma a I*. aTiodltorTT d a halt hjia-wl'h eonv, M-ul o hulld-u,. Tcrma*aay. • M«i*«** Ka.t Wlodaam. | BUSINESS UAKlJb. BKAllLEV, MOCLTOM A ROGERS WaOLMAU UlALKQt IM Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, block, BOXXXT BBALIT, 1 MOULT. *, ( POMTLASD.MK. A. tt. UOGftiU. ) _ W. W. OAKK & CO., 8»S«| taken the brut Otort icnurij octet'ad t O. HAWYFiK. Ho. 3 Kirtaange street, if* prepared to otter to ton trade a large and wa •elected Hook of Foreign and Domestic Fruit 1 WhoieuLe and Retail dresj?*,. S|>ru»r Qiim. Loveaf*' Canary Heed, Caadtrs. Leuioia Hyruy, Uaoey, grant's, Ucoi Nut., Vl«*. tltrww, Nut*, all Hiatt*. Uaieo, R« fobeee* lardlaea, Clear** •aaey Candles *f all deserlptlsa oottt dt# IRA WINN, Agent, Mo. 11 Union. 3t.., U prep nod to furni«k STEAK EHGIKES and BOILERS, ot variou* tree and pattern!, '1«m Pipe id taira, lilt t'WHf, f&l!eji,l< UdflT Uousi Wotut of ail dtsonpuooi. and all kind* of work required in Omitting FoKTiniuATiona. Iron Stairs anti other Arcbi’.c'turul Work douse*, Store., and outer ooUdtrn, fitted «m •a* sad 8tea— 1b Ibe boat uuiiter. IB eoncectton won ibe itbovu u er Iroa hoendr, elth a tir^e assortment of fatterui to much tL .t tan tlun of Machinist*, Miilwrigbts.xd dhip-hxtlc .rslaiaeited—sad all kinds of Cat mrs tirmulte. >t abort notice. £7*Orderti tor Mtcmae JoMia 1‘xnerxs u 'tWfiinfis, promptly executed ucMtl SIHLEtt » SEWING MAC* 1NES! WOODMAN, T8UG * CO.. AGENTS, *4 and 6ft - - - • • *i Idle 8ue«> HeedJetxad Tn——racsxiwxy on dead. —aklltf A CAtftD. DR. S. C. FERKALD, DEN11SI, No. 176 Mltltll b truet. ftXMMnxacn*.Dri. kuoo sad ttaasu* I Fattlaad, May », 1WJ. tl ur. J. Afl. l» HAVING topOMO of rita eniir* interest to hsf Oflico to Dr .fi . C KEKNALD. oild chesrfnl ; reooommend him to hG former pati»- its and the pvt lie. Dr. Pbvha ld, from long eape fines, is prepar ed to ineert Artificial Teeth oothe" raleaaitc Have.’ tad another methods know to the prof amion Portland Wav W IVS tf IVOOtt AM> eOAl CHEAP FOR CAMi ! SPRING MOUNTAIN. LKB1GU. HKRtLTON SUGAR LOAK, OLD CO CANY LF.MIgM. 1-0 CUBT MOUNTAIN JOHN*. DIaMmND. WKm TKJtaod BLACK UK A III These Coals are of th« very best quality, well screened an i pioAed. an warranted to give satisfaction Also lor tale best of HARD ASIA SOFt noon, d.fUered to an, part of the city. (linritoaMacUi St., headol praokliu Wharf l>. Hut . ti~ a «ua ■Sbltdly wikiu:.v» inrouvro FIRE AND WATER-PROOF FELT COMPOSITION, Gravol Itoofiug roa FLAT HOOFS. K. II KkSlrY, Aumt, jaaas DU No. id L'uivu Street. ALBCBT %YEB*I A — m — Corn, Flour and Grain, atAU OF KJlRKU.1. 8 WBAKV. Cemmsrslal Strews.* - PenUnd, Me. MR' EDWARD H. BDRGUL WBOLKAALE DIM St IV ! Corn, Meal ami Flour. A>to. Orouad Hock Sa't. Foiuiiii»»ion Hmlinat rot ruRCHAitAih balbof Bariev, Bye and Onts*. tW Cars l^adwl with Coro lu bu!k ftr« of charge. Wairbousf Vn. I'M ( omn ii’ial St eel, Aod City Mil,.. Uteri..g Rridge. ___ _ iuuvl,o>!6a> iOUk F.ASDERSOK, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, office, ronnAN block, toehi; J* wtf 1'awrLa dritaar. Ncot<*h Cuuvum, -VUS IALI st /AMES T. PATTEN A CO. IBtttb, Be* l/\i 1 BOLTS Saoenor Bleached I fivA/ 000 do All Long liaa "Gov- | A{ w eruRKu; coutraci," i " NOU do fcxtra Ail Long .ax [ lrtr“ SOU do Navy Fine j OeUvaredia Portland •? Boesoa. Hath. 4ne«*9A 1<M* R E M O V A L-. DK. NEWTON 048 removed his rtstdrnoe to So. 37 Mi44t> Sir rot t comer of Franklin street OAe< u* heretofore. Ye. US Rn-hint/* /Proof, u Noble'sBlotk. up staira. Office ho ora from 9 to 1< \. M irons 2 to 8, and from «to 9 o'clock P Sf Dr. N will oontinn*. in oouarclioi with renera iractk** to rive «pneiV attrnt* «n to HISS.4<SS Ot , ooittdtf WILLIAM a7 PEARCeT P L XT 31 BEIl! MAKIt or Force Pomps and Water Closets NO l-il CVC1I« NOE STKL’eT, roarLAND, mk. Worm, l oitl and kknwrr Raiks Wanl Bowls, Brass Ai Silver Ptau d Cocks, ’ I3VHRT description of Water Fix*or» * for Pwel IZd >ing Bon*os. Hotel*, rublie Huil-ting!*. Shop* kc , arranged and wt up In *he he** maimer, a-d irden* in town n-r country faiHifu 'lv executed. 4* kinds of fobbing ofomptiv attended to Cn»*te» t m hand I.PAD PIPES silKET LI.aD and ft* ES Pf’MPS of all dweflntiens ! J. T. L©wi=' Go., Manufacturer* and Whnlcsnle Dealt'* in I ready-made clothing AN1) FI KMSIll^i GOODS, A ' Ch*itot*rr» • - • Ydt. 1 t»n«? 2 Free Street Noel <r t {Over U. J. Libby 4 Co.,) ’ jr.fclu. roaiLAiin.aE Jj lldt.f The t'kfapHii ARfp<7 CkOR OoUectlas al) classes of olaim* arising fro* i r the war i« that ot the 1 MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION, *1 ■* u which the oxpeusee are controlled bj a dilutes i St««d executive i ontibit ct‘. r«Aun* i p- Apply io per-on or by letter, to uKOhiit I ^ KMkilV, “vSTSTrwu«.d r„« <J+k w HOTELS. nOt.1T ZlKtOA MOOsJB, AT Til Celebrated Mt. Zircon Mineral Sp- ngr, MUtoa /kuUatton. 4M.. I< M« • iws.u I* lb* pablw. u.d bo paint will l/« .p.roo tula • u. u t. «.o • ,.d i. u .er pie*at*! .ao* i. t toy V I- Bud tltu to t»U*.. t a id J_1 .Jto-u ctivtper tbtB any oUmf Utf a .to kef Ln* itiid. Fu cAdi^oi Hyspeinia. Kidney Co»pJAint,Ow ei, etouc in tb i> autur, »nd oUkii • maia , 1 »»j* • S*t a cure by ibeuso vf lid wate* 6|-twid '««*■* ery ami nue*. At itae vbort aL’a»ee oi n u «nl •• cau b«.«ccu Ui.miuid FnJ.n. tie i«rgo«t i** 1 itu« Mvtm* auu CtoirMpce to et Oiwi li b bating iu str kin end A Me »oeu fal l>u it tv iiie liva-v iiet e, oukkiiig ta ace* «r HiAtt to mu, uibcr MwOiftsil* Um~j e *4• from or an 'a Touu fiat mu Ol the Oriuu J. HaIWU) tv tL*> iiuUA'. Fuel auuit- a. Ml Zueoa, Mt*. U. L» w aUBoiT. Frorriefor. M Zi con. July IM. I>04._J lUctw Heu-»itle iloukti, UlUI*»WEU KUk. C AbC U_ BAY. Thi eieiaut and con modioas Be tel, situated on iu« eat.« mi y cl ttarpi-ae i ktei, Lau • nu e . o»o«r tbe w, | k-oen liana i n _• House ha-Juji oeenonmpikftu ail r tun ue« .to* v. v* M UAanmo. k>q . A’united- and uuder I* « o up ..r Intend*noe, ana ail be ouen ter dampen/ Om a ad after the Paarth tf Jaly. The dviiM n cue largest M an itaatii, cenotract* ed exp.esst. 1br tbe *u/p« *e ol a uuel. t any ho e> i*A i'acc on «be voaai oj Maine. It asiiuaieu im tbc Ccut.eo a dense grove o old neea. mm ave nues ami »i-la* tpen ug to tbe wattis oi th bay* bi« atewyaidr distant vu either sms. &caisy un,uLutU by tut *ea. aid abundantly ->U*otd by li»«. me u«>use bar a stack, a. ua teen* t'ldl verandah, ex tnoiu^o tr th. *e handled »nd 'hir*y ett u*. three *;u sol the buiJditg* nnh tu« And tnoxott^hl.) fen I a id l ai s ann cumbu a its •n e Kir. so * biu>r» can enjoy (h moat cample • protecti. u ruin ihe »nu m* i i * kt. Tm sttiinbva a bar. a. a boai land ngvare nu fbd *e«t side, t ut a te» in m tbe i.ou e an pie •ciJiiie- are ai Hand lot bust*. g anu a i i. g Ui. ltd •-art slue is a tine yiu«i U th. a be e the ioao’v • f en-ba blur can be e* jo. ed at a 1 lime* ol Us tide. At a *bon distance cm the noril ta»t.acr«*» u arm •I Ibertt UUfi- Isiai d o iik.aieu b) Mi> Liuti* er o oae’s w 1. known novel. T»»e 3 a Side tiouse n acce# ibla by .arc in ■ druurwick tifuei. nu » ninnani by oi a o tbeti-tst >i<ivv* in tl)t< tiisie »od t*. daily ilunluM fi-as » o Hand ihr* ugit tbe Inside ia*»ag*s easoig tbe inlands ol tbe b»y. Visitors coming fro tbe fceonetec aid other ysrti oi tbe imeiT r. ran Me mt radical) at bn us «tea, and pruond bv sram* to Harp-well, or cotfia* ueto l'or*i»n< ana tshe tbe •ksatf, alcdb inns town and bock nai.e a da}. J JHK T. Sjurx. Proprietor. Jy«f_____ BRADLEY'S HCTLLj —• >* T imerirao uud Euiupfin P ■■*, Cor.of Commercial & India St*. Thle House is »i sited directly oj posit# kthe tirtifd Trunk * ai roa Ln pnt ai n bend |oi bos'on a no Foi tiano s t«a®« is Vf ban VoBi.r ted witn ih»> I loose is a tirst class I Oyster and Lininr Hall. I Eh BkAbLkY. Jr., A CO., Fropiletrra. J. Bradley, Jr. r. ti Mr die/. Jnsl'sBa Atlantio House, SCARBOKO’ HRAfB. THIS Poo.■*<? baring beat* enlarred and 1 refitted tbrougbom will open lor the Roll 014^. Mouilay, June 13, 1M4« 1C DtS.' IbON. N. n.—Positively dosed on tbs bat La L lo all •ranr>en viaitors. Junell BAY v7eW HOUbE, CAMDEN. Tbe Subscriber* take pies care la an nouuciug o iheir frieuupsad art .nt«irate t ,t£QfM iu boding a um c a*» era ante Hot.* sc. obi* iXWVM noua lone.t. a. then u» *nu sp.oom bu> lv. o . . in. op bearly laden*. It contain* ail >b< t* *.d* ora iui^iovMutrui* and every coav«aieace ioi tna . c >aiori mo accommodation oi ib» uavtiiiag i ab le It u» unci; lecateo. comma din* an aa<*ee l«d new of ibv Pt uibevot bay . laeaureaugo oi aeo twUuu| aad >u« Uuktai ier g.bu*f a. a boating, am unsurpassed } or it* l-eautiiai *©e»tr> auuaw J*hi.a> «ir *— —w t witenen ie ai saoy fever aoi fcawa aeone ot tbe o*mu tiigible and ueii. b . fal watering place* ta bew fcugUnd. Conntctvd wi.b ibe Held ie a fine Livtiy biab.c, Lvia#» aid car.lagea barm, Uci*w ectcw with gnat car*. TLe oarrfe, e* are Horn tno bent t,«iani.ebas«nia In ibo ooaati y. aaoou tbe moat approrco etylea buafe boat lan< tng*ea»y ot acr-a* ; • teamen* ton. w.,.<eT. ■ eiy da* m tbr an*. tcWgrapb ivnaaiiica his w tb ail parts ol tbe «. utlrv. Iba »ih mg o ae* 1 . care good rooiu will do «ei. to apply many . aicnrvtu) tam d. • I Cteurst * JOHNS ION, Pioprietora. i ramd# i. Jinsi pd—dtt eiru»u.ll Attblalbsu Ut>«n. capisicTTtou^e, WESTBROOK. ^ Tbia e ogam suburban Watering Place. tRicd uron a plrMaut cmu>«i*. * nea* Ca I ime fond. bui i) it Um Irtn I’o llano i ■ v |fi| I4 * ^ cn plio< a tn tbs moe ample «r er by 1/1 L.i.e -ui rcnber. be mo* re*p#ctu.ll> §. He a nv a» i a.ion oi tbr i abac, and coi dully ia*it«a a call tr. m bta old tittnu*. i uc bo. so i* pleasant, retired an qclot Tie urnituic aa turn sb.Lga * re lU tea, ai u > L< r* oar c »y and ai.'btiy • b. tat lea are »«t pm a wnL ail • tbe dclacwc*eo a* well aa the *at>«*t4aiiais o »b» a*o* ♦oa, *au tbe service o* oat ot tte rtiy UM coUi ib Ne a K glanu bav* beta seemed, Lxrtusi.f vhul# uud a iiue tab c w lb roomy alalia ream ng iIk cwuven* o! tbe «rtaldfelMMIt a nice Ualbiug iio«i*c *utb but tor the •atiou • (revet. I but be'r La* U<u eoc*ed mnb • «pc projecting bi.o Un *cet of water, and tb« wboie m on il from ‘iworvat ou by a float.og icuti te.linr Artors jg*«e tbe t ank# o. ike fond aad lurite i^L'ladulgeno* at b» leu agar. liopuiR iris are of tbe public patronage tb# »a d»r*»gnvo j a • to spa. e no % fieri »or ib* « a or* taif atn: ot tik rumti. oEO W lICKtii. He*t ro#wt. ole fl. 18»’>4. n a itldtf ' HALLOWElL house ' REOPENE D1 JEW gPK«lTCBB I FIXTURES! K.G. DE.VVi*. Hropit*t«r. ty Tbe public »re interned lint Ik* tpecfcMM. cctveui at and wei known Hauoaui tiouni. in tbe c* in. g t>f HaHewell, too mils* from 4nrvirta aid tear mi m> from Tegur >pnng, baa — b -cn refurnished. and ir . p 'n for V rec* ptk»a ol JB Qivmpauyr and permanent becr.^* w l Vvrry attcntlou will be giv*ci to tb# comfort oljH geecU. * ST ABLirtrC , 1 a!1 the urua) conveaicuooa of a (apiar UtdB are amply provkird Mall i. .1 L I IUi _ha_ * HtKKA.S MMleft,, £ '.cftlllanoYer S'reet .... The Large n nad «e»r Arranged HoieB IN NrW «N«U> D. LEWIS RI< Fv PropriPiM. M. puakson. Si Ivor Plntorl t»Dg»CNC(rni«r £ fW| SILVER WARE, ■ 239 Conyrets St., Opp Court House Portia* it vEjj t*~A)lkltid» of ll'arr. inch a* Kni?e« Foili or., c'ake Ba>keu. Caetere. Ac p at*d m nil..-' boat minner A 40. Kepttttng anti Fe-^ Otd 9 I Wan. m H W . Mnnson. GOLD & SILVER PLATER |j| 7ft Middle Street, Portia ad. Me. K A 4bare of patronage raapctfnlly ac! ci’ed aa<^B .arUr»et<oD Mhn b. Oi vre from the country prompt!. att#r»*e*l J?^6 Atldrear t.e^rge W. Mr tor 74 Middle tteet^l K 'om Vo K». up stair*. Portlar d, Me. jui--u_d3»n cp A. & 8. 8HURTLFFF 4 CO., X ms.a & 5o ninnLE street, 1 PORTLAND. Manahc'vw *ad IV»>r» l» Men'* Boy*’ end Yonth * Thick, lip I > at d Calf Bool*. Woman’* Mi#r«» »nd Thlldr**’* Pori Kit and Call B«lro *•>«. Fubbera. Bbo. , . mock, rinding*. Ac — ■•4 \1 f ITH «'ur sapenor f>« Ht»ee for meraftrtn In* m' A a ’tree earti|«**ee la ’be »*»I*mm w* I wf> *rr aH** to roll ae o* an in Poetoi or alien I # • j IVal**r-are re‘-ree,P'»lv li»'lte*t local! aid a*- I tmlueonr •t*'el be*or* par bnrni tar *»’-d#*rebv mail nromptly attended t«. Ptt’Umi AtrOW. Maine Central Railioad Compy. I trsarcorr' o*r*r». i m R>trr,illo, do|-R. 1 *1 I - fTt«F. V»!n«‘C»>'tr»l R*ln>»p rrmf.p. wPI r.r JH 1 IMr • lb* Foil X* K>u«J B**k, Tir*. fig . laid, from t la dot*. _ ___ _ _ [Eg J. EH Tnmm. Jwa I

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