Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 2, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 2, 1864 Page 3
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rORTLAXD AXD V1C1X1TY. Now AdrerHuotnonts To-Day. Lo»t—A Roll of Mooiy. 1 •nameut Wanted. Howe to Lot to,lure of iiood*. Tro, oeala tor Custom House. Hoarding. Sanitary Supplies Tbe following letter was addressed to a lady Id this city, who had put up and forwarded a box of domestic wines for the relief of sick and wounded soldiers. It is published in the hope that others will follow the example of the lady, and send to the Sanitary Commission auch articles as are really needed for the suf fering soldiers: U. S. Sanitaky Commission', I Near Harper’s Ferry, Aug. 24, 1804. ( Dear Madam:—It must be a satisfaction to those who contribute bouutifully lor the aid of our soldiers ts know the mauner in which their stores are used. A man of the 80th Ohio Infantry was point ed out to me the other day lying in an ainbu lauce and wounded in the abdomen. Tbe doctor thought he would not survive the day. It was a pity, his comrade said, he one of the finest men in the regiment. Whiskey was too strong for him. water would uot do, so I went to the Sanitary wagon, of which I have charge, and which accotupauies tbe ambulance train of the 8th corps, opened a box of domestic wines and found some nicely packed bottles, pulled out one ol currant wine, marked Mrs. - -*, Portland, Me. A glass of this seemed to revive him very much, and he was aoou taken to the hospital. The rest of the wine has been given out, some to a brave sharpshooter wounded in the thigh, who was one of six to volunteer to drive some rebel cavalry from the woods near our skirmish line. They killed two of the rebs, hut were forced to retreat, he stopping a moment for one shot, had raised his Hand to the trigger, when a ball from the enemy grazed his fingers, passed through his shin and entered his thigh. You would have been pleased to see the satisfaction with which he took this draught from home. A sick Surgeon and Lieut. Colonel drank . ‘ your heaJtlt from the same bottle, and hoped and knew tbe lady was as good as her wine. This much I have written with tbe hope that it may encourage auy e fforts put forth for the Sauitary Commission. It is but one case from thousands lu which kind frieuds at home are acting on the field. Respectfully yours, A. M. Mkuwix. Agent San. Com. Meeting this Evening. Hon. W11.1.IAM D., a Representa tive in Congress from Philadelphia, w ho is to address the citizens of Portland this (Friday) evening in the New City Hail, is pronounced by those who have heard him, one of the best political speakers that ever addressed an au dience. He is tbe saute man who dissected “Sunset” Cox of Ohio, on the "Miscegena tion” question—showing that where freedom has been respected and the Rights of Man veuerated, there the blood of the races is present, while it became mixed in almost ex act ratio as the chains of slavery are tighten ed. Let no one fail to hear Mr. Kelley. It will be a rich treat. The gallery is reserved for ladies, and they are invited to crowd it to . its utmost capacity. Municipal Court—Sept. 1, Henry H. Keed, for larceny of two coats, the property of G. C. Andrews, was sentenced to thirty days in the county jail. Election in Waui> 5.—The result of the election lor Alderman iu th^.V.h Ward yester day, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the de cease of Stevens Smith, Esq., was the return of Caleb V. Boswurtb, E-q., the Union candi date by 100 msjority over John C. Baker, Esq., the Democratic candidate. The vote atood for Bosworth, 178; for Baker, CO. The Democrats made a rush between 3 and 4 o'clock, supposing that a small vote would be thrown, aud that they could catch the Union men napping. About two thirds of the votes thrown by them were cast after 3 o'clock in the aftarnoon. They were much astonished to find that the Union men had quietly gone to the polls iu the morning in such numbers that it was impossible to overcome the vote thrown for Mr. Bos worth. Fatukb and Son.—Wednesday night the police in the lower part of the city picked up a young mau who was iutoxicated, aud placed him in a cell in the lockup. Soon after the up town police brought iu an old man who was quite drunk, and placed him in a cell ad joining that of the young man’s. The officer , in chaege went to the ceil (H the young man, enquired his name and bow it was spelt. On his attempting to spell it the old inau in the next cell sang out, "That's a - lie!" Hallo father!" shouted the young man, "is that you?" “Aye aye, Charley,” was the re sponse, "is that you ?” It proved to he father and son, though they were brought in from the two extremes of the city. Sale of Real Estate.—The Morton property on Free street, comprising the large three storied hiick dwelling-house and 18,870 feet of land, was sold at auction by E. M. Pat leu yesterday. It brought sixty-nine cents per foot, or $13,020.30 for the whole property. Henry Merrill, Esq., was the purchaser. It is pronounced a rich bargain for the purchaser. Henry Bailey A Co. sold at auction yester day the homstead of the late Mr. John Aver ill, corner of Pearl street and Church Lane. The lot contained a little more than 2500 feet, with the wooden dwelling-house thereon. It was purchased by H. P. Deane, Esq., for $2350. iUE-Fakirof \ tshnu bad another crowded house last eveniug, and the performance drew ■houts of applause. The distribution of the gifts was made as on the preceding evening. Mr. Charles Cobb, St. Lawrence street, a worthy returned soldier, got the horse. This eveniug there will be another enter tainment, and 150 more gifts will be distrib uted, among which is a spi udid melodeon iu rosewood case. The entertainmeut is worth a quarter, and then there is a chance of ob taining a gift. Bow.—About twenty uaval recruits from Rocklaud, who had shipjied in the Sabine, aud who were to be on shore here for the last time, eutered thu American House last eve ning and attempted to kick up a row. The landlord sent to the Police office aud a squad of six or eight officers was immediately des patched to the house, who soou quelled the turbuleiicy of the seamen. Dime Novel.—We are indebted to A. Rob inson, Excbauge Street, for the “Moose Hunt er,” by John Neal,—one of Readies latest issues of the Dime Novels. Oi course he “has a few more left.” New Block.—John W. Lane, Esq., broke ground yesterday on the lot of land he recent ly purchased on Congress street, between the residence of Dr. Ludwig and the Central Church, preparatory to the erection of a block of three brick dwelling-houses thereon. Taken Prisoner.—We learn that Lieut. Heury M. Beane, 32d Me., who was reported among the missing after the affair at Peters burg of July 30th, was taken prisoner unhurt, and is now at Richland prison, Columbia. S. C. _ New Custom House.—The attention of contractors is invited to the advertisement in our columns this morning for proposals f r the erection of the new Custom House in our City. Naval Recruits.—Up to yesterday the whole number of recruits examined, accepted and received on board the U. S. Shool Ship Sabine since her arrival at this port was 421. The Eternal Fitness of Things. We notice among the Vice Presidents of the Secesh Convention at Chicago, the name of one who was in the engagement between the Chesapeake and the Shannon, and who did not fight on the American side. He was quite as loyal then as now. BY TEL K( 4 RAP H -TO THK — — - ' Cm. Canbyt Official Ilcynrt of tho Surren der of t'ort .Morgan. Was Department, i Wasuinoton. Sept. 1—10 50 A. M. V To Mo). (Jen. Dix:—The Department has ! Just received Gen. Cauby’s official report o( the surrender of Fort Morgan. Acte Orleans, La., Aug. 24—Fort Morgan surrendered unconditionally yesterday at two ' o'clock 1*. M., 23d lust. E. It. S. Canbv, Maj. Gen. Aew Orleans, Aug. 24.—By the surrender of i orl Morgan we have about (500 prisoners, ; sixty pieces of artillery, and a large quantity i ol material. In the twelve hours preceding the surrender, about 3,000 sheils were thrown , into the fort. I The citadel and barracks are entirely dcs | troyed, and the works generally much injured. M iuy of tho guns were spiked, their carriages ; burned, aud much of their ammunition des troyed by the tebels. Tho loss iu the army | was one man killed and seven wounded. (Signed) E. It. S. Canby, Maj. Gen. Nothing has been received to-day from Gen. ! Grant, Sherman or Sheridan. (Signed) K. M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Tho Tallah**9*eis It M no the lilocktule. New York, Sept. 1. The Herald's Beaufort, N.C,correspondent says that on the night of the 28th, Uapt- Phe ien of the gunboat Monticello, oil' New Out let, discovered a steamer staudiug for the shore under mil steam. He, made pursuit and tired at her, hut elicited uo reply. Fiuaily the stranger tired a large shell whutl^ UB'Tfd be tween the Monticello'* ina«ta. jUfiTirt Ion then sent a 33 pounder, to whiab*Ktape was returned in reply, striking almost mitter the stern of the Monticello, The Monticello then op ned with t» iueh aud 30 pounder shell, but received uo response and found the steamer had suddenly disappeared. During the engage ment, a rebel battery of Whitworth guns, stationed on shore, kept np a constant lire against the Monticello, bat doing no damage. When tbc day dawned the stranger, which proved to he the Tallahassee, was seen safely moored under the guns of the rebel Fort Fish er. Precautions have been taken to keep her there, though she may manage to slip out some dark night. T’rofn Xrtr Orleant. New York, Sept. 1. By the steamer Yazoo we have New Orleans papers of the 24th nit. Gen. Banks has issued an order requiring the banks ol Louisiana, as a condition to the future transaction of hu-iness, to receive the Treasury notes of the United States in ex change, at par, for their own issues. An arrival at New Orleans from Brazos, Santiago, brings intelligence that the French and reactionary forces have advanced from San Luis Poto-i, and now occupy Saltillo, only sixty-three miles from Monterey, the seat ol the Juarez Government. The steamships Tennessee and Bienvill were passed in the river by the Yazoo, on the 24th, with .he prisoners from Fort Morgan on board. r rom n e«ru*o. Nkw York, Sept. 1. The New Orleans Abeitle of the 24ih states that Juarez's family had arrived there, and that Juarez himself was in a vessel otl the river. Maximillian was conciliating promi nent men. lie had gone to Guadalajara and had again urged Santa Anna to return. Al monte l ad been made Mutslia! of Police, and Painicz appointed a Minister. Uraguez'sal he-iou is dally expected,and he will be receiv ed according to bis rank, llial of a division general. The French troops are marching on New Leoup. It is expected that Mouterey and Matauiotas will be attacked soon. What A Canadian Thinks. The Editor of the Toronto Globe, one of the ablest papers in Canada iu his remarks upon the Chicago Convention says: It Gen. Lee could win auy important battle it might be possible to el* eta Democratic can didate, or al all events throw the election into Cougress. Au important federal victory be fore Atlanta or Petersburg, however, would put Mr. L ucoln’s success, by an overwhelm ing minority, beyond a peradventure. Thus Democratic success is p jssib.e only by means i ol d.saster to the national arms. If they ever thiuk ol it, tue reduction must be au ugly one to the leaders of the D uucra ic party, that toeii failure iu this pu .deal campaign, and ! the ultimate re dotation of the Union under Mr. Lincoln's policy, would hand their names down to tlie execration of luture generations of their countrymen.—| Toronto Globe. Let the war democrats "think of it” and govern themselves accordingly. A party whose success depends on the victories which rebels may gain over loyal troops cannot have the elemeut of patriotism ia it. “That's so’’ will be the response of every loya! heart. Colorado.—Thu Lewiston Journal says A. B. Crosby E-q , formerly ol Ureeue, arrived home ou Thursday Irom Colorado Teriilory. wherj he has beeu engaged iu miuiug, being a member of a slock company whicn is en gaged in erecting quartz mills-and preparing for extensive operations. The past sea-ou has been very wet and consequently miners have not generally done so well as usual but bo reports that the miues are rich. Fortune, however, is quite as tickle there as anywhere, lie reports that a gentleman » ho sotue years since left Auburn and went to Denver city and entered into arming, in a lew years made (200,000. lie theu went to enlarging his busi ness iu a new mine, did not hit a rich vein at tlr?t, sunk ail his surplus, got discouraged, soiyl the whole mine lor uiue shillings! and went to a new laud of gold further west. Tile man who bought this mine, sunk his explo rations deeper than his unlucky predecessor, "struck a vcio/’uud is now worth several mil lions of dollars, and the mine still producing marvellously. Tnc rule iu the mines is that men gelmoneyslowly.just as it iseverywhere. Mr. Crosby reports that while his train was crossiug the' piaiua it was attacked by the Indians and three men killed. The In dians are growing troublesome, but as they are too cowardly to attack unless they num ber 10 to 1, Mr. Crosby does not fear for the salety of the towns or congregated miners. Passing over the Eastern Kail road recent ly, we could not help noticing the improve ment in vegetation during the past month. The corn is looking finely aud will yield a good crop. Late potatoes will be plenty, aud tue fall feed seldom promised heller, while the hay crop that has been gathered is superior ill quality and large in quantity. Apples ge,u eraily speaking will he rather poor in quality, but a lair yield. We mi-sod the fatni’isr faces id conductors Cram and Towle. The former is ujw recovering from a long illness, his place having been supplied by Mr’ West who has made himself a favorite with the travel ling public. Conductor To wle is oil recruiting his health. We hope he will get that enjoy ment from others, the public have when trav elling with him, aud that he will induce un-d d<esoine Uiclielors to amend their way* and I e genial and Court* o in, a- nil the regular con ■ u tors on the road are — (Newburyport Her at J. The Dbaft in New York.—The Provi dence Journal says, if there is not an outbreak in New York, when tire draft commences, it will not be the fault of tiro copperhead jour nals, which have done every thing in their power to persuade the rowdy class of that city that the burden which the law imposes upon tlie whole country presses with especial weight upon them. If an outbreak does take place, it will he the fault of the commanding General of that department if the government l is not fully prepared for it, and if it U not promptly put down and tue actors aud iusti ! gators 8ummatily punished. Statistics of New England.—Iu speak of tae New England Fair soon to come ofT in j Springfield, the Republican of that city says: ‘•The territory occupied by the six New Eng land States covers an area of about 65,000 square miles, and had a population in 1860 of 11,135,283. Of its 20,000,000 acres only 12, 000,0UO are Improved. It lias 270,172 horses, 640,002 cows, 208,181 oxen, 580,101 other ; cattle, 1,740,566 sheep and 322,157 swine. It raises about 5 000,000 pounds of wool aud manufactures 47,000,000 pounds of butter and ; 21,000,006 pounds of cheese per annum. Union Sentiment at tuf. South.—A Union man who was forced into the rebql army in Arkan-ae, and has lately made his 1 escape,eays, thousands of prayers daily ascend to God from loyal hearts that the Uniou troops would come South and relieve them from their oppression. He represents the rebels as be ing on their last legs, and great dissatisfaction , prevailing among them. BY TELEGMPH TOTH* Portland Daily Press. — financial. Washington, Sept. 1. The subscriptions to the 7-30 loan to-day, : as reported at the Treasury Department, amounts to $1,059,000. The subscriptions to the 10-40 loan to-day amounted to $595,500. The official statement of the public debt on the 30lh of August shows the amount out 1 standing to be $1,878,505,234, and the interest in both coin and law ful money, $77,447,122, or an increase of the public debt since Aug. 2d of $53,073,000, and of interest, $1,029,000. The debt bearing interest in coin is now j 889,*99,492; debt bearing interest iu lawful money, $439,197,000; debt on which interest ceased, $357,470; debt bearing no interest, $519,111,207; unpaid requisitions, $78,795,000. The amount in the Treasury is $17,189,518. It further appears that since the 2d of Aug. the six per cent, bonds under the acts of July 17th and Aug' 5th, 1801, exchanged for 7-30’s, have increased to the extent of $15,000,000; ' that the 7-30 three years notes under the act | of July 17th, 1801, have been reduced about : the same amount, and the six per cent, ccrlfl | cates of indebtedness under the act of March 1st. 1802, have increased nearly $28,000,000. The Secretary of flic Treasury hss issued a i circular specifying the commissions hereafter allowed on 10-40 bonds, viz:—Between $25, 000 and $250,000, a quarter of one per cent.; between $250,000 and $1,000,000. three eighths | of one per cent.; $1,000,000 and upward, half of one per cent. A New York person is au thorized to act as agent, but no notes or bonds are to^bc issued except in the form Ueretofore prescrlhed. The bonds for the balance of the six per cent, loan of 1881 are all printed and ready for delivery. The Treasury to-day furnished $7,000,000 to-day, $2,000.000of which are for Gen. Grant’s army, and $3 000.000 for Gen. Sherinau’s army. Two million dollars were recently sent to New Orleans. New York, Sept. 1. Gold shows a strong tendency to recover.— The gold room operators are unable to fulfill their engagements and instead of tailing are repudiating. Very large amounts have been lost during the last two days. The range has been from 2 43 to 2.48 1-2. __ The lurtian Troubles. St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 1. Late advices from Fort Keiley say Indian on'rages have increased during the last ten days. ua the 19th a train was attacked at Cimme rian Springs. Ten men were killed and all the stock captured. -The train was abandoned. On the 21st two huudred Indians attacked several trains, including one belonging to the government, sixty miles west from FortLarn- i ed. Oue man was killed and nearly all the stock captured. A large hand of Indians are congregating in the neighborhood of Fort Lyon, and out rages are of daily occurrence. A party com ing w ithin sight of the fort was pursued by Maj. Wyncoop, and three or four killed. _ Several unprotected settlements between Fort Lyon aud the base of the mountains are now receiving the attention of the Iudiaus. Lieut Booth, of the 11th Kansas, who was sent to the relief of the citizens, reports that he saw no Indians after a scout of 1(50 miles. ! He is now encamped at Clay, the centre of the section of the country travelled by tbe ’ savages, w hich extends from the Platte to the Arkansas river, about 400 miles. Our present force is entirely inadequate for the work before it. Over 2,000 persons have been murdered on the Platte route, and 100 on the Arkansas, and $300,000 worth of property has been des- - troyed or captured, besides 3,000 horses, 500 mules anil 2,000 oxen. Idaho and Montano are said to swarui witii di-aib cte.i and disloyal men. It is esliuihu-d that 20,000 of these men have gone there the past year and a half. Tin- Mexicans are said to be very uneasy along the entire mountain raugc, and rebels and Motinon agents are said to have been at work among them. \atioMal Democratic Convention. Chicago, Sept. 1. Tile following committee were appoited to notify the candidates of tbe Chicago Conven tion, of their nomination : Gov. Horatio Seymour, chairman; A. P. E igertou ol lnd., J. M. Douglass of III., John Merrill of Dei., Isaac Law rence of 11.1., Beuj. Starks of Oregon, John E. Smith of Maine, John Cain?' of Yt . Hugh McCarty of Mich., 1 Geo. II. t'lumonof M<1 .John Bigler of Cal., J. G. Abbott ol Mass., W. T. Bond of Mo., C. 11. Berry of Minn., Gov. WlcklitTe and James Guthrie of Ky., C. Negus of Iowa, J. D. Stiles ol Penn., Theodore Kunyon of X. J., Alfred E. Burr of Conn., John A. Greene, Jr. of X. Y., Geo. \V. Morgan of Ohio, Geo. \Y. Har rington of X. 11., Gov. Shannon of Kansas, W. T. Galioway of Wis. The following gentlemen compose the X'a tioual Democratic Committee for the next four years; S. It. Lyman of Maine, Jssiah Minot of X. i FI., 11. S. Smith of Vt, T. O. Prince of Mass., Win. M. Converse of Conn., Gideon Bradford of K. L, August Belmont, X. Y., VV. G. Steele of X. J., VV. A. Gulbrack of Penn., John A. Nicholson of Del., Odin Bowie of Md., James Guthrie and L. Trimole of Ky..iiuliis P. Itanny of Ohio, VV.E.Molack of Iud., VV.T Story of III., W. L. Bancroft of Mich., Lewis VV. Hogg of Mo., John II. McKinuey of Minn, George II. Paul of Wis., D. O. Finch of Iowa, Isaac K. Eiton of Kansas, Tbos. Hughes of Cal., Wm McMillan of Oregon. The Committee was organized by the eleo tion of August Belmont as Cbairmau, and F. O. Prince as Secretary. The following were appointed as tbe Exec- ! utive Committee; Belmont, Prince, Galbrach, Itanny, Story, Paul and Bogg. Jfrom II aaliinyton. Washington, Sept. 1. The National liepubiican says: We are au thorized uud requested to auuouuce that, not withstanding ali that has been said on the sub ject, neither Mr. tlflinore nor Col. Jacques ou the oue hand, nor Mr. Gteeiy ou the other, ever have heen nor are now authorized to ex- i press auy desires, views or opinious of the ; President of the United States, either in Can- j ada or U.chutoud, ou the subject ol negotia tions for peace, beyoud wiial lie has plainly i and carelully written over his owu signature; ! that the mi—iou to liicUiuoud was initiated and executed by Messrs. Giluiore and Jacques ou their owu private account; that they uad no authority to speak lor the President ol the Uuiutd States, officially or unofficially, or for I Abraham Lincoln, unofficially or privately.— li Mr. Benjamin's report of the sayings ol Messrs. Gilmore and Jacques while in Rich mond is corrrecl, they assumed a responsibili ty not given them and make statements whol ly untrue. While on this subject it is proper to state \ that he President, after repeated solicitations, consented to give .Messrs. Gilmore and Jac ques a pass through our military lines. He did not request Gen. Grant to open a cones , pondeuce with Gen. Lee to give them a safe | conduct to Richmond and return. Geu.Grant 1 did that upon his owu responsibility. The J President's request was merely that tier. Gran would pass them through his military lines, nothing more. Sergeant K. Couley, of the PJth Regiment Veteran Reserves, is to lie shot to-morrow at Alevandria, Va., tor a violation of the g:id ar ticle ol war and aiding soldiers to desert. i i'rom Mobile. Ntw York, Sept. 1. The steamer McClellan, from New Orleans the 2-ftb ull., via Mobile Bay the 27th, has ar ris cd She brings Admiral Karragut's official dis patch regarding the capture of Fort Morgan, and the Hags of the reh*-l steam ram Tennes see, the rebel steamer Si Ima, and Forts Gaines and M o g ■ ua I’ll- rebel ram Nashville was blown up by ;h Meiaco net on the night of the 25ih ult , below Mobile. She was 136 le t long, an I waa to mount twelve guns. rir gunboat Oneida tiiheil up six torpedoes on the night of the doth,in the channel below tue forts. ^llf’ r*m Tennessee would soon leave for New Orleans. The Selma is doing duty in the Union cause. Our forces ashore and on shipboard are in excellent condition. The McClellan touched oif Key West and brought the mail thence. The fever is abatio" there. Railroad Accident. Erie, Pa., Sept. 1. An engine exploded its boiler on the P. A j E. R. It. yesterday, near Union, killing the engineer, fireman, brakeman and a atranger.— The engine was blown to piecea. . A I til.r Report. St. John, N. B., Sept. 1. There Is no truth In the story from Cltar | lottetown announcing the capture, In the Bay of Chaleur, by the Tallahassee, of twenty-two i fishing schooners. Ourrilla Depredationt. Cairo, 111., FepL 1. An account from White river says the coun try. ail along, is alive wiih guerrillas, who lire iuto all the passing bouts. Ou the 231 lost , Joe. Shelby’s rebel gang attacked the forces guarding the railroad be tween Duvall’s Bluff and Little Hock, and captured nearly all the 04 h 111. regiment, who were occupying three stations. Coi. Mitchell is reported killed. Shelby's force is also threatening Duvall’s Bluff and St. Charles. The rebel Uen. Buford is preparing for an other rebel raid iuto West Kentucky. His ad vanced guard lias entered McCracker county. Gen. ltosecrans has issued orders for the re pair of the Charleston and Fulton railroad in Missouri. Front FortrAe Monroe. Fortress Monroe, Aug. 30. No news by the boat. Thomas Stimpsou, formerly of Boston, died yesterday. The light ship, sunk by the rebels near Sew ell's Point, has been raised. Fortress Monroe, Aug. 31. Gen. Grant arrived this afternoon from City Point. kexr York Market. .... , . NkwYork S-pt 1. Cotton—le higher; sales 1800 bales at 1 85 dling uplands. Flour—sales 22_60O bbls; State and Western 10&25c State 9 4i<. Uouud Hoop Ohio 112<>a, ]?.??V?.eatc.r,n .>outhern tirrne : Mile* I2>jo bbls; Extra do 1 > 2 >®14(«0; C anada lua2<»c bi^icr; bbls; Extra 1020&12 60. W heat—3®5chigher; salae7 ,0Udbuah»l§: Chicago ?prJ,naf2“->- 8 : *,i"au*eeclub2 20 u 2 33; Winter Ked W entern 2 3 <®2 40. Corn—2®3 higher; sale* 134 <W bushela; mixed W H'tcru 1 60 a 1 62. Oat.'—lc be t r; sales Canada at 91®91ic. Bee*—<juiet. I’ora-le avy; sales 0 100 bbls; new mess 44fiOfij 41 50, doling at 40 75. I ard firm* r; sales 3»in bbls at 22; *24|o. butter—Man at 47^&a) • Whiskey—dull; sai-« IXKI bbls at 1 82 K8“K»r-dud; sales 184 bhds; Muscovado 20Jc; Porto Coffee—firm. MolaKset*— quiet. Naval Mure*—dull. Petroleum—steady; sales 1250 bbls; refined stir. lallow—more active; sales ISO.WIO lbs prime Earl - ern at 19al9,'c. Freight* to Liverpool—dull. Stock Market. „ i New York, Sept. 1. St vmrf Rots -d.—Stocks lower American Hold . jt; United States 6’s 1881 coupons,.! \. 107 United States 5-&I coupous.It fit United Htatesont veai oer'tHcste. new.. 9sj United States 4's 1C-40 bonds. 96 Missouri it's... 67 Treasury 73.10th*.'..1114 Virginia 6’s,. 55} 1 umoer.auu Coal Company preferred.6 ■ New York Central. lagi Sri*.. ilUUrtOU. j.r-4 Ke**nng ."i" "", '..Jit, Contemptible.—The World of this morn ing shamefully garbles the Nashville despatch announcing the charge ol the 14 h United States colored infantry at Dalton. We give the despatch as it appears in all the other pa pers, not excepting the News: “At this stage the 14th United States col ored inlantry. Colonel Morgan commanding, were ordered lo charge. With a ringing cheer and an impetuous rush, which was irresistible, they charged upou the rebels, who broke aud fled in the utmost confu sion.” Now we give the despatch as doctored by the World lor its negro hating readers: “At this stage the 14lh Uhileil States color ed Inlantry,Col. Morgan commanding, charged* upon me reoels. who broke and fled in the ut most confusion."’ Could anyjjiing be more contemptible? [Brooklyn (N. V.) Union, 19th. AOBtCCLTUBAL Colleok.—The Commis sioners appointed by the Governor to make examination for site of an Industrial College — Hon. Win. G. Crosby, Joseph Eaton, E-q., and Samuel F. Periey, E-q..have visited farms in Orrington and Gorham, offered to the State for the purpose as a donation, and they will report to the Governor and council. The farm in Gorham is the Wood bury farm, so called, owned by F. O. J. Smith, and the one in Orrington is the Nourse farm. The com missioners hope that other donations will be offered. A schooner at Halifax, on Thursday, the ! St. Johu Globe says, repoiti having pass* d a white-painted steamer off Port Hood, suppos ed to he the Tallahassee. This would seem to agree with the report in the Pictou Chron- i iele, of the wholesale destruction of fishing vessels in that neighborhood. It was known that wheu the T. was at Halifax, her captain engaged a pilot having full knowledge of that coast, indicating that there it was his iutentiou to operate. The London Times favors the removal of the British regular troops from Canada, and let Canada defend herself, and states as a reason that the regular troops now scattered over Ihe frontiers of Canada could not defend the Provinces from the United States soldiers in case of invasion, and might iuvite one, as tbeAmcricins would delight iu surrounding and capturing British regiments. The To ronto Globe don’t believe in such logic as the Thunderer puts forth. Maine Bonnet Bleachery, 30S Conxrcs Street* PORTLAND - - - MAINE, Straw, Lace & Leghorn Bonnets GENTLEMEN'S HATS, Bleached & Pressed at the Shortest Notice - ALM)- ’ HATS & BONNETS DYED. Et©fv exertir n will be made to hare all ordera phompily attended to. JAMES 11. H AC KL Y FT. aug31 3m. USE THE BROOXSIEPER GA8 REGULATOR. AMD SA l it TOVB GAM. Aug Z—dim USE THE BROOXSIEPER GAS REGULATOR, ASD SA VB TUVH GAS. kttg 3- dim J. n. TEUPLE, % Dealer in NEW and second-hand FIRN1TURE! 43. 45 and 47 Uuion Street, POUTLAND.Maibb ty Highest prices paid for 2nd hand Furniture. Old Furniture Repaired and made to look like new. Aug IS -eod2w* m>C. H. OSGOOD, DENTIST, Ho. 8 Clapp's Block Market Square, PORTLAND. jy Artificial Teeth inserted on Gold. Silver, and Fu canife base. All operations warrant. <1to give satisfaction. juiicof»eodi?ly’64 Notice of Foreclosure. DEFAULT having bo* n made in the performance of the conditions ot a certain couve) atice in Moitgage ot real aerate in the town ot Weitbrook. County ot Cumberland and State of Maine, to roe executed on the eighth da? of April A. 1) 1899. b) Gideon b Hatubiin of Westbrook afor< sa d. and which real estate is described in raid Mort gage, as follows to wit: a certain pi-ee ol land with the buildings therton situated In Westbrook aforesaid and bounded tl»u-»: beginniig a* Ci* south westerly corner of Char es Hill’s laud, thence ruuulng northerly as raid uill’s fence now stands to the c■ oss road; thence from these two bound? extending uor h westerly on **id road and ou one Wilson’s line tar enough to include twenty-live acres: and beb g the same occupied by me and on which 1 now live." 1 claim to foreclose said Mortgage for breach of the conditions thereof. Andrkw J. Laubablb Portland, Sept. 1. 1884. w8w Notice* milE undersigned b»‘ing, a portion of the perrons A named iu Section 1st of aa act enti’led * An act to inco porate th * New loitlaud Screw Steamship Company,” hereby give pnblic notice that the first nulling of said corporation for the p irpose ot or ganization, wi'lbe held at the Portland nnd New York Meamahip office, on Brown’s Wharf. 1 hurs day, September 16th, 1884, at 2 1-2 o’clock. P M St. John smith, Johb B Brown, Mark P. Rmbbt, Phillip H. Brown, «> . Henry Fox. Portland, Sept. 1, 1854. dtd For Sale* A*1*!**-* ^orse power Steam Engine with all tne fixtures, has teen but little u»ed; al*o a good second hand Gear cutter, ami a small Engine Lathe. Apply to „ ISAAC MeCLEF LAN. wptl todJw* Gorham. _ FINANCIAL. u. S. 7-30 LOAN. The Secretary of tho Treasury gives notice that subscription* will br received lor t'oupon Treasury Notes, payable three ye»*s from August 16, 18h4, with *emi annual interest at the rateol seven and three-tea the per cent per annum,—principal and in terest both to be paid in lawful money. These notes will be convertible at tbo option of the ; holder at maturity, into six per cent, gold bearing bonds, payable not leas than five nor more than twenty years from their date, as the Government may elect. They will be Issued In denomination* ol titty, one hundred, five hundrtd, one thousand, and | five thousand dollars, and all subscriptions must be for fifty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dol lars. I The notes will be transmitted to ths owners free ol transportation charges as soon alter the receipt of ! the original Certificate# of Deposit as they can be prepart d. As the note* draw interest from August 16, peraons making deposits subsequent to that date must pay the interest accrued from date of note to date of de posit. Parties depositing twenty-five thousand dollar* aud upwards for these notes at any one time will be allowed a commission ot oue-qnarter ot one per cent., which will be paid by the Treasury Depart ment upon the receipt of a bill for the amount, cer- j tided to by the officer with whom the deposit made. No deduction* for commissions must be made from the deposits. 8pecial Advantage* of ihi* Loan. It it a Xaiional Sat ingt bank, oleiing a bight.', ' rate of intoroat than any oltar, aud tht Utt t.turt. ty Auy faring# batik which pay# its dipoaitora iu i V. 8. Note,, coufidt-r# that it ia paying in the beat circulating medium of the country, and it cannot pay in any h ug better, lor ita ewn assets are either in Government securities or in not*., or bond# pay- i able in Government paper. It ia equally convenient aa a temprarr or perms uont investment. The ante, can alwaye be eoid (or I within a fraction of their fhoe aud accumulated in* i tercet, and are the belt aecurlty with banka ajcollat- j erals for discounts. Convertible into a 6 per cent. 5-20 Gold Bund. In addition to tho very liberal iutereat on the note# tor three year#, thia privilege of eouversion ia n> w worth about three, per cent per aunnra. for the current rate for 5 *0 Honda ia not e.t than nine per cent premium, and before tho war the premium on #'* per cent. 1,". S. stock# were over twenty percent. It will be aeen that the actual proSt on thia loan, at the praeent market rate, la notleaa than ten percent per annum. Iu Eietnpiion State or Municipal Taxation. But aside from all th- advantage# we hare erum crated, a special Act of Congress exemptt all bondi and treasury no tel from local taxation. On the I IVi riirr thia a«aw.»iio. L._.L _ v . . cent, per annnm, according to taxation in various parts of the country. It is believed that do securities offer so great In* i ducements to lenders as those issued by the Govern ment. In all other forms of indebtedness, tfce ft lb or ability of private parties, or stock compan ies or separate communities only, is pledged for pay mont, while the whole pro, erty of tfce country is he d to secure the discharge of all the obligation* of the United States. While the Government offers the most liberal term# ’ or its loans it b)lievet that the very strongest ap peal will be to the loyalty aud patriotism of the peo ple. Subscription* will be received by the Treasurer of ' the United States, at Washington, the several A#- i sistant Treasurers and designated Depositaries, and by the Firm Rational Bank ol Portland, Maine, and b/ all National Banks which are* D<po,ltaric. o! public money, and all reapoctabl* Banka and Banker, throughout the country will give further informal.on, and afford every faoility'to auhacrihe. Au; 20—d4 w2m 11 KM NATIONAL BANK.. Seven-Thirty notes foi Sale. Intoreat atmi-acnually, payable In payer at the j rate of aeve.. aud three ten h. per cent, per annum Uomi.convettable in three year, into ilx percent dve-tneuty bond,, upon « blob tlie iutcre.1 i, paya ble in ooiu. The note, will be delivered h-re free of ezpenae. Tne purchaser will receive the intereat to Auguat 16 11 aubMriptioni are mad, before thatpime. One-eighth per cent. «mm<«Mun will he allowed I tubsertltert at thit Bank upon all amount! o/SI.iXfl , and over.. W. K. GOULD, Cashitr. Portland. July 30th, 1304 —dkwtf Canal Be nit. Government 7 3-10 J.oan. This Bank h prepared to receive 'ubscriptions to the new 7 3 10 loan in sum* of W and upwards, paying interest from date of subscr* ?tion to August 16th, the date of the new loan. The notes are convertable at the end of three years iuto speci*- pay lag 6 par cent 6-20 bonds. Due eighth per cent wiil be al ow ed on all amounts of *1000 anu over. B. C. SOklEKB Y, _ Cashier. Portland, Aug 1, 1864.—dtf CASC O BAiUK. I GOVERNMENT^ 3-10 LOAN. ! THE Casco Cank ie prepared to received subscrip tions to the new 7 3->0 loan i.i sums of *50 and upward*, pay in-s interest on same fr m dat- oi sub scription to August 15th, the dateof the Government nous. All person# having *60 «nd upwards mow have a good opi»or unity of lending a helping n*ud to their Government b> -tWnbing liberally te this loan. The notes are convertible at the end of three 7*-ars | iubwpe ie. paying 6per cent 6-20 bonds. Loaus takeu on as tavorab e terms as at any other Bai k. B. P. GERltlSH. Cashier Portland. Ju y 2*. 1864. J>» listf First National Bank. This Bank wi 1 convert the seven-thirty nut- a ma turing Aug. 19, and Oct. 1. into six per cent, bonds of 1481. in all the denominations in which the note were issued, via:—#c0. >100, ffOO si d 81.C00. W. K. liOULD. Cashier. Portland, July 80,18 '4.—eodtl RE-OPENED. The subscriber* would respectfully announce to their numerous irieudp and the public that they have thoroughly Bepairod. Befitted and Eefumuhed The popular and oeutrallv located EATING HOUSE, No. 77 Middle Street, (FOX BLOCK,) Which will be open on and after MONDAY. JULY 95th. # _ lull nd luchN it ill hear* if the Pij ud lieiiig. I CJ E OKEAMS. PLAIN AND FANCY CARE, FRUIT, CONFECTION ART, Ac., Constantly on hand. SODA WATER, Drawn from Dow s Fa'entTee Cream (Soda) Foun tain, with Fruit Syrups. PARTIES 8UPBIED AT SHORT NOTICE. We shall be happy to see all our old friends and make a host of new ones, and trust that none will have cau.-e for complaint. CALL AND SEE US I ATKINSON &INGERSOLL. Jy» ___tr_ . Attention Sabre Zouaves 1 ALL the member, of tbi. Company are re.iue.ted to meet at the armory on Wedur sday, Kept 7th, Rt 8 o’c'ock A kl . to go to the Is'aud for Target 1 Practice. A prixe will be awarded to the best shoti let all be present. Per order F. H. White. Capt. "pu A. U. SAWYBB, Clerk. 1 EDUCATIONAL. A GOOD School for Boyp, Torsham, Maine, 26 miles from Tortiand; easy of access— a beauti ful anti healthy locality. For Circular*, Ac., please addrtk iho Principal, WARREN JOHNSON, A. M. Sept 1—d«w* Select School. THE Fall Term of Miss Dir gin’* School for young ladles and misses, will begin Sept. 6th t or particulars apply to the principal at *8 high h/. aug27dlw* Casco Street Seminary. rilllK Fall Term cf this Ins’itution will commcce Aon I ut* d iy hept. 6:h. an 1 continue ten weeks k or further particulars inqui e ol the Principal, at 21i Cumberland street, alter Sept. 1st. Portland Ang. t3. teat Portland Academy. *U1 te*in. ‘September tth In pi:, ol both .exe.rr'!^i»M1’,T1„,r0iddi»ih5Shi„fo?; ‘HOME INSTITUTE.’’ i»I in* I. (i. Prince, Principal. THIS Boarding and Day School for Toung Ladies .W,iJLre'°r,J !?r U: *l*th 7**r.on ihursday! sept. 16th. r or Circulars cootfiiiiug term*. Ac adores* the Principal at 62 Free at., Port.aud Me Aug 19—dA win Bridgton Academy, At North liiidglon, Muine. rpUE Fall Term of ibi> In,tltution will commence X on I U 'itL) . sef t e 18>>4. TUOS. U. MEAD, Sec y. Aug 9—cod Aw Id Young Ladies’ Seminary. 1M1E Fall Se* ion of this School opens Thursday, Sept. >2, in Mur on Block. Congress St. In add tiou t*» the d i> school which bs* received *o ‘arge a share of the best patronage oi >he city, ar rai g« m* nt* bsv* nuw\b*eu made to ajqut a few Boa ain|r Xehclars. For Circular- containing Terms. Ac . address MISsES SYMONDS. Fiincip Is, „ 18 Drown St. Aug 24—eodtdAw5w new UAtirNbiui: Commercial College, Central Hail, - - - - Concord, H. H. THE moNt thorough and extensive f'ommercia College In Kngland, presents u-rquailed "ciili e* tor imparting to y.-ung men and ladies a complete bu*iue neducat.ou Semi lor a circular containing fu'MnforraatLn_ i address WottrUlNGToN A WAR\EK Aug 9—dhw€ra frincpm.. THE PORTLAND COLLFf.F Located in Clapp's Block' Congress Street. 18 * liok in Bn not. Stratton It Co.'• chain or In terumtioi.a Uumn. and < ummercul Cut eg-• e tab.l.htO in t«eut>- »„ of the hading comae • cia: ctu-a iu the Cnit-d outre and 1 ai.adaa The object of there Collegia i. to furui.b young m' n and I*(lien the he.t i.cilitics for obtainug a thorough 11m ue- n r.ducMiou Scboia-i Ipc for fail cumseof Rork-keepinr, Com •^eiciai Law. c omn trcini lalculaiioim. cp,nceriau I l . nu aaishi.', Corrcap-iiidi n^e, Le -lurta ana B*a« i • cal hxcrcietp, i« good throughout the chain for an i unlimited period. L> ■ A <4 KAY. A. M., RESIDENT PRINCIPAL. EW For further Informations pirate call at the I college, or .e,d lor Circular ai d Coi ego Monthly, ! inclostug latter Uatnp. Address | HRYAVT STRATTOiU A CRAY, Port 'and , .... Mr.iue. aug31 d&wflm WANTS,LOSTJFOUND IXJNT. $\00 REWARD. ON Ceotral wharf, or aruu d the Grand Trunk ! Gepjt and jag; a Calfskin Wallet coutaiu- | iug acoueidrable sum of moucy, aud paper* of no value to au> oue bui the loo-er. 1 hr fluder » HI be rewarded a» above on returning the name to No. 8 Ceutrsl Wharf, or 72 Brackett atreot. Poitla’Ki, aug. : 1 1*64 su, 3? dtf Fouud Aairay. A Homo. The owner con have him by prov- . a* iog owuernhip and pa lug charges App'y to *A 11'L M. KNIu til, j> a'tuouth aug81 dlw* Lost* MONDAY afternoon between Lit coin Street and the Bi**n Office, a lady’s jet CroN Bln, tipped aith gu'd aud a eea 1 in the eeutre The tinder win g^L r1i,J"oiy leaving the name at Tills Or r 1C h *i Aug 80. 1**4 WANTED-An artive, indu trioun, honest BOY, 17 or If years of age. who reside* in the citT, ! and who dodre* to learn the hu-dueas • f au Apoth ecaiy. One who hup had suno experience pieler* rid. Address Bortland B O., box «A with real uatnc ami *t»t» where an interview can be had. Aug 27—dlw* Wstuff'll, CUSTOM Coat an*1 30 custom Bant makers Apply st Clothing Rooms of WOODMAN. I RUB k CO., _ . 64 aud 5d Middle street. AngO— dk wis6w Mouse warned, Wanted by the advertiser, a convenient, centrally located, and pleasant hou-e tor • —„»•-Jusin^ll f*»m ly. without cuildreu—jos-es-iou to Ih- Und ai early a- the middle of October, soontr if possi le. It must have good water couvemciicee. and be well finished. The advertiser would lease such a hou-e tor a term of years, or p irohase if terms suited. A two-story cottage, small lot. preferred. Address ». P. Q-, at the Pre*s < 'fflee, stating loca tion. iiene al terms. Ac c >njUe%tHUi*. Fori laud. Aug 1.1864—dtf Lost. STRAYED Tom the pasture of Mr Francis Rob erts, Westbrook. Iasi mouth, a Three year oo gray Coir, small -i/e; whoever wil retnru nira or information where he may be fouud. will be suitably rewarded, by calling »t No «.• spring St FRANCIS £ rMKKY Portland, July 18. 1804 —dtf $45 Krwnrd ! QTOLEN from the •‘ubscriber on fuesday Kreu iJ mg. while in Pierce's auction mom, a Calf Skit Pock-1 Bo- k contains Sf4 in mouey, a note against • Char'cs Hocgdou Gorham, lor SOO.and >■ u* against , barles uooptr for fl2. lheabo«e reward will b* paid lor the recovery of the property and the detec tion ol the thief. Tune 8 —tt GEORGE BECK. — Hoard QUITO of Rooms, with Board, can be obtained by O applying immediately at 30 Dauforth street May 11th mayPidtf Merchandise. .. - i Oglairi Hall Afloat. lUnnllUDS CAULAIlil bAI.T, nr,o of iOl/vl Br Brig Edminstou Brother-, now dis charge - k aud for sale by au*27d2w DANA A CO. ttpruce Shipping Boards. 1 -o look FKtl Clin, S.weJ Spruce JLOV/ATv B >.rd** or .»lo l» J. H. UAMLEN, Mobeen’s Warf. Portland, Me. Aug 2f—d4w loiu N«ul. ff rvf\ HBL8 Superior Kiln Dried Corn Meal, OLH " lor rale by FREDERICK DAViS, Aug 19—t odSw 1|7 Commercial 8t. Tkftnidud ^ugur and Molasses. j IliiDS. Choice Muscovado Sugar, 3.T hhds Choice Muscovado Molasses, 48 tierces Choice Mutcovado Molass- s. Cargo brig J. D. Lincoln, now landing and for sale by llOPHNl EATON. No. 1 Central Wharf. Ang 19—dlw Httckmetuck Ship Timber. OAK. Hackmatack, and Hard Wood Plank, Tree nails from 12 to 23 inches. Treenail Wedges. So. Ac, by L IAYLOK. June2Sd8m Galt’s Whart, Portland. Tre«null«. 100,000 .rr oak ™a,lb- *' SIMONTON A KNIGUT. 48 Commercial Wharf. Portland, June 18,1364. junelbdtf Sugnr aud Molannen. UUDS.j CHOICE MUSCOVADO SU 10TC8. ] GAR 871 HU08 Superior Mutoovado, and 8* TCS Clayed Molasses, ll BBLS from hlerra Morpna, Now landing and for sale by THOMAS ASENCIO A CO.,_ may9tf Custom House Wharf. Sierra Moreau .Molaws. a«> UHOS . t)>) j CHOICE SIKKKA MOEBJf A 30 riKHC’ES j MOLA88E8, 10 BBLS Now landing from Brig "C. H K,unW, THOS. ASENCIO * CO., i.—*f c. a. wkut. ENTERTAINMENTS ! PEERING HALL ; Thuraday, Friday and Matur d*y ETenlnga, Aug. 31st, Sept. •»t, 2d, and 3d. Or«t Exo.tem.nt ! - Som.thiog Kntlrely New 1 Otand (lift Exhibition. RETURN OF T1IF. ORIGINAL FAKIR OF YISHMJ, The pleasing Performer of Magic 140 lie xutiful CifiH «lxen Awny enoh night, rangiog in value from IB Cents to 70 ] Jollarw, THE MOST LAUGHABLE ENTER TAINMENT —Ever preaented.— ADMISSION ONLY an OTS, Reverted tents bdeents. For particulars see small bills auggo d»t FRANK f YEATON, Agent. E XCURSIO rV ! Casco St. Society and Friend* lhf, «nde next FRIDAY, having Cue tom House Whan at 8J o’clock A M. Tnie u the this Society, nod they hope their friend* will Join tb*-m r.cketsSO conts, Cho« u< r includt d. nng31 P ok'i Land hand Re-Organized. #11A VINO re orgat, > d und«r our old Leader 0. H. CHANDLER, we are now prepare- iu Mus e for nil occasions where rnu-ic it waoied orders left with D. a Coan Her, P. J Willey ,r nt Paine’a Mu ie Srore, 1(4 Middle str-et. wi I he p onpt y a ended to. D. H CUANDLER. .eptl.eoa6w» Smrctary LEWIS Sk * JIM || Manufnoturers nod Dealers in CLOTHING, No. 171 Fore street, T. C Lewis. „ A.M nmltb. PORTLAND. *•* Pnrtieulnr attention given to eastern Work. Aug 9. 1334 —dtf Portland Army Committee Of Til U> S. Christian Commission. Chairman, T. K. Hayes, reoetvae St -res at 119 Mid. die street. Traiaurer Cyrus Sturdivant, receive Money nt 73 Lomm -iria] afreet. * deoretary, Ueurj H. Bargees, reee res Letters at *0 Commercial street. Andrew J. Chow, Dr. W. > . Johnion. iUuelSdtt COAL FREIGHTS. Plctou, 5. to Prmbrol i. Maine. uixe-i Fm'tIp. For« ifa or Ameri wanted to freight I' -el as abcv*. rate* for d sc her ring are lowrr it boetou aud tber« are oih r faoil Apply to or ad ties’ AU / „ fc corrm A ~0 . Boston. Alao a few Veeeela wanted to bria# Coal to other JaJyMiata. bewail C. Slrrnl. Of tha lata arm of Howard * stroat. Attorney and Connsellrr at Law, 105 I Id die Street Opposite loternallonal Bank,..Portland. Aug 12—dfcwSm NAVY SUBSTITUTES! —AND— VoluntoerH. PERSONS having substitute* or recruits to put Into tae ftAVY emu have their imps r* made oat iu proper (orm, and their -substitute* pat ou board the t 8 8HIP'*8AlilNk" with di»pa:cb and at moderate charge. SubsAitate aud eoli tmeLt paper-for the ARMY also made out and atte d*-d to. by applying to MAJNA88EU SMITH. Office 62 exchange ht.. Aug 27- dk wtf Orer Lowell h banter's. USE 1 HE BR0CKBI1PER GAS REGULATOR, AS D SAYS TOOK GAS. Ang 6—dim To Wood Dealers and Lumbermen. 10,000 ford* Wood nnd Loga Wanted. PROPOSALS ere desired for carfoee of'be fol lowing wuudi, via:— While or Ceoadieo Poplar, H.mlovk Haswu d. or American Linden Beech. Tellow Birch, end W Ire or Had Kim and Mbits Spraoe—all to be ,oand and mcrihan'atie offer, mty be made tv ta-uia!. b, the eord. or in the log ul 8 r IS or 18 feet i-ag. iiom e laches ia diameter up wild, to bodtlirereO on narigaule wa'sr fur nwlidn ■ ing wh-n I. aded i ine feet. Pert- • pleas s'ate tbe kn d of wood, and the amount 1 be, c«u ni-ui.h. where tiny wi.b to deliver f-r ahip ment, and when It will be delivered there end the lows*' cash price per cord or 1000 feet, a* they desire to contract Sor farther particulars, or aeadlog propoeale, pleaee addrese B. BUFFtM. Treasurer America Wodd Paper Company, Provldenc-. U. 1 Ang 23—dkra MILLOOHiHS PATENT PAINT Oil*. ▲ Perfect Subs'l-ute fir Linseed Oil, ano Korn reiiria. IT Is n'ed in ibe same manner a- L n*e.d Oil. d-Ke quietly and very bar ', c<n b • a ed with all colors, aud p •« eases deeded advantage* lor ail work ou me ufe tonnr e*tab i.l>m ala, depots ears. engli es. all kin 1s of non vo'i, f«»r roof«, aud wiiortve- a waiter proof pui .* i« req-.lrei For . |] kiud* of »hip work, exp sei to suit water, it is »■ P*n*»r to any * th**r. Address orders to CRAFTS A Wit LIAMS. 6 A b O’XxikClAl Wiabf. Boston Bos’ n, Aug 27.13*54 sug?eoi3n For ike Fool. - r.»yr—8t**mer “CLIPt'ER” will leave WBEcaibfsAi F netory Is ina Whn-f. 8aeo. far tf ♦ ^ » k " every dav, (buodiy except* H) a» lo a u sn<12r u Retiming l*uve the Pool at 11 a. m snd6r u, arriving in time for the eveaiug trait foi TortJani. A' lPs fornma C.isaa #*. Ik. n_l .. J k..k . Excursion Ticket- farni hed to pa ties o' Filly or nor , from ortland to he Pool and biak, by rail road and «ia&mboat, a< 90 <?«nts *068 k STURDIVANT. 7S Commercial 8t , Portland Aa*. 8d. 1864 —dtl MOW IS THE TIME TO USB Tin brocksiepirbgashegutator BOW AMU SHAW, Agent. Aug 8—dim BRADFORD * HARMOK. Pension and Claim Agents, (Ratabliahed in 1861.) STILL continae to davo'e their special ard exelo eive attention to the proa, cat ion of claims for Pensions, Bounties, Arrears of Pay and Prise Money, And all other elaims against the tiovamment.h fk mg been dalv licensed ther-fcr. iy All advice tree. Terms as )o« as at any oth or Atancy. and no pay lequireu antii the claimsare obtained. Office 88 Kxchauge street, Jose Block. 7 BRADFORD. Z. K UARMOR. Jane 21.—dtf T. J. 1HUKKAY, Inspector of Distilled Spirits, Coal Oil, Tobacco and Cigars, May be found at tha office rf Hon N G Marshal’, Assessor for the First District oi Mains, No. 22 Rx* oha ge St . r ortland. Me Aug J6 dk»8w* To Carpenters and Contractors. SEALED Proposals will be rsceived by the under sigued until 12 o’clock M . Thursday September 15th, tor the erection of a two story wooden Cottage houj-e and stable.proposed to be erected on Grove street, ward 7. for ► ugeuo Humphrey E*o. plan*. Specification* lc , may be examined at the office «f 'he Architect l.xo M Hasdiro. Portlaud. Aug. Oth lb64. * augSl 3t# Matoe’8 Ornci, | 29 18b4 t The attention of the citizens of this City is par ticularly called to the following noti o JACOB Mel. ELL AN. Mayor. Pbotost Marshal's Ofsicu, | First Di*tric*. State ot Malar, f la aooordance with instrucioas reoeivea from tnt A. A Provost Marshal t.entialol Maiue, examina tions of man from the d*If#rent towns in this die trior will be continued -Ith s view to comet the enrollment Mats, and oorre-ponding correction! will bemadf la tho guota*. according as names are Add ed to or stricken from the lists CiaRLBA H. Docortt’ Captain and Piovost Marshal. Aug 19,1984. *lW % | AUCTION 8ALE& Valuable Beal Cntaie ai A action, C >N Friday, 8rpt 2d, at I .'clock P. M . oa tho • h. ** •b»Jl "il ‘wo undivided tbirda of lb * 10,01 ‘a0*1 00 “I**1 At. adjoialag ibo "I,h ,h0 bolJdia*. taereon; tho !°*‘kl*ly»u,»»f«‘0B U’ah 8t, by at out 1M feat ,, “ * **rg® aad valuable lot, pleasantly sod rV.'hn Vi^Vr1 A,Bd 10 ao eacellaut oeighboroood. tiuo Uaar ”** *'*lB *00<i ******■ bal* po.Hire— Aug 17 ^duj11* BA1*'E* A CO., Aoctfoaeava. j B.M.PAriEN, AUCTIONLBR. il Exchange *1. ! Dwelling Houwsg Lang on Cum berland Si„ at A vrlion. ON Saturday Sep>’ “ber Id. at IS o clock oa Ike premi-M, Cumberland .bore Wa.hingtsn m ! comer of Cassidy’s Court, two 2 stoned dwellings’ ! together with the land; houses ntnri> l«w ann n guoa order. Lot 80 feet an Cum be- land M . suclug hack haJ f the distance lo Congress 8t, or about nia£ ty-nve feet. Terms to suit—gale positive. August 20—dtd Uorwoa, Carriages, * Harnesses, at Aactlua. : g*pt **' “ » O’clock A. M.m Aag »-dtf BA"jt* * CO.. Aa«t*ic ICUW M PAITBS,AUCTlONBSS.llBjchaagcSI Commeicial Progeny «j AaeUoa. ON W. dOrtuev S. p'ruitHf tin. „ qMrttr , 1. clock in ibe aiur. oon will ho .old .tT* uut mcrvt.ihe I«rp Vuioabit Lot ,/ tatul .• • • cat o tnety ier Mot k. on Commor.iai a.,cl ncary oi pod c tbr call h o k 7 1, baa a trout on i oiumrrclal .treot af cac ban drcdltc’, by aboat ulrcty i-etta irpih 1 be aiiculoa o m .noted mau u c.tccto tbto aalc. wi.h the aaaaraacc that it wl I be .oi< >|ih at rt^e. we._ angll oU h.d FAItU, ALl.1luNk.BS. 1*, St. AdmlaUlraior’s Sal*. I LAND ON COM MM MU aL aT.. aT AOCIOM. B1 virtue el a II taw gran led to arbyikaH a. loba a * a;» man Judge of Piobatc tor ua> I bet land luuuti. I .ball utl, .1 Faille iwtw.oa the premlMv. on Worn ay the lib day of brptrmkrr, A U, ,ic. atg o'uIick la lb. af cm on, oipwy u.oat of drbir, anil c a. gta cf a, min atiain l one rota H e Er'ate of the let. W r. rujik. Il iee I uartheluc mm< i and oadnldcd of lie eaeaba oito La ,di on Coo.ine ctai ctimin. ol» iiucia be tara.1 of Franklin vt barf, together wlik in# ie version oi D«>uer 1 the »» m* I bielo' egltnj a Him timmrrcial 10 Fore felrtcl, *t>d has i good front on bo'h »tn e.s Tbe * mow's it! ht of U sw in h* stove mew e*ty will be so!o ut the same ilueo d p ace Tbie lot i as u innt ou « imn>ricai ati»# of ab ■: 84 feet by sb of a *7 o*tiuu*p«h It s on tl • gieut thorongturd .rim teGr. i.o Tm k Dm otto 'De Wwt.rL K H Dei ot. ai d is the omy lot tbut to not in the ha. dsof tupifs lists r.aa of tbepro.e. t» m 17 he wta alike Me cheat. Exchange, and particaiara at the lSec • the Aac l .oncer aaggOdL , S. J. AVt'ERSON Admaldrat F. — -—-- - • er» ircumMr eg ai Lstatd Si Aucilsia. ON Wetlaeeday. fept. 7. at I o'clock I M oa the premlcec. wcha’I . ell a ralaabla property raw tbe towa Mon o la Cape h-llaateib, 11 iac pad w 'bo Ocean Umm aad eat mile lira lorOaxd Htldac, oon alur aboat el ht acre, or Iced la a lad aiatcot oalueatioa. cad admirably ad,plea lo early O'dening Oa H la a nice ena aad a kail alory Cod Hoa-e. adm.rabiy arrtnrrd aad ladled Son garral lo icllar: a good a able, ctiriage kuaao wood •oaao. bene j, «e—t gaily all new. fbrr. la axes . Iei.t water aa ■ abandanoe of It Alao a lar*e amoaal o ftal. ,ach aa Orapra. Canaala. Cooaherr' a. la. Thia property ta btaat fall, Icaaied e mwaodlai c view of tbn Harbor. Lit, aad amrrvaudlag Ccca HENRY BA1LXT k CO , Awet'ia. Aag IS—rod] w- (bea dtd “"T* AHU VI. rill KM, Commission lerchant A .4 net It > ter Bm removed to the epaoioua don IB Exchange Street, four dcors below ■trotanl'i Ixobaue. Will reeeire oocUnmenu ol kereboad to a •very dn.criptioo, lor ptbiit or pilvait »a>a. Palm Of Real Estate. Vestel*. » argovs, Mock* ant llor* onandi*# solicited Caah advance* man*, tit. prompt *ale* and retarn* mchlSdly Carriages, Carriages! Firmly Uui aud Nt.ily FiwUSed. J. F. LIBBEI, Mo. 20 Prebl* 8t.f OFFERb for *aJe. it bit #*tab;ipbm*af • variety of L’ariiage* mane in the neat«*t tad moat #*b •taot.aJ manner. The im i taunt Hicns * ail f fee different at)lea of Light Carnahan, ano ibt> nil) hi •vld on the moat favorable term*. Forma* iate»4» lug to parcLaaa Carriage* will and it Hr tbair inter eat to caJJ and *xamiae before baying **e where Junettutf ECONOMYJS WEALTH. * THE iubreriber re-pectlalJy informs bis lriende In general tbvt be will Repair Gentlemens’Garments of svut nnecaiFTioi, AT SHORT NOTICE AND FAIR PRICES, *• that Monty can ie torod in Ike" War J. K. STORY, So.SS Kaabaag* St. -»i r-dtr _ TO THE AFFLICTED ! DM. M . VrDEJlIIUi, Medical Electrician. No. II ClMpp’s Block. uokmeh orcoxaumaa axd mlm araaait WOULD retpwctlaliy >uo.,uto tkamu,i, *i Portland Olid vicinity, tbnt tin hot tenant, i nt ly located in thie city. Daring thn elevon noktb. thnt » n hove been in tow n we hove cored not cl the wont form* ol dtnenee in penont nko knve t,D« other lormi of treatment In void, and cane, on tirata in eoehort e time that th* qoettioa It nltai naked, do they iu, cared r To anawer thi. qoeaUoi we will any that £U that do aot lay en ed. we wl loctur the eecond tiw 'or nothing Dr. D hae beoa a practice .uectrVctac let twenty joe venn. and Ukiw n regular giudwabd | l.y.oxn electricity u perfectly nnnpud to obrtalr ditre n I -u the form ol oervoa. or -ick hendicli, were* r In tue hand ntremitiu rci.emrytiot-wT B i 1“ 'hr enett '■»*(-- or where the lean- an net «h v involved. acute or vhroalv heemutwa., ncroulu. t t lineaen, whii. •w.Hingu- .pinul dieeseoe curv. * ot the ,pme ocatraclec a,mode* cbdortec tier 1 v palet orpuraiyule St Vitae Dbbwo. Pe'M,.«t* . ■ riu. r heettaacy of .peech iivcpep.,* th a, ootutipttlou and liver ecmplalnt |ilew— we ■%r, •eery oaee that ear hi predated let' wit ir t • 'trtotnrw e, »k. ehnwt and nl' *»w «• He a •omplalataj By EUeotrlolty Tbe Rbeamatic the «oatv, tbe tame and tbe «e 1 ap with \oy. and move with tbe agiiii) a*o - An* • itv of voitb: the hMt*d brain i* *h. vtte® limb# restored th# on coat) d#forw»ti* i. aoved faintu#** eon **rted te vigor weal*' # «tr*-nirth; the blind mad# to •## th# d#*i tc» r #er t 4 11# allied form to mov« agrirht ♦»># M#r?l*» | Pltb iw oblit*rttod tbe vrvd^r «* #•* * § j **T*rt*d tb# calami'*'* -* * • #• a*Ha*#4. and %■ aetJT# oironlatv- **-*♦#tetwed. LA DIB* '* ne and weak backs. norro*. and *l«rk 1 Minsk* and -s nalu in tbe head with Indlyaa t oa and constipation af tbe bowel*; pain In tb* *sdg and back leeeorrbma (nr wbltetl; foiling •< >t< •mb with latc-nal tanceri tamore, pchras nd ill that long train o* dleemne* will Ind In flactrt* Ity n sort means of ear* For palahl mensSrwnrn n too profane mnnstrwatlon. and all ol those lens '>ae Of troable* wttb vonag ad is. Fleetrleity l« a e* r alt •podge, and Wtll. la a short time restore 'he •**. • e o the rigor ol health. TWWthsee.* gteetro-fV as. Imrwailt xtractiar Mineral l'oiroa fb n ’be *rrUm, ei ch a Mereary Antimony. Amenta, be. Handr*. ah are troubled with stir Joints. weak backs, and vtrt . seotherdiMcaltiaa. tbe direct cease of who b a alas oases oat of lea. Is the e»bet of potaoaces dra - a »B be restored to a*tar*' ••'•agtb tad rigor by the are or from la* to eight Baths. OOec boars from te'alook s. ■. to 1 m,| If I; and Tie I r I ''anmIhHai. t*h* tr)4 la*4 , Kdwia C. Owen 4k Co., Who sails and Eetal D, ale’s la Foreign and Domestic Fruits, I'oalrclloaery, Nut*. Cfgaia, Ac-, .Vo. St Hxckangt St. .fmltmmd - Oranges, Lemon Lime*. Tim-In i.P.O’** Ot* ron Kaiii*", hire Net* Of all kind*. OtlTee Sa din*- Din * pp#*, Pilra. Poscbee. Preeerrsd Fta'le. Gnaa Dr. ai. Loa-ngte. Cai diet. Honey sprees Gam Tobaoeo, agars Plokisw Ppnor Si use *te. or. [V Tb" T. ade supplied on too moot liberal tense. A»g at—I**_ N«W 18 THE TIME to tram ran BROCKSIF.PER 8GA8 REGULATOR. HOWARD SHAW, Agnt. Aagddla LUMBER. Carolina Lumber Company. TH C nndeMgned bl< been appointed br tbe abort Conn an s I* A gens Ibr lb* sale o' lataber, lor tb* dials of N ew Turk end all • orte and places noitb of New Yotk. and is p.snared to furnish herd pine lumber lu any ibo eargo, sawed to any desired dimensions, at tbeihortaet noiioe;alao Black Walnut. Bay wood, he. „ , JOB A. TL'HNh'R. No. M Waihingtoa 8t., Boston Maes. Ang lO.lStt.eedhm Notice. tpuk unconditional Union ro'ere or Cumberland k nr* r.qnested to meet at the town l one* la Mid town on Tnerday, the tth day ofSrrtrmbor neat at 3 o'clock. PM. to nominate a candid*'* fl>r Kspro-entutlre to nprekoi t tb* town in tb* neat l egislature: alio to clones t tossn Comtelttee for theeosalng year. Per order of tbe lew. Com. Curoberlutid Aug ID l*tt. uagtl did. • n- C. HI. A. T*» Stated meeting of tbe Main* Cbarltabl* Mo absnlo* wtll be held la tb* Library Boob, Tbareday 8renln|^8ept^, d T|o oloch.

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