Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 3, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 3, 1864 Page 3
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TOR XL AN D AND VIC Ilf ITT. linn Adnertlnrnant. Jo-Day. Special Notice—Casco Street Society. The Good Time Coming—Eaawru Stax Division. I'm null tor Loan. \ Board n anted. Clothing &o—N. 8. Gardiner. Tailoring—Alexander D. Reeve*. Religious Notions. ltjligimii notices of twenty-dve wordeor lest, free ail excess of this amount wiil be charged ten cent < a line, eighl words constituting a line. This ruil hurrafier will be rigfthy adhered to.—[Pre l'akss cy~Divine service aud a sermon may be expected at St. Luke's Church to-morrow evening at 74 o'clock. SaT Mrs 8 A ilorton, of Vermont, will lecture in Mechanics’ Hall, o-morrew afternoon aud eve ning. at 8 and 7} o’clock. , iree Conference iu the forenoon, 104 o'cioca. SyTbe Washingtonian Society hold meetings every Sunday evening, at S.ol 1. Hall,868 t ongrer-s street, at 7 o'clock. Public jyKIder Edwin Burnham will preach in I’rable Chspel to-morrow morning and afternoon. gy-Rev. Levi Loring, of W. Chatlestou, Vt, will preach at the St. Lawrence Cbttich to-morrow. gyowing to the serious illness of Kev. Mr. Haruborue there wiil he no preaching at the lift ,t)i to-morrow. HTTbe anniversary of the Bethel Sabbath School will be Held to-morrow evening, st 7 o clock. Ad dresses hr several friends ot the School, recitations and singing by the children. ea^Uev. W. T. Clark, of Chelsea, Ma«s„ will p each at the i iral Parish Church to-morrow. GFThe afternoon service In the Central Church. K v. Henry D. Moore, pastor, witi be hold at 8 o'clock instead of 6 o clock. Cg^Kev. Mr. Moore, pastor of the Central Con grecation 1 (. burch. will administer tlie Ordinanc* of Baptism, by lmiuerelon, ibis aft,moon, at £ o'clock, at the toot of M’llmot Street. EF*Prof. Henry B. 8mitli. U. D.. of New York, witi preached at the Third Parish Chnrch to-morrow forenoon. Communion service conducted by the Pastor in the afternoon. s-F Open air meetings to-morrow—Cape Eliza beth at» A M Subject, ' Religion '; at 1 P. M , "Dopravity." Weatbrcok at 6 P M . "DeviL" Grand Rally this Evening. E. B. Turner, Esq., of Texas, will address the Union men of Portland this evening, at the City Hall. The Band of the 17lh U. S. Infantry, and the Glee Clnb, which gave such splendid music Iasi evening, will be present— The proscenium gallery will be reserved for ladies. Rally, Union men! the elections!* close at hand. Custom Clothing Manufactories. Io procuring data for articles on the cloth ing manufacturing, we find this branch ol business is giving employment to & large num ber of persons, both in aud out of the city, and keeps in circulation a large amount of money. Large contracts hare liecu taken by parlies in Ibis city, duting the present season, and the work readily taken out to be mtde, by persons who could not otherwise be earning anything. We have already given a very full account of the wholesale clothing business of the city, and of several who are extensively engaged In the custom and retail manufactur ing. We find others who are equally worthy of notice ou account of the extent and suc cess of their business operation*. Mr. -V a. Gardiner, formerly Gardiner A Brown, is successor to Messrs. Chid bourn A Kendall, retaining their custom and retail business, but giving up tire wholesale manu facturing. Mr. G. is found on the coiner of Middle and Lime streets opposite the I’ost Office, where he keeps a lull and well selected assortment of cloths and furnishing goods.— In his uianuiacluriug department he gives employment, iu and out of the shop, to twen ty-five persons. Mr. Gardiner was exteusivc • ly ponged in the wholesale and retail clothing business iu Hallowell, from whence ho re moved to tills city two years ago. His busi ness, principally first-class custom work, will amount to from $20,000 to $25,000 a yeat. In addition to his custom department he keeps a limited stock of ready made clothing of the best quality, from which customers, who can not wait to have a suit manufactured to meas ure, can make a good selection. Mr. A. D. Beeves, who is now found at No. Ob Exchange street, occupying one of the best arranged clothing stores in the city, com menced business about six years ago in a shop on the second floor, on Middle street. He re moved trom there to Federal street and again to ibe store he now occupies. Mr. B. has had superior advantages as a practical tailor, hav ing had long experience in ail its departments and details. He handles the shears with the ease and dexterity of one who understands their use, and moving. If not living, evidences of bis skill and industry are constantly seen in our streets. Mr. K. employs some twenty-live gills, all experienced in the business, in mak ing Ural-class custom work. He was ameug the flrst to go iuto the manufacture of mili tary and navy uniforms, having had large ex perience iu that business in New York, at a time when but very little of that work was re quired iu the smaller cities and towns. Messrs. Cook A Ayers is the oldest Arm, with perhaps two or three exceptions, in the city. They commenced business iu the store they now occupy, No. 83 Exchange Greet, about twenty-six years ago, where they have remained to the present day. They have at no time done what would be railed au exten sive business, by keeping a large slock on hand, but have moved ou in a quiet way, re taining their old customers until they have Leeu lakeu away by death, or removed from the eity, and in tact several who have remov ed to Boston and other places send their or ders to them regularly whenever a new suite is required. Some of the customers they had twenty-six years ago, are their customers to day, a little more round-shouldered perhaps than then, requiring a little change iu the for mation of the coat. They keep a small assort ment of choice cloths and are full up with the latest styles iu manufacturing, so that they give satisfaction to youug and old. Thk Fax hi of VtSH-Nf.—Deering Hall was crowded to suffocation last evening, to witness the performance of the Fakir. The gifts were distributed as usual. The lieautiful inelodeon was awarded to Sarah Corning, Middle near Franklin Street. This evening closes his performances iu this city for the present, though we should think, from the houses he has had, that a sojourn lor a week longer would pay well, as everybody goes to see him. To-night be will give away, among the 150 presents, a valuable Wheeler A Wilson sewing machine—cost $110. It is a splendid article. Released.—Mr. Clark who was arrested In this city a few days since lor employing la borers to go to Nashville, has been releas' d from conlluemeut and has gone to Washing ton, as he says, to obtain permission from the Secretary of War to return and nsume his original plan for which be had the couseut of Gcu. Thomas, of the army ol the Cumberland Sale of Real Estate.—Henry Hailey & Co., sold at auction yesterday, two-thirds ol the “Blanchard" estate on High street, adjoin ing the Musseylot. The lot is 61 feet on High street and 190 feet deep, with a woodeu dwel ling house thereon, two-thirds of which was •old. It was purchased by n. I. Robinson, Esq-, for 4,200. Lieut. Mitchell.—A letter has been re ceived from Lieut. Henry G. Mitchell, of the 32d Maine Regiment, who has been reported missing. He was in Richland prison, in Co lumbia, S. O', and well. The letter was dated Aug. 10th. Capt. Sargeant of the same regi ment is also in the same prison. Saccabappa.—Gen. Gaut.t had a roueiug meeting at S&ccarappa Wednesday evening — His address touched all hearts present and the demonstrations of applause spoke thcii feelings. Base Ball.—The Osceola and Forest Cilj clubs will play a match game of base hall, oi the ground of the former near the Arsenal this afternoon at three o’clock. Fbuit.—Peaches and pears of the larges kind and moat delicious flavor, can be fount gt Lucy’i, No. 87 Exchange lUMk House Railroad.—During the mouth of ; August 54,802 passengers were conveyed over the line within the city bouuds—an average of 2,020 per day. This line does not run on Sun i days. Over the Westbrook line 23,918 were | conveyed—an average of 771 per day, iuclud ! ing Sundays. The track to Vaughan Street is about ready, and a car will coinoieuce running on Monday. The company has now ten cars in the course of completion, which will soon be placed upon the different routes. The thing has been more successful than even the most sangniue of Us originators anticipated. Accident,—As the steamer Marcena John sou was leaving 1’eak’s Island, yesterday af t: rnooti, she ran ou to a ledge and stuck fast. Sire had on hoard about one huudred aud fitly of the Casco Street Church excursionists, wno were taken otf by boats from the island and brought to the city by the steamer Casco. It is not known how much the steamer was dam aged. bite was fast ou lue ledge at 8 o'clock last evening, but got off at high tide last night. __________________ BY TEIuKGKuAPidl —TO TEX - ■■ ■ - - i At/nural t'arrayut'a (ffflcial It*port — 2>f« f/t nr* j it l Conduct of Writ. k’ayr and hi& Su burdintite*. Washington, Sept. 2. The Navy Department to-day received the following front Admiral Farragut: Flag Ship Hartford, I Mobile, Aug. 25, 1884. ( sir:—1 had the honor in my dispatch No. 32 to stale to the Department that Fort Mor gan had surrendered ou the 23d to the army ana navy, though at the time the dispatch was written tiie ceremony of the surrender had not actually taken place. The correspond ence preliminary to that event is herewith for warded, aud the Department will perceive the terms ol capitulation are the same as in the cas«< of Fort Games, lien. I’aige endeavored to obtam more favorable terms, but without success. 1 regret to state that after the assembling of the retail officers at the appointed hour for the surrender, outside the tort, it was discovered on examination that most of the guns had been spiked, and many gun carriages wanton ly injured, arms, ammunition, provisions, Ac., destroyed, aud there is reason to lielieve this had been done after the white .flag had been raised. It was also discovered that l’age and sever al of his officers had no sword to deliver up - and, further, that soma of those surrendered j had been broken. The whole conduct of the officers ol Fort liaiues aud Fort Morgan pre sents such a striking contrast in moral princi ples, that I cannot tail to remark upon it.— Col. Andersou, who commanded the former, Ugdiug himself in a perfectly untenable posi tion, aud encumbered with a superfluous num ber of conscripts, many of whom were boys, ' IV. iniuvu vw ruiivuuu mo IUI l T\ UIUI UC could not defend, and in this determination was supported by his oltlcers save one. But from the moment he hoisted the while flag, he scrupulously kept everything intact, aud in ! that condition delivered it over, whilst Page and his officers, w ith churlish spite, destroyed the guns which they said they would delend to the last, but which they never defended at all, and threw away or broke those weapons which they bad not the manliness to use against their enemit s, lor Fort Morgan never tired a gnu alter the commencement of the bombardment, and the advance pickets of our army were actually ou its glacier. As before staled, the ceremony of surrender took place at 2 o'clock P. M., aud that same j afternoon all the garrison were sent to New Orleans by the steamers Tennessee aud Bien- ’ ville, where they arrived safety. Very respectfully, I>. G. FarraofT,Rear Admiral. To Hon. G. Welles, Secretary. In response to Page’s declaration that ha- ‘ inanity demanded that he should ask the terms of capitulation, Gen. Granger and Admiral - Farragnt stated the terms to be the uncondi tional surrender of the garrison of the fort, and the public property in the fort. Helnla Driven our of Mnrtinatmrg. New Yobk, Sept 3. The Herald's correspondent with Averili’s cavalry, writing under date ol Sept. 1st, says j it waa Rhodes’corpsof infantry and Vaughau’s cavalry that attacked Averill at Martiusburg yesterday. They hoped to surprise Averill, but signally failed. Early was at Winchester last night, and a hasty retreat of Rhodes’ forces show that the rebels have important : reasons lor moving up the valley. They have lost both men and time in this movement, the value of which they will be able to estimate in a day or two. This rooming Averill again attacked the enemy, driving them out of Martinsburg, and continuing the pursuit four miles towards Winchester. Wheeler*. J-'orcta teirhlo Seventeen Mitaa of \raahvUte. Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 1. The r* bel force, estimated at 10,000, with twelve pieces of artillery, were within seven teen miles of Nashville, on the Murlieesboro' pike, at daylight this morning. Gen. Kosseaa with cavalry and infantry, wuich started yes terday afternoon, met the enemy’s advance this morning, when skirmishing commenced with varied success. At last accounts Ros ses u had driven the rebels three miles'toward Murfreesboro’. Messengers from our advance report Umt Wheeler’s whole force is now l>e tweeu this city and Murfreesboro'. There is a considerable force of rebels at Lebanon. The prisoners and wounded have been sent , from Rosseau’s front. J'rom the Army before Hiehmond. Washington, Sept. 2. The latest information from the army of the Potomac is that yesterday passed without any J changes in the relative positions of the oppo sing armies. A monster l.j inch mortar, mounted on a railroad car, was run up the road opposite Petersburg, and four shells thrown into the city. Tlte object was to deter the rebs from firing ou our pickets, aud was partially suc cessful. J'rom (ien. Sheridrin'a Army. New Yobk, $>ept. 2. Tlie Post’s special Washington dispatch says:—Authentic information has been re ceived trom Gen. Sheridan that Early Is with drawing slowly up the valley. The Commercial's special Washington dis patch says:—It is understood that Gen. Sher idan has been ordered to hold Early in the valley as long as possible. --- From Fortress Monro*, Fortress Monroe, Sept. 1. An unknown schooner ran the blockade to Smitbflvld, Va., yesterday, A smalt force was sent to reconnoitre at Smitbfleld yesterday, but was prevented from landing by guerrillas. The boat from City Point brlugs no news. Huhihuu** Ilurn«l. Halifax, X. S., Sept. 2. The Flint Island Lighthouse, iu Cow Bay, was burned on Wednesday night. _» Aci'riixvr.— A few days ago, says the Aroostook Pioneer, two ladies were riding in a carriage above Fort Kent, each with a young child. The horse was a young oue, and as they descended a steep pitch on to a bridge, the horse became unmanagable, and rushed headlong off the bridge (there being no rail ing) into the river. Oue lady threw her child from the wagon on to the ground and closed her eyes upon the awful sceuc before her.— Horse, carriage and ils contents were piecij l , tiled into the water, which was about teu feet deep. The screams of the mothers drew as i distance, and. strange to relate, not a bone was broken nor a head bruised. Their provideu tial escape loom au untimely death was al most a miracle. Basgob Ll'mbeb Mabket.—Amount of lumber surveyed from July 1st to Sept. 1st 1804, compared with the amouut surveyed during the same period In 1802 and 1803: 18*32. 1803 1864. Green Tine.23 » >2.02S 28 016 247 14,626 168 Dry Fine.6 9t**,789 3,130 41*0 3,761 1*63 Spruot* . ..62,4' 0,1*31* 64,860,140 67,960.834 , Hemlock, Ac ... 6.61*.£*a 9,911,242 9,748.468 86^828^9 107,018,119 #1,48 ,418 Amouut surveyed each mouth in 1804: April and Mur* .27,823.068 June ' . .26,442.410 1 duly. ... .21,328.188 August. 16,782,747 91,486,418 Surveyor’s Office, Sept. 1 1804. j IF"As W ilmiugton is the only important ; harbor to be blockaded it will undoubtedly be 1 eloaed ftgauut rebel luaaeri hereafter. BY TELESRAPE TOTHE Portland Daily Press. ■ -- | OFFICIAL NEWS DISPATCH, j ' PROM GEN. SHERMAN’S ARMY. CAPTURE OF ATLANTA! Great Battle near Eastpoint. i - FEDERAL TROOP* VICTORIOUS. Reported Death of the Rebel Gen eral Hardee* War Department, I Washington, Sept. 2—8 P. hi. ( 7o .Wry. Gen. Uix :—This department has received intelligence that Gen. Sherman's ad vance entered Atlanta about noon to day.— Tbe particulars have not yet been received, but telegraphic communications during the night with Atlanta is expected. It is ascertained with reasonable certainty that the naval and other credits, required the by the act of Cougress, will amoum to about 100,000, Including New Volk, which has not Iwen reported yet to the department, so that the President's call of July 18th, is practically reduced to 300,000 men to meet and take the place of Orst, the new enlistments in the navy ; second, the casualties of battles, sickuess, pris oners and desertions, and third, the one bun dled days troops and all others going out by the expiration of service this fall. One hundred thousand new troops prompt ly furnished are all that Gen. Grant asks for the capture of lticmond and to give a finish ing blow to the rebel armies now in the field. The residue of the call would be adequate for the garrison of forts and to guard all tbe lines . of communication and supplys; free the coun try from guerrillas; give security to trade; j protect commerce and travel, and establish | peace, order and tranquility iu every State. 1 (Signed) E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War. War Department, 1 i Washington, Sept. 2—lo.45 P. M. ) To Major Gen. Vbr .—Tbe following tele- j gram from M»j. Gen. Slocum, dated this day in Ailama, ami Just received, confirms the capture of that city: Gen. Sherman has taken Atlanta. The 20th : corps occupied the city. The main army is i on the Macon railroad near Eastpoint. Abat tle was fought near that point, in which Gen. Sherman was successful. Particulars not known. (Signed,) fl. W. Slocum. Major General. An unofficial report states that in the battle fought near Eastpoint by Gen. Sherman with Gen. Hood, the rebel army was cut in two with very heavy loss to the enemy, and that Gen. Hardee was killed. Our loss uot known. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Louisville, Ky., Sept. 2. Brig. Gen. Ewing, commanding Western Kentucky, has just received a telegram from the frout anuouncing that Sherman's advance entered Atlanta at « o’clock this morning.— No further particulars receeived. ) Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 2. Gen. Sherman's advance entered Atlanta this morning at 11 o’clock. The whole Fed- 1 eral force will enter to-day. B ■ V Ai B/A 1 9 LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Hecla and Caledonia Halifax, X. S., Sept. 2. 1 The steamship Hecla, from Liverpool at 2 P. M_. of the 23d uit., ami Queenstown 24th, for New York, arrived here at 2 o’clock last night. UBEAT BRITAIN. The Commissioners of the Customs in Lon don had issued a general order to Collectors that iu pursuance of instructions from the Lords of the Treasury, no ships of war be longing to either of the belligerent powers iu Nortb America shall be allowed to enter any of her Msjesty’s ports lor the purpose of be ing dismantled or sold. _ A Lisbon leleuram of the 18th says:—The Federal frigate Niagara is in the Tagus. It is , said her mission is to intercept a steamer bought at Liverpool ostensibly ior navigation bwlsveen Lisbon and some other port. The papers assert that the steamer will uot sail as the iuteulions of the Federals have trans pired. This, doubtless, refers to the steamer Georgia, which lelt Liverpool for Lisbon. The London Times' New' York correspon- I dent, writing from Niagara Kalis, Aug. 8th, says tbe the Clifton House had become the centre of negotiations between tbe Northern friends ol peace and .Southern ageuts, aud which promise the withdrawal of the differ- | euce Irorn the arbitrament of tbe sword. Ho | explains that tbe effort is to nominate a Dem ocrat for the Presidency upon a platform lor an armistice and convention ol the Stales, and to thwart by all possible means Mr. Lin coln’s efforts for a re-election. The Times city article says Frankfort ad- j viees show a loss of faith in tbe United State* bonds, the large sales having depressed prices to 38, which Is three per cent below the last quotations in New York. Tbe Times wiuds up an article on the pres ent situation of the war as followsAs re gards the dual issue of the war we consider the prospects of the Confederation to be as good as ever, but the Federals iiave showed such insensibility to deleat aud such an in dexible tenacity of purpose that we cannot anticipate any early termination of the strife. Perhaps the success of Sherman in Georgia, or Farragut at Mobile, might counteract tbe disappointment produced by the failure of Graut in Virginia, and once more inspire tbe Federals with expectations of success, but in Europe we can only employ the lessons of an eventful campaign to condrtn our convictions of the hopelessness of the war and the neces sity of a speedy peace. The Daily News says there are rumors of a projected new rebel loan. Order hat been restored iu Belfast. There has been no rioting since tbe 19th. FRANCK. The King of Spain had left Frauen for •Spain. He visited Queen Christriua prior to : his departure. Prluce Humbert, the Crown Prince of Italy, who was on a visit to Copenhagen, was short ly expected in Paris. The Independence Beige announces a pro jected marriage between him and the Princess Anua Murat, aud says it will streughthen the ' bonds between France and Italy. Advices from Algiers, via Paris, confirm the rumors of fresh disturbances in the prov- 1 ince of Oraw. Germany. The King of Prussia arrived at Vienna on the 20th on a visit to the Emperor of Austria. The occupation of Holstein by the Aus trians aud Prussians is reported a« decided upon IV l BB1A. Th; Cz&r has oidered a reduction of the army. An immediate and unlimited discharge is granted to soldiers whose term of service expires on the 1st of January next. CAPE GOOD HOPZ. Dates have been received frmn the Cape of Good Hope to July loth. The Lews Is unim portant. The alarm in regard to a Caffre war proved groundless. I.stest via Queenstown. The difficulty between the American Consul and the Egyptian Government has been satis factorily adjusted. There had been electioneering riots and blood shed at Genoa, Switzerland, but they have subside d. Per steamship Calcjoi is. St. Johns, X. K., Sept. 1. The steamship Caledonia, from Glasgow Aug. 2rtth, for New Yorh, via St. Johus, N. F., arrived off Cape Itace at 7.30 this evening, I lllJd wa» boarded by the Associated 1‘ress ) yacht. A dispatch fr/.m Gen. Cameron, dated at ! Auckland, New Zealand, Juoe 7lh, says:— During the next three months active opera- ' tions will hardly be practicable in any part of New Zealaud. The greater part of the troops have hutted themselves for the. winter The Times says reports sent from Amerl- ' cans in Mexico fully confirm the hopeful de scriptions obtained from other quarters of the \ prospect* of a rapid recovery and consolida tion of the new Government. Advices from Frankfort state that recent (act* had suddenly begun to disturb the faith of Investors in U. S. bond*. Some letters re ceived by German houses speak of an impend ing decline in the revenue, owing to the fear of importers to enter their goods under the present duties which are payable In gold, aud it was kuowu at Frankfort that many German order* had been countermanded. Apprehen ilon* are beginning to be experienced that the next November dividend may be the lut that will be paid in specie. The anxiety is being increased by the circumstance 01' large sales being pressed by parties who have hith erto been lo ked upon as tbe best Informed ."'ll American atf.irs. - The Rebel Gen. IT heeler’s Raul. Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 2. Several miles of the Nashville and Chatta nooga Railroad were burned by Gen. Wheel er’s forces yesterday. Gen. Rosseau diovc the rebel force wilhin three mites oi Lavagne late in tlie afternoon of yesterday. He met with u stubborn resist ance. Later ink lligence reports that the liead of Wheeler's column left Murfreesboro' pise, go ing to the right, yesterday. At three o’clock the whole force was moving from the Tennes see and Alabama R liiro.ut, in th • <iir> clton of Franklin. Rosseau is in close pursuit. A person just iu from Franklin, reports ffiat town iii possession of Wheeler's foretdPlie haring hntered and captured it last night.— Particulars not yet received. Our casualties in yesterday's skirmishing was live kiiied and about fifty-five wounded. The rebel loss yes terday was eight killed and Ilf een wounded. We captured a number of prisoners. Gen. farly Still in the Shenandoah Valley. Baltimore, Sept. 2. A special dispatch to the American, dated Charleston, Via, Sept. 2d,says reconuoissances have established Ui« tact that Karly has not left, and has no intention of leaving the val ley. His headquarters are at Bunker HJI, half way between Mai tinsbiirg and Winches ter. He is busily engaged in repairing and putting up the telegraph line, and he has al ready telegraphic communication with Rich mond Irom this side of Woodstock. He is al so receiving reinforcements, and Fitz Hugh Lee is known to nave received fifty horses fur his cavalry, which is said lo number 7,000 — There is a ri gular stage from Winchester to Stanton, which runs every day. and several officers and soldiers are receiving short fur loughs to go home and return to Winchester, which does not look as though the enemy in tend leaving tbe valley. from California. San Francisco. Aug. 81. The Union Republican State Convention nominated for Presidential Electors .1. G. Mc Collum, Sam. Branuan, Rev. C. C. McKay, J. Wing Oliver and Wm. Cram, and as a matter of precaution instructed them to vote for Lin coln and Johnson. San Fit a n cisco. Sept. 1. J. C. MeRu-r, ot San Francisco, has been nominated for Congress by the Union Repub lican Convention frmn the southern district of California, Wm. lligby from the middle dis trict, aud John Bulwell Irom the northern district. This is regarded as an excellent ticket. from Wushlnyton. Washington, Sept. 2. Little, ikowu Co.’s last volume of tbe JStat utes at Large contain au error in the act fur ther to regulate and provide for the enrolling and calling out the national torejs. It states that in case the quota should not tie filled within the space of sixty days alter the call, the President shall immediately order a draft for one year, Ac., but the official roll*, from which a copy of the act was (mulshed to au thorized newspaper publi-hers of the laws by the State Department, provides that fifty days shall elapse after the call before a draft shall be ordered. The* Intiintt Troubles. St. Lor is, Mo., Sept. 2. Tbe Sioux City Iowa register of the 27;h ult., says Sell, of the Quartermaster's Depart ment, has just arrived from Fort Uuion and reports that a battle occurred between Gen. Solly’s command and &XtO Indian-, near Kuife river, on tbe 27th of July, in wbibii the latter were defeated with a lo-s of 150. Our loss was five killed with 20 or U0 wounded. Washington, Sept. 2. The subscriptions to tho 7-39 loan to-(lav, amounted to $(119,000. The subscription to the MMO loan amounted to $353,400. Arrital of I hr. Htramehip Jura. Farther Point. Sept. 2. The steamship Jura, from Liverpool for Quebec, passed here to-day. N'twa anticipated. ♦ Com*n*rcial. Fersteamship Hoc la, at Halifax. LIVERPOOL COT ION MARKET, Aug 23 -Tfca sale# ot Cotton for two du># wore 10,o0u bale#, in #iudiug 2,60» to speculator# and exporter# i he closed irregu’a. and unchanged. LI VKRPl >OL B REA DS TUFFS MARKET.—Rich ardson, tfpence k Co.aud other#,report FioursU-ady and upward. Wheat firmer and upward; red Win ter \\ e-tern 8# Idft 9# lOd Corn steady and down ward; iu.xuJ o s LIVERPOOL PROVISIONS M ARKET.—Me*#ri. Big.aud, Attn a A co„ and other#, report Beef verr dull and declining. l ork duii and unchanged iOcon it,active aud declining I.aid firm and up ward at au advance of 6dr fallow quiet and upward. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE MARKET.—Tbs ssrne author.tie# r. port A*h«.# quiet and steady. Sugar tlrin and downward. Cow# n emiy. Rice ateadv unchanged Kerin quiet and #|ttady. Spirit# Tur pentine easier at 67#. iVtroieum ateadv and upward; «■fluid & Id g,2« 3d. * Latest via Queen#:own. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. Aug. 24th — Sale# to-day were 4,000 bale#. Including 3.000 to speculator# and exporter#. The market cloaca irreg ular. • Bread#tuff#—quiet and «teadr. Proviaion#—dull and dowuward. Produce—quiet but >te«dv. LONDON MONEY MARKET, Aug.24.—Conaola Dloned at 88j a®* tor money. AMERICAN SECURITIES.—Illinois Central rail road 45ja41jdi#: Erie Railroad 4I&42 A'cto Aork Akarket. . , Nxar York. Sept 3 , Cottou-ettady; sale# 650 bales at 1 86*1 87 for middling upland# kiour—»aje$21 bbl#; State and Western )5*x3f>c UchtfibUts y 7fta.10 40; Hound Hoop Ohio 11 13 25; V*c*teru t*75u,lll5; southern tirme.: #»)»# ; I2(« bb;#; Extra dolt26$l4U»: Canada 10 a 25c higher; #a)e# ‘Mi bid*; Extra 10 50(^12 00. A heat — 2a,4c higher. *xle» 62,<UHm«hH*; Chicago Spnng2 2'ft. 34; witwauaee club 2 21 <1 bo; Winter Ke«. A e#ieru 2 39§8 41. Coro—Ic better; #aie# 42.000 bu#h, mixed Wes tern 162 ft 1 64. Oat#— ariner; tale# Canada at OllffiftSe. B<*ef—heavy. Porn—duii; aalea 1060 bb'a; new me## 41 J0241 50, I ard -firmer ; -ait# 8960 ob,» at 22cn24«e. Buttei—ttr u ; hUte at 60 0,56c. Whiaaey—doll; sale# 4,00 bbl# at 1 81<kl 82. C oilee—firm. Mola»He«—quiet. Nava. Store#—dull. Petroleum —,u»4y; tab. lat) Lbls, rtflo,d 8iio. rstlOK—more active; ,slt» lSO.uOcj jfc, prim* t*.t orn »i lb®isijo Er*i«bu to Liverpool—dull. Stork Market. „ N.w Id,!. Si oi l Second Board.—Motft. American Hold...263 United State# 6*» 1881 coupon#. . .1074 United State# 5-30 coupon#,. no} Treasury 78-10th#. ml United State#on* yearcertiticnb ne w. Gold closed thi# afternoon at 2 44 Northern Pacific Railroad. A correspondent—ltev. C. Pearl—has fur nished us with aa extended account of the meeting ol the corporators of this railroad in Boston on the 1st iost, but we are obliged to confine the publication to the mere details of business. Theie were thirty-three o( the cor porators present, three of them from this state. The organization was effected by the unani mous election of the following board of officers. to wn : Chen. Josiaii Pbkham, President, lion. \\ illabd Seals, Vice President. Abikl Abbott, Esq., Secretary. J. S. W lTUlSGTox, Esq.,.Treasurer. A vote was passed to open books for stock subscriptions in Boston and Portland only, for the present, and within ninety days. The action of the meeting seems to have been very harmonies. Bath, Sept. 2, 1$<14. To the Editor qf the f'rr.l That flag, which four \ ears ago was hoisted across our streets for the traitor Bell, and which sutf,-red the iuglorious defeat it deserv ed. was yesterday again hung outin the cause of treasou,wilh a maudliu speech Irom a drunk en orator. We would most respectfully Inquire of you if any facts have come under your observation or within your knowledge, in relation to the ttealing of that same flag. Maine Bonnet Bleachery, 309 Congren Sireot, PORTLAND - - - MAINE. Straw, Lace & Leghorn Bonnets GENTLEMEN’S HATS, Bleached & Pressed at the Shortest Notice -ALIIO-i HA.T8 & B0NNET3 DYED. vso* ftLy aosuded Ug° "“de ,0 h"* *" 0rd,r* JAMES B. HACK LIFT. SU|«1 Is, FINANCIAL. u. S. 7-30 LOAK. j Jhe Secretary of the Treasury gives no tie* that snbsv'riptic ns will be received tor Coupon Treasury Notes, payable three yea s from August 16, 1861, with semi annual interest at the rate of soven and 1 t4ireo-tet.Vhs percent per annum,—principal and in terest both to be paid in lawful money. 1 hese note* will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity, into six per cent, gold bearing bonds, payable not less thau live nor more than twenty yours from their date, as the Government tnay elect. They will be issued in denominations ot fifty, one hundred, five hundred, one thousand, and rive thousand dollars, and all subscriptions most be for fifty dollars, or some multiple of fifty do!* lira. The notes will be transmitted to ths owners free ol transportation obarges as soon after the reeeipt of the original Certificate# of Deposit as they ean be I prepared. As the notes draw interest from August 16, persons nuking deposit? subsequent to that date must pay i the interest accrued from date of note to date of de ' posit. Parties depositing twenty-five thousand dollars and upwards for these notes at any one time will be allowed a commission ot onu-quarter of one per cent., which will be paid by the Treasury Depart ment upon the receipt ofa bill for the amount, cer tified to by the oificer with whom the deposit was made. No deductions for commissions must be made from the deposits. Special Advantage* of thi* Loan. It it a National Sacingt Hank, offmiug , higher rate of Intercut than any other, amt Ike belt t,euri ty. Any tarings bank wiiioh pay. ita depositor. in U. S. Not**, ooneiden that it ie paying in tbe beet circulating medium of rbo country, and it cannot pay in anyhing better, for iti own atsete are either In Government eocurities or in note, or boude pay able In Government paper. It la equally convenient u t temprary or perma i nent Invoetmeut. Tbe notes can always be told lor within a fraction of their face and acctunuintcd in terett, and ere tbe beat teonritjr with bankt at collat eral* for discounts. Convertible into a 6 per cent 5-20 Gold Bond. In addition to the very liberal interest on the notes fbr three years, this privilege of conversion is new worth about three per cent, per annum, for the current rate for 6 20 Bonds U not ees than n»mr per Cftttpremium, and before the wax the premium on •ix per cent. i;. 8. stocks were over twenty percent. It will be seen that the actual profit on 'hi* loan, at the prevent market rate, Is not loss than ten percent, per annum Its Exemption State or Municipal Taxation* But aside from ali the advantage* we have enum erated. a apecial Act of Congre«« exempts ail bonds an t treasury notes /rum lejcai taxation. On the average, this exemption I* worth about two per Oeut. per an mm, according to taxation in v arious parts of the country. It is believed that no securities offer so groat in ducement* to lenders as those issued by the Govern ment. In all other forms of indebtedness, the fr th or abiifty of private parties, or stock compan ies or separate communities only, is pledged for pay ment, while the whole property of tbe country is held to secure tbe discharge of all the obligations of th* I7nit<u4 While tlM Government offers the most liberal terms or its loans, it bfiievei that the very strongest ap peal will be to the loyalty and patriotism of the peo ple. Subtcriytintu Kill be received by the Treasurer of the United Hia'es, at Washington, the several As sistant Treasurer* snd designated Depositaries, and by tha Flint .\ntloual llauk ol I’orilnml, Maine, and by all Rational Banks which are Depositaries of public money, and all respectable Banks and Bankers throughout the couutry will glee further inlormation, and afford every facility to subscribe. Aug 20—die2m FIRST NATIONAL BANR~ Eeven-Ihirty Note* foi Sale. Intertill semi-annually. payable in paper at the rate of seveu and three ton h* per cent, per annum Bou<** convei table lu three year* into six percent five-twenty hoed.*, upon which the interest is pay a bie in coiu. The notes will be delivered here free of expense. The purchaser will receive the iuterc-st to August 16 if subscriptions are made before that rime. Onr-nykih ptr cent, eoamuteiun wiU t>« allointd Bubsertbtrt at this Jiank upon all aowuntB i/f l,uOC atul orer. W. K. GOULD, Cirhitr. Portland. July 80th. 1*4 —d A wtf Oa nal Be nls., Government 7 3*10 J.oan. This Bank Is prepared to receive -subscriptions to the new 7 8 10 loan lu sums of S5* and upwards, paying interest from date of subscription to August 16th, the date of the new )oaQ. The notes are couvertable at tho end of thrte years into specie pa) ing « per eeut 6-30 bond*. One eighth per c«nt will he al owed on aliamouuts of *1000 aau over. B. C. BOMKKBY, . Cashier. Portland, An*. 1, lwJ4.—dtf CASCO U AW K. G0VERNMENTJ7 3-10 LOAN. THE Casco Cauk is prepared to received subscrip tions to the new , 8-i0 loau in sum* of *60 and upward*, paying interest on *auie from date oi sub scription to August 15lh, the date of the tio * eminent nctrt. All persons having *60 and upwards now have a good opponunity of lending a helping n»ud to their Government by subscribing liberally to thi* loan. 1 he notes are convertible at the end of three year* into specie, paying 8per cent 6-A) bond*. Loan* takt-u on a* iavorab e terms as at anv other Bank. r E. P. GEUBldH. Cashier Portland, Ju’y 28. 1664. Jy2» distf RE-OPEXED. The subscriber* would respect fully announce to their numerous triends audthe public that they hare thoroughly Repaired, Refitted and Refurnished The popular and centrally located EATING HOUSE, No. 77 Middle Street, (FOX BLOCK.) Which will bo open on and after MONDAY, JULY tlftth. lull tad Laichn at all ban *f lb Day aud Sv.jih. ICE CREAMS. PLAIN AND FANCY CAKE, FBI IT, CONFECTIONARY, Ac., Constantly on hand. SODA WATER, Drawn from Dow’* Pa'entlce Cream (Sods) Foun tain, with Fruit Syrup#. PARTIES 8UPBIED AT SHORT NOTICE. We shall be happy to see all our old frleuda aud make a hoat of new one#, and trust that nona will have cause for complaint. CALL AND SEE US ! ATKINSON &INGERSOLL. Jv» ___tf_ USE THE BROCXSIEPER GAS REGULATOR, [AND SA VK YOUR OAR. . Aug *—dim USE THE BROCXSIEPER GAS REGULATOR, AND 8AYE YOUR tIAS. | Ang 8—dim BoardiiiR. fflllE piivate board ng houae No. 77 Free Street, J. newly papared aud painted. Kuoiu# lu ntshed . and uuftrniahed, with board, Sept 3-dlw* educational. AGOOP School for Boys, To|».li«m, ku,n„ miles from fort.and; ea.y <•! secess—a til',., | lul and healthy locality. For Circular-. fcc nl».« addusithe Principal, ' pi,M* WARREN JOHNSON, a li Kopt l-d*w* ’ “ Casco Street Seminary. TS1HK Fall Term of thi§ limitation will covnmree JL on TucsdiySept. 6th, and continue ten weeks For further particulars in^ui o of the Principal, at 1 217 Cumberland btreet, after riept. 1st. „ , MIBS H. HAWKES. l ortland Aug. 33, 18C4 c8w Portland Academy. T|H^. F*i1 Term b®gin September otb in Cnion liall. Free St., opposite the Church. Fu pus of both sexes received. For additional infor "“Aug^r" U 11 871 Congres• St. ‘HOME INSTITUTE/* Miss I. U. Prince, Principal. T“J;oBo,rdlng f”d U*>' School for Toun* Ladle., 8, A K fi* u‘ “Ilu u»r. on ihursd.y, Sept. Wth. For Circulars conuiuin* Urmj. Ac AuTl»^lfcw°mP “ M Fr” Gorham Seminary. THE Fall Term of thl. Institution will commence on Tuesdav the 3nh of August, and ooniiuut eleven week., under the charge of ... . . W. ii. LORD, A. AI. Inquiries relative to the school should he address ed to the Principal or t j „ v . J WATERMAN, Sec y Gorham, Aug. 10,1844 —diw u.ept6 7 Young Ladies’ Seminary. THE Pall Kes-lon of this School open. Thursday Kept. ■/». in Monon Blook, Congress 8t. In addition to the dsy ichool which has received so large a share of the best patronage 01 ihe city ar rangements have now been made to aimit a tew Boa ding Scholar*. For Circular? containing Term*, Ac addreta MISAKS a Y.Mon US,, An, 24—codtdJkwtiw 18 “,0Wn 8*' NEW imnPHHlRE Commercial College, Central Hall,-Concord, H- H. fllllK moit thorough and extenaive Commercia A Coliogc io Wew Kngiand, present* u-uquall^rt t'icilit u* tor imparting to young men and ladies a complete ba-ine'* education Send lor a circular containing fu*I Information— addreaa WcmTUINOTON k WAR;.KR. Ang 2—dA w6m 1-rincipals. ,STEHNST'a’*^7^T /j? IHE POniLAHD COLLEGE, Located in Clapji’s Block, Conirrcsg Street, IS t link in Bryant, Stratlon k Co.'s chain of In -* ’.in.liora1 Basioess and Comirer lal Collects e.Ubiisbedin twenty. w» of the hading cornier, cia. cities in the Luitcd dtales and Canadas. Theobjoct of these Colleges is to furot.-h yonu* men and ladies the best ucihtie. for obtaining a thorough Bus.uoss v.ducstion * Scholars Up- for fau or Boik keeping Com met cial Law, Comn ercis! Calculations. Kpin'cerian 1 t niranshui. Coriospondi iue. Lector, s and Prae'i ca! Exorcises, is good throughout the chain (hr an unlimited period. I-. A. GRAY, A M , RESIDENT PRINCIPAL. CV“ For further Infotmalions please rail at the college, or feed for Circular and CoI.ege Monlhlr inoloeing taller tump. Addreea 7 BRYANT STRATTON A GRAY, Portland, - Maine. aug31 d&wSra __ I WA NTS, LOST,FOE N D Loftl. THIS morning, at tbe Ladies’ entrance of tbe United States Hotel, a roll ot money, the ou. •id. bill a greenback Tbe Under will be aiiitably rewarded by Gating l» at ibe United St* es liutel. •apt2 Wasted. A SHALL tenement for a family ol four p. rvooa Ad drew, firing particular*, Boa 2 2lfi Portiaud *’• O. rep<2 llw LOST. $100 mVAK». OX (antral wharf, or *ron d the Grand Trunk Uepot and yaid; a Call akin Wallet contain ing n conaldrable .urn of money, aud paper, of no value to any one but tbe loo-er. Tbe Under m ill be rewarded *■ abote on returning the tin to Xo. 8 Central Wharf, or 72 Brackett atreet Pottland, Aug. il 1-sa attg3! dtf Found Aatrar. A Bay Horae. Tba owner can have hint by prov ing owoe-ablp aud pa lug chart, ca Apply to f.VH'L M. tv Ml, il,, paimoutti. augSi dlw* MLMt. OXDAT afternoon bttween L'ccolu Street and tbe l’rr«r oflice, a lady’• Jet Crneapln. tipped wltu gold and a rea I in tbe centre The Bader wilt tewardedby leaving tbe acme at THIS Ur r It. K. *r Aug »), _ Hauled, CUSTOM Coat an*< jo custom fsot makers. Apply at Clothing Rooms of WOODMAN, iRUE % CO., ^ M and M Middle street. _AugO—d % wU6w House Wanted. Wanted by the advertusr, a convenient, At!',: cautraliy located, aud plvusul house for a small fain ly. without ctuldren—poa>6Miou to betikd as early as the middle of October, sooner if possr le. It must have good water comenicuce*, aud be well finished. The advertiser would lease such a home lor a term of years, or purchase if term* suited. A two-story cotta/e. small lot. preferred. Address o. P. g , at the PwsOf&ee, staling loca tion. geue«al terms. Ac cjujldewf folly. Portland, Aug. 1,1864 —dtf Lost. STRAYED *Yom tbe pasture of Mr Frauds Rob erts, West brook, last mouth, a three year od gray Colt, small size; whoever wtl> return him or information where he may bo found, will be suitably rewarded, by calling at No. 19 Spring £4. FRANCIS E. t MKKY. Portland, July 18,1804 —dtf Reward ! OTOLEN from the subscriber on Tuesday Even vj ing, while in Pierce’s auction room, a Calf Skin Pockt t Book containg in mouey, a note against Charles tiougdou. Gorham, for S60.and sue against Charles uooper for Ul'i. The above reward will b» paid lor ths recovery of the property aud the deteo tiou of the thief. Tune 8 — tf GEORGE BECK* Board. SUITS of Rooms, with Board, can be obtained by applying immediately at 30 Daufvrih street. May llili. maylidtf merchandise:. Caglairi Salt Afloat. 1 Ql Vl BUDS CAGLAIR1 SALT, cargo of loV/U Br Brig Kdminston Brothers, now dis charge a and for sale by aug27 d2xv DANA A CO. flirnri* hliinniiiff Ronrds. 1 Xi | 4 W1A FEET Oang Sawed Spruce lOU.UUU B-tkrdi ’or alo bv J. U. HAMLLN, Uolwons Warf, Portland, Me. Aug 2f—dlvr Corn {Vital. XAA BBLS Superior KUn Dried Corn Meal, OU1# lor Kale by FREDERICK DAVIS, A ug 15#— tod3w ll7 Commercial 8t T.lnitlutl Sii|;nr and .Hoiits^cs. j HMDS. Choice Mu#oovado Sugar, Ho7 bhds Choice Muscovado Molasses, I 48 tierces Cnoice Muroorsdo Molassts, ■ Cargo brig J. D. Lincoln, now lauding and ior sale by UuPilNl EATON. No. 1 Central Wharf. ▲ ug 15k— dlw Hackinetack Ship Timber. OAK. Uackmetaok. and Hard Wood Plank. Tree nail* from 12 to ‘P> iuches, Ireeuall Wedges, Ac. 4c, by L. TAYLOR, june2Rd3m (Jail's Wharf, Portland. Treenails. (HK) "Jh£tkoak treenail*, ibr ’ simomton a knight. 48 Commercial Wharf. Portland, June 18, 1864. Junel&dtf Sugar and Molannen. •JQQ UHD8.1 CHOICE MUSCOVADO 8U 10TC8. I OAR. 871 HHDS Superior Masco ratio, and 8* TC8 Clayed Molaast**., ll RRLS from sierra Morena. Now landing and for sale bv THOMAS ASENCIO 4 CO., raayfttf Custom House Wharf. Sierra' Ulorenu Molaseen. •_>*> T HHDS OtlO ) CUOll E SIERRA MORENA » TIERCES i MOLASSES, 10 BBLS ’ „ _ _ Now l»u Jim from Brl# "0. H Keuotsly" I THOB. ASENCIO k CO., I May I —tf 0. 8. Wharf. '7 ENTERTAINMENTS BSSrSra hall Wsdueaday, Tliuiaday, Friday and Natur. day Evenings, Aug. 31st, Sept, tst, 3d, and 3d. i 0r®*‘ Exc,t“'u<’“t I - Something Entirely New! G-and Gift Exhibition. j KKiru.N OF THE ORIGINAL * AKIIV ttV YISUNII, The plea.lng Pt-rformor of Magic 150 Beamiful tlif,, GU(.n . each night, ranging ln ,ilu9 fro " y lt5 Cent* to TO DollaTtl THE MOST LAUGHABLE ENTER. TAlNMENf —Ever protected.— ADMISSION ONLY ats OTS Beaervad .ealt Sueente. ' For particular) tee imall bill) ■ugDO dat FRANK T. TKATON, Agent. POHTLAND iTa^N D Ke.Organl/eil. # HAVING re organ Fed under our old Louder. D. H. CHANDLER. «re ere now prefer*) to uru*sb Maslo for ell occasions where u»u*ic Is woo ted. Order, left with D. H Cnuudler, P. J WUley or at Paine 8lore, 16t Middle atnit, «i 1 be , prompt y amended to D. U. CHANDLER. .eptl,eod«w«Secretary LEWIS Ac. SMITH, Manufacturer) and Dealer) in CLOTHING, No. 171 Fore Street, AM^miU;. PORTLAND. *e* Particular attention given to Coatem Work. Aug 8. 1st* —4U Portland Army Committee OV TUB U. S. Christian Commission.1 die.Onet11*’T' E' U‘7*"' r#c*lT** Stiro) at 119 Mid- j ..Treasurer. Cyru.Sturdivant, ruMi-ea Money at 7» Commercial .trcet. ’ Secretary, Henry H. Burge.a, race Tea Letter, at | 80 Commercial street. Andrew J. Chaee, Dr. W. 1. Jotuiaowe luuelSdtj COAL FKEIGU T8. Fictoo, N. *., to Pembrol i. Maine. ft Any .lied Vee.ela. Fori'n or Ameri- : AaV lean, wauled to height i; al at above. . ***** for disebar ting »r» lower at Boston, aud there trt oilur facil ities. Applv to or adore* a, m _ t COFFIN A *>. Boston. Also a few Vessels wanted to brim Coal to other Juljl6i»2m. Sew all €. Str* lit, Of the late arm of Howard V Strout, Attorney and Counaellr r at Law, 105 Middle Street Opfoulte International Hank,.Portland. Ang 12—dkwSm NAVY SUBSTITUTES! i —AND— Volunteers. PERSONS having satMtirnta« or reerutli to put into too &lV i can have their pap* rs made out ' ll proper form, and their substitutes put on board lh • C. 8 SHIP "SABIN k” with dispatch and nt moderate charge. Substitute and tali tment paper* for the ARMY Utso made ont aud atie ded to, by atiDli in* to MANASSEB SMlTd Office 62 Kachan gebt., M , Over Lowell It ser.ter's. Ang 27-dhwtf USE THE BR0CK8IBPER 6AS REGULATOR, and a a r t r or n a as. Au* ft—dim To Wood Dealers and Lumbermen. 10,000 Cords Mood and Logs M"unit'd. PROPOSALS art desired for cargo** of the fol lowing wowde. viaWhite or Canadian Poplar, ; lit mlo.k Basword. or American Lmdea. Berob. Yellow Birch, and W .|:e or Hod Elm and White Spruce-all to he toeod and mcrchae'able Offer* mar ba made to lareiaa by .the cord, or io the log of 8 or 12 or Id feet long, iron* II inche* In tliamcierupward, to bedeiireredon navigablewater for reeaela dra • log wben loaded l ine foot. Part'. a pieaae elate the kicd of wood, and the amount they can farmed, where they wi-h to deliver t r thin- ' went, and whr-u It wi<l b» delivered there, and the lowea- cash price per cord or KXM feet, sa they dwire to eontraet ror further parUcalua. or tending pronotal* please add re.t * ' ^ ' , B. BLFFCM, Treaearer Americ.n Wood P.per Company _Aag23_uU„ Provldenoa, ft. 1. MILLOOHAD'S PATEXT PAIXT OIL. A Parfeot Substitute for Liu teed Oil, ASD KCCZ OHSAPtZ. IT la oted In the tame manner a* L'aaeed Oil, dr|e* quietly and vary bar «, c«n b ■ a-ed with all color., and pva deemed advantages lor all work on ma> nfartannr eetab Ltm nit. depot* cart, engines, all kinds of l'ou work, for root., aed wherove-a warier proof palu» |. require!. Poe all kiodt of ihlp work, esp ied to tall water, It la ta perlnr to auy r ther. ordtn to CRAFTS & WILLIAMS. « A 8 CottttasciAL Wstar. Borros. Bostcn, Aug 27,1888. augfeoc&n, For the Fool. - .tT"*. Steamer “CUPPER" wUl leave l resist ee.aesI1*netory It'and Wharf. Saco, for the every dav.(Sunday eaeiptedlai 10 a it. and2p m. Keturaiag. leave Uw Pool at 11 a. u and Sr w, arriving In time for iha evening train for Portland. Fart from Saco to t Ac Pool amd back SO oit. Excursion Ticket, fornl.bcd to pa-tiec ot Filty or mor , irom Portland to 'he Pool and back, by rail road and iieamboat, at 9u eentt BOSS ft STURDIVANT. , . ”8 Comnercia, Si.,Portland. Ang. 8d, 18ft4.—dtt NOW IB TUB tTmB to uaa tbs BROCKSIEPER'S GAS REGULATOR EDWARD SHAW, Aorf 6—dim BRADFORD * MAR MON, Pen»ion and Claim Agent*, (Kctibllahed mlSM.) STILL eontinue todcrotc their areola!and uxcia alva attention to the prosicutiou of Claims for Pensions, Bounties, Arrears .of Fay and Prize Money, And all other claims against the Government, h V ing been duly licensed therefor. IF All advioe free, t erms as low at at any otb er Agency, and no pay inquired untilthe claim tare obtained. Otfloe 88 Exchange street, Jo«c Block. f Bradford, z. K. llAKMOS. Juneai— dtf T. J. HURRAY, Inspector of Distilled Spirits, Ccal Oil, Tobacco and Cigavi, May be found at the office rf Hon. N. O. Marshall. Assessor for tbe Hist District of Maine, No. XI Kx* chat go St , ► ortiand. Me. Aug H. OSGOOD, DENTIST, Bo. 8 Clapp * Block, Market Square, rOKTLA.VD. XW*Artificial Teeth loseited on fJo/d, Silver, and Fu ciinite fast. All operations iwrrteftd to tin satisfaction. JnneSOeodisly’W B ridgton Academy, At North lliidgtoD, Hatce. TUS Fall Term oftbi* IpstlttiUoa wllloommenee on Tueedxy, 8ejt. 8 t884. TUOO. H. MEAD.Sto y. Ann P-eodAwid _ _ ) Matos'S Orrica, I . , . Ausu.t 1864. I The Attention of the olt'fns of ibis City Is ter tlculnrly celled to the following n "T i r JACOB McCKLL AN, Mayor. Provost M*r*hal’s Ornn. I Unit District, State ot SDine I lu ncicrdence with inetruc ions receive! from ibe A. A Provost Men-hnl l.eaeielot Meine, exeminf li**ne of tuen from the d'tfe'-ent town* in this die triot will tie continued » iih e view to oorectihe enrollment !i*ts. end corre pondiuji correoron win be made in the Quote*, xceordinn ns nnmee xre add ed to or etiloteu from the lists _ , C»A»t«8_B. Vcoaarr' CnptAiaARdr.oroetlUr.hAl. , A*|. tt, 1*84. *1" 1 AUCTION SALES. E. M. PATTEN, AUCTION KEE, U Exchange St. Dwelling Houses St Land on Ctua* OWriunti St„ at Avction. N'Sepbmber S3, xt 12 o clock os the i curoSToi •■V,n*,>®rl*®d *b®ve Washington St., 1 2«the,niT,ilrC' UI,’,wu 2 <"<"««* diclltb,.: goon order mVi*.*•"£?. B.'V1> Mw ,n" '■ 1 lack b»u thert.n#.*0 feet #b LumbeilundBt . rming Aogu.t 12-23“ to post tiro. Horses, Cur «!„*,*, A Hai ntlM,€V, at Annion, ON Saturday, Sept. g). „ 11 o’eloak A U ok Lime atioet, Horace. a.n inchaa Carr,ada. lop Bagg)i*Ceaeawe Warn*!' Jenny Linda, Expre,. W agou and U.rne,.M*tcxII ot each now and aeooncj haud. A.g 8-dtf “***** flAiLKT * CO..Anet’re EDW M PATTEN. Al’UflONESB, 12 Ex change 8t Commercial SI., Property at Auction. O®. Wondar, Sip ember Ith. at quarter pact eooiock in tboniter,ooo, wil]% told, nttn ,n»t oT£,\-thB K,rf Lot i/Land, mat °iP^b.Lir, wmk“Cl,mmmtu ireau* Uk-‘ y® commercial ■treat of one haa ■ele wuLrb, “ “ “,u*f*aB,BB ‘••Nlcdto tfala reaeive M Ul**Ce iLat u ml*] be solo withe at --- tugll uid PAITEN, ALnicMum, la Exchange St. Arlininiairaior’a Sale. *T- ^CnoM. B)or, a% - .r.‘».T/„r;^f,,Pln,^b7 ,u *• brntaua Count), I .hall eebTt TeMm’JLToJJ** tbe preml-er. oo Aon a, tbe Stb d>, if A 13, id t, .ta ocicot tu tbe if -•ent of debit, and e. a.g. > if Acmin»Hii£Lp?iI from toe Ea at* of tbo lot. W . *mfch VII tourtbt la evmtaoD aid nBdi,.d»d. of iba Tataaba loto Laud oo CoMimeieial ttreet. o»a>lv crmaita ■ hr bead of Fraiiklio Wharf, togoibar wlib umTIII rept'ioii of Dower I* than me Ibta lot extra' • frt a Cimmvrcial to ton Street and hoe a good front on loti, air, eta. * Tbe a idow’a of Ituweria 'he above proo* eity wilt be sold at the ante time end p'ace r Tbi< lot t.ea a treat on « omaeteial Street of ab at M fevtby abut ;37 eat la ctptb. It loatla gicat tborouglara trtm tbe Grand Trunk I>»| at ta the Weati rn K. E Depot, and ie the only lot that la not lb the bOLdaot Capttellara Plan of uta pro,a, ta may be aaea at tbe Xe'chaata Exchange, and particulars at tha CfBoaoi tha Auc tioneer angJO dt. ___8, J, ANDEB8QS. Admiafctraur. Very Hesiruble Heal Collate at A net lan. ON Wednesday. Sept 7. at 3 o'clockt . M on the prcmlaea, wc eha’I • wll a aalnable property near tbe Iowa UoU'elnCapa Kllaataih, ta tha lead to the (Mean Moure and oee mile ircm Portland Btidae, contain* eboal term of land la n tair •tataoi oaluaatioa.and admirably adaptca to early gardening. On it it a sice out and a halt alory Cot tore Uonae. admirably arrarred and Uniat ad flcm garret to cellar: a good e able, cortege huaae wood "Ola#, timer), ie— rearly all new. Tbarp la exec MLt water lu i a^nudauon of It. Alto t]«r«« amount or fruit such u G rapes. Curruate, Goosborr' a, Ie Thie propei It it bet a I fully located e mmundln* u Tlew of the Harbor, City end smrouiidimg Cou^ A HIH*TBAJL*T* CO. Aujr lA—*od3w-- then did EDWABD n. PATTEL Commission Merchant k Auctioneer Baa removed to the epaclcoa a tore U Exchange 8tro»t, four doors below Merchant’! Exchange. Will receive eonalgnmeate of Merc ban dice Ol avery daacription, for public or private aaia. Saiea of Beal Eatate. Veeaale, largoet, block a and Bar ebandiaa aoiicited. Caab advaneoa maer with prump t salta and return,. rnchll dly Carriages, Carriages! Firmly Bui and Neatly Fminhed. J. ¥. LIBBEY, No. 20 Preble St., f\FFEKii for sale. ut bl« establishment, M variety VS of Carriages mto« in tbu neatest and most u£ •taotia] maaiiHr. 1 be a»s< rtmtnt tempna*» »U «)• different etj les of Light Carrianes, ana tfc«v will •old ou the taunt favorable term* Fintu Intend, iuc to pirei’ue t images will And It for chair inter est to call ana eatjuie before buying uiutwhuru. * JaneSSOtf ECONOMVJS WEALTH. TQE tubKriber respectfully inform# hk irUrt. lu general thnt ha will Repair Gentlemens’ Garment a or »*ui Dkcnmn, AT SHORT NOTICE AND FAIR PRICES, So that Money can be Cared in three War 71am. J. M. 8T01T, 5o.E tiokln It. Aug 37—dtf_ TO THE AFFLICTED I i»r. fr.iTTiuiiiNe, Medical Electrioi&n, Mo. II Clupp'i Block, COUt/EH OECOM9MMES AMD MUM STMMMTt thn worn form, ol dlneaec in pereoaa .he b.T.1,1^ other form, of treatment In tela, ,od nn tient, in ,o short n time tint the auction 1. ottnw “‘'J.,,-*0 th,r nnj oardl? To eoenet ihie quo,non w» will any thnt nil thnt do not itay on od .. will doctor Uib oocood «er uetliisf. Dr. D. ha, been l prnouot. -ueetrlciaa ft, tv.atT. one yearn, and la also a regular graduated p,,.,! . *» parteotly adapted to chronj a the form of nerron. or sick Uadaoaa; nioraUe to the head, eatremMea. C'.nenkotionwli a la the acate stages or .here the (aaatiunmit, mi I Involved; aonte or chronic rh -ew.* oleenoee, white sw-cllla*,. .plan) of the spine, contracted mneelea, 0,0 " ■“•*F«i«, »«• Fling- Dane., dcaiteae etln ! ta-ringor beejtaney ofnpeaoh. dyapettka. ivdtge.. tB n, oonstzpaUon knd liver ovmi Ikict r*)tt ttw nja •Tory ou« ttx»t cab be prceented; *.t*»TbroBct - t1 gyf?r? of HA Mil font of i oomplklBUd * By Bleotriolty Tbn Kheematie. the goaty, thekmo and to# w, - leap with Joy. and more with the agility aad eland. . Ity of youth; the heated brain le cooled; the front bitten limb, re, to red, the nnoocth dafbrmitiee ■orad: falntnena converted to vigor, waaknec o strength; the blind made to tee, the deaf to bear .. a toe enisled torm to move npright; the biartkhee'.« youth tire obliteruted ; the accident, of race It i ororeaud: the oalaaittee of old ago otmmmd aa aotive OTcalatioa maintained. “• LADIES Who hare sold hand, aad lent -rut —__ lama aad WMk baekii ntmu aad tick beedlTu; dlanluee, and swimming la the head with rndiYc. tioa and eonetipaUoa e? tha bowel,; pnia la thavE “d ,or »***“>’ fhlllag .flu womb with internal cancer,. turnon, polvoua and *11 »*>»* long train o, dtseuMa will And ta VuctPo Ity u,ure menu, of onre. For pnlnlhi meantrwntww too profane men. true Lion. and all of thoee loun ’twe of trouble, with young Indlee. Electricity u a oer ate tpeefdo.Mid will. In * .hort Ur... r„tor. ih,2km loth, vigor ol health. Sw Wc hone an Electro* Che icof 4nerww t• extracting Mineral Poison frvm 'bn sywtum tarh as Marumry Antiwar. Arsenic. *e. Hudrvh ,k, are troubled wtihsUff Jolatn, weak baake. s_nd ,.h on, other the direct owuee o' which in nine cnees out of ten I, the edict of po'abnoa, drain ona be ree.orod to antural strength and vlwov he a2 vs of from Are to eight Bathe. uy «ka Office hoar, from i o’alook A. k, bo 1 r a., U «l arl7»o S r. a. . vwaw.rn.114 Coamltatiow Fvee. ,T j, )tt)> Edwin C. Owen A €•., Wholesale and BeUli IXkisri la Foreign and Domestic Fraits, Confectionery, .VuU, Cigura, ■Vo. 15 Exchange St. ”Tii ffilwd Orange,. Lemons, Lime,, Tamaiinae.Prai on. Cit ron Kaiaice, Fig, Nut, ofall kinds, olives Pa dire* Dmsi Applet. Pairs. Patches Preeervad Frail.. Gum Drrne Loeengis, Cat. alee, limey op race Gum, Tohweoo. Cigar,. Plcklee, Papoer Sauce, ate., lie.' ST The Trade aeppllad eu tae moat liberal term#. Aug 15— Im NOW IS THE TIME TO U*B TUB BE0CK8IEPXBSGA8 EXGULATOB. EDWARD SHAW, Agmt. iMJl» _ LVMBKR, Oarolinn Lumbar Oonpuy. I'rJOjaSH **£??*'Appointedby the ebon tampan- g l» Aeaat for tb» sale o'lumber lor tha Star* afNaar York and all - on. and placet north of New York, and ia prepared to fornkh bard ptae lomber In any qmntltliby (be cargo, tawed to any doslr.i1 d mstxl Ibaiboriost notice, also Black Walnut, Bayarood, ku. JOB A. T17KNVK. No. M Washington St., Boatcn Mate. Ang. M. 1804. eedkm To Let. A Well, arrat.gad llcu-r, partially fkrnl.hsd. and tavorably locait d. will la let to a aa a l fam ily. af •stlaisctorj rtta-aoter and undoubted ablll y to pay rent who will parclta.e tha torn tare and fLx titrca. Addicts with name an-* rela-ancea. UulLMEd. Portland P. 0. Sept :-d«t_ For Safe. VN eight ho-ea power STtaa tram with all th- daturas, baa bora bnt little n ad; al-o a cood second hand G- ar < attar, and a email En.ioe Lathe. Apply to . _ ISAAC MeCLSt LAN. aeptl eodlw* Gorham. Attention 8sbre Zouaves ! ALL 1h» members of this Company ere requested to meet at toe armory on Weds* -day, 6* pt 7tb, atdo'oock t M . to eo to lbs la'aad for Targot , Practice. A pme will be awarded In-He be»t ahol: J let a'l be pieeeat. rar order r. U White. Cert. & lapU A. U. 8AWTEE. Cltrk. I £

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