Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 3, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 3, 1864 Page 4
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MISCELLANY. Rebel Reinforcements.—The Milwau kee Sentinel’s correspondent with Sherman U responsible for the following good one: A tacit understanding among our pickets and the Rebs, who are on the opposite side* of the river, has existed for the past three or four days. Some of our boys swam o\ r day belbre yesterday aud were very amicably re ceived by the Reb, who climbed the apple trees and shook down fruit to the Yanks; aud when one of them expressed a wish to take some back lor a stew to eke out his eveuiug meal of bard tack, a friendly Johnny iinined diately tore off the leg of his pants to make a bag of—that the leg was too badly worn to hold green apples, did not detract liotu the be nevolence of the act. But the armistice ter miuated this morning; notice was given by a reb yelling nut: “Hello I Tank!” “What do you want, Johnny?” “Cmi'tlalk with you'uns any more.”’ “Howls that?” “Orders to dry up I” "What for, Johnny ?” “Oh! JimBrownlow, with his Tennessee Yanks, swam over upon our left, last night, and at irined our rifle pits, naked—capturing sixty oi our boys and made ’em swim back with him. We ’uns have got to keep you ’uns ou your side of the river now.” Yesterday, a conversation took place be tween a couple of out-lying pickets, which shows that the movements of our troops are doeely watched, in less thau two hours a • ter the crossing of our troope, a reb yelled oat: “We’uns are going to give you ’uns—now Yauk!” “How are you goiDg to do it, Johnny ?” “We ’uns have got reinforcements.” “The d—1 you say ! What troope are they ?” “That one armed Yaukee, old Howard, with the 4 li, and Schofield, with the 23 corps, are ou <>or *ide now!” Co it- r ation ended iu a smile you could have heard farmer thau a Parrott can shoot, participated in by the skirmishers on both sides of the river. Strange Scene in a Church—A Mar Biaoe Frustrated,—One oi the most sin gular illustrations oi the well-known aphorism, “ There’s rnauy a slip ‘twist the cup aud the lip,” occurred, we are informed, in Antrim yesterday. It would appear that at an early hour of the morning a dashing suite of three oarriages, with the customary hymeneal ein beliisbineute, were lurnished by a well-known local posting establishment to convey an ap parently happy bride and bridegroom and a joyous wedding party to the historical town of Aulriiu, where the ceremony was arranged to take place. The party are said to have been in the highest spirits on the way, and ar riving in Antrim, at once pioceeded to the sacred edifice in which the twain were to be made one. The officiating clergyman was in readlaess, the bride and bridegroom took their places, and the pretty bridesmaids, with a pardonable flutter oi expectation arranged themselves la their allotted positions aud “all went merry ‘as a marriage bell” until the clergyman in the course oi the service, asked ll any present knew of any just cause or im pediment why the aspirants for matrimony be fore him should not be joined in that holy es tate. The query was iustantly responded to by a young gentlemau iu the body of the church, who protested he had just reason to forbid the bans; and, amid excitement which can be better imagined than described, he re quested permission to put a question to the bride. This was accorded him, aud in a man ly voice he asked her if she had not, some two years since, pledged her troth to him. The fair fiancee hung her head and answered “Yee!” and while her intended husband, iu concert with the entire assemblage, gazed in utter bewilderment on the scene, the flckle fair one put a climax to the proceedings by adding“And I will keep my word!” Inslaol ly seizing her former lover by the arm, she swept with him la majesty from the church, and entering one of the carriages which hail driven the party to the sacred edifice, drove off at locomotive speed with her recovered swain, to the residence of her mother, leaving the poor fellow in the church to ruminate over the inconstancy of flckle woman, and doubtless hoping “better luck next time”— [Northern Whig. UNION Mutual Life Insurance Co. 15COEPOBATED by the STATE OF MAINE Charter Perpetual Organized, 1M9. DIRECTOR’S OFFICE, M State Street, • - - . Boston, Mass. Pretidenl—HENR T CROCKER. Tie*- Prezietent—DANIEL SHARP. Becrztarg—W H HOLLISTER. H. G. WILSON. General Manager of Agencies the Xew England Mates. Assets, 81sf June, 1864, $930,000.00 Losses Paid to date, $ 750,050. OO Dividend Paid in Cask to date, $340,930.09 TB18 Company offers peculiar advantages to per sons intending to insure their lives, in Its satety and stability, acquired in its tenruea years’ expert •oca; in its xase s. which, (without its capital ol •KK-.bTO.) amounts to over tbreeqnartersof a million of dollars being more than two hundred thousand dollars In exoees of its liabilities for the reinsurance of all out-standing risks; in tne facilities presented in its aecommodstinr system of payments of premi um* ; in the large number, diversified conditions and ooeupmtions. various ages and localities of lives in sured, giving the largest requisite scope for the ope ration of the laws of average mortality, and t*e am plest guaranty to the insured for the benefits there of; in he division of profit . the annual apportion ment of which having tor the past fourteen year* averaged Forts per Cent, of the premiums paid. Polioies are issued upon all the pla s usual with Life Insurant** comp-nie*, and at as tow rates as i consistent with a view to equity and solvency. Parties desiriug Agencies In owns where the com nanjr have uoue, and tho*e wishing Traveling Agen cles within the ew England 8ta»es, will apply tc H. G WILSON. 0* State 8treet, Boston, givm snofi reeranee. or infbrm«tion as to age. preset*t and past wi Unable him to lorm Judg asnt In regard thereto Junel4d8m IHTUfttXATIO.AAL Fire Insurance Company 1 0f A’«« York, OJ&c* 118 Broadway. CASH CAPITAL $l,D00,000. WM E WARREN, President. HAMILTON BRUCE, Vice President. GEORGE W. 8AVAGE, Secretary 'Portland Board qf Ptferences : Jon* B. Baowx k Son, Uexhkt Flbtcbkx k Co. H. J. Libby k Co. Johv Lyhch k Co. The undersigned haring been appointed Aobvt and Attoiiit for this Compa* y, is now prepared tissue Policies on Insurable Property at current kW Portland OJIce, 166 Fere Street. PARTICIPATini* Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Thit Company will iaaue Police* to be free after tbi payment 01 *tx, eifhter ten Premium* at the option of the insured and at rates as low as any othn Company. The iaaue ol Free Policies renders it at v 'least equal if not superior to the participation jpanies. OOoe Ho. 102 Middle St. CHARLES HOLDEN, Pre*. EDWARD HUAW, gee. Eabld dfcwtf. NOTICE PROVOST MARSHAL'S OPFICR, 1 First District, Stateqf Main*, ( Portland. August 11th* 1864 ) I*QUIKIfcS on all ordinary subjects connected with the enrolment, dratt, exemptions, liability to draft, credits and accounts of men furnished*, should be addressed to the Proroot Marshal of the Congressional District, and In case he is not able to er them he will ask information <*f the Prorost Mas bxl General of the btate. Answers ma> be thu* 9***rv<l more promptly than by addressing the Pro ▼ost Marshal General at Washington, where mori °ft«o prerent prompt answers to multitude ot inquiries now addressed to the Hu r®*“ P«r»onal and other matters of minor ooase quenoe. By Order of Major J. W. T. GARDINER. . . . CUARLEK H DOCGHTT, Ai* lV“ tor0',0“ tot Diatrict Maine. Dissolution. rpHE •npdrtner.hip heretofore exitttn* between X Sweat and Cleave* a» Attorney* at Law i. day dissolved by motnal the affair* 0t th. late Arm will be adjtm'ed by either party bf M' Sweat will coutinne In limine.* at ofltre k„ 117 Middle «treet, Mu.«ey s!Kow. e® "° Mr Cleave* at the office of Howard A Cloare* v„ 21 Middle *treet, over Ca«eo Bank L. D M. SWEAT, _ NATHAN CLEAVES Portland, Jnly l*th. 1A64. JylSdUm Dissolution. TI1HE artnof Howard A Strout, a* Attorney.and Coun*ellorii a' Law, I. thl* day dlwolved by ran 22““® »l»r partner will attend to the *et difivS. Elizas?to oecapy °a°**1 M,d' eppoatM head of PI umb'rreet** 106 *“ddl* *trM'' Jos*rn Howakd, Portland, J ana 27, ISM —d8m*LL C 8T,0<rr For Sale. THE easterly half ol the two atorled Hoate No 4 Horton PlnaetDow St ) A tnvorablaopporten* "7 fcr “T«®r* wMhln* to purehaae a .mill tenement For parMeolan anqaira oa the premleee. Auf 18—dSw k Ik • MISCELLANEOUS. THE DAILY PRESS, CALORIC POWER * JOB PRINTING OFFICE, I i N. A. FOSTER & CO., Proprietors, Fox Block, 82 1-2 Excnange St., • PORTLAND. ME. Attention is reapevtfully Invited to our unrivalled facilities for executing in THE BEST STYLE OF THE ART, Every description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. Our Establishment Is furnished with all the ap proved MODERN MACHINERY, And our oolldelion or Book and Fancy Types Will bear fkrorable comparison with any establish ment in Hie city. Business and Professional Cards. |Of ever, variety, atylo and coat, PRINTED AT SHORTEST NOTICE. BiU.Henda Ruled nnd Cut in the Neat est Manner. BLANKS AND BANK CUECKS, Of every description executed in the beat ityle. Railroad, nnd other Corporation Work, done with promptnee* and fidelity. INSURANCE POLICIES, bills of lading, TIMS TABLES, and all aorta ot LEGAL DOCUMENTS, at short notiet. SerKom, Keportc, ud til Lindt of PiapLleti, Put up in superior style. oiwii/.t’u uim For Apothecaries. Merchant*, aud Fancy Dealers got up in the best style ol the art. "Weddinor Cards, Notes qf Invitation, Visiting Cards, Lists qf Dan* os*, etc., etc., qf every variety and cost, tarnished at short notice. LARGE POSTERS, Hand-blll», btiop>bills. 1‘rognm ■ft, Circulars I And plain printing of every description. Also, Rule and Figure work, executed neatly, and on terms that crainot tail to satisfy. THE DAILY PRESS Printing Office has one of Roper' Improved Calorie Etiffinrs for motive power, and is tarnished with improved and costly Presses—Cylinder and Platen— from the most celebrated makers. We have in con stant use one of H(>4VS LARGE CYLINDER PRESSES, capable of throwing off <500 Sheets an hour ; one of Adam*s Power Presses—the be*, book press in the world ; Adam's aud Potter's Past Machine Job Presses; buggies'superior Card Pres . Adams'and Union large Hand Presses, StandmX Presses, and all the machinery neceeeary for a well appointed office. The Daily Pres* Job 001 oe is believed So be as well tarnished as any similar establishment in the State Those sending order from the country may rely on receiving prompt attention. We execute a'l orders in the sbortostpossible time and in the neatest and best manner. We will do ail kinds of printing as well and as promptly, and as cheap as any other establishment In the City, Conn ty or State. AU orders for Job Printing must be directed to the Daily Press Job Office, No. 82J Exchange street, Portland. Me. The Job Office Is under the personal supervision of the senior proprietor, who is the CITY PRINT ER, and is himself an experienced practical work man, and employs only well-skilled mechanics in this department ol his work. The Portland Daily Press, Thalargest <»ily paper east ol Boston, aud having a larger circulation than all the other dailiea in the city combined. Is pabluhed at tbe Office In Fox Block, 89 1-9 Exrhantjr Afreet. every morning— Sunday e.toepted, at BS 00 per annum. THE MAINE STATE PRESS, The largest paper In New England, eight page., in published every Wednesday, containing all tbe new. by mail a d telegraph, important reading matter. Marine List. Market Ueports, *e., of tbe Dally Tree.,at the following price., vir:— Single ropy, one ye«r, luvnrlubly iaadraacr.*2.00 Subscription, solicited. Agent, wanted in every town. Postmasters requested to act a. agents. IT. A. F08TEK A Co., P&opkiktom. Portland June 1, 18«4. dtf ALDRICH’S PATENT Walter Elevator ! APATEN1 cum bluing more good and less ban qualities than any ntner lixture iu use for Ijoum wells. Don’t fail to see it before you buy auy puu|< or anweroowin use. It works so easily tnat a ouiid eight years' old can draw with it. It is low priced; it leaves nothing in the water to injure it: it does not freeze; it is simple; It is not likely to get out of order. The bocae hss no valve and empties itself. You have your well all opeu or oov ared at pleasure, and it just such a simple fixture a* evary man needs who values pure water for family use. ^Drawers and Town and County Bights lor. BOYNTON ft HIGGINS. . «a>-. 18 and 16 Warren Market. Portland. _ iyl9d3m JAMES EDMOND & CO. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 13 LIBERTY SQUARE, .. BOSTON j i^p«-S&UTOr,b,e r*‘~- colt PIG IRON, ▲Iso, BAR, SHEET, f BOILER PLATE IRON, of English and Scotch Manufacture We shalleontiuue to receive, in addition to our American Brick, a regular supply of ENGLISH, SCOTCH, ft WELCH KIRI mchll eodflrn PEN SIONS ! BOUNTIES! -AND Back pay : iK^lS!ine<!. loJ Woaaded Soldier. (di«ch.r,e,1> t* the hu b, °f du0e,ue<i eoldier. who »re entitle. I BYKON i>. vehuill. iltonej »d Cornellw, u K«. 117 liddle Street, -AND W»h:£,£rnt f°r •“ lbo Department* at Portland, April 38,1864. _aptteodta PORTLAND DRY DOCK COM HAMA7. AN assessment of Eight Dollars per «har* on «»* Capital Stock of the Company is now duea'nd parable at the offlee of the Troienrer, IK cI ^ •ial .treet. C. M OAVI8, TreumS"' Jaijr l#th, ISM.—dtf artr' RAILROADS. j FOR CHICAGO, M1LWAUK1E, Aud ail parts of the West. UCIKS10S T1CKBT3 M CHICAGO, HILIAlkll, ! And nil other points at the WEST, SO ITU A NORTHWEST, Forsale at the reduced rate* ot fare at the Union Ticket Office, 31 Exchange St., ! IV. I*. Lillie, Agent. JavtSMdtf FOR THE WHITE MOUNTAINS^ Montreal, Quebec, Niagara Falls, AND HBTUltN. . Excursion Tickets for sale at the REDUCED RATE S , liy W. D L, I TT I, K . Aaent, UNION TICKET OFFICE, |une24tf 31 Exchange street. Summer Tourist’s & Traveler’s Great Combination ol BXOURSIOUS! For the Season of 1864. Ticket* <>ood to Hciuiii to November IkL LUA\D T»m K&AILHA1. Prom Portland —TO— White Mountain*, Montreal, Quebec, De troit, Chicago, Wilwaukie, Niagara I'alis, and return AT VERY LOW RATES OF FARE. Only $ld to Chicago or Milwaukie, $25 out and return, via. Sarnia Line. To Chicago and Return, all rail, $;i5. Also, to Boston, Mow York, up the Hudson River. Saratoga, Lake George. Returning from Miagara Falls either by Grand rrut-k Railway, or b> the Royal Mail Line through toe Tho usauU Islands and Rapid* of the bt. Law ranee. American Money taken at I'ar tor Tickets, Sleep 1 ing Car.- aud at RetrG*hine.'it baioons. Arrange menu hae been made with the Proprie tor* ol i he principal Hotel* in Mon areal, vjuebec and D* truit to *ake Aim-iican Money at par, cb&rgiui! Mow York Hotel prices. For Tickets or inf rmuiion apply to Aokmt of Grand Trunk Railway. E. 1*. BEACH, General Agent,273 Broad way.M.Y. V\ u i Lowsus, Eastern Agent, Bangor. June 11.—d4w * REDUCED RATES ! ■nroitTAivr to tbavelcbs —to run— West, North West & South West! W. 1). LITTLE. IS Agent lor all the great leading route* to Chica* i go, Cincinnati. Cleveland, Detroit. Milwaukie, Galena, Oskosh. St. Paul. LaCro*se, Green Bay, ! tguiucy. bt. Loui*, Louisville, Indianapolis, Cairo etc., etc., and is prepared to furnish Thuocoh I n kktp from Portland to all the principal cine* and towns in the loyal States aud Canadas, at the lowest rates of taro, and all needful information cheerfully granted. Traveler* will tiad it greatly to their advantage to procure their tiskots at the VnioD Ticket Office, 31 Exchange Street, (U!‘ STAIRS,) W. 1). LITTLE, Agent. ttr Pxssungvr. for California, by the OM Line Mail Steamer aud 1‘anama Kaiiroad, may be secured by early application at this office. Tickets to Montreal and (juebre and return (via the Brand Trunk llailwaj | may be obtained at this agency on favorable terms maykfidk wtl ««**D TBUXK KAIL WAV Of Oanndn. SL5151EE AEKAXOKMEHT, htjemMTZ On and after Monday, June 27,1864, inSrMO trains wUI ran dally, i Sundays except ed) until Itirtber notice, ir iollowt: I'p Trams, Leave Portland lor i.lnnii Pond. Montreal and Quebec at ;.0j a. - and 1.25 p. a, Dowd Irani*. Leave Island Pond for Portland, at 6 <U a. a, and k 15 P. x. The Company are not responsible tor baggage to any amount exceeding *50 In value, and tliat per •onai, unless notice is given, and paid tor at the rate of one paasenger lor every Soiiu additional value, a BKYD0L6. Managing Oireotor. H. UAILEY, Superintendent. Portland, June 25. 1864. ootS PORTLAND ANDIK^EBKC R.R SPRING k SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, Commencing Monday, April 25. 1864 PameBgt r truiuH leav e Skowhegan for i mu. aud Bunion. at 8 i:> a M . Au guaa, ll.Ov A.M iLd Hath lg 10 p. M. Anansta Mf *Uili at 6.3o A, *.; Bath 6.3o A Portland for Ha* b, Au« usta. Waterville.Kendall'* Mill* auu Skowhegai , at 1.10 P. M Port laud for Bath and Augusta 8 16 P M Paeaouger* for nouns ou the Audro*ooggin Rail road will charge carp at Brunswick lhe 1 1U . M. train f cm Portland connects at Kendall* Mill# with Maiue Central Railroad lor Bangor. Ac , arriving «aim evening Stage# lea \ e li* h lor Rockland at 9 A. M.and 3 1* M. Stages leave Augusta 'or Belfast at 4 P M Stages leave Skowbegan at 6 10 P. 51 for Anson Soion.fcc. Through Tickets for all the stations on this and n € Androscoggin Railroad, can be procurred m Boston at the Eastern or Boston and Maine station*. AnHi 18 me?' auL,8HMAX,Superintendent April 18, 1864 ap23tf Vork A Cimbeiiund Kallnad. SUMMER AKKAXdEMEXT. On aud after MUXIiAY, April ltb,, 1864, trains will leave as follow*, nntil further notice: Saco River lor Portland at 5 46 t Freight Train with i’uiwetiger Care) and 9 16 a m . ai d 8.80 r u. Leave Portland tor have Riter, 7.46 a. if. and 2.00 and 6.30 r m. The 2 Oh p m. train out, and 6.46 a m. train into Portland, will he freight train# with pax«*nger car* attached Mage# connect at Saccarappa daily for South I Windham, Windham Center and Great Fall# At Gorham for West Gorham, SUndi#h Steep I Fall#, Baldwin. Sebago, Bridgton, Hiram, Liming ! ton, Cornish, Deumaik, Brownfield. Lovel, F rye burg, Con way )Bartlctt, Albany, Jackson and Ka I ton. N. 11. i At Buxton Center for Weft Buxton, Bonner Ea gle, South Limiugtou. Limington and Limerick I At Saco River tri-weekly, for Hollis, Limerick, Oasipee. Newfield, Pardon-held. Elfiugaam, Free dom. Madi-on, raton, Corrib. Porter, Ac Kart# 6 cent# leu* when ticket# are purchased in the Offloe, than when paid,in the Car#, DAN. CARPENTER, Supt. Portland April 7,18U4. dtf ■TLAINJE CENTUAL KAILftOAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT'. MJ Tin ill ii Train# Portland, Grand Track (HE3BHStation, for Le wiston and Aubarn, at 7 ▲. m. V . _. _ « nr_ RETURNING—leave Lewiston at 6.20 a. m.. and arrive in Portland at 8.30 a m. Leave Bangor at 7 JO a. m. , and arrive in Portland at 2 15 r. m. Both these trains oonneet at Portland with trains for Boston Freight train leave* Portland at 8 a. m., and re turning is duo in Portland at 1 p. m. Stage- connect with train* at principal stations, daily for most of the towns North and East ot this line. C. M. MOUSE, Sup t. Waterville, N -vember. 1863. deol4 PORTLAND, SACO A PORTSMOUTH RAILROAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS Commencing April lltdft 1864. Passenger Traius will leave the Bta tion» Lanai street, daily, (cur,days ex cepted ) a* follows • Leave Portland for Boston, at 8.45 a. m and 8.C6 p. M. Leave Boston for Portland at 7.80 a. m. and 3.00 r. ar Leave Portsmouth ior Portland, at 10.00 A. m. and 6.80 p. M. These trains will take and Joave passengers at way j station*. Freight train* leave Portland and Boston daily. | FRANCIS CHASE, Superintendent. Portland. Oct 30.1803. oo81 edtf NOfKJfi. V8TE, the undorsigued . having sold our Stock of ! tf Coal and Wood to Mt «*rs. Randall, Me Alii trrlf\Co., do ehcerluUy recommend them to our former customers. All persons having d'.maud against uk are requested to pn sent them tor settle- I raei.t, and all persons indebted to us are requested to tnakt immediate payment at the old stand w here ! one ol the undesigned maybe found for the prt s*ut. SAWYER ft WHITNEY. I Portland, June 6.1864. juncl<kl3w Coal aud Wood! r|lHE subscriber hating purchased the Stock of j J Coal and Wood, aud taken the Maud recently j occupied by Messrs.- Sawyer ♦ Whitnew, head of i Maim H'harf, are now prepared to supply their I former patron* and the public generally, with a flue a<st rtineut of WELL PICKED AND SCREENED Old t'omprniy Lehigh, Nugar Loaf Irf’high, ILtzcIlon Lohigh, Locum Mountain. John’s, W hite niul Red Ash, Diumoml and I,or berry. Together will, the best quality of Cumberland Coal ! A Superior Goal for ItlacktmUlu. Also, Hnr«l J»n«l Son vv «nd. | Delivered to order In any part of the olty. TUe former customers of Mea.-rv Sawyer ft Whit ney are respectfully invited to give ue a call. RANDALL, McALLISTtli fc CO. Portland, Jute 18,1884.—dly STEAMBOATS. Portland and Penobscot River, Summer Arrangement, 1864. THE NEW, STAL'NCll AND COMMODIOUS S'iEAMEK LADY LANS, Built expressly for this route, 1 APT. WILLIAM R. KOIX, oomiuence her 8ummer Ar* ^^Jggj^^-rangcuuiit ou MONDAY MOKN JuueC.b, Leaving Bangor ev ery Monday. Wednesday aud Friday Morning*, at 6 o'clock. Returning will leav© Railroad Wharf, foot oi j State street. Portland, every Monday, Wednesday j aud Friday Evening*, at 10 o’clock, connecting with the Eastern. Boston aud Maine, and Portland, Saco I and. Portsmouth Railroads, from Boston aud Wav Station*, leaving Boston at 3 o'clock, P. M. m. i The Boat will touch at RockLnd. Camden, B?i fat^t. Bucksport, Win tor port und Hampden, both way*. 1 avenger* ticketed through to and from Bostou, Lowell, Lawrence, Salem aud Lynn. For more extended iuiormation, apply to J. O. Kendrick, Bangor; the local Agent* at the various landings: the Depot Masters oi th« P. 8 Bt P-. Eastern, and B. * M Railroad* . Abiel Soxnerby, Portland; Lang & Delano, Boston, or CiiAS. SPEAK, General Agent. June 4.—isdti Mon treal OceanStoamsliip Co. m One of the following first-class 4 uU* eteaniera of this Lineviz:—Peruvian. | V——- aj,.L* Hibernia, North American, .lure, Del iWMWMgian. Not. .Scotian, Monvian, Da II.u.-Li.- trom Quebec, av.uv Satuuday Uorkuim. lor Liverpool via Londonderry. AI»o the tteamerr St. David St. i.rnuua. St Akdbew. St. P«Ta!cK, tri monthly frum Quebec for Olangow. Prepaid and return iickutt it..ued at reducud rates. For passage apply to 11 a. A ALL AN, Montieal, or to J L. FARMER, maylfidtf No. 10 Exchange street Peril.nd. International Steamship Company. LaMpoit, Calais A St John. TWO TlUPsl’DIt WEEK. On and after Monday, March 38. the superior M*-going Meamer i NEW I1KLN8WU K. Capt. E. B. -- 1 Winchester, will leave Railroad Whan, loot ol State Street, every Monday at 6 o’clock P. M . and the Steamer NEW ENGLAND, Capt. K. Field, every Thursday at 6 o’clock P. M. for cast port and St. John. N. B, connecting at Eastpor; with Kieamer Queen, for Robinson,8t. An drews and Calais, and with Stage coat-lies ior Ma chias, and at John with steamer* ior Freder icton and with steamer Fin, eror for L'igty Wind sor and Jiaiilax, and with the K. A N. A. kkilroad for Shodiac and ail way station*. Returning, wit! leave St. John e very Monday and Tnd Boston'8 °’0l0ck A* M »ior ^tport, Portland of ,he A*en**“‘d c“rk uu 4 °’ciock p• m • »»<* —V**tf_ C.C. EATON, Agent. Foriiautf aud ilokion LineT the steamers Fomt City,Lewi»ton and Montreal ftn2w :“uiftrW B0U“' r“ »• >flii i FlSWIin. Leave Atlantic Wharf, Portland, ^T-dtieaday, Tlnunday and Friday, at To'clock P M., anti India Wharf lioaton FTrtd>ayMa?7oV0l«Ck1“>M.'VCU^4a‘y' tta"«V “d rare in Cabin.... 82 00 Freight taken as usual. * .--- 1V1 ^wKEUCv W any amuiini exceeding 860 in value, and that person al, unles- notioo is Riven and paid for at the rate of one passenger for every 8600 additional value. >eb.l8, 1363. dtf L BILL1NU8, Agent. Portland ;iad New York stteaaim SEMI-WEEKLY LINK. m The splendid and last Steamships "XjB# “i-OCUhT POINT," Uapt.. Winunr. -y.-'d.*^11 ^ "POTOMAC," Captain Shb& nJ^Saffnasa woop, will,until farther notice, run as fellows: Leave Browns Wharf, Portland, every WEDNLH. pXYtddjI SATUIUYAY, »<*P-M.anil leave Pier »North itlver, New York, every WEDNESDAY aud SATURDAY, at 8 o'clock, P M. 1 hose vessels arc fitted up with flne aecommodationi for passengers, making this the most speedy, safe and oomfortable route for traveller* between New York tea Maine Pa&s&go $7,00, Inoltiuing Fare and State Room?. Goode forwarded by this line to and from Montreal, Quebeo, Bangor, Bath, Augusta. Ea-tport and St. Shipper- are requested to send their freight to the •toamers aeearly a* 3 P M„ on the day that thep leave Portland. * Kor freight or passage apply to EMERY ft POX. Brown 's Wharf, Portland. H- B- CROMWELL * CO., No. 36 West Street, new i ora. Doc.6,1863. ,|ty FOB SALE & TO LET. --zzzzzrrrL— , - ^ House aud Lot No. 31 Danforth St„ For Sale. The two ttn^ a half storied wooden dwelling |i;i House and lot, No. J1 Danforth St, contain Mnm log ten good sJ/cd rooms, with a bathing r* oui—piped for gnu throughout— a turuac« that will boat every^art oi the house, ('intern lor rain watrauda never failing well of drinking water. Copper irnmps, *o On the prem so? are a good barn and sheds. The lot i» about 126 bv 44 feet. 1 he house can be examined ant day from 10 A M till 5 P M.. by calling «»n the eubsorii er who will furnish particulars aud teiin? >t sale. J K BRAZIER, Insurance Company Building. No. 27 Exchange St. Aug 3—dtf Hou*e hii (I I ft oust* Dot* For Sn le, * Located in Westbrook, about five minute? walk from the Horse Cars at Woodford’s corner. Also, t*ie piea-autiy located two ?t«i v Dwelling Home ana ix>t, re cently occupied by Mr. J C. Hemick The lot con tain? about twy Acres, and is one ot the tiuest loca tions lor a genteel residence to be found in the sub urbs of Portland, being lesa than two miles trom tnc ft ortiand ft oet Office, and commands a tine view of the city. further particular* call on the undo;signed at ile Fore Street, corner Union Street. Jf14dtf__ BULLS DUNHAM. Dwelling iloitsr- lor Sale. A two story dwelling house on Congress St. m arly opposite the castellated Villa of 8. L. Asnki.'ailton, t. q , and uu the Hue of the Horse nailroad. Thia house contain? fourth u hushed and is well adapted to accommodate two families, with -operate < ut building?, stable. Ac . aud a well of ater in the yard. A large part of tho purchase money can lay on mortgage it de*ir*d Tbw property will be oil red at Auction on the first of August, it not sold before. , . , ALLEN HAINES. Portland. July 21, 1S» 4. Provision More for Sale. fllHE Slock and fixtures of a Provision Store, M. favorably located in a thriving manufacturing town, on the line of 11 It., a few miles from Port land. This L a good chance for a party w ith a *wall capital. Exne »e* email; rent only live dollars a month. Will L -old low tor cash—change ot busi lies? cau 0 of sale. Pre-ent quota of the town to be filled by enlistment?, ( all on or address iturned 1 Ately O. W BURNHAM. International House, Portland. Me. Aug. 23. 1*34 —dtf t.aiHl (hi Free street for Sale, f ■$ftlK valuable rtal estate ou F ree street, known M. a? the “Furbish property ” 1 he lot i* about lutf feet on Free street ang oxtend* buck about 174 teet. Said estate w ill be sold a? a whole, or the easterly halt of the dwelling house, with lot about 40 by 17b feet, will be sold by ittelf 7 Application may be made to James Furbiah. FAq.. on the premises, or to (iEU. K. ft. JAUK&ON, Jnlyldtt isotohange street. . _ Pleasantly situated in Windham,on the road leading from Gray to (tor- ! ■t upulna hum. containing titty acre, suita H( it hty divided into tillage, pasture i sod woodland. The building* are a good dory god a half house with convenient out buildings. Tcrtuxeasy. Tor further particulars ap PJ.V *0, A. U. PURIVUTON. »ug3w4w* Had Windnam ! For Sale. ASyL'AKII block of land, of abont 78000 acres i of wood land, on the south aide of the river i St. Lawrence, in Panada Fast It is lutc-rccoded by ! two considerable rivers with eligible Mulsh* Well wooded with every description of timber, such at Kine and spruce in largo quantities, and maple, erch. beech, taiuarac aim ban wo-d tcany amount Enquire of il. T. MACIJIN, Portland Portland, Feb. 1364._ feb-f. eodtt For knlc. L CLIFT COi I AGE, containing over 1C : Ziji a; rooms.large stable and sheds—situated two iedJStS l*n<1 o“e-liall mile* from Portland, and the ■■5X13 tin-si situation in Cape F.iiaboth fora *i imJS5:-3 ti ring place, and summer board-rs Tor particularsenquire of GEO.OWEN, ap7dtt 101 Congress Street. Portland. For Dikiis ONE half the three story brick Week, situated on Congress St., near the hea,. cf Park 8;., one ol the most desirable locations in the city, i-'or par ticular in uirc of Mr. S. C. Cba-cor 0. C. Telman at F. A Howard's under Lancaster llall Aug 8—dim* For snle. V T WO story House and Lot. situated on Port-j land street, with Stable and othcrout buildings Also two adjoining lots containing about eight i thousand square feet. Enquire of N. STEVENS, I No. 47 Portland street. JuueAItf Iloose For Sale. t TWO story wooden house. No 18 Adams street, gV 11 tinistied rooms, convenient tor two families! plenty of good water. For particulars Inquire ol B. J. WILLA RD. Portland, May 14 1*64 mayltoodtf To Lt‘l. IjlOl'K Offices single or in suites, over Stores Noe. 152 and 154 Exchange Strict, opposite the Inter national Uouse. Apply 0 a the premises to j) * dtf A. L. BROWN. To Let. tJTOBH now occupied by us. Possession given O immediately. Also, a Front Office In Hanson Block. Iau8 dtf II. J. LIBBEY A CO. To Let. r|lHE Store now occupied by K. E. Little, under X Mechanic Halt. Enquire of C. P. KIMBaLL, «ug25 Preble Street. To Let. ONE BTORE in Galt's Block. Apply to H. T. MACH1H, •p2* dtf MEDICAL. irswctacaracssriy airf tria—gnaaug:"”~'ar,rmrr~ —x t'OK THE HATION ! IDE'S 1Y STEPS IA (IRE! The World’s Great Remedy -FOB Dyspepsia and Indigestion ! 19D ALL D incases OF THK STOMACH AND BOWELS Prepared by the Proprietors of "Coe's Cough j Balsam.” Dyspepsia i. not only the sure forerunner of death j but the companion of am eerable life. It has well been called the Nation's scouige; for more persons, \ both old and young, male and female, sutler front its ravages, than from all o’Iicr ailm. utr. combined. It robs the whole system of its vigor and energy, gives weariness and total indisposition to these once i strong and active: renders the stomach powerless to digest the food, and lias lor its attendants. Headache, Heartburn, Constipation, Nausea at .Stomach, and General Debility of the whole System, refusing its subjects a particle of nourishment or hearty food without paying the penalty in the most agoniiing distress, and oftentimes completo prostra tion. To m et ’lie terrible ravages of this worst ot all diseases, we have prepared "COE'S DYSPEPSIA CURE" and we pledge our reputation upon our statement, i when we say it will Po*itiTely Cure the Worit of Yob, uot in a year—not in a month—nor in a week—but you shall pee its beneficial influence at once imme diately, and tlio day you take it. To you who have lired lor years upon tiraham Dread aud plain diet, who dare not eat any thing the lea»t-wi*e hearty — first, because the Doctor has ordered the plainest tood. ami secondly tor fear the di.-tre»s it eauscs— rising and souriug on your stomach, wesay ait down to your diuner. eat as hearty a meal as you wish, and as soon as the tood begins to distress you, fol low it by a single teaepoonful of C O E • 8 DYSPEPSIA CUREI AMD IT WILL Believe You Instantaneously. thou enabling you, br hearty eating, and the use of the cure after each meal. (as often aa the food dis tresses you, or i oure on your stomach,) yon will get in a very few days so that y ou can do without the medicine, except occasionally, and by the time the first bottle is used up, wo will guarantee you free from Dyspepsia, and able to eat, digest and enjoy as beany a break.ast as you ever sit down to in your healthiest hours, aud we will torfeit to you the price of the bottle, upon your shewing that our statement is uot correct. The medicine is powerful but harmless, and whilst a single teas peonful will at once relieve the dyspep tic sufferer, the whole bottle wonld not materially Injure lom, as it is euUrely vegetable aud contains . no opiates All classes ot disease that havetheir ori gin in a disordered stomach and bowels, are dupei led in the same instantaneous way, by the use of COE’S DYSPEPSIA CURE! Fctvr and Ague, Sick-Headache, Sickness at the Stomach,Constipation, Heartburn,Colic Pains '» Stomach or 1 Souris, OytenUry, Vomit ing, a fceliug of Faintness and Ixusi lude, II ant of AppetiU, will not and cannot exist where the cure it used — It removes the disease ny removing the eause nut like Alcoholic Hitters winch cover ep your bad feel iugs for a tew moments by tbeirexnilarausgelTects beware otsucli remedies or betersges, but in their place Use a remedy that will restore the diseased ■auctions to their normal condition, and set in mo tion the entire human mechanism in perfect har mony, and upon principles synonymous with well defined physologtcai laws. Tbatsuch will be tbo ef feci of COES DYSPEPSIA CURE, immediately and instantaneously, we pledge our word as men ofhonor—our reputation as I’harmace uuats—our favorable acquaintance witl^the people at prop, ieiors of the World-renowned "tee's touch Unlearn," it it it used according to our directions which may be louuu with each bottle. We add below some lestimontais from oar eeigb bora ana townsmen, to which we ask your careful attention. TESTIMONIALS. ■From the Pastor i/ the Methodist K. Church, Mad ison, (own. I have used Coe's Dyspepsia Cure in my family aud can willingly testily to lu value as a medicine H tatty Dipicaxo, i'a*tor M. K. Church. Madison, Conn., June 3Uth, 1804. A Voice from home through our City Papers. u .. fiow listen. Conn . Jeue 18, 1861. Messrs, htiiturs .—Anew me, through yuir coi Bums, to acknowledge my gratitude tor tue benefit 1 have received trom jlie use of Coe's Dyspepsia Cure Althougu i was a great sufferer trom Dyspepsia the Hist dose gave instant relief, aud ore ounce has enabled me to eat auyihing 1 pleaae, without pain I have now stopped using the medicine as 1 no longer mod it. Tsunas Lywax. „ . Madison, Conn .June SO, 1864. 1 rom the benefit derived by the use of Coe's Dys pepsia Caro in my family, I am prepared to say that 1 never intend lo bo without it and advise all who are afflicted with Dyspepsia to try it. 1‘aitasDia Lewis. Mr Coe; — The bottle ol Coe's Dyspepsia Cure j ou gave tue has backed up your statement concerning it. I hero only used halt a bottle, aud ean eat piac apple short cake or anything el e, without trouble It acts like a charm. The relief it affords is instan taneous. Jus A, Lowuur. Nit Haven, June 18,1S64. Th -se who know my constitution, what my condi tion lias beeu tor the last thirty yeats, will beUeve with me that a medicine that will reach my ease will reach al must any owe. Coe s Dyspepsia Care has enabled me lo eat anything 1 please, and It is very s jldout 1 now hare to use the medicine. It relieved me in an Instant when 1 was in great pain My whole system is being strengthened by its use ' A it m K, Bauuott New litres, June 29, 1864. Iu> ortant to Traveler*. \Vhiie journeying on the car*, my stomach be came badly deranged, causing seven pain in my head. Had it been on the water it would have been called sea-sickness A lady sitting by me kuowiug my condition, reached out tbott e saying' "take a swallow." 1 did so. and tu lets than *ve minutes my tremble was ended. Tire uie-'icine was "Coe's Dyspepsia Cure,' and trota the effect it had upon the Stomach, and what I have learned of it since. 1 think II must be an excelleut remedy for Sea-sickness aud L>- spep-ia. _ MRS SAMLKLF1HLD. Madison, June 30th, 1864. M ~ Hew ilaTn,Ju«1Mi, 1864. >11 hsr* C. U. Clark * Co.—tUmtlmmcm:—X desire to make known the almost instantaneous electa af "l ot i Dyspepsia Cura," incaara of tkoUramorktu 1 hail been tor tweuty four hoars purging at the stomach auil bowels, every fifteen mutates I went into your drug .tore to procure some brandv, aa 1 had always been told that it was a good remedy lor Dysentery. My pallid face and my weakness at once attracUd tue attention ol the clerk in shirrs, and he asked me at once "what is the matter*" 1 ‘ replied : "1 hare been tortwentry-iour hours vomit ing and purging, aud I am uualne to stand or walk from weak ness, and this deadly sickueesat my itom uch c inpicteiy prostrates me.’ lie produced a bot tle or Coe's Dyspepsia Cure, saving. ' take a large swallow of that, it is now 11 o'clock; taken another after diuucr.'* From the moment I took that first dose of the i medicine my sickness at •tumaeh was gone—its effect was instantaneous. In an hoar I eat my dinner with i as good a relish as ever hungry man partook its 1 was well Cleared out of food.) and followed by a I teaspoouful ol care. 1 hart not suffered a particle ' o! inconvenience since I t'-ok the remedy. Its actiou was so w udtrtul aud so immediate I that 1 could hardly belisve the evideuers of my own senses and 1 desire to punliely make knows these facts,thatthu whole world may avail ihemselvea of : its use Like bread, it thould find a plaoe In every out s house, aud 1 believa that no one should go away from home without a bottle of It iu his pocket or whore it cmld be quickly made available. Truly yours, UKO. L. DRAKE. Ohs qf Mr Vwwnfp.Cre. New Haven. July 11th, 18*4."hi ! Me Co*—Sir:— Having been troubled with the Dyspepsia for some eight or twelve mouths. I hare 1 taken the usual kindsof medieinee, which have done me no good. I saw your aivrrtisement of a medi cine to cure the Dyspepsia. I have tried it, aud found it to be THE medicine The first M drops (the Tthof June.) that I took, relievid me in one minute I have taken it three or four times, but bare had ao distressing feeling in my sumach since taking the first 16 drops; although before. I could not eat a meal and sometimes no more than tbree or four mouthful!, without distressing me. Respoctmliy, J. p. WOODRUFF. New Haven. June 11th 18*4 Mr Co*—Dear Sir —The bottle of Dyspepsia Medicine 1 received from you. gave instantaneous relief. 1 only used it when' my food distressed me. It was about like taking two dotes to-day, one to morrow, then every other day, lnereasiag the quan tity ot lood and decreasing the medicine.until] waa eiiahh-d to eat withoat taking auytliiug at mil. My case wasan extreme one. having suffered for aevea years. 1 now consider myself cored, and by using omy one bottle of medicine In the spate of two I months. The dose waa a tsaspoorfu! Ell** S. All**. Sold by Druggist! in city and country, eyerv where. * Price $1.00 per Bottle. Orders by mall, from either dealers or consumer! promptly attended to. f 1 C. G. CLAHK A CO. fTkoUtale Dnggittt, Stte Raevw, Amis., Proprietors Sold in Portland by W. F. Phillips. H. H Hay, and all other dtalari, marthloodlyM medical. I OK. J. B. HUUUES ()▲■ Bn tuuKD at bis PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS 1 Mo. 5 Temple Street, WHERE he can be consulted privately, and with the utmost confidence by the afflicted, at all hours daily, from 8 a. M. to Up. n . hr. H. addresses those who arc sutfrring under the affliction of private disease, whether arising from impure connection or the terrible vice of selLabu-i. Devoting his entire time to that particular branch oJ the medical profession, he feels warranted in Cuas AMTKXINO A CUKKIH ALL C'ASXft, whether OfioUj standing or recently contracted, entirely removiu the dregs of disease from the system, and making perfect and PERM AXES T (JU RE. He would call the attention of the afflicted to t fact of his long standing and well earned reputation, furnishing sufficient assurance of his skill auu sue MM* CAUTION TO THE TUBLIC. Every intelligent and thinking person must know that remedies handed out from general use should haTe their efficacy established by well-tested expe rience in the hands of a regularly educated physi cian, whose preparatory study fits him lor all the dutie*> hemu?t fulfill; yet the country is flooded with poor nostrums aud cure-alls, purporting to be the best in the world, which are not only useless, but al ways Injurious The unfortunate .should be pautic ULAU in selecting his physician, as it is a lamentable Set incoutrovertable fact that many syphilitic ap ents are made miserable with rained constitutions by maltreatment from inexperienced physicians in general practice; for it is a point generally conceded by the beet synhilographers, that the study and man agement of these complaints should engross the whole time of those who would be competent ?nd successful in their treatment and cure. The inex perienced general practitioner, having neither op portunity nor time to make himself acquainted with their pathology, commonly pusrncs one system of treatment, in most casos maxing an indiscriminate use of that antiquated and dangerous weapon, Mer cury. HAVE CONFIDENCE. All who have committed an excess of aay kind,- j whether it be the solitary vice of youth, or the sting- | lng robake of misplaced confidence in maturor years, j SEEK FOR AX ANTIDOT IX SEASON. The Pains and Aches, and Lassitude and Nervous ' Prostration that may follow Impure Coition, are the Barometer to the whole system. Do not wail for the consummation that is sure to fol low, do not wait for Unsightly Vleers, for Disabled Limbs, for Loss of Beauty and Complexion. BOW HANY THOUSANDS CAN TEST1PY TO THIS B Y UNHAPPI BIPBBIBNCB. Toung Men troubled with emissions in sleep, a complaint generally the result of a bad habit in youth, treated scientifically, and a perfect cure war ranted or no charge made. Hardly a day passes but we are consulted by one 1 or more young men with the above disease, -ome «. whom are as weak and emaciated as though they had the consumption, snd by their friends supposed to have it. All such e sees yield to the proper and only correot course of treatment, and in a short time are made to rejoiow in perfect health. MIDDLE AGED There are many men at tne aa« „ uoarc troubled with too frequent evacuation* from the bladder, often accompanied by a slight smarting ox burning sensation, and weakening the system In a manner the patient cannot account for. On exam ining urinary deposits a ropy sediment will often be found, and sometimes small particles of semen ox albumen will appear, or the color will be of a thin milkish hue, again changing to a dark and turbiu I appearance. There are many men w ho die of thi# difficulty, ignorant of the cause, which is the Sit LOUD 8TAOM Of 8BMIXAL WBAKXB8S. I oan warrant a perfect cure in such cases, and a fell and healthy restoration of the urinary organs. Persons who cannot personally consult the Dr., can do so by writing in a plain manner a description of their disease, and the appropriate remedies will be forwarded immediately. All correspondence strictly confidential and will be returned if desired. Address. DR. J. B. HUOUK8, No. 6 Temple St., [corner of Middle) Portland arDejad Stamp for circular. Eclectic Medical Infirmary. TO THE LADIES. DR HUGHES particularly invites all Ladles who need a medical adviser, to call at his rooms, No § Temple Street, which they will find arranged for their especial accommodation Dr. H.’s Eclectic Renovatin g Medicines arena rival led in efficacy and superior virtue in regulating all Female Irregularities. Their action is specific and certain of producing relief in a short time AtADIKS will find it invaluable in nil cases of ob itractions after all other remedies have been tried in ▼ain. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing in the least injurious to the health, and may be taxes with perfect safety at all times. Sent to any part of the country with fnli direction# by addressing DU. HUGHES. Mo. ft Temple Street, oorner of Middle, Portland. M. B.—LADIES desiring may oonsalt one of their own sex. A lady of experienoe in constant attend uaoe. tan 1 d A wly Female STRENGTHENING CORDIAL. This Medicine is of long tried efficacy for correct ing all disorders incidental to th» feminine sex. That the afflicted may feel assured that this Cordial is truly valuable and worthy their confidence,- not one oi those secret compounds purposed to destroy healthy action, I add a few testimonial# from phys icians wnoin all. lavoringthe Electric and Kelonned Practice ot Medicine, respect. DK. WILLARD C. GEORGE. formerly Trofossor in the Worcester Medical College, and n?»**id«‘«t of the Electric Medical Society, mass., •peak# ol it iu the following terms: “ I have used the Female Strengthening Cordial 1 similar to that preparation by DK. GEO- W SWETT. 100 iianover Street, and 1 regard it as one of the best Medicines for Female Complaint* that can be found." DK. J. KING, Author of" Woman: Her Dis eases and their Treatment," says: "This Medicine appears to exert a specific inde ence on the Uterus. It is a valuable agent iu all de rangements of the Female Reproductive organs." Dlt. SMITH, President of the New York Asso ciation of Botanic Physicians, says : " No Female, if in delicate health, shoud omit the timely use of this valuable Cordial. 1 owe much ol my «uccosa in midwifery to the use of this Medi cine." MOTHERS AND MARRIED LADIES: The following from Dr. FAY is worthy your no tice: u Asa general remedy for Female Complaints this ' Cordial’ is a very valuable one, but by the Profes sion it Is esteemed more highly for its good result daring Confinement in relieving the great sufienng attendant upon childbirth. I acknowledge with Dr. Smith that much of my succea# In midwifery i* due to the nse of this medicine. It strengthen* both mother snd child. Iu each cases I follow the di rections of Prof. King, by allowing my patient# to use it a few week# previous to confinement, a# by the energy it imparts to the uterin. nervous system the labor will be very much fhcllitated, and removes the scrap* which many female* ore liable to. No woman, if she knew the great value of this Strength ening Cordial would fail to use it.” 1 have received "numerous testimonials from diff erent parts of the country where used, knowing the good it Is capable of doing. 1 w 11 warrant every bottle of my " Cordial" to be satisfactory in its re sults. The following symptom* indicate those affections in which the Female Strengthening Cordial ha# proved invaluable: « Indisposition to Exertion, Wakefulness, t neasi uess. Depression of Spirit*. Trembling, Loss of Power, Pain in the Back. Alternate Chills, and Flushing of Heart, Dragging Sensation at the Lower Part of the Body, Headache. Languor. Ach ing Along the thighs, lutolerence of Light and Sound, Pale Countenance. Derangement ot the Stomach and Bowels, Difficult Breathing, Hysteria Ac.. Ac. It is a speeific remedy in all Uterine Diseases, Chlorosis ot Green hicknes*. Irregularity. Painful »«•#. Profuse or Suppression ot Customary Dis charges. l.eucorrhwa or Whites, Scirrhu# or Ulfier ate 8tate ot the Uterus, Sterility, Ac. No better Tonic can possibly be put up than this, and none less likely to do harm, and it is composed wholly of vegetable agents, and such as «t< have knnurn tA ).•> ai.H k.avu < r. — year*. PRICE, One Dollar Per Bottle, or ux bottle* for fi Should rour druggist not have it, *end directly to a*, and whea nix bottle* or more are ordered we will pay all expense*, and have it *ccure]y packed from observation. Be sure and get that prepared at the New England Botanic Depot. 106 Hanover 8t. Roeton. DEO W. 8WETT, 11. D., Proprietor. II. H. HAT, Agent, Portland. mehSeoddm STATE MEFT OF THE ®lna Insurance Company, OF HARTFORD, CONN., Ou the 1st day of November, A. D. 1968. as required by the Law. of tha State ol Maine. The Capital Stock is.. .81,500.000 etBwiih ike surplus is in vested us/ollows: Seat estate, unincumbered, *87,963 18 Cash in baud, ou deposit, and in agents' hands. 316,950 66 United States Stocks, 611,947 W State and City Stocks, and Town Bonds, 669.450 00 Bank and Trust Company Stocks, 1,147,270 (JO Mortgage Bonds, 331,960 IX) Atlantic Mutual Ius. Co's scrip, 1862-8, 1C.886 &o Total A.sets, *3.026.879 74 Amount ot Liabilities for Losses not due or adjusted, *176.411 S4 Amount at risk, estimated. 116,616,479 w ! TUOS. A. ALEXANDER, Freeldent. Lrcics J. Hardku, Secretary. Hartford. Kart. T, 1863. J. C. CHURCHILL, Agent, No. I iron Block, Portland Pier. deoSdtf Kcmoval. HAV1KB removed from rav old stand to the store No. 91, Commercial .treet, and 30 viated 1 jnvaelf in business with Mr lleury King, i would lake this opportunity to thank mjr customers lor past 1 ntvo»i, and would respectfully solicit their luture 1 patronage ot the Arm of Fling A Wnittemore „ , STEPHEN WUITTKMi'KF. Portland, July 8th, 1864, July 12d4«r Copartnership Notice. rHE undersigned have this day lortned a Copart. uarship under the name and eiyie of Fling A Whitterooro. and have taken the store formerly oc- i ►epi-d hr Henry Fling. No- 91. Commercial street, t where they intend doing a Commission and Whole- t lale business, in leas. Tobacco, W 1 Goods, Gro- I ►cries and Provisions. s HENRY FLING t STEPHEN WHITTEMORE. a Portland July 8. 1664 dtf 1 SOW 18 TIIE fill to nan Tan IB0CK8IEPER 8GA8 REGULATOR. BDWARl) BHAW, Agent. Aug I—41a _MEDICAL._ (.00.1 News lor (be luiottuuiitr. TUB I-OHO BOUOHT TOR DISCOTBKBD AT LAST. Gherokae Remedy -1XD CHEROKEE INJECTION. COM POUNDKD FROM ROOTS, BACKS AMD L1AW CHEROKEE the great ndian Din ette. cures all disease* of the Urinary c gtns, such as Incontinence of the Urine, lnttamation of the iKidneys,Stone in tbe Bladder.Stricture, Gravel, Gleet, Gonorrhea, and ia especially recommend id in those case* of Fluor A l bus, (or White* in female*, where all the old nauseous medicines have failed. It la prepared in a highly concentrated form, the dost* only being from one to two teaspooafui* three times per day. It is diuretic and alterative in its action; purifying , and cleansing the blood, causing it to iluw in all it* j original purity and vigor; thus removing from the system all pernicious causes which have iuducod dis ease. CHEROKEE I EJECTION ia intended as an ally or assistant to the CHEROKEE REMEDY, am. should be used in conjunction with that medicine in all casesof Uonorrkea, (itset, Fluor Albusor Wlutes It* effects are healing, soothing and dcmulceut; re moving all scalding, heat, ohoadee aud pain, instead of the burning mud almost unendurable pain that ia experienced with uearly all the cheap •/uack injec- • iions. By the use of the CHEROkEK REMEDY and CHEROKEE INJECTION—the two medicine# at tho same time—all improper discharge* are removed and tho weakened organ* are epcedily re*tored to full vigor and strength. Tor full particulars get our pamphlet from any drug store in tbe country, or write us aud ue wB. mail free to any address, a fall treatise. Trice, CHEROKEE KKMADY,92 per bottle, or three bottles for 96. Trice, CHEROKEE INJECTION, S3 per bo t or three bottle* tor 96. Sent by Express to any address on receipt of 11m price. Sold by all druggists, everywhere. DR. W. R. MERWIN * Cw., •OLI PROPS! KTORS, No. 69 Liberty St., New fork, j - — Cherokee Cure! THI GREAT INDIAN MEDICI N R, COMPOUNDED PROM ROOTS, BARKS AMD LEAVES An unfailing ouro for Spermatorrhea, Semina Weakness, Nocturnal Emissions, and all diseases caused by self polution; such as Loss of Memory, Universal Lassitude. Pains in the Back, Dimness ol Vision, Premature old Age, Weak Ijerves. Difficulty of Breathing. Trembling, Wakefulness, Eruptions on the Face. Pale Countenance. Insanity, Consump tion, and all the direful complaints caused by de parting from the path of nature. This medicine is a simple vegetable extract, and one on which ali can rely, as it has be m used in our practice for many years, and, with thousands treated, it has not failed in a single instance. Its curative powers have been sufficient to gain victory over the most stubborn case. To those who have trifled with their eonslitutiop until they think themselves beyond the reach ol medical aid, we would say, L*»pairnot' the CHER. OKEF. CURE will restore you to health and vigor, and after all <}uack doctors have failed. For full particulars get a circular from any Drag store iu the country, or write the Proprietors, who will mail free to any out desiring the same a fell treatise in pamphlet form. Price, 92 per bottle, or three bottles for 96, and forwarded by express to all parts of the world. Bold by all respectable druggists everywhere. DR* W. R. MERWIN A Cm., SOLE PROPRIETOR#. febo eodAwly No. 69 Liberty 8t.. New York. CAT IKK II 1 NOISES IN THE HEAD l ! CUBED BY INHALING .A. Harmless Fluid, OF AGREEABLE ODOR. NO VIOLENT SYRINGING Of ibe Head. THE SENSE OP TASTE AND SMELL KK>TOKKI) DK. li. OOODALETS CATARRH REMEDY. Dr. Goodale has combatted Catarrh until he has fought it down. It has been a long war. but bis tri umph is oomplete. Through all coming time his Ca tarrh Remedy will be knowu as the only one anti dote for a disease which superficial ists have declar ed incurable. Catarrh doctors, so called, spring up like mushroons.on all aides, the object of these pocket practitioners is moi^ey. They use dangerous instruments. Thtir violent manipulations irritate the already inflamed membrane. They never cure. Dr. Good ale's treatment is medicinal, not mechani cal. He doe# not believe in the force-pump system, which is working so much mischief. His remedy pu*«ee through the absorbents, to the seat of the dis ease, and obliterates tt. It does not relieve merely for a day, but for all time. Lastly, it costs a dollar a bottle—no more. Dr. Dmlgg of Auburn N. Y. After having witnessed the effects of this Remedy in Catarrh, thus speaks of it;—It is truly and un conditionally a Herculean Spec!tie tor the whole dis ease. Bucli an article ought not to be "hid nmler a bushel, and any man who can invent so truly an efficient and positive a remedy for such a loathsome disease, ought to be considered one of the beneiac tors of his race, and his name and the effects ot his skill perpetuated. Yours respect full*, D. L DODGK. A. M. Pliny Milet, the toeit-kmam Traveller, Atui whose family physician Dr Goodale was lor mauy years, savs—"If Dr Goodale says he eau cure Catarrh, he ran cure it," Ac. Price «1 Bend a stamp for a pamphlet Dr. R GOOD ALL’S Office and Depot , 76. Bleeker street, one door west of Broadway, New Yojk. H. H. Hay Agent for Portland. June 2d. 1863. Juutldly StBOBOX Gxxkbal'i Ornci, ) Washington City, Juue24,1S«4. ( VITANTED—Snrgerns and Assistant burgeons s y fur the Colored Troop*—Candidate* must be Graduates of some Regular Medical College, and must be examined by a Hoard ot Medical Officers to be convened by the Surgeon GeLeral lhe Board will determine whether the candidate will be ap pointed burgeon or Assistant burgeon, according to ni'Tit Applicative accompanied by one or more test menial* from reepectaole persons, as to moral character, Ac., should be addreoed to the burgeon General. U. S. A., Washington. D. C , or to the As sistant Surgeon Genera). U. b A.. Louisville. Kr Boards arc now n session at Bo.-ion. New York* Washington, Cincinnati, 8t. Louis, and New Or leans. Also wanted, Hospital Stewards for Colored Reg iments. Candidates must possess a fair English Ed ucation. and be familiar with the eoaat oundiug and aispeusiug of Medicines. Application* must bemads xs iu the case of Burgeons and Assistant burgeons l ompensation from «2S 00 to *33 00 per mouth, with nothing, rations, fuel and quarters. JUS k BARN fcb. julvl-2av.3m Acting burgeon General. STATE COLLtLE Agriculture ana Mechanic Arts ! 'p 11F. undersigned. Com.nissionert, appointed uu 1 tier a resolve of the last Legunatare. au i author red and directed by said resolve to invite and r -| wire donations and benefactions m aid of the pro mised “ College for the benefit of Agricmtnre and hr Mechanic Arts,** and to receive proposals for the ovation thereof, hereby give notics that they are : pared to roccive such donations, benefaction.* ud proposal', and requost that alt communications ouoniug the same may be made before the first day j f beptember next, addressed to the undersig ed. 1 |WM g CROSBY. Belfast. WM G CROSBY, JOSEPH EATON. SAMI EL » . EERLKT. julySJA wto septl TH£ BOSTON I'lKC BKICK-" nd Clay lietert M.unlactunux Co., Work. 394 ederal street. Office audWareheuae 13 Liberty .!«areaud 7 Uatterymarch St, mauuiactere Fire rick ail «hape» and »Uea, for furnace* required to aaa the meet luteu.e heat al.,> Furnace Block* ! I id .Vat'*. LocouoUre Kir* Block.. Baker,' o.en id (iron home Tilea, Clay KitorU and Dec* wary i tire to »et them, Fin Cemeui, Fire Ciay and Kaolin I The undersigned will give their apccial attention ■at all order*for the abo'e manufactun are .aech- : d with iirctni'tne**. JAMES E MONO A CO. **1^?** IS Liberty Bqnwre, Boetoa. Mliil eodta . MEDICAL. MORE TESTIMONIALS ? MJtS. MANCHESTER Inconstantly receiving unsolicited testimonials ol the aitrmiikiag caret performed by her. Among many recently received are thy following, which urn oommendod to the notice or the afflicted. Urn. Mas ohMter may bo soosulted at No. 11 Clapp’s Block,Room No.«. A CASK or SPIRAL DISEASE CURED This is to oertify that I went to see Mrs. Hsuohee. ter last Marob with a daughter of miae troubled with •Pinal disease, for whiob she bad been doctored foi ttve years, and by a number ot pbysioians ot hinds; and she has had twenty-one applications electricity applied, but all to no effect; but she con tluually grew worse. 1 came to the conclusion the last resort, to go und see Mrs. Mac Chester, and did so; and to my great surprise she told me the drst a use ol the disease, and hew she had been from time * VT’ '”*0* “I medicines, I did so. and now my daughter U able to b* around the house all of the time. She also rides tea or at. teen miles without any trouble or inocnvcnlenoi .and to » ,hort she wttl he restored to portent health, dinoe my daughter 1ms been doctoring, I have heard of a great many oases that Mrs. Mans us s lt'ay *"■<>» <W'«* pat. "XT** **“•■ °“ wbotries to presetvo the h< altb of the sioh and suffering; and 1 know tha; eat u-e» evciy odort which Una In her power u, boned. he. p Mkss L. Kmonrs. Ononon Kmou rn. Annv k. kuicure, Mrmsc«c*, Mosws, AegwsiEi** OHM or THE OEM ATE ST CURES cm HP COR Mue. MaifunacTun—Dear Madam -rhinking statement of my case may be of service to others slmi-arly afflicted. I hasten to give It to yon. I his Is briefly my onae-1 was taken xck atom IS months ago with the live- Complaint in n tory bad farm. 1 applied to font difltrtn! physioians, bat re ceived no benefft antil I called oa yon AfthetUme I had glvjn up bneineec, and was In a very bad stale, hot after taking your mod loins tat a short Mrao I be gan to recover, and in two months I was tutirvly well, and bad gained several pounds offleah, and can truly say that by year skill 1 am a perfectly heals by man. Jossrn Dana. Bottom | Maine Depot, Portland, Me. JIIUl>rilrssrrss„s..... ST CURED BT MRS. MAECUKSYKR. rw. U to eertuy that I bare boon eared ot the Dropey of fifteen yean standing by Mrs. Mane Xu itr. I bare been to physicians in Boston, New Torb and Philadelphia. They ail told me that they ooali do aothing for me, unless they tapped me. and a*, sered me that by tapping I ooald lira bat a short time. I bad made up my miud to go home and ilre as long ns I eoald with the disease, and then die. On my way home I stayed orer eight in Portland with a friend of mine, and told them what my mind was n regard to my disease. 1 hey lastly persuaded me to go aad see Mrs. Maaobostcr. Bhe enamlned me aad told me my ease exactly. 1 was so mnoh astonished to think that she told me ' oorreotly, that I told her that 1 woald take her sedt oines, aot baring the least kith that they weald me aay good, or that 1 should get the slightest rebel from any coarse whatever; finally X took the medt aiae aad went home. In one week from the time 1 sommonced taking the medicine, 1 bad over three gallons of water pass ms ta Sevan hoars; and my tal low sufferers may be severed that it was a great roltai tome. I bad aot bean able to be down In bed at night before this for two years. Bow I can Us do' • with perfect east. I have taken her medJaiar eight months, and am as well as aay man aould to be, and no algae of dropey. 1 would adrfc. that are slak to go mad consult Mrs. Mmscbs. even If they have been given up Sp othpr p i sictaag. I have Mat her a number ot oases of otl__ diseases, and she has oared them else. Go aad for yourselves. 1 bad no faith, bat now my faitn eannot be abakad la bar akill In tailing and oaring dluaata. Cnanusl. Uauoa, Senna E. Hannon, _ „ Manx A. Uauoa. Bangor, Moans, Agnlld. Oman Home— From 8 A. Iff. till IP. ■. eepUT Inboatal edly Lyons Periodical Drops TMEGREATFEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! ▲ MM BETTER THAI ALL PHI** Powders A Quack Preparation*. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! 8ure to do Goodnnd cannot do I atm: LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! The Great IVmule Kerned? LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! AAA BATTUE TEAM ALL PILLS,POWDERS t QUACK PREPARATIVES LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ARE SURE TO DO GOOD AHD CARROT DO HARM Lyon’a Periodical Drop* THE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’a Periodical Dropa ARK BETTER TUAE ALL PILLS, POWDERS AED QUACK MKDICIEKS. Lyon'a Dropa Are Sure to Uo (load and oennot do Harm. liXUM B PERIODICAL DROPS The Great Female Kennedy. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS ARK KKTTKR THAW ALL Pill*, Powders and Quack Preparation*. LYON’8 PERIODICAL DROPS SURE TO DO UOOD AND CANNOT DO UAAB Lyon’s Periodical Drops TH* OBBAT TEHALI BBMBUT Lyon’s Periodical Drops Aro better than all Pill*. Powder*, And Quack Preparations. Lyon’s Periodical Drops, Sure to do Good and cannot do Harm. Price, $1 per Houle. For sale by a1! Druggists. At wholeaal« by W. F Phillip*. U. II. IJay A Co.. PWtlAHd. autfBoodly American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY! or NEW YORK. Oapilal SviOO.OOO, ’a.ure BalMiag.. Merrhaadl.e, H„w. hald I’nrallarr. Krai.. Lr..r., Ve*. •el" ou the Slock*. huiI other P«r. ••■■I Property hi two Uw* 0 oat rrtoo. SAMUEL BROWN, President. WILLIAM RAYNOR, SooJWtAT. .•m‘RS*D MAINE INSURANCE CO. Aa*niita, Maine. rHE Kline lB.ur.ncr Company iniure loai or damage by Hr., Building*. Kerch... "to »nd Knruilure, un term, u fb>or»bl. u || «.. *1““ b**n7 Comply Polios iH..d or one, Three, or Hire ran. J H wrrrr.iea aJ' E-CCTI.**, Preeideat. •• H. W ILUAM8,Secretary. EDWARD SHAW-Agent, Vo. 109 Middle Stract, •all eodtg

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