Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 5, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 5, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. *BH—. .-l -A*. .'HTTTngr^^^rrgg^—MB^MyWBWDMDlZimi^Li- _ . - ■ L — - VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, MONDAY MORNING. SEPTEMBER 5, 1864. _" ’ WHOLE NO 674 FJKTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T. OILMAN. Editor, published at No. S2) EXCHANGE STREET, bj N. A. FOSTER A CO. Th» PoUTLAMD Oailv f BBSS it published at S' .W per year. fur MAnviijTArvPKKPMfl pu blip Led every Thur* Uaj mornii v-J.OO per annum, In advance; 9,».2£ If p&id within nix rnouthu; and 92.50,11 payment b< delayed beyoud the year. Hateaof A«lv«rtifeina: One inch ol apioe in length of oolumu, constitute! a “tmuAKK." 9!.50 per square daily first week; 76 cent* per wee I after ; thive Inatruou* or lens, 91.00; continuing ot© ry other day after first week, 60 cents. * ‘n"r“”“tor>e>76 oent*: ont wees. 91.00; 6o cents per week after. Under head of Amusements, *2.00 oersouare dsi wosk; threeimcrttuns or tees, «l'&y g P •l8fiO*iS^.L f'-'6 P>r square drst week •1,00 per square after; three lusertfoi. nr le«s, *1.2£.; fi as* *g°‘rt'* ,hroe ln“«rtions, *1.00; one week inserted in the Man,. Statu nil a ar*e eironlation < n every pari ol JSL? rW'uuls per square in .ddltlon to the above rates, for each insertion. Lkgal Notigkb at usual rates. Transientnd v. rti*em©nu must*m> paid forln ad vance J^Z*™?***0™'**’.^ Column*, 12 ««*** par line for oae insertion. N o charge lea* than fifty oeu•J tor eaoh insertion. . c.»inmunications Intended for the paper Should be oirected to the44 Sditor cflh* Press,1, and tt>0__ a huaiaess o ha. rue tar to the Publishers. MtMob VmvnisQ ot every deaoripuou executed with dispatch. F« Tracy, Travel iue Agent. Monday Morning, Sept. 5, 1864. TSUTT". - --• *"-: 7_y —- ---- CHOICE BEADING FOB THE POLITI CALLY 1NF1BM. The Philosophy ot the Rebelliou. "The establishment ot this Confederacy is veri ly a distinct reaction against the whole course of the mistaken civilisation of the age. For •Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,’ we have deltb ertlaly substituted Slavery, Subordination and Government. Those social and political prols leuis which rack and torture modern society wc have undertaken to solve for ourselves, in our own way, and u|ion our own principfcs. That ‘among iquals equality is right;' among those wlin are not naturally equal, equality is chaos; that there are slave races burn to serve, master rucesborn togovern. Such aie the fundamental principles which we inherit from the ancient world; which we lifted up in the face of a per verse generation that has forgotten the wisdom of itsfathers; by those principles we lire, and in their defence ire hate shown ourselves ready to die."—[Richmond Enquirer, June 12, 18tKt. “ The contest is not between the .Vorth and the Suuth us geographical sections, for between such sections merely, there can he no contest; nor be tween- Unpeople qf the .Yorlh and the people qf the South, for our relations hare been pleusunt, and on neutral grounds there is still nothing to estrangens.” - * • "Hut the real contest lies between the two forms qf society which have become established, the one at the North and the other at the South.” "Such are the two forms uf^pciety which had coine to contest within thostrncture of the re oent Union, and the contest fttrjjxistenoe was in evitable. Neither could concur in the requisi tions of the other.” - - * "Like an eagle and a fish joined together by an indissoluble bond, • • where the eagle could not share the fluid suited to the fish aud live, wheie the fish could not share the fluid suited to the bird and live, aud where one must )>erish that the oth er may survive, unless the unnatural uniotishall be severed—so these societies would not if they oould, concur.”—[Hon. /.. If. Spruit, if South Carolina, III I he Ciiifedrrale Congress. Mhi —_ Will lie Rebels Consent to Terms o( Peace ? t “There are some tilings Worse than hanging or extermination. We reckon giving up the right uf self-government one of those things.” ” lly self-government you mean disunion— southern indeiieudence’” “Yes.” “And slavery, you say, is no longer an ele ment in the contest.” "No, it is not, it never was an essential cle ment. It was only the means of bringing other conflicting elements to an earlier culmination.— It fin d the musket which was already capped gud luaded. There are essential differences be tween the North and the South, that will, how ever this war may end, make them two na tions." “Well, sir, if 1 understand you, the dispute between your government and ours is narrowed down to this: Union or disunion,” ‘‘Yes; or to put it in other words: Inde|ien 1 enee or subjugation.”—[Conversation betuven Jeff. Davis and Cot. Jaynes, July IT, lly it. “The North would not let us gorern ourselves• and so the war came, and now it must goon till the last mail uf this generation fulls in his tracks, 4iKl uis children seise his musket and light his battles, unless you acknowledge our right to self-government. W’e are not tigtiug for sla very. We are fighting lor independence—and that or extermination we will have.”—[Jqff. Paris to Col. Jayues, same conversation. :: W* Vfill govern ourselves We *il{ da n if we have la sec every soutiieru plantation saeked and every southern city in flames.”—Ibid. “Say to Mr. Lincoln from me that 1 shall at any time be pleased to receive proposals for peace on the basis of our indeiieudence. It wi'l lie useless to approach me on any other." —J Hid f*Mr. Pavis can mage potto* on no other basis than independence, Recognition must be the l»cginniiig, middle and ending of all negotiations. Our people will accept peace on no other terms. ’ ’ —[Judge Ould, Hebei Commissioner qf Ex change. J‘S}ome of our old men. who are weak in the ghees,-Way want peace ou any terms; but the Southern people will hot have it without inde pendents. Mr. pavis knows them, and yon wi)l find he will insist upon that Concede that, and we'll not (juarrel about minor matters."— Ibid. Peace Scouted “Uf peace] has become a hateful word, and ahodhbbe left exclusively to the use of Buffalo orators in a“ neighboring iitate, If any df tha( gurt stiil drivel and suiveH Let us get rid of the wiiole vile cant, and say at once we are for war, au l nothing but war, until, as Pavis is said to hate said, "the last of this generation falls in bis tracks," and then we mean to pass it to the next as an inheritance. It is fur those who have unjustly invaded our country to offer us peace; and when they do, they will still offer it in vain until their armed men are withdrawn from the soil of tgese v-onfedorate States, and the It Ion gag uf sti-i|ies is hauled down from every fort frithin our borders. After that it will tie time enough to prata about peace. Now the very word is nonsense.—[Hichmond Examiner. Heuei 1 emis 01 I t'me. “Save on our own terms we can accept no peace wliatever, and must light till doomsday ratlicr than yield an iota of them, and our terms era: *• Recognition by the enemy of the tndeyiendeuce of the Confederate States. Withdrawal of the Y ankee fortes from every foot of Confederate ground, including Kentucky and Missouri. tf itbdraaaj cf the Yankee soldiers from Mary, land until that State shall decide hy a free Vote whether she shall remain iu the old Union or ask admission Into the Confederacy. Consent ou the part of the Federal Govern ment to give up to the Confederacy its propor tion of the navy as it stood at the time of seces sion, or to pay for the same. f hading up of all pret'.-n-ltin on the part of yh# Federal Govern tnent to that portion of the Old Territories which lies west of the Coilfeder . ate Ktates. fn writable settlement on the basis of our absolute mdeiwndenw: ami ei(ual fights, of all sceouuts of the public debt and public lands, and the advantages accruing from foreign treat ies. These provisions, we apprehend, comprise the minimum of what we must require before we lay down our arms. That is to say , the North Uiujt yield ail,—we nothing The whole pre tension of that country tc ptuvem by' surer ii,e separation of the gtate* must be abandoned, which will he equivalent to an avowal that our enemies were wrong from the tirst, and, ol course, as they waged a causeless and wicked war upon us, they ought iu strict justice to la tvquiivd aioordiugtO usage in such cases, to re Imhurse to us ttye VI 10,10 of oqr expenses an, l.isues in the course of that war. * * k Gina more we say it is all or nothiug. This Confoder acy or the Yaukec nation, one or other, goe down, down to perdition. That is to say,one o the other must forfeit its national existence an lie at tiie mercy of its mortal enemy.”—f Hick \t)jnd finquirtr, Oct. Ill, Ibtid. Food for Reflection, for "Peace" Oeme crala. “The North may cease to carry on active hoi tilities long before it will consent to reoognii our iudeyiendence, and enter into formal tern of peace with us. * * * They are in terribl dread of an invasion by us of the North, an more busy iu trying to devise way s and uieui l* repel ttueh uppceUeuded tuvusiou than iu r newed attempts to subdue the South. * * • A war of invasion of the North, will sustiend tlieir wages; their daily pay as soldiers, in green backs, will amount to nothing. * * * The North will not rise to defend itself; but the mass | es will cry aloud for peace ! For no matter who conquers, no matter what the terms of jieacc— peace will give them employment—without winch they- cannot live. The Federal Govern ment is bankrupt,and has no means left where with to feed andclothe its soldiers and their fam ilies. It is not, on the whole, at all improbable that we may this Fall invade the North, and on her soil dictate the terms of peace. At all events, it is worth trying. The North is just about to become bankrupt in men and in means, and now is the time to push her to the wall. A just ret ribution demands that we retaliate on her the cruelties she has inflicted ou us."—[Richmond Sentinel, .lug. 8. “ Peace n Hateful Word.” “It [Peace] has become a hateful word, and ; should be left exclusively to the use of ltuffiilo orators in a neighboring State, if any of that sort still drivel and snivel. Let us get rid of the whole vile cant, and say at once we are for war, and nothing but war, until, as Davis is said to have said, * the last of this generation falls in his tracks,’ amt then that we mean to pass it to the next as an inheritance. It is for those who have unjustly and wantonly invaded onr country to offer us peace; and when they do, they will dill Offer it in rain until their armed men are with drawn from the sod of these Confederate States, and the felon flog yf stripes is hurled down from every fort within our borders. Afterthat it will tie time enough to prate about peace JYow the t * ■ v word is nonsense."—[Richmond Examiner, Aug. 13th. Hospital Wants—Letter front Mrs. Fogg. 3n Division Urn A.C. Hospital, I City Point, Va„ Aug. 20,1SU4. j Hit. Gilman: Sir:—Through the medium of your paper I would like to say a few words to the friends of the soldiers, in Maine, especially as this is the season for preserving Iruits for the army. Coujd our friends in the North know the value of the varioiA fruits aud berries which grow in such profusion there, to the brave boys who have spent this scorching summer j in long and fatiguing matches, the laborious digging of trenches, and in the advanced rifle pits unsheltered from the sun, all in close proximity to the enemy, until very many have contracted deseasc, 1 feel assured they would not permit any to be wasted, but would care fully preserve them in some way for army use. i In the treatment of chronic iutestlnal dis- i cases, which neglect and exposure so often i induce, the blackberry is found to bo especial ly useful. Its medical virtues have been proved beyond a doubt, and its healing effica cy acknowledged by our most efficient army surgeons, ever, in cases where all other reme dies have failed. All kinds ot fruits and vegetables are most acceptable to the. soldier sick in the hospital, 1 and I would call on all, even little girls and 1 boys, to do their utmost to supply Aeir urgent • necessities. 1 Children can do much for the poor sick sol dier by gathering the wild fruits which abound iu the forests of Ma>ue, if unable to preserve * them, let them be dried, as they are equally c Usl-tlll. • In tnauy other ways children cau do much < for the comfort of the soldier. They can i make housewives, pocket handkerchiefs,piu cushions, and many other tlriugs w hich are in , constant demand. I I. t them contribute these things to the f Christian Commission and they may rest as- , tured they will reach the soldier. During my long experience in the army and h almost daily association with the Christiau Commission, I have never iu a single Instance, known of their stores being wasted or put to an Improper use. * The poorest soldiers can go to them and p have Mrs wants supplied without being made to feel that any one is conferring a favor on him. In my wards, containing one hundred men, the man of God may be seen going from tent to tent with a large basket on his arm, containing food for both mind and body,pass ing from bod to bed, speaking words of en couragement to the despairing, directing the weary soul to the Saviour, and gently point ing the dying to the Lamb of God, where he j will find a haven of rest from all hy weary , toils arid privations. Then at evening the ' - voice of prayer and praise may be beard from nearly every tent. Could Uie friends of the soldier at home ( witness the efforts made by these good men at 1 do. they would lift heart and Uau^t ttrength. -i eu them in their labors of jove and mercy. * i wish to make still one more appeal to our friends at home, urging them to exert them selves, and never grow weary in well doing. Give us lull support trom home, and we are willing to work, bearing all the hardships, pri vations. trials, and exposures of camp life, tor the sa!:u of alleviating nr any degrve the suf- * ferlngS of the brave boys who are so nobly of fering up their lives on the altar af their coun try, until we cau all return together—our ban ner trlumphat, and peace and tranquility reigning throughout the land. IsAltEU. FOOO. HJi-OFKN ED. t ‘ -- - * * * i i The ';ub«criber« woi^ld recpec*fuily :»i<u ounce to their t uuimrou# iricudt and the n^bTi*i that they have thoroughly Repaired. Refitted and fiefurnithed The popular and centrally located EATING HOUSE, *#* % No. 77 Middle Street, (POX* B LOCK:) Which will be open on and alter MONDAY, JULY Hols uJ Lunches it all Iwnrj of the Day and Ivtaine. 1 O K CHIUMS, PLAIN AND FANCY CAKE, FKI IT, CONFECTION AH Y, A«v, Couiiantly »u Uai|. SODA WATER, Druvbu iroiu How's Patent loe (.'ream (Soda) Foun tain, with Fruit Syrups. PARTIES 8UPBIED AT SHORT NOTICE. We shall be happy td; see all our old friends and make a host of uej oau>«, aud trust that none will i have cause for complain!. CALL AND SEE US ! ATKINSON & INGERBOLL. ___*£_ 1ST O T I O E PltOVOST MARSHAL’S OFFICE, ) rirtt District, State rtf Marne. ! IVrtla"d, Attgu*t 11th, 18M 1 INQUIRIES oa nil Osdtuary nubjeot* booBj-ct^l I with the enrolratnt, limit. t Bumptious, Lability to draft, credits and account* of men furnished, Hlioulif be add roused to the Provost Marshal of the . Congressional District, and In ease ha to »otabl« to ans ir item he will ask information of the Provost Mai hal General ol the State. Answers may be thus. »<cured more promptly lh»n by addressing the 1 ro vost Marshal General at Washington, where more important business nti.n present prompt ..nswers to mnlrltodeot Inquiries now address o to the l’ u , reau on personal and other matters ol minor coase . fiuenco. , By Order of Major J W. T. GARDINER. 1 CHARLES H. DOUGHTY, Capt and Provost Marsha! 1st District Maiue. Aug. 18—d3m Mwsolutlobi. • rpHK copsrtnership heretofore existing between A Sweat and Cleaves as AttoruevB at Law, is this day dissolved by mutual consent, the affairs ol the '* I late llrm will ho adjusted by either party, e Mr. Sweat will continue in business at office No a 117 Middle, street. Mussey'stRow. e Mr Cleaves at the office of Howard A Cleaves, No. ■ 91 Middle street, over Casco Bank L. L> M. SWEAT. s NATHAN CLEAVES, h > Portland, July 16th, 1804. Jyladta FINANCIAL. U. S. 7^0 LOAN. The Secretary of the Treasury gives notice that subscriptions will be received for Coupon Treasury Notes, payable three years from August 16, 1864, with semi-annual interest at the rate of seven and three-tenths per cent per annum,—principal and in terest both to be paid in lawful money. Theae notes will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity, into six per cent, gold bearing bonds, payable not leas than live nor more than twenty years from their date, as the Government may elect. They will be issued in denominations ol fifty, one hundred, five hundred, one thousand, and five thousand dollars, and all subscriptions must be for fifty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dol lars. The notes will be transmitted to tha owners free ol transportation charges as soon after the receipt of the original Certificates of Deposit as they can be prepared. As the notes draw interest from August 16. persons making deposits subsequent to that date must pay the interest accrued from date of note to date of de poait. Parties depositing twenty-five thousand dollars and upwards tor these notes at any one time will be allowed a commission ol one-qnarter ol one per cent., which will be paid by the Treasury Depart ment upon the receipt of a bill for the amount, cer tified to by the officer with whom the deposit was made. No deductions for commissions must be made from the deposits. Special Advantage* of this Loan, It it a National Soringt Hank, offering a higher rate of interest than auy other, and the bett ttcuri ty. Any savings bank which pays its depositors in U. S. Notes, considers that it is paying in the beet circulating medium of the country, and it cannot f*ay in anything better, for its own assets are either n Government securities or in notes or bonds pay title in Government paper. It is equally convenient as a temprary or perma lent investment. The notes cau always be sold for vithin a fraction of their face and accumulated in crest, and are the best security with banks as collat irals for discounts. Avertible into a 6 par cent. 5-20 Gold Bond. In addition to the very libera] interest on the intes tor three years, this privilege ofcuuversion » ion worth about three per cent, per annum, for the urrent rate for 6-21) Bonde ia not ess than nine per e*tpremium, and before the war tbe premium on ix per cent. L\ S. slock* were over twenty percent, t will be men that the actual prottt on this loan, at be present market rate, is uotleas than ten percent, er annum. *UC,"F"UU ouue or ^uulcipal Taxation. p But aside from all the ail vantages we have enum* rated, a special Act of Congress exempts all bonds ^ nd treasury notes from local taxation. Ou the rerage, this exemption is worth about two per ent. per annum, according to taxation in various ; arts of the couutry. 3 It is believed that no securities offer so great in* ucemeuts to lenders as those issued by the Govern »tnt. In all other forms of indebtedness, the 1 dth or ability of private parties, or stock compan* '■*» or separate communities only, is pledged for pay lent, while the whole property of the oountry is rid to seruro the discharge of all the obligations of le United Mates. 4 While the Government offers the most liberal terms r iu loams, it bslieves that the very strongest ap tal will be to the loyalty a»d patriotism of the pK> le. will be rectired by the Treasurer of le United States, at Washington, the several As* n slant Treasurers and designated Depositaries, and j jr the A a Irst National Bank of Portland, Maine, •' c nd by all Natioual Batiks which are Depositaries f pnblic money, mud all respectable Banks and ° aukers throughout the oonntry will give further Jj iformation, and afford every facility to sabscribe. Aug 20—dh w2m F> ROPO SALS ma aaxcTixo the !ustgm House at Portland, Maine. Yaaaayav Dwautuknt. » August 1864 f JK<>rt j»SA 1-6 will be received at thin department ' until the 20th of September, 1864, at is o'clock non, for the construction ot the i. u»tom lions* au liori/ed to be eiecied at Portland, Me. according to fte plans and specification? prepared at this Depart- c lent; said proposals to be either lor the whole milling, or separate for different kind* of work : the iepartmeut reserving the right to reject or accept S tie proposals hereby iuvited, or any part thereof, C rhere it deems the interest of the t'nlred t at • « re uires it; i^s Department *»’so reserving the right to xfc’udy t^e of any person or persons, whom d here is jUftt cause to believe will not laithfully per- r jriu the ooutract. AlPo all bids that upon invest!* j atiou are below a fair price lor the work. i Bids will not be received iu gross, and the Depart nent having prepared a schedule ot the appr^xi nate quantities of each kind of work and material tquired, (which schedule may be had at the office >f the Supervising Architect, Treasury Department) tie bidder will be required to ^th- hi* prices thereto 1 or such articles v,»4 kiuds of work as he proposts to J j;d f r, ana then carry the Whole out in oue gross k&iOdnf. Ninety per cent, of the amouut of the work doue ind material delivered aycotdfpg In contract price said am, . ? to bo ascertained by the < i un kgent ot tL* Department appointed for that pur- * >ose) will be paid lrom time to time as the work pro gresses, and ten per cent, retained until the cuinple ion of tin- contract, and acc.ptai.ce of the work by he Agent aforesaid, and be flaMMd r, tU |HBt Of .he uou*tulffllment of tV .ouvrset. Uontrfpte will be awarded only to Master Builders I uul Meeiiautcs, and the assignment thereof, excopt >y consent of the Secretary ol the Treasury, will be i forfeiture of the same Uach proposal must pe accompanied by a guaran tee. signed T» two responsible pemonMcertified to Deso by the L iritcd States District Judge nr Attoi ucv of said District), in the sum of 4MjX),uU for the whole work, or of u proportionate amount If tor any part, that the bidder will, when required, if his pro posal bw accepted, enter iuto a ooutract aud bond, with suficieut securities for its faithful performanc- • , Forms of the bond and certificate required; also ] the plans, specifications and woiking drawing- will be funds ed on application to tbe bupervising Ar chitect of the Department. No bid will be considered, unless !t fully wumplies iu all its detail* jr;tht^*e retire win# ot this mover tiseiiioat, 1 he Proposals must be sent to this Department, ad ^ ,1 __ U__I.T_ 1_ and pl-i ily endorsesd . “Pr< , osal* lor the Portland \ ustotn Mouse. Proposal) vill also be received at the same time lor ;beold Custom House building aud materials thereiu, ttbe four granite columns on Fore strict ( excepted] to be returnpd witlqu sixty I6<q days from dale of the award, and in case the sale of the same be awarded to the successful bidder for the new Cus tom House, the amount of same will betaken as part payment of his contract. ISAIAH ROGERS. Supervising Architect. Sept 2— dtd_ Seizure ol t»ood*. 'VOTICK Is hereby given that the following de ll scribed goods wire seized at this port, on the days her* in after iusBtioned, tor a \ iolatiop of the Rcveuut* laws -Jlfie 2s! laO*. o*i wharf from steamer from 8*. John, N. It., 1 bbl Whiskey, 2 case-W iue (of 12 bottles each) Ju«y 16, 1804, on board brig Tho*. Conner, 2 bb.s Molasses, July 20 1*64 on board a team 1 bbl. bugar. 1 bag Sugar — August 6th, 1804. on board brig Martha A. Berrv, 1 tbl Mulassi-s August 11. 1864, on board brig ( al mttck \i bbls Molasses August 10, 1804, on borrd brig c. 11 Kennedy 4 bbls. Molasses. Any iteriion or.per sous, decking the satn •. are re quested to sppua/ an | make s««circlaim, within nice ty days front the day of ike date hereof: otherwise the i aid goi ds will b« dir posed of in accordance with the act ol Congress, approved April 2, 1844. „ ... „ , * WASUBLRN.Jb., Collector. Sept 2—dlawdw Notice. f|lHE undersigned being, a portion of the persons J. named in Section l*t of if« u.; oniitUa ‘ An act to incorporate the N« w 1 irglanJ Screw Steamship Company," hereby give public notice that tlie lirst meeting of said corporation for the purpose ot or ganization, will be held at the Portland and New York Steamship Office, on Brown s Wharf. lhurs day, September 16th, 1864, at 2 1-2 o'clock. P. M. St John Smith. John B Bro' st, **• KmH Phillip 11. Brown, 1188by Fox. Portland, Sept. 1, 18tJ4. dtd To Lee. A WELL arranged House, partially furnished, and favorably located, will be let to a small fam ily, ot satisfactory character aud undoubted ability to pay rent, who will purchase the furniture and fix tures. Address with name and references. llOLMH.S, Portland P O. * Sept 2--d4t INSURANCE. OFFIOB OF TJ1K ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, NEW YORK, JANUARY 26,1864. THE Trustees, in conformity to the Charter of the Company, submit the following iUlemeut ot it* affairs on the 81st December, 1808: Premium* received on Marine Rieka, from 1st January, 1863, to Slst De cember, 1863, #44114,398 93 Premium* on Policies not marked off 1st January, 1863, 1,706,602 24 Total amountof Marine Premiums, #10,006,601 17 No 1’olicie* have been issued upon Lite Risks; nor upon Fire Risks discon nected with Marine Ki*k*. Premium* marked off from 1st Jan., 1863. to 31*1 December, 1883, #7.597,688 66 Loase* paid duriug the same period, 3.8U5.6M 04 Returns ot Premiums and Expense*, 1,082,967 48 The Company ha* the'folio wing Asset*, via: L'nit.d Staiesand titat oi New York htock.City. Bank and other Stocks, #3,491,631 30 Loau**ccured by Stock*,andotherwise, 1,450.700 00 Real Entateaud Bond* and Mortgages, 193,760 00 Dividend* od Stock*,Interest on Bonds and Mortgagee and other Loans,sun dry Note*, re insurance and other claims due the Comp'y , estimated at 104.964 51 Premium Notes and lulls Receivable, 8.278,676 63 Cash tu Bank, 744.813 88 Total amount of Assets, #9,266.466 32 Six per cent Interest on the outstanding certifi cates ot profits will b > paid to the holders thereof, or their legal repre-eulative*. on ami alter Tuesday, the Second of February text. After reserving Three and One half Million Dollar of profits, the outstanding certificate# of the issue of 1802, will be redeemed and paid to the holders there of, or their legal representative s, on and after Tues day, the Socoud of February next, from which date ail interest thereon will cea-e. The certificates to be produced at the time ot payment, aud cancelled A Dividend of Forty Per Cent, is declared on the net earned premiums of the Company, lor twe year ending 31 *t December, 18JM,. for which oei’ificaU* will be issued, on aud alter Tuesday, the Filth of April next. The Profit* of the Company,ascertained From the 1st of the 1st of Jan., 1S83. for widen Certificates were 1 issued, amount to *14.328 880 1 Additional from 1st Jan., 1863, lo 1st January, 1864, 2.«90 00<\ ’ r» #8 I®ul Proflu ?or 2!i years. *16.968.880 rh« (. ertihcatvH previous to 186*2, have I been redeemed by ca#h, 11,680219 i fet earning- remaining with the Com pany. on 1st January 1884. *6.Ai3,C70 By order of the Hoard, H . TOWNSFIND JUNKS, Secretary. ( T It II 8TEE8. i John D. Jones, David Lane, 1 Charles Deunis, Jarnc* Bry«e, W. II. H. Moore. Wb. Sturgis,Jr., Thus. Tile-ton, II. K. Bogert, Henry Coit, A A Low. W C. Picktrsgill, Wm E. Dodga, Lewi* Curti.*. Dennis Perkins, Chas. il. Russell, Jos. (iaillard. jr , Lowell Holbrook. . J. lienry Burgy. P. A liargou-, Cornelius Gnnueit K W Weston, C. A Hand, ( Koynl Phelp>, Watts Sherman, Caleb Bar-tow, E. E. Morgan. A. P. Ptllot. B. J Howland, i Leroy M. Willey, BenJ. Babcock. \ Daniel S Miller, F’letcber West ray, 8. T. Nieoll, R. H. Minturn, jr., Josh’a J. Henry, G-W. Baruhain, Geo. G. llobson, F red. Chauucey, - James Low. 1 JOHN D JUNES. President. CHARLES 1>KNNIS. Vice President. i W. 11. U. 3IOORE, ’id Vice President. wM Applications forwarded and Ofkxi Policiks oi rocured by i* JOHN W. HUNGER, Agent, J{ o. 1UU Fore atreet, head of Long Wharf, PORTLAND, MR. oi June 3.-~w2w&eodtojaii29 Ljifo Insuranoo. « _ W THE MANHATTAN i jife Insurance Company ! •; OF A EH' YOUk. In - L. CukIi Cu|iitul ami Accumulation Tver ^i,Too,aron * f, UBHKA «POKKS- ~ t Secretary. g J. L. HALShY. As?t. Secretary, h. N. 8TKBB1NS. Actuary, t. DWIGHT KKNDALL, General A#t. J This loug-eetablir-hed Company offers the follow g advantages to insurers, viz : A large and increasing Capital, securely invested. ** nmediate availability of the dividends. in cash ; 10 permanent loan of one half of the premium. « id a feature, peculiar to this company, by whioh " surer* are protected against forfeiture of the poli • from circumstances of adversity. The o<>W|»auy also issues non-forfeiting policies 11 a the “Ten Year Plan." Pol idea incontestible live years Iromdat* (the on- 10 company in America having this provision iu u >licier.) 61 Local Board of Reference: jv Hon William Willis. N. J. Miller. t>j. Collector I nt. K« venue. pi Wm Moulton. itoq., Prest. Bank Cumberland. W. W Thomas. 1m., Prest. Canal Bank. ti J. B. Carroll, Kso , Merchant hi Jeremiah Dow. Ksq., Sec'y Dirigo Ins. Co. Win Kimball, Ksq , Treaf. S. Packet Co. _ Kdward Shaw, Eeq , Sec'y Port. Mut.lns. Co. Messrs. Woodman. True A Oo. Me.-srs. U. J. Libby A Co. Parties are invited io examine the merits of the* mipany before effecting insurance UKNKY U. allCKlSEY. Agent, Ot&ce No. 13 Moulton St. ^ II. Tswk*uuuy. M D-, I Medical > . W. Tn.tuaa. M. b , I Kxauiiuer*. Gentlemen of energy and responsibility in the {j idercut cities and towns of Maine, desirous of rep- 0) wonting The Manhattan Life Insurance Co will , lease addr»**s K DWIGHT KKNDALL, General gent, Box No 2061 P. U., Portland. Aug 11.— eodlrn w DIICIGO n ’nsurance Co, of Portland, Me. Ol-Flt'E NO. an EXCHANGE ST. L Luthorized Capital, $500;0QG. | -__ e CAoiiAK t*AlD IN *200,000. 1 a vested as follows •-* ^ mans on Mortgage* u» Heal Kstafo at two* tturds it* value, 960,900 1 ‘ mans on pledge of United States Securities, M,&“° u .oans ou pledge of City fcicriu, Ai WO xians ou pledge of Bqnk istolk*. 28,Wu A>ans ou rhd*o of Jit ate of Maim Bonds, 24,60-' .oans ou pledge oi Androscoggin County Bonus, 4,Out) _ e •900,000 0 mi. I . i<.. I. ..... nnli«ia< ipou all kinds of property iu the city or country, , tabic to lose or damage by tire, at a-t low rat as as is akeu by any other otBee. The I'Atrouace o! the nerchauts u«d oUtat ntf generally ot Portland and 'iomity, is most respectfully solicited. A, K SHURTLKFF, President JEREMIAH DOW, Secretary. h»IU.V!V>Kt: I. B Brown, S. E. Spiiug, D. W. Clark. J. B.Carrol), Johu Lynch, 11. I. Robinson. ^ TRUSTER*: ! St. John Smith, ll.J.Libbv, U.N.Joae, jt Li. M. PayBOU, J. N. Winslow, Ci.W. Woodman, Audrew spring, Alvah Conant, II 1. Robinson, I PhilipH. Brown, C. 11. Haskell, S C. Chase, Jeremiah Dow, N O. Cram, Wm Moulton. Portland, August 1,1804,—Ld3m Coparuier^lkip Police, -4KP— BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT 11 UK subscriber* having on the 7th day ok May . formed a copartnership under the uame of McCarthy Uevvv, For the purpoac of carry itu» ou the BOO’D AND SfcOE BUSINESS In all its brauehra, and having all the facilities for getting up first class work for gentlemen and ladies, wear, are now ready to execute all order* with neat noBs aud dispatch Our work will be made of the best of imported stock, by the best of workmen, and warranted to give perieot satisfaction. It is o«r aim that our work shall not be second lo any in the Unit ed States. We hive also cot;'.j:h-ti ^ a -iOcK of ready m*d work of the urst quality, tor Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children’s Wea Selected from New York and Uostou markets Our Ladies' work is from the celebrated Burt* Manufactory of New York. For t.enth men's wear we ha> ctyo Lost assortment ever offered for «uL in H*-? v»ty; such as due French I'ateut Leather Loots; \ilpve Calf and Calf Con gress for gentlemen’s wear; i'ateut Leather Con gress. and Calf Congress Balmoral, and tew French Buckle Buots, Have you **on the new style CRIMPED-FRON1 BUCKLE BOOT, now made by McCarthy A Ber ry? For neatness, comiorignd beauty, it surpasses anything ever got up in this city. Call and see it. samples alway s ou haud at the old stand of M Mc Carthy. McCarthy a berry, E m h ange Street. i Juueldtt miscellaneous. J. E. FERNALD & SON, Merchant Tailors, And Dealer* in Client’n Furniiiliinff (iovdn, No. 87 Middle Street. Our facilities for supplying our customers, with promptness., fidelity and despatch are unexcelled. Our Stock is large and desirable, presenting all the Novelties of the season. TKKM.3 “KKT CASH.” Portland, Aug In, 19d4 —dtf GHANT'S COFFEE & SPICK MILLS. O It to INAL K S TA HI.IS II .U A .V T. J . <3 3FJ, IM T , Wholesale Dealer in all kind* of COFFEE, SPICES, *>tlH‘ruiiis A « mini Tartar, •Vfw Coffee and Spice Mills, 13 and 16 Union street, Portland, Me. Coffee and Spice, put up‘or the trade, with any kildre.., in all variety ol prtkages, and warranted w represented. Cone* roar ted and ground for the trad, at .non jotice. tw~ All gcod.eniru.ledailhc owner’, risk. _ marchlUdtf New Steam Mill, l ootoi Cross, between Fore & Commercial St.. WINSLOW, DOTEN & CO., \\J (A,1.0 intorm their former customer, and Iho that they have litt d up their 7 nr* w lh * Machinery, and are nuw ready ml i'd ,n,L' «id Jointing, also Sweep nd t ircular Sawing, Turing. >,■. We have in operation one ol Men. Gray k ' 1 ood . new improved planers, lor ’ PLANING OUT OF WIND. t will plane with the greatest accuracy from 1 Inch i t luck ness to 12 iuche* square. Also d.v K 1)111:R PIETY FRET I.UM1, For sawing hinry plank and edging boards. Particular attention given toplaning Ship Knee., lapboard*, and heavy Timber, r or the accommodation of dealers and others hav '£ largr lofp oi board* to plane, we haveiu couuec* Jyl9«odtfsquare feet of yard room. K Open Day and Evening, lor a Thorough Uiuinee. Education. Located 1360. [an«M>u Block, MiddleSI., No. l«l. SoholM-aliip. good in any part of the United State* * e f nncipal ha* had 20 year* expetience; is always i trie spot, and attend- told* baitine**; and prom* »*, a* during the paet i2 years, no pain* shall be ared in the future. Five hundred references ol e nr*» cla** bu*iue** men, with many others of this J ly, willteatilv to the practical utilit), capacious* and compJetene*,. of my system* au«l manner teaching, and citizen* of other cities have testified the same. Diplomas will be awarded lor thor- T gh coarse*. Ablt Assistant* «ecured. Bartlett's ' owmoiinjuu v oiieges, strictly “,.re7° ** regard# not copying. Certain time# ill be devoted to Commercial Law elucidation*.— >me all who have failed to be taught a business c nd-wrUing and 1 will guarantee to you -mcnc**. ,'pneatiou»*oi,cited for Accountant*. Separate in ■action given. Student# can enter mn> time. Sep* At* rooms for Ladle*. t uition reasonable, lntii* te account*adjusted. Ladies and Lentlemen that - eire to take lesson#, or a full, or a separate course, either Book-Keeping, Navigation, Commercial iw. Phonography, Ilighci Mathematics, Civil Kn* - aeenug, surveying. Native Business Writing, niuiereial Arithmetic. Correspondence, Card ^ u-king, (and teaching from printed conies and avoided oitaaecaU. ql addrea* Portland. »>et.2.18f.£. »oV eoii* eowlv j ewing Machine Improvements. , LL owner* ol approved Sewiug Machine* are L invited to call at NO. 11 CLAPP’S It LOCK, d «te the operation oT two of the most important "1 iprovumeut* of the day— t lliui'i Pileiit Crank Mutiun. iml Uyie'i UiacLiueut. l'he former place# the control of the machine eu* (j vly uiivler t e control of me feet of the operator, ev. iitiug all backward inotiou of the wheel, al* wing the freedom of both hand* to handle the irk. and raving the breaking of needle* and the tangling of the thread. rhe letter will allow the free use of linen thread ul iub rior cotton, and eutircly does a»ay with e soaping of the cloth Call and see and you will not tail to have them sp ied to your machines. JOHN ToKfLlt, Agent. Mr Porter will put luachiue* hi onler aud teach | e operator# how to use them, *o that they will " ive no trouble. Portland, Aug 10. 1SG4. dtf The Cabinet Organs . , MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY * MASON & HAMLIN ' re the l***t instrument* of their c!a## in thewbrld. " early ail the most prominent artist# in the country ve given written testimony to tills effect, and those struiuent* are in constant us* in the concerts ot • moat diatingalshed aitpt. pp tTottaewlk ami - hers—a# well a# in the r*s in tlio principal cit- J i, wbeneYvr *u^JU awdruraeiits are required. Prioe to each. These iustrumeuts uv*y bp found tue Music Kooui* of the subscriber. whore they ill be sold at the uA*ni|iHotuit r*‘ price*. II. S. EDWARDS, * 0 34uj Stewart's Block, Congress St. aprl3dtt f. S. tlarolinl'x Hale. I M1TKU STATFB OF AMKE\t'A, i iHMTEiiT oy MAiaa.HB. j >VLa»LA.vr to a Vend: Lapo: to me directed from the Hon. Asbur War. , Judge of the L'liil* 1 State# District Court, within and for the District < f Maine V k**)l expose and Sell at Public Veudue . tup kighwd bidov- therelor, the following proper* - and merchandize at the time aud place within said >->ir^t U,- foliowa, V l« At the Citht<»m IIoi'Bi HufLiWNo, on Fore gtrrrt , i iVstlfHi.i. | n M •>('/ M fl# ftfl iflip iy# Sr;>fr«ibf r c*-W, of ten o'clock, A. M Six Cabfb of Bha!«i>y and Tk* THOUSAND ClOAKB. Thhl.; Haeuklb Molabsk* avu TWO 9HOOIAM) ClOAKM. The #ame having beeu decreed forfeit to the Unit- • i State# in the Di#trict Court tor said Pistrict. and rdered to Ik? sold aud tl£ proceed* disposed of ac- t jniing to lit*. l'"teU at Portland this 19th day of August A D CH AKl.fcS Cl ARK. U. S. Marshal Dist.of Maiue. auglthttd Fur (he Islands. On and after Juue 13th the steamer CASt o will until further notice leave Burnham's Wharf, for Peak’s nd Cushing's Islands at 9 and 10.30 A. M., and 3 .ud 8.301*. M. Returning will leave Cushing** Island ,t 9.19 and 11.15 A M , aud 3 46 and 5.15 1*. M Ticket*35oents, down and back; Children loots. Juue 9—dtf II, S. TlarwtialN Holier. jmrKD Static* <>k America. \ IMstkht ok M ain*.. s» J 11URSVANT te a Monition Iroiu the Hon. Ashur Ware, Judge of the United States District Court, a it bin and for the District of Maine, hereby give ;>ublic notice that the following Libel has been filed it said Court, viz A /»/>*•/ against Own ^iiiuty-second kart ok nix Smr Josira Clark, and Acr appurtenanc**, teized by the Collector ot the District of Bubgor, >u th< teuth day of October, Bangor iu taid District. Which seizure w as fo^ a VAAvh ot °* the Unit ml State?. W v* wore particularly set forth in said Libel, that a hearing aud trial will be had t Hereon at Hath, in said District, on the 1Vs ifij/ «/ Si /itnnfx r Ht.i t, w here any persons interest* i-d may appear and sh"W ciuse, ifauy can be shown, win re foie the same should not lie decreed forfeit and disponed ol according to law. Dated at port laud this twenty-second day of Au gust, A. D. 1SC4. 1 . A.yUlNB*. U. S. Ljepnty Marshal, aug33 dl-H Dist. ol Maine. Administrator's Suit*. N’OTICE Is hereby given, th U pursuant to license Irom tli« Jinlgu . f frobilc f>r Cumberland fount) 1 shall soil a puldi tertian, at irtv dwell ing house in Katun d i:, ruitf Cnpnty, oo the loth day of HopU mbrr, 1* i at one o'clock in the niter uoon the f dluwlua mal orta r heiouging tothe Es— tateof James M Jordan, luo ol raid Raymond, de ceased. \jzt toe reversion of the dow.r s t oot to the widow of soi<t deceased, ard a so about tilt cn acres ot wild laud alluatid in said Raymond on too northerly aide ol the r ad leading li-um Kaymoud Hill to Now t.louci ater. J-uid sale being neces ary for the payment ot charges of Adiu uiatration and other incidantal chargee. OLIVER P. JORDAN. Adm'r. By A B. Holden, his Att’y. Aug. 8. 1864 2Jw3wAd» (tout'd. AKK.W mort Boardorsoan be accommodated at 73 Danlbrih direct,two doors above Brackett. Appl> soon. Jlty* BUSINESS CARDS. PAPER BOX MANUFACTORY. J • P. Libby, manufacturer OF Papor B 03c o s, Ot every description, such as 8hoe Boxes, JewelryKoxes, Druggist Boxes, Collar Boxes, 8holl Boxes, Conanological Boxes PowderBoxe., Card Cx»e«, t'i*xr Buxea. ho. 144 Middle St., (Up Stairs) Portland, Me. juneldSra liana & Co. . Fish and 8 a 11, Luther Dana, , Portland, Woodbury Daua. J M John A. 8. Dana ) “ d i D. _ Juneldtf J. Smitli Cb Oo., MANUFACTURER*OF Leather Belting, Card Clothing. Luub Strap*, Belt Leather Barts aid Side*, LEATHER TP'MMISOS, fc., Hanson'* Block, 144 Middle 8t„ Portland, Or at the Card Clothing Manufactory, Lewiston. H. M. Brewkr, (julti3iu/ D. F. Noyes JOIIV T. RORKKS Ac C«M Commission Merchants, AND WHOLESALE OIALMUS IN Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. 61 Commercial Street, Tohu T. Roger*. I Chas. 11. Rogers. | * DU. LAND, ML. juneld6m Wholesale and Retail. DAVIS, Bookseller, Stationer, AXD MAX UF ACTUS XU or Premia m Paged Account Books. PAPER HAKtillHiS. Au, 63 xdx^hange Street, Portland, Me. __ Juueldtt CHAS J. SCHUMACHER, hesco ami Banner Painter, No. M l Miiidle Street, PORTLASD. MR. RJT~ Work executed in erery pert of th. 8LI«. juneltf RUFUS DUHHAMr UsnufActur* r xnd Dexter lx B HIT ANN IA —AMD— Plated Ware, No. 218 Fore afreet, Portland Maine. Portland, May 17th, 1364. ma>17dtt BURGESS, FOBES. k CO., MANUFACTURE OF | H|inti« While 1.4'imI, Zinc, Pnlnls, ] Ami Ground Colorm, AND VKALBCM IN y irugs Mauicincs, Paints, Oils A Varnishes. Paint a tut Color Factory, S’o. 29 31m*joy St., lire &. Salesroom* 80 Can* mere In I St., i (Thomas Block ) Hunky H. Hukoehb, DHDTIiVIt VI C haulkh 8. Fumes. rfilMIr, ■». MjrUiU , BLAKE, JOKES A CO., ’LOUR & GRAIN DEALER J, ( And Be vers of r r ***—•"■"r mlian I’roiluw, i. Commercial Strrct, Oklrlal Bilk*. 1 ' ' Henry A. Jones, [ — K. W. nage. ) jnneldtf i JOHN LYNCH & -CO., AUoVesaVe Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. ranite Stores. - - - Commercial street, (Opposite head Whlgery Wharf,) John Lynch. ) Teh* Barker, { TOKTLAND. MK. Tbcw. Lynch ) Jnneldtf DOLE A MOODY, OMNMJLAL lOMMISSION MERCHANTS, And W holeaale Dealers in Plour, corn and produce. No. S Unit Block, Commurc’al SI, .ndrew r. Dole, 1 poki'I A\l> MV* ranklin C. Moody, , lOKILAMi. MV.. JutUhn ISWkc. H. OSGOOD, dentist, lo. 8 Clapp * Block, Market Square, PORTLAND. ty-ArtiScial Teeth inserted on Hold. Silvtr, and utcimilt bast. All operations trarranlrd to rir, t kUa faction, JuneSlieodlsly’M E. K. LEMONT, Carriage Manufacturer, Preble Stieet, • • Portland, Me. »^§r"*i'arriag«'e* and Sleighs on hand and made to rtier. junel&dtf V. P. KIUBVI.L, manupactukkror Carriages and Sleighs, k'rebl» ati'col, (Near Treble House,) TOUT LAN D, MK. !<iIt Rooms, 110a»,l 1M Smlbor, Si , Boston, Mass juneltf _ Sates \ Sates \ \ FOB PA LB AT JAMES BAILEY & CO., Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealers, Id? MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND, MR. JylSiUm Law Fartuprsbip. HOWARD Jb CLEAVES, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, OUice 01 Middle Sl^oyer Ciwco Hauk, PORTLAND, MR. joetra howakd. nathak ci haves. jy lSd k w3ra _ nu, G. H. UM II. SURGEON DENTIST, NO. 145 MIDDLE 8T., PORTLAND, (Opposite foot of Free Street,) Having fitted up the above named rooms, he would be bappy 10 wait on all who may wi*h for the »er* vice* of a nkilllul Deatiat. Mr*ry branch of D&i tistry will receive careful attention, and perfect sat isfaction will be warranted d3m M. PEARSON. Silver Plator, AMO MANVVAOTUBBB OF SILVER WARE, ?o»A» r«*Mgr%.u St., Opp. l\>mt llouat, Portland, Me. J4T“AU kind* of Ware. *uch a* Knives. Fork*, Spoon*. Cake Basket*, (.'a*ter*, ic., plated in the best manner. Also, Repairing and Re-Jinishiny Old Silver Wart. augtidrtm Jolui Kin«iuaii, O AS PITI'Sn, —aMl>— Dealer in Gas Fixtures, Aid (iHm A Kerosene Cooking Apparatus. The public are invited to examine and teat tUeae new invention*. Which are highly recommended for Hummer use. SO. UNION STREET. Fortliud, June T4. eoddm BUSINESS OAKDS. UR AD LEV , MQCLTOR *»«•■«• ' j Wmolbxalr Dialuka Ik Flour, Grain and Provisions 8S Commercial atreet, Thomas Block, * SOR1BT BRALBT, 1 • a HOUI.TOR, j roHTLJWD.MK A. Q. BOblRM. ) ‘ _ __ maySdtf W. W. CARK & CO., Having taken the Fruit Store formerly occupied t O. 8AWYKK. Vo. 3 liirbaH^e Street, Ar® prepuroU to ©Her to the trade a large and well selected *tock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit 1 Wholesale and Retail sr'»M Guui, Lauaral Lcm.w.. Cmmmrr Sect. C..dl.„ laaea, Leiwow Syrup, Hoary, Pro..., CJoeoa Jtwto. El«.. Jata, all klada Dale*. Rwlal.a, Taharra, Sardines, Clears, raary Canfln (fall drwrlyiUa • octS dtf IRA WINN, Agent. ' N"o. 11 Union St., la prepared to tnrntah STEAK ENGINES and BOILERS, of rarloaa aiae.t and pattenu, Sin® Pipt ui Fiittrtt, IiiihofatitUltiu, Pillejatt, LiortHouii Woa* of all dewription., and all kind* oi work required is budding KoUTIRlClATlOR*. Iroastaira and other Architectural Work. House*. Stoma, and other building*, fitted with Gm end 6team in the beet manner. In oonaeotiun with the above is at Irou Foundry with a largo assortment of Patterns. to whieh the ittenuonof klachinists.Miliwrights. *nd Phip-Build* ere is lavited-^nd all kinds of Cae out famished it short nouce. SJT*t>rdori for Machine Jobbing Patterns and roryias*, promptly entreated. ooSdtf 81V UK K 'N j' SEWING MACHINES I ; WOODMAN, TRUE * CO, AGENTS, Noa. •« aid id.Mi Ulo Street. Beodlseaad Triamlagialwayi oahaad. ■ahlfitl A CARD. DR. S. C. FERHALD, BENUSt, No. 170 Mi.liil {- treat. Ixmnott.Dre. Baoc 1 aad RaBSLlR, Portland, May fit, IMS. ty Dr. J. U. HEAI D LTAVINt; ,It.pore ' it hi* entire tatere.t in ou 1 Office to Dr. 8 C !■ ERNALD, *muid cheerfully cocjniu'-a" him to hi.- termer p»tie it* and the pah- , Dr. y caPALD, from r*pc' ienee. ;aprepay d to myert Artificial Teeth © i he " Vulcanite Bn*#" J nd a!! other method* V~o..r -be profhsrion Portland. May K.lSdfi P t! 1 IViHHl AMI COAL ' CHEAP (OK CASH ! PKINli MOUNTAIN, LEHIGH, HEZ1LTON UliAK LOAF. OLD CO A PAN V LKH1GH. Lo- | • U8TMOUNTAIN. JOHbo, DIAMOND. XVKB8 Ll at.d I'LACKtlKAfll. There Coal, ire of the 1 ery b»»t qnxlttj, well greened and picked, end rammed to give aatlefactiou. Alao tor rale beat of 8 ISAIIU and sorr wood. delivered to any part of the city. * iretoaOoaitanoUL Hr., h.a-t oi Fraaklin Wharf , * KOPfiDt, A SON. li fetlSdly a WAKREVN I .n PORT ED ■ _ a FELT COMPOSITION, -A«n- c Qrnvol Roofing rim rL.iT Koors. K. HEHSBY. Agent, )anJ6 Itf No. 16 Union street. ALBERT WEBK * UO. -Daxt-ana in Zorn, Flour and Grain, j HEAD OF MKKJUiiL'B WHARF, ('•■■•ratal HlrMU- - Parilmai, Mb* Wf 1 EDWARD H. BURGLN, WHOLKBALB KKALKB IH Lorn, Meal and Flour, Also. Ground Hock Salt Commission Herrhnnl FOB rUBCHAIIANU f*ALB OF BnvleVe Rye and Oats. SS8*! are loaded witb Corn in bulk free of charge. Waichonac No. 130 Commercial Sliret, And City Mill*. Deering Bridge. juneleedSm JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODBAN BLOCK, in-M'dAwtf TnnrLK Sthkht. Scotch Canvas, -FOR BALI BY JAMES T. PATTEN & CO., Hath, Me. >1, \i Y b< >L18 Superior bloucoed All JxJ 300 do All Long flax "Gov- .. w , erumvnt contract." ™ 300 do Extra Ail Long Sax aroroatn. SOU do Navy Flna Delivered In Portland or Boatca. Bath. April*). IMS aplSdtt ^R E MOV A.L . DR. NEWTON HA S removed hi* residence to No. 37 Middle Street, corner of Franklin street. OiBcpm heretofore, No. 115 Exchange Street, in Noble’s Block, up stair*. Office hour* from 9 to 10 4. M , from 3 to 3. and from 9to 9 o’clock P. M. Dr. N . will continue, in connection with general -* rive special attention to DISEASES OP ooSldtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, PLUMBER! masks or Force Pumps and Water Closets, M» 1*AEX< IlftXOE STREET, l'OKILASD, SIK. Warm, (’old and Shower Ruths H’aah Bowls Hruts4 Silver Plated 4 ocki, INVERT description c.f YfxUr Fixtures for I'wsl J ling Uouaea. HouU. Public Building*. Shops. Ac., arruugcd and set up in the lx**t manner, and all orders to town or country faithfully executed All kind* of jobbing promptly attended to. Csa*****r2 on band LEAD PIPES. SHEET LEAD aud WEEK PUMPS of all description* *** dtl J. T. Lewis & Oo., Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealer* in READY-MADE CLOTHING, \NI» I'PKNISHIXG GOODS, Ckamtvr, - - • A’1"- 1 3 Stmt Block, (Over II. 4. Libby fc Co.,) J V U*£ PORTLAND. MK. ' ' JylUtf The Chea|M*st Agency Il^OK collecting all cla**es of claim* arising from the war i* that of the ‘ MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION,” in which the expense* are controlled by a disinter ested Executive Committee. Apply in person, or by letter, to GEORGE F. EMERY , over the Portland Post office, 3d story, dawly hotels. wii.vr zutto\ in,, ,i AT TUB Ot'lebratt*] Mt. Zircon Mineral Spring!, Milton Plantation, Me.% ft 1* now opened to tbe public, ind no paint a bo spared this season to moot the wants and fOOdsr pica aut and iuU-rwstiag tbo •' of guests. And also as usual, i still flRfAS!fikmm **7 otb#r *■■■» el. K,dn«r Complaint, Gr»» nint Vra„ b*,h,t“lBdd«. “d other, vimilir, I war ery uft&Z a. £ °Vh“ "»"r »flBdid «« can be IMD Ramrorrt,'n Hort d“,Bnc« 01 *»»r mt lea land. UormTJSi f-fij1*"'*> •"««» *■ Ke* Enc. Oahinn tn atnj^e 1^'“*“ >««• Cood Treat b«Utfc tUlJS5,|£rt.5?<‘ A roM »« er tbau to auy c.tLJr M“>»*'■** tbe aeeaea aaai from Bryant'. g.°g»- _P*WJ—* Railway to tbe lluuw “uo“ of the Grand Trunk foat Office addie... Mt Zircon. Me. Mt. Zircon. July*iflh'l'w AB*'Ur^' •‘•‘oprletor. Hea-.Jgi<le HouAe’ HA KPS WELL NECK, * C A S C O 13 A Y. This elegant and commodious Bo. tel, Situated ou the sxtr'.mity ns Hsrpsweii Week, shout hair a mul Usaow the welt.known Mansioa t. , i ■ ,ia'Jn'! twn completed after the designs oi i, ». 1JAiu>ibo. Esq., Architect and under his superintendence, and will be open for company r sad after the Pssrih sf Jaly* Tbo House is the largest establishment. construct ed expressly for the purpose of a Hotel, at any Wat ering 1 lace ou tbe coast of Maine It is situated ta the centre or s dense grove of old trees, with ave nues and vistas opening to the waters of tbe Bay. but a few yards distant on either side. Nearly surrounded by the sea, and abundantly shaded by trees, the llnu.;e has a spacious and frttas titul verandah, extending over three hundred and thirty leet on three sides of the building, with wide md tnoroughly ventilated hai.s and corridors In tbr interior, so that visitor* can enjoy tbe most cobdIsu protection from the .summer beat. ^ The steamboat wharl and boat landings are on the west side, but a lew steps from tbe Home. Ample xciiities are at hand tbr boating and fishing. On tba :ast side is a line gravel beach, where tbe luxury of ea-bs»hing can be enjoyed at all times of tbe tide. At a short distance ou the northeast, across sa arm >f the sea, is Orr’s Island, celebrated by Mrs Beech ir Btowe’s well known novel. The a bide House is accessible by land from irons wick, fifteen miles distant, by one ol tbe finest I rives in tbe state, and by daily steamboat (Torn 'ortiand through tbe inside pasaages among the stands of the Bay. * Visitor* coming from the Kennebec and other >arts of the interior, ean leave the railroad at Brans vick, and proceed by stage to Harps well, or contia le to i'ortland and take tbe steamer, which runs [own and back twice a day. Jj44f JOMJf T. 8JMITX, Proprietor. BRADLEY'S HOTEL, IneHcnn mid EuroiM^an Plane, Cor, of Commercial Sc India St*. ^ . This House is -i nated directly opposite ■afla^ths drain! Trank Haiiroai Depot, and head lof Boston aud Portland Steamers’ Wharf. I Connected with this House is a Erst chaw -— JOyster and Dining Hall. ~JAME8 BRADLEY, Jr., k CO.. >*roprietors. J. Bradley, Jr. 1*. h. Bradley _ JuoclMdn Atlantic Souse, Sl’AUBORO’ BEACH. ■I k-Tw. THIS House b»»in* tteen i nUryed end rn*pKrentteU throughout wdl open for the «ee _1 Mouday, Jane 13, 1864, ». R.— cloeed on the •aii«u.nt visitors. inwall BAY VIEW HOUSE, CAMDEN. I'h* SubMritwr* taka piraaara ta an nouncing to their fkieads and al> interested urn in hading a firs; c:*■». «*a~».le Hotel accom -kJI modatious.that t/.eir new tod spacious Ho wui be op? nearly in June. It contains all the mod. rn improvement* aud every con w Lienee tor the yrfiX* accommodation ot the travelling mb ®* ,V*,inf*y l^cuted. commanding au unrivalled JJ*f »*tuobecot Bay. The advantages of see. tthing and the facilities for Aching and boetinn Tor its beautitul scenery and do. ghtlul drives and walk*, 1 amden is already favor* known asone of tbe most eligible and delight, u watering place# in New England. I'ouuectod 1th the Hotel is a fine Livery Jtable, horses and images having been selected with great care TSu Mtf I.OSI. ry da? in the week. role »rmph communication “ pitli all parts of tbe country. These wishing to *e tire good rooms wilt do well to apply soon, a* many re already engaged. CliUlSt. k JOHNSTON, Proprietor*. Camden. June *i. IMS.-nltf IMeasunt SiihurtMiii Kcmh. J-A-HISIC”LTOUSE, WEST BROOK. This elegant suburban Watering Place. ,i flia*located upon a pleasant eminenoe near Cn i^Ic Pond, butmiles from Portland, ha?« [tug been placed in the most ample order by _Ithe subscriber, he most respectfully solictie he attention of the public, and cordially fur ties n all from his old friends. The house is pleasant, retired and quiet. The arniture and thrashings are all new, and the rooms iosy and sightly. 1 he table* are supplied with ail he deJaeacie* as well as the substantial* of the een> on, and tbe scrytoe ot one of the ?ery best cooks is Sew England have been secured. Extensive «hed* aud a line -table with roomy stolls ire am^ug the convenience* ol the • staKlishmeat. A nice Bathing House tcfi^ieit for tbe iccouma iatiom of several bathers has been er«trd with stepe rojecting into ten list of water, and the whole se. !<trod from observation by a floating screen. Smoking Arbor* grace the banks of the Pond and nvite the indulgence of the lounger. Hoping for a -hare of the public patronage tbe nn> * ri,Kn**d promises to spare no t-flort for the enter. halloweliTtTouse REOPENE D t SEW FURNITURE A FIXTUEES! S.O. DE^t^flM, Proprietor* f&T The public are specially informed tha« a. ii-acious,convenient and well known ll vLi ,«a., uounn, in the c« ntir of Uallowell. two m; from kugusi*, ot *onr in— horn Togus Boring has ■>een Tkfurnished, and hi open for the rMrotios aI jompauy and permanent border* ^,TfTI,B °f *JJ7 »t ten Hon will be given t«* the oomfort of STABLlNa, tud all tbe usual cob eerie nee* 0/ a popular hotel ire amply provided. * Halloweli, Neb. 1 1864. mch26 eodtf _ THE AMERICAN HOUSE, |R a a over Street .... Bokton. Tke Lar*?*t and Hot Arranged U,t,t 1M iUff KNULASD. LEWI*. HICE7 Cror.toloi. Mill; - ------ — —— taoorjje W, HaiiMHi, SOLD it SILVER PLATER, 74 Middle Strirt, Portlned, Me A share of patronage rwpctfnily sol’jltatf and %A(i»f»»tJoii jfiven UrdeflftroiM the country prompt!w attended to. AiHrr# <i*orjr« W Minton. 74 Middle street, Koom No 10. up stain, Portland. M«. Jaue U—ii8n __ A. A S, SHUBTLEFF A CO., NOS. U * J# YUDOLE STREET, PORTLAND, Manufacturers and Dealer, in Jfen'» Boy*' and Youth’* Thick, Aip and Calf Bcot*, r Women', Miase, and Children', C#oat wm • and Calf Balmoral,, Rubber,. Shoe dtook. Findings, Ao. \Vr,Tll our attperior laeilitir* for manufacturing ’ » and n Urge eaperien.,* |D the hnaineen. wa we are able to sell male » .j I, Boston nr elsewhora Denier, are reaped Pal), Invited to call and ex amiue onrstoek bv.ore purchasing. ■SF"'Order, by mail promptly attended to. Portland, anril S3, Ism. Ode, Maine Central Railroad Comp'y. TREASURER’S OFFICE. 1 Waterville, Ang. 17, IS**, j THE Maine Centra! Ra-lroad Company will pay tbeir Coupons at the Fuat National Bank, Port land, from this date. J. RYE, Treasurer. Ang. 17—dim Notice. rpillb dav 1 give to my two sons. k. J. and Cl ue. X Uamfall. their time, to aot and Iradt for them selves; 1 shall uut claim tliftr wages, or pay their debts. r. C. RANDALL. Kcz.r Ealls. Me Witness, Mary 1'dlabury, Mary 8. llllsbuiy, Juno 27.1S64. laeiEe Kurd UhltiKO TO purchase a atook of MiCutesy, ”Rh real of oaa

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