Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 5, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 5, 1864 Page 2
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UNION DOMINATIONS. FOB PBEB1DIHHT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, or itLisoia. FOB VICB-PRK8IDBHT, ANDREW JOHNSON, Or TBXVBSSBB. For Elector*. JOHN H. BROWN, ol Portland, ABNER STETSON, ol OamarUcotta. JU< out.-RICHARD M CHAPMAN of Biddeford. M out.—TuotlAS A D FESSENDEN of Auburn. Hi DU!.—UOIN'o liAniUUN of Pitudeld. A'A out— BENI P. OILMAN, of Orono Uh Di*t.—JOHN N. SW .atY of Hueoport. State Election Monday, Scpl. 12. FOB iQOVBBNOB, SAMUEL CONY or AcaoaTA. Tot Xembers of Congress. 1st DM.—JOHN LYNCH, of Portland. • J-l DM.—SIDNEY PEKHAM.of Pari*. ltd DM.—JAMES G. BLAINE, of August*. 4tA Did.—JOHN H. KICK, ol FoacroR. M DM.—FREDERICK A. PIKE, ol Calala Senators. Cumberland-UEOKliK W. WOODMAN,Portland aAUUi. A UOLUKOOK. Freeport UEOKll PiaiidK, Uemeon Dan’l f m,.a aKlisoN, Baldwin A uirotcoggin—JEREMIAH OIKlLEI.J*. r nrtiltj**' *—if i.l u j if ALE. r .agi uli, dijuJiLc-VjullAs J. Hit i UAKO, Uichaond. PiadMuiI—oslioOO A’. 11&AUilt d V,D|iriuglleid. AUiiUSlcIS D MANS jit, lAnugor. LitWis UAKKEK siduou. giaoetec—JOSEPH A. SANBOIN, KeadMd. J JslAH TdL'E, L uoneld. UdJSllY dtAuD, Ueuton. rrsnklin—COENEL1 L'S STONE. Jay. WjXxfl—WILLIAM McoILVEKV. ElIAS MlLLlKKN. York—EsAtrF 11. BAVKs, Biddeford, ELlsiiA U JEiVErr, aouita b rwiok, LulilEK SAN doKNi. Pnreunneid. r..— . K HjDWHj, rSo>t;»,.oii. JOHN b WALKe,K, Union. Ltamia— EVEhEIt w si El son, of Daiurneet'a Baacoc*—1H0MAS WAKLr.N, ul Doer Isle. abEN M. llAUOd of Eden. WatkiagtoH— L> «IS L A AOSWOkT'U, Jr. SAMUEL 11 < aLUuI . Jrnrf/ot-l'AdneU P. UCULElUU, Linneue. Oxford-A ILLIAM a. ViUulN. Nurwny. THOMAS CUA't. HucfcUoid. Bomtritt—DAV1D D. SIEWAET, JOAN S. TENNEY. MMim. CnmUHand—GEORGE W. PARKER. Gorham. PucxLtotut—ED « Atu JAA Air, baugrrrille. dogol ik .< — l’A i KICK K. MIL AY, UowdAabam. Pen-Anc I—JOHN M. VVILSJ.N, baa (or. I nut -e—JOHN UAILU LblUA. Franklin—sEWARD DILL Paluipt. Wald-rldRAKL R. GRANT. Tort! -RICHARD U GOING, ActOU. sfe-u— sibi'llEN VV. LANuHION. Lined*— FReuERIlK KEN 1, ol Bremen. Il’a/kiuproa—BENJAMIN VV. * ABU A K. Arnmtjok-r.H URaDUUUY, Houltoa. Oxford—MO RATIO AUSTIN, Cautoa. Treasurer*. rtawWlaarf-PETEK R. UALL, Windham. Androicoggiiv—ISAAC U.CoRTls. Pltcotajalt—C iAKi.KS E. KIMBALL. Sojutaioo—HEN ilk M BOVlY, Bata. Pc A du vt— A ABKOnr. C. r LI A T, banger. A... Ml b: C -DANIEL 1’lK " . AUgUltB. /raiUa-LbJ.VAKi) KEITu, Farmington. IFaldo—As A A. UoiVr.S. Fort—ALBION K uIlE, Allied. - Amu-ALDEX SI'RagL'E Umcock—WM 11. PiLbbURY, of Buckipert. 2FaOi.ii /ton— IgX a Tl Us SaRGENT. Lincoln— ANDREW LAUY.ol iv Ar„ atOik-ollli.L UR A L.BU BY New Limerick. ioxjjrd— WiLLlAil a Pi Dills. Paria. &amend—LILAS W. lTRNK 1. Judge* of Probata. ^^p^A^^i-Lll^vLsluiBBS! Btroa*. n'Oldo—JOSEPH W.KN’OWLToN' York—E iWAgj E. BOURNE. Kenaebaak A'aex—N. I TALBOT J/xac-ct—PA tinER I L'CK.of Bucksport Womington—JON A. ran UPPINI oTT. Lt >sAn - to IN tl I.O.VVEHS- . or NewoaHie. jr«’.mb-Henry K. DoWNtg, I'reeuuelaie domtriU—JAMES G. WAUGH Begutera of Probate. f EmtiSrUad-BUGCN'E HUMPHREY. PertlAad. Anirotcog,t»—UEORGK s. WOODMAN. P.tcUoqn'n— vs A G dTCUr.I.U, Dover s IOC —Eui I AH UPloN, Bath. P e.frsed-JOSEPH tt \R. LEiT, banger. Mnnn b-.c — Joseph hCitfON, Aii.uris Wmo-BO IAN P. FIELD Fork—GEorlt.E U. KM> A LTON, Biddeford. JflW-ULIVKR G. HALL. 0 ue >et-GEORGE A. DYER, of Fraoklia. W ukingt n-lUaON U. WILDER. A' ‘ottook—i.. 0 PU IN am. lloaltoa. Qcftrii—dOSf A 1 *. IllJdbS l'a-l-. Bo* rssi-BTEl'UKX D LlNDsEY. Commiasi rnerr. Vmdxrlond-CALEB A. CHAPLIN, Brldgtoa. A Aroicoggin — LEE sIBICKlaND. Phont i/sn—BERLIN UuA.v. Ba-j Make—WILLIAM WairE. Bowdoiobam. Pcaibncm—ASA HE - W lie 11A HON. Ediogtou. JC'iin boo—N A 1 H ANIUL GRAVES, V inaaa JV.»ai ia-CALVIN d SEW ALL, Cheiterriile. iroidj— george w. bowler. fork— i.EM .NI L MUldraM, Walls. Ami-RICHARD R. WALL. J/nt-.xM-Vi U H.S kKGENT. of Sedgwick. tr ukmg <)•—EtMiR wm i*. Dorman A.«g/»-hiraM vv. Partridge, of Jeffersoa. Mronstoot— 1. C. S Hr.RRY, ernrraa. 0«fbV—«t>AU b HUBBARD. Hiram. Bonsrtu—CHANDLER BAKER. Clarke of Oourta. gagagaAec—JOSEPH If. HAYES. Balk. PiAobieot—EZH V 0. BRETOld.own XroaiHa-sI MEUji 11. LOW aLL, F armiagtoo. Waldo— SElH L. Mn.l,*KL £or*—CALEB s:. L DSD A rr«t. msear—GEORGE THORNDIKE Womington—LeMUKl G. DOWNES, Aroostook—d. L. STAPLES, Houltoa. County Attorneys. PUcUaquil-KC.. LEBR..KE, Foaoroft. JfeniMbec-LORE .’Z 0 PLAY. GarJiuer. Fir*-INCREASE S. KIMBALL. Sanford. Btitc *ct —EUGEN E HALE, of Ellsworth. WaMkUjd.E-CHASAdS R- WUIDDKS. XRstf.Vn-J A^jN^ CARLkrON. ol Wnitclleld. Lt&WELLYN POWERS. Houltoa. Oxford— WILLIAM VV HOLSTER, Dalleld. Mwweriei-WILLIAM FOLSOM. Register of Deed*. PUentMjnit-MARK PITMAN. UNIUN MEETINGS. GENT« E. W. GAN TT, of Arkansas, WILL APEAK Aft FOLLOWS ; AT lork... Monday Evening... .Sept. 6. .Tuesday P. M,. ...bent. 6 {-»®«r»ck.Wednesday r. M. .. .Sept. 7. 1 Buxiou Centit-Thwxlay Y, .Sept. 8 &Attk- *...Kndiy Evening -sept. 9. 9a«r01<mceaier.Saturday 2 l\ M.Sept. lo. £• B. Tt RM)Kf Kxq», of Ttia^ Will speak as follows: at Buxt**n. Mol'd Mills Monday Evening_Sep* 6. ► ai mouth ..Tuesday I' M.‘..Sept, a Cumberland .Tuesday Evening.... ffepi. 6. Rtyiuond ..Wednesday p. M ...Sept. 7. Cray ...Wednesday Evening .Sept. 7. Mml gton. Thursday Kveniug . .Sept. 8. Biddeford ..kuany i' ll .......gcpt 9. sxroedwater;,.Fikiay Evening.... sept Fortitnd .Saturday Evening Sept. 10. Col. WALTER HARRIMAX, ot N. II, Will speak at Freeport..,'..’...M m Jay IV M .... Sept 6. Hon. MARK H. DL'NXELL Will speak as follows; at £,T*“-v,».Monday P.M.Sept. 5. 1 Sprlograle. ....Wd.y PM .Kept. 4 islmerlci. VS etliics lav k* M Siyut 7 1 lluat m Centre.Tlraraaav V M 521* i .Friday p.M .V. 2^ J Water boro* Ceutre.... eMnrday I*, it 8*ttt 10 1 Waterboro' Corner ..Saturday Evuuiug ..Sept, lo! Hob. JOHN A. PETE 118, of Ranger, Will apttak as follows; at South Paris,.,.Monday. 2 o clock,-.Sept. fi. Port and . .Tuesday Evening u Jittery.Wed* etday Evening.S^p*. 7. Buxtou Centra....Thursday P M. ... Sept. h. Biddeford.Friday 1*. M.Sept. 9 IIou. IIAXXIBAL HAMLIN Will .peak a* follow*: at South Path.Monday.Sept. 8. Hon. WM. D. KELLY, ot Philadelphia, . W Uapoaka. follow*: at Biddeford.......Monday.Sept. 8. non. D. W. GOOCH, ot Ma*e, Will tpeak at Portland.Tuur,day Evcu n* ..Sept. t. Hou. CHARLES HOLDEN and Hon, 1 JA*>. T. McCOBB, AeuneLunkpryt .Monday Evening.... S«pt. 6. NATHAN WEBB, Esq., Perth Berwick.Wednesday Even', s<*t. 7 THE DAILY PRESS. ! r out lax n, ma i.yk. —— Monday Morning, Sept. 5, 1864. The circulation of the Dally Preen in larger 4 in any other Daily paper in the State, and \ 'auble that of any other in Portland. titans- CO per pmr In ad rare* V~ Rending Mailer an all Fear Fa*«» Young Men to the Rescue!!! :r'j i1 I Walcott Hamlin, Esq., OF DOVER. -V. U., Will address the Young Men of ro*TiA»D. at Mechanics’ Hall. This, Monday Even’g, Sept. 5, At 7; o'clock. * —■— Oil which oscailoo a YOVIVtt IBH’* CLUB! Will bo organized. Let every loy»l youug man in tie city bo |nre*«nt. Gallcrica reserved for Ladies. Grant and Lee. These officers now occupy a large place in the public mind the world over. We have no disposition to belittle Lee as a military man. Some of his movement." have shown to the world that he possesses certain military qual ities that make him a daugerous loe to a Gen eral who does not understand his tactics and guard against them. To mass his troops and attack the weak points in the battle lines of his . opponent has always been with Lee a favorite movement. And to such movements he owes much of the reputation he has acquired as an able aud shrewd officer. Aud so far we gite him the credit that is his due. But wc believe, from a careful review of his ; military career thus far in the rebellion, that General Lee lacks some of the qualifications essential to make a great commander. He fails to heed the lessons which that great schoolmaster, Experience, teaches, aud to ig nore the maxim, “learu from your enemy.” Gen. Lae has not fully appreciated the differ ence in the characters of the Federal officers who have met him on the battle lieids. And I. __ Unn.i.lla Tailasl In AA.nnM>. uw uwv—. —r --j - —- - - r hend the true character of Gen. Grant. Hi* plan of striking heavy blows at weak points has sometimes bad the effect of stagger ing his opponents aud driving them Irotu the scene of action. These sudden and bold at tacks took some of our Generals by surprise, aud made them believe they were fallen upon j by overpowering forces, and they withdrew to j save their armies from becoming prisoners to 1 the rebels, when they might have shown a lit tle more perseverance and pluck and gained victories themselves. These retreats of the Union forces have encouraged Lee still to con tinue bis peculiar tactics. And these tactics he learned from flgbtiug such Generals at Mc Clellan proved himself to be in several en gagements. Tuis officer was noted for extending his lines enormously. Ko matter what the nature of the soil was, or how the grounds were situat ed, whether the swamps of the Chickahominy or a more hilly country, he would spread out his army, aud make a great parade, covering minishing his power to ofiVud or defend. This wily rebel General also learned anoth er iessou from McClellan which he has often used to much advantage. Aud that is this:— McClellan had a habit of advancing boldly to wards his enemy, finding a place of safety aud there waitiug for ‘'something to turn up" in stead of boldly and bravely attacking his foe. and winning a victory which he might have done In several Instances. He began this course of proceeding at Manassas where he hi bernated and wailed patiently for an attack. His force was greatly superior to that of his enemy, and he might have driven the rebel army from its position, ami gained a substan tial victory ere he had began to prepare win . ter quarters for his brave boys who were ready and anxious to attack the rebel-. This waf a great blunder on the part of McClellan, and no doubt Lee to considered it and laughed iu his sleeve at such a want of pluck and perseverance. Both armies pa-sed the winter safely and pleasantly, and in the spring the whole rebel army marched away leaviug their rjuaker yunn to be captured by the brave and cautious McClellan in case he dared to make an attack upon them. This is a true record, and the future historian of this civil war will have some comments to make upon it which will not add much fame to this General of the Union forces. With lessons learned from such sources, Lee commenced his campaign with Grant, aud in some good degree governed himself la accord ance with them. It is fair to presume front this aspect of adairs that Lee thought Grant ought to have considered hluisotf beat, n,and retreated, after the two days’ battle when lie crossed the Hapidan, and so ended the cam paign as some of his predecessors had done, aud as McClellon surely would have done, had he occupied Gram’s place. It would seem that Lee had lurgottou Grant’s mode of Ugh ,.ic, .t v, .undantiy shown in his Ue-u-m caiupaiei, . Had the rebel geueral bjeu well po>t t u . iu regard to these campaigns, and reuicrn .. . ...i them, he might have learned some Ip-md- quite differ eut from tho?c taught him by M,-1. i-,iau and •ome other general.-, auil shaped ins tactics, accordingly, if,: did, however, learn after a 1 while, that Grant was neither beaten nor disheai teued by his terrible ami impetuous attacks upon him. Grant did not retreat (rout "that line,1' but followed up the severe and terrible blows he had inflicted on his foe by renewed and more vigorous assaults, till I he forced this aide rebel officer to fall back slowly and sullenly from the Rapldnn to Rich mond, Finding Graut's tactics so entirely differ ent from those of McClellan under like cir cumstances, Lee was glad to retreat and placs himself behind his entienehments and seek salety under cover of his earth works. These were severe lessons which Graut taught his wily opponent, and it would seem that so shrewd an officer as he has 1 shown himself to be would not soon have for gotten them, but iu his great anxiety aud zeal to overpower Grant, either by force or strate gy be did forget or iguore them lor a brlel time. The mining operation before Petersburg not proving go successful as Graut had good I reason to suppose it would, Lee forgot th caution Grant bad taught him, underrated hi stern opponent and again adopted Ids old tat - ' tics which seemed to cling to his unud with a power he finds it difficult to overootne. 1 his single disaster occasioned by the par tial fadure of the miulug operation might, and probably would, have driven such a geueral aa McClellan from the Held and from the Beige of Petersburg and Richmond, but Lee ought to have known Gtaut better than to suppose that a single defeat like that would thus effect’ I i him. Although Grant was foiled at that juuc- ' ture, he was Grant still and not McClellan i and Lee In bis subsequent attacks telt the i force of that truth. Grant did not crouch be- i bind his earthworks and wait for something to turn «p. It to a tray Grunt ha?, not to foi j low, but to lead. It never once occurred tobto mind to pass the seasou under cover at his entrenchment*^** McClellan biltsrnstsd at Mananas. With Grant a single defeat to but an Incident in a campaign, aud not to be re garded as cause sufficient for a cowardly re treat Irom the field of operations. Grant never sets down in in hopeless inactivity. It Is not his habit, but after all, wo think he. knows when he is fairly whipped, which, it was said, “Old Zicli did not know. We opine Lee nfler the explosion of the mine and it? unexpected result*, to see Grant steaming down the ' .feme* H*er, bag ard burgage- Well, as if to confirm sugh expec tation*, Grant did make a pipvcjn that direc tion,.but »o'u» hi* lore.-* were located on the North side ot thu James river. Lm was de ceived ami thought Ilia opponent was detei miued to gain a position ncajcr the rebel Cap ital, wluW such* movement was intended to over up the marching of the Union forces ,o a point on the Weldon railway below Peters burg. bo eontpleti ly dicelved Wits that j he suspected our forces were withdrawn from tiefrout or Petersburg, ami this suspicion was confirmed by the rebels opening a terrific fire upon our lines and receiving no answer, or, at most, a very Iceble one. Lee was now satisfied that the seige had been abandoned, and Gen. Waricn found no enemy to oppose him at the Weldon road, w iiich to now in our | possession. Since, Grant lias obtained possession of this i nportaut railway, he ha* been desperately assaulted, but the enemy lias been repulsed with fearful loss in eveiy attack. We trust our forces will be able to hold it, aud also to destroy the Danville road, so that Petersburg aud Richmond wdl become isolated irom the ren of rebeldom. The possession of the Weldon roadcutts off one of the most impor tant rebel lines of communication boulh, and we may expect that Lee will do all that lies withiu his power to regain it. If he fails in this, we may safely deem such failure a signi ficant sign that the military power of Jeff. Davis is on the wane. He will undoubtedly throw a dragnet over all his available forces and mass them at this poiut, hut we may resl assured that the indomitable Grant, In the meantime, will not remain inactive and idie# Knowing the great importance of holding this road, he will tax his utmost energies and do ail that can be done to keep the posses sion of it. We hope and trust he will suc ceed. Had Grant been in McClellan’s place at Manassas Lee would riot hava so leisurely walked away with his army and escaped. It was a great aud serious blunder on the part of McClellan, and greatly injured the Uuiod cause. We could better afford now to have such a blnuder committed than we r >uld ai that time. If Lee had been fought and whipped as he might have been at that junc ture of our affairs, it would have been a most seiious and disastrous blow upou the rebels— one from which it would have been difficult for them to recover. If Lee had been brought to grief then, it is among tlie possibilities that the rebellion would have been crushed out Jong ago and peace restored to the land. To those who have closely watched the progress of events lor the last two years, and noted carefully every phase of the rebellion, the above statement may not appear unreasonable or far fetched, i Such a blow upon the rebels at that time w mid have been a staggering one, and proba , bly bave saved many bard battles which have j since been fought. We have alwaysconsider I ed the escape of Lee’s army from Manassas, ' as one of the most unfortunate occurrences 1 of the whole campaign, and the entire blame rests upon the shoulders of the General who i held the comma id at that time. The Recoil of F. 0. J. Smith's Gan. The Advertiser of Aug. -2dth, had a long, malignant attack upon Mr. Lynch, for his , agem y iu v ...... r MaUu—ui which ex Judge Rice is President—and Ilia passage of the resolve which allows a paltry sum lor tlie encouragement of Swedish and Norwe ; giau immigrants, of industrious habits and good character, to settls^iu our btate. Alt. Lyucb is assailed for voting to play fast and : loo e with the people's money, and the Asso ciation is charged with being a swindling con cern, got up to specula'e in human flesh, and ail that kind ol clap-trap, and all this is done . with a view to injure Mr. Lynch’s chances of : supplanting Mr. sweat in the next Congre-t. Tne special regard of the editor of the At‘ , verlLer lor .Mr. Sweat has already been hint ed at in these columns, and need not be re peated; and yet it vv ill not be forgotten that Mr. Sweat it one of the n ferret to whom Smith has agreed to refer certain pending suits, claiming damages to the nine of $20, i 000, for alleged offences of a nature which de cency forbids us to more fully t xplain in our columns. His motive tor keepiug ou the right side and making a friend of the referee is very apparent, though we are not willing to believe such appliances will be accepted as a brilie by any honest man, to the extent of warping his judgement or modifying his Ter. diet. But we come back to the charge growing out of the legislation touching the Immigrant Aid Association. Probably the writer of that malignant article was not aware ot Mr. Sweat’s participsney in a similar piece of legislation, only on a much more gigantic scale. On the 4lh of July last, a law was approved by the President, which had passed both Houses of CoDgre-s, entitled “An Act to encourage Im migration.” Among the provisions of this bill are the following: A commissioner i9 to be ap pointed, to reside at Washington, to be allow ed $2,500 salary and three clerks; a superin tendent of immigration to reside at N'ew York, $2,i)00 salary, and one first class cleik; provisions for making contracts with immi grants, paying (heir onstage and they to work It out alter arrival, similar to the kin dred provisions of the Maine Association, and 825,000 is appropriated to carryout the object* of the act. This act, creating several new offices, with fat salaries and appropriating a large sum of money to carry it into effect, proposing to do on a large scale and lor the general l*ene dt of th> nation what the Maine Immigrant Association proposes to do In a more humble way for the especial benefit of our own State, tills act, we say, was rated fur by L. D. H. Sweat, and received his cordial support! Wo don’t mention this by way of censure of Mr. Sweat, bat rather to show how F. O. J. Smith', gun, aimed with malignant intent at Mr. Lynch, l>y itt recoil strikes down his own can liJale an 1 makes mincemeat of oue ttrlio n he labor to aid ! Political Documents The .Union Congressional Committee will Immediately Issue the loliowdug doeumeuts for distribution among the people. 1st. McClellan's military career reviewed an 1 exposed. 2d. George H. Pendleton—his disloyal re- ! cord and antecedent*. 3d. The Chicago copperhead convention— the men who composed it. 4th. Base surrender of the copperheads u> the rebels in arms. 5th. The military situation and the glori ous achievements of our soldiers and sailors. 6th. A tew piain words with the Heroic private soldier. 7th. The History of McClellan’s '• Arbitra ry arrest" of the Maryland Legislature. 8th. What Lincoln's administration has lone. These documents will be .printed in English md German, and sent tor two dollars per huu ired copies. Let the loyal meu everywhere end In their orders to Hon. James Harlan, Va*hingtos, 1). C. The Golden Barometer. Gold goes up and down in the market, not i so much becuu-e of any actual changes in the > wanes or necessitiee or even prospect* of the j * country, as because of the variations in the j spirits of the people. On Tuesday of last week I * it ran down to 232, and the jubilant copper- I heads said it was all owing to the prospect tf 1 ' McClellan's noBiination, but tile neat day, : when that nomination became a fact, gold went up to 243 1 2 at a single bound, and con- j turned to rise until Friday alVeruoou when it touched 252! Then came the newsfroth At lanta, and down it went by the run to 240. It is surtul ed that the decline on Tuesday, instead of being beeittw of McClellan's proba- J hie nomination, was owing to the speeches of j Messrs. Harris and long, indicating that the 1 convention would break up in a row and the ; country be saveu the scourge of a copperhead c iUipalgts. lilit wheubythe agency of the tjof, th we tellers of unpleasant Democratic truths ' were choked down, and harmony tv as restored 1 by “coercion,” and the platform was adopted S and McClellan pieced upon it,.the hopes of ; loyal men took ou a momentary sickening fit, ! ami bp went gold among the two-fifties; but the cheer of Sherman’s victorious troops as they leaped the defences of the “Key to the j Confederacy” and captured the very heart of I rebeldom, dispelled not only the heari-sicknes* j of the people but caused all the hopes of the McCk-llanites to dissij.a’e in the smoke of Sh's guns. From this moment the Copperhead bubble is burst, and the Chicago candidates are “dead cock-, in the pit.” Their star pales when the Union sun rk-cs. They shine only in the dark- . ness of rebellion’s nigh . But "the morning 1 light is breaking,” and the hearts of the peo ple take courage. The pet of the Copperheads has had a very short though a merry life. He went up like a rocket but Sherman has brought him dowu like a stick. Like the pig in the story: “When he lived he lived is e’orer. When he died he died ail over." A Significant Confession One of the oldest, most respected and best informed Democrats of the city, a man ^ of wealth and ol good Social position, and who has long stood high in the confidence of of his party, was in one of our b auks, Satur day, and the conversation took a political turn, and the prospect.- of Presidential can didates were alluded to. The Democrat is a I strong friend of MeClellau. and regards him ! as the strong mail of the party for the posi tion he now holds as standard-bearer. In the course of conversation, this gentle man, with all his confidence in McClellan's vuccess and his alleged popularity with the people, very c mdidly stated, that, if the Uu 1 .on army should he successful, if Siiermau should taka Atlanta and Grant Richmond, the Chicago nominees covld xot be I elected! uoyai msu oi rortuau ana oi mume, think of the Figoideation of such a confes sion. L is a confession, uct from an ignorant, ’ irresponsible piece of party drift-wood, but i from an intellectual and induculial man, tbat ; the success of his party can be secured only i by his country’* defeat! that the success of ths loyal cause is sure to destroy ail hope of a Democratic victory'. j What aa ugly reflection this for a loyal | Democrat; that his cause and the rebellion go up or g > down together! And yet such a reflection is just. Kebel defeat lu the field gives strength and hope to Uuion men; rebel | victories in the Held strengthen and eucour age the Democratic leaders! Let those draw comfort from this reflection who may. “Independent” Enterprise behind the Lighter. The Advertiser has sneered at the Associa led Tress and its news arrangements for the Morning papers as a “slow coach." and boast ed of its superior laeililie* Jor early jjews^b^ boasted that Its Wasliiogton correspondent, “Dion” could beat both the Associated Tre<* I aud lightning by twenty-four hours, in the transmission of news from tbe/roiif, using no I other means of locomotion than such as is pro j vided for Uncle 5> im'a mails. Saturday moruiug, however, the wlud was i taken out of this boaster. The Advertiser headed its "special dispatches, excluxictly to the Advertiser, by the Independent Line,” with the following caption in flaming capitals: j “No NLWS FiiOM ou it Gin: AT A it MI*#!" In the Tress and Argus, of the same date furnished by that “slow coach”—the Associa ted Tress, was the glorious news of ShcumaVo j cap runic of Atlanta! ! Where in the world was “Diou,”.the Wash ington (!) correspondent of the Advertiser, that Ue allowed this o'd fogy eoucern to get , ahead of him? No Armistice Admissible. The Kichmoud Examiner is quite sure that proposals for an armistice will lie made to the i rebels from some quarter, either from our 1 Government, or the Chicago Convention, i This Kichmoud editor lays this flattering unc* j tiou to his soul. Ue says a Mew fork paper I urgently advises Liucolu blmseif to take the I initiative in this movement lor the purpose of disarming and silencing the peace portion at the North, because he shrewdly guesses «ucb i an armistice and negotiations would be re j pul«ed. This Editor says: “This is merely a move touke the wind out of the democratic sail." Ue j is exceedingly wise in his own conceit, and wouid regret very much to have the wind j taken out of the democratic sail. But this ! chivalrous writer places a veto on the whole | matter, and says whether this proposal comes from Lincoln or the democratic party, it i* wholly inadmissible. A Soldier's Views of Duty and of the Prospect. We have been permitted to read, and make the following extract from a private letter Irom a Captain in the 29th Me. regiment,_a Portland man—to his friends in this city. The letter is dated “Near Hallstown, Va., Aug. 27.” The writer says: “We, here in the army, look oi»tl;« rebellion as on its last legs. Atlanta, Richmond and Mobile are doomed; all that Is wanted is the men, and we look to you at the North to lur uish us the men, and tneu you may look for good newa, L'ulorce the draft by all incaus. Let the Government sgp that you all sustaiu it, and by next spring we wilt settle this re bellion. Everything lays with you at hotse. The whole army go in for “Old Abe” for the next President, so stand by him and he will be elected. JSverythieg goes right with us. Fighting is our trade at the present time, and we. menn to tight it out. Just let us see' that we are sustained at home, and ail will be well." McOlellau'a Opinion of JtS. Daria, Col. Metcal ', of Kentucky, made a Lujan speech at a public meeting, not long ago, at which he related an anecdote of Gen. Me Clellan, showing how he regarded the rebel leadtu- He said; “I got uiy eyes opened on that young Napo- i leon in the spring of 1#8J. I yent to see Gen. McClellan, aud ta the course of tUO con versation I said to him that Jeff. Davis wgs a scoundrel and a repudiator. He (McClellan) i straightened himself up quickly, and said ; *1 i do escure you, air, that you are mistaken. Jeff. Davis is a perfect gentleman, and will 1 not do anything unbecoming a gentleman.' i Well, if a traitor, conspirator, thief, recudia- l tor, and the ciiil devil who is iustigatjug all < this murder, is his beau ideal of » ‘perfect gentleman,’ I hope our country will never be ' cursed with his morality and virtue at the I head of affairs.” ( s Foreiqx Exports.—'The total value of f foreign exports from this port last week o imonnted to $13,281.21. t V Salute.— A salute of MX) guns will be Ur- S >d at noon from Long Wharf, In honor s >f the capture of Atlanta. . g OB liny Ah AND SELECTED. y The election for State officer* in Vermont skes place tomorrow. . y Letters from Annapolis say Gen. Cham erlain is slowly recovering. jy Notwithstanding the drought the crop of (otatoes in tfiis State will be unusually lirpe. y Lieut. Col. Merry arrived at his home in ’embroke recently, on a short furlough, | jy The force of the hostile Indians in the Vest is estimated at 15,000. gy Samuel Freeman, of the 50th Maine, died n one of the hospitals in Washington on Fri lay. gy The distribution of mail matter now done at leading office* ia to ho done hereafter in the jars by clerks detailed for the purpose. y The estimated value of the farms, sbwk, and farming implements Of New Kaglaud is $507,000,000. The Concord and Portsmouth railrosd train was thrown from the track on F'riday, near Portsmouth. No one was materially injured. jy The Memphis Bulletin says the raid of Forrest into that city was not a very profitable job for the rebel chief, as he lost about 570 men and accomplished nothing. y The rumorthat the Secretary of the Treas ury was alamt to accept a proposition for a loan from abroad of $100,000,000, proves to be un founded. y Capt. FUgar A. Burpee, of Rockland, for whose safety there has been much anxiety, has been heard from at Macon, Ga., “well aud all right.” iy Gen. lliram Burnham arrived at his home in Cherryfield last week, on a short furlough, to recover tis health, which has suffered by sever* campaigning. y The Navy Pepurtment has ordered an in vestigation into the charge that the Pontoosuc remained forty-eight hours in the harbor of Last port. y Since Gen. Grant has taken possession of the Weldon railroad, pork has advanced to six dollars a pound and beef to eight dollars, in Richmond. y McClellan’s nomination is quite as satis factory to the Union men as to the copperheads. They eonshler him one of the easiest to be beaten in the whole list presented. y Acting Master William H. Baldwin, of Nantucket, has been promoted to be volunteer Lieutenant, and ordered to Portsmouth to take command of U. 8. schooner Beanrrgard. y Hon. Hannibal Hamlin and Hon. John A. Peters will address a Union Mass Meeting, in the grove near South Paris depot, this after- I noon. jy The Hamilton Times (Canada) says a Urge fire has swept off many valuable buildings in Brantford, C. W., and among them are blocks of stores and two hotels. It is sup|K>sed to be the work of an incendiary. Loss some $50,000. y Mr. John Swindells, proprietor of a brew ery in Portsmouth, was run over by the Con cord and Portsmouth train of carson Friday af ternoon and instantly killed, says the Chroni cle. y A man by the name of Martin, who was till ivtuium 1 to ha vn iIimI •> f a iliuouta nf t Vws haart in New Orleans, a short time since, was restored to consciousness and to society by the preparato ry process of embalming. iy The new* of the nomination of Lincoln and Johnson wa* received in Honolulu in ten day* after it left Baltimore. That is quick work, and if it doe* not annihilate space, it greatly diminishes it "3T The Boston Post says the man who slept ou the Common last wight said the mosquitos iived upon his blood for eight hours, and then presented their bill* for service in the morn mg. tJF~The member* of the 15th Maine regiment, now on furlough, will notice the “General Or der,” published in another column, extending their furlough to the 17th of September, at which time they will report at headquarters at Au gusta. Messrs. Shaw k Tilsum are erecting at Winn, two mile* below Mattawamkeag Point, the largest tannery in the United States. The main building is to be t«00 feet long with wing* some bu.» 'l-orf in length Ab^ut 900 men —ployed in various departments oflabot. y *'ro£ Lowe made a very successful bal loon ascension from t «>Q r.vs-,. VM.k _ His car was decorated with the Union Jack an 1 the Star-Spangled Banner. He attained the height of nearly two miles, and descended safe ly several miles from Calais on British soil. 3T The Toronto Globe christens Gen. Lee as McClellan’s greatest electioneering agent. This is a hard bit on the copperhead candidate, nev ertheless there is much truth in it, for we all know that the more this rebel general succeeds, the higher the cop|ierhea Is lift their heads and * the louder they hiss. ■3T The Montreal Witness says “Because Me 1 Chilian did not hurt the rebels nor slavery, the whole South, the Democratic party of the North, an d a large portion of the British press consider him the very man to command the Northern ar mies. It is for the same reason he is nominated by the pro-slavery peace Democrats. ly The State election is one week from to. ! day. Polls open at 9 A. M. and close at (S P. M , Samuel Cony will be re-elected Vy from 17.000 to 29,909 majority. The whole Union Congression al ticket will be elected, the 1st District will re fuse to take another two years’ fatal, and the ' copperheads will be gloriously Lynch' d. ry Gen. Shermau has flanked the enemy from I seven strong positions, whipped him in , score of battles, conquered more than a hundred miles of territory, and fought over and skirmished for every inch of the ground. The tipril of his ar my was never better, and bi| brave boys are pr pvred lor any emergency -Jf" At a McClellan rvtideation meeting, re cently held inNew York, James Brooks denounc ed his native New Knglaad in severe terms, and Voorheec, of Indiana, concluded his speech by cursing Mr. Lincoln from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet bucu jye the arguments to tic used by those who ary in sympathy with rebels in arms. 'J The frigate Yan lalia has been ordered to ai-.L'I..__ V. 1*1 . •**- — '' j - j kuc s»me ai the Sibine is operating here, in recruiting for the X ivy. The rush for the Sibine is greater than «»u be promptly accommodated, and per sons desiring to eater the naval service oan be examined and received at jittery as well as at this port. tST The New Vork Tribune of Wednesday sajs: There were at leaat one thousand more Lincoln rotes in this city yesterday, after the Chicago Demoiii-gtic platform had been read, than there were the day before. 4 frieud drop pel into a store where sat five partners, ail Dem ocrats, of whom not one would vote for McClel lan, or any one else on that platform." ar The Canada money market is very tight— uncomfortably so. The Montreal papers give the re isous—great rise In the value of dry goods, requiring twice the bauking capital to do the business—derangement of our currency and the tardy setdeipect of lumber contracts consequent thereon—dullness of lac Jiggjiah lumber market —high rate of interest in Britain—she almost complete displacement of bank bills by silver in circulation over the country towns, over trading gea.rolly, and the necessities of the government, which uses the money gs fast as it comes. jar A German passenger on the Lake Shore twin, on Tuesday of last week, was robbed of Sl.W in gold, which he had taken from the old jountry to invest ip a iafni ip the West. 8us lioiou fell upon three viltaiuous-iooging in<^i ,-iduals in the seoond-class car, who, on the &r ■ival of the train at Westfield, were taken into he depot and searched by the conductor, n*t titlstanditig their loud protestations of inno ence. ipe search resulted in demonstrating he fact that they were not the tluevis, but *im- * ily delegates to the Chicago convention. iSTThe "Printers’ Protective Union” under ook to interfere with the Pacific Monthly ip California, but Lisle Lester was too much for hem. The Union w ouldn’t tolerate female com- ! ositors. Lisle went to work and made up Ler jrra herself, and then pitched into them. She »ys, "Great, babyish, puny men are protected -oui women. Type-setting is really too small t f itself for great, healthy, clumsy, strong men * ) (ill asleep over." She walks into the men ‘ ery boldly, not to say savagely. The Pacific louthly is now worked fcy women, and Lisle laps her fingers at the “great, muscular, whls tred men,” as she calls them. a BY TEJlJSG | = —TO THE KFBNlSiW PAPERS. c ^ M2L&. ** . * i Far tout Item*. J N«wr Vohk. Sept. 3. , The Herald editoilally condemns the Ohi :»go platkirin, and advises Geu. McCiellau to tick' it to jtieeerf. ' " Flags generally Were hoisted through the ( dty in houor of Gen. Sherman’s victory, ex ;ept on the City Hall, where flags were hoist ’d on receipt of the Cliicago nomination. j The Mexican minister emphatically denies that Juarez has left Mexico, or lias any inten tion of doing to. and asserts that the Republic will yet be established. , Bklfast, Sept, 3. The hells in this city were rung and gun llred for au hour iu honor of the capturw ol Atlanta. f'Vom Gen, ShTidtin’a Army. Washington, Sept. 3. The following special dispatch was received last nigi'it from Sheridan’s army. “ The enemy are on the move down the val ley, falling back towards Winchester. Averill attacked and drove Vaughn’s cavalry from a point near Banket Hill to within six miles of Winche-ter, ween bis advance was stopped by j a division of Inlfcutry. Averill captured twenty wagons, two battle ; flags, a number ol pi ’soners. and a herd of cattle. He then moved towards jUerryvitie.— Sheridan moved last night with his whole ar my in pursuit.” Religious and Ecclosiastical I tents. The camp meeting at East Livermore T"* commence Sept ember 3th, to continue through the week. Tho Cumberland Baptist Association held 1 Its session at Brunswick, commeucing on Tuesday and continuing until Thursday of hat j week. A large number were* present. On j Tuesday afternoon the Convention organiz“d by the choice of Rev. Mr. Matthews of Bath, Moderator, and Rev. Mr. House of Brunswick. Clerk. Rev. Dr. Shailcr, of this city, presett ed the annual sermon. Rev. Mr. Hart of Rockland. Rev. Mr. Evans of Dimarlscotta, Rev. Mr. Kingman of New Gloucester, Rev Mr. Carleton of Buckfleld, preached during the session. In addltiou to the usual business of the As sociation, the question of ministerial educa tion, was brought forward to be discussed, in connection with the offer of Gardiner Colby, Esq., of Massachusetts, to donate to Water ville College, the sum of $30,000, on condition that the subscription of $11X1,000 already half raised should be completed. Rev. Dr. Bos worth, of this city, and others, piesented the claims of the College, and the importance of securing this noble bounty, in very earnest arguments and appeals. Patriotic resolutions were offered and pass ed, and after the usual exercises had been gone through with, the Association adjourned to meet next year with the Federal Street Church in this city. Casualties in the Maine Nineteenth. Head Quarters, 19ih Me. Voi.s. 1 Camp near Petersburg, Va., Aug. 28, '84. ) To tko Editor of the Press: The following it a list of the casualties of the 19.h Me. VoU., iD the engagement at “Reams' Station,” on Thursday, August 25th:— Killed—Co. B., Abijaii Nr. Clay. H’ounded—Cot. A., Martin Andrew, slight ly ; B., Serg't D. S. Richards, severely, breast; | C., Capt. Chas. E. Nash, flesh wound, arm; D., privates, James Pierce; E., Jos. FarnlAm; Benj. Knowles, slightly, leg; (4., corp'i Frank Bobbins,.contusion foot;privates Geo. F. Doe, shoulder, since died; H., Ge >, Fuller; I., Chat. W. Powell. ^ Minting—Co. B., Alonzo B. Gregory, A. D. Hall, Norad Groves; C., John W. Barnes, Ja.s. \V. Flanders; D., Christian Anderson, Euocb Hollis, Win. R. Sawyer; E, Marvellus Free man, Benj. Roberta, Elisha P. Richards; F . Leonard B. Bicker; G., Win. Murphy, Z ola VV. Young; II., A. J. Baslord, Fiank Field, Geo. Smith, Chas. Steward, Cyrus H. King; I., Peter Larkin, James Madison. Chas. Miles, L. Boynton; K , Geo. Beunett, Win. Green wood, Morris Murray. The missing are probably nearly all wound ed and taken prisoners. Very resptctruily, B. F. Sturgis, Asa't Surgeon Vu charge 19th Me. Volt. The Telescope vs. the Microscope. Wm. Lloyd Garrison recently wrote a letter to Prof. Newman of Oxford, which contains advice as appropriate for this, as for the oth er side of the Atlantic. We c >:n neml it to those hypercritical persons who orerluok the great and glorious achievements of thv past, and the noble deeds of President Lin coln, in their search tor and impatience over matter* of comparatively small amount. Mr. Garrison says: “My dear sir, I beg you to lake a telescopic rather than a microscopic view of our affairs; and. Instead of dwelling upon and magiuify ing to huge dimensions those incidental er rors and outrages winch are Inevitable in the midst of such an awful civil war, aud which are sure to be corrected, tlx your gaze u;>* on those suNime and glorious acts of Hie President's administration, whereby slavery has received its death warrant, aud the haughty slave power beeu laid low in the dust, and still feel justified iu looking ou this struggle ‘with serene satisfaction as a sublime sacridce lor t magnificent future.”’ The Copperheads come to Grief. The news from Atlanta was a severe blow for the Copperhead cause. We have seldom seen longer faces than were worn by the faith ful of tint persuasion on Saturday. Souse of I them are reported to have said to each other, in an undertone, “It is always our d-J luck for Grant or Sherman to do something to blast our hopes.” There is no disguising the fact: the copperhead stocks go up as the hearts of the people sicken within thno», anj a ylotory over the the rebels is as fatal to their prospects a» a CV*4 win to June goslings, or an early frost to tender vines. SPECIAL NOTICES. AO Ctrriert of the Datlp Prettare lot allowed to fit popart o» t„..r -outrt I’ulon Caucus. .^"I Ptjopxoter* of Cape Elizabeth will meet .*? i.t ?? ,“ur»d*). September S. at Are o olook in ihe afternoon tg uotuiuate a caudi ssiuiWKr- “r year*0 t0 0hOOM * T#w“ r<KBlll,e» tor the ensuing Per order Town Committee. Cape Elizabeth Sept. 5th, 1804 — did Aotfcaa. rPUE unconditional Union yotery of ( umbe. lan 1 A are nquetted to meet at the town houae in raid town on Tuesday, tbu 8ih day or September noxt. at J o'cloet, I*. M . to nominate a caudidate tor Uepr6KjnU*i"e to repreaert the townlntLe next Legislature,- aleb td choose a town Committee for the ensuing year. Per order os the 1 .it Com. Cumberland. Aug. SO. 1884. augdi did. A New Perfume for the Handker chief* . ■; Phalon e j^gbt Bljonjing Cereua." PhiloD'i “Night Blooming Cerent.* Phalon e “Night Blooming tervo«.“ Ph&loa'a “Night Blooming Corcua.’ Phalous "Sight Bljoming Careua.-’ Phalon’s "Ntghg B.cqmlng Careus.” Ittioga ■•Bight Blooming Cereui." j A most Exquisite, Usittclt aud Krierant Perfume ,h« Bare aud BeauttiSf Tlower from it takes its name. Mauulactured only by PHALOS g SOS. .V y. JCrbewcu-eqr Contorfeit,. yq for ph,tloa\ rake no Other. Sold by Druggist* gem rail* June34'04J8m Portland Pbotogia^hw Gallery, i SO MIDDLE ST., PORTLASD, Me., A. S. DAVIS, Proprietor, Portland, May 12.1884. may!2d6m * Slop, Drunkard ! 4 SPERANZA. an Italian preparation to destroy *. he appetite for Intoxicating Lique's. It can be dmh.i*tered with perfect aatety Price One Dollar ,, ar box. THOMAS G. LOSING, Druggist, Cor. Exohauge and Federal git., Sole Agents fur Malue. *, Portland, Ang 28-dJn * " tar CARDS and BILL HEADS neatly prtnte at 1tula oBoe. II |t • PBCIAV. KOT I CEB. A * a-.—- —_‘V - n “A Might Cold,** Coughs. H ls*ure*«sn- o' the tatajUnos •! “J^Must ' b Bush or ILIOBT OOL" f» }*» *”“ *8? I 11 hleh iu the bsslnuing would Meld *o » tald feme- ^ MfBt-glMM. a.;ooi»t»oli» tnelungs Arews e ? roncAii/ ’Irrchr.i” give sure snd slroost tarns* Isto relief. Aftfifory OJflem’t and 9oldUn**M*M I , are (Arm, a* /A«g can be carried •» fAr a a j diet* requirej. gu^adltwia ^ “ Soxodoiit” ii now attracting very con9iderab e ] ttentiou, and wellit may iKtartio'e represented . y thi*»\ i* one of the best preparations | or th»- teeth ami guus* that has ever been offered to | he r ubilc. We have Leeu familiar wi h It* re*u ts for some ear* past, and have never known a case In which U use was not pt».iairg and highly satisfactory. It j idPhe* the teeth, harden* the guns, and gives a vholesoun- t *u« to the wou.A autl breath — Pr^tri- 1 ience Daily Press. inch 10 It Buy Your Su.ioB ry Pucknget Exohangnatreet, #2 per 4oem,or 25 oentseach. yy a oicitii w:;M*cd. address L. UUK^SKR, Port* „d.M..,B0« m. „gWJ4w THOM VS 8. LORING, Bttl'Of.IRT, I -ASD FRAOTICAIi J 1UJS1H FITTER, terser st Ksehssgr A PsdrrsISf’s. A perfect fit guaranteed. I lls poorlllirrellr con ildered._metutau ^ Dr. VVatHoii’n Dii>tli»rt» Cure, Obbblik. Msjr *'b, Mol. Sir — Having cur'd four cl ol l>ipthsr;s in my i hotter, sad watch d its wonderful tucciss in roan) , neighb«rhondi in my trave'*; I call Dr. nab' b i | Diptheria l ure a sure cure for that awful scourge. Mo one oies wh j take* it iu season; atd I may ay it ] c trenail whoars thor< u'h in usieg It; even after ■ the disease is called fatally attending physicians j I chjllatige n»y one 10 thow a failore where the j medicine ha* a rvas n*io r ebarc-*. VI he would uot In vo it In the hou# ; it th**y knew its power. A > C^'shrated Druggist b* te who feared to try it for a w ''do dually trief it fdsvory membe** o' his family w”. *’Shi« be would not t»k9 i*>l,00 dollar* tor fhe ttna,i« . family, and I dout bewevs he would curejuvi to. a, if* bighost premium. It re- l take it in gj d evo. nwpeut," a sure cure. minds m-of tr>e " Hr- * . •« Verv Ke*pecffuhy Your*. • aoueral agent 11. if. HAT, Druggist. Portlabw, * for 31 tine, to whom all orders must be auw. Aug'30 eodft wtf “L. F.w Atwood’s 11 liters. Price 3* Ct* Tuorhdirk, Mr., April 25. 1862 Dear Sir:—▲ lady of my acquaintance was < troubled with severe attacks of sick headache- lor a number ot yearr. and conic find no relief until ike tried L. F. Atwood's Bitters, which effected a per manent cure. 34y daughter was troubled with attacks of severe headache and vomiting, which have h- eu cured by these bitter*. I have myself been troubled with dyspepsia, which has already been relieved by this remedy. 1 always keep it on hand, asl believe it to be a speedy cure for all derangement* of the st toacli and liver; and t >r female complaints when arising from debilitv ol the digestive organa* Your* truly, C«A|. WllTIIT. 83P" Counterfeits and base imitations, in siml larbo’tle and label are in the market and sold by unprincipled dealers. The genuine is signed L. F. Atwood, and also hare an BXTRS LABKL. o* white prper, conntersigneo U. U. HA T, Druggist, Portland, Me., sole General Agent. Sold by respectable dealers in medseiue generally lanyl6eodfkw6 Boston Stock List. Balk at the Bbokkee’ Board, Sept. 3 16*4)0 American Gold, .?39 000 .do. 231*4 7.40) U 8 Coupon Sixes (M61).,.19 7,600 United State* f» 30 a.11’j 6MUJ United State. Currency Certificate# .... 03* 4,000 .do. Wj 6,100 United Hate* Coupon*. .23m 4 Kvt.rn Rail C-'? 4.HO 1 Western Kailroad.16H [By J I. Ilenahaw.j $0 Portland. Saco A Portnia'tL R R .1131 2 PepptrHI Manufacturing Co.1177 j Bale* Manufacturing Company.176 2 Boston and Main* njplroad.. 136j 6.00»» Rhode Gland S»a*e Sixe*..100 5<«00 Eastern Railroad Sixeu11374) . .107] l.OtlO New liampshpe slate Sixes (1970).OH 6,tM» United States Teu-Fwrti*#.9#j * MARRIED. In thi* citr. Sept 8, by Rev p- Shailer Ray F Lew is and Mi** Mary Andfraon. both of Boston In Dover Nti. Aug 4 by Bov Mr Yerry. Richard L Rol>in-on. of thi* oily, and Mr* CC Danfurth, daughter of S *hindler, E q ot Tarrytnwn Ml. lu Urucawick. AugJohn Owen and Mia suaan Lincoln. In Portsmouth, July 28 A-bury J Goodwin o Kitterv, and Mb* Lydia N Spcncjr, ot south Berl wH In Brewer. Au< 20. Christopher Holme* and Mis* Ma-’ha E Smith, both of O-’ri'igten In Aug 11 Chariot « Michael and Mis* Ceie-tia W O-tke*. both of OlJtown. In O'dtown Aug 17. Geo L l‘re*co.t ard Miss Ma ry P WaterboU'C. DIED. In this citr. Sept 3 Ellen Trine?. Infant daughter of Jo*-p.*i W amt fc leu 1 Read t F"1 uucral this • Monda> ) aiternoon, at 2 o’clock, at N*» 17 Gray street. lu this city. Sept 1. C ara France*, infant daugh ter of Col F E Heat . aged 3 months In thi* city. Sept 3 Mary W, daughter of Alex and Elizabeth Ha ke 1 aged /7 - ear* 2 month*. uneral thi* Monday i afternoon, at 8 o’clock, at the residence ot her father. No 7 lore street. Relative* and friend* are invited to attend. lu Limenck. Sept 2. Mr Wm Terry, aged 81 ye»r* 3 mouth*. lu U th, Sept 2 Ot’s 8. a n of B.nJ baud Susan H logg In J'.,*ham, Aug JO, Mr Jus R Parinton aged 25 year* 11 month*. lu Bouton. A»g 17. J * K Colburp of Brunswick, i aged 16 } ear*—uu uibtr 3d Mast Cat airy. IMPORTS. LIVERPOOL Ship Favorite—10f<0 touaeoal.te 1 l>f***r; 65 ton* salt, Geo Y\ arrea A Co. Co*ton 33 crau< tax then «an, Stee A Have*; 500 boxe* tin. | to onUr 1 I IuU NS. Brig KuUcrue- J16 tons coal, Cha* Staple* A »nb UlLL^BUKii b B Sch Iudu-tr> —166 tonaeou', kero-ci.c oil Co Brig Caledon j n—174 lout coal — Iverosene OH Co. Sch Neva—185 ton* coal, her *ene oil Co. Sch P Bake—174 tom «ral—Ker. * n* oil Co. Sch Amo—84 to..* coni ken**r.eOil Co. Sch‘i3* ton, to#; -Kt ro-e-e Oil Co Sch R 11 Dearer—1* • kerosene Oil Co GUl K-BokUj N S. 8ch Mary Ann — 6oo bbl* mackerel 3* j Ml* do. C P t g abam. K1 \ ER B**. KKK NS. Sell I id-. it—DO Lai «oal, to Eeroneue Oil Co ST JOHN NB. Sch France# Harriet — Ml,000 ahtyjk*. ;o The* Pad ock. MINI 4TI RE ALMANAC. >1 OR,lay, .September 5. Sun 16*8*. .5 2* J High water (am) 12 10 a»n *#t<. 6 29 I Length oi days.M 0 I A i 11 N i EjTEWe. PORT OF PORTLAND. Saturday . September 3. ARRIVED. Steamer Montreal. Knight. Bo-ton Sch Neva, iBr) Dexter. U.lbbcro NB. SCh fudu^tyr, < Hr j NtcboC Hi». Uoro;«’B boh Robiu liopkin* kondoct Sch North Battery. Andereou. Bangor. Sch Sam knight. Job- » Jon»boro. Sch Jack Downing. Staple* Bangor Sch Utica, liioruaike. Rocklaou. Schlreeport, Farnsworth, New York for Rock .sen ttdua. 1 iw. Ihv rljr for (fraud Banks Soli Jutti A Kicii, Li'ijtd, Bo.ton for Edit bch C L. lierifck, Perkm koeton for Bangor. Sch Kuaabtib Rebecca, Whitten, Millbridre tot Boston bch Vesta, Haupt, Oriand for Salem Sch Preference Thurston, Turnout for Boston. CLKARKD. LUctatr Fotomac, Sbtrwood, New York— Emery k Fok, Sch Lark, Moore, Maitland $S— Sunday . S*-|>l*uilwr 4. AKMVKP. £W|> Fkvpilla, .Hrlfpai I. verpool July l|,t. Brig Kudo* u«. H'itktfl, )u.tou Nh Bng Caledonia. <br> Brown. U|H»to.»rp LB Sch Brarabali. Ricker, Fictou Ns sch Mary Ann. iBri Grant, Guy -boro N$. Sch P Blak<* < Hr O'Brien Hill-boro NB. Scu Arno. tBr* Cailieiy. NB Seh Fioneer.« Hr Haiti* !u Uili-Niro Ml Sch KoU H Dexier. «Br» DoxUr, Hill-boro NB. Sch France* liarri t , Mr) Thorn St Jghu N B Sch Iris. (Br) II »t Held .'from ILn-n River NS far Fort-mouth. t , t^The number of Am rican mith lost during the mouth of Augu-t. is rep ne 1 at So of which Jr dt»U-y«Uiy llir uir»:«741l,i„.^.,ud ol,r tiv thf Florida. Of llww* I *.« a jr. 5 ,blp, .1 bai.iue,. t Driy>, aud S4 -cIm o..»ra—tfc* 10 >1 valooof wtuon I. estimated at 4&&0.U It, fjiiowi e i« I taken irom the list. Ship D L C h ate from R*-«ein for Falmouth F Bar«{ue Sebra * rocker Irom Mataur*-* lor Fortlaud " den Avon.* from Gla-eow tor New York. " V C Alexander.* from New \**rk f..r Pictou. Brif A Etc hard-s'* tm G«acp Bay it for New \ork. “ Carrie Eaftol'o* from Maohii fer Fra*iden,v bch Columbia, from Bo-ton for Caunleu ** Arion lr. m PTOvhfr» c»' for Mill bridge *• Atlantic.* fiotn Addison lor New York. “ Spokane,* from t a ■»» lor Philadelphia. M Palmyra, from Portland for New York. " Josiah Achorn fr'-m Fortlaud for Kingan CB. *• .John E Patfot:. from Itoudout for Boston. *• Ktta Caroline * or Portland. •» Flora K-td.* of Georgetown. Coral Wreath.* o» Westport. •Doatroyed by ihe la laha-ste. Ship Mary Robinson, before repor ed w u eked at lowland s island, ugi-Gr.J 1371 ton** w a-built at lath in 1364. and owned tl New Bedford FlSflKKMKM. Ar at Deer Isle 29th u!t. sch ilarv France*. Webb lay Chaleur. ’ j , Ar at Eden, sch Glide, Ash, with 350 qtli fish. OOHfoTlC PORT*. SAN FRANCISCO—Ar <*Nt. ship Daniel Hwrcr oss.New \ork Winged Hunter. Hn.cklev H s’ in : bat.jue 1 hoa Hetchcr. Soule. Newra-tfo Ns W Ar 1-t :nst, snipe Suiuat.a, Kinsman New York lilsn. Dow lug do. ** lorg. 8U ll.t ult >M|.a Mary L Sutton Rowland B*. I PIIII i lia i pViii ' *>••»*. 11 o* hue. < WX i,tcbi‘*: *- ■ \;'o b?^*'*W.y Andrraon K«1 FttBaacola; ofand B # 5. ' tivunu-Ho., 6 G Alan* < Ar >« •■»*. »hlp Alexander Mar. a , r^’J^P001 :.brt« tornado, Podge. KlUabeUiport o r Boston: Khi Abaeo, Pendleton, Hi John NB: It a met Amw, Wlllet'i Fein*; Boondtrv T< ud., iMacblu; And*,. C*r e, Bailor; B»o,al, ,*»**«. ack and ; Jobs Oil-er, Johu«o», KewBodiutd; K Uuuton, J»me»ou. Kawport. Ar 1st lu.t barque Winona, Ftokett. MamUlaa; rte Juliet C Clark, White, Cow Bay CB; «ta ka» l Kpatinn. Kieli, do; Uretden. !>»*•• shuleeNs; IM Michel, do; Cruaoe Keller. Mecbiea; Bei - «1. Uutt, Bucklend. L I) Weutworth Kteue. Ban or; I rede Wind. Mill. »aco; Atneilcen Chief.Br«e ►y: JO Ire and. Hutchins. Bud » amoP, nilfesr, >n*tou ; Ji« If Fiofmtin, Ryder. Fell River. Cld l»t, ship Industry, Lii.uell, U'«£iK’0*j barque Wwln. Lindsey, Hamburg; brfg Avondale, iR*, Portsmouth Ar 2d. ships Hib- rnia. M* r:Non, Literp* ol: Nep u~e, * oabody, do: barque ii Wright Jr. Seers, Cow Jay C R. Cld 2d, aMp Jar Foster Jr, Abeel. Liverpool; bark* ilu taug. Stars. Melbourne; Teb-graph. Jones ’roufltaut; Sacramento, Hosmtv.Cow Bay »i io'i IJ .6 tin, Hibtxr, E i/abetbport: ► yc J Ifodge. I'eniT, 1 eniaiubuco N 1*. 4 ;"./: v .eta kero, Benue,, aud cn.e.f'ZTt..®, iaJuiii. Bid . t. n (Jr, Oak; br,,«, v.iy Lord Mb C A Faruswcrth ’ ai-o *.-i Hi. sbpJA Stamer; barque Hunter* brig B Young. t»y ti.1 ] Arttl . ships C Griuuel), from London* American Fkst|gl\ do; Byren, ard Ontario, Li verpm/ Trimoeutaiu. Haaabu g; shooting fctar, im Caruifl* Barp^well fm Havre. FRO ViDENCR—Ar Id i st. gchs Laguna, Hart, aco (ie i Muriou. Osborn, Kondout. H 21.« hi J Hi'l, W heiden, New York. T-l’a-.*ed out 2d. barque Fowbattan, ! - \ »c: .*>1 FiC C«. V. vt1 •*> IgJ HCoauc . < < x,fin Bangor for Fa.'! Rivt-r; selfHenrietta, W aktflHd, for Neva York. Ho.-MKn’S HOLE—Ar let Inst, sehs 8 K Hart, Lansii, fm l’ort Eweu f» i Boston: Elvira A Consnt, Tibb** ts. K.iizabethport for do; M< s * Eddy. hhu*t, N* « York i**r i*nrtl*»'<l: FrDe, Mavo, do lor < alais. Sid 2d, sch Mojes Eddy. UMjAUbb .N-Ar cbt, Mb Hurd, Snow, Ron dont for Niewburyport. Ar l*t, sch Jacc, ilaske 1. Ne w York for Boston. BO>roN—Ar2d. barque F K ilarshine, ( .anting ham, Cronstadt; W H lie Witt, Corey. Jeremh*; Dr Rogers. Bears-4, Philadelphia; Juno, Mills, do; Fau ny Fern, Uaoiey. Eden; Echo, 'haw, Millbridge; Delaware, Grant, El.sworth; In.; ex. Cousins, and Barcelona D=»vis. do; Tu^waana. Ber nard, Hodgkins, Tn.-r.fou; Lueila. Small. Goulds boro; Marvel, Kaltr. WaMuboi©; ll*«ry A, Wade, sud Fern. Creamer, do; S>iph, Duntou. Woolwich; Lucy A Nancy. Cousins. Bargor; K oluO. r Howe, Augusts, Oregon. Mauui u, Bristol; Coquette. W is casect; Wa kinco. Buzsell. Ba h; H Fiescott, Up ton, Portland; J Baker, Rarbcrkk. do. ( Id 2d. sol# Dr Rogers, i’lerton, 8t George; Ocean, ITsrct. Yarmouth. Ar 3d. brig Adcim*, Some . Tremor.t; set* Gance Cock. Curtis, do; jLuuii&aftor. t ream-:r.Wibkboro; Tham -s, Robbins, Tremoiit; Ueno, < uduorth. Ban gar; Fagle, Day, Bristol; Sea Serpent, Airy. Rock * U i ex*•. Ko*!1, Cortland. . J +■* ship Cowper. Sparrow. Callao; sch G*or <i». AltaV. >JUwuT,h: C««wo, Kj.u. Mfiut 8ALKM-ArM. «b. I'.'-bUidtF Wjlltam, ,Ba Iowa. Wentworth, Bangor: Lebanon Wn« ©aback, aud Seth A W illiams. Wallace. Wald«ho/o. GLoK ESTER—Ar 3Ut, m.ha C W’ Dyer, Vkrre. Bo.r n . Ca*hariue Maria. Buow, Bangor f r ao; J D r,lilfm. i.ould Boston: Idaho, W'evcott Bangor lor d : 1st ins*. Julia A Decker. Durt n. t.artimer for N •* lork; HJ Lind sv. Fickett. Millbridge l*OL IS MOUTH—Ar l«t ln-t, brigs Tried* lea.Law* v Choptanuk Rivor; S* a Foam. Coomb* Da*tl« more: Itirohard A lorry. Haskell. Ma chepuugo, Md; sch Uncle 8am, Bird. Rockland. FOREIGN PORTS. S’d fra 8ingapore May 26. ship War Hawk, 5kud der. IImj-ob Ar at ilouolula 13th alt, barque Helen Mar. Woods, Boston. Sid fm Liverpool 20th. ship L L Sturt##, Williams, for New Y rk 8ld fm Faimouth 14th ult, ship Europa, Reed, for Liverpool. Sid tm Flushing 16th alt, ship Martha Cobb Fills bury, Lisbon. Ar at Bn- no# Ayres July 26. barque Voyager, Wj* lie. New York. At gut-lxc <ft*h ult. ships Kccklight. Hadley*, and Metroi oils, k**nr«-g. lor C,iv&fpoor, Belt© Creole, KdohIls, for Greviioca. sld fin St John SB 8d Inst, ship G*a Berry, Watte, j UverpooL (POKES. July 21. lat 38 N, Im 8H W. barque kedash, Jen gin-*, from Boston for Au*iralia. Bept l.olT Fhenix !»J*pd barque pawnee, from New Orleans for Fhiledeiphie NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Prof. Ma«nse,A.M, R cently of PLI adnlpLin, | Instructor in the French and Latin Languages. T J£$S0N8 Id seboois mu* Umilic# Itfturds »u i JLi seboO'* etpI»D»t»on ID Frsnct Idioms A ■* : t|«o ot France, lormfrlv Instructor ol Uhrtorie and hollos le-tern iu t UarU-magn® College, on* of tbo i ur>t iDstttutioD# in Fan* For further paauoulars. a^pljr at Messrs Bail tv k \ Noye*’ botwcon II and IS a M , wboio information I as 10term, a c. will be p\et . SCFKDXXfar lion. IV. II. Seirard, Secretary of State Ker. Bishop W H Stereos.I» 9 of i hilsdsJpfcia. Ker A. Cleveland Coxe, * f Baltimore l F.-of. C. D. Clevnland. of Philadelphia. Prof U.Coppim ot Fenna Uoiversit/. Geo B. Enerjon, E*«j . of Boston. R H. Dana, t ie., ot tseaton Epe* Bareent, Km , of Bos«jd. ^ Rt Rev. Bishop T. C Hr wueil. U. D , Uartfor4, Dr. F.. P. L prohoo, i'ottland sept 5 d2n» IV OT I C E . ! _ TheWeed Sewing Machine Co. ' Hay* eatabiletcd u offloe for the Mic of th*ir Hi. chine* *t So. 1ST, Middle St., oppo It* ( re. bt , which will be open to tbo public on Wednohiay. dept 7. Wh •hi. Muchloe ha* be. a Intrudneed U ha* to a great extent *ap receded all other*. Hiving en gaged the .ervite* of Mr. J. Bradford ofBo*toa,a practical machiniit, a bo bt* bad orer tea j ears ea. perieoc* as a manufacturer aad repairer «f Sawing Use blue*, they are prepared to repair aad pal i_ j p rfect rnoniog order every kind ol Seating Ca rbine. For the purpose of ialrodaciog tb*ai mot* ; cx’e'.ively they will fora *bort time.allow tb* tala* 1 nf cheap sad Inferior machine* la exchange for tb* Weed Machine. A limited number of W«*d Machine* to lei! y lha month or year. Machine 1 Indio*, of erery de*c;iptioa uonetantly , oa baud Order* from the country tboald b* »ddr***»d, We«d Sewing Mactis; Co. 5p„ UTt Middle St C. W. ROBINSON, isfal. l'or.leud Sept. I—eodtf Oity or Portland. Election Notice. Nont-xj} hereby oven,that lapnmuaLc.ef mar rent* li m me Mai nr nod alaermen of the City or Fortixnd tb* inhabited* thereof, qcatui.d ee cording to law to rote for State and i'oaaty ottcer* - will meet their rvepeeivc Ward Room, or a *»l p aeee of mo lag, on Monday, the Iwelftk day of S pt mbtr la.tect, at fto’Uock In the forenoon, ibea and thete to ate* h, their rot • ler Goyeraor. foar realtor- and foar Repreeentetiye* in the LejU.e ; mre of tb * but*, fa. . ji, I.tmrnrn, iocal/ ( ..*un'..:'i*tr. Keg .ter ot Fro^at* too Shcilff lot the County of Cun.ueri.uU, tud for a R> preetata urn toe.agre ai 4 ai*o to ri<* ip ttrirrete* upon the loilowing quotum, to wit:— ••Shall he t on»timtion be amended ae nrepoeed by a reeoive of the Legwintare. pto.ldiag tint c t . teu* or the State at* ut therefrom in th* nillluy oi the l mtrU RlDis*. or of tills s»«* -hwli not a* deem'd to ho e loot their mail *•■ ce ia th e s at' by rea.O’i of inch nh**nea but aball he allow to rote wberere. the/ mar be. no me regalLr *ro»> of the Unit'd Stale!, for Governor h'teao.* and t oaety « diorr*. ea theTa tn.y at at » ibft the f i*t Monday of November, la the year oec the a*, an I * ht hui.d'rd-ad *iat f nr. and Heir vole* h.ll be eonutrd and allowed In the tame mtnaer and with he mmr rS.-ot a* if given on the eecood Monday of September ie that veer: and -hall be at. lowed t* Total for Goyeraor. S nature. Rapre-enm - J *> 'V tfilU 4101 44' | ' heptcaebet, annua',.-ihem,tt*r, (batter h the men 1 “7 *“ Ur ,h’ £«!*<'*>« ia ta(4 rMolra pro vid d . "three in favor of .aid amendmeei eien--». in* It by the word "TER" upon thru ballot.? an t*i,>aa oppo^d tu tb. atnerdnirnt ,xpre*.in« it be the word "Nil ' upon their balitu. ' ” The poll, to remain open until aix o'elook in the af ernoQn wh-n thee »h. I he c'o.ed The Aijeriu-U *r said City will be le at an wedoa lathe Ward Room in k,a Ciiy luuiai** ■•-t'MO* on M*ttle 8t ,>ttom nineo'.ieck In thn forenoon to one I® ttk® kfiwoon on e*eh of the three.«nlar day. teat p Wee lie*-ueh day of election, and frcm three oc tick to five o'curt In the afternoon of the lx.rgf.aid tbv* eonlaroet. 'or tba purpaie of fr <etlia| irti,cnce ot the qual f, cation of voter, wbme uaeta. bar - not been enter! cd on the lint of qualified > mere ia and for the Mrtit al Waria, ULd for correcting .aid II.t J M UK tTU City CVrk. Portland, S*|teiaher 3.1*04. did 15th Me. Vet. Vola.. Attention I ftmJ Quirt-rt 1 *tk Mnint Y*t. Yoi%. | AocMiti, Mo . 8#j»i 1, 1864 t Ucnttd* Prd,n •. IN nccordsue** with order* from the War l)*cart. meM the Veteran fetlo»*h of the Flltermii name ter \ ola ia hereby ax rrded to tb* ITtu bar *>r .San e«nm. Wi, at which time be m. m her. Of tb. Ke* meal will raport at Aujiuta. Main* by Order of Coicotl Isaac Dtu, rfavnv li°""*ndiri. Kt'tlment. kibARt A. ant'nKX -hw.w U,ll,^^vru New Bedford Copper Comp’y. r«. i-wr. fellow Metal A Copper Sheathing, Bon Topper, (toll Yellow *-t*l , Spiktt, .Villa, fe > It »hort notice and d.lirered at any port reqalred. Mcl.ILVERY, RYAK A UAVlS. Sept 4.—dtf Wauitd. If Y a middle afed man. a .ituatlon in a .tore, or ®-?°“ the wharf, aa (.ale-man to no lie t work of i» take charge of some Ji^ht bu-ii.e-e Ciood refer, noca given Addr -d Bo* K18. or enquire at No. 8 Lime Ht Portland, Sept. 8th —dtl l o »TT SpUEWUERK upon Middle, Free or Btat* St. •Ttwodre*. pattarna. wrapped iu new.n.Dtr I he bdar will bo rewarded by fcarinp tb* Vama^ai twl Sept i~d8t*

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