Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 5, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 5, 1864 Page 4
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POETRY. — ^-=—— WritUn far tht Prstt. •‘God Our Trust.” The new two c«Qt piece looks like fold; a wreath of whaat, surrounding ‘twe cents,'and around which are the words, 'United States of America,' Ibrm one side. ' The shield of Liberty, aud the words ‘God our Trust," make up the converse side." [Gospel Banner. With a golden wheat-wreath gleamiug Bouud the sparkling coinage fair, And our nation’s choaen title Stamped upon the surface there. While the bright shield still adorning Thei«e|sweet words, so pure and just; Shield of Liberty and Froedom. And the motto “God our Trust. " We re bm taught from «rlv chilJbood, To coulees a higher power; And we know whose hand upholds us In this dark and trying hour. And to save our nation's honor Fight we trill if fight we trust, While our banners still wave o'er us, And our motto's “God our Trust." When the restless steed of battle, ’Mid the cauuon's deadly roar; And the din of war's confusion, Khali disturb our thoughts no more,— When the fabric of Rebellion Khali lie mouldering in the dust, Every heart shall swell the chorus— "Equal rights" and "God our Trust." Bouud it in the homes of splendor, Let it ring through halls of pride, TUI it find a giorioue answer At the poor m&u's rude fire-side Let the little children learn it, Learn tne sentence true and just, Until back from avery hill-top Cornea the echo*‘God our Trust." 0, ;tis well that ou our coiuage This acknowledgement should shine, Of our nation's firm relianee On a sovereignty divine! For we know the right will triumph, Truth shall reign, it can, It must, Bearing still throughout our borders,— “Liberty"and "God our Trust.'* Carrie A. Hamblin. Portland, 1864. Josh Billing'* Martial Dictionary. ‘Ouluce the dogs ov war’—but muzzle the darned kritters: if you doaut somebody will get hurt. ‘War of Xterminasbun’—this phraise be longs holey to the Kommissara Department. ‘Advance Gard’—this iz a gard lira have tu bav in hour aroiee to keep our tellers from pitchin in tu the enema fruntwards. ‘Here Gard’—the have this gaid tu keep hour fellers when ilia are surrounded, from pitchin in tu the enema backwards. ‘Awl quiet on the Potermuck’—this shows what perleck subjeeshuu our fellers air un . der. ‘A suckaeasful rade’—cutting oph a turnpike within the enema's lines, aud bringing in a blind mule and i niggers tu board. •Reserved Korps'—this i take it, means our ophisers, who die at tavern stands, aud air stuffeu and Bent home tu berry. ‘Bace ov Supplize’—Uncle Sam's pocket book. ‘PickiLls.—these are snrnius rhnn. vhn are cent out tu borry turbacker, and tu see if the kuued rebels bav got enny pass. ‘Au Armistice’—givin the rebels tu chances tu licit us iastrd ov 1. ■Jlilitara iHiatagee'—trjin to reduce n swamp buy kelcheu the kilJycus fever out ov It. •liekrntin Ophisers’—individulds who are cent intu the rurui destricks, on a furlong tu rekrute—themself*. ‘Army Kashuns,— hack pay and preserved beef. •Quartering on the enema' — this fra/i is deiunkled. becot it is contraree to Hoyle. ‘Corte Marshall'—wbar tha tri the misde meoers ont ov au ophiier, so that he’ll du to promoat. ■Parallel lines’ — are them kind ov lines what never cum together. ‘Mtlilara necessity'—ten ophisers and a gal lon ov whiski to evry 3 privates. Neve* Held a Thump.—When Tattle could not make an effect any other way, he would start a negative peculiarity, ansi make a point of that. He was as jealous of his prow ess at whist as at killing men or tigers. Thus a harmless man at mess telling of some little triumph the night before, Tattle burst upon him in this manner: "Trumps, sir! who wants trumps? I’ve made more money at wnist than any other man of my rank and standing in the service, yet I never wanted trumps. Why, sir, I uever held a siugle trump in the whole course of my life.” "Surely, Captain Tattle, you must have held One trump when you dealt.” Most men would have been put down by this, but Tattle was the more on his mettle. "The remark just shows your ignor ance, sir; any mau who has ever played with me knows—that I always made a misdeal.”— Temple Bar. -"When a superior race like ours," said on# of the chivalry to a modest looking feder al soldier, “comes in contact with an inferior race like negroes, what do you think will be the result?” “I guess the contact must re sult iu a big crop of inulattoes in your state, judging from the complexion of a good many of your people,” retorted the soldier. TJ 1ST I o nsr Mutual Life Insurance Co. INCORPORATED by the STATE OF MAINE Charter Perpetual. Organised, 181* DIRECTOR’S OFFICE, •8 State Street, .... Boston, Maas. President—BUSH Y CROCKER. Vice-President—DANIEL SHARP. Secretary- H U. HOLLISTER. H. G. WLLSOX, General Manager of Agencies in the Xe w England /states. Assets, Sl»t June. 1864, fur,0,000.00 Losses Paid to dmle, $760,060.00 Dividend Paid in Cask to date, $340,930.00 THI8 Company offers peculiar at] vantages to par sons intending to insure their lives, in Its gaiety and stability, acquired in Its lout teen years* expert ita wWcta. [without its oapitai of •100,000.) amounts to over three-quarters of a million of dollars, being more than two hundred thousand dollars in excess of iU liabilities for the rein^iranci of all ont-slanding risks; in the facilities presented in its accommodating system of payments of premi urns; in the large number, diversified conditions and occupations, various ages and localities of lives in sured, giving the largest requisite scope for the ope ration of the laws of average mortality, and tbe am plest guaranty to the insured for tbe benefits there of; in (he division of profit-*, the annual apportion ment of which having lor the past fourteen years averaged Portu per Cent, of the premiums paid. I olicies are imuihI upon all tbe plats usual with Life Insurance Companies, and at as low rates as it consistent with a view to equity and solvency Parties desiring Agencies in .ovm where the com pany havouooe, and those wishing Traveling Agen- ! oies within tho "tew England 8latcs, will ai»olv u U G. WIL8CN. 69 sute .Street, Boston lgivinl such reference, or information as to ag •, present and past wiilenable him to form Indg ment in regard thereto. Juucl4d3m ! I.\TfcKVlTIO\AL Fire Insurance Company! QT New York, Office 118 Broezdicay. CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. WM. E. WARREN, Preeielcnt, HAMILTON BRUCE, Vioe President. GEORGE W. SAVAGE, Secretary. 'Portland Boardqf Pefeertncet: Jo** B Bnowx ft So*, liinsiT Klbtcbkk ft Co. H. J. Linar ft Co. John Lthch ft Co. The undersigned having been appointed Aoeht and ATroaxar for this Compa* y, Is now prepared rates "*1 ° lo*e* ou ln,urable Property at current Portland Office, 166 Fore Street. JOHN W. MITNUUR, Agent. June 8.186C—dtf PARTICirATIONT Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. This Company will issue Polloesto be free after *h. payment of six, eight or ten Premium, at the of the insured and at rates as low as anv ,.il... Company. The issue of Fret Polioies renders it at tk * least e'jual if not superior to the paruciDatfon jpanies. F “ Office No. 103 Middle St. CHARLES HOLDEN, Pres _ EDWARD SHAW, See. Fell lll-itft-w tf - Dissolution. THE flrm of Howard ft Strout, as Attorneys and Counsellor* at Law, Is this day dissolved by mu Partner will attend to the set tlement ot of the biuineasof the late drm dlf.riree“WoV.dr'raico3B«r tU °CCU‘”' oflice91 106 M,dd,e ,tree* Joseph Howard, Portland, June 27, l»V4.-d8mALL C STito0T For Sale. THE easterly half ol the two storied House No s Horton Place (Dow St.) A lavorable opportun tty for anyone wishing to porchas« a small tenement For partiooltirt enquire on Hie premise?. Aug l*-d*w MISCELLANEOUS. THE DAILY PRESS, | CALORIC POWER JOB PRINTING OFFICE, N. A. FOSTER & CO., Proprietors, Fox Block, 82 1-2 Exchange St., PORTLAND. ME. Attention is respectfully invited to our unrivalled ! facilities for executing in THE BEST STYLE OF THE ART, • Every description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. Our Establishment is furnished with all the ap proved MODERN MACHINERY, And our collectiou of Book and Fancy Types Will bear favorable comparison with any establish ment in the city. Business and Professional Cards, |Of every variety, style and cost, j PRINTED AT SHORTEST NOTICE. , Bill-Heads Ruled uud Cut in Ibe fifal* eat Manner. BLANKS AND BANK CHECKS/ ! Of every description executed in the best style. Bailroad, and other Corporation Work, done with promptness and fidelity. INSURANCE POLICIES, HILLS OF LADING, TIME TABLES, and all sorts ot LEGAL DOCUMENTS, at short notiee. | Strmoai, Reports, and all hiads of Pamphlets, Put up iu superior style. i _ Bronzod and Colored Lnlwls For Apothecaries. Merchant?, and Fancy Dealer? got up in the best style of the art. Weddino- Cards, ! Notes of Invitation, Visiting Cards, Lists gf Dan cts, etc., etc., of every variety and cost, ftiruislied at short notice. LARGE POSTERS, Hand-bill!). Shop-bills. I’ropum nus, Circulars And plain printing of every description. Also, Rule and Figure work, executed neatly, and ou term? that cannot fail to satisfy. THE DAILY PRESS Printing Office has one of Soper’ Improved Calorie F.nyine* for motive power, and is furnished with improved and costly Presses—Cylinder and Platen— from the most celebrated maker*. We have in con stant u»e one of HOE'S LARGE CYLINDER PRESSES, capable of throwing off 2*500 Sheets | an hour . one of Adam's Power Presses—the be?t • book pres? in the world : Adam's and Potter's Fast , Machine Job Presses; Uuggles’ superior Caret Pres; Adams' and Union large Hand l*rtsses, Standi nr Presses, and all the machinery necessary for a well appointed office. I The Daily Press Job Office,ia believed to bo a? well j furnished as any similar establishment in the State. I Those sending order from the country may rely on | receiving prompt attention. We execute all orders in the shortest possible time and in the neatest and best manner. We will do all kiuds of printing as well and | promptly, and as cheap as any other establishment j in the City, County or Mate. All orders for Job Printing must be directed to the Daily Press Job Office, No. 82J Kxchange street, Portland. Me. The Job Office is under the personal supervision j of the senior proprietor, who is the CITY PRINT ' KK. and is himself an experienced practical work i man, and employs only well-skilled mechanics in this department of his work. The Portland Daily Press, Thelargeat daily paper east ol Hatton, and having a larger circulation than all the other dailtet in the city combined, la pabliahed at the Office in Kox Block, 82 1-2 Efchtingr Stm't, every morning — Sunday excepted, at *8,00 per annum. THE MAINE STATE PRESS, The largest paper in New England, eight pages, t« published every Wednesday, containing all tli< news by mail a d telegraph, important reading matter. Marine List, Market Reports, 4c , of the Daily Press, at the following prices, via:— Single ropy, wue year, Invariably in advance.#2.00 Subscriptions solicited. Agents wanted in ever) town, l'ostmasters requested to act as agents. N. A. FOSTER & Co., Proprietors. Portland June 1, IS#). dtf ALDRICH’S PATENT Water Elevator! I A I combining more good and leas bad { iii ^ j'***1 'f1*11 any °tner fixture in use for house wena. Don’t fail 10 see it before you buy any pump } raifc.r now *'* “*©. It works so easily that a child eight years’old can draw with it. It is low priced; it leaves nothing in the water to injure it; it does not freeze; it is simple; It is not likely to get out of order. l'he buck© has no valve and empties itself. \ ou have your well all opeu or cov ered at pleasure, and is just such * simple fixture as every man need* who value* pure water for family •ahfb"y ,r*WL'r’ llul To,nl 111,1 County Bights for BOTNTON A HIGGINS, tyl»d3m 13 ln<113 Wlrrin Ml,rkct' Portland. JAMES EDMOND & CO. COMMISSION mebcuants, 13 LIBERTY SQUARE, .. BOSTON N^'a^GLENGAKN-i^0^" '**-• COLT’ j PIG IR O TV , AD©, BAR, SHEET,* BOILER PLATE IRON, of English and Scotoh Manufacture. We shalleontinue to receive, in addition to oar American Brick, a regular supply of ENGLISH. SCOTCH, A WELCH FIfiK mohll rod Am PENS IONS! BOUNTIES ! —ann back pay ! and OmtIVi?.tdi ‘or .Wounded Soldiers (discharged, to the same by* of soldiers who are entitled bykor d. verkill, llUritj ud Coiwellor, at N«. i|7 Middle Street, -AMD K.o?m f°r 1111 the Cinpartment* at Portland, April 23.1884. apKeodf.m PORTLAND DRY DOCK COMPANY^ A "fo-tnont of Ei*ht Dollar, per share on the LX. Capital Stock of the Company is now due and payable at the office of the Trea«urer. 117 Omm» r. dal street. C. M. DAVIS, Treasurer JalyWth, 18<H. dtf _RAILROADS. FOR CHICAGO, MILWAUK1E, ] Aud all parts of the ^ 1ICU8810X tlfkllS fO I’BICAW), B1LHAIKIB, And all other points at tho WEST, SOUTH A- WORTH W F.ST, Korsule at the redoaed rates of fare at the Union Ticket Office, 31 Exchange St., \V. D. Little, Agent. juehdtf __ forthewhite MOUNTAINS, Montreal, Quebec, Niagara Falls, AND RETURN. Excursion Tickets for sale at the REDUCED RATES, lijr W. 1> LITTLE, Agent, UNION TICKET OFFICE, june24tf 31 Exchange street. Summer Tourist’s & Traveler's (ireat Combination ol E3XOUB.3IONSS For the Season of 1864. Ticket). (tood to ltctuni to November 1»U (limit TKI'KK KAILWAV. .From Portluml —TO— I Whitt* Mountains, Montreal, Qm Iht, De troit, Chicago, W iluaukie, Niagara Falls, ami id urn AT YHHY LOW LATHS OF FAHB. I Only $16 to Chicago or Mhmtukic, out and return, via. Sarnia Line. To Chicago ami Return, all rail, $115, Also, to Boston, New York, up the Hudson River, ! Saratoga, Lake George. Returning from Niagara Falls either by Grand , Trui.k Railway, or by the Royal Mail Line through tne The us&ud Islands aud Rapid* of the St. Law* ■ reuce. American Mtwep taken at Far for Tickets, Sleep* f ing Cars aud at Refreshment Saloon* 1 Arrangement* ha' c been made with the Fropric* ton) ol 1 he priucipal Hotel* in Monareal, Quebec aud ! Dutroit to take Amerlcau Money at par, charging New York Hotel prices. For Tickets or juf rination apply to Aoiurr of Grand Truuk Railway. F. I*. 1SEACU, General Agcnt,27H Broad way,S. Y. Was Floviaa,Lantern Agent, Bangor. June 11.—d4w REDUCED RATES ! JMI’uUTAKT TO TKAVELEBg -TO THI West, North West& South vV est! W. D. LITTLE. , ¥ 6 Agent lor all the jrreftt leading rout* * to Chica* ¥ go, Cincinnati, Cleveland. Detroit, Miiwaukie, Galeua, Uskosh, tst Faui, LnCrosse, Grier Bay, f guincy.St. Louis, Louisville, iudtan&noli.-. Cairo • flcKUTe from Portland to all the principal cititf and towu* in the loyal Stale* and Canada*, at the lowest rates ol tare, aud all needful inioriuatjou t cheerfully granted. Travelers wiil Dud it greatly to their advautageto procure their ticket* at the J » VMUEI y Oft l-M lllUlpI CUn i. [UP 8TAIU8,) VV. L). lul J. Vluhj, Agent. R7“ PnssrBfers for California, bjr tbe Old Line I Mail Steamer and Panama Railroad, may be secured i by early application ay this otlioe. Tickets lo Montreal awl Quebec aud return (via | the Grand Trunk Railway) iuuy bo obtained at tbis agency on favorable term- mayZCd&wtt UKANil THVNM KAILMAi Of Canatlu. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Oa and after Monday, June 37, laoft, viF—’WP* trains will run doily, (Sundays oaoopt' edj until lurtbor notiue, aa follows: Up Train*. Leave Tort lace for island I’ood, Montreal and j yuebec at 7.0o «. * and 1 25 r.u. Down Train*. Leave Island Pond for Portland, at 6 3U a. a and * 16 r. u. 'ike Company are not responsible jor baiaaie to ’ any amount exceeding *50 iu value, and that per* 8onal. unless notice is given, and paid for at tbe rate , of one paaveuger tor cury a*6CK- additional value. ii mu VOLES.ManagingDlreotor. H. BAILEY , Supertrlendent. Portland, Jnuo 3ft, 1n64 no»6 PORTLAND AND R UN N Fit EC K.H. SPRING & SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, Commencing Monday, April 25, 1864 Pa*#cnger trains leave Skowhegan for 4nK=!9H£P<>r( ana and Bo-ton, at S i.-, a M , Au A M. and Bath 12 1U I*. M. Auantta for Fortlaud and Boston at 5.8o A, H.; Bath 6.30 A. Portland for Bath. Augusta. Walervillo.Kemhiirti . Mill* and Skow hi-gitn, at 1.10 P.M. Portland lor Bath and Augusta 8 15 F. M. Pasaenger* fo. latiounou the Androseoggiu Rail- ; road will change car* at Biun-H-ik The i 10 P. M. train I yra Portland connect# at Kt udali # Mill# with Maine Central Railroad for H.mgor, Ac , arriving game evening lea\e Ba.h lor Rockland at 9A.M. and 3 Stage* leave Augusta for Bella#? at 4 P. M. Stage# leave- Skowhegan at 6 10 F. U for Adiod , Solon, Ac. Through Ticket# for all the station* on thi# ar.d j the Andro*ccgc>n Railroad, can be procurred in Bofton at tbe intern or HohIou and Maine Matter r ! Anril IK *' cl 8MMAN. Supnrinti ndenf Apni lo, i ©♦ _ ap23tf Vork A ( umlHiriunii Railroad. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. On and after MONEAY, 1th., 1864, train# will leave as follow*, until further notice: Ciaco River for Portland at 5 45 j I (Pwrfjfbt Train with Pa#wnger Car#) aud U.15 a . m , a. d « 30 i*. m. Leave Portland lor Saco River, 7.45 a m. and 2.00 ai.ti 6.‘AM* m The 2.00 r.u. train out. and 5.46 a. m. train into Portland, will be freight train# with passenger cars attached. stage# connect at Saccarappa daily for South Windham, Windham Center and Ureat Kalla. At tiorhatu for West i.orhain, Blandish. Steep j Tails, Bald win. Sebago, bridgton, Jlirum, Liming- I ton. Cornish, Denmark, Brownfield. Lovel, Krye burg, Con way, Bartlett, Albany, Jackson aud Ka ton, N. U. At Buvton Center to* We#t Buxton, Bonuey La glc, South Liiniugtcu, Liming ton and Limerick. At Saco River tri-weekly, lor Ifoliin, Limerick,# Oa*ipoe. New field, Parson *• field. Lthngfi&ra, Free dom. Mad Don. *aten. Corn>*h. Porter, be Fare* 5 cent# less when ticket# are purchased in the Office, than when paid in the Car#. DAN. CARPKNTLB.Supt. Portland April 7,1864. atf WA1N£ UENTBAL KAILBOID. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Trains leave Portland, Grand trunk 7 A. M For Bangor ana intermediate stations at 1.25 p.m. • RETURNING—leave Lewiston at 6.23 a. w., and S arrive in Portland at 8.30 am. Leave Bar.gor at 7.30 a. x.,and arrive in Portland at 2 15 p. m. Both these trains connect at Portland with trains lor Boston Freight train loaves Portland at 8 a. m., and re turning is due inl’ortland at 1 i*. k. Stages oonnoct with trains at principal stations, daily for most ol the towns North and East ol this Hac. C. Ji. MOKBE.Supt. Waterville.N vemher,1863 deol4 PORTLAND, SACO A PORTSMOl TH RAILROAD. SUMMER ARRA S CEMENTS Commencing April 11th, 1864. ■'jgmmxmjv&j Passenger Trains will leave the Btu tlou, Canal street, daily, (Sundays ex oepted) as follows: Leave Portland for Boston, at 8.45 A. m. and 8.( 0 P. M Leave Boston for Portland at 7.30 a m. and 3.00 r.*. Leave Portsmouth tor Portland, at 10.00 a. m. and I 6.80 p. m. These trains will take and leave pa-^engtrs at way ; stations. Freight trains leave Portland and Boston daily FRANCIS CHASE, Superintend!ut. Portland, Oct. 80.1863 oc81 edtf ( - ■—■■■■■— f. NOTICE. \\f E, the undersigned, having sold our Stock ol ' v T Coal and Wood to M. ssra. Bamtlail, McAlis- ' t^r tf \(Jo., do chc-ertU'ly recommend them to our ! former customers. All persons having demands I vgainst us are requested to pn sent them tor settle ■lent, and all persons indebted to us are requested to make immediate paymeut at the old Maud where one ol the undersigned may Lx* found for the present. SAWYER A WHITNEY. ; Portland. June6, 1*64. Juuel3d3w Coal atTdTWood! rilllE subscriber having purchased the Stook of R Coal aud Wood, and taken the stand recently " occupied by Messrs. Snipper If Whitney, head of * Main*- Wharf, arc now prepared to supply their former patrons and the public generally, with a nnc a-Kortnient of WELL PICKED AND SCREENED Old Company Js liigh, I Sugar Loaf Lehigh, l Ila/elton Lehigh, , , . Locust Mountain. Jonik a, While anil Rrd Ash. ^ Uiamoml ami l.orla rry, k Together with the best quality of Cumberland Coal ! A Superior Coal for Blacksmith). Also, Hard sutd Soil Wood, Delivered to order in any part of the city. The former customers of Messrs. Sawyer & Whit ley are ri.iiec!fuUy invited to give us a call. / KAN DA LL. McALUSftK & to. ! TortlanU, June 13, lsM — dly STEAMBOATS, ’ortland and Penobscot River, Summer Arrangement, 1864. TUI NEW, STAUNCH AND COMMODIOUS $TliAITIER LADY LAIVfi, Built expressly lor this route, (APT. WILLIAM K. ROIX, Will commence her Summer Ar r an ge men l ou MONDAY MORN ®55%4KSSlP*'lNG, June 6th, Leaving Bangorev iry Monday, Wednesday aud Friday Mornings, at > o'clock. Returning will leave Railroad Wharf, foot oi j Rate street, Portland, every Monday, Wednesday : md Friday Evenings, at 10 o'clock, connecting with i he Eastern, Boston and Maine, and Portland, Saco ! md Portsmouth Railroads, from Boston and Way Stations, leaving Bonton at 3 o'clock, P. M. The Boat will touch at KockUnd, Camden, Bel ; rast, Bucksport, Winterport and Hampden, both ways- Passenger* ticketed through to and from Boston, Lowell, Lawrence, Salem ami Lynn. For more extended intormation, apply to J. O. Kendrick, Bangor; the local Agents at the various landings; the Depot Masters of the 1’. 8. A P., Eastern, and B. a M. Railroads; Abiel Soiuerby, Portland; Lang A Delano, Boston, or CUA8. bl'EAR, General Agent. | June 4.—iadtf Montreal OeeanjReamship Go. ^ One of tho following first-class steamers of this Line viz:—Peruvian, Hibernia. North American, Jura, Bel lEBBSUtEiSa ziau, Nova Scotian. Moravian, Da mascus wui sail from Quebec, bvbry Saturday MoitMMi. lor Liverpool via Londonderry. Also the steamers St. Da vid. .St. Gkobok, 8t. Akdrkw. St. Patrick, tri monthly from Quebec lor Glasgow. Prepaid and return tickets issued at | reduced rates. For passage apply to II. a a, ALL- i AN, Montreal, or to J L. FARMER, maylBdtf No. 10 Exchange strtet Portland. international Steamship Company. Lamport, Calais A St John. VWO TRIPS PCU WEEK. On and after Monday, March 28, ^ the superior -ra-going steamer NEW BRUNSWICK, Lap! E. B. Winchester, will leave Railroad Wharf, loot oi State Street, every Monday at 6 o’clock!' M.. and the Steamer NEW ENGLAND, Capt. E. Field, every Thursday at 5 o’clock P. U., lor East port aud St. John, N. B , connecting at Ettidport with steamer Queen, for Robinson, St. An drews and C alais, and with Stage coaches lor Ma chins, and at at. John with steamers for Freder icton and with steamer Emperor lor Dishy, Wind sor and iialilux, and with the E. A K. A. Railroad for Shediac aud all way stations. Returning. will leave St John every Monday and Thursday at 8 o’clock A. M., tor Easlport, Portland and Boston. Through tickets procured of the Ageutsaud Clerk ou board Steamer* Freight reoeived till 4 o’clock P. M., Mondays and Thursday*. mayo dtf C. C. EATON, Agent. Portland and Bdiioti Line. THE STEAMERS Forest City, Lewiston and Montreal Will, until further notice, run as follows: Leave Atlantic Wharf, Portland, every Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at 7o clook P. M., aud India Wharf, Boston, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday aud Friday, at 7 o'clock !*. M. Farcin Cabin...t2.(>0 Freight taken as u*uai. The Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding m value, and that person al. unices notice is given aud paid for at the rate of one passenger for every §600 additional value. F'od.18, 1853- dtf L. BILLINGS, Agent t'flrtUHid :«i~ sew &ork hicuwcrfi SEMI-WEEKLY i. _ . The spier.diil and fast utesuubipf “LOCUST POINT,” Capt.. UTllvtc, *7--**aiui “Potomac/1 u&ptain ««&» '-Ck^-NiS^iSsiwrooD, will .until further notioe, run fts follows Leave Brown; Wharf,Portland,every WEDNES DAY', and SAIUKDAY, at i P. M., and leave Pier • North Kiver. New Y'ork, every WEDNESDAY and maTUBDAY', ai 3 o'clock, p. M. These vessel, arc rilled up withUneacoounnodctioue for pos-furerr. making tbl' tbe most speedy. safe and oomCortftblc route for traveller M weou Now York and Maine. Passage 37,00, Including 1 »re rad State Booms. t/oods forwarded by this lino to and from Montreal, 0**W. Bangor, Bath, Angusla, Kastport and 8t. „ ohu *-rt resa-vi- i to send their freight to the steamers a- '*rly a* a j- tf , pn the day that thep leave Portland. Kor freight or passage apply to KMEKY * VOX. Brown’e Wharf, Portland. H B. CBOMWELL k CO., No. 68 West Street, Hew York. Dec 6. 1SB8. dtf FOR SALE & TO LET. House and W No. HI Danfort It St., For Ralr. The two and a half Ftorud »ooduu dwelling fcfcjjj Ron** and l<»t, Ko. 31 Dan forth *»* , contain ten good sized iooiur». with a t*Ubiujr r«>uin—piped for if a* throughout— a lurnac* that will heal ever) part ot the* hon**. < i»tern Jor rain water and a never failing well of drinking water. Copper pumps. 4c On the premie* are a good barn and shed*. The lot i** about 1*16 by 44 feet fbr liouite can be examined an\ day from 10 A M till 5 r. M by calling on the t-ub*crit or who will tarnish particular* and lenity *>f Hale. J U. HU A/IKK. Ocean insurance Cornpany Itai.'ding, Mo. 87 Exchange St. Aug 3—dtf JioUNf iiiirf House Lots For Si* It*, Located in Went brook. about live L, minute* walk from the Horee t.'arn at Woodford'* comer. - Also, th* pleanautly located two -atorv Dwelling Uou.-e and Lot, re cetitly occupied by Mr J. u. Uemick, J bn lot con taiiif about two acre*, and >* one ui the nu« m loca tioii* tor a jfcnteel residence to be found iu the am* urb* ut Portland, t>eiii|f ie** than two nulea from ttw l ortiand Poet Office, and command* a line view of the city. I* or further jmrticular* Mlllb the uudersigued at -18 r ore .Street, corner Union Mtreet. JrUdtt_ JH PUS DUNHAM Oweiiiiig Houst* for Sale. ;rV7 A two story dwell,ng house on I'onrrtU St. ij;;l nearly opposite t he cutellstcd Villa of 8. L. wnln' aritoii, t.K| , and eo the line of ihe Horse Bailioad. inis home contains feu risen Onisiicd and is wt-ll adapted to ftocoimnodate two families, with sejn rate cut buildings, stable,&c , and a well of aier in (ho yard. A large part of the purchase mouey can lay on mortgage if desired This property will he ottered at Auction L'O the ttrst of August, it uot sold before. , . ALLEN HAINES. Portland. July 21,1884. l*r«IY isiou StOMl for K»l,. rjuiv. Mock and fixture* of a Proviaum Store, XJavorafcJjr located in a thriving manafactBring towu, on the hue of K. K.t a few in ilea from Fort laud. 1 hit i* a gooil chance formp&rty with a xnuUt capital. Expense* anukli; rt ut only live dollar* a month. Will he sold low lor ea*lu-cliaiiKe oi bu*i *»«*• cause of sale. Pro* ut quota ot thu uwn to lx* filled by enlibtmeuU. t all on or addret* lniiu*Kli attly U. >\ BUliKUAM, luteruatioual liou-o, Portland M. Aug. 23, 1864—dtf &.au«l on Five *tr£et for Male. mHE vamahle real estate on Free ntreet, known X u* the “Furbish property The lot u about IOC feet on t rce atreet aud extend* bark about 174 irt t. ; Said «>tate w ill be aoid ax a whole, or the e&aterlv 1 hall of the dwelling henot*. with 1*.< about 40bvi7t feet, wd! be sold by iiftdf Application may L*e made to Jinu* ForUoh, on the piumuse*, or to GEO. K K. JA< kaOK, Iniyldtf Exchange *treet. Fueiis lor Hale. , PUrae'ly situated in Wiudhamon thejvnd kadiag from Gray toG«.r |T|fii»S> W ham. containing uii; acre*, tuna ■I 11 b<y divided into lilla** >£fhure ^3drau<l woodland. T he buildings ui*. » good htorv aud a half hou*- with convenient out buildings. Tcroucey. Fur further particular* ap- ' P^y to, A H. PrmvoTox, auv8w4w* Wiudnan. For Siilt*. 4 SQUAKE block of land, of about 78000 acts* XX ol wood land, on the south side of the river st. Lawraitce, in Canada East It i» interceded by two considerable rivers with eligible JUiil Bit*. Well wooded with every description of timber, such ?* Dine and spruce in large quantities, and maple Lierch. beech, tamarac anu bass w«i d to&uy amount’ Enquire of II. T. MAe UlN, Portland ' Portland, Feb. 1864. febgEeodu For S;>l»*. q GLI4F CCn i Af.E, containing over 20 rooms,large atubl* and sheds—aituatedtwo i aud o»bjlf u>iJoB from Portland, and the I finest Mtuaiion in Cape Kiualiofh lor a wa- | -— 1 inj; place, and summer boardo,. h er mrticulars enquire of G KO. O WEN »P" dtf_101 Congro.. Street. Portland. For *alt*. ONE haif the tiiren story brick Block, situated on < t ongress at., near the head of Park St., one ol lie most desirable location.! ill the city. For par- i Jculars enquire of Mr. 6. ('■ Chaagor C. c. Tot to an I it A. Howard's uuder Lancaster Bali I Aotr 8—dim* For Suit*. A TWO itory House and Lot . situated on Port, il. iand street. with stable and otherout buildings, lino iso adjoining lots containing about eight housaud sisio’« : et. Enquire of N. STEVENS, ■ (o. 47 Portland eigaeL jmie'Jdtf House For NaU-. VT1VO story wooden house, No. IS Adams street . 11 finished rooms, convenient for two families * leuty of good water. For particulars inquire oi B. J. WI1.LAKU Portland. May 14.1864. niajHendtf To Lei. ClOP it Offices. -Inalocr in suites, over Stores Nos ! r 152 and 1.54 Lxe'lutngeStreet, opposite the luler ationa! House Apply on the premises to Jy4 dlf A. L. BROWN. 1 To Let, 3TOIEnowoconpied by us. Poesession given r immediately. Also, a Front Office in Hanson Block. lanSdtf HI. J iililSEVfccO. j To Lt*l. If H K Store now occupied by E. E. Little, under L Mechanic Hall. Require of ! ’ C. 1*. KIMBaI.L, j 1 aug2T» Preble Street. To Let. \N1C STORE lu Gait's Block. f Apply to U. T MACHIN, tpatidtf ' j , mgjadjAL. A'Oh Tlj HATIOaT The Worl d'» Great Hemedy -FOR Dyspepsia and Indigestion ! AND ALL 1> i Me as e n OF TB IS STOMACH AND BOWELS | Prepared by the Proprietors of “Coe's Cough Balsam Dyspepsia is not only the sure forerunner of death but the companion of n miserable life. jt has well been called the Nation's scourge; for more persons, both old and ycung, male and leinaie, sutler from its ravages, ihau from all other ailment* combined, it robs the whole system of its vigor and energy, gives weariness and total iudispotdtion to those once strong and active; renders the stomach powerless to digest the food, and has lor its attendants, Headache, Heartburn, ('ajistipation. Nausea at Stomach, and General Debility of the whole System, refusing its subject* a particle of nourishment or hearty food, without paying tiie penalty in the most agonizing distress, and oftentimes complete prostra tion. Tom et the terrible ravages of this worst of all dneases, we have prepared "COE'S DYSPEPSIA CURE" and we pledge our reputation upon our statement, when we say it will Poiitively Cure the Worst of Yon, not in a rear—not in a month—nor In a week-bat you shall see its beneficial influence at imme diately, and the day you take it. To you who have lived lor years upon Graham Hread and plain diet, who dare not eat auv thing the least-wise hearty— ■ first, because the Doctor has ordered the plaiuest food, aud secondly tor fear the distress it causes— rising and souring on your stomach, w t say sit down to your dinnt r, eat as hearty a ;m*al as you wish, and as soon as the loud begins to distress you, fol low it by asiugle teaepcoutul of COE'S DYSPEPSIA CURE I AND IT WILL Relieve You Instantaneously. thus enabling you, by hearty eating, and the use of the cure afu-i each meal, (as ofteu as tht food dis tresses you, or ours on y our stomach.) you will get iu a very few uay s so that you cau do without the mediciue, except occasionally, and by the time the first bottle is used up, we will guarantee y ou free from Dysptpsia. and able to eat, digest and enjoy as hearty a break >a»t as you ever sit down to in your iu jlthiest hours, and we will forfeit to yop the price ol th» botfip, upon y our shewing that ourxtatcmeut id imt *nrr>>..l The medicine i.« powerful out rod whilst a single teaspoon ful will at one*- relieve tEe Or. Cop tic nufleror, the whole t>ot<le would not materially injure him. as It I* eutirely vegetable and contains uo opiates All classes 01 disease that havetheir ori t Bpn in a disordered stomach auAbowels, are dispel : M it thp »Ame ’n«fautaueoua4 ay, by the use of COE’S DYSPEPSIA COKE! Fet'd and Ague, Sick-Headache, Sideses* at the Stommh,Constipation, Heartburn, Colic Pains in Stomach or llowth, Dysentery, I omit W£ta oj Fain (jus* and Lassi tude, ant of Ap]*etite, will pot and cannot exist where the cure i* m*d — n remove* th«* disease oy iemuvjug the caoso, not like Alcoholic lijtLvtt which cover ap your bad Veil ing* tor a few moment* by tbejrpxhiiaratiugelTect*. Ueware olsueh r« inedies or beverage*, but in their place use a remedy that will restore the fr-r>ini1 ittKgtioDS to their normal condition, and set in mo Uo:. thp ent;r'' human meehaniMu iu perfect bar aioujr, ami up»JU nnnciples synonymous with well felinod pbyaol.ojnc^J l$wg. I hat such will bo the ef fect of COE’S DYSPEPSIA CURE, lmmedfatciy tu4 instantaneously, we pledge our word as men of honor—our reputation as Pharmace utist*— our favorable acquaintance uit iJihc people a* proprietors of th« World-renowned **Coe*g Lough lUit ani," if it is u»ed according to our directions, which may be found with each bottle. We add below some 1 estimouiais from our neigh bois HJid towusmen, to which we ask your careful attention TESTIMONIALS. trum the faetor./ Hu Method,it B. Church, Mud itoH, Cotiu. I tatve u«dI Coe', Dy»pep*i» Cure lu my fernjly. audcuu willingly tesntyYo it, value a, a meuimue H,»ar Uidb and, Pastor M. K. Church Madison, Conn., June 30th, 1864. A f‘out*, from home through our City Pap*r*. *, Uayen, Conn , June 18, Messrs, hilt tors:—Allow me, through y«<ur col uuiuB, to •ckuowlodge my graiituuc lor th/b»ue*t 1 li»>u received Iroiu tbe tutu ul Coe’, l>>,ptp,ia Cure Although 1 was a gre»l BUlT rer from liv-pepua tbe first done gave luslaut reli. I aud one ounce ha, euablcii me to eat auything I pltaM, without uaiu. t uavo Bow stopped Using tbe medicine, as 1 uo longer ueod it. Pabbiba Lyuas .. . Madiaou, Cunu . June &f, lsd4. 1 rom the benefit derived by tbe use of Coe’! Ova Bt-psia Cure in my family, I am prepared to My that f ucver tntcud lu be without it and advbe all who $|W Mllictevk with Dyspepsia to try it. rHiEAnnxu Lewis. J/r Ooe:—t hckJUle ot rve’* Dyspepsia Cure you gave me has backed up y.»ur ,»tato#i*nt concerning it. I have only used halt a bottle, and can uat pipe apple short cake or an; thing el o. without trvUUe. It acts like a charm. Tin* relief it »gor«is is justan- 1 Uncous. Jama a. Low hey *Ncw Haven, June 18, 1804. ih *e whokuow my constitution, what iny condi tiyn hju been ior the la*t tiiirty years, will believe with uv that * mtd.cme that will reach my case will reach almost any one. Cue’s Dyspepsia Cure has enabled me to eat any tiling l please, anu it is very sddom 1 mow have to u*t> the uitd&iu* It relieved me in au iusUiil wile# 1 vu in great naiyi. My whole system is being •tr&ugibeucd by its use A*H K. lixuvoTT. New Duv» n. June 2y, 1864. Im ortaut to Traveler* While Journeying on the cars, my stomach be came bad* y 4 d, causing severs para iu my load, lladilbt.ii ou tbe water it would have been called sea-sick lies* A i*dy sitting by me, knowing my condition. reached out a bolt.v sayiug. “take a swallow.” i did so. aud in less than *!?<• minutes iu> trouble was ended. The uiermine was “Coe's Dyspepsia Cure/ and iron* the effect it had Upou the Stomach, aud what i b&iu learned of it since. 1 »liink it inuse be au excellent ruuedy tor boa sickness aud D)spcp-ia. M , , MK3.8AMUKLF1KJLD. Madron, June 3Uth, ls<J4. „ „ „ IfVw Haven, June 38th. 1864. Messrs. C o. C I*r* fc i o •Ocntiemeu -1 dosire to make know n the ainuxd instantaneous effect* of i “Coe’s Dyspepsia ( ur#.“ in Oftst* of client ntorbu* I had beeu lor twenty lour hour* purging i^.. stomach aud bowels, every flfteen minutes, j went into your drug store to procure * .me brandy, as I b*/. always been toid that it was a good remedy lor Dtst-nu.*) My pallid lace and my weakness at once attracted rnp Mention of the clerk iu charge 1 and he a>ked rue *i ouoo * vhgt D tbe matteri replied: * 1 have been lortwentiy tburhyu-s ing and purging, and 1 am unable to ataod'or Dom weaauees, and this deadly sickness at my stum- \ anti achipUtpy prostrates me." lie produced a bot tle of ('m t* Dyr^x.-p;!’* Cure, saying, “take a large swallow of tii at, ftp»b*y 11 o'clock; taken another after dinner.** From the moment I took that «rt* ^oae of the j medicine uiy ^ickmss at stomaeh was go no— its epi^t was instantaneous. Iu au hour 1 eat ray dinner with \ as g>od i* relish as ever hungry man partook, <a> I ' was well cleared ppt of food.) and follow ed by a i tea*poouli.lorcciv I hayo not suffered a particle I of inconvenience since f toojk thy remedy. Its action was to w uderiuipud' ,o lura^dlat®, j that I could hardly b< Ijr * c tl\g e> Lienees 0*f*J^iy q\tn senses, aud I desire to puMiely mage known these » facts, that the whole world may avail them**.!. pf I ittipe. Like bread, it thould find a place iu every I o*i.'Shou*e. and I believe that no oue should go away l/vm Lome without a hot He of it Li hi* pocket, or whereat c-rald be ^ojc'+ly made available TruiyyQifr* yltt) L. DKAK.K. Oue of the 7trtwty-jtr*. New Haven. July 11th, 1M4.T J Mu Cot—Sir: liaviugbcen troubled with the Dyspepsia for some r ight or twelve mouth*. I have taLpu .he usual kinds of medicines, which have done me no good, i jaw/our a Ivcrtbomei;! of a medi eim toc ire the Dy/pdife^. f havd trfe<ft it, aud iouud it to be tj*e in tficine. The ferst i6 drwpo ithe ' 7th of June.) that I took, relieved die in on- inim.te. I have taken it three or lour times, but have had uo i digressing feeling in my stomach since twklag Die tlrst 16 drops i alt hough belore. I could not eat a i meal, atnl sometimes no more than three or lour mouthfulls w.thout distressing me. Kespect ully. J. F. WOODMUFF. Haven, June 11th. 1864 i M.:. Cox—Me as Siit. -i>e bottle of Dyspepsia t Medicine I received from yom. ga.o in^antapeous t relit'f. i only used it when juy food diatrctwxd mo. l It was about like taking two dose.-* to-day, Sue >b n irroir, then every olhar day, increasing the ouau- ! :ity of loot! ar.d decreasing the ■atxuxine.tiutil i was enabled to eat without taking anything at *u My :aw* was an extreme one. having suffered for seven ’ •ears. 1 now consider myself cured, and by usiug f mty one bottle of medicine in the space of two ! noutiis. The dose was a tear-poorf\il. ; y • Lllkm S. Ai.lkn. c S<*ld by Druggists iu city and country, every- • si there. J & Price $1.00 per lloltle. Orders by mail, from either dealers or consumers romptly attended to. C. <i. CLARK * CO. JFfceteiOfe Drug gists, New Haven, Conn., £ Proprietors. Sold in Portland by W. F. Phillips, H. U. Uay, nd all other < mler*. marcliJeodlyGi 1 MEDICAL. Btt J- «. II CO hi: 8 OA* BB BOUND AT UIB PRIVATE MEDICAL R00M3. No. 5 Temple Street, WHERE be can be consulted privately, and with the utmost confidence by the afflicted at aii hours daily, from 8 a. m. to 9 r. m. Dr. li. addresses those who are null'* ring under the affliction of private disease, whether arising from impure connection or the terrible vice of seli-alurt. Devoting his entire time to that particular branch of the medical profession, he feels warranted in Gl ab ANTBKINQ A CURB IX ALL CASKS, Whether Of 1 U standing or recently contracted, entirely removin the dreg* ot disoase from the system, and making perfect and PERMANENT CURE. He would call the attention of the afflioted to t fact of his long landing and well earned reputation, furmshiog sufficient asn?jranoo oi his skill and sue cess. CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. Every intelligent aud tninking person mu.t know that remedies handed ont from general use sbou.ii have their efficacy established by well-tested expe rience in the hands of a regularly educated phyRi cian, who^e preparatory study tits him tor all the duties he mast lultili; yet the country is tlooded with poor nostrums and cure-alls, purporting to be the best in the world, which are not only useless, but al ways injurious.' The unfortunate should be partic ULAP. in selecting his physician, as it is a lamentable yet incontrovertible fact that many syphilitic an tients arc mode miserable with ruined constitutions by maltreatment from inexperienced physician* in general practice; lor it is a point morally conceded y the best syDhilograph.rb, that the udy end man agement of these complaints should engross the whole time of those who would be competent and snccisfUlin thoir treatment and cure. The inex perienced general practitioner, having neiiher op portunity nor time to make himself acquainted with their pathology, commonly rusrues one system cl treatment, in most coses making an indi*c;iu» ■ ate uso ot that antiquated and dangerous weapon Her onry. HAVE CONFIDENCE. All who have committed an excess of any kind, whether it be the solitary vice of youth, or the sting ing rebuke of misplaced ?onHder«tc in maturer years, SEE K FOR AN ANT ID OT IN SEASON. The Pains and Aches, and Lassitude and Nervous Prostration that may follow Impure Coition, are the Barometer to tlio whole system. Do not wait for tho consummation that is *ure to fol low, do not wait 1 or Unsightly Ulcers, tor Disable! Limbs, for Logr of Beauty and Complexion. HOW MANY THOUSANDS CAN TESTIFY TV THIS B Y UN HARP Y EXPERIENCE. Young M*.*n troubled with emissions in sleep, a complaint generally the result of a bad habit in youth, treated scientifically, and a perfect care w or i anted or no charge mode. Hardly a day passes but we are consulted by one or more young men wit h whom are a* we«x au i emaciated a* though they had the consumption, and by their friends suppled to have it. All such c isen yield to the j roper and only correct course of treatment, and in u short time are made to rejoice in perfect health. MIDDLE AGED There are many men at w . troubled with too frequent evacuations troxn the bladder, often accompanied by a slight smarting ot burning sensation, and weakening the system in a manner the patient cannot account lor. On xam ining urinary dep< wits a ropy sediment will often be found, ard *nmetiiuee small Daniels* pi semen or albumen yUl appear, or me odor will r>c of a to it inilkibh hue, again changing to a dark and turbid appearance. There are many men who die of this difficulty, Ignorant of the cause, which is the SECOND STAGE OF SEMINAL WEAKNESS. I can warrant a pe*fr**t enr** io «uch cases, and a full and healthy restoration of the urtuaiy organs. Persons who cannot personally con oil the Ur. Qan do so by writing in a plain manner a description O. intar uweaw, uic b| j'l vj'. iwic remi-iiee wi.*i be forwarded immediately. Ail ^orr««pon*wi.v,2 ^trtelly CO?^'Je»»t]%l *«id will be returned if aesifed Address. DR J. B. HUGHES, No. 6 Temple St., [corner of Middle] Portland 0T~Send Stamp for oircoiar. Eclectic Medical iDlinuar), TO THE LADiES. Dt HUGUKS partfouiasiy invite* wll Laaleewfcfl need a medical Advisor, t j cau at his rooms, Nc. STirapleStroet, which they will find arsangedfoi their eerecial accommodation. Dr. II’s Eclectic Renovating Medicinesart unrivai led in efficacy and supceior virtue in regulating all Female Irregularities. Their action i? spocilo and certain or producing relief in & short time. aJVDIES will find it invaluable in ail cast e of ob * traction ?cljer all other remedies have been tried in vain. It Is purely v enable. containing nothin* in the least injurious to tho health, and may betakes, with perfect safety at ali timer*. S5Dt to any put of tho country with full diredtioai byaddrtW^- DR. HUGHES, Ho.6Teside8tr*et,a*»££? of Middle. Portland. N. 11-—LADIES desiring may oonsalt one of thou own sex. A lady or experience in oon*‘ant attend lar-MAwlv Female STRENGTHENING cordial. t|j* Medicine is of long tried efficacy for correct ing mi dfctwdar*« inciiiontai to the feminine sex. That the* aJUiefed may it*>l u-iprwi that this Cordial is trfly valuable and worthy their eon* l.xc-\ - not One oi those seer-1 compounds purposed to destroy healthy aerjop- 1 add a lew testimonial- iron* phys icians whom alt, i*.orjhg the Electric ana Reformed Practice ot Medicine, reep<«,t. DR. WILLARD C. GEORG K, formerly Pro feasor in the Worcester Medical College, and President of Tim Rl££?ric Medical Society, Mas*., speaks oi it ia 1*4 follow in a briBi: “1 have “ied the ffVuha** $t»■<n<jtkeutny Cordial similar to that prCV»ration by DR. GEO. W 8WETT 106 Hanover Street, and I regaid it a,** oue of the beat Medicines for Female Compiaiuts that can bo fe-uug.” l)R. J. KING, Author *,t ** \Fv&*P • Her Dis eases and their Treatment," say.: • ••This Medicine appears to exert a specioc iue.. ence on the Uterus. It is a valuable agent in all de rangements of the Female Reproductive Organs.” Dll. SMI 1 11, President of the New Fork Asso ciated# oi Botanic Physicians, says : *• No Female, if in .health, shoud omit the timely use of this valuable Cw«ui*l. J owl- much ot my success in midwifery to the u*e cf tuis Medi cine.” MOTHERS AND MARRIED LADIES. The following from Dr. FAY is worthy your no tice: ** A3* vrneral remedy for Female Complaints this 4 Cordial7 is a very r^I'iable one, but by the Profes sion it is esteemed mntv hig^l y for its good result during Continem. n| :u relieving tne great suffering attendant upon childbirth. I acknowu d^e u fth Dr. * Smith that much of my success in midwifery iv due to the use oi this medicine It strengthens both mo Liter and child, in each cases I follow the di rections of Prof. King, by allowing my patients to it » L*; weeks previous to coi.fim-me nt, as by j the cbeygy U i.-upar«* Jo *he uterine uervous s>stem the labor will be very mu*h Suuut&lei), nnd reiuov th* scraps which many female* are Lab'e lo. No woman, ii-ike knew the great value of this Strength ening Cordial would tg,1to use it.” I have received numerous testunooiAs from diff erent parts of the country where need, knowing the good it is capable of Joiug, 1 w 11 warrant every bottle of my 44 Cordial” to be satisfactory in its re sults. 7hr following symptoms indicate those affections in which Uif fzv“*le StrtnulAnts*g L'cruiai ha* prut cu ui. huuic , Indisposition to Exertion, Wakeful nc>*, n***, popression of Spirits. Trembling. Lo*s of Power, Li the Back. Alternate Chills, and Flushing of Heart, {srag^itiff Sensation at the Lower Part of the Body, Head&ne. Languor, Ach ing Along the thighs. lutolerenoe of right and , Sound. Pale Countenance*. Derangement ot he Stomach and Bowels, Difficult Breathing, Hysteria, Ac.. Ac. Bh a specific remedy in a?! Uterine Diseases, ChlaM&s ot Crpen Sickness, Irregularity, Painful* neisa, Profuse or £up|UtaSt;:.'>n or Customary Dis* eliar&c*. I.eucorrluea or Whites, Sesrihuj or Ulcer ate State ottbe Uterus, Sterility, Ac A'o bolter Tonic can possibly be put up than this, , ami Dune !*•* u*«ly do barm, and it is composed wholly of vegetable aguaU, a nil such as we have known to b« valuable, and have ter many years. PRICE, One Dollar Per Bottle, or six bottles for *6 Should your druggist not have it, send directly to IfB, and when six bottle* or more are ordered we will pay th.v^yn-!)«, and have it securely packed from observation, Be sure and get ftiat pit*.****) a* il* Vow England Botanic Depot 1o6 Hanover St. KoiftOh. GEO. W. SWKTf, II D ,Proprietor. II. H. HA Y, Agent, Portland. meh3wod6m ■■■•■■> mi ■ i ■ 8TATEKSH1' G? TJJE .fvtna Insuraiice Company, OK UAKTiOKD. CONN., Da i)f* day of November, A. D. 1863, a* required Y/Wtos—yeof the State of Maine. I he Capital Stock is.. •* 630.000 <»«d with the surplus is invested css fbt! «rs: Seal estate, unincumbered. $67,063 16 Ua^xi /a h£?.»d, on deposit, ami in agents’ l,Ba“V’- ■; 316,960 66 united S.iU? at612 >17 60 5tat« and City Stocks, acd 4 own *0*101, . 0 <0 Hank aud Tract Company blocks, J.ttfT 970 ik) Mortgage Bond*, ttjjao 00 ktlautic Mutual In*. Co’s scrip, 1862 3, 4ft!S36 60 Total Asaots, $3,036,879 74 k mount f,iabilitie* lor Losses not du# br »uhto*..y . $176,411 94 kuount at risk, e&unuteua, 1^6,616,170 (8 1 UOb. A. Ai.i.X' AD bi'4i| Lucira J. Hakukk. Secretary. Hartford, Nov. 7, 18o3. J C. CHURCHILL, Agent, »«• 4 lr.V*< Portluml Pier. UC04> 04-f Kcmov'ul. LEAVING removed from my old stana to th» i l A Store No. 91, Commercial street, and a>*; elated j iraelf in business with Mr. Henry Fling, 1 would u ike this opportunity to thank my customers for past t ivc**, and would respectfully solicit their future u itrouage ot the firm ot Fling & Whitti-inore , STEPHEN WUITTEMoKK. Porti^ud, Ju*y ^th, lbv* July 12d4 w ( <>purui<'i'Sii|> VMliif IIHE undersigned hgvf tfib day formed a Copart nership under the name diui style of jb liug A •fiittemore, and have taken the store formerly oc- A (pi**d by Henry Fling. No. 91, Commercial street, F here they intend doing a Commission and Whole- 8 Je business, in I'«W*. Tobacco, W. 1 Goods, Gro- H rit*s and Provision*. *i HENRY FLING. ai STEPHEN WHITTEMORK. ai Portland July 8. M04 dtf T; NOW IS T 11 £ T 1 .11 i; TO U»1 Til K0CK8IEPERSGAS REGULATOR. EDWARD SHAW, Agent. lug b -UIiu MEDICAL. <■0041 Nfw» for (lit Unfortunate. THl LOMO ROUSET FOR tilSCOTSRKL AT LAST. Cherokee Remedy -AND CHKKOK EE INJECTION. * rKOM »*•*• .ho t,.VE» CIUMKKE* gn* „.iisn Wo. ! etie. cures .11 dl of m, friu.ry ,Uch I " incontiueuc? or lire l rine,,10n of lhe itUdueya, Stout? la the Bladder. Stricture, Gravel ' Gleet, Gonorrhea, and is especially recommended to I those cases of riuor Alton, (or Whiles iu | emaU-s) ' where all the old nauseous medicines have failed. It is prepared in a highly concentrated form, the done only being from one to two teaspoontula throe times per day. It is diuretic and alterative in it* action; purifying I and cleansing the blood, causing it to How iu all iu original purity and vigor; thua removing from the stem all pernicious cause* which have induced die case. CHEROKEE I EJECTION iainUnded a* an ally - ora distant to the CHEROKEE REMEDY,an. ! ahouid be used iu conjunction with that medicine in ! all caseaof Gonorrhea, Gleet, Fluor Attusor Whites ! It* effects are healing, soothing*and demulcent; re moving all scalding, heat, choadee and pain, instead j of the burning and almost une ndurable pain that Is experienced with nearly all the cheap quack injtc- , (ions. By the use of the CUEROKKR RRMKOT and | CHEROKEE INJECTION—the two medicine* at the name time—ail improper dit-charges arc removed j and the weakened organa are speedily reeturod to j lull vigor and strength. Jr or full particulars get our pamphlet from any drug store in the country, or write u» and we will i mail free to any addrese, a full treatise. Trice, CHEROKEE REM ED Y, *u per bottle, or three bottles for #6. Trice, CHEROKEE INJECTION, f*J per bo t ' or three bottle* for #5. Scut by J^preaa to any address ou receipt of the j price. Sold by all druggists, everywhere. I>R. W. R. M ERWIN A. Co., sols puomi irroua, No. 6# Liberty St., New York. Cherokee C ure 1 THE ORKAT / N D I AN MEDICI N X, COMPOUNDED FROM ROOTS. AMD LIAVKC* . V unfailing cure for Spermatorrhea, Semina : T\eakne*«. Nocturnal Kratadon*, and all di>»ea e* caused by self polutioo; such as Lvp* of Memory, 1 Lumral Lassitude, Vain* in ike Back, Dimness oi ' Vision, Premature old Age, Weak Xenes, Difficulty of Breathing. Trembling, Waktfulnes-, Eruptions j on the Face, Pale CflWihirjpgi, huxnuy. i.ousump (ton, and all tlie airctul complaints caused by Ue parting from the path of uaturc. TWi medicine is a simple vegetable extract, and ; one on which all can rely, as it has be n used in oux piacuoe f»r many ye*f», wuJ. w»»h uiousend* treated, it has not failed in a single instance. Its curative power? have been sufficient to gain victory over the moFt stubborn case. To those who have trill.**! with t}gdr constitution until they think themselves beyond the reach of medical aid, we would say, lArtpairnot' the i HKR OKKK CURK will restore you to health and vigor, ind jfter all nu*ck doctors have failed. For full particular* gut a circular Item any Drag store iu the country, or write the Proprietor*, wbe will mail free to any one desiring the same a full treatise In pumphlot f{.lSK Price, 82 per bottle, or three bottle* for +f>, tud forwarded by expree* to all parts of the world. Zd* l*y ftli respectable druggisii everywhere. |*H. \V. R. MERWIN k C#„ toga FRoraivTocn. foWTeodkwly No. fit Liberty St.. New York. C A T A It It II ! -AND NOISES IN THE HEAD! ! CLUED BY IXUALINO A Harmless Fluid, or AGREEABLE ODOR. NO VIOLENT BVKIMG1NG Of the Mend. TUL SLNSK Of T^STJS AND SMELL RESTORED DU. K. (sOODALE'fi CATARRH REMEDY. Dr. Moodale hzj combatted Catarrh until he has fought it down, it ha# Ltu jj l*ug ig§r. but hi* tri umph is complete. Through all coming time his Ca tarrh Remedy will be known as the only oue anti dote for a disease which supt racialist* have declar ed iucuratio. Catarrh doctors, so called, spring up like n.u.broons ou all side*. The object of these povkc; practitioner* u money. They use dangerous instrument*. Their viojent manipulations irritate the airoady inljamed ntemfcr^De. They never core. Dr. Ooodsle’s treatmont is medicinal, not mechani cal. lie dec** uot believe la the throe-pump system, which is w orking so much mischief. His remedy parses through the absorbent*, to the seat of the dis and obliterate* it. It doe* not relieve merely for a d*/, bay *o4 ail lastly, it coat* a dollar a bottle—no more. lir- lAniye qf Auburn At- 4. After having VftnpgfCd the ejects of this Remedy ia Cstairh. thus spesks of it,—it u truly ai.J uu* j conditionally a Herculean 8peciti# tor the » hole dis ea.-e. Such au article ought not to be “hid under a bushel,“ and an> man who can invent so truly an efficient and positive a remedy for such a loathsome disease, ought to be considered oue of the beuetac L?rs ot his race, and bis name and the efleets ot his skill perpetuated. * Yours respectfullv, U [. DODD*. A. M Pliny MU i, the wtli&unm Traceiler, And whose family phvsician Dr («ooda.'e was for irtJtr*. sp*s—“ It Dr. DoovUle says he cau-urt C atari h he coo uure |t/' Frice f 1 Send a stamp lor a pamphlet Dr. It GOODALK'S Office at 4 Depot , t6. Bioeker street, omedo.r west ol Broafway, New Yojk. H U Hay Agent for Fortland Juue 2d, l!*SJ. JuueSdly GisKiti'.'iomoi, l Waslnugt'uc lf) . Juiie-, RifrJ. j WANTED 9urg*riu ami A*»irtant gikrprout | vT for tka Colorri/ Troopi—Candidates must be Graduates of some Regular Medical College, and must be examined by a Board o! M bo convened by the Surgeou General. I he Hoard will tLler^u^ wRe*her the candidate will be ap B*rc on accord lag to by on0 ur more test iuoiiiiil- from respectable persons, as to moral character, Ac., should be ad-ire*-cd to the Surgeon General, IJ. S. A . Washington. D. C , or to the As iirtant Surgeon General, l’. 8. A., Louisville, Ky. iioa,ds nre now iu sessiou at Boston, New York, Washington, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and New Or leans. Also wanted. Hospital Stewards for Colored Reg ments. Caudidater must possess a tair klngiish Ed ication. and be familiar with the compounding and ILnenii»ij»f Medicines. Applications must be made t* Die Of 8’irgeons and Yssistant Surgeon* ompcMAtfon froffi *id a) to 00 war mouth, with nothing, rations, fuel and uuaViorj. JOS K BARNES. July l-*Jaw3ut Acting Surgeou General. STATE COLLEGE igriculture ana fteuuaiuv Arts 1 rtlE uuderslgued. tVmnii**ieuor*. appointed uu- < der a resolve ot the ia*t Legislature, au t author- , red and directed by *aid resolve to invite aud r • f»i%o donations and benetactiou* iu aid of the pro OS«d"<V*V. - for the benefit of Agriculture ami E MrcAnu.a Art:. and t; retire proposal* for the .garjou Jhcrt f. hereby e UOu.s th.-t tfc«v are n pared to r«.wcivt‘ bu^H *donat5ei»j,' h uctttjtivu. ■ ■id proposal ', aud request that all comifcjitncjtiotis » juenfag i be same may be made before the fir-t day j I September next, addressed to the umlorB-gLed. I |\VM l.. CKOSllY. Belfast. WM. G CROSBY, JOSEPH EATON, SAMI EL E. BEK LEY. jaly»dRir*o aeptl Tm: BOSTON FI Rtf nd Cl*y Retort Manufacturing Co., Works »#4 * ederal street, office and Warehouse Jg Liberty puare aud 7 Battery march St. mauutacture Eire nek, all shapes aud sires, for furnaces required to ana the most intense heat also Euruai Blocks f id Slabs. Locomotive Fire Blocks, Bakers' Ov«n id Green house- Tiles, Clay Retort* and uece ssary d les to set them, Eire Cemeut, Eire Olay and Kaolin b «**• their attention 1 *orders for the above manufacture are exeeu 1 with prompt not* % JAMES E MONO 410. “ Utwly j MEDICAL. MORE TESTIMONIAL**! MRS. MANCHESTER It constantly receiving unsolicited testimonial* oi the astonishing cures performed bj her. Among m&ny recently received are the following, which arc commended to the notice of the afflicted. Mrt. Man ohector may be consulted at No. 11 Clapp's Block, Room No. #. A CASK OK SPIRAL DISK ASK CURED This ia to certiiy that 1 went to see Mrs. Mani ac,, tar last Mar oh with a daughter ol mine troubled with spinal disease, for which sho had boon doctored lot five yuan, and by a number ot physieinna oi kinds; and she has hnd twenty-one applications electricity applied, but all to no effect; but sho eon llnuilly grow worse. 1 oane to the eoaoluMon, the last resort, to go and see Mro. Manchester, and did so; and to my great surprise she told me the tint ause ot the disease, and how sha had been from time to time, which encouraged me to try her medieinos I did so. and now my daughter is able to he around the house all ot the time. She also rides tea or It toen miiee wlthoat any trouble or inconvenience.and - ink ta a short time sha wiil bo restored to perfect health. Since my daughter has been dootorlng, 1 baa* hcM'd of » great many cases that Mrs Minch,, tcirhae oared. I think if any per,or deserves pat is the one who to preserve the he; 1th of the siek and suffering, and I know that she asos e.sry aflortwMahUmuu, ^„„r beaefll has P10*0-9- Si BiH L. KuiOHTr. Ouorok Knioa-re, Annv K. Laieets, - . Euui Kuiauvu. ffruui truck, ifasus, August UK. 0NK OK TDK 0RKA TKST CURBS on RKCOJt Mu.Msvouurrun-Asar MuAom -Thinking statement of my ease may he of service ta other, similarly afflicted, I hasten to give it to you. This is briefly my ease-1 was taken sink about IS months ago with the Uver Complaint ia a very bad form. I applied to four different physicians, bat ra oeived ae benefit until I ealled on yoe. At that time I had given up business, and was la a very bad ;.au, but after taking yonr medicine for a abort time 1 be gan to recover, and in two months I was entirely well, sud had gained several poauds of rtesb sad •:»n truly say that by your skill I am e perfectly head g Modus i^os, Porti^i^' DAT“ A Remarkable cube or a cask ok duu ST CURED BT MRS. MARCHES PER. This is to oertify that I have bota cared of th, Dropsy of afleeo years standing by Mrt. MmttUs ter. I have been to physicians In Boston, Hew York and Philadelphia. They all told me that thty ooall do nothing for me. unless they tapped me. and is sured me that by Upptng I eonld liva but a abort time. 1 had made ap my mind to go home and Mvt aa long as I could with the disease, sud thbn das. On my way home I stayed over night ts rurtlsnd with a mi ad of mine, and told Uuu what my mind wu. c regard to my diivssa. They daaJly persuaded ms to go c.d aoo Mrs. Manchester. Sha examined ma fellii titled me uuuus--.« I WIIto much sswnisbcd to bttiuik that Mo toU mo eorreotly, that 1 told bit that 1 woald take her medl alaea, dot hivis* so, ^ut frith that they would mo lu/ good, or that I should get the slightest reUel from any mao whatever; totally i took the medl sloe and went heme, la we week from the time 1 eoiume?eid watng the medicine, 1 had over three garione of water (.tee me in seven hen; ami my l«J lour tadorer.' may be ts.ureU that It waa a great relial tome. I hod not been able to lie down In ted at night before thia for two years. Now 1 sag Us dor with perfect ease. 1 have taken her loudiJwr ' eight months, and am M wall as aay man oould i to t>«, us ay signs of oropey. 1 woald advfet that are sick to go and eosiult Afr*. Jfmscht... oten if they hare been given np by other ( L slolans. I have tent her a cuthbur pf oasts Cf dtsaaser. le i she bee oared taern also. Go and tor yourselves. I had no faith, bat uow my faith oanaot be shaked la her skill In telling and eartag <U**“*' Cma*ii»j(. iiaawva, •sms t. Hannon, _ .. dsn a. Usansa. Bmmfor, Afr*1 Id. Owutou Hoc**- -From 9 A If tU! ft F. II. tepti; Inltoe.*; egly Lyons Periodical Drops TU GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! a a* anrraa man atb Powder- & Quack 1‘rcparatiou*. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! Bare to do Good ad d cannot do Mm; LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! Ttic lirt'tti fiinalt' Itfiucsljr LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ▲ EM BXTTMETHA* AIL FlLL^runTDKKS f yi/41'4' PKKrAIUTIO#J LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! AitESURE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM Ly ou’s Periodical Drop* THE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Periodical Drop* *RR RRTTRR TU4X ALL PULS, POWUSid AXD QUACX UMbtcmad. Lyon’* Periodical Drops -V ici'M to ilo (food und tot it no l do llisrni L.IUWB PERIODICAL DROPS T!m' Urrut Female KfiHedy. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS ARB BMTTBR TU AM ALL Pills, Powders and Quack Preparation*. • « »• - - 4 LION’S PERIODICAL DROPS -ARB etKK ro IHMIOUD AND i'ANNOf DO HARM LyoB’s IVrimiiiul Drops TH* OKEAT rtmiLii BSHIUI Lyon h IVriiidU al limps Are better then all Pills. Powder*, And daack Preparation*. Lyon’s Periodical Droits, 1 ■ « I.*.,ii •* * r • -ARB- * Sure to do Good and cannot do Harm. 91 ;>er Hotti*.-, For Ml. by Ml Druggiet*. At wholeeaie by W. F Ctullip., H. H. Hay a Co., t'urtlaud. «u*22 eotlly American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE COMPANVi OF MEW *OKK. Oapii«l SVJOO.OOO, weare U«lldlu|«, tf erchaitdier. IUuw>* ••ft i'i.r»ii tr», K-oi., ro.. lltt'ltUClbl*, Awo Oljlt 4 Mwml Pr«ierty m ia« Ui.*^ eel mee. lAMVSIt HRottN, t’re^Llcut. WILLIAM RAYNOR, StmUr. Ml)WARD SHAW Agent, 10iHkiUlo*tro#t. ootX lyood HAIRE INSURANCE 0Q~ Augusta, Maine, It HE Maine Insurance Company Incar. again, t l loas or damage by Eire. Building,. Merehan. Ik and Furniture, on term, a, favorable a, it can »done bv any solvent Company. Policies iuued ir One, Three, or Eire year*. p v J. L. CUTLKB, Preaidoal. J. H. WII.LJA MS. Sec rotary. EDW ARD SHAW’-Agent, So. 108 Middle Street. •elltedlf

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