Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 6, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 6, 1864 Page 1
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VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, TUESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 6, 1864. ' WHOLE NO~-0Tfi PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOnij T. QlIjliLAN, K'iitor, pul'll?hod It Mo. SJJ KiCll ANCk Sl'Kl'.Kl, t>> N. A. POSTER At CO. Vi<* Portland Daily Paaasls i ublulied BttS.DC per year. ii!BUAiKBdTAT>PBg**i(piibl!eliodevery Thors. A»v oioruinir »; >£2.Mpcr Annum, In alliance; «U.St6 If paid witimi «1a- meat*., mu #11.60,If paymont be del.yod beyond tilt year. Katas of Advertising: a f»?°L'ABR°,',*itt*e in ^en**** °f column, constitutes •1.60 per square dally first wivk; 76 cents per week fl -L* . a*1?”'or !r,s'*• AO: ooKlnSnreVe ty otter day afior first wtek, 60 otnte. B ift* ■ reJlofwHou.°f lees,T» cents; one WM*i 4}A0| 60 c nih per week after. 01 per square per we*-*:, thret insertion* or itijg, 50 y Si-JtciAp lionrae, si.7S prr „Mre #rM wee)t <>r less. *i »J.» ^ ’ ,Ure* insertions, *1.00; one week, AArertiiemmU inserted la ibt Mai** Stat* rHrrf** r»n: .i' L_- & large circmaiiou iu every part, o! IkeSiate)for bjcent*per »ii«*rela addition to the •ttpte rntes. for eteb laser cu r al No'rioifp at usual rate*. be paid for in ad. v uice r rjfcitfis** Notice*, in reading column.1, 12 cent*' per lice for one infcrUoD. No ebar^e least Dan fifty <*pt* fnrr each Insertion. fcjp-AJloammuuioatioa^ intended for the rapir should be directed to the "Editor qf the Press,'' and theae of 4 bu»icc& character u? the Publishers. PniirrxBtf 41 ‘evorv description xecutcd wit! diepatoh. F. TiacIi Traveling Agent Tuesday Mdrning, Sept 6, 1864. -- ----r---r~ —-■-•"■ *■" CHOICE HEADING FOE THE POLITI CALLY INFIRM. The Philosophy ol the Rebellion. “The establishment of Ihta Confederacy is veri ly a distinct reaction against the whole course uf the mistaken civilisation of the age. For 'Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,' we have dvlib erctaly substituted Slavery, Subordination and Government. Those social and political prob lems which rack and torture modern society' wre have undertaken to solve for oqrselrc*, jjj our owuway, and upon our own principle*. That *among equals equality is right;' among those who are not naturally equal, quality; if* chaos; tliat there art slave fares born to serve, master races bom to govern. Huch aie the./* «<itf m.vnUt‘ principle* which we inherit from the Ancient world; which we l»fte*i up in the face of a fer verse generation that hits forgotten the v.hxiom of its fathers; by those principles ict nfa, and in their defence ire hate shown ourselves ready to dif."— I Richmond Enquirer, June Vi, Ibd.'h “ The cun test is not between ikt A'lrrth and tin South as geographical sections, for bet wee n such sections merely, there can be no Contest, nor be tter** i!te people qf the ATorth tmd the jteoplc of the South, for our relaiiout-harc been pleasant, and on neutral grounds there is still nothing to estrange us.” * * * “But the real contest lie* between the tu-o forms qf society which have ’become established, the 011c at the North and the other at the South.** “Such are thotwo forum of society which had come to content within the structure of the re cent Union, and the contest tor existence was in evitable. Neither could concur in the requisi tions of the other. # * "Like an eagle un i 4 fi-h joinod together hy i»e indissoluble bond, * * where the eagle Could not pliare the fluid suited to thf fish and live, vhete the fish could not share the fluid suited to the bird and live, and where o»e m 0*1 perish that the oth er may survive, unless the uuuatunvl uulon shall be scoeredT—s*» these societies would not If they could, noneur. ’ *—I Hon, L. W. Spruit, qf South Carolina, in the Confederate Congress. Will IliC Itebels Consent to Terms of Peace t '‘There are some things worse than hanging or extermination. We reckon giving up the right of self-government oue of those things.” “ By self-government you mean disunion— southern independence?” “Yes.” “And slavery, you say, is bo longer an ele ment in the contest.”, “No, it is nut, it never was an essential ele ment. It was only the means of bringing other conflicting elements to an earlier culmination,— It fired the market which was already capped and loaded. There are essential differences be tween tlie North and the South, tliat will, how ever this war may end, make them two na tions.” . “Well, air, if I understand you, thsdlspute between your government and ours is uarrowed down to this: L'owu or disunion." “Yea; or to put it in other woe is: independ ence or subjugation.”—{('nnrrnation between Jeff, Duns usd Col. Jaynes, July 17, lbtif. “The North would not let ys govern ourselves; and so the war came, ami now 11 must go on till the last man of this generation falls in his tracks, and his children seize bis musket and fight bis battles, unless you acknowledge our right to Belt-government. We are not figtiug for sla very, He are fighting tor indivcs.U ua—aud that or citerniinattim we will have.”—-[Jeff. Hart* lo Col. Juques, same conversation. “He will govern ourseives. U u.wdi do it if we have to uee evsry soutUsrn plantation sacked and every southern city in flames.”—Ibiil. “Bay to Mr. I.moolu from me that 1 shall at any time be pleased io receive proposals for ptwee OB the basis of our independence. U will be usslos to approach mo cm any other.” —[Ibid. • • Mr. hie.vo can make (leace on no other basis than independence. Becogivit.on mast he the beginning, middle anlending of all negotiations. Our people will accept peace on no other terms.” Ould, Hebei Commissioner y/ Ko ch u nge "Some of one obi men, wh" ore we a k in the knees,may want peace on any terms; but the southern people will not have it without inde pendence. Mr. Davis knows them, and you will bail he will iui -t upon that. Concede that, and we'H not quarrel about minor matters”— Ibid. .-Tlfise tt) - ^ t> # li Sf Pence Scouted “It [peace] ha* become a hateful word, and should be lvft sxchisively to the use of Buffalo orators in a neighboring State, if ally of that sort stfTT drivel and snivel. Del u.»get r.d of the whole vile cant, ami say at once we are fur war, andmvthing but war, until, as Davis is said to have said, "the first of this generation fails in his tracks," and then we mean to pass it to the next b* an inheritance. It is for thorn who have un justly invaded our country to offer us peace; and wheutbey do, they will still oiler it in vain until lheir armed men are withdrawn from the soil of tliese Confederate Btaies, and tfie telon flag of stripes is hauled down from every flirt within our border*. Alter that it will l>e time enough to prate shout |iesce. Now the very word is nonsense.—[R iehmond ilraminer . ■' ' __ •* Rebel Terms ol Peace. “Save on oar own terms we can accept no peace whatpwa ■ and mast fight till doomsday rather than yield an iota of them, and our terms are: Recojm lion hy theeneuty of the independence of the Coufede States. Withdrawal he Yankee force* from every foot of ConlwIerategrounJ,including Kentucky aud Missouri. Withdrawal of the Yankee soldiers from Mary land until that State shall decide hy a iree vote whether she shall remain in the old Onion or ask admission into the Confederacy. Consent on the part of the Federal Govern ment to wive up to the Uonlederaoy Us propur tion cf the navy as it stood at the time of seses aiori, or to pay fur the same. Yielding up of all pretension on the part ol the Federal Government to that portion of tin old Territories tv luck lies west of the Confeder ate States An equitaMe settlement on the basis of out absolute independence aud equal rights, of all accounts of rite public debt aud public lauds, and the advantages accruing from furvigu treat ies. These provision*, we apprehend, comprise tht minimum of what we must require before w< lay down out arms. TStatk to s ty, the Vtrtli must yield all, we nothing. The whole pre tension of that country to prevent hv force tin separation of the Ktates must he abandoned which will he equivalent to an avowal that oui enemies were wrung from the first, »nj, „ course, as they waged a ean*de.-» and wicker war upon us, they ought in strict justice to bi requited, according to uesgoiusueh eases, tore iutburse to us the whole of our expenses am losses in the course of that war. * * * One more wesay it is all or nothing. This Coofoder acy or the Yankee EiUiqp, one or other, gu« down, down to perilitiou. That is to say, one o the other must forfeit its national existence an lie at tint mercy of its mortal enemy.’'—f Rie! mond Enquirer, Oct. M, ISt j. Pood for Keiteetiow. for “Peace” Derat crats, “The North may cease to carry on active ho tilities long before it will consent to recogui our independence, and enter iuto formal tern of peace with us. * • * They are in terrib dread of an invasion by us of the North, at mere busy in trying to devise way* and ineai t« r*p#lmwb *ppr*hand*d invasion than tar newed attempts to subdue the South * * A war of invasion of the North, will suspeu then wages; their daily pay as soldiers, in g/een o.itks, will amount to nothing. - * * Th North will not rise p.a.f^.ji^if; but thenlass I. crj aloml for peace ! For no matter win oiKjucrs, no matter what tlm terms of peace— I»c:»cc will give them employment—withou wnicn they cannot live. The Federal (Joveru. inent is bankrupt, and has no means left where. v. itu to fec»l and clothe its soldiers and tlieir fam ilies. Tt is not, on the whole, at nil improbabU that wo may this Fall invade the North, and on her Foil dictate the terms of peace. At all events, it is worth tryinjr. The North is just about tc become bankrupt in men and iu means, aud now is* the time to push her to the wall. A just ret ribution demands that we retaliate ou her the cruelties she has inflicted on us.**-*— [Richmond Scutiuci, .lug. S. •— ■. ** Ponce n Hateful W ord."* “It [I’eaoe] has become a baleful wont, »ml should be left exclusively to the use of Buffalo orators in a neighboring State, if apy of that sort still drivel and snivel. Let us get rid of the whole vile eant, aud say at ouee we are for war and nothing hut war. until, as Davis is »aid tj ton e said, ‘ the last of this generation falls in his tracks,' and then that we mean to pass it to the next ns aii inheritance. It is for those who have uu justly and wantonly invaded our country to offer us peace; and when they do, lltty will ttill (ifftr ’I "I rain until their armed men are with drawn from the soil of these Confederate States, and the ft loii.fluy <tf ttripet ithurltd down J'rum trcryfarl within our bordtrt. After that it will be time enough to prate about peace .Voir tkt rcry word it nonuntt.”— [Richmond Examiner, Aug. ldth. Why do we Shake Hands? 'Iho learned ltr. Humphrey lias given us the' solution to this conjectured problem. He says“It is a very old-fashion ed way o:' mdicaiiog friendship. Jehu said to Jehouadab,1 Is thine heart right as lay heart Is with lliuie heart? If it lie give me thine hand.' It is not merely an old-lashioued cus tom, it is strictly a natural one; and, as usual iu such'cases, we may find a physiological reason, if wc only take the pains to search for it. I he animals cultivate friendship by the tense of Union as well as by the seuyes of smell,hearing, and sight;anil Ibi this purpose they employ the most sensitive part of tueir bodies. They rub their noses together, or they l ck one another with their tongues. Now, the li.utd is a part 01 the human body iu which lb- sense of touch is highly developed; aud a.,er the manner of animals, we not only like to see aud hear our friend (we do not usually ut il him, though Isaac when his eyes were dun, resulted to this sense as a mean* of re cognition.) wc also touch him, aud promote the kindly feelings by the contact and recip rocal pressure of the -cutiiive hands. Observe too, b.iW this principle Is illustrated by au Othcr of our modes of greeting. dVheit we wish to determine whether a substance is per fectly smooth, aud are not quite satisfied with the information conveyed by the liugers, we apply it to the lips aud rub it gently upon them, We do so became we know by exper ience that the stti6e o! touch is more actively developed in the lips than In the hands. Ac cordingly. w hen wo wish to reciprocate the warmer Jeelmgs we are not content with the contact of the hands, and we bring the lips into service. A shake of the hands suffice, lor friendship, iu undemonstrative England at least; but a kiss is the token of a more ten der affection.” come ana see Me. ,\ovii lake “come aud see me” as a phrase meant in earnest, unless it is accompanied with a date. An invitation without ‘‘circum stances'’ is no invitation at all. Depeud upou it, if any gentleman or lady desire your com pany, he or -he will appoint a time lor your visit. “Call ou me when you can make it con venient."'‘drop in as you are passing,'' “make us a vi-it whenever you have an hour ur two to spare,” are social indelinilisra* by which men of tiie wot id understand that they are not expected to do the thing requested. When people wi«h to be cheaply polite, there is noth iny like this kind of vagueness. The ootupli-*. mentaly small change of society should al ways be taken at a large discount It is nev er worth it* lace, or anything like it Yet it U a convenient medium of exchange for ail that, aud heavy debts of gratitude, that ought to bereqittled in lie War coin, are often paid with it. l’eopl- thai have more polish than principle csj it lavishly—plaiu. biunt, honest men sparingly or not at all. Whoever makes a friendly visit to a lashiouable liuuse on the sLraugthof a were “Couu aud see," will be likely enough to find that the family circle wh’Ch be ha- dropped into by request is as uagenial as the artic circle, and to leave It with a chilly fueling about the heart that will prevent him from venturing into the same high latitude thereafter. But when a whole snuled fellow, whom you know to be your triend. grasps you vigorously by the hand and says:—"Come aud dine with me to-diy—din ner on the table at five o’clock—he sure to come, we shall expect you”—go if you can, aud you will be all site better for it, both in mind and bodv. One likes to meet Iriends at the hospitable board—one's own or theirs, it ma'ters not which—but a nod in the street is ail sufficient from a fashionable acquaintance. A Ohinese Wedding in High Life. Sacramento street, about lyerut-y, has just beeu alt agog ot nights, lltd John, young Joint aud Johuee were around aud lively. Crackers were blazing like Fourth of July or Cbiuese New Year’s, aud to tlie most curso ry observer it was evident that something un usual was going on among these representa tive* of Ihe celestial empire in ban Francisco. On inquiry we learned that the cause ot a:l this uuyfonted rejoicing aud excitement was the marriage of Alt . Tom tjuan, of the. firm ot liong, tjuan, jV. Co., to Miss Lay .Niue, a little- ooted daughter of one of the -Hist families of Cluua, who arrived by the Corne lia a day or two since. The bride yyas sent out by her parent*, who, as is usual in such ca-es, negotiated the match, and never saw her present liege lord until last night, or even caught a glimpse of the outside of the barbari an city iu v Meb she is hereafter to reside, hav ing been brought a-bore iu a covered chair, and conveyed to her apartments with lit? greatest precaution* against her seeing or being Men by anybody. The wedding cere mony was performed according to the Chi nese custom, and also by a magistrate ac cording to the statutes of the tsigto of Cali fornia. Thi Chinese merchants i f the city furnl-hed a sumptuous weddiug dinner last evening, to which a large number of guests sat down, and the non pie so* the recipients of numerous presents horn the friends of the bridegroom Tne ceremony terminated in a lirr.rracket blow-out, a la mode tic Chine. This in ikftfd to \tf\ th<» Rff'.nilri nr third mar Huge of the higher mercantile class of Chi nese which has ever taken place in California. The bride has artificially dwarfed feet, and is Mid to he a beauty, according to the defini tion of tbe term usually accept d in Mongo lian lands. (*«« Francisco A It a. A Lioness at Large. Woinbwell’s menagerie is now exhibiting iu the West Marlands, m a large open space of ground iu the centre of the town. On the 13th the keeper was shifting the lions from one det^ to another, and two of them, about hail'grown, jumped over the keeper's shoul der and escaped. One was headed ard driven back to his den almost immediately; the other, a bout—, got outside the menagerie, am: made her way right across the open space. A large number of men, women aud children, were lu the Marlands, aud they stampeded inmedlatelf to get out of the way. A bo with a donkey was passing near the brute, am1 it was thought she would attack them, bui the hoy being frightened, halloed loudly, am the lioness passed on. A keeper headed her and prevented her from going dowu Uppe Portland-terrace, and into the heart of tit town, and thus kept her iu the Marlands. A row of houses called Havelock-terrace Is clos by, and oue of the (loots being opened th lioness entered the house. Tim inmates e caned into the rooms and locked themselvi in, aud she took possession of the fpout pai I lor. A number of the keepers now arrive with a cage, and armed with whips and pitch torks. They shut the front door of tho houw s and got in from Lite buck premises, placed th i cage in the pa-'-age, and thrashed aud goardt 1 the brute from the parlor into the cage, an - after about three-quarters of an hour Iroin it time of tier escape she Was salely lodged i her den again. The escape and chase causei „ much excitement and alarm in the town. |Kui 1 lisb paper. _ „ i'or Sale. ril If E easterly hat ( ot the two storied House No X Horton Plane (lfow St ) A lavorable opportu u ity fbr any.ort wishing to purchase a small teuemsi is for particulars enquiry on thy pramtaes. I- I dig W—4tw ; FINANCIAL. U. S. 7-30 LOAN The Secretary of the Treasury give* notice tha subscript*, ns will be received for Coupon Treasur Notes, payable three year* from August 16, 18tH i with semi aunua) interest at the rate of seven am three-tenths per cent per anuum,—principal and in i tercet both to be paid in lawful money. These notes will be convertible at the option of th< holder at maturity, into six per cent, gold btarinj j bonds, payable not less than five nor more that twenty years from their date, as the Gorernmen may elect. They will be issued in denominations o j fifty, one hundred, five hundred, one thousand, anc five thousand dollars, and all subscriptions must be for fllty dollars, or some multiple ol fifty dol 1 Ian. The notes will be transmitted to ths owners free oi transportation charges as soon after the receipt ol the original Certificates of Deposit as theg can be prepared. As the notes draw interest from August 16, persons making deposit* subsequent to that date muit pay the interest accrued from date of note to da’te of de posit. Parties depositing twenty-five thousand dollars and upwards for these notes at any one time will be allowed a commission of oue-qnartor of one per cent., whioh will be paid by the Treasury Depart ment upon the receipt of a bill for the amount, cer tified to by the officer with whom the deposit was made. No deductions for commissions must be made from the deposits. Special Advantage! of thii Loan, It is n national Sarings Rank, offering a higher rate of interest than auy other, and the best securi ty. Any savings bank which pays its depositors in U. 8. Not*** considers that it is paying in the best circulating medium of the country, and ft cannot pay in anything bettor, lor its own assets are cither in Government securities or iu notes or bonds pay able in Government paper. It is equally convenient as a temprary or perma nent investment. The notes can always be sold for within a fraction of their face and accumulated in terest, and are the best security with banks as collat erals for di&oounts. Convertible into a 0 per oent. 5-20 Gold Bond. in addition to the very liberal interest on the notes for three years, this privilege of conversion is now worth about throe per cent, per annnm, for the current rate for 6-20 Bonds is not ess than nine per cent premium, and t>efore the war the premium en six per oent. U. 8. stocks were over twenty percent. It will be boom that the actual profit on this loan, at the present market rate, is not less than t«u percent, per annum. It* Kismntinn Clnlo nr Taxation. But aside from ail the advantages we hare enum erated. a special Act of Congress exempts all bonds and treasury notes /ram local taxat^m. On the average, this exemption is worth about two per cent, per annum, according to taxation in various part* of the o^untry. It is believed that no securities offer so great in ducements to lender# as those issued by the Govern ment. In aU other form# of indebtedness, the tadh or ability of private parties, or stook corny an *•*» or separate communities only, is pledged for pay ment, while the whole property of the oouotry i» b«!d to secure tbe discharge of all the obligations of the United States. While the Government offors the most liberal term# or its loaus, it believe* that the very strongest ap Will be to the loyalty and patriotism of the peo ple. SubacrijtUi.H* will be received by the Treasurer of the United states, at Washington, the several As sistant Treasurers and designated Depositaries, and by tbe Ftm National Bank of Portland, Maine, and by all National Bunks which are Depositaries oi public money, and all respectable Banks and Banker* throughout tbe oountry will give further information, aud aflbrd every facility to subscribe. Aug 30—dkw2m P R O p os aTs roa nKKtriM* THU Custom House at Portland, Maine. IttBi.l'BV DtPABTBKBT, I Ao*u*t 28 1844 j PHOPOSAL8 will be rebelled ai toil di p.rtm.-iit uunl til. llm!) ol September, 1804. at Vi o'clock UOOB, fur tbe coDslftieliuy ol tbe 1 ustumUuuse eu tborUcd to be elected at 1'otUind. Me, aecordiu, lo tbe pUur.ud Hpecidcetlon. prepared at tbla Depart* mem; .aid propoaela to be either lor the whole build in*, or »epartite lor dill reut kind, ol work the Department rewcrvuig the rlgkl tp re>.et ur acoept the proposal, hereby inviuxf or any part thereof, where it d- eia. the interest ol the l ulled Btat-» re. quire, it; the Department «lao rraerviLif the rljtht to excude the bid of any pnaon or person., whom there i. juat cause to believe will not laithfnlh per form the cont-act. Also all bid. that upon inveati irabon are below a lair price lor the WO.. Bids will not bo received in grow. and the Depart in nt having uruparcd a scbeaule m the approxi mate quantities of rich kind of work and material required, (which schedule may be had at the office ol the supervising Architect, 1 reusury Department) tue uidder will be requited to affix his prices thereto farsqch a: tidy# ami hinds of work as he proposes to j bid for, and t be u carry the whole ou| in one gross amount. * Ninety per cent, of tbe amount of the work done aud material delivered gccoitiing to contract price, (•aid amount to be ascertained by the estimate cf an Agent oi the Depart me nr appointed for that pur pusei will be paid lrom time to times* the work pro grosses, uud ten per cent, retained uutil the cuiuple lion of the peiutrkct, and acceptance ol the work by the Agent aforesaid, and be forfeited in the event of the u on-ful till meat ul the contract. Contracts wl.l be awarded only to Master Builders and Mechanics, and the assignment thersot, ex cop t by consent ol the Secretary Ql the Treasury, will be a fjrfeiturv! ol ihe same. • Bach proposal mud be accompanied by a guaran tee. signed bv two responsible persons, (certified, to be ft.> by the UniUd States District 4udg«' or Attor ney- oi i-aid V'l.iriun, imu -urn ol $a.000,oo for the wuoie work, or of a proportionate amount if for any part, that the bidder will, when required, ifhi- pro posal be accepted, enter into a couiiaol and bond, with sufleieut securities for its ‘eithl’ul performance. Yv- tun v-f the bond uud certihcatr re quired; also the plans, specilicatious and working drawing will or lurm- .tu ou application 10 im supervising at 1 chitect of the Department. No bid Will he considered, unless it fuliy complies iu ad it« detail* with the requirements o( this auver Uscment, 1 he Proposal* mu-t be sent to xl^s Ileparuueui, ad dressed tu inaiali Roger*, Supervising Architect, and plainly t r.dorseed ; •*Pr l osaU lor the Portland < ustom House." Prt'i . al> will also be received at the *an»e time for tu*; old Custom House building and material* therein, (the lour granite columns on Fore str<ei excepted) to be i emuved within aix*> t60j day* from date of the award, and in case the ante of the »aim be aw arded to the »accoestul bidder k>r the uew Uus tom House. *he amount of same will he taken as par; payment of his contract. ISAIAH ROGERS. Supervising Architect. Sept 2—dtd Seizure o( <*oo(i«. N OTICE is hereby given that the following de scribed goods w ie seized at this port, on (hr days liereii alter mentioned, tor a violation of tb< Revenue law*:—June 24 1804. on wharf Iron atf4|n«r from St. John, N. 14., 1 Lbl. Whiskey» ! oases Wine (of j2bo:tles each! July 15, 1864. oi board bri^ Tim-. Cpun.-r, 2 bb's Molasses, July 20 16*4. on board »team 1 bid sugar, 1 bag Sugar. August 5th, 1864. o,i board brig Martha A Berry, 1*1*1 Mol as sea. August 11. 1804. ou board brig Cal inucz 2 bblf Molasses August IU, 1664, on bouri brig C. II. Kennedy 4 bbls. Mola^srs. Any person or pv sons, the same, are re quested to appear and make such claim,within nice iv day*irem the day of the date hereol; otherwi* > the raid go-.ds will b< disposed ofiu accordance wit the act ol Uougr***, approved April 2, 1844. I WASHBURN. Jh , Collector. Sept 9—dlaw3w Not let*. , milE undersign*d being, a portion of the persor A named iu Section lat of a« act entitled • Ad ac to incorporate the New 4 ndand Screw Steamshi Uomiwur." hereby give pnblic notice that the tin meeting of said corpora; iou for the purpose ol o i ranization, will be held at the Portland and No York steamship Office, ou Brown’s Wharf, ihur 1 day, September 15th, 1864. at 2 1-2 o’clock, P. M c i St. Joh* Smith, u Joh* B. Buowat, Makk P. Emery. Philut H. Browx, „ Hunky Fox. Port land, Sept. 1, 1*84. dtd • To Let. A WELL arrauged House, partially furnishe aud fema «in be ,0 ; BU>1n fiI 4 ily, afMmJaotory character and undoubted .bill I- to pay rent, who will purebu. the furniture and fl t. turei. AddreM with name and raler.neei. Holmes, Portland P. o. •apt I—d4t I IN’ S U H A N C E. znat.-r-. . - ■—•-* •' - - •—- —» OFFICE OF THIS ATLANTIC i Mutual Insurance Company, , SKW HOKlv, JANUARY 26, 1864. flYUK Trustees, iu coulormity to the Charter Oi the X Company, submit the following statement *1 1 its affair* on tne .'list December, isoS. Premiums received on Marine Risks trout 1st January, 1863, to 31st De cember. lStiS, *3,214,338 38 Premiums on Polioies not marked off 1st January, 1863, 1,706.602 24 Total amount of Marino Premiums, *19,uu6,M)l K So Policies have been issued upon Life Hisks; nor upon Fire Risks discon nected with Marine Hisks. Premiums marked off trom 1st Jan . 1863, to 81st December, 18<i3, *7,387.606 56 Losses paid during the same period, 3.9UC.651 04 Returns ol Premiums aud Expenses, 1.082,367 48 The Company has the following Assets, via: Lnit d Stat. sand State of New York Stock, City, Rank and other Stocks, *3.492,631 30 Loanssecnri d by Stocks,andothorwfce, 1,460.700 00 Kea Estate ami Ronds and Mori gages, 198,760 Ub Dividends nu stocks,Interest on Bonds and Mortgages and other Loans,sun dry Notes, re insurance and other claims due the Comp’y* estimated at 104,964 51 Premium Notes and bills Receivable, 3,278,670 63 Cash in Bank, J44.813 88 Total amonnt of Assets, *9,266 450 32 Six per cent interest on the outstanding certifi cates ol profits will bj paid to tbe holders thereof, or their lego! representatives, on and alter Tuesday, the Second of February neat. After reserving Three and One half Million Dollars oi profits, the outstanding certificates of the Issue of* 1862, will be redeemed aud paid to tbe holders tbere 01, or their legal repfesentatln s, on aud after Tues day, the Second of February next, from which date ail Interest tbereon willeeaee The certificates to be produced at tbe time ol payment, and cancelled A Dividend ef Forty Per Cent, ie declared on the net earned premiums of the Company, lor the year ending 81«t December, 1839, for which certificates will be issued,on aud after Tuesday, the Filth of April next. The Profits of the Company,ascertained From the 1st of July.1842,to the 1st ol Jan., 1863, for which Certificates were * issaed. amount to *14,328 880 Additional from 1st Jan., 1863, fo 1st January, 1864 , 2,630,006 m r* ?<«“' ProfluJ‘>r 21j fe&rs, *10,968,880 4 he Certificates previous to 1862, have been redeemed by cash, U.SbuJlO Net sarnlugs remaining with the Com pany, on 1st January, 1864, *6 263 670 By order ol the Board W TOWNSEND JONES, Secretary. TRUSTEES. John I>. Jones, David l.ano Charles Dennis, James Rryee, W. li. U. Moore. H'm 5»tur*in,lr., Thos. Tilcston, II. K. Bogirt, Henry Colt, A A. Low, W .C. Pickersgill, Wm. E Dodge, Lewis Curtis. Dennis Perkins, Chan R Russell, Jos. tiaillard. Jr., Lowf II Holbrook, J. Henry Burgy, P. A. llargous, Cornelias t,rinn’ell K. W. Weston. C. A Hand, Eoval Pbelp-, Watts Sherman, Caleb Barstow, E. E. Morgan A. P. Piliot. h.J. Howland, Leroy M Willey, BenJ. Babcock. Daniel S Miller, Kleteher Wcstray, S T. Niooll, K. B. Minium,jr., Josh a J Henry, U. W. Burnham, Oeo. 0. Hobeon, Fred.Chauncey, Jame- Low. JOHN D. JONES. President CHARLES DENNIS, Viee President. W . H- U. MOORE. 2d Y’ice President. ZW*-Application# forwtrded and Or** Policiw procured by JOHN W. HUNGER, Agaat, No. 100 Fore street, head of Long Wharf, POgTlAXO, Mg. June w3wk«odtoj»nl» Ijifo Insurance. THE MAThATTAN Life Insurance Company I V F JTK IT rOKK. Cnah Capital and Accumulation Over #1,700,000 ! HENRY STOKES, PUWIDKVT. C. T. W PIMPLE, Secretary. J. L UALSP Y. Asst. Secretary. 8 X STEBBl \*8, Actuary. fc. D WIG U 1 KENDALL, General AKt. • — Thin long-established Company offers the follow ing advantage* to insurers, viz: A large and increasing Capital, securely invested Immediate availability of the dividend*, nt rusk. A pernument of one half of the premium; and a teAture, pec*d^tr to this company, by which insurers are protected against forfeiture of the poli ov from circumstance* of adversity. The company also issue* uon-iorteiting policies on the “Ten Yer*r Plan." Polwiw live year* from date (the on ly company iu Ataerioa having thin pro«i*iou in policies.) Loccd Board qf Brfersnu. Hon. William Willi*. N J. Miller. Kaq., Collector I nt Revenue. Wra Moulton. K-o., iiauk ( u.uberiand. W. W Thomao, E*i ,Pr©*t. Canal Bank. J. B.Carroll, Ea Mi reliant Jeremiah Dow, E*i.. S$c y Dingo In*. Co. Win Kiinball. K*q . Trea:. S. Packet Co. Edward Shaw, Kftj . 8te’y Port. Mut.lna. Co. Messrs. Woodman. True k Co. Mcrtre. H J. Libby k Co. Parties are invited to examine the merit* of tide company before effecting insurance HENRY U bTICKNEY, Agent. Office No. 13 Moulton St. 8. H. T«cwK*BO«tv, M. D., I Medical C. W.Thv»ma*, M. I> 4 > Examined Gentlemen energy and responsibility In the ditTi-tent Citieb and towns of lfaiue, desirous of rep reseating i’ho Manhattan LHP Insurance Co. will please add res* E DWIGHT KENDALL. General Agent. Box No 2(»5i 1*. O., Portland. Aag 1L—codim D1RIGO Insurance Co. of Portland, Me. OFFICE NO. EXCHANGE NT. Authorized Capital, $500,000. CAFITAl. RAID IN 0U(M),OOU. Inverted as follow*:— Loan* on Mortgage* of Real Estate at two thirds it* value. 0/s'.,3Qm Loan* on pltdgeof United State* Securities, Loans on pledge of City Scrip, 1M 600 Loan* on pledge of Bank Stock*, 28,000 Loan* on pledge ui Stale of Main* Bonds, 24,ML1 Loan* on pledge of Androscoggin County Bonds, 4*000 MOO,000 upon all kiuds of property iu the city or country, liable to 1o4* or damage by lire, at a* low rates a* is taken by any other o«r»* The patreuaee ol tin. merchauU and citizen*' generally ot Portland and vicinity, ia most lespectlulh solicited. A. K SHURTLKFF, President. JEREMIAII DOW. Secretary. OlUKCtVJU - J B. Brown, 8 E. Hpriug, D. W. Clark. J.11.Carroll, Juiiu Lyucti. II. 1 Robinson. TRUST***: St. John Smith, 11. J. Libby, II N Jose. H. M. Payson, J. N. Winslow, O.W. W^dmas, Andrew Spring, Alvali Lonaut, U 4. Robinson, Philip 11. llrown, 0, 11. linked, S? C. Chase. Jeremiah Dow, If. 0.front, Win. Moulton. Portland, August 1,1&»H. -isd8m TJ X I O N Mutual Life Insurance Go. IN CORPORA! ED by the STATE OF MAINE Charter Perpetual. Organized, ISA®. DIRECTOR** OFFICE, 6* Slate Street, .... Jlostou, Man** ! President-K/tSRY CROCKMJt. Vice- President—!> AS i K K SHA RP. Secretary- W. H. UoLUbTKil. n. G. WILSON, ' General Manager of Agencies ia the St* Ku gland states. Assets, 8Ut June, 1964, $080,000.00 i Losses Paid to tUste. $780,060.00 jjieuknd Paid in Cash to date, $810,080.09 TBlfi Company offer, peculiar nd* anta/es toper* sous iutondiug to insure tneir lives, in its saiuty and stability, acquired in Its ionrt» eti years' ©xpen* ©no**; in it* aise s. which, (without in* capital.of " , ajh'l.O'W.jamouuts to over tlueeHiucrter^o: a liilllion * of dollar*, bslug more than'wo hundred thou .and (? dollars in excess of its liabilities tor tne reinsurance 1 of allout-staudinir risks; iu the iac.litic*- presented ‘ In its accommodating system of payments of prt mi* i um>: in fh« large nuwbvr,diversiii-d uouditious ard occupations, vari u* age? and localities of livin* sure a, giving the largest requisite ©co*** for tb© ope i ration of the laws oi averts < morcnliiy, and the am plest guaranty to the iinsured for the bouetit# there* ; of; iu »he division of prolit* the annua! ai-pcrliou meat of which having lor tho past fourteen vearr averaged Port y per Cent, of the premiums paid. Policies are issued upon all th© plat * u*ual with ” ; Life lnsurauoe Companies, and at as low rates as it consistent with a view to equity aud solvency. 1, 1 Parties desiring Agencie* in mvrns where the com* i- Dany havououe, aud tho-»e wishiug Traveling Agtn r cies wilkin tho »«w England Stt'es. will apply *c [• H Ci WILSON. 6-J atato Street. Boston, givins such re'eruuce, or information as to ag , present and past business, as wi .1 enable him to Term judg msnt In regard thereto JunelAdSpt miscellaneous. J. E. FERNALD & SON, Merchant Tailors, And Dealers 1b GcuI'n Furuiftltiug Good*, No. S7 Middle »t reet. Our facilities for supplying our customers; with promptness, fidelity and despatch are unexcelled. Our Stock is large and desirable, presenting all the Novelties of the season. TERMS “NET CASH." Portland, Aug 10, ldtti.—dtf GRANT’S COFFEE & SPICK MILLS. OlilOnrAL KSTAHL18BMBNT. J . Gr FLA. 1NT T , Whole.-ale Dealer in aii kinds of COFFEE, SPICES, Sulieraius * Cream Tartar, StK Cofee and Spice 3lillt, 13 and U I.’nitm ilreet. Portland, Me. Coffee and Spice* pul up ‘or *he trade, will, »ny %Udrcss, in all variety oi packages, and warranted as represented. ^ Coffee rua.ted aud ground for tlie trad, at .nort notice. XST" All goods entrusted a ;lhe owner's risk. _ _ march lOdtf New Steam Mill, Foot oi Croat, between Fore k Commercial Sta. WINSLOW, ~D0TEK & CO., VITOl LD inform their former customers and the JT. £ut?,,c general,y, that they have filled up their Machinery, and are now ready Hatching and Jointing, also Sweep UdCirantar Sawin/, Wood Turning. 4*c. Me hsve in operation one of Messrs, tiray k M ood s new improved Pfancr$t lor PLANING OUT OF WIND. il1 .Tt11*?1*1* wit!‘,be greatest accuracy from * inch in thickness to 12 inches vjuare. Also AX F DU EH FIFTY FF.F.T LONG, For sawing htavy plank and edging boards. rSZOSSZ UT'i0D «!"“ ‘“P'*""** 8h'P Ktieea, Clapboards, and heavy limber. » or the accommodation oi dealers aud othera hav Jug large lot, of board, to plane, we hare in counec i iSliu* nu" li.WO.quare feet of varil room. jyl9eodtf 18 open Day and Evening, for a Thorough Business Education. Located 186U. tinnson Block, Middle St., Wo. 161. Ssholarsyr* good m any part of the United State* He Principal ha** had 30 year? experience; is alwajl on tjie soot, and attend? to his business; and prom isfcr, as during the past 12 years, no pain* shall be spared in the future. Five hundred references of the hrs t class business men, with many others of this city, will testify to the practical utility, capacious ne»§ and completeness of my system* "and manner of Leaching, and citizen* of other cities have testified to the same. Diplomas will be awarded for thor ough ooarses. Able Assistants secured. Bartlett's Plan, tho founder of Commercial Colleges, strictly adhered to as regards not copying. Certain times will be devoted to Commercial Law elucidations — Come all who have tailed to be taught a business hand-writing and 1 will guarantee to yon saocess. Appiicttiou-solicited for Aocouuiantp. Separate in ft ruction given. Students can enter any time. Sep arate rooms for Ladies. Tuition reasonable. Intri cate accounts adjusted. Ladies and Gentlemen that desire to take lessons, or a full, or a separate course, in either Book-Ket>pin», Navigation, Commercial Law, Phonography, Higher Mathematics, Civil Kn tfiaoering. Surveying. Native Buriness Writing, Commercial Arithmetic, Correspondenon. Card Marking, (and 'cucUm. from pi tale* c«pi«, sad rex! Book. w*!. ke arold.i ,l*M*»a!l, or addrw* th» Fnuoipal. h v uniiww Portland Cct.l,l«3J. „r« todkeowiy Sewing Machine Improvements. A , L «wra ol approved Sewing Machine, are In. levi ed to call at NO. il CLAPP'S BLOCK, aad tU operation of two of the uio-t important improvcmaatf* of the day— Wiilian'i Pkicm Creak I<Si«n, tod Uiailtuieit, The iortner place, tho control of the machine en ttrely under t e control of the feet of tho operator preventing all backward motion of the wheel al lowing tlw ireedum of htdh hand, to handle the work, anil saving (tic breaking of aeodlea and the t-u tangling ot the thread. Tho hatter wilt allow the aae of lineh thread or or interior cotton, aud entirely doea away with the aeapiup of the cloth. Call and >ee and you will not tail to hate them ap pRed to yo«r machine,. JOHN IMKIKK. Agent Mr. Porter will put tuachiuwt iu order and teach the operator? how t0 use them. ?o that they will have no trouble. Portland, Aug 10. 1864. dtf The Cabinet Organs MADK KXCLU81YKJ.Y BY MASON & HAMLIN Arc- the host Instrument* of their cits- iu the world. Nearly all the must prouiiiteu' artiNt* iu the country have given written testimony to this effect, and these instruments arc iu constant uw> iu the concerts ot tho most distinguished artists—as Gottschalk and otliora—as well as in the ras iu the principal cit ies. whenever such instruments are required. Price $46 to 1500 each. These instruments may be found at the Music Booms of the subscriber, where they will he sold at the manufacturers’ prices. II. S- EDWARD*, No.349| Stenart's Block, Congress St. aprledtt I. X. WarNlial’N salt. Uhitko State* or America, 1 District of j PI KSL AN ! to e \ end: Kvpo. to me directed from tin- Hon. Ashur Ware, Judge of the Unit ed State? iHutrict Court, withii* and tor the District of Maine. 1 <4taii expose aud Sell at Public Vendue to the highest bidder therefor, the following proper ty and meii hand ze at the time sod place within said District as :ollowe, via At the Custom Horse Rr iloim*. <m Fore street ia J'ortluHd, on AJ >iu/*jr the btk da# qf September neut. at ten o’clock, A. M. Six Cases of Hramdt ivd Tee r ho is a xl* Ciwarc. Three Barrels Molasses aed Two 1ROVSAXD ClOARS. The same having been decreed lurfest to the Unit ed State* in the District Court tor said Wstxlet. and ordered to he sold and the proceed* disposed of ac cording to law. • Dated at Portland this 19th day of August A. D. 1864. CHARLES CLARK, U. S. Marshal Dist.of Marne. aoglHtd I or Ibc inland*. Ou and alter June 13th the* teamir CASCO will until further notice leave Burnham’s Wharf, for iVak’s and Cushing'* Islands at 9 and 10.90 A. M., and 2 and 8.301*. H. iteturuiug will leave Cushing"* Island at A49 and 11.15 A. M... and 45 aud 5.15 I*. M. Tickets25cents, dowzi *ud back; Children 15eta. June 9— dtt f. S. nar*tlinl’N Notice. L'mtkd Statics or AukkU'A, \ Distkictop ) PURSUANT te a Monition from the Hon. Ashur W are. Judge of the Unite i State* District Court, uithiu and for the District of Maxue, hereby give outlie u- tice that the following Libel has been filed lu said Court, via:,, A l ibel agaiusi one t HtKTY-*>iPO?»x> part oi tuk ship Josaru Clash ami her appurtenances, seized by the Co lector oi the District of Bangor, ou the tenth day of October, I8ui, at Bangor lu said District Which seizure wa* fbr a breach of the law* of tin United bi&te.* as is more particularly set forth in said .Libel; that a hearing and trial will be had tuereou at Du/A, in »aid District, on the First Tn»t Jay nf September uert, where any persons interest ed may appear and *h»w cause, if any can Ire shown a h-reioiv the* same should not be decreed for lei and disposed of according to law. Dated at Portland thi- t wen tv-second day of Au guat, A. D. 1364. i A.yllNBY. U S. Deputy Marshal, aug2i d 14d Diet, of Maine. 41! mi if Ntm tor's ShIp. "VTOTICB hereby given. *h *tpnr-uant to iioonsi -^4 Iroxu the Judge vf Probate for Cumber!ant Bounty, 1 * hall sell a public anction. at my dwell ing house in Raymond, iu said C ounty, on the lot I day of Sept( mber, 1W4. at one o’clock In the aitoi noen the Pillowing real estate b longing to the Fa taie of James M. Jordan, lafe oi aid Hnymoud, de ceased. vU: tne reversion of the dower <* t out b the widow of said ci ©coast d. arid a’sn abou* fllftee: acres ot wild land situated in said Raymond, on th northerly side of the road leading from Kaytuom Mill to New Gloucester. Said gale being n«coa*ary for the payment c charges of Administration and other iocidants charges. OLIVER T. JORDAN. Adm’r. by A. B. Holden, his Att’y, Aug. 8,1964 89w8wAdlt Kourd. A FEW more Boarders can be accommodated i 78 Dan forth «tT.«t,two doors above Bracket ‘ A>p1t «oob, )«l)r» BUSINESS CARDS. PAPEK BOX iHANEFAETOBY. J. P. XuibbyY MANUFACTURER QW X* p o 1* ~Ft o tt o s, 01 every description, such a. Shoe Box.*, Jew.lryBoxcs, Druggist Boxoe. ' Collar Boxes, shell Boxes, I'ouehologtcalBoxes, j CowdtrBoxes, Card Case*, Cigar Boxes, he. HI Middle 8t., (Up Stairs) Portland, Me. JuueldSm Dana & Co. Fisli aud Salt, . Luther Dana, ) PoltllBlI, Woodbury Dana, J John AS. Dana) Maine. Juneldtf__ J• Smltli cfo Oo., Xi*ur*eri E«ai or Leather Belting, Card Clothing. Look Strap*, Bell Loiter Backs id Side*. lbathkr TP'Mmsaa, Hanson’s Blook, 144 Middle St., Portland, Or at the Card Clothing Manufactory, Lewiston. II■ M. Drawer. (jnldSmi D. F. Nona. JOB* T. KOfsERS A CO., Commission Merchants, AND WHOLESALE DIAlKHP IN Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. 61 Eoutiuercial Street, cS&ttet } PORTLAND, MR. juneldOin Wholesale and Retail. XX. DAVIS, Bookseller, Stationer, AFD HEXC.ACTrKIR OF Premium Paged Account Books. PAPEU UAKOIlHig. No, 63 Exchange Street, Portland, Mo. _____ juueldtl CHAS. J. SCHUMACHER, Frisco and Banner Painter, No. 144 Middle Street, PORTLAND, MB. hM Work executed in every part of the State. juneltf RUFU8 DURHAM, MaDutaclarer and Wholesale Dealer la , BRITANNIA Plated Ware, No. 218 Fort street, Portland Maine. Portland, May 17th, 1964. maylTdtl BURGESS, FOBES, & CO., MAVUFAUTU&VRa Of Japtui* White Lead, Zinc, Faint** And Ground Oolom, AID DIALIKt IV Drugs Medicines, Faints, Oils & Varnishes. Faint and Color Factory, No. 29 Munjoy St., OMee A. HalftrMu*. 80 C«MMf rrial Hi., (Thomas Block.) Hkhky 11 .«Bukolas, Mtfifl MK Charles 8. rows. nwLUL II. • maylHdtf BLAKE, JO.KKi A CO., FLOUR & GRAIN DEALERS, Ami Re vm of Western mid C ml mu Produce. 18T Oammrrriot Strut. - ■ ■ Urumit Work. ChnrU.**, , Henry A. Jontu, PORTLAND. K. W. 0»ire. 1 junelritt JOHN LYNCH & CO., Wholesale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Qrnnite Btoren. - - - Commerce! .treet, fOppOMt. bend Wulirery Wlitif,) John Lynch, ) IVIcg Barker. J PORTLAND. MK. Tho. Lynch ) Juneldif BOLE A MOODY, COMMISSION MERCHANTS# And W holeMdv Dealer* in FLOUR, CORN AND PRODUCE, No. 6 Gilt Hook, Conunercnl 3t, ?r^l Ute°^y. i PORTLAND. MK. juoeldfim IfiRc. H. OSGOOD, DENTIST, No. 8 Clapp'* Block, Market Square, fORTI. AXV. XW“Artificial Teeth inserted on Gold. Stlrcr, and yutcaniite bane. All operation* ar«arru«frd to give aati» faction, jun<»oi)vodi*ly*ft4 E.~K. LEMONT, Carriage Manufacturer, Preble Street, - • Portland, Me. KJ^CarrUge* and Sleighs on hand and made to order. janelodtf V. F. KIMBALL, MABUfACTl KIB OP , Carriages and Sleighs, ^rutile* Htre«t, ( Preble Hon*.,) PORTLAND, MK. Saif Rooms, lid and 1H Stolbur, S‘ , notion, .Van Junultf Sales \ Safes \ 1 ■ FOR 8ALR AT JAMES BAILEY & CO., Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealers, 103 MIDDLE STREET. PORTL.LSD,.MS. JvVHdSm Lhw Fnrtnen>hti». HOWARD A CLEAVES, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, Office ttl Middle St.,over Cn*co llauk, PORTLAND, ME. J3RRPH HOWARD. NATHAN CLRAYR6. JylBdlt wCm DR. U. H. RICH. SURGEON DENTIST, NO. 145 MIDDLE 8T.. FOKTLAND. (Opposite foot of Free Street,) Having lit ted up the above named room#, he would be happy to wait on all who may wi*h for the ser vice* of a skillful Dentist. Retry branch of Den tistry will reoeive careful attention, and perfect *«t | Ufactiou will be warranted. jy'JG dSm M. PEARSON. Silver Plfttor, AND NAMUVACTVRBI OF SILVER WARE, 23H Congress St., Opp. Court House, Portland, Me. All kind* of Ware, sueh aa Knives. Fork*, Spoon*. Cake Baskets, Casters, kc., plated In the be#l manner. > A iso. Repairing amt Re-finishing Old Silver i Ware. aiigtidtini John KiiiMinan, ! GAS FITTER, -«iv Draler in CJ»* Fixture*. And (.Hu A Kero*eue Cookiiif AppHritlii*. The publle tre Incited to ei.iuluo tud test these new inventious, which »r« IdKhly recommended tbr . summer use. yo.» uxioy arsuBT. i Portland, Juu. H -»co48a # BUSINESS CARDS. ~ bkadLkv, moci.ton ARocemV VVaouuu Damn# is Flour, Grain and Provisions, B8 Commercial ■ treat Thcmaa Block, aOBKKT BBALBT, 1 «. m.iioI’ltoc, J PVMTLABD, UK. A. S. BOUBIt*. , _. --_msyldtf W. W. CARR & co.7 Haring taken Ike Trait Stoat formally ooonpb 4 a «. 8AWYEB, We. ft Eicbauge Street, Are prepared to o«w to the tfodoalarffo andwoii »ei©oto4 4took of Foreign and Domestic Fruit 1 Wholesale and Ha tail Oraagea. Spraea Oaa, Lannyri “•“••■a* Canary Seed, Candle*. Dime*. Una* byrap, Hoary. I'raaca, Caron Mate. FI*.. Cltraa, Nat*, ail kind.. Date*, Olive*, Ralnlna, fohaeen, Sardiaen, Cigar*. Fancy Candle* of all deecrlptfoa. ool9 dtf IRA WINN, Agent, No. 11 Union St., la prepared to foreign 8TKAM EHOIHZS and BOILERS, of rarloaa aixea and pattern*, St«iH Pipe ut ilium, Mil! Ssuii*, Skifiiag, fillip, U blear Hooen Weak of all deaeUptlona, and all kind* of work required in buidine FoBTiniuATiona. Iron Stairs and other Architectural Work. Hooaaa, 8torca, and other building*. Rued with Oaa and Staaa la the beat manner. In oonneotlon with the above i* »t Iran Foundry, with a large aaaortment of Pattern#, to which the attention of Hnchiniat*. Ml!lwrl*h«*,#Brt Hhip-BnUd era1* invited—and all kind* ofCaa a** ihralahed at abort notice. * «#«iee nr*Order« for Haotune JobWnp Fatteraa and Torjringi, promptly exeonted. oaSdtf 8 I nT« E R! s SEWING MACHINES I WOODMAN, THUS * CO., AGENTS, No*. 54 aad 5« ..... Hi idle Straat. Heedlea and Trtmmlopvilway on hand. ■ehlltf A CASD. DR. S. C. FERHALD. DENTISt, No. 170 Mitlill J treat. kimnoa.Dr«. Baoo ■ and Busua. Portland, Hay X, 1841. a HAVING di.po.ed of hi. entire Intereet In hit Office to Dr. S.I FKRNALD. roniacheerfully reocoinmend him to hie former pstle it* and the pub ***• Dr., from ! ong « X pe-uuee, iiprepar ed to invert Artificial Teeth on the" SulcaniteBud,” and all other method* known to the profoeeion Portland. Mar *. 18W t« WOOD AND COAL CHEAP I'OK CASH ! SPRING MOUNTAIN, LF.HIGH. HKilLTON. SUGAR LOAF. OLD COMPANY I.EUItiH. LO CUST MOUNTAIN JOH NS. DIAMOND. WKR8 TER and BLACK HEAT UT Theee Coal, are of the rerr be*t quality, well ecreened ant picked, and warranted to give eatlafaction. A*eo tor rale boat of HARD AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the oily. Own. a Connaniat St., head of Franklin Wharl. 8. ROrsDS A SON. feblSdlv . WARKEN’S mPOBTED FIRE AND WATER-PROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -a*D GFi-avoI Roofing FOR FLAT ROOFS. K. 11KHSEV, Agent, dtf Ko. 14 Cuion Street. 4LBEBT WEBB A CO* — Mill IB — Corn, Flour and Grain, HEAD OF MERRILL’S WHARF, ('ewwarelai, - - Penlaad, Me. __ _ lagtf EDWARD H. BUROIN, WHOLk*A LK DliLUII Corn, Meal aid Flour, Also. Ground Hock Salt Commission Jlerchant voa ruacaaeuabd utier Bariev. Rye and Oats loaded with Corn in bulk tree of charge. Warehoow No. 120 ('oramrrcinl And Citt Mill*. Deering Bridge. m_ juueleodOm JOHW r.lKOEKVOK, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, COD WAN BLOCK. tnctill JAwtr TnatrLB STaanr. Seotcli CanvuN, -BOB BA LB BT JAMES T. PATTEN 4 CO., Bath, He. t), W k SOLIS Baperior Bleached i AUU ano do All Long flax “Gov- ... jruiaeat contract,’ F ** 300 do Extra All Long Caa I ArbroaW. 300 do Navy Fine J Delivered In Portland or Hones. * Beth. Anri! 10.IMS. «t>*S4U " FL E M O V A L. »K. NTEWTON HAS removed hi* reaideno© to Wc. 87 MidUT* fitre+t, corner of franklin street. Offitx u heretofore. *Vo. 116 Exchange Street, in Noble’s Block, up rftalrr Ttfloe honrs from 9 to 10 A H.. from 3 to S. and from S to y o'clock P. M Br. N. will continue, iu connection with eeneral praotloo. to giT© special attention to DISEASES OP FEMALES. ooSldtf WILLIAM A. PEARCeT P L ITM B E R! MAtXH OF Farce Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 1*4 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND, ME. Warm, (*oW and Shower Bathe, Wash Bowie, Broun to Milter Plated Cocks, 11VKRY deeeripticn of Water Kixtnr »fer Bwel j liu* House*. Hotel*. Public Buildia/*, Shop-*. Ac . arranged and set up in the heat manner, and a’! orders in town or country fUthfhMv executed All kind* of tobbintr promptly attend'*! to. Constancy on hand LEAD PIPES. slikKr LEAD and BEKR PUMPS of all deeortption*. opidtf J. T. Lewis &r, Co., Manufacturer* and Wholesale Dealeri la READY-MADE CLOTHING, AND FI'KNISHING goo dr, CkanUre - • • ATo*. 1 amt 3 Free Street Rtoek (Over H. J. Libby A Co.,) j [• lJ«£ PORTLAND, ME Jylldtf The ClieM|M*t>( Agency ■ EH>R collecting allclOMee of olmim# nrtung Rom A the wmr it thet of the “MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION,’ Id whiob the expenit* ere controlled ty » dieimtor noted Executive Committee Apply in penon. or bv letter, «• tiFORGK F KMKltY. ever the PortJund Pvot OStce, 3d lWry. dewly r---* HOTELS. nodiVi znuo.v uoisi, AT TAJ K Celebrated Mt. Zircon Mineral Spring*, - Milto* Pimntolton, Mt., 1 I* bow n^outti to the public, asd bo pala* J* ill !« tbit KIHB to uuet th. waot. and reader plea.aat and intereafiog to* ■lay of And Bwh awtai, 1 euU U<ard cheaper tiiao anjr otiior bumnoer sew England. el'otm.?? °.t Bi«la*r Complaiat, Gr.y aud oifiora nlailar, I war S jS&£lp. E£~*B'£? CK SfflSSSiawsr vsnet uuiwaSSURdrmAiCiSJS ir than to an. other Mo-aUiu^oSw &?»» totto *2SSJ"*“*» of S’ uSSlf Trank Moat Odice addreth, Mt Zircon, Me M. zirew^ j.i®*,?wS*; Au*v>*i. f^w-tor. Nea-^id© Houae, HARPS WELL NECK, CAS C U_ Br^Y. s rg, - . This elegant and cor. mod Ions Ho Mtualetl on the < *tr*mity ot usrpMWt’ti aveck, about belt a miie ■mS|Z.^>0F tlui »«: -known Mention IJotuf, Jama Just bees completed after tUe ovsixusot M. il-vauigo. Esq., Architect and Luder Ins saperinteodenoe, and will b* open for ( company On nag after tks Fourth mf July, The House is the largest establishment, construct ed expressly fer the purpose of a Hotel, *t any Wat ering riaci- on the coat! of Maine. It it situated In the oentre ot a drove grove of okl treae, with ave nuvs and vistas opening to the waters of the Bay. • but a few yards dia ant on either ude. J*£Zll *?**»&*& by the sea, end abundantly shaded by tress the llon^e has a spacious and been tiiol verandah. extending over thr.e hundred and thirty i©et oa three efcU* ef the building, with wide and tnorougbly veer tinted bah* and corridors in th# mtenort »ojnat visitor*can enjoy the most complex protection Item the summer heat. The steamboat whan and boat landing* are on the west side, but a few s*eps from the Mouse. Ample facilities are at baud for boatiug and tithing. On the east Aide is a line gravel btweh. a intro the luxury of sea-berfefag can he enjoyed at a.l tinue of the tide. At a ibort distance on the northeast, across an arm of the sea. is Ow'e Island. c* iebisied by Mr# Ue«ch er btowe’i w«di known novel. The Sr a aide House is accessible by land from - Brunswick, fifteen miles distant, by one oi the finest drives in the at&te, and by daily steamboat from Portland through the inside paseages among the islands ot the hoy. Visitors earning firm the Kennebet and other parts of th« interior, can leave the railroad mt Bruns wick, and proceed by sing** to iiarpsweii, er contin ue to Portland aud take the steamer, wh.cb runs down and back twice a day. JOM T. 8XITX, Proprietor. BRADLEY'S HOTEL, American uud Entnpenn Plans, Cor. of Commercial ft India Sta. _jk Thi, Huu-o It ,i ba|«<1 directly orDo.ll. j^artU, OTBDd Trunk Ptiiro.. iSSSu ffiirtrn0<.'l0*;"° *"*' --wharf. Wi,Jl M it B Cut clBH ster and Dining Hail. “JlMiJ BHAUUr, Jr., a CO.. Proprietor*. J. Bradley, Jr. p. u. Br«dJ.y. _ JUBalMf 7 Atlantic House, StARBORO' BEACH. THIS Uou-ehaving bean enlarged aad !refitt(‘d throughout will open for the tea* ton on Monday, Jane IX, 1844, ». B PMitlrll, cioMd on the 8»bb2h8?*lit truism visitors. jnnell BAY VIEW HOUSE, CAMDEN. TLe Subscribers Uk« pleasure In u* nouucmg to their frit nU.*»nJ aJTIntertMted ijgin hn»t o'a** w»e tide Hotel m—mm -Lb icoue;«oiJ! ioir utw *nu .'j dtioue Ho tel alii be cp« nearly in Juue. Itoontaiu* ail the mod ern improve meifu tad every cc&venieuce for the comfort ana accommodation of the travelling cub ‘ic. 11 i* finely iceated. commanding an unrivalled tIctv 01 the PcaoW'ot Bjj . The nirtuLiroi of Bee bathing aad the facilities for fishing ilu boating, aicun^essed. ¥or its beautiful scenery andd#s lifulisidrives and walks, Camden is alres-Jy favor* 1 known as one ot the most eligible and delight fat weterffg placet in Keur -yi 1*hnnoetsfl with the iioteiit a fine Livery stable, horses and carnage* hav.o* been seecttKi with greet care. The earn-.*es an? Irorn the beet e?tabu.hmeuts in the oountt y. and on the most appreved sty!#*#. Steam boa: lanoingseasy.o^ access: steamer* touohicgev ®fy day in the »«<;«. telegraph oommnnteation with all mrts of ftsecr.ntnr. Thcee wishing to ee cur»? good room* w»»i dvuri! to apply food, at many | are Already cugag. d. # _ Ctsul*< h JuHSSTO*. Proprietors C amduo. June J. V&9 —4tf Pleasant Suburban He«ort. CA.PISIc"~TIOTJSE, WEST BROOK. T', - ... ;rwt .uburbu WMerin, FU«, itoMtalspou • pleMWt now* our Cm. !pi« i jud. bats, ailMlVm, P-rtlud. hay U»g brn pJaeva IB tb» gust nmpl* ard.r by -It be ♦ttt.fcrtb-r, he »<k, r>r>-«t tally ibe t'laBtiua ottbe pabUa, usd cordially tmiitm ,1 call from bis vie friend*. rr?a house i* p!ca.uuti, retired an quirt. The furniture and furuiihings are >1) new, uiMkoroins coey and sightly. :ao tiUn at j * upnaed with all tb? iw.iflicif'. ss Tcdfll the rub-uL of the sea •***» • uiyieeol eno cf the vciy beat cooks .n v x yvw Engiacu tia»« weep cured. Extensive the l< and a fine stable with roomy stalls ’ ay* among t Ii c* ;f tno «*tao.j*hment. lativn cf srvrrrjSjifLeralii* few* erected wit), steps pjyytfmtnryrrn <a *at*r. -.oi tho whole le cur^u froth t. r errft* on b- a flusting screen. omciiag Ar* or* gxxci iLt bank* o: the Toni and iuvile the indulgence cf the lounger. Hoping fork share of the public patronage the tu ilemgn x. j roinSt.* to spare to effort for the en*tr taiomenfoT-hh gu**ts. Oku W. Xl KC d. v%i*-t\.u©k. May if, 19M. ma, L’Tdtf HALLO WELL HOUSE REOPENE Dl saw fuxjtiturb a rixTuass i S.o. l*E)l.1|l!j^ Proprietor. public are specially informed that the spacious, eon van* a t and we. I known Hal lowiu. lice**, tn tbeotntM of Hslien-od, two miles tr«m kn»njWj, cptl fbuf sii es from Togus Spring, turn heeu refortl:*hei, id lb op*n for tb| reception oi oomparty and Wmsucnt boarder* * *’cfj attention will be gfvtn to the comfort oi gneetv. STAEXjINa, aad ail tbs ua.1 conrunlcnoM •( s popular hot,!. V« umji.y pravuUd. UaUoiruI.. T«b. 1 1804. mcbK *odU THE AMERIC AN HOISE, j^~[*>.0T8r 304*4 .... Boiton, The Laifr.i and Hot Airauxe* Hotel 4K *K W EKULAtTD. LBW18 Hit ip, Prtptxtw. eelily Gforse W. VI a « son, GOLD & SILVER PLATER, T4 Middle Street, Portland, ■«. A rhare of patronage raapcttnlly rottclted »nd tamitcUon gUtH. Order* from thi country promytlr attended to. Address iisfKjr W. Mauaon. .4 Middle street. Room No. TO. up stalra, Portland, We. Juno U— A. & S. SHURTLETF & CO., *OS. M A 56 mODLE STREET, PORTLAND, Manufacturer* and Dealer* hi Men'* Boy*’ and Youth'* Thick, Xis and Calf Boot*, Wcmon'0 M‘aaoa and Children's Goat, Kid and Galt Balm r»t« Bubbera. Shoo fc took, Findings ,a&o. w« »r i?*lo to «tddl as low ns n EOftten or elsawb#n>. rVaters are ro4p<*ctiully invited to call and e&« •muteour“tpei tofbre purthasTug. rtr Order* by mail promptly attended to. Portland. April*?. i**4 dff«i Maine Central Railroad Comp'y. trkasi'rer’s otrro#, > \Vat r,m. Ana 17, is®*. J TUE Maine Central Ka.lroad Company will par their Coupon, at the >'Uat National Bank. Tort, land, from tbia date. „ ‘ J. WTE. Trcaaurtr. Aug. 1.—dim Notirr. . Tins lE 1 *irr ,0 “T two *•»»■ K. J. awl Cha». KauiHIl. their time, to act an® trad • tor tb. in •elves; 1 shall not claim their wa*e* or pay their dehtt. T. C. RANDA LL, Kca. r Ealto. Me. WRnca. Mary Pill,burr. Mar, 8. PUlabary. June 97.1484. |n.«3A Rltre I'hnnre. mo parebtM a itook of Milliner,. *-7.h rent of CM i ,d "u&wigftttas? 4 ' w *■*'*

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