Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 6, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 6, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VJCINIT1 _ A*“ To-Day. Situation Wiut«d Caucut-Wmbrook. Auction Sale— iianrr Ballay t Co Morria Mlaacrela—lABUtlSjIull. ftooms Wanted * Excursion — i buraday, uSSrA*1* vurHm iODilUcliU to Lot. t',—Loai,. Rollins A Bond. t-opa-rtier.hip Nociae, (vraud fYuuk a K. Laioa Rally—City Uall. lions* to lieat. Ward Caurufte*. The qualified rotors of this City, who desire tb nccoaditional maio'enance of tbe Union, aud tb supreme? ot the Constitution, ai.d the complete sup pres .too ot tho reheliion, with the cause tbereef, b »i(,orou. war, and all apt aadefitcieot means,are is qnust to meet at their sc.eial Ward Rooms, on W vdauAday Eveuing Next, AWT :to, at r i-a o clock, For the pnrpjsc of selecting heron Delegates iron each waid to meet in Conv. ntion lor Ui« purpose u •ilcoiiug lour oaudldatea lor Hcpic-tnlativta to tbi Lf0i . laturc from ibis city. Jhu Caucus** will be boldoa iu tbe foilowic^ placuj;— Ward 1, at Engine House, Monument fit. *’ 2. “ \\ -.d fciuin, Congress St. *' 2 4‘ “ •' Mint* ot “ 4- " '* " Oiu Uty Unii, 44 44 44 “ boutn ot. **?•** ** 44 ttpnffg St. *4 T. 44 44 •• Bu kUalSt. By Order «1 the cm coiotimK. Volina Lints, CoplM of the check list* may be found at the Leaguo Room*, City Buildlog, and al Uuiou voters should examine them personally aud see that their name' are correctly eu rolled. Young Men's Olnb. A meeting for the organization of a Younj Men's Lincoln nod Johnson Club was held a Mechanics’ Hall last evening. The meeting was called to order by N. A. Foster, Esq., 01 whose motion W. U. Fessenden, Eiq., war etcuteJ Chairman. A committee was appointed to notninau permanent officers for the Club. The meeting was then addressed in an abb aud earnest manner by Walcott Uamlin. Esq., of Dover, N. B. Mr. H. spoke of the iuflu euce the young men were capable of exertin' in the nation aud the very great responsibility that tested upon them. He then referred briefly to our State election—said he had not beard a single man speak a word against Bon •Samuel Cony ; ho was the people's candidate pud vrould be rc-eleoied. Be referred to tbe goiirse pursued by oor pres-.nt member o' Cougn-es from the 1st District, and said [t was the Sttr::'.!"” 13 ‘ »weat" him O'JL Be then clearly aud fully proved that the war, with all Its train of consequence!, was chargeable upon the D. mocratic party, aud the only course left us is t<> conquer toe rebels now iu arms aud compel them to submit to the power of the U‘*veru6ieut. Uor. \\ asabuin was then called upon, wb< responded iu a few stirring, patriotic and en livening remarks. Both speakers were fre quently and emphatically applauded. Mr. Gcrii.-h, chairman of the committee, tin n made the following report,which was ac Cented: President—We. II Fessenden. Vice Presidents—Ward 1, Win. A. Winship; Ward i. Bryon I>. Vcrrill; Ward 8,J. U. llutl soi.,Ji.; Ward 4. Kibcrl Bradley; Want 5, L A. F*tnr; Ward (i, U. 1). Brown; Ward 7, 1>!H|> tl. Brown. J 5> ert-ury— C. Toluian. Treasurer—Granville C. Tyler. Executive Committee— Henry II. Furbish. Granville M Chase, John L Shaw, jolru 11 Ball, t A. Ueirlsb, U. F. Putbisb, John Q Twuchell. The managers ol French theatre* first Marl ed the idea of employing persons to act as claquer* and give the sign when the audience should applaud llie actors, ft seeuis this cus Uno was enforced last evening at the McClel lan meeting. A very respectable and wealthy gentleman was engaged as a ulaquer to tip the wink and tell the audience when to slap Ihelt hands, stamp their feet and cheer, and most iaiUifully did be discharge the function* of lps pfll.-ts. Sitting upon the stain leading op to tbu lustrum, with gold-beaded cane in hand, be and Mr. Sweat, the speaker, aeeuied to have u perfect understanding at what moment to b.-^iu the racket. The claquer watched the movements of the orator, and at a wcllrcuud ed period he slapped his hands uulii the palm* Im cs me tender, and theu his cane did the work. Once be put his bands to his meutl > spoke through them snd told those nearest to bun to "Holler,” aud ohudleul to this claquer they did holler. This gave the speaker op portunltie* to take breath, pait hi* moustache “iu the middle,” and lake a drink of water Bom*-lime*, however, the response was not so ardent and enthusiastic a* was desirable, but whether this was owing to the rapidity of the sentiment* uttered, or the dullness of the speaker, Is beyond our comprehension. But one tiling we do know, this claquer performed bis duties most faithfully,and 1* entitled to his reward. The Meeting To-Night. ThU evening, beyond a question, the capac ity of ihe City Hall will be fully tested. Hon. John A. Peters, of Bangor, Is to lie the speaker of the evening. Mr. Peters, we thiuk. baa never addressed an audience In this city; unless it was under the old Democratic regime. II" la one of the most taking and popular speakers in the Bute. The Band of the 17«h U. 8 Infantry and Mr. Shaw's Club will be tn attendance with their charming music. Railway Traffic.—The receipts on the Grand Trunk Railway, lor the week ending Aug. JI7th, were $107.510 00 Corresponding week last year, 88JK3.U0 Increase, $18,527 00 There was an Increase during the week of $8.81000 in passengers, and $11,717.00 in Ireigbt. • The aggregate receipts from July 1st to August 20 h amounted to $842.820 00 Same peilod last year, 721,78000 Increase, $121,000.00 Nf.w Firm.— Mr. T. C. Lewis, recently d the Brin ol Lewis A Smith, and Messrs. Rol lins A Bond, favorably known to a large circle of city and country patrons as reliable and (accessful Merchant Tailors, hate formed a topsttuetship under fhe style of Lkwih, Rol lins A Bond, and taken the elegaut store ir F.vans* Block, recently occupied by Mr. Jo siab Burtelyb, which they have Stocked will a flue aseoitment ol Clotha, Clothing, and al trtteles iu that line, aBd will sell to wholesali cr retail purchasers at the lowest mark* prices. See advertisement. Fakir of Vishnu.—A crowded housi greeted ihe Fakir last evening at bis closin] performance In this city. For five nights bi has,had the largest audiences that ever con gregated at Deering Hall, and bis magic It ick have exdled great applause. This evening hi performs at Lewistou. The sewing machine,Saturday evening, wa awarded to Mrs. Henry S. Thomas, Cumber land near l’arrls street. The set of chstnbe furuituie last evening was awarded to Lucre tia Sinclair, No. 13 St. Lawrence Street. Salks of Rkai. Estate.—E. M. Patte sold at auction yesterday a lot of land o Commercial street, nearly opposite the head - Franklin Wharf, to W. B. S Moore, Esq., f< $5550. Also the lot of laud uext east of Tyl Block, on the same street, eontaiuing aba 8000 feet, to Messrs. Kummery A Burnbat fur $1 55 per foot. A. R- binsok, No. 51 Exchange Street, h received a fresh supply ol “The Moose Hut •r," one of Beadle’s Dime Novel*, by Jol Jt«L **' * »l ■ 1 "I '—II' Oity Affair*. Is Board of Matok awi> Aldsimcss, I Monday Evening, Sept. 6. J Alderman Messer oflered a Joint resoluilo of respect for the memory of the late deceai ed Alderman, Stevens Smith, and condoiatlo with bis lainily. The resolution was uuat imousiy adopted, and on motion of Alderina Moody h copy of the resolution, slgued by th Major, was directed to be presented to th family of tbe deceased. Orders Passed.—Authorizing the Commit tee ou Public Buildings to contract with som , suitable person to erect a stable to conntc with the engine house on Brackett street- an •srs^ss^vss^ji E uTl <to5G(*PPr<Tv’*tlDg *15° lor payment 7 ull to liioige v.airen and Ui'-nrv J. Warren 2!-^ ,jy UK-,n irfthe gradh, recent » ,'2i deslKi>*liiig the ward rooti llooni"^ for ihf^ °n Munjoy, as‘-First Ward cr at l.e u ol lbe wooden sew ) M,“yo *11 bet; (he rom7f .1,1 lo*S to bu,ld ‘iJewsik. in of he Lw Varar.i a!'Uu’,i2i"« the extension dlrlefi^KrOh Clark street lo tide waters; ueuii g tlie sidewalk on lbe south east side , ‘>a(u“>rtb street to be laid at tbe grade ol , a street; esiablbbing lbe assessments Ibr he sewer ou Slate and i’ine streets to Dow street, jTho opinion of tlie City Solicitor, in rela tion to the removal of the engineer of steam Ire engine Faiuioulh. was read. He decides hat by tiio disbanding of any steam tire rn '■no company, the engineer of the sume is also removed. Notice was received from the Decring heirs that an app al would be entered at the next -erin of tlie s. ,J. Court from the award ol lainsges to them Ibr the continuation of Lin coln street. A report was received from the commisslon ■rs ot the Sinking Fund ol the Atlantic A Si. lAwreuce K. K. Co. [We published the, re aort ai the lime of the annual meeting of tbe ,-oipora'ion. J An ordinance to prevent obstructions being j placed on the Portland A Forest Avenue Kail road, passed to be ordsiued. Petition} presented and referred.— Of J. I Donnell et als Ibr a brick sidewalk ou the 1 ojrih east side of Brackett street; of St. John ! Smith et als that measures be taken to re iiovc the obstructions lu Canal sireet caused •y coaches stopping in front of tlie depot, and i oi making us ireigl.t trains on the’P. S- <fc P. : iUilroad; of Joseph Drown et %l kw a lamp oost on tlie western side of Slate street be ween York and Danforih streets; of J. H Hamlin that measures be taken to couduct the ! water which runs through and over the high wall on the lower side of High and York ■.treets, into the gutter on High street leading j into Commercial street. Reports of Committees —Of Committee on I •itreeta on sn order tor altering the grade of High street, between Congress and Cumber : land streets, reporting in favor of tbe same pro ; vided that the petitioners secure a bond from the parties interested that they will claim no j damages for the same; of Committee on ' Drains and Bearers, on lb$ sewer on State. ; i let ween Pine and Dow itreeta; of Committee i m Accounts, on petlilon of certain Are'— for compensation for v'ices at the Are j •ii uooson's Wliarl in March last, against al lowing the same and referring the matter | back to the City Council. [This report, after j i some del,ale, was referred to the committee ; on Fire Department.) A convention of the two boards was held and F. A. B. Wilcox and Wm. Perkius were elected Surveyors of Lumber. i Wm. A. Winship, E-q , was elected Over -ecr of the Poor, to 911 the uueiiptred term of i ' he tate S'evens Smith, E-q. The convention hot. di-solved snd the Hoard oi Alderman re I -umed Its W A. It iushlp. E-q , was elected Overseer of the House of Correction, to Dll the varan I ry made by tbo decease of Stevens Smith,Esq. Adjourned. The Accident at Lewiston.—We arc glad to learn that the accident at Lewiston, , occasioned by the premature discharge of a gun, was not ao serious aa had been autkl uated. Mr. William Graham had bis left hand and wrist Mow. off, which caused an amputa tlon of hisarrn below the elbow. Mr. Thomas A. Eastman had bis right hand so badly lace rated as to cause it to be taken off. Both are quite comfortable, says the Journal, and will recover. BrAt-rircL Cakkiaoe—A splendid car riage, built at the establishment of F. H itandail, in the shop recently occupied by J F. Libby, Preble Street, was exhibited yester day for a short time ia f- ' of the Post Office. ; It was a beautiful spocitneu of workmanship, and is called a ‘’Mouit-r Sun-Shade.” It was sent la»t evening to the exhibition at Spring Belli, Maas, It is an entirely new pattern and reflects great credit upon the builder. Heuoiols Notice.—Bev. Eiwin Bum ham, the Independent Evangelist, has come to litis city to labor, as he say s, for the good 1 of the people. lie preached last Sunday In the Preble Street Chapel to a lull house, and will preach each evening this week and also the next Sabbath at the same place. All who ! are inclined so to do are Invited to come in and help. • j Windham and Scahboro'.—Mr. William \ Gould of Windham, has been nominated as i the Union candidate for representative to the Legislature from this district. It is an excel lent selection. Mr. U. iormcrly resided in this city and we cau cordially recommend him to the Union voters of Scat boro’ a* one who wilt he true to his country. Accident.—Janies 8tat.lry, one of the tm- ■ ployeea of the Portland Company, while en gaged in loading tires last Saturday, had one of his legs broken by a tire falling upon bim. I He was taken to hi* residence and attended to by Ur. Bobinsoo. Military.—Tbe Sabre Zouaves, Capt. F H. White, will make ad excursion to tbe Islands to-morrow for target practice, Ac. We | are requested to state that every member it expected to appear la uniform and provide himself with rations. Returned Soldiers.—About 200 sick and ! wounded soldiers arrived here yesterday noon 1 in the cars from Boston. They were furnii-bed . with ample refreshments at tbe depot. Motl ' of them went eastward in the afternoon tra m. Gen. E. W. Gannt spoke to a crowded j house in Cape Elizabeth on Saturday evening. Next Saturday evening our citizens will have auotber opportunity to hear him in the City : Hall._ Yarmouth and No. Yarmouth.— The Union men of this district have nominated Capt. Samuel Il.Sweetsir of North Yarmouth, 1 as their candidate for representative to the j Legislature. •Salute —A national salute was fired at 0 o’clock yesterday morning, by order of tbe City autboiities, in honor of the recent great j victory of Gen. Sherman. • Mjj. Sweat's Speech.—We have an article in type in relation to Mr. Sweat's speech last evening, hut wo arc obliged to lay it over till ; tomorrow, | i Ueiok League.—Portland Council No 1, i U. L. A., will hold no meeting this wev k, but ' 1 will ho d a meeting on Wednesday evening of next week at tbe usual place. Per Order. ---- . - -= Murder in Frankfort Wc learn from the Bangor Whig that a man , named McKinney, belonging in Kendutkcag murdered a Mr. Kamsdeli in Fmnkfoit on Friday last. It seems that McKinney, who is a viciotu fellow, went to Frankfort and applied lor ■ berth on boaid of a vessel belonging to thi Messrs. Treat. Tbe mate, Mr. Kamsdell knowing McKioney antecedents, refused u hire him, whereupou the latter became very a much incensed, and watching an opportunity n when Mr. Ktmsdell was engaged in con versa *' Urn wiiha sea captain, struck him a blow oi ir the bead with some hard instrument, causiny death in twenty minutes. r A warrant was issued against McKinney and he was brought before a justice, who of 1' dered him to be committed to jail at Belfas | to await his trial at tbe S. J. Court. ** j ST A drunken affray took plaoe In Quebec o: 1* Sunday, 28th nit., in which a mao named Jstne in Clarke was murdered, and some others severs! wounded. TftBSMPB totbb ; Portland Daily Press. i , - i —— OWE DAY ' LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Steamship Belgian. Farther Point. Sept. 5. The steamship Belgian, from Liverpool 25ih and Londonderry 20th ult., passed here last night. The steamship St. David arrived at London derry on the 25lh. The Oiiy ot Cork arrived at Queenstown on i he 25th. London, Aug. 25f/i.—There is no political news ot importance. The capture of the pirate Georgia by the Niagara created no excitement whatever. The p'rate Florida sailnl from Sauta Crux. Tcueriffe, Aug. 6th, on a cruise. rsfisw. Iftmt. New York, Sept. 5. The weekly bank stammem shows an in i crease In loans of $1,900,000; iucrease iu -pecie, $180,000; decrease iu circulation, *5000; decrease in deposits, $5,000,000. The U. S. gunboat Paul Jones has arrlvrd i from oil Charleston 30. h oil. Site is bound to Boston, and put iu here short of coal. The steamer Hecla, from Liverpool, has not arrived. Trenton, N. Y., Sept. 5. Gov. Parker has ordered a salute of thirty four guns to be died to-morrow In houor ol the victory of our troops at Atlanta. Oue hundred guus were dred this evening by loyal citizens. Wilminton, Del., Sept. 5lb. This city hw> dlled its quota with volunteers. From South Ameriea. New York, Sept. 5. Advices from Panama stale that the Chilian Chamber of Deputies have resolved that the i Mexican Empire ought not to be re organized. The post trade ol Chili has been opeued to all nations. A duty of dve per ceut. is to be imposed henceforth on the exportation of cop- ' per. _ A motion baa been prposed in the Chilian Chamber in favor ol au offensive aud defen sive agreement between all the South Ameri can republics. The U. S. steamer Waterer arrived at Val pariso July 23d. A monitor has been launched at Callao, and z steamer is now being rapidly converted into an Iron-clad. The U. S. frigate Lancaster was at Callao. fV»p« California. San FtiANCtsco, Sept. 3. The steamer Constitution sailed for Panama to-day with $1,331,000 in treasure and 135 t"z- | seDgers. The Sanitary Commission remitted by the 1 Constitution $18,000 in gold. The fair of Chtistiah Commission will net at least $25,000 iu gold, Tbe ship Uotbesda, bound for Bo*’% kone carries out 1300 barrel* of f.^ur and 500 flask* of ouicksilrer. iiiwaiian sugar to the amount of 3505 lbs. ! ha* beeh sold to a reduery here. rrom ae/slnpron. Washington, Sept. 5. Thera li no truth !u the published report that an Envoy Extraordinary from the Em peror Maximilian has airived iu Washington. li. Burzeial, Mluister Plttuipoteutiary Horn Venezuela, was to day f trivially presented to the Prerldeul by the Acting Secretary of State. The usual assurances of friendship were exchanged. According to an official statement the amount of fractional currency in circulation is *21,000,000, an increase of *1,000,000 with in the last month. 9 - From Fort rr st Mon r 00. Fohtkkss Mon bob. Sept 5. The steamer Cambria, from Washington for New York, put back disabled, and will be de tained two or three days. The mail boat from City Poiut last evening brought down fifteen rebel prisoners, who were sent to Washington. The destruction of the old fiigate Brandy- ■ wine by fire has devolved ou the Government v loss of over *1,000.000 In naval stores, cloth ing, Ac. The origin of the fire has not been j ascertained. There is no newa from James River to-4ay. j FiNanrial. Washington, Sept. 5. The subscriptions to the 7 30 loan to day, | amounted to *113.000, The subscription to the 10-30 loan amounted to *73,000. Commereiml. Per steamship Belgian. eff Farther Point. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. Stir 2«th. isle fur the week were >4.000 bales, of which ■{ 0U0 were to spoculttors and 16.600 to espor err. Tnr market ha> teen dab st s declue of j*|d for Amer ican and other deseri; tionr Ihe sales rriday were 6 000 bales, Including 3 000 to speculators and exporters, fie market closing firm at the following authorized quotations:— Newt), leans fbir minimal: middlug 3< >d; Mobil fktr romiuai: middling 29id; Uploads fair nominal; middling Bd. The stock in port Is estimated at 70,600 bales, of which 10.000 are American. Breadstuff*— quiet. Provision e—dull. LONDON MONEY MARK El'. Aug. 20-Coueoie closed at 99*&»i for moocy. The Bauk Increase in bnflioa was 1100,000. AMERICAN BKCURinKB -IllinoisCoatral mil road 46*44dis: Kris Railroad 4>4#41i. Worn York Afeebsl. M«w“Yo»b. kept 6. Cotton—dull: sales 100 balesat 1 SO tor middling uplands. * lour—sale* 3 000 bbls: State and Western dall: State 9 60*10 60. Round Hoop Ohio 11 16813 26: Western u 60*11 00: oouthern quiet; sale* 7ttO bh »; Kxtra do 1 00*1400; Canada qiutt; sales 600 bols: Eatra i0 ;«i*12(i0 Wneat—steady: sales 12,000 hush: Chicago Spring lair 2 0; Ml,weaker club 2 24 *2 3$; Winter Red W-stern 2 40. Corn—sales Su.000 bushels; mixed Weetern 1 6U& 191 Oate—quiet: ealee Canada ut #l,*S2c. m*f— very quiet. Pera—firmer;eaiee 10 900bbls; new meet it Mi ,4160 * Lard—Usury. suit e Mb') bbls at 2X*24 Jo. Butt r-I.m. Stalest60866c. Wutekey—steady ; seres luO bbls ut 1 Ktgl 91. Won dull Naval Stores—dull. Groceries—dull. Freight* Is Uterpoui— quiet. I ———. tooth Mmrkoi. Msw You, Sept.S. Second Board — Stocks lower. , 'merlon Gold. . .511 0 lesgo h Rock I vised. lOtif I niton k Terre Ileute . . Ji Cleveland a fttubarg.H9> I ''hicago R North Western.Sot Cr.u.lOtit t udson.IV ;J - Bea ting ...1» i Michigan Central. 13.. . dlcbigan (jouihesa. 801 1 IllinoU Centred scrip,.1J»' ! Sew York tt-ntral. 1>7J ' Uulcksllver Mining Co,. 81J I Treasury 7S-)0the..'..llnl United Statei S-9> eoupone.ltkj United vtatee 6'« 1881 coupon*,*.10ij I The only victories the oopperheada have htd to comfort them of late, are the victories of the Tallahassee over our hard-working fisher men. j |y The billiard match for $1000 is to take place in Boston on the 13th pf September, be tween Harry Eaton, of San Francisco; and Rob ert A. ttilnmrtb, of Boston. fy Rev. tj. L. Ambrose, of Ossipee, X. 11., Chaplain of the 19th X. H. regiment, died on the 19.h alt., of wounds received iu the recent Virginia battles. OT Stonewall Jackson’s grave is described as a pan little mound, with a wooden head-bo ird, and nothing to mark it from the oornmun save a pine flag-staff, upon whioh each morning at daj break the cadets elevate the Confederate flag and remove it at dark, each ceremony being ao 1 compamed by music from their band. |y Richmond pajwr. consider McClellan a good enough man for the South, he having std I ordone but lil,lrof which they have reason to ; complain. They consider a Northern man with Southern principles mors pliant in their hands and more ready to do their bidding than the most rabid slaveholder of the South. “McClellan is 1 the man,” sty traitors in armsat Richmond, l Qf* The Chicago correspondent of the Bos. ton Fust says. Bon. Wood left the town in dU. , . gust, having extended all the $95,000 sent ti J him from Canada to no purpose. This is decid ; edly unjust to the copperheads. They got hal i 1 the ticket and the whole platform, and they ant i ! their rebel alliee in Canada, who furnished thi f 1 money for Wood to work with, have good rta I sons to b* satisfied with the result. . _ MISCELLANEOUS. RE-OPENED. Thatfubscrlbors would respectfully annontioe to the! numerous irieud* end the public that they hare thu roughly * Repairedr Refitted and Refarnithed The popular and oeutrally located EATING HOUSE, No. 77 Middle Street, (FOX BLOCK.) Which will be cpec on and after MONDAY. JULY -itlh. leak aid Lueka at all heart of tk> fcj aid faaiag. ICE O H K A M 8. PLAIT ATI) FATC1 CAKE, FBI'IT, CONFECTION ARY, *«%, Constantly on hand. SODA WATBR, Drawn from Dow's Pi'onHce Cream (Soda) Foun tain, with Fruit 8)rups. PARTIES 8UFBIED AT 8HORT NOTICE. We shall be harpy tokeeallour old friends and makv * host of new ones, and trust that none will hare cau-e fur complaint. CALL AND SEE US / 4TKINS0N &INGEBSOLL. Jr3*_ __if CO|,nrin«-r>hi|> Notice, -AID BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT THE subscriber, hiring on the "Ih d»y of Mai formed u copartnership under the name of MtCarUw & Retry, For the pnrpoae of carrying on the BOOT AND SHiE JBUSIHES3 in all it, branches, and haring a'l the facliilie. for <ei ing up unit class work r*r gentlemen and lad es wear, are now read, to execute all O der, neat ura. and oi.patch Oar work will bemidauftnr •eat of imported i-tock, bv the best of worktusr. and warranted 10 glee per ret latiafaclii D It it our aim that ■ nr word shall not be soeond to any in tba Unit •d dialer Wa hire also completed a stock of ready mad work of the Drat quality, tor Ladles. Gentlemen, aad Children’s Wea Selected from New York ana Boston markets Our Ladles’ work is from the celebrated B»ti, Vanufaetort of hew York. for lieutlemeu’s wear wsharethe best aesortmeni erer offer d for sale in thlr eUy ; .ach as boa french Bateut Leather Boots; Olove Call and Calf Con- , grass fur reutltmen’s wear, I’at. nl Leather Con gress. anil ( all Cuuaress Balmoral, and i #w ffrencl Buok e Boots. Vitfix"** rt/l* CRIMHED.ffB«!l BLCKLE HOOT, now toad* by McCar hv ft Bar Jj|r for neatness coraiori and beaon , it nurpiMC* mr got up io this oil) Call and a#t it; Samples always on bund at tba old &t*ud of U Mo* , HcCtBTHVA REBP* juaeidti Bi«k*«ieStreet. 15th Me. Vet. Vols, Attention! Hrai Quarters 1 'th Wain* f t. ro!$. \ Augusta, Me., 8ept. 1,1861 | General Orders No. 7. IN accordant e with orders from the War Depart- j meol. the Vetcr-n fuHo gi of the Fifteenth d^ine Yet Vo's Ms ht^by u ti d d to the )71 u DAY or SirikMB* n. Itfi. M wliicli t me »C mm b.ra Oi th j Reg num will i spoil at Au.u-ta, M due toy Order of Cokml Isaac Uibr. « omn anding Regiment. HENRY A 8i*«‘R* V. 1st Luo* and /ct •Adit dhwlw !5 h Maine Yet. Vo!s. n TtUMTIOt A L Fife Insurance Company! QT Hew Fork, OjBct 113 Broadway. CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. WM. E. WARREN, Preeidoat. HAMILTON BRUCE, Vice President. GEuKuE W. SAVAGE, Secretary ' Portland Board qf Pt/rrenctM: John B. Baowr k Son, Hkrskt Ft etchkr k Co. U. J. Libby k Co. Jouv Lynch k Co. The nude-signed baring been app Mutod Aobht ind Atturmiy lor ibin Cuujpa y. is now prepared -* u«Uc Po ic>ea on lusvrabk Property at carreni rales. Portland OJtce, 166 Fore Street. JOHN W. ML'NC.KR, Agent. •fane 3.1%U — ntf 1‘AKIIUPATIOV Portland Mntnal Fire Insoranee Company. This Company will issue Polices to be free after th« jayment ot six, eight or ten Premiums at the option >t the insured aud a; rates as low as any otoci Company. The i*sue oi Free Potato* icuuers it at v '(east equal if not superior to the participation man ins OfhoeNo. 103 Middle St CHARLES GOLDEN, Pres EDWARD KliAW.HN r»h ta «tAw tf Oity of" Portland. Election Notice. Notic*is b< reby given, ihgt in pq’ruar <,* rf war r«uis tr- m ih«* 3ut> • f aid 4lu« rru<-u • ff the ( By oi fort aud ibp vihabi’R »* ihe eo«, q aiti d ac cording to law to iota to* Rfst* at <i i ouniy oft err*, wdl meet i ■ their ni) re Ivi Ward R»un». < r u ta> places o i lueeiig.o- M ».f s> , tl>e t» elf i h da* «»! S' pt nib: r ia«ta< t, a 9uV-l» ck iu the tarei.onu, then auu tl e e tog>>e m fht-ir vot * tor Corn tor, t»u» •en-tor-and four Rrpie*n t t»v**s iu iegiv'a* I »ure of th s State; lor C* uutv fxitunr. < ova*) Commissioner Kriftf of rtoKats sur rhfiiff f« v ihe Couu^y of Cu.tu’>erla|id. and for a R pre • n ' t»ve io Uviigie a; a* d a so to sire in tt clrvetts imp ■ the oilow ng qui itiou. t > wd ••Snail he Coi Btrotiuii be amended a* proposed by a resolve »»f the Leg Mature, piovlciug tbst cit Z3i‘t or the St ne ai sent ll ere'fom iu the uiitar* verv ee oi the tytRed dig t*. or gT tbis S»at**. shall not be dfvmcdl to e lost their *M t or in th § S ate by r-Artau of stch ab-ea e but thill be ailuweu to vote w horevp- they may be. units* in the regular Arm - of 1 h • U* It' d p-ta'*--. for Go\ eiu«»r, her a»o*a ♦ n-l * ouniy « flloers. 00 t) • 1 u *i*y ».«*t ef • r Ihe the first Monday • t Novemb' r in r hr j < ar one the us* hod c tfht h‘4> 0 ud < ud sixt t ur. aud riv»r vote* ball be oountrd aud a lowed In Uie Mine rum nod with he *am- c-E^l s« ft gnea ou m© *ho d Mo-day of 8* ut* in U r iu that yea’ : and *hall to al* 1 l»nei to vote for Governor, 8- i.s ors. K»pre euta- ! li.esan 1 County olticerc on the r igi.d Mo* da* o '©pte uib*r. auuua lv tl treafer. forever iu the m*©. ner au* lb ter ih r» gulatioi s i» aid fip Ls i»ro vid d;" * ih St in f«%cr of vurpduuit eip.-csr* ingi' btthe Wqtd “V $>" qpou their tallQU. an<i rh we opoj ed tu *k- ame» duonl ixpsveMsg it by I tb" word "NO'' upon their b.ll* w." The pol's t*> remain open until Mb oc'oek la the af erLooa rsb n they shs!l be c'o*ett The Alderman of said ( ity will be l" ©• sn maIms in the Ward R00m in New Cfty Building. . <eot»anoe on Myrtle fit . ifrooi maeoMock 111 ihe \ forenoon toon*)o glo * i*» the afternoon on e eh of the Ihrvu s -culmr day- next p<e*< e ling <nch day of electum, and iv« m tnree o c < ck 10 five o’clock 111 1 t he afternoon of the last of *ai»1 three s or the aarpote of re*eMng *>vidence of the qusliti i OAtioa of v"ter* who*e^a wes hav not E'*<*ne«rer ' ed on the list of qualified vo era io ar>d foi the sever ai war<u, ana lor correcting mi i list. I M HE atil C ity C'erk. Portland, September 8 1864. dtd 1ST O T X O JE *~ PROVOST MARSHAL'S OFTICR, ) First District, Siatcof AlsU**. Portland. August tl h. 1961 ) TNOCIRlEd o«) ill ordinary subj e<i c >» nec od with tUa enrolment, dra«t. exemptions liabili y I to drgif eiedita and seooui ts ol ra-n fa ni»bm>, should be addressed to the l*rov«i^t Mar-ltal of the j C**«are»-iot aPOfe-tilet. and in ca c lie i* not able to tut < r them he wilt ask iu’orinatl in t the Provost Mil-',al General of t»« Mate. Amte-ton be <I us • e ired mf rt proinptlv ih n bv add™ ai** tne Pro ! vo*t Marshal t»en*-ral at VYas'diiato*. where more ! ianor«ant business n ten tr«v»nt pr mpt answers ! to mul'itade ai lequiritMinow addieea io the lu : rtau on personal aud other matters of minor coitae j qnenoe f By Order ef Ma'orJ. W. T O A RDIN R. CHARLES li DOUGHTY. Capt and Provost Marsha' 1st U.strict Maine. Aug. 18—d3m Vhiswoliiiton. THE Arm of Howard * Strout,a« Attorneys ard Counsellors a’ I«aw. is this dav dissolved by mu ! tual consent. Either part* er will at'end to the set . tlement of of the badness of the la*e dna Mr. Ilowarl will e mtinne to ocoupy offi left Mid 1 lie stree*. over Casco Rank. Mr Strour vi oncipy office 106 Middle street, ! opposite head of Plumb street. ' Joseph Howahp, Saw ALL C. 8TEOUT. Portland, Jane *7. 1864 —d8m DhsnlnMnn. THE copartnership heretofbre existing between 8west and cleaves as Attorue' s a-Law. is this i day dissolved by mn’na) consent. The affairs ol the ta*e firm w»ll be sdju-* ed bv either party. M* 8woat will oontiena in business at office No 1 117 Mid Me street. Mu««ey ’a Row. Mr r*ie%v*e at the office of Howard k Cleaves, No 81 Middle street, over Cason Bank L. O M. StTRAT NATHAN CLV a TE8. Portland. July 16th. 1**4. JylAdSm For *n*e AN ei»ht ho ae power 8tvam Enoink with all the fixture*. t>s« I een tnt little u rd: sl-n a »o »d second hand f;«ar * ‘ut'er, an.i a »mall Enpioe Lathe. Apply tn ISAAC McCLE* LAN. ) ptleodSw* Gnrham. 1 cue the i BROOK8IEPER GAS REGULATOR ■UTO 8A rg TQPK BAS. Atf Mia MISCELLANEOUS. County of Cumberland. STATTMPvVHt4SC““» AU(. 1864. ailowid bi*!! n "*U 0f t Proaeontlona 4.11 »n, “2 ?“»»«*» Judicial Court, at tin A-,lJ 1S<H. made in couiormity with tin SulilHT.i**“ A®1 ol Hie Legulatuie of Maine fnuProai^mm!* ™ *tlu*10 *i,,w »“d Goeta oft rim luai Proaeouboue," approved March 87th, 1468. - 5? a, is ii Proaeontiona. B- fix *o ^ • O General Bill. «16 36 “ * Stateva. seteiniah C.Biee, * 7« 8 J.C 8.J.C. J4n»e« Ionian, 3 .4 •* •• * eleiiek M ubbi ,8 74 “ - Certain iuu aic.ii g ibjuur. Claimed by J- * . Abbo.i, 101 Mon.C. •• JaauiadieyJr eppM *3 “ nicQbra it. ouuuy t. 4 22 •• 11 , *c M*ren«, 3 W “ •• luuabiiautaoiCum teiiaud, 6 U 8. J. C. “ Thu. caeieltcnalla. Cbarlaatimliii 13 86 •• •• u L. taery, j* i4 «• *• bime, 3 74 <« ** Jamea Devine, 3 tl " " I"**" w Clark, * n* «• •• Same, 8 61 “ •< n..,.oil j Ca-tir Ay iteoliaf Cbuteb 10 Mun.C. " le-liody btuua.u. S 74 A J.C. " bam-. * j4 Goomea.Twombly.3 68 •' •• Daniel Brown, jr, 8 74 •« 3 ;4 .. .• 6*(lie. 3 74 «i «a Jama* ilell, 8 74 •< Win J Hannon. 8 74 “ *• John keni.iaun, 3 61 " *• Manaroi Wa.Uie.l 6 b« •• •• 8am', 11. Dote a 4 z3 M |< Nranciio.j Smith 4 bb •• Bicherd 8 cuin mtuga. app't, 3 71 •• •• Geo. »v 01. John et ala. appir, 8 74 “ •« Geo. It .rria, 4 4a " •* Johu eu.liran et. ne. 11 60 •• Joun Col.lne, 16 71 •« «• 8 .me. ; 18 •• •• Nathan CrSIn, 14 07 *• •• Wm A., lx 11 Name, 7 19 •' •• Bain’.Ihlngat ala 36 • 7 •• Name, 7 0# " Johu O. Brioo et et. 16 89 Man. C. ( liaa. S. Kewhall, 36 70 " « . Jama* Giabam, iti 74 11 ** SimlW. biditr, 16 38 " " Nathan t nffio. 7 1 9 8. J. C *» Mm 11 Martin, f4 bo 1 r al Juatifn 11 win. Mak*..zie, 16 88 Mud. o. •' Henry J. Moigun, A, 93 . *• Seme. Hal S 4. C. name, 7 89 * " Monia Dearborn, Is 46 " •• Marcia Kicliai da. 63 64 Mnn. 0. •• «*“>•. 7 49 8. J.C. •• ) rent rick II. Wetb orell, 18 64 Mua.C. Jom-ph A. Knapp 19 69 “ •• John Caunou et. ala. 8 » Zidcck Bytveater, ,109 •' •* KaiblU. 9'*yeappt. 18 74 •• * iivnry A Jihat-f, 7 69 *• * Juba Mai. 47 73 * 11 Kehcmiah 11. Mur phy appt. 11 79 ** •« Oacir W. 6 71 11 •• Patrick Dunbar, 8 47 « 1*864 97 THOMA8 II. MEAD. County Treaanrer. Portland, Aug. 16.14,74 apl.ldlawA w3wl6 •IN OT I C E . The Weed Sewing Machine Co. IlaVe ««t«b'l§' o<l an office for tba tala of tboir Ma chines at No. 1ST; Midd e St.. o| po Ite Free St., which will be o; *u to the public on Wedueidsy, Sept T. Wh.rcver tbl« Machine has be d introduced it has to a great extent si p needed all o*tera. Having cm gagi-d the servicest-f Mr J Bradford cf Borton, a practical machiui t, mho Lse tad on r ten yearsea perietiee as a maumao oter and rerairer of Sewing Machioes. they are p « pmd to ropair and iut la perfect running order every kiid of fec-ming Ma chine. For the purpore of intro lucitig them more ex*e: sively th"y wi I for a short ti ne allow the value of cheap and iufeiior m&elines lu exchange for the Weed MacLiue. A limited number of Weed Machines to let 1 y tbo month or year. Ma. hine Hading* of every desc iption uocstaotly on baud. Ordera from the country should to addressed. Weed Sewing Machine Co No.. 137 j Middles:. C. W. KOBIN&ON, .4pint. Sept. ( —ecdtf JM. so. Grardinor, IMLei-cliant 'JL'nilor*. -AID DIALII IB — Beady-Made Clotnirg, And «rn V I uruialifiiM Woods, -Vo. t2 A/.dJU St. corner cf /..'me Strett, ipje site the 1'ost CfLce, FORT LA N O, ........Maims • **j t3dt I Alenudrr II. Kecvcs, Tailor & Drtiper, 90 EXCHANGE ST.j Manuf.emre* to order and In the beat ms oner. Mil itary end Navy L'oifvims, aid Beys* Gar ments. seplltf Maine Bonnet Bleachery, 30*^ (Jongrea S.reet, PORTLAND - _- - MAINE. Straw, Lace & Leghorn Bonnets GEHTLEJUITS HATS, Bleached & Pressed at the Shortest Notice —— * LSu—*■ HITS & BONNETS DYED. Ercy exertim will be made to hare all order* rauarrLT a.ieuded to. JAMES B. HACKLY FT. angSl 3<i*. New Bedford Copper Comp’y. TilK under«ignei. pgenta of the above Company, are prcpaieti to furbish su.ts or Yellow Metal & Copper Sheathing, Boll Copper, Boll Yellow Metal , Spittr*. -Vai.,, te , at *bort Bulloe and delire rad at any port required.' JIcl.II.VERY, RYAS fc DAVIS. Sept 5.—dtf IVllLbUUnAU s PATENT PA I AT OIL. A Perfect 8ub»'ituto for Linaeed Oil, ARD MUCH CUBA ram. IT la used In the same manner a* L'n«eed Oil, d^ka quickly and very har >, c*n bt u<ed with all color*, »•* p ; “*•* decd'-d advantage* tor all work on nt*< ufa-tanne e*tab i»Lm'in*. depot*, car*, englie*. all kind* of i oo wo-a. for root-, and wtwevH a wat **r prrof pai I- required. For *11 kind* of »hip work, exp.*ed to salt water, H la an ' parlor to any < tu^-r. Add roe* orders to CRAFTS ft WILLIAMS, 6 k 9 C"MM BBCIAL WD IBM. BoftTOM. Boatrn, Ang 27,1851 ang8eoc»m. For the Pool. steamer **CLIPkERM will leave ■m /, Factorv Is end Wha-f, Saco, /or the . L 1 tfurj (lav. (Monday r*c«‘ptMl) at 10 a m. and 2 r M Ket irning leave the Tool at 11 ▲. M. and 6 r M. arriving in time for the evening train for Portland. Fare from Saco to the Pool and back 60 ett. Kxcaraion Ticket- fnrnl-hed to pa-t*«« ot Flitv er j mor~, from »ortland to he Pool and biek, by rail road and •ueamtx at, at 90 «*r*nt* BOSS k STURDIVANT. 78 Commercial 8t., Portland. Ang. Sd. 1964 -dtt BRADFORD ft HARaOH. Pension and Claim Agent*, iE.Ubll.bed Id 18U.) STILL eontlnne to dero'e th< lr .reeiel *d4 eiel. - >iv. Attention to the proMatloD of Uliimi for Pensions, Bomtkw, Arrears of Pay and Prist Money, And ill other elitm. igiin.l tbo Government, h f« iarboeu rtslv liceus d thrrfnr. ar All idvlci free. Terms u le.u it isy dtt er keener, ibd no pi, leqnireo sntll theelumein obtilaed. Office R3 Exchinge.treel, Jo.e Block. K BUkDKORO, Z. K UAEMOH. Junrll—dlf L C m B B K. Carolina Lumber Company. THF. under-ienedha been appointed by theabovt Coiman ,S l«* A *eui for tin* s*Ie o lumber, w»i the *«ate «f New Vmk and all o^t* ai d place* no tfc of New York, amt lap enaied o f.mi I h hard pin I lombe-in air qu*nti<f p. by 'he o<rgo, sawed to ani desired d mersi ns.M the poor est n< tiee ;alao Blacl IWalunt. Bay wood, kt. JOB A. TURNER. No. 66 Washington 81., Boetcn, Mao Asc.M.lMt. eedlm / 1 EDUCATIONAL.^ Prof Ma«ae,A.M. B-centJr of Phi adoipLU, Inatractor in (he French and Latin Language*. LESSONS in schools and families, lectures la scnoois, explanation in Fredc • idiom* A ta *»•« ot Frauoe. lormrrly ins ructer oi Hn^torie a*.a Helle-* letter* m ih*rit*msgne College, ols ot th« first in.-tituiiiin* lu i'sri* j For uriherpaar otlai*. aj ply at lfesirs. Bailev A 'oye*' betw.tu llaud .2 ». m , wueie Into, (nation a* loterin, a o, nl.i po g v#i>. ikrmiKcu. Bon. W FI Sewaid. Secretary of State. K-y Bu bop W. h at«ven*.u D .of r hiladeiphia. Key a clove a id Com, • i Baltimore r V. K ot Phi a :elphia. *.rof- f^ Coppio. ot P. nna Univ^rsit/. U®?. H'J4l> 4IOB. « li. Kaui, .Mi., oi uokiuu. "P** dar/.ut, k q.. Of «u,ion. c “t **•»• Bi*hop T. C Mr.wu.ji, O. C . Hartford. Or. E. r. LiFrohon, Portland ►apt 6 u2u> AOOOU School for Boy , iopenam Ha no ‘it, «“« '™m Portiaao. L:t tut an * dealt y ioja tty. for Ureaitf.-. Ac., pie.** aodnsithe tr«iicipai, v Sept 1—d8w» *VAaBEX JOjS80S- * *• Casco Street Seminary. THE r all Term ' r title lua ttniln- will on 1 ue-d .y oept. 6 h. an 1 continue ten week* ^r^rU*^er,pAf|1CU,•r• ifcqui * of th« *1« Cumberland street, aiter i«eut 1st _Portland Aag.nUU *** “ **”*’? 13 riduton. Academy, At North Hiidatoa. Malic. T“5 !££££?? wU* eommeoor A«< h-oodfcwtd TUO° U MEAD- 8®*> ‘HOME INSTITUTE.” *i** *• «• Prince,Principal. T1U18 Boarding and Daj School for Young Lad lea, s.o. .s!hr*'*f®® 5" **» on Ihur.du, V1- loth kor Circ tlar* containing terms. Ae 1b44,,d at 62 Fr<* al*. FotLand. Me. Aug 19—d A wlm Young Ladies’ Seminary. Tilt Pall Sc* Ion ot this ^cho-*! opens Thursday lu Morou Hloek, Coigre** St. ' lu add t.oa tr (he d v) »ct*ool whicn has received so arge a shew of the beat patronage ot the city, ar rangements hare now been made to ajmit a few Boa*nine Neh tlan. For Circular* containing rerms, Ac . address MlSaES S YMONDS, P»incip la. Aug 3t—oodtdhwtw “ “*• '^$m#tetGea-1 V/cafim/' NEW HA.UPNHIRE Commeroial College. Central Hall,-Concord, H- EL Till moit thorough and entonaiTO f'oramerrla ColUg. i-> M.w a.nglkad. pre..nts a-.qaalle t-eiMi e, tor imparting to votac aaeu and — a complete buttlne-e education mote, a Sjjod lor a oircul.r cnn'niuiag fta'I Inlormaticl— nddraM WOKTIllNUruH k WARMER Jtug a-dkwem Principal.. THE PORTLAND COLLEGE, Located la Clapp s Bln k Congress Street. IS » link la Bryant. Straiten 4 Co '■ chain ar In lernatioi a' Uoaine* and ( <,a« ar 4*. Uul eg- , etabi-b.die I •ant,. «„ of the I,.din* tonic . oia oitur lu tbo United ctair. .nd e anadaa. The object of there College, u to fit r abb yoaaa I men and bd:e« the be-l laefl.Le, for ubtainirg > thorough U .» n«-> rdno.lou xBta.nlrg • achola-.ilprforfd.leou wof Bob keeping. Com ~eici*i Lie. t orn., ania I Cakalaiiebe. bpeoceiiai I .no a-iebie, Correep.'nden.e. Lecture* ana Heel X'gSfiS&T* UUMngbou. .be chain Ibr .. L. A. OR AY. A M., HLS1ULM IRISCIPAL. _for farther Infbi matiarg pirate rail at Ibe College, or ie 4 lor I bonier a. d lei.rge Mrutl, , Inducing le ter atamp. Addieaa ‘ BRYANT STRITTON A CRAY, Port «nd .... •'■’111 d* w5m WANTS, LOST,FOUND Wanted. BV a m, ag~d man. arimatlon In a ,torr or Ju tb* Wl art. »- a ale.uian .. a OI akeciiarg, of »im ,i,bi toil ru oood role, esct • n r«n. »4dr a* Boa HI', or reqaireat No. I Lime St. 1’or laLd Sept. 4th —dtt L OsT. S^HRVHRRV ttpou MMd'c, Free or Mr ua*«p*p r. To* B®der * ^ cewBrard by I ivi|| Lc umj it toi* ttopt. 6—t it* X AM DESIROUS ~ O^*1^1114 *° B,rBI,lft|n*ut with toac *»milY a hr his roun 1 to i|itre, tor 1 lie accomiu>>4atlob oi iu> Umly cou.Ktiiu o» wne. two um dr«i>, «lib be««.; wile not q«.i>reib idb or fra'ta. t dr«Mt u&cdi <i*t. -ooins rl<1 l.-c* iou vi tur* c«*i »•* qn-bCO tbaa R boou 1 m lab-e ffrW .f r./Vr.RCrs p*rtw K, r^Md aco- — BOcBiioti* *m m iltiiw to *,», jitorally ar >da o *»«>•«• hoi j expiUR* i. Adai^i F o ttjx.OA D yn A Lot ON frept I-d t Lo§(. 11U13 rooming, at tbo ladfet’ entrance of tb« Luiteu atat'• Alutei. a lull ot mote) , Hit* oa'« •idebiil agree..back. Tor bod*, nbl be ran null re warded bj Lav lug it at tbo United ala oo Ueiel abpll Wanted. A SMALL teremont lor a Ihml’y ol In nr person. Addrraa, (.viug la.tiou are. Boa 111* Portland r u_byllle LUST. 1 $100 UfcWAIVtt. OX Contial wharf, or aroa d ike (irend Trank Urpjt and >a 4; a Call akin Wallet contain lug acuwidrabir urn of moary.aud paper* of no reiae to any out but ti.a lev ar. Ibe guder a III be rew.rdrd a* above oa rotur. lug tb# aaaaa to be. A leutr.i Wnarf. or 72 Brackett aireet. Port.and. Aug. ol 1MH aagil dtf Found Aatray. A Bay Uone. The owner can hare him by prov ing owner,*ip and pa lug cha-re*. Apply toi-Att'L M. K-Nlotli. ► a! month, aegtl dlw« Lost. MONDAY' afternoon bttwoon L'rooln Street and the t-irw ufltce, a lad>'a jet (>>.» Pia, tipped aun go*d and a aa I in ih« centre The i'tder win be ■nttably ■ (warded by tearing tbe Mine at TU1S OFFICE If Aug ». 1<6I W Milled Q A CUiTOM Coat aa* 10 cuitom Pant malan OU Apply at Clothing Room a nf WOODMAN, i HUE a CO.. e aa-a-e »« aad M Middle .treat. A at 0—d % wi*6w House Warned. MW anted by tho ad a ooareatoat, cei-t nlty located, and pltasaut boa-* for a small («mly, wiihoat o uldren —\m e*<»ou to bvUm<i at tarly a« the middle of October. sooner if poMl le. >t must have good water oouv ©ounces, and be well flni bed. Th? advertiser would I«im such u hon e «or a form i of years, or p iratias© if t^fUs stalled. A two-atory oottait. small lo*. preferred. Address •. P Q-, st the l*r©*srffic©, stating loea lion, gene al terms A© c *\4d*+$icUlj. Portland. Aug 1,1864 —dtf Lflftl. OTRAYED ‘from tbe pasture of Mr. Frauds Rob k7ert«, * *-*tbrook. Iasi month, a three year od gray Coif,small -Ue; whoever wil retaru him or g ▼© in format tou where he may be foaud. will be suitably rewarded, by call!' g *t No . 9 Spring 8t FRANCIS K tMERT Portland, July 18,1864—otf 133 Krw*rd ! STOLEN from the «ubeoriber on Taeedajr Even mg. while in Pieroe'a auction r^om, u Calf 8kir Poek* t Book sou tain g 8(4 in money, a note against Charges Uocgdou Gorbam. tor BM.and »a* against . > harles uooper for 111 The above reward will b* paid lor tbe recovery of tho property and the detoe Unn of the thief. Tune 8 —tf GEORGE BECK. Hoard SUITS of Rooms, with Board, oan bo obtalaod by applying Immediately al 80 Oaafertb street. Maylitb? maylOdtf T. J. IBUBKAY, Inspector of Distilled Spirits, Coal OH, T.ktNb and Cigala, May be loot d at »h# office r f lion. N. G. Marshal, Assessor for Ut H at Distrietoi Mam#, No. S Ri ch* g© wt . • rr'land. Me. Aug ‘4f> -4k*Swl Tbe Good Tim1* Coming I TBE mrmb Lady r, or Aurora S** Dl.Winn ncixv^ to b* i n hi < al tu meeting MONDAY KVKMNO. 'am 6 b. nt tbt hall In old Cltv Coverrroent Bui ding eoiaor ni : Coagnaa e.d l ima fifed*, to take part in «h. goad 1 Use eeaiag oN. Tar order. wyilljc a fi¥ancial. LOAN OF 1881. Proposals for Lout. Trt 1,vrf fi'pvtmnt/. JufUtl S3. 18S4. •« «*• Oepartmnot, u.i !k.n?k,rctl 18 3 <“>•» o«,B ofThl. Cni.,1 S ates. to tZZZZ.Tcr 'h' b0,“,, °f ' * a half mi l|on dol,„ b..,."“'h™ ac -spied offer, oodl po .o 'r .!. ‘a‘o0»' •• ■»’ **" pos.1. Icr Loan, daud 6 h do^>t’t“V“^ “ will bear aa! 0. 6 p„ „' *** h04-*1' bletemi-ancnaliy meoiaou |h« tim d.y. rPt>? and January of.mb year, aad r.d.«abu,am,J.“. WbofJuaa. ISl. ~*-a attar tbs Kacb oftmu-tb. for (fly or oaa hnnfrsd Collar, or .oswmui .lpla of on. bandied dollar., and mu’ .talatbo .«a Including premium, off red for u.rb bund.ed do In .lu bond., o tor bfty. wbn .tba offer 1. lorn* Bare than ffity. Two par cent, ottba ,ite cl. al. excluding p rm urn .of tb. .bama uou.i, ft, «d must ltd,, is ga ran y tor paym.ntui pi.ou.f aseopie-d, with ibs ir.ajsr.r of tb. U. S. at Washington, or al b tbs Assistant Trsarai srai Nsw I ora, Boston. Philadelphia or bt Lem , or with tb. designated hreposiiary at Baltimore! Pittsburgh. CUdnuatt. Loui.yil.n, Chicago,Ltetioli, or uuffdo; or wi b any Aa iuaat e.okiug a,m.ciu iloo authoii.ed to rtco va eepuaits wlueh may «. u a rat to tram.ct i be buaiueass without ebargs. 11. ptlintoceiuAoati. of d.pewit sill ts issued odip . nor. by ibe .alter or as. da La r.e lying tb,n ; [ tlworip.uaf. of wsicb mul no leinnri rd wtib lis : a ere to tbs Lspnrtmuut. All Crpinl. .bea d la I ma.s la lima lor adtlos of cfti. wlib esrulca rs t. reach Washington nut later than t. . Burning o September 9tb. Ac offer aot ae-us paui. d by Its I properosr^gca a at will be cob.lileied. Tbs Ctapoo and Stg.tarsd Bonds la,nsd mill b« of tbs d.nomiuatLi,. of *60. gloo afOo. and alum . ttsgwtersd Bonds of M.Onv ana d.O.Dtb sill also be lasted if required. All offers rs elrrd will bs op surd oa Friday, the 9lh of September lbs awmds i ll ns mads by lb. Secratary to tis highest sBtrstr, aad Bellassf me- j esptaoes or declonii a wi I Bs immediately glv.n ! totbs rsspsciist off ISIS; aa Incase el aercep ancr, >otd. of ib j es ciiptious and ds uminsuoLs 4 rsis i. red will b. seat to tbs subscritsrs si ibs cost or tin U.-partmeut. ou dual payment or Ins tlmsnlr. lb> original deio It ottao per cent w.ll bs rsckosec in tbs Inat in. atmsnt pud by succea.lal offer... aa« wil. baimmetlisiely relumed to ibote abnae effers | may not bs accepted. lbs .meant ot acceptedeffora moat bs depodted ! wi.b tbs Ira .surer or other tfioer or assoc la boa aa* I tboilted to act under this notice cuedr.cs olaceept sacs sf tffor, or as toilowa: Oaa-tnird aa or asfoie tba 14th; oae-tbird os cr before tba lute;-ad the ba - i slss. Inc adtugibsiraninmaod original Iwo pe/ i cent, crposit, oa or bsleis ibs 14th ot,. Intsr. st oa bonds will bagia with Ibs date af ds p wit. Far. Isa prdsr ring may pay Ibs sccrasd inter a.t irons ants of bead, July I, to data •! dspeall in coin. udars under this ootlrs should bs sndorssd Offer to. Loan." and adjreu d to tba ksmatary off tbs I rcury. Tba rtgLI to dec iaa all offers not toad . arsd adsaBtageoas .a rsaerred to tbs Governmsat. W. P. FESSENDEN, Secretary of tba Trsaaary. The bonds for tbla loan ara ready for lamtdialt : delns y. a first National Bank. ThU Bank wl Isoatert ike «evea-thiriy art a u taring kag. la, sad Oct. l.litniU per seal. bond, of Itti. ta all tba deuomiustiuna iu wkicb tba wait ware u>sed. m -ISO. .100. MOO, and •1000-tl a enmmia.-iou i f J p,r c.nt W. K. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, July 10,18)4 —oodU HKS1 .\ATlUi\AL BAi\K. SdTen-lhiity lots* fm Bait Interest itnu-ai naalljr, pay able In paper at tbt rate of Bored ami three tea be per eeat. per annum ttoad too avertable la three uari lata «U per oeai art-twenty bead*, upon which the interest la p*yo bieio oois. Tba aotaa will bo delivered boro free of aipeaat. Tbe pwrcbaser will leeeltr Urn lateral ta a agent U it aabscripttoaa arc cnad. be tore that tint#. Ort lfUtytrml oaasaa.L* wM to allot** •abaci tba rutlbaj Saak ttfoa aU lawiaafa dedaeer. W. X GOULD. Caohi-r. Portland, ■)sly 30th. 1»4 —dAatf Ounal nls.. OmtUMat 7 3*10 Joab. fU> Bank I. prwpsrod to raoaleo -aba^pttos. h tb# now 7 8 hi loon la asm. of NT sad apasrd. paying nisi tot irosi data uf asbaari yttoa to a ago. lb b, the data of too now loss. The aoloa or* ooovariable a' tba tad of Ibr , loora Into epooi. pa, lag 0 p ,r cant b gu bond.. oao cigbtn per oent wiilbtai on aliaatoaai* of alumina. utor. B. |{, Okiilbaht, PortUad, aog. I. l864.-dtf Cisco BAAK, QOYERNMENT 7 8-10 LOAN. tpBI Canon Cask to propoiod to nooitod eahecrii X Ilona to tho new 7 *■ 0 man I . earns vf Mu ant ■ pws at lut-rrstuu enine fr aids!- at sab •criptlno to Aagatt lbik. tba date of tba uoternmen uuttt. All persona hating fbO *nd npwarda now bo*a » d oppor nuily uf I ' ding a belpiLg > and lu the! Got. rnaieut b* e» b-cribiug i.brrwuy to this loan. I be eutca are couve. iitdo an tb* end ui ibraa yenrt le, paying 4 pares-'t b-» bauds. Luoua tokau aa as lavorab a term, u at nay otb.i Bank. _ , . K P.UBKIUsa. Cashier PortUad. Jn’j ». 1M4. Jytb PORTLAND HAND He.Urgai.lzcd. «I1 A V1XG re organ t 4 under oarold Lender. 0. H. CHANDLER. we ara taw prat area ta ora. eh Bart Ui aL i o.«s.Wa< where iss-ic la wonted. t ruer, left with D. U C mauler. P. J Willey n at 1 sina’aMa le Store, U8 Middle uni. nil It p oopt jra-tealed to. D. U. CtlANDLLK. 'Opil.'Oudwt Sacre'e.y LEWIS * SAIIIH, Manufacturers and Daaiars la OLOTHI NG, No. 1T1 Ford Street* i I.M.B!3Sk. POBTLABD. %• Particular ottantloa glean to eastern Work. Aag 8. 1804 —dif nn^i..j k.... of m U. S. Christian Commission. Chairman, T. ft. Uayee, receipt#8tire. at 11* Mid dle.tre-L Trauarar Cy reeStordieeot, reeeiee Moaaj at Tft : Commercial .(net Hacratary, Maury H. Bmryeee, raaa'vaa Lattara at 80 Com uioretal at real. Andraar J. Chaaa, Dr. W. ft . Johaeoa. I eaelSdtl COAL FHCIOH r«. Picton, W. S-, to Pembrol«. Maine. jr Any tiaen Vee-ele Far. inn or Aman lean, wealed to tteiybt c «i aeeb> r*. rhe rater for d «ehar nay ara lotn ■ /djJM'hai at ttuatua and there errata r fAcil «SSh Itkl Apuhr to nr ad it* 18' M ft. CUKKIN A O . Bo.toa Aleo a few Vaeeal. waeteo to brlu; Coal to other pone. JalyUialm. Sewall C. Slrrul, Of the late firm of Howard ' Strout. i Attorney and Counsellr c at Law, 105 Middle Street ; Opposite Ioteraatlennl Saak. .. Portland. Any 12—dAwSm ; nTvt”SOT 8TI TtTES '■ —AND— "V olunteera. P1ISOSS he»lay .abetllotee or recruit, to ra* toto IjebeVV cat bare their pap- ra made oat la proper 'Vm, end their aub nnitee pal ea hoert U) V 8 8tiie MAB1AA" wtibdwp.itk and at moderate eh,rye. Bebatita a and tali truant paper- for the AftMl alto made oat aud atta d d to. he tpph lay ta MA.NAS'EH SMITH. Office dd aeebaspebt.. Oar Lowell S meater'a. Any Tf-dkwtf USE THE j. BROCK SUPER GAS BIGUIATCJB ARD SAVE TOUR OAR. Amy •—dim # _ Btmr«lB(. Tuft pi Irate hoard ay hot pc SoTT oa 1le papered end palalad. Kooma It (Ui.oeo 1 end enf rel.h-d, with haw'd. 4 Sept l-dlw* AUCTION SALES. Very Desirable Rest Estate at Auction. Os Wednesday, Sept. 7. at I o'clock t . a. oat to premlee., w. .ball >cll a valuable property sear !®wn Hoo-e In Cape Pltanteih, <a ibu cud la Gone* and one mile Ira portletd Bridgei, conialuv ebon' eens of lard la a lair sate oi onltiva ioa.andadmirably adiptiolo early garden’**, on it i< a Me* oi.aai.da La'i .lory Cat U»e Hou.e admirably .rrtrrtd tid Uriel td hem garret to cellar: a goon ■ able, c ullage bocee nond n ata. bene-) , do—i early all uv*. Turtle esee • lent water an • abundance of It. Alto a large . orient u fruit -neb ae crapte. fan ante, Coo.briT' e. k a. Thl* property ia b.aut fulu healed e mcanoing * eiaw of tbv llarbor. City and ft Ui roar ding Conn* HENHT BAILEY 4 CO , Aucfra Aug lP-rodt*-then did Old Copper. Ac., ut Auction. Oa TtU'eday, r'eptenibei Ik.aiHet'itl < M enFiaukhu Wharf. *e,ball rail tb armed.**, old Cojiu. r. and nbou’ YOU I be old Cart Iron. BknkT BAILS! A CO., ADcnoaaias. ®<*pt c-did ■•rues, Carriage*, dfc Uararswt, at Auction. (J «*“• ». »* 11 a'eloak A. If. at e .eh a., Carriage., and H rnaeara,"l23I KjJ; ’ °P Bn»g> e™Crncoro W a. cm. 0! earh •»<■ Harae eee; nna Aag S-dtf UK1"‘* BAILS! A CO. Aucfra EDWAHDjiTpAVmi, onmiMloB ■rrthsst ft lutilrim Haa removed to -he .p,0hu, >tcr. „ BAOhAnse Stmt, four dr ora below aeronaut's fa. h..,t WU1 reoelve oonaignmenu ot Aerchaedme . ...m de-enplton lor public or p.p.,, .. . Tall ii Keai Letaie VeMeie, • argots, btackr an a IT prompteah Jii a MurnV** IJVli a'J* MERCHANDISE Caflairi Salt.Afloat. I kiwi "HUS IAGLA1U PACT, raiga af loUU Br Hi Ig fed mi aside Brother, now dm jbarei' g and for tale by _ DA BA a CO. bpraco shipping Boards L50,ooo bf.^: wBa,.,wl ,,rK* J. U. MAMLAM, Uobecn-a Warf. A.,y-n. Portlaae.*,. Corn dlrul. BBLS Snperlor Kiln Dried Cor* Maul, •JvfCF fcr ewle by FtHUiKBICH UaV.t. Aug I#— orlS. lil Cuamwatal SI. JQ UiiDd. Cbotoe Mnecoredo Sagmr, W bbde Choke Mneeovado Molaaeee, it tlercee bool e Mioeovtdo Mulam a. * (taiga brig J. It. Lincoln, now landing nnd ter aala Of Soruill BA To*. - ,, Ma. 1 Caulral Wharf. Aag 1»—dlw llackmetitck Ship Timber. f~bA K Ma.Am.nek. and Hard Wood Plaak, Tim v nail, gna U la a larshes. Ireeu.l Wedges, Ac. k*. by L. T*!LO«. InoeSM-lm Oalfe Wbarr, Portland. Treenail*. 100,000^."°^TBSSMAfLS, aa autuirros a knight. _ it Commercial Wbart Portland. Jnac U. 1K4. lun.lfidtf Mwgaf aad HHDd.|CHOiCK MUSCOVADO SO* »?CI. ) SAR. m HUDS 1 aperlor Mo-oovado, aad t re* Ola-ad Mularaee. il HBLM from 'ie-ra Morcne. law laadiai and tor sale fey ruvMAa askncio a c«.. oxyMf Carlo IB Uoaaa Wharf. Sierra flarena Solaatr*. OOO \ cuoicksikAca mo rim a Vow lauding from Brig "C. H Kennedy -• TMOd. AHRSCIO A CO f Wee*—If r II Wharf. Carriages, Oarriages! rinmlr Bai aad Neatly V.airbed. i. F. L LB BET, Wo. 20 Preble 8t., OFFKRfr tor sale, it Its estabJfol.MM I. • sir v«y of Can iogvs m». • in tbo i.«■«• si aid toil 9% b •uuit ol nieiir. Ibv anx itamtiia)ii»<» ailiis lif rest at) Im of Liplat 1 ains^os metbajsili I# •4»d ou tb* mo t laroiabie lei l ent a» iluiO 1 * ^«rci>hS4» lariUgrs will bud It U t then ihHf *•« chit a u a shhiai&t- bafon bos tog • n« Lett, jaoe'ihutt ECONOMYJS WEALTH. rUEaabtcriber re,peel ally talar me hie trie, da la general 111 I fee will Repair Gentlemens’Garments or nur Deocaimox, \T SHORT NOTICE AND FAIR PRICES, do that Monet rua be eared la Ikei- H ot Itmr. J- R. feTullY, So. IS Cechange sc Aag r-dtf TO THU AFFLICTED I UK. M . iCbbfllStl, Medical Electrician. So. II Clapp * Bloch. OHM MM OMCOMBUM8S AMD CLM MTMMtSM .MOULD mepecttaliy aauonau. u in, ciiuel » al TV rertlaad and vianity, that fee bar p.ta,ai, at 1 located la Ifele eity. Daring it* aieia* antle vat > a bare beea ib tor n ae bare ear, a Kir 11 10 wont lorma at dimer in potion, abo I are ttl d >ttiar loimtof tnatn,eai la in, aid cm, pa h at. la »o abort a ttaw that tbo qweaitoo t» cltoo abed, do that nay eared? lo aeaaar lb» queatioa re will aoy that all that do a, t lay ca ed. *r wU> luctor tbo Mcoad tim* -nr nil I tag Dr. D. hae emeu a praotiea. . lectncian 1cr taea-y* aeyaan. aad leaiao a rtgalar gradaatio pty.kka Jectrtcity u perfectly adapted to ehrtale dl root a the Iona of aerrea. or tdc* boadaehe: reoral, r a the head, aoch.or rxt remittee; coaeampMea.wb ■ a tbo aeute.iagt* or where the lung, ara act ffe p avolrad: acute orchroak -beamatfem. Mrot*la, i q laraeea. white, writing., ipiaal diorama, carrot, I ri tbo aptma. coalracted maaelea. dktortad loci-, akr or paraiyuk St. Vltaa’ Daace. deatneaa.dat • a Hag or baaitaaoy _ of upeeefe. Elloctrlolty Tho Rbeomattc tbe goaty, tholamo aad the Ik • cap with Joy. aad more with tbe aglltty aad aketa. • ty of yooth; tho heated brala la aoolad: the treat ■itteaUmfce meter'd, the aaeoath delbrmlttee aoeed: (klatneea oo averted to rigor, weat we,I a Itraaigth: tha blind mad e to me. tho deaf to bear at d -.ha in Mad form to more upright; tbo bleniobee , I ,oath an obliterated: tbe nccfdoafi of mafwre -I p reran ted ■ tbe ealaaaitlea of old ago obrtoted, >f «a aottre etroalattoe amiatalaad. mu « a saouTCMiaunai km ran; wens iicaiCM, ame sod seek becks; narrcas aad sick beaaatla; lissinees aad swimming la the bead, wtth iua and constipation of the boa els; pain la the dee sad bask; leacorrbsea. (or whites); felling ol f'a comb with lateraal cancer*. tenter*, poly pot. ltd all that long train oe dleeasre will had la Hectr o tty a tare means of ears For paialh I maastrnali. r, toe profaae menstruation, aad all of those lone >!»# it tromblee wtth yoaag ad tee. Electricity U a c< r (« ipaoHe.aad will, la a • borttiree restore thesadatm o the rigor of health. VIre ten*« ff<ecln»Cht >cal dypertslne to ■xtraetiag Mineral l'oleoe few ’be >yetcai. etch at denary. Antimony. Arsenic, he. F and red > she tr* trembled wtth stiff Joint*. weak basks, aad >erk via otberdiOcaltlee. the direct ctnec of which. • itar eases oat of tea Is the effect of totsonoor Srr a isa be reetorad to a>taral strength aad rigor by the trn of from Ire to eight Baths. OMoahoorafromfe’dloot A.W. to 1 r.a.i 1J t; andTto S r. a. ttssssItsHnr Vrs# t*14load Edwin t). Ilwrn it C*., Wholesale lid Btttl) D. ale i !■ Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Contertioueiy, Kita, Cigaia* Acn A’o. tt Kxckaugt St.for lload. Onifl% L#mop«. Lime*. Tattft’Ia r. Prpi#» Cit roe Kaiiiir, Hpe Pi of *11 U»df, (Mlw A* din*- l>t«» j ff *•, P »lr«. r* die*. Fiffemd Ki*!l«. l'»t>p> D~ r*. Lot !<«*• cat «*»*•. Mwy ^n«* tup Toiiiee, <1/*M Plolre* P P* pr 8*o«* ft*. * r. cr Th** trad* nppl'td OP iM put Itteril term*. AaiVUsln _ To Wood Dealers and Lumbermen. 10,000 Cords Wood aad Logs M aawd. i prnos-—all to be'-osi d ai t mor'. llffaa. aiaa K a mA *• tu »•' *1*1 b> ««• CO»« Cf IP Opera mav b mA » item a >p«h«a in • •’»",? .''‘.d.lir-ed nt. . w. er hpmei*'opwajJ- ® h , fo* feet i art >« '^fr **•!^IJ,m#d of wt od, snd the amoeat they ■lease slat Ihry si h todeliser f r ship ..dwh altadlh- d*li'e:»d thsre si d th* ’ira- rs-h prloep«'coid or Mt fctt s* thsy* °s<?r*,f*”h‘ r f art; s ari, or tending propossls, ole*** add ret* p b. Brrrtv9 Trsesarer A-nmioas Wood 1* I erCrmpasy. I’lotld*. ee. a. I Is. M—dim Attest on 'kbre Zodbtm ! A LL the menb r, of rhle Company ere i«joe._-d Ai'SS.1 at t'-e s morv on ,dJ> i*- ^ '**; \*0*P""** rWTu AwTdl. otrt.

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