Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 8, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 8, 1864 Page 3
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" 1 11 ■ ———— PORTLAND AND VICINITY A#t* Advertisement* To-Day, Fly Killer—11. H. Hay. laid ln*urauc<* Card bhip Master*' Notio*. No 1 jo—Caution. Board. Ala for Frf*dmen lir. J. W. Kelley. To Lut. Delegates to Nominate Candidates fo Representatives. The \\ ard meetings, held last evening, t elect delegates to nominate candidates to b supported for Representatives from this city were largely attended, and the best feelinj prevailed. The following are the names o the delegates elected: Wakd 1—Moses Gould, Edward Hall, Rus sell Lewis, Jacob S. Winslow, Geo. W. Davis John E. Fowler, Horace D. Low. Waud 2—E. P. Banks, W. S. Philbrook Arthur M. Small, H. G. Quiucy, Samuel Wa terhouse, F. R. Harris, Dr. Chas. Morse. Wakd 3—James Bailey, John C. Proctor L. B. Dennett, Cyrus Nowell, Jos. B. Hall Charles Holden, John A. Tompson. Waud 4—Nathaniel Ellsworth, N. L. Pur inton, A. P. Morgan, Thomas H. Cook, John Q. Day, Orin Ring, F. G. Cummings. \Vaud5-J. M. Heath, Win, H. Ayers, Wil lUm Gray, \\ m. II. Smith, Edmond Libby. N A. Foster, A. E. Stevens. Wakd O-Edward Fox, Jacob McLelian, J H. Mungor, B. Stevens, Jr., N. J. Miller, Jr., Thos, It Hayes, Edward Hamblin. WAkd 7—George F. Foster, Henry L. Fame, L. L. Pickard. Granville M. Chase, John R. Thorndike, Horatio HU1, Ambrose Giddings. Patriotic speeches were made in all the Wards. In Ward 5 the meeting was addressed by Judge Kingsbury, Hon. N. J. Miller and J. M. Kimball, Esq, Municipal Court—Sept. 7. John Nugin, for drunkenness and disturb ance, paid a fine of $3 and coats. James Hanman, for drunkenness and dis turbance, wouldn’t pay the fine imposed of (3 and costs, aud was therefore committed to J«H. __ Grand Rally To-Night. The Union men will be addressed at the City Uall this evening by Hon. Daniel W. Gooch, member of Congress from the 6th dis trict, Massachusetts, and Hon. J. T. Williams, of New York. The Band and Glee Club will be in attend ance to furnish music. The proscenium gal lery will be reserved for ladies. Rally! Uniou _ men! Rally for your country. PBKutcTioiis.—At the Democratic meeting last evening Mr. Sweat predicted that his party would throw 65,000 votes at the next election, and that in November “J.ittle Mac would get a majority,'' We plscc the Hon. gentleman’s predictions on record iu order that he may have the priv ilege of comparing the result with bis predic tions. New Books.—Hall L. Davis has received pom CVietou ff Co., New York, “Victoire," • Novel—“Centeola, and other Tales,” “The Cruise of the Alabama and Sumter.” H. Packard lias received “Tit-Bit, or bow to prepare a nice dish at a moderate expense," pom Messrs- Crosby * Ainsworth. Tike Extended.—It will be seen by an advertisement in another column that the time of receiving Proposals for erecting the Cus tom House in Portland has been extended to Oct. 1st. 1864. toy: a:, i .-state Guards, Capt. lforse, of llaugor, armed here at noon yesterday, from Kitterv, where they have been sutioned, and took the boat for Bangor last evening. The Morris instrola, one of the best troupe* in the Union, will give a few enter tainments at Deeriug Hall, commencing on Monday eveujo" ncj(t at o’clock. Tu*. C.S. Marshal sale of brandy and cigars, wbicb u as to have taken place on Monday was postponed to Friday next. Late From Bichmond. A friend has seut us a copy of the Rich mond Enquirer of Friday last. Sept. 2d. It contains no news of importance. The follow ing items are from the proceedings of the “Reorder's Court Porlieux, slave of Johu Priddy, was ar rested aud brought up, having iu his possess iou a small quantity of bread aud flour, sup posed to have been stolen. The accused pltad guilty, aud was ordered thirty-nine lashes. Jaiues, slave of John <*tark, charged with going at large and with keeping a small grog ery ou the Branch, was ordered thirty-nine lashes. The paper contains a column leader on the Chicago Convention that is decidedly jucy. It has much to say about "President Davis" and the "miserable mountebank’’ Lincoln, who is styled a “wretch,” aud endowed with the usual epithets found in the same class of papers at the North. Refering to the public lands aud the government property, the En quirer says: vYe have been long since willing to give up lands, fleets and flag, money and effects. Our indisputable claim to this common property, we renounce, rather than negotiate with a people abhorred alike of earth and heaven. We Maud for our Independence aud the integ rity of right and soil of every State which be longs to this Confederacy. This simplifies our relations with tne North. The character of the Chicago gentlemen la thus sketched: Those managers at Chicago take a lesaon from the mariner of the lake which spreads before them. They are steering for the Presi dency. If the popular breeze blows fair for peace, they will spread every sail and add tlie r pocket handkerchiefs upon their walk ing canes to Impel the craft which they guide. If on the contrary, “wild war’s deadly blast” split their canvas and whistle through their tigging, they will seud down the last rag of sail and scud under bare pole before the hur ricane. We uetd not depend on those fair weather navigators, who are now on the quar ter-deck. They must be succeeded aud su perseded by some stern and stalwart old sea dog, who will stick to the ship through Re, mow and tempest, and, if need be, fight her until her scuppers run with gore. The attention of McClellan men Is invited to the following: The result of the Chicago Convention can uotbe known until the Petersburg and Atlan ta precincts shall be heard from. The fraternal hug given by Chicago to Richmond is thus repelled: We warn our people that the Chicago Con vention is composed of the same materials with the Charleston Convention, in which Brule Butler cast fifty odd ballots for Presi dent Davis. It is only “the old dog lo a new doublet.” For ourselves, having nothing fur ther to do with Federal politics, we are iu that philosophic state of mind that we "Cars pot a toss up {f Xfossup whip Ilarry or Barry whip Mostup. ’ and we advise our readers to cultivate the tame happy indifference. Change of Base won’t save Him. Hon. John A. Peters, in his admirable speech in the City Hall the other evening, ma le a remark of a Suggestive character, which brought down the bonse in a most em phatic mauuer, Referring to McClellan and his prospects.and the obstacles in tbe way of reaching the White House, Mr. Peters said: “If he couldn't take Richmond making Wash ington his base, you may safely swear he icill neter lake IVaxhlmjton makimj Richmond hie base Meeting To-night at Yarmouth. ‘I'lie Union people of Yarmouth will be ad dressed tbia (Thursday) eveuing, at 7 o'clock in tbe Congregational Meeting House, by Ool. B. B. Caupknteb of Kentucky, am lion. J. II. Dblumosd and Hon. Gao. F Talbot of this city. 8e«* flint your ]\’aiue is on th< Voting Lint. TLe Board ot Aldermen will be in •essioi today to revise the voting lists and to adc such names as may have been inadvertentl] lift off. jy-w——— I. ii i m .— ' 'I <i Religious aud Ecclesiastical Items. The many friends of Rev. Mr. Balkam, < Lewiston, Chaplain of the ltith Maine, ezpec soon to greet him at home wtiltherhe purpose soon to return. Letters from the 10th Main all join in one expression of regard for thei chaplain, whose fervor and labors on their be hail'have been cniy surpassed by his glowinj patriotism! The Dedication of the new Uuitariai ( Church in Houlton took place on Thursda' . lt“‘ 2’,lh u,t-> and was very largely atteudei by the citizens of that aud the uelghborinj ; towns. Sermon by Rev. Mr. Everett of Ban . ; 8or. A correspondent of the Lewiston Journa says of the Empire Grove Cauip meeting which closed on Saturday morning, that as 1 was the largest, so it was thought to lie tb< best ODe ever held upon that ground. Of th« , amount of good effected he cannot now speak This will not be known until the eyenlsoflilt will have terminated. But the preaching ol 10 much truth and the offering of so many per 1 feet prayers caunot be in vain. The Lewiston Journal says the exterior of the new Universalist church in Auburn is now nearly finished. The steeple is very symmet rical and the whole edifice presents a very neat and architectural appearance, adding much to the comeliness of that part of the town where it is situated. The Cause in Old Cumberland. Cumberland, Sept., 7,1864. To tht Editor of tht Prtf: Agreeably to previous notice the people or this town and vicinity came together last eve ning at the Town House, to hear E. B. Turn ku, Esq., of Texas,on the duties of the hour. The meeting was called to order by Wm. L. Prince, chairman of the Union Town Commit tee, who announced the following as the offic ers of the meeting: Capt.Sewall Blanchard, President, with a numerous list of Vice Pres idents from this aud adjoining towns, and Wm. D. Sweetser, Secretary. The house was densely packed, so much so as to make It uncomfortable. Mr Turner spoke over an hour and a half, and I should judge that had he spoken as much longer there would have been the same deep interest that was manifested throughout Uia speech. It was the largest political meeting we have ever seen in this towu; aud judging from the enthusiasm and intense interest manifested, I should say, that if our whole State is equally alive, (which I doubt not) we need have no fears of the result of next Monday’s voting. Uxtox. The Last Rebel Hope, The gallant Gen. Seymour, a life long Dem ocrat, taken prisoner at the battle of the Wilderness, carried to Charleston and there contlned in that portion of the city most ex posed to the Federal Batteries, lo a letter re cently published- iet an the Democrat* read it, and will the Argus copy f—says: If a Democrat succeeds Mr. Lincoln, they profess to feel sure of negotiations, and sure of their Confederacy. They beiievc a Demo crat will be elected. In Mr. Lincoln's re election they see only subjugation, annihila tion, lor the war then must continue, and con tinuance is iheir failure and ruin. In mili tary allkirs it is an excellent rule never to do what the enemy desires—is it not equally true in politics t Certain it Is that TDK ONLY HEMA1NING HOPE OF THB SOUTH LIES IN MU. LINCOLN’S UK FiAT-" The Argue suppresses Disagreeable Hews. Yesterday morning's dispatches to the As sociate Press gave the returns from Vermont —from the glorious old Green Mountain State showing the large Union gains and the utter rout ol the Democrats. The Argus received that dispatch but did not publish it—suppressed it. It would not do to give such news to the readers of that paper. It would put a damper upon the meet ing to be held jo the evening, and chill the spirits of the faithful. That is the way the Argus enlightens its friends. It strives to keep them in the dark. It withholds knowl edge from them. It wants them to be de ceived. It regards ignorance as a favorable element. It knows that Ignorance and preju dice are the best recruiting agencies for the copperhead cause. Kirrxuv Navv Yard!—The Potsmouth Chronicle contains the following Hems of la te rest: Acting Assistant Suigcon Charles A. Man son, U. S. N., Portsmouth, has been detached Train the receiving ship Ohio, at the Charles ton Navy Yard, and ordered to the Mas sasoit. Paymaster John A. Bates has also been de tached from the Ohio,—to await orders. Lieut. Commodore E. T . McCauley has been detached from the Navy Yard, to await orders. Chief Engineer Tower has been detached from the U. S. steamer Colorado, at the Navy Yard, and Chief Engineer Garvin ordered to his place. Popular Error Corrected. A writer in the New York Evening Poet thus corrects a wide spread erroneoui impres sion: It is commonly said that Admiral Karr»put is the first commander on record who, during a battle, stationed himself in the masthead. This is a popular error, and it ia but simple justice to state that it is claimed for Gen. Mc Clellan that during the bailie of Malvern Hill he occupied a similar position on one of the gunboats on the James river. [See testimony before Committee on the Conduct of the War.] Union Meeting in StandUh. We are requested to announce that the Union-loving citizen* of Staudish and vicinity will be addressed on Saturday, at 2 P. M., by Nathan Webb, Esq., and J. T. Gilman, of this city, in the Unitarian Meeting House in that town. New Gloucesteb.—The Union men of New Gloucester have nominated B. C. Jor dan, Esq., for Keprescntative. That town is classed with Gray. BY TELEGRAPH -TO 1 MB bVlilUNCi PAPERS. — -- from the Southicest— Hattie near Murfrees boro*—lie treat of the Rebels. Louisville, Ky., Sept. &. Milroy attacked d,OUU rebel cavalry under Williams, near Murfreesboro’ on Saturday, the fighting continuing all day. The rebels re treated Sunday, followed by Milroy, who sub sequently joined llosseau near Franklin. Our loss was ten killed aud wounded. Williams is said to have joined Wheeler, who on Sunday was twenty-lour miies south of Columbia, with llosseau pursuing. The damage to the railroad was slight, aud no bridges were des troyed. Iu the charge upon the rebels at Duck Klver, the rebels dismounted, and llosseau captured fire hundred horses. Outch Hup Canal a Success. Hew Yohk, Sept. 1. The Tribune's dispatch from Gen. Butler’s headquarters, dated the 5lh, says the Dutch Gap Canal is so far completed that its success is beyond question. It will by no means open the river to Kichmond. The rebel gunboats and Fort Druiv are above it, but by It we flank Hewlett's House battery, which Is almost as formidable as Drury's Bluff, and cuts off six milts of the river. The Pirate Ploritia. Wasuinotom, Sept. A letter from Tenerilfe states that the pirate Florida arrived there on the 13th ult., coaled and provisioned, and sailed on the 14tb, going south. She received courtesies while there. The pirates expressed regret that they did not save the Electric Spark and cago, and run them through the blockade. From Gen. SUertnan'g Army. Louisville, Ky., Sept. 6. Official Information from the front, dated Sunday, twenty-seven miles south of Atlanta, represents that Sherman If pushing rapidly louthward of Atlanta. :| BY TELEGRAPH ro TDK i ■ Portland Daily Press. ; -- Propoted Connolidation of the Provineet, Chakloxtetown, P. E. I., Sept. 7. The conference of delegates front the sev I eral Provinces, to consider the expediency ol - uniting under one government and legislature certain portion of the whole British North America, has continued its deliberations here i since the first of September. The coufereuce meets every morning at ten ' o’clock aud adjourns at three P. M. The pro ceedings of the conference are kept entirely secret, not a whisper of what has been goin" on from day to day in the Parliament build* iugs, has reached the public ear; but from the appareut cordialiity among the delegates and the confidence with which they publicly as sert the great advantages of confederation to 411 tl e i rovinces, it is assumed, and I sus peel correctly, that the origiual proposal of a union of the maritime Provinces is likely to be merged in the large scheme of a confeder | xtion ot all British North America. It was rumored this morning that the Ca nadian gentlemen had their closing interview with the delegates from the maritime Provin ces, yesterday, having made all the progress in the negotiations that could lie made in au unofficial manner. It was also stated that the maritime delegates meet to-day finally to de termine whether to go oil with their origiual plan or drop it and adopt the Canadian scheme. While writing I have this moment heard that the conference has broken up its silting ju this Island and have adjourned to the 14tii iust., to meet at Halifax. I am also assured that the conference csrne unanimously to the conclusion that the advantages from confeder ation, to ail the colonies, would be very gieat provided the terms of alliance could he made satisfactory. The maritime delegates, it is said, are to resumed consideration of the de tails of the scheme at Halifax, and unless some formidable obstacles arise, a duly authorized conference of the several Provincial Govern ment* will shortly be held at Quebec to discuss poiuts ot varieuce aud if possible mature for mal proposition for submission to the respec tive Pariiments. Hie excellency Gov. Dundas has given fre quent entertainments and the several mem bers of the Island Government have vied in their efforts to do honor to our guests. The Cauadtan delegation have also received their friends ou board their steamer in hospitable ; style. . The citizens of Charlottetown are to enter tain all the members of the conference at a grand hall to-morrow evening in the Colonial Hall. On Friday the delegates leave for Halifax vix Truro, thence to St. John, Fredericton aud home. Presentation to resident Lincoln. Washington, Sept. 7. This afternoon a committee of loyal colored people from Baltimore, presented to the Progi j dent an imperial quarto bible, splendidly bound, costing $5Su, *s a token of their re spect and jjratitada to him for his active part in the oanse of emancipation. They say that since thev have been incor porated in the American family, they have been true and loyal, and now stand ready to defend the country. They are prepared to be armed and train in military matters, in order |o defend the Star Spangled Banner. Tbe President replied as follows: 1 can only say now as I have often said be fore, it has always been a sentiment with me that ail mankind should be free. So far as l have been able, so far as came within my sphere, I have alway acted as 1 brileved was right aud just, and done all 1 could for tl>» go^d of mankind. I have, in letters *r,d doc uments seut from this Office, expressed rny self better than I can r.ow. In regard to tbe great book. I Slave only to say that It is the •>«*. gift God has given man. All the good from the Saviour of the world is communicat ed to us through this book; but for this book we should uot know right from wrong. All those things desirable to man are contained in >t. I return you my siucere tbanks for this elegant copy of this great book of God which you present. Prom Washington. 1 Washington, Sept. 7. The supply steamer Uniou will sail from New York on the 15th inst. for the Gulf squadron. Tbe sentences of court martials in the cases of one colonel, one lieutenant colonel, four majors, twenty-nine captains, thirty first lieu tenants, twenty-one second lieutenants and two surgeous are officially promulgated. They were convicted, among other things, of druuk enness, shamefully abandoning positions in front of the enemy, inducing others to run away, stealing, lying, false mustering, driuk ing sliinulenu intended for sick, encouraging soldiers to plunder and pillage private ciliz us, embezzling commissary stores, desertion, opening private letters, Ac. The largest utimber of these officers being dishonorably dismissed from service and cashiered. The rules and regulations under tbe law providing for the payment of certain demands for quartermasters’ stores aud subsistence supplies actually furnished the army require the claimants to prove that they are loyal cit izens. The indications are that the oilers for the new loan will N heavy. Tbe U. S. District Court at Alexandria, Va., has disposed of a large number of cases under the confiscation law. On Monday seventy de crees of condemnation were entered, the largest day’s work yet accomplished by that Court. Cavalry Fight n*nr Snicker *j Gap—Defeat of the Rebel*. Washington, Sept 7. On Monday night a battalion of the 1st R. I. cavalry, of Torbett’g command, while op erating in the neighborhood of Snicker's Gap, encountered a force of rebel cavalry who were moving this way. A light ensued, iu which the rebels were so badly damaged tint they were forced to retire, leaving a captain, one lieutenant and three privates dead in our hands. We lost two privates killed, one lieu tenant and three sergeants wounded severely, and seven privates and one corporal slightly. Our forces were commanded by Capt. Bliss. Political. Syracuse, N. Y., Sept. 7. The Republican Convention nominated Reuben E. Fenton, ex-member of Congress, for Governor and Thomas G. Alvord for Lt. I Governor. AAer appointing a committee on permanent organization the convention took j a recess. Lancaster, Pa., Sept. 7. Thaddeus Stevens was nominated by the I Republican Convention for re-election to Con grets. From California. San Francisco, Sept. 5. The Supreme Court has decided that this city must issue bonds for $400,000 in aid of the Central Pacidc Railroad. This aid will , give the road a great impetus. J”inaiw4ai. Washington, Sept, 7. The subscriptions to the 7-30 loan to-day, amounted to $600,400. The subscription to the 10-40 loan amounted to $77,400. Fm# York Market. N»w York . Sept 7. Cotton—Armer; sale* 960 bales at 1 86@1 87 for middling uplands. Hour—Urm- r; sale* 16 000 bbls; State 9fAgl0 46; Kouud Hoop Ohio 11 15gl3 25; Western y tf'a.ll »mj; Southern— srIos 8w> bbi*; Extra dolt log 1426; Can ada firmer; sales 600 bbls; Extra 10 26a, 12 uO Wheat—dull; sales 41.000 bush: Chicago Spring 2 22*$2 2»; Milwaukee club 2 23&2S4; Winter Red Western 2 37&2 41 Corn—lc higher; sales 4.000 bi^shds, mixed Wes tern 1 6G&1 62. Oats—>«ea<ly , sales Canada at 92c. Beef—active. Pork—firmer; sales 8,860 bbls; new mess 42 5X9 43 1 $. Lard—firm; sales 3100 bb?s at 2?g24$«. Butter—Arm; State at 4%966o. Whiskey—li^avy ; sales »Co bbls at 1 79$ o,l 80. Sugar—dull, sale* 86 bhdf; Muscovado 21.a,22c. Petroleum—firaer; sale* 1000 bbls; crude 5og61e. Freights to Liverpool—quiet. Stock Market, _ _ ^ Niw York, Sept. %■ ; aeetmd Hoard.—Stocks stead v. American Gold,... 241$ Cnltwl BtaU* «•. i,Sl eou^ns,............." ...Hiij n 2. 6-20 r«*i»tertd .110 ; Culted StjtMonv n.w . V>1 * New York Central. .iLJ *ru..{17 Hud, on. {£' Chicago k Bock iilapd. . . j Btadin* .... Michigan Southern. 8’) Illlnoi* Central «crlp.” !!!iasj ty Some time since W. W. Treadwell, a banker at Adrian, Michigan, was detected in ein beming the funds entrusted to his care, and j was convicted of fraud and oonfiued in jail, but managed to escape while sentence was pending —about July 1—and was not afterwards beard i from. It appears now, by a narrative in the Adrian Expositor, that Treadwell was murdered on the night of July 4th by a young man named i John Cowell, who escaped from jail with him. 3T" The friend of a poor fellow who lost hii , left leg at Petersburg, remarked that, although maimed, be would always have one good point i ol a well-drilled soldier—his “left foot fore I most,” as it was permanently planted at the | front. SEy A celebrated Oxford scholar, who profess ed an indifference to music, was once asked what he thought of an orchestra which had been per forming a grand overture. He replied that he only was impressed “by the wonderful coinci dences of the fiddlers’ elbows.” Because Gov. Gilmore, of N. II came in I conflict with the Legislature of that State on a ■ Question of changing the constitution, the cop perheads took courage, and hoped he was to be : come a convert to their faith. They had a rati fication meeting in Concord, and John II. George proposed to serenade the Governor. He and tht hand went and had a performance in his Ex cellency’s front yard, and though he was known to be iu his chamber, all the response the ser enades got was the closing of the blinds in their faces, by the Governor in his night shirt. iy “Do I think we shall whip the rebels?” said a returning soldier to a lady who was anx ious to get the opinion of one direct from the front; “why, I koow we shall whip them. Ev ery real soldier who is facing the rebels in any of our long lines knows we shall whip them, and regards as treason any other thought. I have found more doubt and despondency here in half a day than in the army during my whole term of service. Yes, ma’am, we shall whip them, and do it quick, too, if the North will only send its patriots to the front, and not its hired ske daddlersand sneaks.” LEWIS, ROLLINS & BOND, Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street, Store Formerly Occupied by Jotiah Burleigh. Having leued the abuve store at a very low rent,we propose to open a First Class Tailoring, FINE CLOTHING, -—AMD Gents’ Furnishing Goods ESTABLISHMENT. We Buy and Sell for Cash and At tend to Our own Business. We are enabled to odar to the public Goods as Low as Can be Bought In this City or Slate. OUR CUSTOM DEPARTMENT I« under the direction of Mr. Bonn, well known to the public ai a FlttST CLASS CUTTEII. ' Grateful to our friends and the public for their liberal patronage at our termer placed of business, we still solicit their favors, ard we pledge to deal with them on the square. T. C. LEWIS. X. C ROLLINS, W. M BOX D. Sept 6—dim Maine Bonnet Bleachery, 30S Gongres Street, PORTLAND - _- - MAINE. Straw, Lace & Leghorn Bonnets GENTLEMEN’S HATS, Bleached A Presse i at the Shortest Notice -ALSO HATS & BONNETS DYED. F.rery exert it n will be made to have all order* promptly attended to. JAMES K. RtCKLVrT. ang31 3m. Edwin t. Oaten & Co., Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Conlectionery, Nuts, Cigars,\c^ Xo. 26 Exchange St.Portland. Oranges, Lemon-, Limes, Tamarind*. Prune*. Cit ron. Kaisius. Figs. Not* of all kinds, Olives, Sardine*. D»u* .Apples, Pairs, Beaches, Preserved Fruits, Gum Drips, Lozenges, Candies, Honey, ij^ruce Gum, Tobacco, Cigars, Piokles, Pepper Sauce, etc . etc. C7* The Trade supplied on me most libera) terms, i Aug 26— lm Carriages, Carriages 1 ■ Firmly Uni and »aily Finished. J. F. LIBBEY, No. 20 Preble St., OFFERS fofeale at hi* establishment, a variety of Carriages made in the neatest and most sub stantial manner. The assortment comprise* all the different styles of Light Carriages and they will be sold on the most favorable term* Person* intend ing to purchase Carriages will find it for their inter eat to call and examine before buying elsewhere. june38dtf T. J. niKU/lY, Inspector of Distilled Spirits, Coal Oil, Tobacco and Cigars, Mxy t>r loDtid >t tht office rf Mod. N. G. Mirabel, A*9ce»or for the Flr*t District of Mxine, No. 22 Ex cbxnge fit , Portland, Me. Aug 'i6—dk w3w» Oity of Portland. Election Notice. TV'irricx is hereby given, that in pursuance of war -*-» rants from the Msvcr and Alutrimu of the City of Portland, the inhabitants thereof, qualititd ac cording to law to vote for State and County officers, will meet in their respective Ward Rooms, or u*uaJ 8laces of mee.iug, on Monday, the twelfth day ot eptember instant. a> 0 o’clock in the forenoon, then and there to give in their vott s for Governor, four Senators and four Representative* in the Legisla ture of this State; for CVunty Treasurer, County Commissioner, Register of Prot ale and Sheriff for the County of Cumberland, aud for a Representa tive to Congre-s; and also to give in their vetts upon the follow ing question, to wit “Shall the Constitution be amended as proposed by a resolve of the Legislature, providing that citi sens of the State absent therefrom in the military service ot the United Stales, or of this State, shall not be deemed to have lost their residence in this State by reason of such absence.but shall be allowed to vote wherever they may be, uules* in the regular army of the United Mates, for Governor, Senator* aud County Officers, on the In sday next after the the first Moudav of November in the year one thous and eight hundred and sixtv four, and their vote* *hall be counted and allowed in the same manner aud with ‘he *amA effect as if given on the seoond Monday of September in that year; and thall be al lowed to vole for Governor. Senators, Represents . tivea ajid County offioers on the si cond Mondav o September, annually thereafter, forever in the man ner and under th* regulations in said resolve pro vid'd;" “these in fiver of raid amendment express ing it by tbe word “YES" upon their ballot*, and those opnn-ed to the amendment expressing it by the word “HO" upon their built te.“ The polls to remain ppen nut«l #•* o’clock in the afternoon wh* n they **aii be closed The Aldermen of said City will be in oven ses-ion in the Ward Room in New City Huilding 1 (entrance on Myrtle 8t ,)from nine o’clock in the forenoon to one o’clock ia the afternoon on esch of the three secular day* next preceding «i;ch day of election, and from three 0*0:004 to uve o'clock in the afternoon of the list of *wid three 'ocular navs *or the pury.c,se of r«ociMng evidence of thequalifl , cation of »o»er* whose names hav not been enter ed ou the list of qualified voters in and for the sever al Wards, and for correcting said list. .1 M HE ATil City Clerk. Portland, September 3 1864. dtd Dissolution of Copurinrntlilp. 11 li H copartnership heretofore existing between j . the undersigned, is. by mutual consent, herebt | dissolved. All persons indebted to the c intern will please i settle immediately, and ail having demaud* against •aid firm will please present them tor settlement. A. M Smith will continue, she business at the old stand, No. 171 Fpry St as Uerotolor*. T. C. Lewis, A M. SMITH. Portland, Sept. 1,1804. sepTdSw Notice. PROPOSALS wiU be received at the Mayor i of flc*> until Mouday. Sept. 12, at I'i o'clock noon for building a Brick Stab e in the r«Ar of the Engine House on Bracke't St Ptaus and spocifii a ions can be seen a the Mayor s odice The oominltte re-erve the right it refuse all proposals it not considered 1 for the interest of the ei»y J A( on MaLELIAN. ( hairmau Com. ou Public Buildings. Sppt 7,1864 —dtd For Knle. AN eight horae power 8tkam Kxqi>k with all the fixtures, has been but little used; also a food second haud Gear Cutter, and a small Engine .atbe. Apply to ISAAC MoCLEl LAN. I toptl aodJw* Gorham. •"""*'■* ' iL. '■ ' i.*—— ENTERTAINMENTS Morriw’ Miustrela -AT Deorlng Hall I For a short season, commencing Monday Evening, Sept. 18. | Entire Change of Progiamme Each Evening, Doors open at 7—to cammerce at 3 o'clock. Ad mission ctN; Reserved teats fr) cl* W. A. Abbott, Agent. Sept 6._d&i C. A. MORRIS.. Manager. GRAND PIONIC EXCURSION ! SACO RIVER GROVE. T -K„*.nD“ll,Pic*Vic of,ho Painter j * Anociation ■n. win take place IHCktliiT, kept. 8th. Fhitndlei’a Fall Bran* Band ff*" h,8'1' en8»eod for the occasion. The < ornmit (JroTe fnlUrillrh; ,re' ?f exP‘"»®. » large floor in the Ioi vVa^0*0 *’ *1,°' *“0t halls hwio*. and Portland GO cU; Saccarappa 40 ct.; * ct* 10 he had at'. Apothecary *?£'.* *.‘«5 ^.riC^,0rt A bunion ., Car. J£i i be tomaiit'ee ot Arrangement. ...r.*” w,ii. **xve the keumbec Depot at * to 8 Kedrrii sfhf*”.KC‘i,.‘0n Wi" lemvo thetr Hall, llOf the Bar a i°T *ht U,pt “ 7» » -*locE. escorted by . “j Ke r,,hmeu>» tor sale o.i the grounds— toaUeud*d‘ sh?.d|',|hi'i'",bliC i,e re”P«ttufly Invited n!hould 'l,e weather he stormy, the ex riZvi hepos'pourd lo the flr,t ,a,r / ' .enmrlfe,,,f Arran^cm-nt, -Jehu t; Bateman l >JL ‘yl,or.'Jo.\" E “antrse., K F. Brown tt ii p*lo>cr-"*»hard D. l’ago, II s Burgess Geo U Owen. Chas II Ball. Edward s. Wall* ’ end SnieZ'„~Ki0b.Vd„Or.P**e J»hn K. Hun Tp"e h_5td “ ^ handler, Prompter. PORTLAND BAN D Re-Organized. # HAVING re-organlied under our old Leader D. H. CHANDLER. we are now prepared to lurmth Music for all occasions where music is wanted. Orders left with D. H. Chandler, P. J. Willey or at Paine s Music Store, 168 Middle street, will be promptly attended to. D. H. CHANDLEK ■ optl,eod6w» _ Secretary. RE-OPENED. The subscriber* would respectfully .uununce to their numerous iriends audthe public that they have thoroughly Repaired, Refitted and Refurnished The popular aud oeutrally located EATING HOUSE, kfr -** No. 77 Middle Street, (FOX BLOCK,) Which will be open ou aud after WONDAY, JULY 515th. l‘xli ud Linkti at ail ban of the Day aid Ireiiag. I C hi C It K AMS. PLAIN AND FANCY CAKE, FKUT, CONFECTION"ARY, Ac., Constantly ou hand. SODA WATER., D-awn from Dow’s Parent Ice Cream (Soda) Foun tain, with Fruit Syrups. PARTIES 8UPBIED AT 8HOBT NOTICE, We shall be happy to see all our old friends and make a host of new ones, and trust that non# will have cause for complaint. CALL AND SEE US t ATKINSON AINGEHSOLL. iy*>_ _tr AT. 8. Oarciinor, Merchant Tailor, -AND DKALIl 111 Beady-Made Clotning, And Gems* Furnishing Goods, A’o. t2 Middle St., comer t\f Lime Street, oppo site the Post Office, PORTLAND.Ma in. sept2dtt Alexander D. Krmi, Tailor A Draper, 98 EXCHANGE ST., Manufactures to order and iu the best manner. Mil itary and Navy Uniforms, aud Beys’ Gar ments. septSJtf New Bedford Copper Comp’y. TIIF. undersigned, tgents of the above Company, are prt pared to famish salts of Tellow Metal A Copper Sheathing, Dolt Copper, Bolt Yellow Metal , Spike8, .Vui/j, tfc , at short notice and delivered at any port required. McCILVERY, RYAN k DAY 18. Sept D.—dtf NOTICE. The Weed Sewing Machine Co. Have established an office for the sale of their Ma chines at No. 187} Middle St., oppo ite Free St., which will be open to the public on Wednesday, Sept 7. Wherever this Machine has been introduced it has to a great extent sup' needed all others. Having en gaged the services of Mr. J. Bradford of Boston, a practical machinist, who has had over ten year* ex perience as a manufacturer and repairer of Sewing Machines, they are prepared to repair and put in perfect running order every kind of Sewing Ma chine. For the purpose of introducing them more extensively they wi.l fora short time allow the value of cheap and inferior machines In exchange for the Weed Machine. A limited number of Weed Machines to let by the month or year. Machine Findings of every description constantly ou hand. Orders from the oountry should bo addressed, Weed Sewing Machine Co. No., 137} Middle St. C. W. fttOKIXSOX, 4g« nt. Portland, Sept. 6—eodtf LUMBER. Carolinu Lumber Company. TH E undersigned ha- been appointed bv the above Companx, S jIo Agent fur the sale of {umber, for the Mate of New York and all i orts and plaeea north of New York, and is prepared to furuieh hard pine lumber in any the cargo, sawed to any desired d menaiunn. at the shortest notice; also Black Walnut, Bay wood, &e. JOB A. TCRNF.K. No. 56 Washiugtou St., Boston. Maas. Aug. 10.1861. eod3a MILLOOHAU’8 PATENT PAINT OIL. A Perfect Substitute for Linseed Oil, AMD much ciixa ntu. IT is used in the san^e **.-..nrr as L'nseed Oil, driesquick'y a»d very haru, cau be used with ail colors, nnd pja-esses decided advantages tor all work ou max ufaotuhng establishments, depots, cars, engiues. all kinds ol iron work, for root.*, and wherever a waiter proof paint is required. For all kinds of ship work, exp:»e<l to salt water, it is su perior to any other. Address orders to CHArrs & WILLIAMS, 6 k S Coxmucial IV in nr, Bostos. Boston, Aug. 27,1881. nug3eoc3a|. Dissolution. rilHK copartnership hueioJtre existing between X Sweat and t.leaves as Attorneys at Law, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The affairsoi the late firm will be adjusted by either party. Mr Swext will continue in bumuess at office No. 117 Middle street, Mussey slRovr. Mr Cleaves at the office of Howard k Cleaves, No. 91 Middle street, over Casco Bank L l* M. SWEAT. NATHAN CLEAVES. Portland. July IGth. 1854. Jyl8d3m Dissolution. THE firm of Howard k Strout, as Attorneys and Counsellors af Law, is this day dissolved by mu* tua! consent. Either partner will attend to the set tlement of of the budnt-ii of the la’e ilrin Mr. Uoward will c intinue to occupy offioe91 Mid* die street, over Caseo Bank. Mr. Strout will oocupy office 105 Middle street, opposite head of Plumb street. Joms?u Howard, 8 a wall C. Strout. Portland, June 27. 1454 — d3m BoarUiiin. THE private board ng house No. 77 Free Street, nesHy papers and »pain ted. Rooms furnished and uu fir Dished, with board. 8ept 2-dlw* EDUCATIONAL,. Prof. 3£a«*se, A. M. Recently of Phi idelpLii, Instructor in the French and Latin Language*. LESSONS in school* and lamille.*, lectures in schools, explanation in Frenc » Idioms A na tj-eol Frauoe, lormeriy instructor of Rhetoric and belie* letter* in charltsiaague College, one of the first institutions in Paris. For further paanculars, applr at Messrs. Bailey & Noyes' between II aud 12 a. if , where iniormation as to term, ac, will be given. rkfkrkxcia. lion. W II. Seward, Secretary of State. Rev Bishop W B Stevens, D D., of Philadelphia. Rev. A Clove laud Coze,of Baltimore. C D. Cleveland, of Philadelphia. ?.ro .^'0PP*®’ ol PeUna University. Deo B. Emerson, Esq , of Boaton. {* “• D*oa. Esq., 01 ooston. Epea Sargeut, E*q . of Boston. c Kt. K«v. Bi.hup 1. C Brownell, D. D., Hartford, Dr. E. P. LeProhoii, Portland Bept 5. dZm A®,?®® 8cho"1 f“r Boy.. Tonaham, Maine, 16 milen iron* lorlland; ea,y of acce**—a heauti tor t;,rcu“ri'to • Sept l-d»W J0UN8®N- ^ *• • Casco Street Seminary. TUiC *’•11 Turm °f this Institation will commece on lue*dty Sept. 6tli. and continue ten weeks of the Principal, at zl. Cumberland street, alter Sept. l»t. Portland Ang. 13,1886. “*88 * ®AWKES ‘ HOME INSTITUTE ” Mis* I. G. Prince, Principal. rpnis Boarding and Day School for Tonng Ladle* * "‘‘I. r*-°P« tor It* alath year, on Tharaday. orpt. 15th. For Circulars containing terms Ac. address the Principal at 52 Free at., Portland, Me. * Aug 19—d A Him Young Ladies’ Seminary. THE Fall Set-ion of this School opens Tharaday Sept. ‘^2, in Morton Block. Congress St. In addition to the day i-chool . which has received so large a share of the best patronage ol the eity, ar rangements have now been made to admit a few Boa'ding Scholars. For Circulars containing Term*, Ac . address MISSES SYMOMDS, Piincipsla, a «a jij • . W Brown St. Aug 24—eodtdAw5w NEW HAIUPSHIBE Commercial College, Central Hall,-Oonoord, H- H. THE most thorough and extensive Commercia CoUegc in New England, presents unequalled I'cilities tor knpartiug to young men and ladies a complete business education. Send lor a circular containing full information— address WORTHINGTON * WARMER. A^t-dAndm Principals. Clapp's Block, Congress Street, TS a link in Bryant, Stratton ft Co.’a chain af In A_ ternatlocal Bu.tiiw. and Comtreroial College established in twenty- wo of the leading commer cial cities iu the United state# and Caoadas. Th#object uf these Colleges is to ftmiish young men and ladies the best t.cUities for obtaining a thorough Business Education. Scholarships for full course of Bork-keeping, Com "sercial Law, Commercial Calculation*, bpcncetian Ieninanehip, Correspondence. Lecture* and Piarti cal Exorcjse*. is good throughout the chain for aa uUiimitcd period. L. A. OR AY. A. M ., RESIDENT PRINCIPAL. ST“ For further informations pleas# can at the College, or «s.d for Circular aud Coliege Monthly, incloaing letter stamp. Addresa BRYANT STRATTON it CRAY, Port 'and.Maine. \ aug31 d k w6m WANTS,LOSTJFOUND Wanted. A WOOD Sa'» and a •Sit-down Cennting Room Desk.1' Address, Miti utsr, Lock Box C, Poitlsnd P ty_ scptrdlw* Strayed or Stolen. I’ROM the snb*erlber In Uorham, a Bay Colt,one year old last May. with black raaue and tail and b ack leg*. Whoever will rtturn him or give iu or mation where he can be found *ti»H be suitably re w*n,e?- SI08K8 FOGG. Gorham. Me. Sept i—dlw InftirnKhcd Apartiuenl« Wanted. WANTED about the middle of October next, two good sized unfurnished rooms, to serve as ■M? and a bed room—for a gentleman only. The bon*e must be in a go .d locality. Apply per sonally at the British Consulate. Exchange jjt be tween the hours of 13 and 3. or if by letter te It 1. M Box No. 34 Post Office. scpl&Ow WaiUfd, *-)A CU8TOM Coat and JO custom Pant makers 0\J Apply at Clothing Rooms of WOODMAaN. IKL’K k CO., . A i-M 64 and M Middle street. AugO—dAwisdw Elderberries * Cherries Wanted. THIf highest price paid for rire Elderberries.n ek* clean, and also Black Cherries, br W h Mams Windham, nr GKKKNoL’GIl k MoKSh Sept 6-d k wtf 20 Market Squaie Clothing Lost. MONDAY, Sept. &ib, between Warren Market and Tukey’s Brioge. two pairs Woolen Pants wrapped In s bundle 1 be kuder wdl be suitably' reus ded on earing them at the Pre-s Office Portland, Sept. 6 —dlw Wanted* ASirUAHON la a wholesale store, either s* bookkeeper. clerk or salesman, hr a young man Good telereea. Apply S. k S., Daily Press Office. seplkdlw* Wanted. BY' a middle aged man, a situation in a store, or on the wharf, as a salasman. to no lig ,t work or to take charge of tome light business. Good refer enoti givsn ▲ddrt m Box 161*, or require »t No. 3 Lime 9t Portland, Bopt. f.tb —dtf I AM DESIROUS OK making an arrangement with some family who has rooms to spare, for the accommodation ot my lamity consisting of wife, two onndren with nurse; wife not quarrelsome or faalthndiag -chil dren obedient Booms and location of more conte quence than a bountilul table Best or rt/VrsBcrs pirrn Korgood accommodations am willing to pay liberally or sba e household expenses ’ septrtldii° Box ***• Donaldson. Cost. 1YUIS morning, at the Ladies’ entrance of the . united Statfs Hotel,a roU o! money, tho oat •ido bill a greenback Tbe Under will be taitably rewarded by leaving it at tbe United State* Uotel. •epta Wanted. A SMALL tenement for a family of four persons. Address, giving particulars. Box 2,216 Portland, ?Llu _ _ scpt2dlw LOST SYVHI REWARD. ON Central wharf, or around the Grand Trank Depot aud yard, a Call Skin Wallet contain ing acousidrable sum of uouey, and paper* of no value to any one but tbe loo-ar. The kuder w ill be rewarded a, above on returning the same to No. HCeutrsl Wharf, or 72 Bracket!street. Portland. Aug. 31 1M54 sug31 dtf M 1.0*1. afternoon h, tween Lincoln Street and the Press office, a lady ’a Jet Cross Pin, tipped won gold and a eea-l in the centre The Under will OKTl'cE*7 r*wlrd,Hl bf the same at TU1S Aug 30. 1<6«, House W anted. Wanted by the advertiser, a convenient, 1 ;l ceutraily located, and pleasant houw for a I without cuildreu—possession to be had as early as the middle of October, sooner If ; possi le. It must have good water conveniences, and be well flushed. The advertiser would lease such a house for a term of years, or purchase if terms suited. A two-story oottage. small lot. preferred. • I Address (». P. Q . at the Press Office, stating loca tion, general terms, ko eonjidenticUl*. Portland, Aug 1.1864 —dtf Lost. STRAYED from the pasture of Mr. Francis Rob erts, Westbrook, last month, a three year old gray Colt, small size, whoever will return him or iuformatiou where he may he fouud. will be suitably rewarded, by calling at No i» Spring St. „ . . „ , FRANCIS K hMKRT. Portland, July 18,1964.—dtf $40 Reward ! DTOLEN from the subscriber on Tuesday Even ^ iug, while in Pieroe’s auction room, n Calf Skin Pockt t Book containg *£4 in mouev, a note against Charles iiodgdon. Gorham, for Shd.and »ne against Charles Uooper for 112. I be above reward will he paid tor tho recovery of the property and the detec tion of the thief. niln. Tune 8.—tf GEORGE BECK. Board. QUITS of Rooms, with Board, oan be obtained by j O aoplving immediately at 80 Danforth street. May nth. maylSdtf , ' FINANCIAL. LOAN OF 1881. Propotali for Lot>n. Traanir, Department, August 30, 1964. Sealed offari wm t,9 received at this Department, under the aci °rM,rctl 3 ^ BBtj| Boon of pj>|. I A, *th °f SeP'eaib«r, 1864. for bond* of the Lm.ed ^.^ to lu toJUBt ,, thlrty<B. ' Linmd £ ,0° -o.ntof.n , “dUP— of unde, ,h. notice of Prop-aU for Loan, dated Oh June la.,. The bond, will bear an annual interest of e per cnlum, p,7a ble.eml-annnalIylncoi.on tb. a,,, dt;, cf jB, j and January of each year, and redeemable alter the ! 30th of June, 1881. 9 Bach Oder must be for fifty or one hundred dollar, or wm* multiple of one hundied doll art. and nut | state the .urn, Including premium, off.-rod for each ; hundred dolla s In bonds, or lor fifty, wbeu tbe offer j Is for no more than fifty. Two per cent, of the prin cipal, excluding premium, of the whole amount offer Ml must be deposited, as gusraoty for payment of subscription if accepted, with the Treasurer of the U. 8. at Washington, or with the Ass is taut Treasur er at New York, Boston, Philadelphia, or 8t. Lcuis, or with the designated Depositary at Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago,Detroit, or Buffalo; or wl-h any National Banking Aseocin tion authorized to receive deposits which may con sent to transact tbe businoase without cburge. Du . plicate certidcuus of depoeit will be leaned to dopes i *,ori 1S* officer or association receiving them; ; tbe originate of which mutt be forwarded with it* olerstotb* Department. Ail depoeit• should le I “*'•* lB *"r udvice of offers with certificate* to I re*ch Washington not later than tbe morning of Beptember Alb. No offer not accompanied by ite proper certificate'or deposit will be considered. Ibe Coupon and Ecgtstered Bonds issued will be ! of tb* denominations of «£0, 8100. *£00, and *1000. i Registered Bond, of M.Otw and Ulu.000 will alao b. | Imued if required. cived will be'opened oa Friday, the Atb of September The award. wUl be mud. by tbe Secretary to tie highest offerer., and notice of ae c.ptaace or declenti ,a will be immediately given to tb* respective offerers; anu Incase of acceptance, bonds of tbe de-criptions and deaominationa prater red wUl be sent to tbe subscribers at the coat of the Department, on final payment of instalments. The of two per cent. wUl be reckoned in the laat Instalment paid by Successful ofiarar. and wUl be immediately returned to thorn whose offer, may not be accepted. Tbe amount of accepted offer, must be deposited with tbe lreunrer or other officer or amociation au thorized to act under this notion on advice of accept ance of offer, or as follosra; Oae-taird oa or before the 14th; one-third oa er before tb* lfiib; end the bal ance, Including tb* premium and original two per oent. depoeit, on or before the 24th of September.— interest on bonds will begin with the date of de posit. Parti*, preferring may pay tbe accrued Inter est from date of bond, July 1, to dato of deposit la coin. Offer, under this notice should be endorsed “Offer for Doan," and addressed to tbe Secretary of the Treasury. Tb. right to decline all offer, not consid ered advantageous it reserved to the Government. w. P. FESSENDEN, Secretary of tbe Treasury. Tbe bonds for this loan are ready for immadiate doUrory. FIKST NATIONAL BA\K. Seven-Thirty Hote* foi Sals. Interact semi-annually, payable ia paper at the rate of seren and three tenths per oent. per annum Bonds oonrertable in three years into sin per oent fire-twenty bonds, upon whioh the interest is paya ble in coin. The notes will be deltrered here free of expense. The purchaser will reeeire the interest to August U If subscriptions are made before that time. One-tipktk per cm! emamua will be allowed subscribers at Ibis Bank upon all amounts of Sl.tCO and over* W. E. UOCLD, Cashier. Portland, July Suth, 1M4.—dhwtf Canal Ban Government 7 3-10 Lo&n. ■ • This Bank is prepared to reocire -ubecrlptious to the new 7 110 loaa in sums of SbO and upwards, payisg interest from date of subscription to August Uth, the date of the new loaa. The notes are eoarertable at the end of three years into specie paying « per cent i-ao bonds. One eighth per cent will beal owed oa all amounts of eioni and orer. B.C.SOXEEBT, Portland, Aug. 1, U64.-dtf C'aehlUP. CASCO B Ail tj. GOVERNMENT 7 3-10 LOAN. THE Cmoo Cank ia prepared to iwlred aubacrip tiooa to tba new 7 R-iO loan iu same of 960 and •P*r*rda, paying interest on same from date oi sub scription to Asguit 16th, tbs dateof tbs tioverument notes. All person* having $60 and apwards now have a good opportunity oi lending a helping band to tbeir laovernment by subscribing liberally te this loan. Tbe notes are convertible at the end of three years Into specie, paying «per osnt 6-» bends. Loan* taken on as favorab.a terms as at any other Bank. „ ^ K. r. G EBKIS H Cashier Portland, July », 1844. jyj» dtetf First National Bank. Thl. Bank will rour.rt tbe Mr.n-thirty notre at taring Aag. 19, and Got. 1, Into *ix par oeat. bond# of 18X1, la all tb. denominations la which the not. w.r. liau«d, rix —MO, *100. 9600, and 91.000—at a eommu,ion of i p«r oent. W. K. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, July *0.1884.—eodtf Portland Army Committee or tkb U. S. Christian Commission. Chairman, T. K. Hayes, raoaiTM StarM at 119 Mid dle street. Treaaursr. Cyrus Sturdiraat, reeei-e* Money at Tt Commercial street Secretary, Henry H. Burgees, rcca-scs Letters at 80 Commercial street. Andrew J. Chase, Dr. W. ». Johnson. lan.lSdll COAL FREIGHTS. INctou, S. S., to Prmbroi e. Maine. Jr Any sited Vessels. Kon gn or Amori Au loan, wanted to freight C al as abor.. The rates for dischar ting are lower -l^£j^'han at Boeton. and there are olh.r facil maBUW ities. Apply to or ad<iree> wirk COFFIN * CO.. Boeton. Aleo a few Vessels wanted to brio, Coal to other ports July 1« Isla. Sew all C. Strrut, Of tba lata firm of Howard * Strout, Attorney and Counsellrr at Law, 105 Middle Street. Opposite International Bank. ... Portland. Aug 12—dkw3m NAVY 8TJB8TITCTES! —AND— V olunteers. PERSONS having substitute* ar recruiu to put into tue N A V T can have their paper* made out ia proper form, and their *ub«titut*« put oa board tba U. S SHIP • SAlilNk" with di»patch aud at moderate charge. SulMiitu'e aud enli-tmeut paper* fop the ARMY alao made out and atte- d*-d to, by applying to M A IS ASS Eli SMITH. Office £1 Exchange 6t., Over Lowell k Beutar’t. Augr-dkwtf NOTICE PR0V08T MARSHAL $ OFFICE, ) Pint District, .\Jatnr. Portland. August 11th. 1964 ) INOUIRlfc.8 on ail ordinary subjects connected with the enrolment, drill, exemptions. liabilitv ; to draft, credits and accounts o 1 men £**•*•■*■• ■hould be addressed to the Provost Marshal of the Congressional District, and iu case he is not able to ans wr them he will ask information *f the Provost Mai Nal General of the State. Answer* mi, be that Secured more promptly than by addreraing the 1 ro voet Marshal General at W ashlngton, where more important business often prevent prompt answers to multitude of Inquiries now address* to the Bi reau on personal and other matters of minor cense qnBr Order or M»<orJ W T. (i A RUIN ER 7 CHARLES U DOUUHTT. Capt and Provost Marshal 1st District Maine. Ang. 13-d8*n Grand Trunk Bailway. Fbeiout Agbbct, I Portland, sept 3, 1964 l VLL persons rfqulring rectips from this Com pany for the de Ivery of freight. aud psyuient of freight charges, above twenty dollars, irust affix 8tamps apon the same or th-v will not be signed. Sept 3—dim JOHN PORI KOI/S, Agent. Dissolution of Coportiiprslilp* TUI copartnership heretofore existing between the uudersigneo, i« herebt dissolved by mutual •OB—at. The affairs of the la*e tlr«« will b# — tiled at our new placeof businese. Nos. lil and 143 Mid dle St • N. C. Uolliks, W. M Bobd. Portland Sept. 1, ««*• eepTdSw AUCTION SALES. Old Copper, Ac., at Auction. Ox Thursday, September 8:b. at 11 o c’cck a. m un frank In; Wharf, we shell sell about 2000 lba! <*W Copper, and about 200 lb* old Cast Iron HENKY BAJLLY ft CO., ▲CcTIOVKJ'M. Sept 6—dtd Horses, Carriages, A Harnesses, at Auction. 0*1 S*”’*- 10• ** 11 o’clock A. If. n Lime tftieec, Uonms, Carriages. and li»rne«Me. Jex^n^rVndp KTT J°PTrBUff5" Concord Wagons, 'aj u*rE—e,*cB** | nlMf“,,r“uiT‘^ t u nnm, auctiomeek. a kjoungoat, Beal Estate on St. Lawrence at.. At Auction. OX Tuudey, Sept. 13th, at > put 1J o'clock, OB • the premises No k St. Lawrence 8t, near the Portland Company’s Works, Will be acid a lot of land with th~ buildings thereon. The buildings con »i«t of a two gloried dwelling and store, on the front. **}.*■ the rear 1# a two storied wooden dwel ing. Thm lot tag a front «f 60 f*et by 100io d, pth tub property most be sold wlrboat reserve Terms [? *u,t purchaser. For particniars cs I on the sue Uont>"r septTdtd Fnrnltnre at Auction. 0,1u,h- “ o'clock A Bll tk. of Joh,, » Miller. X'o. 26 lu la St.. *leda*B» oosoiollbfof Bed,. Bureau** Mat treses. Chamber Sets, Cr^te 'y G u. . *•»*«. »'■»npot«. Mirror* Tlbfc C.l'crl »"1 Wood**, withtb.Ki.rh«B lB%i,“iCotk Sto”*' *•«•»*“' Sept :-tdIU*r BAlLKT *CU..Aeetioseer». House and Lot at Auction. OM Thumdty Set t 16. »t a o’clock m . „ ,hu ••11 l*1* ,wo ktorjr wooden bouse Ao S Wi ll* St I I be hoooei, new, modera and coaveaivnt ia it, ar. rsug.-meut with food eioaet,. floeeellar. abandaaco hud aad cof. water, aad every way dveinble roc investmeot or ocoopancy. lba lot U 3C by 8j feet Title door— rale positive. 7 *" HEM BY BAii.IT A Co. Aootlooowo Sapt 7—dtf - EDWARD 91. PATTEN, Commission Merchant k Auctioneer Hoo removed to the epaeiotu a tore It Exchange Street, four doors below hterohant’, Exehut*. Will reoelve eonsignoienU of Mcrcbandiw ot ic EL, *Sri,>!lo?itur Put>1,e «r privote solo. Saloc °£ H**l Hut,, \ueela, largou, Stock, and Her* C“fc advanou made, with prompt eal*a aad,. mcbltdly MERCHANDISE. Caglairi Salt Afloat. 1ttnOUUDS CAGLAIHI BALT, am •( lOUU Br Brig Llaiiitoa Brother., mow -f-t *>«® d2w DANA * CO. Spruce Shipping Boards. 150,000*E*l SK h,®**- •* J. U UAXLKN, Motion . Warf, A.,X-d«, *• Corn Meal. ibOO ,BBL? Superior Klim Dried Com Heal. ClV/Lr for .ale by FREDERICK DAV18 Aag 1»—<od3w li; Commoroial St. Trinidad Sugar and molasses. yQ UHD4. Choice Miucorado Sugar, 367 hhd# Choioo Muacorado Molameo, W tierce* Choice Mu.coeado Molaama. I Cargo brig J. D. Lincoln, now landing and tbr ~i uoi-uNi eatoh. An, It—dtw No. 1 Coutml Whnrf. Haciuaetaeb Ship Timber. OAK. Hackmetack. and Hard Wood flank, Tm nnila front IS to 38 inchaa, Treona'I Wedgoa. fta *«. by L. IAYLOU. JuneZSdlm Galfa Whari, Portland. Treenails. 100,000Zll£* OAK w »r simomton s knight. 48 Commercitl Vbirf Portland, June 13,1S«. JnniUdtf Sugar nud Sfolaanes. 300 HHD3 iCHuICK MLSCOTADO SO 10 TCS. j Gig. 371 HHDS Snp-nor Xiueovado. aad If TCS Clajid Xclamee. 11 BBLS ITom sierra Korean. Now landing and roraale by THOMAS ASENCIO ft CO.. ■•yrff Cnetom Hoorn Wharf. Sierra lUoreua molasses. QO-HHD8 . OOO CHOICESIKKRa MOKKMA SV.'ZH MOLASSES. °“*A Now landing from Brig "C. H. Kennedy" „ . TUOS. asencio S CO.. Mayl.-tf c. U Wharf. TO THE AFFLICTED I DR. V .IvTDEmiVfi, Medical Electrician, No. 11 Clnpp’t Block, coasts orcosossss jlsd clm stssmts WOULD respectfully announce to the citiaena of Portland and vicinity, that bo baa permanent. It located in thia city. Daring the eleven months that » e have been m towa we nave eared tome ol the worst forma of diaeaae in persona who have tried other form, of treatment In vma, nadenrmg riant. In ,o short n time that the ooeetioa le often naked, do they stay cored ? To answer thlv Question we will any that nil that do not vtav caved.wa trill i doctor tba second tin» for nothin .. Dr. D. baa been n practice: ^ieotrieian fer ttreaty. 1 one years, and ir ai.o a regular l rad uated pbyvlciaa Hectrimty is rericctly adapted to chronic diseases in *he form of nervous or vtck beudacbo: neuralgia) lu the bead, neck.or extra mi tie,. consumption wb. ■ la the acute v'agee or where tba lungs are not fully Involved: arttte or chronic rheumatism. .cretain y« disease*, white a «. Ulan. aplnul dleemaea. enrva'u u of the epinc contracted muaolea. distorted drabs, polar or paralysis, St Vitas' Daaoe, deafness, ata*. marlng or hesitancy of apecch. dvaiiepaio, India**, tl a. constipation and livar complaint riitoo we euro every ooae that oan be presented: bronchi, tie. atricinree of the cheat, and all forms of lUmn a oomplaiats.| By Electricity The Kheumatlo. the gouty, the lame and the laay Iwp with Joy, aad move with the agility and rlasts . Ity of youth; the heated brain to ooc.ed; the froet bitten limbs restored, the uaoootb deformities re moved: faintness converted to vigor, Traeknem o atresgtb: the blind made to see, the deaf to bear at 4 the periled torm to move upright; the blentohoe < t youth are obliterated; the Occident a of mataru N a invented; the avlamitica of old ago obviated, mt ax active clrculnticu maintained. LADIES •The have cold hands and fUet: weak stomachs, lame and weak books; nervosa and rick beudacbo I lixsiness and awimmlng in the head, with ‘-Hires tlon and constipation or the bowels: pain In tha aMa and back; leuccrrbmn, (or whites), fulling of 11a womb with internal cancer,, tumors, polypus, and ill that long train oa disease* will tad in rJeelri*. Ity a Hire mean, of cure, h er painful menatruaUca. loo profUae menstruation, aadn.1 of those long Mao of trouble* with young ladles, Lieetriclty U a eertak spool,1c, aad will. In u abort Una, restore tha aakrar to the vigor of health. tT~ Wt lost «s Klcctro-nu leal dnparafwa far extracting Mineral 1*01100 frym >be ayatem, inch a. Mercury, Antimony, Arsenic, he. Hundreds who are troubled with stiff Joints, weak hacks, and vari oaa other diacritics, the direct canes of which, k nine cases oat of ten, to the cfhc: of poisonoasdrara, oaa be restored to natural strength and vigor by tha U* of from Sve to eight Baths. Office hour, from S o'clock A. M. to 1 P. ; 1J I; and 7 to S r. u. Consultation Tree. |yUlead 15th Me. Vet. Vols., Attention 1 11*04 Qxdrtcrt WA Maint TH. VoU. I Au 'usta, Met, Sept. 1, 1864. I General Orders No. 7. IN Accordance with odere from the War Depart* Bent, tha Veteran I urloegh of the Fifteenth Maine Vet. Vole ie hereby e*»epded to the 17t* dat or SirraMBBu, 1***. at which time he sa te."* of the Keg’mc b: will report at Auguita, Heine. By Order of Cole nel le a ac L>tbb, Com wending Hegiment. UENKV A StfoRAY. let JLwa'. end Act. Adjt d&wlw loth Meiue Yet. Vole. I CITY OF PORTLAND. In Hu Tear One Thonecmd tight Hundred and Sixty-tour. An Ordinance to prevent obstructions upon “ Port land and forest Avenue Kauri* I Be it ordained by the Mayor, Aldermen, and Com won Council Iff the City if Portland. in City Conn cil aefumbled, ae follows SECTION 1 Any peraon wilfully placing an ob struction if any bind upon ibe rail* of the Port laud and Forest Avence Railroad, in tne streets ot this City, shall be punished by In# not exceeding Twenty Dollars. _ S«, J ibis ordinance shall take edi ct and be In force freiu and after its npprornl by the Mayor. Approved, Sept *7^, ,,jv lELLAN. Mayor. SepK-aaw''**' J. M HEATH. City Clerk. For Sale. The ruhacr ber offers for sale the house aud lot k no ad as th* k'anous Famd, iu North Yarmouth.12j milt* from Tortlsod. ‘i oiiUs nuui the _' biraud Trunk Kaiircud. 1 he build 'UX* art- a leu .lory oouse. wood-thcd and bam.— loacreaot land with an orchard. Water furnished by a living spring. Near mooting and s. hool. and pleasiutly situated For further part'cu'ara en quire of D. H C »LK. North Yarmouth. Sept. 6.18W ^ sepTdlw REM OVAL! Dr. HEALI> bns removed his office from No. Mt Congress St to Ibe oppouite aide ot the street, corner ot Congress and I euiple street!, offioe form erly occupied by Dta. linoon k liresUn. sepddtf

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