Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 9, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 9, 1864 Page 4
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MISCELLANY. Woman’s Trials. In point of real trial, to temper, nerves anil patience, there is no comparison to be made between a woman’s duties and a man’s. As 1 sit, 1 hear the click of a shoemaker's hammer. From morning till night, it seems never a; rest. The shoemaker leads a laborious life, but how sleadtast and calm. He drives the peg, and he knows it will go in. He made so many shoes yesterday, he will make so many to-day. At just such a time he goes home to dinner with jnst such an amount of work ac complished. But his wife, busy iu her kitch eu, has a baby who is governed by no laws, and upsets all her calculations. If lie sleeps through the morning she will spring through her washing, and ironing, and boiling, aud bak ing ; but if he awakes, as he probably will, at the most critical moment, eycry thing has to give way. It is of no use to plan, for a chub by fist knocks down all her arrangements. Her baby is the most despotic of all tyrants; he bss not the slightest regard for public opinion. It is of no manner of importance to him whether the fire goes out, and the roonf gets swept or or not. If he wishes to be rocked, he must be, regardless of consequences. Then very likely there are three or four more little ones who must be washed and dressed, and fed, besides having dress aud lood prepared for them. If they are ail iu the soundest health, they need constant watchfulness; for children are unlike pigs. They won’t go where they belong. They are constantly making little dives right snd left, and getting into mischief. Pick them out of the sugar-firkin, and they tumble straitway into the molasses jug. If there is a cistern on the premises, they will be sure to pitch iu head-first sooner or later; and if there is no cistern, it shall go hard but they will find a tub of water somewhere big enough to sit down iu. .Scissors and knives—every tiling that has an edge to it, draws them as if they were made of steel. A perverse prompting moves them to ponnd every thing that eau be hurt by pound ing, and scratch, and cut, and tear, according to the respective sensibilities of the object- So it goes, even when they are well; but when, besides this, we think of the great army of measles, and scarlet fever, and chicken pox, and mumps, and colic, and cholera infantum, and Inoculation, and teething that lie in wait for the young immortal and his mother, the prospect is appalling; for the brunt of it all comes on the mother. Whst is true of the shoemaker and his wife is true of the black smith and his wife, aud the tailor and his wire. I know that there are occupations that are more complex, aud demand the nxercises ol all the powers. But the merchant and the law yer, however absorbing and perplexing may be their avocation, have to do with grown-up peo ple. The merchants’ clerks arc often quite as gentlemauly aud well educated as himself. His brother merchants are acute and self-in volved, but reasonable. The lawyer’s client may be ignorant and stubborn, but be is an ac countable being, and swayed by a homely but powerful logic; but the wife is the mistress of servants incredibly “raw” and inexperienced, even when well disposed, aud the mother of terrible infants. Let a man try to work with such tools and such incumbrances, snd see how he succeeds. It is true that a rnau's responsibilities are in one sense greater, it tie makes a misstep, he brings down with him partner, clerks, wile and children, sometimes shaking even church and society; while the woman may let this, that and the other duty slip without the sk)'» tailing. But on the other Hand, it is the great ness of the matter at slake which supports the mau and the littleness which disheartens the woman. She has the same rouud, perpetually changing, yet perpetually the oame—of little cares aud duties, which cannot he dispensed with, yet which never amount to anything. It is all very well to cajole her with “lasbion ing the young mind,” and “traiuiug the hand that it to guide the world,” aud "modelling the greatness of the next age,” and all that sort of thing, but it is a long way to the nex t age,and when luture statesmen cornea crying to his mother with Spalding’s Prepared Glue stuck all over his face aud hair and clean aprou, and his fingers bleeding from the cuts of the broken bottle, it is difficult to per ceive, -“the tpirit.. Which «hall rale men * mind*,and m&k* them bow A.n to one God, throned amid his peer*." Now if capital punishment is ever justifi able, It is when a man comes home from office, or shop, or field, to his nervous, hurried, anx ious, care-worn wife, and harshly or coldly asks her why dinner is not ready, or what in the world she lets those children make such a noise for. I see a great deal of advice given to women about meeting their husbands wi'h a smile; but what manner of value has a smiie on the lips, if there be not a smile at the heart: and what mauuer of man is he who wauls his' wife to crush back all her tears into her 0*1 bosom, and put on a mask for him? Is mar riage to be a keeping up of appearances ? Cau love be retained only by a masquerade ? Is a huBbaud something that must be daintily fed, aud gingerly managed, from whom the thorns must be hidden, and for whom the roses must blow, and if they won.t blow, wax 1 flowers must be manufactured? Nonsense! At the basis of true marriage is truth. It is | life, aud not dilletanteism that glows ou Us- i household hearth. II a man has i wants his wife asshels. Her whims,sorrows, vexations aud all. He ^ocs not want to be I wheedled by a paper machine image, gotten ' up for the occasion. If things have gone ou smoothly, and she meets him with a smile, he ! strikes an attitude, aud is as the English say, “jolly.” But if Johnny is croupy, aud U:e' baby is cross, and Bridget has given notice <>( leaving next day, he is not dolt enough to ex pect her to forget all this, or rascal enough to wish her to gloss it over and deceive him by pretending to be happy when she is noi. There are many times when it will be better for him and better for her, that he should oiieu I his arms and let her have *’a good cry” these, and even if he is alittle sentimental and baby ish,it wont hurt anything permanently. Th.s will soothe aud calm her irritated nerves, and they will talk it over, and so love will bridge the chasm, and tunnel the mountains, ami chain the lions,—for the heart that lovelb is not only willing butable. And the wifely ton uerne* will be made so strong aud grateful 1 that when the husband comes home next da- . | in his luro, irritated, depressed and savag \ | as oniy “real good” husbands can be, she will ! snap her fingers at his moodiness and surii- t ness, and knead him, and mould him, and make him over so deftly, that he wont know he has been touched till he finds himself sit ting clothed and In his right mind.—Gail Hamilton in the Conyrryafioualiet. proposals P;'* merino tb» Cus too1 ilouse at Portland, Maine. I&BAtUBT D IP A&TMBVT, [ August 26, 1964 ) I PROPOSALS will be received at this department until the first October 1864, at la o’clock noon, for tbe construction ol the «. u-tym House ku tborized to be erected at Portland, Me, according tc the plan wand specifications prepared at this Depart ment; aaid proposals to be either tor the whole Luildinx, or separate for different kinds of work: tl % Department lescrviug the right to reject or accept tbe proposals hereby invited, or any part thereof where it deems the interest of the United States re* quires it; the Department also reserving the right to exclude ihc bid of any person or persons, whom there is Just cause to believe will uot laithfully per form tbe contract. Also all bids that upon investi gation are below a fair price lor the work. Rids will not be received iu gross, and the Depart ment having prepared a schecule or the approxi mate quantities of each kind of work and material required, (which schedule may be had at tbe office of the 6upervising Architect,Treasury Department, tue bidder will he required to affix his prices thereto tor such articles and kinds of woik as he proposes to bid for, and then carry the whole out in one gross amount. Ninety per cent, of tbe amount of the work done and material delivered according to contract price (said amount to be ascertained by the estimate (fan Agent ol the Department appointed lor that pur pose) will be paid from time to time as the work pro gresses, and urn per cent, retained until the comple tion of the contract, and acceptance ot the work by the Agent aforesaid, and be forfeited iu tho event of w* fibfi-fWfillment of the contract. . aS**?1* will he aw arded only to Master Builder* and Mechanic.'*, and the assignment thereof, except Secretary ol the Treasury, will be a forfeiture of the same. mu,t be accompanied by a ruarnu l"o r««l'onjible peneaa, (oertTtied to with .uticienf ft iKb/bYL V"* b0Ud’ Form, of tho hood »nd c0nii«ti the plans, specifications and working ' * fn be famis'iedon sppHcation to the bunarJi1?.*’ ^ chitect of the Department. * «upervising Ar No bid will be considered, unless it full* tfsementwith the re<luiremeutl olth^acfvir" Tbe Proposals must be sent to this I>et>artmf.t»i dressed to Lamb Rogers, Supervising Architi^t and plainly endorse«d : ’ "Proposals for the Portland Custom House.'* Proposals wilt also be received at the same Dine for tne old Custom House building and material* therein, (the four granite columns on Lore street excepted) to be removed within sixty (60) days from oats of the award, and iu case the safe of the aau* «Dfm%Harded*V> •noceaatul bidder for the new Cus varne 1011 bo taken as part pay ment of his contract ISAIAH RO(jER8, Scptt—did tapumiin. Architect. Dissolution of Copartnership^ THE eopartner.lilp heretofore eri.tinr between tll.nohtd Dder!< * ' **’ by n"‘ln,“ boT^b” Ail person. Indebted to the concern will ".tile immediately, and all haring demand, aeaiu^ .aid arm will plea*e preeent them lor eettlement A M Smith will continue the huaineu at the old atand, No. 171 Fore St., a. heretofore. T. C. Lewis, A. U. Smith. Fortiand, Sept. 1,18W. iep7d2w MISCELLANEOUS. THEDAILY PRESS, 7 i CALORIC POWER JOB PRINTING OFFICE, N. A. FOSTER & CO., ^Proprietors, Fox Block, 82 1-2 Exchange St., PORTLAND, ME. Attention ia roapeutihily invited to our unrivnlled fncilitiea for executing in THE BEST STYLE OF THE ART, Kvery dceription of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. Our Establishment is furnished with all tht ap proved MODERN MACHINERY, And our collection of Book and Fancy Types Will bear tavorable comparison with any establish ment in the city. Business and Professional Cards, |Of every variety, atyie and coat, PRINTED AT SHORTEST NOTICE. Bill-Head. Ruled and Cut in the Neat* eut Maimer. BLANKS AND BANK CHECKS,1 Of every deaoription executed in the beet atyie. Railroad, and other Corporation Work, don' with promptnea. uud fidelity. INSURANCE POLICIES, BILLS OF LADING, TIME TABLES, uni all sort, oI LEGAL DOCUMENTS, at short notice. lerBMi, Keporti, ud all kiidi of PtBpIlttt, Put up in superior style. Bronzed and Colored Labels* For Apothecaries. M» rchants, and Fancy Dealen got up in the best style of the art. Weddincr O ards, Notes qf Invitation, Visiting Cards, Lists qf Dam ces, etc., etc., qf every variety and cost, tarnished at short notice LARGE POSTERS, Hand-bills, Shop-bills, Fro*am | . 1 uaes. Circulars And plain printing of ovary deaoription. Also, Rule aad Figure mark, executed neatly, and on term, that cannot fail to -atufy. THE DAILY PRESS Printing Office has one of Soper' Improved Caloric Engines for motive power, and is furnished with improved and costly Precise?—Cylinder and Platei — from the most celebrated makers. We have in eon* stant u»e one of HOE’S LARGE CYLINDER PRESSES, capable of throwing off 2500 Sheets an hour, one of Adam’s Power Presses—Xhe best book press in the world; Adam's and Potter's Fast Machine Job Presses; Buggies' superior Cord Pres; Adams' and Union large Hand Presses, Standi ug Presses, and ail the machinery necessary for a well appointed office. The Daily Press Job Office is believed to be as well tarnished as any similar establishment in the 8uto. Those sending order from the country may rely on receiving prompt attention. We execute all orders in the shortest possible time and in the neatest and beat manner. " * will do all kinds of printing as well and as promptly, and as cheap as any other establishment In the City, County or State. All orders for Job Printing must be directed to the Dasly Press Job OJtcg, Mo. 82j Bxohnnge street, Portland, Me. The Job Office Is under the personal supervision of the senior f roprietor, who is the CITY P&IMT KB, and is hi? aself an experienced practical work man,'and evaploys only well-skilled mechanics in this departw ent of his work. The Portland Daily Press, The largoet daily paper east of Borton, and having a larger circulation than all the other daillea In the city eomfcdnad, ia pnbliihcd at the Office in Koa Block, gif l-J Ear Range Street, every morning-. Sunday (yxccfUd, at *8,00 per annum. THE MAINE STATE PRESS, The largest paper in New England, eight page, la j published every Wednesday, containing all the I newa by mail and telegraph, important reading | matter. Marine Liet, Mirket Reports, te., of the Dally Press,at the following pricee, via:— Single ceyy, wise year, Invariably .. Subscript? >n* solicited. Agents wanted in every town. Postmasters requested toact as agents. N. A. FOSTER A Co., PsoPKirrou. Portland Janel, 1864. dtf JAMES EDMOND & CO. j COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 13 LIBERTV SQUARE, . . BOSTON Are prepared to order at favorable rates, COLT* • NESS and GLE*\ GAKNOCK PI& IRON, Alio, MAR, MU !KT,f UQALEU PLATE IRON, of English aud Scotch ac’ure. Weihalleontinu* :o receive, iu addition to oat American Brick, a regular supply of ENGLISH. SCOECIT, k WELCH FIRS mohll •t»is„; nTtK\AT10\AL Fire Insurance Company i or .Veto York, Offlct 118 Broadway. j CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. WM. E. WARREN, President. HAMILTON HRL'CK, Vico President. GEORGE W. SAVAGE, Secretary 9Portland Board qf Ptferencts : Johh B. Itaowa k Son, Ubrskty Flktchkb k Co. u. J. limbt h. Co. John Lynch & Co. • nrd havinK been appointed Aobit. for t.hii ( ompai y, is now prepared rates06 *°le- on ln»urable Property at current tUTPortland ojfce, 166 Fore Street. JOHN H, MUNOKR, Agent. JuneS. 1864—dtf Seizure of Good*. NOTICE is hereby given that the following de scribed goods we re n ixed at thin port, on thi days hereinafter mentioned, tor a violation of the Revenue laws:—June 34. 1864. on wharf from steamer from St. John, N. B., 1 bbl. Whiskey 2 cases Wine (of 12 bottles each) July 15, 1864. ’on board brig Tho*. Conner, 2 bbls Molasses, July 26 1864. on board a team 1 bbl. bugar, 1 bag Sugar.— August 6th. 1864, on board brig Martha A Berry. 1 ‘ bbl Molasses. August 11,1864, on board brig CU ®')°Vbbl>Molassee August 10, 1864, on board brig C. H. Kennedy 4 bbl*. Molasses / P©r*ou or persons, desiring tbe same, are re j *PP«»r and make such claim, within nil e- ! Iha date hereof; otherwise * •h* ** wil* disposed of in accordance with j me act of Congress approved April 2, 1844. 8ept 2—dlawSw " A8iI“UKN. Jit, Collector. | PAltTMIPATION. Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. This Company will issue PoMces to be free an., ! payment ot six, eight or ten Premium, it j >f tbe iniared aud at rates u low u oaiv oth„, ! Company. Tbalaraeof Free Policies render u^t * »toast equal if not tuperior to tbo participation j ponies. * r Otfoe No. 102 Middle St. CHARLfcb HOLDKN, Pres L1 _RAILROADS- | FOR CHICAGO. MILWAUKIE. And all parts o, tho West. I1CCBS10S TICKETS 10 C&1CAS0, IILWAl'KII, And all other points at the WEST, SOUTH & NORTH WEST, Foraale at the reduced rates of fare at tho Union Ticket Office, 31 Exchange St., W. V. Little, Agent. JuneiMdtf amm reduced rates i. IMPORTANT TO TttA tTLEKS* -TO THZ West, North West & South West! W. I). LITTLE, 18 Agent for all the great leading routes to Chica go, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukie, Galena. Oskosb, St. Paul, LaCro6se, Green Day, Quincy, 8t. Louis, Louisville, Indianapolis, Cairo, etc., etc., and is prepared to lurnish Theouou Tickets from Portlaud to all the principal cities and towns in the loyal States and Canadas, at the lowest rates of larc. and ail needlul information oheerlully granted. Travelers will Uud it greatly to their advantage to procure thdirtickets at the lrniou Tiekct Office, 31 Exchange Street* {UP STAIRS.) W. L>. LITTLE, Agent, XST Passengers for California, by the Old Lino Mail Steamer and Panama Railroad, may be secured by early application at this office. Tickets to Montreal and Quebec and return (via the Grand Trunk Railway) may be obtained at this agency on favorable terms. inay26d&wtl OK AND TKtAli KAIL W A* Of’ Canadh. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. On and after Monday, June 27,1S64, |PHr^5BR trains will run daily, (Sundays txoeu. •d) until farther notice, as follows: Up Trains. Leave Portland lor Island Pond, Montreal and Quebec at 7.00 a. m. and 1.26 r. m. Down Trains. Leave Island Pond for Portland, at 6 30 ▲. ■. and 9 16 p. m. The Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding *60 In value, and that per sonal, unless notice is given, and paid for at the rat* Of one passenger lor every #60o additional value. C. J. BRYDGE8, Managing Director. H. BAILEY, Superintendent. Portland, June 25, ld64. nov5 PORTLAND AND KENNEBEC Jt.Il. SPRING k SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, Commencing Monday, April 25, 1804 I'UMengtr train, loa-eSkowhegan for and S.45A. M . Au uunia, ll.o.. A. M. and Bath 12 10 F. M, Auirusta for Portland and Boatou at 6.3o A, m. ; Bath 6.3u A. Portlaud for Bath, Aueusta. Waterville.Kundair, Portland lor BaFh aud Augusta 8.16 P. M. Passenger* for stationson the Audroscoggiu Rail road will change car* at Brunswick. The I 10 P. M. train from Portland connects at Kendall's Mills with Maine Central Railroad for Bangor, Ac., arriving same evening. ^Stager leave Ba.h lor Rockland at 9 A. M. and 3 Stages leave Augusta for Belfast at 4 P. M. Stages leave Skowhegan at 6 10 P. M. for Anson, Solon, Ac. Through Tickets for all the stations on this and the Androscoggin Railroad, can be procurred in Boston at tho Eastern or Boston and Maine stations. nio _ ®- H. CUSHMAN.Superintendent. April 18, 1S64. ap23tf l ork A CuiMlwrland Kuilroad. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. On and after HONDA Y, April 1th., 1864, trains will leave as follows, until further notice. Saco River ior Portland at 6.46 (Freight Train with Passenger Cars) and 9.16 a. m . and 3.80 r. m. Leave Portland tor Saco River, 7.46 a. m. and 2.00 and 6.3H p. m. The 2.0U r. u. train out, and 6.45 A. M. train into Portland, will be freight trains with passenger cars attached Stage* connect at Sacc&rappa dally for South Winduam, Windham Center and Great Falls. At Gorham for West Gorham, Standish. Steep Falls. Baldwin. Sebago, Bridgton, Hiram. JLdming ton, Cornish. Denmark, Brownfield. Lovel, Frye burg, Conway,Bartlett, Albany, Jackson and Ea ton, N. U. At Buxton Center for West Buxton, Bonney Ea gle. South Limington. Limington and Limerick. At Saco River tri-weekly, for Hollis, Limerick, Osaipee. Nearfield, Parsoustield, Ethugfiam, Free dom, Madi-on. t aton. Cornish. Porter, Ac Fares 6 cent* kt-» when tickets are purchased in the office, than wheu paid in the Cars, DAN. CARPENTER, Supt. Portland April 7,1864. dtf MAINE CENT It A I. HAILUOAD, SUMMKli ARRANGEMENT. Trains leave Portland, Grand Trunk Station, for Lewirtcn and Auburn, at 7 A. M. For Bangor and intermediate stations at 1.25 r.u. RETURNING —leave Lewiston at 6.20 A. M., and arrive in Portland at 8.80 a. m. Leave Bangor at 7 JO a . m ., and arrivo in Portland at 3 16 r. w. Both those trains connect at Portland with trains for Boston. Freight train leaves Portland at 8 A. X., and re turning is due in Portland at 1 pm. Stager connect with trains at principal stations, daily for most of the towns North and East of this line. C. M. MORSE,Sup't. Waterville, November, 1868. deo!4 PORTLAND, SACO dr PORTSMOUTH RAILROAD. aVUXER ARRAKB EX XSTS, Commencing April 11th, 1364. |JHK Passenger Irtine will leave the Bta tioc, Canal .trect, doily, (Sundays ex eepted) a, lollow.: Leave Portland for Boston, at 8.46 a. sc. and 1.06 r. m. Leave Boston for Portland at 7.30 a. m. and 3.06 r. u. Leave Portsmouth for Portland, ut 10.00 A. x. and L30 r. x. Three trains will take and leave passenger* at way stations. Freight trains leave Portland and Boston dally. FRANCIS CHASE, Superintendent. Portland. Qot. 30.1363. oc31 odtf Con my ol Cumberland. Tbeahi'kkb'h Orric*. Aug . 1864. CJTATKMENT ol Costs ot Criminal Prosecutions, k^ allowed by the bupreine Judicial Court, at the July Term, A. 1>. 1864, madeiu conformity with the requirements of au act of the Legislature ol Maiue, entitled “An Act relating to Fines and Costs of Crim inal Prosecutions," approved March 27th, 1S68. 3 l-o C J D g * k • 2 is §5 go £ t* 'Z * Prosecutions. . ® ^ Si sc, General Bill, S16 86 htalevs.Nebeiniah C.Kice, 8 74 S J.C &.J.C. Jwucs Nowiau, 8 74 “ •* Frederick M. Libby ,3 74 “ “ Certain intoxicating liquors claimed by J.F. Abbott. 4 02 Mun.C. 44 Jas.Bradley Jr.appt, 4 22 “ 4* Richard R. Duddv app t, 4 22 Isaac Stevens. 3 52 44 44 inhabitants ot Cum berland, 6 18 8.J.C. 44 Tfeos Casteltonalias Charles Smith, 13 35 4 4 44 Almuu L. Luitry, a 74 44 44 Marne. 3 74 ** •• James Devine, 3 02 44 44 Isaac W. Clark, 8 62 44 44 Maine, 3 02 44 44 Kurswcll J. Carter icGreenleaf Chute 8 10 Mun.C. 44 Peabody Kendaud, 3 74 M J.C. 44 Marne. 3 74 44 44 George S.Twombly,3 62 44 44 Dauiel Brown, 3 74 44 44 -Same, 3 74 »< a Maine, 3 74 *• •• James Hall, 3 74 44 Wm. J. iiaimon, 3 74 44 44 John Kenuuou, 3 62 44 44 Margaret Wallace,1'. 6 8 6 4 4 4* Mam’i 11. Doteu, 4 22 44 44 FrancisO.J.Smith. 4 88 44 44 R chard p Cum mings, app’I, 3 74 44 44 Geo. W. bt. John et als appts, 3 74 44 44 Geo. Harris, 4 49 4 4 4 4 John bullivan et. as. 11 60 John Collins, 1C 71 ‘4 44 Same, 7 1 9 44 44 Nathan Cofliin, 14 07 44 44 Wm. A. Mitchell, lw 10 44 44 Marne, 7 09 44 44 Mam’i Thing et als. 16 b7 44 44 Same, 7 09 44 44 John O. Brion et. 1 mis. 16 89 Mun.C. 44 , Chas. s. Newball, 85 70 44 44 1 James Graham, 16 74 44 44 baml W. Leavitt, 15 82 44 44 Nathan Cottin, 7 00 8.J.O. “ W in H Marvin, 64 85 Trial Justice 44 Wm. lie Ken tie, 15 28 Mun.C. 44 Henry J. Morgan, 2u 93 *4 •* Manse. 7 69 b. J.C. 44 1 Marne, 7 69 4 44 Monis Dearborn, 13 4 5 4 4 44 Marcia Richards 62 68 Mun. C. 44 Mams, 7 49 8. J. C. 44 Frederick H. Wetb erell, 18 68 Mun.C. Joseph A. Knapp. 19 69 44 44 1 John Cauuou et. als. 8 29 Zadock Sylvester. . appt. 12 08 44 44 KathlG. Frye appt, 18 74 44 “ Henry A Johms, 7 59 44 44 * John Wall. 45 7 2 4 4 4 4 Neheiniah U. Mur phy appt. 11 70 44 44 Oscar W. Small, g 71 44 44 1 Patrick Dunbar, 6 4 5 4 4 4» j i*KA #7 I ' THOMAS H MEAD, County Treasurer. Portland, Ang.26. 1864. apl3dlaw&w3w35 PORTLAND DRV DOCK COMPANY. ' A N aaaerement of Eight Dollar* per ahare on the O. Capital Stock of the Company la now due and , layable at the office ot the Treaattrer, 117 Cnumer* 1 ilal atreet. C. M DAVIS, Traaanrer. J J»ly Kith, 1S64.—dtf 1 STEAMBOATS, Portland and Penobscot River, Summer Arrangement, 18<i4. THE SEW, STAUNCH AND COMMODIOUS i •TlLAiVlLK LADY LANG, Built expressly for this route, CAPT. WILLIAM R. ROIX, Will commence her Summer Ar. 1 rangement on MONDAY MORN ING, June 6th, leaving Bangor ev- | wy Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mornings, at 1 > o'clock. Returning will leave Railroad Wharf, foot of State street, Portland, every Monday. Wredue*da\ | iiid Friday Evenings, at 10 o’clock, connecting with the Eastern, Bouton and Maiue, and Portland, Saco tnd Portsmouth Railroads, from BonIou and Way Stations, leaving Boston at 8 o’clock, P. M. The Boat will touch at Kockl*nd, Caiuden, Bel fast. Buck.*1 port, Winterport and Hampden, both ways. Pa«»enger* ticketed through to and from Boston, Lowell, Lawrence, Salem and Lynu. For more extended information, apply to J. O. Kendrick, Bangor; the local Agents at the various landings, the Depot Musters of the p. 8 & P., Eastern, and B. * M Railroads; Abiel Somerby, l’ortlaud; Lang & 1> ano. Boston, or CUAS. SPEAR, Genet al Agent. June 4. —iadtt Montreal Ocean Steamship Go. One of tho following Qrst-cia*? 1 steamers of this Line viz:—Peruvian, i Hibernia, North American, Jura, Bel* Sian, Nova Scotian, Moravian, Da* 1 from Quebec, sviky Saturday Mounino. lor Liverpool via Londouuerry. Also the steamers St. David. St. Gkouuk, St Andrew. St. Patrick, tri monthly from Quebec for Glasgow. Prepaid and return tickets issued at reduced rates. For passage apply to U. Sl a. ALL AN, Montreal, or to J.L. FARMER, mayl6dtl No. 10 Exchange street Portland. International Steamship Company. Eastport, Calais A St John. TWO Till PS PER WEEK. On and after Monday, March 28, the superior sea-going steamer NEW BRUNSWICK, Capt. E. B. _____ Winchester, will leave Railroad Whari, loot of State Street, every Monday at 6 O’clock P. H., and the Steamer NEW ENGLAND, Capt. E. Field, every Thursday at 5 o’clock P. M., for Eastport and St. John, N. B , connecting at Kastport with steamer Queen, for Robiuson,St. An drews and Calais, and with Stage coaches for Ma chias, and at at. John with steamers for Freder icton and with steamer Emperor tor Digby, Wind sor and Halifax, and with the K. k N. A. i&ailroad for Shediac and all way stations. Returning, will loave St. John every Monday and Thursday at 8 o’clock A. M., for Eastport, Portland and Boston. Through tickets procured of the Agentsand Clerk on board Steamers. Freight reoeived till 4 o’clock P. M., Mondays and Thursdays. __ mayodtf _C. C. EATON, Agent. Portland and Bouton Line. THE STEAMERS Form City, Lewuton and Montreal - - VC . 11 ...til _ ... follow t: Leave Anemic Whirl. Portland, every Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at i o'clock P M , and India Wharf, Boston, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at 7 o’clock P. M. Fare in Cabin.>2.00 Freight taken aa usual. The Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount eaoeeding MO in value, and that person al, unless notice is given and paid lor at the rate ol one passenger for every WOO additional value. Fob. 18.1803. dtf L. BILLINGS, Agent. Portland and New York Steamers SEMI-WEEK LY LINE. _ The splendid and fast Steamship! T fid- •LOCUS I POINT, " Capt. Willett, <L'£Z3Kjt^and "POTOMAC,'' Captain Samii laSffiSi wood, will,until farther notice, ran aa follows: Leave Browns Wharf, Portland, every WEDNES DAY, and SATURDAY, at 1 P. M and leave Pier > North River, New York, every WEDNESDAY and SAT URDA Y, at 8 o clock, P. M These veaacls are fitted up with flue accommodations for passengers, making this the most speedy, safe and oomfortaLle route for travellers betwoen New York and Maine. Passage >7,00, including Fare and State Booms. Goods forwarded by this line to and from Montreal. Quebec, Bangor, Bath. Augusta. Fast port and St. Johtt Shippers are requested to lend their freight to the steamers aa early aa 3 P. M„ on the day that thcr leave Portland. For freight or passage apply to EMERY’k FOX, Brown's Wharf, Portland. H. B. CBOMWELL ft CO.. No. S> West Street, New York. ‘ Dec 8.1832. dtf FOR SALE & TO LET House and Lot No. 31 Danforth St., For Sale. MTbe two And a half storied wooden dwelling House And lot, Mo. 31 Danforth St , contain ing ton good sized rooms, with a bathing room—piped for gas throughout—a furnace that will heat every part of the home. Cistern tor rain water aud a never failing well of dnnking water. Copper pumps, Ac. On the prenrsee are a good barn and shod*. The lot in about lfei by 44 foot. I ht house can l>e examined any day Irons 10 A . ft till 5 P M , by calling on the subscriber who will furnish particulars aud terms of sale. J K HK A/1 EB, Ocean Insurance Company building. No. 37 Exchange St. Aug. A—dtf House and Houm> Lota For Si(lef . Located in Westbrook, about live t, minutes walk from the Horse Curs at Woodford's corner. . Also, the pleasau tljr located two storv Dwelling House and Lot, re oenily occupied by Mr. J. C. Reroick. The lot eon tains about two acres, and is one of the finest loca UoJQ8 *®r« geuteel residence to be found in the sub urbs of Portland, being less than two miles from tee Portland Post Office, and commands a due view of the citr. otl wr *urtber particulars call on the undersigned at 318 fore Street, corner Union Street. JyU<llf- ___BUFUS DUNHAM Dwtillhijf lioiitMt for salr. mA two story dwelling house on Congress St. nearly opposite the castellated Villa of 6. L. Carlton, E*o., and on the line ol the Horse uauroad. This hou.e contains fourteen tioiahed aud is well adapted to accommodate two f*milje», with seperate out buildings, stable, Ac., and a well of atcr in the yard. A large part of the purchase money can lay on mortgage if desired. Tins property will Le uttered at Auction on the first of August, it not sold before. ALLEN HAINES. Portland. July 21, 18f4. Provision Ston> for Sale. rp*l« Stock and Nature- of a Provision -Store. X favorably located in a thriving manufacturing town, on the line of K K., a tear miles from Port land This is a good obance tor a party with a non;; capital. Expenses small; rent only tre dollars a month Will be sold low for cash—change el busi ness cause of sale. Present quota ol the town to be tilled by enlistments. Call ou or address iminedi attly (). W BURN HAM. International House, Portland, Me. Aug. 33,186V—dtf Xuud on Free street for iwuIp. fllHR valuable real estate on Free street known X as the' Furbish property.” The lot is about 1« ttei on F ree street aud catends back about 174 test Saul estate will be sold as a whole, or the easterly bail of the dwelling bouse, with bit about 40 b» 175 feet, will be sold by itself. Application may be made to James F'urbisb Fmi on tne premises, or to GEO.E. B. JACKSON Julyldtf_M Exchange street. For Snip. ABQUARE block of laud, of about 73000 acres ! ol wood land, cn the south side of the river St. Lawrence, in Canada East It is interecedod by two considerable rivers with eligible Mill sits. Weil wooded with every description of timber, such as piue and spruce in large quantities, and maple, berch, beech, tamarac and bass wood tcany amount Enquired' H. T. MACH1N. Portland Portland, Feb. 1864. feb‘26codtf ( For Snip. A CLIFF COTTAGE, containing over 30 KEChar rooms.largv stable aud sheds—situated two i 0*** ™ and one-half milt. t>om Portland, and the ' I Nuost aituatlon in Cape Eliaabeth tor a wa- I I I ti ring place and summer boarders F'or particular, enquire of GEO. OWEN ap7 dtf 101 Commercial Street, Portland. * For Snip. ON'Fl half the three story brick Block, situalcd on Congress St., near the head of Park St., one ot | the most desirable !* cations in the city. For par-' Honiara one aire of Mr. 8. C. C hase or C. C.lolmae tt F'. A Howard's under Lancaster Hail. Aug 8—dim* For Sale. i 4 TWO story Home and Lot. situated on Port-J Cl land street, with Stable and otherout buildings, j also two adjoining lots containing about eiglit housaud square feet. Euquire of N. STEVENS. 1 Ho. 47 Portland street. Junebdtf 'I'o Lei. It Wo first class tenements at the corner of Salmi * . and Brackett Sts.: also one tenerneiit on Green it Inquire of JAIIK/ C WOODMAN, Jr he! estate Broker, SI Exehaage St., or NATHAN to VOOUMAN. 38 Oak St.'.dtt Ilouap For Snip. 4 TWO atory wooden house. No. 18 Adams street, I tl 11 finished rooms, oonrculent for tan familius; denty of good water. For particulars iuquire ol i B.J. WILLARD. Portland, May 14,1864. ^ mayl4eodtf i To Lei. POUR Offices single or in suites, over Stores Nos. I 163 and 164 FlxchaugeStreet, opposite the Inter- . Apply ou the p reunites to Jy* J“' A. L. BROWN. To Let. NTORE now ocoupiod by us. Possession given J immediately. Also, a F’ront Otbcein Hanson Block Dvn8dtf H. J. I.IBMEY ACO. j To Lot. MAE Store now occupied by E. E. Little, under L Mechanic Hall. Enquire of C. P. KIMBaLL, »ug26Preble Street. j To Let. )NK STORK in Galt’s Block. 1 Apply to U. T. MACU1N, ap22 tiff Hou«e to Rpnt. > WELLING HOUSE No 2 Colton Street • Enquire of E. E UPHAM ft SON. SeptS—dlw* I I MEDICAL. FOK THE NATION ! The World’s Great Remedy -FOR Dyspepsia and Indigestion ! AMD ALL 1> iscuseH I OF THB STOMACH AND BOWELS j Prepared, by the Proprietors of “Coe's Cough i Balsam” Dyspepsia is not only tbesure forerunner of death but the companion of a miserable life. It has well been called the Nation’s scourge; for more persons, , both old and young, male and leinale, sutler from its ravages, lhau from all other ailments combined, it robs the whole system o! its vigor and energy, gives weariness and total indisposition to those once j strong and active; renders the stomach powerless to digest the food, and has lor it* attendants, Headache, Heartburn, Constipation, Nausea 1 at Stomach, and General Debility of the whole byslem, refusing its subjects a particle of nourishment or ! hearty food, without paying the penalty in the most agonizing distress, and ofteutimes complete prostra tion. To m eti he terrible ravages of this worst of i all diseases, we have prepared "COE'S DYSPEPSIA CURE" and we pledge our ieputation upon our statement, when we say it will Positively Cure the Worst of You, not in a year—uot in a month—nor in a week—but you shall see its beneficial influence at occe imme diately, and the day you take it. To you who have lived tor years upon tiraham Bread and plain diet, who dare not eat anv thing the least-wise hearty— first, because the Doctor nas ordered the plainest food, and secondly for tear the distress it causes— rising and souring on your stomach, aesay sit down , to your dinner, eat as hearty a meal as you wish, and as soon as the food begins to distress you, fol j low it by a single teaspoonihl of COE’S DYSPEPSIA CURE 1 AMD IT WILL n .1* ▼ i . AWJ11CVC 1UU lUBbttliLttlieUUSiy. thus enabling you, by hearty eating, and the use of i the cur# attui each meal, (as often as the food dis tresses >ou, or • ours ou your stomach.) j ou will get iu a very few days so that you can do without the medicine, except occasionally, and by the time the tiret bottle is used up, we will guarantee you free from Dyspepsia, and able to eat, digest and enjoy * as hearty a break.ant as you ever sit down to in •, our healthiest hours, and we will forfeit to you the price of the bottle, upon your shewing that our statement is not correct. * The medicine is powerful but harmless, and whilat a stogie tcasi oouful will at once relieve the dysLcp , tic r-uflercr, the whole botJe would not materially injure him. as it i- entirely vegetable und contain* i no opiates All class#* 01 disease that havetheir ori* £n in a disordered stoinich and bowels, are dt«i»el d in the same instantaneous way, by the use of COE’S DYSPEPSIA CUBE! ' Fever and Ague, Sick-Hcailaehe, Sickness mt the Stomach, Constipation, Heartburn, Colic Pains in Stomach or Bawds, Dysentery, Vomit mg, a fading of Famines* and Loett tude, Want of Appetite, will not and eanaot eclat where the cure ia uaed — It removes the disease of lemoviug the cause, not like Alcoholic Bittora which ooycriip year bad feel ing* lor a few moment, by their onnflaratiug eifflot. Beware ofsucb remedies or beverage?, but in thair place u.e a remedy that will re,tore the duca-wd ■ unction, to their normal condition, and ,et la mo tion tho entire human mechanism ia perfect har mouy, sud upon principle* .ynonymoui with well deflued physokigioai law*. 1 hat.ueb will be the ef fect of COE’S DYSPEPSIA CURE, immediately and instantaneously, we pledge onr word aa men of houor—oar reputation as Tharmace utista—our farorable acquaintance witiAhc people as prop, leiors of the Wond renowned "tee's tough Balsam," if It is u.ed uooordtug to our direciious which may be found with each bottle. We add below some lestimonials from our neigh bors and townsmen, to which wo ask your caretul attention. TESTIMONIALS. Prom the Pastor of the Methodist It Church, Mad ison, Conn. I have used Coe's Dyspepsia Cur# in my family andcau willingly teeiny to iu value as a uieuimue Uaaav oipbanu. Pastor M. K. church Madison, Couu., June auth, 18M. A Voice from home through our City Papers. Now Haven, Couu , June 1*, tftH. Messrs, editors —Abacs lue, through your col umiia, lo acknowledge my gratitude lor tue bencht l hsV.S ,rom “*® of Coot Dysptpsim Cure. Although 1 was a great aulbrer Horn Dvspep.ia the brat dove gay# m.-taut relief, aud or e ounce ha, enabled ine lo eat anything I please, without uain I have uow stopped using the medicine, a. I no longer need it. 1’iuit. Lvuah. iloiUaon, Conn . J uni* So 15*>t b'rom the benefit derived by the use ef Coe's Dis pel'*1* Cure iu my family, I am prepared to .ay that , never intend lo be without it and advise all who aro afflicted with Dyspepsia to try it. DutLAnnsB Lawn. * Mr. Coe:—The bottle of Coe's Dyspepsia Cure y ou j Have me has backed up your statement eon-ertiing . it. I have only used hall a bottle, and can eat nine apple .hurt cake v.r anything cl e without trouble It acta like a charm. The relief it affords is instan taneous. Jars a. Lower. >ea listen, June 18, leiis. Those who know my constitution, what my condl will; me that a medutiu* that Hi'I reach my e**e win i roach almost any one. Coe’s Dyspepsia Cure has enablfi me to eat anything I please and it is very sildom 1 now haveto u,e ihe roediciue It relieved me iu au mutant when 1 wu j* ^reat aaiu Mv whole m> stem it being strengthened by its use 7 Sew Haven, June29,1864. A““ E< C*8U«TT Im or tunt to Traveler*. While journeying on the case, my stomach bo came badly deranged, causing sever.- pain in mv bead. Had it been on Ihe water it woaid bare been called sua-.ickucss A lady sitting bv me kuowing my condition, reached out a kott.e say lug' ‘•take a sweliow." 1 did so. and iu lets than rive minutes my trouble was ended. The medicine was •■Coe’s Dyspepsia Cure, and irow ihe effect it had upon the Stomach, and whar I have learu.d ot it since. 1 think it most be au excellent remedy tor 8ea-sickness and Dyspepsia. . HUS. SAMUEL HBLD. Madmen, June 30th, 1864. Kew (laven, June 26th. 1164. Messrs. 0. (. Clark A Co.—Gealtaun:—] desire to make know n the almo-t instantaneous effects ot “Coe’s Dyspepsia Cure," incases ot elmtera morbus 1 had been for twenty tour bcurs purging at the stomach and bowels, every fifteen minutes. 1 went into your drug store to procure some brnnjr. as 1 hail always been told that it was a good remedy lor Dysentery My pallid lace and my weakness at once attracted tug attention ot the clerk in charge, and be asked ms as ouee "wbatisthe matter*" 1 replied: "1 have been lortwentry four hours vomit ing and purging, and 1 am uuubie to stand cr walk ' from weakness, and this deadly sicknessat myiiom acb ociEpietciy prostiates me." He produced a bot- 1 tie of Coe s Dyspepsia Cure, saying, “take a large swallow of that, ft is new 11 uclook; taken another after dinner.” From tlie moment 1 took that fret dose of the medicine my- sink ness at stomach was gone—Its effect was instantaneous, f u an hour 1 eat my dinner whh as good a relish as ever hungry man partook (as 1 w as well r eared out of food.) and followed by a teaspoontul of cure. I have not suffered a particle ot inconvi uience siuoe I t ok the remedy. Its action was so w'uderiul and so immediate that 1 could hardly bellsve the evidences of my owii senses and 1 desire to publicly make known these i facts, that the whole world m»v ay fill themselves of Its use Like bread. It ihoulJ tied a place In p- ery ont’s house, and I believe that ne oue should go away from home without a bottle of it in his pocket or where it could b.-quickly amd available. ’ !j Truly yours, OKey. L. DRAKE. One of the 2 wenty-jfvg. j . New Haven. July Utb, 1864 Y ! Mb. Coa-h'ir — Having been troubled with the I Dyspepsia for some eight or twelve months, i have ■ takcu the usual kindsof medicines, which have dons mono good. I saw your alvertisement of a medi- ‘ clue to euro the Dyspepsia. 1 have tried it and touud it to be tub avdipiue Tlie first 16 drops (the 7th of June.) that I took, relievtd me in on« minute 1 have taken it three or four timas. but nave had no distressing leeliug iu my st macli since taking the first 15 drops; ahhough before, 1 could not eat a meal, and sometimes no more than three or four ' mouthiulls without distressing me. Ke pectiuily, J. f\ WOODRUFF. New Haven. June 11th. 1864 Mu. Cob— Dear Sir -The bottle of Dyspepsia f Medicine 1 received Irora you. gave instantaneous relief. 1 only read it when my food distressed me. 1 [t w as about like isking two doses to-day, one to- c narrow, then every other day, increasing the ouan- v htv ot lood and decreasing the ro- -Indue.until I was • maided to eai without taking anything at all. My e vase was an extreme one, having suffered tor seven rears. I now consider myself cured, and by using >uiy one bottle ol medicine in the space of two ‘ noiitlis. The dost w as a toaspoouftil. i JEllbu S. Aii b*. Sold by Druggists iu city and country, every- f • hero. 1 i - I’rtfi* *1.00 per Mottle. J Orders by mail, from either dealers or consumers, ” ir unaptly attended to. * C. CS. CLARK dr CO. Wholesale Druggiets, grew Haven, Conn., Proprietor*. Boldin Portland by W. F. Phillips, B. H Hay, nd all other dealers. ■srih3*o<ly64 ' MEDICAL. UK. J. 15. HdOHKH (JAB BB BOUND AT Hitt PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS No. ft Temple Street, WHERE he can be consulted privately, and with the utmost confidence by the afflicted, at all lours daily, from 8 A. M. to 9p. m. Hr. H. addresses those who are suffering under the (flliotion of private disease, wbother arising frum rnpuru connection or the terrible vice of self-abure. Devoting his entire time to that particular branch of Lho medical profession, he feels warranted in Guam 1KTKI1HO A CUBKIM ALL CA»I8, Whether OfUn standing or >ucently contracted, entirely removin the dregs of disease from the system, and making perfect and PERMANENT CORE. He would call the attention of the afflicted to i fact of hi* long standing ami well earned reputation, furnishingsuffluiont assurance of hie skill and ».ue cess. CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. Every intelligent and thinking person must know that remedies handed out from general u?e should have their efficacy established by will-tested expe rience in the hands of a regularly educated physi cian, whose preparatory study fits him lor all tht duties he must fulfill; yet the country is flooded witt woor nostrums and cure-alls, purporting to be ths best in the world, which are not only useless, but al ways injurious The unfortunate should be rAUTio ulau in selecting his physician, as it is a lamentable yet incontrevertablc flict that many syphilitic ap* tients are made miserable with ruined constitutions by maltreatment from inexperienced physicians In general practice; for it is a point generally conceded by the best syphilographcrs, that the study and man agement of these complaints should engross the whole time of those who would be competent and •uccessfel in their treatment and cure. The inex perienced general praotitioner, ho ing neither op portunity nor time to make himse. acquainted with their pathology, commonly purrue- one system of treatment, in meet oases making an indiscriminate use of that antiquated and dangerous weapon, Mer cury. HAVE CONFIDENCE. All who have committed an exceex of any kind, whether it be the solitary vice of youth, or the sting ing rebuke of misplaced in matorer years, SEEK FOR AN ANTIDOT • IN SEASON. The Pains and Aches, and Lassitude and Nervoat Prostration that may follow impure Coition, are the Barometer to the whole system. Do not wait for the consummation that is sure to fol low, do not wait for Unsightly Ulcers, for Dim bled Limbs, for Loss of Beauty and Complexion. HOW MANY THOUSANDS CAN TESTIFY TO THIS BY UNHAPPY EXPERIENCE. Young Men troubled with emissions in sleep, • complaint generally the result of a bad habit in youth, treated scientifically' and a perfect cure war ranted or no charge made. Hardly a day passes bnt we are consulted by one or more young men with the above disease, some of whom are as weak and emaciated as though they had the consumption, and by their friends supposed to have it. All such c tees y fold to the proper and only correct course of treatment, and in a abort time are made to rejoice in perfect health. MIDDLE AGED There are many men it me a.. . v, nuoar<. iroabled with too frequent evacuations from the bladder, often accompanied by a alight smarting ol burning sensation, and weakening the ayatem in « manner the patient cannot account for. On exam ining urinary dop- eita a ropy eedimont will oftou bt found, and aomelimea a in all particle! or umen 01 albumen will appear, or the color will be of a tbin mllkiih bae. again changing to a dark and turtle appearance. There are many mea who die of till, difficult, Ignorant or the cacae, which ia the SECOND STAGE OF SEMINAL WEAKNESS. 1 can warrant t perfect enre in such caaca, and • full and healthy restoration of the urinary oagtuia. Persons whooauoot personally consult the Dr., can do so by writing in a plain manner a description of their disease, anil the appropriate remedies will be forwarded immediately. All eorreapondenoe strictly oontdeatlal and will be returned if deeired. Address. DR. J. B. HUGHES, Ho. S Temple St., [corner of Middle; Portland Send Stamp for circular. Eclectic llledical Infirmary. TO THE LADIES. DK. HOGUES particaia/ly txrttaaailUatUaswb< Bead a medical adviser, to oail at his rooms, Mo 6 Temple Street, which they wUl find arranged for tbeli especial accommodation. Dr. If ’« Eclectic Renovating MedkiBesarccnrivai i lad la efficacy and superior virtue in regulating all FemaleIrragnlantias. Timlr fiction is specific axe certain of producing relief in a shot t time. aADlES will find It Invaleable in afieceos^fob •trnetioaa after all other rentediee have been tried I e rein. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing la the least Injurious to the health, and may be taker with perfbef sfifeiy nt all times. Sent to any part of sh» eoapiry with full direction) by addressing Let. HUGHES, Ho. I Temple Street, eoiaur of Middle, Portland. ■. B.—LADIES deoiling may oonsalt one Of theft ;wo sex A indy of experlcnoe In constant attend _ leal dfewly Female STRENGTHENING CORDIAL. This Medicine is of long tried efficacy for correct ing ail duoniera incidental to the feminine sex. That the afflicted may feel adored that this Cordial is truly valuable and worthy their confidence,' not one of those seer, t corapouuus purposed to destroy healthy action, 1 add a tew testimonials from phys icians w.oui all, favoring the Electric aud He termed Practice o> Htiioiue, respect. 1)K. WILLARD C. GfcoRuB, formerly Professor in the Worcester Medical College, and President of the Kieetrie Medical Society, Mass , speaks ol i( in the following terms: 1 have used the Female Strengthening Cordial similar to that preparation by DR. GKO. W SVVKTT. 106 U an or or Street, and I regard it a* one of the best Medicine* for Female Complaint* that ean be found.” DR. J. KING, Author of** Woman; Her Dis eases and their Treatment,” sajs: ‘‘This Medici us appears to exert a specific influ ence on the Uterus It is a valuable ageut in all de rangemvuts of the female Reproductive organs.” Dlt. SMI Til, Pr« sident of the New Turk Asso ciation of Rotantr Physicians, says; “ Bo Female, if ia delicate health,shoad omittho timely use of this valuable Cordial. I owe much ol my succees in midwifery to the use of this Medi cine." MOTHERS AND MARRIED LADIES; The following from Dr. FAT is worthy your no tice : “ Asa general remedy for Female Complaints this * Cordial is a very valuable one, but by the Profes sion it is esteemed more highly for its good result daring Confinement in relieving the great lufiering attendant upon childbirth. 1 acknowledge with Dr. Smith that much of my success ip midwilery is doe to the use of this medicine. It strengthens both mother and child. In each eases I follow the di rections of Piif. King, by allowing my patient* to uso it a few weeks pa'fcvious to cubfla* utui, a* by the enerry it impart* to ti*^ menu* nervous system the labor will be very much facilitated, and remove* --r- wiumen MW IIMliD IU. £1W womax.ifsbe knew the groat value of ibis Strength eulng Cordial would tail to us« it." I have received susuroui teetiinoniala from diff erent parts of the country where used. Knowing tbe good It is capable of doing, 1 w 11 warrant every bottla of my •'Cordial' to be aatiafactory mite rt tnlta. The following .ympfomi indicate those affection, in which the Ftmalt if rrnol Arwsku Core Ml has proved invaluable: indisposition to Exertion, Wakefulness, L'ueaai ness, Depression of Spirits, trembling. Loss of rower, 1'ain in tbe Back, Alternate Chills, and Flushing ef Heart, Dragging Sensation at tbe I-ower rart of the Body, Headache, Languor. Ach tng Along tbs thighs, Iutolervuce of Light and Sound, rale Cusute.isnn*. Derangement oi he Stomach and Bowela, Difficult Breething, Hysteria, It is a speeida remedy in ali Uterine Diseases, Chlorosis ot Croon otchueae, Irregularity, l'aiufhi uoes, i‘rofu»e er Suppression of Customary Die ehurgea. I.eaeorrhra or Whites, Scirrhus er Ulcer ate State ol tbe Uterus, Sterility. As fie better Ionic can possibly be pa. up than Ibis and none less likely te do harm, aud it ta oompeeM wholly ef vegetable agente, and tueh as we have known to be valuable, and have used for many years. rulCE, One Dollar Fer Bottle, or six bottles for M. Should your druggist nut have U. send directly to ns, and whan six bottles or more are ordered we will pey all expense#, and have it securely packed Irum observation. Be sure and gat that prepared at tbe New Knglaud Botanic Depot, los Hanover St. Boston. «EO W SNVETI', II. D„Proprietor. H. H. HAV, Agen(, Portland. mcbSfodtm STATEMENT OP TME idtna Immranee Company, Or HARTFORD, CONN., ->n the 1st day cf November, A. D. 1363, a* required by the Laws of the State of Maine. rhe Capital 8toea t>.. ...81.500.060 and with thr turpi ui it iuvttied at follow!: Seal estate, unincumbered, 837,963 IS 'aeh in band, oa deposit. and in agents’ hand*, 318.960 56 jnited State* fcionjfcj, 612,347 60 ' Hate and City Stocks, and 1 own Bonds. 669.460 00 )ank and Trust Company Stock*, 1,047,270 u0 iortgnge Bond?, 331,960 00 Ltlantio Mutual In* Co’* scrip, 1663-8, 16,856 60 Total Asscw, 83,086,879 74 Lmouat of Liabilitie? for Losses not due or adjusted, 8175.411 »1 i mount at risk, estimated, 116,616.479 Cf TUOS.A. ALFxXANDfcil, President. Lucius J. Haudkr, Secretary. Hartford, Nov. 7, 1863. J, (!. CHURCHILL, Agent, lo. » Iron Block, Portland Pier. dec 6 dtf Copartnership Notice. [IIIE undersigned have this day formed a Copart nership under the name and »yle of Fling A hittemore. aud have tak< n the store formerly oc &P**d by Ilenry Fling, No. 91. Commercial street, [ here they intend doing a Comraioriou and Whole ile busiue-*. in Tea*, Tobacco, W 1 Goods, Gro Mies and Provision*. HKNKV FLING. STKI'llKN WH1TTEMORE. Portland July 8.1664 dtf Nolice. HUE underaJgued being, a portion of the person* 1 L named In .Section 1st of an act entitled * An act 1 * incorporate the New England Screw Steamship i orarany.” hereby give pnblic notice that tbe flint a oettug of paid corporation ffcr the purpose id or- a ui/ation. will be held at the Fortlsnd and New 1 ork Steamship Office, on Brown’s Wharf, Ihnrs- ‘ ij, September 15th, 1964. at 2 1-2 o'clock. P. M | St. John smith. t .Iohn B. Brown, t Mask P. Fussy, Phillip H. Brows. Ursrt Fox. Portland, Sept. 1, 1864. did MEDICAL «ood News tor the (JnfortuBttle. Tax lu»u xuoaxt vox DISCOVERED AT LAST. Cherokee Remedy -AMD CHEROKEE INJECTION. OOMPOUMDKD FROM ROOTS, BARKS AMD LIAVV | CURROKRR RRMEDY, the greet ndiAU LHu etio, cure* ell diseases of the Urinary i. gens, such as Incontinence of the Urine, Infiamation of the iKidneys. Stone in tbe bladder. Stricture, Gravel, Gleet, Gonorrhea, end is especially recommended in j those cases of Fluor Albus, tor Whites in Females) where all the old nauseous medicines have fulled. It is prepared in a highly concentrated form, the dose only being from one to two teaspoonfols three times per day. It is diuretic and alterative in its action; purify in* and cleansing the blood, causing it to flow in all Its original purity and vigor; thus removing from the system all pernicious oauseu which have induced dis ease. CURROKRR IFJMCTIOX H Intended as an ally or assistant to the CURROKRR RRMEDY, an should be used in ooujuuction with that medicine in all casesof Gonorrhea, Gleet, Fluor Albus or White* • Its effects are healing, soothing and demulcent; re moving all scalding, heat, choadee and pain, instead of the burning and almost unendurable pain that is > experienced with nearly all the cheap quack tnjee I tions. by the use of the CURROKRR RRMEDY and ; CUE ROKEK IXJRCTIOX—the two medicines at I the same time—all improper discharges are removes and the weakened organs are speedily restored to full vigor and strength. For full particulars get our pamphlet from any drug store in tbe country, or write us and we wiL mail free to any address, a full treatise. Price, CURROKRR RRMRD T, 93 per bottle. o> three bottles for 96. Price. CURROKRR IXJRCTIOX, 93 per bo * or three bottles for 96. fl«ut by Kx press to any address oa receipt ol tb* price. Sold by ail druggists, everywhere. DR. W. R. MKRWIN k Co., so lb raopgijsTous, Ho. t» Liberty *t., New York. Cherokee Cure! THIS MftUT I jXDIAX ME D/C I XE, OONFOUNDED FROM ROOTS. BARKS AID L|AVM Ab unfailing cure tor Spermatorrhea, Semina Weakness, Nocturnal Emission*, and ail disease* caused by self potation; such as Loss of Memory, Universal Lassitude. Pains is the Back, Dimness ol Vision, Premature aid Ag*. Weak Nnrves, Difficulty of Breathing, Trembling, Wakefulness, Kruptionr on the Face. Pale Countenance, Insanity,Consump tion, and all the direful complaints caused by de parting from the path of nature. This rood k ino is a simple rogetable extract, and one on which all can rely, fs it has t>e< u used In our practice for many years, and. with thousands treated, it has sot failed in a single instance. Its curativs power* h*y* bpen sufficient to gain victory over the most stubborn case. To those who have trifled with their constitution until they think themselves beyond the reach ol inedical aid, we would say. Despair not' the CHER OKME CURE 7ill restore yon to health and vigor and after all quack doo&or* ur* foiled For tall particulars get a circular from any Drug store iu the country, or write the Proprietors, wkc rill mail free to any one deelring the same a /hit treatise in pa«Mpiii.,t Price. As per bottle, or t**r#w DOitl** for «£, and forwarded by express to all parts of the world. Bold by all respectable druggists everywhere. DB. W. R. M ERWIN fo Co.. sols frofxistdb*. febfl eodfcwly No FA Liberty 8t.. New York. C AT Atttt H ! -ASP NOISES IN THE HEAD! ! CL'KKIi BA’ INHALING .A. Harmless Fluid, Or AGREEABLE ODOR. NO VIOLENT SYRINGING Ol (he Head. THE SENSE or TASTE AND SMELL HESTOKKll DK. U. UOODALE’S CATARRH REMEDY. Dr. t.oodaie ha, combatted Catarrh null] h. ha, fought it dowa. it ha, been a long war, bat hia tri umph ia complete. Through mil coming time hia Cn , tarrb itemedy wiil be known aa tba only ona anti dot* ft r a diaeaae which inperiicialiata hare declar ed incurable. Catairh doctor,, iu called, ipribg np like muibroona. on all aide*. lha object of the,# pneket practitioner* U money. They n*e dangerous iaairnmenti. Their violent manipulation* irritate the already inflamed mem bran*. 1 hey never euro. Dr. Uoodale'i treatment ia medicinal, not mechani cal. lie doe* not believe in the force-pump *y*tem. which !• working to much mischief. Hi, remedy pwsee* throngh the absorbent*, to the seat of tba die ease, and obliterate* it. It doae not relieve merely for a day, but for ail time. Lastly, it coal* a dollar a bottle—no more. ru r> j.. »- «r After having witnessed the effect* of this Homedt in Catarrh, thus speaks of it;— It i* truly and un conditionally a Herculean Specific tor the whole dii ea»e. Such an article ought uot to be "hid under a bushel,•' and any uiau who can invent to truly an efficient and positive a remedy for such a loath.-ume disease, ought to be considered oue of the benefac tors of his race, and his name and the efleets ol his skill perpetuated. Yours r**peeti\i!lvt D. L DODGE, A. M. Pli*9 Mtlt«, the well-known Traveller, And whose family physician Dr Goodale was lor 7©*r*» sava—“If Dr. Goodale says he can cure Catarih. he ran cure it," Ac. Price SI bend a stamp for m pamphlet. Dr. K UOOOALE’b Office and Depot , 76, Bieeker •♦reet, one door wrest ol Broadway, New Yojk. H. U. Hay Agent for Portland. June 2d. 1863. Juoe3dly ScEonos GcunnAL'eorrica, \ WWashingt. ul'ity, Juue24.1964. I ANTED—Surge* ns and Assistant .surgeon* far the Ocdortd Troops—teudidate* must be Graduates of some Kegular Medical College, and must be examined by a Board of Medical Officer* to be eonreued by the burgeou General. The Board Will determine whether the candidate will be ap pointed Surgeon or Ai*ist«ut Surgeon, according to merit Applications accompanied by one or more test monials from respectable persons, as to moral character. Ac., should oe addressed to the burgeon Geucral, U. S. A . Washington. D.C , or to the As sistant burgeon General. L. S. A., Louisville. Ky ■ Boards are now ia session at Boston, New York Washington, Cincinnati, At. Louis, and New Or leans. Alao wanted. Hospital Stewards for Colored Keg iments. Candidates must posse** a fair F.uglish Ed ucation.and be familiar with the compounding and dispensing of Medicines. Application* must be made as in the esse of Burgeous and Assistant burgeons. Compensation from $23 00 to #33 00 per mouth, with ciothing, rations, fuel srd quarters. JOb. k. baknks. July 1-Saw3m Acting burgeon Genoral. GRANT'S COFFER A SPICE KILLS. ORIGINAL ESTABLISHMENT. J. GR A 1ST T , W holeaale Dealer in all kind, of COFFEE, SPICES, »uln'ruiii> A Crruui Timur, .Ve*e Voftt anA Syu't MiUi, IB a.J 14 l’»um strut. Tortious*, Mt. Coff.c and Spice, put np ‘or the trade, witb any i Mdreea, ia ail variety of package*, aud warranted w rvprvacbted. Coflee roart«d aud ^rooud for tbe trade at snort iQtice. kff-Ali good, eutruated,; the owner’, risk. __ tuarcblodlf THC BOSTON PIKE BKI1K lud day Ketort Uauiiiacturiui Co., Work* 3si ederal .treat, Office andWaroheuae 13 Liberty Iquareauj 7 Satterymarch St. manufhotare Fire ri°k. Bil abapes and alien,for ftirnacce required to tana the moat lutauae heat alao Furnace Rioct. ad Slabe, Locomotive Fire Block*, Baker*’ oJea ad Ureeu houae TUea, Clay Krtorte and nece wary Uea te ,*t them, Fire Cement, Fireclay and Kaolin' J.h* *,v® ,h#lr *P®«W attention tat a* order* tor Ue akore uiaoulkutary are eaeea >4 with promptness. JAMES E MONO 4CO. ■ihll'wdta*”*’ 11 tib*rtT *M«M,Boot on. medical. MORE TESTIMONIAL! MBS. MANCHESTER u constantly receiving uaaoltottod toetimenials 01 the astouitkinf cure* performed by her. Among amity reoently received in the following, which nr# commended to the notieo of the afflicted. Mrs M»U theater may be oonaaited at No. 11 Clapp’s Block, Room No.6. A CASM OP 8 FIX A L DISEASE COkAo Thit la to certify that I went to see Mr.. Manebea terlaat Much with a daughter of mice troubled with aplnal dlaeaeu, for which abe bad beam doctored foi dee year*, and by a number oi phyaieiana of klnda: and ahe haa had twenty-one application* electricity applied, but all to no effect; but ahe eoa tinually grew worse. 1 came to the conclusion, the last reeort, to go and sou Mrs. Manchester, and did mi sad ta my great aerprlee ahe told me the lnt a... ni iu dlMtoe, and howahehad been fromtlmo to time, edict: encouraged me to toy her medfelnea. 1 did so, and now my daughter la able to be arcuad the house all ol the time. f he also rldee ten or ft toon miles without any trouble or InoooTenienoe.ead 1 think la a short time ah# will be restored to perfoot health. Since my daughter bee been doctoring, 1 hare heard of a great many cases that Mrs. Maneht a Ur ha. cared I think if any person deserrue pat ronage, It Is the one who tries to preserve the health of the slot and suffering , and lkauw that stu ere. every eCert which lies ta her newer to beaeft bar pattanta. fa can L. hnioBve, Queues Kbiobtu, Abbt S. fLnionn, e»wa Kyiouvf. hMietci, Moiae, Aapast Mf, OSE or THE GREATEST CORES on RECOR M«a, Mavc'BBBTBB—Door Madam:—Thinking stotoatent of my sose may be of sorvioe to cthare similarly afflicted, I hasten to give it to you. This la brief y my euso- 1 wee takes alok about II months ago with the Liver Complaint la a vary bad form. I applied to four different phyaieiana. bat re oaived no beneflt until I called aa you. At that time I had given ap baataem, and was In a very bad stain, bat after taking your medieiae for » short time 1 be gan to recover, and la two months I was entirely well, and had gained several pounds of lash, tad sea truly say that by year skill I am a perfectly keal by man. Joanna Dana. Button t Maiae Depot, FonUmS, Mg. i MBiiritr ■ .. ar cured b r maa. mascdrster. This is to oertlfy that I have been eared of tba Dropsy of tilaea yaeru standing by Mrt Mmseker tar. I bare been to physician, in U oaten. Hew fork and Philadelphia. They all told me that they eoald do nothing tor me, enie». they tapped me, and aa anred ma that by tapping I eonld Ure hat • abort tlaM. I bad made ap my mind to go home aad lire ae long te I eoald with tho disease. »nd then die. Cm my way home I stayed over night in Portland with a mood 01 mine, and told them what my miad was a rtgard to my disease. They taally pomaded ma to go and see Hie. Manchester. She examined me and told qte my oaae esMiy. Iwaeaomuoti eetoai^eo to think that efio told mo •orreoUy, that 1 told her taat 1 would take her medi otnea. not haring the least (huh that they would me any good, or that I should get the slightest relief from any oouree whaterw; iaaily 1 moo the medl e*ne and want home, in one week from the time I eommenoed taking the medicine. 1 had over three gallons of water past we la seven boars; apd my fal low sakhrore may he steered tnat it was e great rebut to me. I had not been able te Ue down la bed at night before this tor two years Kowleaaliedar with perfeet ease. 1 hare takes bar medioiar ♦igkt wostlis, aed MS k» WpU «• apy sue aoetd . to be, and no atgas of dropsy. 1 would adrk. t that are tlok to go and consult Mrt kfoaeko eron if they hare been given ap by other p» eWpn«. I hare sent her a Belabor of oases cf c;Ut iHse.i, ona aue nxs «ux«u uaem also, tie *«s tor yourselves. 1 had aofkitk, but now my tofu eaaaotheshaked In her skill In telling and earing disease. Cixuns 8. Hxntcow, Hanna K. Oaaaow, fitr A. Uxniron, *•»#»*. kf«|ese, | ^-H^^tJA^.UlUP. «. Lyons Periodical Drops TU GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyon's Periodical Drops! AM MMTTSB THAI RU Fill*, Powders & Quack Prepamu»us. Lyon's Periodical Drops! \ Sara to do Goodond cannot do Mam; LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! The Great Female Kenedy LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! AUM lITTia TEAM ALL PtLL&POWDKRS t QUACK PRMPARATIOJ/M LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ARE SURE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM. Ly ou’s Periodical Drops THE GREAT FEMALE REMEDT. Is yon’s Periodical Drops ARE BETTER THAN ALL PILLS, POWDBRS AXD QUACK MED!C1 MRS. rrriMiral Uropi Harm to do Oood and cannot do Harm. LION’S PERIODICAL DROPS Tfc« Great Female Remedy. LION’S PERIODICAL DROPS AU imu TEA* ALL PiUti Powders end Quack Proparatioot. LION’S PERIODICAL DROPS staa ro oogood axdcittor ou harm Lyon’s Periodical Drops TH* OBKtT PKMALK BIMIDT Lyon’s Periodical Drops Are bettor than all Pill*. Powder*, And Qnack Preparation*. Lyon’s Periodical Drops, Suro to do Good and eannot do Harm. Price, SI per Bottle. Fur nl« by all Drufyuw At wholaaal. by W F Phillip., U. H. Hay a Co.. Portland. *nsr22 eodlr American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY! OF BIW TOKK. Oapiial *300.000, ’ "a-IJ * Ho«M. ■•w rafiliar*. Reals, Leases, Mia on the Slock., a ad aibar Par •anal Property ■■ ia« L«w r r la., ItHlitL BROWN. WILLIAM RAY NOR. Saoretar. aBAW A*nt’ eiraii. MAINE INSUEANoT ca Augusta, .Maine. rUK Main. Inaaranoo Company luaro aralnat lorn or by Mr*. Build inn u.. and Parana re. «bna.u ftTionKi Sa h“' * «x:.ySSjfc*.*,ssr,y *—» J. B. WILLIAMS,8iretiy7L,,B, ED^WABD SHAW a a * Agent, Is. 108 Middle Stmt. ooMeedlF

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