Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 10, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 10, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. 1§ r- ■ ___ 1 * \ * VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, SATURDAY MORNING. SEPTEMBER U>, 1864. ” WHOLE NO 07U * iiAnmv a tat tv w a tt Mnnnri 1 n..nul --- ■ - - - ^ :—— — :—_—- - A ■' '' ~ •. - — -■■■ ■ ■ _ 0 (UUilMliUI DAUI1 rAJUDBi J OHM T. CJIIiMA.M, hi tutor, published at No. SS* Kiel! AN UK BIKKUT.b] N . A. POSTER A CO. 1 ua 1’outlamu Daily ruttli published at *#.(X ptr year. i HI UAleabYATa Pussls pobhsbedevery 1'nars day morning,at 32 00 per annum, in advance; It) aid within tin moutha; and #3.00, if payment b< delayed beyond the year. Kates of Advertising: One inch of space in length of column, ooasutniei • "SqOAKl." $1.60 per square daily first week; 76 oents per week after, tinee insertions cr less, #1.00, continuing eve< ty other day after first week, 60 cents. . Halt square, three insertions or loss, 76 cents; one week, *1.00; V' cent# per week after. Under beau of Auusaa lml, #2.00 pel square pet Week ; three insertions or less, #1,60. braoisL Noth: as, #1.76 per square first week #1.00 ]>er square after; three Insertions or less, >1 3f.; ball a squsre, three insertions, #1.00; one week #1.36. Advertisements Inserted la the Xsm Btati Panes rwhich lias a large circulation in every part ol tho State) tor 60 cents per square in addition to the nbove rates, ftir each insertion. Usual Nortons at asnnl rates. Transient advertisement mast be paid form ad nance ■oaiwnse Morions, In reading oolnmns, 13 oents per Use for one insertion. No ehsrgi loss than fifty sent# for each insertion. BF~Alloi.niiiuinlcat>OB« Intended tor the paper should he directed to the "Kduur of the Press, ' and those of a beslnesv oharacterto the Publishers. Mr .'on t*«i»TiMo el every description executsd witbdtopttoh. P. Tr#cr. Traveling Agent. Saturday Morning, Sept 10, 1864. CHOICE READING FOR THE POLITI CALLY INFIRM. The Philosophy oi the Rebellion. “The establishment of this Confederacy is veri ly a distinct reaction against the whole course of the mistaken civilization of the ate. For ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,' we have detib eretaly substituted Slavery, Subordination and (Internment. Those social and political prob lems which rack and torture modern society we have undertaken to solve tor ourselves, in our own way, and upon our own principles. That ‘amung equals equality it right;' among those who ore not naturally equal, equality is chaos; that there are slay* resets born to verve, master TQirsuui n iu wiser n. ouun srvmejuwiamrniai principles which we inherit froip the ancient world; which we lined UP ia the faoe of a t er ven* generation that has forgotten the wisdom of its fathers; by those principles we live, and in their defence we hare shown ourselves ready lo die.”—[Richmond Enquirer, June 12, lbtkt. “ The contest is not between the cVorfA and the South as geographical sections, forbetureen such tedious merely, there can be no contest; nor be tween the people of the .Yurth and the people qf the South, for our relations have been pleasant, and on neutral grounds there is still nothing to eet range us.'' * • • “But the real contest lies between the two forms of society which have become established, the one at the North aud the other at the South.” “Such are the two forms of society which had come to contest within the structure of the re oeut Union, aud the contest for existence was in evitable. Neither could concur in the requisi tions of the otlicr.” • » * “Like an eagle and a fish joined together by an indissoluble bond, * * where the eagle Could not share the fluid suited to the fish aud live, where the fish could not share the fluid auited to the bird and live, and where on* must perish that tlie oth er may survive, unleasthe uunatural union shall lie severed—so these societies would not if they eouhl, eourur.”—[Hon. L. W. Spratt,qf South Caiedtna, in the Confederate Congress. Yf ill the Rebels Consent to Terms of Peace f “There are some things worse than hanging or extermination. We reckon giving up the right of self-government oue of those things.” “ By self-government you mean disunion— aourticro independence?” “Vea.” "An.i slavery, you say, is no longer an ele ment in tile contest.” “No, it is not, it never was an essential ele ment. It was only the moans of bringing other conflicting elements to an earlier culmination.— It fired the musket which was already capped and loaded. There are essential differences be tween the North aud the South, that will, how ever tliis war may end, make them two na tiuw,' ’ “Well, sir, if I understand you, thedispute between your government aud ours is narrowed down to this: Union or disunion.” “ Ves, or to put it in other words: Independ ence or subjugation.”—[Conversation between Jeff. Davis and Col. Jaques, July 11, 18B4. “The North w ould not let us govern ourselves; aud so the war came, and now it must go on till the l ist man of this generation falls in his tracks, and his children sene ins musket aud fight his battles, unless you acknowledge our right to self-government. «c arc not ngung tor sla very. We are fighting for independence—and that or extermination we will nave.”—[Jiff. J)aru to Col. Jitqtiet, tame Conner tat ion. " We will govern ourselves. We will do it if we have to nee every southern plantation sacked and every southern city in flames.”—Ibid. “Say to Mr. Lincoln from me that t shall at any time be pleased to receive proposals for janoe on the basis of our independence. It will be useless to approaoh me on any other.” -[Ibul. “Mr. Davis can make peace on no other basis than indejiendenoe. Recognition must be the beginning, middle and ending of all negotiations. Our people will accept peace on no other terms.” —[Judge Quid, Hebei Committioner q/' Ex change. “Some of our old men, who are weaa in the knees, may want peace on any terms; but the southern people will not have it without inde pendence. Mr, Davis knows them, and you will hud he will insist upon that. Conoedethat, and we’ll not quarrel about minor matters.”— Ibid. __ Peace Scouted “It [peace] has become a hateful word, and should be left exclusively to the use of Buffalo orators ill a neighboring Suite, if auy of that sort still drivel and snivel! Let us get rid of the Whole vile cant, and say at once we are for war, auduotliiug but war, until, as Davis is said to have said, “the last of this generation falls in his tracks,” and then we mean to pass it to the in xt an an inheritance. It is for those who have unjustly invaded our country to otter us peace; and wbeu they do, they will still offer it in vain until their armed men are withdrawn from the soil of these Confederate States, and the felon flag of strijies is hauled down from every fort wit hin our borders. After that it will be time enuuj’b to prate about peace. Now the very Wurd is nonsense.—[Richmond Examiner. Rebel Terms of Peace. “Save on onr own terms we can accept no peace whatever, and must fight till doomsday rather than yield an iota of them, and our terms are: Recognition by theeuemy of the independence o the Confederate States. Withdrawal of the Yankee forces from every t >ot of Confederate ground, including Kentucky tud Missouri. W ithdrawalof the Yankee soldiers from Mary land until that State shall decide by a free vote whether she shall remain in the old Union or ask admission into the Confederacy. • s it _ l' I_1 ivui'fui uu lire pit *,,v • v»w— “ --— meat to give up to the Confederacy its propor tion of tile navy as it stood at the time of seces sion, or to pay for the same. Yielding up of all pretension on the part ol the Federal Government to that portion of the old Territories which lies west of the Confeder ate States. An equitable settlement «n the basis of our absolute indejtendencc and equal rights, of all accounts of the public debt and public lands, and the advantages accruing from foreign treat, es. These provisions, we appreiieud, comprise the minimum of what we must require before we lay down our arms. That is to say, tbe*\orlk must yield all,—we nothing. The whole pre tension of that country to prevent by force the separation of the States must be abandoned which will be equivalent to an avowal that oai enemies were wrong from the first, and, o course, as they waged a causeless and wiekev war upon us, they ought in strict justiee to Is required, according to usage in such cases, tore imburse to us the whole of our expenses am In-se* iu the course of that w ar. * * * One more we say it is all or nothing. ThisQoWfcdet any or the Y ankee nation, one or other, got down, down to perdition. That U to say, one c the tither must forfeit its national existence an lie at the mercy of its mortal enemy.”—[Rid r/iortd Enquirer, Oct. 16,1863. Food for Reflection, tor “Pence” Demi crats. “The North may cease to carry on active ho tilities long before it will consent to recogm our independence, and enter into formal terc of peace with us. • * * They are in ternt dread of an invasion by us of the North, ai mere busy in trying to devise ways and inea to repel such apprehended invasion than is I - x—' ouwuc iiir ouuui. * A war of invasion of the North, will suspei Wk/ifn*’ theird“|y !*“>' »s soldier*, in sw backs, will amount to nothing. * + * t es win crv *1*? t0 defend it8elf* but ^ - alo«d fox peace ! For no matter wl i 1’,!’° matte1’ what the terms of peace vthirh ihl . gl,# employment—witho men. i.h> y .cannot >"e. The Federal Oover with t 8^d las no means left wher ! J5? U,,.feed «B<1 clothe its soldiers and their fat ,v ‘snot, on the whole, at all improbah I .? "!*!' Fall invade the North, and t per soil dictate the terms of peace. At all eveut s worth trying. Tlte North is just about 1 oeoome bankrupt in mew and in means, and no rattle time to push her to the wall, A just re rtbutton demands that we retaliate on her tl cruelties she has inflicted on us.”—[RirAmon Sentinel, Aug. b. “Peace a Hateful Word.” “It [Peace] has become a hateful word, an should be left exclusively to the use of Dnffal 1 orators in a neighboring State, if any of tin sort still drivel aud snivel. Let us get rid of th I whole vile cant, ami say at once we are for wai . ami nothing but war, until, as Davis is said t have said, • Die last of this generation fails in hi tracks,’ and then that we mean to pass it to th f next ns an inheritance. It is for those who hav ; unjustly and wantonly invaded onr country « offer us peace; and when they da, they will slit ■ offer it in ruin until their armed men are with drawn from the sod of those Confederate States and theJelon flag qf ttripes ithurled dawn fr»n every fort within our borders. After that it wil be time enough to prate about peace Act* th ' pei y word it nonsense.—[Richmond Examiner > Aug. 13th. A Racy Letter—A Maine Editor Defendi Jefi'. Davis. The Editor of the Rochester (N. Y.) Demo crat went to the Chicago Convention, and U the following letter to his paper gives accouui i of hi* adventures in the cars on the waj ! thitherward: Nine out of ten were Copperheads bound for Chicago; several were delegates. “We in i New Jersey are determined not to lift a flnget to help Old Aim prosecute the war any more,’ said a tierce-looking, sandy-haired man, as the cars stopped at a station. “The war has failed entirely; the South has had the best of it all along; we never can subject a bravo people cl eight millious ; and it is only an Abolition war anyhow.” “That’s so!” responded a gray-haired copperhead of 0.1—1“1 tell you you’re just right, and the whole country is muiing vo uni conclusion last. tieneral i,et s army never was so strong as ’tis this miuit, aud Atlanty can’t be took no inore’n Gibber aJter. We’ve had enough of our sous and brothers dragged off to be butchered by Lin coln an’ Grant, and they aiut agolu to have another man lr»m Long Island, where I live. We are going to defend ourselves—and—we’re ready to do .something more—perhaps—i necessary.” “1 can’t quite agree with witii you, gentle men, interposed a middle-aged substantial looking man, whom 1 aitt-rwards learned was a delegate from the eastern part of this State. “The Democrats of N'ew York are not quite ready to resist the draft or to see it resisted.” he continued, “because ft is law, and law must be obeyed. They hate the war and would like to see It stop on our side, if Davis would agree to hold still also, but we are not ready to propose a truce while he is lighting us, much less to surrender to him. VVe do not think the war has been pushed with much vigor, bat It the Couveotion propose an ar mistice, in the face of Davis’ demaud for in dependence, we are a beaten party in Novem ber—] don’t believe we can carry four States on that issue.” *1 think,” said a young fellow across the car, “that the Democrats of Maine occupy the same position, but it seems to me wrong and inconsistent. If thev want the war to go on, why don’t they support Old Abe, and enlist under his generals f I want the war to stop immediately—not becaure It has failed, nor be cause it is for abolition but because I believe Jefferson Davis U fundamentally right, aud our government luudameutally wrong. A State is utterly sovereign, sir, aud has a right to se cede at will—this is the only consistent ground for Democrats to stand ou, and the ouly plat form they can adopt at Chicago that will stand the ghost of a chance of success. For if a State is noi sovereign, and has no right to se cede, then they ore outlaws, and Jeg. Davis a felon to be captured aud hanged, as the Liu coiuites claim. 1 am a state Lights Demo crat, aud my printing office, the Bangor Daily Democrat, was destroyed by a mob in ltttiij, because I said Davis was right, and l hoped he would succeed. I think my sacrifices en title me to express my opiuion.”. The cars started again, but the martyr from Bangor had taken a firm hold ou the attentions of his audience and set them thinking. “If,” he kept saying to them,“you are not ready to say that Davis is clearly right, you ought to joiu Liucoin iu subduing him. I can see no middle ground," His polite, but decided manner his close analysis of the half-and-hal! humbug, and bis incisive way of saying just what he rncaut, made him completely muter of the situation. The Delegate from near Al bany caved in, and general conversation on potties was not resumed. Wheu the colored Dictator from Congo came along to prepare and apportion our winning uormiiory, i louuu luvselt assigned to a double birth with the old gentleman iroio Long Island. “Goin’ to Chicago ?” he inquir ed, as we crept in. “Yes,” 1 replied, “could n’t keep away from Chicago in such stirring times. Everybody is curious to know how we can stop the war aud save the old Union.” I (rained the answer deliberately, to imply un political sympathy with him, for I was sleepy, aud wished to avoid any discussion with my garrulous bedfellow. “Yes, that’s It,” he re sponded eagerly, “that's it! .Stop the war 1 War Is disunion—nothin’else. You’re right. You from Buffalo?” “Rochester,” I said, aud turned my back to him. “I tell ye,” he per sisted, “you New York Western Democrats must wake up. Yer half asleep. We hear yer a goin' to let ’em draft ye. I tell ye, we oil Long Island air agoin’ to tight Ole Abe il anybody.! We’re goin’ to resist the draft ! next week Isolld The Bangor man Is right, aud we are goin’ to act ou the principle that Jeff. Davis is a better President lhau Linkin an' tigbtin’ for his rights. That’s it! that’n it!”he shouted in my ear. “I want the war stopped,” said I, hoping | that it would stop him. “It must be stopped,” he repeated, “right | off. There’s been enough butchering, anil I you Western New Yorkers must git yer eyei open. I tell you we’re preparin' ” he whis ered hoarsely, as he raised on his elbow, “you know what ther’e doin’ in Injlany an’ oul , west—armin'! The're gittlu’ ammunition and guns, for they know they will hev to us< ’em by and by ef they would'nt hev tbeii lives crushed out by the bloody heel of des potiMn. Au’ 1 tell you between you au’ me we’re ariuiu too, and they are begiunin’ u I prepare in New Jersey. An agent of tbi ' the Sons has come to organize us for resis lance. We hev got to light to inaugurate our man if we elect him. Don’t you know Lincoln is goin’ to hev soldiers at Chicago t< i this convention, and we’ve got to light If wi would be free! I tell ye it’s so. We’re arm in' aud they ought to aim everywhere. Yoi Western New Yorkers must wake up! 1 thought 1 kuew of one Western New York er who would like to go to sleep, so I tried an nlliar tai'L “Look here!” said I, turning towards th old fellow, “Do you kuow that you are talk iug treason?—the crime they hang men for? "What?” he exclaimed in astonishment, “treason? what? Democrat? you?” "1 an a Union man,” I replied, “and consider a men traitors who conspire against the govern ; ment of the country. I believe the Rebeliio is a crime against God and man, the rebel criminals who ought to be put to the swore and Mr, Liucolu is precisely the mau to ii I it." He sprang to the door and danced roun j like a spider on a hot shovel. “You said yo i wanted the war stopped!” he exclaimed. ‘ '■ do,” I replied, “1 wish Jeff. Davis would stt carrying it on.” “You must get out of this said he, “1 won’t sleep with an abolitionist —the now disturbed passengers laughed, him. “You eau go elsewhere,” I said. L seized his boots, has and satchel,bent half do l i ble and hissed at me the only English woi > tliat would at all express his feelings—"meet - est!” ‘ Meeeeuest!” he repeated fiercely, s i he went away—and “meeeeeeeenest! !’’ wi 'j the iteration that saluted me as he alamrni _ the door after him to get the colored Dictate ' to pack kitn away in some uncontamiuat berth in another car. I awoke in Detroit. A Happy Device. The editor of the Cleveland Herald formi “ one of a party of four travelling over the Pen “ sylvania railroad. At Altoona, in order [! avoid the tobacco spitting nuisance ol the ott j parts of the train, the party endeavored to e 1B ter the ladies’ car, but were politely inform t. that they could not be admitted unless in co pany with ladies. We will let the writer tel id his own story: t- “We yielded to the ruling as correct. Jus le then a gentleman bearing a band-box, mount s* ed the platform, and the key was turned In thi 10 lock without a question. Through the win ~ dow we saw the result of the innocent fraud “ as the lucky passenger handed over the band ' box to a lady, with laughing thauks at th< complete success oT his happy expedient. Up le on that hint, one of our mmi be-spoke througi „ the window, aud out was handeathe band-box i. Its second appearance at tbe door worked i 0 like result, aud the same experiment with the k box three times, successfully, gained entrance > unquestioned. The fourth man, and the on« e wiio had at first! been repulsed, now with a <i faiut hope of success, bore tbe magic box tc tbe car door, but the Cerberus of the car re membered faces, aud for a moment hesitated, j but ag the box was raised to h’s vision, step „ | ped aside, and with, “beg your pardon, sir, 1 t did not see your band-box,” opened the car, c and the triumph was complete. The hand-box power won over at least tour friends to that ’ abused article, who hereafter will not be found s among its scoffers.” s _*_ George Francis Train and McClellan 1 One ot the most conspicuous aud active of I the politfeiaus at Chicago was the celebrated i Mr. Traiu, who was, however, displeased with 1 the results, aud has written the following let ter to General McClellan: “Chicaoo, 111., SuniuiAX Hoist:, 1 August 31,1804. ) “Major-Gen. Geo. II. McClellan, Orange X. J.: “Hear Sir: First to sing your praises in Eng land, first to cheer for you on my return I can not enter the campaign against you without giving my reasons: “I. Your election on the platform they have placed you on is impossible. “1. The American party of forty-four, the Fllmore Know-Nothings of forty-eight: the ' Bell aud Everett’ of sixty, through the Amos Kendall organization, were the first to uomiu ate you in Philadelphia last December. When the German and Irish voters Icaru that their WiU CUCUiJi Uin ivuun '.VUI.uaipO, vivj/ ujr utjitui in your nomination, they will be the last to support you. You must acceptor decline. The rev olutionary convention gives you no power to j modify. If you do not win, revolution fol lows iu the North. That is what England hopes fer. Three years more of legalized pir acy aud she will own the commercial seas. “You are backed by two losing ideas: “II. The Albany Kegeucy, that negotiated the matter with Vallandigbam aud Pendleton, never yet succeeded in anything. They com menced killing Van Buren in forty-four aud finished him in forty-eight. They killed Mar cy in fifty-two. They opened on Douglas in fifty-six, aud polished him off at Charleston iu sixty, llow, then, can you in their hands ex pect to ehsrc a happier fate ? “I have done my tiest to save the democrat ic party from ruin, as hundreds of delegates will testily; but the bliud confidence of the K. Vs, the strange infatuation of the A. K., and the rash expenditure of the A. B. were too much for its salvation. “There is one way you can show youxeelf a patriot and help save the Union. Retire in favor of the coming man, and accept the po sition of Secretary of War, or Lieutenant General of the American army. Otherwise you destroy yourself forever, aud carry down with you the largest load of passengers that ever entrusted their fortunes on board of one ship. “Yours most respectfully, “Gborok Francis Train.’’ U. S. 7^30 LOAN. The ScareUry of the Treasury gives notice that subscriptions will b- received lor Coupon Treasury Notes, payable three year* from August IS, 1S««, with teml annual interest at the rated seven and threo-tenthj per cent per annum,—principal and in tercet both to be paid in latrinl money. These notes will be convertible at the option of the holder at matorlty, into tlx per cent, gold bearing bonds, payable not leu thau live nor more than twenty yeare from their date, as the tiovernmest may elect. They wilt be issued in denominations oi fifty, ons hundred, live hundred, one thousand, and Ivs thousand dollars, and all subscriptions must be for lity dollars, or some multiple of fifty dol lars. The notes will be transmitted to tbs owners free ol transportation charges as soon after the receipt ol the original Certificates of Deposit as they can be ! prepared. As the notes draw interest from August IS, persons making deposits subsequent to that date must pay the interest socrued from date of note to date of de ' posit. Parties depositing twenty-five thousand dollars and upwards for these notes at any one time will be allowed a commission ol one-quarter of one per oent., which will be paid by the Treasury Depart ment upon the receipt of a hill for the amount, cer tified to by the officer with whom the deposit was made. No deductions for commissions must be made from the deposits. Special Advantages of this Loan. Jt is a National Savinys Bank, offeriug a higher rate of interest than any othfir, and the best stcuri ty. Any savings bank which pays its depositors in U. 8. Notes, considers that it is paying in the best circulating medium of the country, and it cannot either in Government securities or in notes or bond* pay able in Government paper. It is equally convenient as a temprary or perma nent investment. The uotes can always be sold lor within a fraction of their fiace and accumulated in terest, and are the best security with banks as collat erals for disoount*. Convertible into & 6 per oent. 5-20 Gold Bond. In addition .to the very liberal interest on the notes for three years, this privilege of conversion is now worth about three per cent, per annum, for the current rate for e-30 Bonds is not css than nine per cent premium, and before the war the premium oi» six per oent. U. S. stocks were over twenty percent. It will be seen that the actual profit on this loaa, at the present market rate, is not less than ten percent, personam. Iu» Exemption from State or Municipal Taxation* But u. ide from all the advantages we have enum erated. a speoial Act of Congress exempts all bonds 1 ' and treasury notes from local taxation. On the average, this exemption is worth about two per oent. per annum, aocording to taxation in various part* of the country. 5 j it is believed that no securities offer so great in » I ducoment* to lenders as those issued by the Govern ment. In all other forms of indebtedness, the J faith or ability of private parties, or stock compan ies, or separate communities only, is pledged for pay i meat, while the whole property of the oountry is I held to secure the discharge of all the obligations ot o the United State*. While the Government offers the most liberal terms * nrlt, ln.«, 1. V. ...__ _ I peal will be to the loyalty and patriotism of the peo p j pi.. kecriptiem* wilt he received by the Treasurer ol ^ the United sutee, at Washington, the several As e sistaut Treasurers and designated Depositaries, sue *' by the tl i- First National liunk ol Portland, Maine ls and by all National Banks which are Depositariei !j of public money, and all respectable Banks ant r Bankers thronghont the country will give furthe information, and afford every IbcUity to subscribe. Aug *A>—dAw2m Copartnership Notice. id n’tH K undersigned have this day formed a Coparl ,_ X nersliip under tbs firm and name of “Lewie . Bollix* A Boxd." for the purpose of doing wholesale and retail clothing business, at Nos. it er god 113 Middle St., Portland, Me. B- T. C. Lewis, ,,i X. C. Rolliss, iu W.M. Bonn. “• 1 Portland, Sept. 1, lWt.-sepCdJw I INSURANCE. OFFIOB OF THK ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, Nfc\Y YOKK, JANUARY SO, 18«4. - • THE Trustees, in conformity to the Charter of tb« Company, submit the following statement o it* affairs on the 31st December, J868: , j Premium* received on Mariue Kicks, from 1st January, 1368, to 31st De cember, 1863. $3,214,398 94 J Premiums on Policies not marked off 1st January, 1863, 1,706.602 24 Total amount of Marine Premiums, $10 006,001 1" No Policies have been issued upon Life ' Risk*; nor upon Fire Risk* discon- • neebd with Marine Risks. + Premiums marked off from 1st Jan.. ’ 19G3, to 31st December, 1833, $7,597,666 M Losses paid during the same period, 3,805.651 04 Returns ol Premiums and Expenses, 1,062,967 45 The Company has the following Assets, via: Unit d State*and Mat* ol New York * b toe k, City. Bank and other .Stocks, $3,492,631 30 Loanssecured by Stocks, and other wise, 1,460,700 00 Real Estate and Bonds and Mortgages. 193,760 00 Dividends on Stocks,Interest on Bonds and Mortgages and other Loans,aua dry Notes, re insurance and other claims due the Cornp'y , estimated at 104,964 51 Premium N otes and bills Receivable, 3,278,676 03 Cash in bank, 744.813 88 Total amouM of Assets, $9,266,4*6 32 Six per cent Interest on the outst&ncmg certifi cates ol profits will bo paid to the holders thereof, or thoir legal representatives, on and alter Tuesday, the Second ol February next. After reserving Three end one half Million Dollars 1 of profits, the outstanding certificates of the issue of 1862. will be redeemed and paid to the holders thcre ' of, or their legal representative s, on and alter Tues day, the .Second of February next, from which date i ail interest thereon will cease. The certificates to be produced at the timeot payment, and cancelled. A Dividend of Forty Per Out. is declared on the . net Aimed premiums of the Company, lor the year ! ending 8Lst December, 186for which certificate* : will be issued, on and alter Tuesday, the Tilth of April next. The Profits of the Company, ascertained From the 1st of the 1st of Jan.. 1863, for w hichCertificates were issued, amount to $14,328,880 Additional from 1st Jan., 1868, to 1st January, 1864, 2,630.000 Total profits for 21$ years, $16,908,980 The Certificates previous to 1862, have been redeemed by cash, 11,690.219 Net earnings remaining with the Com pany, on 1st January, 1864, $0,263,670 By ordnr of th* Board, ' W. TOWKSKND JONKS, Setrotuy. TRUSTEES. 9 Ink n TY T_. ..... Charles Dennis, W. U. H. Moors. Thos. Til owl on, Henry Colt, W.C. Pickers*!!!, Lewis Curtis, < has. H. Russell, Lcwtll Holbrook, P. A. Hareoun, H. W. Weston, Koyal Phelp-, Caleb Barstow, A. P. Piliot. Leroy M. Willey, Daniel « Miller, 8. T. Nieoll, Josh's J. Flenry, Geo. G. llobson, James Low. Jaini-t Bry«e, Win. Sturgis, jr.. II. K. Ilox.Tt, A. A. Low, Win. fc. Dodge, Dennis 1’erkini, Joe. Gailiard, jr., J. licnry Burgy, Cornelius Grinnell C. A Hand, Watts Sherman, K. K. Morgan, M. J. Howland, BenJ. Babcock. Fletcher Westray, K. B. Minturn, jr., G. W. Burnham, Fred. Chauncay, sunn u. ITNMSDT. CHARLES DENNIS. Vior President. W. U. U. MOORE, id Vice President. Bar*Applications forwarded and Orux Policim procured uy JOHN W. MUNGER, Agent, Ho. 100 Fore street, head of Long Wharf, PORTLAND, MR. June Z.—w2wAeodtojan2tf Lifo Insurance. THE MANHATTAN Life Insurance Company I OF MB ir r OBK. task Capital and Accumulation Over $1,700,000 ! HENRY STOKES, P*mii>**t. « C. Y. VV’EMI'LE, Secretary. J. L. HALSEY, Asst. Secretary. 8 N. STEBBINS. Actuary. E. DVVluHi KENDALL, Ueueral Agt. ThU long-established Company offers the follow ing advantage* to insurer*. viz: A large ana increasing Capital, securely invested; Immediate availability of too dividend*. in Mil; A pertuavent Iqm of out* half of the premium; a it o a feature, peculiar tn this company, by which insurer* are protected against forfeiture of the poli cy from circumstance-* of adversity. The company also issues non-lorteiting policies on the “Ten Year Pl»n.“« roiimes incon/rjrtM" nveyear* iromaato (toe on* ly company in America having this provision in policies.) Locttl Board of Reference: lion. William Willis. N. J. Miller. Esq., Collector lib. Revenue. Wm Moulton, Esq., Prest. Bank Cumberland. W. W. Thoma*. Eso.lFr*ft. Canal Bank. J. B.Carroll, Liu; , Merchant Jeremiah Dow, Esq., Sec’y Dirigo Ins. Co. Wm. Kimball, Esq., Treas. 8. Packet Co. Edward Shaw. Esq., Seo'v Port. Mut lns. Co. Messrs. Woodman. True k Oo. Messrs. 11. J. Libby k Co. Parties are invited fo examine the merits of this oouipauy before effecting insurance. ULNKl R. bllCKNLV, Agent, Office No. 13 Moulton St. 8. If. Tewksbury, M. D., I Medical C. W. Thomas, M. D . ) Examiners. Gentlemen of energy and responsibility in the different cities and towns of Maine, desirous of rep* resenting Tho Manhattan Life Insurance Co. will please address E DWIGHT KENDALL, General Agent, Box No £61 P. O., Portland. Aug 11.—-eodlm DI1MGO Insurance Co. of Portland, Me. OFFICE NO. 2* EXCHANGE ST. Authorized Capital, $500,000. CAPITAL PAID IN *200,000. Invested as follows:— Loans on Mortgages of Real Estate at two* thirds its value, SftC.aoo Loans on pledge of United States Securities, 61,8*1) Loans on pledge of City Scrip, 34 600 Loans on pledge of Bank Stock*, 28.WJ0 Loans on pledge of State of Maine Bonds, 3i,6tk> Loans on pledgo of Androscoggin County Bonds, 4.00U WOO,000 Tin* Company is now prepared to issue policies upou all kinds of property iu the city or country, liable to loss or damage by tire, at n* low rates as is taken by any other office. The patroumve ot the merchants and citizen* generally* ot Portland and vicinity, is most respectlullv solicited. A. K 8HUBXLKFF, President. JEREMIAH DOW, Secretary. DIRECTORS: ! J. B. Brown, S. E. Spring, D. W.Clark, J.B. Carrol], John Lynch, 11. 1. Robinson. trustee*: St. John Smith, H.J. Libby, 11. N. Jose, H. M. 1’ayson, J N. Winslow, G.W. Woodman, Andrew Spring, Alvah Couaut, H 1. Robinson, Philip!!. Brown, C. H. Haskell, S. C. Chase, Jeremiah Dow, N O. Cram, Wm. Moulton. Portland, August 1,1864. — isd3m TJ 1ST I O 5f Mutual Life Insurance Oo. INCORPORATED by the STATE OF MAINE * Charter Perpetual. Organized, 1$4I. DIRECTOR’S OFFICE, 68 State Street, - - - - Boston, Masts President—HE NR Y CROCKER. Vice-President—DANIEL SHARP. Secretary-W. H. HOLLISTER. II. G. WILSON, General Manager of Agencies in the New Knylana states. Assets, 31st.June, 1864 , $U.10,000.Oil Losses Paid to date, 9700,OSO.Oil Dicuiend Paid in Cash to date, 9310,030.0*4 fitlllS Company offer* peculiar advantage* toper X sous intending to insure ttieir live*, in its safety and stability, acquired in it# fourteen ; ear#' expert* euce; in its as*c s, which, without it* capita! ol i Sl(K>,OOU,)amouuts to ovurtbreo-quartersoi a million of dollar*, being more than two hundred thousand dollar# iu exocta ol its liabilities for the reinsurance of all out**tandiusr risks; in the facilities presented in it# accommodating system of payments of premi um*; in the large number,diversified condition*and occupations, various ages and localities of live- in surea, giving the largest requisite soope for the ope ration of the laws of averag 3 mortality, and the am j pleat guaranty to the insured for the benefits there i of; in the division of profit-, the annual apportion ment of which having tor the pest fourteen yeari ; averaged Forty per Cent, of the premium* paid. Policies arc issued upon all -he plats usual witl Life Insurance Companies, and at a# low rates as ii , consistent with a view to equity and solvency, i Parties desiring Agencies in iowns where tne com l pauy have none, and those wishing Traveling Agen cies within the Vew Euglanri States, will apply t< H. G. WILSON. 68 State Street, Boston, givtnf such reference, or information a* to age, presen* and past business,as will enable him to form judg meat in regard thereto. Juael4d3ui ^miscellaneous. J. E. FERKALD & SON, Merchant Tailors, And Dealer* in Cient’s Furnishing €ioods, No. 87 Middle Street. Our facilities for supplying our customers* with i promptness, fidelity and despatch are unexcelled. Our Stock is large and desirable, presenting all the Novelties of the season. TEBHS "NET CASH." Portland. Aug 10,1861dtf MILLOOHAU'S PATENT PAINT OIL. A Perfect Substitute-for Linseed Oil, AHD MUCH Of KAFKA. J.T Is used in the same mauutr ts Linseed Oil, dries quickly end very bird, can be used with mil colors, and possesses decided advantages lor all work ou manufacturing eaiablishments, depots, cars, engines, all kinds of iron work, for rods, and 1 wherever a wetter proof paint Is required. For all kinds of ship work, exposed to salt water, it is su penor to any other. Add re** order* to CHARTS & WILLIAMS. 6 A 8 Coifmxbc’IAL Wharf, Bustos. Boston, Aug. *7, 1864. aug3 eod3m. Sewing Machine Improvements. o' »pprored Sowing Machines are invited to call at NO. 11 CLAPP’S BLOCK, and see the operation of two of the most important ' improvement* of the day— 1 lilliiN’i fiteit Cnuk leti.g, ui Ijlt’i AtUrbaut.' The former places the control of the machine en tirely under feeontrol of the feet of the operator ?U backward motioaofthe wheel, al loain* the freedom ol both hands to handle the ‘ work, and saving the breaking of needle, and the entangling of Ihethread. The latter wil, allow fhe free nso of linen thread or of interior cotton, and entirely does avay with the soaping ol the cloth. Call and see and jou will not tall to have them ap piled to your machines. -JOHN POKTEK. Agent nr. 1 orter will put machines in order and teach the operators how to use them, so that they will nave no trouble. Portland x n * in icdi ... The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON 2c HAMLIN Are the host instruments of their claa# in the world. Nearly all the most prominen* artist# in the country have givou written testimuuv to this eilect, anti these instruments are in constant u#« in the concerts ol the most distinguished artists—as Gottschalk and other#—a# well as iu the -v> >ras in the principal cit ies. whenever such instruments are required. Trice #36 to #600 each. These instruments may be found at the Music Rooms of the subscriber, where they will be sold at the manufacturers’ prices. H. 8. EDWARDS, No.3191 Stewart’s Block, Congress St. aprl3dtl BRADFORD A HARMOH, Pension and Claim Agent*, (Established iu 1861.) STILL continue to devote their special and exclu sive attention to the prosecution of c laims for Pension», Bounties, Arrears of Pay and Prize Money, ^ud all other claim# against the Government, h mg been duiv licensed therefor. t3r“" All advice tree. Term# a# low a# at any oth er Ayency, and no pay required until the claims ore obtained. Othce 63 Exchange street, Jose Block. I\ BRADFORD. Z. H. ilAUMOH. June21.—dtf . Coi>ariii4:ishi|> Notice, -1ND BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT miiE subedlfters bavin* on the 7th day of May 71. formed a copartnership under the same of McCarthy & Berry, t •For the purpose of carryiug on the BOOT AHD SHOE BUSIHES3 lo nil Its branches, sod having oil the facilities for ffetung op itr*t class work for geutlomen and ladle., wear, are now ready 10 execute all order. W ith neat nes-au.i dispatch. Our work wilt be made of the be st or Imported stock, by the beat or workmen, and warranted to give periret aatlafaction. It is our aim that our work shall not be second to any iu the Unit ed State.. We have also oompleted a stock of ready-mads work of the first quality, for Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children’s Wes Selected from New Yorkaud Boston markets Our Ladies' work is from the celebrated Burn Manufactory of New York. For Gentlemen's wear we havetfie best assortment ever offered for sale iu this city; sacb as tine Krenoh Patent Leather Boots; Glove Calf and Calf Con gress for gentlemen's wear; Patent Leather Con Kee. and Calf Congress Balmoral, and new French ckle Bools. Have you seen the new styie CRIMPKD-FKoNI BUCKLE BOOT, now maue by McCarthy A Ber- . ryt For neatness, comtort aud beauty, it surpasses ' anything ever got up in this city Call aud see it; samples always on hand .t the old stand of M. Mc Carthy. McCarthy a Kerry, No.tKi Exchange Street. NOTICE. WE, the undersigned, having sold oar Stock of Coal and Wood to Messrs. Haiuiali, McAli* trrtf\Co., do chberluHr recommend them to our former customers. A‘I persons having demands against us are requested to present them for settle* mint, and all persons indebted to us are requested to make immediate payment at the old stand where one oi the undersigned msfl* found for the present. SAWYER k wnri NET. Portland, June 6,1864. Janel3d3w Coal and Wood! 1IHE «tttwcrlb*r baring pure lined the stock of . Coal and Wood, and taken the ,land recently occupied by Meenrt. Sawyer f Whitney, head of Maine Wharf, are now prepared to supply their > former patrous and the public generally, with a Sue assortment of WELL PICKED AND SCREENED Old Company Lehigh, Nupitr Loat Lehigh, Ilazelton Lehigh, Locust Mountain. John's, - White and lied Ash, Diamond and Lorberry, Together with the b«t quality of Cumberland Coal 1 A Superior Coal for Blackunit ht. Also, Hard and Salt Wood, Delivered to order In any part of the city. The former customers of Messrs. Sawyer k Whit ney are respectfully invited to rive us a call HANDAlX.'MaAJLLlSTEK k CO. Portland, Juue IS. 1964.—dlv IV OTICE. TheWeed Sewing Machine Co. Have established an office for the sale of their Ma chines at No. 187 j Middle St., opposite Free St., which will be open to the publio on Wednesday, Sept 7. Wherever this Machine has hem introduced it has to a great extent topeneeded all others. Having en gaged the services of Mr. J. Bradford of Boston, a practical machinist, who has had over ten years ex . pericnee os a manufacturer and repairer of Sewing Machines, they are prepared to repair and put in perfect running order every kind of Sew ing Ma chine. For the purpose of introducing them more extensively they will forashort time,allow the value of cheap and inferior machines In exchange ler the Weed Machine. A limited number of Weed Machines to let by the mouth or year. Machine Finding * of every description constantly on hand. Orders lVotu the country should be addressed, Weed Sewing Machine Co. No., 137 ‘ Middle St. €. W. ROBINSON, Agent. Portland, Sept. 6—eodtf For the IsIuiiUm. On and after June 13th thesteamer CASCO will until further notice leave Burnham’s Wharf, lor Peak’s and Cushing’s Islands at 9 and 10.90 A M ., and 2 and 8.80 P.M. Returning will leave Cushing's Island at 9.49 and 11.15 A. M., and 2.46 and 6 15 P. M. Tickets25cents, down and book; Children locts. June 9—dt! Board. SU1T8 of Rooms, with Board, can be obtained by applying immediately at 90 Danforth street. I May llth. mayPidtf BUSINESS CARDS. PAPER BOX MANUFACTORY. J. 3?. Libby, MASUFltTUKBB OP Paper Boxes, Ot every description, inch M Shoe Boxm, Jewelry Boxes, Druggist Boxm, Collar Boxes, Bhelf Boxes, t'oncDologtcalBoxes. PowderBoxes, Card Cases, Cigar Boses, to. 144 Middle St., (Up Stair*) Portland, Me. juneldttm Dana & Co. * Fish and Salt, , Luther Dan*, , P^HUlld, Woodbury Dana, J M John A. 8. Dana.} . Maine. Janeldtf «T. Smltlx cto Oo., MAHUPACTUBK&8 OP Leather Belting, Card Clothing. U. Strmpt, Belt Leather Backs ut Sidaa, LEATHER TP 'il.VIXUS, fc., Hanson’* Block. 144 Middle St., Portland, Or at the Card Clothing Manufactory, Lewiston. U. U. Briwir, (jnlJ3m) D. F. Nora*. JOB* T. KOOEKS a CO., Ooramiaaion Merchants, | AMD WU0LB8ALK DBALKR8 II Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. .1 Commercial Street, Chilli. Eo£™. } PORTLAND, MK. ____ JuncldSm "Wholesale and Retail. Ij. DAVIS, Bookseller, Stationer, j AMD MAMTJPACTVaMB OP Premium Paged Account Books, j PAPER HANGINGS. No. 63 Exchange Street, Portland, Me. CHAS. J. SCHU JfACNBR, Fresco and Banner Painter, No. 144 Middle Street, PORTLAND, MX. tr Work executed in every part of the State. juneltf RUFUS DUHXAmT Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer in BRITANNIA i Plated Ware, Xo 218 Fort itrett, Portland Maine. Portland, May 17th, 1864. mayl7dU "burgess, fobes, & CO., MAVUFAOTCRIRI OF Japan, White Lead, Kinc, Paiuts, And Ground Colors, ▲ HD DKALBR8 IF Drugs Medicines, Paints, Oils k Varnishes. Paint anti Color Factory, No. 29 .Stunjoy St., Ofllre Si Salesroom*, 80 CaassnarrciaI Si., (Thomas Block.) Hmmrt 11. Buroksb, eouflivn If CHAKLRa s. Fo»a*. rv&mjy, si. maylSdtf BLAKE, JONES Sc CO., FLOUR& GRAIN DEALERS, ▲ ud Be vers of Western and C adian Produce, 137 Commercial Street, ... Granite Block. Charles Blake. ) Henry A. Joues, [ PORTLAND. R. W. Cafe. ) juneldtf JOHN LYNCH <fc CO , Wholesale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Granite Stores, - - - Commercial street, (Opposite head Widfery Wharf,) John Lynch. ) Pul*f Barker,) PORTLAND, MB. ! Thoe. Lynch ) juneldtf BOLE Sc VIOOOY, OtXKKAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And W holeeale Dealers in FLOUR. CORK AND PRODUCE. Mo. 6 Galt Blook, Commero'al St, taS&c'.ttMtr. } POHTLAND. ME. juneldSm H. OSGOOD. DENTIST, No. 8 Clapp's Block, Market Square, P OR TLAXD. 57"* Artificial Teeth inserted on Gold, Silver, and Vutctmitr base. All operation* tearranted to give , 8ati*f»ction, * juueoOeodialy’Gi E. K. LEMONT, Carriage Manufacturer, Preble Street, • • Portland, Me. tyCarriafe* and Sleigh* on hand and made to order. juneiLdtl C. P. KIMBALL, M AMUrACTUEIS OF Carriages and Sleighs, i Preble street, (Neir Preble Uobm,) PORTLAND, MK. Salt Rooms, 110 and 112 Sxulburg St., Boston, Mass. juneltf Safes \ Safes \ \ Won BALM AT JAMES BAILEY & CO., Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealers, 102 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND,.HB. __ JylSdSm Lau Purtncrship. HOWARD * CLEAVES. Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, Office 01 Middle St., over Casco Bank, PORTLAND, MS. JOBErH B0W1UD. BATBAB OLiAVU. JylSdkv3m DU. Cl. II. KICH, SURGEON DENTIST, NO. 145 MIDDLE 8T., POBTLAND, (Opposite foot of Free street,) Saving fitted up the above named rooms, he would bo happy to wait on all who m»v wish for the ser vices of a skillful Dentist. JTrerp branch of Pm tistrp will receive careful attention, and perfect sat isfaction will be warranted. jyge <i3aa M. PEARSON. Silver Plator, A WI> MAWUrAC'TtJRXU OT SILVER WARE, 238 Congress St.t Opp. Court House, Portland,Me. ISfr^AU kind* of Ware, such as knives, Korka, Spoons, Cake Baskets, Casters, Ac., plated iu the best manner. Al*o, Repairing and Be-iniskinp Old Stiver | Ware. nug<Jdr»ra j John Kinsman, GAS FITTER, —amh— Dealer iu Gas Fixtures. Ami Casdr Kerosene rooking Apparatus. The public are invited to examine and t€*st these new inventions, which are highly recommended for summer use. XO. (to CXI ox STB KMT Portland, June 14 -eoddm BUSINESS CARDS. BRADLEY, MO CL TON k ROG*~r7 VlULULlUuLUl IB Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, Thomas Block, mOBBVT BRALET,\ Q.U.MOVLToa, J PORTLAND. bit ▲. O. UOOB&S. ) ___m*>84tr W. W. CAKK & 00.7 Haring takea the Trait Store formerly occupied b O. HAWYKK. No. a Exchange Street, A-r* prepared to offer to tho trade a large aad well aeleoted eteck of Foreign and Domeatie Fruit I Wholesale aad BotaU ®raage», fyrsee Gia, Lasescti rfCwwwry heed, Csadlet, p “"’ ^swes iyroy, Honey, PrwMl, Otees Nate. riffs. £!{'•■* 2"?\“U Had.. Dates. Ollyee, Raisins, Tshasss, SsHIbcb, Clgava. Wmmey Caidlu of all doaerlptloa. octft dtf IRA WIM, Agent, No. 11 Union St., Is prepared la furnish STEAM EH01HES and BOILERS, of TBrioofl sixes Bad pattern*,. Mm fipi ut fetara. Mill feting, hafta* fifeji, ta LldHT Hovsa Work of all descriptions, aad all kinds of work required in tmilding YonTimuATions. IroaStaxrsaadother Architectural Work. Hanses, Stores, and other buildings, fltted with Gas aad Steam in the best manner. In eoomeHon with the above is ea Iren Foandry, ' with a htrgt assortment of Patterns. to wbiob the attention of Hmobinisu, MUlwrighu,aad 8hip-Butld ere is invited—aad ail kinds ol Cae inns furnished at abort notice. ■( SINKER'S SEWING MACHINES I WOODMAN, TRUE * CO., AGENTS, Hw. 14 m4 5« ..... Mi 141a Street. Needles and Triaalngtelwayi oahaad. ■eUltf A CARD. DR. S. C. FERHALD. , DEN11SI, No. 170 Mlddl f treet. tlmixii..Dn. Baoo .and Buaua. t Portland, May V, IMS. tf Dr. J. H. HE AI D HAVING dl«po.eJ of hit entire interest In hie Ottceto Dr.S.C KLENALD, '<o«ld ohearftilly , roooommend him to his former patient* and the nab- ■ io. Dr. FnnnaLD, from long expcienoe, is proper. Id to insert Artificial Teeth on the" Vnleanite Bate,” and all other methods known to the profession. Portland. May 16. ISM tf WOOD AM) COAL . CHEAP FOR CASH ! SPRING MOUNTAIN. LEHIGH. HEZILTON, SUGAR LOAK, OLD C< Mt'AN V LEHIGH, LO CUST MOUNTAIN. JOHNS, DIAMOND, WEBS 1 RR and BLACK HEATH. These Coals are of the rory beet quality, well screened and lacked, and warranted te give satis faction - Also for sale bast of HARD AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the city. Omen Comocui St., head of Franklin WharL S. ROUNDS A SON. IbblC dly WARREN'S IMPORTED FIRE AND WATERPROOF FELT COMPOSITION, Gravel Roofliig FOR FLAT HOOFS. E. HERSEY, Agent, JanBi d tf Ho. 1« Union 8 tract. ALBERT WEBB * C©„ — OnALBBS IB — Corn, Flour and Grain, MEAD Or MERRILL'S WHARF, Camrelnl Street, - - Partlnad. Me. ____t*2ktf_ EDWARD H. BUEGIN, WBOLMALB DBALEB tW Corn, Meal and Flour, Also. Ground Rook Salt. - Commission .Merchant - roe runciiAes abu salbo* Barley, Rye and Oats. IF Cart loaded with Corn In balk free of oherge. ‘ Warehouse* No. 130 Commercial Street, 1 And Citt Mills, Deeriag Bridge. ____juueleodtm JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODEAN BLOCK, mchlTdkwtf Turn Biun. Scotch Canvas, -FOB Bill BT JAMES T. PATTEN A CO.. Bath. Me. erameut contract," [A1“» Work!, j BOO do Er trn All Lone 3a* | 800 do If ary Fine J < Delivered i a PorLxndor Be* ton. Bath. April30.1888 eptSdU ^ REM O V A. lT DR. NEWTON HAS removed his residenoe to No. 87 Middle Street, corner of Franklin (tract. Oifio* u heretofore, No. 115 Kechtmge Street, In Noble's Block, upstair*. OtSoe hour* from B to 10 A. M., from 5 to S, and trom o to V o'clock P. M. Br. 5. will continue, in connection with genera! [i« special attention to DJSKASttS VM oc-ndtf WILLIAM A. PEARCeT PLUMBER! MAKIR OF PoTce Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 134 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND. ME. Wanu, Cold and Shower Baths Wash Buivls Brass ft Sliver Plated Cock*, EVERY description of Water Fixture* for Dwel ling House*. Hold*, Public Building#, hbop*. ft* , arranged aud set up in the best manner, and all orders in town or country fhithftillv execuL-d. All kinds oi lobbing promptly attended to. Constantly on hand LEAD PIPES. SHEET LEAD and BKh H PUMPS of ail descriptions. ap*dtf J. T. Lewis Sz> Co., Mauulacturrr* and Wholesale Dealer# in READY-MADE CLOTHING, AND FURNISHING GOODS, Clumbers • • • Nos. \ amd 2 Free Street Block. (Over 11. J. Libby ft Co.,) j. r. hZ*. PORTLAND, ME. ___Jriidtf The Cheapest Ageucy / F)R collecting all classes of claims arising from the war Is that of t he ‘ MAINK WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION,* V HOTELS. MOVAIT Z1KCOIY HOUSE, AT THM Celebrated Mt. Ziroon Mineral Springs, MUton Plantation, Mt., 'L_ la now opened to the public, and no pains Jwtll be .pared this nuoa to meet the wants and render pleasant and interesting the >tar of guests. And also as usual, I still UAsd Cheaper than any other bummer *n New England. el KMo«r Complaint, Gras ?ant ^"arl b. ,h6lld*1'r' otters sim.lar.’l war I^ snc now at“V: 0,’tb* w»“r hpleadld men can tie s«n^tn»o l!l*»h.ort «M>sca of four tailes land. tJl€ In Jiew J&ng tUking in stream ^C(^^rout bout to tW House 1a“juK l^i,,A roxd er then to any other MonBiiulB*th® lcw,g «*■*• rrom““.^.“o,rdMSSto.n ,7 , Uml, co«h Hallway to the House. f U*° tjruJ Tr“* foet Office address, Mt Ziroon. Me. Mt. Zircon, Julf ABBOTT. ^hrietur. Nea-Side Hou*e, BABP8WEU NECK, C A S C 0_ BAY. ■ This elegant and cowuaodleae Bo lei. situated ou the • xiremitf of 1 Harpsweil heck, about hair a mii« o«iow the web-known Mansion i a—House, ha* just been completed after the demyasoi O M. Harding, Esq., Architect and under h:« superintendence, ana will be omb for company Oa aaf after Ike Pearik mf Jaly. Tbe Hooec is the largest emabiialuaeut, construct • xp.!?“ly fbr th* P"rP®gg» of a Hotel, at any Wat ering k iace on the coast of Maine. It is situated in the oentn ol a dense grove of old trees, with ave nues and vistas opening to the waters of the Bay, hat a few yard* distant ou either sme. » i j y surrounded by the tea, and abundantly auadftd Ly trees, the House has a *paciees and beau remndah. fatending over thrae hundred and thirty lest on three .idea of the balMlng. with wula and thoroughly vemii&it-d hai«» and corridors in th# Interior, so that visitors can enjoy the most ocmnleu protection from tho summer best. p * The steamboat wharf and boat landings are on the west side, but a lew Steps from the Uotue. Amnia feeilitiee are at hand for boating and Ushing. On the «UUf side is a line gratnl beach. where the luxury of Mtf-baihfng can he enjoyed at all times ot the Ode. At a short distance on the northeast, across an arm of tbs sea, f> Orr's Island, celebrated br Mrs °—A •r Stowe's weii known novel. 7 Tbe 8<a Side House Js accessible by land from B rums wick, diteen mile* distant. by one of the a rest drives in tbs Mate, and by daily steamboat from 1 ort.and through tbc inside passages among tbe island* of the Kay. Visitors coming from the Kennebec and other parts of tbs interior, can 1st re tbe railroad at Brans* wick, and proeood ty stage to Harpswell. or contin* aeto PortUndan.l uks the steamer, which runs down and hack twice a day. JOHN T. SMITH. Pronriatnr jy»*« BRADLEY'S HOTEL, American an* European Plan*, Cor. of CommercUl 4 India St*. Thia Hcu*» U siranted directly opposite the Grand frank Kailroe l Depot, and brad of Bouton and Portland bt earners' Wharf Conneotnd with this liouaela a drat olaaa •ter and Dining iinii. , i—~J BKaDJLKV, Jr., k CO.. Proprietor*. J. Bradley, Jr. p. H. Bradley. _ __ JunetSd'm Atlantic House, SCARBORO' BEACH. THIS TTousoharlag keen enlarged and irefltted throughout will open tor the »ta (•on on _1 Monday, June 13, 1864, „ „ E. G CNN I SOW. ft. B-Positively closed on the Sabbath to al trsui-nent visitors. Juuell BAY VIEW HOUSE, CAMDEN. The Subscribers take pleasure la an nouncing to their friends and all interested in finding sfirst ol*M§e**ide Hotel aecom iL'uduiiouB.thst their now mud spacious Ho rr —••P**r*riy in June. 11 contains nil tbs mod spu improvements and every convenience /or tho ooui/ortsud accommodation ol the travelling pub lic. It iff finely lecuted, commanding an unrivalled view of the Penobscot Buy. Tho adruatage-* of set bathing and tho facilities for fishing sad hosting, ureun-urptipcd. For its beactiiul scenery amide ughtiul drives and walks, Camden is already favor uol v knowa as one of the most eligible and delight ful watering place* in Sew England. Connected with the iiutci is a flue Uvtrry Bruble, horses and carriages Laving been »e»ect«d with great cure. Tbs carriages are from the bust estat tohmeut* in tho oountry. action the most approved styles, Steam boat landings easy of uocese; steamers touching tr •^y day in the sr*ek. Telegraph communication with ail parts of the cctinirv. Those wishing to *e oure good rooms will do well to apply soon, as many are already engag* d. v LSlilft 11 A JOHNSTON, Proprietor*. Camden, *«*»»*. tew. dtf Pleasant Sukurtaa Herort. C^LPISIC HOUSE, WEST BROOK. A ThU nlognkt suburban Watering Plnee, ®P°“ » plsaeant eminence near Cn jwWtsl1 "*c, ’ Bat 914 miles from Portland, has. IiGBiB'^K been placed In tbo most ample order by UBLBthe subscriber, be most respectfully solicit! tbo euention of tbe publlo, and cordlklly invitee n cell trom hie old friends. The house is pleu<*nt, retfred end qniet. The furniture and furnishing* are ail near, and tbe rooms eoey and sightly. The tables are supplied with all tbe delacactes ae woll ae tbe substantiate of *t»t sea son, and tbe service of one of tbe very best cook* la New England have been scouted. 1 a tensive (beds and n 1 ne stable with roomy stalls are among the conveniences ol ti c (•tabushmeui. A nice Bathing House .nflekent for tbe accommo dation of several bathers baa been erected with steps projecting into ten feet of water, and tbe wboie ee. cored trom observation by • Hosting screen. smoking Arbors grace the banks of tbe Pond end invite tbe indulgence of the lounger. Hoping for e share of tbe psbiic pat run age tbe an. denigntd promisee to spare no etfort tor tbs eater. ^ W,»tra HALLOWELL HOUSE REOPENE Dl HEW FPRUITUBR 4 FLXTUBI81 8.0. DENNIS, Proprietor. The public art »pcoially informed thut thu snaciou*.convenient and well known Uallowbli* * ilocsu, in the center of Hallowed), two mil*« from Augusts, ami lour du!m from Togas Spring, has been reiurntalied, itid is open (hr the reception of UCmpuay and jxrmaneut boarders. Every Rtu.uuon will be given to the comfort uf gusts. STABLING, u&d all the usnsl conveniences uf u popular hotel, are amply provided. Kiullow«i.f Feb. 1 1564. mchxo eodtf THE AMERICAN HOlSi, E&B0T6T StTMt .... lottos, _l The Largest ana Rest hnnnged Hotel IN NEW ENGLAND. LEWIS RICE, Proprietor. oewir tteorge W. iflanson, GOLD & SILVER PLATER, 74 Riddle Street, Portland, Me. A »hsre of patrons j, rtepctfnlly solicited .ml 9ati» liter ion fiTeo. Orders from the ooantry promptly atteaded to Addrtnis (»«orjre W. Mrihhid, 74 MiddJa street, Room No. Id. up »uur», Portland, Me. juii1* 14—d3tn A. & S. SHURTLEFF A CO., NOS. M & 30 MIDDLE STREET, FONT LAND, Manufacturers and Dealer* in lien's Boys’ and Youth's Thick, Kip and Calf Boots, Women’s Hum* and Children’* Goat. Kid and Calf Balmorals, Rubber* Shoe* Stock, Findings, Ac. WITH oureuperior facilities for roanatkctnrlog. mid s isrye experience in the tu»ine**. we we are able to Mil a. low a, in Boetcn or elsewhere. Dealer* are reepeet(felly inrliod to cal! and ex aaine oar .took before purchasing, nr order* by mail promptly attended te. lhmiaad. April 28. DAt. _dl,~ Maine Central Railroad Compy. TKKAPL'RKK H OFFICE. I \t'aier*iile. Any. 1,. U84. I THK Maine Central Un.lroad Compnuv will pay IMrUMMuat the kuet National bank, Fort land, from tiiisdate. RYE ABi.lT-dDu___ Ketlce. ntliis 4>v r Kl»e ,0 my (w« row*. E. J. and era*. • l RaadVil. their time, to act and trad* toribcas geJre*; i i-hall not claim their wage* or par their tit*We. T. C- HAKHaLL, K»s-r Witness.Mary Fill* bury, Mary S. rUlsbury. June'it. 1$S4. I"»* It urc 4 luince. TO purchase a stock of Milliner, rant of nee of (be beet eland* in i j*. 0.» JyTfitl ti Mll*l*A2i *»*» *orua’ia.

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