Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 10, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 10, 1864 Page 3
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AdvrtUemmU* Ts-Doy. Auction 8ale—E. M. Patton. Auction halo—Henry Bailey * Co. Residence for bale. Port land Company—Meeting. Boarding. Substitute Off red, Picture Frames—K. J. D. Larrabee k Co. uymuasium. • l>ancing—Mo 176 Middie street. Religious Mottoes. Religious notices of twentv-ilve words or lees, fre< all exceu of this amount will be charged ten ceu a line, eight words constituting a line. This ru hereafter will be rigidly adhered to.—I Pea. Fata • S, \ Horton, of Vermont, will iectui in Mechanics' Hall, to-morrow afternoon and evt ning at 3 and 7} o'clock. h ree Conference in the forenoon, 10} o'clock. WTIho VFasliiugtouiau Society hold meeting every Sunday evening, at S. of T.Uail,36S Congres street, at 7 o'clock. Pablic invi.ed t3TRev. Samuel Abbott 8mith, of Cambridge » will pieach at the First Parish Church to morrow. Elder Janie.- L. Prescvtt will preach at Blaket Hall. 332} Congress street, r abbatli and Sunday, ai 10} and 3j o'clock. The public tre invited. ' WP^Elder J. W. White will preach at Second Ad vent iiail to-morrow. The public are invited. Seati free. LyOpeu air meetings to-morrow-Cape Eliza beth at 10 A M : Subject, ‘ Religion"; at 2 F. M “Depravity." Weatbrcok at6P. M.. "Devil." tW' Rev. W HI ism B Hayden will proach his last sermon in this cit> to the Mew Jerusalem (8weden horpuu) cociety to-morrow morning. „ Sy The twenty seventh anniversary of the Free Street Sabbath School will be celebrated in the Chuieh to-morrow aftercoon. "fT*"*.* »*em it it “»'! »*«< •*<"• » aecumptiiH • • Tliu »ill 1* I be subject of Kov. Henry D. Moores ..rnion In Central Cburcb to-morrow ifter “ on,st 3 o clock. ,kV*riiere will be ■ discourse to-morrow, at 9 oclook, In Casco Street Church, suggested by tlie vietoiirw' ' i*roo’*m*ki°* l'>r thanksgiving lor recent Another Patriotic Demonstration. s Till: CAMP PIKES BI R\I.\G ! THE PEOPLE IX COUNCIL. The crowning meeting of the campaign thus far was the Glorious Demonstration at the City Hall last evening. Long before the hour of calling to order arrived, the hail and all its approaches were crammed as full as humanity could pack them; and yet the crowd kept coming, coming, coming, Ailing the stairs, the hall below, and the entrance clear out to the street, and multitudes turned away not able to get within sight of the ball. Such a dem onstration has never before been witnessed in Portland. And all this interest was the result of no clap trap, no display, uo trappings, The band Was »t Riddeford, anil uotbiug hut a deep in terest in the great cause oi the country, stir ring our people as they hive never been stirred before, operated to bring together the multi fede. meeting g ag called In older by A. A. Poster, Esq., who, after staling the programme for this evening, nominated Gen. Francis FiissicNDtX, the hero of Cane River, for the Chair, and the nomination was sanctioned by ate most uocherons a«plbqse. tyea. Fe$seji t}eq arose, while cheer upon cheer made the welkin ring, the ladies waving their handker chiefs, and gentlcmeu clapping their hands for some moments before euiut was restored. The reception was a decided compliment tp the gal.aut officer, which mast have satisfled him that be has a very warm piano In the hearts of the people of bis native city. Mr. bhaw’s quartette of gentlemen— we would give their names If we knew them— sung the patriotic song, <-\Jnlon and Liberty," whn li was received with marked favor, and then Uou. Hknuy Wij.son, U. S. Senator from Massachusetts, was introduced.and spoke lor about three-fourths of au hour upon the Issues of t tc day. It w as a gi and speech; candid, fair, forcible, argumentative and irre sistible In Us logic and conclusions. Mr. W. was i fu-u interrupted i.y the most generous •PI' TV club then sung, the audience joining lo the c!. ru«, the ‘'Battle Hytnn of the Repub lic’’—tune, John Brown, which was greeted with an enthusiastic response. The Chairman then introduced Rev. Col. James F. Jawckss, of the*3d Illinois Ilegi m nutho gentleman who recently, with Mr. Oilmore (Edmund Kirke), made a visit to Richmond and had a plain, familiar talk with Mr. Jefferson Davis. The reception given to the Colonel was probably much more enthusi astic titan lie met with in the rebel capital, and was calculated to give him a favorable idea of a “down east’’ audience. Cal. Jttqttess spake for a little over an hour, detailing briefly his conversation with Mr. Davis, and his reasons for the belief that Do approach c&u poe.ibiy be made towards a peace with the South by negotiation but upon the basis of their complete independence. The account did not differ materially from that which has already appeared in otir columns, bating the romance aud embellishments of Mr. Gilmore's vursion. The Colonel M fatisfled that be got at Mr. Davis’ inmost feeling in ♦ Klc in«1lop nnH is sgluitct! >» (hat &hri*« man aail Grant are our best negotiators. Up spoke most encouragingly of the prospects of the country, and la confident that Grant w ill toon bit the rebels In a vital point. Ills speech was exceedingly interesting. He is a capital ^ speaker, and the enthusiasm of the audience wowed bow wen be was appreciated. Wk The band came in at Use close of Mr. jJjaquess’ speech, played one of their best pieces W aI1d then at the continued call of the audience W brief remarks were made by Nathan Webb, JEsq., and J. T. Gilman—Mr. Webb confining himself to a report of the great meeting at Bi'ldeford, from which he bad just returned— and the meeting adjourned, the vast tide ol life slowly ebbing away from the hall. The programme for this evening will be found in another column. Municipal Court—8ept. 9. Griffin S. Keed, for aiding and assisting in the voluntary removal of John Jeffers and Dennis Hayes from this btate, for the purpose of enlisting them in the military service of the United Slaves upon the quota of New Hamp shire, was ordered to recognise in the sum ol $500 for his appearance at the November term Of the Sjfpreme Judicial Court. J, H, Drum uiond, City Solicitor, for State; Vinton A Denr ett lor the defense. fteprewenlative Convention The Union delegates from the several Wardi in this city, selected to nominal" candidate! for Hepresentative, are requested to meet it the Senate Chamber, City Hall, Saturday af ternoon, at 3 o'clock precisely, to attend t< the duty devolving upon them, Bv order of tub City Committee. For th: Prelt. Mb. Kiiitor :—It is understood that Jauiet Brooks and F. O. J. Smith will address tin copperhead meeting this evening In this city Permit me to suggest that Smith tube a fill t- the Argus for 183<J, and Brooks a tile of tbi Advertiser of the same date, and that boti read from them what they said ol each olhe during the canvass of that year, when the; were pitted against each other as candidate for Congress from this district. UudoubtedI; a great deal might he Ranted oi the cbaracle pf these two political hucksters by pursuit)| the course J have suggested, and it wouli draw an immense audience. q IN TUB CORNKU. Portland Compaky. — The adjourne meeting of the stockholders of this Compar is to he held at ttie rooms of the Board Trade this alternoon, at 3 o'clock. The ele tlon of Directors and other business is to acted upon. Any stockholders who have not subsetib to the consolidated stock can do so at t meeting. The books must then be closed, it is of great Importance that the arrauj meets for obtaining more capital should goinplated without d^ay. 4-iwi.uic Aittuic mauuiauirvi Messrs. R. J. D. L&mbee A Co. have re cently commenced manufacturing, for theii own use and to supply a demand that has be come very extensive in the State, Pictun Frames of all the different sizes and patterns embracing the largest size Looking-Glat! Frames. Their manufactory is In Brown’i Block, on Union Street, where they have pul in the most improved machines for the busi ness, and have secured the services of met "i thoroughly acquainted with all the different v departments. Their faeilities for obtaining the lumber e and the terms on which they obtain all the re quired power, availing themselves of ail the i improvements iu machinery, enables them to i compete, la point of price and quality of the articles manufactured, with any other manu lactory In the country. They will give em ployment to fifteen raeu in the various branch es of the business, and will soon be able to supidy orders for any kind of frames from the smallest to the largest. Messrs. Larrabee, A Co. at their store On Ex change Street, keep a sample of the various kinds of frames they manufacture, where they are prepared to frame pictures of any size at short notice. They also keep on hand the best assortment of engraving* that can b found in this State or in New England, except iu Boston. Daguerriau artists and others can ; be supplied with all the various forms and sizes of wooden frames and Photograph Al bum* on the most favorable terms. I.ooking 1 Glasses refrained in the latest style. This tlrin has been extensively engaged in the Picture Frame business iu ibis city for eight years, during which time they have formed an extensive acquaintance and estab lished a business reputation. Thoir manufac turing department will give them increased facilities iu supplying the demand for elegant picture and looking-glass frames,so that there — :n i._ .. . .. ” v- v. oc * i j yi snumi” 10 Us toil Or New York for any article of this kind that may be wanted. National Freedmeu's Association. We take pleasure in calling attention to the meeting in behalf of this Association, to be held in the City Hall on Sunday evening. Many excellent institutions, sauitary and religious, have arose out of the rebellion; but ol them all none appeals more earnestly and directly to the popular htarl than this. It takes the thousands of colored men, women ! aud children, who have become free by the fortune of war, and labors to raise them up to the true dignity of their new position. Ithas faith in the capability of the black race, and that faith has steadily grown by observation and experience. Could the wonderful results of the benevolent efforts of this Association be fully pre„eutgd, it would amaae the nation. The presence of the three white slave chil dren at the above meeting will add greatly to the intereat of the occasion. They illustrate the workings ad»the institntlons in its worst and most atrocious phase, fane of tne bless ings of the rebellion baa been in unlocking this prison house of hell, and manifesting the horrors of its inner temple. We ask the pub lic to look at those beautiful '■(’ildrjn—to try and rtalr.c their future condition as property —and then say whether the voice ol God and Humanity do opt join ia demanding the final suppression of American Slavery. The I.aat C hance! TLo-e whose names are not on. the voting lists, or whose names may be wrongly spelled, are remiuded that to-day is the last day for correcting the lists. It w ill he too late if post poned to Monday. Katuf.k Gbitty.—A lady went into a store in this eity a few days since, to make some purchases. She priced certain articles, but le’ore purchasing happened to see a copy of the ‘F. O. J.” paper lying upon the counter. ‘•Do you take that paper?” she inquired of the shopkeeper. “I do,” was the reply. “Well,” said the purchaser, “while my hus band is lighting rebels in fropt of Richmond, j don't think I shall spend his money for the benefit of copperheads In Portland P’ and she deliberately walked oat. Still Another.—Two ladies went into a shop on - Street to make some purchase*. While there a gentleman walked luto the place to enquire hir the paper. “Here it ia,’> was the reply, "take it aud read the truth.” One of the ladies enquired what paper it was. “The Argus/’ replied the shopkeeper. “I hardly think we will purchase here to-day,” said she, aud bu‘-h turned and left the shop. Attempt at Bibolary.—About half-past 8 o’clock last evening a report was brought into the Police Office that an attempt was being made to break into Gruntal & Co.’s store, in Deeriiu; Block. Deputy Marshal Wt i. is, on I, and policeman Irish immediately started for the store. On arriving there they discovered glass broken, and upon further ex amination discovered a man throwing out goods. M be was rowing oat Deputy Mar- : shal Wentworth seized him, and then com mencedatusste, which continued about twenty minutes, between the Deputy aud the robber, before policeman Irish, who was guarding the Iroqt qf Vh? building, got to Ine rear to the scene of aution. The burglar was at last over come and pnt under lock aud key. He states that he is from New York. He Is a hard ens touier, Confederate Officer Arrested.—A man was arrested yesterday at Island Pond, Vermont, by Deputy Collector Ring ham, un der orders received from Deputy Collector Bird of this city, on suspicion of being a Cap tain in the Confederate service—he having been seen at Sackville, N. 1$., wearing the Confederate uniform. 4Jr. Bingham tele graphs that he Is a Colonel in the rebel ser vice. ills name is said to be Hamilton. Provost Marshal Doughty had telegraphed to other puiots, and fearing the fellow might be making for Canada, called upon the Beve nue officers for a dispatch to be sent to Island Pond Customs officers. Returned Soldiers.—About seventy so!; d)urs returned lu the cars last evening, among whom were tifty-three veterans of the 8th Maine, under command of Capt. Band, who proceeded to Augusta last night. They are a portion of the regiment whose term of service has expired. There is npt a copperhead among them. All of Hie soldiers were fur nished with refreshments at the depot by Mr. Wheeler. 1 Vote Yes.—Let every Union voter remem ber to dpnosit his “yes” iu the ballot box on Mouday next. In answer to the question sub mitted, whether our Constitution shall be so amended as to allow our gallant soldiers who I are In the field to ciH their ballots for State and County officers, Democratic Candidate* for Uedke sERTATtVKs— Freeman Bradford, Ksq., Wil liam Curtis, A. K. Shurtletl, and J. M. Kim ball have been selected as the Democratic candidates for Kepreseutatives from this city Fishermen.—One hundred and seventy four sail of ftsliiDg vessels were counted ft out the Observatory at ^ o'clock yesterday afle . j noon off this port. Yarmouth and North Yarmouth, The Union men are alive aud active In both II these towns. The camp-fires are k<pt con y stautly burning. lit Noith Yarmouth or if Thursday last, Stantonk the copperhead ora 2- tor from Kew York, addressed a copperheat >e gathering, which numbered by actual coun just 83! not over go of whom were Democrats ‘d Iu 1 aruiouth a glorious meeting was hell tp the evening of the saute day by the Uffioi as i men. Col. Carpenter, of Kentucky, wa e- among the speakers. Two Lincoln and John be son flags—stars and stripes—were raised dur i log the day; one at each village. -TOT BVBIiUf© PAPERS. Ik* Glorious Victory at Atlanta. Loi'isvii.le, Ky., Sept. S. In answer to a request that Maj. Gen. Sher man would give us the details of the late op erations before Atlanta, in order to silence thi cavils of those who, in the absence of particu lars, were denying that these operations were on the whole, a Federal success, we have re ceived the following: Atlanta, Sept. 1th, 1884.—On the 25th Au gnst, pursuant to a plan ol whlfih the Wat Department had been fully advised, 1 left tht 20th corps at (Jhattaboochie bridge, and witli the balance of the army I drew oil' from tht siege, and using some considerable artifice tc mislead the enemy, I moved rapidly south and reached West Point Kaiiroad, near Fair born, on the 27th, aud broke up tweive mile of it. When moving east my right approached the Macon Railroad near Jonesboro’, and my left near Bongh and Ready. The enemy attacked the right wing ol the army of the Tennessee, and was completely beaten. On the 81st aud during the combat, I pushed the left of the centre rapidly to the railroad above, between le>ugh and Ready and Jonesboro’. On the 1st Sept, we broke up about eight I miles of the Macon Railroad and turned on | l^e enemy at Jonesboro’, assaulted him and , lm*s and carried them, capturing Brig. (»en. Gorman and about 2,tJOO prisoners, with j cipht guns and much plunder. Might alone i prevented our capturing the whole of Hardee’s corps, which escaped south that night. That same night Hood in Atlanta, finding all his railroads broken and In our possession, blew up his ammunition, seven locomotives, aud eighty cars,and evacuated Atlanta, which ou the next day, Sept. 2d, was occupied by the corps left for that purpose, Maj. Gen. Slocum commanding. W’e followed the retreating enemy to near Lovejoy’s Station, thirty miles south of Atlan ta, where finding him strongly imreoched, I concluded it would not pay to assault. a>3we lllmg.1v tint irpoat nMonf tl... _. vii., Atlanta. Accordingly the army gradu ally and leisurely returned to Atlanta, and it is now encamped eight miles south of the city, and to-morrow will move to camps appointed. I am now writing in Atlanta, so 1 could not be uneasy iu regard to our situation. We have as fhe result of this quick, and, I think, well executed movement, twenty-seven guns, over 3.000 prisoner!, and have buried over 400 rebel dead aad left as many wounded: they could not be removed. The rebels have lost, beside the important city of Atlanta and stores, at least 500 dead, 2,500 wounded, and 8,000prisoners. Whereas our aggregate loss will not foot up 1,500. If that is not a success, I don’t know what Is. (Signed) W. T. Sherman, Maj. Gen. from Mexico. Xew York, Sept, il Dates from IUv^ua to the 26th ult. are re ceived. The reported recapture of Victoria from the French by Gorlinas is continued. The French were put lo flight with heavy loss.— Cortiuas announced to the soldiers that he would soon lead them against Tampico, and would be reinforced from Hurstiatq. Capt. Mcndora tynhushed a party of imperi alists, killing sixty-six and capturing t weDly seven, with one hundred and fifteen rifles and seveuty-three horses. The yellow fever was making cop.idcri'nt(! havoc at Havana. The steamer Frances, lately from Philadel phia. has been sdld for £20,000. She is to be fitted for blockade running, Capt. Bickford, mate aud others, of the bark C. B. Hamilton, died at Havana of yellow fever. From New Yore, Sept, a The Herald's Fort Gaines correspondent, writing on the 30th ult.. says: “ Our troops have effected a landing at Ce dar Point, three miles above Dauphin Island and twenty-five miles to Mobile. The road runuing lo Mobile Is held ky the rebels. It is reported that they have no forti fications on the road except Dear the city. A torpedo drawn from the water last week, exploded and killed fire or six, and wounded fifteen men. The work of destroying the sunken Nash ville in the channel above Dog ltiver liar, is progressing. Trom the Army before Richmond. New York, Sept. «. The Herald’s correspondent with General Grant says, large numbers of rebel deserters are coining iu, under the knowledge of the terms offered by the Lieut. General in his re cent general order. They say that a more general circulation of that order will hrlng over thousands. They also say the hope of peace from the Chicago Convention strongly prevail-, and if they thought they had to go through with an other campaign, Lee’s army would rapidly fall to pieces. from Tennobmoe. Nashville, Teun.,Sept. 8. The latest intelligence from Qcn. Jtosseau, says he is driving Wheeler who is trying to get across the Tennessee. We have captured many prisoner, and deserters are frequently coming in. The Hailroad between Nashville and Chat tanooga will be iu running order to-morrow. The I’niou State Convention has adjourn ed sine die. It passed resolutions favoring the call of the State Convention and the im mediate abolition of slavery. From the Vpper Co^iiyw. New York, Sept. 9. The Trilmue’s Harper's Feriy correspondent of the 8th, says a detachment of our cavalry yesterday crossed the Ojequan and drove the rebel pickets to within 4 miles of Winchester, where the enemy’s iufantry qrc posted in'force. The infantry immediately advanced on our cavalry who skirmished their way back, with small loss, to Berry ville. Sad Accident— tKneed by a I'irate. New York, Sept. 9. By the explosion of a calcium light at a McClellan meeting last evening, oue woman was killed, another severely injured, and two __:___l__j The transport steamer Nightingale, from Key West, reports was chased by a supposed pirate on the itth, but outsailed her. Itnriny Kvbbrrj*. I’boyidknoe, K. I., Sept, 0. John G. Lewis, contractor of the Norfolk County Railroad, was robbed of $2 500 last night, on the highway between Woonsocket and Blackslone, by three men who probably followed him frum Boston for the purpose. New Publications. The Clife-Climbers, or the Lose Home ix the Himalayas. A'sequel to “The Riant-Hun ters.” By Captain .Mayne Reid; illustrated. , Boston: T'ckuor k Fields, 1864. Here is a book of wild adventure, thrilling narrative and hair-breadth escapes, making 1104 closely but neatly printed pages, which is des i tined to become a "real favorite, especially with “Young America,” of both sexes. The illustra tions aye suggestive and spirited, and the book will be found one of intense interest to all who give it a perusal. For sale in this city by Hall L. Davis, Ex change street. ! Dramat Person.*: By Robert Browxixu. Boston: Tickaur & Fields, 1864. ltimo. pp. | 262. This is a book of poetry, but we have no very | definite idea of its specific charaoter, of its lit erary merits, or of the interest it will be likely to awaken, beyond that suggested by the nann ; of the author. Robert Browning oould scarce ly write a dull or worthless book, and if hi i should do so the American publishers are Ux well informed and too sharp-set as busines: ' men to invest their money in its reproduction Author and publishers, therefore, afford guar anteoof the merits of “DraiflUtrs Person®,” am. j we confidently commend it to the lovers am patrons of good English poetry. For sale in this city by Hall L. Davis, Ex! change street. The Cri ise oe the Alabama and Sluter From the private journals anti other paper! of Commander II. Semmes.C. S. N., and oth er officers. Twu vols. in olio. New York Carle toil, Publisher. 12mo. pp. :t-Jx pol sale in this city by Hall L. Davis. Another “Pirates'own Book,” detailing tin piracies of a mitn who sold the sword which h had been taught to use in his counties defense to that country’s worst enemies, and whose deed 1 i make him a fitting associate for Robert Kidd am 1 other rovers of the sea. The book purports t 1 be a reprint from an English edition. It is adorn I ed with a picture of the pirate captain, "wh would himself beautifully adorn the end of i rope. BY TELEGRAPH TOT UK Portland Daily Press. ----. financial. , , WA9HINGTOH, Sept. 9. Abe subset lptlon to the 10-40 loau amounted i to $42,000. The subscriptions to the 7 30 loan to-day, j amounted to $538,300. j Sec Fessenden commenced at noon to day j t0 °pen sealed oilers for bonds of the United States to the amount of about $31,5000, cou ! sisting of unaccepted offers under the notice | of proposals lor a loan, dated in June last. , These bonds bear an annual iuterest of 0 per ceut, payable semi-annually in coin, and re deemable on the 30lh of Juue, 18*1. The nuuibprof letters sent to the Trea-ury Depart i ment, was about 800, or 105 more thau when the loau was heretofore in compettition.— Those opened to-day required five and a half I hours lor their declaration and lmtation.though 1 but. little over half .he number. The busi ] ntss is to be resumed to-morrow. The bids opened to-day. show an aggregate of about $02,000,000, or twice the amount of the loan. Hie offers between 4 and 5 per cent premium, amount to $20,000,000. There were propos als from individuals to take, in tin* aggregate, aliout $l,00o,000 at par. The bids rauging be tween 5 and Oper et, did not amount to more Umti $40,000. Among the most prominent bidders were the following: First National Bank, Portland. $300,000 at from 104 to 104 5..-I00; E r Hillinger,Hartford,Conn.$0,000 I »' from 104 30-100 to 104 65 100; Benj Hunt ington, Treasurer ol Norwich. Conn..*100,000 at from 104 5-100 to 104 70-100; 1st National Bank of Hartford, *175,000 at from 104 to 104 5-100; Bank of Commerce. New York. $400 - 222 ** 104; 1st Natlouai Bank of Now York, *■>0,000 at 104 3 100 ; 2d National Bank of Boston, $425.000 at 104 3 100; Winslow. La vore * to. New York. $20,000 at 104 3 100 and *100,000 at 104 25-100; National Bank of New Y ork *500,000 at 104 3-100; Yermilge .£ Co, New York, *100,000 at 104 3-100. from forlrtu* Mn* „ , ... Fortress Monroe, Sept a t ol. Michael T. Donahue, of the lOlh X. H. regiment, has gone to the trout to command a brigade. By arrival ot a sloop, with cotton, from Elizabeth City, we learn ihat lifteeu men be longing to the 15th Virginia cavalry, are prowling about that place robbing and plun dering unarmed citizens. The citizens sre or ganizing for mutual protection. TIri schooner Caroline Hall has put in here for harbor having lost her foremast during the storm of last night. 1 he mail steamer Webster, from City Point, has arrived. She brings no news. F'rom Washington. _ Washington, Sept 9. surged drafts purporting to be signed by Hon James Harlan, treasurer of the Union Congressional Committee, are being presented to postmasters in the West, by some swindler, who claims to be duly authorized to collect, for the Committee. Xo draft has been made on any postmaster ac.d no agent has been em ployed to codec* from them by Seuator Har lan. The Xavy Department to day issued orders that after the 10th inst, no persons shall he en- ! listed in the Xaval service for a less period than two years. If alt-rut Seoul through leutiinu Inll.-g. Washington, Sept. 9. Maj. Ludlow, with a detachment of the Sth Illinois caaalry, returned to Muddy Brauclr yesterday, after a successful scout through Loudon Valley by way of Lce»burg, having proceeded as tar as Purcesville. They heard of uo loroes of the enemy in Loudon Valley except Mosby’s men. Maj. Ludlow hrought in four men and uine horses, captured at Leesburg. These prison ers were run down while attempting to escape, and one of them was seriously injured hy his horse falling on Mm It ashtuglon Correspondent e. Xew York. Sept. 9. The Commercial’s special Washington dis patch says that ail officer* and soldiers on de tached service, are ordered to report to their regiments. Lee evidently defers his grand attack until reinforcements come up. .Xo demoustratiou has been made by the enemy since Wednes day, Hecrult* are hurrying to the front this week, from Pennsylvania especially, more rapidly than at any previous lime. Cttplur. OJ HeOets, L<)flsVtu.K, Ky., Sept. 9. Col. Holman, ot the 11th Kentucky caval ry, captured the "sol distant” Col. Jessie and 150 men yesterday afternoon. They were en camped uear Client. and on being summoned by Col. Holman surrendered without tiring a fire. from .It/tint«s, Xkw York, Sept. 9. The Commercial’* Washington dispatch says an officer who has arrived here from Allauta says Hood’s army i» demoralized to the con dition of a mob. ShermauS communications are being restored tu running utder rapidly. f'i «>m City I*oint. W ashington, Sept. 9. Passengers from City Point say the work on the railroad to the point occupied Uy our troops on the Weldon Hail road, is being rap- j idly pushed forward, and is expected to be in running order by Sunday. Marine Disaster. Xkw Yore, Sept. 9. The steamer Y**?*^ hence on the 7ih for Xew Orleans, has returned leaking, having broken her discharge pipe when twenty-four hour out. . Crirle; >{<*/<■*, Put I. a I A, Sept. 9. The Cricket match between the Xew York | and Philadelphia clubs, was wou by the latter >’»» TifM Murhct. 1 Saw Yoke. Sept V Otton—lower; tale* 150 bale, atlM, <$136 for middling uplands. flour—sales 10 600 bbls; State and Western 1 SaViOr lower. State 0 60a lo 3 Round Hoop Ohio 11 oi \f£ 14 00; Western 06oglu;6: SuutUorn— beav, ; sales 1250 bbl». Extra do 1100*14 to: • anada 10&2ulower; sale* 400 bbl«; Exlta lUUtKRUuO. Vl'b.iat.r^l.< I..a ..r ■ •lot. AO fH¥l hnulo lj - ChiowwA Spring 2 1<»&2 2»»; Milwaukee club 2J6$2 27; Win ter Red Wcutwu 2 3pa2 35. Corn—*ale* 38.UUU bushels; mixed Western 1 Cl. a 1 62. Oats—dull: sale* Canada at Ullage. , B* of—heavy i Port—lower; aalea M.«s00 bu'.e; new mess 42 i*-% 42 71,. | Cut Meat*-very firm : sales 350 pkgs; Shoulders 16 i £16a: Haros l**£'l$*c. Lard—firmer; -alts 2190 this at 234^244JC. Rutter—steady : State at 49£t6fir. m Whiskey—sale* 160<* bbla *( 1 7k, <jl *). Freights to Liverpool—firmer. Stock Market, N*w Yotl, Sept.9. | , Second Board.—Stoci sstrong. I rhioago k Rock Island .lofq 1 I Michigan Southerj guaca^tee{f......14* Illinois Oentrttl wnp,.. .12*; i I Cleveland % Pittobur:;. 11L Brie. 197} Hudson. ii$; Reading .... 132] Michigan Ceotral. 138; Michigan Southern,...8* j New York Centr**,... .i..... i.. 1*7; kmeri^r Gotui-TP. .... .2^ J United SiatOh due yearctniiijatoo n:w . 95 Treasury 73-lOths. . . 1UJ United States 6’s 1881 rcgisteied. . 10 Ui ited .States 6-20 coupon*.Ill] United States 6 s 1881«8J For Sale. • - Tho subscriber offers for sale the houae aud lot kng«a */ the Parson? Pxtic/iii North Yarmouth,12j mile? from Portland, 2 miles from the _ Grand Trunk Railroad. The build ings are a two story fiou*«\ wood-tht d and baru - lU acres uc laud with an Orchard. Water furnished by a living spring. Near meeting and sjhool, and pleasantly situated For further particulars en quire of D. 11 0>LE. North Yarmouth, Sept. 6,18<4. &cp»dlw Notice. 1 PROPOSALS will be received at the Mayor’s of fice uutil Monday. Sept. 12, at 12 o’clock noon. ! for buildiug a Brick Stab e in tiie rear of the Engine ilou.-M* on Brackett St Plan* and specific*.iou» can be seen at the Mayor’s office. The oominltte reserve ' the righr t» refu-e g!| pfopoeqla if not considered • for the interest of the city. JACOB MoLELLAN. Chairman Coin on Publig Building!. Sept 7,1864 —dtd No the. f|UlF. m-m< its of the Portland Marino Society L are hereby uctititd and requested to attend the funeral of their late Secretary and Treasurer, Capt. | John Sargent, at 6L. Mipluu • Church, on 8*»tur . i da * the 10fh lust., at9jo'clock p. m. Sept. 9,1881. d’Jt ‘ Per Order. For Male. 4 N eight horse power Stkam Enoinn with all I ’ x \ the fixtures, ha* teen but little u-c»L also a good second hand Gear cutter, and a small Engine > 1 Lathe. Apply to isaac moclet lan. neptl eod2w* Gorham. > : - -—--— --— i Board. A FEW Boarder* can be accommodated at No. 22 1 JX Adams Street, at f4 per week. sept8 dlw* ENTERTAINMENTS Morris’ Miustreb -A* I> oering Sail: For a short season, commencing Holiday Evening, Sept, 12 Entire Change of Progiammo'Each Evening Doors open at 7—to commence at » o 'clock. Ad minion .3 cfs; Re-crred heats 50 cts. »> a. Ajiboxt, Agent. Sept C.—d9t C. A. MORRIS, Manager. Aid for the Freed Men! fllirERE willbea meeting in ai«i of the Na'lora ■A. r reed men's Relief Association next Saiiuati *»iko,at the N K W CITY HALL. Commencing at 7} o'clock. wUlftddrerMhemeeiin^/ "ther *"”Ucmt'D- wU Rebecca, Charlie and Kesa, S-.thLff, greeting.late childien from New- Or LEWIS, ROLLINS Si BOND, Nos, 141 & 143 Middle Street, Store Formerly Occupied by Joaiah Burleigh. Having leased the abore at.ire at a very low rent,wo propose to open a First Class Tailoring, FINE CLOTHING, -AID Gents’ Furnishing Goods establishment. We Buy and Sell for Cash and At tend to Our own Business. We ere enabled to oiler to the public fwAnrla am T - _ n i «« « . --- aa.VdU UO DUlig^IlL Iu thin City or State. OUR CUSTOM DEPARTMENT' l» under the dir«tiou of Mr. B.,kd, well kuowu to the public a. a falls S’ CLASS Cl'TTEK. Orutcful 10 our friendj aud the public for tbrir iboral patronage at oar lortuer place- of Lu.iue.., *e .till ojlicit their favors, aud we pledge to deal with them on the square. T. C LEWIS. X. C. HOLLINS, u . W. M BOX D. ScptC—dim 3NT. S. Gardiner, Merchant Tailor*. -AMD DBALIBIX Rfeady-Made Clotning, And Ocni«' Furiifoiling Goods No. di Middle St., corner of Lime Street, oppo site the Post Office, PORTLAND.. If a lira. sept3dtf New Bedford Copper Oomp’y. rHE undersigned, agents of the above Company, are prepared to frraish suit* of fellow Metal & Copper Sheathing, Holt Copper, Bolt Yellow Mem I , Spikes, XdWs, it short notice and delivered at any port required. MeGlLVKRY, RYAN k DAVIS. Sept ft.—dtf Maine Bonnet Bleachery, 300 Congrex Street* PORTLAND • _- - MAINE. Straw, Lace & Leghorn Bonnets GENTLEMENS HATS, Bleached & Pressed at the Shortest Notice ■ a Leo- — ■■ HATS A BONNETS DYED. Every exertirn will be made to have all orders raoMrrLY attended to. J UIES B. it AC K L V FT. Carriages, Carriages! Firmlf Bui and Xtally FiaiAcd. J. F. LIBBEY, No. 20 Preble St., OFFERS for sale, at his establishment, a variety of Carriages made in the neatest and most sub stantial manner. The assortment comprise* all the different styles of Light Carriages, and they will be sold on the most favorable terms- Persons intend lug to purebaee Carriages will find it for their inter est to call aud examine before buying elsewhere MmlBItf City of Pox’tland.. Eleotion Notice. >foTit cl* hereby riven, that In pursuance of war I rants from the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Portland, the inhabitants thereof, qualified ac cording to law to vote for State aud Couuty officers, will meet in their respective Ward Rooms, or usual places of me® ^ng, on Monday, the twelflh day of September instant, a» Bo’clock in the forenoon, then and there to givein their votm for Coveruor, four Senator* and four Representatives in the Legisla ture of this State; for C< unty Treasurer, County Commissioner, Register of Probat* and S her iff lor the County of Cumberland, and for a Representa tive to Congre-s; and a'*o to gjve in tbrir vetes upon the tollowlag »;Utsiiou. to wit “Shall iV I'l-iii-ilitiitii.ii K* .. -. by a resolve of the Legislature, providing that citi zens ol the State absent therefrom in the military ot the United Sti'M. or of this State, shall not be doomed to have lost their residing© m this State by reason of such ab.-ench.but shall be allowed to vote wherever they mj be. unie*« in the regular army of the Uniteu mat*-*, tor Governor, Senators ^ UlRoers, ou ths 1 uf*day next after the the first Uoudsv of November, in the year onethous and eight hundred «ud sixty four, and their vo*e* shad be counted and allowed lu the same manner and with ‘he same effect c* if given on the second Monday of Scntemher in tUatyeAr. and -hall be al lowed to vote for Go yeznor, Senator*. Representa tives and b ounty officer* on the second Monday ot September, anuuallv th»i-*atter. forever in the man ner and under the regulations in said resolve pro vided;*1 ‘ these In favor of -aid amendment express ing tt by the word “YES" upon their ballots, tnd thmo opno'fd tg tht amendment expressing it by the woiu »0‘* upon their b«Uti»*.u Tu« polls to remain o^ou until six o'clock in the afternoon whip tb*y shall be closed. The Aluonneu of *atd City will be in open session in the Ward Boom in New Citv Building, (entrauce on Myrtle Ht .)from nine o'clock in the forenoon to one o’clo :k ia the afternoon on esch ot the throe secular day* next proceeding such day of election, and from three o'clock to five o'clock in the afternoon of the last of said thin regular nays, for the purpose of receiving evidence of the qualifi cation of voters t»t»v*o name* hav^ not been enter* «® Bet of qualified voter* iu and forth© sever al Ward*, and for correcting said list. .1 if HEATH City Clerk. Portland, September 3 1864. dtd Notice. WF.. the undersigned, Ship Masters and Agents for owners, hereby agree, that uu and alter tht first dav of Sehtembt r. 1864, all t wrgoea ladeu on board for the Island of Cuba, slpll he delivered and received along i u? w'thip r^ch of vessel* tackle* excepting Ion" lumber, w htch is to be towed to the suorp by Tossfc!'* orews, according to the custom oi the principal port* iu the United State*. Edward ooodiug, Robert Dyer, •J. H. Varney, Samuel Pote, S. G. Davis, bhubai Merry wan. James L. How, E J Pink ham, William Anderson, Henry K. Gregg, Benjamin S. True, James Bsin, John Berry. C C. Dailey, Joseph Mom'fort. James H. Hutchinson, * Joshua Poland, John W. Crowther, George w. Coggins, John R. Keunev, Lyman 8 < lark. Lewis Mitchell, Andrew J. l*et ten gill, A B. Webber. Walter W. Look. Walter Merrimau, Thomas Means. J. Gilman Reed. Thoms- L. Libby, G. tv. Davis, Henry C. Smuii. E. A Marw-ck, l^***lei Merrill, David Keaitr, Jr., William Kerris, Eaward Hall. D H A’hertou, Ytaton A Hale. Roland York. Kws ar Sturdivant, ! ( war Ire Sawyer, B F. Randall, William E. Bovd U t> York, 1 ii'tfr McGilvtrv. Ryan J Davi* E. \t. ClitTord, J. s. Winslow. : Elisha Wheeler, Charles Littlejohn, Charles Bartlett, Charles H. Chase. Gon. II. 8 arr A. D. Whidden 1‘ortlasd, Sept. 8 1R64. 3vred Noiicf*. 4 UL persons aru hereby cautioned against harbor ; ing or trusting the crew of the British sht| I ravorite,from Liverpool, a* no debts of their con i trading will be paid by the Master or Consignees I «>pt8 d8t* JOHN SPAIN, Master. EDUCATIONAL. i Prof. Masi^c, A.. ]\x K«centJy of Philadelphia, Instructor in the Freud aud Latin Languages. LESSONS In schools aud families, lectures i schoo.a, explanation tn Frencn Idioms Am I tfve ol France, uarmeriy initructor ol Rhetoric au * | Belles letters in t.harlcsmagne College, one of ti first institutions in Faria. For lurtber paaticuiars, apply at Measra. Bailey - Noyes’ between 11 aud 12 A. n., where iuformatio as to term, Ac, will be given. RtrK&nrcn. 1 Hon. \Y. II. So ward, Secretary of State Kev. Bishop W. B.Stovens.D D.,of Fhiladelphil Kev. A. Cleveland C'oxe, ol Baltimore. Prof. C. I>. Cleveland, of Philadelphia. I j Prof. H. Coppie, ol Pinna University. Ceo. B. Emerson, Saq., of Boston. R. H. Daua, Rim., ol Boston. Epea Sargent, Eaq., of Boston. ^ Kt. Kev. Blahop T. C Brownell, D. D., Hartford Dr. E. r. LeProhou, Portland. Bept 6. U2ru I-_ f?r Tops ham, Maine, 2l miles from 1 ortluud; easy «»f access—a beauti Kor c,r°Bu"' *• p‘«“ Sopt 1-dSW WAHKES JOHNSON. A M. Casco Street Seminary. • I nPIIK Fall Term of this Ina»itution will commect Aon l iieddty Sept. 6th, and continue ten weeks ‘ •.-r,lur1!K‘r Partlcul*r* Inqul e of the Principal al 2l< Cumberland Street, alter Sept. 1st. 1 J-ort.aud Aug. 29. ,««. Mlf* UA™S ‘HOME INSTITUTE.” Mis« I. ft. Prince, Principal. rpilIS Boarding mud Day School for Young Lidia* X, ,r‘!>.r<:'T’u ,f?r u‘ 8i*,h year, uu ihuraday! Supt. luth. lor Circular, coutaiuiug icrma, Ac.. adJrcw th» Friucipal at 62 Fro* 8t., Furtiaud, Me. Aug 19—d&wlm XEW BAXPitHIRE Commercial College, Central Hall, - - - - Concord, N- H. THE moat thorough and extensive Comraercia College io Mew England, present* unequalled l*ciliti«« tor imparting to yonng men and ladies a complete busiueeMeducation. Sfud lor a ciroular ooutaining fWl Information— address WORTHINGTON A WARMER, Aug 9—dAw6m Dri.cip^a. > THE PORTLAND COLLEGE, Located in Clapp's Block, CeDgress Sireet, Is*Unk in Bryant, Stratton 4 Co. «chain of la ternatlonal Busiuess and Commercial College* 19 of the leading corner cul clUaa in the lulled Mates and Canadas. "if* College, i. to furnish vonng “• tho best lucilitiM for obtaining a thorough Uua.neas Education. Scbo arshipa for full curaeof Bork-kct*ing, Com mercial Law, Commercial Calculation*, bncaceriaa lenmansbii.. Correspondence, Lectures and Praeii uniimtted1 period*thro«*ho““'» «*»"> «»>r an L- A. OKAY. A. M., RESIDENT PRINCIPAL. nwtfy!r Information, pleat* call at tb* Oollege, or t*ud for Circular and Col.age Monthly, inolosirg letter ftsmp. Addreca 7 BRYANT STRATTON A GRAY, Portland, .... *ailie. *uf31 tlAvtoia ————m _ WANTS,LOST,FOUND Wanted. IJtOR a (Emily of four (no small children) a nice gentoel taro atoned house, In the centr* of the city separate, or in a block. Addr,** Box 110 Port land Poet Offioe. sept'Jdtf Wanted. AT P. B ProaCi, lit Ea change street, 4 or 6 good Coat Makers, to tv horn the highest Boston pri es will be paid. replBdtw Is O » T . ON Wednesday evening. 7th Inat.. near the Boa ton It- pot, a Porae containing atoul SSCO The | huderwlll be liberally rewarded on leaving tb* | same at this offioe. aepmdlw* Wanted. A GOOD Safe and a “Sit-down (mooting Hoorn Detk. ' Addreat. Miat naxT. Lock Box 42 - 1‘oitland P 1)._ stptTdlw* Strayed or Stolen. 1^(Ri»M the anbrcrlber in Gorham, a'Bav Colt,one year old last Mar, with black mane and tail and u.ack leg* tt bovver w ill return bln, or give it, or rnaiiou where he can bo found - bail be suitably re wmrded. MUSES EOGG, Gorham, Me. Sept 7—dlw ITntTirnlwhcd Apartments Wanted. WANTED about the middle of October neat, laro good aiaed unfurnished rooms, to serve aa I a parlor and a bed room—fur a gentleman only. The house III! be iu a good l-eelitT. Apply per sonally at the British Cuu-ulate. Exchange St . be tween the hoars or LUndS, or if by letter t* If I. M.. Box No. 34 Post Office. aep’.Odlw Wanted. CUSTOM Coat and Jo custom Pant makers Apply at Clothing Room.of WOODMAN, TRUE 4 CO„ AngO—dlkwtsflw _ *****M "Wanted.! Elderberries und Cherries. ritllK highest price paid for ripe Elderberriea.plck * clean, and also Black therrli-a, by W. 8 Main, Windham or GKEENoUGIl 4 MORSE. ’ SeptS—dAwtf »i Market Square Clothing Lost. \CONDAY. Sept. 3th, between Warren Market | i-’A and lu key’s Bridge, two pair, Woolea Pan I a wrapped in a bundle Ibe Under will be auitabiy rewauled on caving them at the l’rma Office Portland, Sept. 6 —dlw Wanted. A SITUATION in a wholesale store, either as -x book-keeper, olerk or salesman, bt a young man Good referee,. Apply S. 4 S.. Daily Press 1 Offico. sept6dlw» Wanted. BY a middle aged man, a situation in a store, or on the wharf, as a salesman, lo oo ligut work or to take charge of some light busiuess. Good refer i -net , given. Address Box 1CP. or enquire at No, 3 Lima St. V» A et Is ,1,1 Ueses* f.L A s s' LOST. SU» REWARD. ON Central wharf, or around the Grand Trunk Depot aud yard; a Calf Skin Wallet contain* tog acoueidrable sum of money, and papers of no i value to any one but the loo-er. The Under will be rewarded as above on returning the same to No. Wharf, or 72 Brackett street. Portland, Aug. bl 1“64 aug8l dtf Lost. MONDAY afternoon.between Lincoln Street aud the Press Office, a lady 's jet Cross Pin, tipped with gold aud a teaH in the centre. The finder will be suttably rewarded by leaving the same at THIS l Or r ICE. »r Au* 30 Houhe Wanted. Wanted by the advertiser, a convenient Ej;*! centrally located, aud pleasant hou-e for i •iL*J*--nall family, without children—possession tc be had as early ax the middle of October, sooner i: possible. It most have good water oonvenknees and be well finished. The advertiser would lease such a house lor a tern of years, or purchase if terms suited. A two-storj octtage, smaii lot. preferred. Addrc.'SO. P y . at the Press Office, stating loca lion, general terms, &c confix!eniially. Portland, Aug. 1,1864 —dtf Lost. STRAYED train the pasture of Mr Francis Rob ert*. Westbrook, last mouth, a three year ol< : gray Colt, suuUl tii*; whoever wilt return him •: give in format sou where he may be found, will tx suitably rewarded, by calling at No. 69 Spring St. FRANCIS E. EMERY. Portland, July 13.1864.-utf S*W Reward ! STOLEN from the subscriber on Tuesday F.ven iug, while in 1‘ieroe's auction room, a Calf Skii 1 Pocket Book containg 364 in moiiev, a note again* • Charles Uodgdon. Gorham, for $60.and one again* Charles Hooper for $12. The above reward will b I paid for th« recovery of the property aud the detec I tiou of the thief. Tune S.-tf GEORGE BECK. I . Dissolution. I rnilK copartnership heretofore exiitinj batwee: X Sweet »mi Lien.., a Attorney, atLaw, i, thi day ui,solved by mutual ounscat. YhealTaitauf th late firm will he adjusted by either party. Mr Sweat will continue In buslxe,.i at office N’o 117 Middle street. Museoy'^Row. Mr Cleave, at the officeof Ueward k Cleaves, No SI Middle street, over Caeoe Rank L. D M. SWEAT. NATHAN CLEAVES. I Portland. July 16th. 18t’4. Jj I$d3m REMOVAL.! DR. UF.ALD ha, removed hi, office from No. M COBffWB 8t. to the opposite *i<ie of the *tTect . I ooraer of Congress aud Temple streeta. J® i caly occupied by Dr* Bacon A Brtslln. sepodtf MISCELLANEOUS. • FIRST NATIONAL BANK i Beven-lhirty Hotee foi Sals, , Interest aeait-aijiiuaily, payable In paper at tbt a ,ereu anil three tenths per eent. per annum. , ou'scoute/table in three yeara into tut percent • bioiu^l5'b0Bd‘'wBi0*>theioterMt “ p»r* 1 her. free of expend. 1 u JTlT '***"• ,h* to Augn.t 14 If .cbecrtpuon. are mad, Ulor. Um. time. On^tuUthptrcn,,.,,^ win u tulscribers at this liunk u.wM -»» • and over, oil amount, ^g!,,** W. K. COULD, Caehier. Portland, July 30th, lSoi.-diwtf Oa na 1 Be nixT. Government 7 3-10 Jxien. Thia Bank ia prepared to receive -ubscriptious to the new 7 3-10 loan in earns of 34® and upwards, paying Intereat from date of subscription to August | 16th, tbe date of the new loan. The notes are convertible at tbe end of three years into specie paying 3 per eent 5-30 bonda. One -eighth per cen t will be allowed on ail amounts of C1000 and ovar. B. C. SOMEKBT, _ Culiior. Portland, Aug. 1,18M.—dtf CASCO B AMK, GOVERNMENT 7 3-10 LOAN. rrHt^!g.C0.^aink l* to retired •ubacrlp M. lions to tbe new 7 HO loan in name of MO and “p**^*- P*ymg interest on same from date ot sab aorlption to August 15th, tbe date of thettovernment All i>eraona having *30 and upwards now bar# a i good opportunity of lending a helping band to their uorernment by subscribing liberally to this loan. The notes are couvertibie at the end of three rears into specie, paying 6per cut. 6-30 bonda. 1 Loans taken on as favorable terms as at any other Dank. „ „ . E. P.tiEKRISH. Cashier Portland, July 28,1864. Jy2» diatf * FALL STYLE ■! - uIIATN & (VPSlJtL Now ready at 8 EC A W » a , 136 JIIDDLE STREET. J«P,U iaedtw fav KOVAL LSTTgma.j ARCTCSIAE, Real Canadian Bears’ Grease f fTtflE test preparation tor the growth and laxnri • A aoo of tbe hair. I For lale bv Ihu Dnuaials _.nxi_ I Edwin C. Owen it Co., Wholesale and Retail Dealer* la Foreign and Domestic-Fruits, Confectionery, Nun, Cigare+dte^ A'o. 26 Exchange St.Portland. Orange*, Lemon., Lime,, ramarmu*. Prance. Cit ron. Raisins, Fig, Not* of all kind*. Olirea, Satdinee. Dtua. Apple*, Pain, Peat bee. Preserved Fruit*, liom Drop*. Lozvuges, Candies, Honey, Spiuee (.am, Tobacco. 1 Cigars, Pioklee. Pepper Bance, *t«., ate. ty~ The Trade eappliad on the most liberal term*. | Any 25—lm j ” EcoNomns wealth. 7 THE subscriber respectfully informs his friends In general that be will j Repair Gentlemens’Garments or hut nisi sirnos, AT SHORT NOTICE AND FAIR PRICES, i So that Money can he Hare it is these War Times. J. R. 8TORT, 5o.23 Kiehioj;* St. Aug 27—dtf LVNRER. Carolina Lumber Company, i THE undenigned has been appointed by tbe above ; Compauv. Sole Agent fbr the .ale of (amber. for i New York aad all torn aad ptoses north i York, aad is prepared to furnl.h hard pine I , lumber in any quantities, bv the cargo, sawed to any desired dimensions. at the shortest notice: also Black ’ Walnut, Bay wood. As. JOB A. TURNER, No.54 Washington St., Boston. Mass, j Aug. 10,1864._ .odta Alc\andcr D. Rrevri, J rJ'ailor Ac Draper, 98 EXCHANGE ST.s Macafactnirs to order and la the beet Banner, Mil- ! itary aud Xavy Uniforms, and Bojrs* Gar Be nt*. : __ weplSitf T. J. niRRAT, Inspector of Distilled Spirits, Coal Oil, Tobacco aad Cigar*, May be toned at the office of Hoa.N. O Marshall. AueMgr for the First District of Maine, No. xt Ex change St., Portland, Me. Aug 25—dkwSw* ---— Portland Army Committee o» TUB U. S. Christian Commission. Chairman, T. U. Uayee.reoelves Stores nt 114 Mid dle street. Treasurer. Cyrus Sturdivant, reeei-es Money at T* Commeroiai street. Secretary. Urnry H. Burgess, recebee Letter* nt SO Commercial street. i Andrew J. Chase, Dr. W. >. Johnson. iaael8dti COAL FREIGHTS. 1‘ictou, N. Sn *o Penbrol r. Maine. ! Jr Any sized Vessels. Fori >gn or Ameri loan, wanted to freight C al a#above. yCc The rates for disc bar 'lag are lower Z^hCJ^thao at Boston, and there tre other faeil ^SSSXC ities. Apply to or ad drew WIT K. COFFIN ft "V . Boston. Also a few Veaeols wanted to briar Coni to other 1 pons | Jnlyloislm. Small V. Slrrul, Of the late firm of Howard * Stroat, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, IOS Middle Street. Opposite International Bank....Pvrtlamd. ▲ug 12—d&w3m NAVY SUBSTITUTES! —AND— Volunteers. PERSONS having substitute# or recruits to put into tne NAY Y can hare their papers made out in proper form, and their substitute* put on board the U. S SHIP “SABINA” with dispatch and at ’ moderate charge. Substitute and enlistment papers for the ARMY also made out and attended to. by applying to MAX ASS KH SMliti. otlioc 02 Exchangebt.. Over JLmwell 4 Senior's. Aug 27-dh wtf Isf O T I GE provost marshal's ornci 1 First District, State Maine, Portland. August Utb. 1W4 ) TN^UIEltB on alP ordinary subj eta connected L with the enrolment, dralt. exemptions. liability to dralt, credits and account* ot men furnished, should be add reseed to the l’rovu»t Marshal of the Congressional District, ami in ca»e he Is not able to ans er them he will ask information of the Provoet Mai . Nal General wt t>'*-state. Aesweisma) be thus secured more promptly than by addressing the Pro vost Marshal General at Wash*ugton. where more important basinets ettou p/eveul prompt answers to multitude oi inquiries now address*** to the Bu reau on personal and other matters of miaor cease qnence. By Order of Major J W. T. GARDINER. ' CHARLES B DOLGUIY, Capt. and Provost Mar*bal 1st District Maine. Aug. 13—d3m Grand Trunk Railway. Fbkioht Aoxncr, , ; Portland, Sept 3. 1^4 » l k LL persons requiring reosips fW>m this Com t J\. panv forth* u* Ivory of Freight, and peymoat . ot Height charges, above twenty dollar*, must affix Stamps upon tbs »ame«»r they will not be signed. Sept 6-dim JOHN PORT ROM. Agent. Dissolution of C0ptH’lut‘WWp» TUB copartnership heretofore •***l“* between the u.Uer.i«m ». I* . eon.uut I h. uf the 'V'0'* .',, ! etoer new Were .I U^.ed M W > dle81* W. M ik»HD Portland. Sept. 1.1SM.__ l)l„i>lit(i«n. THK rirmof llow.rd A strout, M Attorney, nod Connnnlloti it I, tht. d»r di.iolred by mu I tual consent. Hither partner will attend to the set tlement of of the huedm-ss of the late tfrm Mr. Howard will continue to occupy office &1 Mid* die street, over Camro Bauk. Mr. Strout will occupy office 10b Middle street, opposite head oil’ll mb street. Joseph Howxbd. 8 SWALL C. STEOirr. I Portland, J une 37. 1364,-dim AUCTION SAXES. Horses, Carriages, * Harnesses, at Auction. (V* Bstardar, 8ept. 10, at 11 o’eloatt A. H, oa aticot. Horse#, « arria^e*, and " r°f inifEMTConcord WaJ^I; « «ch S^’JfJSSUSK, “a H*rn**"“: ,0~ Aa« »-dUHAJLtr h CO.. Auct’r* I *M ^‘^^MJCTIONEEB, II E*cLant.8». BtSlI Est&te Ala fc!a ■ , °M 8*. Lawrence St., 1 Auction % ON Tuesday, Sept lath •* i the premis»« No. 9 at *tfMt 13 o’clock, on i Portland Company’s Works t?i7T!?C* 8*. »ear tba land with the bolldiugs thereon rSi w0,d * ,ot of rist of a two storied dir I,ns .no <*>» and in the rear is a two storied wood*’ I,h* fro,lt' Tha lot has a front ~fw by a "?L',U* This property must be sold without rewr?ih-r tionter UrCb***r’ >or tail 0^7™ j _* wpt(4t4 Furniture at Auction. nN Wednesday, Sept. 14th. at t«n o’clock A w VF at tba hoose of John s Miller. Xo. 30 lolls us 11 i •’^rniture in said llonse, consisting of Beds HedwUads and Mattrews, rhvraber sS!* tjsmss™ «»B 7-U 1t*NKV BA1EET * CO.. Aaetioaaam. House aud Lot at Auction. ' ON Thursday flat I IS. at 3 o'clock r. ■ , wa ,h„ soil the two story wooden house Mo 8 Wi ll, at I Be home is new, modern end convenient fa ItT h*“-5'n‘x'“T“h *owl cloJ*et“ doeeellsr, sbundanm’ hard aud rof. water, and every way desirable* toe Investment or occupancy. the lot is 3d by to kut Title cieur—sale positive. 7 w HEsNBV HAJLET A Co., Asstloue—e Sept 7—dtf ’ ^ri' E1) W. M PATTEN, AUCTIONEER, li Exchuagiflt. Valuable Property ^a Commercial St. at Aactioa. OX Friday. September 18th. at 8 r M. oa tba premise., without reserve, a valuable lot et Land on the northerly side of Cotnimreial street, nearly opposite the bead of T raaklin Wharf It has a froot a*H on Commercial of IS feet, extending back about 9xi feet giving a front on For# street of 80 feet. mih. leg some XSOi square feat. It will be .old as above without reserve on 'uvoroble terms. Flan map ha »eeo at the Merchants’ Exchange. For rsrrlcalan ca.loutho Auctioneer. seplOd 4 Valuable Hoatr Lot at Auction. OX Friday, Sept. 18th at 3 o’clock rx , w t -n-n sell a valaab.e lot of laud oa lsdla street, next to heoornei lot on the north east corner of Federal street, being in (vet oa lad.g street by 47 feet deep, with x soot sell of exce lent wa’er on it i hit m a besuufhl lot lot baildiug purposes, reatrally loca ted and In an exc- lleut neighborhood. Titlealear ^^^BENBTltAlLET * CO.. Am,,.. Hoi*e and Lot at Auction. OM Saturday, September 17tb, at S o’clock F- n.t wenbali celltbc three »tory wooden boutejso f Dow St. The house is finished throughout fine cos et». fine ce'lar, plenty water. centrx.iv locatrd, la good repair, always under rent, aud u desirable property for Investment. Bale positive to oiose ap tn estate Terms at sale uc.vm 1 rn oy., AUCTIOXIFM, Sept 10—dtd Administrator's Stile. ATOTIC'E Is hereby given, that by virtue of aU* cense I'dui the fudge of Probate lor the County of Cumberland, 1 shall sell, by public the dwelling house on the r rvtuise*. on the atvenftenth day of October. A. l> 1s«a, at 2 o'clock ta the after noon. the homestead lot of the late Reuben Hol brook late of Prosper, in said CVnaty. sitoatid »n •aid Freeport, and containing tour acres of land with the buildings ther-on * HORACE BKKWKR. Administrator. Dated this Tth lay of Sept, 1884. ktawfw* EDSABD M. PATTEN. Commission Merchant A Anctioneer Hu removed to tha ap.cicoa .tor, IS Exchange Street, friur door, below Merchant’. Exchange. Will rec.iv. cou.ignme.U ol Kwdiutk. ol •very deecriplion, for public or private Ml*. Baiaa of Heal Katate. Veeael*. Cargooa, Stock. .ad bar* chandler Mlielted advaacaa a.aoc. with prompt .ale. and return*. ackU dlj MERCHANDISE. Spruce Sbippiug Boards. 150,000 Board* .o^b/‘We4 8pr™ J. U HAMLLN, Hobacu’a Warf, Cortland, Ha. Aug 3f—44w Corn meal. KAA BBLS Superior KUn l>rl«d Cora Heal, (JUUlorxIat; EKEDEKIl'K DAVIS. Aug 1»—eodSw 117 Commercial Bt. Trinidad Sugar and Molgaw. JQ UtlDS. Choice Muscovado Sugar, 367 bhd. Choice Muscovado MolaMca, ♦8 tierces Choice Muscovado Motawrt, Cargo brig J. D. Lincoln, now lauding and fur aula by UoEUNI EATON, No. 1 Central Wharf. Aug 19—dtw Harkmetark Ship Tisabcr. OAK. Hackmatack, and Hard Wood l’lank, Iree uaila from 13 to 38 iuohe., Tncuall Wedgas, ho. Ac, by L. 1AYLOK, j we*>d*m Galt'. W hart, fortlaod. TrcrnnlN. 100,000OA* fo' S1M0NT0N A KNIGHT. M Commercial Wharf. Purtlaad, Juan 13,18M. jaaalbdtf Sugar and Molasaen. BOO UUDS I CHOICt MUSCOVADO BO. 10TC8. I * GAK. >71 HHD8 Superior Muscovado, had >■ TC8 Clayad MoUuaea, 11 BBLS from sierra Moreau. Now landing and foraale by THOMAS ASKS CIO k CO.. mayvtf Custom House Wharf. Sierra Moraia Bdiars. OQS UHD8 . OOeJ CHOICE SIKREa MOEKHA aiTIKBCESi MOLASSES, 10 BBLS > Now landing from Brig "C. H. Kennedy'* THOS. ASKHCIO * CO . Mayl.-tf C. H Wharf TO THE AFFLICTED! DR. W'.IvToEMIlVfi, Aledieal Electrician, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, COBH MR OFCONQRE83 AND ELM STREETS WOULD respectfully annouaooto the citizens ol Portland and vicinity, that ho has permanent ly located in this eity. During the eleven months that we have been in town we have oared some ol the worst forms ol disease 'aperient who bnvo trfed othsr forms of treatment in yam. and curing pa tients in so short a urns that the question is olten asked, do they stay on red? To answer this question we will say that all that do not »tay emod, ws will doctor the neoiii un*» for nothing. Dr. D. has been a practical *.iectrician fer twenty, one yean, and is also a regular * radiated i hvwoujD Electricity is periootly adapted to ohronis lir tarts in tho form or nervou^or sick headache; nemrmlg*i in tho head, neck,or extremities; oon-amptioa.whtn to ice acme stages or woere im lungs art not ratty Involved. acute or chronic rheumatism. acrotuta, My diseases. » bites welling*, spinal diaeaaoa. eurvatv. « of the spine, contracted muscles, distorted limbo, palsy or paralyaia, St Vitae’ Dance, (trainees, etam m riag or heaitaaoy of speech. dytpopain, indtgvw, tkn, oonati pauun and Uver oom plaint, pita—we ear* as ary case that oan be presented; asthma, bronchi Da. atrlotnrea of the cheat, and nil forma of tana • oompliinte.l By Elootriolty Tho Rheumatic. the goaty, the lame and the laiy leap with Joy, aud move with the agility and elastic ity of youth; the heated brain ke cooled; the froct bitten limbs recto red, the nnooulh deformities it mated, faintiieeeconverted to rigor, weakness '# atrength; the blind made to see, the deal to hern at d the palsied torts to move upright; the ble rushes tf youth are obliterated; the icridmti of mature li e prevented: the calamities of old age obviated, and an active eirsalatioa maintained. LADIES Who have oold handa and foot: weak vtomaek*. lame and weak backs; nrrrona and sick headache) diiriness and swimming in the head, with indlgas ! Won and constipation o? the bowels; pain In the side and bnev leucorrhmn, (ov wbltee); foiling of tin womb with internal cancers, tamoi*, polypus, end nil that long train os disease* will find in uectiio Ity a sure means of cure. For painfh! menstruation, too profuse menstruation, aad all of those long line •f troubles with youug ladies, t.lectriclty Is a oerala apeoifio, and will. In a short time, restore the euftror to the vigor of health. tar We kart «• Vte-tre-Ch* (cal Apparatus tu extracting Mineral Folaon from 'he system, each as Mercery Antimony, Arc me, he. Hundreds whs arc troubled with itig Joints, weak basks, and vart ons olberdiAealtiee, the direct oanse of which, tat I nine eases oat of ten. Is the egret of poisonous drurt, oan be restored to natural strength and vigor by ths ase of from five to eight Baths. Ofoce hours from So'slook a. a. to lr.k.|li g; and7u> 8 r. u. ... Coasaltatloa Free. IvlSIaod_ CITY OF rOKTLliUD. lu tkt Tear On* Tkimtand Might JMtndrtd and Sirty-Monr. An Ordinance to prevent obstiecticosupon " Port land aud r oreat Avenue Railroad HritonUtined by rkr Mayor. dlffrrmtn, and blow ex < wanoil nftkrtity if fort land, in dip bWK c,f nttrmblrd, atfollotr* SECTION 1 Auy person wilfully placing an ob stinetlon cf anv hlud upon the rails of the Port land snd Forest Arenac Railroad, in the street* ot thiet ity. shall be punished by Sne not excluding Twenty DoMers. Sm 3. This ordinance shall take fffect rod be In force ftetu aud alter its approval by the Mayor. Approved, Sept 8.1S64. JACOB Mci.KM.AX Mayor. Copy Attest: Scpt7-12w J. M. HEATU, City Clerk. To Let. ACONVKMEST house, suitable for a family ot two or three, leca’ed in the upper pan of tho city. Addrees Kkxt, Box 43 Porttaod, P. O. •ept t—dlw

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