Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 12, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 12, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINITY. A«* AJiortiamonta To-Day. Ausiion Sals - Hunrj Bailor fc Co l robato Notic-. Wanted—Coat Maters Kemoval—Natfasn Gould. *)ew li*«titut«-Free »t Focket Book Found For New Orleans. Havaua Cigars for Sale. Nomination* for Representatives. Tho delegates chosen by the Union men at their Ward caucuses met In convention Satur day afternoon, at 3 o'clock, in the Senate Chamber, tor the purpose of nominating a list of names to be supported by the Union men of this city to represent them in the Legislature the next year. After organizing by the choice of Edward Fox, Esq., as Chairman, and Thom R. il&yes, Secretary, it was unanimously voted to present the following names to the caucus in the evening: SAMUEL W. LABBABEE, NATHAN WEBB, NATHANIEL «. CHAM, JAMES F. MILLEB. The nominations were unanimously ratified, and with great enthusiaam, at the meeting held iu the evening. Municipal Court—Sept. 10. James W. Leslie, Joseph Rand and George Trask undertook to kick up a disturbance on board the \ oik A Cumlierland cars last Thurs day. They were complained of for druuken ness and disturbance, adjudged guilty and flued $.1 each and costs, and were also re quired to recognize iu the sum of $50 with sureties to keep the peace for six months. JohnXugin.a hack driver, for mutilating trees on Brown street, was fined $5 and costs. He drove his horses to that street and let them atand there until they had spoiled a ! flourishing young tree. The city ordinance is explicit upon this point, that drivers of horses are answerable for the damage done to trees hr hitching or leaving their horses where they can get at the trees and mutilate them. A Sign There has existed in this city for three years a Jameson Club, composed of young Demo crats, who would not support any copperhead candidate. A tew evenings since a meeting of the club whs held, and a vote was taken whether they should support Mr. Sweat for Congress. One hundred and sixty members were present, and only one person voted to support Sweat. Last Friday evening another meeting was held, and it was unanimously voted to support the Union candidate. At the election in 18fl2 Mr. Sweat received i -Vi votes of the 100 cast by the members men tioned above. fsoek uut for Copperhead Trick* ! We have seen a ticket in exact imitation of tfee Union ticket, and with all the names of the Union candidates, exespt that L. D. M. Sweat was substituted for John Lyncb, and Mr. Brackett for Sheritf in place of Mr. Par ser. Look out for tickets of this kind. The enemy is desperate. Open House To-Hight. Returns will be received at the Press Office Jl|is evening, and all are invited to bo present and have the benefit of the intelligence. >o returns can be received till alter six o’clock. • The result of thu vote in this District aud State will probably be known by ten o’clock. Kai:.koai> Casualty—Man Killed.—Mr. ' parlus Ooodenow,a young man 23 or 24 yeais of age, belonging in Cumberland, brakeman on one.of the freight trains on the Grand .Trunk Railway, was killed at Danville Junc tion Saturday night. The train with which he j was connected had stopped to leave some cars. Goodeuow unhooked one of the chains con necting the cars, drew the pin, but forget to unhook the other chain. When the engine started it of course drew the cars which it was intended to leave, and the signal was piade for the engine drlvef to *tqp. After be i had itopped the engine, and before the train had ceased moving, Goodenow jumped be tween the cars for the purpose of unhooking the other chain. He was struck edgeways .between both shoulders and instantly killed from blood vessels broken—as no bones were broken and the skin was but slightly bruised. Coroner Hall wa« called, hut, alter teaming ail the tacts, deemed an inquest unnecessary. He had the body prepared in decent order to be sent to his friends. Death 01 an Old biin-u aster.—The flag on the Custom House was waving at halt mast Saturday for the death of Capt. John Sargent, who for three years has been Boarding Master for this port, and whose death occurred Wed nesday night at the age of 61 years and 9 months. Capt. Sargent was for .many years one of the most respected shipmasters from this port His kind and genial disposition, his honesty and uprightness in his busiuegi transactions endeared him to every one, and ho had not an enemy anywhere. His death causes universal regret, and his loss to the community is I mourned. Hi* funeral look place Saturday Irotn St. Stephen g Church, and was attended by the Marine Society, the Odd Fellows and the officers of the Customs. Kev. Mr. Dalton per formed the impressive Episcopal service for the dead, and gave notice that be should preach a funeral discourse in commemoration of the virtues of the deceased on Snnday (yesterday). Sad Accident, — Bickford's Sacp and Bridgton stage Upset Saturday forenoon at Bog Uills, in Buxton, as the driver was turn ing his coach to go up to the door ol the stable where he changed horses. There were nine passengers outside and a full complement in side. One of the outside passeugers, a mau belonging in Denmark, went under the coach, which broke his back. He expired soon after be was extricated. He leaves a wife and four children. Mrs. Bickford, wile of the driver, was seriously injured, having her shoulder thrown out of joint, and sustaiug a severe in jury on the hip. All the other passengers es caped without injury. Railway Traffic.—The receipts on the Grand Trunk Railway, lor the week ending Sept. 3d, were $110.520 00 Corresponding week last year, 88,908.00 Increase, $27,527 00 There was an increase duriug the week of $0,830.00 in passengers, and $20,088.00 in lrelght. The aggregate receipts froni July 1st to Kept. 3d amounted to $959,349.00 Same period last year, 810,782.00 Increase, $148,017.00 Personal.—Col. Thomas W. Hyde. Pro vost Marshal of the 0th Atuty Corps, Is at his home in Bath on a brief furlough. We understand that Signor Don Enrique Ainz. the Spanish Consul at thia port, ha* te ceived leave of absence for six months, aud will leave for Madrid by the English steamer of the 14th inst. Signor Ainz has made many friends duriug ills sojourn among us. Soldier Robbed.—A soldier was rohbet yesterday at the Ctpiaic House, Westbiool of about $1000 by four or flee scoundrels, wh got him intoxicated and then stole his money Deputy Marshal Wentworth and pollceme Floyd, Akers and Mescrve subsequently at rested three of the gang, named Skillingi Leach and Foliitt, aud took them to lit lock-up. A small portion of the money ws recovered. The American Illustrated newspapers fc this week, have been received at the boo aud periodical store of A. Robinson, No. C Exchange street. The Fbef.dmex.—The Freedmeu’s meet . lag last evening crowded the City Hall. [ Judge Kingsbury presided. Prayer by Rev. Dr. Bos worth. Notice of the meeting will appear to-morrow when we have more time and space. We only wish to call attention to these beautiful white children, delivered from the hell of slavery, and to say that, according to the doctrine ol Jim Brooks, in the copper head meeting of Saturday, the enslavement of such children is just as proper in the South as it is In Maine for men to leave off drinking rum! He said the South had just as much right to slavery as we have to our Maine law! Shame on such a wretched caricature of a son of New England. Rev. Mh. Walton yesterday forenoon> after reading the President's proclamation of thanksgiving for our recent signal victories over tlie rebels, preached a sermon upon the struggles in which we are engaged for the na tion’s life,and a most eloquent and patriotic one it was. We hope it will be given to the pub lic again. It ought to be published to the world. Fine Engravings.—We acknowledge our indebtedness to Miss Emily Simpson, canvass ing agent for B. B. Russell, of Boston, for copies of Lincoln and Grant, of cabinet size and of superior quality. As this young lady is canvassing the city with these beautiful en gravings, we bespeak for her a welcome re cep'Jon and abundant success. Newcomb's Minstrels.—Mr. P. A. Clarke, agent for this famous troupe, called upon us Saturday. He is making arrangements for a series of entertainments to be given here, com mencing next Monday evening. The famous Sergeant Childers is connected with this company. We shall have something further to say respecting them. Home Institute.—Miss I. G. Prince will reopen her Boarding and Day School for youog ladies on Thursday next. Her rooms have been put in good condition, and no labor Willie spared that can contribute to the com fort and proficiency of those who are placed under her tuition. Morris Minstrels. — This troupe will make their first appearauce at Deering Hall this evening. The programme is a rich one, aud much gotfd music and fun may be expect ed. The reputation of this company for min strelsy is not exceeded by any in the country. Of course there will be a crowded house. Juuobs.—Warren A. Bibber and Thomas S. Jack were drawn on Saturday as Grand Jurors, and Joseph Holmes and Augustus M Maynard as petit jurors, by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, for the September term of the U. S. Circuit Court. Foreign Exports.—The total value of foreign exports from this port last week amounted to $50,006.90. BY TELEGRAPH —TO THJE KVOL\« PAPEUfc. I.'spiil it ion*i in Florida. Washington, Sept 10. Capt Green communicates to the Navy De partment the particular* of several success- ' lul boat expeditions lrorn the bark J. L. Iiavis, Griswold commanding, on the Statiou at Tam pa Bay, The first was made on the 11th of July and resulted in the destruction of some 1 sail works belonging to ll&pgood and Carter, strong secessionists of Tampa. The second was made on the 10th of July, to the lactory of a rebel named McClougb which was also destroyed , me mird was made on the 3d and 4ih of Aug. by a tender schoouer Stonwall, aad commanded by Acting Master Henry B. Carter. With his gigs and crew of d men, they proceeded up Mamtee river to a town of urn same name aud destroyed !*jge saw mill and J gristmill with steam engine and fixtures, .earning that about 3 miles up the river there wa- a sugar mill belonging to iiavis, the paity . asceuded the river aud lound au establishment which last year uiade over 1500 hogsheads ol sugar, two thirds ol wtdeh was sold to the rebel commanding this department. After j breaking as much of the machinery as possible, loaded shell was placed in various parts of the engine aud buildleg, the building was then fired and the establishment totally destroyed. I Acting Master Carter is particularly spoUeji The Post has the following: Baltimore. Sept. 10. The Americau has the following news from Gen. Averili, dated 10 p. in., 'Thursday, to Maj. Gen. Kelly, Cumberland. Early retreat ed ihis moruiuc towards Winchester. I am on his heels. 1 have whipped Vaughan's cav alry, captured all his trams which were not burned, and have taken two battle tags. He has no artillery. I have cut off Imboden. A. W. Averill, . Brig. Gen. from Mejelco. New York, Sept. 10. The Herald’* New Orleans correspondent, ; writing on the 3d Inst., says the latest arrivals from Brazos Santiago briug reports that sev eral vessels which sailed from New Orleans lately, for Metamoras, with cargoes Intended for the Cortina* government, or a general market, have been seized by the J'renoh at the month of the Rio Grande. The Herald’s Metamoras correspondent, writing Aug. 2rt, says the French hold Boca Del ltio, aud all communication iu that direc tion is cut oif. Cortiuas declares be will de fend Metamoras against the French, but, as the city lias no forUlicaljon, it will be dillioull for him to do so. Cortina* demands of the merchants of Malamoras a loan of $130,000 in specie, which they refuse. Messrs. Zunu and Hurd, acting British aud Prussian Consuls, have beeu throwu iuto prison together with others for resisting this demand for money. Gen. Msjra was advancing on Matamoras with 4000 troops. He had reached and occupied Monterey. President Juarez made no resist ance, but left for Chiahuahua. Mauzauilla is strongly fortified, and iu all the northern re gion of the Pacific slope the cause of Juarez . triumph*. Assistance was coming from Cali fornia, aud a heavy emigration, friendly to 1 Juarez, was reaching Sonora, From the Army before Richmond. Headquarters Army Potomac, 1 Sept. VI J A number of contrabands came iuto our j lutes last, night from Chester Clouuty. They : report traius ruuning on the Weldon railroad as far as Stony Creek, where supplies are land ed on wagons aud hauled to .Petersburg via j Dinwiddle Court House. Between 50<l aud 0UU wagons are constantly engaged in this business. They also stale that all the corn in that county is being pressed by Conlederate officers aud fed to their animals, leaving farmers none for the next season, ex ! cept just enough to say they did not take all. Trouble in the Democratic Camp. New York, Sept, 10. The Daily News repudiates McClellan's nomination, urging fhQ rp-csoeuffiliug of the ; Democratic Convention,to either remodel the platform or nominate a candidate to suit the present platform. One hundred dollar counterfeit notes on the j North Bank of Boston are in circulation. Ai qcsta.—Our enrrespoudeut iuforms us that the copperhead effort iu that city on Tues day night was a perfect fizzle. The meeting i was csl ei in front of the High School house, and not more than twenty-five persous assent bled. They adjourned to the railroad depot where quite a crotyd collected. Judge Rice and A. P. Gould were the speakers. Gould ’ was coarse and indepent as usual, and soldi* rs present responded to some of his treason wilh ' groans, and three rousing cheers for Lincoln iu response to one of his vlrtuperatlve assaults. The dls outfitted copperheads reported tha' they were rotten-egged, but we are assured there was no such thing; the only lutorrup I , lions being those we have named. > Saco.— A correspondent iu this good old j Union town reminds ns that there is such t j place as Saco, though we gave report* of tin - great meeting at “Biddeford”, and stated tha i, the Uud had gone to “Biddeford”, Ac. Thi e 8leat meeting in York County on Friday wa s | actually °n Saco territory, and that go » old town is to be neither ignored nor snubbed ! We stand corrected, r ----- II Remember 1 i The polls open at ft o’clock this morning am i close at 0 o’clock this afternoon. j BY TELE6RAPB Tom Portland Daily Press. Rrom the Army before Richmond. New Yoke, Sept. 10. The Post's Washington dispatch says news is received from the army of the Potomac that a heavy artillery duel took place on Thursday with no important result, and that Lee la still I massing troops ou our left. Headquarters Army Potomac, 1 ' Sept. 0, Evening. ( The batteries on the right and center of our lines kept up quite a lively fire to-day at in tervals. The. noise made by the cars as they passed towards the front, attracted the attention of the enemy and they endeavored to interrupt the operatton of the road, but without any success. The Klchmond Examiner of to-day contains a dispatch from Hood’s army, dated Sept. 7th, which says yesterday our advance drove the enemy Irom Jonesboro and re captured the hospital containing 90 of our wounded. Sherman continues to draw back toward Atlanta, for the purpose, it is reported, or strengthening the works on the eastern, west ern and southern approaches thereto. Fifteen hundred will cover our losses from all causes in battles and skirmishes during the past week. The army is now in fine spirits. I,ATER. Morning.—At the point of our line just west of the Jerusalem plank road, occupied by the 2d division of the 3d corps, the pickets have been so close together that they could converse without difficulty. On a part of this line and some distance iu the rear of their ad vance, the enemy had thrown up a line of slight works with the is supposed, of (ailing back to them when occasion demand ed. It was determined last night to drive them back to their line and thus straighten our own. About midnight the division was formed in line of battle and the picket line being reinforced was ordered to advance.— The rebels were evidently taken by surprise as nearly their entire line was captured. Our meu now occupy the line securely entrenched. We took about 100 prisoners. Our lose is very slight. Desultory firing has been kept up in this vicinity all the morning. The ene my evidently feel sore at being taken by sur prise. (Signed) W. D. McGrkoor. financial. Washington, Sept. 10. First National Bank of Akrou. Ohio, $15, 000 at 4 1-2 per cent.; Corn Exchange, Phila delphia, $<30,000 at from 4 05 to 4 30 per cent.; Fourth National Bank, Wayaesboro’, Pa., $25,000 at 4 1-2 per cent.; J. Coswell A Co., of N. Y., $53,000at 4 1-2 per cent.; Granite National Bank, Maiue, $15,000 at 4 08 per cent.; Home Insurance Co., New Haven, $22, 000 at 4 05 per cent.; South Berwick Bank, Maine, $10,000 at 4 1 4 per cent.; Gulliver of Philadelphia, $10,000 at 4 1 5 per cent; Peo ple's Bank, Baltimore, $10,000 at 4 1 4 a 4 1-2 percent.; Haddock, Keed A Co.,Philadelphia. $20,000 at 4 1 4; Philadelphia Bank, $20,000 at 4 1 -2 a 4 3-4; Bauk of State of N. Y., $850,- ; 000 at 4 05 to 4 25; Market Bank, N. Y., $50, 000 at 4 12. There were numerous successful bids from individuals and corporations from ail over the country for amounts smaller than above stat ed. Some of the oflerors prefixed remarks to their bids, saying, “If these should not be ac- I ceptable they will take seven thirties at par.” | from the South wc»t. Caibo, 111.,Sept. 11. ; The Vicksburg Herald says that 150 rebels, i Under Oapt. McNeil, made a raid on Wilkins’ ' plantation, near Goodrich's Landing, on the 25!h ult., and carried off 70 mules and horses, 300 negroes, killed the plantation guard and burned the stables. Nashvillk, Tenn., Sept, la Dispatches dated Pulaski, (uh iust., state that Gen. ftosscau hits concentrated all the forces of Geus. Stedman and Granger and his I own at Athens, Alabama, and Morris, toward* the Tennessee, Gen. Milroy has returned to Tullahoma. Alport has reached Gen. Starkweather’s Qe ”, Harters that the rebel Gen. Dick Taylor bad crossed the Mississippi and joined For reseut Air the purpose of enlisting in Tennes see and recrossiug the river, A scout who has Just arrived from Savan- 1 nah, Teuti., says ail the males between the ages of 15 and 45 have been conscripted In ; Mississippi. Tho country is full of stragglers. Official JliHftatch from Secretary Stanton, ' Washington, Sept, uw;i p. m. 7o ifqj. Gen. Hit*—This department has | received disjiatches from Gen. Sheruian down to ten o'clock yesterday morning. His army is concentrating at Atlanta. His troops are in position and well. IJe says Wilson and Steadman are stirring Wheeler up pretty well and hopes they wif make au end of him as Gen. Gillet aid of Morgan. The weather is beautiful and all things are bright. No recent intelligence has been received f*>m Mobile. No movements are reported In the Shenan- I doah valley or army of the Potomac. Recruiting is progressing vigorously in most of the Slates. (Signed) E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Jt'rum Mi**ouri. St. Locik, Mo., Sept. 10. Gen. Paine commanding the Department of the Weat, has been removed. Gen. Meredith succeeds him. Gov. Flanigan has called a special session of the Arkansas Legislature. The circulation of the Chicago Times, Cin cinnati Enquirer, N. V. World, N. V. Day Book, Freeman's Journal aud Metropolitan Becord, have been suppressed at Memphis. The negroes of Memphis and St. Louis hav ing expressed a desire to assist in the defences of the citv, Gen. Washburne has authorized the organization of a colored regiment of troops for that purpose, Political. Sax Fbaxcisco, Sept. 9. The Democratic Slate Convention complet ed its work last evening by the nomination of E. L. Lewis remaining elector, and Jackson Temple as remaining congressman. At night a large mass incetiug was held to ratify McClellan's nomination. D. Kirin carried Story County, Nevada, ow ing to the presence in the field of two Union tickets. There will probably be a majority In favor of tbe State constitution, The Ladies' Christian Commission Fair has closed. netted $11(1,000, From Lien, SkerMan '* Army. New YouK.Sept. 11. A Berryviile dispatch of the lOih to the Herald states that Col. Lowell, with the 2d Mass, aud two other cavalry regimeuU, de ' etroyed four flour wills au** several other smaller miller in Ope^uau Creek yesterday and capluriug suveial prisoners. The Baltimore American's Berryviile dis patch says a reconuoissance showed that the rebels were in force at Winchester. V»r£ Mur Mel. Nkw Yoaa. vept 10 Aube*—steady, sales at 13 SO for Fots audi5 5ufor 1 Pearls. Loitos—dull, unsettled and nominal!} lower; sals# •mall at 1 80ig,T 83 for middling upland*. Flour—* 8066 bbl*; sales 96X) bblv* iiUte and Western irregular, u met tied and lower, buperfine State E*tri do'^ UlglO 00; choice do 10 066V* ¥': Round Hoop Ohio 10 95a 1116. choice do J1 20613 0Q-, Superfine WeeWru : 9 50 it9 8q; common to (food Extra do 9 9561“ 60; I Southern—heavy and declining; -ale* A0u bbls; Mixed to good 11 00.&12 f5i Fancy and extra 11 9<J <5,614 09; Canada heavy and lower; hales 350 bbls; common Extra 9 95610 15; extra good to choice 10 20611 09. Wheat—dull aud notnji^fly 6a fc lower; sale*25, 000 bushel*; Mi **uKee club -23 for No 1; Amber Miol.igau 57-0,2 35. Corn—w thout 1e ided change; sales48.000 bush* mixed Western 161iIfS2, Oats—dud and dut'idedjv lower; sales xt 90c for Canada, ubt^sl fir State, &>.a-2c tor Western. Beef—very dull; Miles 160 bbls; Country rnesi i 12 00615Wi; prime 9 00; repacked Chicago IS 0 \a i 20 00; prime m^s* 83 OtiaSf. 0»V Fork—opened lunvy but closed more tirrnlv will a good demand; sales 8,10(1 bbls . mess 40 00641 00 new do 42 376*2 76, the lat er au extreme price new prime 33 00; prime mess 42 00® 42 60. Cut Meats -tirm hut quiet; sales I40pkgs; Should era 10®17e; Hi ms Lird—verv nrui; sales *.900 bbls at Butter-yery firm but.quiet; Ohio 46649; State 45 j 655c Wtiakey—sale* 950 bbls at 1796190. 1 Rice-dull I Sugar—firm; (agios 473bhds; Mu^mado2»>.622c Coffee—dull. Molucca—dull. Naval Storea—quiet and firm. S.»irit> Turpentine—3 1063 20; crude nominal. Tar—17 00 Kotin - 37 OO.g46 00. iron—dull; «alu. Scotch pig 7i l»a|74 00. Leather—uuiet. i Fi-h—dull. Oils—quiet; Lloeced l (&£1 ra: Petroleum i. dul aud lower a 4.e lor cruoe, 7sw7i*o for refined ii U™ ’ S ®l 80; SlH'rm 2*6«* 30; Whale 1 i Hides—quiet. Lead—dull: Spain,h Tobacoo—quiet; aale, Kentucky 14®4u Tallow—price* uomiuaUy unchanged | Wool—dull aud drooping. Freight* to Liverpool—very dull aud noinluall 1 lower. ^ Refusal of'rallandlahatn to stump for Mc Clellan. Columbus, Ohio, Sept. 10. VallandlRham arrived here yesterday en route to address people in various places in Ohio, but meeting McClellan's letter of ac ceptance, he promptly authorized the Demo cratic chairman of Ohio, to withdraw his name from appointments in that State and returned home. Tne peace men are determinced to maintain their integrity and will soon call a meeting to determine their course of action. Variou* Item*, Sew York. Sept. 11: The gunboat Galatu, from the iVeet India ' squadron, has arrived here, j The steamer Karnak, from Port Royal 5th ! inst., has arrived, with the released army and navy surgeons from Charleston on board. j “ ' ~ Capture of a Blockade Runner. Baltimore:, Sept. 11. The steamer Robert Morris arrived bere to , night from New Orleans, and reports that on i Thursday the steamer Keystone State cap tured the tluu blockade steamer Eliza, aud sent j her into Beaufort. Mysterious lirimj in Flneyard Souml. New Bedford, Mass., Sept. 11. This morning, about 6 o’clock, heavy firing in Vtueyard Sound was heard by the garrison I at Clark's Point. There were some 50 or tK> heavy guns, the reverberations of which among , the islands were very distinctly heard. _ Letter from the State Capital. Aiocsta, Sept. 10, 1804. To tko Editor 1/ the Prctt: The fight companies of Baker’s First Dis trict of Columbia Cavalry which were re cruited iu this State, have, by special orders from the War Department, been detached from that regiment aud assigned to the 1st Maine Cavalry. This will fill up the reduced ranks of that command to the] maximum strength, and as its original term of service expires early in the winter, it is very desira ble that the organization of so line a regi meat as that has proved should-be kept in ex istence. In making the transfer aud consoli dation, the enlisted men are to be assigned to the companies of the Maine Cavalry so as to equalize their strength, and the company offi cers will he assigned to vacancies, if any ex ist, and those for whom vacancies do not ex ist, will be temporarily assigned to those com panies most needing their services aud subse quently till the vacancies occurring. The field officers of the District of Colum bia Cavalry from this Slate, who' are not ne cessary for duty with the remaining battalion of that regiment, will be detached for tempe rary service with the 1st Maine Cavalry, and no additional appointment* are to be made in the latter, until the officers transferred and assigned are reduced in number below the le gal standard. Lieut- Col. Freeman McGilvery of the 1st Me. Light Artillery died at headquarters ar tillery brigade of the loth corps, ou the 2nd, Inst., while under the influence of chloroform administered to enable him to undergo an op eration upon a wounded finger. Maj. James A. Hall has been appointed to fill the vacan cy caused by his death. Official notice has been received of the fol lowing discharges, viz: 1st. Lieut. George Rollins, Co. D, 1st Hea vy Artillery; discharged for disability from wounds received in action; and 1st Lieu>. Miles Colbath, Co. A, 1st regiment Cavalry, dishonorably dismissed, “with loss of all pay, and allowances, fur willful disobedience 0)- or_ ders, conduct unbecoming ofil^ anJ gentJe. men, and neglect of iy.» A letter f,'0m Col. Hoffman, Commlsary Mineral of prisoners, announces that at pres ent, prisoners of war, who claim to be North ern Union men, or political prisoners are not to be discharged except in urgent aud special cases, hut that such applicants will not be sent South for exchange against their con sent. a communication Iroui the Navy Depart ment states that the various requirements of the navy forbid the recruitment of an undue preponderance of landsmen in that branch of the public service, and that restrictions have already been placed upon the number of landsmen and boys so that they shall form a due proportion of the whole number, which has to be made up of seamen, ordinary sea men, firemen, coal heavers and mechanics in addition to them. The letter adds that the bounties paid by the local Mate and municipal authorities, over which the Navy Department has no control, gathers around every rendez vous a set ol unprincipled mercenaries who make it a business to impose upon aud embar rass the crowd which is pressing forward to eulist, but that this trouble is only temporary. A line company of over one hundred men, enlisted in Lewiston and vicinity, is encamp ed here aud is to be mustered in to-day. The men were recruited by Captain Butler, for merly of the 10th regiment, and Lieut.s Lauder aud Uerrish formerly of the 23d. Yours truly, Helios. The Issue fairly stated The New Bedford Mercury, in a leader up on the pending Presidential election, takes the same view of the importance of right ac tion that is taken by every far-seelug, loyal man. The Mercury says: •‘The Presidential election will not be car ! ried by clap-trap. The issue involved in it is | loo serious. The petty question of justice or injustice done to a goucral, sinks into iusigti { flcaoce in the prcseuce of the absorbing in i quity what is to become of the nation. We i cauuot afford to trifle now. The Oldest at the polU is not between Abraham Lincoln and George 11. McClellan, to settle which of the . two shall be President for tour years, but to decide whether, after four years of war, we ’ shall virtually surrender to the rebels, giving up all we have undertaken to accomplish, ac < kuowledgiug our weakness aud submit to he i disgraced in the eyes of the world, or tight on. till a peace is secured which shall viudi ‘ cate the national honor aud render future re i belliou impossible.”. A Chiiistian View of the Fvture— Tin United States Journal winds up an ex cellent article on the condition of the coun I try with these hopeful words: This war, bloody though it be, aud distress ing beyond all description,—aud though, as in the case of Joseph’s brethren, meant lor evl[ by the misguided au«t wicked aggressors, and heuce, no thanks to them, should God mean . it, and overrule it K>r wise and beneficent ends, —sball, we flnnly belhoe u tder the adminis tration of Divine Providence, work out a fir more exceeding aud eternal weight of good to the world. We come to this conclusion | from an abiding faith and trust in Him who rnles the s^herija, * Milk of the Colo a nut.—Jim Urooks.tlie recreant New Englander, who after writing the most violeut phil lutes against slavery in years past, has come out iu its defence, and who last Saturday disgraced himself by de . faming every opponent of despotism; tbl« I same Jim Brooks married a plantation of nig gers, and this explalus the milk in that cocoa nut! Appropriate Amendment.—A war dciu ; ocrat iu New York, after reading the Chicago Platform, sent- the following dispatch to Mr Guthrie: “lion. Janies Guthrie: Amend your reso lutions by addiug one apologizing to Jell'. Da I vis and his bloody conspiritor* for our con duct toward them, aud all will bo complete.” STANMSH.—A glorious meeting was belt in this town Saturday afternoon. The Uuita rian Church was crowded; Judge Lane, U. S Consul to Vera Cruz, presided. Speeehei were made by N. Webb, Esq., and J. T. Gil man of this city. An excellent spirit provalli there. ! REMOVAL! * TV* HRALD baa removed his office from No. 34 1 Congree# 8t. to the opposite tide of the itreel ooruer ot Congress aud Temple streets, office for? erly occupied by Urs Bacon k Breslin. eepddtf Board. r A FEW Boarders cau l»e accommodated at No. 3 • Adams Street, at §4 per week. aapt Sdlw* list of letters. Letter* Kfinaiaiug I in:luime4 I Ni?T Po*'Portland, State of Maine, lMtb X da) ot September, 1861 i *“>' of these leltet-i, tbe applicant i *°,r ud<-eri4*fU ItUtrt: give the date ol tins list, and pay one cent for advertising. not called for within one month, they will be sent to better Office ’ LADIES' LIST. C*art.F Johnson Rizibetb mrs Abbott mrs Edmund Junkiu* Elizabeth M mra' AlHeck mrs N tills J Jacobs Frances A mrs * Alien mrs Elia • B Johnson Harriet J Brown mrs Auna M Jewett Maggie P ; Bowie mrs Ann Eliza Knight Emma BMgga Carrie E mr.* M r mra CMh.rino f mra Knight Lo*s G Bailey t ora l.ittfe Abba mrs 1 n*JvLyKZ. " “i’’’ Lathem Ann mrs long I Black Nancy I Libby Auna D 1 M Larrabee J Anna 2°*‘e - Loopold John|U an Brawn I S Morgan Abby c mrs I Burns inrs John Mo'tinsen Annie P mrs ^.rnV\MaryaK , McLell.n Addle L Blackstoce Marcia B Marshall Annie K S".kl!»Vj i Meii* Bridget for Patrick H.ackmor* h raiii O’Neil! ®®“d8ar»,,.I<-* Moore Clara A mr. 2?1? 5Vahp Menahan Daniel mra I Blake Ella R mra-2 Marriner Lizzie I Srady Lizz,‘e A Morrill Nelly I Bmk ford*^nnlcemra—g M“*>‘*Bzabe,h cape ; ,“ia?chard Victoria McNamara Ellen y*r5' McColloch George mrs rT, a ,|5L „ McIntyre Geo K mrs ! Cook Albert G mrs M itherwell iielen mrs Campbed Annabella McCabe Ida E i n^rr?hrl‘!‘e McCutchma James mra f Chase Clara L Miichnll j.mes s mr. I .'!Loo mr* Merrill Jennie mr, M Melly mrs 4 salem lane I Collator. Erama MrCarty Mary L mra Carrier Ellen Mur, hr Margaret mrs I Connell Elizabeth care ofMilchell M J mrs mr True Mape* Maria a mrs Coning. E A mrs Merrill Margaret mrs Cummings J 1. mra McKay Maria Clifford Laura F McLeod Sarah A Carsiey Lucy mrs Marr Sarah A carter Martha Mitchell Wiufleld mra Ca-sidy or < arrida Mary Merrill Wm G mrs Cook I'bebs J mrs Newcomb A K mra Chapman Mary C Wait Newman J mrs brook O’Brien Bridget Dam Abbie PheelanJane Dyer A U mra Parker John E mrs ’■7r, Afd,o Phillips Louisa A mrt Deiviu Eliza mra Frau Mary J mrt Deering Lizzie E Putman Pamelia mrs for Du:»ey Nelli© Anna Hilton Derrell Kii/abeth mri Pierce Sur.ah mr« Dyer Ellen Hideout Addle Dim*more John mrt Hutnrey Auuie Doug her Margaret Koouey Bridget SS?fI*2 Mary E JUudnJI Gambia L mr* Dillon Mary A Keiley Catharine Drake ;Nancy I mra Kado iff* Ellen mra DoUnd Sarah J mrs—2 Km Emms Elli"i Martha A Richmond Elisha mra Francis Charles D mrs Richardson Emma A Fietcher Emma AlutonKichardson Elizabeth L _mr,i rnrs Fowler Frank mrs fiu-reil Fanny F,nlasou Mary U mrt Randall Helen M mrs Fu ler Margin-. Rice Jnhu mr< Foley Margaret Robinson Mary C “S”" Rose Richard mra Files Sarah F mr. Kankiu Kacbtl {Vj’™ Al?» Stover Albert R mr. oare Glacklu Catharine mrs mr Linslev Gira'-d Carrie care EannitSimon on Abba H Girard—2 Stoddard Abby C mrs Greeley Nellie mrs Hteton Carrie U Gar and F’ E B mrs capo Esweit Nelli* C mrs Gras., Helen Swct- Nellie B mrs Gateley Mary 8miili c M uardiuer Maria M for nirsttu vens F.lliabeth—2 AG Manly Smith Harriet ft Hawes Ann for mrs AnnSawycr Jas u mrs ..Marl* Morton Staples Julia K Hamblin Abbie L Spear Jas mrs !}“ An“ fc „ Staples Lydia L mrs Badley D mrs-» Steele Mary A mr. Hu'chinaon FJuabeth mraSheridan Susie P mra l,®apo„., _ Stephenson Suaan mrs Baggett F ranees E Smith Zabiah M mrt h**!* Br a b 1 hornton Josephine Haskell Bella Tre'sthen .Msrgaret Bavoes Louiza M Taylor Rose **!! “ary Thome* Randolph mr* Hill Mary F 1 liorapsan Rhnda mr, Harvey Mary Jane Thayer Sarah E Mar,li Jkary V arney F.d ward K mra Hulchina Mary J Wall Lizzia !i“u'Nancy Waterhoaae EliLmr»-2 .Tophi. B wUk^H^nafr mr. HUmausTrah K *,* Z'SSZllSr? Hant Sarah K W1I iaus M Hmrs rvine Lanty mra Waite Mary A mra Irwin Mary mr. Ware Sarab M mra James Ann mra Yeaton Mary S Jouee B E nut 7 GENTLEMEN’S LIST. Atwood Charles Kendall A for miss Olire .alien Daniel W A ^coHeld Allen Fred E Krole I B Anurews Horace H lveliey mr fore st amos JohaS Hlbg O Abbott John fbr AryestaKidam Thos of yarmouth Abbott N 9 Amon J ecph LifletieldAuxustus 27 free Aiien Robert S st Adam* 8 C Lewis Arthur D Amo.* Wsa Libby B«nj U dark st Adam* Wm Libby Charles F Bishop Alexander—2 Larraby John merchant Beau Alonzo Libby Len W Brooks k Darling Jibby Lewis Barbour C S Libbv Most** Baker Chants H I* E L Board man Charles A Little Samuel merchant Beck E Libby Shirley Bibber F A Leonard Thoe or Patrick Bak**r Frank Littlelield Waiter K Burnham George—2 Long Walter Bod well H 31 Me Hubert* a —2 Buckley Horace A 31 ole her Auvirte 3Ious Burns John Merrill Albion Brown .1 B for mr* Joseph McDuiiey i. has capt for E Laug mr* Hubert McDuffey Boyd J K Milos Charles D Ho and John C Morse Cna* T Blake J Muuroe Edward C for mrs oraokett James Geo ii Plumn>er Boyd 1 l ower Mao son Geo F Bridge James McGregor <.ooN Biaikee James B Alan i n Henry L Bishop La'ayette F Meehan Ueary J Bovnton Lt mte of 2d Me MoKeli John brackett st Babb L 31 fbr rarJ Sarah Wall Bal-y Robert Metcalf J H espt Bailey KC for Mela Bailey Murphv John Katcne’der S P Me Ardk John G conimer Bradley fcergt T D ciat st Bur'ou W H Moore John Soy uton W S Merrill L 31 Brow n Wm Murry Michael centre st Blackstonc William 1—2 Moloney 1* K Cooke A G Morse Robert Camernu Alex Mci^uaid Stephen Cha*? Edward H k Co McKiroy Thu* main st for Cushing Frank K Wm Rourke Carter George W—2 Morrissey Tho* lor Jas Chase Geo w 6? Mas* -2 Conroy Chick Henry 8 Mason Wm F Choate 1 ate B Melaugk Wiliiam Choate J B Noble Geo G Carter Joseph Northrop G J Callahan John Newcns H II—2 Connor John for J&meeNixon Ja* Kennedy Nugent John york St for Clark J id«on Mary Nugent Crockett Joseph D Nichols Ja« B Caldwell John M New begin Luke L C'fhu Joseph N Parker CK Colby James Page Cbaa Corral James Praslee h. B Carroll Jerry Pbinney Kdmuud Cowan J aiu« * L—2 Perkin* Enoch Coyne Martin Price Frederick Carter Michael for Foggy Perkin* G W Noon Perry Geo D Corcorine Patrick Plummer Henry A Caniiinghatn Patrick Plummer Lorenzo II Clay Richard Dr Pray Lewis A Coleman Watson K Penney Leorard Cushman W n k Co mea*Perry Win 10 india st Westbrook Pierce William Doapt Doliver Albert—2 guinnjubn A rear of 19 Davis A t Clark st Dow A 8 Hennard Cbas A Dyer C >1 loth M. Vo» Kudle L) K Dyer Charles H Kuthlerd K II Du roll t has H Roberts F A Diruoud D H Kot ins Frank G V 16th Dver Fred 8 3ie reyt drum corps Da'ery rnpolt-Geo E Russell Joseph i Davis Geo K RamialiJa* < Donohue Johu for JuliaRoaoh John portlnnd co Borrett Runnev J Daisy John C Rowe Jas Dauit'Dbauin J Rotinsou M M Capt co G Duran Josiah for iat* U T2»h 31 e ini 31 McLailian Robinson W R Davis Jas Jiobiasou Win policeman Daggett J S tSilvey Aaron Davis Richard O Sawyer A 8 Dam Samuel tor mist Ab-Silsbee Bcuj by 31 Dam Scott R Dilleu Stephen Sm 'h Cha* fore at 117 for Dtusmore Wm W Tnos Nelson Dyer Wm for Sarah BSnow C C Ball Smith Chas R—3 Emery CT Map wC A for mrs B F Kste* Gardner Staples Bib ridge Henrr A Sweit Cnas K * Edvnusaooba mriudiau Spince Daniel Field A U Sawyer EM. French Aostiu B bcovid E N r uuer u r ouum * i«uv*o a ! Freed Chas Stiout Freeman i Fox K VV Simuionds Frank : Fisher Johai fo> Lydia Mot par row G F Donald Sinclair Geo 11 Fletcher John T .SmaliWe© M formrs Mary ' Frost John W 11 A Adams Steal! 1 Fuller M B Smith Geo J ! Fosdiok Bichard V »h»cum Geo S l F &na«an Uicha'd Ski-Uog-» Henry M Fu ler 8 S Smith H V Fich S E Stuart II W 1 Freeman Willard W aun n a F scrgt 31at Me Y nley W U Vols I Fowler W Small J R Fri.flsm B F tea ell J S Griffen Caleb Smith J»«J Go-s Edward K Safford Jesse Gath F pa ia st for JoiStsples Leonard C llaraer Sprague Lawrence car*-ol Green John capt Owens late capt oi Gui ford Joseph—2 co 1 6th Me vols Grafl'ira Joseph F Smith Lycurgus Grout mr or mm SkilliugsOB Gooding Shade ntroutsaml Gilman Sitnou capt SteohensS H for mrsFian lirxy Thamas els Ba»rell j bray T J capt Smith W C i©v | Grant Wm Smith William A Ha\ man Andrew 8—3 Smith W M for Capt Rob I Hall Alvin ert killman-2 i Italic B - Stuyner WilUrin Hamlin Charles L *ha>erCha*H Hill Daniel Tinkham »■ dward 1 llorlev Edward Taber G F Hazelton E Te»nevJa*A Men’ll F E irox.HWH I Haunatord Frank A Tapley William 8 Capt Howard Geo U fur mrsVem ard John M Hannah K Howard Woodsoa Freuthe 8 ! Ilsuiiator Johu Warner Geo j Hartshorn Ja» Wentworth G L Hilton J M Waldron G H ; ilill John for mrs Mary Woods H W’ for miss Eli zi lliil A Han-on Hahn Sylvester Wyman I*aiah Hal ahar Timothy Walker Jas i Henry Thomas WarreuJohn Hatch William Webb Jo!ah S 3oth Mi Jewe'tJ for miss Maggie Vols E Pray WtU* low Thos J Jewett R l* Wh tohon«e T W Jo'dan Soott D Williams Thus U—2 • Jordan William F VFbituev W U Jose W illiam LI White Won Jotdsii Wm Poitou John G P Knight K SHIP LETTERS. ’ Capt Otis sch Chariot*® Fish Capt I! 8 Black sch Diadem Act Master J M Skilling* U Sst»am«-r u*w ironside I Capt Bi-nj Lord brig Sarah Worcester—2 Uezekiah Staples sch Sarah Worcester I 1 Albert Doliver brig Sarah Worcester i A. T. DOLE, Postmaster. ENTERTAINMENTS O^TVOITVO. FOR thoae children not v Imllv uuac-.uair*. I -d with Dancing, an EVENING CLASS will i be ormcd at No 17# Middle Street. iOn TIThSDAT, Sept 13. al 7 o'clock I* M F; </«•</., g, Srpt 141b. a A Class for Beginners Will be organized at 1J o'clock P M. ! Tanzia—(3 for twelve lestona; S6 for twenty-four lesnons. »eptlO-*dlw Morris’ Minstrels —AT— Deorins Hall: For a »hort Mason, commencinf Monday Evruing, Sept. 19. j Entire Change of Progiamme'.Each Evening. *t 7- to connaence at 8 o’clock Ad , miteionJocU; Reaerved aomu W ct. Aa W A. Abbott, Agent. Sept 6.—d9t c A MuRRIS. Manager. PORTLAND BANli Reorganized. #H A VIXG re-organized under onrold Leader D. H. CHANDLER, we are now prepared to larniah Untie for all occasion! where malic ia wanted. Orders left with D. H. Chandler, p. J. Willey or at Palne't Store, 163 Middle afreet, will be promptly attended to. D. n. CHANDLER, aeptl, eodGw* Secretary. LEWIS, ROLLINS i BOND, Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street, Store Formerly Occupied by Josiah Burleigh. Having leaned the above itore at a very low rent,*# propose to open a First Class Tailoring, FINE CLOTHING, -A5D Gents' Furnishing Goods ESTABLISHME NT. We Buy and Sell for Ca*h and At tend to Onr own Baiineia, We are enabled to oiler to the public Goods as Low as Can be Bought In this City or State. OUR CUSTOM DEPARTMENT !• under the direction of Mr. Bonn, well known to the publie as a FIRST CLASS CUTTER. Grateful to onr friends and the public lor their liberal patronage at our former places of business, we still solicit their favors, and we pledge to deal with them on the sqaare. T. C. LEWIS. N. C. HOLLINS, W. M. BOND. Sept d—dim R. J. D. LARRABEE & CO., No. AO Eicbange St., Manufacturer, of all kind, of frames — #<>R — Oil Paintings, Engravings, Photographs, 4c booking tilasftes. Manufacturer* of all kinds of XA. O IT LTD IKT Q-S — KOR — Picture Frames and Looking Glasses. The Trade supplied with Black Walnut. Imitation Rosewood and Ebony, and Gilt Oval Frames, Oar manufacturing facilities entble us to furnish all ar ticle* in this line as low in prices as c in be found elsewhere. We Invito purchasers to call and exam ine our very line Engravings of which we have a large variety. seplOdtf AT. 8. Gardiner, Merchant Tailor, -AMD DIALKRIS Beady-Made OlotniDg, And Clems' Furnishing Good*, sVo. 62 Middle SI., corner of Linu Strut, oppo site the Post Office, PORTLAND.Maim j _ septSdtt New Bedford Copper Comp’y. THE undesigned, agents of the above Company, are prepared to tarnish suit* of Tellow Metal & Copper Sheathing, llolt I'oppes Bolt Yellow Metal , Spike*, Xaits, tc., at short notice and dulivered at any port required. MclilEVERY, RYAN k DAVIS. I Sept 6.—dtf Maine Bonnet Bleachery, 30S Congres Street, PORTLAND - _- - MAINE. Straw, Lace & Leghorn Bonnets GENTLEMENS HATS, Bleached Sl Pressed at the Shortest Notice -ALSO HATS & BONNETS DYED. Every exertk n will be made to have all orders promptly attended to. JAMES B. BACK. LIFT. augSl 3m. Grand Trank Railway. FaKIQUT Aokxct, I r or eland. dept. 3.1S&4.) ALL persona requiring receips from this Com* pany for the de ivery of Weight, and payment ot freight charges, above twenty dollars, must affix Stamps upon the ituvor they will not be signed. Sept G—dim JOHN FOBTEOU8, Agent. Dissolution of Copartnership. TilK copartnership heretofore existing between the undersigned,in hereby dissolved by mutual consent. The affairs of the late Arm will be settled at our new place of business, Nos. 1«1 and 143 Mid* die St. N. C'. liOLLIM*. W. M Bonn. Portland, Sept. 1.1864. sepYdtw ECONOMY IS WEALTH. THE subscriber respectfully informs his Iricndi in general that he will Repair Gentlemens’Garments or KVERY UIK aiPTlON, AT SHORT NOTICE AND FAIRPRICES Sc that Money can be Sared in these War Timet. J. R. STORY', No. 23 Exchange St. Aug S7—dtf ___ Mew all C. Slrrut, Of the lute firm of Howard »■ Strout, Attorney and Counsellor at Law 105 Middle Street. Opposite International Hank,. Portland. Aug 12—d Aw 3m Notice. mill members of the Portland Marine Aociet 1 are hereby uotititd and requested to attend tb funeral of their late Secretary and Treaaarer, Capl John Sargent, at St. .Stephen’s Church, on Aatui dav the l(»»h Inst., at 2] o'clock r. x. Sept 1664. d2t Per Order. For Sale. AN eight horse power Atkam Emus* with al the fixtures, has been but little used; also good second hand Gear Cutter, aud a small hugin i Lathe. Apply to . __ T ISAAC McCLEELAN. sept 1 eod2w* Gorham , Substitute OlfereS. AN V person desirous of obtaining a .ntatitute fn one year, cun do so by applying in person or b I uiuil to On * 8»uv.v fout Office “*drwj.Wut« I Jord, Maine. ueplOdSt* ' EDUCATIONAL. Drof. Ma»*He,A.M. * B oentJy of PhPadtlphim, instructor iu the French *n«l Latin Language*. I I/SSSSftLfiiSg* *Bd luctuA, in tT7e oifrance,‘“. *;n Erenou Idiom*. An j Belle- letter, ,u of Rhetoric and I Brst itutitutioo, in l-.ri, * 'oUe**' of tLe For I art her pnn-iculnri. apply,t Ra)1- , Noyes' between il and 12 A »iT ^ * ! u to term, to, will be giveD ' U6re l^rmMtion tmiKvcu. Hon. W. H. Seward, Seoretary of st.t. Rot. Bishop W. a steveiw.o D.,of piSwUi-M. Rev. A. Cleveland Coxe.oi Baltimore Prof. C. D. Cleveland, of Philadelphia. I Prof. H.Coppie. ot Penna University. Goo. B. Emerson, Esq., of Boston. It H. Dana, Ilso., ot Aioston. £pe« Sargent, Esq., or Boston. ^ Ht. Rev. Bishop 1. C Brownell, D. D., Hartford, Dr. £. P. LoProhon, Portiasd. Bopt 6. d2m A GOOD School for Boys, Topcham, Maine, 26 miles from Portland; etty of accscs—a beau ti iul and healthy locality. For Circular*, kc., please address the Principal, o , WARREN JOHNSON, A. M. Sept 1—d3w* Casco Street Seminary. rilHE Kail Term or thl, Institution will commece Jue',d'ly s*pl- 6lh- BBd continue ten week, wSSlflSlSSS?. i8?M! 2ftnaci^ “ : Portland Ang.33, “■"«» ‘ HOME INSTITUTE.” Mi®8 *• *»• Prince, Principal. THIS Boarding and Day Sehool tor Young Lndlen. will re-open for ita sixth year, ou l huridtv I ^ ^ For Circulars containing tsrm. ate ' nd-ireM the Prlocipnl at« Free St., Portland, Me Aug 19—dAwlra Young Ladies’ Seminary. THE Fall Soealoa oftble Sehool open. Thunder Sept. v3, in Morton Block, Congrea, St ' In addition to the day acbool.which ha, received » large a,bare of the best patronage ol the city ar rangement, have now been made to admit a lew i Bu&'ding Scholars. For Circular* containing Terms, 4c . address Ml.Shhh 6 Y BLONDS, Principals, Ang 34—eodtdkwow 18 br°W" 8t' WANTS, LOST,FOUND Wanted. F)R a family of four i no .mail children) a alee genteel two itorled houae, In the centra of the elty "cparateor In a block. Addr:,- Box IJO Port land Post, Oflic*. wptSdtf L O 0 T . ON Wednesday evening. 7th in,t.. near the Boe ton Depot, a l’ur»e containing ntout S3D0. The Milder will be liberally rewarded on leaving the ,amc at tliia office. -opliidlw* Wanted. A GOOD Safe and a "Sit-down Counting Room De-k.'' Addresa, Mzrchaxt, Look. Box 13. PorUand P. O _ .eptTdlW "W anted.! Elderberries and Cherries. THE highest price paid for ripe Elderherrlea.piek clean, andaiao Black Uherrtee, by W. S. Maine, Windham, or GKEENOUUH k MORSE. Sept 6—d&wtf 30 Market Square. Strayed or Stolen. IjlROM the inb«crlber in Gorbam, a'Bay Colt,one year old laat May. with black mane and tail and b,nek leg,. Whoever will rrturn him or gire in ur ination where he cau be found ■ hall be auitahly re warded MOSES JOGG, Gorham, Me. ! Sept 7—dlw Unfurnished Apartments Wanted. WANTED about the middle of October next. two good uaed nnfurnwbed room,, to genre te t parlor nod a bed room—for a gentleman only. The hnoae nun be in a good locality Apply per . locally at the BritUh Couaulatr, tjichauge St., be tween the hour, of 13 and 3. or it by letter te H I.M.. Box No. 34 Poet Offioe. ,ept6dlw . nnnied. OA CUSTOM Coat and 30 custom Pant makers, tlv Apply at Clothing Rooms of WOODMAN, 1 RL E A CO.* W and 66 Middle street. Ang 0—d A wi-Cw ClothiUK Lost. MONDAY, S«pt. Sth, between 'Warren Market and Tukey'a Briar*. two pair. Woolen Panta wrapped in a bundle, 'the finder will be anlukly rewaided on leaving them at the freae Office Portland. Sept, fi — dlw Wanted. A8ITCATXON In a wholesale atore, either as book-keeper, clerk or ealeeman. bv a young man Good refereea. Apply 8. A 8., Dally Preaa Otfice. aeptddlw* Wanted. By a middle aj.'J man, n aituation in a atore, or on the wharf, aa a aaleamau, to ao lig.,t work or to take charge of acme light baaincaa. Good refer ancca given. Addreaa Bov lsir or ennnlro at No. 3 Use St. Portland, bept. 6th—dtf JLO&T, $100 REWARD. ON < entral wharf, or around the Grand Trunk Depot and yard , a Calf Skin Wallet contain iug a considrablu sum of money, and papers of no value to any one boi the looker. The finder will be i rewarded as above on returning the same to No. i 8 Central Wharf, or 73 Brackett street. Portland, Aug, bl 1864. ang31 dtf Lost. MONDAY afternoon between Lincoln Street and the Press Office, a lady’s jet Croae Pin, tipped witn gold and a Pearl in the centre. The finder wUi f***1’^ by leaving the same at THIS Or r ICE. »r Aug 30. 18*4. House Wanted, M Wanted by the advertiser, a convenient, centrally located, and pleasant house for a small family, without children—possession to ! behsd as early as the middle of October, sooner if possible. It must hare good water conveniences, and be well finished. The advertiser would lease such a house 1 or a term of years, or purchase if terms suited. A two-etory cottage, smalllot. preferred. Address V. T. Q., at the Press Office, stating looa \ tion, general terms, Ac conitientiaUy. Portland. Aug. 1.1864 -dlf Lo$t. STRAYED from the pasture of Mr. Francis Bob West brook, last month, a three year old gray Colt, small sixe; whoever wilt retnra him er give information w lie re he may be found, will be suitably rewarded, by calling at No. i>9 Spring St. FRANCIS E. EMERY. Portland, July 13,18*4.—dtf $35 Reward ! STOLEN from the subscriber on Tuesday Even ing. while in Pieroe’s auction room, a Calf Skin I Pocket Book contain? *64 in money, a note against Charles llodgdon, Gorham, for *6tf.and ene against ' Charles Hooper for *12. The above reward will be ! paid lor the recovery of the property and the detec tion of the thief. Tune 8.—tf GEORGE BECK. ' n FALL STYLE XlllATS & CAPS Now ready at s b a w " s , 136 MIDDLE STREET. I ,epl* _ _ [UY ROYAL l.LTTKRt.) A K € T U S I M E , Beal Canadian Bears’ Qrease! TflF. beat preparation for the growth and luxtui> aDCe of the hair. For sals by the Druggists. scptBdlm Edwin C. Owen A Co., Wholesale aud Retail Dealers la Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Confectionery, Jiuts, Clean, 4c, X». V> Rxchauyr St.Porttmmd. Onam Lemon-. Limes, Tamarinds. Prunes. Cit ron. Uaisius, Ftg», Nuts of all kinds, Olives, Sardine*. Dates. Apples, Pair*. Teaches, Preserved Fruits. Hum Drops, Lozeugts, Candies, liouey. hpruce tium, Tobacco, Cigars, Picklss. Pepper Sauce, etc., etc 0“ The Trade supplied on tbs most liberal terms Aug 1ft—lw Alexander D. Reeve*, Tailor Ac I>«*ap©r, 98 EXCHANGE ST., ' Manufactures to order aud iu the boat manner. Mil itary aud Navy Uniforms, and Boys’ Car. r ■ we uts. ’ sepiSdtf T. J. HiKRAY, Inspector of Distilled Spirits l Coni Oil, Tobacco aad Cigars, ! May be tound at tba office of Hob. N. G. Marshall Assessor for the First District of Maine, No. XI Ex ohaage St. Portland, Me. Abk M—dltw8w* Boarding. r rpHE private boarding house No. 77 Free Street r 1 newly papered aud painted Booms luraisbei ■ and uufurBuhed. with board. Sept 10-tHw* | RUCTION SALES. •M.PATTEH, ACCTIOWKEB, 11 b«huf• St. tteal Estate ou St. Lawrence St., „ _ _ At Auction. Portland Co!nn,L.*?v9 “f- Lawrence St, near the I land wild tn« bu?ldi«" will U »oid a lot of , «iet of a two storied ‘®r*°“ 1 *>e building* con and In the rear i. » twni^‘*,*!d *!ore' tl,e *ro“«. Tba lot ban a Tront T?dwel io*. I Thi» property uuat be nokTwp'J*lo d’ P,h,. to suit porcbaacr. For partly. ot r?“®rv* 1 erm* I Uooeer P»rtiouiar» call on the auc _™__scptTdtd Furniture at Auction ~ ON Wedneeday, Sept. 14th, at ten,i. . „ at the house of John a. Miller. X0 &?*?*,.* M » all the Furniture in said House, contietfeV‘S*?’’ : Bedding, Bedauadi and Maltreaai.. ChamuASl* Bmeaoa. Sotaa. Chair*, Table*. Carpet* Crockery, U’aa*. China, Tin, and Wooden vr?^ Table Cutlery. Parlor and Cock Store*. togetb» with the Kitchen Furniture. ****** _ HENRY BAILEY ECU.,Anctloieers. I Kept a —td House and Lot at Auction. , Oiiw2,—aJ s*»1 **■ »* 3 o'clock r v w. ,bu I yf1 •“* tw“ *tory wooden bon*e Ho 4 Willie St Ilie bouaeienew, modern and convenient in it* •».’ ! r*“J®“cBt'With good clo*et*. Hue cellar, ubundanea hard and aofi water, and every way d.*irahle for inreatment or occupancy. I he lot ie 36 by 90 feet Title clear—aate poaitive. ’ ”*• HFJfUV BAiLF.r k Co., Auetioneer* Sept 7—dtf ueHoneer*. EDW.M.PAnTUf,AL'CTKlHE*E,12ExchaBfa»t. Valuable Property on Commercial 81. at Auction. ON' Friday. September 18th. at 1 r x 0n tbe promisee, without reserve, a valuable lot of farad on tbe northerly aide of Comm, reial itreet, nearlr opposite tbe bend of Franklin Wharf It bass front, jure on Commercial of tt teet, extending back aboat 300 feet giving a front on Fore atrret of SO fret, mak tug some MOO square fret. It will be sold as above without reserve on avorable trims. Plan mar be seen at tbe Here bants' Exchange. Fur particulars call on tbe Auctioneer. seplodid Valuable House Lot at Auction. ON Friday. Sept. l«th, at I o'elock r. x , wt abnil •ell a valuable lot of land on India street, next to tbe corner lot on tbe north east corns r of Federal •tract, being 3a feet ea India street by 4T fret deep, wiib a good nail of excellent wn'er on It 1 big is a beautifbl lor tor building purposes, rentrally loca ted and in an excellent neighborhood. Title Wear Srpta-dtd HKNKV^.LErAOO.,An.fra. Horses, Carriages, A Harnesses, ut Auction. Olt Saturday, Sept. 17, at 11 o'clock A. If. oi Lime street. Horses. Carriages, and “— aucbgg Carrynita, Top Boggy.. Concord Wagon!) Jenny Linda. Express W agon and Harnesses• some of each new andageond-bund. A.g g_tf “"** *AUJtr * CO-.Anet'ra House and Lot ut Auction. 0> Smtardny. Sepirmber 17th, at 3 o clock T. u., weahail sell the three story wooden house bo 7 trow Si. The house is Snlabed tbrougboat.dae eioa uu. Bur cellar, plenty water, eentrmly located. Is good repair, always ander rent, and a desirable property for investment, sale positive to close up an estate. Terms at sale HElfKY BAiLKY 4 CO.. Accnoiuu Sept 10—4td Administrator’s Sale. NOTICE la hereby given, that by virtaa of a 11 oenae from tbe Judge of Probate tor the Countr er i umberiand, I shall sell, by public unction, at the dwelling bouse on the premises, on I be seventeenth day of October, A. 1> l*n. at 2 o'clock la tbe after noon, the homestead lot of thg late JUibea Hol brook, late of Freepor, la said Ciunty. sltaitrd Is said Freeport, and containing loar acres of land with the bniidinga thcr-ou. HoBtCK BKEH ER. Administrator. Dated this 7th day of Sept., MM. ittawlw* MERCHANDISE. Spruce Shipping Boards. 150,000 Board* for *aJe br Bp i. B. HAXLES, HobWi W»rf, _ Portland, X*. Aug X—diw Corn Ural. ( AA BBLfl Superior Klin Dried Cora Heal, OvJvJ for-nle by PkEDKlilCK DAVIS, Aug 1*—«od3w 111 Commercial St. Trinidad Sugar and ,71 o I asses. 70 Choioe Xuacorndo Sugar, N>7 hhd« Choice Mu-condo Xolaaeee, 48 tierce* Choice Xucorndo Molaeeee, Cargo brig J. D. Lincoln, now landing and for sain 1>7 Uol'UNI EATON, No. 1 Central Wharf. Aug 19—dlw llackmetack Ship Timber. OAK. Hackmatack, and Hard Wood riank, Tree nail* irom 12 to 88 inches, Treenail Wedge*, Ao »o, by L. TAYLOK, )une2SdSm UalC* Wharf, Port Sad. Treenails. 100,0000X1 TRE“ B1XDNT0N A KNIGHT, 43 Commercial W barf. Portland, June 13,1S«4. jnnel&dtf Sugar and Molaneen. 300 UUD:i f CHO,CE muscovado au 10 TCS. j OAK. S71 DUDS Onprior Xusoorado, and 37 TCS Clayed Xolaaeee. 11 BBLS from sierra Xorena, Now landiu and loreale by TUOUAS ASKNCIO A CO., auyttf Carlom Uoaee Wharf. sierra noreaa Jlolasae*. OO-UHDS , OOi) CHOICE 8 T F.RKa MO REHA 30 TIERCES l MOLASSES. |y 33Ly I v.—warn., Now lauding from Brig "C. H. Kennedy* TUOS. ASKNC10 A CO.. Mar ».-tf C. H. Wharf. Oity of Portland. Election Notice. N'ortcsl* hereby riven, that in pursuance of war rants from the Mayor and Alaermen of the City of Bortlaud, the inhabitants thereof qualified ao i cording to law to rote for 8tate and County officers, will meet in their respective Ward Room*. or usual place# of raee ing, on Monday, the twelfth day of September instant, ar 9 o’olock in the forenoon, then I and there to give in their vote* for Governor, four Senators and fonr Representatives in the Legists j lure of thisfitate; for County Treasurer. County I Commissioner. Register of ProbaU and Sheriff for | the County of Cumberland, and for a Represents ' tive to Congrets. and also to give in their vetes upon I the following question, to wtt — "Shall the Constitution be amended as proposed by a resolve of the Legislature, providing that eitt ; zens of the State absent therefrom ia the military service of the United States, or of this State, shall i not be deemed to have lost their residence la this State by reason of saeh absence.but shall be allowed to vote wherever they may be, unlee# in the regnlar army of the United States, for Ouvernor, Senators and County Officers, on the Tuesday next after the . the first Monday of November, in the year one thoue | and eight hundred sad sixtv tour, and their votes . shall bo coanted and allowed in ths same manner , and with ♦ he same effect as if given on the second ' Monday of September in that year; and shall be ai ' lowed to vote for Governor, Senators. Representa tive* and County officers on the second Monday of September, annually thereafter, forever in the man ner and under the regulations in said resolve pro vidid;** those in favor of said amendment exprees ! ing it by the word "¥££*’ upon thstr ballots, and ! those opposed to the amendment expressing It by I the word "NO" upon their ballots.** i The polls to remain open until six o’clock in the afternoon when they ahull be closed. The Aldermen of said City will ho in open vossion in the Ward Boom in New City Building, ^entrance on Myrtle 8t.,)from nine o'clock in the forenoon to one o’clock in the afternoon on oeek of the throe secular days next proceeding such day of . election. and from three o'clock to five o'clock iu l the afternoon of the last of said three secular days, ‘or the purpose of receiving evidence of tke quantl cation of voter* who** names hav • not been enter ed on the list of qualified voters In aod (bribe sever 1 City Clerk, did Residence for Sale. da For Sole. The subscriber offers for ml* the bouse and lot known as the Pareonn Farm.In North Yarmouth, 12j miles rrom Portland, 2 miles from the "Orand Trank Kailraad. The build* iDe^wsTeo<i»r» house, wood-thed and barn — 10 acres of land with an orchard Water furnished by a llrlug spring Near meeting and sohool, nod olcesantlv situated. For further particulars en quire of D. 11 CoLE. North Yarmouth, Sept. 0,1804. sepTdlw Coparluenhlp Notice. THE undersigned hare this day formed a Copart nership anoer the Hrm and name of "Liwt*. Kollims k Bonn,” for the purpose of doing a wholesale and retail clothing business, it Noe. 141 and 143 Middle St., Portland, Me T. C. Lawrs. N. C. KoLiine, W. M. Bono. Portland. Sept.l. 13<t4 —septdlw Fortlnuil Company, THE stockholders of the Portland Coopay «« hereby notifled that the Annual Meeting for the 1 choice of Directors, end the special meeting in rela tion to now stock, were serera ly adjourned to meet at the rooms nt the Board of i'rid». on r-achange ; 8t.. on Saturday, Sept 10 at three o'clock p. m. i seploklt JOSEPH C NOY ES. Clerk. NolltP. PROPOSALS wUI be rcceiredat the Maror'aof #o« until Monday. Sept. 12. at 12 o clock I for building a Brick Stab a in the rtmr of the Eng'na House on Bruckctt St Plans and be seen at the Mayor's office, tt*^ommB^SJd I the right to refuse all proposals it not oouaioeresi , for the interest «lJHgLr-M9LMMK. Chairman Com «“ Publlo Building.. I Sept T, lSdt.-dtd

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