Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 12, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 12, 1864 Page 4
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mSPRANCE^ OFFICE OF THE ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, NEW YORK, JANUARY JO, 1804. THE Trustee*, in coulbrmitj to the Charter ol the Company, submit the loliowlng statement ol lu affairs UB the Slat D, cembtr, 180S: premiums received on Marine Kicks, lrom Hi Jauuary, 1863, to 31st De remb-r, 1883, 9S,114,3»8 83 Pr.miums on Policies not marked off lat J auuary ,1883, 1,706.80! 34 Total amount of Marine Premium!, 810,008,001 17 No Poileie* have been issued upon life Kisks; nor upon Fire Risks discon nect, d with Marine Risks. Premiums marked off lrom lat Jan., _„ „ I860, to 31ai December, 1833, 87.68. ,668 68 Losee* paid during the came period, 3,806.661 ot Returns ot Premiums and Kxpenaes, l.Otn.Wi *0 Tha Company has the following Aaaeta, Til: Unit d mates and Stat. of New York „ Moot. City. KanX an l otner Mocks, 83,493.631 39 Loans secured by otoeka.andotherwiae, 1.4*0.700 00 Real Eitateaod Honda and Mortgagee, U8,i89 90 Dividends on Slocks,Interest ou Bonds and Mortgage* nun other Loans,sun dry .Note*, re lusuranoe and other oliums due the Comp’j . estimated at 104,984 61 Pram urn Note* and Bills Receivable, 1,378,676 63 Cash in Bank, 744.813 88 Total amount of Aaaeta, 89.366.466 33 Six pa.- c rut Interest on tbe ontatan ing certiti eatesoi prottt* will bj paid to the boldor* thereof, or their legal representatives, on and alter Tuesday, the Second of February next. After reserving Three and One half Million Dollars of prod's, the outstanding certificates ef the Issue of 1883, w 11 be redeemed and paid to tbe holders then • ol. or their legal repreaantatiT, a, on and altar Tues day, the Second of February next, from which date ailluteraat thereon will cease. The certideates to la ■roduoe 1 at the time of pay uient, ana cancelled. A Dividend at F orty Per Cent, is declared ou the net earned premiums of the Company, lor the year ending 31 t Deoembsr, 1891, for which oertiilcaus will be issued, on and after Tuesday, the Filth of April next. The Profits of the Company,ascertained From the 1st of the 1st of Jan , 1883, for which Certifloatee were issued, amount to . . 814,138,880 Additional from 1st Jan., 1888, to lat __ January. 1884, *.6*><**i Total proBU for 31J yean. 816,868.880 Tha CertiBoatea previous to lwsi, have been redeemed by cash, 11,880.310 Nat earnings remaining with tha Com pany. on 1st January 1894, 86,363,870 By order oi tbe 11 'ard, W. TOWNSEND JONES, Secretary. TRUSTER*. John D. Jonee, David Lana, Charles Dennis, James Bry-a, W H li. Moor*. Wm Sturgia.Jr., Tbos. Tiiaatoa, U. K Bogert, Usury Coit, A. A. Lew, W.C. PiokersgiR, Wm. E. Dodge, Lewis Cartia, Den nis Parkins, Chaa. d. Russell. Jos Uaillard, Jr., Low II Hoi brock, J. Henry Burgy, P. 4. Uargons, Cornelius UrlxnaU M W Weston, C. A Hand, Km ai I*help , Watts sbsrmaa, Caleb Baratow, K. E. Morgan, A. P. Pillot. B. J. HowTnnd, Leroy M Willey, Ben j. Babcock. Danie S. Millar, Fletcher Weetray, 8. T. Niooli. R. B. Mintarn.Jr., Josh s J Henry, G W. Burnham, Geo. U. Hobson, Fred. Chummy, Jamas Low. JOHN D JONES. President. CHARLES DKNK1S, Vies President. W. H. H MOORE. 3d Vice President. *W Applications Ibrwarded and Ora* Polici** procured by JOHR W. MtlfflER, Agent, Ho. 199 JPore a tree t, bend of Long Wharf, PORTLAND. MM. Jane 8.—w3w4*odtojan38 Life Insurance. THE MATHATTAN Life Insurance Company ! OF XM W YORK. Cash Capital and Accamnlatloa Over #1,700,000 I HENEY STOKES, Pxxsinxjrr. V. Y. WEMPLE, secretary. J. L. HAL3EY, Asst. Secretary, h N 8IEBB1N8, Actuary E. DWIGHT KENDALL. General Agt. This long-established Company offers the follow ing adva-tase** to insurers. viz: A large and increasing Capital, securely invested; Immediate ar&iiahility of the dividends, in cash; A permanent loan of one half of the premium; aud a feature peculiar to this company, by which Insurers are protected against forfeiture of the poll cy f oil circu-nstaucM of adversity. The co npa jy alto issues non-lorleiting policies on th-***r*n r«ar Pan." Poluiei iuoontestibU Are years Iromdate (the on ly so i psuy in America having this provision m policies.) Local Board qf Reference: HOB. William Willis. N -I. Miner E»q.. Collector lot. Revenue. Wm Moulton, K-u., Pre»t. Bank t umberland. W. W i ho a as. E-q . Prest. Canal Bank. J. B.Carro.l, Eeo., Merchaut Jeremiah Dow, Esq., hec’y Dlrigo Ins. Co. Wm Kimball, Esq , Trees. 8. Packet Co. Edward Shaw. E-q . Sec'y Port. Mut.lns. Co. Messrs. Woodman. True s Co. Messrs. H. J. Libby A Co. Parties are invited to examine the merits of this eompsuy before effecting insurance. iiENK k E. sTlthNtl. Agent, Offioe Mo. 13 Moulton St. S. H Tkwksburt M. D., i Medical 1). W. Tg >MAB, M. D , (Examiners. Gentlemen of energy and responsibility in the dictereut cities and towns of Main*. desirous of rep reseating The Men batten Life Insurance Co. will nlesoe address E DWIUH f K EN DALL, General Agent Box So EMI P. O., Portland. Aug 1L—oodlm DIRIGO Insurance Oo. of Portland, Me. OFFICE O. 28 EXCHANGE ST. Authorized Capital, $500,000. CAPITAL PAID IN $200,000. Infested ns follows.— Loans on Mortgages of Baal Estate at two thirds i a value, fjg.910 Loans on pUdge of United 8Late*Securities, 61,8 0 Loans on pledge of Ui y Scrip, 84 600 Locus on pledge of Bauk Stocks, 88,800 Loans on pledge of State of Maim Bonds, 2e,6(X Loans on pledge of Androscoggin County Bonds, 4,000 •V. „ BWO.OuO This Company Is now prepared to issue policies npon all kinds of property iu the city or noon try, m uncle te lo ,* or damage by fire, at a< low rates as is taken by any ether uAre. The patronage ol tht merchants and citizens generally and vicinity, is most respectfully solicited .... A. K. SflURTLETF, President. JEREMIAH LhjW, Secretary. BtlBOfOMt J. B Brows, 8. 1C. spring, D. W. Clark. J.B.OarroU, Joan Lynch, H 1. Rabinaon. T.U.T.B.: Bl. Jobs Smith, H J UDbr, U.K Jow, H K Pay.oa, J N.Win,loir, O.W. Woodman, AjBrwBprta,, Alrah Conant, U I. Robiaaon, Phil],II. Brown, C. H. Hart ell. 8. C. Cham, JaramtebDow, B.O. Cram. Wm. Monlton. Portland, Augait 1,Ida. -iadBm TJ 2ST I O N Mutual Life Insurance Co. INCORPORATED by lb. STATE OF MAINE Oiarter Perpetual. _ Organized, IMS. DIRECTOR’S OFFICE, M Bute Street, . . . . Ronton, Mare. President- HR tilt Y CROCKER Vice-President—DANIEL SHARP Secretary— tV if. HOLLISTER. H. G. WILSON, Oeaerai Manager of Agencies in Iks Ness Rualavo States. Assets, Sl.f June, 1664, SOSO,000.00 Losses Paid to date, STSO.OSO.tHi Dividend Paid » Cork to date, $340,936.09 THIS Company offer, peculiar advantage, toper* too. inteuding to ln.ure Uieir lives, la ita eaiett and .tability, a.qulred in iu loaruen vaara'expert a?0*!,!? *'* *•*>■. whiob. Iwithoat Iu cxpitxl ot J.1 J'll to Over t b roe-q uxrter. o f a mlllioi. ”*•<** more than two hundred thou.auc :?ofit* Imbilitioa for the reiaiuranee inluaio™4i“firuk'; *° “■« preaented . •'“teio oi payment. of premi occuortions Va*ri “umbor’ divcr«iii-d condition, and j !SJSP«UdiV to!u!‘e?“d *«=»»“« Of Usee In »So» JwHm.ope ment of which harm/ tor the past Ur2°'vi°I"' averaged Forty per Ora/ , of the premium^,!]/ Polioie. arc leaned upon all the pi., , ^^dw|h Lift Insurance Comptulea, and at ae low r.i-LT.. Bon.iiUnt with a view to equity and wlvenS^ ' Par Una d wiring Agencies m. own. where the com psny here none, and tho-e wishing 1'ravelin* a « England htaie*. will appil tc M. G WILSON, «< Slate Street, Boston, iivinr such re1eretu:e, or information as to age/prezcDt and past business, as will enable him to form Jud*. ment in regard thereto Junel4d*in American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY! OF KKW YORK. Oaplial S200.000, laeare Balldlnga. Merebnndl.. ss r-r-i.-re, rJE2!2S!5£%? *—•* — ‘h-«»d wiher »*«r* awmal Prw.eri, „ u, •at rrtea. SAMUEL BROWN,Fraaidant. WILLIAM RAYNOR, Swore tar. OfWl^d*0 8HAW SB***, 10S Middle BtreM MISCELLANEOUS. ! THE DAILY PRESS, CALORIC POWER JOB PRINTING OFFICE, N. A. FOSTER k CO., proprietors. Fox Block, 821-2 Exchange St., PORTLAND, NEE. Attention is reipeu'fully invited to oar unrivalled facilities for executing in THE BEST STYLE OF THE ART, Kverjr description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. ■ Oar Kstablishn.nt u fitrniibed with all th. ap proved modern machinery, And our collection of Book and Fancy Types Will bear favorable comparison with any establish ment in the city. Business and Professional Cards, |Of every variety, style and coet, PRINTED AT SHORTEST NOTICE. _ \ Bill-Head* Baled and Cat In the Xeat e»t Muuner. I BLANKS AND BANK CHECKS,1 j Of every description executed in the beet style. ‘ 1 — Railroad, and other Corporation Worh,done . with promptness and fidelity. ISSUE ASCE POLICIESJilLLS OP LADISU, TIME TABLES, and all aorta ot LEOAt DOCUMEA TS, at thort notice. lentil, leprti, ui ill kiidi of Piuftkii, Fat ap In taporlor style. Bronzed and Colored Labels For Apothecaries. Merchants, and Fancy Dealers got np In the beet style of the art. Weddinor O ards, Notes qf Invitation., Visiting Cards, Lists of Da*‘ i oes, etc., etcqf every variety and cost, famished at short notice. LARGE POSTERS, Band-bills, Shop-bills, Profam-1 nes. Circulars, Sad plate printing of every description. Alao, Buie and figure icork, executed neatly, and on tonne that cannot fail to utiify. THE DAILY PRESS Printing Office has one of Soper' Improved Caloric Engines for motive power, and is tarnished with improved and costly Presses—Cylinder and Platen— from the most celebrated maker*. We have in con* •tant use one of HOF'S LARGE CYLINDER PRESSES, capable of throwing off 2500 Sheets an hour; one of Adam’s Poster Presses—the best book proas In the world; Adam’s and Potter’s Fast Machine Job Presses -, Kuggles’superior Card Pres ; Adams’ and Colon large Hand Presses, 8tandmJ Presses, and all the machinery necessary for a well appointed office. The Daily Press Job Offioe is believed to be as well tarnished as any similar establishment in the State. Those seudinjr order from the country may rely on receiving prompt attention. We execute a1] orders in the shortest possible time and in the neatest and beat manner. We will do all kinds of printing as well and a# promptly, and as cheap as any other establishment in the City, County or State. All orders for Job /‘rintinj must be directed to the Daily Press Job Ofice, Bo. 82* Exchange street. Portland. Me. The Job Office is under the personal supervision ef the senior proprietor, who is the CITY PKIKT EK, and is himeelf an experienced practical wort* man, and employe only well-skilled mechanics ta this department of ktis work. The Portland Daily Press, Thelxrgeet doily piper eul of Uoaton, and hiving n larger circulation than ill tho other diiliee In the •tty combined. U peblubed at tho Office in Pox Block, MB I~9 Exchange Street, every morning— Sunday excepted, at S3 00 per eannm. THE MAINE STATE PBESS, The largest paper In New England, eight pages, if j published every Wednesday, containing ail tbr ' aews by mail a d telegraph. Important reading ' matter Marine List, Ma'ket Reports, gc, of flit Dally Prats,at tbs following prices, via •lifle cepri eas year, invariably in advance.M.OO Subscriptions solicited. Agents wanted In every town. Postmasters requested tonct ns agents. N. A. FOSTER A Co., Paorairronj. Portland June 1, 18*4. dtt JAMES COMORO & CO. commission merchants. 13 LIBERTY SQUARE, . . BOSTON N^spOTE,NooA^*icr™M' r‘u*'coiT PIG IRON, Ai«o, BAR, SHEET, * BOILER PLATE IRON, ef English and 8ootch Manufacture. We shalleontinue to receive, in addition to obi American Brick, a regular supply of BMGUSH, SCOTCH, k WELCH FIRE mebll wxWm IHTEKiUTIOiVAL Fire Insurance Company 1 QT ATew Tort, 0#<y 113 Broadway. CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. WM. K. WARREN, Pruidtnt. HAMILTON BRUCE, Vioe President UEOHOE^W. SAVAUE, ^cY.tary •Portland Board of Ptfrrtncu H* Ll^ri.4 8o>1' i1****1 Furrcnna A Co. J UB*T a Co. John Ltmh k Co. andhA^iS,i?‘?d hV?.* be®" appointed Aonm to UsaoPolbaL^f V*1" J “ now preparec ie»e«oa Insurable Property at current trPortland o/r„, 1«« Port Street. JOHN W. HUNGER, Agent. Jana 8.18*4.—dtt Seizure ol ©iood». NOTICE is hereby given that iu fulio»in» a. •ertbed good, w re Kind «*“ h p™ day* hereinafter mentioned, tor a violation of tiJ Revenue law*:—June 24 1864. on wwf tro„ pteemer from h't Joho. N. B., 1 bbl WhlgfcoJe case* Wine (of 12 bo tie* ear »•> .lu’y 16, I8&4 Vr board brig Tbo*. Conner, 2 bbli Molas***, July 20 1864. on board steam 1 hbi sugar. 1 bag flugar.^ ^•ajwt 6ih, 1864 on boa'd brig Man bn A Berry. 1 bbl Molasses. August 11. 1804. on board brig Cal muck 2 bbl* UoJa-ses Aurut l»v. 1864, on board bn* C. H. Kennedy 4 bbla M«>la-*» s. A°y Per*°o or pe »>np, desiring the stme. are re J0 *ppesr and roa^ e such claim within nir© JLy''day ©« the dale hereof : otherwi-. the A* wi“ b di*pop«d of in accordance will me act of Congress, ai p oved April 2. IBM. Sept 2-dl,.ai WA8UBL'HN. J« . Collector. pskticipatiow. Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company, This Company will tout Polices to he free, ,n. payment ol six, eight or ten Preununu £lh^„pt‘m of the insured and at rates as low as an. Silo., Company. The i«M Of Free Policies rondom rt m, t> 'least equal If not superior to tho participatloi inaniee. * OSoe Mo. 102 Middle gt. CHARUia HOtDKM, Pres. wwasdwUW,** RAILROADS. _j FOR CHICAGO. BILWAUK1E, ] ggpyg And *11 part, of the Weat. HCCE8WS news w CHICAGO, IILWACHI, And *11 other point. *t the WEST, SOUTH & NORTH WEST, For.elent thereduoodr.te.of f»reatthe Union Ticket Office, 31 Exchange Bt,, W. D. Little, Agent. jtnetMdtf aBM^REDiTCED RATES! important to travelers -TO TH*— West, North West & South West! W. r>. LITTLE. IS Agent for all the great leading routes to Chics* go, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukie, Galena, ttakosh, St. Paul, Lacrosse, Green Bay. Quiiicy. St. Louis, Louisville, luaDu&oolis, Cairo, etc., etc., and it prepared to turuisn Ihrouoh Ticebtb from Portland to all the principal cities and towns in the loyal States and Canadas, at the lowest rates of tare, and all needful information cheerluhy granted. Travelers will Hud it greatly to their advantage to procure theirUikfets at the Uaion Ticket Office, 31 Exchange Street, (OP STAIRS,) W. D. LITTLE, Agent. tST Passengers for California, by the Old Line Mail Steamer and Pauama Railroad, may be secured by eariv application at this oftioe. Tickets to R&utrcol arut ifoebtc and return (via the Graud Trunk Railway) may be obtained at this I agent) ou favorable terms may‘J6o A wti UUANU 'l'ltUM. IfAltMAl Of Cenuda. 8UMMKB ABBANGEMENT. THB On end after Monday, June 87, 1864, aVfiHw train, will run daily, (Sundays except* ed) until further notion, »• follow!: Up Trains. Leave Portland lor i«l*nd Pond, Montreal and Quebec at i.Oua.a and 1.25 r. u. Dow. Trains. Leave Island Pond for Portland, at 6 80 a. a. and » 16 r. n. The Company are not roeponaible for baggage to any amount exceeding *50 in value, and that per sonal, unless notice i. given, and paid lor at the rate of <*>e passenger lor every *500 additional value. C. J BUY IKIES. Managing Director. H. BAILEY, StiDerin Undent. Portland, June 25, 1864. nov6 PORTLAND AND KENNEBEC K.R. SPRING fc SOMMtB ABBANGEMEKT, Commencing Monday, April 25, 1864 Passenger trains leave Skowhegan for £§B!5HRH>ort ad11! and Boston, at 8 45 A. M , Au gus.a, li.Ov A.M.and Bath 12 10 P. M. Auvnsta tor Portland and Boston at 6.90 A, m.; Bath 6.So A. M. Portland for Ba' h. Augusta, Waterville,Kendall's Mills and SkowhegaL, at 1.10 P. M. Portland lor Bath and Augusta 8 16 P. M. Passengers for *cationson the Androscoggin Ball road will charge cars at Brunswick The 1 10 P. M. train f om Portland connects at Kendall's Mills with Maine Central Railroad for Bangor. Ac , arriving same evening. Biases leave Ba h lor Rockland at 9 A.M. and 3 P M. Stages leave Angnua fpr Belfast at 4 P. M. Stages leave Skowhegtn at 6 10 P. M. for Anson, Soon.fce. Through Tickets for all the stations on this and the Androscoggin Railroad, can be proenrred in Boston at the Eastern or Boston and Maine stations. B. H. CUSHMAR,Superintendent. AprO 18, 1864. ap23tf fork * Cumberland Railroad. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. COd and after MONDAY, April 1th., 1864, trains will leave as foliowi, unLl lurthi-r notice : baco Hirer for Portland at 6 45 (Fretcht Train with Passenger s) and 3 16 a. m , and 3.30 r M. Leave Portland tor Saco River, 7.45 a. m. and f.00 and 6,10 r. u. The 3.00 r. u. traiu oat, sad 6 46 a. M. traiu into Portland, w ill he freight trains with passenger cars attacked stages oonnect at Haccarappa daily for South Wiuoham, Windham Center and Great Fails. At Gorham for West Gorham, bundirb. Steep Falls. Baldwin. Scbago, Bridgion. iiiram, Liming* ton, Cornish, Denmark, Brownfield. Lovel. Fnre* burg, Conway. Bartlett, Albany, Jackson and Ha* ton, N. U. At Bnxton Center for West Buxton. Boundv Ea gle. South Limington, Limington and Limerick Ak baco River tri*weekly, for Hollis, Limerick, Ossipce. Now Hold. Parsousheld, Hfiiugnam, Free* dorn. Madison, t ston, Cornish, Porter, ftc k Faros 6 cents less wuen tickets are purchased la I the Oilioe, than when paid in the Cars. DAK. CARPENTER, Supt. Portland April 7,1864.fltf, 'jlIAINE CENTRAL RAILROAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. rma^mn Train, leave Portland, Grand Trank HESHsution, for LewDton and Auburn, at 7 a. x. For Bangor and Intermediate atation, at 1.26 r.n. RETURNING—leave Lewiston at 6.20 A. X., and arrive in Portland at 8.30 A K. Leave Bangor at 7.31 a . x., and arrive in Portland at 2 16 r. x. Both the,® train, conneot at Portlaad with train, for Boston Freight train leaves Portland at 8 A. x., and re turning is due InPortland silr.a. stage, eon over ntth trains at prinupAJ station,, daily tor moat of the town. North and East ol thi* line. C. M. MORSE,Sup't. Watervllle. November. 1863. deoil PORTLAND. 841 O At PORTSMOUTH RAILROAD. BVMMMR A R RA S O R M R NTS, Commencing April 11th, 1864. Pamonger Traine will leave the Bla IKr^SSS Don, Canal etrect, dally, (Sunday, ex oepted ; as follows : Leave Portland lor Boetoa, at 8.46 A. x. and 8.9# r. x. Leave Boston lor Portland at 7.30 A. X. and 1.06 r. a. Lear* Portsmouth for Portland, at 10.00 A. X.and 6.80 r. x. These traine will take and leave passengers at way itatioai. Freight trains leave Portlaad and Boston dally. FRANCIS CHASE, Superintendent. Portland, Got 30.1863 ooll adtf F F O F O S A. L S FOB MBBCT1KB TUB Custom House atPortland,Maine. iBKAftl'BY DkP A E.TU ShT. 1 August X, 1*>4 t PROPOSALS will be received at this c< p-rtment uiiitl ihr ur?t ucu-lei 1964. at lA o’clock noon. tir the construction ol tbe i ihioxd b- use au thorized to be eicc ed at toitliiid, Re. accoidlng to tne pUusand spec i ta at Hit s piepareu at this Depart meu> ; Mid proposal* t > h* tuber lor the whole building, or separate lor different kinds ol work; the l>'-partment inserting the rigkt to reject or accept the p repo-ala Leri by invic-o, or any part thereof, where it deems tbe interest cl tbe Lulled but s re quires It; tbe Department a ro resciviug the ignt te exc ude ibe bio ol any peiaoti or perrons, whom mere is just cause to believe will not laitbfully per form the contiact. a Ijo all bids that upon inveati gat.on are below a fair price lor the work. Bids will not be received iu gross, and tbe Depart ment having prepared a ecueuuie oi the appr xi mate quautit« s of each kind of v Ork and material required, (ahicb acheuule may be had at the of the Supervising Aichiteot, i reasuiy i epaiimcnt) tiie bidder ‘«-ili bi required to affix his prices thereto for such articles aud kinds of wot k as he proposes to i bid for; aud then carry the whole oat in ouu gross amount. Ninety per cent, of tbe amount of the work done and matenAl delivered according to contract price, (said amount to be a*c rtalned hv the t sinuate rf an Agei.t oJ the D< parumui appointed for that pur pose) will to paid troin time to time as the work pro gress s and ion p* r cunt, ntaimd until the comple tion of the contract, ano acceptance 01 the work by the Agent afore* tid. aud be forfeited iu the event of the uon-tultillmeut of the contiact. Contract* wi 1 be awarded ouiy to Master Builders aud Mechanics and the alignment thereof, except by couaent of the Secretary ol the Treasury, will be a forfeiture of the same. Bach proposal must be accompanied by a guaran tee, signed b* two rusponsib e person*, i certified to besz by the Lutt-<1 b ate* District Judg<- or Attor ne of said District), iu the sura of So.OOO.UO tor the whole work, or of a proportionate amount if forany part, that the bidder will, when required, if hi* pro posal to accep'ed. euier into a contract and bond, with sulicieni securities for it- aithlul performance-. Fo m* of the bond aud certificate required; m1*o the plans, specification* aud woiking urawlng will he lurni* ed ou application to the bupervising Ar chitect of ib- ixpartmsut. No bid will be considered, uulessit fully compiles j iu ail its details with the requirements ot this adver tisement the Proposal* mu*t be sent to this Department, ad dressed to l-ai&h Rogers, bupervising Architect, and plainly endorsed: -*• Proposals for thu Portland l aMom House." Proposal* wi!'also be received at the same time for to* old « ustorn House building and materials therein, (tbe lour granile column- on Fore ■ net excepted) to be removed within sixiy (60) days from date of th. award, and in case the safe of the same be awarded to the ■acee**tui bidder lor the new cus tom House, the amount of same will to- taken as part payment of his contract. ISAIAH ROGKR8, Supervising Architect. 8ept S—did .. r - --— - 1 ■'1 — .- — To Wood Dealers and Lumbermen. 10,000 Cord* Wood hud Logs W anted. P>KOPOSALS are desired for evrgooa of'be fol u wood*, vir —White or Canadian Poplar, temioch. Haswood. or American louden, Beeeh, bi^'b’“;d *"•'« nr Bad Pint and Wnlla iwr**—* 1 tobeaouud and merchantable. be made to lurnish by the cord, or in dun 12 or 16 le*1 l,,nK irom 6 inches In for ve«( l* dra-d't0 *» delirerod on navigable water rnLV,C^., dr? 1“* wben loaded tine feet, l'artiet ui.*h‘' d of wood’ »nd the amount they mil. wi'h ‘o deliver t r ship meuC and »h n it wni be delivered there, and the to* on tract1 P'C® per"’r<1 or 1000 feet.»»'hey de*ire j | please address r"Uca'Ui' «“d‘«K propo..!., B. BUFFcst Treaanrer American Wood l-.per Company „ 1'rovidouoe, K.’ 1. Ang 23—dim j To Ler. A C0XVFX1EVT house, luitable for a ihmilv o' i -1. tv o or thr e, ioeBtea In th# Upper p*»t cf tA# dtv. Addrcs Karr, Box U Porttaad. t. O | Sap* *—dlw I" A STEAMBOATS. Portland and Penobscot River, hummel Arrangement, 1864. THE NEW, STAUNCH AND COMMODIOUS I STEAMER LADV LAUG, 1 Built expressly for this route, CAPT. WILLIAM R. ROIX, Will commence her Summer Ar rangement on MONDAY MORN ING, June Gth, Leaving Bangor ev jry Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mornings, at > o'clock. Returning will leave Railroad Wharf, foot oi State street, Portland, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evening*, at 10 o'clock, connecting with the Eastern, Boston and Maine, and Portland, Saco and Portsmouth Rail roans, from Boston and Way Statious, leaving Boston at So’cloca, P. M. The Boat will touch at Rockland. Camden, Bel feet Bucksport, Wiuterport and Hampden, both ways. Pa.-Hengura ticketed through tu aud from Boston, Lowell, JLawreuce, Salem aud Lvnn. For more extended iuiormatiou, apply to J. O. Kendrick, Bangor ; the local Agents at the various landings; the Depot Masters oi the P. S. & F., Eastern, aud B. * M Railroads: Abiel Somerby, Portland; Laug k De’ano, Bostou. or CUAS. SPEAR, General Agent. June 4.—isdtf Montreal Ocean Steamship Go. One of the following first-class steamers of this Line viz:—Peruvian, Uiberuia, North American, Jura,Bel gian, Nova Scotian. Moravian. Da nuuu., »A-4»aii irom guebec, avket Saturday Mokmivq. for Liverpool via Eond<’nuerr>. Also the hteamers St. David St Giorqk, St audkkw St. Patrick, tri monthly from guebec for Glasgow. Prepaid and return tickets issued at reduced rates. For passage apply to U. a a. ALL AN, Montreal, or to J L. FAR >iEK, mavlGdtf No. 10 Exchange street Portland. International Bteamabip Company. Eastport, Calais & St John. TWO TRIPS PER WEEK. Od and after Monday, March 28, the superior vea-guiug dlearner NEW BRUNSWICK. Capt E B. _Winchester, will leave Railroad Wnan, mu. 01 State Street, every Monday at 6 o'clock CM. tiod the Steamer NEW ENGLAND, Capt. E. Field, every Thursday at 5 o’clock F. M., for Lastpon and St. John, N. B , connecting at Eastport with steamer VueeiG for Robinson, St. An drews and Calais, and with Stage coaches lor Ma chias, and at at. John with steamers for Freder ; icton and with steamer Emperor lor Digby, Wind sor and Halifax, and with the E. Bt N. A. Railroad for Shediac and all way station*. Returning, will leave St. John every Monday and Thursday at 8 o'clock A. M ., for Eastport, Portland : and Boston. Through ticket* procured of the Agcntsand Clerk ! i on hoard Steamers Freight received till 4 o’clock P. M., Monday« and > Thursdays. mayodtf_ C. C. EATON, Agent. Portland and Boston Line. THE STEAMERS Foreit City, Lewie ton and Montreal jMBh* Will, util further notloe, ru u follows: Leave Allautio Whnrt, Portlud, every Monday, Tneedny, Wedneeday, Ttiureday and Friday, at 7 o’clock F. M., and India Wharf, Boetoa, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 1 harsday ud ! Friday, at 7 o’olook F. M. 1 Fare in Cabin...12.00 Freight taken u usual. I The Company are not re.pon.lble for baggage to any amount exceeding $60 w value, and that pereon | al, unless aotioe is given and paid for at the rate ei ene passenger Cor every 0600 additional value. I Fee. 18, litt. dtr L. BILLINGb. Agent. j Portland and New York Steamer* 1 SEMI-WEEKLY LINE. » The splendid ud last Steamships “LOCUBTPOINT," Capt.. WiLLrnr, t-in-asd "PUTOMAC,” Captain Shu kHSKsMwood, will,until farther aotioe, ran aa follow.: Leave Brown. Wharf, Portland, every WKDHK8 I DAT, ud SATURDAY, at 4 F H . and leave Pier • North River, New York, every WEDNESDAY ud SATURDAY,at2o'clock,P.M , Theee veaeels are fitted up with fine accommodations for passengers. making thia the asst speedy, calk ud oomCortabk route tbr traveller, between New York and Mnina. Paeaage >7,00, tnolnding Fare ud State Rooms. floods forwarded by this line to and from Montreal, Saebee, Bangor, Bath, Aouita, Eastport ud Bt. oh*. Shippors are requested to send their freight to the steamers as early as ( F. M., on the day that then i leave Portland. For freight or passage apply to i EMERY a FOX. Brown's Wharf. Portland. I H B. CROMWELL A CO., Ho. M West Street, , Hew York. , «tf FOR SALE & TO LET. Howe and Lot No. 31 Dauforth St- For Sale. MThe two and a half storied wooden dwelling House aud lot. No. 31 Danforth St , contain ing ten good sized rooms, with a bathing ! r.-oiu—piped for g*s throughout—a furnace that will heal every part of the house. C istern tor rain water end a uever failing well of dr uking water Copper pamps. Ac On the prero ses are a good barn and sheds. The l#t is about 1*26 by 44 feet. The ! bou- e can be examined anv day from 10 A . M. till & P. M . by calling on the subscriber who will furnish particulars aud terms *»f sate J R BRAZIER. Ocean Insurance Company Building, No. ‘27 Exchange $t. Aug 8—dtf House and House Lota For Located in Westbrook, about five ! minutes walk from the Uor*e Cars at Woodford’s coiner. . Also, i*>e pleasantly located two - stor\ Dwelling llou-e aud Lot, re cently occupied by Mr. J C. Beuiick. The lot con- j tains about two acres, and is oo» o! the finest loca tions for a genteel residence to be found in the suh urbs of Portland, being less than two miles from tuc 1 ortlaud Poet Offioe, aud commands a fine view of the city. *Lr further particulars call on the undersigned at , 218 lore .Street, corner Union Street. : _BUFU8 DURHAM Oweiling Hou.« for »alc. A two story dwelling house on Congress 8t. ■ill nt*rJ7 opposite »he castellated Villa of 8. L. JKalal’ailton, i^q , aud on the line ol the Horse aaiiruad 1li» home cmtains fourteen fiuislind ! aud is well adapted to accommodate two lamilies, ! with sepermieout bondings, stable, Ac . and a well j of ater in the yard. A large part of the purchase ! 1 money can lay ou mortgage if dtain d Thu property will Le ottered at Auction on the first i of August, it not sold before. ALLEN HAINES. Portland, July 21, 1864. Provision More lor Sale. THE Stock and fixtures of a Provision 8tore, favorably located in a thriving manufacturing town, on the line of H it . a few miles from Port- { laud. This is a good chance lor a party with a small ' capital. Expenses small; rent only gve dollar* a j month. Will be sold tow tor cash—change oi busi- ; ness cause of sale. Present quota of the towu to be 1 filled by enlistments. CaU ou or address immedi i at*ly O W BUKA HAM. International Hon—, Portland, Ms. Aug. 23.1864 -dtf Laud on Free street for Sale. rpHE valuable real estate on Free street, known X as the "Furbish property " The lot is about 106 feet ou Free street and extends back about 174 feet. 8aid estate will be sold as a whole, or the caaterly half of the dwelling house, with lot about 40 by 176 feet, will be sold by itself. Application may be made to James Furbish. Esq. on the premises, or to GEO. K B. J AC KoOM, lulyldtf 5y Exchange street, j r or nine. A SQUARE block of land, of about 78000 acres of wood land, on the south side of the river St. Law ranee. In Canada East It is intoreevded by two considerable rivers with eligible Mu! sits. Well wooded with every description of timber, such as Cine and spruce in large quantities, and maple, erch. beech, tamarac ana bass wo d t< any amount Enquire of H. T. If ACliiN, Portland ^Portland, Feb 1864 feb26 eodtf For will#*. CLIFF COITAGE, containing over SO rooms .large stable and sheds—situated two and one-half miles from Portland, and the finest situation in Cape Elizabeth for a wa . toring place, and summer boarders. For particular*enquiry of GEO. OWEN, ap7 dtf 101 Commercial Street. Portland. For Kale. ONE half the three stor> trick Block, situated on Congress St., near the beau of Park St., one ol the most desiiablc hcatlois iu the city. For par ticular en uireofMr. 8. C. Chase or C C Totman at F. A Howard's under Lancaster Hall. Aug 8—dim* For -Salt*. A TWO story Hotuk and Lot. situated on Port land street, with Stable ami other out buddings Also two adjoining lots containing about eight thousand square feet. Enquire ol N. STEVENS No 47 Portland street. junchdtf To Let. rp wo first c'as* tent weut* at the corner of Sa’en> X and Brackett S»s. r also one tenement on Green St Inquire ol .1 ARE/ C. WOODMAN. Jr Estate Br- k*r. 81 Exchange St., or NATHAN M WOODMAN. 2S Oak St. pi^dtf House For Sale. A TWO story wooden house. No 18 Adams street 1%, J J finished rooms, convenient for two families; plenty if g^cxl water. For particulars inquire oi ! B J. WILLARD. Portland, May 14, teS*. inayl4eodtf To Let. FOUR Office* single or in suites, over Stores Nos. 162 and 164 Exchange Strot*t. opposite the Inter ialio! a) llc u.-e Apply oa the premises to i Jy4dtf A. L. BROWN. , To 1*0-i. i STORE now ououyton by us. Possession given 1 immediately. * f Also, a Front Office in Hanson Bfnak. c Jan8 dtf R J mrrky k CO. 5 To Let. 1 rHE Store now occupied by E. E. Little, under Mechanic Hail. Enquire of C. P. KIMBaLL, , _ Preble Street. To Lei. 3NE STORE In Galt's Block. p on to H. I. MACU1N, nuWiitf ' Hon.c to Hrnt. rvWKLLrNG UOLSE Ko 2 Potion Strtet • ».p.K^7.0f aawaiiasoa. # MEDICAL. FOh TflE NATION ! OE’S DYSPEPSIA COE! 1 The World’s Great Remedy -FOB- * Dyspepsia and Indigestion! ' AND ALL 1 1 D i m e a h e s OF TUB STOMACH AND BOWELS. : Prepared by Proprietors of “Coe’s Cough i Balaam.’’ Dyspepsia U not only the sure forerunner of death but the companion of am serable life. It has well been called me Nation's scourge; for more persons, both old aud young, m*le aud lemale, sudor from its ravages, tbau from all o-her ailm* u.s combined. It robs the whole system of its vigor aud energy, gives weariness aud total Indi-poHtion to those onoe strong aud active; renders the stomach powerless to digest the food, aud has lor its attendants, Headache, Heartburn, Constipation, Nausea at Stomach, and General Debility of the whole System, refusing its subjects a particle of nourishment or hearty food wi hout paying the penalty in the most agonizi'tg distress, aud oftentimes complete prostra tion. To m et ihe terrible ravages of this worst ef all diseases, we have prepared •"COES DYSPEPSIA CURE" and we pledge our reputation upon our statement, when we say it will Foiitively Core the Wont of Too, not in a year—not In a mouth—nor in a week—bnt you shall see its beneficial influence at once imtue distely, aud the day you take it. To you who have lived tor vears upon Graham Bread and plain diet, who dare not eat anv thing the least-vis* hearty first, because the Doctor has ordered the plainest food, aud secondly lor tear the distress it causes— rising aud souring on your stomach, w esay sit down to your dinmr, eat as heart, a meal as you wish, and as soon as the food begins to distress you, fol low it by a single teaspoouful of COE’S DYSPEPSIA CURE I ▲HO IT WILL Believe Ton Instantaneously. thus enabling you, by hearty eating, and tbe me of tbe cure after each meal, (as often u tbe food dl»- ! treater you, or >our> on your •tomacb.lyou will get i in a very few day eeo that you van do without the , medicine, eaeept occasionally, and by the time the brat buttle is used up, we will guatuntee you free from Oyspt pain, mud able to cut, digest and enjoy as hearty a break.ast as you ever sit down to in , our healthiest hours, and we will forfeit to yon tbe prfoe oft he bottle, upon your shewing that our statement is not correct. Tbe medicine Is powerfril but harmless, and wbilat i a single least ooulul will at once relieve tbe dysiep lictuflerer, tbe whole node would not materially i injure him, as it i. entirely regulable and contains no opiates All classss 01 disease that bare their ori gin in a disordered stomach and bowels, are dispel led in tbe same instaulaueous way, by tbe use of COE'S DYSPEPSIA CUBE! Fecer and Ague, Sick-Headache, Sickncee at the Stomach, Constipation, Heartburn,Colic Paint in Stomach or Bowels, Dysentery, Vomit ing, a /'cellug of Faintness and Lassi tude, Want of Appetite, will not and cannot ealst where the cure is used — It remoree tbe disease .y temovjug the cause, not lifce Alcoholic Bittern which « over up your had laal lugs lor a few moments by their exhilarating elects re ware otsneb remedies or beverages, but ia their place use a remedy that will restore tbe diseaeed functions to their normal condition, and set in mo Unu tbe entile human mechavi-m la perfect ha, stony, pod upon principlea synonymous with well defined pbyeplog real laws, t hat such will be the ef leotcf COES DYSPEPSIA CUKE, immediately and iantantaoeouely, we pledge our word an men of houor—our reputation an Tharmace* uliata—our favorable acquaintance wiil^h* people aa prupi ietora ot the World renowned • <a'i Louuh Balaam," \t ft in Uped according to our direction* whioti may be found witli eacn bottle. Wc add below nomm ieatiiuomaia lrom our neigh bore ana townsmen, to which we ink your careful attention. TESTIMONIALS. From the Potior <f the Methodist M. Church, Mod **on, (4mw I hare used Coe's Dyspepsia Cure ia By bally and can wil.mgly teaiity to its value ns n mo-uciue Haney Glimano, Pastor M K. Church Madison, Conn., June auth, 1864. A Voice from home tkr,u9h our dtp Paper,. New Haven, Conn , June 18, 1884 Messrs. Bditors -Allow lee, through rear col uaus. to ackuo wleoge ay gratuude lor in' benefit 1 have from Urn nee olCoe's Dysp,p«a Cure Althougnl was a great sudhrer iroai u,sneosia the first dote gave in.ten I relief and or a ounce has 1 enabled Be to eat anything l please, without pain 1 have now (topped using the aediaiae as 1 no longer need it. PxLMtux Tynan „ .n v- «. c«n» ■ J«»« *», 1864. kroa the benefit derived by the use uf Coe's Dye repitn Cure in uy iaaily. 1 am prepared to say that 1 “»»« intend to he without it and advise ail who ! are afflicted with Dyspepsia to try it. PamanniiB Lgtrta. Air■ ^ ■*—The bottle oi Coe's Dyspepsia Cure y on ' gave me hu* b.eked up yuur statement concerning it. 1 nai e only used half a bottle, and oau cut pine apple short sale or any thing el e without trouble iv acts like a charm, The relief it affords is instau U?«,u*11 Jan* A. lsowaaT. New Haven, June 18,1864. Those who know my constitution, what ay condi- I tiou has been tor tue last thirty veais. will believa : with me that a med.c.ue that will reach my case will reach almost any uue. Cue's Dyspepsia Care has i enabled me to eat anything 1 please, and it is very a -Odum I now have !o Use the medicine. It relieved me iu an instant when 1 wa* >a great pain Mr ■ whole system u being atrengikened by Hsus* ' Kew Haven, Jane 28, 1864. A" * B^»”' 1m ortant to Travelers. W bile Journeying on tt* fare, my stomach be came bauly deranged, causing severs pain ia By head Had it been oa tue water it would have been called saa-sickucss A lady sitting hr mo knowing my common. I cached ont ahott a .lying’ "taka a swallow." 1 did so and ia less than live minutes wy trouble was ended. The me-icne was "Coe's Dyspepsia Carp,-'and (rum ih« edeci it had apou the gtuuiach, end what i have iearaed or it : since 1 thlak it must be sn excellent rvmudr Tor Ben-sickness and Dyspepsia 1 MUS SAMLKHHtHD. Msdisoa, June 30th, 1881. U „ „ Hew HaWw, June jgth, 18*4. Metric. U. Clark* p*.—Ueut/emm-.—l deair* to make known the almost iusUutaueoBs effects of "Coe's Dyspepsia Cure," incases *T ewtero morbus I had been tortweuty tour hears parsing at ibe stomach and bowels, every Afieea mlnulce* I went into your drug store to pr. cure some bruudy us 1 had always been to d that It was u good remedy tor Dysentery. My p.Jlid face aud my weakness at once attracted tueatuutipp oi the clerk iact arse aud he asked me at onoe • wrgt is the Batterf I* replied: "1 have been lor t wen try,tour hours vomit ing and purging, and I am unabie to stand or walk from weskueas. aud this deadly sickness at my stom ach c raplete.y prostrates me.’ tie produoed a bop i tit of Coe'S Dy.pepaia Cure, saying, ' lake a large . swallow of that; n is now 11 o'clock; taken another 1 alter dinner.'* From the moment 1 took that drat dose or the i ini dioiua my sickness at stomach tsgs gone- Its effect I was iustauiaueous. In an hour 1 eat my dinner w j b as good a rehtb as ever hungry man parlook, las 1 was well c.eartd out of food.; god followed by a teaspoonftn of cure. I have uot suffered a particle .11 iuoouveuience since 1 t ok the remedy. Its action was so w'nderl'nl and so immediate Lhat I could baruly beli-ve the evidences of my owa lenses auJ 4 dssiro to put licly make known these Ihcts. that Ibe whole uoflil may avail themselves of I its use Like bread, ti thoaTd h<>4 a picec |n tver_ t sot's house, aud 1 believe that n» ope »bo„id -o iwsy from home without a bottle of it ip bis pocatt I it wbare it could bs quickly made availab e ’ t Truly yours, UKO. L. DRAKE. 1 dtu Ms i seen .'y-gi r Mctf U«vjn..Iuly 11th, 1844 T MuCob—Sir:—Having boon vrr„vLd W'l*1 thu >yspep-iu for some right or twelve mouths, 's aav* 4 aken the n-ual ktndsof medicines, which have done ne no good. 1 saw your a ivertisement of a medl- * line to care the Dyspepsia. 1 have tried it, and oqad it lo be th* mediciue The lirst It drops (the 1 tbef Jqusi.| that I took, relievtd me iu one minute, j bare taken it tprep or to^r times, but bare had no i listressing feeling tu my sumgpp since taking the ; list 14 drops/ al hough before, I ooufd 3uu *At a seal, and sometimes no more than three or four I S southfUlls w thont distressing me. Ke> pcctiuiiy, J. F. WOODRUFF. I New Haven, Junellth. IS04 Mu COB Dew* Sir:—Jha bottle- of Djfpeptia n ledicine i rtc* Trow yqa, rave Instantaiueua J elief. I only « fed it when my IwwJ Ji^resied me. V t wa* about like .©king two dose* to-day. one *>• nrrosr, then every other d©v, increasing th<* quan< « ity of lood and decreasing to© oudicine.uutil I wae ta u&blrd to eat without taking any thiug at all My c< ase wan an extreme one, Laving suffered foreeven ear*. I now consider nu ^elf cured, and by using my one bottle of medicine in tbe space of two lonth*. The dowgs t teaspoontbl. Kib*? S. Allks. “ Sold by Druggists in city and eouatry, ©vary. H here. : 4 Price $1.00 per Bottle. i Ci Orders by mail, from either dealers or consur '.art, • ■ romptiy attended to. j C. G. CLARK A CO. di Wholesale Dragging, New Raven, Conn., Proprietors. Sold in Portland by W. P. Fhfllips, B. H Hay. id all other Coalers, ■arohJeodlyfi 9 i MEDICAL. DB. J. B. HUGHES OAM BB MO Cud am Hie •&IVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, No. ft Temple Street, (XTHERE he ou be consulted privately, and with n the utmost confidence by the afflicted, at all 1 sara daily, from ts.a.lotr. a. Dr. U. addressee those who are suffering under the ' miction of private disease, whether arising from npure connection or the terrible vice of self-abase. >evoting his entire time to that particalar branch of is medical proieasion, be feels warranted in (iuan ■Tsaino a Ctrnnin all Casaa, whether often' landing or recently contracted, entirely removm he dregs of disease from the system, and making erfeot and PSRMASKJfT CVRR. He would call the attention of the afflicted to t let oi his long standing and well earned repatatioa, mulshing sufficient assurance ol his skill and sac aaa. CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. Every intelligent and thinking person mast know hat remedies handed out from general has should tava their efficacy established by well-tested expo icnce In the hands of n regularly educated pbysi liaa, whose preparatory study flu him tor all tha lutios be must luiilU; yettbe country is flooded with »oor nostrums aud cure-alls, purporting to be the beet in the world, which are not only aseleee, bnt el vays lnjnrioua. The unfortunate should be rasno ILas in selecting hie physician, as it is n lamentable ret ineontrevertable fact that many syphilitic np ienu are made miserable with ruined constitutions by maltreatment from iuenperienced physicians in general practice; for it la a point generally conoeded by the best syphilographers, that the study and man sgemeut of these eomplainU should engross the whole time of those who would he competent and inoeeesfol in their treatment and cure. The Inex perienced general practitioner, having neither op portunity nor time to make himself acquainted with Ebeirpatbology, commonly nusrnes one eystem ol treatment, in most oases maxing an indiscriminate use of that antiquated and dungarees weapon, Mar onry. HAVE CONFIDENCE. All who have committed u excess of u; kind,* whether it bs the solitary vice of youth, or the sting. | lag rebuke of misplaced confidence in mntarer yean, SEEK FOB AM ANTIDOT IN SEASON. The Pains and Aches, and Lassitude and Nervoni ; Prostration that may follow Import Coition, are the Barometer to the whole system. Do not wait for the consummation that is sure to fol low, do not wait tor Unsightly Ulcers, for Disabled Limb*, for Loss of Bsaaty and Companion. BOW MANY THOUSANDS CAN TESTIET TO THIS BY UNBAFT Y MiFBHIEN CM. Young Men troubled with •missions In sleep, a complaint generally the result of a bad habit im youth, treated scientifically, and a perfect care war ranted or no charge made. Hardly a day peeees bet we are consulted by one or more young men with the abore disease, tome ei whom are ee weak and emaciated at though they had the consumption, ted by tbetr friends supposed to bare it. AU such c ttes yisu! to the proper and only treat oolrue of treatment, and ia a short time are made M rafofoe In perfect health. MIDDLE AGED There are many men at meat- ...... wussate troubled with too frequent tvseuanons Dorn the bladder, often accompanied by a slight smarting of burning sensation, and weakening the system in a manner the patient cannot acooant for. On exam ining urinary deposits a ropy sediment will often be (bund, and sometimes small particles of semen or albumen will appear, or the color will he of a thin milkish hae, again changing to a dark and turbid appearance. There are many men who die of this dimoalty, ignorant of the cause, which is the SECOND STAGE OF SEMINAL WEAENESB. I can warrant a per foot ease la each esses, and a foil and healthy restoration of the urinary organa. Persons who cannot personally consult the Dr., oan do so by writing in e plain manner n description of their disease, and the appropriate remedies will be forwardsd immediately. Ali correspondence striotly confidential and will be returned if desired. Address, D*. I. B. HUGHES, No. A Temple At., roomer or Middle] Portland. W~Aead Stamp for cure alar. Eclectic Medical Infirmary. TO THE LADIES. DS. HUGHES particalarly invites all Ladles who need a medical ad riser, to eaU at his rooms. No. A Temple Street, which they will find arsanged foi their especial accommodation. Dr. H.’s Koieotie Henorating Medicinesare anrirai led In efficacy and superior virtue la regulating ali Female Irregularities Their action la specific and certain of producing relief la n short time. sJLDIEa will find it invaluable in nil cases of oh lImotloni after all other remedies have been tried In rau. It Is purely vogetable, containing nothing ia the least fajUeni to the health, and may be taken with perfect safety at all times. Sent to any part of the oeuatry with foil directions *VijiTntfi* Street, corner o f MlddirPortlnad. ■. B.—LADLES deetriag may consult one of their own sex. A Indy of experience'In eeaw»..i attend mtee. taal d A wly Fem&ls STRENGTHENING CORDIAL. This Medicine la of Ieng tried efficacy for correct ing all disorders incidental to the feminine sex. That the afflicted may feel assured that this Cordial is truly valuable and worthy their confidence,- not one of those secret compounds purposed to destroy healthy action, I add a tew testimonials from phys ician* wi-oni ail, lavoringth* Electric and Reformed Practice or Medicine, respect. DR. WILLARD C. GEORGE,formerly Professor in the Worcester Medical College, and President of the Electric Medical Society, Mass., speaks ol It in the following terms. "I have used the Female Strengthening Cordial similar to thai preparation by DR. GEO. W SVVETT. DM Hanover Struct. and 1 regard it as one of the best Medicines for Female complaints that be found.” DR. J. KING, Author of 44 Woman: Her Dis eases and their Treatment, ' says: “This Medici ns appears to exert a specific influ ence on the Uterus It is a valuable agent in alt de rangements of the Female Reproductive Organs." DR SMITH, President of the New Torn Asso ciation of Bo tunic Physicians, says: '* Wo Female, if in delicate health, shoad omit the timely use of this valuable Cordial, i owe much ol u»y success in midwifery to the use of this Medi oUo.” MOTHERS AND MARRIED LADIES ' The following fe.a D.-. FAY is worthy your no tice: ** Asa general remedy for Female Complaints this 4 Cordialr is a very valuable one, hut by the Profes sion it is esteemed more highly for its good result a ring Confinement in relieving the great suffering euuant upon vthidbirth. 1 acknowledge with Dr. * 8mith that mush jf my suooea* in midwifery is due to the use oi this medkuie It strengthens both mother and child. In each cases J follow the di rections of Prof. King, by allowing my patients to ! use It a few weeks previous to confln* meut, as by the energy it imparts to the uterine nervous system the labor will be very much facilitated, and removes the scraps which n»sny females are liable to. Ne woman, if * he k us w the area: vilueof this Strength ening cordial would ‘ail to use it." I have repelved numerous testimonials from diff erent parts of fhe country where used. Knowing the good It is capable of doing. I w 11 warrant every bottle of my 44 Cordial” to be satisfactory in its re sults. Thor following symptoms indicate those affections in which the Female Strengthening Cordial has proved ip valuable: Indisposition U Py art ion Wakefulness, Uneasi ness, Depression or Spirits, Trembling, Loss of Power, Pain in the Back. Alternate Chills, and Flashing of Heart, Dragging .sensation at the Lower Part of the Body, Headache, Languor. Ach ing Along the thighs. Intolerance of Light and Sound, Pale Countenance. Derangement ol <he I Stomach and Dowel*. Difficult Breathing, Hysteria. ; he., Ac. It is a specific remedy In all Uterine Diseases, 1 Chlorosis ot Green nick ness. Irregularity, Painful- f nees, Profuse or Suppression or Customary Dia Bharujs. Leuoorrhwa or Whites, Scut bus or Ulcer- I ste State ol the L^yos, Sterility, Ac. No better Topic can possibly bp put up than this, lad none less fflely to do harm, add U 1# composed j wholly of vegetable agents, and such as «e have . known to be valuable, and have used fur many PRiCE, One Dollar Per Bottle, or six bottles for U Should v°t*r druggist not bare it, send directly to is, and when nx «r6u«*s« or more are ordered we will tey all expenses, and have it merely packed from > beer ration. Be sore and get that prepared at tbo Mew England ! tetanic Depot. 106 Hanover St Boston. GEO W 8W ETT. M D , Proprietor. I If. u. Jf AY, Agent, Portland. »chS*oti*i 8TATBMXHT OF THE Etna Insurance Company, OF HARTFORD. CONN.. >n the let day of Sotaiaber, A. D. 1863. as required i by the Laws of the State of Mains. |i be Capital Stoe* id.. .. ..... .....91.800.060 and with the surplus » rarestsd at/otiose*: Leal eitate, unincumbered, 987.963 18 lata la hand, on deposit, and In agents' b«nds, 316,960 86 Inlw* State! Stocki, 812,817 60 taw and City blussj, 93J Town Bonds, 669.480 00 auk and Trust Compahy SlusiA,, 1'47,270 00 ' lortguge Bonde, '3*1.900 00 ' .tlantio Mutuul Ins. Co‘a aorip, 1863-3, 16,886 60 Total Assets, 93.016.879 74 mount af Liabilities for Losses not ( dun i,; adjusted, 9176.411 M ’ mount at risk, wthuairi, 116,616,479 Cf THOS A. X1.EAAi.USB, Free dent. Lreitte J. Hannu. Secretary. Hartford, Hoe. T, 1863. J. C. CHURCHILL, Agent, o. | Iron Block, Portland Pier. * dMi dftf CoiMirincnship Notice. 1 [1UE undersigned have this day formed a Copart L nership under the name and a'yle of Fling A bittemuio. und have taken the store formerly o«- ? Bh* ft* U*pry F.lng, No. 91. Commercial street. 6sr. they intend doing a Commission and Whole- i , It business, in Tens. To basso, W. 1 Hoods. Uro ries aud Provisions. HENRY FI.1NU. „ STEPHEN WHirTESIORK. Portland July 9.1664 dtf Notice. THE undersigned being, u portion or the persona j* . named in Station 1st of as set entitled " An act B Inco porjle th- NtwtaelsnJ Screw Stismship •• impany." hereby giro public nr-uoe Ihst the first nr ietlua of said eoiporatien for the purpose ol or- »* Dilation, wl'l he held at tb# Portlsnd and New Tl irk Steamship <>®ce. on Brown’s Wharf, 1 hurt y. September 16th, 1*64, »t 2 1-3 o'clock. P U ST. Jen* SUITH, th on* H Bn.xm, Mann P. Pusir. PniiLir H. Baoww, Unit rpx. rortland, hspt.l, 1664. dtd 1 medical, '* “- •» the UnfortuBaf e. Good Newt to. thb Loao sought wot DISCOVERED AT LAST> Uheroke© Rem©^ -ARD CHEROKEE INJECTION. M>MFOUHDHZ> VBOM HOOTS. BARKS AID L1ATV 1 CHEROKEE REMEDY,On gtMt ndl„ 0,,. Itio, cures all di>oa«es of the Urinary*, gnu, snob ta Incontinence of tho Crino. Inflam.tion of the [Kidneys, Stone In the Bladder, Stricture, Gravel, I ileet, Gonorrhea, and la especially recommended in hose cases of Fluor Alton, tor Whites in remales) 1 ■here all the old nasaeous medicines have faded. It if prepared in n highly concentrated form, the loee only being from one to two teaapoonfole three times per day. It la diaretie and alterative in ita action; purifying and cleansing the blood, causing it to flow in nil its Drigiunl parity and vigor; thus removing from the system all psrnioiou cause which haveindaced dis ease. CUE SOKE E I EJECT/OX is intended sasn ally | or assistant to the CHEROKEE REMEDY, an. should be used in oonJnnction with that medicine in all cases of Gonorrhea, G left, Fluor Albut or While s 1 Its effects are healing, toothing tad demulcent; re : moving all scalding, bent, choadee and pain, instead of tha barning and almost unendurable pain that ia , experienced with nearly all the cheap quack injec tion,. By the use of the CHEROKEE REMEDY and j CHEROKEE IXJECTIOX—On, two medicines at ; tha same time—nil improper discharges are removed and the weakened orgau are speedily restored to foil vigor and strength. Cor full particulars get our pamphlet from any drug sun In the country, or write ua and we will aiflll free to any ad dross, a full treatise. Prion, CHEROKEE RE If HD Y, *1 per bottle, or throe bottles for at. Price, CHEROERE IXJECT/OX, flt per bo a | or three bottles for «6. Sant by Raprw, to guy address on receipt of the prim. Bold by ill druggists, everywhere. DR. W. R. MERWIN * Cm. BOLB rnOFBIHTOHI, No. 68 Liberty 8t„ New Terk. Cherokee Cure I Til ORBa* INDIAN MEDICINE, OOMrOBSDXD FRuM boots, UUI A VO LIAVM An on failing care for Spermatorrhea, Semina Veakneea, Nocturnal Emissions, and all diseases caused by self polution; such as Loss of Memory, Universal Lassitude, Pains in the Back. Dimness ol Vision. Premature old Age, Weak Nerves, Difficulty of Breathing, Trembling, Wakefolaeas, Eruptions j ob the Face. Pale Counleoanoe, insanity, Consump tion, and all the direfo! complaints caused by de parting from the pnth of nature. This medicine is a simple vegetable extract, and one on which ail rap rely, as it has been used in our practioe for many years, end, with thousands Dewed, it has not tailed in a single Instanee. Its eorativs powers have been sufficient to gain victory over the most ttgtboru oase. 1 To those who have tyiiLd with Heir constitution i until they think tu.'msejvnJ beyond tae reach ol medical aid, we would say, Dtrpairuat: the CHER OKBE CURE will restore yon to health and vigor, and after ail quack doctors have tailed. For tall particulars get a circular from any Drag , stoic lu tips country, of write the Pr -rrlvtors. who will mail free to any cue desiring the same a tali treatise ia pamphlet form. Trice. 82 per bottle, or three bottle# for St. and forwarded by aeptoss in «n pans of tge world. Sold by all respectabl# druggists everywhere. DB. TV. R. MERWIN A C*.. sola raormaroua, tab* oudkwlr Mo te Liberty it., New York. CATARRH ! -ABD— NOISES IN THE HF.AT) 11 CURED BY IXHAUXO A Harmless Fluid, OF AGREEABLE ODOR. NO VIOLENT SYRINGING b Of tke Head. THE SENSE OF TA9TE AND SMELL RESTORED DB. K. UOODALE'S CATARRH REMEDY. Dr. Goodaie has combatted Catarrh until he bar fought it down. It bar been a long war, bat bin tri umph it oomplete. Through all coming time hie Ca tarrh Remedy will be known a* the only one anti dote for a disease which saperdeiaiist* bare deelar- j ed incurable. Caiatrh doctor*, recalled, spring up like mubroone.oa all udes. The object of these pocket practitioners ia money. They use dangerous instruments. Their violent manipulation* irritate the already inflamed membrane. They never core. Dr. Goodsle's treatment ia medicinal, not mechani cal. Be does not believe lath* force-pump system, witioh is working so mock mischief. Uia remedy paaaea through the absorbents, to the cent of the dia eue. and obliterate* It. It doe* not relieve merely for a day, but for all time. Lastly, it coat* a dollar a bottle—no more. Or. OdAgt </4**>ur% X. T. After having witaeaaed the egrets of (hi* Remedy la Catarrh, tbua speaks of it ;-lt ia truly uud un conditionally u Herculean specific lor the whole dia asae. Booh an article ought not to be "bid under a buabfl," pud any nun who can invent so truly an edicieut and positive a remedy for such a loathsome disease, ought to be considered one of tbe beneiae tors of bis race, mad his name and the cflects 01 his skill perpetuated. Yoare rcspeetfoUv. D. L DODGE. A. M. Flint MiUt, the we/i-kwoms Tntrtlltr, V “-“ay Agent for Portland. June )d, 1863. luneSdlr Liruduates or some Regular Medical College, and nusi beanamlpad by p BfiWd qrSJtdioal titliuer# to U convened by the Surgeon General Tbe Board will determine whether the candidate will be ap pointed Burgeon or Asaistant Surgeon, according to nerit Applications aecomp»ui*d by on* or oTore ost monlals from respectable person*. aa to moral Ibaractsr, Ac., should be addressed to the Burgeon i ieueral, U. 8. A . Washington, D C , or to the As Istant Burgr-.n i.eneral. L'. 8. A . Louisville, Ky. doar.l* are now in session at Boston, New York, KTasblUfton. Cincinnati, St. Louis, and New Or eana. Also wanted. Hospital Steward* for Colored Reg meats. Candidates must possess u tair English Ed* icatlou, and be faml'iar with the compounding and ilapensing of Medicines. Applications must bemuds a in the case of Duration* and Aaaiatant Burgeons, i ompeusation from *23 UO to *33 00 per month, with tothlng, ration*, fuel and quarters. . , . _ Jos. k Barnes, Julyl-2aw3m Anting burgeon General. ►EAST'S COFFEE ft SPICE MILL8. OJUS1XAL XSTABLISHMKST. J. Gr rTa 1ST T , Wholesale Denier in all kinds of 30PFEE, SPICES, ! Snlir rams ft Cream Tnrtar, r«w Coffee and Spice Mills. 18 and 16 Union street, Portland, Me. Coffee and Spices pul up ‘or the trade, with say ldress, in all variety vl package?, and warrant 8 i rvpresentel. Coffee roasted and ground for the trad* at short jtice. j KMT" AH goods entrusteds > the owner's risk. march lOdtf THE BOSTON FIRE BRICK ad Clijr Retort Manufacturing Co., Work,, Wt' idurai street, office amt Warehouse IS Liberty ■ lucre and 7 Matter} march St, tnauufactir* Fin ick. ail ahape, and iii», for furnace, required to uia the moat intone* heat alao Furnace Block, d Slab,, Locomotive Fire block,, Baker,’Oven d ureen-bogan Tile*. Cl»y Retort, and sac* taarv la, to ,et them, Fir* Cement, Fire Clay had Kaolin, rhe naderRjned will give their •pecial attention it alt order, fbr the above manufacture arc axeea 1 with promptness. JAMES E MOND ACO. nehll'eodta^”*’ 11 LJhertj Bquare, Bortoa, j • ~~ MEDICAL. ■ORB TEOTUIONlALg ? MR8. MANCHESTER lhi* r,0^Tlm« •■•ollottad twtimenUli ot UaaatomiMUai curia perform'd by her. Among . _ _ -T r*afn.Ur f*c**™d *" *b» IbPowlng. whlnh nr* MMmnndedtothnnoticeofthe aflietad. Mn.Mae Cheater may ba eoaaalted at IT*. 11 Cl*pp>a Block,Room flo.e. A CASE Of SPIRAL DI8MA8S CUB Ai> Thl* la to aarttfy that I want to tea Mra. Manchao. tar laat Marah with a daughter of mlna troubled with tpinul diaaaaa, lor whiah aha had baaa doetorad rot Ivayaara, and by a namber oi pbyatcuni of Unda; and aha haa had turenty-oaa application, electricity applied, bat all to no eftot; bat aba can Unuaily grew worm. 1 com to the ooncluion. the laat reaort. to go and ace Mra. Manchester, m did no; and to my grant oarpriaa aba told me thwhret anaa ot the dieenae, and how aha had baaa from time to time, whioh eaounragad mo to try her aedlolnee. IdMao.uadaowmydaaghteriaatleto be around the house ail ot thetim*. She also ridee ted or It teen miles wlthoat nay trouble or tnoonvenienoe.sao think in a abort time aha will he roe to red to perfect MaMh. Blaee my daughter hsa bean dootortng, I hart hoard of a great maay esaes that Mr*. Manehae tar haa eared. I think if any partoa pat. r®“*®\l* **• »hotrtee la preserve the keatti. of the sick aad IttAriag; and 1 k.ow the. .he na*. svmy eAart whiah Hee la her newer to benefit hoi rn-mm. Itui L Kjmoit*, . Mrwnawidt, «•*. *"®~ OMM 0F TBM OMMATttT CURES oa UECVM Maa. lAnmm-Dnr Madam ■tatement of my mm any bo ofeervte* to otbera •tailarly afflicted, 1 bootoa to dhro K to yoo. Thla la briefly ay oaao-I waa taken Bek a boat it month* ago with the Liver Complaint ta a vary bad fora. I appi'ed to tear diflbraat phyaieUaa. bat ,r% eatradaobeaefltaatflIoalladoa yoa. Atthattiae I had given ap baataev, tad wv ta a vary bad elate, *•* after tahiag year aadietaa tor a abort Uae I be gan to reaovar, aad la two aoatha I waa entirely well, aad bad gained eavaral poeada of flwbk and oaa traly aay that by yoar e«0 » a paetootly heal A EEMAEEAELE CUEE OF A CASE OF URO MT CURED ET MRE. MANCHESTER. Thla la ta oertify that 1 have been eared of the Oropey of flfteaa year* ataadiag by Mr, Mane*** far. I have beta to phyeMaae la Bestow, Haw fork aad Philadelphia. They all laid aa that they ooald do aothiag tor ma, aalaae they tapped me, aad as eared m» tint by Upping I ooald lira bat a abort Uaa. I bad Bade ap my ealad to go hose aad lira ae long ae I ooald with the dlaeaae, and thaa die. On ■y way ham I atayad aver eight ta Portland with a Mead of Blaa, aad told them what ay —waa a regard to «y dlaeaae. They Anally pareaadad m ta go aad eea Mr*. Maaoheeter. She m aad told me ay aaee exactly. I wae to Bach aetonlehed to tM»n that ebe told me oorreetly. that 1 told her that I woald t«|f bgr oril tteee, not aavtag taa laaat <hun that they woald ao aay good, or that I ehoald get the eiighteat relief from aay ooarea whatever; flaally 1 took the tuedl eta* »ad went home. la oaa week from the time | , eomiaeaeed taxing the Bwimtne. f had over three gallone of water pam me la eeraa bean; aad ay tol low eagkrtre may be aeearad that It wee a great relief tome. I had not bega ablate lie dew* ig bed at eight betore tba tor two year*. Mow i aaa ua aer with perfect em. I have takes bar medicine eight Boothe, and aa ae wall a* aay bbb ooald % to be, aad ao algae of dropsy. I woald edvfc- ..; that are elok to go tee aeaaalt day*, eeeeiii even if they have been given ap by other pt •foiane I here Beat her a number of sue* olotl.., fheeeee, aad ebe her oared them aleo. So and tor yoareolvyy. 1 hgd no f^ttp, b»t now ay mwh aaaastbeehehadia her thill la teung gad oattag CaaataeS Hannon, Sanaa I. Haaaoa, Mabt a. Haaaoa, Sanger, Maine, April Id. Lyons Periodical Drops TXX ORE ATFEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! aaa aemaa nan alp FUle* Powder* to Qaack Preparation*. Lyons Periodical Drops! Bore to do Qoodand cannot do I arm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS l ana lama na au PILLS.POWDKBS t QUACK P KB PABA TI OK I LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ARI SIXES TO DO QOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM Lyasto Periodical Drop* THE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyoa’a Periodical Drop# ARM BfTTKB TBAK ALL PILLS, POWDERS AMD QUACK MRDIC1MRR. Lyoa’a Periodical Drope Sure to do Good and ounol d<j Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS The Great Female Remedy. LYON’8 PERIODICAL DROPS »»■ aarru mas au Pilla, Powders and Qsaek Preparation*. LYON’S PZRIODICAL DROPS ■ UUi TO DO HOOD ADD CADHOT DO ■ Lyon’s Periodical Drops THD OBEAT FEMALE 1IM1DY Ly on’s Periodical Drops Art better than all Pill,, Powder*, And Quack Preparation*. Ly on’s Periodical Drops, —Ain'im Sure to do Good and cannot do Harm. Price, 91 per Bottle. For aal* by *11 Dmgjlau At wholcomlo by W. F PAUU5*, H. Bay A Co.. Portlaad. laatlMdly KAINE INSURANCE CO. Aacaata, Malar. im aad Faraltare. an term, aa Mrarable a. It gu rrO^.'MZnW'r^*’ Poliau.. lame, *• H. WILLIAM..^™ P~Jd“* EOW.^BD SHAW-Acetal. I*. 10S Xiddlt Itmi Dissolution of Copartnership. PHt oopartnereti’p heretofore exi.tin. berweea the nudara road, ie. by mutual content, hereby true Ned All pereoe. Indebted te the eoncern will p'eeee tttle immediately, and all haeia( demaud. a#alaet lid Una will pleeee preeaat them lor aettlemeat. A. U 8mitb wdl continue tbe bu.fueae at the old And, So. Ill For. St, ae heretolore. T. C. Latria. A. M. Sana. Pqrtiend. Sapt. 1, ISM arpi'dSw 'ORTLAND DRY DOCK COMPANY. Lit of tight Dollar, par .hare oa tba Capital Stock of the Company ie now due end i fable el the aCoe ef the Treaenrar. 11T C" tamer v .treat. 0. M. DATO, Traaaarwr. Jtlj 10th, UM.-4W

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