Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 13, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 13, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. VOLUME IV. PORTLAND TUESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 13, 1864. WHOLE No 681 PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T. OILMAN. Editor, publiihed at S«, 8Jf ".XCHANGfc SIKEhl'.bl N. A. POST v, ft A CO. 4bhi*o&n.A»DD i. i rsmesie published at Stf.OQ per year. la k Mains Statu P&hu« ia published every Thur*< da> aoraiu^.at tRi.otper advance; S2.U if Laid witiiii> sis moutb*; and $2.60, if payment be delayed beyond the year. Huteeol A(lv«» Huing: Oaeiuok of space in length . f aolumn, constitutes a "KquAiui." $1.60 per square daily firs v 76 cents per week ; three insertions or L 0; couunuink feve rs other day after drst week, bo cents. dalf aqnuiv. three insertions orlops, 76 cents j one Wdck, $1.00; GO cents per week after. Under head of A*usk*KNTft, $2.00 per square per week ; three insertions or less, $1,60 SraciAi. Jioricite, *1.76 per sonar* lint Week, •1,00 per wqnare after; three insertions or less, •1.2T,; naif a square, three Insertions, *1.00; one woek, •1.25. Advertisement, Inserted In the Haim* Btati ****** (whieh has a large circulation In every part ot ttc 8t*t*! for W cent, per square in addition to the above la. to each insertion. LNAia.nm at usual rates. ^Trzatfnntadv.rtiSMMntf meet be paid forli ad. BoeiKiss 77otiois, in reading columns, 12 oents por line i\>r one insertion. No charge Iusp than Bfly c- at* lor enoh I. MTAlldora nnnuabo intended far the paper should be • -r. cied to the ■ Editor of the Press,'' and those of a bu.inea" character l J the Publishers. W*Job rnumna ol every description moonted with Jiepatoh. V. Tracy, Traveling Agent. Tuesday Morning, Sept 13, 1864. CHOICE HEADING FOE THE POLITI CALLY INFISM. The Philosophy ol (he Rebellion. "The establishment of this Confederacy is Teri ly a distinct reaction against the whole course of the mistaken civilization of the age. For *Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,' we have delib srctuly substituted Slavery, Subordination and (iarernment. Those social and political prob lems which rack and torture modern society we have undertaken to solve for- ... own way, and upon -ur own oic-j That ‘among equals equality is rig;*.,' sr.; -,}" t' - p wi.o are not naturally equal, equality v. , that there art slave races born to serve, master racetborn to govern. Such ate the fundamental principles which we inherit from the world; which we lifted up in the face of a per verse generation that has torgolten the wisdom of its lathers; by those principles we lice, and in their defence we hare shown ourselves ready la die."—\,Richmond Enquirer, June ltj, lwtiF. ** The mutest is not tut rue II the .\‘nrth and the South at geographical lections, for between such sections merely, there ran be no contest; nor be tween the people oj the A'orth and the people qf the South, for our relations hate been pleasant, and on neutral grounds there is still nothing to eetrangeus.” * • * “But the real contest lieu between the two forint qf society which have become established, the one at the North and the other at the South.” “Such arc the two forms of society which had come to contest within the structure of the re oent Union, and the contest for existence was in evitable >t t could concur in the requisis tion« of the otn .’■*** “Like an eagle at . nsh joined tether by an indissoluble but . * * when - ' eagle could not share the fluid suited di and live, wheie the flu 1 suited to the bird %u.: live .. litnwo -u.-most perish that the oth er . - survive, unless the unnatural union shall U si i ed—so these societies would not if they *" icur.”—[Hon. L. H\Sprait, qf South t .o, in the Confederate Congress, Will the Rebels Consent to Terms ol l*e«ce f “There are some things worse than hanging or extermination. We reckon giving up the right Hi i ‘ ■ very, you say, is no longer an ele ment in :. si.” “No, u ... n »t, it never was an essential ele ment. It was only the means of bringing other conflicting elements to an earlier culn iaa; — It tired the musket which was alrv~ capped and loaded. There are essential differences be tween the North and thetioutb, that will, how ever this war may end, make them two na tions.” ”M ell, sir, if I understand yon, the dispute between your government and ours is narrowed down to this: Union or disunion.” “Ves; or to put it in other words: Independ ence or subjugation.”—[Conversation between Jeff- Davit and Col. Jaguet, July 17, 186d “The North would nolle! lyonra ou riel res; and so the war came, and nu*t must go on till the last man of this generation falls in his tracks, and his children sei*e his musket and tight his battles, unless you acknowledge our right to self-government. We arc not ugting for sla very. We are fighting for independence—and that or extermination we will haw.”—[Jeff. Davit to Col. Jtiqutt, same conversation. “Wewill govern ourselves. We will do it if we have to see every southern plantation sacked and every southern city in flames.”—Ibid. “Say to Mr. bineuln from me that l shall at any time he pieased to receive proposals for jteaoe on the basis of our independence. It will be useless to approach me ou any other.” —[Uni. “Mr. Davis can make peace on no other basis than ia<ie|iendeuoe. Recognition must be the beginning, middle and ending of all negotiations. Our people will accept peace on no other terms.” —[Judge Ovid, Rebel Commissiosirr qf Ex change. "Some of our old men, who are weas in the knees,may want jieace on any terms; but the southern people will not have it without inde pendence. Mr. Davis knows them, and you will find he will insist upon that. Concede that, and we’ll not quarrel about minor matters.” Ibid. _ Peace Scouted “It [peace] has become a hateful word, and should be left exclusively to the use of Buffalo or dors in a neighboring State, if any of that sort still drivel and snivel. Let us get nd of the whole vile cant, and say at once we are for war, and nothing but war, until, as Davis is said to have said, “the last of this generation falls in his tracks,’’ and then we mean to pass it to the next as an inheritance. It is for those who have unjustly invaded our country to otter us peace; and wiu'u they do, they will still otter it in vain until their armed men arc withdrawn from the soil of tliese Confederate States, and the lelon flag of Stripes is hauled down from every fort within our borders. After that it will be time enough to prate about peace. Now the very Word is nonsense.—[Richmond Examiner. Rebel Terms ol Peace. • _ • “Save on our own terms we can accept no peace whatever, and must fight till doomsday rather than yield an iotaof them, and our terms are: Recognition by theenemy of theinde)iendence Ol the Confederate States. Withdrawal of the Yankee force* from every f Hit of Confederategrouud, including Kentucky and Missouri. Withdrawal of the Yankee soldiers from Mary land until that Slate shall decide by a free vote whether she shall remain in the old Cuion or ask admission into the Confederacy. Consent on the part of the Federal Govern ment to give up to the Confederacy its propor tion of the navy as it stood at the time of seces sion, or to pay for the same. Yielding up of all pretension on the part of the Federal Government to tliat portion of the old Territories which lies west of the Confeder ate States. An equitable settlement on the basis of our absolute independence and equal rights, of all accounts of the public debt and public lands, and the advantages accruing from foreign treat es. These provisions, we apprehend, comprise the minimum of what we must require before we lay down our arms. That is to say, the North must yield all, we nothing. The whole pre tension of that country to prevent by force the separation ot the States must be abaudoued, which will be equivalent to an avowal that onr enemies were wrong from the first, and of course, as they waged a causeless and wicked war u|«in us. they ought in strict justice to be requited, according to usage in such cases, to re imburse to us the whole of our expenses ami losses in the course of that war. • • • ()Qce more we say it is all or nolliing. This Cunfoder. try or the Yankee nation, one or other, goe, down, down to perdition. That is to say,one oi the other must forfeit its national existence am lie at the mercy of its mortal enemy.”—[-Rich in and Enquirer, Oct. 16,1863. Food for Reflection, lor “Pence” Demo crats. “The North may cease to carry on active hoi tilities long before it will consent to recognii our indeiiendeoce, and enter into formal term of jieace with us. * * * They are in tcrrlbl dread of au invasion by us of the North, an more busy in trying to devise ways and mean to retiel such appreliended Invasion than in is newed attempts to subdue the South. ,* * A war of invasion of the North, will suspen their wages; their daily pay as soldiers, in green backs, will amount to nothing. • • * xhe North will not rise to defend itself; but the mass es will cry aloud fur peace ! For no mat ier conquers, no uiattcr what the terms of pc..* peace will give them employment—with- ut which they cannot live. The Federal Govern ment is bankrupt, and has no means h : where with to teed andclnthe its soldiers and tin ir fum llies. It is not, on the whole, at all impr- able tbat we may this Fall invade the North, a. on ner soil dictate the terms of peace. At all everts, it is worth trying. The Nortli is just about to become bankrupt in men and in means, am! now e. “m® P°»b berto the wall. A just ret ribution demands that we rttal,. •<* on her the cruelties she has inflicted on . -[D ' mond Sentinel, Aug. b. “Pence n Hateful H«td," “ It [Peace] has become a hateful word, and Bbould be left exclusively to the use of lluffalo orators in a neighboring State, if any of tbat sort still drivel and snivel! Let us get rid of the whole vile cam, and say at once we are for war, and nothing but war, until, as llavis is said to have said, ‘ the last of this generation fa”- in his tracks,’ and then that we mean to |>as. ,t to the next as an inheritance. It is for those who have unjustly and wantonly invaded our country to otter us peace; and when they do, they will etill offer it in ruin until their armed men are with drawn trom the sod of tbe.-e Confederate States, and the flan flag of stripes it hurled novm from every fort within our bordert. After that > will be t-iue enough to prate about peace .Voir the rfry word it nonsense.’’—[Richmond Examiner. Aug. 13th. Letter from Anna E. Dickinson The Independent publishes the following let ter from Anna E. Dickinson: Philadelphia, September .1,1804. My Xiear- friend : Vott ask me what I iu tend doing, and how 1 (eel in regard to the Presidential campaign, now fairly inaugurated. From ail parts ol the country I receive leu ns containing the same inquiries—by uo raeaas put in the same spirit as tbat promp.In r yours; letters of warning, entreaty, adyle-. enuncia tion, abuse, upbraiding, for having deserted a good ciusc; for refusing to work with “my : party” to swell its triumph next November; for using whatever influence 1 possess agaitst 1 >}'• :ci .( .ative of the people who . ;*!■ t-au . >.y ef nee of success; lor support- | -action, .,J its candidate, that tend oniy to the erobarrossment, if not the ulti mate defeat, of the Union element of the country, by dividing its councils, stirring up strife among its friends, weakening it hy dis sensions, and consequently slrenglheniug the bauds and the hearts of its enemies, North and Thesa letters were first an annoyance, I then a trouble, finally an absolute persecu tion. Therefore, without In the least supposing myself to be a person whose word and work in the world are of special worth or import, may I beg a space in your columns lor a public answer and a little talk that will set at rest all these disagreeable matters ? I wish to »*T! That my love for the dear cause is as great as e e% (greater it could not lie,) my devotion to it as intense as three years or six month* ago, aod desertion of it impossible; though some to called loyal men an 1 papers have done their best to drive m* f. or' i by mi ,r p resentations and calumny) ®Th#t J hevo no "parly ’ save tuat wi ch strives with sword aud pen, with blood aud treasure, aud precious lives, to save this coun try—a home for the oppressed -md to rebuild the old waste places made desolate by slavery aud a traitor's war; That, as it has been the honor aud the privi lege of my life to have done what I could wb h this party iu the past, so it would be iny everlasting dishonor and Shan;' to refuse now to work with It, whatever work may be prof fen d or found. That I wish all people (who care to know) ! to undeistand that when I commence i" de sert my post X ahall irasei straight to Bieb t»c -1. and not stop at any haK-w- v tathm. That 1 have never been iu favor of the Cleveland Convention and its repre enta tive; 1 am not now; and i never exp 't to be. I have never spoken a word In public I that would lead any sensible person to so suppose. Last winter, believing there were men in the country who would make tie'.ler Presidents than the one we now have, I strove to build up a public sentiment that would demand aud support one of these “better men.’’ I beleived further, that by postponing the convention from the btl) of June to the 1st of September we had much to gain—the nomi nation of the Copperhead democracy of the North, the announcement of its platform, the principles (or want of principle) on which it , intended to work its plans in the future; in j a word, compelling it to show its band be fore the loyalists played a card, and know ing with just what they were to meet aud contend. This was something. Beyond this the sum mer campaign might not close as they began, , and, as on this ending, not this .beginulng, de pended to a certain extent the popularity and consequent success of ot whatever loyal rep resentative might be placed before the people, 1 thought no such representative should be nominated till these things should be decided, as a loo earty decision might end in a late in decision, il not open rupture iu the party. Whatever words I then spoke I believed to lie in the best interest? af the country. Per sonally, 1 li&d everything to lose and nothing to gain by the course pursued. I was laugh ed at, ridculed, ostraci.-ed by the people who, up to that time, had given me naught save most generous help aud over-liberal praise. l ronua “Hard indeed the •tnttizer'f Hard the old friend* foiling off;" aud used sometimes to think, tugging away at my oars, how easy it would be slipping down stream j now wearily pulling against the current; yet X leit that 1 was in the right, aud did uot hesitate; 1 leei now that 1 was iu the right, and do not regret. That ba« all passed. Others felt as I.— What remains? Naught save Uie heartiest union, the most earnest, persevering work, ^e most deter mined support of the party represented by Abraham Lincoln, from this moment until election nnruiug. Either this party must succeed, or the grand cause will fall. Either tins party must triumph, or the country will he led iuto an ignoble and de ceitful peace, ending by a Union rent asun der. Either this parly must conquer, or all that has been gaiued for hum&uity to-day, for the agos yet to be, will be flung under foot, and trampled to death by a man-batiug aristocra ( cy, a God-defying slave power! Either the party must win, or the hopes of the world will be destroyed, aud “governments of the people, by the peopl ■ for the people, perish from the earth.” Either this party must control, or heaven will wtep, and hell laugh aloud, as liberty, truth ar.d justice are swept turn the land by men who know only the will of their mas ter, the evil one, to do his work. “lint,”said an earnest abolitionist to me, “I.thought thee would not support Abra ham Lincoln; X am surprised at thy readi ness to work lor him.” “My friend.” X answered, “this is no person al contest. X shall not work for Abraham Lincoln; I shall work for the salvation of uiy couutry’s life, that stands at stake—for the dell at of this disloyal peace parly, that will bring ruin and death if it comes into power. “But why not work for some other inau in whom thou hast perfect confidence?” “Because all such work does but divide the friends of the Union, and so plays into the hands of its enemies ; because, as Buike hath it, ‘when bad men combine, the good tpust as i sociate, else they will fall, one by one, an un pitird sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.’ ” “Well, 1 feel as thee felt liefore the nomina tion. I am opposed to Abraham Lincoln, I think it would be wrong to do anything to se cure his re-tiection; aud 1 am not willing to do evil that good ms/oome.’’ % “Does tiiee approve of *ar?” I asked. “No. Decidedly not! NT0t iu the main, but of this war I do very heartily approve.” “Thee does?” ! “Certainly I do.” ‘.And yet',” I said, “we arc in it, every day, doing evil that good may come—making noble Specimens of men, spilling precious blood, of jeriug thousands of dear lives, desola’iug . homes, causing mourning and wailing, broken hearts and daikened hea’thstoms all over tb« .and, that liberty aud free government may bt e 'hat this count-y may remain l 8 to ourchlldren, a refuge for the wrong e e<^’ V“,\ e'uWU‘'-r°dden1 the oppressed of all the j eartu.” • ‘’That Is very true, very true. I had no . taken that into consideration; I will think o • that.” X , “My friends, let us all think ot that.” First save the if of i ■ ..on; then we can carry urLau a.^ner plane, a broad er -id n» rork tnan any he has yet accom p Ki.ed. The coming election day will strike a final blow—will lay out cold and dead a struggling rebellion; or it will pour l'reah life and vigor into all its veins, and will send It on its way a giant, conquering aud to conquer. Who. then, can pause or hesitate? ‘ •0n« last great battle for tne right— One short, sharp struggle to be free. To do is to succeed—our tight |1$ waged in Heaven's approving sight— Toe smile of God is victory Very truly yours, Axn'a E. Dickixsox. Letter fror- ihe Maine “Thirty-Second." The follow ig ir an extract from a private letter fron. Hammond, of the 32d Regi ment to his fatn.iy, which we are permitted to copy. Capt. H. is now in command of that regiment: Head Quarters, 32d Me. Regiment, i Near Weldon R. R. Va., .Sept. 2d, 1S<54. j * * * “I trust that you realize your favors and privileges, over the people in this State. It is a sad story. I have been at oue house near the Hospital, where the Dr. had a room to sleep in, and they let me spread my blanket on the floor, and sleep in the same room.— There Werexwn married women and eight or teu children, and oue old man. One woman had just lost one child of three years, by starv ation she said, and has another six months old, so poor that you or I could see nothing but sk’u '"iri *'<'ues. She does not nurse it, and *-■ '■ s ".othing to eat bat soaked “hard ta<-:., in a nas not lor mouths. The old man has tnree sous in the rebel army, and the hus bands of the women are there too. They are as strong secesh as you are Union. “Isa “b Johuies, prisoners, the oth erday, ic. u. ,u. „ue inquiry if there were any among them irom Maine. Onu smart youn^ .■■Liu, about 25 years old, said he was from Maine—Canaan, Somerset county. Ills name -Jewell. Had been voluntarily in the rebel army three years last May, and qn.-;. a., he could get back, should Join it again aud fight as long as he lived. But the majority of them thought they should stay where there was something for a living, and very glad to get out of the fighting for the present.” 18 open Day and Evening, lor a Thorough Buiines ^Education. Located ISfiO. Hanson Block, middle 81., No. 161. Scholarship! good In any part of the United States •- Principal ha, bad 2tt year, experience; i, a!way, on the ipot, and attend, to his business; and prom* .sea, a, during On; past 12 yean, no pain, shall be tparsd la the future. Five hundred reference, ot tue first clue, businc-, men, with many other, ofttur oity, wili testily to the praotical utility, capacious, ne-.iuud compietcnes, of my ,y,tem, and manner ot teaching, and citiren, of other citie, have tcstiiled to the flame. Diploma, will b* awarded for thor ough c< ., Able Assistants secured. Bartlett', Piau, la. ader of Commercial Callage*, etrktly udhtrat. .a, regard, uot copying. Certala time, will t 1 devoted to Commercial Law elucidation,.— Come nil who hare faded to be taught u butlneaa heed-writing and I will guarantee to you saooeu. Application..elicited for Accountant). Separate iu rtruction given. Student, can cater any time. Sep arate r-vom, for Ladiea. Tunic- reasonable. Intri cate ac, • a'jus-ed. Ladle* *.-d Gentlemen that deairc to th'.e lessons, or ufU)' parate oourse In either ook-Kcoplng, f Commercial Lew, Phonography, High: sties, Clril kn ginv • —-evUg, N sicoas Writing, Couauseiv. A .Ihmcti? c<uio.poad, u.e, Curd Marking, (an ■ aching otu printed ec >iea and Text Bo .« oe aroiot' please uali 01 address the Principal, K. f .BJOWN Portland. Oct .2.1RC3. o<2l codfceowly PENSIONS! BOUNTIES! —aao— BACK PAY! Arc obtained lor Wounded Soldier, (discharged) and the friends of deceased soldiers who are entitled to the same by BYltON D. VLHKILL, ItUnij tad Ctsutlfer, it S*. u; Middle Street, — AND Licensed Agent for ail tho Department* ot W oahinffton. Portland, April 23,18*4. ap2ieodim NOTICE PROVOST MARSHAL'S OFFICE, i First District, State </Maine, F Portland, August 11th. 1864 J *QLlRIh3 on all ordinary subject* connected with the enrolment, droit, exemptions, liability to droit, credits and accounts ot men tarnished, •bould be addressed to the Provost Marshal of the Concressloi >*1 District, and iu ca*e he D not able to ■n# tr them he will ask information of the Provost Mai 'ml General ol the bUte. Answers may be thus cured more promptly than by addressing the Pro vest Marshal Geru-ral at Washington, where more important business often prevent prompt answers to multitude o! inquiries now addre***i to the Bu* reku on personal and other matters of minor oease* quenoe. By Order of Major J W. T. GARDINER. CflAMLEb U. DOUGHTY. Capt and Provost Marshal lit Dutrtet Maine. Aug. 1.3—4dm COHuiy ol l unibrrlaiul. . TmuAai'RKX'a Oxnrn. Aug., 1804. STATEMENT ol Coete of Criminal Prosecution,, allowed bv the Supreme Judicial < ourt, at the •lull Term. A. D. 1804, made in coulormitv with the requirement* of an art of the Legi.lature ol Maine, entitled ' An A cl relating to Finos and Cost, of Crim inal Froeccuiiciui," approrcdMarcb'Jitb, 1868. • ii U II !| O.o £ <4 77 If Pr *e:u'.ious. ow 77 .2 < W o >s~ ^ X X * General Bill, f 16 SC Statu¥■ •R*K4*»»i*h C.Rice, 8 74 8.J.C 8.J.C. James Nowlau, 8 74 44 44 F.edenckM. Libby,8 74 44 44 Certaiu iutoxioatiug liquors claimed by J. F. Abbott, 4 02 Mun.C, 44 Ja*. Bradley Jr. appt, 4 22 44 4* Richard K. Duddy app’t, 4 22 44 44 Isaac Stevens, 3 62 44 44 1 u habitant* olCum berlaud. 6 18 8. J. C. 44 Thos Castelten alias Char It* Smith, 13 36 44 44 Almcn L. Emery, H 74 44 44 Same, 8 74 44 44 James Devine, 3 02 44 44 Isaac W. Clark, a <22 “ 44 Bame, 3 02 44 44 kurswell J. Carter A Green leaf Chute 8 10 Mun.C. 44 Peabody heudand, 3 74 S J.C. 44 Same. 8 74 44 44 George S.Twombly,3 62 4 4 44 Daniel Brown, 3 74 “ 44 Same, 3 74 44 44 Same, 3 74 44 44 James Hall, 3 74 44 44 Wm. J. liarnton, 8 74 44 44 John Kenmson, 3 02 44 44 M area ret Wallace,1*5 3 6 4 4 4* Sam i U. Doten, 4 2 2 4 4 44 FrancisO.J Smith, 4 8$ 44 44 Richard |F Cum mings, app'), 3 7 4 4 4 44 Geo. W. Si. John et als. appt*, 3 7 4 4 4 44 (loo. Harris, 4 49 44 44 John Sullivan et. as. 11 60 44 John Collins, 10 71 44 44 Same. 7 <9 4 4 44 Nathan Co thin, 14 07 44 44 Wa. A. Mitchell, 19 10 44 Same, 7 09 44 44 Sam'ilhiuget als. 10 »7 14 44 Same, 7 09 44 44 John O. Brion et. als. 16 89 Mun. C. 44 Chas. S. Newhall, 35 7 0 4 4 44 James Graham, 10 74 44 44 Sam! W. Leavitt, 16 32 44 Nathan Coffin, 7 09 8. J.C. 4* Wm. H Martin, 54 85 Trial Justice 44 Wm. McKenaie, 15 28 Mun.C. 44 U«*hry J. Morgan, 2>i 93 4* ** Same. 7 09 S. J.C. Same, 7 69 4 44 Munis Dearborn, 18 4 5 4 4 44 Marcia Richards. 62 68 Mun. C. 44 Same. 7 49 8. J.C. 44 Frederick H. Wetb erell, 18 68 Mun. C. Joseph A- Knapp. 19 69 44 44 Johu Cauuuu et. als. 8 29 • 44 Zadock Sylvester. apptr 13 08 NathlG. Frye appt, 18 74 •• •* ileury A Johuc s, 7 69 4* •• John Wad, 45 72 " *• Nehemlali II. Mur £i pby appt. 11 70 •• Oscar W. Small, 6 71 •* " Patrick Dunbar, 6 45 44 « SSS64 97 THOMAS H. MEAD, County Treasurer. Portland, Aug. 26,1864. apl3dlawA\v3w35 Utnidem e for Sale. •'36^ Will bo sold at a bargain, if called for soon Ejj' a desirable rtbidenou ou Forest Avenue, btev jBsJLens Plain*, cottage house, nearly new, witl good stable adjoiniug; $ of an aore of land witt , pear, cherry and piutn trees, currants and Goosber ' > ries in abundance: also asparagus and strawberry beds; situated within oue walk of thi horse oars. Apply to J. H. FINANCIAL. f S. 7^30 LOAN. The Secretary of the Treasury gives notice that 1 subscriptions will be recoived for Coupon Treasury Notes, payable three yean from August 15, 1964, with semi annual interest at the rate of seven and throe-tenths per cent per annum,—principal and in terest both to be paid in lawful money. These notes will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity, into six per cent, gold bearing bonds, payable not less than five nor more than twenty years from their date, as the Government may elect. They will be issued in denominations ol fifty, one hundred, five hundred, one thousand, and five thousand dollars, and all subscriptions mu* ; be for fitty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dol lars. The notes will be transmitted to ths owners free ol transportation charges as soon after the receipt ol the original Certificates of Deposit as they can be prepared. As the notes draw Interest from August 10, persons making deposits subset at to that date must pay the inter?- date of note to date of de posit. Parties c i>o. ' ecu: -five thousand dollars and upwards tor hot* .. Me* at any 11 be allowed a comm. ,«on oi oi of on-' cent., which will be paid by t!. -wnry Uoy mcc . c cHptof a bill for il^. .our i, cur Uflt ,fr ?rv.; -horn the cope made. No uv l ctioi » . commissions must be made from the deports. Special Advantages of ihia Loan. It it a Xatiounl Savings Bank, offering a higher rate of interest than any other, and the best stcuru ty. Any savings hank which pays its depositors is U. 8. Notes, oonsiders that it is paying in the best circulating medium of the country, and it can**/ pay in anything better, for its own assets are either in Government securities or in note.^ or bonds pay riuuicuip psjrcr. It u wjuully conveimn: u m ttmprury or perma nent inventiucnt. he note, can alwayi be sold lor within a fraction t their face and accumulated in tercat, and are the uwt cecarity with banksascoliat erais for discount* Convertible into r. J cea„ 5-20 Gold Bond. In addition to the very liberal interest on the notes ibr three yA*- this privilege of conversion is now worth abou in. j per cent, per annum, tor the current rate fori 1 onds is not ess than nine per cent premium, and befl.e the war the premium on six per cent. U. 8. stocks w^r** over twenty percent. It will be seen that th. ic.- on this loan, at the present mvrket rat . o «a*ei ’•cent, per annum. Its Exemption from St<*i* or Municipal Taxation. But aside from all the advantages we have enum erated. a special Act of Congress exempts alt bonds and treasury notes from local taxation. On the average, this exemption is worth about two per oent. ter annum, according to taxation in various parts of the country. It is believed that no securitiea offer so great in ducements to lenders as those issued by the Govern ment. In all other forms of indebtedness, ths fhith or ability of private parties, or stock compan ies, or separate communities only, is pledged for pay ment, while the whole property of the country is held to seenre the discharge of all the obligations ol the United States. While ths Government offers the mod liberal terms or its loans, it b3iievc4 that the very strongest ap peal will be to the loyalty and patriotism of the peo ple. Subscriptions still he received by the Treasurer of the United Staiot, st Washiugwa, Ui« several As sistant Treasurers and designated Depositaries, and by the Flr*t National Bauk of Portland* Maine, and by all National Banks which are Depositaries of public monoy, and all respectable Banks and Bankers throughout the country will giro farther information, and afford every facility to subscribe. Aug 20—d&w2m LOAN OF 1881. Proposals for Loan. Treasury Department, August 9), 1864. Sealed offer* will be received at thi< Department, under the act of March 3.18ho, until noon of FRI DAY, the 9th of September, 1864, for bonds of tae United State®, to tbs amount of about thirty-ona and a half million dollars, being the amount of un accepted offer* undisputed of under the notice of Proposals for Loan, dated Cth J une-last. Tbe bonds will bear an annual interest ol 6 per ceutum, paya ble semi-annually in coin on tbe first days of July aud January of ®ach year, and redeemable after the 30th of Juno, 1881. Each offi-r must be for fifty or one hundred dollars, or some multiple of one hundred .dollars, and must state the sum. including premium, offered for eaoh hundred dolla-s iu bonds, or tor fifty, when the offer is for no more than filty. Two per cent. of the prin cipal, excluding premium, of the whole a mount offer ed must L-e deposited, a® guarau'y for payment of subscription if accepted, with the Treasurer of the U. 8. at Washington, or with the Assistant Treasur er at New York, boston, Philadelphia, or St. Louis, or with the designated Depositary at Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Louisville, U hie ago, Detroit, or buffalo; or with any National banking Associa tion authorized to receive deposits which may con •ent to transact '.he businessa without charge. Du • plicate certificates of deposit will be issued to depos itors by the officer or association receiving them; he originals of which must be forwarded with the offers to the Department. All .deposits should be made iu time tor advice of offers with certificates to reach Washington not later than the morning of September 9lh, No offer not accompanied by its proper certificates of deposit will be considered. The Coupon and Registered Bond* issued will bt of the denominations of $50, $100, $600, and $1000. Registered Bonds of $5,000 and $10,000 will also be issued if required. All offers revived will be opened on Friday, the 9th of September. The awards will be made by the Secretary to the highest offerers, and notice of ac ceptance or declenti n will be immediately given to the respective offerers; aud in case of acceptance, bonds of the description* aud denominations prefer red will be sent to the subscriber* at the cost of the Department, on final payment of instalment*. The original deposit of two $pr cent, will be reckoned iu the last instalment paid by suocesilul offeror* and will be immediately returned to those whose offers may not be accepted. The amount ox accepted offers muct be deposited with the Ire usurer or other officer or association au thorized to act under this notice on advice of accept ance of offer, or as follow*: Oue-Uiird on or before the 14th; one-third oa or before tbe 19th; and the ba! • ance, including the premium aud original two per cent, deposit, on or before the 24th of September.— Interest on bonds will begin with the date of de posit. Parties preferring may pay the accrued inter est from date of bond, July 1, to dale of deposit in ; coin, Offers under thi* notice should be endorsed “Offer for Loau," and addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury. The right to decline all offers not consid ered advantageous is reserved to the Government. W. P. FESSEKUEX, Secretary of the Treasury. The bonds for this loan are ready for Immediate itflliviirir Oanal zOoxUsl. Government 7 3-10 Loan. This Bank is proparod to roceire subscriptions tc the new 7 3 10 loan in sums of 83£ and upwards paying interest from date of subscription to Augns 13th, the date of the new loan. , The notes ure eonvertable at the end of thret years into specie paying 0 per cent 5-2Q bonds. One-eighth per cent will beal.'owed Onfall amount of 81000 and over. B. C. SOAiKKB X, Cashier. ^^rtlund, Aug. 1,1W4.—dtf miscellaneous. <)■ E. FERNALD & SON, Merchant Tailors. And Dealers in Gent’s Furnishing Goods, No. 87 Mitldle Street. OurfkclUUe* for .applying oar customer.} with promptness, fidelity and despatch are unexcelled. Oar Stock is large and desirable, presenting ail the KcTeltiesof the leaion. TERMS “NET CASH." Portland, Ang 10,1864_dtf MILLOOHAU’S PATENT PAINT OIL. ▲ Perfect Substitute for Linseed Oil, AND XUCU CBKAPES. IT is used in the same manner as Linseed Oil dries quickly and verr hard, can be used with ail colors, and possesses decided advantages lor all work on manufacturing establishment*, depots, care, engines, all kinds of irou work, for root*, and wherever a watter proof psiut 1* required. For all kinds of ship work, exposed to salt water, it is su perior to any other. Address orders to CRAFTS & WILLIAMS, 6 A 8 CoxMKBt ia i* Wmr, Bustos. Boetou, Aug. 17,1884. aug3eod8m. 3ewing Machine Improvements. A LI wrier. ot approved Sowing Machine, are in' itef to call at NO. 11 CLAPP’S BLOCK, and see the operation of two of the most important improvement* of the day— Villia’s Piicat Cruk Suita ud Hyde'i AtUfh*ent.' 1 The former place, the control of the machine en tirely under t e control orthe feet of the operator, preventing all backward motion of the wheel, al lowing the freedom of both hand, to handle the work, tod isviog the bieakicg of needles and the entangling of t he thread The latter wilt allow the free use of linen thread or of inferior ootton. and entirely does away with the soaping of the cloth. Call and etc- and vou will not fhil to have them ap phed to your machines. JOHN PORTER, Agent *r. Porter will put machines in order and teach operate*, how to n,e them, w that they will hive no tronb!*. EorUand, Ang. 10.1904. dtl The Cabinet Organs i MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MAIQN & HAMLIN Arc the best instruments of their clars in the world. Nearly all the mutt proiuinen* artists in the country have given written testimony to this effect, and these Instruments are in constant us« in the concerts oi the most distinguished artists—as Gottsohalk and others—aa wall as in the .rms in the principal cit ies. whenever sach instruments are required. Price $30 to $£00 each. These instruments may be found attheMuaie Rooms of the subscriber, where they vrUl be sold t the manufacturers’ prices. II. 8. EDWARDS* art’s Block, Congress St. aprl3dtf —ADFORD ft HARMON. Pcnhi^n and Claim Agents, (Established in 1861.) STIT. c time to devote their special and exeli* »j f .. ntton to the prosecution of Claims for Pension)., Bounties, Arrears of Pay and Prize Money, And all other claim) a walnut the Government, h T in* been duly Uceoed therefor. XT All advice tree. Terms aa low aa nt any otb or Apenay, and no pay required until the claim, are obtained. Ofliee 88 Exchange street, Jose Block. F. BRADFORD. X. R. liARMON. JuceSl.—d\f Copartnership Notice* -AMD BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT THE subscribers having on the ?th day of May formed a copartnership under the name of MtCartUv L Bum, For the purpose of carrying on the BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS In all its branches, and having all the facilities for get'iug up first class work for gentlemen and ladies, wear, are now ready to execute all orders with neat ness aud dispatch. Our work will be made of the best of imported ftock. by the best of workmen, and warranted to give penect satisfaction, it is our aim that our wor* shall not be second to any in the Unit ed States. We have also completed a stock of ready-mads work of the find quality, for Dadiea, Gentlemen, and Children's Wen Selected from New York and Boston markets Our Ladies’ work is from the celebrated Burts Manufactory of New York. For Gentlemen's wear wu have the best assortment ever offered for sale iu this city; sach as fine French Patent Leather Boots; Glove Calf and Calf Con green for gentlemen's wear; Patent Leather Con gress, and Calf Congress Balmoral, and Lew French Buckle Boots Hard you seen the new style CRIMPKD-FRON1 RUCKLE BOOT, now made by McCarthy k Ber ry? For neatness, eomxort and beauty, it surpasses au> thing ever got up in this city. Call and see it; samples always on hand at the old stand of M. Mc Carthy. McCarthy & herrt, No.-98 Exchange Street. luneldtt NOTICE. WE, the undersigned, haring sold our Stock of ‘ Coal asd Wood to Messrs. Bamlnil, McAlis t*r l(\Co., do cheerfully recommend them to oar , former customers. All person* having demands against us are requested to present them tor settle ment, and ali perr-on* indebted to us are requested to make immediate payment at the old stand where one oi the undert-igned may be found for the present. SAWYER k WHITNEY. Portland, J nne 6,1864. juue!3d3 w Coal and WoortJ 1IUE -obacriber haring purchased the Stock of . Coal and H ood, ana taken the stand recently occupied by Men. Nav-yrr t (Ekirney, head of Mat'ir Wharf, are now prepared to eunply their former patrons and the public geuerolly, with a line arortinont of WELL PICKED AND SCREENED Old Company Lehigh. Sugar Coal Lehigh, Hazellon Lehigh, Locum Mountain. John's, ' White and Red Ash, Diamond and Lor berry, Together with the beet quality of Cumberland Coal l A Superior Coal/or blacksmiths. Also, Hard atid Solt Wood, Delivered to order in any part of the city. The former customers of Mown Sawyer A Whit ney ere respectfully invited to give us a call. RANDALL. McALLISTFK ft CO* Portland. June 13. lfe'4 -dlv NOTICE 7~ The Weed Sewing Machine Co. Have established an o&c? for the sale of their Ma chine* at No. 137$ Middle St., opposite Free St., which will bo open to tli© public on Wednesday, , 8ept 7. • Wherever thi; Machine has been introduced it has to a great extent superseded ail others. Having en ; gaged the services of Mr. J. Bradford of Bootoo, a practical machinitt, who ha? had over ten years ex perience as a manufacturer and repairer of Sewing Machines, they are prepared to repair and put in perfect runuing order every kind ot Sewing Ml chine. For the purpose of introducing them more extensively they will for a short time allow the value of cheap aud inferior mar hi new lu exchange for the Weed Machine. A limited number of Weed Machines to let by the month or year. Machine Finding? of every description constantly on hand. Orders from the country should lie addressed, Weed Sewing Machine Co. No., 137; Middle St. C. W. ROBINSON, Agent. Portland, Sept. C—eodtf For the Island*. On and after June 19ththestcamel CASCO will until further notice leave Bum ham ’» Wharf, for Teak’a and Cushing's Inlands at 9 and 10.80 A. M., and 2 and 3.301*. M. Returuiug will leaveCu?hiag's Island , at 9.49 and 11.15 A M., and 2 46 and 5.16 F. M. Ticket*25cents, down and back; Children 16ota. June 9— dtf Board. ! QUITS of Boom., with Board, can bo obtained by i LJ applying immediately at 90 Danforth .treat, 1 Kay lltit. may ltd tf BUSINESS CARDS. PAPEK BOX MANUFACTORY. J • R. Libby, MAJTU1TACTURRR OF ** Paper Boxes, 01 every description, inch u Shoe Boxes. Jewelry Boxen, Druggist Boxes. CoUtr Boxes, Shelf Boxes, ConSio logical Box.., PowderBoxes, Card Casos, cigar Boxes, fce. 144 Middle St., (Up Stairs) Portland, Me. Juneldam Dana & Co. Fish and Salt, LutherDana, } Portland, Woodbury Dana,} _ . John ▲. S. Dana.) HllDti ___ Juneldtf J. Smitb. cb Oo., MAKCfACTUBEM OF Leather Belting, Card Clothing* boa Si rift. Belt Leather Batki ul Sides, LEATHER TP’MMIHoa, Ac., Hanson’s Biook, 144 Middle 84, Portland, Or at the Card Clothing Manufactory, Lewiston. D. M. Brkwbr. (JnldSra) D. V. Norms. Join T. ROtlERS &. tO., Commission Merchants, AND WUOLSSALB DRALRRS IN Flour, Provisions <fe Groceries, No. 61 Commercial Street, Ci£.B.l2SX. } PORTLAND. MB. _ _ _ Junelddm Wholesale and Retail. Xj. DAVIS, DooVseWer, Stationer, AND KAVUFACTURim OF Premium Paged Account Books. PAPEK HANCIN09. No, 63 Exchange Street, Portland, Me. _ Juneldtl CRAS. J. SCHUMACHER, Fresco and Banner Painter, No. 144 Middle Street, PORTLAND, ME. OT Work executed in every part of tho state. juxeltf RUFUS DURHAM, Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer ia BRITANNIA -A» Plated Ware, *No.218 For* ttreet, Portland Main*. Portland, May 17th, 1864. mmyKdti BURGESS,FOB E 3, & CO., nunrACTOBiH on Japan, White Lead, Zinc, Paints, And Ground Colors, AKD DKALKUfl IB Drag! Medicines, Painte, Oils dc Vamishei. Paint and Color Factory, No. 29 Munjoy St., Oflce Sc Salesrooms, SO CosmercIsISt., (Thomas Block.) HkMKT H. BraORSe. nr,nil i Vft HI Chablxm 8. VSotu. rvKTLA.iD, II. maylSdtf BLAKE, JONES Sc CO., FLOUR & GRAIN DEALERS, And Be tot of Western and C adlan Produce, 137 Commercial Street, - - • Granite Block. Charles Blake. ) Henry A. Jonea.J PORTLAND. R. W. Gage. ) jnneldtf JOHN LYNCH A C0~ Wholesale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Granite Stores, - - - Commercial street, (Oypoiite head Widgery Wharf) John Lynch, , 1'ele* Barker.} PORTLAND, ME. Thoe. Lynch ) juneldtf DOLE A .NOODT, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And W hole.ale Dealer* la FLOUR. CORN AND PRODUCE, No. 6 Galt B'.ook, Commere'al St, rSStoC.'S&y, } rORTLAXD. ME. _ JuneldSm m>C. H. OSGOOD, DENTIST, Ho. 8 Clapp’* Block, Market Square, PORTLAND. flP*ArtificUl Teeth inserted on Cold, Silrer, and V\ueamite base. All operations warranted to fire satisfaction, jansoUsottiaiy'SA E. K. LEM0Nt7 Carriage Manufacturer, Preble 8treet, -j Portland, Me. ■^“Carriageo and Sleigh* on hand and made to order. jacelfrdtf C. P. KIMBALL, MARUIACTUBKK OP Carriages and Sleighs, Prelole Btrwet, (Near Preble Houne,) PORTLAND, ME. Sale Rooms, 110 and 112 Sudbury St., Boston, Mass. jaaelt f Sates \ Sates \ \ POM PAL* AT JAMES BAILEY A CO., Sftddlery Hard-Ware Dealers, 162 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLASD,.US. < JvlSd3m Law Parinmhip. HOWARD & CLEAVES. ' Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, Office. 91 Middle St., over Casco Bank, PORTLAND. US. JOSEPH HOWARD. NATHAN CLRAVKS. jyl8d&w3m BR. «. II. KICH, <55Wbubqeon dentist, NO. 145 MIDDLE 8T.. PORTLAND, (Opposite foot of Free AStreet,) ; Having fitted up the above named room*, he would | be happy 10 wait on all who may wish for the ser vices of a skillful Dentist. Every branch qt Dm tistry will reoeive careful attention, \nd perfect sat isfkction will be warranted. j>26 d3m M. PEARSON, Silver Plater, A HD 3f AMUFACTURBX OF SILVER WARE, 233 Congress St., Opp. Court House, Portland,Mr BF*All kinds of Ware, such as Knives, Forks | Spoons, Cake Baskets, Casters, Ac., plated in th< best manner. Also, Repairing and Re-finishing Old Silver Ware. aug6d6m John Kinsman, GAS FITTER -Aim Dealer in Gas Fixtures* And CJasdc Kerosene Cooking Apparatus. The pubHe are Invited to examine and test thjn new inventions, which are highly recommended foi summer oat. NO. 66 UNION STRMET. Portland, June 14—#«d8m BUSINESS CARDS. BRADliET, MOULTON J& ROGERS Wholuali Dbalaer la Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, Thomas Block, BOBIBT BRALBT, 1 e. K. MODLToa, J PORTLAND, MX. A. a. BOO BBS. ) _ maySdtf w. w. cariT& CO., Haring taken the Fruit Eton formerly oooiplcd t> • O. SAWYER. No. 5 Exchange Street, hr* prepared to offer to the trade a luge Sad well selected ltook of Foreign and Domeetie Fruit T Wholesale aad JBetall Oranges. Ipreec Sana, Leecngca U"*;- Cnn.ry Seen, C.adles, p. ^ JUeneen 8,rep. Honey, Pranna, Cocoa Mato, Figs. all kinds. Dates, OUreo, Ralalae. Tobacea, ■ardiaea. Clnro Fancy Candice cf all dpacrlpiloa; octhdtf IRA WINN, Agent, No. 11 Union St., Is prepared to furnish STEAM BHGIBES and BOIL IMS, ef Tarloos sites aad pattens. Stem Pipe ic< fiitiMi, Ifflfotrij*. Shiftily filkjkU Licmt House Wou of all desorfptioaa, aad all kinds of work required in building FoSTinoATioae. Iron Stairs aad other Architectural Work. Houses, Stores, end other buildings, Btted with Gat end ft warn in the best manner. In eonnoeUon with the shore Is u Iran Foundry, with e luge assortment of Patterns, to which the attention of Machinists, Millwrights,nnd Ship-Build srs is invited—aad all kinds oi tins- tare furnished at short notice. WOrdorr for Machine Jobbing Patterns and Forgings, promptly ueoated. oatdtf sikg¥b^ SEWING MACHINES! WOODNLAM, TRUE * CO.. AGENTS, Hat. 14 aad 88 ----- M idle Street, KoedJesand Trimmlngealway' eahaad. mehiatr A UKU, DR. S. C. FERHALD, DENTIST, No. 175 Mlildl 5 treat. limncu.Dm. C.oo t ud 3uua, Portland. Key 26,199*. tf Dr. J. W. HEA1 D HAYING disposed of his entire Interest Is hl> Office to Dr. ff.C FUN ALD. *»osld cbeenWiy reccommynd him to his ft-rmur Atie its and the j. vb* llo. )>r. FnnsA r.D, frcra lonjf < ipe* ieuce. Is rrei tr od to 'tisert Artiiieiai Tooth ontho‘*Y«ieftnitelia»or'’ and a!! other method* knows to tho proiessics. Port’c.nd. Mac 16.1851 tf WOOD ASO COAL €1EV FOR CASH ! SPRING MOUNTAIN, LEHIGH, HEZILTOK. SUGAR LOAF. OLD COMJ’ANT LEHIGH. LO CUtil MOUNTAIN. JOHNS. DIAMOND, WEBS TER and BLACK UEA 1*1. Theu Coal, are of tlta rtry beet quality, well icreeaud and pioked, and warranted to givu rati, fee lion. Alio for ml* Pott of HARD AND SOFT WOOD, dellTorod to any part of tbe eity. Omoi CORMnaouL St., head of Franklin Wharf. 8. HOUNDS A SON. Mildly WARREN'S IMPORTED FIRE AND WATERPROOF FELT COMPOSITION, Grratroil Hooflng FOR FLAT R<)OFt. E. HER8EY, Agent, JaU9 dtf No. 19 Union Street. ALBERT WEBB * CO, — >uuu n Corn, Flour and Grain, HEAD Or MERRILL S WHARF, Ceueretal Strut.- - Portland, Me. tePtf EDWARD H. BUBGIN, WHOLMAtl DBA Z.KB IV Cora, Meal and Flour* Also. Ground Bock Salt Commission merchant FOB rrr.CHASE AVZ» BALK OF Bariev, Rye and Oats. vF C.r. loaded with Cora in balk free of charge. Warehouse No. 130 Commercial Street, And Citt Mills, During Bridge Jnr.eleodgm JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor aud Civil Eugiueer, OFFICE, COOMAN BLOCK, ■ecblidkwtf Tbwplb Srnnar. Scotch Canvas, -YOI SALS 17 ' JAMES T. PATTEN St CO., Buth. Me. i 000 BOLTS Superior Bleached , AVJvS SOOdo All Locsilax "Uov- .. ~ - er ament contract," *00 do Extra All Lon* flax Artronth. SOU do Navy V ice DoRrered In Portland or Boetoa. Bath. April *0.1X68 asISdtl ’eemova l7~ DR. HEWTOH HAS removed M* residence to X®. 97 MUUkle Street, corner of Franklin street. OflcxM heretofore. Xo. U6 Exchange Street, Is Kcble> Block, ap atairr office hours from 9 to 10 A. M.. from 2 to 3, aud from 8 to 9 o’clock P. M. Dr. N. will continue, in correction with general practice, to give special attention to DISEASES 07 FEMALES. ooSldtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, PLITMBE Ik! ■AKta ow Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 124 EXCHANGE STREET, TOUTLAND, ME. Warm, foM nod Shower Bath*. Wash Bowl*, Bm<* A Silver Plated Cocka, EVERT deacriptlon of WatcrFIxtureafor Dml lin* Honaoe, Hotel*, Vnbllo Bulldln**, Shop* Ac , arranged and act »p in the beet manner, and nil order* In town or country fkithfu'ly executed. All kind* of Jobbing piotmdiy attended to. Constantly on hand LEAD PIPES, SHEET LEAD and BEER PUMPS of all description. ap*dtf J. T. Lewis <3c Oo., Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers la ; READY-MADE CLOTHING, AND FURNISHING GOODS, C^'iW'Vn . « • Am. 1 osd 2 AVw Street Slock (Over H. J. Libby A Co.,) j p LewHl PORTLAND, ME. Jylldtf Tbe Cheapest Afenry F)R collecting nil clm**e* of claim* arising Iron the war i* that of the ‘ MAIN! WAK CLAIM ASSOCIATION.’ In which the e xpenaea are controlled by a dumter acted Executive Committee. „ Apply la peraon. or by letter, to UEOKUK r EMERY, over the Portland Poet Office, 3d.tor7, HOTELS. MOUNT ZlKCOil HOUSE, AT THB Celebrated Mt. Ziroon Mineral Spring*. Milton Plantation, Me., A *■ bow open'd to tbe pabUe, ud no paint ran»U1 be spared this season to meet tbe waste UALSaad render pleassnt and interesting the llH<T"r °r ft'*1'- And also as usaai, 1 stiii AMkAboard cheaper than aaj other hammer u““*” ■“ Mew key lauil. saHSffS&'S'S “■ faod *»h., the largest in Mew tng hibfugm^ear XTXi? An.w^wu Poet othce address. Mt Zircon, Me. Mt. Zircon. JulyMMMA AiU‘'jri ' Bea-Nide House, HARPS WELL NECK, CASCO BAY. This el.gant and commodleas Ho tel, iitnated on the extremity od Harprwetl Meek, about half a mile Oe,ow tbe well-known Mansion mmaMM House, has Jost been completed alter the designse, u. M. UatMie, Esq., Architect, ud under hj ,aperlntend»ce, aud will be open tot company On mmI after the feertk ef July. Tbe Uoaae is tbe largest establishment, constrict ed expready fcr the purpose ol a Hotel, st uy Wat ering Place on the coast of Maine. It Is situated in the centre ot a dense grore ol old trees, with STC nues ud ristas opening to the waters ef the Bay, but a lew yards distant on either side. Mearly surrounded by the sea, ud abuadutiy •haded by trees, the House has a spacious ud beau Utul rerandab. extending ot er three hundred and thirty test ou three sides of the building, with wide ud thoroughly Ten'listed bai,s and corridors ia the interior, so tout stators cu enjoy the most complete protection from the lunmr bent. The steamboat whart and boat land'ngs are oh the west fide, but a few aepi from the Home. Ample facilitief are et band for boating anu fUbing. Oa the eaft aide if a Use gravel beach. wUeie the laaurv of sea-bathing ean be enjoyed at ail timea ol the tide. At a abort distance oa the northeast. acroaa an arm of the tea, »* Orr’s If land, celebrated by Mrt Beech er fitowe’s wet! known novel. The Ben hide Uoaae if acoeaaible by land from Bran* wick, fifteen miiee diatant. by one of the fin eat driven ia the Btate, and by daily steamboat from Portland through the inside paetaget among tha island* of the Bay. V id tor* coming from the Kenaebee and ether part* of tbe interior, can leave the railroad at Bruna wick, and proceed bv stage to Harpeweil, or contin ue to I'ortlKnd and take the itcsncr, «tueb rune down and b*ck twice a day, JOMM T. SMITH, Proprietor. jyHf BRADLEY'S HOTEL, Aw«rlc«ii and European Plans, Cor, of Commercial & India St*. A This Hones Is sl’nated directly opposite |xftlAthe Grand Trunk Kaiirox] Depot, uo bend UnLRol Boston ud Portland Mourners' Wharf. BI Counected with this House is u first class cmi"y>'>r and Dicing Hall. JsMils BRADLEY, Jr., k CO . Proprietors. J. Bradley, Jr. t. H. Bradley. Juaelodfim Atlantic Mouse, SCAR BOR O’ BEACH. T1119 Rouse having bean enlarged and MMpBrefitted throughout will op®n for tbc Nt MBlB^on on ’:m-> "J Monday, June 13, I BAA, E. GUNNISON. K. B.— Positively closed on the Sabbath te al trcnsieni visitors. junell Pleasant Suburban Hesort. CAPI8ICHOUSE, WEST BROOK. .This elegant sub urban Watering Place, * plettoeat eminence near Cm Fpisio 1‘ond, bet milt* from Portland, hnv Wl bee* pinned in the most ample order by 1-|:ee subscriber, be moat respectiaiiy solicits itwatreattoaoftbepublic, and cordially invitee n cell fiva his old Moidi, The bocse la pleasant, retired and quiet. The ■srslisre and furnishings ere all new. and the rooms cosy end sightly. The tables are supplied with all tbe deiacaoiee as well ns the snbatanxials ot the aea mu, and tbe senrioe ol one of tbe very beat ooeks tn New Kngiund have been secured. Extensive sheds and a One stable with roomy stalls are among the conveniences ol the establishment. A nice Bathing Utilise sufficient lor the accommo dation of several bathers has been erected with stops projecting into ten test of water, and tbe whale se cured (rein observation by a Hosting screen. Smoking Arbors grace tbe beaks of the Pond and Invite tn© indulgent© of the lounger. Hoping for a thxrc of the public fatronag® the «a* u«uua*m«*i jjAumiN,* to ap*r« bo e/Tori lor th« ®a:«r uBo w4’2Sf HALLOWELL HOUSE REOPENE DI »SW JURHITPRE 4k FIXTPRIBI 8.0. DEilNM, Proprietor. KP* The public are specially iQformed that tke spacious. convenient and well known Hallowuli. Hocrsa, in the center of Hallowell, two miles (him Auguste, and four miles (Tom Togas Spring, has been refurnished, and ie open for the reception at compare and permanent boarders. Every attention will bo given to the comfort at guests. ST ABLINa, atd all the usual oosvenienoes at a ponniar hotel ar® simply provided. pwpuiur Mttl, Hallows!-, Feb. 1 1M«. mchJ6ecdtf THE AJ1ERICA.V H018E, MB&aa°V>r ®tWAt * * * • XOAtOB, Tke Largest and Beat Arranged Hotel IN NEW ENGLAND. se«ly1WI8 Jilt*. Froprletot. GOLD <fe SILVER PLATER, T4 Middle Street, Port lead, Me. A share of patronage reepctlolly so Hosted ud Whfietioa fiven. Orrivrs from the country promptly »ttcoded to. ▲ddrec# Georg* W. Mtnioa, fi Middle street. Room No. 10. np stair*, Portland. Me June 14—d2m A. A S. SHURTLEFF A CO.. MOS. M A 56 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND, Msnnfoctnrcrs ud Dealer, la i Men's Boyi’ and Youth’* Thick, Kip and Calf Boot*, Women’* Misses and Children's Goat. XIJ and Calf Balmorals, Rubbers. Shoe block, Finding*, Re. TVn n onr »®pertor facilities for manafoetartof. ' * and a large experience in lb* basinrso. we we are able to sell a* low as in Boston or elsewhere. Dealers are respectfully Inrited to call end **■ a mine ear stock before parcbielng. BE’* Order* bv mall promptly ationdad to. Portland , April S3.19*4 dfm Maine Central Railroad Comp'j. TREASURER S OFFICE. 1 WaUTville, Asg. 17, lc64. I THE Main* Contra! Railroad Company wlU pay their Coupons at the First National Bank, Port* ' laad.lrom this date. J. NT*. Treasurer. Ang. 17—dim Notice. \T7 E. the nndrr.igurd. Ship Masters and Agent* T? forowner*. hereby agree, that on and alter the first da* of Sobtember, 1964, all Cargoes ladaa on board lor Hie Isiud of Cuba, thill bo deiirered and received along s>de within roach of reateis lacklee, excepting long lumber, which i, to be lowed to the s. ore by vessel s crews, according to the custom of the principal port* la the Uniud Stater Edward Hooding, Robert Dyer. J. 11. \ arney. Sum,1 bote, S. U. Day is, Bhubal Merryman, James L. How. K J. biokhatn, William Anderson, Henry E Uregg, lloojatnts 8. True, James Baiu, John llorry" C c. Dailey. Joseph Moun'fort, Janie. H Uutobinsoo, „ Joshua Poland, John W Crowther. George W. Coggins, John E Keeney. LymanB Clark. Lewis Mitchell, Andrew J. l’ettengill, A B. W ebber. Walter W. Look, Walter Merrtasan, Thomas Means. J k««1 I Thomas L Liboy. G. W JHrts Henry C Small. *•*■ “»»»»*. Charles Merrill. £>arid Hearer. Jr.. . William Ferris, heiward Hall. D U A'lier-on, YeatonAHalo. Roland York Root * Sturdirut, CuarleaStwTor. B. F. Kaadall, Wnliam K. Bord R G York. Greg. Ctodc*, MeG 11 very. Ryu L Daria, K. W. Clifford, J. 8. Winslow, Elisha W heeler, Charlee Mttlclohn. Cbtries Bartlett. C ha He* HO base. Geo. H. 8'arr. A. D. Whidden. I’oitland. Sept.* 1964. 3wed Rare Chance. TO parebaee a stock of Millinery •’Kb rent of on* of the best studs in tbs cltf Addrwss thro*gh I P. O., Jy*l tf MLLU1IIR, Portias*.

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