Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 13, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 13, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VIC IS ITT. Act# Advertisements To-Day. Copartuor*hif>—Merrill, Parooni* Small Auotioubale—tttnrjr Bailer L Co. Probate Notices. Iluut • Wanted. New Warcbouao— Mornil, Parsons k Small. Money Pouud lusoraiicei^ofic?. Shook Makers Wanted 1 ustrucuou in Muaic. Gum round. Watch bto/en. Mutual Ins. Co. j The Election in this City. Yesterday was quite an unpleasant day for election^ stiil it did not deter the voters from coming to the polls, and Portland roiled up the glorious majority of nearly one thousand votes for the Union ticket. We give below the vote for Governor and representative to Congress. The remainder of the ticket re- 1 ceived about the same vote. We shall give ! the official vote to-morrow. Messrs. S. W. Lsrrabee, Nathan Webb, N. O. Craui and J. F. Miller are elected repre sentatives by nearly one thousand majority. We have not received the return of votes thrown lor amending the Constitution so as to allow soldiers to vote; but the vote against it in the city was very light. The vigilant and rallying committees de- ; serve credit for the faithful manner in which they performed their duties. lhe Chairman of the City Committee slat- j ed at the meeting Saturday evening that if the ! Union men would but do tbeir duly on Mou day, a l - nion majority of more than seven hundred would be throwu lu this city. The result shows that they did do their duty, aud j they have the satisfaction now of seeing the fruits of it Vote ot the City. GOYEBXOR. 1803. 1804. < Ward Cony. Bradbury. Cony. Bradbury. 1 298 *47 84! 2SA 2 SOI 270 *0 2*2 460 22.1 4d* 219 4 3 4 390 3.6 Sol s am a<>4 4!n loo 0 44* 20U 407 3*1 7 4t* 272 419 248 1 .laud. 28 34 00 00 9847 ISOj 1734 1777 a KM lints OF OOHOHKM. 1803. 1804. Ward. Cuudwiu. S« it Lynch. Sweat 1 18 * 124 8*7 237 2 1*7 111 297 2.3 8 860 131 407 218 4 IS* 1(. 327 8.4 5 2!‘J 1 7 419 3*. C 226 145 4. 5 231 7 19* 163 422 247 Island, 11 uo oo 1870 944 278J 1768 BEPRESEWTATtVES. ( liiiilii: Ward. 1 Sri 8*1 8 1 310 235 235 235 235 I 2 2.** 2M5 205 2 5 23 253 251 258 , 8 4SW 470 469 467 217 217 217 217 1 *1* 317 325 32.5 8 >4 314 *.3 310 ' * 419 415 41) 4lu it) 25ft 201 250 8 466 456 466 461 2 1 282 281 281 7 421 420 42. 43» 247 *47 216 247 i JDpjrosentatives Elected. Falmouth—Fmi kliu Curds, Union. Yarmouth and North Yarmouth— Samuel H- Sweeiser, Uuion. Cape Elizabeth—^William B. Higgins, Deoi- i oerat—logs. Vv a.di,em and Sarbori/—Benj. M. Baker, Democrat. Westbrook—Edward Payson, Democrat. c Gorham—E. P. Weston, Union. I Rridgton—John P. Perley, Uuion—gain. ftiiUidjsk and faayijfin —doaiaii M'liken, Democrat, Paris—George W. Hammond, Union. STorway—W. W. llobbs, Uuion. Buck Held—Thos. W. Bowman, Uuion. H'aterl'ord—-Myripk Munroe, Union. ^reeport—GewUoin HU«s, Uuiou. Raymond aud Cumberland—Da Wilhani, 1 Dim ci at. G ay and New Gloucester—Otis Nelson, Democrat—lets. Buxton aud Dayton—Cbas. jj. Weld, Union. Lewiston—-kind M. Jones, Nelson Ding- 1 lev, Jr., Union. i Auburn—Edward T. Little, Uuion. . P»la id—A. C. Dennison, Union j I The Amendment to the Constitution. Til.- amendment to the constitution, allow ing soldiers in the field to vote for State and county officers, has been adopted bjr an over whelming vole, ju this cily'lhe coppciheads Weiewfraid to distribute the volts agaiust it, but a few of them, le<} ol by Judge Howard then >didam lor Govermy, voted “no.” In Wislbruok more than 400 vote* against it were thrown by the coppciheads. Wafd Four. No w ard in this city deserves greater credit j than the fourth ward. Until this year the Ward hm been Under the control of the dem ocrats. When, last spring, the Union men cairicd the word for municipal officers, In. v ' wine toid that the September election would show a different stifle of flnugs. Well, the bepteuiber election is over and the ward has throwu a majority for the whole Union ticket. A Comparison. We publish this morning returns from tliir I) i t ti.wns intuit Ctngretiioual District. Wbkh give the following result: John Lynch, - - 10,090 L. D. M. Sweat, - - 8.730 Majority for Mr. Lynch, - 1,000 fao years ago, iu the same towns, Mr. : bwcat bad a majority of (lily-two votes over Mr. Goodwin. Portland Soldiers' Home. The following soldiers were admitted ami left the Portland Soldiers’ Home for the week ending September 10; Adnii ltd.—Ed W, Gilpatrick, Co. E, b.h Marne ; Jobu White, 1st Me. Battery Light Artillery; Henry Day, Jr., F, 17th Me.; Da vid McCnmher, C, Vlth M. ; David Small, K, 17th Me ; George A. Smith, A, 8th Me.; An drew J. Lombard, 11,1st Me. Heavy Artillery; Edwin Fitch, E, 18th Conn.; John Holt, D, , 17th Me.; Francis Seed. F, 2l)th Me.; Waneu 1 Fideld, E, 16th Me i Howard Doe. H, U .h Me.; Henry Hurd, K, 17th Me.; Frank L. Kenney, 17. 11th Me.; Alonzo Carver, D, do.; Joal-tb F. Keene, D, do.; Sidney Cleavlaud, E, , 82d Me ; George Lynch, A, 11th Me.; Henry K. White, A, 0th Me.; JaAes K. Beau, B.giHh Me ; Beni S. Apt.B, 31*t Me ; Randal El bridge, B, 10th Me.; Charles A. Faruuni, :!I Me. Battery; Edwmd H. Parsons, M. 1st Me. Heavy Artillery; Simon Brown, C, tnti Me.; j Arilior D iwuey, £, 1st 61*. Cosslry; Willard J. Fish, E. 30lh Me.; Francis Delauo, C, 20th Me ; Isaac Kallough, H, Sid Me.; LaForest | Cushing. G.fflst Me ; James W. Powers, liy h Company Vet. Res. Corps ; Riley L. Jones, G, 1st Me. Cavalry. Ltfl.—Eli W. Gilpatrick, Henry Day,David. McCombcr, David Small, George A. Smith, Andrew J. Lombard, Edwin Fitch, John Holt, Frauds Seed, Warren Fideld, Howard Doe, Henry Hurd. Frank L. Kenney, Alonzo Car- j ver, Josiah F. Keeuc.Siduej Cleat land, Henry K. White, James R. Bean. U -nj. S Apt, Ran dall Klbrhlce, Charles A Fariium, Edward U. Pur tons, Simon Brown, Willard J. Wall, Riley L. Jonos, James W. Powers, Francis Delano. Isaac Kallough, left for their homes; Arthur Towney, left for th* hospital. Wm. U. Pi.cmmkr, Agent. Newcomb's Mivstreb».—fLc following which we take from the Providence Journal, a paper which Is particularly' carelul ol its , puffs of exhibitions, is evidence that the popu larity acquired by this troupe is a deserved one, and one that is gained solely by the mer its of the company: ■file popularity qf this company was Indi cated last night by the fact that, notwithstand ing the uorlheaat rain storm, the Academy of Music was full beyond Us capacity to afford seats, and the t nthusiastic applause was prompt, spontaneous and irrepressible. “New comb in Old Virginia’’ came near closing the peilormaiice, for it did seem lor a time as though the audience would hear nothing else. There way not a dead orfevep a lame piece on the programme, but everything was lively, fiom the introductory overture to the unap proachable musket drill of Se-geant Childers, who brought down the house by his manual ft arms. Meeting for the Preedmen. The meeting at the New City Hall on Sun day evening, in behalf of the National Freed men’a Association, was in all respects a per fect success. The hall was crowded to excess at on early hour, aud large numbers went away for want of even standing room, The entire number is estimated at over three thou : sand. Hon. Bexj. KixosnuBY presided. The services were commenced by singing “Ameri I ca, by an excellent choir of children, under the charge of Mr. James G. Staple*. An impressive aud earnest prayer was then offer ed by Rev. l)r. Bosworth. Judge Kingsbury stated the object of the meeting to be, mainly, to enlighten the citi zens of l’orlland as to the character aud pur poses of the Association, and incidentally to obtain aid iu money and clothing. He said that early in the rebellion a lew slaves louud their way to Fortress Monroe, and told General Butler that there were a considerable number of others in Virginia ready to couie in, if they could only he as aured of their freedom. The General gave them that a-surancc, aud justified the act on the ground that they were “contraband of war.” From this small beginning, nearly a million slaves had come into the lines of our victorious armies as they penetrated South, and tins vast number was daily increasing.— Old man and women, mothers with babes at tin breast, the sick, lame, hall and blind, in common with stalwart men, came by hun dreds aud thousands. Gen. Sherman, in re turning from one of his ezpedetions, was j asked how many colored people were in hit train*. He answered “ten miles.” Kxtracts were read from letters showing the horrible condition of these people as they enter out lines, dating from Vicksburg. One writer says: The number who came in March dd, was about 4,500. They are coining in daily, iu numbers of from five to lilty, aud the rear ; guard has not yet arrived, lluudreds of the i children were literally naked. The larger j number of the women had a dress of some sort, but as to other clothing it was not.— i These dresses were made of pieces of old tents, others of the last remuauts of a slave’s wardrobe that h.»J not been replenished for three years. The men had clothing made of pieces of old carpeting, ragged horse blaukets, sacking for bailing cotton, etc. Hats, caps, and bonnets were a curiosity to thorn. Boots and siiocs had long been forgottou. Stockings were a negative quantity. In this instance, as at every great movement of onr army, we bring in the ragged, destitute, suffering, starr ing, wretched, naked negroes. While the Sanitary aud Christian Commis sions are performing a noble work for the sol- j diers—a work above ail praise—the Freed- ! men's Association have a distinct use to per form towards this suffering class. And this i use it is performing well. It has a large corps i of agents scattered over the South, feeding, j educating and putting to work these outcast ; people. It has over a hundred teachers in 1 the field, and tens of thousands of scholars. 1 And this work must go forward. These freed blacks are cast, by the I or tauus of war, upon ! the humanity of the North. The Chairman referred to the three white slave children ou tbe platform, aud stated that they bad been slaves iu New Orleans, aud were made free by Geu. Butler. After some further remarks. Rev. Dextkb S. Ktxo.of Boston, was iutrodneed to the au dience. Mr. King gave a clear and very iuleresting address upon the organization, workings aud character c,f the National breedijii n's Association, His earnest aud el oquent remarks upon the nature of slavey, aud our obligation* ^ Christian citizens in regard to it, went home to the hearts gf his hearers. He gave a history of the slave chil dren umier*iis care, leaving, no doubt on any candid mind that they had actually beta slaves, though as white as any childrcu iu the hall. Mr. King is evidently admirably quali fied lor the work assigned him. The children attracted great attention by ) their tn-aqty aud sprightiincss, as well as by their singing and speaking. One can hardly conceive it possible that they ever could have been articles of merchandise. Yet Charlie : has lawn twice sold with his mother; the flist time by his own father. Capt. CYitus Stcbdivane addressed the meeting very earnestly in w tne A=soci ation. Raying been to Roanoke Island and seen their colored schools, he gave personal evidence of their great usefulness. The choir sung, in addition to “America,*' the " Star Spangitd Banner,” aud the “Bat tle Hymn of the Republic,” very finely. A large collection was taken up. The Soldier's “Spokesman.’1 Ip tbe Argus account ol the meeting at Deeriug Hall, Saturday evening, we find the following i A pleasing episode occurred which demon- j Itrsb-s as to wuether the soldiers are for or against their beloved old commander. There were thirty-odd soldiers preseut, and in a pause In one of tbe speeches, their spokesman, a Skkokast, leaped upon a seat and said that himsvl! and comiades wanted to give three cheers for Gen. McClellan. A scene of pa triotic euthuslasra cn-ued. A ‘"sergeant"! Who was their soldier's boy j so resdy to he “spokesmou” of his fellows In behall of Rittle Mac 'f The Advertiser gives I the information. Referring to the same meet ing and the same scene it says: At the conclusion of Mr. B.'s remarks, Mr Pattes, in behalf of a number of soldier-boys who had served with Gen, McClellan, and who were In the gallwriea, called for three cheers ; for Gen. McClellan, which were given with a hearty good will, and made the walls echo long l afterward. Sirgcaul VaJ.Ua'. no; a bona .tide; not one w ho knocks down rebellion with bullets, or rebels with the butt of his musket, but our dapper little friend on Exchange street, who knock- ilowr. merchandise to the highest bl 1 der! i inis, a rtcu joke: tie was me "spokes man” lor the soldiers! He called for cheers iu behalf of the soldier*We apprehend the . “soldiers” who gave the cheer* were of the . same quality of military men as their wryeant't “apokc-mau;” about a* much like real, fight ing veteran soldiers as those “Quaker” guus at Man asses were like to real engines of war. It is rumored, though wc do not vouch for the report, that tlie soldiers were improvised, picked up at the Democratic Ueadquatlen, i and persuaded for an hour to Jay aside their ordinary rig, ami to don the blue uniform of some di-ebarged soldiers, borrowed for the occasion! Bkrsoxal.—Lieut. John W. Dana, 12th Maine, who was detailed from his regiment aud ordered on the Cjignyl Service, and who tjfH* taken prisoner aud confined in Texas for eleven mouths, has recently been exchanged aud arrived at his home iu this city Saturday, on a brief furlough. Bask Ball.—The mcndiers of the Osceola Base Ball Club are requested to meet at the armoiy of the Sabre Zouaves, Old City Hail, this eveuiug at 7 1 2 o’clock. Business of the greatest importance wilt cotge hqforp the meeting. Blu OnuKit. Aytkntiox Sabre Zoiavks.—Ail tire > members of the Sabre Zouaves are requested to meet at the armory to-morrow evening at 7 1-2 o’clock, at busluess of importance is to come before the meeting. Y. II. WutTK, Captain. \ AiUiotria.—This old town has shown that she U not to be ruled by the would-be SeDater, and has thr own a handsome majority for every candidate on the Uuion ticket. The district composed of \ armouth and North Yarmouth elects a union representative by over HX) | majority. __ gy An informal vote was taken at Camp Bradford, near Baltimore, Md., recently, as fol. i low*. Lincoln, 838; McClellan, 54. The Mc I ClellaB votes were mainly thrown by foreigners. Interview with a Soldier. Last Sunday evening at the exhibition, at City Hall, of those beautiful children who were once slaves,a lady saw alamo soldier standing at the door, made room for him and invited him to a seal beside her. There was no copper in the elements of her composition, and like most women, she was not destitute ol curiosity, and so catechised the soldier, and asked him some questions about the story of his army life. Ue was quite communicative and very patriotic, as our brave army boys generally ate. lie told her inauy incidents that Interested tier. .She found that he had bsen'under McClellan and bad fought at Mal vern Hill, and her cuslosity was excited to know what he thought of the general who boasted that he would drive the enemy to the “I will frankly tell you, madam, what I think of‘Little Mac,”’ he said. “We liked him in mauy respets, for he was kind and pleasant, aud was fond of great parades before we started on the Peninsula campaign. Aud the boys liked such parades and were as ! proud to make a good military show as Me- j Ulelian was, but we afterwards found to our sorrow tha, there was a wide difference be- 1 tween a show-parade and a real battle on the i field. And the General found it to too.” “But,” replied the lady, “didn't‘Little Mac,’ | as you call him, fight bravely?” The soldier smiled aud answered: “He didn’t fight at all, for he was some five miles away on a gunboat, where rebel shots couldrCt hit him. After we learned the fact, we began ! to think he was a little afraid of being shot.” / “He allowed some prudence,” said the lady. “J should rather die any death than he killed by a rebel bullet.” “True," replied the soldier, "but we must run that risk, if we wish to put down this re bellion and punish traitors. I have been wounded by a rebel bullet, but, thank God, ■ not killed; and I am willing to take tbo field again as soon as I am well enough. The truth is, madam, we might have taken Richmond, aud all our soldiers aud mo6t of our officers were anxious to enter that city, but McClellan hung back, and why, God only knows. This soldier is very intelligent, aud seems to understand'the recent movements in tbe po litics! world. He says, aud we believe truly, that the first great blunder that McClellan made was in going into winter-quarters at Manassas, when he had force enough to over whelm Lee and bis army at any moment, but he didn't do it, and why, Heaven only knows! This soldier says too. that another great blunder ‘Little Mac’ committed was stopping and digging before York town when he might hare advanced and defeated the rebels and marched into Richmond. Tbe soldiers and mo«t of the officers, be says, were of tbe same opinion, aud anxious to press forward and crush the rebtl army, which they might have done at that time. And if Grant bad com manded tbe army then he would have perse vered and taken Richmond beyond a question. The army was in fine condition and eager for the fight, but the military science of Mc Clellan induced him to atop, dig trenches aud make regular aieges, no matter what the cir sumstances were, or how the enemy were sit uated. A regular siege was according to the books, and ‘Little Mac’ followed the letter «f such authorities, and hence some of the great est blunders during his campaigns. BY TELEGRAPH -TO TBS PAPERS. rkree Out,. Later /rom Europe. New York. Sept. 12. -ue steamship America, frotu Southampton 31 sty arrived at 3 P. SJ. Tue steamships Hibernian arrived out ou the 30th, and the Lisbon on the 31st. The Times say a If the accounts of the ram Tennessee's duiugs are true, It la one of the most gallant action* of the American war. We look with treat interest for a description. The accouut of the loss on both sides makes the action still more extraordinary. The Times say* the Frankfort stock market is glutted with American securities. Parcels by the last steamer sold at a reduction of 2c, and ft strong speculating panic was conse quently avoided. The Conference silting adjourned, probably because the Danish Plenipotentiaries are awaiting the necessary documents, lip to the present lime the Conference has been occu pied solely with the territorial question. The new Prennsche Zeitung says there is no question of the withdrawal of troops from | Jutland belore a definite conclusion ol peace, and tbe return of the Prussian troops from the Duchies is therefore far lets to be ex pected. The difficulties between Turkey aud Mon tengro arc settled. Maine Officer* in I'riean at Ckarleeton. New York. Sept. 12. The foliowlug Maine officer* were iu prison at Charleston at last accouuts: Capt. A. Berry. 2d Maine cavalry; Lieut. C. O. Hurd, Sth Battery; Capt. J. B. Lilrhfleid, 4ih R« gt.; Major C. P. Mattocks, 17th do; Lieut. X. A. Robbins, 4th do; Capt. M. U. Whitney, 2tRh do. (apt u re of QmiHtrelt. Cincinnati, Sept. 12. A dispatch from iudianapolis to the tia i zeile announce* th* capture there of Quan , tiell, the Missouri guerrilla. He was recog nized on the street by a refugee. gySx-rotary Seward closes a speech at Au burn, X. Y., last week, in the following beauti ■ ful and truthful passage: "The sun is setting. So surely os it shall rise again, so surely do I think that the great events we have now cele brated prelude the end of our national troubles, , and the restoration of the national authority, ] with peace, prosperity and freedom throughout the whole land, from the lakes to the gulf, and ! from ocean to ocean.” if t*id Father Bushnell, of Vermont, used to say that the beat criticism be ever received on bis preaching was from a little boy who sat at bis feet, looking up into his face, as he was preaching iu a crowded house. As he was going on very earnestly, the little fellow spoke out, “Yon said that afore." It is thought that some other preachers of long sermons may be open to the same criticism. GTA New York copperhead substitute broker, over six feet in height, commenced a tirade against the government in a hotel in Lewiston las', week, where a small man not over five feet In height, who hail been a soldier, landed him on the U. ur at full length. Copperheads should he cautious how they abuse the government in the presence of soldiers. EyOen. Hooker, a lile-long Democrat, said in a speech at Watcrtowp, N- Y-, on Tuesday of last week: “Th*s Union must bo preserved, and there is no way to preserve it but by the power of our arms, by fighting the conspiracy to death. This rebellion is now tottering; it is going down, down, and will so.pp tumble into ruin.” tyrhc sum and substance of the Chicago 1 Democratic Platform is just tki«: f rncle Sam it dead, and J-ff. Darit is appointed to adiainit ter on the estate. The children object, apd dev rnand a rehearing of the cusp. They don’t be lieve in tIpc tepurted decease. — [New York Tribune. or There is not a word of cheer iu the Chica go Platform for the uneijualed successes of t’ar ragut and our tars. We ray uiieuualed. All history ehov;s but Ibur or five victories of fleets against torts, and none such as his. (s there nothing in this to arouse Democratic blood ? HT l’he rebel paper at Atlanta says, as a sol dier was walking with a sack of corn on his hack, a shell entered the sack nn l exploded, without injury to the man—but it went against the oruin—dreadfully, J3f There has been an extraordinary breach of promise case at the Leeds assizes. The plaintiff i (the man) is about GO, and the defendant a widow of 70years of age, who lAs been already thrice married. The jury found a verdict for the plain 1 tiff, dauiaggs one farthing. OrU is thought Gen. Bhe^HM^m not aJ I vance beyond Atlanta at present' \0 a , portion of his army to the assistance „ ‘epsoti I Grant. IT TELR6IAPB TO THE Portland Daily Press. | « ,ow* Fvrtreaa Monroe. ‘'?RTItESS MONROE. Sept. 11. Nearly i-. -- ^ w-bod i*d contrabands from North Carolina arrived here to da} and have | onlisted for service iu the army. Thu steamer Faw n, running upon the line between Norfolk arid NprtlT Carolina, was captured yesterday on the Dismal Swamp canal by a party of rebel raider*, ller crew and passengers weie taken prisoners and the steamer burned. A propeller, name unknown, Is ashoro here ! in Chesapeade Bay. A slearning has gone to her relief. From Qen. Sheridan’* Army. Baltimore, Sept. 12. 1 The American’s special dispatch from Har- ; | pel’s Ferry to-day, says, No change iuthe | military situation since my last. Wot king part ies recommenced work on tho ; Baltimore and Ohio liailroad this morning. Financial. New Yobk. Sept. 11. Gold closed at 3 40 P. M. at 2.17 34. The gold market is very weak and terribly excited. | From tho Army beforo Richmond. Fortress Monroe, Sept. 11. Arrivals (rotu the front represent army as quiet. Fork U.rktt, _ , , N*w Yoa*. Sept 12 Lctlou—dull; tales at 1 Sdal hj for middling up la nil-. Hoar—sales 7 500 bbls; State and Western 25o lower; State »60gl0t5, Round Hoop Ohio 10 »Us JAW; Western 860Elo50; southern—dull: tale. ?! bbls; Extra do li Walton. Canada dull; sale* ; 400 bbls; Extra i SuSpia 80 Wheat—5®I0c lower: sales 36,000 bush. Is; Winter Eed Western 23FS2».. Amber Michigan 2 2332 3". Corn—lower; saics ti.Ooo buabe; mixed Western 1 6ue;l 61. bate—lower; sales Canada at SSfiSJc. Beef—very dull. Pj»r«-—heavy: aales 8 600 bbls; new mens 12 253 Lard—sales 7350 bbla at 23.324.te. Cut Meat,—steady. Butter—lower: state at 48®54c. Whiskey-st.-ad) ; sates Bud'bbls at t SO. Freights to Liverpool—dull Niw Yokk, Sept. 12. | Second Hoard. — Stoc * 9 American Gold,.222 1 Cumberland Coal Company preferred . . 6 i \ New York (Central.1241 ' . mi Hudson. 112 Michigan Southern...*. *.*.*.**.*!!!!!!!!!!!! 79 Illinois Central scrip,. 126 PltUbur* Fort W»yUt ft Clu««o..III'.I'.'.MMI Cleveland ft Pitteburg. jj.j. Miohifsac Central... Cliicaav ft North Western.Hi t,tuesyu ft Kook Inland. Boception of Beturns. Our office was crowded last eveuing by i Union men of the city to leara the result of ! the election in this Congressional District Snd the Siate. As the room was rather limited j for so larg* a crowd, the new City Hall was opened, and the returns were sent there as fast as received. Chandler's Band was also engaged. The glorious returns from all parts of the State and the inspiring patriotic music of the Band served to make the vast audi- ' since supremely happy, and shouts went up as ; town after town came ... vhowing a more glomus resm'.. than even'the most sanguine hid dreamed of. Alter the City Hall was ; oiosed a large portion of the audience again repaired to our office, and did net leave until the elegraph anuouucoJ thew vrouid be no mo-e return;, that nigut, We are under obli^,aoug to Mr. Bedlow and the Ato«r'.'an Telegraph Co. for returns fB’ hlohed last night. Judge Howard's Vote. Almost the Urst, if not the very first vote cast in this city yesterday, agaiust allowing the soldiers to vote, was thrown by Judge Howard. The fact was soon known through the length and breadth of the city, and was flashed over the wires as far cast as it could be, in order to show how very deeply J udge H. felt for out soldiers who ar e engaged in ti e field. - THE NEW INSTITUTE! -jrou ■ — Physical Culture, No. 41-2 Free 8t. Block, ror.TLASb, mi. THE Fall term will commence Wednesday. Sept. 14th and contiuue twelve weeks, l'upils may. ' however, enter fer halt a term. Chddreu meet V* ednesday and Fatnrday after* noou* a' 8* o'clock Adult* at 7 o'clock in the even ing. Special attenth n will be give® to invalids,and those desiring to correct deformities. The new iiymoatie«i offer the best means now known for expanding the Chest and strengthening the Lungs iu both children au-i adults of either se*. All the apparatu used in t( is system furnished at Boston prices Dr. Lewis’ pubieatioiib. The Gymnasium will be opcu every morning. (Sun days excepted.) when £ cut u>n>eu can have instruc ; tior and practice in Pro?. auhribtr's oeUtrated ex ercise* on the Pangymuasticon. Pr.vate clasps Instructed on removable terms. For ftirther particular* ii quire of D.T. BRADFORD, sept ll-3t* Prip.iotor. LL K M O V xA lx ! NATHAN tllit'I.D, Merchant Tailor, HAS removed to No 131 Midd c street, where he will be piea-ed to meet his flriend* and cu-t.nn ers. A good ass jrtment of Clo.hs and Trimmings 1 constnu ly on hand. :JT Particular attention given to cutting for others to make. Sept 12—d tin FOR NEW ORLEANS. IhP first class Iron bUam-l.p ‘'ORIENTAL,” | CHAS. spiUR, Oncral Agent, From end of Central Wharf. Wednesday, aept. I4t&, at 4 F.JH. ST~Thi«* ship has excellent accommodations for t Pa sen gore. For freight cr pat age apply to CHARLES O HI OH & CO.. VO Sfite Street, Or, LASO £ DMLAKO. &7 India Wharf A. &OBKKBY, Agent, Portland. *e?t 12-J31 For Sale. HAVANA CIGARS of the following choice brands: 27 400 Designio 1st London 84 W» •• 2d 41 000 “ 3i 44 Angelicas. 10 000 44 let 44 Triusada*. 5 000 44 ‘id Beg Briiauica*. § 000 44 2d Hruauicas 2 &U0 “ Eotractus Oalmus tst. 2 M3 •• . 44 • 2d. 5 0-o Angv)i*as3d London 1’riu ada« . • 6 00i At 2d Brev-s 10 00-' A C 3d Loudo' • SO 000 AMI oud >u Fioy. 32 800 A ML Fior pric •<!*+. 26 300 A M London Cortes. 1 400 A M London Fxuo. 33 WKt Loud**#Tort Mahons. 203 000 ISAAC EMERY, Dead Long Whf. Sept 12—lm CITY OF PORTLAND. lu ike fear One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty- Jtagr. An Ordinance to prevent obstruction* upo* 44 Tort laud aud f orest Avenue Railroad. Be it ordained by the May* r, AUUrmen, and Com mom, CQtuicil of the (Hty of Portland, in City Conn t cil assembled, asfolloics SECTION 1 Auy person wilfully placing au ob struction if auv kind upou the rails of the Tort laud and Forest Aveuue Railroad, in tin- streets o' { this City, shall be punished by flue not exceeding , Twenty Dollars. Sec 2. Ibis ordinance shall take « fi« $t and be in force ftam and after its approval by the Mayor. Approved, Sept. 6f 1864, JACOB MeLKLLAN,Mayor. Copy Attest: Sept 7-*2w J. M HEATH, City Clerk. Found, Os the 0th lu»t., on tbeiiue of P. S A F. R. U| near Cape E izabeth Junction, a pocket bock containing a note aud »-uudry articles. The own»r can have the tame by calling at this office, proving property aud paying charges. 6« pt12—dlw Notice*. I ffllllS day 1 give to my two sons K. J. and Chas X Randall, their time, to set aud trad * for them* §elve«; 1 shall not cfaim their wages or pav their «*hts. T C KANDaLL, Kex-r Falla, Me. —%Mary 1’ilLbury, Mary S.Fillsbury. 11904 June* MISCELLANEOUS. KEOPENEIX Tliesub . ribcrs would r.apectfV.llr announce totheir numerous iriendc and the public that they bare thoroughly J Repaired. Refitted and Refund.hed Tbc popular and centrally located EATING HOUSE, 2§» — ^ No. 77 Middle Street, (FOX BLOCK.) Wldcb will be open on and alter MONDAY, JULY !»(h. fall ud Lunches at all hoars of the hr atd lreaiag. ICE CREAMS. PLAIV AYD FAYCl CAKE, FRL'IT, CONFECTIONARY, Atu, Constantly on hand. SODA WATER, Drawn from Dow'. Patent Ice Cream (Soda) Foun*' tain, with Fruit Syrups. P ARTIES SOPR1ED AT SHORT NOTICE. We shall bo happy to see all oar old friends and m-ke a host of new ouee. and trust that none will nave cause for complaint. CALL AND SEE US 1 ATKINSON & INGERSOLL. -Jy” tf FlItST NATIONAL BANK, Seven-Thirty Notes foi Sale. Interest .cini-annuslly, payable in paper at the rate of seven ami three temhi per cent, per annum Bonds oonvertable iu three years into six percent fire-twenty bonds, upon whioh the interest is paya ble in coin. The notes will he delivered here free of expense. The purchaser will receive the interest to August 16 if subscriptions are made before that time. Onr-eighlh per cent. commit.:ion will be allowed subscribers at this Bank upon all amounts of SI,000 and over. W. £. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, July 30th, 1864—dkwtf CAS C O B A « k7 GOVERNMENT % 3-10 LOAN, j fllHE Casco Csuk is prepared to reoslred subscrip- i A. lions to the new 7 3-i0 loan in sums of S60 and upwards, paying intension same from date 01 sub scription to August 16th, the dsteof the Government All persons having 960 and upwania now hare a ' good opportunity of lending a helping hand to their hr aubecribiog liberally to Ibis loan 1 be ootes are convertible at the ond of three yeara into specie, paying finer cent 6-20 bonds. 1 BunT**' Uken on u 'avorab a terms as at any other , E l*. GEKBXSH, Cashier i Portland, July 28,1864. jy29 aiatf I First National Bank. This Bank will convert the seven-thirty notr* ma turing Aug. 19, and Oct. 1, info six per ccat. bonds of 1881. in nil the denomination j In which the note were issued, vis:—160, »100, 6600, and Sl.OOO-si a oonuaiasioa cf j per cent. W. E. GOULD. Cashier. Portland, July fr>,1834.—eodtr New Steam Mill, Eootoi Cross, between lore A Commercial Sts. WINSLOW, DOTEN & CO., WOULD inform their former customers and the public general y. that tney have fitted up their New Mill with New Mac hiuerj , arid are now ready to do Tinning, Matching ami Jointing, also Sweep and Circular Sawing, W> od Turning, fc. We have in operation one of Mrrsrt. Gray k Wood's new improved Planm. tor FUN1NG OUT Or WIND. It will plane with the greatest accuracy from i inch in thickness to 12 inches square. Also AX EDQER FIFTY FEET LONG, For sawing htavy plank and edging boards. particular at tun t ion given to planing Ship Knees, Clapboards, and heavy Timber. For the accommodation of dt-alers and others har ing large lot* of boards to plane, we have in connec ts.n with the mill 17,000 square feet of yard room. JylOeodtf Carriages, Carriages! Fiimly Bui anil Neaily Finished. J. F. LIBBEY, No. 20 Preble St., t OFFERS for sale, at hi* establishment, a variety of Carriages mai'c io the neatest and most «al>* itantmi smmimw. am***.. . .... -n ,yim diff rent style* of Light Carries, and they will be •old on tbe most favorable term \ Persons intend- i lug to purchase Carriages will ilud it for their inter est to call aud examine before baying eisowbere. juneSSdtf Portland Army Committee OP TUB TJ. S. Christian Commission. Chairman, T. K. Hayes, receives Stores at lit Mid dle street. Treasurer. Cyrus Sturdivant, reeei-es Money at 76 Commercial ctreet. Secretary, Henry H. Burgess, recapss Letters at j 60 Commercial street. Andrew J. Chare, Dr. W. 6 . Johnson. JunelSdtt noticeT 11HK c partnership heretofore existing between . the mibicfibers under the firm of HATCH. CL Ft'OH D p CO , is tills day disolvrd by mutual consent. J. K. , Clifford U authorixed to settle all debts oue to and by the company. li lt Hatch, J It. Clifford, 11 A Fkost. Portland. Sept 10, 1®C4 «eplYeod2w (BY BOYAL LKTTBBS j ARVTIISINE, Real Canadian Bears’ Grease 1 fpHfc best preparation for the growth and luxuri JL ance of the batr. For saic by the Druggists. septddlm Edwin V. Owen A to., Wholesale and Retail Dialers In Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Confectionery, Nut*, Clear*, A A'o. 26 Exchange St.Portland. Oranges, Lemon*. Limes. Tamarinas. Prunes, Cit ron. Kaisics. >>gs. Nuts of all , kinds, Olives Sardine*. Dates. Apples, i Pairs. Pexche*. Preserved Fruits, Gum Drcps, Lozenges, Candies, Honey, .spruce, Tobacco, Cigars, Pickles, Pepper Sauce, etc., etc. ITT" The Trade supplied on the mod liberal terms. Aug 16—Ira Alexander D. Reeves, Tailor & Draper, 08 EXCHANGE ST.j Manufactures to order and in the beat manner. Mil* itary and Navy Uniforms, and Boys’ liar* menta. septSitf j Kl FALL STYLE I I -■XlIATS A ('APS jJ—L Now ready at s EC a w » a , 136 HUDDLE STREET. •cptt> feed 4 w T. J. MURRAY, j Inspector of Distilled Spirits, ' Coal Oil, Tobacco and Cigar*, May be found at the office rf Hon. X. G. Marshall, A'«e*aor lor the First District ol Maine, No. £! Ea* change rtf , Cortland. Me. Aug 'll*-dAtow* LUMBER. Carolina I .umber Oompany. y|tuL uuuerxignedha^ tieeu appointed hv the above X Companv, £ .Jo Agent for the sale of lumber, lor the Mate of New York and all t orts and places north , of New York, and is prepared to furnish hard pine lumber iu any quantities, bv the cargo, sawed to any desired d rneusii n<*, at tbeshor eat notice‘.also Black Walnut, Bay wood. At. JOB A TURNFR. No.GO Washington St., Boston. >las«. Aug.10.1SG4. eod3m COAL, FHFIGU 18. Pit lou, N. 8., to Pembrol *5. Maine. Any sized Vessels. Foreign or Ameri* loan, wanted to freight (J ai as above. The rates for dischar ;iug are lower ,*1 au at Bortou, a id there tie other lacil* ities. Apply to or ad-ire* W\{ E. COFFIN ft ?0., Boston. Also a few Vessels wanted to brin# Coal to other ports. JulylGisSm. Uunrdiitg. T1UE private board tig house No. 77 Free Street, . uewly papered and painted. Rooms fttruiahed j and uufuruished, with board. I Sept 10-tUM* entertainments^ D AN CING = JFOK thoee children not wli'illranacaniim til with Lianciux.*u E VEMNo (.Laos wni be ormrd at Km I 7 5 -iVI iddle Street. |/M Tnt sDA F, S<pi 13. at 7 o'clock P SI xju »tilnesitay, Sept 14.h, a A Class for Beginners Will be organized at IJ o’clrck 1* JI. 1 bum*8 lor twelve lessons; *6 for tweoty-loar ; lessous. septludlw Morris' Minstrels I -AT — Boering 3E3Eo.ll: For a short season, commencing Holiday Evening, Sept. 13. Entire Change of ProgtammcfEach Evening. Doors open at 7—to commerce at 8 o’clock Ad miss on 2> cts; tte^rved seats So cts. H . ▲. Abbott, Agent. Sept 6 —<1»: C. A. MORRIS, Manager. POHTL.ANO BAND Re-Organized. #HAVING re-orgaoized under oar old Leader D. H. CHAHDLER, we are now prepared to lurnish Music for all occasions where music is wanted. Order* left with D. U. Chandler, P.J. Willey or at Paine’* Murio Store, 163 Middle itreet. will be promptly attended to. D. U. CHANDLEK, •eptl, eojGw* Secretary. LEWIS, ROLLINS i BOND, Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street, Store Formerly Occupied by Joai&h Burleigh. Having leased the above store at a very low rett, we propose to open a First Class Tailoring, FINE CLOTHING, -AMD Gents’ Furnishing Goods ESTABL1SHME NT. We Buy and 8ell for Caih and At* ! tend to Our own Basinets. We are enabled to oiler to the poblio Goods as Low as Can be Bought In this City or State. OUR CUSTOM DEPARTMENT la under the direction cf Mr. Bobd, well known to the public as a FIRST CLASS CUTTER. Grateful to our friend* and the public for their liberal patronage at our former place* of business, we still solicit their favors, acd we pledge to deil with them on the square. T. C. LftWIS. N. C HOLLINS, W. M. BOND. Sept 6—dim B. J. D LARRABEE & CO, No, GO Exchange St., Manufacturers of all klada of frames — BOE — Oil Paintings, Engravings, Photographs, A Looking GlaMei. Manufacturers of all kinds of i^rouLiDiisra-s Picture Frames and Looking Glasses. Tiu.* Trade supplied with Blark Walnut, Imitation Rosewcod and Ebony, and Gilt Oval Frames. Our man ufacturiug facilities entbleus to furnish ail ar ticles in t!|* Hue a* low in pric>* as em be found elsewhere. We invite purchaser* to call and exam in* mir r.TT fir.* Knurs* of which we have a ! large variety. -eylOdtf ) 3ST. S. Gardiner, Merchant Tailor, -AID DKALVB IN Beady-Made Clotnicg, And Genie* Furnlshina Goode, No. t2 MuUU St., corner^ Lime Strrtt, .oppo site the Post Office, POBILAND..lUnre. scptSdtt New Bedford Copper Comp'y. THE undersigned, agents of the above Company, | are prepart-a to famish suit* of Yellow Metal & Copper Sheathing, Bolt Copper, Bolt Yellow Metul , Spike, Xailt, fc., ml short notice and deliver*! At may port required. McGILVEBT, BTAN * DAVIS. Sept 6.—dtr Maine Bonnet Bleachery, 300 Congres Street, PORTLAND - - - MAINE. Straw, Lace & Leghorn Bonnets GENTLEMEN'S HATS, Bleached & Pressed at the Shortest Notice -ILSO HATS & BONNETS DYED. Every exertic n will be made to have all orders riot i*tlt attended to. JAMES B. RACKLYFT. . aog31 3m. ECONOMYJS WEALTH. THE iobscribcr rwp«ctfully informs his lrietd# in general that he will Repair Gentlemens’Garments OF KV KKV Disrsimos, AT SHORT NOTICE AND FAIRPR1CES ; So that Money eon be Saved in these War Times. J. E. STORY, No.3S Exchange St. Ang 37—dtfI Sewall €. Strnit, Of the late firm of Howard * Stront, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 100 Middle Street. Opposite International Bank,.Portland. Aug 12— w3m Grand Trunk Railway. FEXIQHT AmCT, I rortland, **ept 3. 1564 J ALL persons rf<iuiriDg reoeips from this Com* n«ny for the deivery of freight, and payment ot freight charge#, above twenty dollar*, rrtst sffla ; Stamp# upon the same or th«y will not be signed. Sept 6—dim JOHN l’OKlEOL’S. Agent. Dissolution ol' Copartnership. i mill: copirtuerabip heretofore existing between ■ A theuud-r.ignro,is hereby di«»ol»el br mutual i content. The affair, oftbe la'e Arm will be Killed ' .t our new placeof biMineu, No., ltl aod 143 Mid* I die 8t. N- C. UoLLtxa. i W. M Bohd. Portland. Sept. 1.1S84. wp7d3w Copartnership Notice. THE uuderslgned have this day formed a Coeart nerrhip uutler th. firm and name of “lAwis, I Rollins A Boat*.'' lor the porpote ol doing a . wholesale and roiar clothing u.ine«, 8 Nn. 141 I and 143 Middle St., Portland, Me. T. C. Lxwie.. K. C. Eollihs, IT. M. Boxd. Portland, Sept.l, 18fl4.- eepildffw For Mate. AN eight hone power STKai. Enois* with all the fixture., ha. teen hut little u»»d = *•'?* good second hand Hear t utter, and a .mall Engine Lathe. ^'-'VaAC MoCLET-LAN. septl eodJw* _Gorham, Board. , „ A FEW Boarder, can he .ocommodated atho. 33 Adam. Street, at 84 per week. aept 8dtw » . EDUCATION alT [ I*rof. Mlt.NO, A.M. 11 cmtly of Philadelphia, iuMirnctor in the French a»*d Latin L»nguag;cs. ll*ieiioo»S Mni*''100*" *cd landlioe, lectures la ,),« ol 1 r»oc *Pior^?'"!n ,‘U Fr'-1'c 1 Idioms A up belles loiters YchSJu? ln,!ructor 01 historic and dmtBstituiioiMVaSeE"**11* Coiki!e' oue of the Noyw’’hetiwi“l J!!nJ ;rpy »*- Messrs Bailer * ! aj to term. *c. wiilDeg.reV *• "*»•»« inlormation I »»t«cn. Hon. W. H. Seward, SecrtUry of m., H iv. Bishop W. U.steeeiu, B B orlSjLt.i_a.. . Bey. A. Cleveland Cone, of Baltimorehtiadnlphin. Prof. C O. Clnrotund, ol Philadelphia Prof. U.Coppie. of Pitu a Cuireruity ' Geo. B. Kiuti on, Iwq , ol ft- il. jJjum, lu^., oi i>oek>a. Epe* Sargent, E*j., of Beaton. ^ ft1 ftev. Biahop 1. C urowueii, D. D., liartlord, : Dr. E. P. L«Prohon, Portland. Bept 6. d!lui A GOOD 8ebool for Boyn, Tope bam, Maine, 26 mi lea Irom Portland; eaay of acceaa—a beauU* ! ml anu beaiiuy locality. For circular*, Ac , pieaae addreandie Principal, - , WAR BEN JOHNSON, A. M. 8ept 1—d8w* ‘HOME INSTITUTE.” Miss I. (i, Prince, Principal. flYHIS Boarding and Bay School for Young Ladies, i,.Wre!kre'0P!" !?* “'nth year, on lharadnr. Sept. Ifith, lor Circulars containing terms, to., Ain&twlm1*1 “ “ Fm 8t l Fur,!“d' Young Ladies’ Seminary. THE Fall Ses. Ion of this School opens ThnredaT Sept, a, in Morton Block. CoogSmsYt. 7’ In addition to the day school.which has recelrtd so urge a share of the beet patronage ol the city, ar rangements hare now been made to admit a few Bonraiiig Scholars. For Circulars containing Terms, to , address MISSES 8 YMONBS, Piincip.le, .. .... . IS Brown St. Ang 24—eodtdtwSw MEW HAMPSHIRE Commercial College, Central Hall,-Concord, N- H. THE most thorough and extensive Com mere is College in Mew England, presents unequalled ticilines lor imparting to joung meu and ladies a oompiste busiue** education. 8end tor a circular containing full inlormaticn— addrees WOKTHINUTO* * WAKMER, . Principals. Aug 9—dAw€m THE PORTLAND COLLEGE, Located la Clapp's Block, Congress Street, IS a link In Bryant. Stratton A Co.'(chain of In leruationai Busine** and Commarcia! College* established in twenty-'wo of the leading commer cial citiea in tbe United state* and Canada*. Tlia object of theae College* i* to farniah young men nnd ladiee the beet teeilitie* for obtaining a thorough** education. Scholarship* for fall courteof Bork.keeping, Com met dal Law, Comircrclal Calculation*. Speneeriac Penmanship, Correspondence. Lecture* and Pracri cal Kxcreiie*. la good throughout the chain for an unlimited period. L. A. GRAY, A* M ., RK8IDENT PRINCIPAL. tr If or further information* pleura call at ft# College, or read for Circular and Col.ais Month!). inclosing latter stamp. Addre.-a BRYANT STRATTON A GRAY, Portland, - - - a Maine. uugSl dkwCru * WANTS, LOST,FOUND Wanted. 1jV)R a family of fear (no intll children) t alee g.-cteel two storied hcbm, in the centre of tbe oity,repxrnteor in a block. Addr<.si Box 110 t*ort lnnd P«.st, Ofticj. septydtf L o JuT. ON Wednesday evening. 7th Inst., near tbe Bos ton Depot, a Parte containing at out 93*0 The duaer will be liberally rewarded on Laving the not at this office. •>op:!)Jiw" Wanted. A GOOD Safe and a “Sit-down Coanting Room De*k.” Address, JttxacaaxT, Look Box 42. Poitlxnd P. O tcpi'dls* "Wanted ! Elderberries and Cherries. THE highest pile* paid for ripe Elderberriea.p.'ck clcau. andaiao Biaek C Ucrrior. by W 8 Mama, Wlndbam. or GULEXOUGU k MOUSE. S«pt<—dhwtf Market bquare. Strayed or Stoli n. IASI'S tba subscriber In ilorhkm, a'Bay Colt,one . year old leal May. with black mane and tali and | b ack leg,. Whoever will it turn Qua or giva iu or matiou wbera he on be found 'ball be auiiablv rw warded MOSES FOGG, Gorbam, Ua. Sept 7—dlw Wanted. O/'k CUSTOM Coat as*! 90 custom Pont makers. i DU Apply at Clothing Rooms of WOODMAN, lKL'K A CO., 64 and 56 Middle street. AngO—dkwjsGw Wanted. BY a middle aged man. a situation in a atorc, or on the wharf, as a *alc-man. to uo ligt work or ; to take charge of some Lghi bu«ioc«a. Good refer 1 ences given. Addrtss Box 1G1*. or envinire at No. S Lime St. I Portland, Sept. 6th —dti LOST. $100 SEW Attn. OX Central wharf, or around tba Grand Tmk Depot aud yaid; a Call skin Wallet coalmin ing a couaidrable turn of mouey, and papara of do value to aoy one but tba loo^r. The Bader will be rewarded as above on returning the mu to Ko. I Central Wharf, or 72 Brackett .tree!. Portland, Aug. SI IBM. an*31 dtf Lout. \ J" OX DAY' afternoon b> tween Lincoln Street and I kvithe Press Office, a lady ’a Jet Croea l*iu, tipped who gold and a read in the centre, l he Buder wi1. i bo suitably rewarded by loafing tbe line at THIS DEUCE. tf I Aug 30. 1*64. House Wanted. E Wanted by the advertiser. a convenient, centrally located, and pleasant house lor a small family, without cmidren—pos*ee*'Oo te be had as early a- the middle of October, sooner if * po»4i 1? It must have good water oonvemcuces. and be well finished. The advertiser would lease such a house for a term of years, or purchase if terms suited. A two-story oottage, small lot. preferred. Adore4* O. 1* g . at the IhvssOfice, staring loca tion. general terms, he eonjUlentiaitjf. Portland, Aug- 1.1864 —dtf Lost. STRAYED <Vom the p.utur* of Mr. Frnnci, Rob ert,. Westbrook, but mouth, a three year o.d gray Colt, small *ire; whoever wilt return him •* g ve information where he may be found, will to ! r*w"d“1’by Portland, July IS. 1864.—dtf $05 ttewmrd ! STOLEN from the subscriber -in Tuesday Even ing while in 1’ieroe's auction r--*om, a Calf Si tin Pock* t Book contain* *64 in m-jney. a note against Charles llodgdon. Gorham, for *V).aud wue against Charles rtooper for *13. The above reward will b* paid for the recovery of the property and the dcSeo* : lion of the thief. _ __ Tune 8.-tf GEORGE R*CK. NAVY SUBSTITUTES! -AND— V olunteers. PERSONS bavin* »nkntittite# or retrain to pot ioto tuo .MVIcrt boro their pmp.n mndootH ! In proper form, nndtheir tubstitotre pot on board tbo U. S. HUH* ■'SaUINE" with dupntcb nod nt mSub»!ituion^onli-tin»nt pnp#r» for tbo ARMY also made oaf and attended to. by applying >• MANAS.'Ell SMITH. Office SJ nachnoRObt.. Over Lowell A tnoirfl. An* 17-dkwtf___ Dissolution. rnilK ooplrtoenhip heretofore f ti,tin* bntwMM I1 swnnt nnd OM*« an Attorney* at l aw, >■ tbM day oiaeoived by mntool oonoonf I bo nlfUrnul tbo late firm will be adjured bv either party . jJ, Swent will continue in btuinon* *A office No. UT Middle ntrnot. Money *iEow. Mr C'envc* ot the utlice of Howard A Cleaves, No. »1 Mid lie street, over Cnroo Sank I.. D M. SlfEAT. NATHAN CLEAVES. Portland. July lfith, 1864, jvlSd3in Dissolution. . ffTHE firm of Howard A S treat, t* Att arney* »••* A Coanseliore a'Law. 1* thin day dissolved by to** Ittnl ooDsent. Either partner wilBnttrud totbe*nt tlomeut of of tbe boainoanof tbn into firm Mr. Howard will coatlaoo to occupy .dbocM S»‘a' dieetreet,oyer Casco Bank ... Mr. Stroat will occupy offic-j 10* Mlddla *troot, opposite bead of P'.umk street. HirwaoP, irtUi C, STBOTT. I PortlABd, Jvpa *7,1864—« ■ AUCTION SALES. PATTEN', AUCTIONEER, 12 llollU|l St. ,t*al Estate on St. Lawrence St., _ At Auction. O theuT?*7;8(’t’‘.13:!i' “ > p“‘ 12 <>■<»<>•*. <» Fortlsud^oStoy1 No 98f' Lawrenco St, »««r tl» laud .'tiitK'-i’ * Wor8*> will be sold a lot of ,1st of a Tfc® •"“‘■t* we an d In the roar la a tw il“K *?a ''‘ore* ®*> ,h* "■«»*. The lot ras a front*?wonde“ dwei *»*• This property mm. U^L^1001- <*' P‘*> to salt purcmeer. 1 or mifJL1 out TtrT\ Ttrm* tiooeer. wu«%4,up ca;l on tb# IM, a-,-_ septTdUl Fit rut tit re at Auction. OX TCedoesday, Sept, llth, at tan o’clock a vr at th,- home of John s Wider No si S' all the Furritn»ein ssld It. u.e oonsiithV,*?1*.!?'’ • -* Budoinr, lied.leads aud Mai,re.,..,, bamiwr'fusl’ Bureaus, Sola*, chaira. Table*, r arpei,uir??Z’ Crockery, filn^, China. Tin, and Wooden Ir?U‘ fable Cutlery. Parlor and Cock Stoeea in an*’ with the Kitehen Korn Mure 1 1IRNRY Bailey A CO., Auetioaeere 8rpt 7—td House and Lot at Auction. 0N 121*“r*d»r 8®1 * u- •* * o'clock r. a , we ehal VTaell the two atory wooden nouae No S Wi.l*. at The house is new. modern and com taunt in lu a*. ",t8 root closer,, ft ue cellar, a bar danoa hard aud sol. water, and eiary way ,t-airibis for,meat or occupancy. The lot ra it by »j fmk rule Clear—aaleroeiilye. ’ HENRY HAILEY A Co., Anationeaaa. Sept 7—dtf ' EDW M. PATTEN, AUCTIONEER,12t*7ha**eBt. Valuable Property on Commercial St. at Auction. ON Friday, September 18th, at 3 r n. oa the premises, witheut reserve, a valuable lot of Land on the northerly aide of Comm, rcial street, nearly opposite the head of Franklin Wha'I It ha*a front* are on ComaaerersI of 28 leer, extending back a boat 300 fact givdif a front oa Fore streetot 30 feet mak* lor some 860 i square feet. It will he sold aa above without reserve on avorable terms. Plan may be ‘aen at the Merchants' Exchange. For fsrticalan call on tho Aactloneer. scplOJ d siaiuuose nouvt! loi M A union. ON kridav, Sept 16th. at 6 o'clock r.U ,w» shall sell a valoab'e lot of land oa Irdia stieot. Mat to ihoooroer lot on the north east coraor tflrdersl street, beinglu feet on Ind a street by 47 test deep, with a eoou well ofexce Teat wa'er oa It 1 hie Is a beau trial lor lor betiding, centrally loest ted and in an exe' llent neighborhood, lltle eleer. HR.VKY HAILEr ft CO., AaeCra. Sept 6—did ■•ncs, Carrlacn, A liarurwea, at Auction. ON Saturday, Sept. 17, at 11 p’oleok A. M. ea Lime street. Horses. Carriages, sod H- re sorts, •eobne Carryails, Top Buggys. Coaeorn Watone, Jenny Lind*. Express Wagon nod Unroot***; sous of each new and second baud. UKNttT BAlLXr ft CO..Aswt‘n Aag g-dtf House and Lot at Auction. Ox Saturday, Srp'emt.r 17tb, gt g o'clock r we thall tell tbs three .lory wooden boose go. 7 Dow St. 1 h. boose is finished ’hrougbuot flr * o oe Tts. flue cellar, plenty water. oentro.lT kieatsd. la :ooj repair, always under rent, cud a desirable properly for Investment sale positive to eloee sp an estate. Terms at sale. HENHY BAILEY ft CO.. ActTIOBnnp. Sept 10—slid _ House at Auction. ON Turrdar, Sep* 3iWh, at lo’o ock r. M, oa ikt prtvnlret, we ibali uel) the 11 « orr woo .ea hc*»* No. 21 Tat* »tr*et. It haa 7 flashed room*, abnrd* auc- Hard aod oft water. Y eaaamly Heated a*4 ia good repai'. Sale po-i’!'**. HENRY HAILEY 4 CO.. ▲nctio***r*. Sept 11—dtd Administrator'* Sale. XOTIl'E b herebr riven. that by virta* of all cod«» fr-jia the Jud«e of Frobaie tor the Ccaaty of Cumberland, I shall sell, by public auction, at tb* dwelling Loose on lb* ireni#e«. on the s« v* a*troth day of October, K. l> 1«®4. at 2 o’eJc ck In the af er aoon, the homestead lot of th* late tteaben Mol* brook late of Freepor , ia said C« unty. si oat 4 m aid Freeport, and containing lour oert. of land, bi h the batldiofu th» r* on HoftiCE BREWkR. Administrator. Dated this 7th lav of Sept . 1W4. itawkw* EUViAKD m. miLH, Commission Merchant £ Auctioneer Has removed to the specious store U Exchange Street, fbur doors Mow Merchant'* Kxohaois. Will receive eou.lgnmenta oi Merchandise •! every deecnptioc, for l ehiic or private .ale. Bales of Heal Estate. Vaeacla, Cargoes, Stocks and Her. ohandise solicited. Cub advances made, with prompt sales and returns. mcblS dly MERCHANDISE. Spruce flapping Boards. I'iWl/u) Ktr (lane tint Sfnm lOU.UUU B >inil 'or safe be ■ J. U. UaULLN, Hobson's Warf, 1'orUnnd, Mm Any IF—dlw _ ________ Tslnidad Sugar and Molluscs. 7Q UuDS. Choice MueooraJo Snynr, 36T hhds Choice Muacorado Mo'aeeet, 43 Heroes Choice MuteoTido Moime. Cargo brig J. D. Lincoln, now landing and for rain by Hui'li.M LA TUB. No. 1 Central Wharf. Any lb—dlw _ Hscbnriact Ship Timber. OAK. Ha-Ameuek, and Hard Wood Clank,Tree nail* from 12 to MS luchea, treenail Wadgaa, be. fee, by L TtlLOk, Juue2Sd*m Galt's Wbarr, Portland. Treenail*. a 100,000£.UbI* tHKKM A1LB. Or 7 81 MONTON k KNIGHT. 48 Commercial Wharf. ParHud.JaaaU.lSdi. piaeUrdtf Sugar aud Xolaeaea. 300 UHi>8'| CHOICE MUSCOVADO iO 10TCS. i GAK. 171 HUBS Saperior Hosoovado, ud it TC8 Claved Molasses, 11 DHLS from sierra Morena, • Sow landing and for tale Inr THOMAS A3KNCI0 fc CO., mayttf Lurtom Uuaea Wharf Sierra Morena Mol waded. 335 H1IDS } CHOICK SIKRKa MOKSHA 30 TIERCES 1 M0LA88KS. M BBL-> ' Sow landtag from Brig "C. U. Kennedy” T1103. ASENCiO k CO.. Marl.—tf C. H Wharf. ^Mjl^Uk— TO THE AFFLICTED I DR. W.W. DERUVCt, Medical Electrician, No. II Clapp's Block, corn an orcoNQRRsa and cut strmkta WOULD revpeetfuly announceto Ih.cltlatt. ,1 Portland and vicinity, that ha haa per mam al ly located in thm city. During tha eleven met tha that » e have boon in Iowa me have cored acme c< the wont form, of diceamiis who bnve ttted other forme of treatment ta vma, and curing pa tient, in ao abort • time Hint the queetioe ia eltoa naked, do they atny cured? To snetver thu qneetion wenviileay that all that do not >tny cu>ed, wa will loctor tlia arcoud tlm* *cr nothing. Dr. D. haa bean a practical -mectrtcina fer twenty in. yean, and iaalvo a regular graduated phySelue hleclricity ia perfectly adapted to chronic dWoueoa lathe form of norvdna or eick headaoho; neerale-e. ta tha head, extnmiilee: consumption,wb. n ia the aenteatagea or where the lance ora not fn y nvolvad; acuta or chronic r heumadidn. acrotnln. hi> Uacaaoa. white aw. Hinge. apinal dlarsaea. cnrmtt I of the opine, contracted tnuaclr. dletortod Urn la, onlay or paralyaia. St. Vitae' Donee, dealneee.etna. aeiingor hcaitaacy t apeecb. tyepepeia. b-digee A.n, eonetipation and liver complaint, plica—we onto ivory care that oaa he prevented; aethma, bronih • tie. otriotnraa of tha cheat, and all forma of haa • aompiatnti. By Bleotricity Tha RheumaDa, thu goaty, the lime and tha lajy leap with Joy. and twwvo uftli the ogildi ebutiv Itrength; tha blind made to aee. the deaf to bear ai 4 tha yaloled form to move upright; the bleniabea 11 vonth are obliterated the occtdewfa of mann H, prevented; the aalaaaitie. of old age obviated, and aa active alrwalatlon mabotalaed. LADIEI * kereary, AjoDmoav, Anenic, be. Hurd red. »h» ‘ ms _ | illQVAl!

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