Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 15, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 15, 1864 Page 3
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l ORTLAJfD AJTD VIC IX IT Y. Advertisement! To-Day, l»lrl Wanted. Clerk Wanted. Merchants' Bank. c. B Maraha.'s Sale. Bek'dera Wanted. House for Sale. Heweomb's Minstrels <• «-co Back Hats and Caps—Coe k McCaller. Municipal Court—Sept. 14. William Kerrigan, a lad of ten years of age, for larceny of a pair of boots, was fined three dollars and costs, which was paid by his fa ther. Newcomb’* Mutstbels.—This star troupe, as will he seeu by advertisement In another column, will give three concerts at the City Hall, commencing Monday next. A glance at the programme promises a rich musical treat, as well as a spicy melange of “irrepres sible fun.” Unlike tl.e sterotyped performan ces and buffoonery of the general run of Ethi opian bauds, Newcomb’s troupe offers an al most entire novel aeries. We notice in the musical category one of the gems from Faust, the “Soldiers’Chorus”, which will be given' With the full force of the vocal and instru mental corps, and ail who remember the ad mirable style in which the “Anvil Chorus” was introduces! by Newcomb into Etbiopean minstrelsy, will be prepared to anticipate something equal to the bona fide operatic rendition. Another grand ieature spoken of in the highest terms by the press where they have performed, is the wonderful drill of Sergeant Childers of the Iudiaua Zouaves, the hero of nine ditfereut battles. f I A OoodIoka.—The Committee of the Par ker Fraternity, Boston, have made arrange ments to reserve a portion of the scats at Music Hall for the patrons of their course of lectures, upon the payment of an extra sum. They divide the Hall into two sections—re serve! and nureserved—and the secured seats will be retained for the check holders only un til 7 1-2 o'clock each lecture night. The charge for reserved seals is *1,70 for each ••Mi Would it not be well for the Lecture Com mittee of the Mercantile Library Association of this city to make a similar arrangements for their perarso of lecturses the cooriug sea son, at a less charge hrwever, for reserved seats. .uimtjixu.—11113 popuar com pany are filling Decline Hall every evening, Without regard to weather or whatever else may he la competition with it. They present a rich programme and eaoh perlormer is a host in himself. They will remain hut three even ings more and those who are intending to see and hear them should go this evening, and go early la order to secure a seat. There is to be an entire change of programme each even ing; but buttons and belt buckles should be well secured before tbe performance comiueu «s. Those w ho cannot laugh without‘•most killing them”, can take a seat by the door, to a* to step out if they should find themselves in danger of splitting their sides, Portland, Sept. 14, lNH. The following sums of money have been received fur tbe United States Christian Com mission .since the last acknowledgement: First parish, Yarmouth, tin; St. Lawrenue St, (dhuicb, fell); Pine St. Methodist Church and Congregation, $11.50; Chestnut St. Methodist Chut, h and Congregation, .’WOO; Baptist Church and Society. Aina, *> 80; Baptist Church and Society, East Sumner, $8.35, Cyrus Sturdivant, Tress, of Army Com. of V. M. 0. A. New Stoke and New Goods.—By refer ence to our advertising columns our readers will notice that Messrs. Coe A McCallar lave Just opened a Fur, Hat and Cap Store at No. (to Middip $tre?{, ftp}.' stock will cmnracc the latest styles and best quality of hats and caps, together with every article usually found at such an establishment. They are both young men and have a large circle of ac quaintance and we wish them success iu their ppV cnierprise. New Books.—Hall L. Davis has received from the establishment of Messrs. Tickuor A Field, Boston: “Fireside Travel*,” by James KusSWI Lowell: and “PoRtjs op THE WpH,” by George H. Boker. A. Robinson has received the Life of Lin coln and Johnson, by II. J. Raymond, cam paign edition. fRClT Axd FpovyEB Show .—We under- ; Stand that the Horticultural Society are to bold their rail exhibition of fruits, plants, Ac., on Wednesday, Oct. 5tb, next, at the City ; Hall, to be followed ou the evening of the next ; Jay, by a promenade Assembly, with music by one of the bands. The full particulars will be duly advertised. Tnt steam tug "Uncle Sam,” which has been hauled up lor soipe time past, is now pnarly ie^uy 4o commence work, and will be able to handle vessels of any size. She has been enlarged and strengthened, and a new boiler has been put in which gives her great power. Mosf.y Lost.—A roll of bank cotes con taining ouu ten dollar bill, and others of small er daqominaijon. was lost on Monday. The finder, on leaving it at the International Hotel, will be suitably rewarded by Mr. Rol lins. The money was the property qf ope Who cau id apurd to lose jt Gen. Grant and the Union Gauge. The Toronto Globe, having copied General Grant’s recent letter, remark* of its author: “Uu previoqs refipaqpc will give hi* advice tenfold weight with his countryman, and cauae them to jive iutiuiteJy more heed to his word* | of cheer aud cautiou, than they would to those of one who had announced the end of the re bellion half a score oftimes before. in one re spect this letter will pul Gen. Graut in an ea- : fuudingiy fayurablo light before the country. I rle has been accused of sighing aud plotting fpr ^ nomination to the presidency for himself. In placo of that he is found counselling unity at the North, aud the support of the Govern ment, not only in the election, but in all things tending to the oue great end—the triumph of the Union cau-e. lie makes short work <1 the pemoerstiu pretence of being for peace only : wu the basis of Union, and plainly designates the Chicago nominee as “the peace candidate.” whose success inspired the Confederates with new hope*, and perhaps oppns to them a new source Ll leC.' wps. Thus Gen. Urant concurs With the political friends d! the Administration in locating Gen McClellan precisely where he and his friends are most auxious that be should not be located—upou a platform of political hostility to the national cauae. This Imputa tion of enmity to the uqliosai cause is oue w hich, when made to stick, has hardly ever failed in any country to ruin those to whom it attached. Gen. McClellan's case Is not likely W to prove an exception to that rule.” Gen. McClellan's Memory nt Fgult. lie *ay* ‘‘the preservation uf the Uuion was the sole avowed object for wh'cb the war was commenced ” The war was not “commenced” for any sucli purpose, »ud the plainest, most, simple and most easily understood facts of his tory show thal McClellan ha* either forgotten when and how the war was commenced, or wilfully misrepresents or (aliifUit the record. The attack on Sumter in April, 18t}l, was the commencement of the war aud everybody knows Jt. This attempt of the standard bear er of tho Copperheads to fasten the commence ment uf the war upou the North is mean acd contemptible. Slaveholders began the war, and their “sole avowed object” was not to “preserve”, but to destroy "the Union.” European axi» North American Bail wav.—The vote ol Bangor was taken on Mon day, on the question of loaning its credit for $<100,000 to aid the construction of the Euro pean it North American Railway. The vote was 1707 in favor to 100 against it. New Publications, The Contlict and tee Victory or Life. Me moir of Mrs. Caroline P. Keith, Missionary of the Protestant Episcopal Church to China. Edited by her brother, Wm. C. Tenney. New York: 1). Appleton & Co., 1864. This is a 12ino volume of 382 pages, put up in Appleton A Co’s usual neat style. It gives the quiet, ohriatian life of an Amerioin woman, who laid upon the altar of Humanity and Hu manity’s God all the comforts, associations, pleasures and luxuries of life among friends and in the land of her birth, to become an humble instrument of God for the conversion of his ig : norant children to a knowledge of his will and obedience to his laws. Miss Tenney was born in New Market, N. H.,in 1821,becameamissionary I to t Inna in 1850, was married to Rev. Cleveland Keith in 1854, and died in San Francisco in 1802. Her husband perished in the terrible conflagra tion of the steamer “Golden Gate,” on the coast of ( alifornia, two months following her own death. For sale in this city by Bailey A Noyes. Tub Trial: More Links or the Daisy Chain. By the Author of “The Heir of Redcliffe.” Two volumes in one. 12mo, pp. 380, paper , covers. New York: Applet*n A Co. 1864. Appleton seldom publishes a poor book. He j has not in this instance. We have not had time i toread“The Trial" incourse, but from a cur- j sory examination of its well printed pages we j are satisfied that it will be found a work of no j small merit, anil one that will make a severe j draft upon the reader's time from the moment j he commences till he shall have reached the final page. We commend it to the admirers of pleas ing fiction. For sale in this city by Bailey A , Noyes. The Classification or the Sciences : To which ' are added reasons for dissenting from the Phi losophy of M. Comte. By Herbert Speneer, , author of “Ulustratious of Universal Progw i real," Ac. Pamphlet, 48 pages, 12mo. New i.ork: D. Appleton A Co. For sale in this otty by Bailey A Noyes. I hi: Rival By J.B. Jones, author of “Wild Western Scenes." “The War Path,’’ Ac. Philadelphia: T. B. Peterson A Bros., 1864. Paper covers, 270 pages, price SI.50. Of this work the Philadelphia Evening Tele graph says: "The author has given us an Amer ican novel of real merit, and considerable dra matic power. The scenes are laid in the National ■ Capital, in Philadelphia, New Vork,and Balti- , more, and the delineations of real life, manners, j principles, elevating aud defective morals, are , drawn with a master hand in a very pleasing | style. Plot aud Passion are interwoven so deli- j oalely and naturally as to oarry the interest of ' the reader through the work, and enable the 1 true thinker to weigh and appreciate its teach- ] ings. The false pride of some of our people re- I ceivee truthful depiction, and at almost every I turn scathing rebuke. The frivolities of the period—causes of some of our internecine heart- ' burnings — arc also sarcastically disposed of. This novel is well written, and is gotten up in the usual excellent style that characterises the publishers, and we have no doubt it will meet with a very Urge sale." For sale by Bailey A Noyes. Tin: Devoted Bride: By St. George Tucker. I Philadelphia: T. B. Peterson & Bros., 1864. j Paper covers, 370 pages, price $1.50. A popular metropolitan paper, whose literary ; editor has read this book, says: “It is a atory of 1 several lives in the ‘Old Dominion.’ The heroine is of that Huguenot-like,cavalier blood, which coursed through the veins of the nohle early 1 settlers of Eastern Virginia. The tale is admir- ! ably narrated, and here and there we obaerve j historical catches, which take us back to our i boyhood on the Peninsula, is a story of love among those who fed the flame with chivalric 1 ardor, and the noblest principles. This ia a novel which, in perusal, will remind us of the , day of Virginia's prime, in a delightful narrw- . tive of real life, and mgke us forget, fur & little wh‘l*i at least,this eivil war of oura. We heart ily commend the book in every way, and hope it may be well received.’’ For sale by Bailey A Noyes. Victoire, a novel. New York: Carletoa. 12mo, i pp. 392. For sale in this city by Hall L. I DaVi«. The writer of this novel is not announced, but j we learn from one who knows, that the author ts well known in newspaper literature by charming letters from New*York and Washington, tu vari- • jus Idling journals, and for occasional brief j ( poems of deop flwling and exquisite intellectual expression. Victoibe, itself, was published several years ago in*the Springfield Republican, and made a strong impression upon its readers. The distinctive individuality of the novel lias in 1 the luxuriance of the style which is word-paint ing; and in the exquisite fidelity and fervor , with which the finest sensibilities and paasions , of our nature, its conflicts and triumphs, are portrayed. irr tjhhlbgkela^pb -TO THK tVE\I\(b PAPER*. .mnii 4 Mrttfldmt A*k*et*,ment—Capture of a South 'Carolina Key intent—Official Report of General Sheridan. Wabuingtox, Sept. 14. The following dis; atch has just beep receiv- j ed from Gen. Sheridan: -Year fterryvii* 13/A, 7 1‘. Af.—This morn ing 1 sent Geu. Getty’s division of the 6th corps, with two brigades of cavalry, to the crossing of Summit Point and Winchester road over the Occo^uan Creek. Rhodes’ Ram sey's, Gordon’* and Wharton’s divisions were j formed on the vfest bank. At the same time | Gens. Wilson and McJntosU’s brigades of eav- , airy dashed up the Winchester pike aud drove 1 the rebel cavalry at a run; came In contact with Kershaw’s division, charged it, and cap tured the 8lh South Carolina regiment, six- I teen officers, 143 men, and its battle Sag.— Col. Henuegan commanded a brigade with the loss of only two men killed and three wound- ! ed. Great credit is due Wilson and McIntosh, ! and the 3d New Jersey and *1 Ohio regiments. The charge was a gallant cue. A portion of the 2d Mass, reserve brigade made a charge on the line, and captured ten officers and eleven men of Gordon’* division S ol infantry, Our loss in the teuonuotsaaoce was very light. (Signed) P. H. Siieuidax. Major General. *■ t'ont f h a fir st on and Sarannalt— Ax^^MioA of H*tnl I'oudrr Work*, New York, Sept. 14. ! Charleston, <S. C.) papers of the 1st inst., I mention au explosion of a mammoth Yankee torpedo near the south-west angle of Fort Sumter, it exploded too far front the lort to do material damage, although it shook the structure heavily. The rebel powder works at Augusta, Ga., I exploded lately, destroying 00,000 pounds of : powder and kiiliug nine operators. The Charleston Courier is pleased at the unity of sentiment in the rebellious States ! against auy reception ot overtures for peace. The authorities of Cbarlestou have been very tnuoh annoyed by unknown persons mys- ! teriously sending up rockets from that city aud a suburban locality. All foreigners in Savannah who da not or ganize for the defence of that city Uy the oUth uli., will be sent to Atlanta. Tho Richmond Examiner of the 0th says : I “ i he hopes built upon the terrible tilings that Wheeler was to do with Sherman’s communi cations seem fast falling into nothing.” TVom Richmond — Scarcity of Vrorieionm In . the Rchel < apitnt - Strenuth of the ft,btl 4r,Vy.| New York, Sept. 14. | A gentleman who left Richmond on the 5th, : informs the Herald that the condition of the \ rebels in that city must certainly be dlstress ; lug, owing to the scarcity of provisions. He also says water communication via James River is unobstructed, except by a single liue of torpedoes opposite Drury’s Blufl, and a couple of Iron clads heavily armed. Tne whole rebel army is less than 200,000, including guei rills*, aud Lee has tinder his di rection about 75,oi*>. Of that number the ranks are tilled up with old men sixty years or age and hoys of tilieeu^and the army is too feeble either to attack Graut or hold together much longer. from tho Army before Richmond. New York. Sept. 14. The 10th and 18th corps are now entitled the Army ot the James. Gen. Weitzel has been promoted to a Major General. i he extension of the Petersburg and City I oint Hsilroad, connecting with the Weldou road on our front, was completed on the 11th inst. An Army of the Potomac correspondent says our pickets aud the rebels are ouly thirty feet apart. The utmost vigilance and cease ; less firing is displayed on both sides. BY TELEGBAPH TOTH* | Portland Daily Press. -—•••_-— I'OIK PAY** ; LATER FROM ElROft’E. I Arrival of the Steamships City of Man- ■ cheater and Arabia. New Yoke, Sept. 14. The steamship City of Manchester, from Liverpool 31st ult. and Queenstown 1st iust., 1 has arrived. The following are the latest ad vices : Liverpool. Sept. 1st.—The steamship Sax onia, from New York, arrived at Southamp ton 31st ult. The Steamship Sidou, from New York ar rived at Queeustowu 31st ult. » ’ The steamship Washington, from New York arrived at home on the 31st ult. Ter .team.hip Arabia. t- Halifax, N. s., Sept. 14. loe steam-hip Arabia, from Liverpool 3d anu Queeustown 4th inst., for Boston, arrived I here at about 11.30 to-night. The steamship Tersia, from New Y'ork, ar rived at Liverpool on the 3d iust. ihe London Times lias an editoiial oil the 1 doings of the pijate Tallahassee, in which it says: Though we must acknowledge the energy and skill of the Confederate commanders, we : can have no sympathy with the particular kind I or warlare which they carry on. Looking on it a,- retaliation for tbe many excesses and | cruelties ol the Federals on land, we may ex- j cuse it; but the w hole system is barbarous and it would be well if the war could be wag ed without it. Nolhiug is more likely to weaken the peace party of the North than the j story of these captures which must irritate i Northern people every where it istolj, and | make enemies of a large number who have 1 no sympathy with Lincoln and his party. The New York correspondent of the Lon don Times continues to wtile from Niagara h alls as to tlie Democratic wire pulling at that place, in regard to the Chicago convention.— lie maintains that il the eiccliou is fairly con ducted. the Chicago nominee will be the next president if the platform of armistice and con vention ol the Suites is adopted. He asserts that an armistice suit* all meu and all parties except only contractors. The halt-yearly drawing for the sinking fuud of the Confederate loan, look place on the 1st iust. Nearly a sixth part of the loan has al ready been redeemed, viz: £340.000 sterling by cotton, and £183,000 by the sinking fund. The Times of the 3d iusl. has another edi- j torial on the peace prospects in America, which it says:—“It can hardly be doubted that this is a very iui|>ortant period in the politics of the Union. Though tile tendency has been peacewaid for a loDg time, recent event* have increased the movement, and made it, it would seem, almost general. No one can say how far it. will extend or what ell'eet il will produce, but the whole Nortberu are at least discussing the propriety of some negotiation with the enemy. While the Democrat aie divided between peace and war, and no oue can exactly predict tbe proceed ings of the Chicago Convention, it maybe that the party In power, nay. Mr. Lincoln himself, may endeavor to take the wind nut of their sails by accepting au armistice and con vi'iilion.’* latest via Queenstown. The news is uuiinportant. The London Globe, reviewing the Persia’s news, considers the prospects of peace as very remote at present* Gens. Grant ami Sherman's Opinion on the Draft. j Was Department, I Washington.Sept. 14. I To ilnj. Gen. Dlx:—Lieut. Geu. Grant tel sgraphs to this department in respect to the draft, as follows: CU<j Point, 10.80 .4. J/., Sept. 1:1—T > Hou. E. M. Stanton. Secretary ol War:—We ought to have the whole number of men called lor ' in the President’s proclamation in the short- . eat possible time. Prompt action in tilling up ' our aimies will have more effect on the enemy than a vicioiy over theta. They profess to ■ believe, and make Uleir men believe, there is such a party North iu favor of recognizing Southern independence, that the draft cannot j be enforced. Deserters come into our lines ; daily who tell us that the men are tired of the vvar and that desert\ou» would he much more frequent, bat they believe peace will be negotiated after the tali election. The en forcement of the draft and prompt ailing up jf our armies, will save the shedding of blood lo an immense degree. (Signed) U. S. Gkan'T, Ueut. General. The lollowii g telegram has been received Tom Major Geu. Sherman, on the same sub |ect i Atlanta. Ga., « 3u P. M.—To Hon. E. M. Stanton, Secretary ol War:—1 ain very glad to hear that the draft will h« enforced. First, Y\ e need the men. Second, They come as pri vates to till up. our old aud tried regiments, with their experienced officers already on hand. Third, because the enforcement of the law will manifest a power, resident in oar government, equal to the occasion, our gov ernment, though a democracy, should in tlrncB of trouble qnj danger he able to wield the power of a great nation. Alt well. (Signed) W. T. Sheehan, Maj or General. The draft Is ordered to gomnseuee In all the States and ditsriets where the quota Is not filled by volunteers, on Monday, the 19th, and ; will go on until completed. Volunteers and substitutes will be received and credited, to as I late a period as possible. Volunteering ,s still : progressing with vigor in mo»t of the States. (Signed) L- M. Stanton, Secretary of War _______ items from Southern Sources. Washington, Sept. 14. ; lt.ehmoud paper* of Monday contain the following items: Macon, Ga., 3.—The Yankees hare com- ; pletely destroyed lL“ railroad between Jones boro' and Last Poiut iu their retreat, burning every tie and breaking every rail. Our pickets extend six miles beyoud Jones boro’, Macon, Ga., 10.—A flag of truce was re ceived by Geu. Hood yesterday, Irotn General • Sherman. Iu which the letter states that he i has ordered Atlanta cleared ot all white',a. babilag;*. '!**« taking the o*>e would be ! sent north or the Tennessee laveraod those who did not would »- „eut „oulh. An armis. t ea of ten o'* h was proposed by Sherman to j out the order. Gen. Hood accepted the armistice, but dcuouuccd the order a* barba- ; ron«. The Augusta Constitutionalist saya the fall of Atlanta was a bitter pill, but though done and down It must go however unpalatable. 1From Washington. Washington, Sept. 14. There is no news of special interest from the Army of the l'otoiuac. The outposts or the enemy on our left front have been strong ly fortified recently. It is stated by deserters that’s army has been strengthened by reinforcements from va rious points, and by large numbers ol' con scripts who, it appears, have deserting pro cliviti •?. Brig. Gen. Sibley, in an olliciul dispatch, says: Tue number ol Indians embraceu with- j in the territory of Minnesota is nearly 17,000, i inducing 3,500 warriors,of whom f,800 are ' now actively hostile, 250 desirous of peace, j aud 1,450 Chippewas irieudly, but who would not hesitate at any time to raise the tomahaw k if not restrained by fear of the consequences. He recommends as a permanent policy the ; concentration aud military surveillance of sev eral bauds and tribes, adding that when they Hud that they must depeud on the chase lor food, aud must work or starve, they will agree to auy reasoaable conditions the government may see fit to impose; aud that it is becoming more and more mauifest that some such fixed policy as that indicated must he adopted by the government with reference to the great tribes of Indians north and west of us, before permanent peace can be restored to our ex tended liorders. Three picket u en near Fort Slocum, about ; four miles north of this city, this moruiug I gathered several shells, of which they made I ?**P?rt* *or ftwir euokiug apparatus, suppos i ng from examination they were empty of combustible matter. One of them, however, , exploded, and so severely lujuredJHenry llay uth aud B. h. Marshall that each was obliged to undergo amputation of the leg. Dennis Hare was also severely wounded in the left j arm. Cnmerffcuf Itemocrntir state Convention. Hartford, Conn., Sept. 14. The Democratic State Convention to-day was fully attended, aud enthusiastic for Gen. 1 McClellan. Charles F. Fond, Greene Kon 1 drick, Alfred R. Goodrich, Edwin Stearns, | Asher F. Brown and Joseph H. Hoyt were' i nominated for Electors. The mass meeting, which was large and enthusiastic, was ad dressed by Matthew Hale Smith. Wm. W. Eaton, Thos. H. Bond, George W. Stevens, Alvan P. Hyde, ami others. The meeting was all alive for McCielUn. From Now Orleans. New Tore, Sept. 14. The steamer City of Richmond has arrived , from New Orleans. She brings no news.— She spoke yesterday, rfl Hatters*, the U. S. | 8tenures Bienville, bound to New York. Provisions in New Orleans were firm and ! ! I'Sales of sugar the past week | | “hds-> Louisiana and Cnba at 23 a 24c, for I lair to fully lair. The L. S. supply steamer Circassian return ' e<* j W Oi^ifane ou thfl tJthf from a cruise 1 ou lue iQyuu as lur the liio (Jrande. j She supplied about thirty of our biockaders with provisions. She brought a few sick and < discharged men bound North. The gunboat I ' Aroostook is the only vessel on duty at the ' mouth of the Rio Grand.-. I f he French have nearly seventy vessels at : that point. The French admiral, when in- ; formed of the capture of Fort Morgan, pro nounced Farragut the greatest naval hero of | the age. B ua/tinj/ton Correspondence. New York, Sept. 14. The Post’s Washington dispatch says that j the rebels are feeling our lines slightly, but I have made no general attack on Grant. Gen. Grant lias ordered all civilians refus ing to take the oath, to he sent through the t | lines to the rebels. The Commercial’s dispatch says, officers , who left Grant's headquarters yesterday re | port that nothing is going on except occaslon | al shelling and picket assaults. The recent orders of the War Department against subordinates giving Information, is | carried to the extreme ot withholding the 1 dates of deceased soldiers, thus keeping back j the pay ment of insurance money. MaasuchustHa Republican Stale Contention. ' Worcester, Mass., Sept, j The Republican State Convention asoem- < blew here to-morrow. Many ol the delegates , are here to-night, and there has been a grand I,incoin and Johnson ratification meeting this i evening at Mechanics’Hall. Spteehes werc made by Hon. Whiling Griswold, J, Q. A. Griflin, and others. Gov. Audrow will tie unanimously renominated to morrow. Ship J»trs. (IVr *Uain*hip Arabia, at Halifax.] i.atodt via Qttcenatown. Ar from New York, Stella. at Antwerp. Anna, at Alicante; Columbus and I'auline. t Bueno* Ayer*; j Henry, at Leghorn; Anna, at Bristol; Joint Ber tram, at-. London, at Liverpool. Ar from Baltimore, Lileu Stuart, at Havre; Es* 1 cape, a' Montevideo. Ar from St John B, Emily Augusta, at Liverpool ! New York Democratic Convention. Albany, Sept. 14. I The Democratic Convention, without effect- ' ing an organization, adjourned until to-mor- I row. Contested scats are the main cause of the delay. Capture of a Mock uric Runner. Fortress Monroe*Sept. 13. The steamer A. D. Vance, captured on the I 10th lust., off V\ ilinington, has arrived at Nor- i lolk. The steamer and cargo are valued at ' ♦400,000. 1"'eitouf l-'orer at Key West. New York, Sept. 14. The Key West correspondent of the lier- I aid says the yellow fever is still prevailing there. Commercial. Por steamship Arabia, at lla’if x. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET, Sept 3d.— Sale- for the week were 39.000 bales, of which 3 000 were to speculator aud 1,060 to expor.ers. Toe market advauced Jd for American but was easier for other descriptions. The sale- Friday were 4,000 bales, including 1.000 to speculator* and exporters The market clooiug dull at the following authorized quotation*:— New Orleans fair nominal; middling 31d; Mobile “Jr jondnal; middling 3< jd ; Uplands fair nomiual; middling 30d. The stock in port is estimated at 261,000 bale*, of which 10,000 are American. New Turk Market ,, _ , . Nxw York. Sept 14 j land?00—^ ^ bales at 1 80 for middling up- I Flour—sales 9 600 bbls; State and Western 9® 10c higher; State 9 GO®10 25; Round Hoop Ohio loTd® 1300; Western 9 t/Xt^lO00; southern— Hales 003 bbi*; Extra do 111&R1400; Canada 10c higher; vales 460 ' bbls: Extra 9 95. IVbeat—l®2c higher; »ales22,600 bush*; Mslwau- ! keecinb No 1 2 17• a2 20; Winter Red Western 220 &2C0; Amber Michigau 2 2G^2 30. Corn—Ic higher; sales 5l,0o0 buahs; mixed Wes tern 1 02 j a 1 63. Beef—active. Pork-Jieavjr;sales 4 550 bbls; new mess 42(31® 43 00. Lard—Steady ; salts 2660 bbls at 23: 224 ic. Cat Meat*— steady. Rutter—quiet; State at 48®£5c. Whiskey—firmer; sai^ lit*) bbls at 1 90>*1 M. i Sugar—quiet; -ai**- 3>>j hhds; Muaoovado LMailc ; !«<> boxes Havana at‘-’lva2i;c j Petroleum— sale* 30(U» bids; crude 45 a 46c. ern ll0W~arUI * ***** WLooo Bm at lSjiiUc for Fla*t kreiglu* to Liverpool—dull. Stock Market, Nsw York, Sept. 14 Second Board.—$tu>*s steady. Am erica u Gold.. . .. 527 7 0-1010*.... .. .. .ItQ Uuiivti States lc-4> coupons. P7 United States 6’g 18«1 coupon-.10* United States 6's 1881 registered.Iu8j! Gold closed this afternoon at S-JNj tfi&H’ B e n o V A L! DU. 14KALD has removed his oflice rYoui No. 34i Congress 8t. to the opposite side of the street, corner ol Congress and Temple street*, oflice form erly occupied by Dr*. Raoon * Rraslin. »op6dtf InsU'ueUtm in Music \ ! Ira MR. G. R. PAINE, AV’OULL) re-paotlully nunounce to tho,-e inter 11 WMl iu Mu-ic. in Portland aud vicinity. Rat he is giving instruction on the J iauo Fort*. In this city, aud respectfully solicits alibsral patronage. Term*, SIS.00 per quarter, (24 lesions. eftoh lesion occupying one hourj i Slate at PAINE'S MosicStoro, No. 1G3 Middle St. Any iuiormation wanted concerning me, can be had by inquiring at Paine’s Mnric Store Mr P. is au able Pianist and a competent, thor ou ?h and interesting Teicht*. and tho.4* desirous of learning music,could but ao well to give him a call. Reference. H. KoTentdXAu 8ept 13—eodlxc* IU IS > x O V AL ! \ UOtLI), Merchant Tailor, HAS removed to No. 131 Midd e street, where he will be plea-ed to mset his tiriend- and eustom ; era. A good a«-artment of Clo.hs and Trimmings . const mu J v on hand. ■T* Particular attention given to cutting for 1 others to make. \ Sep: 12 d8m ----- --- l For Sale. Havana cigars of th* following choice brands: 27 400 Dciguio 1st Lord re* 86 «» '• 2d 41 000 “ 3d 41 An *e-l it a?. 10 000 44 let 44 Priusado*. 0 (XX) 44 2d Reg Britanioa*. 5 000 4* 2d Britauica* 2 500 44 Kutna tun Giil uesUt. 2 5(10 - •• - 2d. 5 000 Angelita* 3d Londre* Priu-ados. 6 00) A « 2d Brev.s 10 0*» A C 3d Londre* 50 000 A M J ondon Flor. 82 800 A M Flor Priu-ados. 25 9(10 A M London forte*. 7 400 A M Loudon Fino. 83 000 Loudrc9 Port Mahons. - 263 COO ISAAC EMERY, Head Lon- Wlif. j Sept 12—1m I'orliuud Company. SUBSCRIBERS to the New Stock may make \ payment *t the office ot the Company ou Fore 5>tre«t, or at the Merchants* Bank. On all pay incut* made alter the 15th icst, interest wiil be oha-gtd. Pay ment must be made, or bccurtd by Oct. 1st The enrtiiieatcsof stock ofthe present Shareholder* will bj received at tifty dollar* per share KDWAUii ii. 1)A VJs.13, Clerk I Portland, Sept 14,1£64 d2w | Mail iiJactiir€krs and Trader*Bunk. 11HK Stockholders of the Mai aJXcture/r audTrad . or* Bank are heicby uotitied that their Annual Meeting will he held at their Banking room on Mon* day. the 3d day of October next, at 3 o’clock P M , j lor the choice of Director* for the ensuing y ear. aud j the transaction of such other business a.** may legal* : ly come before them. By o. der of the Directors. | aeptl4 dtd EDWARD GOULD, Cashier. Found, On the 9th inn., on the line of 1*. S. & P. R- R 1 uear Cape E ixabeth Junction, a pocket bock coutaiuiug a note and sundry artic cs. The owner can have |ne same by calling nt this office, pro. ing property aud paying charges. Sept 12—dlw Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. fflHK Annual Meeting of this Company will be F held on Monda -, Octt her 3, at 71 o'clock p »*. Ter Order EDWARD* 81IA W, Sept 13—d3w Secretary Hoarding. fllUE private board ng house No. 77 Free Sttcct. X uewly papered and painted. Rooms turni*hod and unfurnished, with boaid. Kept 10-dTw* To Lei. FTNFUIUHgUED ROOMS to let, wither wlth-a ‘ \J out board, at 334 Congress at. pl4dlw* « | MISCELLANEOUS. RE-()PENED~ 1 [l"n»?ruli respectfully annouuoetothilr nuuwruuilrieuds and the public that they hare thoroughly Repaired, Befitted and Refurnished 1 he popular and ouutrally located EATING HOUSE, No. 77 Middle Street, (FOX BLOCK,) I ^ Which will be open on and after MONDAY, JULY SSth. Meili ud Lunches at ill hom of (he fcj uud Ifeaiug. I C K CliEAMS. plain and fancy cake, fruit, CONFECTIONARY, Aib, Constantly on hand. SODA WATER, Drawn from Dow’s Patent Ice Cream (Soda) Foun- 1 tain, with Fruit Syrups. P ARTIES SUPBIED AT SHORT NOTICE. -IT0 be happy to see all our old friends and none wU1 CALL AND SEE US ! ATKINSON & INGERSOLL. FIRST- MTIOML IMYK Seven-Thirty Hote* foi Sale. Interest semi-annually, payable in paper at the - rate of seveu and three tenths per cent, per annum. Bonds convertablc iu throe years into six per cent five-twenty bonds, upon which the interest is paya ble in coin. The notes will be delivered here free of expense. The purchaser will receive the interest to August 16 If subscriptions are made before that time. One-fighth per cent, commission will be allowed subscribers at this Bank upon all amounts qf 91,000 and ovtr, W. E. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, July 30th, 1864 —dAwtf c A ft c o a ARK, GOVERNMENT 7 3-10 LOAN. T®?? * asc0 C*ol[ ** prepared to received snbscrip , * 'Mi“ the new < 3-iU loan la luan of 660 and upwards, paying iuterest on same from date ot sub •ermou to August 16Ui, the date of the Uovernment All persoos having 660 and upwards now have a good opportunity of lending a helping band to their (.OTomment by .uhscrihing liberally to this loan. I lie notes aro convertible al the end of three rears lutospele, paying dper cant 5-20 bonds. l.oan* taken on asfavoAb.e terms as at any other Bank. J p ,, . , , . E. P. UEKMSii, cashier Portland, July 28,1864. jy2St dietf First National Bank. This liank will convert the serou-thirty notes ma turing Aug 19, and Oct. 1. into six per cent, bonds of 1881, in all the denominations in which the note were issued, vu:-«60, *100, tWO, and »l,OUO-at a commission of j per cent. W. E. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, July 90, 18JL—ecdtf New Steam Mill, Footol Cross, between Von k Commercial Sts. WINSLOW, 1)0TEN & CO., WOULD inform their former customers and the public feneraliv, that they have totted up their New MiG with New Machinery , and are now ready to i°*>fining. Matching and Jointing, also .Sweep and Circular Sawing, tit od Turning \c V Wo have in operation on. of*. Gray k Wood I new improved Flantrt, for PLANING OUT OK WIND. It will plane with the greateat accuracy from 1 inch in thickness to 13 inches square. Also AS EDGED FIFTT FEET LOS G. For .awing htary plank and edging board., t attention giveu toplaning Ship Kneea. Cupboards, and heavy Timber. For the accommodation oi dealer* and others hav* j lng large lot* oi boards to plane, we have in con nee- 1 ti'.n with the mill 17,000 square feet of yard room. JylSeodtf Carriages, Carriages! Kitmly Hut nntl Nmtly Kinialicd. J. F. LIBBEY, No. 20 Preble St., O* /or ®uie, at his establishment, a variety oi Carnage* made in the neatest and most sub stantial manner. The assortment eompiis* * all the d1 IT*rent styles of Light Carnages, and they will be toUnnrrhZZ?, f“ v °.r » b 1 ° */;»». Persons intend lng to purchase Carriage will nuu u tor lUoir inter ost to call and examine before buying elsewhere. June38dtf Portland Army Committee OF THU TJ. S. Christian Commission. Chairman, T. E. II a yea, receive Store, at 110 Mid dle .tract. Treasurer Cyru.Sturdivant, reoel-e. Money at 76 Commercial at root. Secretary, Henry II. Burgee, rece ve. Letter* at 80 Commercial .tract. Andrew J. Chare, Dr. WT. Johnson. JnnoUdU noticeT rit IIK e partnership heretofore existing between JL the subscribers under the firm of HATCH. CLFPQUD t CO , is this day t’iso’vtd by mutual consent. J. R. Clifford i< authorized to settle all debts due to and by the company. II n. Hatc h. J K. Clifford, „ , HA Kkost. 1 ortlnud. Sept 10, IhC*. fppl2eod2w [BY KOVAL LKTTXKS ] ARtTlSI.1i;, Real Canadian Bears’ Grease! rpHK beat preparation for the growth and Inxuri X anc. or thhair. F'or tale by the Druggiit*. .eptiidlm Edwin C. Owen A Co., 'Vhulwale and Ketail Dealer, in Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Couicclionery, Nun*, Cigars, Ac., So. 36 Exchange St...Portland. unart'i, \ Lemons, Limes, Tamarinds. Prunes. Fit , ron Raisins. Pigs. Nut* of all kinds. Olives, Sat dine*. Dates. Applet, ! Pair*. Peache*. Preserved Fruits. Guru Drop#, Lozenges, Candies, Honey, .spruce Gum, Tobacco, Cigars, Pickles. Pepper Sauce, etc., etc. BL7~ The Trade supplied ou the moat liberal term*. Aug 25—tin nFALL STYLE I-1 HATS A CAPS \J_L Now ready at s II a w » s , 136 MIDDLE STREET. ! «cplU l.ediw New Wholesale House! Merrill, Parsons & Small, Sucoetftori to U. Merrill, HA\ E removed Lorn 131 to the new t-pacioua rooms 145 .Middle St. Evan*' Building, where j thev new offer a complete atock of Y ortign ai.d Do mestic Fancy Goods, 1 Worst, ds. Woolen Yarns. Hosiery, Gloves, Dreia I Trimmings, Undertake is’Good, Ac. II. Mkrhill, L. Paubonb. Kept 13—dim Char Small. L ii n B E R . Oaroliua I nmher (’ompanv. fitii L uiulerri?md hu'been appointed by i he above A Com pan . S >le Agent for the ^ale of lumber, lor the state of New York and ail r orts and places uorth Of New' York, am! is prepared to furnish hard pine lumber in any quantities, bv the cargo, sawed to any { desired d ineesijn ,et the shortest notice:also Black Walnut, bay wood, Ae. JOB A. TURNFB. No. 56 Washington M., Boston, Mass. Aug. 10,1864. eod3m coal. ruriHH rs. IMetou, N. S., to Pembrol ?. Maine* Any sized Vessels. Foriign or Amori icaa, wanted to freight» ' ui a? ttbov**. The rates for dischar riug arc lower ^thau at Bo.-ton. and there arc oth-.r facil ities. Apply to or addretp war E. COFFIN A 70 . Boston. Also a few Vessels wanted to briu# Coal to other ports. ! julyl6L2m. Notice* THIS day I give to my two sons, K. J. and Chat Randffl. their time, to act and trado for them •olves; 1 shall not claim their wages or pay their j debts. T. 0. RANDALL, Kez**r Falla, Me. Witness, Mary l'Uisbury, Mary 8. PiiUbury. * June 27,1664 Juue’JS ENTERTAINMENTS dancingT FOR those children not w h »llv anaconaint mi with Dancing, an LVEM.N vi CL Abb will be iormed at Ne 17ft Middle Street, _\On TfTuSDA r, Sept 13. at 7 o’clcck P M. TjuWednttday, bept 14ili, a A Class for Beginners Will be organized at 1} o’clcck 1* M. Taunts—*8 for twelve lessons; S3 for twenty-four lessons. septlu-dlw Morris' Min^trele -AT—— Dooring Hall: For a short season, commencing Monday Evening, Sept. IS*. Entire Change of Programme Each Evening. Doors open at 7—to commerce at 8 o'clock Ad mission 2j ct*: Referred neats 3-j cu *' A“ W. A. Abbott, Agent. Sopt6.-d#8 V. A MORRIS, Manager. P O K T L. A JN L) U A N I> Ke-Orgnui/ed. # HAVING reorganized under our old Leader D. H. CHANDLER, we are bow preparod to lurnmh Mu.Ie for aU 1 ooca^on. where music is wanted. Order* left with D. H. Chandler, P. J. Willey or at Paine . Mmie Storo, 163 Middle Sfreet. will he promptly attended to. D. H. CHANDLKK, zeptl, eod6w* Secretary. | LEWIS. ROLLINS & BOND,~ Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street, Store Formerly Occupied by Joaiah Burleigh. Having leaaed the above itoie at a very low rent,we propoee to open s First Class Tailoring, FINE CLOTHING, -AND Gents’ Furnishing Goods I ESTABLISHMENT. We Buy and Sell for Cash and At- | tend to Our own Bmineie. We are enabled to oiler to ILe public Goods as Low as Can be Bought In thi« City or State. OUR CUSTOM DEPARTMENT la under the direction of Mr. Bum*, well kucwn to the public as a FJKS 4' CLA99 COTTER. . Grateful to our friend* and the public for their . liberal patronage at our former places of business, i we still solicit their favors, and we pledge to deal with them on the square. T. C. LEWIS. N. C. ROLLINS, W. M. BOND. Sept 6—dim R.J.D. LARRABEE & CO., No. 69 Exchange Su, Manufacturers of all kind, of frames — m Oil Paintings, Engravings, Photographs, dr Looking; G!as«*». Manufacturers of all kinds of MOULDINGS — FOR — Picture Frames and Looking Olanei. The Trade supplied with Black Walnut. ImitatioR Rosewood and Ebony, and Gilt Oval * raines. Our | manufacturing facilities eusble us to furtish all ar ticles in this line as low in priois as c in be found elsewhere. We iuvin purchaser* to call and exam ine our very flee Engravings of which we have a large variety. sepWdtf ^ s- G-ardinor, Merchant rX'’jvIloi*, -AMD DIALER IJf Beady-Made Clotnicg, And Gen's* Furnishing Goods, ( N°. C2 St., corner cf Lime Street,^opjo* ait® the Post office, PORTLAND,.Xaih. i_ »ept3dtl • New Bedford Copper Comp’y. alUE undersigned, egeuts of the &bo\<* Company, are prepared to furnish suits of Yellow Metal & Copper Sheathing, Holt Copper, Bolt Yellow Metal , Spikes, XaUs, fe., at short notice and delivered at any port required. McOILVKRT, RTAN & DAVIS. Sept 6.—dtf Maine Bonnet Bleachery, 300 Oongres Street, PORTLAND - _- . MAINE. Straw, Lace & Leghorn Bonnets GENTLEMEN'S HATS, Bleached & Pressed at the Shortest Notice -tUu— HATS & BONNETS DYED. Every exertir n will be made to have all orders promptly attended to. JAMES It. HACKLY FT. aug31 3m. ECONOMY IS WEALTH. " THE sobecriber respectfhlly informa his Irlocds in general th&t he will j Repair Gentlemens’Garments OP EVERY DlBCRimOX, I AT SHORT NOTICE AND FAIR PRICES, So that Money can be Saved in tkuie H'ar Timet. J. R. STORY, No.IS Exchange St. ; Aag 27—dtf Sew all €. Mrrul, Of the late firm of Howard * S trout, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 105 Middle Street. Opposite International Bank. Pnrtland. Aug 12—d A w3m Grand Trunk Railway. Fbkiuht Auksct, ) Portland, Sept 3. 1864. I ALL verson* requiring receipt* fkr.w this Tom* iiany tor the de ivery of ¥ reifht, and pa) ineut | ot freight charge*, above tweuty dollars, must aihx i Stamps upon the same or th«y will not be signed. Sept 6—dim JOHN POHTF.OU8, Agent, Dissolution of Copartnership. TUiK copartnership heretofore existing between . th“ sadarairiiad,is her* I i by mutual | consent. The affairs of the la'«* drm will be settled I at oar new place of business, Nos. K1 and 143 Mid* j die St. N C. Ijollinh, W. M Bond. Portland, Sept. 1,1864. sopTd'iw Copartnership Notice. ! fllllE undersigned have this day formed a Corart JL ncr*hip uuder the drm and name of “Ltwia, Rollxxa A Bond’’ lor the purpoee of doing a . wholesale aud retail clothing busine**, at Nos. 141 • and 143 Middle St., Portland, M T. C. Lrwin. N. C. Kollinn. VT. M. Bond. Portland. Scpt.l, 1S64.— Dissolution. rnHG copartnership heretofore exlatinjc between X S.ett xnd Lira vex as Altornov* »r Law. t» thi* dav dissolved by tnitlui I cousext. The affairsol the late lirar will be adjusted by cither party. M*. Sweat will cootmu,* iu busiov*. at office bo. U7 Middle street. M ji»t v *lKow Ur Cleaves at tb* olio, of Howard A l leave*, Sio. ; »1 Middle etroet. over CaacoBauk^ MAIHAS CLEAVE8. 1 Portland, July I«y», 1364. jjrlSdSm %, EDUCATIONAL. Prof. ]Uao8e.A.M. Recently of Philadelphia, Instructor in (he French and Latin Languages. L«h£3.S l“ ,scli00,« »E<1 families, lectures In 1 tTToof P.Uu,tion ,n Ereucn Idiom* Ana- | ilellu* lu,"'“ctor ol Khetorio and £2i i«lS2s,.iVu^r,“*- of am, slrw-'bilJJJlMi ‘FP’/ »* Vwn. Bailey k ! aaufterin* 4o.Vill be*g,vn. ^' WlWe ““u'I“,i0“ ! RWTKKKNCEB. Hon. W. 11. Seward, Sccretarv nf a*.» Rev. Bishop W. b. Stevens It > . a ltev. A. Cleveland Cox®, of Baluio^fllilm<1*lphi*' Prof. 0. D. Cleveland, o PhiTadeKhL Prof. H Coppie. o (Pens a UnWeiSuf' Leo. B. Lmei rou, Esq., of Boston. R. H. Dana. *»•;., oi boston t _ Epos Sar/er.t, Esq., of Boston c Rt. Bov. Bishop T.C Brownell, D. D„ Hartford, Dr. F. P. LeProhon, Portland. Kept 6. d2m ALOUD School for Boy*, Topshaia, Marne, 26 mile* lroui Portland; easy of access—a beaut 1- * ful and healthy locality. For Circulars, he., pleaa® j address the Principal, WARREN JOHNSON, A M , Sept 1—d3w* “HOME INSTITUTE.” ; I. C. Prince, Frincipai. fpuiS Boarding and DaySehool for YoungLadlee, irt il k1”?* ,or y«r. on Thnraday, addrJu'th. lr«“l»r» containing term*, Ac., Aa*»^d Awlm^*l52*reoI’ortilI“l- “*• YtCUZi0 ^ • NEW HADIPSUIKE Commercial College, Central Hall,-Concord, H- H. TBE moat thorough and extensive Commercla College in New England, presents unequalled i.cilliie* tor imparting to young men and indiea a complete busine** education. Bond lor a circular containing fall Information— : address WoKTUlNtiTON A WARNER. Ang 9—dAwCm l-rincipale. THE PORTLAND COLLEGE, Located in Clapp's Block, Conjrress Street. TS a link in Bryant, 8tratton A Co.’s chain af In Busiuos. and Commercial Colleges, ostabUsbed in twenty-two of the leading commer cial cities m the Lnited States and Canadas. The object of them Collegea is to furnish too nr men and ladies the best ucilities for obtaining a thorough Busiuess Kducatiou. * Scholarships for full coats*or Bork-keeplng, Com mercial Law, Commercial Calculations, Spencerian Penmanship, Correspondence, Lectures and Ptaeti eal ExcrcisM. Is good throughout the chain tor an unlimited period. L- A. GRAY, A- M.. RESIDENT PRINCIPAL. W* I*or further informations pleaa® call at the College, or read lor Circular and College Monthly, inclosing letter stamp. Address 7 BUY ANT STRATTON A fJRAY, p®rt'»n,i.Maine. aug31 d&wOm WANTS, LOST,FOUND RECRUITS WANTED! -rOB TUB Eighth Regiment! Highest Bounties Paid. Two Huhicir.ns Wanted» A Drum and >tf, Major. 1 can offer #40 per month to n Drum Major ot ex perience. Karaite of CAPT. MORRIS, Sept 14-dlw* <>»•■«• l«Ur».tioo.lBo«.L (iifoi mniion Wauled. OF Mr. Augu.ts M Bulloch, who left Button .ley of Mar, im. tt go to rort.aud, Maine. Aby one hating any information in regard to tier will couf r a very xreat f.yor by nd dreuiugMr. Alfred VV Bullock, No. 44 Fa'ettt Bt , Boston, Maaa mptUddt "Wabated.! Cldrrbrrrloi a ltd Cherries. 111 * h..t price pall for ripe Sidertoerrle* Dl'ck vv.«CJh“U' *“u ll*u ' herrie*. by VV S Main. ,r GRKKNOl-.lH A MOUNkl. ' Septfi-dfowtf 4u Market Square. Shook Makers Wanted. .1 Fit*’ good workman will find ateady employ. ioRse-a J1'*1^** b/ applying at * shook Maiuractorv. South bo*tcu oral hie oil ee Ho tUdu Wharf. Bo*»tcn ’ Sept 13—dim Wanted. A PLEASANT and convenient tenement of four or flvtj room, uear the ceore of the city, for a i family ohouiy two person*. bunh a ten*unii can be rente d to a food taying tenant. and Jea*«d for a number of year* to one who will take *ooj care of ' h* nfidaeiug L. J. u , Box 42 Por.lxnd i*. O., etaUoft location, 4c. tf Lost or Stolen. A GOLD VS ATCB.oprn lace. a gold colt red dial J\. nttacued to a hlaek ribooj. witu a goitl buckle and a gold unarta rock nal-.uppcwod to h five teen lout iu gentlemen, wn't at ti f. K Depot. Wbc otor re.lure.iha above will he .nimbly rew »rd-d by leaviurilatD >. tuner', office U. 1. K. I ieool or tbeowuer N. S. Oil AX t. Portland. Sept 12 aepAiitf Found. ON Sept 2, a box of hprnce tium. The owner own have the tame by ceiling at H. Litue'e, 8 p lumo St, pr< vljg property and paying charge-. Sept 13—Cot Fountl^ A ROLL of Bills— the owner can bare the acme by proving property and paying for thl.aover 1 '“seTAdt. £DWD - Wanted. IjhOtt a family of four (no .mall children) a nice genteel two storied holme, in the centra ot the city.oeparn'e >r in a block. Addrca Boa 110 Port land Peat, Olfics. Mptndtf LOST. ON Wedueeday ereuiug.Ttb inat.. near tbe Boa ton D' pot, a Parse ooutsimng about 83>’0. Tbe uuuer will be liberally rewarded oa Raving the same at this office. sepiJdiw* Wiimrd, •-F i \ CC3TOM Coat and 30 cm torn Pans makers. Ou Apply at Clothing Rooms of WOODMAN, iKCK A CO., 61 and 66 Middle street. AugO—dAwisdw Wanted. By a middle aged mau. a situation in a store,, or on the wharf, as a -aiestnan. to no lie t work or to lake charge of some light business. Good reiet * exices giv*o. Addrt ss Box lGlt, or euqulre at No. 3 Lime 3t. Portland, 3ept. 6th —dti LOST. SYOtt YYV.\Y.\YYY*._ /^futtal w harf, or around the Grand Truro D^potand yard; a Calfskin WaJ’o* coutaiu ing aconsidrable sum of money, and papers of no value to any one but the luo-er. The Un ier will be rewarded ns above on returning the aa me to No. ■> 8 Ceutril Wharf, or ?2 Brackett street. Portland. Aug. hi 1864. aug31 dtf Lost. MONDAY afternoon. b« tween Ltnoolo Street and the Prwss office, a lady ’• Jet Cr**a i he, tipped with go d aud a reari in the centre. The Under wiil bo suttably rewarded by leaving the sai ae at THIS OF HCK. :f Aug 30, 1864. Hon we Wan led. Wanted by the advertiser, a c onrenient, C.cent’ally located, and pleasaut houe for a JiLLsuxaJfsutily. without cuildreu—pv s'*eeswm to be had as early as the miduieol October . soonsrll poaalt-Jt It must have good water con vcuienoen, and be well llokhed . . . _ The advertiser w ould lease such a house *Ar a terns of years or p-trehase if tern* suited. A t\wo*story #0Ad£^o!V?«!!,lf<brl;w. offloa, «U.tin t loca tion term*. A« con,iiden!*aUi/. Portland. Aug l.UM —«u Lost. SI-RAY HD <f'«m the paetare of Sir F.’ancta Rob ert. Weet brook. la«t mouth. a ibreo year c id • ray t oil, small «lre; whoever wilt rotura hi. er ! information where he may be found, will he Suitably rewarded, by Bailing at No. 19 Sprier St. FRANCIS E llLLSl. rortlaud, Jaly 18, ISM.—dtf $33 Reward ! STOLEN from the subscriber on Tuesday Evsit ing, while in Pierce's auctit-u room, a Calf i Pock* t Book oontaing *64 in ir.ouey, a note again K Charles llodgdon, Gorham, for *60.and ene agalnW Chat lea Hooper for *12. The above rew-ard will «• Slid for the recovery of th$ property ami the dete* on of tho thief. B„.,r « Tune 8.—tl 080*0J BECK. AUCTION SALES. House and Lot at Auction. ON Thunday 8e|115, at 3 o'clock r. ■ , we «hu •ell the two *tory wooden home A o 8 WiJi. 8t. lh« bouieii new, modern aud convenient in It* ar ran genu nt with good closet,. finocellar, abondano, hard and tofi water, and every way doeirabie for Invciment or occupancy, j he lot i* 36 by 8j feet, title c.ear—.a’e positive. - . . ft?"11* BAiLEY fc Co., Anetionoera. oept 7—dtf KDW a.FATTES,auctionebb,13E*cha«I,8t. V aluable Property on Commercial St. ut Auction. OX Friday. 8*ptfmher leu,, lt g , * on the premise*, without reserve, a vamatle lot of Land on the northerly side of l. otLin-rciai »tree* u early opposite the head of Frankiiu Wharf it ba<a front ago on Commercial ol 2i feet, extending back about &K> lect giving a front on Fore atrett ol Eo feet, mak ing some *60(>*qtiar* fs*t. It w«U be sold a* above without reserve on avorableterms. Plan may be *een at the Merchant* Lxchange. For j articulare call on the Auctioneer. seplOd.d Vu!liable House Lot at Auction. ON Friday. Sept, isth, at 3 o'clock r. x , w« »ball I tell t valuable lot of land on Jrdia street, next to tbeooruer lot on the north east corner ol Federal **trast. being feet on India street by 47 ledl deep, with a irood well of excellent water oa it 1 his is a oeiutifol lot tor building purpose*, centrally loca ted ana in an excellent neighborhood, litie dear. S-ptS—dtd ***** BA,L1£¥ * ®°- A“* " House uml l.oi ut Auction. Ox Sat mi day. SepU-mber 17th, at 8 o’eloek r. x we shall stlltb** three story wooden house N«*. f Deer St. 1 he boat* is finishedthrougheut.fine e re els. floe cellar, plenty water, oentrailr located, in good repair, always under rent, aud a desirable property for investment dale positive to dose up sn estate. Terms at sale. ABNEY BAILEY A CO., Auctiomejc**. Sept Id—dtd House at Auction. ON Tuesday,Bept 2nth, at 8o’clock r. x., on the premise*, we shall aolTthe IJ s ory wooden howse No. 21 Tate street, it haa 7 finished rooms, abued ancp hard and -ott water. Pleasantly located aad in good repai**. Male positive. ABNEY BAILEY * CO.. Auctioneers. Sept 13—dtd _ Administrator"* Sale. VOtlfE is hereby given, that by virtue ofali .aN cense fr*>m the Judge of Probat* for the County of Cumberland, I shall sell, by public auction, at the dwelling house on the remise*, oa the seventeenth day of October, A. D 1W4, at 2 o’elcck in the af»er nooo, the bom»sUad lot of the late Reuben Hol brook late of Froepor, in said C» unty, si'uatrd la raid[Freeport, and containing lour acre# of 1 aad, wifh the buildings thmon 1IOK4CE BKEWFB. Admintotrator. Dated tbi* 7th day of Sr,- , 1884. »aw8w ED IV A HD n. PATTEM. Commission Merchant k Auctioneer Has removed to the epeoious etore U Bxehange Street, four doors Mow Merchant's Exchange. Will reoeive oonilgnment, of Xerchaadlas al avenr dwenption, for public or private tala. Sale* of Beal Estate, Vuael,, Caxgoea, block* aad her ohandiso toUcftad. Cath advanece made, with prompt sain aad return*. mchll dly _ MERCHANDISE. _ . Spruce Shipping Boards. 1 i ( M U I FEET Gang Sawed 8pruee * b urd. lor .ale bv 7 J. U UAMLEH, Hobson's Warf, Portland, Me. Aug IF—d4w Trinidad Sugar and Molasses. UUDS. Choice Mueoovado Sugar, 367 hhde Choice Muscovado Molasecl, 48 tieroee Choice Mu.oovado Molise,a. Cargo brig J. D, Lincoln, now lending and Ibr sale by HoPHM ilAToW, Ho. 1 Central Wharf. Ang 19—diw llackmetark Ship Timber. AAK. Hackmatack. and Uard Wood Plaak, Tree oaila front 12 to 13 inohee, Treeuail W edges, he. ho, by 1.. TAYLOR, Jnne2Sdkm Unit's W hart, Portland. Treenail*. 100 000 M|HbrrKUAK TBKU(Aiu'ito ’ S1MUNTON k KHIOHT. 18 Commercial Wharf. Portland, June 18.1884. JunelMtf Sugar and Sfolaene*. •JQQ HKDS. .CHOICE MCSCOVADO SO 10 TC8. j OAK. 871 UUD8 Mvp*rior Matcovado, u4 8f TCM (Jltyed Molwm, 11 BBL8 from Mims Moreno. Now landing *nd rortal« by THOM AM AbLNClO 4 CO., m*y*t CiutMUoiMWIlff. Sierra Morena Molasses. DOKHUDS . OO'J l CHOICE81 KBIUt MOKKHA *1 TIERCES! MOLASSES, 10 BBLS ' 1 How lauding from Brig "C H. Kennedy” TUO*. AMEN CIO k CO., Marl—tr C. H. Wharf. TO THE AFFLICTED/ DK. W. IV. DKHIIV«, NIedical Electrician, No. 11 Clapp's Block, CO AS XH orc<JNUHAS8 ASI) ELM 8TMMMTS WOU LD respectfully aanoance to the citizens ,| Portland and vicinity. that he has permanent* It located ia this city. During the eleven montba that we bare been in town we have eared some el the worst forms of disease in persons who have tried other forms of treatment in vaia, and earing pa tients la so short a time that the question is often naked, do they stay cured 7 To answer this question ; wo will say that all that do not stay ented, we will ! doctor the second time for nothing. Dr. D. has been a practical ...ieotrtcian ft r twenty. I one yean, and is also a regular graduated physician Electricity is perfectly adapted to chronic dismeee , in the form of Barrens or sick headache; neural g”t in the head, extremities: consumption,wh< a in thoaeate stages or where the lungs are not felly involved; acute or ohrocie rienmallam. serotnla, hiy disensee, white swellings, spinal discs set. curved a of the spine, contracted mate lee. distorted Untfe palsy or paralysis. St. Vitas' Dance, drainers, stem. 1 mrrlng or hesitancy of .peach, dvepepeia. ludlgee* th. n, oonstipation and liver complaint, pile*—we cam every case that can he preeeuted; asthma, broach • Us. strtctnree of the cheat, and all fbrme of ferns e complain'*. Aiy Biootrlolty The Rm omatlo, Um goaty, ths lam* and ths lai* leap with Joy, and move with the agility aad slasta itr ol youth; the heated brain i» cooled; the had bitten limbs rostered the uncouth deformItiee re moved ; faintness converted to vigor, weak nee* !• atnngth; the blind made to we, the deaf to bear at d the palmed form to move upright; the blemishes it youth ara obliterated; the accidenTs of mature II a prevented; the calamine* of old uga obviated, and aa native circulation maintained, LADIES Who have eold haade and feat; weak etomacku. lame aad weak backs; aarvous aad sick head acts; diamines-and .wimmin-tn the head, with Indigna tion and constipation of the bow el*; pain ia the side aad back; lcacorrbcea, (or white*); failing of ltd womb with internal cancers. tumors, polypus, snd I all that long train oa diseases will f nd in Electric ity a sure menus of ears. For painful menstruation, too profuse munstruation, and all of tboae long line of trouble* with young ladies. Electricity is a ear*ala specific, aad will, ia a abort time, restore the suit tor to toe vigor of health. SWwehnreen Mlectro-Clu ioel .fmarslsi (S' extracting Mineral Poison from >bt system, sock aa Mercery. Antimony. Arsenic, he. Hundreds ski are troubled wltkatiff Joints, weak backs, and vari ous other difficulties, the direct cauee of which, la nine oases oat of tan, is the effect of poisonoasdruia, can be restored to nr rural strength aad vigor by tks mss of from Ovo to olght Baths. Office hoars from S o'alook a. a. to 1 r. a.; It (: end? to S r. a. CoasaltatloaFroe. ly 14 land CITY OF PORTLAND. * In tks Tsar On# Thousand Might Hundred and Sixty-Pour. An Ordinance to prevent obstructions upon '* Port j land and Forest Avenue Railroad Us it ordained by the May * r. Aldermen, and Cam %von Cosmos/ o/the City of Portland, in City Coon oil assembled, as foliates '— SECTION 1 Anv person wilfriiiy pisetrg ob* stiictioffPtf anv kind upon the rsilSefto* Fort , | land snd Forest Avsune Ksllroed. in ins streets ot d this City, sli d! bepuuubtdby fine not exceeding ’ Twentv Dollars. . _ ,.... . 8k. 2 1 his ordinance shall fakccfFct snd be In feroe fYntn snd after Its approval by the Mayor. Approved, Sept. jgoLRLLAN, Mayor. Sept’7—itw "** J- *■ HEATH, City Clerk, NAVY SUBSTITUTES! -AND— Volunteers. PERSONS having snhstltate* or reernits to pat iuto the NAVY can have their papers mads oat la proper ;o'm, and their sabstitutee pat oa hoard ths U 8 SUIP -SABINE" with dispatch snd at moderate charge. Suhs.llu'C aud esU'tment paper- for the ARMY Also made out and atte-id d to. by applying to MANASSEfl SMITH. Office 62 Exchange St.. Over Losrell k heater's. Angr-din3w _ DisnolHliou. THE Brmof Howard h Attornoysand CoauSlo'.u- Law. Is this dav dissolved by mu tual oonmnt Either partner will attend to the set tlement of orthe hustneseor the late drm ■ jJV h”»*r.l will continue to oeoupy offieetl Mid d'ftat'ree'.ovtfr C’a*co Bank. Hr {{trout will occupy office 10S Middle street, * opposite bead of Plumb etreet. Jo«in Howard. S HWALL C. 3TROUT. Portland. June 17. 1864 —dfhn Copartnership Notice. TUK unltreignovl have thin day formed a cor»»1« Drr»hlp iina»r the Arm auduiee ot eriifl, I | Par»u* It Small. forth® purpose of •ale Fancy Goode bu»intss, at Ko. H6 M-ddle itreet, i up stairs, Portland, Me. J1 CtlAA ^MALls, I Aug 29th, 1894. sepUdJw

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