Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 17, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 17, 1864 Page 3
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rORTLAKD AJSHt VICIX1TY. I i -▼ete A<lvorti*em*nta To-Day. For Sale—House, Batn tod Lot. Auction Sale—L. M Pattea. A uctiou Salu—tienry Bailey ft C«. Found—A roll oi BuJ». Lost—f10 Be ward. Kelidou* Nctioea. Religious notices of twenty five words or lest, free all exct»i of this amount will be charged ten cents a line, eight words constituting a line. This ru e hereafter will be rigidly adhered to.—[Pub. Pblbs 1 Sam ml, 2:1.. “ W herefort /A? tin oftht voting t" cam vt ry gnat Wfore the L< r<l.'’ I . .. Heury L>. Moure wilt deliver the monthly Ks moo to young men, from this text, in the Central Church tc-morrow afternoon, at a o'clock. r ’Miss Martha I. Beckwith, medium, of Con n.v .cat, will lecture in Mechanics Hall, to morrow • Herne n ana evening mt Kauri 7] o'clock. * M)j;euV Progressive J vcuum al 9| A. M. Fite l oi t 104 o'clock A. M. \Va«Uiugtoulau Society hold meeting- : •very Sunday evening, at S. oi T. Hall,858 Cougrcs* j Btrout, at 7 o'clock. Public invi.ed. tV**Rev, i-j^ene Normandie, of Liitlet«n, Maas., ( will preach mt tits First Parish Church to-morrow. elk**Alias Clark proposes »o *i>e*k al Cape Eiixa- . be? i Ferry t omorrow , at 10 A. M , on Propecy, and at x r. M , on Seven IbULden*. |^r Elder T. W . Piper Will preach'at Second Ad* I ▼e t ft si I to-morrow The public are invited. Beats fire*, MAI'T 1£GTII\0. j.\ i:\tuisjastic time:' OVER $10,000 SUBSCRIBED ! The meeting called last evening to devise , tome method of filling the quota of the city j without resorting to a draft, was largely at tended—the floor of the City Hall being filled. ; Henry Willis, Esq., called the meeting to or der, and Capt. James F. Miller was cboeen I President, W. L. Putnam. Esq., Vice Presi- j dent, and Andrew J. Chase and Charles H. Fling, Secretaries. After the Chairman had slated the objects of tLe meeting, William L. Putnam, Esq., Hated that about 170 men were wanted to fill ■ our quota. Tin rc were about M) men on , the enroiiiug list to be put into the box in cose a draft shoukl be resorted to. Fifty thousand dollar, would clear the city from draft. It would, therefore, be seen how little each en rolled man would have to contribute to a common I'uud in order to relieve the city from a dralt. Remarks were also made by Messrs J. T Gilman and Hon. George W'. Woodman. Mr. J. S. Bedlow, from the citizens who had called the meeting, reported a Committee of Finance. (Seebelow). The report was accepted by the meeting. * Messrs. Frank Furbish, J. S. Bedlow and 1 Aretus Shurtleff were appointed to nominate 1 a committee of three Irom each ward to act * In ( junction with the Finance Committee. Subsequently they reported the names of the 1 councillor. (See below). The rejiort was accepted. Cap). Enoch Knight, Paymaster in the Nary, 1 was called upon, and he addressed the meet- j lng in words of patriotism and eloquence. Mr. Charles H. Fling moved that each en- : rolled man pay the sum of $25. The motion ' was carried unanimously. Mr. J. S. Damien suggested llte adoption of some plan forthwith to carry out the objects t Of the meetiug. I Whereupon George W. Woodman, Esq., 1 rose and said he wonid give $100 towards the 1 j purposes of the meeting. This announcement Was received with repeated cheers. Subse quently Mr. Woodman increased his tubacrip- * tion to $250. Subscriptions were then announced from all ^ parte of the hall, and were greeted with ap- i piause. The following are the sums sub scribed over $25: f * $250—George W. Woodman. t $150—E. Pninuey, David Keizer. t $10 >— Aretas Shurtieff, John Kandail, J. H. Hamb it. Will. L. Alderi, James E. Carter, C. ' It. Miluiin, Robert Bradley, J. F. Miller, Ly- 1 mau C. Briggs. B. F. Cummings, II. C. Baker, C. E-Gram, E. L. Pickard, J. W. Waterhouse, * E. i'. Otrrish, F. O. Libby, S. II. Cummings, o Tin mas B. Henry, H. C. Small, John True, J. ( N. Whitlow, Chariis Payeon, F. X. Dow, „ Moves B. Colley, Rollins Ji- Bond, George Waterhouse, K. L. Mor>e,David Wyer,Noyei^ 1 Howard Jt Co.,G. Willard, Isaac Emery, J. « R. Corey, X. J. Milter, Jr. , $50 -John II. Todd, S. G. Davis. Joseph 1 Syui xni.-, .1. P. TuUey.Cleaveiaud, Frederick « l’ro-'v, C. II. Crie. J. G. Fiord, J.T. Dud. W. j A. Winshlp, X. C. Davis J. Burney. Win. Gray, Jam.« Bailey, James Keazer, J. Blake, J. W, Crowtber. J. S. York, J. C. Barker, W. , b. brown, J. B. F'lb>brown, C. Y- B"twQrlh. , iE Palmer. C. ig. Babb, D. C. Littlejohn, A. Wilson, L. Stevens, Henry Willis, Dexter I Jordan, J. S. Btdiow, S. Wuitteraore. J.U. P. Buicbnra, li. M. Scott, Henry Denneit, J. E. | Priinlie. O. F. Xnsh. D. W. Xa*h,C. J. Walker, W. P. Merrill. G. C. Patera, C. W. Smith, R. : ( Unuaoti. X. L. Purinton, D. W. Miibr, , Daniel Brown, Joseph W. Reed, A. Goweil, ! R. H. Hinckley, H. M. Brown, Thomas S. Jack, A large number of $25 subscriptions were taken. The whole amount subscribed was $10,015. ' J. S. Hauileu, E-q., offered a resolution in structing the 11nance Cunia.itt6u to call upon the city authorities to bold a meeting forth with and assume tike expense of tilling the quota. The resolution was laid upon the table to be acted upon this evening, to which time the meeting adjourned. Duriug the meeting it was announced that giij two had beep deducted from tho number Which it was supposed we fell short in our quota—leaving ouly about 120 meu to raise.— This announcement was received with cheers. The meetiug will be held in the same place yds eveulug at 7 1-2 o'clock. Ladies are in- j rind. Tue proscenium gallery will be re st rvpd for them. Chandler's Rand will be in pltcpdaucc to discourse patriotic music. OKNKUab COWMITXKE. Ward 1.—John T. Hull, City Treasurer's OitteC. a i (ycorge M. Beal, Portland Company. (diaries U. Holland, Portland Company. B'ard 2.—Charles E. Beckett, cor. Congress ...,1 H. C. Baker, 103 Commercial St. F. C. Moody, Galt’s Ulotk, Commercial St Hfont 3 —Jolui U. Hall, ‘J09 Commercial St Stephen Berry, 72 1-2 Fore St. George K Roes, 73 Commercial St. H'onl 4.— Samuel Chadwick, 22 Market Square. AtUou Keith, lit** Middle St. Charles A. Qiison, Market Square. Hard 0 — J. S. Bediow, American Telegraph Office. Edwin Piemen’., Coogrysa St.near Brown. Henry Willis, Pension Office, Exchanges!, j ll'ord It—James E. Carter, 4 Portland Pier. Andrew 4. Chase, 111 Commercial St. Charles K Mllliker. 107 Commercial St. H'orcl 7.—Wm. O. Fox, Fox Block. JamiE. Priudle. 00 Exchange St. E. I.. Pickard, 140 Commercial Su rINAM E COMMITTEE. Samuel E. Spring, < 40 Commercial St. John Lyucb. Commercial St., head of Wid- j gery’s Wharf. A. R. Shnrtleff, Uirlgo Ins. Co, Exchange 1 Charles U. Fling, Do Commercial St. 4- B. FiUefarowa, 130 Commercial St, Thomas B. FiolhiDgham, Coniine dal St. 1 cor. Union Wharf. Wm. A. Wiuship, Casco Bank. The members of both committees are re- | quested to meet this morning at the Common 1 Council room, at 8 1 2 o’clock, for organiza- ! tlon. Subscriptions In a(4 of the fund will he re- 1 ceived by the committee at the Aldermen's Room, City BuilJiug, at the Merchant’s Si change and liy the. committee at their places of business. CuoacH.—The new Uui versalist Church, near the corner ol High aud Congress streets, is progressing rapidly. The exterior of the building is nearly completed, except the spire and the mastic. The Interior is In a forward state. The vestry and ante rooms are lathed, the main audience room is lathed overhead, aud the galleries are so far advanced as to receive tliair floorings. The organ loft is nearly forty feet wide, and the organ will occupy nearly the whole space.— The audience room will be very large and fine ly finished and ventilated. Presentation at Camp Berry. I Major Rollins, the worthy commander at I Cauip Berry, was yesterday made the recipi ent of an elegant horse, the. gift of the officers of his command. ; The horse is of the celebrated Morgan stock, six veers old, of a light chestnut color, I weighing 1025 pounds, valued at $400. He 1 was purchased by Adjt. Boolhby, 17lh Wine ; Regiment. The presentation speech was made by Oapt. Win. B. Snell, Kith Maine Reg- | | intent,a< follows: Major Hollins;—A few months assochttio i I with you. sir,ascominaudantof this post, have been sufficient to endear you to the officers and men of your command aud exhibit to them the many nob!" aud^generous qualities of the officer and gentleman, with winch na ture has so richly end. wed you. As a small token nl our regard, la behalf of your entire command, I hive the honor to present you with this noble horse—the finest specimen of his uuhle kind. As yon, sir, showed the strength of your patrioUmi, aud your faithful devotion to the spirit of our institutions, bv gallantly espous ing iur country’s cause, at the first note ot alatm, may lids noble steed, strong, and beau tiful iu Ins streugth, gallantly and faithfully bear you; whether amid the calm enjoyments of au honorable peace, or in the sterner aud more terrible sceucs ot the battle field. Major Rollins, being taken by surprise by ) this demonstration, nevertheless, replied in very handsome and complimentary terms; I thanking the donors for this generous aud | magnificent expression of their regard, clos ing with some remarks having the true patri otic ring to them. Cumberland County Representatives. ix tox. Portland—S. W. Lairabee, Nathan Webb, X. O. Cram, a. F. Miller. Bridgtou—John P. Parley. Brunswick—Marshall Cram. Freeport—Gershout iliisa. Gorham—Edward P. Weston. North Yarmouth, Ac.—Samuel H. Sweet air. Pownal, Ac.—Franklin Curtis. Sobago—A’.mon Young—11. democrats. Baldwin, Ac.—Josiah Miliiken. Cape Elizabeth—Win. B. Higgins. Cumberland, Ac.—Ira Witham. Ni w Gloucester, Ac.—Otis C. Nelson. Otisfleld, Ac.—A. S. lioldeu. Westbrook—Edwaid Payton. Windham aud Gray —Benj. M. Baker—7. Personal—Cap'.. Frank L. Jones, Co. I, 30tb Maine, arrived home yesterday. He has been confined in the hospital for some lime with illutss, but is now rapidly recovering.— Hewvili return to the front at the expiration of his furlough, which U for twenty days. Lieut. Mo'.lev of the same, eomnsnr hss l"ft the hospital and gone to the front. The Launch.—Those who desire to wit ness the launch of the frigate Franklin at the Kittery Navy Yard to-day, can do so by tak ing the cars at 8.45 A. M., and return in the evening. The band of the 17th U.S. lufantry will go up in the cars this morning and lfill execute some splendid music during the ride. Intsi.I-K.knc'e was received yesterday froft our townsinau, William W. Woodbury, Esq.— Hi had arrived by ov iland route troui San Francisco, at Nebraska City. lie may be ex pected home shortly. Sai.k or Huai. Estate —Henry Bailey A Co , sold «l ut lion yesterday, a lot of land on India street, near the corner of Federal street It contained 15(30 feet and brought eighty cts. ptr foot—or (1088 for the lot. Kok the Front.—One hundred soldier* from Camp Berry left in the steamer for Bos ton last evening, bound for the front. Two or i three hundred more will go next week from the can p. Hkv. J. E. Walton will repeat, by request > the discourse delivered Iasi Sabbath forenoon, on the State of the Country, at the 31 Palish ' Chureh, to-morrow evening. Services to com mence at 7 1-2 o’clock. Search and Seizure.—Deputy Marshal Wentworth yesterday visited the shop on India street, kept by lleiny McUliuchy, and seized a small quantity of liquor, kept there for sale. P. S. tfc P. K. K.—The Railroad Commis sioners have finished their examination of the ’ Portland, Saco aud Portsmouth Railroad, and pronounce the track in excellent order. Hknbv Bailey & Co., auctioneers, will sell 150 crates of peaches at 12 o’clock this day. | (Saturday) at the New Market, lame street, in lots to suit purchasers. The Amendment and its Effect. A friend in Baldwin wishes some exphtna: tion of the effect of the amendment ib the constitution showing lito soldiers Jo vole.— . He will find by referring to the tn;, j graph of the dr** resolve providing for au amendment of the constitution, (see extia sheet containing laws of last winter) that sol- i diors of Maine, qualified to vote at home, will be allowed tp vote on the second Tuesday of ' November otmlki* year, for Governor and Sen- ! ators, and ‘‘their voles shall be couuled and allowed in the same manner, aud with the j same effect, as if given ou the second Monday ( ot September” at home, The last paragraph of the same resolve pro vides for votiog at the same lime as above, i “for Judges and Register* of Probate,Sheriff*, aud ail other county otticer*", their vote* “to , be counted and allowed in the same manner I and with the same effect a* if given on the second Monday of Septembcf” at their re- j spectiva residence* in the State. ii> muring to sec. l, cliap. giS.of the laws j ol' last winter (see same extra sheet) it will j be seen that provision is made for voting for electors uf President aud Vice President, whil- I sec. 6 of the same chapter, provides for the | vote for Representative to Congress. Afier this year the soldiers will vote for | Governor, Senators, County Officers, Repre- • seutatives to Congress Representatives to the Legislature, on the same day the eitclion is ; held In the State, but this year they have no j vote for Representatives to the Legislature. We believe the above is a correct statement i of the effect of the amendment of the consli 1 tution aud of the law past las: winter which was to lieeome vital hi case that amendment should be adopted. Uy reading the law „ud resolvts it will be found that all possible provisions are made to i secure fair aud legal voting, to secure the rl^ht of challenge, and to prevent fraud; aud we are j assured by lb are who have witnessed the ef fect of similar laws upon the soldiers of other I Slates, that no elections can possibly be more I fairly conducted, or secure a freer expression, than do the elections In the field. Scriptural Amendment.—In his speech 1 at Dayton, Ohio, on the Olh instant, Mi. Val laudighain promised his hearers that as soon I as McClellan was elected there should be no ' more dragging their children to the battle field “to be offered up as a sacrifice that ne j kroes may he free.” lie also complimented ! his hearers that they were now ready to joiu in the angelic song, “Peace on earth, aud good will towards men.” Hereupon one of bis hearers supplemented an improved ver sion of the Scriptural quotation by crying out, “ Il /ii'e menl (iood will towards white nitn!” We commend this amendment in the . &ngelic song to the Chicago Convention. 1 Dreading Goon News.—Isn’t it strange i **l&l there should be men in the North who dread to hear good news from our noble ar mies . Rut such is tiie case. These men are the supporters of <ieo. B. McClellan tor the 1 residency. they bate a Union victory in the field «» had as the devil hales holy water; be cause “it hurts their pan,.- What a position : this for men calling themselves the “Democ racy to be in. Tbero is much misery yet Id store for them. The military situation Is most encouraging, and more Union victories are at hand. So Copperheads may as well I prepare to keep their faces duly elongated. If TELEGMPB TuTBl I Portland Duily Protw. j —— — ■ -—— From Jforth Carolina. Xbwbeb.v, K. C., Sept. 10. Major Jenuey, Provost .Marshal at Newbern, and a Hew other persons, were on the Fawn I when the was captured A large number ot'Idle negroes have been j sent from here to Gen. Gram to In the | trenches. Under the new Treasury regulations parties who produce cotton, naval stores, and other products by their own labor, are now allowed to ship the same to northern matkete, through ; agent" appointed by the government. No sates or bartering In the same hy private par ties are sl owed by the Department under any circumstance* whatever.' Recruiting agents who have arrived here with drafts, certified cheeks,and State money 1 are abilged to return North for greenback's,’ b.-ing unable to obtain recruits without them. Recruiting is still progressing under favorable circumstances, though most of the agents have been called home, owiug to the near ap proach of the draft. The report that the yellow fever has trade its oppearauce here is Incorrect. The sudden change in the weather has developed conges tive chills, which gave rise to the report. Dr. Doughty, the post surgeon, U very successful in his treatment of this disease. From H ashlHfjton. Washington*, Sept 10. A letter was received in this city today, I from an officer on Gen. Grant’s stall', dated City Point, Wednesday evening, which say *: - “ i have no strikiug nows to report to ilsy, hut everything looks bright and chtetiug, and ' every day we lay here we are weakening the enemy more or less, while the troops are de serting to our tin in droves. We are receiv- I iug large aceessio. i of recruits. The 11th Florida regiment, which entered the rebel service with 1,100 men, has lieen re duced, deserters say, to less than 10J tiy de- j sett ions and the casualties of war, but pried- I pally by desertions.” Among ihe rebel deserters brought here this moruing from City Point, ure fifteeu from i that regiment. Admiral Porter arrived here to day from St. Louis. (•en. A. J. Smith's advance arrived at Sul-j pltur Springs to day, w her* they go into camp, probably to await developments oi' the enemy. , Shelby’s advance is iu south-east Missouri, ' hut uothiug definite is known in regird to bis designs. Tho Actr ) urk 1 n»tom lions* Fr.tutfs, New Yoke, SepL 10. Collector Draper's investigations into al leged coirupt practices at the Custom House, according to the Express, are developing the most astonishing viiiauics on record. Officials have, been not only in the habit of helping themselves to the most costly goods, and iu the most extravagant quantities, but if a mer chant even hinted at a complaint, cases ef his : most costly goods would be placed in a damp place, where they would soon lose half tin ir worth. The wires ami lady Irieuds of official*, ' after being Introduced to the importer*, would j always visit their stores and select whatever they wanted and order it sent homo, without paying a cent If they refused, the cfflcisla were iatormed, and the merchants were made to sutler severely. InjHHrtirm «ii a l'ri'mont Ori/an. New Yoke, Sept. 15. The Supreme Court injunction put to-day upon the New Nation newspaper, Fremout organ, referred only to the Imitation, primed by Gen. Cluseiet. The regular paper goes to pres* to-night. The difli-ully In the matter, as is inferred from a copy of the suppressed shett, seems to have b. cu an attempt on the part ol Gen. Ctuseret to turn the paper over to a person who hits not hitherto appeared : prominently as a possible candidate tor the Presidency. i From the Southwest, St. Loi is, Mo., Sept. to. Reliable information has been received that Gen. Price crossed the Arkansas liver at Dar danviile, about half way lietween Little Rock and Fort Smith, on the 5th imt , with 5000 re la-1 cavalry, evidently destined 'or M:s»ouii. Shelby's movements in North East Arkan sas and South East Missouri, seem to ho aim ed at Caper Girandean, while Price will prob- j ably suite at Spring held. Roth places arc well fortified and have garrisons strong enough to repel any attack. From Fortress Monroe, Fortress Monroe, Sept. 15. Gen. llulier arilved here tlii. morning lioio the front, on the steamer Greyhound, He comes here for the Improvement of'bis health, j which has ol iam become somewhat impaired. Hon. R. II. Con.uly, of New York, passed through here to-day from the front, where lie has been to Intercede for the exchange of b s sou. Lieut. T. J. Conchy, captured on the Weldon Railroad. -4‘THfsl Efcf; ami JToumlrd Soldier*. Philadelphia, Sept. Id. The U. S. steamer Doueal. from Charles ton Bar 13ih hist., with 150 i ffleers, dis charged sailors and invalid soLiTers, arrived here to-day. She passed off Cape UaUcras the steamer Arago, with * brig in tow, New Yoius c’fln. ... .SriinSr U‘‘U-’ *rS”- Tortress Lurie, with sick and »o":uld soldiers, has arrived. From lieneer dig, Denver Cm, Sept. Id. i No Indian* have been seen on the overland route for weeks. Stages will begin to run j over it immediately. The Indian scare seems t to have ended. Troops are now station so as to fully protect the coaches and traveller: over ! the route. lire. Binghasiptox,N. Y .S. pt. 1(5—8 P. M. The north wing ol the Inebriate Asylum is | now in flames, and it is (eared that the entire edifice will be destroyed. Kew York Market. N*w York.Kept 16 Cotton—dull; sale* 900 bales at 1 So for middling uplands. floor—sales Hi COO bbls; State and Western 6*10c lower; State 9 80^*10 25; Round lloop Ohio louGg 13 00; Western 9 60<$lh66; eoutburn—heavy : sales 701 bbls; Extra do 11 26«-1426; Canada dull, sales 480bbis; Extra 10 10*12 U0. Wheat-ltt 2c higher; sales 36.800 bush*: Chicago Sprinr 2 13*221; Milwaukee club 2 14 $2 22; Winter ! Bed Western 2 22^.2 31. Corn—lower; sues 22 000bushels; mixed Western 161*161) Oats—lower. Beef— si cady. I’orx—firm: r; sales 8,W0 bb«s; ue« mess 12 75vS 43 00. I ard—fir oer ; sales 810'J bbls at 23. *24Jo. Cut Meat*—steady. Butter—quiet; State at 4&u£ec. Whisker—firmer; sales 85ft bbls at 1 91J&1 S2. F night* to Liverpool—dull Stock Market, Niw Yckk. Sept. 16 8*oot*i B iard.— Stocir btavy iar.r icanOcT.t.J25J United Slates 6 s 1881 coupons,.1084 j United States J»-2f» coupons.109J Uuited Stains 10-40 coupons. 97 , Treastt’-v 7 8-10ths.llOf 1 j Unite States oae rear certificates new. 94 j New York Central..MG I <u ruber.aud Coal Company preferred.04* I Erie,. .104$ 1 Hudnon . .11*$ Rt*fvdiar.429$ Michigan Southern. 801 1 Mtccir Cen*. a) s.'rip.195] Cleveland k Pittsburg.IBM I Chicago k 3>ck Island... 1001 I liold closed this evening at 2 21 J. Brunswick, Sept 15,1864. Mr. K'Ulor:—At the election in this town ou Monday last, lion. Marshall Cram was re elect* d representative by a majority of 175— an iucreaae of twenty*Ove on bis majority of i year. BRUNSWICK. Instruction in Music \ all MR. G. R. PAINE, WOULD respectfully announce to tbo&e inter ested in Music. in Portland aud vicinity, that he is giving instruction on the Piano Forte, in this city, aud respectfully solicits a liberal patronage. T«*i ins, $1*2,00 |>er Quarter, (14 ioxoue, ooh lestoa occupyinx one hour.) S',.t. at PAINE'S M.aicStore. No. 163 Kiddie 8t. Any information wanted eoncerninx me, cm be hid by in.iuiricx at Paine * Music Store. Reference, 11. Kotzscumar. Sept 13—eod2m* For (tale at a KnrKnln. THE three ttory, brown-itone ma.tle home, No. MS Cumberland, corner of Green atre.t con talcing ten rooms, with diniug room, Ac , finished in modern s»yle, with gas: also au abundance of hard and soft water in kitchen. Apply at 190 Com i mercial It. seplMSw MISCELLANEOUS. 1 K lino V A~Ll D« HEALU'uairem v«d his offlcftfvom No. 341 . C ong***s * >' tn the . ppoafet side or tho r • r&t, coiuei 01 Co*.*4\.,auvl : tmpio stroeta, oil... i^rru* •rly occupied by pm. Bacon k Bronlla. up6dtf | C V STOMTAILOR! Alexander D. Reives, 98 Excliaiige St., | Having just returned fr in New Ycrk ted Boston ; v ilh a large and Will Selected Stock —or— Cloths, Cassimcres and Vestings, Kiabraciug all the mat EASUiOAAWLE STYLES, —AMO or— THE BEST QUALITY. He ii prepared to make up to oid.-r COATS, PANTS, and VESTS. At the lowest figure of which the timer will admit, aud in the latest rtyle. Ju.t received a NEW 81VLK of Cloibe ler LADIKb CLOAKS. eeptlddlm New Hat Cap and Fur Store • COE Sr Mo CALLER WOULD re.pectfully inform the citizenaofPort laud auil viciniiy, that they hare thii day taken the flora No. 95 Middle Street, recently occupied by KolUne ft Bond, for the tur pose of carrying on the Pur, Hat and Cap Bu«ine*i, In all Iteearietic*. Our elcck will embrace all the ! latent and inoet Kahiios»i:l» Paris London and Cape ' °r* 01 * lud laucy Huts atd l ar Goods in Great Variety, U BEELLA8 ! U MBRBLLA8 !! i *SSrK lrt*Ci!,r ,!tteuli0D givon to UirAiKiso I KLR8. by one Mr. Coe, recently in chare® of that department at J. 1’. hiawr'i*. mT.HIrtVt' W,il P:‘»-'e «»J1 »■>* •«» «* 1 at Middle stmt. Alfred 11. Coe J v Me,,alU.r Po-tland, Kept 16, ISflf. —dim RE M OVAlTi \ATHAV CtOULD, Merchant Tailor, HA8 removed to Xo. 131 lltdd e street, where he will tw p!ea«ed t® meet hi* firiend* and custom- ! or*. A gooda«jrtiueat of Clo Jxs and Trim mine* cou»*%n ly on hand. 6 . Particular attention give* to cutting for others to make. A bept 12—iiam For Male. J-£ CIGARS of tha following choice 27 400 Desiguio 1st Londres 3d boo •• 3d 41 000 4i 3d ** Angelita*. 10 000 ** 1st “ Prituado*. o 000 “ 2d Reg Britauica*. 6 Oft) •• 3d Brnmnica* 2 6u0 “ Lutiui tu* Galenas 1st. 2 6o0 4- 44 - 2d. 6 000 Angelita* 3d Londres Prinsados. 6 00) A t; 2d Brer-*. 10 (XM A C 3d Londres. SO 000 A M Loudon Flor, 32 300 A M Flor Pnufadu*. 23 300 A M Loudon Cortes. 7 400 A M London Fmo. 33 Oft) Londres Port Mahons. 2dS 000 ISAAC tMLUY, Read Long Whf. Sept 12- lm * l’. S. nanhai’i Hale. L'mitko Statbo <i» Ambbica, | Di-tuiot or M.isic, Btv I 1>t KSCAb'l to an lutivductoiy Order ol bait. u> I in. i lr.cted from tb* lion A.hur Wire. Jadze ot the Pulled dtaMe DiatrictCourt, within and tor ; the IXvtrlct of Maivt*. 1 shah expos® and Stii it l ab* lie Vundue to tbe Ui*Lri ukla.< t i.ruor, tb* follow. i In* I'loprty audmercliaud nil lit* liw awd via* I withru iald District a« ol.ows, vis:_ Jt Sutnyjrt, tt due,das tht 21 it das of ! Sr.Umbtc. err tout, at 12 o'clock 4f„ > «» liDLL oir T1I1M ituuKKu Mbbcy A llowtn aoil the‘cargo late!, on betni $aUl uchomttr, c-.R iHints Of about k'irt'i gi itTAL, Sait Fuu at.d Oil QBL Ult. Ibe auror haviiij! b»cn rrtlureil io be iold bv tbe Diet i let Court of tbe Ln.i.d Slate*. it» tbe D.atnct of Maine. Terma of Sale—Ca*ji Dated *t Portland tbia lltb tilt or Sept. A. D. . 1864. r fLAKK, C S. Marahai, Dlat: of Maine. (oi)Artncrkhlp Notice. r VI11K unden'niiMi hitethi, d*y for». <J • fconart I i.erabip uto .ir lb. Ilriu and BBBl« u, "Curia Rot Clan Jk ttOan,' r*< 'be of doiur a' wli lleeaie and lu'alt c lathin' , atfnctt yh lf1i, and 14$ Mahlie St, «“ *' I r. C. Lbwm. X. C. l.oLLiat, W. M Bonn. Portland, Sept 1,1SB4 —aepfid'Jw Dissolution. mHE copartnership heretofore existlug between A Sweat and 1 leave* a* Attorney* at Lawr, i* this da> «ii*»ohoa b> mutual connect. Tbeifsirrol tbe la:** firm will be adjusted by either party. Mr Sweat willooutinuein bueinua* at otBoe Xo. 117 Middle street. Muncy *iRovr. Mr Cleavca at the office of Howard A Cleaves. No. 91 Middle street, ot or Catco Bank L. D H SWEAT, NATHAN CLKAVK8. 1*01 Hand. July 16th. 18r4. )yl8d3m I>i%M)luiion of Copartnership. fllUK Mputtieriliip heretofore ex ktin^ between j Jl tbe audnrsigueo, is bereb} dissolvea by mutual , Coiipetit The affairs of the la*e firm will be settled , at o ir new place of busincM, Xo*. K1 aod 143 Mid- I die St. X. c. Lollins. W. K Bonn 1 Portland, .Sept. 1,1804. sep7diw *vuuvo vi Arissuiiiuuii, fit U K Hr in herotofo-e existing under the uameacd Xrjl* f Cloudman. 8 even- k Co., to h reby die* | ioUe<1 by «uu u*1 ei. b»»nt Me«er» Cloudman and ifevea* are authorized to settle and adjust the af fairs of the la'e thru. .U)U?i CL«>lUMAN. ALBERT B tn EVANS, i JOSEPH WALKER Portland, 8<pt 1,1884. Messrs. Cioudmsn ami Stevens win continue tbe 1 same tusipe** at the old rtaud number 1*3 ( oinmer- I cia! St. scpl(E*cd3w Fortlatid Company, StJBSCRlBKM t*» the New Stock may make pa* ment at the office of the Company on Fore . atnet. jrat the Mar chants* bank. On a!) payments n ade alter the 16th Inst, interest will be charged. l*ay m<mt must be madr, or u cured ty OC». )at The certificates of stock ofthe present Shareholders will be? received at fifty d- liars per share ED WARD II. DAVEl3, Clerk Portland, Bert 14, iSCi d2w tiVttlEK. the >»ate of New York and all i orts and places north of New York, and is prepared to furnish hard pine lumber in any quautitii s, by the cargo, sawed to any desired u inemEn*. at the shone* notice; also Black Walnut, Bay wood, Ac. JOR A. TURNER. No. 66 Washington St.. Boston, Mass. Aug.10.lSGE eod3m COAL FREIGHTS. I’ictou, N. SM to Pcmbrol e» Muiue* Any sized Vessels. For# !«n or Amerl loan, wanted to ft eight C al asabev* The rate* for dochsr *ing are lower than at Boslnu, and there are other facil ities. Apply to or adhres* WE K. COFFIN 8 JO., Boston. Also a few Vessels wanted to brin; Coal to other ports. Julyl6i«2m. To Merchant Tailor* and Cntters. IflAVK left with Mr. W I). J.raw, No «J Mil die street, Port’and, copies of the true science of orafting gatment*. Mr. J fulv unders’and* tbe theory and practice ai well as I do and can com munirst as well to others OTI3 MaDISON Portland, Sept 16. 1364. Having received authority front Mr Madircn, 1 am prepared »o furnish all the necessary iufi rma tion.and supply those wLo may wtoh with the rules, at Mr N.S Gardiuer's, No C2 Middle Sept 16—3m W D. JAMES. l\t!lland Marine Society. rpUK Members of the Portland Marine Society sre Jl hcrehv notified that pt ►pei isl meeting of said Society will be held at the office of the Ocean Ins Co . on Tuesday th»* 20th insf, »t 4 o'o’uck r. M. for tbe purpose of a Secretary and a Treasurer. A punctual and full attendance is rtquwcd 8(pl 10 dtd Per Order. Notice to Phyaiclane. , mill: Stock and Staki* of a Hiysiciauand Drug | A gSt. hi a flourishing Village in this Htnte. on a Railroad, will te sold at a bargaiu. as the owner to about retiring from busiue»s Apply to \V. F. PHILLIPS, 149 Mtodle Street, Portland. se^tlUlTAStf CAN furnish tour veteran Substitute for three years inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER, 1 bept 10—did Tim* street. EDUCATIONAL. Hvpuiog School. f* w NOYE<, an ©xperi.*u«ed T-ecber, wili VN • ; □ h% be bo at tho H .11 i.; th» brickJa -. Llu n, » .nire<< St. 2d door abote Dlake h baKcry, ©u Alouday Evening, Sept U*,where be will impart instruction 10 those why may desire to devotee a portion of their evening in acquiring ti* f:i. ahd piscTioai l uo^iedge. l'eumau< and orthography ©jptciaJy atien *cd to. term icason* api^. I-or turther particulars enquire at the hall a." _ ■ seplGJ3t r*i-oi: Masse,A.M. j Itocently Of Philadelphia, Instructor in the French and Latin Languages. lo schools au.l families, lecture |b i •c boots. explanation iu Freuca Idiom* A I, a- j lu'r*''y instructor ol Kbetoric mod Bello* Muter* iu Lbariesmiuue College, one of the Ant iustltatloo* in Faria. For furtherpaat>cu!.ns, apply at Messrs.Bailey A . oye* between II aud 12 a. 31., where iotormaliou aaiolerm, ac, will be given. imorumuou ■UTtUKB. Se*- ^ ■ II- Seward, Secretary of HtatA. Kev.Biebop W. U.steyons.b D.,of Philadelphia pC’; t-' <i e:r ind <Joae-“I Baltimore. Vrit n L1*veiand, ot Fhiladeipliia. *■ uH .V°PP‘e- of Feuua University. IiWiI Uot™, K„. . of Boston. K. II. Dana, Asq., Ot boston. ICpc* Sargent, A*,.. of Boston. ^Kt Key. Bishop r. C Browneii, D. D., Hartford, ?r* *■ p-I-,p">hon, Fortland. Kept 6. dim A*-'/01! School for Boy.. Topitum, Maine, 16 tulles from Fortland; easy nr access—a beauti* tat and healtn, looa.tty. For LircoUrTkoWe,** addrtka tho Ifiucipal, * Sept I—dSw* WAHREX JOUNSOS. A. X. ‘ HOME INSTITUTE/’ '' !Uiss I. &. Prince, Principal. i rnUIS Boarding end Day School for Tonag Ladle* *.n.WiM/l"TU !?' “ItU >*ar- on Ihursday! Sept. llttt. *or Lire atari containing term*. Ao.. adorcaa the Principal at 62 Free St., Portland. Me. Aug lit—dfcwlnt Young Ladies’ Seminary. T*« .«.U. fchoal opens Thursday, r ®S5*-Aln **0r,oc Block, CoOgres* St. 1 In add.tinn to the day .chool.wliich ha* receiyed *s ! large a share of tho b«t p.tronii'e ol the city, ar rangement hare new been made to admit a few Boa.oing Scholar*. For Circulars containing Term*, Ae . address MISSES 8TM05DS, Frlucipjis, Aug 21—eodtdAwSw 18 Brown SL '"(tiM/suuy///(^r//yca^i/’ HEW BAllPKniKE Commercial College,' Oontral Hall,-Concord, H- H. maK mo*t thorough and exteiuiv* Commercia ;l**r !n N*w. tfaglMd. prentuta unequalled Mcliitie* tor imparting to young tucii and lad lea a I complete busier-* education. Send tor a orcolar containing fail Information— address WOMXULNUTOH A WARNER. Aug 9—dAvrSm 1’rincipals. j '"Ten...:..;''///f) /ft I ;/. i THE PORTLAND COLLEGE, Located in Clapp s Biock, Cenrms Street, 18 Br7»Dt- s,,‘tlo“ * Co.', chain of In iVi0,"*. »»d CoauMtdnl College. e'tabti,hed in twenty-: wo of the loading commer cinl citae* in the United State, and Canada.. Tha object of the** College, i. to furniah young “? o4*” ,b* b*"‘ “oUitiea for obtaining a thorough Bu.,not« education. 1 * Scholar.hip. for full couneof Boik-keeplng Com S222iJ*' ,9°“'r*re»»l Calculation. renman«hip, Correspondence, Lecturer and ?netl <*>**£*K L • A. GRAY, a • M ., khfilUANT fkl.Mll'AL. .■.•SF' For further Information, plea.* aali at the College, or re.d tor Circular and Cuilege Monthly, inclcing letter stamp. Art dree. * 7' BRYANT STRATTON A CRAY, Por»"*“<».Mtipe.i ac{31 dSm*na HE-OPfiNKD. .' The .ntwcrlbcr. would rwpeettfclly aun ounce to their nam»r jus !ii?nd» hdU the public that ihcy 1 have thoroughly Repaired, Rsfitted and Refhmifhed The popular and neutrally;ousted EATING HOUSE/ S#» — ^ No. 77 Middle Street, (KOI BLOCK,) Which will he open on and after HONDAY. JULY 93lh. I’dlt u<l Luciet At ill bean *f ike Bij aad liening. ICE CREAMS, PLAIN AND FANCY CAKE, FRUIT, CONFECTIONARY, Ac-, Constantly on hand. boda WATER, Drawn from Dour’s i'a'eut ?c* Cream (SodajKoun- j tain, with Frail Syrups. P ABTIE3 SUPB1ED AT BHOBT JVOTICS. We shall be happy to toe all our old friends and mike a host of bow ones, and trust that none will j nave cause for complaint. CALL AND SEE US I ATKINSON & INGEESOLL. i It 25 if Portland Army Committee OP TUB U. S. Christian Commission. Chairman, T. U. Hayes, reoeive# Stores at 116 Mid ; die atreet. Treasurer. CyrusSturdivant, reeei'-ea Money at 76 Commercial street. Secretary, iieury 11. Burgees, reee'voa Letters at SO Commercial atreet. Audrey J. Chase, Dr. YT. > . Johnson. nnelBdtt NOTICE. rjlHR c partnership heretofore existing between X the Rubdcriberi under the firm of HATCH. CLFFOltTi f CO , is this day duo’r'd by mutunl consent. J. R. Clifford I* authorized to settle ail d«bta due to and by thetompeuy. II. H. Batch, J K. CurrouD, II. A. Frost. Portland . Sept 10,1S«| ►eplJeodSw Edwiu C. Owen it Co., W holcsale and Retell Dealers In Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Cou lectio aery. Nuts, Cigars, A So. 26 Xraboag* at. .Portland. Orange#, Union.*, Limes. Tampriuoa. Drum*. Cit ron. Uaisioa, Kigs. Nuts ot all kinds, Olives, baidine*. D*Ut. Apple#, Pairs, i’e-cln i*. Preserved Fruits, Cum Dri ps, Lozengt#, Candies, Honey, Spruce Gum, Tobacco, Cigars, Picklis, Pepper Sauce, etc., etc. £_>“ The Trade cupplied ou the most liberal terms. Aug 16—la FALL STYLE [“l HATS k CAPS jJ—L Now ready at S jE£ Al SJSJr » s , jiao )! ID II L i: STREET. •ep"> ImU4w New Wholesale House! Merrill, Parsons & Small, Snecmsori to U. Merrill, HAYR removed f-uni 131 to the new spacious roo«na 146 Middle St. Fvaii*’ Building, where J the now offer a complete stock of Foreign and Do j UlCdtlC F*ancy G oods, Worst-di. Woolen Yarns. Hosiery, Gloves, Drets Trimmings, Undertakers’ Good, Bo. li. Merrill, L. I’AMOSS, Sept 18—dim (has Small. Notice. rilillS dav 1 give to my two son*. K. J. and Chaa A Uandln. their time, to set and trad.* fOrr them Rol\eti; 1 shall not claim their wages or par their j debts. r. O. RANDALL, Kea^r Falla, Me. Witness, Mary PUisbury, Mary 8.ttHabury | j0tt«27.18M 1 ju*» entertainments r Newcomb’s Minstrels. New City Hall. THIS EE RIGHTS ORLY. MONDAY. TUE8DAY,WEDNESDAY, ’ Sept, lath, 30th and 21st. Newcomb’s Great Alliance! TWO BANDS IN ONE I Ibis "tapenUoa* organization headed by Um pi - noer of MinctreUy. *.» newoly augtoenud for HC4-5. l>oori open at 7-—oommeLc j at 8. OT*Admission 26 cents. He erred seals GO etc. 1*. A. CLASHK, Agent. Sept 16—d6t dancing; ' FOR those chit Iren not »lnlty unacQ't >iDt ed with E VEXIXo CLAiS will be ormrd at No IT3 Middle Siren. |0» Tl’KSDA r. Sept 13. at 7 o’clocb P M. i tdntsUtijf, Sept U:b, a A Clau for Beginner* Will be organized at 1J o'clock P II.—.3 for twelve lessons; *i for two'it'-.foor lOMoa.. aeptlo-dlw Morris’ Minstrels -AT Dooring Hall: For a Abort *eaion, commercing Monday Evening, Sept. IS. ; Entire Change of Programme E«ic!i Evening, i poor* open at 7—to commence at 8 o'clock Ad nuMiou 2j cu; Her erred teats G-j cti. I W. A. Abbott, Agent. 8ept« -d»t C. A. MORRIS, Manager. , p <-» it r Is A N D is A N 1> Re-OrgauUeiU # HAVING ro or^auid ucd* r our old Leader i). H. CHAMDLER, we are low prepared to Surmsli Hasic fur all occasions where uiu.lo is wauled. Orders ten with D. U. Chandler, P. J. Willey or I at Paine's Store, 1«* Middle slrret. wi 1 be ' promptly attended to. 1). 11. CUAXDLEK, septl, eud6w* Secretary. LEWIS, ROLLINS & BOfiD, Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street,' Store Formerly Occupied by Jotl. h Burleigh. Haring leased the shore store at a rti> iuw reel,we propose to opeu a r irst Class Tailoring, FINE CLOTHING, -A STD ' Gents’ Furnishing Goods ESTABLISHMENT. We Buy and Sell for Ca*h and At tend to Onr own Bamne:*. We mr* enabled-to oflar to tbe pubic Goods as Low as Can be Bought In thi* City or State. OUR CUSTOM DEPARTMENT 1* under the direction of Mr. Bond, well know n to the public M a „ FlltS r CL\8S UITTEB. Grateful to cur friends and th* p bttc for their libeia! patronage at our iormer pine** of bn-ii e**, ! we etill solicit their tavors, ai 4 we pledge to deal with them on the square. ▼. C. L*WIW. hi. C. HOLLINS, W. If BoHI>. Sept 6—dim R.J.D. LARRABEE &C0.7 No. 01) Kachan;*.- St., Manufacture!! of all kimU of F R A M E S — vox — Oil Paintings, Engravings, Photograph*, A Looking Gltt*se*. Mar.afactnrere of ill kind, ol MOULDINQS —FOB— Pictura Frame* and Looking Glaite*. The TFade supplied with Bitch Walnut, Imitation Rosewood and Lbon> , and Gilt Oval Fiame*. Our manufacturing facilities ensile as to furrisb all ar ticle in this lie* ea low in priom at e n b*» fcand eltewhere. We invite purchaser* to call aud exam ine our very Use F.iijrrav n/s of which we have a lame variety ~plOdtf N. SS. Gardiner, Merchant Tailor, -AND DXAL8R IX L Ready-Made Clotniag, I Aud Gen**’ Furalbhiag Good*, ATo. 62 JUuidU St., comrr rf Lime Street,[i ppo- I site the Foel Office, roOTLAND.Maim. eeptSiltt i I New Bedford Copper Comp’y. THE undersigned, agents of the at>OTe Company, ! are prepared to tarnish soiU of j Yellow Metal & Copper Sheathing, Bolt Copper, Bolt Yrllotr Metal, Spiles, Xaits, fi\, at short notice and delivered at auy port repaired. McUILVERY. EYAS A DAVIS. Sept 6.—dtf Maine Bonnet Bleachery, 309 Oongrea Street. PORTLAND - _- . MAINE. Straw, Lace & Leghorn Bonnets -AMD GENTLEMENS NATS, Bleached & Pressed at the Shortest Notice -ALSO HATS & BONNETS DYED. Every exertion will bo made to have all orders promptly attended to. JAMES It. lit € K L Y FT. angSl 8m. ~ ECONOMYJS WEALTH. ! rilUE subscriber respecttally Informs his friends X in general that h j will Repair Gentlemens’Garments OP EYKRT DRSC'RlPTION, ; AT SHORT NOTICE AND FAIR PRICES, So that Money can be Saved in these U'ar Times. J It. STORY, So. 23 Exchange St. j An, 27—Jtf bewail €3. Sire iif, Of the late firm of Howard Stroat, Attorney and Counsellor at-Law, 105 Middle Street. Opposite International Bank... . Portland. Ang 12—d & wSm Grand Trunk Railway. PaXlOHT Aoxxcr, J Foreland, Sept 8- *884;' ALLptrsous requiring rw,-ipe from thl. Co®: Deny for t tie de iverjr of Freight. »ud p.ymeut ot frtlght charge*, above twenty dollar., u,u*t affix Stamp. upon the .aim* or they wifi not be algaod. 3—■itlm JOHN l’ORlROUS, Agent. To Let. UK ITEMS HKD ROOMS to let, with or with Vut board, at 834 Con greet it. eepHolw* WANTS,LOST,FOUND Dru; C5i»rk Wanted. i IjN'l. treftrerj that hns lu*-| oae or two tcir.ex 8»pu£3" •' r!‘1}' *'■>»■' CcS.-ress «*r-. it. Wanted. < A board-/also a'few h th«ir ulreo eta ibt.u ' •treat. Enqdiro of l“ Auaerie ise». 4 ■aKs iitlLta, oa the plena- ' __. _ seplMSg* ! j Found, { ' Ox th*? 9;U iaa^, «a thoHne a . near Capo L ixabelh j aieu j,,' \ 8 *’ * RJ • ‘ containing a nun- and sundry article? bo‘>k " can hare luesam- by nailing at this off,°*!“r property and paying charges. ‘thee, proving H*pt 12—J1 w | RECRUITS WANTED!1' —FOB 1MB— ■ Eighth Regiment! Highest Bounties Paid.' Two Musicians Wanted! A Drum and Fife Ma|or. 1 can offer *M per month to a Drum Majcr of ex perience. Enquire of CAPT. MORRIS, Opposite International Hotel. ' Sept Ii— dlw* Wanted.! ridcrberrle* nud (hrrrleE ) TUI. highest price paid for ripe Elderberries.p'elc 1 clean, and also Black Cberriea, by W. H. Bain*. Windham, or • GREENOL'1,11 k MOUSE Sept o-d* wtf 20 Market Square. Shook .Tinkers Wauled, A 18 T »■»“ workmen will flud steady employ- ' -*k moot at the bigfaeot prices, hy app'yinr at ' voRst.'S Shook Manuiactorv, South Bu.tou oral h:s office eio 9India Wharf, boston. Sfpt 13—dim Wauled. A PLj[ASAXT and convenient tenement of four £kor dve rooms, near the oasts of theoity.fbra , lnmdy ot only two person., eu.h a tenement can be reu.,d to agrod tayiug tenant, aud leased for a number ot yearn loose who still take gooi „„ of p'e,f*“*’kj add re ting L. J. D , boxU l'ur.lanJ F. O., ttaliug location, 4c. tf Lost or Stolen. A GOLD WATCH, open face, a gold colored dial. attached to a black ribbon, witn a gold buckle a.d a gold quarts ruck aral -euppoeod to have been lost Id gentlemen,’ sra't at U. f. K Depot Who tier restores iho above will ho suitably rewarded by leaving it at D i Career's office 0 T. K. Depot or lue owner v a ijifANr Portland, Sept II_ 8 oepWdfl ' Wanted. A YOUNG Ltdy to attend at a Fancy Hoods Store. None but an experienced band need aO P4;Pt l5-dlw HERMANN GRUKTAL. Wanted. 1JH>R a family ot four (no tmatl children) a nice j? <nteei two ftoried house, in the centrm ot the at/ separateorlnabloo*. AddrwU Box 110 Fort land Pott. Office. aemMtf Wanted. Q A CUSTOM Coal us S) outoa Put maktri. 0\J Apply uClotoiuKoum. of WOODMAN, TRUE A CO.. , ... M and M Middle street. AagO—dfcwls«w Wanted. 1>V » middle ag.d mu, a aituation la a store, or HAoa the wUrf, aa a salesman. 10 uo ligut work or tc take charge or some light business. Good refcas tceea given. Box 1613. or eaqairo at No. S Lime At. Portland, Sept. 6th —dtf ivOtrr. sunt REWAiin. ON Cential wharf, or around the Grand Trank , Depot and yard; a C'alrskin Wallet contaia- ' let a coneidrable turn of money, and papers of uo ealne to any ona bat the loo*er. The flnder will be rewarded ae above on return log the aama to So. Wharf, or72 Rraoketr street. Portland. Aug. 81 1864__an,31 dtf Lott. MONDAY afternoon, batweeu Lincoln Street and the Pram Office, a lady’t Jet Grove Pin. Upped with gold and a Pea’I in the centre The Under will '”'i\bly rewarded by leaving the same at TUU Uf FIIE. tf Any SO, mi. kiousc tv anted. IJx' Wanted by the advertieer, a aonvenieat, lii '<=nteally looaied. and pleasant house fbr a S4. email family, without children -possession to be' bad aa early as tbs middle of October, sooner U pies idle. It meat barn good water eoaveaieacee, a.:d bewell finished. The advertiser would lease inch a house tar a term at years, or parohese if terms auited. A ;wmtory •oltage, snail lot. preferred. AdlreeaO. P. Q.. at the Preaa Office, si atlng !ooa tioa. general term, fto om*dt%tiallv. Portland, Aag. 1.1M4 —dU Lest. STRAYED irom the pasture of Mr. Fra lots Rob erts, Westbrook, last month, a tbreo year old g;ay Coll, small airs: whoever wilt return him er ' g ve informetiou where he may be found, will be s jtabiy rewarded, by calling at No l» dp .-tag St. FRANCIS E I.MERY. Portland, Jnly 13, \*6i.—dtf Reward ! STOLEN from the subscriber en Tuesday Even ing, while in Fierce's auction room, a Calf Skin P rekvt Book eontaing 064 in money, a mote against Charles Hoogdon. Gorham, for >60,ana «ne against C ".arise Hooper for >13. The above reward will bo p lid for the recovers of tbs proparty aad tbe dateo t* ra of tbe thief. Tans !.-tf GEORG E BECK. Board. uITS of Rooms, with Board, can bo obtained by O applyiog immediately at 30 Daaforth street. MayllUi. rear l'Jdt f ANNUAL MEETINGS. Annual Meeting; ! r.lHk stockholder* of the Morohaut*’ Bank ere jL hereby notified t> meet et tbe Bank on Monday, Cct. 34, at 3 o'clock 1’. M for the following purpoi* t«t—For the choice of acven Director* for the en ct.iajc year. ind—To conti ’er the subject of aJopting the St* ti >ual Bauk g\ stem. ard act thereon. 31—For the transaction of any other basinets tint nay legmliy come belore them. by order oi the Director*, CllAS. FAYSCS.O.ahfer. Fort land. Sept W. 1%4— dtd Jinuufaciurer*and Trader* Bnnk, i r*1llE S'ockholuara of the Msbufscturw’sIrad ii. ur* Bunk are hereby notified that their Auuuil ; ksetiog will be held at their Bsnktug ic ora on Mon I d »r. the 34 day of October neat, at 3 u'<ock P M.. ft r the choice of Directors for the ensn* r g y ear. and the trsi saetion of such other busiaessw* mar legal ly come before them. By o.der of the Directors, teptl4 dtd EDWARD GOULD, Cashier. Casco Bank. | milk. Annual Meetiug of the Stockholders of this A Bank tor the choice of Directors, an d the trass* action of other busiress, will he held at kbeir Bank lux llonre. on Mouday.iheSl day of October next, a- 3 o'clock P. M. Per Order. E. P. GEEKISH, Cashier. Sept lo—dtd MechaiicP Hank. milE Annual Meeting of stockholders of the Me* A chainc* Bank, for the coice of Directors, and any other business which may oome before them, will bo bold at tbeir Banting Eoun on Monday, 3d Uch n xt. at 3 r. x. Per Orvtor. W. H SI KPHEXS05. Cashier. Portland. Sept 16, 1S64.—did Canal Bank* frill E Annual Meeting cf the etockholders of Ibis JL Hank, for the choice of Directors, will be h*)d at their banking house on Monday Dot 3 at 11 w'cl'k s. m. Al-oto consider the subject of adopting the hia t: ual Bank System, and tor the traniacdou of any othor bu insss. Per Order. Sept 16—dtd B. C. BOii^RBY. Cashier. Bnuk ol Cumberland. NOTICE is hereb7 givtu that the annua' meeting of the htockhob'ei-s ol the Bank of Cumberland f< the choice of Directors for the ensuing ytar.aud t q transaction of any other business that may come t fore thorn, will bo he'd at their Banking Boom on L >nday the 34 of October next at3 o c ock W. x. Per Order ot the Directors SAM'L SMALL. Cashier. Portland, Sept 16.1364. teplAdtd Furniture at a Burffain. i i \NE Parlor Suit ami four Chamber Suits, for safo l / cheap *181} Centre street. sepIMSt* Hoiib^ St House I-oi» For Sale t ilTlATED at Morrill's Corner, nesr the Mho aT k r horse i all road A one story house ana sudijB* e ith shout one sore of land ia a high •****?; ▼ «tion. ADu eight acres near tbe Tork and tarn b rlan4 K K. within two minute* wa*k°r «ne noroe I c rs. well situated for boa^e lots, and s good cltance Wr—l Fur further Westbrook, Sep: M. ’.804.—d2w Fir»l Claw llaanliai Uuum) to Let. fit IX I-' ia>ra w*H arrauged houw corner of Middle A and Willow »«»■ to 'ft: pcaeaaaion gitan Ha r.1 a ith a imriion of tha turnitnr* for sale Kor pm tie. o ari inualre of JOHN C. PROCTER, Sept Id—JO Una litre ,t. House mill Lot For Sale.’ VO. aj Cumberland itm t. Uodm hat clerrn fln .f iahed rooms, besides oloaeta- luat by larnaca. p ped for a an, bard and aoft water in tha kitchen.— A U in food order. Plica anJ terms liberal. Iuaaire Of JOHN C. PROCTER. Sept 18—dlw House and Store Lota to Leaae. ON Ponertaar. North and Ctnibariaod, nbirra Washington street, including tha dawrabie lot earner of Congresa end North atrat ta. arpjy to SaplSdta A. P. fUU.IR, 28# Co*greaa lUeat. AUCTION SALES. EDW.U.PATTEN, AUCTIONEER, 13 Kx chaw,* * ' alaubSe Proper:)' ou Commercial St. at Auction. ON Friday, September Htb, at 3 r. y on tile » yarnaUo lot ot I. rad tin* uortherl) iiit. 01 . oa>In .1 re.* nearly eppo.1t. toe bead of Fr«„, nu vvtn:t It ua.?a Trout Xv#‘n.S2ra,“erCili 01 ■*“ '"**• Oitindln* back about to., etna.; o.*j In,:. laak V.SS1, 8501 tqceru foot. It w.ll be > ,ul u aboyo mtbout rpw-rvu on lavombleura,. hu mir ■een at the Merchant.- Excbaeg! For“ “£l.r! call on tho Auctioneer. seplWd Valuable House Loi at Auction OH1 Friday, Sept. 16th. at3 o'clock p.m , we shall sell a valuable lot of land oo JUdia *tre*t, nest 10 thooorner lot on the north east corner oi Eeritial ■tract. being 3!* le« t on Iod.a street by 17 Jett ctep, *ith a vooj wall O! exeylent wa'er oo it This in a bjnuuful lot tor boildmg purposes, centrally loca ted and in an eac Mint neighborhood, litlo clear. . HENRY liAiLEY A CO., A act /a. J5ept9-dtd House, and Lot ut Auction. (1* ®*',r<lay. September lTtk, at 3 o'clock r. Dec r "•f throe «tory wooden houeoNo. T at* Siis cJk *• finished throughout fine c.'oe Iood^w2jl%r’ ?*••** watfrr. central located, la '*J' ooder rent, mod a Crumble «£!££. " SEEKS; a*le “ eicm •» BeguSJII * CO.. Accnorand. E.M.FATT1C*', AUCnoWina. 13 AxchOWiaBt. ,‘®"<,‘ ,*old Vnrnltnre ut Auction. Of T«i«d«y. hcptaHh-atlOA. Jt. at e» e -he W firolierc of a i.mily lea.iug ib. ihJ *“ o Chamber be-., bull. S^ck.' ttuT.* Rolri.-emtur, Be dateart,,Carpel., Cattaiaa k.,,,.!' Crookerj and Ola., Here, ted., Stoy*,'. Macbrues.Ac At II o'clock oto T urn tone In excellent oroer. Also, 1 lu,c Flaiform peale Sept IT—dill House ut Auction. ON Tuesday. Bept Siitti, at 3 o'o’ock r. on tke premisra. waskall scITtho 1) aror,. woorenbea-o No. 31 Tat# .rrect. If kao 7 tniahed room,, aTaad auce bard aud -sit water. I'ieaaaatly itcalad and In good repair. Sale positive. UT.NRV BAlJ.Hr k CO . Auetioatcra. SoptM—d«d Vnluablc Estate at Auction. ON Sept 33d, at 3 o cloak f U. wo shall evil ai Auction the Mode cf two Lou es No. 3 an* 6 Brae*, ett bt. Ttm are pooa two and a half t'ory house*, new.with triek t im m #r« aid vssssa tt p*; they ara thoroughly 11* i Leo th.ougbont. wit A ij ^d cWu go«d lelura. »coa water. Ac. They valuable house* f t inves mint. They arc af • ays ondtr rei.t—they low pay ioor lu:i«*re«J dol lars HENRY BAILEi Sr Cu., Auctioneer*. St Sept 17— td Valuable Real Estate ut Auction. ON Taoodar Sept 37. at .1 o'clock p. m. we .ball sell bosjtt No. 3 lissr j>tf lbs k'on»c-icad of tbs feta ( apt Benjamin Kirght The house is two story and of brick; it ha* T3 finished rooms, with good cloths Fienty hard and soft water. The boose is So bv 40, with a barn 16 by M, and a good garden — 1 he lut is about 60 cct square. HENRY BAILEY A Co., Auctioneer*. Sept 16—dtf AdminihCnilor's hale. - TAJ'OIICK Is hereby given, that by virtne of nil i* cense fr*>m the trudge of Probate lor the ( runty oi CnmberUnd, I shall sell, by public the dw blilnghoeecenth? premise*, on the srvrnttenth day of October. A. D 1S64, at 2 o’cicck in the after noon. the bom stead lot of the late Reuben Hol brook. fete of Freeport, In said C< unty. fefualidia said Freeport, and containing lour acres of land, with the buildings tber.on HOK*CK BKCWTR. Administrator. Dated this 7th day of Sept., 1364. ttawtw41 EDWAKD n. FATTEN, Commission Merchant A Auctioneer Hu removed to tbs epndcua (tore lg Ixchup Street, four door* below Berohant’a Kiohunt. Will receive eonHfniurnt* of Merehiadiea *i every description, for pnblic or privet* aele. belli of Uoel Kevate. Veueh. cargoes. Stack* tad Mer chandise .elicited. Cut advance* made, with prompt •alec aad retarae. mchlS dly MERCHANDISE. Spruce Sbipptug Boards. 150,000fr£dU «a?3£ by‘”4 8p" 7 i. M. UAMLLN, Uebeoa’* Warf, I’orUaad, Me. Aag V—d4w Trinidad Sugar aad Molasses. 7Q HHPS. Chelae Maaaonda Sagar, 367 hhde Choice Muaeovado Molamea, t« Ueraee Cacice Me.eovtdo Mulaneve. Cargo brig J. O. Lincoln, now lnndine nad for eaie by UoriLHl KATOH. Ho. 1 Central Wharf. Aug 19—iltw Hsckmctnck Ship Timber. OAK. Uackmetnck. and Liard Wood l’lank, Tree nail* Iroia U to 38 inches, Treenail Wedge*. Sa. Sc, by L. TAYLUK. JauelSdka Galt’* Whan, L'nrtlaad. Treenails. 100,00035*0AKIKKXKAIL8-*" 7 8IM0NT0N S BRIGHT. 46 ComuercUl Wharf. Portland. Jane 13. l*et. JnneUdrf Siigur and Holuasea. 300 HIIE8 | CH°1CB MC8COTADO 80 »TCB. j GAR. S71 U 111)3 Soperior Mnvoevndo, and 3! TCP Clayed MoUneee, tl BBLP from Pierra Korean. How landing aad leraale by THOMAS APKSCIO A CO., maybtf Cuatatn Uaone Wharf. Sierra Noma Molasses 335 HHDI ' ) CHOICE SIKKRa MOKES A SO T1EBCKS l MOLAB8K8, I 10 BBLP ' I Saw loading from Brlr "C. H. Kenned,” Til08. ASKNC10 A CO., Mar*.—tf 0. H Wharf. TO THE AFFLICTED I OK. W. il. DCMiN6, M!edioal Electrician, No. M Clapp’s Block, uiajurmm urcwittkiee jsn C.Z.JC mTmKMTa I ^ WOULD respectful,y announce to theeitiaece ml fm Portland ud vioiaity. that lie baa permanent ly located la thin city. Daring the elataa month, that Sahara been ia ten at have eared tome ol ll-a wont fount of dleien ia persons who hare triad other forme of treatment in rain, and coring pa. ; tionta ia to abort a time that the question ie uile* > uksd. do they stay cared? To tueser thl, qaeUxia : wewiileay that ail that do aat tiny ea'od, wa will l doctor the eccond Um* ter nothing. Dr. D. hae been a practical edaotriclan ft! isrvtty oai yean and 1. alau a regular ; rod caud pi 3 ad a ca i Kectrioity te perfectly adapted to cbtcaio iweiaae U the h»rra or norroui or nick beattwhe; reuralgf. In the beat, neek,or extremitire: eou«umption.wbes ta thr am'.) etagee or where the range are not felly In rolvto; acute or chroaie rboomatum. terslsla, hit dieeaee*. white ewelUnge. gpinxJ dlMwean. earratt e ■ 0 the Ildar contract*! aneelea, dt-torted brute, , pi ley or paralytie. bt. Vitae* Dance, drsfneee,etaia* a irtng or beei'.anay of epoeeb. dytpepria, tndfgue 1 tt.n, oonetlpatlon and Urer complaint, pllee—weodre I Ol e.y oaee that can be preesnted: aethma, broach', tie, atriotana of the cheat, and all fbraa of (Smile •rmplalxta. | 33y Elleotrlolty The KheaaaUe, the goaty, the lame aad the map Imp witt Joy, aad more with the agility aad eleetir Hr of yoatk; the heated brain ia oooied; the reset biturn limba restored, the saooath defOrmitlee re mora t; fainteeee oea.erted to vigor, weakneee te llrewg *k; the blind made to ted, a* deaf to hear aad the pali led form to more uptight; the bleu tehee ml yoath at O obliterated; the aoeadeaks of culture H*e prevent*!: theoalemiUea of olj ago obviated, aad as native t-troBiattoa inalateftaoil. LADIES . Who haveaoid hand* aad Hot; weak stomach*. ' lame and wsah haokdi aanroue and emit headaebo: d tktnoeeaad awfmmlng in the head, with indiges tion aad oonetipaftoa of the bowel.; pain in the eida ' a d bank; laaoorroma. (or wliiiea); Ihlling ml the I womb with intarnal cancer., timer., polyps* i»l a 1 that long train oe diaeaare sill dad in hleclria . it; a rare mean, of oerr. barpatolaimanalnmims, I too prohive mcnairoatioa. aadail elthdeefang line 1 Of troubles with young iedfoe. epecido. aad will, in a mart urns, restore tbo annua.' I to the rigor of health. .___ |Ig| A,ga. a men tc&i I ® e nrociloe Mineral Pulaon from'ho eyttem, inch at Mercury Antimony. Araialc, ho. kisodradt she At troubled With ifllT Joint., weak backs, and varl 0 S?Sr dUE«U*-. 4. direct eaaee of which, I. . .. oum oat of ton. b tb« lIM of poisono**draia, a-a to Bi-tars! ttmfth and Yifor by lbs ! £JJf fre-nir. to clght ltaibe. ' * 0®c* hour* from S a deck A. *. to 1 T, K.; 1J a* and 7 to 8 f. K. CoomltatloB Free. lyltleed CITY OF POKTLAND. 1 fa the Tear Owe Tkomeand Might Ummdrtd and Aerfp.Fosr. * An Ordinance to prevent obefrsetion. upon “ Port J laud aad Forest Aveane Railroad. I Be U ordained bp (he Map ® r, Al.termem, mmd Chm mom Cbunril qyIke l 'itg 1/ Portland, ia CUp Comm cil ’KtemlUd. at/oliotet — AVRCTIOV 1 Am* P«r»n wtlHTJy rUepig »»ob O ttrnotloa of ear kind enou 'hereii. of I he Port land and Pored Areas# **“!»*^;la ‘'-a "reel, of thi* City, .hall be pnutebid by flue cot cxceedisg TWtlltv Dollars. . niah . .. , t Sbv 2 llii* ordinance pnall take i f>ct and b« ia I force from and after It* approval by the Mayor. Approved,sept McLEI.LAN.Mayor. Copy At teat: Sept7-f*w J. M HEATH, City Clerk. Dissolution. THE Ora of Howard A Streak, a. Attorney.e*d Connsellort a* Law. i. thh day diuolred by mn tual consent. Either partner will atlead to tbo eot tlement ol of the basinets of the left drm Mr. Howard will continue to oeeepy ojhc.Hl Mid dle itreet. over Ccseo Bank. . Mr. Street wfli eocspv ofllee 106 Middle Mrset, opposite head of Plumb itreet. _ Howabo, Saw all C. STUOOT. Portland, Jaaer, lldi. dto

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