Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 20, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 20, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY P tESS. • ». ,'JuU) I'll?*' j •** - *..»*• . . £ ,• K ;. VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, TUESDAY MORNING. SEPTEMBER 20, 1864. WHOLE NO 687^ PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, Joan T.ailiMAH, Editor, ptbll.hed at No. 831 EXCHANGE M. A. POSTER* CO. r.JB FoaTbABD Pailt runt published at S8.0C pw yen!. Jlbb MaineStstx Pans U published every Thar, *3.00 per annum, In advance; *3.31 If i A d vlllii. nix month!; and S3.80, If payment bi Delayed beyond the year. Raton of Advertielna: One mob of ipace la length of oolumn. oomtitutti *1.60 per square dally tret week; 76 oenta per week after; three Insertions ar lees, S1.00; oontinuina eve ry « h*r day alter trsi week, 60 oenU. “fc"l«‘?Sr?fVhr“.‘,1,<)rtiwtorJc" 7‘ W^ck. *1.0°; 6° ©eat* per week after. Lader Uc^l of Axdiimbkti, *2.00 pereqaere per Wok; three meertiooa or leas, ifruoiAL Nuiicm*, *1.76 per aauare fret week, • l,uC per square after; three tnsertiout or leu, *1.36; ba.f a square, three insertion*, *1.00; one weeh, *1 Ji. Ad vents© menu iaaerted is the Maimm 8tat* ra»se (which hat a targe eircalation in every part of tbs State! for 60 cent* per square in addition to the above ratee, for eaoh tnsertjon. 4-*° ai. Notiow at usual rates. Transient Adv-rtieemsnti wist be paid form ad vunoe Bcsmxes Nonona, in reading eolnmns, 13 cents per line for one Insertion. No charge lees than tfty St tits for each Insertion. EV~Altocmmuuoatlons Intended for the paper shenld be directed to the ••Editor o/thr Pren,'' and those of a business ohsraeter to the Publisktrt. Ur Job i’aimiro el every doeertpttoa xeosted with dlspetoh. r, Tracy. Traveling Agent. Tuesday Morning, Sept 20,1864. The O&ptnre of Atlanta. Pai£T1ctla*s or the Final'Attack. The correapondent of the New York Tri bune, with General Sherman'* army, writing from Atlanta, under dale of Sept. 4th, give* a •ketch of the movement* and action* wiiich led to Hi evacuation, and at the dose of hi* letter thus describes the entrance of our force* into the captured city and the condition in which It was found "After so long and wearisome a campaign, it will not appear strange that there should be a geueral desire to Me and tread the streets of the city lor the poeesskiu of which there has been so tiered and protracted a struggle. Sharing somewhat in this feeling, but chiefly anxious to promptly send forward my account ol those receul brilliant eseats, your corres pondent left the rront, some twenty-six miles tram Atlanta, at daylight yesterday, Sunday morning, and after a somewhat dusty march, arrived at the 'Gate City’about three o'clock, I*. M. Nearly the whole transportation of the Army teemed to be moving the same wav, all the roads being tilled with wagons hurrying along. To the rebels who had not heard of the tall of Albrnta, It might have been—per haps was, taken for another of Sherman's re treats, "Fifteen hundred rebel prisoners' most of them tent to the rear by Gelt. Davis, and by the army of the Tennessee, were also windiug their way northward toward Who city they had to long delended, to pasi through it as cap tives, and still on over the route they have so sturdily, yet so fruitlessly fought to protect from tbe Army of the Union. For men en gaged in any eood cause, there could scarcely be a situation demanding more commissera tion. The whole party was guarded by the li5th Illinois Volunteers, in command of k,ieut-Col U*nR‘t*f • There was among them ppe lirigadier-Gentrai Goran,several colonels and other commissioned olUcers, mostly Ken tUCiliiis, as were tue privates. They til ed the road for about a mile, and seemed to be Objects of great curiosity or of commiseration to the families, who, in spite of war’s ravage, continue to maintain a precarious existence along the road. They came out in groups to sec the mournful processiou, and in some case', offered them water and refreshments. I “ Within three miles of the city, pursuing an Upward grade, along the line of the railroad, one begins to meet deserted rebel camps, long lines pi trenches and rifle pits, which skirt tbe road, and many unfinished forts, which seems to have been commenced quite recently. A particular description of the main fortifica tions protecting the city is not within the pus f-iV| »-**MU* |v«vv< . wuiuvv »v v / ouj inat, taken together, they made Atlanta a per fee', Sebastopol, which never could have been taken by assault If adequately defended. Steeples of churches gild genteel residences, Ken at the main entrance from the south, give a city-like aspect to the place. A large and high bastion tort, with a 64-pounder mounted er* barbette, frown up°n tnis avenue of ap proach. The ramparts are 15 feet high—the ditch wide and deep, and its embrasures are placed to sweep the whole country on three sides. I'assiug this grim sentry, which de fend* toe outer iiutiis, of the city, there is a hard packed road aud fields of scrub-oak which cover the plains, and half conceal every thing from view, fuo utiugius are made up of a poor class of residences, little better than shanties, thrown together without order, and ofteu Sound aide by side with bowse* of more com fortable aspect as you come nearer the centre 01 the city. There are few or no shade trees, * diminutive, narrow,forest growth supplying the only shade. Soldiers are making them selves comfortable in tents sud huts. Wo men aud children dressed in their clean Clothes, but the children generally barefooted, aie out to see the new comers. It is Tuesday, and a regiuieut is marching Into the city on the Marietta road, with music and banners. The poor people, oi whom there are evident, ly a great many Utilities left in the city, seem rather plea>ed than otherwise. Others look but only' through dosed blinds. Tue women are out of ail proportion to the male inhabi tants, and in this particular must resemble 1 alt Lake City. Here the soldiers are charg ing upon a woman's grapery, which brings her out of her seclusion to remonstrate. It does very htue good The rad* specimens are mostly loreiguers, or Jews aud blacks.— There is a larger number of life latter left bn e than has been met with before during our adtauce info Georgia. “The center of the city is compact, and aloug Whitehall street the buildings are of brick and some three aud four stories. Ueie the place bears a bu-loess aspect—at least the signs oi former prosperity. Now.all the stores are vacant, with a very few *aeeptions, the doers stand open, and the windows are smash ed. A Urge hotel in the middle of the Square, lately in us* for a rebel hospital, is to be set apat t for a soldier's home. Most of the build ings aloug this thoiougbfare have been struck by our shot or shells. 1 u some esses thev have badly shattered the buildings, but generally have mfitcnd but liule damage. Five thous and dolhus would repair alt this class of dama ge to the town. The heaviest lots has been from Ores, w hich have consumed several valu able stores, caused probably by the bursting ol shells. Thu iron louudrles, machine shops and other buildings along the railroad leaviui northward out Of lhe city, have suffered most liere are » hole Stacks of chimneys kn-jcket down, aud holes as large as a barrel blown through llte roofs aud sides; doors are knock ed from oft their bingea, aud a wreck general ly made of the works. Some of the sinal houses still occupied by families show larg holes through sides and roof. *'0u the night of the first qf September At Unta witnessed one of the most terrific ex plosions aud conflagrations ever seen in Ui history ol war. Eighty odd cars, nearly half of which wer loaded with fixed ammunition, were set o; lire, standing upon the track of the August llailroad.uoi a tulle from the heartofthe eltj The flames lit up the heavens, throwing Its lu rid light lat over the city and aurroundin country. The detonation of the bursting shell shook the city to its foundations, and fllle the air continually, for the space of seven hours, with fragments and the debris of th general wreck. The explosions were hear twenty-five miles from the city. Visiting thi spot | saw tl)0 naked tr||£ks «od axe|s of cat for near a half mile iu exteut, the ground lu a long dl'tance on both sides of tbe track cot ered over with the evidences of the terrlh agents w hich hud been at work. A large It go motive hid been thrown off the track at ot end by the explosions. Three locomotives ai said to have been captured lp running ordt Four field guns were itiug neat the track oue place, aud four iU pounders lu anolh< place. The latter had but recently bet brought up for aiege guns. A considerah number of gent which the rebels could n lake awsv in their hurried flight from the cl' were buried-, and head boards with lying ey tapbs placed above them to personate grav oT old soldiers. Gen. bberman states the nus her of guns captured as Iff; and seven loo motives. Ttiw lumber of prttoners taken, a cording so tbe same authority, U nearly thn thousand, during the series of which preceded the fall of Atlanta. Mr. Callioun [the Mayor] states that the population ol Atlanta shortly previous to the approach of the Union Army, was about six i bitn thousand, oue hall of whom were refu gees. These all left lor the South during the last two or three weeks of the siege, with the exception of about two or three thousand, i mostly women and children. These all seem , to have indefinable notion that they are to remain and be fed by a generous Uncle Sam. ' Perhaps it would be well .if some portion of them could enjoy this privilege, as there are unmistakably several Union families in At lanta, who have kept their integrity through | the terrible ordeal of treasoh, but this cannot | be permitted. “The necessities of Lite service require—to thinks Gen. Sherman—that all families whoa* : male representatives are in the rebel service ' or have gone South, shall also go South. Also, all citizens not connected with the army, and ! who shall not have a permit from himself or Gen. Thomas, shall go North at once. Tbia is like the laws ol the Mede.-> and Persians—irre vocable and alisolute. All persona failing to ; comply with this order will be imprisoned, lie says he intends to have one strictly military I post. He has seen the folly of Nashville, Cbat ' tanooga and other cities where a floating pop ulation was left behiud to consume the sub stance of the army and give Information to the enemy. No person, upon any pretext, will be allowed to go nearer the cily of the great Ty coons than Chattanooga. Let every one lake I heed accordingly. “Three thousand papers were issued up to Wednesday last, the 7th, which being beyond : all limits of transportation, tbc business of ex tradition was for a time susDended. The rail road is wanted to feed the Army. Even Ad ams’ Express Company will not be permitted to take anything except for the Army. “The army of Gen. Sherman withdrew from the position near Jonesboro on the 5th and 6lb, ami tell back upon the city. The particular disposition of the forces would be contraband to publish. Snllice it to say that the 20th corps occupy the city and its immediate defences; and the other two wings of the army, that of the Ohio and Tennesee, command the only and important approaches at a distance of several miles south and east. The whole combined rebel army including Lee’s could not dislodge us from the place. AUauta, henceforth, will be a vaat military depot from which our army will be able to radiate in any desired direction south and east:” PENSIONS! BOUNTIES! Art obtained for Woaadad Soldlsra (discharged, j and tbs friends of dsetassd soldiers who are ss titled to tho l«B« bf BVHOII D. TERRILL, Alttnaj iiA CtUMlIar, at Us. 11? Iirta hiaat, -sun Licensed Agent for all the Departments St Washington. Pertlud. April 31.1144. sp3t eodta [av koval Lsi-raa.; AKCTV8IHE, Beal Canadian Bears’ Orease! THE best preparation for the growth and laxart ancr of the hair. Tor tale by the DragglsU. septtdla i ^XLOraiSQ AND CLOTHING 14ATEBIALS. Mavt Dufabtxut. ) Bureau qf Provisions and Clothing A • September 1. 18o4. ) Separate Proposals, sealed and indorsed *4lrfra will be resolved %t tb 1 bureau until two o'clock r M, on tbe 121b day of October Last, tor tarnishing and delivering ton receiving thirty days' notice) at the linlcd Slate* Nary Tarda at Charlestown, kit as , and Brooklyn, N. Y„ In auch nambera and quanti ties a i d at each timet as may be specified by ;«# ebiaf of this bureau or by t e core^aeuants of the said Navy Yards, rvepjc'-veiy, the numbers and quanti ties qf tbe alfflrent articles.and at the places sped ffed In the following list, rii; Ctiarlestown. Brooklyn }'•» Jaokats. looo 7000 Hound Jaekels. 2 Odd 3 000 Blue Cloth 1'roapart, pairs 3 000 6(kO Bine Satinet Trowtart, " ...300 litOti CaovaaaDuokTrowmerv, " 8 (TO 3 000 Btresiey Shaetiug Frocks ... 6 000 3 000 Blue Flannel Ovsrah.rta _*uu0 1O000 Blue Fianna) Undershirts.12 Ouu IIi 00 Blue Flannel Drawers, pairs 12 000 11000 Blue HatinaU, yards.Ml A'# 10 000 Blue Flannel, M .60 000 100 000 Blue Nankin, " . 6 000 10IXQ Caltakte Laced Shoes, pairs 10 000 1600V K Ip-akin Shoes,.10 tOO IS 000 Woolen becks.IOOoO 16 CO» Bianaets . 3 000 12 000 Sia.treesea (with one cover for eaofal. i«» 3 000 Black Silk Handkerchiefs. S 000 3 000 Boots, pain. 4 000 3 000 Offers may be made for one or more artielee, at the option of tbe bidder, and in ea«e more than one ar ticle is qjhtained ia tbie oler, tbeehiefoftbe bureaa will hare the right to accept one or more of the arti cle! oontalned In inch offer and reject tbe remainder. The price must be uniform an i if ere must stqFraeg all of any oat or more ariidn dfl^ooraOie at all ike stations, For she description c| erf Idea in the above list. MdJbrs are rtf.rred to the samples at th* said Navy Yards and to the advertisement oftbls bateau datad July 0.1861; and Ibr information as Lo the laws and regulations (In pamphlet form) regarding contracts, to tlie officers of the several commandants of nary i vards and navr agents The Department reeerves the fight to reject any prepo- a snot considered advantageous to the Hov- 1 emment. Blank form of propose’! may be obtained on an p ieation to the navy agent at Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. and at thia bureau aej Slawlw V. S. Marshal’s Salt llnlTBO Statbu of Iiuici, I Distuiot OF Maing.aa. J PUBSUANTto an Introductory Order of Sale, to me olreeted from the Hoe Ashar Ware, Judge of the Coiled States Dial riel Coart, within aad tor the Dtatriet of Maine, 1 shall sxpoaeand Bell at Fat lie Vendee to the highest bidder therefor, the follow ing property and mt rcband's# at the time aad plan# within said District as 'ollowi, vis fl Southport, cm W- tin e id ay the list tap cf September, current, at 11 e'efoeh it , Tifi liCLL of Tun Scttoonaa Maacv A Howae, and the cargo Intel, on board laid schooner, eon sfvfiep of about Fifty qi'ists lu Balt Ftan and Off ubl Oil. The same baring been ordered te be sold by tbe District Court of the United States, for th* D.strict *r Mein* Term* c/Sale—<Xeen. Dated at Portland tale 14th day of Sept A. D. 1104 ( HiBl.ES CLARE, C 8 Marshal DM of Main*. IsU MBEK. Carolina Lumbir Oompany. TH E undersigned ha# been unpointed by the above Com pen .8 1* Agent for the salt of Umber, tor the mate of New York aad all rarte and pluses aorth of New York, aod is prepared to fhralsh hard pine lumber ia aay quantities, by tbe cargo, sawed to oay desired dimensions, el tbe shortest notate; also Elan Walnut. Bay wood, Ha. JOB A. TUBS BE, No, 13 Washington St.. Boston. Mass. Aag.10.18M. sedan To Xarchaat Tailors and Cnttors. I HAVE left with Mr. W. D. JimM. Ho tl Mid dle street, Port end, ccule* of the tree science of □ rafting ga'menle. Mr. J. luilr apderseuds the theory sod practice as well as I do. and can aom muutcat as well to others. Ol'IS MaDISOH. Portland, 8<ptl6 1884 1 UavingTeceived authority from Mr. Madiscn, 1 Sin prepared *s tnmi-h all tha neoeeaar) Informa tion, and supply those who may wish with the rules, , at Ur N. 8 Gardiner's, Ho. 63 Middle street. 1 8ept 16—3m W D. JAMES. I —— -. -;_ Copartnership Notice. THE undersigned hare this day farmed a Copart nership anosr tha trm and name af "Lewis, . EOLLtsa ft Bo»» '■ for tha purpose of doing a wholesale and ratal olothlng bnaiaesa, at Hoa. 141 and 141 Middla St.. Portland, Me. ! C. Lewis, l M. C. koLLim, W.M.Bonp, Portland. Sept. 1, bS64.-aepSdJw Dissolution. 1 rstliE eopartaershlp heretofore existing hetweai s X Sweat and Clseree as Attorneys at Law, is thi 1 day dissolred hy saatual aonseat. The again ol thi i late Srm will be adjusted by either party. M'. Sweat will eontinoa is business at sMce Ha It 117 Middla street. Mossey-aOtow. 1 Mr Cleares at the oboe of Howard ft Cleaves, Ha , 81 Middla street, over Casco Bank L D M. SW*AT. lATUAH CLEAVES r Partlaad. Jaly l«tb.lS64. kltths * Dissolution of Copartnership. - rsius copartnership heretofore extatlag bstweei £ X the sndersignedr,is hereby dissolves by suataa a consent. The affairs of the la‘e trw will be settler r at our new place of business, Hos. ltl aed lit Mid '* die 8t. H C.ftor.Lixs, D W. M Bonn tt Portland, Sept. 1.1*64. sep7dlw >e Nolirr of Diftsolulion. ,l fit IIP. Srm heretofore extatlag ander tha aaarean J | style of Cloudman (Parana ft Co., Is b reby dh sol rad ^y maual car tent Messrs. Cloadmau an ttsvens are cut tensed to settls and adjust tbs a! * Salts of the late Arm Jolllt CLnliDMAH. 1- ALHEftT B RTKY1.H8,' >- JOSEPH WALK Eft. Portland, Sept. 1, 1464. f Maasrs Cloadman and St.rens will sontiuae Hr * same baetners at the old staad number 168 Comma dal St. aepl6eod8w INSURANCE. Life Insurance. THE MANHATTAN Life Insurance Company ! or raw roxx. Cash Capital and Accumulation j Ovsr #1,700,000 ! BBKKT STOKES, PBMtnnrr. 0. T. WBMPLK, Booretary. J. L. UAUtl, Awl. Secretary. B. N. srBBBINS, Actuary. B. G WIGHT B BNDALL, General Aft. Title long-established Company offers tbe follow ing advantages to iusurere, viz: A large ana increasing Capital, securely invested; Immediate availability of tbe olvidende, in cask , d permanent lean of one half of the premium: ana a feature, peculiar to this company, by whieh iazurera are protected against ferfeiture of the poll cy from circumataucea of adversity. The oompany also issues non-forieiting policies on tbe “Tea Tear Plan.'’ Policies incontestik/e fire years from date (the on ly company in America having this provision dn policies.) Baa. William WUUa. It J. Miller. Beq., Collector Int. Berenne. Wm Moalton, Beq., Treat. Bank Cumberland. W. W Tkoaaa. Kaq.,Treat. Carnal Beak. J. B.Carroll, UeqT, Merchant Jeremiah Dow, Kaq., Sec’y Diilgo lna. Co. Wm Kimball, Kaq , Treaa. 8. Paaket Co. Bdward a haw, Kaq . (rtc’l Port. But. Lna. Co. Meeara. Woodman. True ft Co. Meaara. H. J. Libby ft Co. Partiea are lari ted to examine the merit, ol thla oompaau before effeotiag iaauraaee. UKMKr K. oTIJJhNkY, Agent, Office No. M Moalton St. 8. I. Tawcaavar, M. D„ I Medleal C. W. Ta.maa, M. D.. I Bxamiuara. Bentlemea or energy and raaponalblllty Hi the diderent eitiee and town of Maine, deeiroaa of rep reeentiug The Manhattan Life Inauranoe Co. will aloneaddreae B DWIGHT KENDALL, General Agent, Box Mo Ml P. O., Portland. Ang U.-eodlm DIRIGO Insurance Oo. of Portland, Me. OFFICE . 38 EXCHANGE BT. Authorised Capital, $000,000. CAPITAL PAID Ilf $300,000. lareeted aa follow. Loan a on Mortgage, of Beal Batata at two third. ha rahaa. *60.800 Loan on pi.dgaof United State, Beoarltiea, U,ft« Loan oa piedga of City Scrip, M 600 Loan, oa piedga of Bank Stock., 18,000 Loan, oa pledge ef Stare of Malar Boada, Ii,Mj Loanaoa piedga of Aadroaeoggia Coaaly Boada, 4.000 MOO.000 Tkia Company la now prepared te taaae pohciea upon aU kind, of property la the eUy or country, liable te loai or damage by ire. At a. low ratee aa ia tuaen by aay ctber omre. The patron are ot the aaerebaute and eitiaena generally ol Portland and Tkiaity, ia meat reepeeifull. -elicited. A. K SUURTLKP'F, Preeldent. JEREMIAH DOW, Secretary. J. B. Brown, D. W. Clark, J.B. Carroll, H. 1. Rabin,.a _: St. Joha Smith, U.J. Libby, H. S J»ae, H. M. Parana, J.N.Winalow, G W. Woodman. Andrew duriag. Aleah taeaat. B 1. Rohtaaoa, PhilipB. Browa, C. U.UatkeU, S C. Chan. Jeranuah Uow. X O Craft, Wm. Moaltoa. Portland, Auguat 1,1M4. -ladSm ’ TJ2ST I ON Mutual Life Insurance Go. INCORPORATED by lb* STATE OF MAINE Charter Perpetual. Or fanned, 1M». DIRECTOR’S OFFICE, SS State Street, - - - - R—tea, Raw, PreiUtnt-HKXMfTMOCKER. riee-Pr evident DAS I El, SHARP. Secretary— W M. HOLLISTER. H Q. W1LSOM, » Oenerat Manager of Agencies tn the Xgee England Hates. Retell, tilt June, ISM, " $930,000.00 Let it i Pnid tndmte, 07*0,060 00 Dittdend Paid in Out* to date, e $340,030.03 THIS Company oflbrs peculiar advantages to per sona iuteudiug ta inaur, Uieir lives, ia its tainty and stability, acquired In ID lonrteen years' auperi ante: ia ita-aaa* a, wbicb, (withont ita capital of SWO.dOO.) amounts to agar three-quarters of a million •f dollars, being mor* than two hundred thou.and dollura t* exeoasof ita Habilitioa for tbo roinurauao of alioot-ataadiug riaka; in tbo fac litia. preaented lu lu aooommodat the a) stem af payments of premi. uma; in th* large number, dlverail- d conditions and oaeupatiot-i, rartoua ages and I oca I It lee sf llvaa In aural, giving tha largest requisite aoopa lor the ope ration af tha law* of average mortality, and tbo am plest guaranty to the insured for tbo boooBta there of; la th* division ofproft-, the annual apportion ment of which having tor tbo past lour tee* yeara averaged Forty per Cent, of tbo premiums paid. FoUeios arylmaud upon «U the pin- a usual with Lift laauntBee Uompauiea, and at as low rates aa ia oohaiateat with a view to equity aad eolreney. Fortin* deairing Ageaoiea ia -owai where tha eon patty bar* non*- and thorn wishing Traveling Agen cies within th*'*w Eagiaad States will apply ta I. Q. WILSON, N State Struct, Beaton, girtag snob retorooco, or information aa to ago, present and past basinet*, w wi.) enable him tolorm Judg ment In regard thereto. Inaeltdlm OFFICE OF THE ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, NEW TORE. JANUARY St, IMA mux lrqslee*. in aontormity to the Charter of tbo 1 Company, eubmit tbo loUewtng a ta lament el its aEatra we the Slat D* cembtr, *St4: Framiom* rooelotd on Marin* Riaka, from let January, MM, to (let Do gem her, IMS. tl.U4,3M M Framlama oa Folietea not marked of 1st January, IMA, 1,704 Ml S4 Total amoaatof Marina Frrmtuma, fl0,u04,0Ul IT Eo rollelee bar# bean leaned upon Lift Riaka: aor upon Fire Rieka dtaeoa Mated with Maria* Rtaue Frumtuma marked of from let Jaa.. ISM, to flat December, lid*. ST .6*7, Mg M Laeaea paid during the earn* period, Mub.abl 04 Rgtarna ol Framiuute and Expense*. 1-0H.M7 41 The Company baa th* ftllowiag A•*»'*, Tin; Unit- d Mtataanad ktat* of Now Turk btoaa, City. Bank aad witter Stock*, S3.tt2.6Sl 30 Leanaeuourvdby Uloekt.audutbarwiaa, 1,460-700 00 Baal trial* and Honda sad Mortgage*. 1M.744 00 Dividendsob btoeks.Interest ou Bouda and Eertgaf** and otbsr Loans.san dry Note*, r* loaaranc* and other ri.lm. dee tha Tamn'r . estimated at 104*44 61 Pramiem Notv* and Bills Receivable, l,JJs,S7» <3 I CeshlaBanh, ,*4.111 W Tatal amount of Asoeta, gt.M6.4M B ■lg por sent Intoraat on the oalalaauiai aertil MW oi wregla will be paid to tbe boiden thereof, or their legal reprseentativet, an and alter Tanadar, tb* Second of February neat. After reaming Thru* and On* half Million Dollar! of prolta, lb* onUUndlng certificates of tb* lain* of IMS, wig be redeemed and paid to tb* boiden there of, or ’heir legal rsproeentatlv, a, on and after Tuee day, tb* Seooud of February neat. Iron which data ail interest thereon will eeaae. Tbe certificates to b* produced at the timeoi payment, and cancelled. A Dividend of Forty Ter Cent, ta declared on tb* net earned premiums ef tb* Company, lor the year , endingll.'t December, l*»t, for whlgh certificates ■ will b* issued, on and after Tuesday, tb* Filth o] 1 April nest. I Tbe Proguefih# Company ascertained From tb* 1st of Jnly.lS41.lo tbe 1st of Jan., IMS. for whichCertifloate* wer* Maned, amount t* C14,8S3,Mt ; Additional from lit Jan., ISM, to Janaary, 1IU, XMO.aX Total progto for Hi year*. Tbs Certificates prerioas to lift, baft __ beea rodssmed by cash, 11, WO Jit Net earalngs remaining with tbe Com pany, on 1st January, ISM, g*,*S8,67< By order ef tbe Board, W. TOWNSEND JONES, Secretary. TRUSTEES. Mb D. Joimh, l>*vid Lane, j tJsBBtii Bryw«, raw* VTilikngm. **:&&*. 1 kP*?**’ „ Dsnnls fsrkfas, Chaa ft. Buaaall. Jo*. Uailtard.Jr., Lowsll Uolkroek. J. Henry Hnrgy, F. A. Uargoas, Cornelius liriantll B. W. Weston, C. A. lined. I ■ Revel Pbelp-, Watts Sheraua, I Caleb Barstew, E K Murgaa, A. P. Pillot. B. J. Howland, Lerey M. Wlllay, BsnJ. Babeoek. Daalal g. Millar, Fleteber Wsstray, B. T. Nteoll, R. B. Mintnru, jr„ Josh a J Uanry, G W. Burnham, See. G. Uebaen, Frad. Chauaosy, J IBM Low I JOHN D JONES, Praaldont CHARLES DENNIS, Tie* President I I W. H. H. MOORE,gd Vie* Praaldeat. gW Applications fur warded and Ornn Polici» precared by JOHN W. HUNGER, Agent, Mo. 196 Tore atreet, heed of Long Whar * PORTLAND, MM. ' Jnn* ».—wlwAeodtoJanW FINANCIAL. U. S. 7:30 LOAN. The Secretary of the Treasury gives aotioe that snbsorlptiOBS will be received lor Coupon Treasury Notes, payable three yeats from August U, 1961, with semi annual interest at tho rate ol seven and throe-tenthsperoont perannum.—principal and In terest both to be paid In lawtul money. These notes will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity, into six per cent. (Old bearing bonds, payable not less than Are nor more than twenty years from their date, as the Government i may elect. They will be Issued in denominations ol Ally,onehandred. Are hundrtd, one thousand, and j Are thousand dollars, and all subscriptions must be for A tty dollars, or some multiple of Afty dol lars. The notes will be transmitted to tbs owners free ol transportation oharges as soon alter the receipt ol the original Certificates of Deposit as theyoanbe r‘ Ai the notes draw Interest from August It, persons making deposits subsequent to that date must pay the interest seemed from date of note to date of do porft. Parties depositing twenty-fire thousand dollars and upwards for these notes at say oae time will he i allowed a commission ot one-qnarter of oaa par 1 oaat., whloh will be paid hy the Treasury Depart- 1 ; mentapon the receipt of a Ml! for the amonat, cer tified to by the offleer with whom tbo deposit was made. Vo ded notions for commissions most be mtde from the deposits. ' Special Advantages of this Loan. It it a national Savingt Bank, offering a higher rate of interest than any other, and tkt Sett uewri tg. Any savings bank which pays It* depositors in U. 8. Botes, considers that tis paying la tbs beet circulating medium of the country, and H cannot pay In anythlng.bctter, for its own aseets are either in Government securities or in notes or bond* pay. able In Government paper. It is equally convenient aa a temprary or parma nant investment The notes can always be sold tor within a fraction of their Taos and accumulated la. 1 tercet, and are the beet seonrlty with banks as collat erals for discounts. Convertible into a 6 per oent 9*20 Gold Bond. Ia addiltoa to the very Uboral internet on tbs notes for thre^years, this privilege of conversion is , now worth about three per eent. per annum, for the torrent rate for i-B Bonds is not an than nint for ! esai premium, and befare tbe war the premium oa •la per oent. V. 8. stocks were over twenty percent It will be seen that the actual profit oa this loan, at the present market rate, is not less than ton percent, per annua. Ita Exemption from State or Municipal Taxation. But aside from ill the advantages we have enum* crated, a special Act of Congress exemptt all toads aad treating notes A»ss local taxation. On the overage, this exemption Is worth about two pot eent. i er annum, according to tqxatioa in various parts of the ovistry. It is believed that no securities offer so great in* documents to lenders as those issued by the Govern* merit. In All nthar firm ■ nf Urlolltaitnaaa 11. m M<fh or ability of private parties, or stock compan ies, or separate communities only, is pledged fbr pay ment, while the whole property of the oonntry is held to secure the dl«charge of all the obligations ol the United States. While the Government offers the most liberal terms or its lotas, it botieres that the very strongest ap peal will be t« the loyally and patriotism of the peo ple. Subscriptions trill be received by the Treasurer of the United States, at Washington, the several As sist ant Treasurers and designated Depositaries, and by the FI rat National Bank ol Portland, Maine, and by all Rational Banks which are Depositaries of pnblle money, and all respectable Qanks and Bankers throughout the oonntry will give farther information, and afford every facility to subeoribo. Ang fO—d&w2m FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Savon-Thirty Sotea foi Balt. Interest semt-anaaally. payable la paper at tha rate of nn, aad thraa taath. par caat. par anaaa Boada cob r.rtahla is thraa year, lata «U •ea-tar.aty boada, upon whlob tha futaraat So paya biala eota. The Beta, will be datfrared here free of axpenae. The parchaaer will raealra the lataraat to August it If eabeerlptiona are made before that time. Oae-tifklk ftr cm I comminitm will be allotted tmbttriktn at I kit Bank upon all annual. Bl.uOO and o.<r, W. k. UOCLD, Caahier. Portland, July 30th, 1864—dtwtf CASCO BANK. GOVERNMENT 7 3-10 LOAN. THE Caeeo Cask ia prepared to reaeirad eubaerip tloue to tbe new I *- rO loan lu lame of Bid and npwa'de, paying iutereeton easra !>"m date el eab ecriptlon to Aagut lUk, tke date of the Uo.arameat aotee. All pereoas karlng BAO and apwmrde bow kare a mod opportunity of lending a kelplug band to tkeir t,o.eminent ky eukecribing liberally te thleloan. Tha notes are courertlble attbe end of three years Into e|>e. la. paying bpar mot b-» bends Loans taken on aefa.orab e terms at at aay othar ■auk. E. r. GKRKISH. Caahier Portland, Jaly 38,1864. JyMdistf First National Bank This Bank wi»l aonvsrt tht seven-thirty noUs ma turing Aug. IB, and Oct. 1. into six per coat, bonds of lttl. in all the denominations lu which the not# were issued, vis:— ffiO. *100. »L00 aad SI 0O0— at a osumisiioD of l per oent. 4 W. K GOV ID, CuLiu. Portland, Jaly 10,18M_eodtf Canal Be nls.. Government 7 3-10 Loan. i This Rank ti prepared to reoelre -ubaoriptlone to the nsw 7 9-10 104A Id sums of S6P &nd upwards, pajiug interest from dste of subscription to August t 16!b. the date of the new loan. The notes are convertable at the end of three jeers into specie pa> ing 6 per cent 6-90 bonds. One eighth percent will be el owed on aUamonnts of 91000and wrer. B. C. 80MEKBY, j Cashier. | Portland. Aug. 1. lttt.-dtf New Steam Mill, Foot ot Cross, between Fore A Commercial Sts* WINSLOW. DOTEN ft CO.. WOULD inform their former caitomers and the public general y, that they have dtt> d up their Mew Mill with Mew Machinery, an* are now ready to do Planing, Mulcting and Jointing, alto Sweep and Circular hawing, »• oj Turning, fc. We have in operation one of Mown. Gray k Wood'i new improved Planere. for FLANINU OfT OF WIND. It will plane with the greatest accnrecy from j inch in thickness to 13 incite.square. Also AN MDOMK FIFTY FMXT lOXO, Far cawing heavy plank and edging bsarde. Particslar attention given teplaniug Ship Kceee, Clapboaraa, and heavy Timber. For tbe accommodation of dealers aud others ha 7 ing large lot. of board, to plane, we herein connec tion wfih the mill 17,000 rquare feet of yard room. lyiOeodtr _ Carx'iages, Carriages! Firmly Uni nnd Nentlf Finished. . J. F. LIBBEX, No. 20 Preble St., 1 /h^FEiiS forasle, at hit establishment, a variety of Carriages made in the neateat and moat cut •tantial mauner. The aaaottment eomprieve all tbt dlff-reut atylaa or Light Carriage., and they will bt > »»ld on the moat favorable forme. Persona intend. * 1 lug to purchase Carriage. wUlind it for their Intar Sit to call and examine before bsyingtleewhare. I luneSSdtf MISCELLANEOUS. J. E. FERNALD & SON, Merchant Tailors, And Dealer, In Gent’s Furnishing Goods, No. 87 Middle Street. Our fholUtioo for applying onr customer.' with promptneaa, fidelity nnd despatch are unexcelled. Onr Stock it large and deeirahle, preeentiag all the Novel tie. of the aeaaon. TKRMS "NET CASH.” Portland. An, 10,19*4.—dtf NOTICE. The Weed Sewing Machine Co. Hare Mtabllahed an office Tor the tale of their Ma chines at No. 1*71 Middle 8t„ orpo Ito Kreo 8t„ which will be open to tbo public on Wedneadav, 8opt 7. * Wherever Ihie Machine baa been introduced it baa to a great eatent anpr raceded all othara. Having cn gaged tbe services of Ur. J. Bradford of Boston, a practical machinist, who baa had over tea years ex perlenee as x manufacturer and repairer of Sewing Machines, they are prepared to repair and pnt in perfect running order every kind ot 8ewiog Ma chine. For the purpose of iotrodaciag them more extensively they will ferxahorttime allow the value of cheap aod inferior machines in exchange far the Weed Machine. A limited number of Weed Machines to let by tbe month or year. Machine Findings of every description constantly on band. Ordara from the country should bo addressed, Weed Sewing Machine Co. So., 13Tj Middle 8t. C. W. KOBINMlN, Agent. Portland, Sept, {—oodtf T NOTICE. WK, the undersigned. haring sold onr Stock ot Coal and Wood to Mtaara. Itandall. kfcAlie t*r f ,0a.. do ebeennlly recommend them to oar former customers. Ail parsons having demands against as are requested to present them lor settle ment, aad all per»one indebted to ae art requested to make immediate payment at tbe old stand whore one ot tbe undersigned may be found for tbe present. _ , SAWYER ft WH1TMET. Portland,Janet, ISM. JancUdM Coal and WooWI TUB subscriber having purchased the Stock of Co*I *n1 Wooa.tud taken the utaod recently •ocaplod by Messrs Smkptr t WhUuay, head of Jrasne Wharf, are now prepared to tap ply their former patrons and the public generally, with a ■an assortment of WELL PICKED AND SCBBBNBD Old Company Lehigh. Sa*«r Loot Lehigh, Uaseltoh Lehigh, , . . Locust Mo amnia. Jtshm'a, White and Red Aah, Diamond and Lor berry, Together with the best quality of Cumberland Coal ! A Superior Coal for Blackewutkt. AUo. Hard and Soft Wood, Dalivered to ordar in any part of tha city, Thu former coutoraer. of Messrs Saaryar ft Whit aay are respectfully invited to glvaaaaeall. RANDALL. MoAl.I.IKIER ft CO. Portland. Jane Ik. 1044 —dig Copartnership Notice, -AWD nTrnTwrtann a UUBillJXUD OAFI CtU 1 iOaOlAU 1 TUB subscribers basing oa the Tib day of May formed a copartnership aador tho name of McCarthy & Berry, For tbo purpose of carry isg on the * BOOT AMD SHOE BUS1BB8B la all its branches, and haring all the fhellitlee for getUng up ttrst elass work for gentlemen aad ladies, wear, are now ready to saeoute all orders with neat ness and dispatch Our work will bo made of the beet or Imported stoek. by theboat ofworkawu. and warranted to gin period satisfaction. It is oar aim that onr work shall not be seoond to any in the Unit ed States. We hare also completed a stock of reedy-mada work of tho lrst quality, for Ladles. Gentlemen, and Children*! Wsa Selected from Now Turk and Boston markets Oar Ladles' work Is from tho celebrated Barts JfoaVacfi-rji of New York. Hr lien tinmen's wear eo hare the beet assortment •ror oflbrrd for sale in this city ; sack ae doe Trench Patent Leather Boots; blots fait and Calf Coa grees tor gentlemen's wear; Patent Leather Con gress, and Call Congress Balmoral, and new /ranch Buck's Boots. Uars yon ssen the new style CRIXPKD-VR031 BICKLB BOOT, now made by Md arthy k Ber ry! Tor neatness, commit and beauty, it surpasses anything erer got np In this oily. Call and see it; •jungles always on hand at ths old stand of M. Mo 7 McCarthy t rerrt, No. 90 K« change Street. laaeldtt The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are tho best instruments of their eltst ia t hew odd. Nearly all the most premium artists ia the eoantry hare glrta written testimony to this effect, and these laatnamenta are la oenstaal use ia the coaeerts ol the mod distinguished artiste—ae tiottacbalh aad ethero—as well ae la the , -ms ia the prtneipal eit lee. wkenerer sash Instruments are required. Prtoo • It to •too each. Those Instruments mer bo fonnd St the Music booms of the subscriber, where they trill be sold atthsssaanfaetsrsrs’ prices. H. I. BDWABM, Ns.Mt| Stewart s Block, Congress 31. sprit dti BRADFORD.* HARMON, Petition and Claim Afcnto, (Batablished ia lttt. I STILL coatlaaa to derote their special aad eaohs airs attention to the prosecution of Claims lor Ptneioas, Bonnties, Arrears of Pay and Prise Money, And all other elalms against tbs Gorerament, h V* lag boon duly licensed thsreior. tr All sdrieo free. Terms as low as at any eth •r Agency, and no pay required until the slums are obtained. OBee M Eachango ulrcet. Jose Block. r Bradford, Janell.—dtf MltXOOHAli'S PATENT PAIXT OIL. A For foot Substitute for Iunssed Oil, AMD MUCH CHEAP**. IT if QfeU in (he same m&ooer a* L’nsetd Oil, drj** quickly aud vsiv hsrj, esn bj t»«d with ail aoiors, and p >*-vimi decided advantage* lor ail work on mat nfkctur.n# o»tab lehm uts, depot-. ‘ cars, eiigtne*. all kiuds ot l un wora, for roots, and wherevut a waster proof paiatis required. For ail kinds of tUip work, exposed to salt water, it la sa~ parlor to aoy other. Address orders to CRAFTS & WILLIAMS, • k 8 CommKhciAL Wharf, Burros. Boston, Asf. 37.1864 aog8 eoc3m Sewing Machine Improvements. ALL owner, of approved Sewing Machine, are Invited to call at HO. 1! CLAPP’S BLOCK, and <ee the operation of two of the moat Important t >mpn.*«»eau ef the day— i Villia'i Fatal Ciuk lstisi, wl Bjfe'i AtUckiut. Tha former placoe th* control ul the machine en tirely ituder t e control ol the feet of the operator, ' preventing all nckwird motion of the' lowing the freedom of both hand, to handl. th. work, aud .avtng th. breaking of nuedl*. and th< on tangling of ih. thread. The latter wll. allow th* fro* u.e of linen thread or of inferior o-ittoa and entirely doc. away will th. .-taping of ih. cloth. Call an* mm- mud yon will not (all to have them ap plied to your in&chlnt.*. .ItillN l'ORI KK, Agent. Mr. Porter mUi pot machine* in order and tend ! th* oper.tot, how to a*o them, »o that th.y wil havenotroald*. Portland. Ang in ISM dtl Portland Company, SCUSC'KliiKRH to the New l3lock may wak. puvmeut at the office .f the Company on Fori ntret, or at the Merchant.’ Sauk. Ou all pay menu n ade alter the Ihth in.t, icteree will he charged, l'ai meat mutt he made, or Hoars. ! by Oct. l.t rue cerlifleate.of dock oftbe prroeet Shareholder will hj received at flftr dollar, per .hare Kl/WAKU U. UA VHi, Clerk I Portland, Sept 14. liM House, and Store Lots to Lease* OH Congrem*. North and Cumberland, abov Wathiuglon strett. Including the deeirabie k ! corner ofCongre-, »cd North .,reel*. Apply to BeplSdSm A. F. f ULLHL SUB Coagrew itroet. BUSINESS CARDS. PAPER BOA RANU FACTORY. J. I5. Libby, mahovacturab or Paper Boxes, Oi every deecriptlon, inch u Shoe Boxee, Jewelry Boxen, Drncgin Boxen, Collar Boxee, Shelf Boxee, ConciiuloxicxlBoxee Powder Boxen, Card Cteee, Cigar Boxee, Ac. ! 144 Middle St., (Up Stairs) Portland, Me. JnneldSm Dana k Co. Fish and Salt, , Portland, Woadbery Dene, > _ . j John A. 3. Dan. J H Sine. _Innoldtf J- Smitla cb Oo., MABUrAOTUHKK»09 Leather Belting, Card Clothing) Lm Strips, Belt Leather Berks ui Sites, LEATHER TP'MHINUS, fe., Hinaon'a RiooV ui vtridia a* nA*tion<i Or at the Card Clothing Manufactory, Lew is torn. H. M. Briwbk, (JnldSm) I>. V. Noras JO 11% T. ROGERS St CO,, Oommisaion Merchante, AMD WHO LBS A LB UBALBRt IB Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. 61 Commercial Street, Lcom.B.tei. } PORTLAND, UK. ____JnneldCn Wholesale and Retail. L. ID VIS, Bookseller, Stationer, ABO MANUFACTURER OF Premium Paged Account Books. PAPER HANGINGS. No. 63 Exchange Street, Portland, Ha. __ Jmncldti CBA8 J SCRUM ACERB, Fresco and Banner Painter, No. 144, Midtll. Street. POUT LAND, MB. BJT" Work executed In trery part of the tjtxta. Joanltf RUFUS DURBAR, Naaalfcctar'r «od Wholesale Dealer 1b J HIT ANN IA Plater aVo 218 Fort afreet Maine. nth, 1864. ' BAHUFAOTTBBRS OF Japan, While Lead, Zinc, And Ground Colors, AID DBALBKP IB Drugs Medicines, Paints, Oils & Varnishes. Paint and Color Factory, So. S0 Mm.Joy St., OScr A Halcsraams, SO CsBinereial St., (Thomas Block.) II SR KY 11. BCI4EN, SABF1 IBS BB Charles b. Forks. rF5TLl*L 11. rasylSdtf BLAKE, JO A EE & CO., FLOUR&GRAIN DEALERS, And IU nnol Western and C adian Produce, IE Comimwl Street, • • • Or mile Block. ChtrlM Bisk*, ) Henry A. June*, [ PORTLAND. K. w. Liege. ) ___ Juoeldtf JOHN LYNCH A COT Wholesale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Qranlto Stores, - • . Comme.-o al etreat, (Opposite head Widgrry WL>arL) John Lrnch. ) Pete* Barker,! PORTLAND, MR. Thoe. Lrnch ) Jnneldlf DOLE St MOOUr, OMMMMAl COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And n bolceal* IX aler* in FLOUR, CORMABD PRODUCI. Ho. B Qalt Block, Cnnaroer*‘al St, } PORTLAND. MR. __JRM144« ^C. H. OSGOOD. DENTIST, Mr. S Clapp * Block, Market Square, POBTLAX D. OTArttBetal Terth iaaerud oa G eld, Sileer. aad Fmcamite twl All operation* nrrmlnl to ala* mtla fact ion. Jan*SO*odli»y'iA E. k. ~LEm6nT~ Carriage Manufacturer, Preble Street, • • Portland, Me. B^CUmaf *• aad Sleigh* ea hand and made to order. jauelMtf C. P. KIMBALL, ■ ASUPACTUSK1 or Carriages and Sleighs, Preble street, (N**r Preble Hooae.) PORTLAND, ME. Salt Rooms, 110 and 111 M»| St., Boston, Mass. Juoeltf _ Safes \ Safes \ \ warn SALS AT JAMES BAILEY A CO., Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealers, 162 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND,.MM. JrlSdSai Law Partnership. HOWARD 4 CLEAVES. > Attorneys A Counsellors at Law, Ollice 91 Middle St., over Casco Bank, PORTLAND, MR. toura howsbd. batbab olbavba. Jylgdhwlm OR. U. U. RICH, j ^55® SURGEON DENTIST, I NO. 146 MIDDLE ST., PORTLAND, (Opposite (too< of Trae Street , flaring Bttsd ap the abore named rodS he would be happy to a ait ou all who may wish for the ter rice, of a tklUfal Dentist, Mrcry branch of I'm (••try will reoeire careful attention, and pertect up tsfaction will he warranted. Jy9B d8m M. PEARSON. Silver Plater, AMP B AHtJBACTfTBBB OB SILVER WARE, 238 Congress St., Opp. Court /louse, Portland, Me I 5hP^All kind* of Ware, such at Knive-, Forks Spoons, Cake Baskou, Casters, Ac., plated in th< brat manner. A »o, Repairing and Re-Jlnishing Old Silver Ware. sii**W6ni John kiuNiuan, 'Iqas fitter, —AM1>— Dealor it» Can Fixtvxron, I And Ga« * Keioecue Cooking Appnrntns. The nubllo are Inrited to examine and teat thaw | new Inventions, which are highly recommended to. » I rammer use. • ; NO. bb UNION STRttT. ■ PorUand, J ana 14. aodla i business cardsT" BKiDLKr, MOILTON tTuoamstt^ , W aOUBALS Duuu Ul Flour, Grain and Provisions, B8 Commercial street, Tbomaa Block, bobsrt iuut, i a. s.moultor, J PORTLAND,MM. A.e.soesae. 1 ' _ W. W. CARR & CO., ttavlBg takes the Brett Mereiataerlp eeeapledt o. sawyer. Ho. 8 Cictuuafe Street, Are prepared to oflto to the trade a larpe asd veil teleeted leaked Foreign and Domestic limit I Wholesale aad Betatt ?*•■*•*• *prac« Si., Unifea «^yrr_—ett. C.edlee, J S?"**** Uawa Itrap, Heeer, SEES: ftstfra— SISEito ■•••*-- szzr t*m*j Caadiee mt All deeerlpUea! octPdtf _ IRA 1 L No. 11 Union St., U prepend to ftralth STXAll XHOIXXS and B0ILXX8, of rerion. alaaa end pattern, Htmfiftudfixtun, IillturiitOifti* hfcjhta. j Lmmt Horn Worn* of all daearlsUoaa. aad an klada of work ranalndiabSidi., roannoATioaa. IroaStalra aad other Architoetaral Work. : oSvxtiSzruSfkgzE?**' ** ■“ iss&fiASwnawtewssss: at abort aotie*. HT'Ordenfor Maoklaa Jobbtay rattaraa aad rorffaga, promptly executed. adSdtl 8IN«BR:r | SEWING MACF.INESI1 WOODMAN. TBIB * CO.. AGENTS, Nod. *4 aad M.1* tdla St root. , Baadlaaamd IrlmmUgialvayi a a head. atMItf A CARD. | DR. S. C. FERJf ALD, DENTIST, 'No. 170 Mlddl f treat. •araaaaora.On.Beoo i aad Baaaua Fsrtlaad, May M, 1M8. M Dr. J. M. HEAJ D HA vino diet need of Me oatln lateral la to ' OBcatoDr S C PUK ALD nuld JhnAvil, t neaommrad Mm ta Me A near ratle rtoaad rt» eeb Bed ail other methedekaevmtetr* probaaloa. Fortlead. Mar tt. 18U u WOOD AND COAL tUfcAf IVK CASH ! 8PRIN6 MOUNTAIN, T.KBIOB, UKZ1LT0H. EUUAK LOAF, OLD COMPANY LEHIU1I LO CURTMOUNTALN JOHN». DIAMOND WEB* j T*» tad BLACK H EAT u. Tbn Coal, an of tba rary beet qaality, wall amud aad picked, aad i warranted to gtra nUalketioa. — Also for aala be it of hard and soft wood, daiiTarad to any gait of tba city. Owe* CoaaaaoLAL gr.. band of Ftaaklia WbarL »• BOTblhl A BOH. mb 1C dly WAHRIiN’l 191 PORTED KIR E AND WATER-PROOF FEIT C0MP0S1TI0I, FOB FEAT toon. E. HKRNKY, Agaat, laaM dU Mo. u Ualaa l*at ALBBBT WEBB * Co“ . — Mtuaeia— Com, Flour and pro in, UBD OF ■BBB1I.I.-B WE ABF, Beweee.» - Paw daad, Me. EDWARD H. BUROIH, **Ma»ia waaLaa n C.orn, Meal and Flour, ▲la*. Ground Beck toll CmbbImIm H« reheat aoa rracaaaa abd at lb or Bariev, Rye and Oats. O^Caia leaded with Oora la balk Baa afabatga. Vttabam No. 130 CtMerdal Street, Aad Crrr Kills, Daartag Bridge. ____Jeaeleedto Alexander D. Reeves, Tailor Sc Draper, 08 EXCHANGE ST.t M&saftctttrti to order and in tho boot manner, mil Itary and IVarj Uniform#, and Boyt* Gar ments. _ar _ eopttdtf JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODMAN BLOCK, mchlTdfcwtf rnna gTaaar. Scotch Canvas, -pom mi ST JAMES T. PATTIH * 00., Bath, We. Q/Ai k HULIS Sanortor Bloeekod *» i0 >•“ WWR. 100 do tun Ail Lot, flu Allrial NO do Navy Fin. Delivered la Fortiud or Boetoa. I eotldM WILLIAM A. PEARCE, PLUMBER! ■Am ov Force Pumps and Water Closete, NO. 1*4 EXCHANGE STREET. , PORTLAND, MR. Warm, Cold and Shower Bathe, Wash Bowl., Brasil A Silver Plated Cocks, EVKRT description of Water FIsterr.for Dwel ling Houses. Hotel., Pabllc Baildla*., Shops, ka , arranged and set np In the beat manoar. ud all ordara in town or ooBBtrr faith fa My eaeeuied All kinds of lobbing promptly attended to. Con, too tty no band LEAD FIFES. SHEET LEAD and BEER ! PUMPS of all dworiptloa.. apSdU ! J. T. Lewis <S& Co., Manufacturer, and Wholesale Daniel, la j READY-MADE OLOTHUTO, AMD Fl/RNISHIMC GOODS, , r-'kamJw. • - • Not. 1 and 1 JVae find Aloe*. (Over H. j. Ubby a Co.,) 1 j! P. Lewis’ PORTLAND, MR. Jylldtf Tlae Cheapest Agency I TMOR ooUeoting all olaaae. of elaim. arising from i 4 the war la that of the 1 “MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION, * In which the expense. are eoatrollod by • dklnter ' "JgJ&T'SSSrSf'w'Mlw. to GEORGE*. | liifitt. %ffSSWtlJd ro,t V", Gjtorj. HOTELS. HO DJI T ZIRCON BOISE, at raa Celebrated Mt Zircon Mineral Springe, JMom JHmtotUm, M*., A la i«a opened to th. peblie, ud bo palaa Smailll be spared tula mason to tin Biota UBASaud rcLcel pl.a»aut and Interesting to. ur guests. And also as usual, I lull “■alwanl cheaper than nap other >iaaar “SJ" ,u kia» luiKiaad. -SSyiss^astSKssst.*^: rjl,m , ** lh« of tbs viler. up leu did »«*• *k°tt amuuxM or lour le£l ,l!^ “>• *ar*ow »■ *>*» *»« Ihdiiuo lalrm4 t-»irt*,— to let. Good 1 rest “* ponds. A BOW road wad J»"a. making the aceni nil* QT ttl&B tO BDJI Other MoontfcUi UouM llaily ctkch fflaraifts.-- -s«2i3i.-a Fast Office address, Mt Zircon, Mo. D. D. W. ABBOTT PrmrfetA* Mt. ttrdOB. Jaly », Wi MM<rrT’ bea-Nide House, HARPS WELL NECK, CABCO_ BAY. , . - _ Tltlr elegant and ooomodioaa Ho tat Htaaked oa the summits ai MHbU Unrpawei 1 Mock, about half n mils flna|^^R_oa^v lbs weli-knoBB Mansion nndor k. a nparln undine., and will b# opm m oempanp Oa BBd ■ Aaw Ikm P.mwdA m/ J.lw The Uoaaa is tba largest establishment, coaatraat ad expressly far tba parpoaa ol a UotaJ. .t any It at artag Place an tba ooaat ol Mute. it isailaated la tba aeatra at a daaaa grove of old trees, wltb aia> base aad vtotas opening to tba waters aide Bay, bat slew y aide distant oa ail bar am*. Hearty larronaded by tba aaa. aad abaadantly shaded by treaa, tba Uouae baa a apacioaa asd bena Uibl reran dab, extending at ar three handrad aad thirty teat on three aides of tba btUMiag, with wide and tnoroughly ran bated Lai., and coirtdonia the interior, to lost r tailors can enjoy the most compieta protection tram the sammer beat. Tbs steamboat trbari and boat landing, are on the want alda, bat a tew amps from tba Uoaaa. Amplw IkailH lee are at hand >r boating ana Bahian. On tbs east aide is a lit gravel beach, where tba taxer y of aaa bathing oaa be a a Joy ad at ail times ot tba uda. At a abort dtetaace oa tba aorthaaat, across aa arm Of tba aad. is Orr'a Island, celebrated by His Baaab ar hIowa's well know■ novel Tba Bee bide Uoaaa u acceeelble by land from Bmswiab, I frees miles distant, by oaa at tba lnaoC drives la tba State, aad by daily steamboat from Portland throaga tbs Inside peerages amnag tba islands of Urn Bay. Visitors earning from tba Kenaebee bad ethaf parts of tb< latartor, can leave tba railroad at Brsae wtek. aad prwmad by stage ta UarpewaU, or *aatm» aa la Portland aad tabs tba steamar, wbieb raas down aad Boob twice aday. JOU T. SJEITM, Propriator. JrUfw BRADLEY'S HOTEL, AaMricaa Am* Bayapcu naas, Cor, of Conunercifrl ft India flu. A TbtaBoam it H asted directly opposite mdBbBhtba Brand Trank Bah reel Deport nno hand JUBABel Boston aad Portland elaamoi’ W barf. {91 Connected with this Uoaaa to a Brat clans EBU< >7iter and Dining UaU. JaHBB BBAUUtl, Jr., A CO., Proprietors. i. Bradley, it. r. U. Bradley. JaaeMddm Atlantic House, •CABBORO’ BEACH. A THIS BoosF.bartag baas aalaryad aad HWHregnod tbroannonl wUi ones ior tba asa mi ‘ °* Monday, JaneTB, IBB4, A GL'HHISOH. B. B.—Positively closed oa tba babbalh to at transient rtottora. Jaaall PIcaiBBt Sabatbaa Mcaort. C^JPISIC~HOTJSj£, WESTBROOK. . A,. . Tbto aiegant aabarbaa Walartag Plana, local ad epos a pleasant eminence near Ca IPp| “« »*« fteMO U th. O.O.I aapla order by > H«ke gaboerlbor, h« aon roopectiullr to licit. va. ati.auoa of tko pablio. and cordially laeitaa a «»U trum hi. old Mead*. T*a boa., to plcawat, rsttrad aad qatog Tka ltruitar* ux Ikralihuin in nil mv m»4 ‘birrn— “M*11«bU7 Tha HbS BT^ppuii aluS *>■ datoaaal.. aa wall aa tka .ak»taaitol» — Ik. aa “t u* the aery la. at oa. al tka t«t kaat». aka ka ■k*»and hay. ka*a .reared, kxm'k'a akad. aad a taa MaktosHk roaa* toalla ara aaou tka com r .at* ace. at tka taukltokaeat. > A atoa Balktof Hoar. .atoctoat tor tka aocaaao dattoa at Mean! hat tor. ha. km a mtto with u« I 11 to»«tl»# tat. ten i«tl of water, aad tk. whato w •and kaa utoarrattaa hr a feauac arm. . *®°*i*« grace Ika baak. ar tka raad aad tka tadaipraoa at tha laaaav. . “”**■« •"••kkra ad tha pablto patraa.aatb. aa darat|BB praau, • to .para aa tton tar tE .a ar “i?S“*kknau. oju> v m im Wmtkraok. May 11, Mg. a^lUd HALLOWELL HOUSE REOPENE DI nt Fxrxxmxx * mrvxxii M.U. PMIIM, a Uwa5a*lB tl.wiaitd^aaeirVn aaapaay aad paraaaoat boarder. ^JJ*jry a.iMitoao HI ka pm ga tka aaaftrg al ■ T.a. BLINO, ~ 7mhM" *f » **•>“ katal. MallowafsYak- I MM. tocMkaadtf ISlT TUiUUCH 10181, ^m|>ABOTer .ttrwt.... 3o*toa, Tka Laigeat aad Beat Anuied Helal IM lit MMOI.AMIK _ Notice. Vv ?’***• Sb p Mvtrn and Areata * - tor owner*, bare by ar-ro, that aa aad attar tha Ittt dav of kekiM.bcr. lAk. all larroe. ite.a board tor tka liland or Cato. ih II I. dellrelfJ nariead .Ion* • da within reach of rrawto tack aa axe.ptla* loo* amber, ahch I. to bo toaed to tk. aooro by, accidlne to the caatom or tk* principal porta U tha L'aitt d butea. Kaward aeodinp. hobart Dyer, i S' A**"1 **»•. 8. U. Daria, kbabal Herryau. Jam-tL. Mow, I J llokham ^ kjAnroa. Hoary K o rep., ?*?*•?to *• TrB*- Jmmo Bata, “ Joha Harry. t; C. Dattoy, JoMpk Moaa'tort, Jaaa. U t.atcMaooa. VT“’ w i rowiMr. /•*?•*■* J#**» «• Kora*?. Ltmb 8 CMit. Aodrrw J. 1 MtaaclU, A. R. * abtcr. W^»r W. Look, UTaltar Urnlmaa. - J LUmaa Read. Ikoaa* L. Libby. «. W. Harm. ‘••n C.SmolL K A Maiwiak. fj“,r « Marrlll. Darid krarar. Jr, Will lam linu. Hal D. U A Darlea, Y.oloa A Bala. Rolaad York. Km « Mardiraat, CkarUaSawtar. kPHa-daJl. WliLam B. Bovd k o Y.'ih. S'** V"1?0*- Mdillrarr Rraa ( Dwr*. *• J* • LliSurd, J. 8. W tar low, Uhha W be lar, Charley Lull, jcka. Charm Han tail. Char It. H Cl aaa. Cao. U S arr A. O. IMuUdaa. I'D. Dm ad. knit 8 1«M (wad A. A 8. 8HURTLEFF A CO NOS. M*M HIDDLB STREET, PORTLAND, ■aaaikctarara aad Daslata la Bra's Boys' sad Youth's Thick, Kip rad Calf Boots. Woman's Mlaaaa and Chlldroa'a Goal. KIT “d c^ss^sid£^r- Bh~ VV' >TH oar taporior MIHm for maaalhrtariac. andatmrra aapoHaaaa ia tko baalaraa. wa •0 art abla to toll at la* am la Boatoa or alorw kora. Daalara ara laapaatfaily la.Had to tall aad aa> amiaaoar.tort baforo paruhaala*. JM^JIrdertby msi! prompt]/ Attended U, tlcorfe W. Jflanuon, GOLD & SILVER PLATER, 74 Middle SlrMt, Poll land, A .bare of patrota^a ry.piclfuly tolialtad aad SAtiS'SCtlon Orders from the o* untr/ prompt!* Attended to. Address Osorjfs W. Mausvn. 14 Middle * reel, lots Mo.110. ep stein, Fort lend, Me juno 14 -dfim Maine Central Railioad Compy. TREASURER'S OFFICE. I WatanrUla. An* 17. 1*44.1 THE Main* Caatral Railroad Company will par their Coaponaat the Eirat National Hank, Part* land, (roam tbb data. . ___ ___ _ J. NIK. Trrnaarar. Aaa. IT—dim ___ Hart- Chaare. mo aurabaao a .lock of Milltnarj -Rk rant of sma ! NSfoRsaar

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