Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 20, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 20, 1864 Page 4
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POETRY.__ Written jor the Crew. “Put Lilies around me when I am Bead.” ▲ few weeks ago, a young woman went from this city to Fort Schuyler, Xeit York, to nurse a wounded brother, tt> whom the was devotedly attached. She had been an invalid for some time, and after remaining two weeks, she was prostrated by disease, and died there. Her husband was with her. and almost her last words to him were, “put lilies around me when 1 am dead.’, lilies, pure lilies, the dy log one said, Put them arounil me when I am dead; Gather them new from the dear ild pond. Lay them around me when I am gone; Let them be fresh and as fragrant as when Iu childhood and youth I've gathered them. I can aim out see the well-known stream . Where I played, aud in rambles oft hare seen, Away, on the distant water's crest, Their leaves closed sweetly, as though at real, Lilies white in a swelling bed; Oh! put them around me when l am dead. I've been alone to the lov'd old stream, And watched them, till'twould almost sevm That the angels themselves were breathing there. With the wave of the flowers, a voiceless prayer; I loved them then, when my soul wa> frd; Strew them around me when I am dead. I hare wandered for since those happy days, Aud it looks to me a long long way s To the lead aud float r*. borne aud friends. But the Savior'* form of compassion bauds, Aud his arui supports my foiling Lead Put li.ies aiound me when l am dead. They will speak to those 1 shall ne'er see more. Of those bright day-dreams, by the water s shore, And caU we back, as 1 u ed to be Before change sod sickness came to me; To those blooming days their thoughts'll be led— Put lilies around me when I am dead. PoarnNP, Sept 18. * iy An inspector at Colt'i actory, to u; the Hartford paper*, lately hinted to hi* inbordinate* m«ik lebumomiu wuuiu nuiio me mat uueuu him. They told him to get a supper ready iii honor of the ooeaeiun, which he did. The party met. Complimentary speeches were made, and the teetimonial banded over. Inspector replied —“piojdest moment of his life,” As. Speeches over, be opened the parcel and found himself the happy possessor of a—pair of leather goggles. A distinguished Baptist clergyman made an admirable speech to a great audience io Exe ter Ball, Loudon, and then, instead of leaving oil, weui uu aud oo, uulil bis lather, at|uaint old preacher, who was sluing just bebiud him on lue platform, pu'led his coat-tail and said iu an under tone, "vVuy don’t you say a good thing aud sit down?’’ "That's j>ul what I’m tryiug to do, lather,” was the reply. PROPOSALS. Navy Dkfabtmbit, Burr&u of Yard* aud Docks, Aug. 2t, 1864. SRALkO 1'ropo-ai* for each class separately id Cored • Proposals for Ciass Mo (name the class) lor th« Mary lard at (name the yard)” will ds receiv ed at ibis ot&e uu ii the l*ih aeptembsr next, at 1 o’clock P. M , ai which hour the upeuiug ot (he bids witl be commenced. ior furnishing and delivering at the several navy yar s named, the materials aud ar tic.ei uibraced iu priute t «c edules.whicb with all iueti not urns, will bo furnished ou application. and aeut by m til, if so requested to per sous desiring to offer to coattwct far any or all of the classes named thereto, by the commandants of the several nary yards for toe dames lor the >ardt under their oom maud, or by the navy agent nearest thereto, or by the bu eaa for auy or allot the yards. To prevent cmfnium aad mistakes in sealing the ofer», ao uid wui oe received wiaou contains class es f r moiethau one yard ia one envelope; nor any bid w .ieu is not per foot and complete in itself ac cording >o the forms of offer and guarantee, and east i udlvtdaal ot a firm most sign the bid aud con t*act. Bidders are hereby cautioned and particularly no tiff d tn» the r o«tfn must be in the form bereina - ter d-scribed, and be mailed in time to rea^h their dos juation before the time expires for receiving them; uo bid wiU be considered which shall be re• orio d a te- me period stated, and no altowanoe wi l be made for failures qf the mail | All offers most be ac umpauied by a cert tied copy of the bid ders iceuse. Te guard against offers being opened before the time s, pointed, bidders a e requested • o cud else on th*' eiive ope, above the address, and draw a liuc un der the • n ourmenr thus: “* r«*rK>-aU f**r Cla<s No. (name the elate) for the Navy Ya<d at (name the yard.)" 10 ib* C'htei ot the Bureau of Yards and Docks, Watumgton, D. %), I.istruollous nod forms of offer, with copies of the law- Ovari ig on the subj^t, will be furnished by eomro* diut^ of agtuts.and the Bureau, on application to all or cith r of them. Portsmouth, N, H. Ctaas Mo 1 brio** .class Mol stone .-class No6 oak and hs.d wood; class Nod waits pins, s^rn^e, Janitor, aud Cypr s ; data Mo l iim«, hair aud p astor: clus No deem ut, olns- Mo o grurei mod sand; oJa~* Mo 9* wjui ing aud it e .aud and tire cis> ; class Mo 10 siaio, c a s Mo 11 iron, iron nails aud spikes; class Mo 12 steel; o<ass Mo 13 pig iron; ola • Mo 14 bias; e a«» N * 16 paluta. oil* nod glaa»; class No Id ship chandlery; class Mo *7 hardware; ciass Mo 16 sta ll oery; c*a-a Mo U ire wood; class Mo X) hay sod dram; class Mo 21 pro* under; ciass Mo 22 charooai; c ass Mo 23 oeitiug. packing aud hose; class Mo 64 sjurmsud lubric t nA ois; ciass Mo66 iroacastings; cia.'* Xu 26 uu sis; c ass Mo67 Automate ooal .els»s No B tummous Cu uberlaudooai;das* Mo21 cop per and composition nails; class Mo 82 machinery aad tools; class A oom- nt paint. ' Boston. oak and ha d wood: oaa No 6 white pine, spruce juui.or and eyprew; claw Ko. 7. Lime, hair and i> a-tcr; claw Cau. 4. Ct-me-t: d.m No 0. (ararel and a nd u.aae No. 9j. atvii diuf aud Are .and ai d Arc •lay ; c a - No. 11. Iiou, it on epikeaaud nails; c ana N«. 3 stem; olaw No. 13 Pi* Irun : caaa No 14 kilea cla-a No. 16. Palau, oil-aud *law;c!aw No. 1<1 ship chan, cry; caaa Nu. 17. Ua delta: dm No. 1ft. Stationery: claw No. 19 Firewood; ala-a Ko. »i. Hay aud atraw: ol a-Ko. 21 Proreudor: a law No * Cnarcos : cla a Nt>. 23. Bolting, packing and boa*: clam N • 14. Sperm and lubricating oila: claw No. g>. irun CAOtiug-; ciaaa No 36. Angara: claaa No. 17 Anthracite ooal;eiaae No. 39. Bitamiuuaf i urn berlaod coal; olaw tic. 20. Semi-Bituminous, Broad ttpcoal ana ticton; caw No. 32. Fachluorr and lodai alaw A. Now joiner obop; alaea B. IS II Smitn‘a patent boring and mortiaing mncblao. Fna York. Claaa No. 1. Bricka: claaa No. 1. Stone; daw No. 24. S one; clia- No 4 X-1 ow pine lumber: clw- No 6. Oak and hard wood. elaoNo 6 White pin apruoe. Ju i ar and cypr. w; I aw No. 7. Li-e, hair, a d pla« or; daw No. a. ( ament; claw No 9 Uiavel and aaud; .law No. 9J Moulding and Art -aud and Are Olay ; c aw No 10 Slate: claw No. 11 Iron, irou ap naila; dan No 11. oval. claaa No Id. l‘ig lr»u; class No 14 kilea; claw Nu h&., vita and glad:daw No. IS. Ship cha"dlery: a aaa N 17. Hardware; alaw No. lv Sa-tionery; olaaa Ko 2fl. llay and atraw; olaac No. 21 Prorendei 1 a aw '•0 21 t harcoal; daw No 22. Beltiag, packing ard boee; olaw No 24. Speim and Indicating oil-; daw No. 26. Iron work ui|Meg. tc daw No. 16. aaiera: caw No. 27. Ab'liracBo otal: cla-a No SO Semi bitumiuou-, Broad top coal; cla-a No Si. Copper A-d computation tulle; -law A, ki.e track, Ac. i'tiilatlelpkia. Cl -aa No. I. Brl ke; eta*. No. 2 8tone; claw No. 4. Fat ow pine t moer ; claw No. 6 Oak and lard 1 wood; daw No. ft. White pine, epru.-e, and 1 eyp «wt emw No. 7. Lome bur and plaa ar; a an M > 9 a ravel and aaud;duaNolliron Iron., ikeeaud nail- ;claae 12 stwl ;elaas Nol4Ulea.d»wKoH|, Otle aud Sima; claw No tftahlo chandler. ; dwe K?- i 17 taardwere; c aaa No M .'a-lo-s y; ala*- No 19 i cw'ied: e am No 22 charcoal; dam' No 2S b-ltlur poo-lag and hme.c a-a No 24 -perm aad Inbr.cav Ugode: olam NoMaag.n; ela-t No*7 Anthracite V* I V'V; 'ftini-Bpnminone. broad top c, a. • daw N 1 SI machinery and toola; atom A bilge water ‘btliue*1*1*1 0h®* * ,p,rt arroalftro; olaw 0 pitch Naval Aapinm. ( taw No 1 clothing; olaw No 2 haU. boats, sbtmo. Ac: c:aaa Ko tprovla out; c'aw No4 gtacartao; claaa ; No 6 dry tom,, Claw No 4 bitsd, Ac; olaw No 7 to bacco; claaa Notoocl; caaa Nu 9 paints oila giaaa 1 Ac: claa-Ko llloinbd : daa-No 12 Arewond; No It iryrcudor; dais No 14 Mine Hansons- claaa No 16 hardware: claw No lAatmanaary. ' IFqahi.p w. Clan No 1 bricka; claaa No 2 stone; elaw Ne 4 rrl- I low pine lumber; etna No 6 oak aud hard wood claw Nod - kite pine, -pruee, Jun per aad eyprt, si dam No 7 lima bal- aud pliotor; daw No I ceraeu olam No 9 grarel and sand; olaai No 9j m>.l Ur amt Are a-ud and fine ay; claai No 11 iron, iro* nails an I apikoa; daa No 12-tool: daw No it nig lrou ; c'a-a No 14 diet; claa- No 16 paints, oils. and * glass; cla a No 16-hip cbandlrry: elaw No 17 hard ware; claw No IS stationery ; class Ko 19 Irewood. c'aw No 20 hay aud a-raw; oiaw No 21 provende-; daa. N -22 charcoal; claaa No 22 belUng.packingaud , how: e aa. No li sperm and lubricating oila; caw ’ No 27 Authracltecoal; claw No 29 Bi malnous Cum berland coal; class Nu 32 machinery aad toola. _ Norfolk. -tP w N.° 1 hri<:ka; claw No I yellow ptao timber: daa. Wo 4 yallow pino lumber; olaw No 6 cos and - «'“* « t white pine, aprwoo. junipaw ia fi Z^i0 V* I5° 7u“e- and plaster: cloaa d "• *t mouldlogaud A to sand ar.d aoikai lnd «!uho.10 ,l,,»t data No 11 iron, iron tfli-* oIm r i! w W* U •"ft iron: claaa No 14 “*• * ***** oiniid >|4U. No IS chip chan tlory; class No 17 hardware ,' o*aJI No l" imtlooory: c aas No i» ttmwood : class N and Pto»eadar; daw No22 eh.Aoal; OltW N J 23 !• P4ckln( ijmJ Ijoip- |e, Wi tDArm a»id !*»t»rio«^n < oil; tin No Vi i»,^0a| 27 Au’i»rmc»t« oo*J; cla»« Mo 2b Hi uniboui um* ber ai l coal; olatR No ftt ‘'•m-biUitniuoM* b'oSl ‘>po.Al Ua npj-elsa. No 31 copper end cuapo.itloa t nail-; ola-ie No 32 machmar and toola; aiwa A saih- 1 oa. gl-xed. Peniac* !a /7«. r Caaa No 14 "hip chandlery; cla-a No 17 hardware- , ela-» No U stationery; claa- No 19 An wood; elavi ! No 20 her mod atraw; sla-a Nd 31 prorender; cla-a 24 ape m and lubr eating oil-; claai No 26 augeu; visa- No 27 Anthracl'cooal; cl ea No 29 Bitamfnoua . nmln rlaud coal; claaa 32 machinery aad toola. Aug 27—lawlw Itcftlalena:,- rur Sale. tfjft . }TJ! ^e,*°;d * bargain, it called for toon, f I * Boalrahle reaMewm an Forest arrnae. Ster •a-^»“- -ns Plain-, cottage hoese, acarlr new with g OU sta li adjoint- g: 4 Ol an acre of land with I p a-, ehe-r aud p am t-eea. cu-rautaand (toother rl-e In elmndanc-i also aspa-agaa end at awherrr beaa -i acred - ithiu cue* mine e*. walk of the ' borw care. Apply to J H COuK Ko * Frt Us st 1 _ wptMif t First Claans Bo-irding Hone to Let. TUB 'e*r» well arranged bn aw Corner of Middle and Willow Ma. to let; poesewloa glren No. 1 i with a portion of the inrnitore for aale. For nartio. nlam Inquire of JOHN C. FROrTKK »-FtU-4H Lime a treat. } # MISCELLANEOUS, j “THE DAILY PRESS, CALORIC POWER JOB PRINTING OFFICE, N. A. FOSTER k CO., [Proprietors, Fox Block, 821-2 Exchange St., PORTLAND. ME. Attention U reaper'fully inrited to our u art railed ateUittee for executing In TBS BS8T STYLE OF TBS ART, ■rery description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. Onr Eatabliahment la fliralahed with all th, ap prnred MODERN MACHINERY, I And our collection of Book and Fancy Types Will bear favorable comparison with any establish ment in the city. Business and Professienal Cards, K>f creep rxriety, etyle end eoet, PRINTED AT SHORTEST NOTICE. Bill-IIeada Ruled and Cut iu the Neat* eat Manner. BLANKS AND BANK CBECK8.1 Of every doejrl|>UoB executed is the beet etyle. BaUroad, and other Corporation Work! done with promptness end adelity. INSURANCE rOLIC/ES, BILLS OF LADING, TIMM TABLES, end nil sorts ol LEGAL DOCUMENTS, at short not its. leant, Itprti, uf iD tab if FtefUdi, Pet In superior stylo. Bronzed and Colored Labels For Apotbeonrles. Merchants, end Fancy Dealers got np In the host style of the art. Weddincr O ards, Notts of Invitation, Visiting Cards, Lists of Dan ass, etc- Sts., tf every earwig and cost, furnished at short notion. LARGE POSTERS, Hand-bills, Sbop-btlla. Prognm mes. Circular*, Aad plain printing of every deaertptioa. Also, Ituls and Figure wort, executed neatly, and on terms that cannot ail to sstlsfy. THE DAILY PRESS i Printing Office had one of 2oper* Improved Calorie | Engines for motive power, and i« furnished with improved and costly Freeses—Cylinder and Platen— | from the moot celebrated maker*. We have in con* I *tant im one of HUM'S LAROM CYUKDBR PRESSES, capable of throwing off S&OO Sheett mm hour ; one of Adam’s Power Presses—the beet j book prate in the world; Adam's and Potter’* Fast Haskins Jok Presses: Haggle*’superior Card Pres; Adame’end Colon large Bond Presses, standing > Praeeae, and all the machinery nooeeeary for a wall appointed office. The Daily Pres* Job Office U believed to be aa well tarnished aa any similar establishment in the Bute. Thoee sanding order from the conntry may rely on receiving prompt attention. We execute s'l order* in the aborteat possible time and la the neatest end beat manner. We will do all kinds of printing aa well and a* promptly, and as ebeap as any other establishment I la the City, County or State. ' AU orders for Job Printing must be directed to the Oailg Press Jok OJtce, Ho. 82* Exchange street, roraano. M. Tb* Jab Office it coder the personal raporrialon of the aonlor proprietor, wbo b the CITY PK1NT EK, and ta himself an experienced practical wort mo*. t»d employe only well-akUlod mechanics In | this deportment of hb work. The Portland Daily Press, The largest doily paper east oi Boston, and baring a larger eircolatioo than all the other dailies In the oity combined. Is published at the Offioe In fox ■look. B9 1-9 E jtehanye street, erery morning— Sunday sxaeptod, at *8,00 per annum. ( THE MAINE STATE PRESS, Ike largest paper la New England, eight pages, b publbhed arory Wednesday, containing all the mml ad telegraph, important reading matter Marine List, Market Reports, Ac., of the Dally the following prices, Tb:— ■Ibgte copy, year, laiwriably . .SS.OO Subaoriptioaa solicited. Agents wanted in erery Iowa. Tort masters requested to act aa agents. H. A. FOSTER A Co., PaoraigToax. Portland Jose 1, 18*4. dtf IHTE KIATIOA AA Fire Insurance Company I QT -Vrw York, OJUe lit Broadway. CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. WE, B. WARREN, Preeidsat. HAMILTON BRUCE, Vice President. tsEOROE W. SAVAOE, Secretary 'Portland Board of references: Jobb B. Bbowb A Sob, Hussar Elbtchkb A Co. M. J. Libbt A Co. Joua Linen A Co. The ondertigaed hiring been appointed Aoxxt and Airoanai fur this Comps y. b now prepared rate* ** ^o lcJe- 0,1 *B**rable Property at correal or Port load Oflee, 166 Port Street. JOHN W. M UNGER, Agent. Jaaat, 1884 —otr Seizure of CSood«. NOTICE is hereby gireo that the following de scribed goods w re srltedai th|« port, oil the «»J- hereinafter mentioned, tor a riolation of th< Roranue laws:—June *4 1S.V* on wharf front mea-r from ht Jobe. N. B., 1 bhi Whiskey, J hJr***^1?*^ 11 bo',lM **chl Ju'lr 16• lf«4 on hoerd bru Iho-. Conner, S tbs Molasses. July *> l1*4 onhoardauam l hit ears . I bag (sugar 1*64. on boad hrlg Man ha A llcrry, 1 “ H 1864. on board brig Cal ““*V hb's MetaMes Au»... It., ls«4. on board brig C. M. Kennedy 4 btls Molass-a. Aay person or pe sons, deeliipg the asms are re qosewd to appear and masesucb claim wi.htn nire SA“?5tr,l‘fc*«r.V •J."'® d*"‘ De-rwot: otherwise tfcoiaid go. ds will h di-postd of in eecorrienoe with th« act of loofrt>*<. aipp <>ved Amil 2 ibaa e . • si 9 *' WASUBlJKiit',«-.Ooliector. Sept S—dlsw3w N OTI OE PROVOST MARSHAL’S OFFICE, , Firsf District, State./Maine, ( Portland. August IPh. 1864 j I^QCIRIKS on all ordinary subj at* connected < w*thtbe anrolmant. draft, exemption* liability t« draft, credit* and accounts of mon ftarnhdicd, shnaM b« addrfMMted to the Provost lKar*hal of the isanxre»Nioxa) District. and in ca^e he I* n< t abla to tr them he will a*k luformatiou *f the Provost ] i*eaarml oi Mat* Answers nia> be thu« j _ promptW tfc*n by add renting the Pro- ( m l»«n*ral at Washington, where more »t>u*inea* often prevent pn mpt answers I?“*1'*",l,( 01 Inqalriesnow address- to the BB Jleni bersoual and other matter, of minor cente By Order of Major 4. w. T. Uawdinfr. . . . IIHSIBS H. DOLUHTT, * II Plt Blstia r°,t>*1 ***r*,“l l,t District Maine. Grand Trunk Railway. Famour Asaaci. i Fort land, Mpt 8, 1804 1 ALL persons requiring re*.Ip* tr, m this Com pany for the deirery of Freight, and payment -Of freight charge*, abore twenty dollars, n ust affix Stamps upon the ami or «h»iwiII not be eigntd. Sept 4—dim JOHN PORTE#VS, Agent, railroapsT 1 FOR CHICAGO. eaWAUKIE. i And all part* of the Wett. HCUK8103 I1CUI8 » CHiCASO, 11LIAUU1 And all Other polntt at the { WEST, SOUTH Ac NORTH WEST, For sale »c the reduced rates of fare at the Union Ticket Office, 31 Exchange St., Wr. !>• Little, Agent. JUDC'iMdtf mmB REDUCED RATES 1 IRPOBTA9IT TO TRAVELERS -to Tan— West, North West & South West! W. I>. LITTLE. 18 Agent for all the great leading routes to Chica go, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit. Mtlwaukie, Galena, Oskosh, St. Paul, LaCrotto, Green Bay, tduiucy.tft. Louie,-Louisville, Indianapolis, Cairo, etc., etc., and is prepared to lurnith Ihbocus Tickstb from Portland to all the principal ciUee and towns in the loyal States and Canadas, at the loweet rates of fare, and all neodlul information cheerfully granted. Travelers will dud it greatly to their advantage to procure their tickets at tbe Union Tie he t Office, 31 Exchange Street, (UP STAIRS,) W. D. LITTLE, Agent. Passengers for California, by tho Old Line Mail Steamer and Panama Railroad, may be secured by early application at this offioe. Tickets to Montreal and Quebec and return (via the Grand Trunk Railway) may he obtained at this agenoy on favorable terms. mayMdfcwti UBAND'i'UlllIk RAIL WAV Of Canada. gUMMES ASEANGEMEHT. Ob uid after Monday, June 27, 18M, train* will run daily. (Sunday* except ed) util further notioo, u follow!: Up Train.. Leave Portland tor leland Pond. Montrenl and Quebec at ;.0o a. n. and 1.M r. a. Down Tntfne. Leave Ialand Pond for Portland, at a 3u a. a. and • liM. The Company are not responsible for baggage to amy amount excocdlng MO in value, and that per* tonal, aulett notioe it given, and paid for at the rat* of one passenger for every MOO additional vnlae. 0. J BRYDUE8. Managing Director. U. BAILEY, Superintendent. Portland, June 16. 1884 aovt PORTLAND ANDKKNNKBKC K.R. SPRING A SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, Commencing Monday, April 25, 1864 I'eaaenger trains leave Skowhegan for 5B5HM*l'erl ano and Boston, at 3.46 A > , Ac gut a, 110. A. M and Bath Id 10 P. M. Aarusta for Portland and Boston itlA A, Bath 6.M A. M. Portland for Bn'b, Au.uata, Waterville,Kendall's Mills and Skowbegar, at MOP. M. Portland for Bath and Augusta 8 18 P. I. Passengers for -mttoniou the Androscoggin Rail road will char ye cars ai Brnnawlck. The 1 1U M. train f cm Portland eonnecta at i Kendau'a Mil la with Mmiaa Central Railroad for - Bangor, Ac , arriving tame evening, j Stages leave Ba.h Tor Roaaland at I A. K. and I i P M. Stages leave Augusta tor Belfast at 4 P. M. Stages leave Skowhegan at 4 10 P. M. for Anson, So on, Ac. Through Tickets tor nil the ataUona on this and th# Androscoggin Railroad, can bn procurred In 1 Boaton at the Eastern or Boaton and Maine atationa. B. U. CUSHMAN,Superintendent. April 18. 1864 apMtf York A Cututx-rlHud Hullraad. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. On and after MONDAY, April 1th., 1884, traint will leava aa followa, until further notioe: Saco River tor Portland at 6 4A (freight Train with Pnaaenger | Cara) and KM A. if ., ana 8.30 r *. t Leave Portland tor Saco Biter, 7.46*. V. and ( 8.00 and 6.30 r n. The 3.00 r. It. train ont, and 6 46 I a. n. train into I ortland, ulll bo freight traint with pnaaenger cart attached Stagea connect at Saccarappa dally for South ' Windham, Windham Center end Greet Kails At Gorham (or West Gorham, Stmdlsb Stoop | Pells. Baldwin. Sebego, bridgten, Hiram. Liming ton Cornish, Denmark, Brownfield Level, frye I burg, Conway.Bartlett, Albany, Jackson and Ea 1 Ion, N. U. At Buxton Centos for West Buxton, Bonner Ea gle. South Umington, Umiugton and Limerick At saoo River tri-weekly, for U*lils. Limerick, Osalpee, Newlicld, Parsonsfleld, Efltagnam, free dom. Madison. > Eton, Cornish, Porter, A a faxes 8 cents leaa wnen tickets urn purchased in the Office, than when paid In the Cara, . DAN. CARPENTER, Supt. Portland April 7, 18n4. dtf MAINE CENT HAL KAILKOAD. BUMMER ARRARGEME3TT. Traint leave Portland, Grand Trank MB^^Hsu.ion, tor Lowiaton and Anhnra, at : T A. M. for Bangor and Intermedia!*’ atationa at 1.38 r.M. RETURNING—loave Lewiston at 8 30 an. Aad arrive In Portland at 8.30 A. M. Leave Bangor at 7 AI a. n , and arrive in Portland at 3 16 r. M. Both these trains ooanect at Portland with trains for Boaton freight train leaves Portland at 8 a. a., and re turning is due InPortland et 1 r. n. Stages oonneet with trains at principal stations, daily rar meet ol th« towns North end East of thla lias. C. M. MORSE.Sup t. Waterville, November, 1883. dealt ' PORTLAND. SAtO A PORTSMOUTH RAILROAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS, s Commencing April 11th, 1984. j wrau] Ptatengcr Trelna will leave the Bta Don, Canal street, daily, (Bandaya ax i oeptediaa lollowa: Leave Portland lor Boston, at 8 46 A. M. and 3.08 ' p. at. Leave Boaton for Portland at 7.30 A. >. and 3.03 , ».«. Leave Portemooth for Portland, at 18.00 a. m. and 0-90 r. a. The** mini will take and leave paeeengen at way I etatien*. rreiaht train* t*av* Portland and Bo*ton daily. FRANCIS CHASE, Suparintendrat. Portland. Oot 30.1863 ooll adtf PROPOSALS von bubctimo tbe Custom House at Portland, Maine. Texasuby DlfA utmkxt, I August M, 1844 j PROPOSALS will be received at this dtpxiUnent uuul ihe first OctoLsr 1844, at li o'clock noon. Ibr tbe construeiioa ot tbe 1 usiom UoBse *u , tbonred to be eiec eo at to* Hand, lie, according to i tne plan*and rpecihcatioi-s prepared at this Depart 1 inent; said proposal to he either tor the whole ! building, or separate lor oifferent kinds of work : tbe Department >(Nerving tbe right te reject or accept * tbe proposal* ben by invited, or any part thereof, 4 where it deems tbe lutvitst cl tbe Uniied htat s re quires it; th* Department a so reserving the ignt te cic ude the bid of any peisou or persons, whom there is just cause to believe will uot laJthfdlly per form the cunt-act. *l«o ail bids that upon investi gation are bel< w a fair price lor the work. Bids will uot be received in gruas, and tbe Depart ment bating piepared a sci-«« ule o. tbe appr* xi mate ol e»eb kiud of work and material r«-qutred, (which schedule may be had at tbe office ot the Supervising Architect, i reasury • epailment) bidder will bo required to affix his prices ihereto I for such a'tlcles and kinds of work aa he proposes to bid for, and then carry the whole obi in one gruas amount. Ninety per cent, of the amount of the work done and material delivered according to contrast price, , (said amount to be a*c rtaiued by the estimate cf aa Agent oi ths ih part nun' appointed for that pur pose) will be paid irom time to time as the wo k pro ■ grows. and ie« p- r ceut. retained until the eomple \ tion of the coutrao', aii acc- ptanoo oi tbe work by the Agent aloie»**id, and be foifeitod in the event of the non-tuldllmout of the contract. Contracts wri l be aw arded oui> to Master Builders - and Mechanics and the aosigt tuent tbersol. except I by consent of tbe docretary oi the Treasury, will be a forfeiture of tbe same Mach proposal must be accompanied by a guaran tee, signed b’ two roSiousib-e persons, (certified to bes> by the Unit, d S’ates Dls'rici Judg* or Aitor* ne •/ said District). Ib the ansi of •» 000.00 *or the whole work, or of a proportionate amount if lor any part, that the bidder will, when required, if his pro posal bv accepted, enter into a contras' and bond, with safioieiit securities for its aithlul performance. Ko tnp ot the bond and certificate required; also 1 the plans, specifications and working drawing will be iurnis ed ou application to the baperviaiiig Ar chitect of ih« Department. So bid will bo considered, uole*s it fully complres in ail its details with the requirements ot this adver tise oaont. i bw Proposals mu-t be sent to (his Department ad dressed to Daiali Rogers, bupervising Architect, and plainly endorsesd : "Proposal* for the Portland Custom House.•* Proposals will aiso be received at the s«me time for t'leol'S Custom House t-urding and materials therein, (tbe four granite column* on Fore s ret excepted) to be removed within sixty 100) da)S from date of th< av.’ard, and in case tbe sale of the saute be awarded to the suecosstul bid<*«r for the new ‘ 'as tom House, the amount of same will be taken aa part payment of Uk oontract. ISAIAH ROGERS, Supervising Architect. kept 2—did To Wood Dealers andLumbermen. 10,000 Cords H ood and Logs H unted. PROPU8AL8 sro desired for cargoes of 4bo fal lowing woods, vis .—White or Canadian Poplar, Hi-in luck 44*kflwood, or American IJnd*a. Beech, Tellow Birri*. and WVite or Red Kim and White Uprtice—all tube sound and merchantable. Offer* mty be made to furnish by the eord, or in tiw log of • oi n or 26 feet lung, irom S inches in diameter upward, to he delivered on navigable water for veiwth drawing wb»n traded i ine fret. Parti** please slab th- ki- d of wood, and the amount they I eau furnish, where they wi-b to deliver 1 r ship- I vent, and wb’ n it wi'l be deliveiod there, and tne MkWes! cash price per cord or 1000 feet. as they desire U.con tract For ftarther particulars, or sending proposals, please address B BUFFUM, Treasurer American Wood Paper Company, Providence, R. 1. Aag 28—dfon To Let, t COSVKKIKNl null *, *atubl. for * fcmflv of Jjfi. tvoortbr-e, located in tbe «pper pa it of the dtp. Addrr s Rext, Box 41 ^orttaad, P. •. gt^th-dlw STEAMBOATS. Portland and Penobscot River, Hammer Arrangement, 1804. THE NEW, STAUNCH AND COMMODIOUS iTEAIHEK LADlr LANG, Bniit expressly fur this routs, CAPT. WILLIAM R. ROIX, Will comment* her Sommer Ar eSAJ*rangemeut ou MONDAY MOKN Juue (;h, le aving Bangor ev irv Moa.UA/, Wedne*da> and F rid ay Mornings, at iO'o>ock. B .turning will leave Railroad Wharf,, foot of, Bate itreet, Portland, every Monday, Wednesday md Friday Evening*, at 10 o'clock, connecting with he Eastern, Boston and Mains, and Portland, Saco md Portsmouth Railroad*, from Boston and Way station*, leaviug Boston at 3 o'clock, P. M. The Boat will touch at RockUnd, Caiuden, Bel tot. Bucksport, Winterport and Hampden, both ways. Passengers ticketed through to and irom Boston, Lowell, Lawreuce, Salem and Lynn. For more extended imormation, apply to J. O. Kendrick, bancor; the local Agent* at the various Lauding*; the Depot Masters of the P. 8. k P., Rastern, and B. * M. Railroads; Abiel Somerby, Portland; Lang k Delano, Boston, or CHA8. SPEAK, General Agent. June 4.—isdtf 6 Montreal Ocean Steamship Oo. m ^ One of the following Urst-cic, 4 " f&m * of lhi, Liu.via:—Peruvian, <^"C- rr"4* ilibernia. North American, Jura. Bel* I Tmmi i | inii Nova Scotiau. Moravian, Da luaiL.r, Mi., .ail irom guebec, iVEliT Satdudat Mouhibo. for Liverpool via t-und',ni,erry. Also the steamers St. David fcx Uxouua, St Aacauw. St. 1'atsioa, tri monthly irom guebec rorOlatgow. Frtpaid and return ticket! luued at reduced rates. For paaeage apply to 11. A A. ALL AN, Montreal, or to J L. FAKmEK, maylSdtf No. 10 Exchange street 1‘ortl.nd, International Steamship Company. Eaetport, Calais k St John. TWO TRIPS PER WEEK. Ou and after Monday, March », the superior sen-going M tamer NEW LltLNSWlCli, * apt E. B. _ Winchester, will leare Uailroad Wban, .DO. 01 State Street, every Monday at { o’clock F. M., and the Steamer NEW ENULAND, Capt. E. Field, every Thursday at 4 o’clock F M for r-astport and St. John, N. U , connecting at Eaetport with eteamer gueen, for An auu nuu DUWC U'HCOei I or Aft' ohiM, end at at. John with steamers tor Freder ioton and with steamer Em, eror lor Dlgby Wind sor and lialitax, and with the E. A N. A lusUroad for bbediae and all way stations. Returning, will leuire St John erery Monday and Thuraday at 8 o’oloek A. M., for Kaatport, Portland and Boston. Through tiokeU procured of the Agentsund Clerk on board Steamers , *rr®-i#b’ rooeUed till 4 o'oloek P. M„ Mondays aad Tfcaradija. ■«y*dtf ,_c. C. EATON, Agent. Portland and BoutonXineT THE 8TEAMER8 Fore»t City, Lrwiglon and Montreal WUJ, an til further notioe, raa as follows: Atlantie Wharl, Portland, weary Monday Tueedae, Weduaaday, Thuraday aad Friday, at i o'clock P. M , and Indie Wharf, Bostoa. rare la Cabin......SLOP Freight taken aa aanal. The Company an not reaponslble for baggage to any amount exceeding MO la eulue, and that pertou ll, unlees notioe is gisea and paid for at the rate of ona paaatngcr far erery MOO addlUoual ralue. Fen. 18, IMA dtf L. BILAUKig, Agent. Portland aad New York Steamers SEMI-WEEKLY LINE. . * The eptendid aad fast Steamships rTF ’’LOCUSr POINT,” Capt.. Willwiw, <1 ’t~. IT 1-and ‘ POTOMAC,** Captain Bnaa .c/adKitwooD, wiil.antil farther notioe, raa as follow*. Leare Browns Wharf, Portland, trsry WEDNES DAY, and 8 ATVRDAT, attP. M.. and leare Pier • North Rieer, New York, erery WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, nt I o’clock, P M. i Tbeee reeeels are lifted np with fine aocommodstlons for paasenrers making thit the most speedy. safe aad oomforUble route tor trarellere between New York aad Maine. Pnseage S7.00, tnciadisg Fare andState Booms. Goods forwarded by this line to and from Montreal, Sinehee, Bangor, Bath, Augusta, Eastport aad St. aha. Shippers art requested to send their freight to the steamers as early as 8 P. M., ea the day That then leare Portlead. For freight or passage apply to ■MERY A FOX. Brown's Wharf. Portland. ■ • B. CROMWELL A CO., No. 86 Wast Street, I Mew York. Deo.8.1M*. dtf FOR SALE &~TO LET. Home and Lot No. 31 Oaniorth Si., For Sale. Ml he two ar.d a half storied wooden dwelling lions? and lot. No. 81 Danforth St , contain ing ten good sized rooms, with a bathing room—piped for m throughout—a lurnace that will heat erery part ol the hoase. ('istem lor rain water aud a never failing well of drinking water. Copper l ump*. Ae On the proto *e* ar« a good b>m sod ib«(li The lot i* about llM by 44 foot I ho hou«e can be examined anv day from 10 A. M. till 4 P. M by calling ou the subscriber who will furnish particulars and terms «*f sale J It BKAZIES. Ocean lusiranoe Company Building, No. ST Lxchauge St. Aag. $-4tt__ House and House Lots For S»*Ie, Located in Westbrook, about fve U, minute* walk from the Horse Cars “ at Wtx*lford's corner. Also, i»»e pleasantly located two 1 ston Dwelling Uouw and Lot, ro ceutly occupied by Mr J. C. Kemiok. The lot con tains kbout two acres, and is one of the AaeaC lose : tions for a genteel residence to be found ia the sub | urbs of Portland, being I©** than two miles from tue ■ Portland Post Office. and commands a fine view of , the eitv. For further particulars' call on the undersigned at 319 Fort Street, corner Union Street. BUFUS DUNHAM. Dwelling Houkc for &u!e. mA two ttorj dwelling house ou Congress 8t. nearly opposite the castellated Villa of 6. L. Carlton,, and on the Uue or the Horae t ».«ilriittii l.nii.i. nliini r. i<rL,.n »4 ..... t...rt and la wall adapted to accommodate two families, with seperate oat bui.dings, stable. Ac , and a well of ai«r in the yarn. A large part of the purchase mene> can lay on mortgage it dusirt d Thu property will Do vt! rod a? Auction on the first of August, ii not sold before. ALLEN HAINES. t'ortland, July 81, 15*4. Provision More for Sale. fllHE fitock and fixture* of a Provision Store, X lavorahly located m a thriving manufacturing town, on the line of R Jt .a Cow miles lroin Port laud. This is a good chance for a party with a small capital. Expense* small, n ut only five dollars a mouth. Will be sold low lor cash—change ot busi ness cause of sale. Preeont quota of the town to he filled by enlistments. Call on or addiess immedi ately O. W BURN UAH, International iiou«e, Portland, Me. Aug. 23.1864 —dtf Laud uu Free hired lor Sole. THE valuable real date on I'm atreet. known » <>>• "FurbUb property ” TLe lot U »t.out UK foot on Free atn el end e.tend, ti ck about 174 loot. Raid estate win be sold aa a whole, or tbe easterly bait ol the dwelling house, with lot about 40 by 176 feet, will be told by Itaell. Application uia, be made to James Furbish. Enq., on tne prenuaca. or to l/to. K B J At'KstyM, julyldtl 6b Kaebanjte street. For Sale. A SQUARE block of land, of about 79000 acres ot wood land, on the south side of the river fit. Lawrauce. in Canada East it is in ter eroded by two considerable rivers with eligible Mu I aits. Weil wooded with every description of timber, such as nine and spruce in large quantities, and maple, berch, beech, tamarac ana bass wo dtcanr amount. Euquire of U. T. MACU1N. Portland. Portland. Feb. 1864. fcbtteodtf For Sale. k CLIFF COTTAGE, containing oyer 2U rooms .large stable and sheds—situated two and one-half mii«« from Portland, and the finest situation in Cape Elisabeth for a wa tering plaoe. and summer boarders. For ninrs enquire of GEO. OWEN, ap7 dtf 101 Commercial Street, Portland For hale. A TWO story House and Lot. situated on Port land street, with Stable and other out buildings Also two adjoining lots containing about eight thousand square feet. Enquire of N. STEVENS, No 47 Portland street. juuefidtf To Let. TWO first c’sjs tenements at the corner of Salem and Brackett Sts.: also one tenement on Green St Inquire of JaREZ C. WOODMAN. Jr , Heal Estate Br k*r, 31 Exchange 8t., or NATHAN M WOODMAN. 29 oak 8t. s.ptWlf lftoiiM* For hulttb A TWO story wooden house, No. it Adams street, i U finished rooms, convenient for two families; plenty of good water. For particulars is^ilra ol ' Portland, May 14.1664. *mayl4eodtf_ To Let. INOl’R Offices single or in suites, over Stores Mo* F 162 and 164 Exchange Street, opposite th« Inter national Hou»e. Apply ou tbe premise* to jy4 dtf A. L BROWN. To Let. STORE now uaeppied by as. Possession gives immediately. Also, a 6' rout Office In Hun*oh Block. lank dff H J U6BKY6CO. To Let. TOE Store- n-*w occupied by E. E. Little, under Mechauio Hall. Euquire of C. P. MI MB aLL, SO gar. i'.-nblt* Street. To Let. ONE STOKE in Galt'* Block. Apply to U. T. MACUIN, «i>n iitf For Sail- at a Baryain. alHF. thr^r iio'y. brown-.tonr mastic house. No. 744 rtumborland. corn.r nftlr.,,. ,trwt, con lal In* t. n rooms, wlm dtion, room, Ac . flni.bed In modern a'v'e, will, gas; al.o an at unlanm ol hard aud aoft wat.r in kitchen Apply at ISO Com morclal at. aepl6.1»w To l.rl. UNFl'RNISllKD ROOMS to lot, with or with out board, at 884 Congress 8t. .apUulw* _MEDICAL. IOK THE NATION ! EOE’S DYSPEPSIA (DDE! 1 The World's Great Eemedy -Kl- I I Dyspepsia and Indigestion! I AK9 ALL Diseases STOMACH AND BOWELS. Prepared by the Proprietors of “Coe?* Cough Balsam." . ] Dyspepsia is not only the sure forerunner of death but the companion of am serable life. It has well been called the Nation's scourge; lor more peraous, both old and young, male and it-male, suffer from ita ravages, thau from all other ailm< uis combined. It robs too wnole sy stem ol its vigor and energy, gives weariness and total Indisposition to those once strong and active; renders the stomach powerless to , digest the food, and ha9 tor its attendants, Ueculache, Heartburn, Constipationf Nausea at Stomach, and General Debility of the xohole System, refusing its subjects a particle of nourishment or hearty food, wi.bout paying the penalty in the most agonizing distress, and oftentime* complete prostra tion. To m et i ho terrible ravages of this worst of all dit eases, we have prepared "COE'S DYSPEPSIA CORE" and we pledge our reputation apon our statement, when we aay it will Poiitmly Cure the Woret of You, not in a vear—not in a month—nor in a week—but you shall see its beneficial influence at once imme aiiieij. wa hh* nay you take tt. To you who have lived ior tears upon Graham broad and plain diet, who dare not eat anv thing the least-w we hearty— Irat, because the Doctor baa ordered the plainest food, and secondly lor tear the dbtiess it causes— rising and eouriug on your stomach, wesaysltdowa to your dinner, eat as heart, a meal as you wish, and as soon as the food begins to distress you, fol low it by a single teaopoenfal of COE’S DYSPEPSIA CURE! AID IT WILL Relieve You Instantaneously. thus enabling yon, by kear-y eating, and the uie of the earn after each meal. (as often an the food dis tresses ) on, or oar, on yonr stomach,) > on will get inn very few dayiae that you tan do witbont the . medicine, except occasionally, nnd by the time the •ret koltle ia need up, we will gaaianlee yen tree I from Dyspt pels. end able to Mt, digest nnd enjoy ] aa heart) a breekiaal aa yen ever ait down to In , onr ; healthiest boors, and we will lerfclt te yon the prise ; al tbe bolt e, mi yonr shewing lhat our statement ia nut correct. I Tbe medicine ia powerful but harmlaea, uud wliilat n tingle lenai uonlui will at once reiiern the dysiep I ttosulerer, tbe whole not tie would net materially injure lum, me it Is entirely vegetable ead contains , au opiaies All aiaaeee ei disease that bavetbelr ori i gin ia e disordered stomach sad bo welt, are disnel ! led in tbe same instantaneous way. by Urn nee of COE’S DYSPEPSIA CUBE! Ftvtr and Ague, Side-Headache, Sickness at the Stomach,(imstipatioa, Heartburn,Celtc Pains in Stomach or limeeis, hgsentsrg, Vomit ing, a fediug of Faintness and lassi tude, H ard of Appetite, j will aot ud eaneot exist when the cure to ased — It removes tbe disease oy ismovlug the eaase, But lihe Alcoholic Bitten which «ovur up your bud feul ingi tor u few momeula by their euoiluruGugegbuti. 11 ware ol such r» men lea or boveragee, but iu their place use a remedy that will restore the distrwd j luncuous to tbair uormal condition, and set in mo tion tbe entire bumau mechanism ia perfect bar moay, and upon pnnoiplee evnou>mo«e with well dolined phyeoiogkwl laws, lhat such will be tho ef teot of i COE'S DYSPEPSIA CURE, | immediately aad iastantaneoualy, we pledge oar woid as men el honor—uer repulatiun at 1‘harmaee ; attou—uur tnvurable acquaintance withjihe people ea : propiietora of the World renowned -'lev’s Lough ' Mai,am," ,f it to n.ed according to oar directions, I which may be fonud wita rssu bottle. We add below tome 1 eetimomato from oar aeigb . hors nnd townsmen, to which we nek yonr oarelal | attention. TESTIMONIALS, from the Pastor ttf the Methodist S. Church, Mad asms, Conn I have used Con’s Dyspepsia Core in my ihmily , and oaa willingly testily lo iu value at n medicine Uanav Uioaann, Fasu/r M. hi. Churok. Madison, C’enn., June JUtb, 1S44. A Voice from horns through our Gig Papers. Now llarea, Conn , Jane II, iM4 Messrs. fdUoro:-Allow me, through yonr eol i loins, to acknowledge my gratitude lor tho benefit 1 I have recoiled Irom the use of coo’s Dyspepsia Care I Although 1 was a greet suferer trow Li)suens» tbe drat dues gave instant relief andoi e ounce has enabled me to eat any thing i please, witbont pain I have Bow stopped Being the medicine, at 1 no longer need it. Pal.max brass. pa . Jnno M.1SM. From the benefit derived by the gas pf Coe's Dys pepsia Care ia my family, 1 am prepared to snv that I never intend to ho withoitt It and advise ali who are aAioted with Dyspepsia to try H. PainantixB Lewis. -Wi-rikieTfcebottle el Cod's Dyspepsia Care yon I toneona. Jamb A, Downer. New Haven, Jane II, IMS. i Those Who know my ooaetUition, what my oondi ' tlou bes been ior the last thirty yeais. wUl believe ! re*=U &lamt aa) one. Im'i i>^pep«ia Cirt Lu ' *nal>lfd m« u» ©»t anythin* | pteftw, and It >• vary •jldom 1 now bar*to the w©d»*iiu- Ji relieved me ia an instant when 1 aria in *r«at fffit U« • hoi© i/iua im Mok ttroofcb©nwl by itaaaa Mew Haven, JaneS, IMe. *• la eriHi to Tniehn. While Journeying oa th« ears, nr itomack be came bauly deranged, causing severe win in me beast, llail il neea aa tbe water it would huge been called sea-sickness A lady sitting by ue, knowing ■ay com.luou, i cached out a bolt e say lug, "lake u swuliww." J did so aud ia lees than arc mluutes my tri able « as ended. Tbe mwieine was "Coe's Dyspepsia Curs," aud from tbe eftut it had upou the dtuoutah, aud what 1 hare iasrned at it siuce. 1 'hiuk it mutt b« au eaceileut rtmwdy far Sea-sickness aud Dyspepsia MRS SAMUEL FIELD. Madiaoa, June Sth, 1KH. New Haven, June SU. IM*. Messrs. C D Clark A Co.—Dswtfsuun:—I deaira to make known the almost Instantaneous effects at "Coe's Dyspepsia Cure," iu cases of cholera morbtu I had been tor tweuty four hoars purring at tha stomach aud bowels, trery fifteen minutes J Feat into your drug store to procure some brandy as 1 had always beeu toid that it was a good reaicdy tor Dysentery. My pallid face and asy wrakuess at once attracted tnc attention 01 the clerk la el arga. aud ha asked me at onoe "west is the msucr?" J replied : "1 have been tor twautry-four hours vomit ing and purging, aad i aa unable to stand ur walk, Hum weakness, and this deadly sickueee at my stom ach e mpleUuy prop at ps me.’ Ue produced a bot tle ef Coo's Dyspepsia Care, sjytng, "take a large swallow of that) it is now Uo'Moakj taken another after dinner " From tbe moment 1 took that first does of the midlclns my aiokueea it stomach was gene-itt effect wesinstautaueoBs. Iu an hoar I eat my diunerwi.k as good a rp|i»h aa ever hungry man partook, (as I was well seand opt of looa.i and followed hy a teaspoontai of curs, t harp not suffered a particle el inconvenience since 1 teak the tsturdy Itc nation was ao w -ndertnl aad so ioimndlUa. that 1 oould hardly believe the evidences of my owe senses end I desire to pwnliely make known these fhets.that the wtuje world may avail themselves ef ite use Like Dread, it thsuld i'.d a place iu every om’s bonce, aad I believe that no one should go away bom home without a buttle of it to bu wocket, or where It could be quickly made available Truly yours, (JKO. L. DRAKE. Ows of Ike J*. Mew Haven. July 11th, lltt " Mb Con-Sir —Having bean troubled with the Dysptp-i* tsr some eight or twelve mouths. 1 have taken the usual hinds of medicines, which havs don* me no good. 1 saw yoar aivsrilrtment of a medi cine to 0 ire the Dyspepsia, j hare tried it, aad iound it to be ram medicine The first]! dreps |tb* 7th of Jane.) that 1 took, rellev, d me la oae minute. I I naee taken it three or four times, hat have hue aa I distressing tooling In my stemash since taking the first U drops, gjibough he Li re. I could not eat a meal, aud sometimes ao s oa tusu stye? at foar moathlUl* wthogt distressing me Eevpectiglly, J F WOODEL'e’F. 1 Hew Haven, Jans 11th, 1M4 Me Com—Dear gtr — The beitle of Dyspepeia Medicine I rrovived from yon. gave ioltaataneeas relief. I ouly tit*] it when my food distressed me. It was about like inking two doses to-day, one to morrow, than every other day. increasing the quan titr nl ioqd aud dcmcas'ng the aedlciae.antil I was enabled to eat without teeing ppythiag at all. My caw was an extreme one. having suffered for seven years. I bow consider ayaaif cured, and by using only one bottle ef modiolne In the spaea of two months. The dose suk tsaspoonfal. Ell ax S. Axli>. Bold by Druggists in sity aad country, every- ; where. Price #1.00 per Bottle. Orders by mail, from either dealer* or eenkamert, promptly attended to. C. C. CUllK & CO. Wholesale Drag fiats. Mesa Baren, Ooua., Proprietor*. Sold in Portland by W. F. Phillip*. H. U Hay, aad all other 1-colors, maraUaadlyfit / DB. 1. B. HUGHES (JAB ■■ FODMD AT >1* PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, No. } Temple street, ITTHEUE he can be consulted privately, and with W the utmost oonfldence by the afflicted, at all iours dally, IVom S a.*.to • r. ■■ Ur U addresses those who are suflfering under the ffliotlon of private disease, whether arising from mpure cenncctioii or tbe terrible rtoo of selHSbuse. devoting his entire time to that particolar branch ol he medical profession, he feels warrantee in Uuab iBTBBisa a Cobb ib ail Casas, whether of Ion, itandlng or recently contracted, entirely romovin j .he dregs of disease from tbe system, and making perfect and PERMANENT CURE. Ue would call the attention of the afflicted to I Fxot ol hi. long ataoding and well earned reputation Furnishing sufficient assurance of hi* skill and sue SOM. CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. Every intelligent and thinking person most know that remedies handed out from general use should hare their efficacy established hy well-tested expe rience in the hands of x regularly educated phyxi oian, whoso preparatory study Its him tor all the duties he mast fulfill; yet tbe country is flooded with poor nostrums and oure-alls, purporting to bo the boot in the world, whiob are oot only useless, but al ways injurious The unfortunate should bo r aktio CLAB in selecting his physician, as It Is a lamentable Kt inoontrorertabie (act that many syphilitic sp ots are made miserable with mined constitutions by mxltreatment from inexperienced physician, in Csnoral practice, for it le a point generally eonoeded y the beet syphuogrmphers, that the stndy and man agement of these complaints should engross the whols time of those who would bo competent xnd suoooeeful in their treatment and euro. Tbe inex narlonoed general practitioner, having neither op portunity nor time to make himself acquainted with Iholr pathology, oommonty pusrmes one system ol treatment, la most asses making an indiaerimlnatc •so of that nntiqmated and dangerous waapen, Msr onry. HAVE CONFIDENCE. All who hare committed an sxoess of nay kind,, whether it bo the solitary vfoo ad yoath, or the sting ing rebuke of misplaced confidence In matarer years, * 8MME FOR AN ANTIDOT • IN SEASON. The Pains and Aches, and Lasaitade and Narrow Prostration that may follow Impnra Coition, arc tbs Barometer to the whole system. Do not wait for the eon-ummation that is sore to fol low, do not wait for Unsightly Lloers, for Disabled Limbs, for Lorn of Beauty Bad CompUutlon. HOW MANY THOUSANDS CAN TMBTIWY TO THIS S Y UNEAPP Y EXPERIENCE. Tosnr Mae troubled with emissions be sleep, t complaint generally the result of u bad habit la youth, treated eeientlloally, aad a perfect cure war ranted er no charge made. Hardly a day passaa bat we arc consulted by oat or mareyoaag man with the above disease, some at whom are as weak aad emaoiated as though they had the eonaauptloa, aad by their friend* supposed to have It. All each e taee yield to the proper and only correct coerce of treatment, aad ta a short time art fends to rutotoe la pedicel health. MIDDLE AGED Then an maay men at toe at. .. ..uw whoan tnabted with toe fregaent evacuations from the bladder, eftea eooompaaled by a slight smarting at turning sensation, and weakening the eyetam n a manner the patient oannot eoooael for. On tram being mriaary dep-vits a ropy sediment will often be foaad, aad eometimee small particles of semes or . albumen will appear, or tbe solar will he of a thin milklek has. again changing ta a dark and turbid appeeranoe. Then an many men who die of this difficulty, Ignorant ef the oause. which Is the SECOND ST JOE ON SEMINAL WEAENEES. I oaa wamit a perfect tan la each ceeae, aad a foil aad healthy restoration of the urinary organa. Parsons who oannot personally eons all thu Dr., oaa do so by writing la a plain meaner a deeoriptios of their dieeeee, aad the appropriate re mediae will j bo forwarded imseedtetely. All worrcepoodaaee strictly ooakdenUal aad will • be returned II desired. Address. DK. 1. B. HUSHES, Ho.» Temple 81.JeonMT of Middle) Portland i Eclectic Medical Infirmary, TO THE LADIES. DI. HUGHES partioalarly invitee all Ladles wM need a medical adviser, to call at his rooms, Mo. f Temple Street, which they will Bad arranged foi i their Mpsoisl accommodation Dr. u/s KolfioticRenovating Madioinocnre unrtvni I led la effloacy aad enperior virtue la regulating all ! Female I [regularities Their action is specif o aal I eartaln ot relief la a abort time. I mADlES will tad it leveleahle la all cases of ah etruatfooe after all other remedies have beta triad ti vatu. It ie purely vegetable, containing nothing ti the least litiarloaa to the health, and may batakaa with perfect cafe tv at all times. Beat to aay part of the couatry with fall direction* by addreasteg DK. HUGHES, i Ho. I Temple Street, eormeref Middle, Portiaag. | H.B.—LADIES demringmayeoasalt one oftheh i own can. A lady of experience in constant attend aaee. teal dffiwly Female STRENGTHENING CORDIAL. ■ Thlr Medicine le of long tried efficacy for correct ing all dborder. Incidental to the feminine sex. ; That the affircted may feel assured that this Cardial I Is truly valuable and worthy their eonadenoe,- not i one of those eocr< t eompoands purposed te destroy ! healthy action, I add a lew from phys ician. wf,om ill. favoring the Electrieaad Belormed 1 Practice oi Med,clue, respect. r>K WILLARD O. GEORGS,formerly Professor < In the Werceeter Medical College, and President ol : the Electric Me* mm {K«»»ty, Mam., .peaks el It la the following Urate i I here used the Fernait firing t tee I a. Cordial similar to that preparatioa by DR. LED. W 8 WRIT. 10* Hanover Street, sad 1 regard it as one or tbe best Medicines for Female complaints that can be foond.” DR J. KING, Author of " Women: Her Dis eases aad their Treatment," »»t« "This Mediciae appear.te exert a epeclflc Inin eaoeoitbe Lterae. It ie a valuable agaat la all de rangements of tbe Female KeprouecUr. Organs." DK 8MITU, Fr, eident of the New TorkAsso elatloa of Botanic Physicians, mye: f •* Mo Female If la delicate health, iboad omit the I timely nag of this rateable Cordial. 1 owa much oi i my eaccueela midwifery Lp the nee of this Modi i alas." MOTHERS AHD MABRIKD LADIES. The fallowing from Dr. FaI is worthy year ns. 1 tiOfi: •• As a genera] remedy for Female Complaints this I ‘ Cardial7 le a very valuable one, bat by tie Profoe { elon it b esteemed more highly for lie good result | daring Cougaemenl in relieving tbe great tnfering attendant .pea childbirth. I acknowledge with Dr. Smith that muck of my euooee. ta midwifery te dee ' to tbe ase el this medicine It strengthens both 1 mother sad child. In each eaaee I follow the 41 1 reetionsof Prof. King, by allowing my patients to | see M e few r*»ke previous to eonte- meal, as by ■ the eaercy it Impaste to the atcriae aervaae system : tbe labor will be very mush fecilitafed. end removes ' the earape which maay female, .an llaole to. Ho I woman. If tbe kggw the groat value of this Strength ' eateg cordial wmekl 'ml to use it." i I have received aumerou. testimonials from diH I erent parte or the country truer* sang. nnoviag j the good it ie onpeble of doing, I w 11 wnrrent oeory I botUo ol ay " Cardiol" te ho entiefnctory in iu re [ The loiUtrlse symptom# Indicate thoee affections I in nrhieh the Ftinmli Strengthening Cbrniai hae proved iavsloehic: Indisposition to Esertion, Wakefulness, iinoari I neat, Deiirrwsioo of Spirits. Trembling, Lou ol : Power, Pain in the Beak. Alternate Chilli, and Flushing of Heart, Droning Sensation at the I Lower Part of the Body, Headache, Languor Ack ■ log Alan the thighs. Intolerance of Light nod Boone. Pale Co*nlengnoe, Derangement oi he stomach and Bowels. DIBeoK Bret thing. Hysteria. < Ac.. As. It is a epeeide remedy in all Uterine bueaeas. Chlorosis ol Grace sickness. Irregularity, l*alnful ness, Profuse nr Suppression or Customary Dis ’ tharcm. Leueorrhwe or Whiten, Soirrhns or Ulonr aU State oi the Uterus, Sterility. Ac. Ms bettor Tonic son possibly be pot up then this, and none leu likely U do harm, and It is composed wholly »f vegetable agents, and inch aa m have haown !• fee valuable, and have Bead ter many years. PRICE, Oat Dollar Par Bottle, or six bottles for Si. Shoald yoar druggist not hava it, send directly te ae, and whan eix bottles or more are ordered we will Soy All f * peases, and have U securely packed bom obMr f *u<>n, Be eara and cot that prepaesdaijjjgjfew England Bctaale Depot. 10« llanorer STBotte*. «PO. W. BWETT, M D, Proprietor. H. H. HAT, Agent, Portland, mehlooddm STATEMENT 0? TM1 JBlaa In^nraacc Compuy, OP UAMffOKD. COgJt-. On the let day ef Novctubor, A. D. IKS, aa required by the Laws of the SUte of Maine. the Capital Stock to. Sl.MO.OOO and with the tsryisj il insured m/oUoen : Beal estate, nplpcgmbered, SOT,MI II Cash in hand, on deo*a4, and in agents’ hands. Of,*? M United States Stocks, Hi * U State and Ctty Blocks, and Town Bonds, 668.460 00 Bank and Trust Company 8locks, l.otl.TTJ 00 Mortgage Bonce, 00 AUaatlo Mates! Ip». Co t ecrip, U88-6, 16,100 10 Total Asseta, UJ&.tlhTi Amoant ef Uahtluiu fir Lotus not _ doe or adjusted, Silt ill ft Amoant at risk, saturated, 116,616,41* cr THOS. A. ALKXAMDBS, Preeidsnt. Looioa J. ILansna. Secretary. Martfori, Not. T, 18M. J. 0. CHUaCKILL, Ajjent, No. 4 Iroo Block, Portland Pier. dec6dtf Copartnership Notice. rnUE undersigned have this dev formed a Copart A nermip under the name end • yU of pljng A Whlttemor*. and hare tasru the store formerly oe eepi»d by Henry F ine, Bo. 61, Commercial sireet, where they intend doing a Commit,loa and Whole sale businau, In Teas, Tobacco, W. I Coeds, Gro ceries and Provirlont. HENRY FLING. STEPHEN WU1TTEMORB. Portland July 1.1664 dtf Notice. THE undersigned being, n portion of the person# named iu Station 1st of an act en tried "An nst to Inco'porate tb- Mew kaglsad Screw gtramsh'p Company." hereby give pablle notiee that the 6rst mcetiae ef »sid corporation fer tbe p rpote ot or ganisation. will be held at the 1’oviland end Mew York Meerasblp Hike* on Brown’s Wharf, I hare day, September 16th, 1664, at 3 1-8 o'clock. P. M. St. Join KHITB, Jean B. Blown, Mabb P. Kmubt, In ill tp ■. Bnown, Manny Fox Portland, 8epl. 1,1886. dtd MEDICAL. _ ) illixirt ‘' tf -u UR. VVKIQHT’8 REJUVENATING ELIXIR! OB, ESSEHCEOF LIFE. PBBrAUBD nox Pc EX VXOBTABLK EXTRACT# OOXTAIXIDO XOTBIXO IVJCKIOUB TO TB» MOOT DBtlCATB. i mBK Rejuvenating Elixir le the reiolt of modern . discoveries la the vegetable kingdom, being » : entirely new end nbetrnct method or oure, irrsepeo tive of nil the old mod worn-out lyetema. This medicine has been tee ted by the moet emi- i neat medical men of the day, and by them pronounc ed to be one ol the greatest medical discover!.* ol the age. One bottle will cure General Debility. A few doees care Uysterie* in female*. One bottle care* Palpitation of the Heart. A lbw dotes restore the organs of goneratlon. j From one to throe bottle* restoree the mnnltno* and (dll vigor of yonth. A few doees restore the appetite. Three bottles core the worst case of Impotcaey. A few dotes core the low-splrltod. One bottle restores mental power. I A few dose* bring the roe* to the ohoek. j Thin medicine restore* to manly vigor and robn health the poor, debilitated, worn-down, and da pairing devotee of sensual pleasar*. The listless, enervated yonth. the overtasked men 1 ef bnsinees, the victim ot nervous depression, the ndividnnl sugaring from general debility, ov from weakness of a singe organ, will nil tad immediate and permanent relief by the use of this Elixir or Ke senoe of Life. Pries X2 per bottle, or three bottle* for gt, and forwarded by Express, on receipt of money, to nay ad dram. •old by all Druggists every where. DR W B. KEKWUI * Co.. •OLE PROPRIETORS, ■o. 6* Liberty-st., Hew Fork. CHEROKEE PILLS! SUGAR COATED. FEMALE REGULATOR. HEALTH PRESERVER. CERTAIN AND SAFE. For the removal of Ohstraetloae. and the Inearane of Regularity in ton Recurrence of the Monthly Periodt. They earn or obvlatrthnee numerous diseases the spring from irregularity, by removing tbs rregular , Ity It tell. They sure Suppressed,Ezeeeelre and Painful Men struation. They cure Green Sickness (Chlorosis). They care Nervous and Spinal A Shot ions, pains in the buck end lower parte or the body. Heaviness Fatigue ou slight exertion. Palpitation ot the Reurt Lewuees of 8plritf, Hysteria, Siok Headache, Gld* ! dineea, eta., etc. la a word, by rumoring the Irreg* 1 ulurtty, they remove the cause, and with it ALL tbs ' eflbeta that apriag from It. Composed of simple vegetable extracts, they eon. tain nothing deleterious to nay constitution, how. ever delicate—their fonctioa being to anbetitau 1 strength fbr weakness, which, when properly need, they sever Ail to do. All letters seeking information or advioo will ha ; promptly. Dooly and discreetly answered. Full directions accompany such box. Price SI per box, or six boxes fbr M. Scot by mall, free of postage, oa receipt of prioo. ■old by all respectable Druggists. I Dr. W. B. MBHWIH * Oo„ ■OLE PROPRIETORS, No. H Liberty-St.. How York. AhdtodAeowlr CATARRH I N0ISE8 IN THE HEAD! ! I CURED BT INHALING .A. Harmless Fluid, Or AGREEABLE ODOB. j NO VIOLENT SYRINGING Of the Head. THK SKNSE OF TASTE AND SMELL RESTORED \ 09. 9. GOOD ALE'S CATARRH REMEDY. Dr. GoodAie has combatted Catarrh aatii ho hoe fought it dowa. It has been a long war, bat hie tri* j amph is complete. Through all coming Urns hie Ca* i tarrh Remedy will be known as the ealy one anti* wn iai • uikhi iuu (uperiuaitu nave ueciar ed incurable. Calm rb doctor), so called, spring ip , Uke maebroone . on all side*. Ik* object of these packet practitioner* I* money. They as* dangerous 1 instruments. Their violept gtaaipnletioas irritate the already interned membrane. They nerer ear*. I Dr. Ocodsle't treatment la medicinal, act moebani i cal. He done not believe la the force-pump system, which is working eo much mischief. Hie remedy panes through the absorbents, to tho tout of the dte eje*. and obliteruteu It. It doea not relieve merely for a day. h*t for til time. Lastly. H eoete s dollar S bei tie—no more. Dr. Dodge Y datura M T. After having witnessed the elects of this Remedy in Catarrh, tone speaks of it;—It is Irmly and en* conditionally e Ueieuieen bpvCidc lor the w hole dia i ease. Mpcb ap article ought not to be “hid anoee a I baehal," and any man who can invent eo truly an eAcient and post ive a remedy for each a loathsome disease, ought to b* coasscsred an* of the bene(ac tors ef hie race, and hie name and the cleats ot hie skill perpetuated. Toare respectful!", D. L DODGK, A. II. PU ay if lies, Ik* well-known Traveller, And whose family physician Dr Goodaie was lot I many yearn, earn—“if l>r Good ale cays he can car* i Catarib. heeww cure it.“ Aa. Ffot *1 baud a stamp for a pamphlet, i Dr. R UOODALK’dUOceana Depot, 75. Bleeker ; e'root, uae door west ol Broadway, Sew Tock. 1 HHUey Agent for Portland | Jane Id. IMA jnneldly 5va*ioi> Lessen.*Omen, I Weebmgt ntily.June*4,1164. { WASrfP- Surge «s aad Ann foal .' argsews I T Y /or the tutored Troop*— Candidates Biust be Graduate* ef torn* Regular Medical College, aad mast he examined by a Hoard ot Medical Officer* to be convened by the bargees Genital- The Board will deter mine whether tbe candidate will heap I pointed bnrgeok er Assistant burgeon, according to merit Applications accompanied by on# or mors test mortals from respectable persons. *• to moral character Ac., should oe addressed to tbe Burgeon General, u. S. A. Washington, D.C , or to tbe As sume! burgeon General, f 8 A , Louisville, By. Hoards are now la session at Boston. Mew Tort, Washington, Cincinnati, 8t Louie, aad Mew Or loan*. Al«o wanted. Hospital Steward* l*r Colored Reg Lment*. Candidate* must po**** a lair English Kd , uoation, and be familiar with the com. ounding and I al*pen*iug of Modiciut*. Application uu»t bemada ’ a* in tbe ***e of burgeon* and Aswaut Surgeon*. Compeu*atioB from $84 00 to tM 00 p«r mouth, with ; CiOthing, ration*, tael aud quarter*. JOS. K. BAUM’S, Jaly l-2a«3m Acting Sargeon Uaneral. QRAIT’S COFFEE * SPICE MILL*. OttlQlXAJL MSTAMUaUMKXT. J. a-R, -An 1ST T , l Wholesal. Dealer la all kinds of COFFEE, spices, •aivralM A Creaui Tartar, New OogOe aad Spice WUe, 11 and II Union etreol, Portland, Me. Coffbe and Spices pat up ‘or tbe trsde, with say •Jdrees, f» ell variety of peckagee, and warranted aa repnaeU wH. Cone roasted and ground for the tends at short notice. |y All goods entrusted* like owner's risk. marchlOdtf THE BOSTON FIKF. BUIIU And Clay Keturt Manufacturing Co., Works, MM Federal street. Office endWereheee* U Liberty ■ Square and T Batterymarek It. mauulketure Fin Brick, ail ebapeaand six**, for furnaces required to •tan* tbe mc*t tailsst belt alto Furnuc* Blocks aad Slab*. Locomotive Fire Blocks, Ba£ert‘Ore* aad Ureea-hooeeTike,Clay R.torts end accessary TUaete eat them, Fin Cement, lire Clay aad Media The and*ntga*d will give their special ettentioa that all orders for th* above amaafooters are exeea Ud with promptness. JAMS* E MONO ACO. liLLia^o A^ennre, 18 Liberty Square, boston. MEDJCAL. MORE TESTIMONIALS ! ; MRS. MANCHESTER la constantly receiving unsolicited teetlmonlali ot tto astonithing ram pcrlbrmed hr tor. Among ■aay reoeatly roeotvod in tto following, which or* oommoadod to tto aotlsa of tto aflUotad. Mrs.Man atootar Bay to manned at No.11 CUtpp’a Block,Room No.6. A CASE OE SPIRAL DISEASE CUE ED Thisirtooertlfy that 1 went toKtkn. Mancbos tar last March with a daagh ter of Bine troubled w ith ■plaal dleeaea, fbr whlah ito had been doctored foi ■t* years, aad by a number at physicians of kinds; aad sto has had twinty-one applications oiaotrioity applied, hat all to so sdbet; hat tto ooa tlanally grew worse. 1 same to tto ooaclasioii, tto last resort, to go aad too Hi*. Manchester, aad did so; aad to my treat surprise sto told as tto drat sow ot tto disease, aad how sto had beta from Urns to tiau. which anooaragod mo to try tor medicines. 1 did *o, sad bow my daughter Is ahl* to bo aroaad tto house all of tto tins*. Sto also rides tea or di teen miles without aay trouble or laooaTOBisase.end 1 think la a short tints tto will be restored to perfect toalth. Blase my daughter bet boon doctoring, 1 bar* heard of a groat auay oases that Mrs. Maachta tor has oared. I think If aay perron pat ronage, It U tto ous who trice to presort* tto toaKb of ttoilok aad lutoriag, aad 1 know that sto as** •eery edbrt whlah tot la her sower to boaedt her pattsats. BaiaMf* Knesn, B sosss Xaiwam, Abbt b. Inera, JrmstwMk Mat iagasi Sh** haiaaao. ORE OR TEE GREATEST CURES ea EE COE Mad. Kiscsaris-flier ifadamThlaklag ■tstsmmt of my toss may to of tsrrloo to others Mmllarly sMioted, 1 hastes le giro n to yoa. This Is briady my tats—1 was taken sick about It auiatka ago with tto Urtr Complaint la s eery bad form. I applied to fssr diflbroat phydelaai, hat ro eelvod no heoodt aattl 1 sailed oa yea. At that -.into I had given ap business, aad was la a Tory bad stats, bat aftor taking your medloiao Hr htborttJmo I be gan to recover, aad la two mss the I was entirely well, aad had gaiaod eeeotal pounds of Bosh, sad saa truly say that by year skfll I am a perfectly teal hytefa- . „ _ Jo*nrs Dana, flostea * Matos Cepot. Psnluad, Me. A AAMAAKABLA CCA A OA A CAME OA DAO AT CUBED ET MAE. MAMCMESTEE. Thu to to oertoiy that I bare bata eared of tba Dropap of lfteeapaanataadlag bp Mn. Mmnch— Ur. I ban baea to phptoeiaae la Boatoa, Saw Torb aad Philadelphia. Thap all told aaa that thap eoald da aothiag tor aa, aalaaa thap tapped ma, aad aa eared no that bp tapping I ooald Mao bat a abort Mao. I bad anda ap mj aaiad to go torn aad Lire aalaag aa I ooaMwMh the dlaaaaa, aad tbaa dio. Oa ap tamp hoaael etaped over might im Portland with a frtaod of aiaa, aad told tbaa what ap atiad waa a regard to Bp dlaaaaa. Thap dnailp paraaadad aa to go aad aaa lira. Maaeboetar. Mho m$ aad told aaa ap aaaa aaaottp. I waa ao maah aetoatofcad to tbtmt feat aba told ao oerraetlp, that 1 told bar that 1 woaid take bar modi atee. Bothering the toaettoith that tbep woaid na aap good, or that I eboold got the •Hgbtamt reliol toaaaaap aearaa wbatarar; taallp 1 took tba medi ate aad woat heaaa. Ia aaa weak boa the Mao 1 tablag tbo aadtetaa, 1 had orar tbrao paaaala aaoaaheart; aadaptol / bo aaaorad that It waa a great relief bate. ! had apt beta ablate Uadawa la bad at Bight baton thM tor two paare. Maw 1 aaa lie dor with parftat tan. 1 ban takma bar mediate tight bob tba, aad an me wall aa aap aaa ooald t to be, aad ao Mgaa of dropap. I woaid adato, that an Mob to go aad ooaaalt Jfre. Vmirfln aematftbap haem boom glraa ap bp atbaa pk ■totaae. I hare taat bar a maatbar of aaaaa ofotb.. dhaaaaa, aad the baa eared than atoa. Bo aad tor poareoiTae. I bad no toMb, bat bow my toMb oaaaot bo abokad la bar thill la tolling aad oortag dlaaaaa. CmnoLaag Hnnaon, I, HlUOl, ___ jutkittif, Meager, Mate, dprllld. Omen Houbo-Ptob I A. M.M1] IP. to. aapttT loto natal adlp Lyon's Periodical Drops TDOUATFXHAXX BSUPT. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! abb norm rut iu Wla, Fowtera & Qaack Praparatooaa. Ljon’s Periodical Drops girt to do Qoodand cannot do lint! I LYON’8 PERIODICAL DROPS! The Great Female Remedy • ! ! LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS I Aiiurrumiiu FILLS, FO WDKS3 f QUACK FMMFAMA TTOMS ! LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! 1 Ak* SCSI TO DO OOOD AND CARROT DO HARM liJM’i Periodical Drop* THE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Ljron’* Periodical Drop* l LMM BETTER THAP ALL PILLS, POWDERS APfl QUACK MKOICLPKS. ! Lyon ’• Periodical Drop* Apd Sure to do Good end cannot do Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS Tfce Great Female Remedy. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS ARM ■ ITT MR TRAM ALL Pills, Powder* and Quaek Preparations. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS ■DUN TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO BASS Lyon's Periodical Drops *aa QBBAT rtSALS IISIOT Lyon's Periodical Drops Are better the* all Pills, Powders, And Quack Preparations. Lyon’s Periodical Drops, Sure to do Good and cannot de Harm. Trice, $1 per Bottle. For tala by ail DraggtiU. At wbolMala by W. F rhUUpa. B. H (lay A Ce , Partlaad •art* rtly MAINE INSURANCE CO. Aacaata, Maiae. ratan Maiaa imnu. enpu, iuar( uulrt A loa> ar iuap by Fire. SaUdiog., lUrchaa dim aad Farmitara, mu u tbraralla a* It tea J.8. WlLUABS.SrttilMf11'**' ESWABD SHAW-Ace-1, lo. 108 Middle Street eal| mwHt Dieaaluttow or Coparlarnblp. THE aopartaarab'B haratofbra hui|b| brtwaaa lha aaUera guad, la, by aataal aosMat, hcitbr dbaolrad. All p raoia ladabtad la tb» aocaara will B'aaaa ••Ilia Imraa-lalaN, aad ail baalag daau', at alaat •aid Srai will plaaaa praaaal Uaa lar ■atHaaiant A. II Rami vli aoatiaa* lha baalaaaa at lha ole ataad, }io. lit Fata Stbaratatar*. i. C. Li.ria, • B. Smith. ,. ____ a FOHTUKB DUY DeCKSOMPAKT.

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