Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 21, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 21, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY _ * e VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, WEDNESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 21, 1864. WHOLE NO 688~ PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHS T. OILMAN, Editor, published at So. 821 EXCHANGE SIKEET.t *!. 4. FOSTER 4 CO. 1 HI Tour LA HD DAILY PrhsbIs pnblishadkt M.O per year. Ins MAiHadTATBPRUHis published every Than d./ju. niux.u *2.iW per annum, in advanee; *2,2 If paid within six months; and S2.60.if payment b Relayed beyond the year. Kate* of Advertlaing: ‘>ec Inch ofspooein leaptb of oolumn, constitute »i .in « r square daUy ant weak; 76 oenta par wee! after; three inse rtions or lew, S1.00; oontiuuinveve ry other day alter brst week, 60 oenu * _^ilf.8?^r'’^tt‘re*.lnM’rtlonforlo“ » eeuta; on •«**» •1.00; &0 ooo t? p«r week after. Under head cf Amob*x*xt«, * peraquarB pa W...K: tim e insertions or leaa, SI,60 y H y hYBUAS SOTIOUB, *1.76 per equare drat week Si(‘!'per square after; three Ineertions or leu, *1.26 *V« ,hr»* tnaertlona, SI.OO; one week the Hun Stati !*}?*£?* * 1***® osculation in every part o the State) for 60 cent* per square in addition to ftb< above rule*, Ibr oaob inbortJon. I«ji^AL Notice? at «»ua! rate*. Tranalon* *dv •rtisemeate moat be paid forin ad tauwe Ho«o». *» reading columns, IS cent par line for one iueertlon. No charge len than flit] •enu for cacb insertion. t7*hll0ommanioation8 intended for the papei tboulti b* directed to the ••Editor qt the Press,1* and thcet of a haeme#* character to the Publishers. •«r Jon PaiETive ol every deacription cxeouted * ith lispatch F. Tracy, Traveling Agent. Wednesday Horning, Sept 21,1864. From thtAr. T. Eremin# Pest. What "Negotiation" Means General McClellan's supporters insist on “immediate t-Horis lor a Cessation ol hostilit ies, a ith a view to negotiate lor peace.” They demand that the war shall stop; some of them assert Inal the nation is ruined and cannot make war any lunger. Thu rebels would be higuly pleased to near that this report is gen erally believed in tbe free stales, aud no doubt it encourages them to read such things in northern journals. The Chicago resolutions distinctly aliiiui that the country is weakened, distressed, humbled, imperilled, aud make that the ground ol tbeir demand lor a cessa tion ol hostilities—does any one believe such assertions will gain us belter terms from the enemy. But what if the rebels refuse to negotiate ? or reluse to agree to tbe terms which aie of fered to them S’ Then the war must go on, say some of tire opposition speakers aud writ ers. 'that is to say, if General McClellan should chance to lie elected 1'resideut, he would announce a cessation of hostilities, w iihdntw the armies aud heels from the South, make Sherman give up Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville aud Louisville, aud take post on the northern bank of the Ohio; recall Kosecrans from Missouri, Car by Irom Xew Orleans, Far ragui Irom Mobile, the monitors Irom Char leston haibor, aud Grant from Virginia; on these terms only, the rebel leaders nave al ready auuounced, will they agree to a cessa tion ol hostilities. Those terms the Chicago candidate has virtually accepted, by slid in sisting upou a cessation of hostilities, Wueu Hint is done, when everything is giv en up which has beeu gloriously wou at such heavy cost of blood by our brave armies aud fleets iu the last three years, negotiations would then begin. Suppose they lad” bup po».-, when commissioners have been debating lor several luvmlhs, Jell. Davis, having reloim ed bis armies aud got all the supplies be needs from abroad, declares that he insists on the destruction oi the Union aud oj a separate Confederacy ? What then ? Wily then these sapient politicians teii us, the war must go on 1 Turn, mails lo say, we must recommence wueie we began three years ago, only with far less chance ol success; then F’arragut will be ordeied to retake Xew Orleans aud Mobile; then bhertuau aud Uosecrags will be rent to lake baca Kentucky, Tennessee aud Gcoigia : then Gumt wilt ue askeu to tepoat tbe victor ies ol Fort Uouclson aud Vicksburg; then Chattanooga aud Atlanta,captured with in credible in every and hardship*, will have to be captured over agaiu; then Gen. McClellan witl order a lepction of the weary, bloody Virgiuia campaign. Is not this incredible nonsense to tie proposed to a people who are not tool if Are they statesmen or madmen Who.gravely urge such a latal folly upon the nation f Well may Valiaudigiutui support the Cuu-ago candidate, pledged to such a course ; welt uiay the pe .ee organs rejoice at the suc cess ol their taction in the Convention. But, as ihouga to crown this absurdity, at the very lime wbeu the Chicago Convention passed the resolutions prescribing this course, the rebel leaders were questioned by two citi zens Upon the terms ou which they would negotiate. Col. Jsquess and Mr. Gilinoie went to ltichmond soil-constituted ambassa dors ; but Mr. Benjamin asserts his belief, aud that ol his master, Davis, that they came with the authority ol the President; aud the World, the leading journal of the opposili «, scouts at auy other view. 1 will not believe; —“that the commander of the national forces, would have optueda correspondence with the highest ol the rebel military authorities, in behail ol two husybodies, without Ute most positive proof that they were acting in the name of the President,and hound ou a mis sion 01 grave importance either to the repub lic or to liimseil. Mr. Lincoln's attempt to save hiinseh at the expense of General Grant Is worse than a crime—-it is a Id under." Let ns accept lha . as the view of the rebel leaders and tbe opposition. Let it be granted that Col. Jaquess and Mr. Gilmore were offi cial and autuorized agents. Here, therefore, was an attempt to do just what the Chicago resolutions demanded, jast what Gen. McLsl lau is bound to do, if be is elected. What was the result ? Did Davis hug Col. Jaquess, and Benjamin fall into the arms ol Gilmore ? Did they joyfully consent to negotiate? Not at all; Mi. DavU refused positively to treat or negotiate, or even “to receive proposals for negatiatiou,” except as the President of an in dependent Confederacy.” We quote these words from Mr. Benjamin’s official report of the Interview. That was Davis’s ultimatum. Wheuever here alter the government sends commissioners or agents to Mr. Davis to pro cure ace-sa'iou of hostilities and to open ne gotiation*, be has a right to suppose that they are tout to stand upon his ground. Aud when the Chicago Convention, knowiog these facts, yet passed a resolution demanding armistice, negotiation and peace, the natural and inevi table conclusion is that Uuf intention of ti e Convention, or of those who control it, was tc accept Jeff Davis’s terms. Waate in Food. Waste of food is sinful at auy time, for it is a crime against humanity, a destruction ol that whereby the people live, besides impov erishing the individual who allows it. Econ omy is one of Ute means by which people list from poverty to wealth; but lire benefit does not atop here, it extends itself to all mankind fur whatever is saved makes the snip use food larger, and cheapens its price to the gen tral inasf. There is much waste fromneglec and more from ignorance To correct the lat ter cause, many ueulillc experiments hav< been made with a view of ascertaining facts which, popularised, would lend to chuck this waste. In the matter of preparing food it ii bund that boiled meats an-a gnat savin) over roasted. In some experiments reeemlj made the respective losses in the diflV-ren modes ot cooking are ascertained to be as fol lows ; lb tasted chickens, loss 15 per cent.; bee ribs and sirloins, 19 per cent ; geese 19 per cent.; boiled mutton legs. iO per ceut.; boiled Shoulder mutton, 3* per ceut.; turkey, 30 pe ceut.; ducks, 37 pur cent. Boiling Uief eaves more than four per cent over roasting If » leg of mutton is boilei it lose? 10 per Cent.; if roasted, 25 per cent Tho fatter tne meat the greater the loss; i should bu moderately fat to make it tender hut there is an unprofitable ralness. Eievei pounds of roost rib loses two pounds, and lb {tones one pound, so that of the eleven oul’ seven come to the table. Hence, if roast rii pii res cost twenty cents a pound at tp butcher’s is more than :ii cents pound on the dinner table. It is philosophically true that one pound < clear roast beef Is more concentrated tbs one pound of boiled beef, has less matter i It, amt hence may contain more nourishineui hut the more concentrated lood is the moi unwholesome, not only because It requires greater digestive power to convert it 1m pure blood, but the sense of sufficiency i meals is induced to a considerable extent t the hulk of what is taken, and if we eat co ceut rated food until there Is bulk enough i remove the feeling of hunger, there is i much nutriment in It tbat nature can’t e tract It all la a perfect manner. Parson Brownlow on the Death of Johi Morgan. In the Knoxville Wnig of the 7th Instai gives the following sketch of John Morgan: "John Morgan Is no more! And when I died a thief aud coward expired ! He w ! killed in Mrs. Williams's back yard,or cabbaj patch, skulking from danger. He was ah' • through the heart by Andrew Campbell, ofC , t»i 13th Teuuesee cavalry, while trying to e cape. There should be a salute tired in Iroi of every horse-stable iu the laud in honor i bit death! Aud all Uue horses and mules shou! I be notified that they may now repose in quit 1 | at night, aud graxe in peaco In the daytime, ‘‘Morgan leaves a large amount of gold an • greenbacks, cotton and real estate, the pr< : ceeds of his thieving exploits, resulting froi ’ untold murders and robberies, through a spat • , of three years. Who bis legal heir is will bed! tlcult to settle. His diet wile was the sister < Col. Bruce, of Kentucky. She died in Ley ’ ington from tbe ueglect and bad treatment c her debased, gambling aud thieving husbant | His second wife was a negro wench be l.a with him during his residence in this city. Sh i is in Kentucky. Hi* third wife is the daugl t* t of ('llftrlt't Romttf nf MurlVu.4tl...p,.* a..<4 _ K is at Abingdon in Virginia. Our own opinio I is, that the negro wench has the oldest clair upon the estate, but we leave this grave quei tion of law to he settled in the Confederat courts, or by special act of their Congress. "General Uiliam is in our town, aud brotigb with him eighty-six or Morgan's men on Mon day evening, whom he saw turned over to lit jail we were once an inmate of. Some of then were barefooted, aud bareheaded aud baft backed. All looked dirty and mean, as thougl they were ill subjects to be commanded by i common horse-thief. "Captain Withers, of Covington, A. A. G. Captain Clay,of Lexington, son of Thomas H Olay, and thies others of Morgan's staff, an among the prisoners. Young Clay is pretend ing to be sick, so as to chest our authorities it the paroling of him to the privilege of thi town. “We are informed that the members of Mor gan’s staff were raptured in a ‘potato hole,’ it a back yard In Greenville—a sort ot placi where potatoes and eahbage have been buried Gallant knights, these.” A True Story— Bomantic enough. Not many mouths ago there arrived at ■ confederate port, upon one of the most nota hie of our blockade-runners, a very unassum ing woman—scarce sueh indeed, lor she war hardly out of her teens—of extremely hand some person. She had come to Nassau Irom Paris, aud sailed theuce for the South. She brought with her au abundant wardrobe, and sufficiency of means to last her two or three years at the piesent high rates of living.— Her object in visitiug this country was do i discover the fate of an only brother, a Colo nel Jin our set vice, who had placed her at Geneva, at school, when the war begun. She had not heard from him during six months, became anxious, and finally set out on her long {and perilous journey. Her auxiety proved to have b-en well founded. Her brother had been killed at Gettysburg, and she fouud hersi if alone and a strauger in her native land. She went first to Augusta, then to Mobile; here she lost a trunk containing all her gold. At this critical juncture of ap fairs, she met a very hardsome field officer— engaged" in flirtation, then in an amour, and accompanied him as far as Atlanta, on his way to the front. He fell at Chickamauga What her life became you can guest. She died last week, aud w:as tumbled into the ground into the public cemt try. There’s a story for you—weep over it-—Mobile Htnit ttr. Mutual Benefit LIFE INSURANCE CO. Incorporated, 1&*5. Charter Perpetual. TH1$ moat of all Life Assurance C-om* panics, has now a net accumulation of over, 000.00 Its own history after 10 years' experience Is the best evidence of its superior managta* nt an i of the great adrantagti it atfoid* to ibote who insure. Special attention i* asked to the following facts: The Annual Dividend* *ol lUi* Company are now Fifty For Oout., and have be^n far several years. Declared aanu* ally, aua paid arer tiro years A d vidcud is declared and paid upon bach and Evany payment made, whether the part* is living or not. jJT~Ao other . oiupaxy in the Cnited States does this. I." assets on the 31st of December last, as shown by the New York lusurauce C omiuiBsioners'Heport, were sutbeieutto pro* de for its “Compu id piemi um reserve." th-pavmtut of “Alt its aiciilends,” and every other liability, contingent or absolute, and leave a clear net surplus of $l,MS7AiO,17 This surplus is nearly «1.00 ,000.00 larger thsn that ot any other Lite t lu ihe United btates an«i 91.50u.iK0 laiger tlian any o.her, with two ea eeptione. Pa ties now insariogiu this Company participate in the beneJUs of this targe and increasing surplus. This Company has paid to the assured in Divi dends, $2,350,000,00 while the total amount paid for claim* by death ex ceeds $8,400,000.00 Policies ia-ued on the n~n-fvrfeUing ten year plan as well as ia all the other UMiai luruia. Every considerate mau who will tpplr to Lift /* suram t \hs same urineiplts itint W ould guid* him in making o htrinve* aunts,or iu t be m.n^ir cut oi his Girn business will assured y investigate tbs ad vantages of the Mutual Ben' Jit system, a* iliustra t d iu the history of this Company, betore iu:u<it«g bis life in any other By neglecting to do so be w it! probably pay Iroiu 10 to 26 debars on every *100 ai the price of his failure to inform liim-elf kewcm jor. the Dividends are .70 per a nt. The flat one ia paid you just four years fn «n the dateey y< ur policy, a Dividend is paid you bvbuy ytat thereafter, wli:le tne I'ntthidtd Bur plus from wbn b all dividends are made, is marly «t,00\OQ9, target than that of auy other Company in Anrncs panics will be freely riven at this office, from Com missicueis iieports for successive years, W ARREN SPARROW* State Agt, Mutual Itenc&t Life Insurance Co. Central Office No. 30 Exchange St, S:pt 17—dtf Portland, Me. Maine Bonnet Bleachery, 3GS Con^res Street* PORTLAND - _- . MAINE, Straw, Lace &, Leghorn Bonnsti gentlemeITs HATS, Bleached & Pressed at the Shortest Notici -ALSO HATS A BONNETS DIED. Every exertkn will be made to have all order raom-TLT attended to. JAMES B. It A C K L V FT. angSt 3m. Edwin 11. Owen Sc Co.* Wholesale and Retail Dealers In : Foreign and Domestic Fruits CQuIrcllonery, Nuts, Cigar*, 4c, A'o. 2b Exchange St.Portland. Oranges, Lemon*, Limes, Tamarinds. Prunes, tit ron Ramins, Pigs. Buts of all kinds, Olives, Saidiue*. l)»te», Apples, Pairs, Peaches, Preserved Fruits, Gum Drops, Lozenges, Candies, Honey, hpruce Gum, Tobaca Cigars, Pickles* Pepper Sauce, etc., etc The Trade supplied on the most liberal terms Aug 25— Ira i ■ iBT KOVAL LETTERS.] iuit r s n e , -OR Beal Canadian Bears’ Grease ) rpiIB best preparation for the growth and laxnr 1 ance of tht? Lai'*. l For tale by the Druggist*. septftdlm f Be«i*«nce for Sale. u Will b*soId at a bargain, if called for sooi n Blit 11 desirable residence no Forest at«di«, an i^JL-ns Plain*, cottage boare, aearly new, wi: goon ita' le adjoining; j of au acre of laud wii e pear, cherry aud p>uni trees, currants aud Goosbe a ,u abundance: also asparagus aud st'awber, O i*'*3-* fituated within one minute’s walk of tl hor«e cars. Appi, to J. U. COOK. Ns I Preble £ __ septdtl i- First Clnaa Boarding Uob«c to Let. O fltHK la^gn well arranged house corner of Mkld O * *n<1 Willow bts. to let; possession given Bov. with a portion of tha lnrnltur* for tat*. For parti i- Ulan, luuulrj of JO UN C. FROCTKK. I Slept 1*—tfti UmiiiM 1 WANTS, LOST,FOUND l> Found. A ROLL of bill.. The owner oin have thi sam< hr proving properly and pli iig charger. Cal „ »' A LvlliUTON, aeptlTdSw No 2 Warren SI.met. ‘0 I — _______ ,l F.OSI—5UO Reward. AS Thursday laat, in tiro vicinity of or at tht ' ' ' Pr ble Uouae, a long red avarf with border it The Under will receive the above rewa-d by leaving >f it with the Proprietor* ot the hotel. aeptl7 t Drlig Cleik Ranted. ONK prefered that haa bad one or two year* ex Pef*en®® Apply at 140 Congress street. | ®**pt lo—dtl Boarders Ruuied. A FEW gentlemen with their »Itm can obtain * i board; also a few sing e boarders, at 13 Atiautic »l street. Enquire of MK3. bUHKtf, on the prein - sepl5d3** l RECRUITS WANTED 1 -FOU T«a [* Eighth Regiment! \ Highest Bounties Paid. » Two Musicians Wanted; A Drum and life Malor. ‘ I can offer f50 per month to a Drum Major of ex ( poricnco. Acquire of . | CAPT. MORRIS, | | 8ept 14—dlw* Opposite International Hotel. "W anted I Elderberries and Cbewies. THE price paid for ripe Elderberries,pick elemn, and air# Black Cherries, by W. 8. Mains, 1 GHKKSOUGH i MOUSE, 8cpt 4—dfcwtf » Market bqnare. Shook Makers Wanted. AFK tr good workmen will Und steady employ. ** 11'- kigbest prices, bt applying at i aitJKot 8 Shook Ma.uu motor?, Soutii Boston, crat his office S o Hindi. Whirl. Boston. S* pt 18—dim Wanted. ArLKASAXT and convenient tenement of four or E>e roomt, near the ceore or the city, fbr n inmily of only two poisons, bu-.h a tenement can be rent.d to agood laying tenant, and leased for a number «t yeys to one who will take good care of the sim(. by addresing L. J. D , Box 41 Tor,land "• O., stating location, Ac. tf Ixost or Stolen. A?.9lP WATCH, open fkce, a gold colored dial, attached to a black ribooa. wltn a gold buckle and a gold quarts reck scal-snpposctf to hare teen tost in gentlemens’ wa’k at u. f. K Depot. Wbo • rer restores the above will he suitably reward-d by leaving It at O F. Corser't office 0. 1. U. Depot, or the owner X. S.UKANr. Portland, Sept 1J seplSdtf Wanted. A YOCSG Lsdy to attend at a Fancy Hoods More. None but an experienced I and need sd u-diw aamsSB gkdktal. Wanted. F>E sfsmilrof four mo small children) n nice genteel two storied house, in the oentre ot the \VJ/«PY*/.«r ,B * blo,k A<i1rv»* l»ox no Port land Pest. Office. sepUdtf LOST. «ioo hew Ann. ON Central wharf, or around the Grand Trunk Depot and yaid; a Calfskin Wallet coutain lag a cousidrable sum of money, and papers of no value to any one but the loo-er. The finder will be rewarded as above on returning the same to No. ® <£»?al Wharf, or 72 Brackett street. , Portland. Aug, hi 1864 aug31 dtf House Wanted. M Wanted by the advertiser, a convenient, centrally located, and pleasant hou«c for a email family, without children—possession to be bad aa early a* the middle of October, sooner tf possible. It must have good water conveniences, and be well flubbed. The adveruser would lease such a hou“t* for a term of years, or purchase if terms mi ted. A twostory oottage, small lot, preferred. Adores* *». P. Q-, at the Press Office, stating loca tion, general terms, Ac cuntdintiaUM. Portland, Aug. 1,1864 —dif Lost. ; CJTRATED from tbe puture of Mr. Francis Bob* O t'rtl. Westbrook, tut month, u three yetr old 1I,| Cnlt,*nfcll Uia, vliMt.i wit1 t.lui. Lin yive in formation whera he may he found, will he •uitably rewarded, by calling it No 59 dprinjr St. FKAKCIS E. EMEBT. Portland, Jaly IS, 1994.— iltf Board. SUITS of Boumi, with Board, can be obtained by applying immediately at SO Dauforth itreet. Mar 11th mavl'idtf +_• . _ ... . 18 opea Day aatf Ereniue, for a Tbe rough Bonnot • Education. Located 1SG0. Hanson Block. Middle Si., No. 161. Scholarships good in any part of tbe United States . ae Principal has bad 30 years experience; ii always oa the spot, and attends to bis basinets^ and prom toes, as daring tbe past 13 years, no pains shall be 2srod in the ftiture. His hundred references ot e first class business men, with many others of this alty, will testily to tbe practical utility, capacious ness abd completeness of my systems and manner ) of teaching, and citizens of other cities bare testified to the same. Diplomat will be awarded for thor ough courses. Able Assistants secured. Bartlett's Plan, the founder of Commercial Colleges, strictly adhered to as regards not copying. Certain timer will bo devoted to Comnsertuaf Law elucidations.— Come all wbo have failed to be taught a business hand-writing and I will guarantee to you sneoeas. Applications solicited for Accountants. Separate in ■traction given. Students can enter any time. Sep arate rooms Itor Ladies. Tuition reasonable. Intri cate accounts adjusted. Ladies and Gentlemen that desire to take lessons, or a full, or a separate course. In either Book-Keeping, Navigation, Commercial Law, Phonography, Higher Mathematics, Civil En gineering, Surveying, Native Business Writing. Commercial Arithmetic. Correspondence, Curd Marking, (and teaching from printed oopies and Teat Books will be avoided please call, or address the Principal. K. N.BROWN. Portland. Oct 3.1863. oc29 eodAeowly DIRIGO Insurance 0o> of Portland, Me. OFFICE .2# EXCHANGE ST. Authorized Capital, $500,000. , CAPITAL PAID IN *200,000. Invested as follows:— Loans on Mortgages of Real Estate at two third* i*s valne, $.r«C.3Q0 Loans on pledge of United 8 late* Securities, 61,6* 0 Loans on pledge of City Scrip, 34 600 I Loans on pledge of Hank Stocks, 23.900 MiBDS on please 01 ohmvui «wui m>uus, «s,uvj Loads ou pledge of Aidroscoggtm County * Bonds, 4,000 saoO'Ooo This Company is bow prepared to issue policies upon all kinds of property iu the city or country, liable te lo»s or damage by fire, at a« low rates as is ! ttsenbyany other oflee. The patrouaie ol the merchant* aud citizen* generally ol tortltud and ▼ ioinity, is most respect lull* •olicited. ) A. K.BHURTLM.Fr, President. JEREMIAH DOW, Secretary. DinncroBs: J. B. Brown, R R. spring, D. W. Clark, J R. Carroll, John Lynch, H.l. Robinson tiwitur: St, John Smith. U J. I ibbjr, H. N Jose, H.M.ray»en, J N. Winslow, G.W. Woodman, Andrew Spring, Alvah ( onant, H I. Robinson, ’ PhilipE. Brown, C. ii. Haskell, S C. Chase. Jeremiah Dow, K O ( ram, Wm. Moulton. Portland, August 1,1864. —isd8m American Exchange FIRE INSURARCE COMPART! ‘ or NEW TORE. '• Capital SaOO.OOO, la.are B.lldla,.. Merebaadl.e. Hea.e* bald Faraltare. Real., Lna., T.h Ml.«lh, P.r> .eaal Praperty at la. Ua e.t rrte*. r SAMUEL BROWN. Pnaldent y 1. WILLIAM RAYNOR, Secret*/. EDWARD SHAW Ag.Bt.10a Middle Mtrv.i • «t*J ly.ud i. Boarding. 1 I mUE prlv.tako.rd ug kouM No. 77 lie. Street o- ; X B.wljr u.pwwl »ud painted. Uuouu, iuruUhed Bad BBfuruuknl.«iik kuwd. I Sept 17—dla« FINANCIAL. U. S. 7^30 LOAN. The Secretary of the Treasury givos notice that j subscriptions will be received tor Coupon Treasury Kotos, payable three years from August 15, 1301, with semi annua! interest at the rate ol seven and three-tenths percent per annum,—principal and in* terest both to be paid in lawlul money. These notes will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity, into six per cent, gold bearing bonds, payable not less than five nor more than twenty years from their date, as the Government may elect. They will be issued in denominations ol fifty, one hundred, five hundred, one thousand, and five thousand dollars, and all subscriptions must be for fifty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dol* lars. The notes will be transmitted to ths owners free ol transportation charges as soon after the receipt of the original Certificates of Deposit as they can be prepared. As the notes draw interest from August 16, persons making deposits subsequent to that date must pay the interest accrued from date of ncte to date of de posit. Parties depositing twenty-five thousand dollars and upwards for these notes at any one time will be allowed a commission ot one-qnarter of one per wv“*-i win uc puu uy me i reaaury i-'iya*v* mcntnpon the receipt of a bill for the amount, cer tified to by the officer with whom the deposit war made. No deductions for commissions must be made from the deposit#. * Special Advantage* of thi* Loan. It is e National Savings Bank, offering a higher rate of interest than any other, and the best securi ty. Any savings bank which pays its depositors in’ C. S. Notes, considers that t is paying in the beet circulating medium of the country, and it cannot pay in anything better, for its own assets are either in Government securities or in notes or bonds pay able in Government paper. It is equally convenient as a temprary or perma nent investment. The notes can always be sold for witliin a fraction of their face and accumulated in tercst, and are tho beet security with banks as collat erals for discounts. Convertible into a 6 per cent. 5-20 Gold Bond. Id addition to the rery liberal interest on the notes fbr three years, this privilege of conversion if new worth about three per cent, per annum, for the current rate for 5-II) Bends is not ess than nine per cent premium, and before the wsw the preminm on six per cent. U. S. stocks were over twenty percent. It will be seen that the aotual profit on this loan, at the present market rate, is not less than ten per cent. |&r annum. Its Exemption from State or Municipal Taxation. But aside from all the advantages we have enum erated. a special Act of Congress exempts all bonds and trtasury notes from local taxation. On the average, this exemption is worth abot}t two per cent, terann*im, aocording to taxation in various parts of the country. It is believed that no seourities offer so great in ducements to lenders as those issued by the Govern ment. In all other forms of indebtedness, the fa'th or ability of private parties, or stock compan ies, or P&pnrzU- communities only, is pledgod for pay ment, while the whole property of the country is h«*jd to secure the discharge of all the obligations of the United States. While the Government offers the most liberal term* or its losas it believes that the very strongest ap peal will be to the loyalty and patriotism of the peo ple. Subscriptions wilt be received by the Trtsmer of the United States, at Washington, the several As sistant Treasurers and designated Depositaries, and by tbe Fina .National liauk ol Portlaud, Maine, and bv all National Banks which are Depositaries o? public money, and all respectable Banks and Banker* throughout tbe country -rill give further inlormation, and afford every facility to subscribe. Aug30—d&w2m FIKST UTIMlil BANK. Sevan-Thirty Note* foi Sale. Interest semi-annually, payable iu paper at tbe rate of *er«u and three tenths per cent, per annum Bonds coavertable iu throe years into six per oent Ave-tweuly bonds, upon which the interest is paya ble in eoia. The notes will be delivered here free of expense. Tbe purchaser will receive the interest to August 16 if snbseriptions are made before that time. One-eighth per cent. commission wilt be allowed subscriber* at this Bank upon all amounts qft 1,000 and oetr, W. K. UOULD,Cartier. Portland. July Duth, 1S«4.—dfcwtf CASCO II AM GOVERNMENT 7 3-10 LOAN. f18UK Casco C'ank is prepared to received subscrip X lions to tbe new 7 3-iQ loaa io sums of *6U and upwards, paying inter* st on same from date ot sub scription to August 16th, the date of the Government notes. All persons having *60 ard upwards now have a good opportunity of lending a helping t-^nd to their Government by subscribing liberally te this loan. Tbe notes are convertible at the end of three years into specie, paying doer cent. 6-2) bonds. Loans taken en asravorab.e terms es at any other Bank. K. r.GLltfUSH. Cashier Portland, July 28,1881. Jy29di*tf First National Bank. This Bank will convert the seven-thirty notea ma turing Aug. IS, and Oct. 1. into six per cent, bonds of 1881. in all the denominations in which the note were issued, vis:—*60. *100, *600, and *1,000—at a commission of j per oent. W. E. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, July 30,1884.—eodtf Canal Ban U.. Government 7 3-10 Loan. This Bank Is prepared to reoeive subscriptions to tbe new 7 8 10 loan in sums of *60 and upwards, paying interest from dute of subscription to August 16th, the date of the new loan. The notes are convertable at the end of three years into specie paying 6 per cent 6-30 bonds. On* i.ialilh nar «.nf will Kaal'ainaA nn all •imtllnll of C1000andorer. B.C.SOMEKBV, Cubitr. Portland. Au(. 1, ISM —dtf New Steam Mill, Foot ol Croas, between Fore ft Commercial 8ta. WIHSLOW, DOTEH & CO., WOULD inform their former customers and the pub.ic general v, that tney have titud up their New Alii! with New Machinery, and are now ready to do Planing, Matching and Jointing, also Sweep and Circular Sawing, n.-od Turning, fc. We have in operation one of Messrs. Cray It Wood's new improved Planers, for FLAKING OUT OF WIND. It will plane with the greatest accuracy from i inch in thickness to 12 inches square. Also AX EDGER FIFTY FRET LOSG, For sawing htavy plank and edging hoards. Particular attention given toplaning Ship Knees, Clapboards, and heavy J 1 tuber For the accommodation ol dealers and others hav ing large lot* of boards to plane, we have in comic© tiwo with the mill 17,000 square feet of yard room, lyldeodtf _____ Carriages, Carriages! Filial? Bui and Neatly Flatbed. J. F. LIBBEY, No. 20 Preble St., OFFERS for sale, at his establishment, a variety of Carriages made in the neatest and most sub •tintml maimer. The assortment comprise* sll the did rent styles of Light Carriages, and they will bt •old on the most favorable terms. Persons intend ing to purchase Carriages will hud it fbr their inter eet to call and examine before buying elsewhere. I June28dtf __ MISCELLAJfEO US. J. E. FERNALD A SON, Merchant Tailors, And Dealers la Gent’» Furnishing Goods, No. 97 Middle Street. Our facilities for (applying our customers' with promptness, fidelity and despatch are unexcelled. Our Stock la large and desirable, presenting all the Novelties of the season. TE&M3 “NET CASH.** Portland, Aug 10,1864 —dtf TV O T I C K . The Weed Sewing Machine Co. Have established an oflloe for the sale of their Ma chines at No. 137J Middle 8t„ oppo its Free 8t., which will be open to the public on Wednesday, Sept 7. Wherever this Machine has been introduced it baa to a great extent superset-tied all oibera. Hating en gaged the services of Mr. J. Bradford of Boston, a practical machinist, who has had over ten yeara ex perience as a manufacturer and repairer of Sewing Machines, they are prepared to repair and put in perfect running order every kind ol Sewing Ma chine. For the purpose of introducing them more extensively they will fora short time allowthe value o( cheap and inferior machines In exchange far the Weed Machine. ▲ limited number of Weed Machines to let by the month or year. Machine Hading* of every description constantly on hand. Ordera from the country should be addressed, Wood Sewing Machine Co. No., 137 j Middle St. C. W. ROBINSON, Agent. Portland, Sept. E—eoJtf NOTICE. WK. the andcnlgucd, having .old our Stock ol Coal and Woonto Minna, Handall, UcAlie inf (Co., do chceriully reeomme,id them to our former customers. All person, haring demand. Against ns are requested to present t-t-m lor settle ment, and ail perrons indebted to u, are requested to mike immediate payment at the old .land where one ol the undersigned rosy be found for the prevent SAiVJKg a vfBirki. Portland, June «, ISM. Junel3J3w Coal and WoorlJ ritllE subscriber haying purchased the Stock of X- Coal ant Wood, and taken the stand recently occupied by Mearrs .'■wicyer f Whitney, head of Maine n Aar/, are now prepared to .apply their former patron, and the public generally, with a one assortment of WELL PICKED A SO SCItEEXED Old Company Lphigh, Sugar Loaf Lehigh, Ilazelton Lehigh, , , Locust Mountain. John’*, White and Red Ash, Diamond and Lorberry, Together with the best quality of Cumberland Coal 1 A Superior Coal/or Biackmitkt. Also, Hard and Suit Wood. Delivered to order In any part of the city. The former eu.tomcr, of Mere Sawyer A Whit ney are respectfully invited to lire a. a call. Randall. McAllister a co. Portland..Is no M. 1«M _IIT Copariucrship Notice. -ABU - BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT THK subscribers having on the 7th day of May formod a copartnership under the name of McCarthy & Merry, Vnr thn r.nrrhaa nf aaenwitiw aw ska V BOOT AND 8HOK 3USIB-ESS Id all it* branches, i»d having nil ths facilities for get'iug up d rat cl an work for gentlemen end lad Ira, wear, are now ready to execute ail orders with neat nosa and airpatch Our work will be made of tbe best of imported etock, by tbe beat of workmoa, and warranted to give per ect satisfaction. It is our aim that onr wori shall not be second to any intbo Unit eU Wc have alao ocmp’eted a .tusk or ready.mads work of tbe flrst quality, for Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children's Was delected irom Mew York and Boston markets Oar Ladies’ work is fiom tba celebrated Bnrtj Manufactory of Sew York. tor tientlemeu's wear we havethc beat assortment •rot offered tor sale ia this city; sacb ee flue French l'atent Leather Boots; clove Calf end Call Con gress tor gentlemen's wear; Pat-nt Leather Cou fross, and Calf Congress Balmoral, and tew French luok'e Boots. Hare you seen tbe new style CRIMPP.D-KBON) BLCKLE BOitf, low made by McCarthy i Ber ry! For ncktoesr. comlord end beauty, it rerptsse* anything ever got up In this city. Call and ses it; Mtnjdes always on baud at tbe -ud stand of U. Mo HcCARTHYA RLHRY, No. 30 Eichange Street. ■ laualdtf The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON Be HAMLIN Are tbe beet instruments of tbeir class in the world. Nearly all the most prom men* artiste in the couutry hare givvn written testimony to this effect, and those instruments are in cosstant uae in the concerts ol the most distinguished artists—as Gottschatk and others—as well as in the y tm in the priueipal cit ies. whenever such instruments are reqaired. Price f S6 to S500 each. Tbeee instruments wav be found at the Music ilooms of the sub 'criber, where they will he sold at the manufacturers’ prices. II. h. EDWABD8, Mo. 349, Stewart's Block, Congress St. aprUdU BRADFORD & KARROS, Pension and Claim Agents, (Established in ISfil.) STILL continue to devots their special and exclu sive attention to the prosecution of Claims for Pensions, liountie**, Arrears of Pay and Prize Money, And all other claims against tbe Government, h ?• lng been duly licensed therefor. CF* All advice free. Terms as low as at any otl^ er Agency, and no pay requiroa until the claims are obtained. Office 88 Exchange street, Jose Block. k BRADFORD. Z. K. HARMON. June 21.—dtf MiLLOOHAU'B PATEXT PA1XT OIL. A Perfect Substitute for Liuseod Oil, AMD BCl'H i'URAPKB. IT is used in the same manner as L'nseed Oil, dries quickly and verv hard, c»u ba uoed with all colors, and p-*s umsi decided advantages tor all work on tnarufactur.uir e^tab iehm nts, depots, | ears, engines, all kinds of iiou work, for roots, and where?in a * after proof paint is required. For all kinds of rhip work, exposed to salt water, it ia su perior to any other. A ,A ,1___I_... CEAFTS & WILLIAMS, (t! Commercial Wharf. Boston. Bouton, Aug. 37,13u4 aug?eoH8ui Sewing Machine Improvements. ALL owners ol approved Sowing Machines are invited to call at NO. 11 CLAPP’S block; and see the operation of two of the moat important improvements of the day— Villiuu CilMt Crank iUioi, aai S}mi Attar km eat. The former place* th« control of the machine en tirely under t e control ot the feet of the operator, preventing all backward motion of the wheel, al lowing tho freedom of both bauds to handle the «ork, aud saving the breaking of needle* and the entangling of i he thread. The latter wil. allow the free u*e of linen thread or of inf* nor cotton and entirely does away with the soaping of the clotb. Call and eeo and you will not fail to have them ap plied to your machines. JOHN PORT Kit, Agent. Mr. Porter will put machine* in order and teach th*» opera.or* how to use theut, so that they will havcuo trouble. Portland. Aug 10. 18&4. dtf Portland Comiutny, SUBS( U1BF.R.H to the New Stock may make pavment at the office of the Company on Fore Street, or at thu Merchants’ bunk. Ou oil pay meutc n a Jr at ter the 16th inst, interest will be charged. Pay meat mu*t be made, or secured by Oct. 1st The cc rtitieatesof stock ofthe present Shareholders will bj received at fifty d ilars p**r saara himv alu il. DAVLI3. Clerk l Portland, Sept 14.1*T4 d*iw House unit Slurs Lota to L«*hm% ON Congress*. North aud Cumber land, above Washington *tr<et, iududiug the d* sirable lot corner of Congre-s and North **ricta. Apply to I BcplfidSm ▲. P. FILLLR. Sfid Lougrv*s street. BUSINESS CARDS. PAPER BOX IHANUFACTORY. J. I3. Libby, MA NUFACTUttka OF Pa por 23 o 3C os, Ol every description, such as SSPSK-*' ffw.^.ryBoxe*» Dru**i«t Boxes. Collar Boxes, Shelf Boxes. ConcUologicallioxa*. Powder Boxes, Card Cases, Cigar Boxes, fcc. 144 Middle St(Up Stairs) Portland, Me* juneldhus j —-— Dana & Co. Fish and Salt, Lather Dans. j I* Oft land, Woodbury Dana, J __ John A. S. Dana ) HdiU€* juueldtf JOII.% T. KOOUKS Sl CO,, Commission Merchant*, AMD WHOLES A LB DBALBBS IB Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. 01 Commercial Street, , B. Ko*^l. } PORTLAND, RK. __ JaoeldCm Wholesale and Xietail. K. Xj. DAVIS, Bookseller, Stationer, AMD 1CAMDF.VCTCBCB OF Premium Paged Account Books. PAPER HANGINGS. Bn. 6U Exchange Btreet, Portland, Ml. Jnpeldtf CMA8J. 8CKUMACMJBR, Fresco and Banner Painter, No. 144 Middle Street, PORTLAND, Mg. OT- Work executed in crery part of the stall. Joneltf RUFUS DUSMAiT ilannfactu'vr and Wholesale Dealer la B RITANN IA —AMD— Plated Ware, aVo.218 Fare street, Portland Maine. Portland, May 17th, 1844. mryl7dtt BURGESS, FOBES, A CO., MAKCrACTtrilKttR or Japan, While Lead, Zinc, Pniuts, And Ground Golora, A»D DMUIU I* Drag* Medicines, Paint*, Oil* & Varniihoa. Paint and Color Factory, No. 39 Munjcy St., OBeo A. SalnrMm, SO Cimmerilal Rl., (Thomas Block.) Uimt H Britnxae, naan its „ Ckaklks a. tunas. rB&lllSD, 51. __ maylSUtf BL.1KK, JO.MLS A CO., FLOUR & GRAIN DEALERS, And Ms ren of Wcsttrn and C adiau Produce, 137 Commercial Strict, • . . liranile Block. Cbarlee Blake, ) Henry A. Junee, > l omi-ASD. K W. Usjte. ) jnoeldtf ~ JOHN LYNCH & CO., Wholesale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Oranite Store*, - - Common: ai (tract, (Opposite bead Wid^orj Wharf,) John I.rorh, ) Bel.* Barker, | BUSTLAND, ML i bo.. LyLch ) juneldtr dole aTnooDf, crnrral COMMISSION MERCHANTS, ▲ltd W holeaaie Dealer* ia flojb. cjbh abd produce. No. 5 Qalt Block. Commerc'd St, Andrew T. Dole. I W,„T. „_ Franklin C. klJcJy, ) TOKILAND, HR. JaneldOm 48RC. H. OSGOOD, DENTIST, Do. 8 Clapp i Block, Market Square, PORTLAND. tST”Artificial Teetb inserted on Go/4, Silver, and Vu>canite bate. All operations warranted to gif satisfaction, JaceSOeodinlj’fif E. K. LEMONT, Carriage Manufacturer, Preble Stieet, - - Portland, Me. FWCnrriafee and Sleigh- on band and nude to order. JaueUdtf c7 P. KIMBALL, x MitrvrACTutiior Carriages and Sleighs, Preble 'street, (Near PrtbledloMto.) PORTLAND. MR. Sale Room, 110 and 111 Sudlwry S: , Boston, Mass. Juneltf Sales \ Safes \ \ POM BALM AT JAMES BAILEY & CO., Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealers, 102 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND,.MR. JylSdSm Law Partnership. HOWARD A- CLEAVES, Attorneys A Counsellors at Law, Office 01 Middle St., over Ca*co Bank, PORTLAND. MR. joaira nowaau. iirgay cleat**. Jyl9d4w3m P^k Dlt. O. II. UICH, SURGEON DENTIST, urn t *e utnnr u< cm ondibt a um (Opposite foot of Free street,) Flaring fitted up the above named rooms, he would be haipy to wait ou nil who may wish for the ser vices of a skillful Dentist. Rvery branch 1/ Lcn tistry will receive careful attention, and psrtoct sat isfaction will be warraju ted Jv26 dSm M. PEARSON, Silver Plator, AMU MABUBACTUBBB 09 SILVER WARE, 838 Congress St., Opp. House, Portland, ife. Or AM kinds of Ware, such as Knirrs, Forks, Spoons, Cake Baskets, Casters, kc., plated in the best manner. A so, Repairing and Re-finishing Old Stiver Ware. au^Cdtim _I7&17sHURTLEFfTcO~ IVOS. 34 A SO RIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND, Manufacturers aud Dealer* la lien’s Boys’ and Youth’s Thick, Kip and Calf Boots, Women’* Misses and Children's Coat. Kid and Calf Balmorals, liubber* txhoo Look> Finding*, Ac. WITliour superior fscilitiei for minefactnrtnf, and a large experience iu the business. u are are a Ida to sell as low a, iu Hot ton or else abort. Dealers are respectfully it,riled to call and ex aminoour stock before purchasing t >rders bv mail promptly atteuded to. Portland. A pH) S3.1S*4 dlttn Rare t itmice. IlU purchase a stock of Millinery. -■Sib rent of ou* . of tin, beat stands iu tbeoitr. Address Uirouck jr.o.. trtu MiUxvK*. pocf *3: BUSINESS CARDS. BRADLEY, MOCLTOS A ROGERS Wiolbiu Daalbs* ia Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial itrcet, Thomas Block, SOBBKT BBALBT, ) e. a aooLToa, | PORTLAND, MM. A. e. aooau. ) _ aajrldtf W. W. CARR & CO., Bering taken the t rait Store formerly ooeapfcd t Q. SAWYER. No. S Exchange Street, Papered to olBr to the trade a large and well Foreign and Domestie Fruit I Wholesale aad KetaU *'“■•** »»cd, Candies, Zizz te7’ Sardine A, Tetneee, ’iVlu "*"'' *“ *— IRA WHTN^Agent, No. 11 Union St., !• prepared to fkralek 8TBAM KHGI5ES and BOILBBB, of rarioe, elree aad pattern*, SiobKpeiatfixlira, liUSeari^Shfti*. hUejiti umt Hocea Tou of oil description#, ul *11 klado of work required is betiding FooTirioATion. Iron Stair* and other Archi tertarml Work. Hoisee, Store*, aad other building,, itted with (He aad Steam la the beet maamer. ^ Im ooaneotloa with tbe aboye le ai Iron Feandry. "Itb »large assortment of Fatten*, to which Ike at short eotioe. _HFfc Order* for Machine Johbia# Fetterae aad Forglnga, promptly ex’-sated. eoMtf SINfiER'S SEWING MACFINESI WOODMAN, TRUE M CO., AGENTS, No*. H and N.K Idle sirool. Bendleaamd Trtauaiagt alway eakand. IkMtf A CARD. DR. S. C. FERMALD, DENTIST, No. 170 Middl 5 treat. Ravaassoae.Dr*. Baoo > aad Bnnaun | Portland, May M.16M. M Dr. J. U. HEAI D Having disposed Of bia satire Interest la hie Office to Dr. S.C FERN ADD, -roald cheerfully rooeominend him to bis former patieute aad tbe pab lie. Dr. ruiALO, Iron lone exps1 hae*. iaprw^ ed to insert Artificial Teeth oo the ^elcenite BaSft.*' “ro^^Ty'^’iiS0” *° “* profc-°‘ „ WOOD ANO CO Ala CHEAP FOR CASH ! SPRING MOUNTAIN. LEHIGH. HEZILTON, SUGAR LOAF, OLD COMPANY LEHIGH. LO CUS r MOUNTAIN JOU 8, DIAMOND. WEBS TER and BLACK HEATH. These Coal* an of tbe rery best quality, well screened and picked, end warranted te (lye eatialhctfon. Also for sals bast of HARD AND SOFT WOOD, deSrerod to any part of tbo eity. Orrica CouuaacLAi. 8t„ bead of Fraaklia Wbarl S. ROUNDS A BON. nblldly wAHKEirn isrouvED FIKE AND WATER PROOF FELT C0MP0S1TI01, ——AVR— Gravel Roofing roa plat Boors. E. HERSEY, Agent, luCM dtf No. 10 Uaioa t treat. ALBERT WEBB 4k CO, —— DBA LAS n Corn, Flour and Grain, KILO OP HUIILL1 WML IP, CoaantUI lirooh - • Parllaad, Mo. j __ MID EDWABD H. BUBGIN, WVOLSBALB DBA LEA IV Corn, Meal and Flour, Alio. Ground Kook Silt Communion merchant FOB FCBCHA8S AVD BALI OF Barley* Rye? and Oats. WCaro loaded with Cora la balk free of oharg*. Warehouse No. 130 Commercial Street, Lad Citt Mills, Doering Bridge __JuneloodOm Alexander V. Reeves, Tailor 'Sc Draper, 98 EXCHANGE ST., Macoftctaroa to order sad la tbo boot maaaor, Mil itary and Nary Uttiformt, sad Bayo’ Gar meat*. __ tnXtdtf JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODHAN BLOCK, acblTdfcwtf Taima Innt. Scotch Canvas, -FOB BABB BT JAMES T. PATTEN 4 00., Bath. Me. tl/Vl BOLTS Superior Bleaebad ,UU 900do LU Long laa “Got- ..._ rraaoat ooatraot," •00 do Ixtra Ail Long tax Araraotb W0 do Navy Pino Delivered la Portland or Bootaq. Rath, April 10. IMS eptldtl ttittttiu i onopr n n« t bnuv«H| P L UM B E R! MAKES OF I Force Pomps and Water Closets, NO. Ill EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND, MX Warm, Colil and Shower Baths, Wash Bowls, Brass A Silver Plated Cocks, EVERT description of Wster Fixture* for Dwel ling Hours*, Hotel,. Pnblis Building*. Shop* As , arranged and *et np in tke beat manner, and all order* In town or country fhlthfblly executed. All kind* of jobbing promptly attended to. Constantly r>n band LEAD PIPES, BIIKRT LEAD and HKKk Pl'MPB of all description* npSdtl «T. T. Lewis <S& Co., Maualbctxrera and Wholeaale Dealer* la HEADY-MADE CLOTHING AND FIHN1SH1NU (iOOl)S, CYnmber# - - - A'oe. 1 and 1 *>« Street Block. fOrsr H. 1. Ubby k Co.,) }; p Lewis'. PORTLAND. MA jylldtf The Cheapest Agency FIR collecting all alaaaoe of claim* artaiag «ro* the war i« that ot the • MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION,* m which the expense* are ooilroll*d by » di*AKt#r sated Executive Committee. . „ Apply la persoc or by.letter ^J»BORO« » I. It MERY, over the Portland Poet OMca, 4 _HOTELS. MOIflkT ZIK4JO.M HOUSE. at ram Oelebrated Mt. Zircon Uinaral BnrnM MUton Plantation, Mt., ! I will be .pared toii hUM to miet n.. i ,n * aad rruaor plea.aut ana iuter«tiBI •lay gt guest*. And alao as aaual, i „,u J_Inoard cheaper than any other cummer uum m Me* Angiaud. Por caae* of Dyspepsia, Kidney Complaint, Grar •1. Mon* la the Bladder, and others .imllar, 1 war rant a care by the u*e of the water, hplebdid rcea •ry and rtdee. At the abort diatance o! lour miiea caa be aeen KamTord Paha, the largest la Me* >.ng land. Uuraea and Carriage* to let. Good Trial flaking IB atreama and ponda A new road wa* bail! to the House last Jut'*, making the acceta easi er than to an, other Mountain House Daily coach trom Br..ant's Pond htation •( the Grand Trank kail war to tha House Poet Offlee address, Mt Zircon, Me. D. D. W. ABBDTT, Proprietor. Ml. Zircon, Jaly 211, 1864. J>«M6w Nea-Side House, HARPS WELL NECK, O A 8 C 0_ BAY. This elegant and coir modi cm Ho tel, situated oh the extremity of Uarpsweil Neck, about hall a otiie oe.ow the weli-knoxB Maseioa _Bouse, Las just been completed after the armigwt mi t». M. Haloiko, Esq., Architect, and under his superintendence, aud will be open lor ooaspaay On and after Iks feurtls ef Jaly. The House U the largest establishment, construct ed expressly for tne purpose of a Hotel, st any HxU erinn I'lacs on ihe coast oi Mains. It is situated in the oentrs 01 a dense grove of old tress, with sve vistas opening to tbs waters of the Bay. bat a lew yards distant on either side. Nearlx surrounded by the sea. and abundantly trees, the House has a spacious and been tlful verandah, extending over thiee hundred sad thiriy ieet on three sides sf the building, with wide interior,*) mol viMtoncan enjoy Utnoateouisit protection Iron Um ivuiuer jfit, Tha it—moos i abaci and boat land inn are oa tka weal aide, bat a taw e.ep. front the UeSoT Amato tad litlee are at hand for boattuganu tubing oath* emt aide la a due gravel beach, where the luxury of •eo-baihiag oaa ha enjoyed at ail tune, ol tho lids. At a abort distance oa the northeast, across aa arm of Ibe sea. is Oer'a island, celeWalad by tan Beech ar Stowe's well knows novel. The 8, a Side lionae la aoeaaalbla by land from Bruaawlck, fifteen atilea diataat, by oaa of tbabaaat dnvea la tba Stats, and by daily ateambcai from tauHtaof thTSJy. *** P*^** “**“« u* Viaitora coming from tba Kennaboa and other parts Of tbt tntartor, can leave tba railroad at Bnas wick, and proceed by stage to H arptwail, or eoatia aa to Portland sad take tba steamer, which rank down and back twice aday. T. IMira, Proprittor, BRADLEY'S HOTEL, ABKftCSB and r-r~W Plus, Cor, of CoBUBoroiBi 4 India Sta. nf Boston and Portland steamers’ Wharf. j. B^d4COr MSS?' JanelSdSm__ Atlantic House, ICARBORO* BEACH. THIS Howae.hartn* been enlarged and tnnmMrelitted throughout will open tor tba tea JrpBB son oa Monday, Jane 13, 1804^ H. B —Positlvtly closed oa the Sabbaih to al rial tort. juneil Pleasaut Suburbam Heaort. C-A-nsiC^HOXJSE, WEST BROOK. This elegant suburban Watering Pisco, | »P«; » pleasant eminence near Ca '“‘•tai'oDd, batmilest>cm Portland, tav bean placed .a the moat ample order by aobeeriber, be moat respect tally aolicits call frcm bii ofd'Wa'' ““ * Iba houa la plaaaaat, retired an.: quiet Tba »« all new, and t be rooms lh* ‘a111*" are supplied with all ®* »• wall aa the ol the sea wxiVl? !be“r',l« 01 One of the vaty beat cooks la “gland bare bees scoured. Late-naive aheda and a Hue ruble wit b roomy t tails arc among the conveniences ol tba establishment. A aloe Bathing House sufltcj. ut lor the accommo dfttiOD of 1MV fiPbf Itafltara Ka. kaua. u._. —Jab. _u_ toto ,eB '*** of water, and the whole M ciued from obeerratiou by a do.tin* aueen. VS"* *r*c* !U* *'“*■«1 tke Fond aad latWn the indulgence of the (onager. Hoping for a .bare of the public patronage the an* denuded i rono.t a to apare no edori lor the ta er tarnmeniol hjegue.ta. GKO. W. MUBl'M. Westbrook. Hay 11,18C4. najUcif HALLOWELL HOUSE REO PEN E E> I »*W FPKHITUKK * FIXTURES1 8.0. DENNIS, Proprietor. or The pablte are specially Informed that the !E£.o0,.eo!i"Bkn,BB1 well known Hallow ail. uoonn, in the center of Hallowell, two mOea from Aur«kta. and lov mile. Dorn Tega* Spring, ha* be*n refurnished, and 1. open tor th* r**epuen el • aeapnay and permanent boarder*. (umU7 MU>U#* wm u I1™ *• >k* **mfart at ■ TABLING, and all tb« oanal conr*nl«n**a *f a popaiar he«*l ar* amply presided. ’ Hallo wet-, Feb 1 ISM. mcb» *odtf THE AMERICA!! HOI tiK. jjgjmsnover Strest .... Boston, TW Uigeil and Beat Arranged Hotel IH HEW KNGLAHD. I.KW1S HICeT Proprietor. MlSly Notice. WE, the undersigned. Ship Marten and Agenta lor owner*, hereby age**, that an and nll*r th* Bret dev of September, PG4. *11 c argue, lade* on board for the Island of Cuba, sb -II be deilrered aad rwlved along rda within reach of reaarl* lack lea, excepting loug lumber, uhtch i. tu be tamed to th* store be mail’* or*w.. according to the custom of lb* paiu*ip*l port* la tlx bund states. Edward UKKlmg, Robert Dyer, J. H. Varney, Samuel Cote, d. G. Dart*. hbubal Merryman Jam- s L llow, K J. I lukham, William Andmoa, Henry h, Urtgg, Benjamin S. Iran, James Bala. John Berry. C C. Dailey, Jm*ph Moun'tort, James H bntchinaoa Joshua l'oland, John W. Croat her ’ Ueorge W. Coggins, John R. Kenney Lyman 8 Cluk. Leans Mitchell. Andrew J. I’ettengill, A. B. u ether Walter W. Look, Walter M.rnman, Thomaa Meal s. J (111man Read. Thomas L. Libby, U. W. Darla. HanryC Small. E. A. Marwick, Chorea Merrill, D*rld Keazer, Jr„ William Efrria, Edward Hall i D. U A'herton, Teatoa A Hal*. Bound York. Rees * Sturdlrant, Caarlea Sawyer. S. F. Haidali William A Bovd B. G York G reg. Crostoa. McG II»err. Kyaa t Parta E. W. CltSord, J. 8. Wmslow, ' Kiiaha Wbe. ier, Cbarlea Ultlilnhn. Charter Bartlett, Charles H. Cham. Geo, U S'arr. do D. \Y hidden. l*oi (land. Sept. 8 I'M. twed V. 8. narthal’i Sale. Ditni Statu on Axiaica, i Uiminon Makah I Pl'KSLA.Nl to >n latiudactory Order of Salt, to aio directed from the lion. Asher War*. Jndna of tha United stntea District Conn, within ud lor tha Diatnct of Maine I shall aapoaw and gall at l ab 11* Vandie to the hlghe.1 bidder c sr-ier. the follow ing property and mutcLacd ze it the time and Diana within »ahl Dietriet aaioiluw*. t*«:— r dl A, nfA/> rr. ca If durritau IAa lief day af Srytrmbrr. currant, at lSe’c'ncA Af., Taa Hull on TaaSciiooana Mmncv A Hutu. aid tkc cargo lately on board raid >cAonwrr, eoa tirUugcf about PinTT tiPMTALA Salt fun ud Off aal oil. 1 became having been ordarad ta bo aold by tba Diatrtct Coart of tbo la.led Stale.. tor Iba Dsatnet of Maiuo. Terms of Sale—C A A h . lsit*1*4 *' P'“U“4 Uu Uth day of Sapl- A. D. CHARLES CLARK. * 0. S. Marshal, Dial of Main*. To Xerohant Tailors and Cuttera. f I HAVE ten with Mr W P. Jamea, No (1 Mid. die street Port aad. cepia- of tha Uao tciaace at aiaftibg gatmenta. Mr J. fwlv udertiauda ibo tbeorr a..d nraetlee s< we ! ff I do. and etn com mutiott ii w«il to otMra. Oil A MAlilfiOA. Portland, Sefll«. 1**4._ lUriitf received Mthoiitr from Mr. Uaditci, I am prepared '• fxrnHk all the neceeear) iuicrma tion end *»PP»y »&<>*€ wl© may mi»h with the rule#, at Mr S S Oardlnera, No. Mudie aU»ct. Hept Id— 3m _W P JAMES DiHxolutloit. filllK copartaerthip heretofore exiatin* befwtea A Sweat and tlmm aa Attorueva at Law. te tLu day dieaolved by mutual cooseat. The afhiraol the late Arm will be adjured by either party. H- Sweat will continue in bu«iuee« at office 5c. 117 Middle street, Mu^ev mKow. Mr Cleaves at the office of Howard k Cleave*, 5*. Si Middl. .treat, ora, Cb^o Baa^ NATHAN CLEAVES. Portland, Jaly IMS. IS**,

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