Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 21, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 21, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINITY *Vfo Adoortitotnonts To-Day. Volunteer* fbr the Army and Nary, Attention Billiard table lor Sale Auction bulws— iieury BaiJcj k Co. l o iua—lior»e and Wagon. rtouae to Kent. Board Wanted. Boarding Up use to Let. Kxecu'lre Cou*ntl. tioouLi i>aAce—Mechanic*’ Hail. Draft in the 1st District. The drafting in the 1st District was contlu ued yesterday by Commissioner Adams, whi o;t'W for tho sub-dlatrict composed of thi towns of Bridgton and Harrison. IIRILJGTON. In this town the deficiency was Ibrty-eight Ninety-six, therefore, had to be drawn. Twc hundred and eighty names were deposited li tho wheel, aud the following were drawn : Nathan C. Dodge, Alfred Taylor, Elliol Field, Win A Morrison, Levi Douglass, Thos P Kimball, Isaac Webb, George S Green, Gee W Glines, Augustus L Phelps, Georgo ’ray lor, Leonard M Burnham,Moses Davis, Edwin Filch. .J L Bennett, Alonro B Walker, Chas B G Ebs, David Hale, Charles B Walker, Ashbd t. linker, Wyman Loug.Wm U Bickford, Jo FfutWhhLSv » K«*comb, Thos French, J:1 . tVSH Pemiexter, Hiram Davis, Edward a' Cleaves, James K Adams KTver IVir1r,ie,^Uel Uavis 2d»Christopher K liver, \ ir^il U keunerson, VVm C Smith, Ruti‘SnBrn“r“’r?u,npllreir Eobiuson, Wm J Fr ink hT8 ° I1uI «.OD,SaU'Uci M lawyer, Frank B kennard. Wm S Quincy. Win A jl : 0clUfard' Tbo‘c^ L Newcomb. Jam.s A Goodwin, Samuel F Kilborn, Wm A Jordan, Alarieon St C Emerson, Amos A Jack son, l- rod J Littlefield, Marshall Gibbs. Slier burn M Hai mon, Johu I* Hilion, Edward Eitch, Wm U Burnbam 2d, Cliarles B Pcn dex or, Boswell B Emery, VVm M Bennett, George H Willard, B>u j F Bennett. Haley y>iincy, sJoaaihan K Liu«\ Charles II Wey mouth. Albion B Gee, Newell Emerson, Ezra C Smith, Samuel T Judkins. Charles B Dunn, Jna'h O Knapp, Augustus F Smith, Nathan F Sawyer, Jame«on Thompson, Samuel M Hayden, Darwin Ingalls, Samuel F Kilborn, Joseph Dodge, Abner Dodge, Charles H lo ealls, Ira C Burnell, Calvin G Woodbury, Geo Bounds. Winfield Slone. Joseph E Gammon. Natbl Potter 2d, J T Newcomb, Stephen W Nason, Charles K Gibb-. John K Jackson, Jo slau B Hoyt, George W McGee, Alonzo C VrW” H n“*ke11' George H Brown, John E Mills, Gardiner G Mayo. nauhisox. One hundred and twenty-five names were deposited in the wheel, from which fifty were drawn—the deficiency of that town being twenty-five. The following are the names drawn: • Major B Stuart, Marshal S Tibbets, Seth Kneetand, Mellen Gray, Edward I* Stanley, George \V Lewis, Henry C Packard, Alva M * n i r ’ u w»uubum iir, uiu A Cate, John W Noble, Win H M«*erve, Mo *c» W Page, Charles A Whitney, Henry W Lewis, Edward H Sampson, Edward Bray Jr, Beuj s Foster, Franklin Walker 2d, George W Newcomb, Cyrus C Johnson, F,dward K Whit ney, Augustus F Gammon d, George K Frls bee Stephen T Whitney, Smith GilkeyiSteph eu A Lamb, David E Caswell. Alvin P Kicker, Wentworth Stuart, Charles KuecUnd, Allison M Thornes, Albion Kimball, Joel M Stiles Kent aid J Sawyer. Wui H Wentworth, Sami' G Cash David Fogg, Alfred H Rowe. Free 1-nd H Ricker, Cyrus Haskell, Joseph Lamb Albert Burnham, K!den S Whitney, Almon Grover, E'las H Woodsutn, Alanson Caswell Charles C Kneeland, Alanson Dawes. To-day the drafting for the sub-district com posed of the towns of Casco aud Naples wiil take place. The deficiency in Casco is Sft and In Naples SO. Thursday, the sub-district of Limerick aud LI thing leu. Friday, Parsonfleld and Cornish. Saturday, Hcllis ai d Dayton. The Robinson Building. The Robinson building, on the corner of Cougrest and Center streets, has recently been enlarged, remodeled and made over anew.— It is twenty feet on Congress street and sixty on Center street; three stories high in front, on Congress street, and four stories on Cen ter street. 1: is finished inside and out in a very neat aud substantial manner. A large portion of the building has been leased by Mr. A. M. MrKenney, Photograph ist, uuder whose direction it had been finished with special reference to his business, and ex perienced persons in that business, from the larger cities, say there is no establishment of the kind in New England that will compare with it for beauty o! finish and convenience of arrangement. The first lloor is to hs occupied as a recep tion room and for the sale of engravings and picture frames, of which be has a large and splendid assortment. On the second lloor is a picture gallery, rooms for finishing pictures aud private apartments. On the third floor is the operating room, uearly the entire roof being of glass. No labor has been spared to have ibis room so arranged as to combine beauty with utility, and every advantage lias been sought after that long experience could suggest. Other rooms are occupied for gilding frames and printing aud finishing pictures, all of which are well adapted to the particular work for which they are designed. We bare no doubt the reputation that Mr. McKenney lias earned, as a photographist, during the ten or twelve years be has been in this city, will be fully sustained by the increased facilities a' forded at his new place of business. The AiiZus. of which there are a l ir^e nnmbor got up in the butt Kyle of the art, by Mr. O. S. Beale. Portland'! Quota. There was a large meeting at the old City Hall last evening, Mr. Charlea II. Fiiog prt> presiding. The amount subscribed toward Oiling up the quota of our city, up to the lime of the meeting, was reported to be about $3i, 000. During the evening additional subscrip tions w< re made, and some who had befoie subscribed increased their subscriptions—add ing in the aggregate about $}000 to the above named amount. Tbe committee waut $5000 more to warrant their going ahead. They have decided, how ever, lu commence recruiting at once, reining upon the ciliaens to back them up and make the $40,000 good, and will open a recruiting cilice U the New City Hall. Let ail those who have subscribed to the fund come forward and pay over the amounts to the committee without watting to he called upon, as the committee have worked very )i;u d and arc still working. Let us all put our hands to the work and give our $5, $10, $25, and $50, and raise the . .-amount ri quired at once. Another meeting will be held to night at the old City Hall. Come up and finish the work. Municipal Oonrt—Sept 20. Joseph Radford, for drunkenness and dis turbance, paid a fine imposed of three dolliis and costs. Newcomb's Minsiuei.s.—This troupe iisd another full boose at new City Hall last even ing, and their performances received greet and mnii'cd applause. There is no mistake about this company. It is one of the best in tbe country, it*= members having been selected with re:erence to talent. The instrumental music is brilliant; the songs are given with artistic taste; the choruses are grand and the other performances are far above the average. It is worth the price of a ticket to witness Sergeant Childers handle the musket. The Ja»t performance of the company will take place this evening at Ilia City Hall and we ad vise every body to go. RErllFSENTATIVF.S DRAFTED.—In StbagO Mr. Young tLe Union Representative elect in Minot., Mr. Moore Union Representativi elect; in Baldwin, Mr. Miiliken Copperhead Representative elect; in Bridgton, Mr. Little field Copperhead Representative in tho last Legislature. Gobi i t Ladv Rook for October has beer received at the bookstores of Messrs. Hailej & Noyes and Ilall L. Davis, Exchange street It li a beautiful number, both In Illustration and reading matter. Is levelling the parade ground at For Preble yesterday, the workmen came aero* the skeleton of a man, who had probably beei buried there half a century ago. The bone ! were in a state of presevalion, and portiot of a decayed coffin were unearthed. Then j was some excitement among the men until i was found that the body had originally beet decently buried. Liscssr. Lately, several links connect Ing freight cars have been stolen from thi , trains left cn the wharves over night. Yes , terday a man named Joseph Chandwell war discovered carrying shackles aud pins to s juuk shop for the purpose of selling them — officers Foster and Davis arrested him aud took him to the lockup. Jt'tlSlLK Ibuvbs.—Wm. Earley, George Waite and George Stanley, lads of uine and .welve years, were arrested yesterday by offi cers Fickctt aud Foster for breaking open a box on Steamboat wharf aud stealing there from about twelve dollars worth of copper rivets. They wore caught In the act and were taken to the lockup. IIorsk and Wagon Stolen.—Mr. Low of Westbrook, came into the city yesterday and fastened his horse with the express wagon at the old Custom House on Fore street. At noon when he went to take bis team he found it gone. A boy had been seen driving the team up Liuie street. WtTAT IT WOULD Amount to.—The $33, OOo which our patriotic citizens arc striving hard to raise, in sums varying from (1 to $300 to save the city from a draft, if assessed upon the taxable property would amount to the op pressive sum of fourteen cents upon each one hundred dollars. Agricultural Fair.—The Oxford Coun ty Agricultural Society will hold its 22ud an nual exbibitiou aud Fair, at the Fair grounds between South Paris and Norway, on the 4th, 5th and tith of October. Have Dai.i..—There will be a meeting of tlte Forest City Base Ball Club this evening at 7 12 o’clock, at old City Hall. A full at tendance is requested. I’kr Order. But ttuiTs.—About one hundred recruits from Camp Berry,left for Bostou in the steam er last evening, bound for the front. Harder * Magazine for October has been received at Hall L. Davis’ and E. C. Andrews, Exchange street. It is an excellent number. A. Konixsox, No. 51 Excbauge street, has received Harper’s Magazine for October. _ BY TELEGHAPH ' -TO T11K - EVE*IffG PAPERS. —— —— PROM GEN. SHERIDAN’S ARMY. .4 Great Hattie and a Splendid Urtory V.SOO Prisoner,. U Untile, flay and .1 Mum. Captured — \early 3000 of the Enemy ' Killed and Hounded, including four Gen eral, -Erdernl Gen.Ku„cll Killed .and Gen,. I plan, ilrlntoeh and Chapman Hounded The, in I nil ltetreal and our Eorcr, Pnrouing—(JJflcial TJUputchc. Washington, Sept. 2D. To Moj. Gen. Dix:—Yesterday Maj. Gen. Sheridan attacked Karly, fought a great bat lie, and won a splendid victory. Over 2,.<00 prisoners were captured, nine battle Hags, aud Hve pieces of artillery, and the rebel Generals ! Gordon and Kbodes were killed. Three other 1 geuer^ officers were wouuded. Ail the ene- : uij's killed and most of their wouuded have laileu into our hands. The details are stated in the foliowing offi- I cial telegrams leceived by this Depariment. I The Department learns with regret that we i lost G n. Knssell killed. Gens. I’pton, McIn tosh and Chapman are wounded. Gen. ijticiida'i transmits to Gen. Grant the following official report, just received by the Department: HYiic.tester, Irn . Sept. IMA,7.30 P. M.~To Lieut Gen. U. S. Grant:—I have the honor to • report that I attacked tho forces of Gen. Kar K over the Berryvdie pike, at tile crossing ot ' Dpe<ionn Creek, and after a most stubborn and sananiusry engagement. which ia'ted from early in the morning until 5 o’clock in the ev ening, comp.etely defeated him, driving him through Winchester, and cap tilling about 2, 500 prisoners, five pieces of artillery, niue ar my flags, and most of their wounded. The rebel Geus. Kbodes and Gordon were killed, and three other general officers wound ed. All their killed fell into our hands. Our losses are severe. Among them was Gen. Kua aell,commanding a division in the flfili corps, who was killed by a cannon ball. Geus. I'p lon, McIntosh and Chapman arc wounded.— I cannot yet tell our losses. The conduct of the officers and men wi< mo.l ..._1. Tl_ > _ 11 < ■ ■ ”r • * “ / ' fsVV» aim V Ml | ICU CV ery position taken up by the rebeb from Ope quan Creek to Winchester. The rebels were strong iu number* and very obstinate iu their fighting. 1 desire to mention to the Lieutenant (Jen eral Commanding, that to the gaiiant conduct of (Jens. Wright, Crook, Emery, Torbett, and the officers and men under their command, the country is indebted for this handsome victory A more detailed report will be forwarded. (Signed) P. H. Sheridan, Major General Commanding. Full details of the casualties will be given when received by the Department. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Sscoud Dispatch. War Department, I Washington. Sept. 20, 12 M. ( To llaj. Gen. l)ix:—The following dispatch has just been received, giving further particu lars of Gen. Sheridan's great victory. A sa lute of oue hundred guus has just been given: Harper'i Ferry, Vu.. Sept. iOth, 11.10 F. M. Hod. E. M. Stanlou:—l have just received Uie lollow iug official dispatch from Gen. Sheridan, dated 1 o'clock A. M.; We fought girly from daylight until be tween six and seven o'clock in the afternoon. We drove him from Opequan Creek through W iuchester and beyond the town. We cap tured from 2,500 to 3,000 prisoners, five pieces of artillery, nine battle flags, and all the rebel wounded and dead, 1 Their wounded in Winchester amounts to 3,000. We lost in killed (Jen. D. Russell, com manding a division iu the fifth army corps.— Wounded Gens. Chapman, McIntosh and lTp ton. Tito rebeli lost iu kiiied the. following gen eral officers: Gens. Rhodes, Wharton, Gor don and Ramseur. We have just sent them fly iug through Win chester, Wc are after them to morrow. Xhis army behaved spleudidiy. I am send ing forward all medical supplies, subsistence stores and all ambulances. (Signed) John D. Stevenson, Brigadier General. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. f aplure nf Steamert an Lake 1.rie by ttebete from Canada. 0 Buffalo, N\ Y., Sept. 20. News has lieen received that a number ol I rebels from Canada captured the little steam ers Parsons and island Queen, near Base Isl and, in Lake Erie, yesterday afternoon. They have gone down or across the lake, prubably for reinforcements, guns aud ammunition.— The capturing parly numbers about thirty men, armed with revolvers and bowie knives, no guns wire noticed. The pirates took at Middle Base Island wood enough to last two I days. Jteporte ef Cortina.' Operation. Confirmed. New YifRK, Sept. 20. News from New Orleaos by the Continental to the 12th last, is received. The reports ol Corliuas’ operations iu Texas are fully con firmed. It appears that there was a full un derstanding between the rebels and French to jointly attack and capture Matamoras, aud that it was frustrated by Cortina*, who put himself between the two lorces and whippen them both. He then captured Browusvlllr aud turned it ov r to our 'orce*, hoisting the American flag. /Vom p.terebury-Moeby Wounded. . Washington, Sept 20. A note from the Army of the Potomac, dat ed yesterday, says there is nothiog new. All is quiet, with the exception of occasional fir ing ou the picket line. 1 he Alexandria, Va., Journal says: We learn through sources which cannot be di* credited, that Mosby received a severe wound iu the groin during the recent engagement be tween our forces aud a small portion of bis j guerrilla band iu the vicinity of Centrevllle. ij BF TBLEfiHPB roTHi Portland Daily Press. I -*•+ | OFFICIAL NEWS DISPATCH Gen. Sheridan's Victory I The Enemy's Loss 7,500. COMPLETE DEMORALIZATION OF EARLA’S COMMAND. Was Department, i Washington, Sept. 20—9 |*. m j To Major. (Son l)ix .-—ibe following is ibe latest intelligence received from Gen. Sheri dan : Harper's Ferry, Sept. 29/A-S P. Jf.—To Uou. b. M. Stanton,Sec’yoi War .—The body ol Geu. Russell has arrived. As soon as it is embalmed it will be forwarded te New York. Gen. McIntosh, with his leg amputated, has just come and is in good spirits. Several officers report the number of pris oners to lie in excess of 3900. The number of battle flags captured was fllieen, instead of nine. All concur that it was a complete route. Our cavalry started iu pursuit at daylight this morning. Sheridan when last heard from was at Kearnstown. A scout forwards this morning ample medi I cai supplies. Full subsistence tor the eutire 1 army goes forward. If you do not heur from me after, it will he : because of the distance we are from the scene of action aud because I only send you such 1 information as I deem reliable. (Signed) Joh^D. Stevenson, ' Brigadier General. The President has appointed Gen. Sheridan a Brigadier in the regular army aud assigned him to the prominent command or the middle military division. (ten. Grant has ordered the army to fire a salute of 100 guns at 7 o'clock this morning, in honor of Sheridan's great victory. A dispatch just received from Gen. Sher man a'. Atlanta, says:—Every thing continues well with us. The reports of to-day “how that the draft is proceeeiug quietly in ail 1 he States. In most of the districts vigorous efforts are beiug made to 1111 their quotas by voluutcers belbre the uraitcu men are mustereu in. (Signed) E. M. Staxtox, Secretary of War. Baltimore, Sept. 20. The American's account of tbe battle is partially aa follows: Gen. Sheridan having learned on Sunday that the main portion of Etrly’s forces were encamped in the vicinity of Bunker Hill and Stephenson's depot, resolved to mass his forces on the Berry vilie aud Winchester pike, and a rapid movement hurl th^n on Early's rear. There is no doubt but ibat the enemy were completely surprised and out-mameuvered by Sheridan. While his diiiercnt columns were being marched to the appointed place of ren- : dcivous, a portion of our cavalry, under Gens. Torpett and Averill, kept up a strong picket Uue alorij the Opcquau.aud by demonstrating in loice at Brownsiord kept a large portion ot the enemy at that part of the Held, which was nearly twelve miles distant from the front where It was intended that onr infantry should operate and strike a blow which should result in tbe signal defeat of Early's army. The delay in the arrival of the liiih corps enabled Early to move Gordon's division at double qni«k from Bunker llill, distant about ten utile*, and bring it up iu lime tolurmiu line of battle with Breckiuridge's, Kltoseur’s aud K, odes’ commands, which had already ar-| rived and weie form d in a belt of woods skirting Berryville and Winchester. As soon as the 19th corps arrived it was formed in four lines of battle about three hundred yards apart on the right of the <l h corps, aud everything being in readings the advance was sounded *t About 12 o'clock. The 2d corps advanced in splendid style, with drums beating aud col ors flying, presenting an imposing spectacle. The first iiue bad not advanced itore than 2d0 yards before it became engaged with the enemy, who were posted in line about Coo yards u.slant. At the same time our artillery opened a furious cannonade, throwing shells aud solid shot into the opposite wood where the enemy could be wrn moving up reinforce ments. Our dltfrent lines of battle continued to advance steadily until wi.hiu nearly 2u0 yards or the enemy’s line, when the rebels opened a lurions cannonade with grape and canister from two batteries which they bad Wept secreted, unit which piuu*;h*-d u*i.»ugh * our advancing line*, mowing down large num bers of our turn, The drat line wrs obliged' to g:vo way under to murderous a lire, anti In erecting behind tbe second lin- threw it into momentary confusion, and it also was obliged ' to fall back behind the third line, which bad iu the nc.autimo been ordered to iic down in order to avoid as much aa possible the effects of tbe withering tire which the enmy was di against our advancing lines. The artillery was now brought up to silence these batteries of tbe enemy which had caused so much an noyance, and our line reformed and again moved forward, regainiu the advanced posi tion which they h-ld wli-n obliged to fall track. uumin HU IH l fUir.l'U Ml UUlU 1116 I most obstinate resistance of the enemy. Gen. Slnudan previously role along Ike line and mas received evi rywhere by the tueu with the greatest enthusiasm. Having gained th* ad vanced position which we previously occupied, the didereul lines q( battle were ordertd to lie down and awuit tl.o arrival or Crook’s 1 corps, which was held in reserve bn the east side of the Opetjuan. Tm-y were ordered up to a position ou the extreme right of our line in order to counteract a movement on the part i of the enemy, who was masting troops ou their left fiauk with a view of turning our right. * Precisely at three o’clock Gen. Crook form ed ou the t ight lit the ilth corps, his first di vision on the extreme right of our line and his second division in the rear supporting a division p( the U»th corps, Gen. Crook hav ing formed Ilia men, rode along the lines and was received w*ith viciferuu* cheering, the men promising to wipe out Winchester. Gen. Torbett, with Merit’s and Averill’i di- ' visions of cavalry, having crossed the Ope quan about nine o'clock, at ilurus, aud Knox lord had I »en hard at work all day fighting considerable bodies of the enemy’s luihntry snd cavalry and having been successful in steadily driving them, now arrived ou the ex treme right and was prepared to lake part in the final struggle which secured the victory. Gen. Sheridan roJe out to where Geu. Tor bett was station, md after consultation with him as to what part the cavalry were to take, ordered the final chaige.which was made with i an impetua-ity which nothing could resist.— 1 Our line, extending neatly three miles, ad vauceo amid cheers and yells that could be disliuclly heard far above the noise caused by the thunder of the artillery aud the contin uous roar of musketry. As our lines advauc ed closer aud closer to the enemy the battle became more and more desperate and the fletce carnage will compare with any similar contest of the war. The slaught was now truly awful. At every discharge would tie seen dropping ali around. Just at this critical period, above the roar of artillery and , other sounds of battle, was beard the cavalry I bugles sounding the charge which w. s the death knell ot Early’s army, Tee columns of Early’s command were forced to give way and break before the fierce onslaught our cavalry made on them, who, wiih sabre in hand, rede them down, cutting them right and left, cap'urlug 7-’l privates and non-comniisMoued officers with nine bat tle flags aud two guns. The broken and de moralized cuemy fled in confusion, throwing away everything which could in any way im pede their flight, end strewing the ground with their arms. Some made for the Ueighlhs beyond Winchester, but they were sp&edily dislodged V i A vertll and forced to beat a hasty and ignominious retreat up the valley, where such of Etrly’s command its are left are now scattered. Of the field and line officers, 1 have been able to collect a few names of the killed and wounded. Among them are Col. Babcock, of the 75th New York, wounded; Col. E. Bright, lidth Ohio, killed; MaJ. Dillingham. 10th Ver mont, killed; Lieut. Col. Brewer,7th Michi gan cavalry, killed. After the battle was won. and whilst our troops were passing through Winchester, sev eral citizens, among them some ladies, came out with Union flags, and Md our soldiers wel come hack to Winchester. Tho people of Winchester all sgree in stat ing that Rally's command is fearfully demoral ized, and speak of his d- eat as disgraceful.— B >th men and officers rushed frantically through ill.' streets, throwing away everything hat could in any way impede their flight.— The City Hotel and adjacent foundries, to gether with many private houses in Winches ter, are full of the rebel wounded. It is esti mated that there are at least three thousand in Winchester. Allowing for those who were carried away In ambulances, and for those able to toddle will he a small estimate | to place their wounded at 4,000, and their killed et 500, which, together with the prisou I era already captured, numbering 3,000, will ♦ make their lost 7,500, equal to one of theii corp*. Of our lens it is impossible now to form any j correct esiinnte; bus lrom informaliun Hi ! bami, together with personal observati ns on tbe Held, I tin not Ibiuk it will exceed 50b killed and z.iuO w ounded, if it amounts to that number. The Recent Piracy cm Lake Eric. I Toledo, Ohio, Sept. 20. j Capt. Orr, of the steamer l»laud Queen, ar I rived from Detroit river this morning, and j reports:—The Island Queen left Sandusky at 3 P. M. yesterday, and passed Middie basis Island where she found the steamer Parsons In possession of the pirates, who at once j seized the Island Queen, lashed her to the , Parsons, and started tor Sandusky. When 1 five miles out the water cock of the Island j Queen’s pony engine was broken off, opeuiug a hole in her aide, and she was cast off and l£f't to sink. The Parsons then started for De troit liver, arriving at Fighting Island, on the Canada side, about 8 o’clock this morning, i where the steamer was burned. Colonel Scott'* Proposition* for Surrender *rith 4,000 AJen. St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 20. An army officer from below brings a report, derived lrom Gen. Herron’s Adjutant, that Col. Scott, commanding the iebel troops near Raton Rouge, sent a proposition to Gen. Her ron to surrender with 4,000 men,provided Gen. Herrou would grant unconditional pardon to the general officers of Lis command. Capture of a Government Wagon Train. Leaven woktu, Sept. 20. Advices from FortSnmh say the train which lelt here Sept. 1st for Fort Smith, was captur ed by the rebels at Cabin Creek. The train consisted of one hundred wagons, laden with supplies, 000 mules, pieces of artillery, horses, and sutler’s teams. Sew Or lean* Market. « .. New 0*lka.«b Sept 14. ( ottoo iu request afTult prices auu tbe mirket had ?SSr,yJeoor*K *rom lhH dec.ine: iniddliug 1 874® 1^. Susrsr—2'J0 boxes Havana sold at 2lc. k'luur —Extra 15 00; stock light. Se%c York Market, ~ . . Nmw YoHE.Sept 2t) Cotton—quiet; sale# 260 bales at 1 72a1 73 for mid dling uplands. - ■awrv.vri uun; OUIf IDO » CSlPrD iiU.UK S'!Kr;£ut* »•«•»«; Kouud UoopObio 1U0S J? ®: , WoJtern 84"®lu50; southern-dull: »slw «oi)bbl«: Extra dol. 00«14 00; Canada d-oliuiuf; salts Extra 10 10@!U uO. Wheat— dull ana dec'lniug; sales 49,000 bushels: CblcaxoSpring 1S&213; Milwaukee club 2 13a2 24; Winter Red Western 2 2tg,2?3. Corn—mix'd Wo.tern 16l£lC2. Beef—quiet. : sains 8,66) bbls; new mess 42 87J® card-steady; sales 2700 bbls at 23; a=4i0. Batter-heavy; K talc at 48gf/4o. •' hiskoy—easier; tales60) bbls at 1 814761 83. Sugar—easier; sales 5.'i3hbdi; Muscovado 19;Mil. 60boxes Havana at :4c. Navel Store*—quiet Oil—dull and dioopitg a ^etroleum-flnu; Halt* 3*00 bb!» refined in bond IrUfibt* to Urerpool—quiet Stock iiarkvt, m „ ««w You. Sept. 10. Second 3 ,trd — Stock • dull American (iold. 220 Unit 3d State* 6'* 1881 coupon*,.!!lo8 I'niurd Stale* 6-20 coupons.!! liOi Treasury 7 3-10th*..jjjl Cumber laud Coal Company preferred. <pu Kft&diUj;. mi Michigan Southern........III.11.11 8i i liUnoib Central scrip *. V1 Cleveland & l‘itt*burjr.. .lloi Chicago k Hock island. XOSi 1 Deaths by Drowning. Bui DO TON, Sept. 17, 1864. 7*o the editor of the Portland Prett Died in Denmark, on the 13,h lost., Mrs. Abby Quincy Adams, wife of Mr.' Gilson Ad am?, of that town, in the 3<)th year of her age. \ Also, Uemy and Frank their children, aged j respectively 5, and 2 1-2 years. The circumstances connected with these three deaths render them peculiarly afflictive to the bereaved husband and father, and other near and dear friends. The writer has been desired to give a brief statement of the cir cumstances for the public eye, through the me dium of your p&peta. Mrs. Adams had occasionally been subject to fits of in tai derangement,in one of whicb, some three years ago, she sought to take her own life and the lives of her three children. Before she had fully effected her purpose, she wa. discovered and re-cued. She diowned one, a little boy .» years old. After this, she recov er ’ her reason and retained it, to ail human Ippcarinco, up to a few days *fncc, when to *ho^r of insanity. On Tuesday last she appeared to be perfect ly sane, so that her husband, without the least a tspicion that she contemplated mischief eith er to herself or other?, lett her alone for a few hours with the children. On returning to his ho ne he found, to his grief and awazemeut, ' that she had drowned her.clf lu the pond and two of his three little boys! The third, a child of 7 years, perceiving his mother’s intentions, sprang from her and effected.bis escape. Ail this happened about noon, when the neighbors were supposed to he, and probably were, at dinner. One man on the opposite side of the pond, heard the outcry of the children, and haslcutd to learn the esuae. But he was too late. The children wore under wafer, and the mother on hearing him call upon her to deaist, hastily plunged la after them 'I he event calls loudly for pity to the stllict eJ, which was the subject of the discourse at the funeral. j T u 1 t'JJP. 1 ii n New Fall Millinery Goods! ribbons, t:o":’;::ra,‘ FLOWERS, FEATHERS, VELVET8, blo.vds, lacks, And all othor article* deairable for the Millinery 'lead*. Athe LATEST STYLE HATS, which will be fold low lor ca-h at BOS WORTH. KALLR A Co, Sept SO—c3w 163 Middle Street, Portland. Mewall C. Strrut, Of the late Arm of Howard * Strout, . Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 105 Middle Stieel. Oppoiite Intern»Uou»l Bank.Portland. Aug 12—d& w3ra nl’ALL STYLE ~FT HATS & CAPS |J—L Now ready at s n a w ’ s, 136 HI I D OLE STREET. «J>t» U.Jtw New Bedford Copper Comp’y. THE underrigued, agent* of the above Company, are prepared to furuith *«!ta of Yellow Metal&Copper Sheathing, Bolt Copper, Boll Ycllotv Metal, Spikes, Kails, $•«?., at fhort notice and delivered at auy port required. McGILVERY, RYAN & DAY1S. Sept 6.—dtf Notice ol Dissolution. fllHK firm' er^t fore exiting at 4er the nameand X at»leof Cmtidmau. Stevens A Co., ii hereby dis solved b> mutual cement. Mesa;* Cloud man .% Ste ven* are authorized U ae tie and adi -♦ the aiTaiia of the late fit in. JOHN CLuIDMaH. At htiftti' It i hiV» NS, JOS&PU WALKLR rorllatd, Sept.l, 1®€4. Me-wia. Cleudm »n A St vns w.l contiuuB the muio busiuo-a at theold a and a'o. 162 commercial street. neplQjodBw Asrr Quart** Ma*tnk a i rnci, ) Forage Vpanmsnt, No. <36 Cedar Kt*eet. N. Y. Sept. 12,1831 ) fllHE Government will reunite iu ail purihasea of 1 liay on i>* account iu the Slat* of M due, a •t*iet nobe ance to bec'i- ti* SV J6 and 07. chapter 3s oi the K« »is d btatutea of Mail e of >364 The law »* jum aud proper for the prevention -ud direction of fiau i, and must be * iir ly complied with. n. L HRijWN. Capt and A. Q M. J H. Fisnicn, Q 11. **eut, No. 20 Commt reiat bt. Sept30—dim l*o tUiul, Saaiue. ni.wulution «,(' ( o|iiiKut-r»lil|>. fltlib copartnership h«rctorore igLting between l X ti e uu^eraiBTod is hereby dl*»olv- d by muteal i ooas* nt 1 he affair* of the late firm wll' be denied | !>>’ the Junior mtniVr wh wi 1 orn'inue the Fttu *, j lea and Tobacco biiiiner* uuder the uaui" of Fuxit ! max HR<»riiKRB, at the old plaee. bo >5 Commer cial street JamirFiukmal I Sept 20—dllw Sami hl Far xman. miscellaneous. Enrolled Men Attention J The r« are in the cit> of Tor;land 2000 Enrolled Men ^ho have not paid one dollar towards filling the quota of the city. $22,000 Has Been Raised tow:rd* the object, but #ao,ooo MORE! MUST be raised, or nothing can be done. If tic enrolled mca will . r*7 *10 EACH, the Quota will be filled and there will te no draft meu dj Lot PaT their share, the mone> mbucribcd must bo returned.and The Draft Must Proceed! ™>e.«Committ*} are working lor you all, but yon mustdo something tor your?elvts. rK^TwV0#,111^ for*ard at ou'e aiid P*y y'ur share to the member* o! the tommitu*-*, as follow* Central Committee. (jto*W ’.Tir1'," T, U.“ c,y Treamrrr'r Office l»Dd Co B Co; cu», u. Uollaud.lort VrUlMo*~C '*"■ E- Hacker, cor CoogreM and t t 11 ■ 5 Hiker 1C8 1'omm‘rcial bt : * wi^!°,0dvi’?lB ’ B,ock'* ““““e'Clal etreet. i Hal1- 'M Commercial sreet; ! Coin inercia I a tree t' *'*,M: k 78 i n" Samuel Chadwick 22 Market Saure- Al Chat. A* GHson*Mar i Ed^irldii 8; Bertl JW. American Telejraj.h Office; w, if!. V, Cooaree. atraoi near llro» n; Henry ‘J- Fcn-iounnice, Eachaujro eirect. 1 F E C'*'‘»r. 4 l-o Hand I hr; Andrew I 111 Comino.cia! .trcct; i has. U . Miiliken, ; 10i CommercUl i dJ*Sil-J!,B-o.r0“'r“«''’ck;*m sE Bri° i maUt^ b it 6U; C.L I'ickard.HkCon.mer finance Committee. i E' 8*r.,n*’ 148 Commercial etreet; J hn • y"?B-,'0‘n;nerciai»tnHt,hiadol wid?. rv « Wharf; y}rj‘0 ln««r»nc*Cu. Kechn»?» at; Charlgill Klin?. DCConmu rci<l etreet; J II Fille hrowu. 1A6 Coirmerc'al etreet: Thomns B iro*hiii* JM1. CommercUl .traot, err Union Wharf; Wm X >> icship, Ca»co Dank. A meeting will bs held at OLD CITY HALL, F.VP.nV vrT-vT?-L UNTIL THK MONEY 18 RAISED! Let Every Eurolled Mail be Present. Sept JO—dif FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING! A SPLMXDI/) ASSORT It EXT OF Fall and Winter Clothing! Fop Itten and Bov* * ' 5 31*7 bo found nt A. lyr. SMITH’S, No. 1Y1 Fore Street. Also*Una stock of Cloths, tuch as German and American Mot o* and La*tor Beavers, Cassimeres & Doeskins, — lot Nice Custom Work. We won’d Inform onr H>ie»di a-d the pnblicthat wa intend to kef (i th<9 beit tha maitit ifloius, ai_d can Reii at the lowest ra’ei ./S'.W W5fk we *■***»!«# and warrant to fit at al: tlmea. We would alto cail attention to onr nice Lnsu m Beady-Made Overcoats, Undercoats, Pants, Vests, And Furnishing Goods, ^.dfoT‘uh.r.iiii,ns?lowfor c“h’ •*,he °!i1 Sept 10—S If AB'E« * SMITH. 1Tl For. St. CUST0M TAILOR! Alexander D. Reeves, !NTo. 98 Exchange St., Uavlngjutt returned from New York and Bo, ten with a large and Well Selected Stock —or— Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, Embracing ail the most FASHIONABLE STYLES, —AND OP— THE BEST QUALITY. La U prepared to make up to oiiisr COATS, PANTS, and VESTS. At the lowest dgure of which the times will admit, and in the latest style. Just retired a NEW fiTYLK of Cloth* ler LADIK8’ CLOAKS. septltkllm New Hat Cap and Fur Store! cr iUCUilljXi/lit WOULD nrpect fully inform the citizeusofPcrf ff laud and vicinity, that they have this day the store No. 95 Middle Street, recently occupied by Uoliin, b Bund, for the tur poM or urryiug on the Fur, Hat and Cap Busineia, in all its **arietiea. Oor »tock will embrace ail tbs latc.t aud muet Kahiioxablb FarU. Lundou and >cs York Stjl.r. ot plain aud tancy Hat* and Fur Goods ia Great Yaiiety. UMBRELLAS! UMBRELLA3!! dr Particular attention given to Rhpairiku vtas, by our Mr. Coe, rtetut y in churga of that department at J. P. bbaw’s. Our numerous frieuda will p’easo call ani aee ua at 96 Middle atre-.t. Aif.ed U Coe J.F. Mcl'alJar. Portland, bept 16, ISCi -dim UK 31 O YALl NATHAN UOl’LD, Merchant Tailor, HAS removed to No 131 Midd c atreef, where he wi!l be p:ea«ed te ra?et hla driend* and enttom era. A good ats .rimout of Clo ha and Trnamiuga cousMu ly on hand •IT* Particular attention given to cutting for others to mave. ?ei>t 22~d3m For Mile. d br ClGABb of the following choice ! 27 400 Dedguio 1st Londrea SitiOO •• 2d 41 000 “ 3i “ Angclitas. 10 0U0 " l*t “ Printiado#. 6 000 " 2d Keg Britanicu*. 6 0(W •• 2i Britauicaz 2 *' Kutiiwtua Galenas 1 at. 2 fiUO •• •• 2d. £ Angelica* 3d Loudroa Printed os. 5 00J A • 2d B ev 9. 10 OUt A C od Lond;c« *0 000 AMI oud n l*!or. 32 i?® A W Klor Primtdo*. -A 800 A M LuudoaCor ta. t 400 A M London Kino o3 Oou Londrea Port Mahon*. 203 000 „ ISAAC EMERY, Head Lone Whf. Sept 12—lm ECONOMns weilthT TUK aubreriber rr'peotfklly iniorin* Ida irionda in general that he will Repair Gentlemens’Garments or BV EHY OBSCBimOM, AT SHORT NOTICE AND FAIR PRICES, Sc that Money can le Saved in these War Times. J. R. STORY, No. 23 Exchange St. Aug 27—dtf New Wholesale House! Merrill, Parsons & Small, SucceMon to II. Merrill, HtVE removed f ora ^31 to the rew spacious rooms i*5 Middle St, K.vnn#' Building, where tbe< now offer a complete stock of Fort ign and Do mestic Fancy Goods, Worat-ds. Woolen Yarn*. Hosiery, Gloves, Dress Trimmings, Ludertakvis'Good, kc. M. Merrill, * L. Parson*, Bcpt 13—41m CU AS. SMALL. ENTERTAINMENTS*" 1% E W CITY 81 A l L. Monday Evening, Sept. 26,1864 VAKItv j HOFFMAN COMBINATION! la«4. FALL TOUB. 1804 ONE GRAND-CONCERT! (4* 4 HOT*.) f By tkt Jfoyt Popular Jrtiifr'iu .Im-.ricj MAD. CHARLOTTE VARIAN, Toe Beautiful Prims Dsdi, M5t. J. R. THOMAS, The Celebrated Bariloue fiom N. Y. EDWARD UOFi'ffl A If, The Distinguished Pianist and Computer, IS it RNTIUE NEW 4 NO ELKU4NT NllouRa *J M a. Tickets, 50 Cents. I Doo«S OPEN AT 7, COMMENCE AT 8 1 JttoSESX* f°r 'l!' “ 1>aine'* Mu ,J Store‘ »«d j Sept JO—d.d j Newcomb's MtnslvcAs. IVew City Hal 1. THREE NICiHTSOALY. MOKDAY, TUE8DAY,WEIiHESDAY, S-»pt. 18th, 20th and 21st. Newcomb’s Great Alliance! TWO BANDS IN ONE | This stupendous organization headed by the pi - naer of Minstrelsy, is aewely augmented lor l if A l. Boors open at 7—commenc j at 8. Admission 26 cents. He erved seats 60cts. !’• A.'CLAUKE, Aceut. Sept 16—dflt Siiig-iii«»- «ol»ooll xu-1- v*ard.iner WLHf* c?n,n"'n<l<‘ bln Rail Tan* of Sinrinr ere., s°t ^,V8°S* hail, No,*/ * ‘ I St., OU luefdey Eveniu*, Oc' 4:n, at 74 o'el'k. Terms—Twenty-fair Ls situs . Lidice. fA UeLtietnea. . 3 oj «rax*r.*nd Ti,a’8d*3 Kx*",u%&%s(ot LEWIS, ROLLISS S BONdT Nos, 141 & 143 Middle Street, Store Formerly Occupi-ti by Jo»lt.h Burleigh. Having leased the above etore at 1 very low rent,we propose to open a First Class Tailoring, FINE CLOTHING, -AMD t Gents’ Furnishing Goods ESTABLISHMENT. I We Buy and Sell for Cash and At tend to Our own Busiseii. We ere enabled to oiler to the peblie Goods as Low as Can ba Bought In tlii* City or Slate. Ii under the direction of Mr. Boar., well kaeweta the public 1- a FIUST CMS!) CLTTFII. Uraieful to our friends and the public for their liberal patronage at our termer place- of bn-i .eee, we tt,,lr tevoi*. .,4 to deal with them on the square. T. C. I.SWIfi N. l\ HOLLINS, Sept tt—dim W “ K >M> KE-O^EJNTKr). The iubecribi rs would respectfully to their bmatron* in' nil* end the public that they bare thoroughly Repaired. Refitted and Refttru!. Led 1 he popular and oen trail, located EATING HOUSE, 2?|* —*» No. 77 Middle Street, (FOX BLOCK.) Ur l.l-k. I It L. _ _ _ a . . _ - — -r*- — — ——— JIOMDAV, JULY 95th. !*il» u4 Ltschei at all hoan if tke hi sad Iifsuj, ICE O REAM 8. FLAW A\D FAXCY CAKE, FBI’IT, CONFECTIONARY, Ac Constantly os hand. SODA WATER, Draws from Dow’s Patout Ice Cream (Soda) Fobs* tain, with Fruit Syrups. P ABTLE8 GUPBIED AT SHOBT NOTICE. We shall he happy to see all oar old friends and make a host of new one*, and trust that non* will have cause for complaint. CALL AND SEE US I ATKINSON &INGERSOLL. Jr»_tf_ R. J. D. LARRABEE & CO., No. CD Exchange StM Manufacturers of ail kinds of FRAMES — BOB — Oil Paintings, Engravings, Photograph*, A Looking (.'antt. Manufacturers of all kinds of JM O XJ LID 11ST 0-3 —BOH— Picture Pram?a aud Looking Gl&isei. The Trade supplied with Flack Walnut, Imitation Rosewood and Fbocy. aud Gilt Oval Frame*. Our manufacturing facilities eunbleusto furnish all ar tides in lii e as low in prie s u cm he found elsewhere. We invite purchaser* to call and exam ine our very dee Kugrav.ngs of which we have a large variety. seplOdtf ]V. ©. Grardincr, Merclmut Tailor, -A!tl> DBALZR IV Ready-Made Glotnirg, Anil C<u s' ITuubhluj; €ioodsy No. 62 Middle St., comer cf Lim* Street, oppo site the Post Office, PORTLAND,.Maim. •eptSdtf CITY OF 1'OKTLANiD. 1% the Tear One T\ nuand Right Hundred and Sixty-Pour. An Ordinance to prevent obstructions upon “ Port land and Fore t Avenuo Railroad. Be it ordained by the May °r, Aldermen, and Com ■am Cc.uneil of the City qf Portland, in C»ty Conn ci! a*.tumbled, at folidtee SECTION 1 Any person wilfully placing «u oh sttuet’on of any kind upon ihe rails of the Port land and FProat A venue Kail road, in the street* of this City, shall he punished by hut* »ot exceeding Tv-cnty Dvilars. „ 4 .. . Snr. t. This ordinance sbail tak« effect and he in foroe from and after its approval by the Mayor. Approved, Sept 6, 18G4, -appro .* 1 JACOB MeLLULAN,Mayor. Copy Attest: B.ptwaw J. M. HKATU, vitj Clerk. ' EDUCATIONAL. ^*rof. Maase.A.M. E cently of 1 hliadaiphia. Instructor iu the French »«»«l Latin Languages. Ii abooial eipiaoattoj. ?H'ir IEmi:1«‘' lectmree in t».e ol Franoe.lortairJJFr,nc" Idloine A nm : Belle, letter, m Cbarl(•^m^*,rE0,o,' °* Hhetoria and ttmt iu.titutiond in fan. **“* L®lle*e, ona of the : For further naatrcslar. bc>ee' betw.uu a and ,V J’Vf a* Mee.rr Bailey A aa to term, at, will be lnioraaaliou unuica. Hon. W. H. Seward, Secretary of a. Kor. Buhop W. B SMn. u [| fc . , Prof ?’ nTu“? 0j,x*-1’«,m„r. ‘*<1'll'biE i,'of; n E*ofelau(|, ol Philadelphia Fror.H.Ccpp...o,Peuaa DniveraftyT Leo B kmtraon, Ku, , ot Baeton. i « H. IHuia, tao., ol Boaton. Lpea garment, k»u., ot Bo>ton. ^Kt. Bey. BiabopT. C Brownell, D. D., Hartford, Dr. £. p. LaProbon, Portland. Bept 5 d2tn Young Ladies’ Seminary. Fall Su Job oftbii 8chool opens Thursday Sept a, in Morton Block. Congree* St. J* in add non to the day school,which has received eo large a share ot the beet patronage ol the city, ar rangements bare now been made to admit a few Boaming Scholar*. For Circular, containing Term*, Ac . addraaa MISSES SYMONDS, Prlnc.p la, Aag 34—eodtd Aw5w 1« Brown S«. Ati1?OD^Seh<l01 for Boy-, Topabam, Maine. 36 miiee from Portland; eaay ef aceeaa_a beaati fnl and healthy loo.lity. Fo^irc.'^Tk? addrcaatke Principal, '1 Sept 1_d3w* WAERt*N J0U«S0*. A. M. NEW HAUPSBIBE Commercial College, Central Hall,-Concord, H- H. THE m°»t theroaeh and extaaaWe Comaercla College in Mew Lnglaud, present* unequalled utilities tor imparting to young meu and ladies a complete bnsine*s education. Send lor a circular containing fh!| tnlormatiuu— addrosi WORTHINGTON * WARMKK Auk 9—dAw6m Frlndpala. s',*** •* »«TiaNMt0'*^)yo /M THE PORTLAHD COLLEGE, Located in Clapp’s Block, Cengrtu Street, 13 » Uuk; in, Stratton k Co.', ebaia .r I*. ■ ■..rT*.**?*. i »“<« Commnrcinl Collem, established in twenty** wo of the lead in r oommmr. OW Oitiu. in lb. did iUM lid The object of thn«. Coll.m la to fornUb j men and ladle, the be.t f.cilitie. for obtaiin* a thorough Bum nee. Kdueatioa. Sehoinr.Llp. for foil couraeof Bork-keepln., Com m.rei.1 I.av. < om-arci.l Calculation,. 8 peace nan iVnm»n«hip. Correapondcace. Lecture, and Pmati eai Eaorciac, la *ood Ibron.hoat Uie chain for aa unlimited period. L. A. OKAY, A. M., RESIDENT PRINCIPAL. „*y For forthar Information, plea*, call at the Collcae, or Mud for Circular and Coilaca Monthly. Incldu, leller rtamp. Addraaa * BRYANT STRATTON A GRAY, p®rtl»»a.Maine. aug31 dfcwSm ANNUAL MEETINGS. Annual meeting ! TI1X stockholders of the Merchants' Bank are hereby notified to mett at V e Bank on Monday. Ost. 3d, at 8 o'elect F. M lor lbs following purpos *•*—For the choice of seven Directors for tbe so- ; suing year. tan-lo eonfi er the subject of adopting the Na tional Batik d‘9tem, ard s t thereon. ll—For the tran* jctlon if any other bminesetbat i may legally cons beiore them. by oruer ol the Dinc’ort, UUAj i* AY SON, Caahier. Portland, Sept 16. lS64.-dtd Manilla*'tut era and Traders Bank. 11IIE S ock holders of the Mar utketurers and Trad* . er* Bank are teieb/uotiUed that their Animal Meeting will be he'd at their Banking roous on Mon day. ibc 3J day of October rext. at 8 o'clock P M.. i . :1'. c" oc* t fMrvc'ors fbr tbe entuieg year, and ' ti»e transaction ot such other bn»imess a* may legal ly come before them. By o:der of the Director*, sept 14 dtd CD WARD GOULD, Cashier. Casco Bank. TITHE Anuusl Meeting of tbo Stoc-holders of this X Bank lor the choice of Director*, and the trans a.tiou of other busirea®, will be held at their Bauk in* Monday, the 81 day of October next, 1 a. do clock 1*. M. Per Order. £. F. GBBBiSU, Cashier. Sept lb—dtd Mechanic*9 Bank. fulllE Annual Meeting of stockholders of the Me- ’ X ehinias Bank, for the eoice of Directors, end an* ! other business which may ecus before them, will be hold at their Banking Boom on Monuay, 3d Oct., at 8 r. h. PerOrde®. W. II STEPHENSON, Cashier. Portland. Sept 16.1864.-dtd Canal Hank. fllUK Annual Meet ng < f the stockholders of this X Bank, for the choice of Directors, will be held st their banking house cn Monday Oct 8 at 11 o’ol k A. M. Al.oto consider the subject of adopting tbe Na- ' t*onaJ Bank System, and for the trsasac ion of any C berbu-ines* fVr Ord**r. bept 16—dtd B C. bOMfcRBY. Caahier. Bank o! Cumberland. NOTICE is hereby given that the annual meeting i of the ptockholosr* of the Bauk of Cumberland for the choice of Director* for the enduing war.and ! t e Iran-action <pf any other business that may come i t“fore them, will be he’d at their Banking Boom on I Mondav the 31 of October next at 8 o c ock r. u. For Order of the Directors SAM L SMALL Cashier. Portland. Sept 15.1864. acpiedul Portland Mutual Fire imuruct vompanj* M1UE Annual Vetting of thie Company will be X held on Mocrta’, October 3, at 74 o'eloek r. m. Per Order. EDWARD 511 AW. Sept IS—dSw Secretary Five Per Cent. Discount, — ON — Taxes for 1864. The time allowed by Urdlaace* of the city for Five Per Ct. Discount on Taxes, j Eorthe prcaent year will expire os PRIDAT NEXT, ! Septomber 23J ISM. HENRY P. LORD, Trraaurnr and Collector. Protlaud, Sept 18. if64 -did Portland Array Committee ox Tax U. S. Christian Commission. Chairman, T. E. Hay a* receives St arte at US Mid d estTeet. Treasurer. Cyra* Sturdivant, receipt! Menty at 76 Commercial etroet Secretary, Henry U. Burjess, reoe*vee Letter* at SO Commercial street. Andrew J. Cha. e. Dr. W. > . Johnaoa. InnelSdtt Diaaolntlon. IIHE arm of Howard A ^ront, as Attorney, and L Counsellors af Law. i« this day dissolved by ms- ' trial eoo«ent. Either partner will attend to the set tlement of cf the busineeaof the late tirm Hr. Howard will continue to occupy office»1 Mid d’e street, over Caeoo Bank. Mr. Ntroat will occupy office 106 Middle street. ! opposite head of Bliuub street. .toesPH Hovaio, Saw all C. Sxaotrr. Portland. June 17. 1864—dta Copai tin r*liip SloHtf. mat; ns hue tht. day loriood a copart• l nrnhir nno. r th» Brut »ud nan » of .rrih, Tarmnun A Srna >. furthopurp * of do nx a whola a ,1a Faaoy tiooda bo.Uma, a. Ho. 144 M dJla .treat, j if o stair,. Portland, Sir. H. Murrill, * ' f.B.tlM. Cats r-MAM AS£ S8lh. 1884. replTdiw Hons.' A I!ou*o Lot* For Sale. SITCATED at Mcntir*Corner, near the Ho* of boi.e lailroad. A one a'ory lo use ard .tab)., v.ith about cue aero of land in n hip’' .Into of culti titioa. Also eight acre, near th« Verb nnd Cutn t'riant K H. within two tninutee walk of th» horee «ars. will ai’uAiad for house lota, and a good .l.auce fur internment. For ihrther purlieu t«re c.qulreof „ „ AN DUE# 4 RAM. Wcathrooi, Stpt 16.1W4 —d2w For Sale. THE fl?n«e Rant atd Lot .Heated cn the comer of CoorreM and I oweli aireet-,adjoining West Conarcgaticual Chap.i lot J ho lot I. .*rg# t iiAngh for a good garden or for tht erection of *B* other house. Eor further HEN iti r WUlltu l 88,417 -Iw Of » EE Vi WJkXMVUTB. AUCTION SALES. genteel Furniture at Auction. ( Is Thursday Sept 22<i at 10 o'clock a. a. at office, .UII.T' 5*" »•!* akaortoient of Furnitara, oon ChLmC?&* Blmck w»“ut Parlor salt, foar hio ut i W * “ 8'»»<JrSlde-Board. Mirror., Waiu« .bV R fr’*‘e*' B"d,t““1'' Centre labia tbto Sfeitlii I, „,r « »*or, Picture.. Ac. Moat of tide lorulturel. new. ana tJ1 ln , „.lM, ord*r Sept 2,-^“^“-** A CO ' Auctioneer.. Vnluuble Real Etuue ni Auction. ON rburadar, Sept 224. at * <,'c!ock p M tea •ball tell at Auotiou the block of two houe* No 3 an I 6 Brackett St. l'beu are good two and a bait • ory bouses, new,with brick bus*m»xit« snd wooden tops; they ure thoroughly hu-Ltd throughout, with §>od closets, good cellsrs. rood water, he. they sre valuable Iioumm for investment. they are sJ wrays under rent—they now pay lour Lund red dol lar* HUNKY HAILEY * CO., Auctioneers, dept 17—td Valuable House ut Auction. 0N Friday, Sept 23. at 1 o’clock ». a. on Ike '^pramUe,. we so, I the atory and a half bos,e So. ih.i?°V’r 8t' The houac la iaiahed tiiroagboc'. ia lu—-“rk“»ollke manner; it baa S Uni.bed and hloaetk; it hak an enaeiient cellar ?a,«m.a"l*!,r.wk'"' h»rd »,ld •»*;>“• baat by a ■himfr..1? tkro«« boat tba hook . We bare !•’ i “ 'mV* priw'* »"d de.irablc a tei cmeat. it rb *r?M a r~ npifbbcrhooda lu lha city. Lu"a"boVT« “‘™ «» ** B«—’ Sept 19-dld“KT BAU-ET *CU., Aaotioacan. ! It. M. I'ATrtN, AUCTIORIUuti „ Dry and Fancy Goods. ON Sa'nrday.*4th September. at 10 a a. Broad Clo'ba, Caaeimniee, Satinet., *I pace*.. Linen, Drtu liood. Cloaking,. Diaper*. Doyiiaa banka.' Craah. Daiaaak, lloaiery. Lutw Udki , IwZi!’ Bdgiaga, fringe*, Clothing, be. * ALSO, An Invoice of Now and Latter Paper, Cntlcrv Pina, Clock*. Stationery, Ac. No poatpoaemact. S-pt 20—dtd ^ New and Genteel Furniture at Auction. ON Tnaaday Sept. 27. at 10 o’clock A. M , at ,lor* Not 144 and lit) Middle at/ret. all tot Furbltara in aaid STore, cuaiaUcg ol l’arlor Soli*. hot*,. Chain. Marble lop Centre Tab.'M. Walant, Chest tut sad i‘tin ted K ranch Chsmbe* sets. Com mon Furniture, hwle. Desk office Faniiirs. »s. Als° i good family hor e. express wagon. Uarrm, u double runner Juncture sid. 4 c. At 12m,a three story wooden bui ding in the rear of Mid store, which «*au be removed or remain leased land. Sept^Std BA1BEY A co • Anorwaauu. Valuable Beal Catnip at A action. ON Tncaday 8ept 27. at 3 o'clock P. a. wc thall cell hoa.e No. 2 Daer SI, tbe ho me. tend of tba lata Capt BcnJ.mio knight. Tba beam ia two ktory and of brffi; it baa 13 gni.hed route a. with good cloaeta Plenty bard and toil water. The bonce ia 38 br 40. with a barn 16 by 34. and a good garden Tba lot ia about 00 lect kqnare. UKSKf itAli.tV are a..,; Sept 16—dtf Furniture at Auction. ON Wedneadny. Sept 28, a* in o'clcck a. x. mud 7) r. u. at the Conirai House on Lime street, z.ear Uic Custom Uouce. all thi FuauirusB la •aid house, count-tine of Red*, LeCsteeds. bedding nod Matre-pc«, t arpeta in variety. Bureau. Reek" er», Sofiu, .Mirror-, Chamber 3e;s, toilet. Work, ana Extension 1 abler; Chair* in great variety; Bar lor. Office and Cook Stoves; Table Cu lery ; Cbiaa 01a*», Crockery; Iron, 8tone, Tin and Wooden Ware, together with the entire effice and kitchen Furniture. a me, UORY BAILJ5T k CO. Auetrc. oepFzl—dta AtelsUtrttor's tele. •• h*rely given, that by virtue of a 11 fr*>® the Judge of Probsu tor the County •r cam her land, I ahaJJ ae’J, hr paoilc auction, at the dwelling boas# oa the nremd*-. on the ttwnicenth day of October, A. 1> 1864. at 2 o'clock ie the after noon, the homestead lot of the late Reuben %oi &*<*>* *»*• *>f FreeporMn said Ci anty, situated la *mid rreeport, acd containing lour acres of land with th<* bonding, thcr'«B * _ HORACE BKKWXR, AdmlnUtrator. Dated thi«,th day of Sep:. 1M4. KtawBw* EOHABO fl. PATTEN, Commission Herchant & Auctioneer Hu remored to th« apaolous .tor, IS K»ohanga Htro*-t. four doors bolow Morah ant's Mxohanae. Will rceeire aoaalgnmenu or Mcrchaadire si •rery doMription. for public or pri* ate eats. Sal*, •fHml Eetate. Vasssb, Cargos., block* sad Her chandiae tidied. Cash adTsaoss aiado, with prompt sales and r.laras. a, childly _ MERCHANDISE^ Sprue* Shipping Boards. 150,000 b ®*w*4 8— J 11 11A BILLS, ilohm’, Warf. CorUaad, Ms. Aog If—dlw Hackmatack Ship Timber. OAK. Hacdnstack. and Hard Wood Plank,Tram nan, lmm II to S3 inches, treenail Wedges. As bo. by L. TAYLOR, JunoISdkm Galt's Wharf, pnrtlaad. TrecuaUs. 100,000J.ub'yr*OA,t raKiU,AILJ'*' SiMoJkTON A KNIGHT, 48 Commercial Wharf Portland, Jun. U, 18*4. J.nelAdtf Sagitr and Xclasaes. 30() uaos., CHOICE HLSCuVAJH) 80 VOTC’8. | GAR. 811 HHDS bsperior Mateo, ado, ud • ' rC8 Clayed Moiamee, 11 B1U from stem Morena, Mow 1 analog and lor tala by THOMAS AdhKCIO h CO., T***_ Cnrtom Ho<uo Wharf. Sierra NIorcua XoIrik*. «J*» - HHDS , OOO { CHOICE SIERKa MO KAMA $SgfM| MOLA83hK.0aiJ,A Mow landing from Brig "C. H. Kennedy" IH08. ASKMCIO b CO.; May I—tf c. a. igharf. TO THE AFFLICTED! DR. W. X. DEMUVU, . AXedical Electrician, So. 11 Clapp’s Block, COMMAS OS CONGRESS AND ELM STREETS WOULD mapactrall. aaaousoto theeiUnae *| Portland and .loin tty, that ho has permanent. W.*®H»0 •‘-••“"h. thaloohneobaaa In town wa bars eared tom* of tha wont form, of dlmase la perton* who bars triad oth.r torau of traatmaat In eats, and caring ra Ueata in »o *hort a Ua. that tha qaastiou la often aikad. do they ,tay cared f To answer th:» oueetioa wa will *ay that all that do aot »tay ca*od », will d ajtor the mond tlm* 'nr nothing. Dr. D. has bees a practice: ~leetr.cian fc r twenty, onaveare. acd D also a reenlar . 1 MMUTcity ia perfectly adapted to chronic • itim ia the form or nervosa or Uck headache; neuraJgl* la the head, neck.or extremities: ccneamptioa abta ia the neat 'stages or where the ling* are not fkiie Involved: acute or chronic rbeumatTtm. acrotala. hie diteaene, whiu•welling*, spiuai dianaane. eamtt a of the iptn*. contracted mnacloa, diet cried limba palsy or paralyala, 8t. Vita*’ Dana*. deaf Baas, stam m rUg or hesitancy of speech, dyspepsia, htdigve. 4 a, oenstipatton aad User complain' pUee-w* rare every oast that eaa be presented: asthma, bronchi. t-a. •triotarc* of the okoot, aad all forms of *-1 complaints. By Hleotrioity The RhcimaUc the gonty. the lamo aad the las* leap with joy, and cot* with the agility aad elastic. Itr of youth: tho boated brain ia oooied: the front blttoaumb* restored, the nnconth deformities re moved; faiutneee eonverted to vigor, weakness to •tnagth; the blind made to too, tho deaf to hear tad tho palsied term to move upright: the bleruahuu *t y nth art obliterated; the accidents cf mature Itto presented: the oalamities of old ago otvhMod, lag aa aotivo drealatien main tain ad. LADIES* Hho have cold hands and feet: weak stomachs, lame aad weak back*; nervoaa aad tick headache: diuineaa and swimming la the bead, witk Indiaes ti oa and ocnatipatiea of the bowels; pain in the aid* and back; lcuoorrhxt. (or whites); fhlling of the womb with internal caneera, tumor*, polypus, aat all that long train oa disease* will Bad la kJcctri*. tty a rare aieaae of ear*, t or painful menstruation, too profuse menstruation, and all of those long iiat of troubles with young ladles, klootrieity le a oenalt specie? and will, in a short lima, restore the safe re to the vigor of health. gy* We kors #w ifie-lre-ths. ical Af pantos to* •xtractiag Mineral Poison from •haayaiem, sack at Heronry, Antimony. Imealo, ke. Hundred* at i are troubled with stiff Jclrts, weak banks, and jmre eia othurdiflleultiuu, the direct caul* of whmh, la aiae cases out of ton. la the effeot oi porno nous dr are, 0 in be restored to natarsi strength aad vigor by tka aie of from Bve to eight Bathe. 7 OSc* boars from t e’alock a, a. to 1 r. a.; 1. f; and T to 8 r. M. CoasulUtioa Tn o. |ylilted NOTICE. THU a ta-tuorship heretofore ralstlng botwvea the aubrertheta under tbo arm ui HATCH. CLrrOHH f CO . is this day ciaoivrd by rnotnai content. J. R. Clifford is author.zed to settle all debts ca* to aad by the eompii y. H. 4 Batch, 7 J K (Hirutn, H A Vao»T Portland. Sept. 10. lhdt, lepljeodjw — ' i ♦ " House and Lot For Sale. NO. Ci Cumberland eirvet. lions* has eleven fln l»b-d roomas btsMco a'nseta—heat by tnrnace. piped for ga«. h»rJ •»« 'Oft water iu the kitchen — Ad in good orJer. Piiuu and t rmv hbera'. Inoair* of JOHN C. ruoctku Sept 1«—dlw Notice to Physicians. THE 8tCc k and Staxd of a l hyeiciaaand Pmg ffia'. in a d .urlahmg Village m this elate, on a Rvilrocd, will to sold at a bargain, as the owner is about reUrtog from om-inrss Apoly to \V. t. PH1LL1P8, W Poriland. e*ptW*Th8tf Notices There la a letter in the real tide* for William Moon* d.J. V Sept 3b-dlt*

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