Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 23, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 23, 1864 Page 1
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« .!--L~"i —---—-—-—v *»"■•.—-- "" 1-:---. '—--7—:-*-- “——:=g=g,i 11 ".---" - 1 _ ■—_ VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, FRIDAY MORNING. SEPTEMBER 23, 1864 WHOLE NO. 690 ORTLAND DAILY PBESS, JOH2S T.QILUAH. Editor* bed at No. 82J EIOIIANCE X. A. FOSTER* VO. t tn reuiXAKu Ouilt I'suuei*pubinhedht 88.00 tie year. t he UA1NKST4T* PoessIu published every Ihure 6t f uiuru.e-.utKfcMttperHinuin, l«i advance; *2.36 If .aid withil six months; ana *3.W, If payment be delayed beyond tbe year. iiutesof Advertising: »*nr!n:»i ofspaceln length of column, constitute* a ; 4^1 ifti " * i .:»u per -quni e dally iirst week; 75 coats per week after; three insertions or Iojs, $1.00; continuing ovs ry other day alter tet-st week, 60 cents. d.a\i square, tiiujt iuuortlbus or los# 76 oente; one week, fci.oO; 50 wots per week after. L adur fcckd ct / muukm bbtb, 32.00 per square par h t.i ; iorcein«‘frticiiB or loss, ul,60. i'K.’TAL Ncnnona, 31.76 per square first week, •1,00 per tquare after; tliree insertion* or less, 91.26; square, three laeertaona, •1.00; one week, •1.25. Advertisements inserted in the Xaibb Statb PnAM (which baa a large circulation in every part of Ihc frtate) for 60 oenu per square in addition to the ttiovi) rates, for cueb insertion. L.B6AL Motkjks at usual rates. 1 ransicct ad v rtkeraeaU must bo paid foriti ad* UAM Businzr.s Moticu», In reading columns, 12 oente per line fqr one iasertiom. No charge lesi than fifty OFitU* tor each Insertion. OTAli oommcoieatiosK Intended for tbe piper Khbdla tt lirectod to the "Bditai cj the Pren, »nd Ihou.oj it bueinteaohirhcterto tbt PuOlishert. (.2T*Jor Paihu»€ o! ever; duorlptlon xecsted t ltd iUphleu. f. Tracy, Travellus Asent. Friday Morning, Sept 23, 1864. Admiral larragub. The following communication, which we copy from the Cambridge Chronicle, will bo found particularly interesting, as showing the early character and promise of Admiral Far ragut, decidedly and without parallel, the finest naval ollijcr in the world of the present time. Mr. FoIsjiu, as his companion and friend, hav ing been kindly alluded to at a public meeting lu Cambridge as having assisted in the forma tion of his character, by J udge Washburn, felt culled upon to furnish a particular account of his count ctiun with that illustrious man. Mr. Folsom was a graduate of Harvard College in the class of lblS, was for a time, a librarian and tutor of the College, and having enlarged bis knowledge ot modern Kuroptau languages, by his long residence abroad, became and is acknowledged to be one of the beet classical scholars f oor country. Silt—My attention has just been called to a report, priuUal iu tbe Chronicle of the 10th in stant, oi what took place at the late assembling of the citizens ol Cambridge, iu me City Hall, 1 to congratulate each olbvr ou the capture ol Atlanta. In this/cport it is slated, that cno of our most eminent citizens made certain ob servations iu which my name was intimately Connected with that of Admiral Farragut, ap parently on the authority ol the Admiral hitn se.K. This prinlcl account contains, in a mixture of truth anil error, a mistake so important, i that, not stopping to enquire into its source, 1 seize the earliest opportunity to correct it iu prilit. This can hardiy be done otherwise than by mentioning a lew facts, which will set the matter right without further allusion to the mis*ppr>'heu-ion I would have forgotten. My ouly embarrassment arieos from the necessity j Ol using tbe llrst person, and of suppressing certain names a hick should be prominent, but ! which 1 have at present no authority to use. The pertineaL facts are these. In the year 1810 a new ship of the line was about to sail ; fr<nn Boston lor a cruise In the Mediterranean. At the last moment;the University (where I j was then a young member of the Government) Was applied to for a chaplain, with special re jjitd to the instruction of inidsMnmen,of whom an unusual number was touched to the ship ; for their professional training. This was be fore the time of regular naval schools. I was despatched, I may almost say, as atl emissary from tltc University ! lor I was to return to my place there, belter Utted by travel to do her ; service. The executive oillcer oftlie ship, the immediate administrative authority iu our fuifii!;' of over seven hundred persons, was-a geulremau whose name js borne op the records f ol the University as au admitted member, j though he never began residence. He at once ! put mu in a position to gain the respect, and in J £o: a few cases the affection, of my pupils; and I u lives to rejoice will; uje Id whatever sue- ' cess has attended them. Among them was one, then in ids early tcers. who had been <u rolled in the Navy as a midshipman ahno-t in Uis childhood. He had already served through I a most eventful period ot bis professional life j puuvr ijtft beptifaetpr who |l»d procured bis Warrant. The history of mat first period might 1 close with the following extract frejt) Captain Porter’s account of tbe capture of the Essex after one of the severest eng rgumeuls ou re- j pord: “Midshipmen I-aacs, Farragut, and Og Jjrp eternal ihumjelves in the perlurmance ol thulr tespectivo duties, and gave an earnest of | their value to the service. * * * * They j are.urn young to be recommended for promo tion.” * * * * “L>. G. Farrugut, slightly I wounded.” + Ui .ciioe Dim us ne nqw appeal eu 10 uie by one word,‘ Ariel.’’ Suffice it to say, that I became deeply interested in him, my pupil, ou shipboard, ior nearly two years; and when l was about to leave the sliip, to taka charge ol'a consu'ar post, J lound that it had been ar ranged, without tip; knowledge of either of us (at the suggestion, 1 thiuk, 01 thu executive oliieur X have above alluded to,) thatFarragut should receive a furlough and accompany me, U 1 « ould consent to take charge ol him. Our mutual joy uas complete, 'lue Intent was, that l should be literally “bia guide, philoso pher, and friend," acting according to toy own discretion, but i tlicially accountable for him gs his supeijor e Ilk or (lor I had not resigned my idabe in the iiavy. While clothed with this complete autuoiity, 1 do not remember that X ever issued an ‘’order,” or had occasion to make a suggestion that amounted to a re proof. All needed control was that of an eld er over an affectionate younger brother. Jle was tuny introduced to entirely new scenes, and bi.ff social aJvipjifigeu which eotp pnnsaud for his former loo exclusive sea life, lie had lotind a home on shore, and every type oi European civilization and maimers in the families of the consuls of different nations. In all ol them my young countryman way the delight of old altd young, This hat) always been among his chip! moral dangers; but here Jie leat nod to be prool agsiust petting and flat ;,.ry. Here, too, lie settled his definition ol true glory—glory, the Idol of his profession,— If pot in the exact words of Cicero, at least in ins own clear thought. Our familiar walks and rides were so many lessens in ancient history; and the lover ol historical parallels will be cr vtiiled to know, that wu possibly sometimes * „ on the very spot wbere.the boy Hauui bai took the oath that consecrated him to the to fence ol his country. _ i k.„dUo\rnar ' horft but alt lhiswastolastnarO!ya.)t»r. xm-io wt:e eigne ol a coming pestilence, not to be mistaken. Communication with Europe would soou bo entirely cut oil', ills Held of duty was not here; I c was not to fie subjected to rl.k of this sort; ami, along with * tunny of banish friends, be pawed over to Italy, and “reiurned to duty” as a midshipman. These are no vaguo reminiscences, awaken ed by recent eveuts, but cherished momorief, kept ever fresh, I have said, Mr. Editor, more perhaps than the occasion called for,—more than enough to nccouut lor strong expressions really uttered, but prompted by the recollections of youth, which are apt to cnutouml cotiropiitanls with cau-ts. In our Catnbiidge “Philosophy of life i|earl” that it not contrary to the canons cn Gratitude. lint 1 would not be understood to relinquish one jot of any share l m«yle falrlv supposed to have had in the training of Admiral Earragut. That would be todelvaud the University, which is immediately concern cd in the matter. Jf in youm none knew him hut to lovo him,” he has now made It cer iglp that henceforth it will be said, ‘‘None named him but to praise.” The better his country men understand him. the more they w1!! ere that his is no false brilliancy ; that he Is not a flashing incleor, but a star in our nt£ tlonsl Armament, The past is secure and whatever chance may betide, we shall feel certain that he deserved success. Let the A met lean Southey who w to write bVs Life put himself in severe training to acquire the rare ability to produce a small book, having the •lirmle truth. treated with good sense in a pure and graceful style, that shall make It indeed a literary monument. 111 1 Yours, respectfully, Cbables Folsom. Cambridge, Aug. IT, 1884. ^ ! MISCELLANEOUS. Mutual Benefit LIFE insurance • CO. Iaoorpsraiei, 1M>. charter rerpetaal. I most suc'easfu! of all Life Assurance Cons A p&uies, has cow a net aoocmulatiou of over &6,000,000.00 Its own history after 20 years* experience is the | best evidence of ns superior management. au * of the ; great udvaiitugti it adoida to the.-e who insure, i Special attention is asked ta the following faoU: The Annual Dividends ~ot this Company are now Fifty For Oont. : and Iiavo be iu for several years. Declared annu | ally, an>. paid af er tiro years A d videuu is declared and paid upon xacx and KVKJtY payment made, whether the partv is living or not. other LOinpany in the Lnited Matte does this. m ^ , l ,i assets on the 31st of December last, a* shown by the New fork lusurauce Commissioners'£eport, weresuffioitut to prov de iorita 'Coaipu ed p.emi urn reserve." the payment c-f “4tt its uiuidends aud ever/ other liability, ooaiingent or absolute, and leave a clear net surplus of $1,807,630,17 This .urpfui it nearly *1,00 ,009,09 larger thin that of any mixer Life Con, au, iu ihe Ui hao hum and Sl,600,0c0 larger thau anv o.her, with two ex captious. • T's tie8 no^ insuring in this Company participate •» the benefits of this large and increasing surplus. This Company has paid to tne assured in Divi dends, $2,350,000,00 while the total amount paid for claims by death ex ceeds $3,400,000.00 Policies issued ou t^e non-forfeiting ten year plan at well a* iu all the o‘ber usual iorm«. Every cousideia t mau who will apply to Life In surance the some or.nciples that Would guidj him in making o her intes mcnts.oi in the mangel) ecto* Lis own b isi -esa wpl assartd y investIgat# thv ad voniugis of th- Mutual Ben fit system, as hinstra t d iu the uictory of this Company, beloro io u ing his liie iu aa> other By neglecting io do so he will probably pay from 10 to 26 aol ars on every *100 ns thi* price of his failure to inform him-elf Kemew *er. the Dividends are SO per cent. The fir st oi e ii paid > oujmtfour years fn m Ihe date if y ur policy; % Divid n*1 is paid you xvimY year tbeieafter, wh le tae Undivid-d surplus lrom which all divide ds are made is net iy *t,GO‘,000, larger tuan tint ot any other Company iu America l.etiaHi vifxjimotim* io run reuoe to all the com panies wil* bo freely *iven at this i ffice, from Com mj.sskno.s Reports lor ruccosiv© ) o*rs. WAR BEN SPARROW, State A*t, Mutual Benelit Life Tnsuranoe Co. Central Office No. $0 Exchange St, Sept 17—dtf Portland, Me. Maine Bonnet Bleacher j, 30% Oonjre# Street, PORTLAND - - - MAINE. Straw, Lace & Leghorn Bonnets GENTLEMEN'S HATS, Bleached & Pressed at the Shortest Notice -ALSO—— HiTS & BONNETS DYED. Every exertirn will be made to bare all orders moMrTLT attended to. JAMES B. RACKLYFT. aug31 3 at. Edwin C. Owen A Co., Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Confectionery, Note, Cigars, Ac., A'o. K Exchange St.Poitland. Oranges, Lemon., Limes, Tamai in os, Prut ee, Cit ron KaieiLB, figs. Nuts of ail kinds, Olives, 8a'dines. Ditss. Apples, Pairs, Peaches, Pr<served fruits. Gum Drops, Losing'«, Candies, llouey, Hppuoe Gurn, Tobaoco, ; Cigars, Pifklea, Pepper bouse, eta., ele. 97* The Trade supplied on the most liberal terms, i h ug 35—lm [ST BOTAL LXTTEKS ] ' AROTIISINE, -e>* Beal Canadian Bears’ Grease! bp»t preparation /of tUp growth t*nd luxuri» i A ance of tbM ba»r For eaie by the Druggist*. saptddlai New Bedford Copper Comp’y. THE undersigned, agent* of the abo7« Company, ' are prepare a to fursiiih suit* of Yellow Metal iCoppar Sheathing, Bolt Copper, Bolt Yellpw Metal,, hlaiie, fd., ft short notice and delivered ft any port required. UcGII.VCRT, RTAN ft DAVII. Sept 5.—dtf PROPOSALS. /CLOTHING AND CLOSING MATERIALS. KiVT DlFiBinitT. ) Bureau of l’rovitiont <*»u I In thing, l September 1 18o4. ) Separate Propostls, aealed aud endorsed "pro posals tor Navv Clotbiog and Clothing Material..*’ will be reoaived at to a bureau a util two o'clock f If, oil toe 12ibdayof ociebur . tat, or iqrnj.biog aud duliv«rini((uu receiving tl»iriy days' uo iee) at tho Uui e l States Navy lards at cbevlestowu, Haas , and Brooklyn, «. V.. In suols numbers aud quant • ties a d at »uoh times as may be spe lfl d by lueohief of this bureau or by t e commandants of the said Navv Yards, r s restively, the numbers and quanti ilts or me different.rtifles,and at tUe places speci fied in the following list, via: C4arlestosvn. Brooklyn. Pea Jacket!.*.. 800D 7Wk) Itouud Jacke i. 2 0OJ 8000 ISiueCloth lioerera,pairs.. 8 00) »(«0 Klue Satinet Tfowears, " ... 8 « # lj JjOo CauvaSsUuck I rowscrp, ** ... 3(K0 ft 00v) Burn8rey Sheeting Frocks. 6(W0 8000 Blue r launei Orerahirt*...... ®(>0O 10 000 Blue Flaunel Unde shirt*.12 OW 18(00 Blue Flannel Urawera, paira .12 000 Blue *aiiuets, yards.fcOO 0 10 000 Blue Flannel, " .60000 1(0000 Blue Nankin, ** . 5 CQ0 iOlX.0 CaU-kiu Based ShO«*,paii*’ 10 000 16 00O K io-akiu Whoea,..10100 16 000 W ‘Olen aocke.10 0t0 18 CO * B (an k eta . 8 000 12 000 Ma tre**«»B (wti b one cover lor oaeb). 6 0'4) fi 000 Black .Siik tlandkeicbief*. 6 000 8 000 Boots pairs. 4i00 0 000 Offer* raav be made fbr ope or more articles,attht option of the hi <‘d««r, and in ca-e more than one ar ticle i«c mtained in tin* «>flb*r, thecniefof the bureau will have th-i right to accept one or more of the arti cle*1 contained in such nffer and rejeot the remain' er. The pric -■ must be uniform, an < t/Vr* embrace all of any 0>*e or more articles deliverable at all the l<For>?liedoBoriptIon of articles In the above H*t bidders are ref rr<d to the sampB* at the f*id Navy Yards and to the ad vert'S^ment of tliU bureau dated I .Inly 8,1803; and for information as I * the law* and raguliti* nr(in pamphlet form) regarding contract*, to tho officers of the several commandants of navy ! yard* anil uav amenta The pspartnp-nt reserves the right to jelect any propo a * not considered advantageous to the Gov ernment. Blank form or propo*a’i may be obtained on an 1 plication to the navv agent at Boston, New Y^ra, and Bhilt-oe plda. and at tbie bureau aepdlawiw NOTICE. milK o partnership heretofore existing botweea X the subjcribcre under the firm of HATCH. CLFFORO f CO.. U <hU day dieo'rrd bjr mu'nal consent. j. r. Clift ,rd js aulhoristd to settle ail debts on to and by the company. 1 1 J R. rt,t«»oa», 11. A Fnoar, Portland, fept. 19,18*4. seplioodlw Rouse & Mouse Lots For Sole. CJITUATED at Me mil's Corner, near thr line of O horse railroad A tore story btuse and •table, V ith "boot ore ac-e of larj in a blab atate or eultl xation, Ateo eight acres near the York and Cam brian ' K It within two minutes walk of the boree tar’ well eitnated for bouse lota and a good chance for inrestmeut. For further psrKculsrs et quire of ANbUEW CRAM. Wcstbroolr, Sept 16,1*64.—dlw Residence Tor Sole. Will be sold at a bargain, U oaliod for soon, a desirable residence on Foroat Arena#, bler “u'tne Plains, cottage hoaeo. nearly new. with goon sta’i, adjoining * j of an aoro of land with pear, cherr. and piaar trees, currants and tiooaber 22" ‘bucdxnce; also asparagas and at'awberry li1?***. within one minato’c walk of the horse ears. Appi, to J. H. COoR, No. I rrebio St. eeptdtl Copartnership Notice. TBE undcrtigned hare this day formed a oopart nerebip undtr the firm and name arilli 1 Parsons k Small, forthopurpie, or^toinr a whole : •Al» UM.ut"'«■ ASpSSitortft ( «p etalre, Portland, Mo. U. MxaaiLt, F. Panaona, __eo.u mi Cba* 1-KaiL. I Aog»», UM. soplSdSw EDUCATIONAL. Prof. Masse, A. M. EhCently of Pht'adelphil, ; Instructor in the French and Latin Languages. LKSSONS In schools and Iamiliei, lectures In schools, explanation in French idioms A na I ti.oot Frauce.iortnerly Instructor ol Kuetoric and Belloi letters m charlesmagne Co!le,-c, one of the i ilrst institutions in Paris. For Inrttierpaatlcuiars, apply at Messrs. Baiiev & Noyes’ between Hand 12 A. M., where inrormation as totenu, &c, will be given. n£rr.itKKCES. Con. W. n. Seward, Secretary of Stats. Kev. Bishop W . B. Stevens, D D , of Philadelphia. Sor;^, Uloveland Coxe, ot Baltimore. V; 5' Ulevelaml, of Philadelphia. 1 rof U.Coppie, of a University. Loo B. Emerson, Esq , of Boston. H. H. Dana, Ijq., 01 boston. Epes Sar*cut, E^., of Boston. ^Itt. Bev. Bishop T. C Brcwuell, D. D., Hartford, Dr. E. T. Lerrohon, Portland. Bept 6. d2a» NEW HAllPSUIBfi * C.ommeroial Oollege, Central Hall, - - - - Concord, H- H. TUK most thorough aud extensive Commercia College in flew England, presents unequalled l<cilitea ior imparting to young men aud ladies a complete business education. Send tor a circular containing fn1! inlormatlcn— addrees WuuTlilNGlofl ft WAKAJKK, , Erincipala. Aug 9—d&wGm .31 * J • » Located in Clapp's Block, Congress Streef, IS » link in Bryant, Stratton k Co.’e cliuln of In ternatlona' Busines* and Comm-iuiUl Uollein-a, i established in twenty, wo of Ibe leading comaier* i cial cities iu the Vnited States and Canadas. The object of these Colleges is to furnish young ; men and ladies tho best facilities for obtaining a thorough Bus ness Education. Scholarships for full course of Bork*keeping, Com mercial Law, Como ercial Calculations. Spencerian i Penmanship, CorreSpondeuve, Leotures and Fraud* ' cal Exorciaes. is good throughout the chain for an j unlimited poriod. L. A. QUAY, a. M.t RESIDENT PRINCIPAL. For farther informations please call at the | College, or read for Circular and College Monthly, inclosing letter stamp. Address BRYANT STRATTON A GRAY, Portland. .... Muine. ! J'JgOl dtw3m _______ I ANNUAL MEETINGS. Annual meeting ! THE stockholders of the Merchants' Bank are hereby notified t> most at t’e Bank od Monday, ! Oct 3d, at 8 o’clock P. M. lor tb j following purpos- ! 1st—For the choice cfscYen-Directors for the en- I suing year. 2nd— cr the subject of adopting the Na tional Bank 8\ stem, attd act thereon. '3i—For the transaction of any other business that may legally come before them By order of the Directors, „ , CliAS. PAYTON, Cashier. Portland, Sept 16,1864.-dtd Manufacturers azid Traders Bank. THE S.ockholders of the Manufacturers and Trad er* Bank areneieby not.lied that their Annua! Meeting will be held at their Bank mg i oora on Mon day. ihofd day of October next, at 8 o’clock P M., lor the oho;ee of Directors for tho oumiIi g j ear, and the transaction of such other bu&iaeso as may legal ly come before them. By Older of tbs Directors, ■eptl4 dtd EDWAliDGOULD, Cashier. > ^ casco Bank. mUE Annual Meeting of the Stoc holders of this . X Bank tor the choice of Directors, and the tra» s- ! action of other husircs*, will be held at their Bank ing Uouco. on Monoay, the 81 day oft, ctobtr next, i at 3 o’clock P. M. Per Order. E. P.GEBHISU, Cashier. ; Sept 15—dtd Mechanics* Bank. THE Annual Meeting of stockholders of the Me- ; chani m bank, for the coice of Director*, acd any j other business which ma> come before them, v.ilj be held at tbeir Banning Boon on Monday, 3u Uqu , next, at 3 p m. Per Ord©-, W. 1{ 31 EPHijtfSON, Cashier. Portland, Sept 1C, j»64.-dtd Canal Bank* THE Annual Meet ng tf the stockholders of this , Rank, tor ihe choice of Directory will be held at their banking house on Monday Oct 8 at 11 o’cl’k ; A. V. Ai-o to ODDt-ider the subject of adopting the Na tional Rank 8; stem, and tor the tram&ciion of $ny . other bu iu^ss. P^r O d jr. fcept j6—dtd p. oOMUtBY, Cashier. Batik ot Cutribet land. NOTirE is hereby givi n tha* the annual meeting j of the rtockhoi* er» ot the Bank of Cumbeil na for the choice of Directors for '1 e en>-ui'>g >• ar,aud the tran action * f any other business that may conn? ! before them, will bo be d at their Ranking i;oo*« on Monday the 3 I of October next at£ o * ock p. H. l’ei O der ol the Directors SAM’L SMALL. Cashier. Portland, Sept 15 1864- tcpPuiid PoriiumS Mutual Fire luturance Coni|>nny< THE Annual Meeting of this Cempanr wi’l be held on Monda , October «, at 7A o’clock f m. fer order. LDWARDSHAW. Sept 18—riS* Secretary. RE-OPENED. . j rbesubscrlbcr* would respectfully announce to their numerous iriends audtbe public that haye tl^opou jjfty ^ Repaired. Refitted and Refnmiihed The popular and centrally located EATING HOUSE, I No. 77 Middle Street,; (FQX BLOCK,) \ Which will be opes on and after MONDAY. JULY ISth. — lull nl Lasefaes at all loin of tls Bay aid Breaiag. I Cl £ OKJ34M8, PLAIN AND FANCY CAKE, FRUIT, CONFECTIONARY, &C., Constantly on hand. SODA WATER, Drawn from Dow’s Pa'entlce Cream (Soda)Foun tain, with Fruit Syrups. PARTIES SIXPBIED AT SHORT NOTICE. We shall bo happy tosoeullonr old friends and make a host of new ones, and trust that none will have cause for oomplaint. CALL AND SEE US 1 ATKINSON & INGERSOLL. Jy*_ tf ECONONins WEALTH. THE eabrcriber reepoetfhll, informs hid Iricaia la funeral that he will Repair Gentlemens'Garments OP 1TUT D2B0B1PT1O*, j AT SHORT NOTICE AND FAIR PRICES, So that lionet can U Saved in thete War Timet. J. B, STOBT, No. 28 Exchange 8t. Aug 27—dtf __ STATE OF MAINE. Exkodtiv* Dipabtmbbt I Augusta, S^l't. 20, 1834. f An adjourned session of the Executive Council, will be held at the Council Chamber in Augusta, on Monday, the third d*y of October next. Attest. EPHRAIM FLINT JR., •cpSldtd Sicrgtary qf State. WANTS, LOST,FOUND v Board Wanted. IN a private* family, whern there are no oh or boarders, for tho wife and child of an officer in tue liGveiiu'j fccrvice, Or a Small Rent Wauled In a convenient location. Part of* Lou e preferred. Addrcs3 STEPHEN BfcJCKY, 1721 Format. Sept 21— dtf i Fouad, AT large in the streets of Portland — A Cray Horse * nd side spring Wagon, with side Fprinps under the sea^. Tlo owner i* requested to 0*11. prove property, nay charges, and take the sama away. JOHN S. ll&ALD, City Marshal. Sept 21—dlw Found. , biils. The o wnt r cm bare tb) same ng property and pi 1 gcharirf*. Call • »t A l iomtoh, I «ept'7 dfcw2w Mo 2 Warren M*rae\ Drllg Cleik Waiilid. 1 /"VNE prefcred that ha. had one or two years ox yj perfeuoe. Apply at 145 OODgre.s stroet. H- pt 18—dtf Boarders Wanted. All'lt gentlemen wiih their vires can obta'o board; alsoa few slug e bjurders, at 13 AUauiio ! street. Enquire of JdKj. bUtLErf, on iho prtm I _ BOplSd*.* RECRUITS WANTED! -TOR THK Eighth Regiment! Highest Bounties Paid. Two Musicians Wantedt ▲ Drum and Fife ifft^or. I can offer $50 per month to a Drum Major of cx peritnc«. Enquire of CAP** MORRIS, Opposite International Hotel. t 8ept 1£—dlw* feh’tok makers Wanted. AKE v good workmen will dud steady employ ** higheet niicea, by auu yin/ at jS^WW 8*Ook Ma*u.act.rrv. 8o«HBBu*ionTSrIt hid olhcc NO $ lucia Wh^rf. Bo*toi». fi- pt IS—dltn Wanted, A PLEASANT and convenient tenement of four or fire roonn, ue tr in« ceure of me city, for * tainiiy ot outy two peitoao. r n h a tenement can be rout d to ag-.od , aviag tehi\.it, and htM for a number o' year* «oolo who will take goo l c ire of a*m , by addrtsing L. J. u , box U For land r. O., mating location, Ac. tf Lost or Stolen. A® OLD WATCW.Opon face, a gold colored dial. attached to a bison riboou, wit-, a gold buckle aud a gold quaitz reck itai—supposed to have t.eeu lost in geutl-suion.' at k it u f. It Depot. Who ever roalore. the abo/e «l J he suitably reward d by tearing it at D If. Cursor's office U. 1. K. Depot, or tbe owner N. S. UKANT. Portland, Sept 13 sapUdtr "W anted. FIR a family ot four(uo small children) a nice genteel two storied house, in the centre ol the city .separa e irina block. Box 110 Port land Post, Office. aepiildtf LOST. SVOft REWARD. ON Centra) wharf, or around the Grand Trank j Depot and y»;d; a Calt'okia Wallet contain lug a cousidiable num ol mouey, and papers of jio ! value to any one but tbc loo or. The finder will be rewarded as above on returning the same to No. 8 CeutriJ Wharf, or 72 Hr&oketi street. Pejtland, Aug. bl 1664 angSl dtf I "W"suited I rMcrbcnle* and Cherries. TlBf highest price paid *or ripe FJderbcrries,p,*ck cleai*, and al>c B.ack Cherries, b\ W. 8. Mama, Windham, or (jKKENOUUU A WORSE. Sept 6—uAwtf 20 Market oqnare. House Wanted, M Wanted by the advertiser, a convenient, cent, ally located, and pleasant hou^e for a small family, without children—pos-<C8S«ou to be ft« a as early a* the middle of October, sooner if pogrl If. it musthavo good water conveniences, | and be well finished. The advertiser would lease such a house tor a term of years, or purchase If terms suited. A two-etory | 'ittawr.** Q* at the PreRS Office, stating loca tion, gene a) terms, Ac conjMcntiaUu. Portland, Aug 1,1864 —dtf Lost. STRAYED from the pasture of Mr. Francis Rob erts, Westbrook, last mouth, a three year oii gray Colt, small fdzo; whoever wil1 return him or give information whore he may be found, will be ecitably rewarded, by calling at No c9 Spring St. * FRANCIS K. f.MERY. Portland, July 13,1864.~<itf Board. SUITS of Rooms, with Board, can be obtained ty applying immediately at 30 Danforth street. IC&v 11th. uiavl'idtf Hanson Slock, middle St., No. Wl. Scholarships good in any part of the United States j *9 rrincipa) has bad 30 years experience; is always •b tho spot, and attends to his business; and prom- j isos, as during the past 12 years, no pains shall be spared in the fixture. Five hundred references ol j the iirst class business men, with many others oftfcif ! •ity, wttl testify to the practical utility, capacious- i ntss and completeness of my .systems and manner i el teaching, and citizens of other cities have testified { to the same. Diplomas will be awarded for thor ough courses. Ablu Assistants secured. Bartlett’s ; Flan, tho founder 6? Commercial College*, strictly 1 adhered to as regards not copying. Certain time# f win be devoted to Commercial Law elucidations.— j Come all who have failed to be taught a business h&nbiwrating and 1 will guarantee to you success. > Appticatiou*soiicifcod for Accountants. beparatein 1 «truction given. Students can enter any time. Bep- , arate rooms for Ladies. Tuition reasonable. Intri- < cote accounts adjusted. Ladies and Gentlemen that i desire to take lessons, or a full, or a separate course, in either Book-Beeping, Navigation, Commercial j Law, Phonography, Hixucr Mathematics, Civil En gineering, Surveying, Native Business Writing, Ccsawerti-1 Arithmetic, Correspondence, Card Marking, (and teaching trom printed copies and Text Books will bo avoided ‘.lease call, or addresc the Principal. R. N.BROWN. Portland.Oat.3.186*. oeifc eoaAeowly PENSIONS! BOUNTIES! -A KD— BAOB. PAY : Are obtained for Wounded Soldiers (discharged, and the friends of deceased soldiers who Are euWed to the same by BYRON D. VEKR1LL, Attoraej ud Ceaucller, it Hi. 117 Kiddle Stmt, 0 -ASD Licensed Agent for all tho Departments at Washington fort land, April 23,1864. ap2f>eoriRm L, U lit « E AS , Carp4na Lumber Company. TH E undersigned ha* been appointed by tbe above Compan-. 8 In Agent tor the sale o' lumber, tor the Mate of New York And ail - orts and places north of New Yerk, ana is prepared 10 furLhh hard pine lumber in any quantity p, by ibe cargo, sawed to any desired d menn^ns, at the shortest notice: also Black Walnut, Bay wood, fce. JOB A. TURNER, No.Washington 81., Boston, Mass. Aug. 10,1364. c-od 3m To Merohant Tailors and Cutters. IUAVK left with Hr. W. D. Jnmea, l?o 6! Mid die r-treet, Po»t and, copies of the truo science of | oiaftingga ments. Hr. J fu lv miners ands ibe I 0 eory a»d prurtico st woll as 1 do and cau com muxicat as well to others. Ol id MADltON. Pox viand, Sept 16 1864. i Having received anthoriiy from Mr. Madison, 1 am prepared ♦# Inrni-h all thu necessary iuforma I tion. and supply tbos>e wbo may wish with the rule#, I at Mr N. 8 Gardiner's, No. 62 Midd e stn et. | Bept 16—3m W. D. jAilKS. Altl QOartbu Mai-tib's Obbicu, 1 Forage llpanenm. No. fi« Cedar street, N. Y. Sept. 12,18S1 ) THE Government will requite in all purehaiei of liay on ill aceouut in the State of M ine, a itrict anno atice to sect ins 8V 80 and 87. tliajser 88 of the Be ii datatype* of Miiie of’808. The law iiluet and proper for the prevention and defectiou of fiaui, and must he »tjij’ly cmnpli.d .. *• l- HBUWN Capt and A. O *• 1 Fien*B, y u. agent, No. 80 Commfroiai 8» ccptzj—dim Po tland. Wain*. Boarding. TUB pirate hoard nf houie No. 77 Free Street. id:s^Sh%r“tfthdb<j2.‘(?t*d •ept IT—dlw* FINANCIAL. U. S. 7^30 LOAN. The Secretary of the Treasury glvos notice that subscripts na will be received lor Coupon Treasury Noteu, payable three year* from August 16, 1864, •even and throe-tec tlu; per cent per annum,—principal and in terest both to be paid in lawful money. These notes will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity, into six per cent, gold bearing bonds, payable not le»3 than five nor more than twenty years from their date, as the Government may elect. They will be Issued in denominations oi fifty, one hundred, five hundred, one thousand, and five thousand dollars, and ail subscriptions must be for fifty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dol lars. The notes will be transmitted to ths owners free ot transportation charges ns soon after the receipt oi the original Certificates of Deposit as they oanbe prepared. As the notes draw interest from August 18, person! making deposits subsequent to that date must pay the interest accrued from date of note to date of de posit. -jArties depositing twenty-five thousand dollar! anc upwards for these notes at any one time wiil b< allowed a commission ol oue-qoarter ol one pet cent., which will be paid by the Treasury Depart ment upon the receipt of a bill for the amount, eer ciiied to by the officer with whom tha deposit wa» made. So deductions for commissions must bs made from the deposits. ' Special Adraatages of ihii Loax, I It is a KaAonal Savings Hank, offering a hi^hei ’ rale of interest than any other, and the best secure • ' ty. Any savings bank which pays its depositors in U. 8. Quotes, considers that tia paying in the beet circulating medium of the country, and it cannot pay in anything hotter, lor its own assets are eiihei i in Government securities or in note* or bonds pa>* I able in Government paper. it is equally convenient as a temprary or perma- i non t investment. The notes can always be sold lot within a fraction of their fhoe and accumulated in terest, and are the beet security with banks aa collat erals for dicoounts. Convertible into a 6 por cent. 5-20 Gold Bond. In addition to the very liberal interest on tht notes {tor three years, this privilege of conversion is now worth about three per cent por annum, for the current rate for 6 20 Bonds is not ess than nine per cent premium, and before tho war the premium on six per cent. 1J. 8. stocks were over twenty |>er eeit. ! It will be seep that the actual profit on this loan, at j the present market rate, is n^t less than »eu percent. ! per annum. Its Exemption from Slate or Municipal . 1 axation. But fe*ide from all th . advantages we have on urn* . erated. a special Act of Congress exempts all bonds and tr<asury notes from local taxation. Ou the \ average, this exemption is worth about two pei j cent, j or lumm, according to taxation in varioct parts of the country. It is believed that oo securities off er po .creat in ducements to lenders as those issued by the Govern- , me lit. In all other forma of indebtedness, the • ta th or ability of private parties, or stock compan ies, or separate communities only, is pledged for pay ment, while tho whole property ef ta© country is hold to secur? the discharge of all the obligations of the United Stales. While the Government offers the most liberal terms , eritaloaas it bilievoa that the very fttronsefct ap- ! peal-writ he to the loyahy and patriotism of the peo |/A«. Subscriptions will be received by the Treasurer of ! the United States, at Washington, tue several As- i list ant Treasurers and designated Depositaries, and ! by the Fir«i National Bank ol Portland, Maine, j and by ali National Banks which are Depositaries ! ot publio money, and all respectable Banks and Bankers throughout the country will give furthei 1 intormatoc, and afford every faculty to subscribe. ! Aug 20—d&*2m CASCO IS AN K. : GOVERNMENT 7 3-10 LOAN. THE Casco Cank is prepared to received subscrip tions to the new 7 3-»0 loan ij aums of #50 and I apvva* ds, paying interest on same frnm dat*< oi sub- i scrip! ion to August 15lh, the date of the Government notes. P©r*ons having 850 and upwards now have a j good opportunity or landing a helping cand to their 1 Government by subscribing liberally to this loan. The notes are convei title at the ond ot three years i into wpe ie. paying 6per cent 5-20 bonds. Loans taken on asfavorab e terms as at any other Bank. „ E. P. G Ell KISH. Cashier Portland Ju‘y 28,1864. jy29 dlstf FIRST NATIONAL BAAK, Eeven-lhiity Notes foi Sale. Interest somi-au Dually, payable in paper at the rat© of gove- and three ten hs per cent, per annum Bonds couv or table in three years into six peroer.t five-twenty bonds, upon which the interest is paya* blein eoiu. The notes will be delivered here free of expense. The purchaser will receive the interest to August 15 if subscriptions are made before that time. One-eighth per cent, commission mill be allowed subscribers at this Bank upon all amounts Qf 81,006 and over * W. E. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, July 30th, 1864.—dfitwtf Oa nal 23 a nli. ; Government 7 3-10 Loan. Thl, Bank is prepared to roceire -nbscriptions to the new 7 310 loan in earns of S5f and upwards, paying interest from date of eutscri ption to Angnst 15th, the date of the new loan. The notes are couvortahie at the end of three years into specie paying 0 per cent 5-30 bonds. Ono eighth per cent will bo al owed on allamounts of *1000 andorer. B. C. SOMEKBY, * Cashier. Portland. Ang. 1. ISW.—dtf New Steam Mill, Foot ol Cross, between Fore A Commercial Sts. WINSLOW, D0TEN & CO., WOULD inform their former customers and the pubiio general v, that tney have Mitt d up their New Mill with New Machinery, and are now ready to do Plating, Matching and Jni-tting. also Sweep and Circular bawinir, ifTod Turning, fc. Wu have in operation one of Messrs. Gray t Wood's new improved Planert. for FLAMING OUT OF WIND. D will plan* with the greatest accuracy Aram I inoh | In thickness to 12 inches square. Also AN EDQKJX FfFiT FJ£ST LONG, For tawing heavy plank and edging boards. Particular attention given to planing Ship Knoes, j Cl&vboarm, and heavy Timber. For the accommodation ot dealers and others hav* ! ipg larjje lot* of boards 10 plane, we have in connco* i tf. n with the mill 17,000 eottare feet of yard room, r Jyl9eodtf ! Oarria ges, O arriages! ' j Firmly I)oi and Neatly Finished. . i J. P. LIBBEY, No. 20 Preble St., /■\FFERS for sale, at hi* establishment. • variety j KJ of Carriages made in the neatest and most sab* 1 ttantia] manner. The assortment comprises all ibe dljr -rfct styles of Light Carriages, and they will be • §eiu on the most fhvor&ble term*. i'er*ons intend* j' icg to purchase Carriages will find it for their inter ; est to eailand examine before buying elsewhere. InnnV.dtf H'hc Cheapest Agency r)S collecting nil classes of claimc arising iron Ik* war la tliat of the “MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION.’ in wbicli tlie expenses are controlled by a disinter etted Executive committee. Apply io person, or by letter, to GEOKGK W. EMKBT, ever the Portland Poet Offioe, Mstorj, : MISCELLANEOUS. J. E. FERN2LD i SON, Merchant Tailors, b i v .*■•. \ ,, ... • And Dealers In iieut’N Furnishing Ciootls, No. 87 Middle Street. Our facilities for supplying our customers* with promptness, fidelity and despatch are unexoelled. Oar book is large and desirable, presenting ail the Novelties of the season. TERMS “NOT CASH."' Portland. Aug 10,1864.—dtf NOTICE. TheWeed Sewing Machine Co. Have ostaNisled an office for the sale of their Ma chines »t No. 187$ Middle 8t., cppoite Free St., which will bo open to the public on Wednesday, Sept 7. Wherever tbi* Machine has be- n introduced it has to a great extent bi pr needed all otters. Hat lug en gaged the services ofMr. J. Bradford cf Boston, a practical machiui t, who bos Lad over ten years ex* perience as a manutacurer and re, airer of Sewing Machines, they are p t pari d to repair and put in perfect running order every kiid ol Sewing Ma chine. For the purpose of iutroiuciug them more ex*e sively they wi.l fora short time allow the vai»:e of cheap snd inferior machines In exchange far the Weed Machine. A limited cumber of Weed Machfues to let by tfce month or year. Machine Findings of every description constantly on hand. Orders from the country should b* addressed. Weed Sewing Machine Co. No., 137$ Middle St. j C. W, *IOBI Ageul. Por:iand, Sept. C—codtf NOTlt£. WE, the undersigned having sold oar Stock of i Coal and Wood to M ssr*. han dal l. Ale Alia ttr f ,Co.t do ohceriu’ly recommend iktm to oar former customers. A I persons hating demaude against us arw requested io present lor settle* tndat, and ail per-ons indebted to us are reque-ted to maho immediate payment at the old „!&ud where one oi til© undersigned may belonnd tor the present. SAsFYKJi * WniTN Er. Portland, J un o 0,1364. Jnccl8d3 w Coal and Woodj TUB subscriber haring purchased the Stock ol Coal an t W004, anti tuken tbf .land rtcentiy occupied by Meters. taieytr f Whitne., heed ci i Main* Wharf, .re now prepared to supply their former patrons and the public generally, with a One assortment of WELL PICKED AND SCUEENKD Old .Company Lehigh, Sngar Loat Lehigh. Hazellon Lehigh, Locust iionntaia. John’s, White and Red Ash, Diamoud and Lorberry, Together with the best quality of Cumberland Coal 1 A Superior Coal/or Placktmith*. A5*», Hard uad Soft Wood, Delivered to order in any part of the city. The former customers of Mcs> ra. Sawyer A Whit* , ney are respectfully invited to give ua e call. HAND ALL. McAf I.ItfTKK k f\l. Portland. June 12. 1RT4.—rllv COivartnersliip Notice. -AMD BUSINESS ADVESTISmENT TOE subscribers haTinj? on tho 7tb Jay of May lor me d a oopartnoreldp under tho name of McCaplby k ISeprv, For the purpose of currying on the * BOOT AITD SHD2 /JUSTUSES In all Its branohes, and haring a'l the faeilltlo? for get lag up Urst class work Dr gentlemen and lad'ee, wear, are now r> ad; to executer!l orderj with i iat- ; ness and alspatch Our work will be cade of the best of imported stock, by tho host of workmen, and Five P“r out sat..faction. It is our alee • ed States *“ lathe Calf : Wc hare also completed a stock of ready itfliBI'1 work, of tho first quality, tor Ladies. Gentlemou. and Children’! Wm Boloctod irons Mew York ana Boston murker* Our Ladles' work Is from the oelcbratod hurts Manufactory of New York. 1 or Oeutlemen’e wear we bare the bast assottxnenl 1 ever offered for sale in this c*ty; sucb as due Krenob Patent Leather Boots; Clove Calf and Calf Con- I fires? Dr gentlemen’s wear; Patent Leather Con gress, and Calf Congress Balmoral, and : ow French Buck e Boots. Have you seen the new style CK1MPKD-FBON1 BtCKLE BOUT, now made by McCarthy ft Bar* ryf For neatness, concert and beaurv, it surpasses anything ever got up In this city. Call and see It; samples always on hand at the old stand of M. Mc Carthy. McCarthy & berry, No. 06 Exchange Street. luneldtt The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Arc the best Instruments of their class in the world. • Nearly all the most promiuen artiste In the country j have given written testimony to this effect, and these [ instruments are in constant use iu the coaocrts 01 I the most distinguished artists—as Uottschalk and . othors—as well as in the . ires iu the principal oit ies. phcuever such insTumentsare reuu red. Price 1 • 16 to *100 each. These inst'ain^n's may re fou^d ' at the tfusto noomaof the subscriber, where they will be told at the manufacturers’ prices. H. S. EDWARDS, No.S49J Stewart's Blook, Congress at. aprlSdtl BRADFORD ft EARftOB, Pension and Claim Agents, ! (Established in 1*51.) STILL continue to devote their special and excll- i site attention to the prosecution of Claims for i Pensions, Bounties, Arrears of Pay and Prize Honey, And all other claims against the Government, h » ing bce.u a uly licensed therefor. VST All advice free. Terms as low as at any oth er Agency, and no pay reqnirea until the claims are I obtained. Office S8 Exchange street, Jose Block. F. BKADFOBD. t ... z- gabmon. June2I.—dtf MILLOOHAU’S PATENT PAINT OIL. A Perfect Substitute for Linseed Oil, AMD MOrcU CHBAPUR. IT is used in the same manner a* L’naeed Oil, dries quickly and very her i, oiu b3 u*ed with ail co oid, au J p >8 esse* deeded adv&utages lor all work on ma-ufa‘taring e«tatrbl.m >nta, depots, cars, engines. ai) kinds ol i ou worn, for roots, and wheievoi a wafer proof paint is required. For all kinds of ► Li ip work, exposed to salt water, it ks su perior to any rthep. Address orders to CRAFTS ft WILLIAMS, 6 & f ColIXKUCIAl, WHiRF, BOSTOW. Boston, Apg 27,13J1. xug3eoo3m Sewing Machine Improvements. ALL owners of approved Sewing Machines are invited to oall at NO. 11 CLAPP’S BLOCK, and aeu the operatim of two of the moat important improvements of the day— William's I'atent Craak Scion, and Bjde'i Attaekont. The former place* the control of the machine en tirely under t ocontrol or the feet of the operator, preventing ail backward motion of the wh-el, al lowing the freedom of both hands to handle the uo^k, and saving the bretklng of needle* and the entvngiing of i be thread. Tho lat'er wil. allow the free nas of linen thread or of Inferior cotton, and entirely doea away with the soaping of the cloth. Call and *« and von will not flail t6 have them ap plied to yonr msehiuea. JOHN POUTER, Agent. Mr. Porter will pat machines in order and toaoh the operators how to nse them, so that they will hare no trouble. Fort land. An* 10 1S64. Portland Company, SUBSCRIBER* to the Now stock may make pa1 mi nt tt the office ef the Company on Fore otreet, or at the Merchants- bank P y ,. Ut*n de a,t" «»>e 15th Inat. Intelsat will 1)4 oharged. Payment must be made, or secured by Oct. 1st The certifies Usof atock of the preaentShnrsboldera will b„ received at fifty dollars p-r absre EDWARD 1j DA VEId, Clerk Portland, Seft 14,1864 d2w House and Store Lots to Leaae. O’* Congrrai*, North and Cumberland, abort Waahington afreet, traludlng ihe dealrabia lot corner of Congre-e end North .treats. Apply to 1 SejlWlm I. F- FULLER, 18a Congress street. business cards. REMO VaiTj NATHAN MOULD, Merchant Tailor, HAS removed to No. 131 Hidd'eetreet, where h will b3 p!ea-od to 111 .et his tiriuuds and custom era A good assortment of and Trimmings consist! Iv on band. .... ST Particular attention given to cutting foi others to make. Sept 12—<!3m Dana & Co. Fish and Salt, Luther Dana, ) POTtllBd, Woodbarj Dana, j __ , j«*i. s. Dana j lalne. __ Juneldtf Join T. UOtiEBS Sc CO., OomraisBion Merchants, ▲VD WH0L18ALMDKALHK1» Flour, Provisions & Groceries. Mo. 61 Commercial Street, } POBTLAMD, JUt. ___JonaldSa Wholesale and Retail. L. DAVIS, Bookseller, Statloaer, ▲ MD MAMCVAOTDBSH 09 Premium Paged Account Books. PAPEK UANG1NGS. Sfo. 63 Exchange Strct, Portland. Me. janeldtt OKAS. J. SniOMl’CMBK, Fresco and Banner Painter, No. 144 Middle Street, PORTLAND, MU. gr Work executed In ovtry put Of th» State. 1 jaaoltl BUFUS DTJBKAB, Mauafactur'-r *ed WholeuV Dealer la BRITANNIA Plated Ware, fea .* Wo. 218 Fore etreet, Portion* “■ Maine. rcruana, may mn, ism. maynai BURGESS, FOBES, A CO., ■AFUFAOTUBBBB OF Japan, While Lead, Zftne, Paint*, And Ground Ooloro* AMD DEALSA* IF • • Drug, Medicines, Paints, Oils & Varnishes. faint and Color Factory, So. S Manjoy St., Oaee fc Salesrooms, 80 Commercial 8t.j (Thomas Block.) Bikt U. Brtaui, si„iihi vs Chahlhs e. Kora*. MITMflS, IS. IQATlSdtf BLAKE, JOAES A CO., FLOUR & GRAIN DEALERS, And Be Ter* of W estevn and C adian Produce, 127 Commercial Street, - • • Granite Block. Charles Blake. ) Henry A. Jones, } POBTLAKD. R. W. Gage. , Janeldtf JOHN LYNCH k CO., Wholesale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Oranlto Stores, - - - Commercial street, (Oppoeite head WIdgory Wharf,) John Lyn*h, ) Pel.* Barker, J PORTLAND, MB. Thoa. Lynch ) Jnneldtf Ac MOODT, OEtFFXAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS! And W holeeale Dealer* In FLOUB, CJBH AND PRODUCE, No. 6 Oalt Block. Commero'al St, Andrew T. Dole, I u_ Franklin C. Moody, J PORTLAND, MB. JaDAldfim C. H. OSGOOD. DEjSTTIST, Fo. 8 Clapp’s Block, Market 8qnare, r> OMTLAND. TT*Artificial Teetb inserted on Gold, Silver, mnd } u< can i/e base. All operations warrant td to fire satisfaction. JuneS0t»o<li-Jly'64 E. £ LEMON T, Carriage Manufacturer, Preble Street, - - Portland, Me. ar*C»rriage» and Sleighs on band and made to Older. Jnuel&dtf €. P. Kl H BALL, It AKUFACTUBU OF Carriages and Sleighs, Preble etreet, (Hs" Preble Houae.) PORTLAND, MB. Silt Room, lit and 111 sndbnrt Si., Rot Ion, Matt. Inneltf Safes \ Safes \ \ FOB FA LB AT JAMES BAILEY A CO., Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealers, 162 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND,.MM. Jyl8a8m__ Law Partnership. HOWARD A CLEAVES, Attorneys A Counsellors at Law, Office 91 Middle SU, over Casco Bank, PORTLAND, MM. I'JttPB ioviu. lima oiuyn. JylSdA wSra DU. O. H. RICH, >8UBGE0N DENTIST, SO. 145 MIDDLE ST., POHTLAHD, (Oppoaito foot of Free Street,) ' avlng fitted np the above named rooma, be would be happy to w alt on all who may wish for the ter V'ceaofa akililtil Dentin Merry branch <y* I'tn tntry will receive earelul attention, and ported aut Ip fact ion will be warranted. Jyls dSm M. PEARSON, ~ Oliver Plater, ATJD M AKUFAOTUFB* OF SILVER WARE, »3S Congress St., Opp. Court House, Portland, its. cF All klnda of Ware, anoh aa Knlvee, Forka, Sp-mna, Cake BaakeU, Caatera, he., plated in the boat manner. wV°: Repr'iri%» Mi. *+W**lJ% A. & 8. 8HURTLEFF A CO., NOS. M * 06 W1DDI.B STREET, PORTLAND. Mannfcoturera and Dealer, ia Men'■ Boy*’ »nd Youth’* Thick, Kip ud Calf Boot*, Women’* M**f* and OhUdren’n Goat, Kid and Calf Balmorals, Bobbers. Shea stock, Findings, eto. WITH onrtoperior Ihoilitiei for manufUcturh,,, and n largo experience In tbe butineae. » e »< »r» able to sail as low aa In Boaton or aleewhe e. Dealer, aro respeetDuly Invited to oall and is s mine onr a took before port baaing. sr~prdere by mall promptly attended te. Portland. April *3.last. da— Rare Chance. fllO pnrohaae a etoek of Millinery -*» BUSINESS CAKlte. BK1ULKI, MOULTON **LOCKll«" Wmuuu Oiuui ia Flour, Grain and Provisions, ■a Commercial attest, Thomas block, 5°»»ttT BBiLBT. 1 aocoToa, I POHTLAXD.XP. •• ROtifc^g. I ___wUkfMtt W.w. CAKE & ca, * In ta» kimt Store torB.erlj <m>»piv4 b sawyeh. s E**»»aiige Street, kt. «o - . ,.tg. an! „.U foreign and Domestic Frnitt WholMBli an! &s«*a vrmmgm*. Lieaiee*. Ubm, fnuei, Cltran. Ollvea, I|»an Canary *erj, Ub«o Kyrap, Omm Mala, Kata, all klada. RafaUli bUtitl, *»«7. Date*, Tabacea. Cl|ara Tmnej Cavdlea mf all deaerlftUa. oott dtf IRA WTM, Agent, No. 11 Union St., *• prepared to furnish 8TXAE U2TQ1B2S and B0ILS2S, of rariou s'xoj and pattern*, R|t ui Fixtarta liiltorisg, Shafting, ftilejt it. w<*“ of ttU description., end an kina* ©1 work rtsoaired iu Foktibioatioe#. (ranStairs aaAother Architectural Work. Hoase?. Soree, and other bniidirn. Sited «tu 8ae and Steam in the beet manner. in eonseoti.n nritn the above la ex iron * onndry, with a larpc auortmcnt ofl'attornr. to which rte attention ot Machinist*,Millwright*, end Chip-Moild ere is invite r—end nil kind, of Css'tecs lnrnlehod at short notice. WO.' for Machine Jobbln/ Patterns and For/in/t. promptly assented. mild ti SIA«£R‘S SEWING MACFINESI WOODMAN, TRITE Ik CO., AOKNTS, Am. tt aai H.hli Idle Street. ■oodles and Trixananyt altrayr oa hand. MtllU A CARD. DR. S. C. FERMALD, DESmSI, No. 170 Middl f tr*eet. tantM ii.Dr*. BAoo • and BuneuX. Portland, May TS, 1565. U Dr. J. II. HEAJ U HAVING disposed Of his entirt Interest In hi* Office to Dr. 8. C FKBNALD, ••ould cheerfully 'eecommecd him to hfy former patie iti and the pub le. Dr. Iruaui, troca long exp*- ienoe, la prepar ed to insert Artificial Teeth on the" faleauiteBase,*’ end all ether methods known to the prole acton. Portland - War *h. 1«W tf worn* COAL CHEAP FOR CASH ! SPRING SIOUWTAIN, LEHIGH, HEZILTOH, SUGAR LOAF, OLD COMPANY LEHIGH LO CUST MOLN IAIN. JOHNS, DIAMOND, WEBS TER and BLACK HEATH. Tbeso Coale are of the rery beet quality, well lereened and picked, and warranted to give satisfaction. Also for sale best of HARD AND SOFT WOOD, dellrered to any part of the eity. Omen Comuuoial St., head of Franklin WharL 8. ROlihDS A BON. fcblfidly W ARREN’S in PORT ED FIRF. AND WATKR-PROOP FELT COMPOSITION* O-ravcl Roofing FOR FLAT ROOFS. K. MERSEY. Agent, M*» dtf No. 16 Union Street. ALBERT WEBB * CO„ * Com, Flour and Grain, HEAD of MERRILL'S WHARF, Oesuserttal Street. - - Portland, Me. _ .__ letatf EDWARD H. BUS GIN, WXOLMAL1 DULLER XV i Corn, Meal and Flour, Also, Ground Bock Salt. Commission Merchant • ros rtraoHAon aid sals ox— Bariev, Bye and Oats. V*Can loaded with Corn In bulk free of ohsrge. Warehouse No. 120 Commercial Sl eet, And Citt Mills, Deerlog Bridge. Juneleodset Alexander D. Reeve*, Tniloi* Ac Draper, 98 EXCHANGE ST.j Maau fact arc* to order and in tbs beat manner. MU* Uary and Navy Uniforms, and Boys' Gar ments. ___sepiSltf JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODMAN BLOCK. ■ah!7 dAwtf_Turn Btkctt. Scotch Canvas, -*©* i^.1 IT JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Bath, He. Onn VOL! a a apart or Bleaefiad 1 ^5UUaadoAuLon*iux'‘oo». .. _ „ triunoaioootract.” I *ln* ”®JMi •90 do Extra Ai| LonJflSx [ Arbroath •CO do Havy IPIbo | Oollrared la Portland or Bcrtoa. WAS. April K>. IM|. aondtl W1U1AU A. PEARCE, PLUMBEH! If AKXX Of Force Pumpa and Water Closets, NO- ISA EXCHANGE STREET, POKTLABD. MS. Warm, Cold and Shower Baths, Wash Bowls, Brass A Silver Plated Cocks, Evert- description of Water Flnturcs for Dml ling Hc.a»«»tUotell. Public BnUdincs. 8bors. | *> I arranged and set np in the best manner, and all orders Into™ or Country flllthfta'lv executed. All kinds of joobinrpromp'Ir attended to. Constantly 1 o II .Ef’- »HREr LF.AD and BPEK PUMPS of all descriptions. aefdtl J- T. Lewis &o Co., Manufacturers and Wholceai# Dealers in READY-MADE CLOTHIN'Q A\D roRHianiwG uoods, % Chambers - - - Voa. 1 and 2 Free Street Bloat, (Over B. J- k Co.,) j £ rOKTLAJTD, MR. ! __ Jylldtf f/cw ik, Rollins & Bond, roanzas or Cloths, Tailors’ Trimmings, Clothing and Furnishing Goods, “V4 148 I PoaTiAsrn. Kp Middle Sire.,. J f#ftJOw4w

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