Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 23 Eylül 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 23 Eylül 1864 Page 3
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f OUTLAID AJUD T1C1X1TY. Net* AdevrtitmmnU To-Day. £oom* to Let—303 Congreea Street. Auction Sale— K. il. ratten. Notice—a., il. L>. llaaon. rpcoiai Notice—Journeymen Houee Carpenter*. Auction Sale— IKn-y Bailey f Co. Clothing—N. S. uardlner. Trobate Notice. Draft in the lgt Diatrict. The draltiug in this District was proceeded with yesterday by taking the sub-district com posed of the towns of Limerick and Lirnlng ton. It having been suggested that the for mer town would probably fill its quota with' out a dralt being resorted to, the drafting for that town was postponed until afternoon, and the Commissioner proceeded with the town of UMXXGTOK. I Tue detlcieney in this town was 3d—num ber to bo drawn 63. Two hundred and eight names were placed in the wheel, and the num ber required was drawn in the following or der : Gardiner P Carll, Osgood Emery, Martin Kicaardlou, Nathl'J Edgecomb, Jeremiah Eoif, Charles E Weemau, Waldo McLellau Dcxu-r Hyde, Abudr C Libbey, George w’ Brag Jon, William Norton, David B Kobinson Albion P Audersou, Darius Gustin, James M Chick, Emery Wentworth, Hiram H Brazdon Leonard F Waldron, Simeon S Hobson, Win B Urbiuson, Benj K Boothby, Sumner Brag don, Allen Smitu, Charles W Brazdon, Ivory Walker, Frederick C Dimock, Mathew F Staples, Smith S Sawyer, Abram Cousins, Charles Johuson, Sewall McKenuey, William Mansi in, Nathaniel Atkinson, David £ John son, Osgood Naaou, Nathl L Richardson, Mark Marr, Warren J Thorn, iiainuel S Boothbv, John Hoi, John- Gove Jr, Josiah L Black, tM.ll1 Libbey, Joseph Davis Jr, George H Crawford, James Nason, Ebenezer Greenlaw, Albert M Gove, George W Hasty, William H Cole, Charles W Furlong, John Gordon, Ed ward U Meserve, Nathaniel Staples, Leonard J Sirout, Robert H Brackett, Hardy L Nason, uardis Underwood, Edward Weeman, David Walker, Leonard Abbott, Benj F Libby, Evans McKean, Henry Meserve, Almou F Wentworth, John F Babb, Charles H Berry, William F Robinson, Tu the afternoon the drafting proceeded with the town of LIMERICK, • The town not having tilled its (juota—the deficiency being 87—one hundred and forty* (even names were placed in the wheel, from which forty-four were drawn as follows: Ainai L Ayer, Richard Dearborn, Wm Foss, Levi Folsom, John Kelley, Sylvester H Fur long, Jeremiah Durgin,Charles £ Heath, Wm V Swasey, Hiram Guptlli, George B llsley, Enoch F. Haley, Charles H Hamilton, Gran ville Boynton, Fred W Swasey, Andrew B Pbilpot, Edmund E Fogg, Philip G Gllpatrick, Charles Carr, Oliver G Taylor, Charles P Woods, Fosoville C Libby, Fred Randall, Dan iel S Ciiadborn, Luther Straw, Charles F Wat son, Asa Libby, George Miles, Frank H Has ty, John T Fellows, Stephen Watson, George S Libby, Hiram H Brown, Royal H Libby, Thomas P Miles, John P E lilinao, James H McKe may, Loving T St>p es, Wm R Walker, Thomas J Stimpsou, Jon# Uoothby, George W Uoothby, Moses L Fogg, Horace Gilpat rick, Charles W Bowman, George Slimpson, Joseph M Harper, Charles H Randall, John B Philpot, Ira S Libby, Seth B Walker, Wm C JEygps, Samuel Harper, Solomon Smith. To day tne sub-uistript composed of the towns of Parsonsfield and pornlsh wiil be taken. The deficiency in I’arsonfield is 49; in Cornish, &j. Westbrook Awake. (yuicjt work—$15,500 raised by subscription in lino days. . At a citizen’s meeting held Monday after Amp;j, it was resolved that the remainder of Westbrook’s quota should be filled without grafting or drawing upon tfiejr tye^sury—a fourth part of the town’s quota having already been filled. A soliciting committee from each district was appointed, also a finance and re cruiting commit!??. £t tjie adjourned meetiug yesterday after DOOD, the several coipiqttiepii rpporipd fig,500 subscribed and gave assurance that the nep esary sum would be raised. The reerniting and financial committees were instructed to Commence the worn fmqieqiaCpiy. fheselect men of the town were added to the finance and recruiting commitees and will give their persoS^l and official influence to the work.— Great credit is due tltc eurolled men tor their readiness to do their pari—they pqyfijg from I $2o to $100 per man. Tfii» action on the part of the citizens will save the town and the treasury fiom a heavy draft. Quota of Portland. The enlistment coqim|itee aye now ready to receive rtpruits at their office in the City Building, yesterday seven recruit* were en listed by the committee. This is very well for the first days work. It is especially requested that contrlbuters to the fund will hand in the amount of their subscriptions forthwith to either iqenjber gf the committee, At the meeting last evening at old City Hall, it was reported that about (S00 had been add ed to the subscription list during the day. Cflil, Mr.Emtob:—Why do not our coal dealers follow the example of the Boston dealers and reduce their prices for anthracite coal? They are very quick to follow those dealers In in creasing the price. The Boston dealers have reduced the price to #14 a $15 per ton, but our dealers still hold on for $16. “Fair play }s a Jewel,” and our coal dealers, while gov erning themselves by the Boston market, should be as quick in reducing the price,as in increasing it. A Consumer. -\— Excursion.—There was a grand excursion yesterday over the Somerset $ Kennebec, Portland & Kennebec and Androscoggin Rail roads. Trains started from 8kowhegan, on the former road, at six o'clock A. M., and from Farmington, on tjpe latter road, at the same hour. Passengers were taken in at ev ery stopping place all along the line of the roads. The train was detained on the P. A K. road at Gardiner over one hour by getting otf the track, but united with the Androscog gin and Balb trains at Brunswick at quarter of twelve o’clock. There weretwenty-twocars, drawn by two engines, containing atnut 1500 passengers, and they arrived here at one o'clock. The excursionists scattered them selves about the city, eDjoylug the sights, vis iting the Natural History Rooms, the Obser vatory, City Government Building, Ac., until +80 p. M„ when they wended their way homeward, much pleased with the excursion. Thkatbicals in Pobtlanb.—The entire Boston Theatre Dramatic Company, (Mr. Jar ret’r) headed by those eminent artists, Messrs. E. L. Davenport and J. W. Wallack, Jr., will appear at Deering Hall in this city for five nights, beginning Monday evening, Oct. 10th. i!«w scenery will be painted and other im provements made to render the plays com plete. The entertainment will consist of a series of SUaksperian and standard produc tions which will unquestionably prove most acceptable to the lovers of the drama In Port land. Mr. Jarrett’s company Is one of the best In the country, and the performances of the members are always marked by the most scrupulous attention to the requirements of the characters personated by them. Gaudkx Tuikveb.—During the season of ripe fruit, for several years, the gardens in this city have l>een infested by a gaug of young thieves, who have robbed them with impunity. Our citizens who own gardens should now be on the lookout to protect their fruit. Wednes day a lady residing on Congress street, heard the dog in the garden barking. On going out to see what was the matter, she discovered a strapping youth, 15 or 16 years of age, In one of the trees. She made him come down, took him into the house and kept him until her husband returned, when he was delivered over to the tender mercies of the police. Let all others do likewise and the garden thieves will toon be scarce. Offlcer Foster yeeterday ar rested another lad who was an accomplice in }be abpv* theit apd took him to the lookup. Municipal Gcurt—Sept. 22, Andrew Waite, William Esrly and-George Stanley, caught In the act of stealing copper rivets from Steamboat whari; were brought before court, They pleaded guilty and were fined two dollars each and caets. Robert H. Curran, for assault and battery on Henry F. Smith, was fined five dollars and costs, which he paid. Captubed.—Lieut. Edward P. Merrill of this city, of Baker's 1st D. C. (Javalry, was captured during an engagement with the ene my, on the 10th inst. Lieut. M. was In com mand of a squad performing picket duty upon the left wing of the enemy near Petersburg.— Although assailed by a force of the enemy vast ly superior to his own, he maintained his ground most gallantly for two hours, and al though an opportunity cflbred itself whereby he might escape, he refused to embrace it, 8*jlhg, “I prefer to remain with my men.”— Lieut. Merrill was formerly of the 30th Maine I ilautry, and has risen to his present position throug meritorious conduct alone. Kow.—There was great excitement, and a large crowd of people gathered, yesterday af ternoon on Middle street, near Temple street, a fight having taken place between a couple of persons, one of whom was said to be an Irish substitute broker from Boston, and who was extremely belligerent. ' The fracas was resumed in Plumb street, and the broker got badly whipped. The police interfered with the sport, arrested the two men and took them to the lockup. Both of them made severe re tlsleuce to the officers and one of the latter had his coat torn from his back. A Safe Place.—During the Peninsula campaign a U. S. Paymaster from this State went down to the front on official business, and was obliged to stay there during one of the severe battles of that eventful campaign. One of his friends said to him after his return, “Wasn’t you afraid during the battle?” “'O, no,” was his reply, and with all the honesty and simplicity of an unsophisticated child of nature, “I was in a perfectly safe place; I kept Kith Gen. McClellan and hie etaffl’’ This is a fact, and no mere joke. Splendid Fancv Goods.—Messrs. Cros man A Co., Middle street, have just added largely to their stock of Fancy Goods, Per furnery, Chemicals and articles in their line, making it one of the finest and most attrac tive of aoy in town. Any person desiring to purchase something pretty (or a gift can here make an elegant selection, especially from those flue Scotch wood goods. See advertise ment. New Music.—'‘Chocolate Drop Polka Re dowa, composed for the Plano by H. Kotzsch mab.” Such Is the title of a new piece of sheet music, written by Mr. KoUschmaj, or ganist at the First Parish Church in this city, and published for him by C. D. Russell A Co., Boston. Of coarse it Is good, for the author could not write poor music. For sale In this city by ffu. Paine. P-ATf >"op« Taxes.— TJierp was a great rush of tax payers yesterday at the Treasur er's Office, to pay their taxes and save the five per cent discount, fo-day is the last one on which this discount will be made. Walk up, therefore gentlemen and settle. .f-i—.- ... ■■ ■■■.— — — Uncle Tom’s Cabin.—This beautiful dra ma will be produced this evening at Deering Hall, in uncqua'.ed style, by the company of \fe5srs. tyldwell 4 PfUe, wl(lcb |s paid to be a itrong one. New seenery, tableaux, Ac., will be introduced. Speech or A. H. Stephens.—We have on land a lew spare copies of the Press contaln :pg tt;o speecjj of 4- H; Stephen? before the Georgia Convention, against secession and in iefenco of the Government, price five cents. G4«pfspm,—Tbi® city has Silled its quota md has a surplus of twenty man. The city rated (1400 bounty for three years’ men, and band no trouble in meeting the demand made upon its loyalty, Noytpf.—The members of Council No. 4, U, L. A; are notified that a meeting of their Council will be held this evening at the usual place. Feb Obdeb. The Atlantic Monthly for October has pepn received at the bookstore of Hall L. Davis, No. 53 Exchange street. BY TELEGRAPH -TO TH* EVEYime FAptjM*. - Withdrawal of Gen. Cochrane—He will Sup port the Baltimore jPlatform. New Tore, Sept. 23. Gen. John Cochrane publishes an address to the war democrats of the United States, withdrawing his name fro® the Cleveland ticket, jn the course of his address he says: “ While, therefore, Gen. McClellan resolves upon an Impossible Union as it was, through war, the Chicago Convention resolves upon an impossible Union, as it should be, through peace.” The Baltimore piatlorm, he says, however objectionable, does not fail to refer the re establishment of Constitutional liberty and the restoration of the Union to the arbi tration of arms, in which, and in which alone, the national safety is to be round. Be would prefer to have the people brought to a vote on the Cleveland platform; but be fore the principles embraced in that platform Is our country; and he cannot stand in a posi tion which, by dividing, hazards the success of those who agree that the Union cannot be restored without the uninterrupted continua tion of the war. ▼ ' ' ' from t hi Army btforr JNikiMMl. Headquautebs Ab^t Potomac, 1 September 90. ( The news of the victory in the Shenandosh if alley was read to the troop* along the lines his afternoon, and was received with un bounded enthusiasm and repeated cheers. A lalute 01 100 shotted guns will be fired to norrow at daylight in honor of the event. Deserters say that the rebels *ye receiving 'ations of IresU beef from the drove captured ast week- They state that it was Hampton's :avalry which accomplished the feat. They ook 250 prisoners, captured 2,100 head of cat le, besides rations, horses, guns, Ac. The ■ebel pickets offered to trade fresh beef for :bffee and other articles. On being asked what they ^rould trade for Atlanta, they had nothing to »ay, and retired in evident disgust, Sept. 21, A M.—The gnns along the entire line opened this morning at daylight, and kept up a roar for half an hour. Since then only occasional shots have been heard at various points. (Signed) McGbkoob. flen. New Yob*, Sept. 22. The Herald says we have captured 7,600 of Early’s men. The victory is much greater than the public are yet aware of. All was quiet at City Point on the 20th.— Not a shot has been tired for the last forty eight hours. A party of our cavalry made a raid from Washington, and destroyed the Kailroad bridge over the Rapidan, and a flour mill at Liberty containing t.OOO barrel* ot flour, cap lured 200 mules and forty prisoners. They encountered at Culpepper a division of rebel cavalry eu route to reinro,ce Early, and fell back to Washington in safety,bat lost most of the mules. _ Early to make a aland at 8trm*burg. | Nsw Yob*. Sej,t. 22. The Commercial’* Washington dispatch says 1 't'» believed that Early wUl make a stanfl at I Straatmrg. The advantages of position are | great there, but Sheridan’s cavalry will be able | to outflank the position. An Epigram on the Chicago Convention. BT A SBOV «CT DBLBOATB. Soldiibs’ Yotb.—The return* of the votes of the Vermont regiments, so far aa received, stand Union 1,228; Democratic 156; Scatter ing 62; Union majority 1,021, ■ IY TELEGRAM tv rat Portland Daily Press. .. OFFICIAL NEWS DISPATCH. FROM GEN. SHERIDAN’S ARMY. Rebels Pursued by our Forces. Wab Dbpartmbnt, i Washington. Sept. 22,9 30 P. M. t To Mo}. Gen. I)ixDispatches down to 9 o'clock last night have been received from Gen. Sheridan. A portion of the rebel caval ry having turned off to Front Royal, they were pursued, attacked and driven by our cav alry, which are still in pursuit Tue rebel infaatry made a stand at Flint Hill, a strongly entrenched position beyond Strasburg, which was attacked by our forces last evening, and the crest carried and held by our troops. There Is reason to believe that later dispatches were captured last night by Mosby near Win chester. Gen. Stevenson reports that Sheridan’s eup oly train arrived safely at Winchester last n ght. (Signed) E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Correspondence between President Lincoln and General Grant. Washington, Sept. 22. The tallowing it the copy ol a correspon dence which took place between the President and Lieut. Gen. Grant, and may prove inter esting as it furnishes an inside view of military attain: Executive Mansion, Washington, April 30. Lieut. Geu. Grant:—Not expecting to st e you before the spring campaign opens, I wish to express in this way my entire satisfaction wlih what you have done- up to this time, so far as [ undentrnd it. The particulars of your plan I neither know nor sstk to know. You are vigilant and self reliant, and pleased with this I wish not to obtrude aDy restraints or con straints upon you, while I am very anxious thatauy great disaster or capture of our men may he avoided, I know that these points are less likely to escape your attention than they would mine. If there is any thing wanting which is within my power to give, do not fail to let me know it, and now, with a brave army and a just cause, may God sustain you. Yours very truly, (Signed) A. Lincoln. Headquarters Army of the United States, Culpepper C. //., Va., May 1st.—The Pres - dent:—Your very klud letter of yesterday is just received. The confidence you express for the future and the satisfaction for the past, In my military administration, is acknowledged with pride. It shall be my earnest endeavor that you and the country shall not be disap pointed. From my first entrance into the vol unteer service of the country, to the present day, I have never had cause for complaint and have never expressed or implied a complaint against the administration or the Secretary of War for thrtwing any embarassmcnt in the way of my vigorously prosecuting what ap peared to be my duty. Indeed since the pro motion which placed me in command of all the armies, and in view of the great responsi billity and importance of success, I have been astonished at the readiness with which every thing asked for has been yielded without even an explanation being asked. Should my suc cess be less than I desire and expect, the least I can say is, the fqult is not with you. Vary truly, your obedient servant, (Signed) U. S, Grant, Lieut. General. From Washington• WASHISQTON^Sept. 22. The sum of $29,000,009 of the repeat loan of 132,000,090 has qlfegdy beep delivered to jubjpfiberi. Two women, who have beeD conBned ia the old Capital prison upon the charge of repeat edly urging soldiers to desert by famishing them with cltizeu’s clothing, have been sent to the famjJe prison at Fitchburg, Mass, Sixteen deserters |n^u)|r artpy, who we"“ triod by com martial and sept^r.deil to be shot to death with musketry, have had their sen tences commuted to imprisonment fit hard labor during the gat, ’ The report that Admiral Porter Is to take command of the West India squadron was contradicted in last night’s telegram, and it may now be stated that he has left Washing ton for Cairo to resume command pf tpe Mis sissippi. acuadrpp. The reefnt arrest of the Lake I?rie pirates !« nvc\ne uoi> »iiiogt)uier, to tile friendly officers of the British authorities, those la Canada acting in accordance with the instructions of Lord Lyons. It appears from the news by the 1 the agent of Lloyd’? givps 4 repprt of g !arge and swift steamer having arrived at Bremer baven, which hoisted the Confederate hag. and is said to be commanded by femmes. Official information received m Washington says tbe vessel to which allusion is made is one of these built at Bordeaux, supposed on rebel account, but which was sold to tbe Prussian Govern ment, so the latter part of the agent’s story is untre. ' • | ... the Federal Cavalry Raid- Retreat of Early Beyond Straebary, Washington, Sept. 22. The raid by oar cavalry on the Rapidan, in which the bridge across that stream was des troyed, was performed by 400 cavalry, under the command of Col. {ji{elle,o| the 16th New York cavalry, and was sent out by Gen. Au gur. The movement was ordered In reference to the then impending battle between Sheri dan an Early. The expedition wa9 successful in the destruction of the railroad bridge, and also the Liberty Mills, about six miles above the Orange A Alexandria Railroad, and 4,000 barrels of flour, with considerable other prop erty. About 400 mules were captured, but on the return of the parly they encountered a greatly superior forte of Early’s cavalry, wilh whom they had a smart engagement, losing twenty-three killed and wounded, and the mules they had captured. The main object of the expedition was successfully accom plished. Sheridan’s force! reached strasburg at a late hour yesterday, the rebels retreating, tbeir rear having left the town but an hour or two before our advance entered it. JPVsm thf SmiMwmI, S»T. Loum, Mo., Sept. 22. Ool, Thompson, of the 1st Iowa cavalry, who has Just arrived from Little Rock, says it was understood that from 20,000 to 30,000 rebels under Price had crossed the Arkansas river, between Little Rock and Fort Smith, and all communication cut between these points. It was pot known whether Price would strike Fort Smith or march directly for ibis State. Shelby Is expected to co-operate with him and enter this State from the south east, while he pushes his column into the southwe t. A report from another source says Price already has a force 7000 strong in Bear coun ty, Missouri. A heavy Federal force is concentrating at Brownsville, between Little Rock and Duvali’a Bluff. Davisson's divisions, under Gen. Den ny, from Morganzia, has already arrived. Various Items. New York, Sept. 28. The cricket match between the St. George and Philadelphia clubs was won by the former, whose score was 186 against 100 lor the latter la two innings. The ship Nicholas Biddle has arrived from Calcutta. She is the vessel erroneous sup posed to have been destroyed by the Florida off the coast of Brazil. Rochester, N. Y., Sept. 22. At the great international game of Base Ball to-day the Atlantic club of Brooklyn beat the Young Canadians 76 to 11. Washington Correspondeseee. _v _ New York, Sept. 22. Ihe Commercial’s special Washington dis patch says 4000 soldiers have been sent to Grant and Sheridan from Camp Distribution within ten days. The same dispatch says the new rumor of peace negotiations has no foundation. Benj. F. Wilkins, of the Post Office Depart ment, has been arrested for frauulent transac tions. _ from fortreee Monroe. Fortress Monboe, Sep. 21. Steamer Wlnsnto arrived this forenoon from Little Island, eighteen miles south Cape Hen ry, with four passengers from’ the blockade runner Gertrude, which was run ashore, and when the Winanto arrived had discharged her cargo and landed it on shore. It will te looked after by our Government Nothing new from James river to-day. from the Army before Richmond. Washington, Sept. 22. Privates from the army of the Potomac says the general enthusiasm was so great when the news of Sheridan’s Tictory was received that many officers requested that theEr troops be at once advanced upon the enemy la front. From Gen, Sheridan's Army. Baltimobjc, Sept 22. Tbe following la a special dispatch to the American: • Charlestown, Fit., Sept 12,4 A. Jf.—Sheri dan continues to drive the rebels, capturing every day moie or less prisoners. The wound ed are being collected at Winchester and put in temporary hospitals. Aeu> Jersey Republican state Convention. Tbextojt, N. J., Sept. 22. At tbe Republican State Convention to-day Hon. Martin Ryerson presiding, Marcus L. Ward and Alex. G. Cattell were nominated for Electors at Large, and Lewis Mulford, Jo seph H. Holmes, Joseph Thompson ,VgnCleve Datrimp'e, Ernest J Loenthai District Elec tors. Fire. Pbovidebce, K. I., Sept. 22. A Ore on Summer street this etening de stroyed fifteen or twenty buildings, including two foundries, a box shop, a keg sbop. and half a dozen tenement houses. Twenty fami lies Were rendered homeless. Loss $50,U00. An acre of land was burnt over. Net* York Market. , Nxw YOBK.Sept 22 Cotton—irregular; dales 260 bales at 160@185 for middling uplands.' Flour—sales 8.* 83 bbls; State and Western 10@l£c lower; Stale 9 40®1000; Round Hoop Ohio 10 76* 13 00; Western #4 ®li>60; southern-dull; sales660 bits; KxTa do 11 00*1460; Canada dull; sales 4<.0 bbls; Extra 0 9 @12 U0. Wueat—2®ac lower; sales 6I,0f0 busbt; Chicago Spring 2 12; Milwaukee club bo 1210*220; Winter Bed Western 2 60. corn— ic lower; sales68 000 bushels; mixed Wes tern 1 603®1 61. Beef—dull. Port—lower; sales 4707 bbls; new mess 12 60® 42 62j. I ard—lower; sales 1731 bbls at 28®24o. Butter—dull; 8tateat 46®67o. Whiskey-quiet; sales 3>0 bbls at 1 82. ,*,e*2r' ba*s i agnayra at 42®42i; 1200 do Ms-scab > »• 3ji®42o. Naval stores—dull. Freights to uverpool—quiet Stock Market. „ . _ . Haw Toxx, Sept. 12. Second Board.—Stools heavy American Hold. . ...220 United States 6’s 1881 coupons.’.'...107* United States 6-20 ooupons.liOJ United States one yearoertlilcateB new. 86 Canton Company:. 88J Unmborland Coal Company preferred. Be New York Central,.1283 Erie.in2| Hudson.U4j Heading.....126! Michigan Central.129 Mlohigan Southern. 7>-i Illinois Csntral scrip.126J Cleveland ft Pittsburg.lln Chicago ft Bock Island....1D4J R. J.D.LARRABEE&CO., No. 69 Exchange Su, Manufacturer, of all kind, of FRAMES ~ FOR — Oil Paintings, Engravings, Photographs, A Looking Glasses. Manufacturers of all kindi of « IVTOULIDIIsTO-S — FOB— Picture Frames and Looking Glasses. The Trade supplied with Black Walnut, Imitation Rosewood and Ebony, and Gilt Oval Frames, Our manufacturing facilities ensble ui to furnish all ar ticles in this line as low in prices as om he found elsewhere. We invite purchaser* to oall and exam* ine our very fine Engravings of which we have a large variety. seplOdtf TRANSIENT r PRICE LIST FOB Blocking Felt Bats for 1864, A? Sweetiir i Bleaohery, 312 Congress St. On Saratoga, Christiana and Eugenia shape, 60 cents. OnJooky Crown and English shape, 60icfits. Blocking Felt Bonnets, 60 cents. prices coloring’ 20 cent? to ahoy* *0 proportion, leptttdtf HAUt I.. DAVIS, MANUFACTURER AND DEALER IN BLANK BOOKS, STATIONERY, PAPER HANGINGS, ««„ NO. R3 EXCHANGE 81 REET. AU standard aud lattst public*!ions oonstanllyon h»Bd. A1*1 Wilting Material,, Fine Cutlery. Games, *c.. in great variety. AH orders promptly Jiltedt rortlShd Ron* *»*» U4N Five Per Gent, Discount, “ OK — Taxes for 1864. The time allowed by Ordinance of the city for Five Per Ct. Discount on Taxes. For the present year-will expire on FRIDAY NE1XT, September 23d, 1881. HENRY P. LORD, Treasurer ac<4 Collector. Frotland, Sept 19,1861 —dtd Instruction in Music1. MR, &. R. PAINE, WOULD r*«peetftary announce to tho.e inter etied In Mudc, in Portland and Tieinitr, that he ia giving Instruction on the Piano Forte, in thit olty, and respectfully solicit* a liberal patronage, Terms, $12,00 per Quarter, (24 leisom, eaoh legspn occupying one hoar.) Slate ^t PAINE'S Untie Store, No. 163 Uiddie St. ' Any information wanted concerning me, can bt had by inquiring at Paine’s Music Store. Reference, ti. Kotzbchmab. Sept 13—ood2m* 8. Gardiner, Merchant Tailor, -AMD DXALXB I* Beady-Made ClotniDg, And Gen s’ Furnishing Goods, A'». 61 Middle St.,'comer o/Lime Street, oppo tite the Pott Office, PORTLAND,.Mania _ ceptSdti Portland Army Committee Of TH» U. S. Christian Commission. Chairman, T. B. Hayes, reoeiree Stores atllS Kid* die street. Treasurer. CyrusSturdirant, reeei»ea Honey at 75 Commereial street. Secretary, Henry H. Burgess,recedes Letters at SO Commereial street. Andrew J. Chase, Dr. W. > . Johnson. InnelSdtl For Sale. HAVANA CIGARS of the following choice brands: 27 400 Designio 1st Londres 86 000 •• 2d “ 41 000 •> 8d *• Angelitas. 10 000 <• 1st “ Prinsados. 5 000 “ 2d Reg Brltanioaa. 6 000 <• 2d Brfranlcas 2 600 *• Kntrixtus Galenas 1st. 2 600 “ 2d. 6 000 Angelitas 3d Londres Prinsados. 6 001 A u 2d Brey.s. 10 000 A C 3d Londres 30 000 A M Loudon Flop. 82 300 A W Flor Prinsados. 26 800 A M Londont'ertes. 7 400 A M London Fino. 83 000 Londres Port Mahons. 268 000 ISAAC KMKRY, Head Long Whf. Sept 12—lm Young Ladies’ Seminary. THE Fall Session ofthls School opens Thursday,' Sept. US, In Morton Block, Congress St. In addition to the day school.which has received so large a share of the best patronage oi the city, ar rangements have now been made to admit a few Boarding Scholars. For Circulars containing Terms, ho , address MISSES STMONDS, Principals, It Brown St. Aug 14—eodtdkwtw First National Bank. This Bank will convert the seven-thirty notes ma turing, and Oct. l.ihto six per seat, bondr of lltl, in all the denominations in wbloh the not* were issued, vis§60, *100, 1600, aad tl.OOO-at a commission of J per cent. W. B. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, July an. lM4.-eodtr R eITo TAL! Dr. HEALD has removed hit office from Ho. Ml Congress St. to the opposite side of the street, eerner oi Congrees and Temple streets, offioe farm*' trly occupied by Drt. Bacon k BrotUn. sepOdtf MILITARY. VOLUNTEERS FOE THE Army and Aavy, Attention I City of Portland Bounties! #1,000! #700 ! #400 ! The Citirenc Committee will pay to any volunteer enlisting on the quota of the CITY OP PORTLAND, THU FOLLOWING ADDITIONAL BOUNTIES Toth»8TATKan<1U. S. BOUNTIES, via:—(SCO *300 ter two yea”eu e“i“r"he*4°° IOr >*"»’ «U«£Kl A ARMY OR HAYY, making the total bounties received by tberecrott taro® r*ST«. 8700 lor two sears, S#4-00 ^or CLe jear. 1 hejvate a id City b unties 22*IN HAND to .he reohiit in per service^6 l*me 01 mustered into the uTs. Recruiting Office in City Building. apply THERE! JOHN T. HULL, 1 HENRY C UdKER, JOHN H. HALL, * I Recruiting CHARLES A. 01LS0N, [ * HENRY WILLIS, | Ccmmittse CHARLES R. J1U,LIKEN, | EDWARD L. RICKARD. I MP-a dtf Enrolled Men Attention I There are In the city of Pori land 2000 Enrolled Men who have not paid one dollar towards filling the quota of the city. $22,000 Has Been Raised toward* the objeot, bnt $20,000 MORE! MUST BE RAISED, or nothing can be done. If the enrolled men will pay $10 33 AOU, the Quota will be Ailed and (here will be no draft. If !he enrolled men do not pay their share, the monoy subscribed must be returned.and The Draft Mast Proceed! The Committee are working tor jou all, but you must do something tor yourselves. l&P Come forward at once and pay your share to the members of the Committee, as follows: General Committee/ „ W*£d T: u*-1» CitY Trea.itir rr’s Office Goo W. Beal, Portland Co; Chas. ii. Holland Port land «'o Ward2—Cias. E. Backet1, cor. Co igrees and Frankliu stirets; B. f\ Biker 103 Commercial hi.; C. Mood/, G alt's Block, Commercial street. Ward n—John M, Hall, !209 Commtioi&l street* Ueorge IS/fioar, 73 Ward g—J S. Bedl jw, American Te’egraph Office: 5*7™ element, Congres. street near Brown; Ueary Wilis. Pension Office, Exchange street. ’ J Kl ^*'4 Po * i?i Andrew wUS. *'111 Cbmme'Olglstwi; t,Sas. K. ililliken, 107 Commercial st{9«^. * w*°' *’“• t'°* B'eok; Jam-aE Brin oM rtree?0h*USe 8trett * **•L kiekard, 149 Commey. Finance Committee. SamuelE. Spring, 149 Commercial street; J hn I.yncb, Commercia street,head of n idtrery’s W barf; A K. shurtltff, ltirigo Insnrsno ■ Co. Exchange St; Chariot H. Ming. 95 Commercial street: J.fl Fille brown. 1B6 Cnmmerc'al street: Thomas B. s ro’bing h»m, Commercial street, got Union Wharf; Wm. A. Wtnship, Ca3Cg Bank. A meeting will be held at OLD CITY HALL, EVERY EVENING UNTIL THB MOREY IS RAISED! 1*1 Every Enrolled Kan be Present. Sept jO^dtf _ , CUSTOM TAILOR! I Alexander D. Reeves, N"o. 98 Exoliange St., Having Just returned from New York and Boston u ith a large and Well Selected Stock —or— Cloths, Cassimerea and Vestings, Embracing a!l\jie mist FASHIONABLE STYLES, —and or— THE BEST QUALITY. He is prepared to make up to order COATS, PANTS, and VESTS, At the lowest figure of which the times will admit, and in the latest style. Just received a. NEW STYLE of Cloth, lor LADIES' CLOAKS. eeptlSdlm FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING! A SP LUND ID ASSORTMENT OP Fall and Winter Clothing! For men and Boys, May be found at A. ISA. SMITH’S,' Mo. 171 Fore Street. Also a fine stock of Cloths, such as German ard American Mos ow and Castor Beavers, Cassimeres & Doeskins, -FOB Mice Custom Work. We would inform our flnenda asd the public that we intend to keep the best the market atfoids, and can sell at the lowest rates Our Custom Work we guarantee and warrant to fit at al< times. We would also call attention to onr nioe Custom Ready-Made Overcoats, Undercoats, Pants, Vests, And Furnishing Goods, All of which wm be sold low for Cub, at the old ■land of Leu la & Smith. A1S1EL M. SMITH, 171 Fore St. Sept 20—dtf New Wholesale House! Merrill, Parsons & Small, 8ucoetsors to H. Merrill, HAVE removed 131 to the new tpaoioue rooms 145 Middle St. Evens' Building, where tbev now offer e complete stock of Foreign end Do mestic Fancy Goods, Worst-ds, Woolen Tsrns. Hosiery, Gloves, Drees Trimmings, Undertakers' Good, Ac. If. Msrrill, L. Parsons. Sept IS—dim Chau. Shall. Sale of Lands and Timber lor the Benefit of lfoimal Schools. Land Offick. I . Bangor Septen her 13, 1864 j IS pursuance of the Aot entitled "An Aot lor the establi hmeut of Normal Schools," approved March 26.1863. and the further report of cnnntU mvde August l'-th, 1864: the Land A sent wi 1 offer for sale at publio suction at the Land Office in Pan go-, on Tuesday, Match 14. I860, at 12 i-.’click noon, all the right, title aud interest wh ch the Bute bar, befog one undliided half, owned in common w th propriet ors, of townsh ps nutnhrrsrt Sixteen, Range Etvveu, (16 If *1) and Sixteen. Bangs twelve, ( 6 It 11) West from the Eait line of the Stare, In county of Aroostook, at a minimum prioe of thirty cents per acre fjr cither or both tiaots. Te'-ms Cash. ISAAC S. CLARK, Sept 16—lawtd Land Agent, - MILITARY. RECRUITS WANTED! —FOB — ONE AND THREE YEARS! FOB INFANTRY C AV A L R Y , LIGHT k HEAYY A1TIUEM, AND MARINE corps. HIGHEST BOUNTIES PAID! APPLY AT MAINE Recruiting Head Quarters, 105 Federal Street, Near XJ. 8. Hotel,. MEAD, DAME A BUTMAN. SELECT HEN OF TOWNS Should Uu»e Every Effort to Bccruit at th;s Time. Gt*n. Grant uud Gen. Sliennan, HUD EL EH h' jR IBS PALL CAMPAIGN. -A.notll0r Oall I Will loon be Issued. Principals Wanted I FOR IS Veteran AND LOO ALIEN SUBSTITUTES! tnformation given concerning B unties, Pensions, State Aid, 4 c: Any soldier who has served two years in the Ar my, whether discharged in con-eqaeuce of Mxpira ion rf term ef service, or for Physical Disability, ;an now go into the INVALID CORPS I BT BBC BBT OBDSBS OF Provost Marshal Geneial VETERANS AND RECRUITS' Will find it to their advantage to enlist with MEAD, DAME & BUTMAN, AT Maine Becruiting Head Quarters, 103 Federal Street, Near XT. 8. Hotel, PORTLAND, ME. WE STILL 'W'^ISTT SUBSTITUTES e AND * RECRUITS. MEAD, DAME & BUTMAN, 105 Federal Street, Near XJ. 8. Hotel, PORTLAND, ME. SE LECTMEN, NOW IS THE TIME TO FILL YOUR QUOTAS! Don’t Be Afraid of Getting Too Many! THE M\ SEEDS THEM All! GIVE US A CALL! MIEAD, DAME AND BUTMAN I 105 Federal Street, Near TJ. S'. Hotel, | pOBTlAKDi ENTERTAINMENTS theatre. Sail! *,D a_ w PlKti.Managers FOIt TWO NIGHTS ONLY! 2« -8 £»• for# attempted in thi* In »*tyle never be* Drama of the great teasation Uncle Tom’. 0ab fa six Acts and nine Tableaux v Scenery. Startling Effect, 1 i bMi*i!l.*“,d Beautiful Ticken56e‘a. Beaerved Seat* Wctf 1t?b'e»l,£‘: at 7; commerce } to 8. “ttUa*?1** | A «RAHD—i Social Dance, -AT MECHANICS’ HALL, Friday Evening, September 23d, 1804 mriOiu: S K. Barba rick, J. B. Knlrtat*. T. B. Raoklyfr, E. Wheo'er, W. K Khoadta, W. B. Slinaoa C. Griffin, yronc tip Music by Chandler’s Quadrille Baud D. U. chandler, I’rompter. Discing «o commence at 8 o'clock. T.cketa 01.00 admitting gentleman and iadier, to be lad ot tbe ^“d 4t ***• door. Gallery ticket! SO centi. '.Ijthirg checked free. aep21"8t vKW CITY HALL. Monday Evening, Sept. 26,1864. YAR1AN HOFFMAN COMBINATION! 1804. FALL TOUE. 1804 ONE GR*nFCONCERT! (AS A BOBS.) ■*» Me Mot Popular Artitlt iu America. ’ MAD. CHARLOTTE VARLAN, Tbs Beautiful Prims Dona, MB. J. B. THOMAS, The Celebrated Baritone from N. T. EDWARD HOFFMAiV, The Dfatinguished Pianist and Composer, is as bbtibb saw abd blsoabt raosRAirss. Tickets, 50 Cents. DOORS OPEN AT T. COMMENCE AT ». B^Tieketa foreale at Paine’e MuUo Store, and at tiie Door*. Sept 90—(Td - • * Singing School ! Mr. G-ardiner WILL commence hi* Fall Tzbx of Singing Sodool at Soon ol Temperance Hall, No. Con gree. St., oa Tueeday Keening, Oct 4ib, at 7J o’ol’k. Terms—Twenty-Four Lessens : Ladies.M 00 Gentlemen,.3.00 W Tuesday and Tbaraday Keening*. Ticket*for sale at tbu b^l. aeptJOdlw COBB'S_ BAND! It prepared to furnish MUSIC for Balls, Assemblies and Private Parties, On the most reasonable terms at short notioe. WF^Orders by mail or otherwise promptly attend ed to. Address A T. WALSH, 3>8 Congress St, or E. A. JORDAN. No 27 Market Squire. N» T• VOBItf Leader* Sopfc 1.— eodlm* LEWIS, ROLLINS & BOND, U08.141 & 143 Middle Street, Store Formerly Occupied by Joaiah Burleigh. Haring leased the above (tore at a very low rent,we propose to open a First Class Tailoring, FINE CLOTHING, Gents Furnishing Goods £0 TABJUISBOLENT. We Buy and Sell for Cash and At* tend to Our own Business. We are enabled to ofier to the pnblia Goods as Low as Can be Bought In this City or State. ODR CUSTOM DEPARTMENT I, under the direction of Mr. Bo>d, wen known to the public a, a FIRST CLASS CUTTER. Urmtefnl to oar Moods and the pnbUe for tholr liberal patronage at oar former plaoes of business, we still solicit their favors, and we pledge to deni wt h them on the eqaare. T. C. LBW18. N. C. HOLLINS, W. X. BOND. Fept 11—dim New Fall Millinery Goods! Comprising RIBBONS, FLOWERS. FEATHERS,' VELVETS, BLONDS, LACES, ▲fid til other article* desirable for the Millinery Trade. Also the LATEST STYLE HATS, which will be eold low for cash nt BO3W0RTH, KALEK ft Co, . Kept 30—c3'.v 152 Middle Street, Portland. Bewail C. Birr ut, Of the late Arm of Howard »* Stront, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 105 Middle Street. Opposite International Bank.FtrtUmS. Aagl2—dfcwSm Lfall style HATS & CAPS!. S H A W 9 S , 4136 MIDDLE STREET. sept* laediw New Hat Cap and Fur Store! COE Sc MoCALLAK WOULD respectfully inform the citizens of Port laud and vicinity, that they have this day taken the store No. 95 Middle Street, : recently occupied by Eollins fc Bond, for tbe p«r I pose carrying on the Bur, Sat and Cap Businena, In all its varieties. Our stock will i^kSSdo'n'and latest and most* P*f'„ °n.t. ud New York 8tyles, of plain and «noy ^Fur Goods in Great Variety. PABBB1LAS1 USB BELLAS !! _ - particular atteniion given to Riraimna j&asivfmx” “ d $Ir numerous friends will please call and tea at at Middle street. Alfred H. Coe. J.F. MsCallar. Portland, Sept 16,1*64 —dim TASTEFUL ■ AND ELEGANT! WnKS yon tee a gentleman wearlea a»«*":“ attract! general atlentlon by ‘»e beauty fabric and lta remarkable nea'n< ae acd ele*s» atyla j on may be aaanrtd that It la t. ne or Hairin’ Latent Introduction!. BT“Hla establishment la opposite ‘he Poet Offlce beptL-W ^AUCTION SALES. '"ttliiablc House at Auction. Oprem^'®;fP‘ *,3at * o'clock r. M. on the a OMiowjrSt S£*K,th*•ndnlinlflioi.seNo. tbs most worki.. u*iou*® ** flu,‘*M»4 ibrougbcat in rooms, with deeM??*1',® ‘“»r|ner; it bar 8 finished and abundance wa“I* “J.11.**", ■*•*•*}>•** cellar ’arnsce; gas ihiou.^V.? ”ft '• *•to *'*»' bY ,» doni ofli n d so perlect a® *i°°>V bare sel ls in ono ot the best ntdst.t.®***1',,®V*1 11 There is a me polioy o.f“ocl!‘ 1» the city.— Lot abou' tO bv 80 toot ur*cct 00 ‘b-» bcnse. Sept lO-dtd* 1 Aa1L£T vcy.. Auctioneers. York anti Cnmberluu* j'ensniL diitsd Bonds ut Auction, ON Saturday, Sept. 21th, at 13 o'ck-b M office, wo shall sell "veity-Six Hunur.,i 7j. 1 *rj York A ' umberiand con^o leafed Knuds ., j tour shares licohaulc-' Banks Sale positive. ' »«PHB <UJ 11ENUY BAILEY A CO.. Auet re. Yacbi .nary x. if cutler ut Auction. O of'i*'urJ*T BeP* 24 *f 10 o'clock A. x. at hetd Hary siu.llK Wbsrf. the floe schuouer-nggcd Ysctt ligiifnc er- of ton, burthen.wi'h al. her sail.-, tor sea, wit,.°-bles. and dorey. She is aJl htted wail cait nlatc • compos-. a c She is last. Can be s*Yl,pkuaure part es, being safe and I1E1SU? rI", •Mt'king of sale. Sept 22-d u Bailey A CO., Auctioneers. E. u. K,ehM“ — Dry and Taney Good*. ON Saturday, »ith Sept, ntbor, at in* „ ClotCa-simnres, Satinets, Alpaie^’i?, Ur. M Goods. Cloakings, Uiapers, DoyU^x„ Crash. Unmask. Bosieiy, Linen MoktS., BalnJoTial' Edgings, Triages, Clothing, Ao. ALSO, An ItiTOice of Note ana Letter Paper, Crtlsry Pins, Clocks. Stationery, Ao. No postponement." MoptlO—dtd B. H. PATTEN, AUCTIONEER, 12 Ejrchaug, gt Furniture at Auction. ON Tmcndar. Sfpt 27th, at 10 A M . at hoa s No. 1 Cro— t, Tables, Chairs, bo fan, Bedsteads. Beds, Bedding, llattretscs, Carpels, Crockery and Glass Ware, stores, &o. sop (2d utd Mew und Uenteel Furniture at Auction. ON Tue»<lsy JJcpt 27. at 10 o'clock A. M , at (tor* Not 1M and IWJ Mlauie •ti.ct, all ti.o b hi ulture in taid rorc, o'u.i-tUg ot Pa<lor Suii», tolas, Chairs, Harbii Toy Ceutre Tables. Black Walnut, Chegrrut aud Fsteed Frenob Chamtc * beta, com moa Fuiuilurb bale, Deck Office Furniture. Ac.— Alsu a good IsaiUr uor e. cstreaa wagon. Usings, a double runner uru iuie s:ei). to. At ]2s,aihno dory wooden binding in the rear of taut .tore, which ran he removed of remain ieated land. flENiuT BAiERY fe CO., ADonoaajtaa. Sept 20—did Valutibie Heal Fstaio at Auction, ON Tuesday dept. 27. at 3 o’clock r. v. we shall sell home No. 2 Deei St, the homestead of the lat«* Capt Benjamin Knght. Tbe bouse is mvo story and of brick; it baa 18 tlni bed iouils. with food closets. 1‘leutj hard and soft Water. Tbe bou«e la 3* by 40, with a barn 16 by 84, and a food garden.— I he lot is about 60 *eet square. hEHkl BULKY k Co., Auctioneer*. Sept 16—dtf Furniture at Auction. ON Wednesday, Sept 28. a* loo’cleok a. ii and 2-j- p. m. at the Cenuai Houston Lime street, t ear the Custom iioute, all tbu Tuoaucuc in •aid house, consisting of Beds, BcCsieudfl, Bidding and Mat re* fcs, Carpets in variety, Bureaus, Keek ers, Kolas,1.Mirrors, Chamber Sots, Toilet, Work, and Exieush'u i abJej; Chain1 in great variety: i ar ior, CKic*»nd Cook ctoves; Table U lery ; Chita, Gla*s, Crocker/; Iren, Stone, jhi and’ Wooden Ware, together with the eutiro - fiico ax.d kitchen Furniture. HENRY BAiLEl k CO., Auot’rs. Sept 21—dtd Valuable Tenements at Auction. ON Friday Sept 30th. at 3 o’clock p u, we shall sell a douMy ieminent at Terry Village, Cape Elizsbcth, ovp'Vr’te Turner's SMp-Ysrd. Tbe buiid ngs are of weed, two-story, well finished tbiough cut aud nearly iinW. It h*s good c oaets, food cel lars good water—hard and soft. The tou.e is in good repair and a sale property ior iumtmei t. Sale positive, tbe ow?**>r haring removed trim the plaoe. HENRY HAILEY a CO., Auctioneers. Sept 23—utd Administrator’s Sale. NOTICE U» hereby given, that by virtu© of a li cense from the Judge of Frobate tor the County of CuTnb«rI*'<Q, I shall sell, by public the dwelling house on the premises, on the st vrutc enth day #f Oetober, A. l) 1864, at 2 o’clcck in the after noon, the homestead lot of the Into Keubeu Hol brook. late cl Freeport, in said County, siiuatt d in said Freeport, ard containing lour acres of land, with the bandings thereon. HO K A CM HKEWFR. Administrator. Dated this 7th day of Sepc., 1864. atawSw* EDW ARD At. PA'I TEMt Commission Merchant & Auctioneer Hu removed to the apaoioua store 12 • Exchange Street, four doors below Merchant's Exchange. Will receive consignment, of Merchandise 01 •very description, for public or prtvste tale. Sale, of Heal Entile. Vessels, Cargo* ., Stock, and Mer chandise solicited. Cash advance, made, alto prompt sales and return,. meblSdly MERCHANDISE. Spruce Shipping Boards. f CA t WWl FEET Gang Sawed Spruce lOU.V/Uv Board, 'or sale bv 7 J. a. UASLLkN. Hobson’s Warf, fortland, He. Aug S—<i4w . Hackmetack Ship Timber. OAK, Hackmetack, and Hard Wood flank, I re*. nails tlam 12 to 'A inches, Treenail Wedges, be. Ac, by L. TaYLOK, jnnoSSdSm - Galt's Wharf, f ortimnd. Treeuails. 100 000 V'JU|JTK 0AK TBKEEAILS, tor ’ S1M0NT0N b KNIGHT. 43 Commercial Wharf. jg Portland, Jane 13,18*4. JunelGdtf Sugar and Bfblasae*. ‘JAA HUDS. 1 CHOICE MUSCOVADO SU 10 TC8. ) GAB. 171 H11D8 Superior Muscovado, and . 37 TCS Clayed Molasses, 11 BKLS from blerra Morena,. Now landing and tor sale by lllOMAS ASENCIO b CO., mayStf Custom House Wharf. Sierra Morena Molasses. qOK HUDS OOO I CHOICE SIKBKA mokeba 30 TI Hacks ) MOLASSES, 10 l.BL-S Now landing from Brig "C. H. Kennedy" TUOS. ASENCIO b CO.. May (.-if C. U Wharf. TO THE AFFLICTED1 mn. f.m. o£»uiu, Medical Electrician, IVu. M Clapp’S Block, CORNER Of CONGRESS AND ELM STREETS WOULD respectfully announce to the citiaens oi Pert)and and vloinity, that he hae permanent ly located in thle oity. During the eleven month* that * e have been In town we have cured some ok •the worst t'ormh of disease (n person, who ter# tried other forme of treatment In van., tad curing pa tient! In eo short a time that the Question is often ashed, do they stay cured f To anew or thle question we will lay that all that do not-ray cu'ed, we will doctor the socond time- for nothing. Dr. D. ha« been a practice: .JeetrlciaB Ter t we tty. one years, and is also a regular graduated pi jeij an BlooUioity it perfectly adapted to chronic (.unites in the form of nervous or tick headache; neuralgic, in the head, extremitk-s, consumption,when In the acute stages or where the lunge are not telly Involved; acute or chronic rheums Ism, scrofula, hit lieeases. white swellings, spinal diseases, curvatt e of the spine, contracted mnsclee, distorted limbs, paler or paralysis, 8t. Vita*' Dance, dimes*, stam mering or hesttnney of speech, dyspepsia, Indigos tkn, oonstipatiou and liver complaint, pile#—we ear* every ease thtt ean be premmted: asthma, bronchi ti», strictures sf the chest, au4 nil forms of teasals jomplaluts. By Blootrlolty The SheumaUe, the gouty, the lam* “d *&• leap with joy, and move with the?Mijd“he*&2? lty of youth; the heated brai* is eeolea,_u»e Iwd bitten limbs rostered, * ®^SSarM^^!sa« LADIES ffbo here oo*’d hands and feet; weak stomach*, Iftino a*14 weak backs; nerrone and sick headache; disci**** ard swimsstne in the head, with indirec tion and constipation ox the bowels; pain in the side ! BBd bawi ; lenoorrhooa, (or whites); fxUinr of the womb with internal cancers, timors, polypus, sad all that Ion* train os diseases will And In FJectrlo* ity a sore means of enro. Far painful menstruation, too profb*o menstruation, and all of tho«« Ion* line of troubles with yonnr ladies, Electricity is a ce.£™ specific, and will, in a short time, restore the suirorer ’to the viior of health. , . , atma «-v ay* Wt have an KUctro-Ch* ai ffand^d. iSI atfiwui'j, Antimony, Arsenic, *"• k ^rSuSmSSS* lhlndir*ct cause of which, ia mt S^tTa Is the eflbct of poisononsdmsa, “d T**or ** ^fb^rVftom^'oK-hX.w. t. 1 F.H.flJ Hilliard Table for Sale. , gmt rate Billiard Table, with marble brd; elee A mo eete ivory balle and a nut oi point*, end everything pertaining to a w*U flam,shed table. Will be told on liberal terms. Apniv to WM J. McDUSiU)., No. 116 Federal Street, under U. B. Hotel. eep»21 dtf __ Notice to Physician* THE Stock and STaaD of* glat, in n flourishing Village lu tbi Mate, on n Railroad, will I a told at • bargain, aa tba owner a about retiring from Mjloees .. rXdW'r FB' H^nxsIlrH

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