Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 24, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 24, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. VOLUME IT. PORTLAND, SATURDAY MORNING. SEPTEMBER 24, 1864 WHOLE NO 6)M 1 OETLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T. OILMAN. Editor, push.!** at Ne. 82* EXCHANGE 5, A. fostkh A CO. i nueuuruxMli Daily faxaei* published at 88.00 pt? year. • fax Miian State Puis a is published every Thus* d «y *ura.!K,B» s».0epot annum, in aflvaaoe; 82.26 1/paid within six months; and *2.50, If payment be delayed beyond the year. Hates of Advertising: One Inch of spaoe in length of oolnmn, constitutes B“SiJUARK.” $1-50 per -quart. daily Urn week; 76 oents per week alter: imeeiusortione or loss, 81.00: conHculni eve ry other day after flirt week, 60 oents. * Half square. three insertions or less. 76 oents; one week, ii-OO; 60 qenu p5r week after. Under head oi Amubbxkhts, *2.00 peraquare p*r w. k; three insertions or less, 81,60. PEiiriAL Notices, 81.75 per sqnare first week, 81,oO pee square after; three insertions or less, $1.26; *1 S5* s<iUS’re' ttr#® ihaarUonj, 81.00; one week, Advertisements inserted in the Hains Statb f***6 (winch has a largo oiroulstion in every part of the State) tor 60 oents per sqnare in addition to the above rates, for cacti insertion. Juhoal Notiobb at usual rates. Tranatentudv-Ttlaeraents mutt he paid forin ad Varies BuBixaeaNOTiona, in reading oolamns, 12 oents per lino for one 1 nsertion. Noanarge less than fifty oents lor each insertion. WAUecmnuinicatioas intended for the paper should he directed to the "XiHtar qrthe Prtu’' and those of a business character to the Publishert. fc*F*JOB Pxibtibo of every description executed atthilspatch. - F. Tfracy, Traveling Agent. Saturday Morning, Sept 24, 1864. Collapse of the Printer’s Union in New York. • A correspondent of the BoBton Traveller writing from New York, Sept. 10th, gives the following account of the signal failure and collapse of the most unreasonable and des potic attempts ever yet made, to control the rightful business of newspaper proprietors: The Printer’s Union of this city has come to an untimely end. It was an organization originally designed to protect the interests of journeymen printers—to ensure a uniform rate ol wages, to establish regulations for tue government of the trade, &c.—but during the past year or two it has fallen into the hands , of a set of men who magnified their office be- 1 youd reason, and who, iu the attempt to im post, restrictions upon newspaper proprietors, have, “o’erleaped themselves, and fallen on Pother side”—fallen too, with such a crash, that to be a member of the ‘‘Printer’s Uuiou’ in New lork is now equivilext to being ut terly destitute of employment. On Saturday last, the great blow was struck which gives the key note for the dissolution of the “Union.” The proprietors of the New York Times discharged every compositor em ployed iu that office who belonged to the “Union.” Each man received his money for ! the work of the week in an envelope, on the outside of which was posted a printed notifi cation from the foreman that his services were no longer needed. The announcement of the f}veut was made this morning, and to-night I understand the “Union” is to h Id a meeting | for the purpose ol dissolving its organization. It may lall short of this extreme measure, j but at all events the power of the “machine" I is brolfen, ami our great newspaper offices : Will no longer be subject to the arbitrary die- ! tation of their printers. / The price demanded by the “Union” at the )aat strike was (30 cents per thousand eras on pmrnlug papers, and 52 cents on the evening journal*, The Tribune paid It ugder protest; so did the Times. Bat one night the ^.oqne printers delivered an ultimatum: an advertise ment calling for compositors tor the Times at yeanped rates, tyas not to be inserted in the ad versing column of the Tribune, under penalty pt an instant and geueral stride of t(je men in the middie of the night- To this high hand ed proceeding the editors of that paper natur ally excepted; the advertisement went In, (at Jsp head of the editorial column,) and the Biters struck work- , The Tribune appeared V>d \he1ollowmg day without the news, prom that day to this, the ijittferness Of feel- i tag has strengthened. Considerable hard : words have been uttered, and the newspaper proprietors have been quietly at work mean time to put themselves in a position of inde- ! penitence. The hew njen have finally been ; jauguged, and now there }s not a“{Juiou'’ man employed ou our leading dailies. The h’oen ing Pout turned them all adrift last Spiing, but paid the new tariff of rates; the Times and Tribune have brought in printers from the country; the World has put eight female printers to the case; the Independent also pipnipys women. And by the way, this field of employment for woman, although not new to you iu Bos ton, is a decided novelty in New York.— The women can make from $10. to $15 per week, and are neat-handed compositors. They we employed on day work ejpjusiveiy, of course; hut their introduction in oi+r daily' newspaper offices opens a new phase of New York lifp. Tha summary and yery decided action of Saturday, putting an end to the extortionate demands of the printers, creates, as you may imagine, considerable excitement in the news paper world hereabouts, aud it is not improb able that a reducion of prices mty follow. ~ ' ‘ | Speech of Hon. Salmon P. Chase. Ex-Secretary Chase was serenaded iu Wash ington a few nights since, and in response made a brief speech of which the following is an extract: “aiuce my return to the honorable position of a private citizen, 1 have thought that I was eutitied to a short vacation of eight weeks, af ter unremitted labor ol eight or nine years. I have returned among you for a brief per iod, with renewed health aud vigor. 1 propose soon to go to my own great State in the West, thereto advocate the cause so dear to you all. 1 believe you call yourself the Lincoln and Johnson Club. These names represent to ui, to-day, principles and a policy, designs and purposes, by which alone we believe this couu uy can be saved. Of these principles 1 have bceu au earnest advocate, to use a legal phrase for a length ’whereof the memory of man run neth not to the contrary.’ 1 shall not be like ly to forget them, or cease to inculcate them to my fellow-citizens. If all the voters would take my advice, there would not be a vote past except for those two gentlemen. A great many, no doubt, uud, in my humble judg nv-nt a large majority will be giveu lor them. I'he Baltimore platform, upon which these nominees were placed, comprises three great principles.' First, Union,one and indivisible. It halt Union embraces In-its extent the whole country—every hill, every river, the mouth of every river, every promontory and cape wherever the flag of the Union ever float “The next of those principles is, that that Union has been assaujted by slavery, and slav ery must die the death which it deserves. Tuis principle was announced by the conven tion by, I suppose, a greater degree of unani mity than any other there ennnciated. Is there a man Jjere who means to deny this? Is there one who meqns to suffer this to be put down? “ The third principle Is, the rights of Amer caus must be respected by all foreign coun tries. They have no idea- of allowing princes or potentates of any country to interfere with anything that of right belongs to this country or the people of Ihis country, or to place any obstructions in the way of the in stitutions and progress of this couutry. “ The Union can only be maintained by thor oughly suppressing the rebellion, and preserv ing republican institutions, based upon these principles. To this end, the people propose to maintain their armies now in the neld We did not mean to treat them with any hollow or lip sympathy; we do not mean to give anv Cold cuts, but warm, generous sympatic Warm geuerous support to the men who are fighting under that obstinate fellow Grant the men who have acted so splendidly in that campaign, consummated by that glorious vic tory, under Sherman; the men who, on the ocean wave, or in the harbors of that ocean wherever Farragut leads them, with that gal lant commander tied to the mast head. We intend to give them ample supplies of'arms, lood, clothing, everything which they cat need. And, while doing this, we intend to ap peal to them, in the name of this great Repub lic, to save our national honor and our fret institutions. “We want peace, but we want it with t Union made sacred by feeedom, and made per manent by foundations upon freedom and 1 us tice. “ Which of thft-planks in our platform do yon want taken out? Do you want any oni shaved a single particle ? No, no; let it stand I i*8 *1 It U all good. Let us maintain it all Let us maintain the men who support it. “I have talked a little to you to-night iuj I Wends, and have1 said some things which I in tend to say to the people of my own State. I j have always thought that I could goto the ’ people and tell them plainly what wo need and what is right. I have never feared to appeal to their sound heads and true hearts. I have always found them willing to trust me when ever I was willing to trust them.” Mutual Benefit LIFE INSURANCE CO. Incorporated, 1845. Charter rerpetnal. THIS most sucressfnl of all Life Assurance Com panies, has sow a net accumulation of over *i>6,000,000.00 Its own history after 20 years’ experience is the beet evidence of iu inferior management, am of the i great advantage it aifoids to thote who insure. Special attention is asked to the following facts . The Annual Dividends ’ol this Company are now * Fifty Per Cent. and have been for several years. Declared an»u aHy.auu paid at-er two genre. a A d'vidend is declared and paid upon bach and Evssr payment made, whether the psrtv is living or not. \s&~Ao other i ompauy in the United State doe thit. its assets on the 31st of December last, as shown by the New York Insurance Commissioners'Keport, were suflicieiit to prov de lor ira ‘ Compu ed premi um reserve.” the payment of All its dividends," and every other liability, con1 in gent or absolute, and leave a clear net surplus of $1,807,650,17 This surplus is nearly *1,00.’,000,0* larger than that 01 any other Life Company in the United States I ana *1,500,0.0 larger than any other, with two ex eeptious. Pai ties now insuringln this Company participate >u the benefits o/ this targe and increasing surplus. This Company haa paid to the assured in Divi denos, $2,350,000,00 while the total amount paid for claims by deattt ex ceeds $8,400,000.00 Policies issued on the non-forfeiting ten year plan us well as in all the other usual torms. Kvery considerate men who will apply to Life In surance the same principle that would guide him in making other inves’ments,or in I he masgeir out ot bis otca business will assuredly Investigate the ad vantage of the mutual Benefit System, as illustra ted in the history of this Company, belore insuring his lile io auy other. By neglecting to do so he will probably pay irom 10 to 25 dollars on every *100 ns the price of his fsilnre to inform himself Berncm eer. the Dividends are SO per cent. The fit st one is paid you juit four years from the date qf your policy; * Divid-nd is paid you eveby year thereafter, wh le too Undivided Surplus from which all dividends are made, is nearly »l,00>,000, larger than that oi any other Company in America. heliabte information in relerenoe to all the com paniee will be freely civen at this office, from Com missioners Beports ibr successive years. WARREN SPARROW, Stale Agt, Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co. Central OfficeNo. 30 BxehangeSt, Bcpt 17—dtf Portland, Me. KJ f P A t i H. 4J V 1 Jti IS ATJL.AATIC Mutual Insurance Company, NEW YORK, JANUARY 36, 186*. Premiums received orTMarine Risks’, from 1st January, 1868, to 31st De cember, 1863, , *3,214.398 93 Premiums on Policies not marked off 1st Janaary, laud, 1,706.602 21 1'otal amount of Marine Premiums, 810,006,001 17 No Polieies have been issued upon Life •Risks: nor upon Fire Risks discon nect! d with Marine Risk*, Premium8 marked off from 1st Jan.. 1863, to aist December, 1893, 87,597,666 68 Losses paid daring the same period, 3,806,661 04 Returns olPremiums and Expenses, 1,083,967 48 The Company has the folio wing Assets, viu Unit d Slates and State of New York Stock, City. Bank and other Stocks, 83.432.631 30 Loyissojurouby 84n8Wa,*u<loYtfiSr4hae, 1,450,700 00 Real Estate and Bonds and Mortgages, 198,760 00 Dividends on Stooks,Interest on Bonds and Mortgages and other Loans,sun dry Notes, re insurance and other Claims due the Comp'y., estimated at 104,964 61 Premium Notes and Bills Receivable, 8,278,678 C3 , gash in Bank. ^.flJ ® Total amount of Aimetj, t&aSS.l&Oil { Six per gent interest on the outstanding certifi cates oi profits will bj paid to the holders thereof, j or their legal representatives, on and alter Tuesday, j the Second of February next. After reserving Three and One half Million Dollars ef profits, the outstanding certificates of the issue of i 1862, will be redeemed and paid ,e tfte Holders there of, or their lygu repTesdhidtiyt a, on apd after Tues day, the Second of i ebruary next, from which date j all interest tli&reon will cease. The certificates to be ! produced at the time oi paynfent, and cancelled. A Dividend »f Forty Per Cent, ia declared an the ! net earned premiums ef the Company, lor the year ending 31: t December, 1883, for which certificates I will be issued, on and alter Tuesday, the Filth of - April n»*L ^ *T. ' ■’t Jan., 1863, fbr which Certificates wen lisqpd, amount to »ll,828,880 Additional ire la lit Jan., 1863, to lit January, 1664, 3,630,000 j Total profits for 214 years, 816,968,880 Tin Certificates previous to 1862, have been redeemed by each, 11,690,219 Net samlngi remaining wish the Com pany, bn1st January, 1864, 84,268,670 : By ordor of the Board, W. TOWNSEND JONES, Seoretary. TRUSTEES. John D. Jones, David Lane, Charles Dennis, Jamoi BPyve, W. H. a. Moore. Wm. Sturgis, Jr., Thos. Tileatap, H- K. Bogert, rOTiWui. Lewis Curtis, Dennis Perkins, Chas. H. Russell, Jos. Gaillard, jr., Low: 11 Holbrook. J. Henry Bnrgy, P. A. Uargons, Cornelias Grinnell R. W. Wnton, C. A. Hand, Re al Pbelp , Watt* H|jsr»an, traba, Leroy M. Willey, BenJ. Babcock. Dame'S. Miller, Fletoher Wes tray, 8. T. Nicoll, R. B. Minturn, jr., Josb'aJ. Henry, G.W.Bnrnham, Geo. G. Hobson, Fred. Chaunoey, James Low. JOHN D JONES. Preildent. CHARLES DENNIS, Vice President. W. H. H. MOORE, 2d Vice President. Applications forwarded and Oran PoLioine procured oy JOHN W. HUNGER, Agent, No. 166 Tore «treat, head of I<ong Wharf, PORTLAND, MB. June 3.—w2wlteodtojan88 Maine Bonnet Bleacnery, 308 Oonjres Street, PORTLAND - _• MAINE. Straw, Lace & Leghorn Bonnets GENTLEMEN’S HATS, Bleached A Pressed at the Shortest If otics -ALSO HATS & BONNETS DYED. Every oxertirn trill be made to bate all orden r aoMPTLT attended to. JANES B. BACKLYFT. atigSl 8m. _ Edwin €. Owen & Co., Wboleaale and Ketail Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Confectionery, NnU, Cigars, Ac., Ao. 25 Exchange St.Portland. Oranges, Lemons. Limes, Tamarinds, Prunes, Cit. rou. Kaisios, figs. Nuts ofall binds, Olives, Sardines, Dstes, Apples, Pairs, Teaches, Preserved Fruits, Gum Drops, Lozenges, Candies, Honey, Sprnce Gum, Tobacoo, Cigars, Pickles, Pepper Sauoe, etc., etc. O- The Trade supplied on tno molt liberal terms. , Amt25-lm___ New Bedford Copper Comp’y. T?rEeZ^^**"^* Company, Yellow Metai&Copper Sheathing, Bolt Copper, Bolt Yellow Metnl , Spika, Aon,, tc, EDUCATIONAL. Prof. Masse, A. M. Recently of Philadelphia, Instructor in the French and Latin Languages. LESSONS in schools and families, lectures in schools, explanation In Frenca Idioms A na tive of France, formerly instructor of Rhetoric nod Belies letters in Charicsmagno College, one of the ■ first institutions in Paris. 6 For further paaticulars, apply at Messrs. Bailey k Noyes between 11 aud 12 a. M., where information as to term, fce, will bo given. REFERENCES. Hon. W. H. Seward, Secretary of State. Rev. Bishop W. B.Stevens,D !>., of Philadelphia. Rev. A. Cleveland Coxe, of Baltimore. Prof. C. D. Cleveland, of Philadelphia. Prof. H.Coppie, of Peuna University. Geo. B. Emerson, Esq , of Boston. R. H. Dana, Esq., of Boston. Epes Sargent, E8q., of Boston. 'Rt. Rev. Bishop T. C Brcwnell, D. D., Hartford, Ct Dr. E. P. LeProhon, Portland. Bept 6. d2m NEW HAnPSBIRE Commeroial College, Central Hall, - - - - Concord, tf • H. THE most thorough and extensive Commercia College in New England, presents unequalled facilities tor imparting to young men and ladies a complete business education. Bend lor a circular containing full information— address WORTHINGTON k WARNER, THE PORTLAND COLLEGE, Located in Clapp’s Block, Congress Street, IS a link in Bryant, Stratton k Co.’» chain af In ternational Buainea, and Commeroial Colleges, established in twenty-'wo of the leading commer cial cities in the United States and Canadas. The olrtect of these Colleges is to furnish young men ana ladles the best facilities for obtaining a thorough Business Education. Scholarships for full course of Bork-keeping, Com mercial Law, Commeroial Calculations, Spencerian iD5lftn8k*p’ Correspondence, Lectures and Praetf. c&l Exorcises, is good throughout the chain for on unlimited period. L. A. GRAY, A. M RESIDENT PRINCIPAL. For further Informations please oall at the College, or seud for Circular aud College Monthly, inclosing letter stamp. Address BRYANT STRATTON A GRAY, Portland. ... Maine. tugSl d&wSm ' ANNUAL MEETINGS. Annual Meeting ! < THE stockholders of the Merahants’ Bank are * hereby notified t~> meefc*at the Bank on Monday, 1 ' Oct. 8d, at 8 o’clock P. M. for the following purpos- j * 1st—For the choice of seven Directors for the en- I suing year. 2od—To confii Jer the subject of adopting the Na tional Bank System, and act thereon. f W—For the transaction of any other business that legally come before them. v r By order or the Directors, _ ^ CUAS. PAY80N, Cashier. j \ Portland, Sept 10,1S64.—dtd manufactured and Traders Bank, THE Stockholders of the Manufacturers and Tfgd? j era Bank are hereby notified Annual I a Meeting will be held at thpiv Banking room on Mon day, i^ie^d day of October next, at 8 o'clock P. M., J fur the ohoice of Directors for the ensuing year, and b the transaction of such other business as may legal- j p ly come before them. a By Older of the Directors, •eptlt dtd EDWARD Cashier. $ Bqnfc, , niUE Annual Meeting of tM Stool holders of this Bonk tor the choice of Direotors, and tho trans Mtiou of other bwsiress, will be held at their Bank ing House, on Monday, Ihc 81 day of October next at So’clock B. M. I’er Order. ■ ' | Soptlb-^ _ K-.?.gWS», ^hler, j j Mechanics’ Bank. THE Annual Meeting of stockholders of the Me chanics Rank, for the coice of Directors, and any 1 - other business which may come before them, wiU be held at their Banking Boom on Mofihay. 3d Dot. 1 , next, at 8 r. u. Per Order, • . * W. 11- SrEPHBNSOa, Cashier. 1 ?*T?1%?®. ®8?t jt 1®4.—dtd | — * 7— ■ r ■■ ■ I . GuiibI Bank. THE Annual Meeting cf th« stockholders of this Bank, for the ohoice of Directory will be held at their banking house on Monday Oct 8 at ll o’cl’k ▲. M. Also to oonrider the subject of adopting tho Na- j tional Bank 8ystem, and forthe trqntaptlon of any i other bu-iuess. ^*er Order, t fcept 16—Ut$ p. C. fcOMERBY, Cashier. ; I Bank ot Cumberland. NOTICE is hereby given that the annual meeting ' ■ of the ftockholders of the Bank of Cumberl ana j for the choice of Directors for the ensuing >• ar.aod i the transaction of any other business tbgt may come I before them, w|ll be held at their Banking Room on Monday the Ul of October next at£o cock f. u. j Per Oi 4-r Qf the Directors <« SAM'L SMALL. Cashier. Portland, Kept 16.1064. seplfldtd Portland mutual Fire Insurance Company* " 1 THE Annual Meeting of this Company will bo j held on Monda*, October R, at 74 o’clock f. m. Per Order. EDWARD SHAW. Sept 18—dfl w Secretary. re-opened! The subscribers would respectfully announce to their ’ numerous friends and the public that they bare thoroughly * Bepaired. Befitted and Befomiihed The popnlar and oentrally located EATING HOUSE, I No. 77 Middle Street, (FQX BLOCK,) Which will be open on end after MONDAY, JULY 35th. — lull and Luuchci at all hours of the Say and Evening. ICE CREAMS, | nAIW AND FANCY CAKE, FECIT, CONFECTIONARY, Ac., Constantly on band. SODA WATUR, i Drawn from Dow’. Paten t Ice Cream (Soda) Fonp- : tain, with Fruit Syrups. —— 1 PARTIES 8UPBIED AT SHORT NOTICE. Wo shall be happy to see all our old friends and make a host of new ones, and trust that npno will | have cause for complaint.' CALL AND SEE US / ATKINSON & INQERSOLL. I Jy»_ _ tf ECONOHIYJS WEALTH. THE subscriber respootfuily informa bii trlcnda In general thft he will Repair Gentlemens’Garments or evxxt DieoBirrion, AT SHORT NOTICE AND FAIR PRICES, St that Money eon be Sated in theie War Timet. J. R. 8TOBY, No. 23 Exchange St. Aug 27—dtf __ STATE OF MAINE. Executive Ditabtmkt il Augusta, Sept. 20, 1854.1 An adjonrned lesaion of the Exeoutive Connell, i will be held at the Connell Chamber, In Anguata, OB 1 Monday, the third day of October next. Atteat: EPHRAIM FLINT JB., I eep2Idtd Secretary of State. WANTS, LOST,FOUND Board Wanted. IN a private family, where there are no other boarders, for the wlfb and child of an officer in tne Revenue bervice, Or a Small Kent Wanted In ■ convenient looation. Part of a houe preferred. Address STEPHEN BKfiitY, lT2i Fore St. Sept 21-dtf Found, AT large in the streets of Portland—A Gray Horse ond side spring Wagon, with side fprings under the seat. The owner Is reqnested to call, prove property, pay charges, and take the same away. JOHN S. HEALD, City Marshal. Sept 21—dlw Found. A ROLL of bills. The owner esn have tin same by proving property and pa; leg charges. Call at A. L0.IGMTON, septiT dtw2w ffo. 3 Warren Market. DrPf Clerk Wanted. ONE prefered that has had one or two years ex penence. Apply at H5 Congress Btreet. 8 apt 15—dtf Boarder. Wanted. ANEW gentlemen with their wives oan obtain board; also a few sing e boarders, at IS Atlantic street. Enquire of MRs. JSUTLES, on the prem to88-_ sop IMS *• RECRUITS WANTED! -FOE THE Eighth Regiment! Highest Bounties Paid. Two musicians Wanted! A Drum and Fife Ma)or. I can offer $50 per month to a Drum Major of ex perience. Enquire of CAPT. MORRIS, Sept 14—dlw* Opposite international Hotel. Shook Makers Wanted. A 5r?KW0^”en wi" flnd "teady employ MORMit'a Pri°e«. by applying at EfSK L wKl.t’Siton. Bo“tou’ or“ S* pt 13--dim Wanted. A PLEASANT and convenient tenement of fear , ?r , 8 rooms, noar the conre of the eitv, fora anuly of only.two persons, touch a tenement can » reut.d to a good paying tenant, and leased for a lumber ot years to one who will take good care of J' u ’ Box« Por,land r. O., atatiug location, t/ Lost or Stolen. A G.?LP 'VATCH,open face, a gold oolored dial, £». altaohed to a fclaek ribbon, witn a gold buckle mu a gold quartz rock seal—supposed to have been i OBt in gentlemens’ walk at U. f. K. Depot. Who- ! iver restores the above will be suitably reward* d hv ; eavtug it at D F. Uoraef’s office G. T. It. Depot, or he owner n s I Portland, Sept 12. _ scplSdU I W anted. CIOR a family of four (no small children) a nice L genteel two storied house, in the centre of the ity ,separate^ in a block. Address Box 110 Port apd Post, Office. septddtf LOST, $100 REWARD. Central wharf, or around the Grand Trunk Depot and yard; a Calf Ski u Wallet oontai a ig a considrable sum of money, and papery of no alue to any one bat the looker; The finder will be Bwarded as above on returning the same to No. Central Wharf, or 72 Brackett street, , Portland, Aug, si 1861. _ *ug8l dtf "W"axLted.! Elderberries nod Cherries. ■ rHE highest i clean, and a k'indbaw. or Sept 6—d&wtf ■ JlTrttta House Wanted, !h® advertiser, a convenient, : centrally located, and pleasant hou$# lw a i small family, without children—Do&se$sion to ‘ BhHd as early as the middle Vf | Vt' c-U: fo|si&d*V**** Wa*®r ; TheVlvertiser would lease Bnch a house for a term I . f years, of nurcltawe If terms suited. A two-stdry ! 1 Rtagd. «mall lot, preferred. Address O. P. Q., at thoduress Office, stating 1 oca on, general terms, &o confidentially, Portland, Aug. 1,1364 *jltf Lest. JjTHaYED from the pasture of Mr. Francis Rob J erts, Westbrook, last month, a three year old ray Coif, small size; whoever will return him or ; ive information where he may be found, will be liitablv rewarded, by calling at No. i>9 Spring St. FRANCIS E. EMERY. Portland, July 13,1864.—dtf Board. 3U1T8 of Booms, with Board, can be obtained by 3 applying immediately at 30 Danforth street. May 11th. tnayl2dtf PENSIONS ! BOUNTIES 1 j 2E*AOK. T’A.'S?' kr« obtained for Wounded Soldiers (discharged; j nd tho friends of deoeased soldiers who are entitled ; o the same by BYU’W D. VE HK3 CL, Lttorsej sad Ctusellor, at Se. 117 Biddle Stmt, j -—AMD- j Ljloeaaod Agent tor all the Department* at Washington. Portland, April 28,1804, ap25eod€m Portland Army Committee OF THB [J. S. Christian^ Commission. Chairman, T. R. Hayes, receives Stores atll9 Mid- j IJesrreet. Treasurer. Cyrus Sturdivant, receives Money at 75 Commercial street. Secretary, Henry H. Burgess, recedes Letters at ! 10 Commercial street. Andrew J. Chase, Dr. W. J. Johnson. janelSdtf L 17 iU II ER. Carolina. Lvtfn'ber Company. : r|l HE undersigned ha* been appointed by the above : A Companv, 8 >le Agent for the sale of lumber, for 1 tho state of New York and all i orts and places north of New York, and is prepared to furnish hard pine ’ Lumber in any quantities, by the oarga, sawed to any desired dimensions, at the shortest notice; also Black ; Walnut, Bay wood, Ice. JOB A. TURNER, No. 58 Washington 8t., Boston, Mass. Aug. 10,1864. eod3m To Merchant Tailors and Cutters. I GAVE left with Mr. W. D. Jamej. No 62 Mid die street, Port1 and, copie* qf the*rue science of drafting garments. Mr. J. fu-ly understands the theory and practice as well as I do. and can com municat as well to others. OTIS MADISON. Portland, Sept 16,1864. Having received authority from Mr. Madison, I am prepared *o fnrnish afl tho necessary jaierma tion, and supply those whq may wj$h with the rules, at Mr. N. S Gardiner's, No. 62 Middio street. 8dpt 16—3m W. D. JAMES. [BT ROYAL LBTTRBS.J ARC Tjp Ss^I W H , Beal Canadian Bears’ Grease 1 THE best preparation fpr tbs growth and luxuri ance of the hair. For sale by the Druggists. septSdlin ▲bbt Quarter Master’s Office, 1 Forage Dpartmeiit, ) No. 66 Cedar Street. N. Y S*p1.12,1864.) rp«E Government will require in all purchases or X Hay on its account in ibe State of Maine, a strict aahet ance to Keotijns 35, 36 and 37. Chapter 38 of the Revised Statutes of Maine of 1858. The law is just and proper for the prevention tt^d detection of fr&u I, and must be *tr lot }r'complied with. S. L BROWN. Capt. and A. Q. M. J. B. Fisher, Q M. Agent, No. 90 Commercial St. Sept20—dim Portland, Maine. House & House Lois For Kale. SITUATED at Morrill's Corner, near tin line of horse railroad. A one story house and stable, with ebont one aero of land in a high state of culti. ration, Also eight aorce near the York and Cum berland K K, within two minutes walk of the horse car., well situated for house lots, and a good chance for investment. For further particulars erqnlreof ANDREiT CRA51. Westbrook, Sept 10, 1804.—d2w Residence for Kale. mWill be sold at a bargain, it called for soon, a desirable residence on Forest Avenue, btev 3ns Plain*, cottage house, nearly new, with good stable adjoining; j of an acre of land with pear, oherry and plum trees, currants and Goosber riti in abundance; also asparagus and strawberry beds; situated within one minute’* walk of the horse cars. Apply to J. H. COOK, No 8 Preble St. sepbdti Boarding. THE private boarding house No. 77 Free Street, newly papered and painted. Room furnished tad unfurnished, with board. Sept 17—dlw* __ FINANCIAL. u. s. 7-30 LOAN. The Secretary of the Treasury gives notice that subscriptions will be received tor Coupon Treasury Notes, payable three years from August 15, 1834, with semi annual interest at the rate of seven and three-tenths per cent per annum,—principal and in terest both to be paid iu lawful n^ney. These notes will he convertible at the option pf the holdor at maturity, into sin per oent. gold bearing bonds, payable not leas than five nor more than twenty years from their date, as the Government may eieot. They will be issued in denominations oi fifty, one hnndret five hundred, one thousand, and five thousand dollars, and all subscriptions must bo for titty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dol lars. The notes will be transmitted to ths owners free ot transportation charges at soon after the reoeipt oi the original Certificates of Deposit as they can be prepared, As the notes draw Interest from August 15, persone making deposits subsequent to that date must pay the Interest accrued from date of ncte to date of de posit. Parties depositing Iweoiy-nve thousand dollar! ' and upwards for these notes at any one time will be allowed a commission ot one-qnarter oi one per oent., whioh will be paid by the Treasury Depart ment upon the receipt gl g bjll far the amount, oer- ' tifled to by the olBoer with whom the deposit was j aaade. No deductions for commissions must be t made from the deposits. Special Advantages of this Loan, It is a National Sqvingt Bank, offering a higher : rate of interest than any other, and the but etonri- I ty. Any savings bank whieh pays its depositors is G. 8. Notts, considers that t is paying in tbo beet circulating medium of ihe oountry, and it cannot pay in anything bettor, tor its own assets are cither in Government securities or io notes or bonds pay- ' able in Government paper. It is equally oouveulent as a temprary or perma nent investment. Xho cotes can always be soid for within a fraotion of thole face and accumulated in terest, and are the host security with banks ascoilat srals for discounts. Oonvertible into a 6 per cant. 5-20 Gold Bond. In addition to the very liberal interest on the notes fbr throe years, this privilege of conversion if acw worth about throe per cent, per au&*u*t, for the mrront rate for 6-533 Bonds ess than nine per :entpremiumK ectoro the war the premium os j tinker oent. U. S. stocks were over twenty percent, ' [t will be seen that the aotual profit on this loan, at j h® present market rate, is not lees than ton per cent, , iflr annpm rts Exempt ton from State or iUanicipal Taxation. * But aside from all tha advantages we have cunm. irated, a special Act of Congress exempt! all bond! •aitr.amry notes from local taxation. On the ivaraga, this exemption Is worth about two per lent, ; or annum, according to taxation la rsiioue lartsof the eiuhtry. It is believed that no* securities offer so yreat in tuQetno'ufs to lenders as those issued by the Govern Bent, In all other forma of Indebtedness, the < hith or ability of private parties, or steak compar es, or separate communities only, is pledged forpay- : nent, while tea whole property of the country is laid to soeure the discharge of all the obligations ot be United States. Whilothe Government offers the most liberal terms >r Its loans. It b9lieves that tne ver, __n . nv leal will be to the loyalty and patriotism of the peo lie. Subscription! toill be received by the Treasur er of :he United mates, at Washington, the several As* istant Treasurers and designated Depositaries, and j )y the First National Uank ol Portland, Maine, ind by all National Banks which are Depositaries ! }t public money, and all respectable Banks and j Bankers throughout the eountry will give further information, and afford every laoility to subscribe. Aug 20—dfcw2m CASCO B AH K. ! GOVERNMENT 7 3-10 LOAN. THE Casco Cank is prepared to reeelvod subscrip tions to the new 7 3-i0 loan ta sums of *60 and upwards, paymsr interest on same from date ot sub scription to August loth, the dateof the Government notca. All persons having *60 and upwards now have a 1 good opportunity of lending a helping hand to their i Government by subscribingliberafly to thisloan. The notes are convertible at the ei>d of three years Into specie, paying 6 per cent. 6-23 bonds. Leans taken on as favorable terms as at any other I Bank. „ , E. P. OEBKISH. Cashier. Portland, July 2S, 1884. Jy29dlstf , FIRST lATIMAL BANK. Seven-Thirty Note* foi 8ale. Interest semi-annually, payable in paper at the rate of seven and threeten lbs per cent, per annum ! Bonds eonvortable in three years into six per cent five-twenty bonds, upon which the Interest is paya- I bleinooin. The notes will be delivered here free of expense. The purchaser will receive the interest to August 16 if subscriptions are made before that time. One-eighth per cent, commission will be allowed | subscribers at this Bank upon all amounts q/31,U00 | and over. W. E. GOOLD, Cashier. ! Portland, July 30th, 1884.—d&wtf Canal Bo nls.. Government 7 3-10 Loan. This Bank is prepared to receive 'ubsoriptions to the new 7 3-10 loan in sums of *Gf and upwards, paying interest from date of subscription to August 16th, the date of the new lean. The notes are conrertable at 1 lyj oad of three years into specie paying 8 per cent 6-20 bonds. One eighth per aunt will be allowed cn all amounts of *1000 and over. B. C. SOMEKBT, Cashier. Portland, Aug. 1, lgci_dtt New Steam Mill, Foot ol.Crou, between Fore & Commercial Sts. WIJTSLOW, DOTEB & CO., WOULD inform their former customers and the public general v. that they have iitUd up their Now Mill with New Machinery, and are now ready to dr. Planing, Matching and Jointing, also Sweep and Circular Sawing, tr^od Turning, tfc. We havo in "operation one of Messrs. Gray & V» ood*8 new improved Planers, for PLANING OUT OF WIND# It will plane wi^h the greatest aoeuracy from \ inch In thickness tp 12 Inches square. Also AN EDGEH FIFTY FEET LONG, For sawing henry plank and odging boards. Particular attontion given to planing Ship Knees, Clapboards, and heavy Timber, kor the accommodation of dealers and others hav ing largo loti* of boards td plane, we bare in counec tiun with the mifr 17,000 square feet of yard room. JylBcodtf O arriages! Firmly IJui and Neatly Finished. J. F. LIBBEY, No. 20 Preble St., .foP»«*«i at his establishment, a variety of Carriages made in the neatest and most sub STatKiai manner. The asei itment eompriecs all the d J?rent p^,e0 of Light Carriers, and they will be sold on the most favorable torm3. Persons intend ing to purchase Carriages will find It for their inter est to call and examine before buying elsewhere. J«ue33dftf Tiie Cheapest Agency FOR collecting all clas?M of olaims arising from tb. war la that ol tbo “MAINE WAB CLAIM ASSOCIATION,' In whioh the are controlled by a disinter e«ted Kxeoatire Committee. MISCELLANEOUS. : J. E. FEnNALD & SGS, | Merchant Tailors. And Dealers In I (rent’s Furnishing (rootis, No. 97 TVlicidie Street. — Our facilities for supplying our customers with promptness, fidelity and despatch are unexcelled. Our Stock is large and desirable, presenting all the Novelties of the season. TERMS "NET CASH." Portland, Aug 10,186-1.—dtf NOTICE. TheWeed Sewing Machine Co. Have established an oflloe for the sale of their Ma chines at No. 137$ Middle St., oppo ite Free St., which will be open to the public on Wednesday, Sept 7. Wherever this Machine has been introduced it hat to a great extent saptreceded oij others. Having en gaged the services of Mr. J. Bradford cf Boston, a practical machinist, who has had over ten years ex perience as a manufacturer and repairer of Sowing Machines, they are prepared to repair and put in perfect running order every kind ol Sewing Ma chine. For the purpose of introducing them more extensively they wi:l forashorttlme allowthe value of cheap and inferior machines in exchange fWr thg Weed Machine. A limited number of Weed Machines H lot 1 y the month or year. Machine Findings 0, eyery descr iption constantly on hand. Order* from the oountry should be addressed, We«l Sewing Machine Co. No., 137$ Middle S:. C. W. ROBLkhOJN, Agent. Portland, Sept. 6—eodtf ESO'a'lCE. WK, tho undersigned, having sold our Stcuir of Coal and Wood to Messrs. Randall, McAlis ter f (Go., do cheerfully* recommend them to our former customers. Ai 1 persons having demands against us are requested to present ti>em for settle ment, and all persons indebted to ns aro requested to make immediate payment at the old .and where one ol the ucdersigneu may he found for the present. „ SAWYEli ti WHITNEY. Portland, Jane 9,1861. junel8d3w Coal si it. cl 'W : THE subscriber having purchased the Stock of Coal and Woo a, ana taken the stand recently occupied by Moswa. Smwyer tf Jrhitee*. bead ol Mtune Wkmf, aro now prepared to supply tboir former patrons and the public generally. Vith a fine assortment of WELL PICKED AND SCREENED [ Old Company Lehigh, Sugar Leaf Lehigh, Hamilton Lehigh, , , . Locust Mountain. ! John’s, White and Red Ash, Diamond and Lorberry, i Together with the best qnaiity of Cumber la iid Coal ! A Superior Coal/or Blacksmiths. Also, Mari and Soil Wood, Delivered to order in any part of tho city. The former customers of Masers. Sawyer & Whit* uey arc respectfully invited to civcu3 a. call. RANDALL, McALLISTVU ft CO. Portland. Jnno IS. 1H64.—dtv Copartsierjhtti Kottee, -AHD BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT THU subscribers haying on the 7th day of May formed a copartnership under the Dame of McCarthy Sc Bmy, For the purpose of carry iEg on the * BOOT AMD SHOE BUSTWSSJ In all its branches, and having a'l the facilities lor gel'in g up nrst clasd work for gentlemen and lad ice, ness anil dI*pa’tchJ^Our work ’wii 1 best of imported stock, by tbo best of workmen, and i warranted to give ponect satisfaction. II is our l ira >. thatonr work shall not bo second to any in the Cult- : ed States. We have also completed a stock of ready-made work of the first quality, ter Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children's Waa Selected trout New Tone and Boston marker Our Ladies' work is from the celebrated Ilurtt Manufactory of Hew York. . For Gentlemen's wear we have the bust assortment over offered for sale in this city; such a- lino French Patent Loather Boots; Glove Calf and Calf Con gress for gentlemen’s wear; Patent Leathor Con gross, and Calf Congress Balmoral, and i iw French Buck e Boots. — Have you soon the new style CK1MPED-FKON1 BCCKLE BOOT, now made by McCarthy & Ber ry T For neatness, comlort aid beauty, It surpasses anything ever got up in this city. Call and see it; samples slwaj-3 on hand at the old stuud of 11. Mc Carthy. McCarthy & berry. No, 96 Ercbange Street. fan eld ti The Cahmet Organs JSABE EXCLUSIVELY BT MASON St HAMLIN Are the best instruments of their class in the world. Nearly all the most prominen' artists in the country have given written testimony to this effeot, and these instruments are in constant use in the concerts ol the most distinguished artists—as Gottschalk and others—as well as in the .V was in the principal cit ies, whenever such instruments are required. Trice $36 to 8300 each. These instruments may be found at the Musio Kooms of the subscriber, where they will be sold at the manufacturers' prices. H. S. EDWARDS, No.3184 Stewart’s Block, Congress St. aprl3 dti BRADFORD & HARMOS. Pension and Claim Agents, fEstablished In 1S61.) STILL continue to devote their spools] and exclu sive attention to tho prosecution of Claims for Pensious, Bounties, Arrears of Pay aud Prize Money, And all other claims against the Government h r. ing been duly licensed therefor. 53T* All advice free. Terms ns lew as at any oth er Agency, and no pay required until the claims are obtained. Office 83 Exchange street, Jose Block. F. bhadfoed. , - Z. K. UAltMOH. June 21.—dti MlLLOOHAtrS PATENT PAINT OIL. Jl Perlaot SubstUuta for Idnseed Oil, AWD MUCH CHKAPEP.. IT la UBed in the game manner a* L<H0eed Oil, dries quickly and very haru, can be used with all colors, and p3s«es3e3 decided advantagea for all work on manufacturing establishments, depots, cars, engines, all kinds of lion work, for roofs, and wherevera waiter proof paiut. is reqnJred. For all kinds of ship work, exposed to salt water, it ii su perior to any other. Address orders to CRAFTS & WILLIAMS, 6 fc 8 Commercial Whabx, Eostoh. Boston, Aug. 27,18iii. augB oo<!3m Sewing Machine Improvements. ALL owners of approved Sewing Machines are invited to cal! at NO. It CLAPP’S BLOCK, awd see the operation of two of the most important improvements of the day— Wiliam's Patent Crank Motion, and Hyde's Attachment. The former place* the control of the machine tn I tireiy under t e control of the foot of the operator, , preventing ail backward motion of the wheel, *1 ! lowrir-g the freedom of both hands to handle the work, and saving the breaking of needles and the entangling efibe thread. The latfGr will allow the free use of linen thread i or of inferior cotton, and entirely doea awav with the soaping of the cloth. Call and see and yon will not foil to have them ap plied to your machines. JO UN POUTEK, Agent Mr. Porter will put machines in order and teach the operators how to use them, ho that they will have no trouble. Portland. Aug 10.1864. dtf l'ortland Company. Subscribers to the New stock may make payment at the office of (he Company on Fore ' Street, or at the Merchants' Bunk. On all payment* made alter the 36th inat, interest i will be charged. Payment must bo made, or secured i by Oct. 1st. 3 The certificates of stock of the present Shareholders will by received at fifty dollarspj*r share. fcDWARb H. DAVEI3, Clerk t Portland, Sept H»ls64 d2w House and Store Lots to Lease• ON Congresas, North and Cumberland, above Washington street, including the desirable lot oorner of Congress and North streets. Apply to Sepl6d8m A. f, VULL&E, 386 Congress street. BUSINESS Cardr^ R E M OvXiTj , NATHAN GOULD, i Merc h ant Tailo r, HAS removed to No. 181 Midd e street, where he will bapiea-ed tv inset hid tiriend-i and custom ers. A good assortment of Cloiha and Trimmings constnu ly on hand. "ST* Particular attention given to cutting for others to make. Sept 12—d8n _ Dana & Co. Fish and Salt, Lather Dana, \ Portland, Woodbury Dana, ( I John A. S. Dana. i Maine. !_Juneldtf AOU M T. ROGERS A CO., Commission Merchants, AND WilOLHAUt DBALSBS IB Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. 61 Commercial Street, i tChU.B\HoeSi. j POKTLAMD, ME. __joaeldttm Wholesale and JRetail. L. DAVIS, Bookseller, Stationer, ABD BAEUBAtTUEEK OB Premium Paged Account Books. PAPJBK HANGINGS. Ko* 63 Exchange Street* Portland* Me. _ Joneldti CHAS. J.SCHUM ACKER, Fresco and Banner Painter, No, 144 Middle Street, PORTLAND, MR. tr Work executed In every part of the 8tat«. Juneltf I EUFU8 DUHEAM, ManuliotimT and Wholeaal! Dealer in BRITANNIA Plated Ware, ! eNo.%18 Fore street, Portland Maine. Portland, May 17th, 1804. mayl7dt; | BURGESS, FOBES, & CO., MAlTUff ACTURXR8 0» Japau, White Lend, Zinc, Paints, Anti Ground Colors, A»B DEALXH9 IV Drugs Medicines, Paints, Oils & Varnishes. Paint and Color factory, No. 29 Mmjoy St., OBIee Si Salesrooms, 80 Commercial Si., (Thomas Bloom.) n»TBT H. Busses*, dadsi irn Ha C'BAKtSS S. KOBIB. PCRTLAsD, 11. mayl8dtl__ BLAKU, JOUKS Sc CO., FLOUR & GRAIN DEALERS, And Be vers of Western and C adian Produce, 187 Commercial Street, • - - Granite Block. Charles Blake, ) Henry A. Jones, J It. W. Gage. J I’OKTLAilD. Jnneldtf_ JOHN LYNCH & CO., Wholesale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Granite Stores, - - - Commercial street, (Opposite head Widgery Wharf,) John Lynch, 1 "»r*°W j?oi*rxsdaari>. eric. ITios. Lynch ) junaldtf wote & nooar, GENERAL catfnmsiQN merchants, And V. holesalo Dealers in FLOUB, CJBir AllD PBODUCE, No. 5 (Hit Blook, Commero'al St, rt^Tnc.M^dr. I wetland, me. Juneldfim C. H. OSGOOD, DENTIST, Bo. 8 Clapp's Block, Market Square, P OR T LAND. ^“Artificial Teeth inserted on Gold, Silver, and F ucanite base. All operation? warranted to giro is isifcction, juneSOoodiaiy'64 E. XT LEMONT, Carriage Manufacturer, Preble Street. • - Portland, He. ’y Carriages amd Rtelgbson hand and mad, to or ler. JnnelSdtf I C. P. lriTIBAlLJL, MA5UI ACTUKKB OP i Carriages and Sleighs, Preble street, (Hoar Preble House.) POEXL AND, ME. Sal. Mourn., 110 and 113 Sytdtotm St.. Sutton, Mau. .‘uneltf Safes \ Safes ! \ FOB SALS AT JAMES BAILEY A CO., 1 Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealers, 162 middle: street, PORTLAND,.MS. JylgdSm i -------- Law Partnership. HOWARD’ A OLKAVES, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, i Office 91 Mlddle St., over Casco Dank, PORTLAND, ME. JOttKPH HOWARD. NATHAN CLKAVU. jylBdftwam t >»K. O. H. RICH, 7 SURGEON DENTIST, SO. 145 MIDIfL® 8T., JTOKTInAJJD, (Opposite «>ot of Free Street,) : L' avlng fitted up tlio above named rooms, he would ' b-- happy to wait on all who may wish for tho Ser ) v oes of a skillful l.Vntlst. Every branch qf Dm I tiytrv willreoelv# careful attention, end penect sat* inaction will be w irrantod. ]y26d£m M. PS ARSON. iJilvor Plater, K»\> va HvrACT'cmyn of SILVER WARE, 1 238 Congress at., Opp. Crmt Rotese, Portland, Me 39T*Ail kiiidu of Ware, snoh «a Kuive*, Forks Spoons, Cake Baskets, Hasten*, 1q., plated in tin best manner. * Also, Repairing and Re-Jhtish^ng Old Silvr Ware. &ug6d6tn A. & 8. 8HITRTLEF:V & co~ NOS. 54 A 50 I0IDDLE STBEET PORTLAND, Manufbcturon and Dottier*In Mea’» Boys’ aad Youth’s T%ick, Ki] Mid Cali’ Boots, W°t den’ *M lanes and Children’* Ooat, K* *nd Onlf Btfmoral*, Bubbern* S»boe Htoalc, Finding, &o. ' _ \ ——- St T4TlTHfl*rsn(*HorfaoUlt*esfor '■'* » ler^o experiauio in tho ri.ii11*-3 t0 61,11 48 '0w us ill Boston or #1 * j'“ t * rtwpectfttUr invited to oa , roUriee ursnoev before Pur''b,?^“£;, t;.d t». #tF Orders liv mail oromptlf 4,1 ’ Portland, A nr% 03.1384. ... " Hare ClManoc. . .,~.k of Millinery,-'ith rei« of on 73Fssg& “ ■ BUSINESS CAHDfeT BtUULISl, MOULTON k ROGERS Whoxihalx Dealres is Flour, Grain and Provisions, 1 88 Commercial street, Thomas Block, BRALXT, , a. i! - i 1*0* TLAMD, MM. -——__may3dtf_ ^•iUARR & CO., '**** Store formerly oooapied D AWYKR. * 5 ^ichauge Street, - •£*«•£-.*** — foreign and Domeatio Fruit I _Wholesale and Retail praagre. Spraee Gum, Luseu*.. Lesuooe. Canary Seed, leudli.. Limes, Dmoc Syrup, Haney, Frr«rj, Uw«e Nuts. Vlas. Citron, Nuts, all Itladt, Dutee, Olives, Rnialne, Tobueee, Surdlaee, Clears. Fancy Candles ef all deeerlptlaa. octbdtf IEA WINN, Agen^ No. 11 Union St., . Is prepared to famish STB AH BBUIHBS and BOIIBBS, cf various sisee and patterns, M«a Pip ai Mvm, till t*mg, Shaftiig, Pdtyt, U Liaar Hop'd* Wosut of ail descriptions, and all kinds of work required in building FosTirioATions. Iron Stairs nod other Architectural Work. Houses, y ores, and other ball dings, fitted with (fas and Steam in the best manner. In eonnudiion with the above is ax Don Foundry, with a large avsortmont of Patterns, to which the Attention of Siaehinisti, Millwrights,and Ship-Build ers Is invited—and all kinds si Cas' Inge famished st short notice. HF“Order.- for Machine Jobbing Patterns and Forgings, promptly executed. oc*dti SEWING MACHINES l OTOODHAN, THUS * CO.. AGENTS, Km. 64 au4 50 ..... Mi Idle llml. Heediesand Trimming, alw»7i on hud. maklStf_ _ A CARD. DR. S. G. FERHALD. swnsi, No. LTD Micldl f treet. • tmiimn.Drs.Baoo <ud Hum, Portland, Key 35.1568. U Dr. J. H. HE At D HAVING di-posm! of hta entire Internet In hi* OUloe to Dr. 8. C i- LitN ALD, -rould cheerfully L-oecommend him to his former patio it* and the pub lic. Dr. Fsahauu, tretn long expe> lenoe, la prepar ad to Insert Artificial Teeth on the" Vulcanite Baae," and another methods known to the profetsion. Portland, Mav ‘Hi. 1588 tf WCOtt AXB COAL cii£;ap for cash i SPRING MOUNTAIN. LEHIGH, HEZILTON, SUGAR LOAF, OLD COMPANY LEHIGH, LO CUST MOUNTAIN. JOHNS, DIAMOND, WEBS TER and BLACK HEATH. These Coals are of the rery beat quality, woil screened and picked, and warranted to fire satisfaction. Also for sale best of HARD AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the city. ! Ornoa Coxxuoul St., head of Franklin Whirl 8. ROUND* A SON. fob 18 dly_ WARREN’S INPOKVED FIRE AND WATER-PROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -AND Gravel Roofing FOR FLAT ROOFS. E. HEKSEY. Agent, ]an28 dtf No. 18 Union Htre-t. ALBERT WEBB* CO, -PUIXlt LX Corn, Flour and Grain, SNAP OF MERRILL’S WHARF. C*m*rdal Strut- - - Port lend, Mo. ___least r EDWARD H. BURGIN, wiOLMiLi nuiia nt Corn, Meal and Flour, Also, Ground Bock Salt Commission merchant FOB PURCHASE AND BALI OP Bariev, Bye and Oats. j SVCar* loaded with Corn in bulk freeof oharge. 1 Warehouse No. 120 Commercial Street I And CRT Mills, Peering Bridge. |__Juneleoddm Alexander D. Reeve*, i Tailor Ac Draper, 98 EXCHANGE ST.j Manufacture* to order and In the beat manner, Mfi itary end Navy Uniforms, and Boxs' Gar ment*. * j __'_septSdtf JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, N OFFICE, COBMAN BLOCK, mchl7 dfcwtf TxnrLa STuxer, Scotch Canvas, -*0* SALS *T JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Bath, »o. 200 a1®*»ttPeri°r Bieacfcod , ^V/v7 300do All Lon* flax “Gov A1 » . eraniaut oontract, *» 7* I j£? do fcxixa All Long Bax Arbrooth 500 do Navy Kino IHllvured I a Portland o? Boctoi. ! Bath, aoaidtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, IPLITMBERJ MAK1C OF j Force Pumps and Water Closets, sro. m excHiNQE street, UeUTLAKD. MB. I 'Varm' C«W had Shower Baths, Wash Bowls, Brttss & Silver Plated Cocks, TJ'ViiltY rts’k.-riptim of Water V iitarrrfor Dwel tJ ling Hon see, Hotel i, public Buildiny., Sbopa. _c,' arranged and set ip in the beet manner, and ail I jrdsrs In town or country- faiththllv execnted. A.J | klnui of jobbing promptly attended to. Gon.tantly ! on hand HEAD PIPES. SHEET LEAD and BEK* PUMPS of nil demriptionn. _ _*pBdt< , i r[\ Lewis Sz Go., Knuaiac.nror. and WhdeMle Dealer, la ’ READY-MADE CLOTHING ayi» rrsnuBisc coons, > eAamfcf* - * • No*. 1 and 1 Fret Street Block, (Over H. J. Ubby It Co.., j j' S' i'IJII’ POttTLAND, Ml j r■ Le'!‘- Jylldtf LcwiM, Kollins A Rond, Cloths, Tailors’ Trimmings, ' cjofUlny and Furuishtaj Goods, 1 X°‘ »f' alLt4,31 roBTlA»», Mb ' i . ’ Hptttatw

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