Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 24, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 24, 1864 Page 3
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rOBTZAJTD AND VICINITY. -V#w idstrKwmwU To-Day. For Bangor—goh Kate Aubrey. Windham Stage Notice. Notice—Sor«w Steamship Co. Machinist Wasted. D v uoods—Feuchtwanger k Zander. Soatoh Canvass—MoGUvery, Byan ft Daria. BeUgious Notions. Rellgioos notions of twsntyflv* words or less, free; all excess of this amount will be charged ten cents a line, eight words constituting a line. This ru e hereafter will be rigidly adhered to.—JFn*. Fnxea. gVThe seventh leotnro on the "Cross-Bearer" w*Il i.e given at tue West ClltLsI to-morrow evening, at 7 o’clock, by the Pastor. Subject—“The Cross a Boast.” OTMiss Clark proposes to speak on tbe“Seven Thunders,” to-morrow, at Cape Kiisabeth Ferry, at 1 P. M. t3T*R v. V. G. Uartshorne will comment* bis la bors at the bethel to-morrow bexvice at 8 o’clook Prayer meeting in the evening. gy»The vVashiugtonian Society hold meetings every Sunday evening, at S.ot T. Hall,868 Congress street, at 7 o’clock. Public invl ed. Etr’Rev. Mr. Beard, of Bath, will supply the pul pit of Kcv. Ur* Carruthers to-merrow. Clothing Manufacturing. Mr. Wm. H. Deering has a contract for making 200,000 pairs of army drawers, to fill which he is employing hundreds or persons in the various departments of manufacturing. Ten or fifteen men are cutting all the tine, before whom “heaps” of cloth vanish in a day. His rooms on Free Street are one of tie best representations of a bee-hive that can Le found. Messrs. Rollins, Bond &. Lewis have taken tue large store in Evans’ building, formerly occupied by Mr. Josiah Burleigh, where their facilities for business have much increased, and we have no doubt they will do a large business. The store on Fore Street, formerly occupied by Lewis & Smith,!* now occupied by Mr. A. M. Smith, who has made a large addition to his stock, aud is prepared for wholesale or re tail business. His stock of overcoats is large and of the best quality. Mr. E. C. Stevens, on Middle Street, is the oldest clothing manufacturer in the city. He has been in his present locality over thirty years, and occupied other places some ten years before. One of his sons is now in com pany with him, and they are doiog quite a large business. Mr. Stevens ranks among the successful business men of our city. U- S. Circuit Court, CLIFFORD J., PRESIDING. The fall term of this court commenced yes terday, Judge Clifford presiding. The Grand Jury was impanneled as follows: William S. Badger, Foreman; Warren A. Bibber, Thomas S. Jack, Joseph Decker, Jo seph H. Smith, Henry Whitney, Seth F. Mil ler, Lucius Packard, Pardon N. Dexter, Cyre neus Pullen, Samuel Howe, Geoige Jewell, Noah M. Matthews, Hugh J. Anderson, Jr., John M. Lord, Silas C. Hatch, Marshall T. Hill. After the charge, they retired to attend to such matters as might be brought before them. The first Petit Jury was then impauneled, as follows: Jacob P. Marsh, Foreman; Augustus M. Maynard, Joseph Holmes, James M. Wake field, Joseph Haley, John Mills, Oliver L. Jones, Justice Q. Briggs, Amos Davis, Levi M. Jones, Alfred Shaw, Joseph H. Wall. The docket was tnen called, and eight cases were assigned for trial. The case of Hanssknecht v Brown and al., for infringement of a patent right, was com menced but not concluded. Howard & Cleaves for plaintiff. Evans & Putnam for defendants. Court adjourned to 9.30 A. M. to-day. Municipal Court—Sept. 23. Oren P. Clial&a and CorneRus 0‘Brion, the principals engaged in the street affray that oc curred Thursday, were brought up, charged with drunkenness and disturbance. They pleaded guilty, and paid a flue of $5 each and costs. J. W. Parker, Esq.,appeared lor the de fendants. Charles McGuire and James Flynn, the lads who committed trespass in the garden of Mr. George Waterhouse, pleaded guilty, and were fined $3 and costs. The lads were committed to jail, being unable to pay the fine. Tue Varian-Hofim an Concert.—Let it not be forgotten that these really popular and favorite artists appear in one of their grand concerts at new City flail on Monday eve ning next. Few and far between are the en tertainments (of this class) that visit us with the really true merit that these artists possess. Their enterlaiuments are always enjoyable, re fined and deserving of the greatest patronage that our citizens can bestow upon them, and we can with assurance assert that no one who Will glance over the programme offered for this concert but will go and take all hi* iriends. Mr. Thomas, of New York, a famous baritone, will add to the eptertajnment by Singing several ballads and executing some duets with Madame Varian. Let the house be filled. flAipwAT Traffic.—'Jpe receipts on the Grand Trunk flailway, lor the week ending Sept. 17th, were $124,007.00 Corresponding week last year, 111,129.00 Increase, $12,878.00 There was a degrease during the week of $5,07300 in passengers, and an increase of $17,051.00 In freight. The aggregate receipts from July 1st to Sept. 17th amounted to $1,207,485.00 Same period last year, f,050,1^0.00 Increase, $187,355.00 Sales of Real Ebtate.—Henry Baliey & Co. sold at auction Thursday, the Dyer house on Brackett street. It was purchased by Samue} Ayerill for $2130. The same firm sold at auction yesterday the story and a half house No, 3 Hanover street. It brought $2350, and was purchased by J. W. Mansfield. This afternoon, at 3 o’clock, the brick house on Deer Btreet, residence of the late Capt, flenjamiu Knight, will bp add lit auction by this firm, ^ Deranged Female.—Mrs. Eliza A. Fer kius, about 54 years ot age, belonging in Ken nebunk, took the cars at Biddeford for this city on Wednesday, since which time nothing has been heard of lier saye that she was seen gt the Grand Trunk depot. 8be is said to be laboring under mental derangement. She wore a dark thibet dress, black straw bonnet and palmleaf shawl. iOILET AKT1CIjKS.—RUUIUUU iu a many other ||ne fancy Qoctds and Toilet arti eles, Messrs. Crosman & Co., Middle street, have Just received from the New York im porters a varied assortment of those French Perfume Powders so popular with the ladies in their toilet arrangements. Give them a call. PWQSAfc-Mr. W- S. liana and wife, of this city, who have been on a visit to Great Britain and the Continent, arrived at New York in the Persia Thursday, and returned home last evening with recruited health. We are under obligations to Mr. Q. for iate Euro pean papers. Accident.—Mr. Johnson, of Gorham, one of the employees in the Winslow Machine Works, had one of his legs broken while at work yesterday, by a heavy bar of iron falling upon it. He was taken to bis boarding-house and attended to by a surgeon. Reduction in Prices.—We call attention of purchasers of dry goods to the advertise ment of Messrs. Feuchtwanger A Zunder, who have just replenished their stock and have re duced prices to compare with the New York market. Uncle Tom’s Cabin.—There was a large andience at Deering Hall last evening to wit ness the drama of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It Will be repeated to-night for the last time. [ BY TELEGRAPH TOTH* j Portland Daily Press. .—— ' —- - OFFICIAL NEWS DISPATCH. PROM GEN. SHERIDAN’S ARMY. Another Great Victory ! Total Rout of Early’s Forces. Rebels Fleeing: in Utmost Confusion. % Sixteen Pieces Cannon Captured. Our Forces still Pursuing the Enemy. HURRAH FOR LITTLE SHER IDAN ! Wab Department, 1 Washington, Sept. 23,2 50 P. M. ( To Maj. Gen. Dix .-—The iollowing telegram auuouncmg another victory by Sheridan over Early, has beeu received: Harper’s Ferry, Sept. 23d.—Hoa. E. M. Stanton:—Sheridan has again beaten the ene my at Fisher’s Hill, capturing sixteen guns »nd many prisoners. This is in all probability the flnale of Gen. Early. (Signed) John D. Stevenson, Brigadier General. The Surgeon General this morning reported that our wounded were all eared for at Win chester, with adequate arrangements and sup plies. The number of our wounded, prior to the bat.le of yesterday, were estimated not to ex ceed 2000. (Signed) E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War. a EGONS dispatch. Wab Department, I Washington, Sept. 23—3 30 P. M. } To Maj. Gen. Dix:—Sheridan’s victory proves to be signal and complete. Nothing Put the coming ot night appeared to have saved even a remnant ol Early’s army. The iollowing dispatches from Gens. Stevenson's tud Sheridan’s official reports to Gen. Grant ;Ue the particulars thus far received: Harper’s Ferry, Sept. 23d.—To Hon. E. M. Stanton:—Military line down. The whole itlair is complete uDd overwhelming. (Signed) John D. Stevenson, Brigadier General. Headquarters M. M. Division, 8 miles from Woodstock, 11.30 P. M., Sept. 22d.—Lieut, [ieneral Grant, commanding armies of United Slates, City Point:—I have the honor to re port that 1 achieved a most signal victory over the army of Gen. Early at Fisher’s Hill to-dsy. [ found the rebel army posted with its right resting on the North fork of the Shenandoah and extending across the Strasburg Valley westward to Narth Mountain, occupying a position which appeared almost impregnable. After a great deal of manoeuvering during the lay, Gen. Crook’s command was transferred o the extreme right of the line on North Mountain, and be furiously attacked the left >f the enemy’s line, carrying everything be ore him. While Crook was driving the ene ny in the greatest confusion and sweeping lown behind their Breastworks, the 6th and 19th army corps attacked the rebel works in ront, and the whole army appeared to be woken up. They fled in tbe utmost confusion. Sixteen pieces of artillery were captured; also a great many cassions, artillery horses, &c., Ac. I am to-night pushing on down the valley. I cannot say bow many prisoners 1 Pave captured, nor do I either know my own pr tbe enemy's casualties. Only darkness has saved the whole of Early’s army from de struction. My attack could not be made un 11 4 o’clock in the evening, which left but ittle daylight to operate Id. The 1st and 3d :avalry divisions went down the Luyay Val ey to day, and if they push on vigorously to .he main valley the result of this day’s en gagement will be more signal. The victory was very complete. A more detailed report will be made as soon as } can obtain the nec !S9ary data. (Signed) H. C. Sheridan, Major General Commanding. It will be rerflembered that Early’s com mand embraced the Stonewall brigade, and the troops constituting Stonewall Jachsop’s corps, and was the elite of the rebel army. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton, I Secretary of War. j Hem* from Southern Sources. Washington, Sept, 23. The Ricdtpond Examiner of Wednesday says; *' No news of interest from any quar ter yesterday. LiucolD’s campaign, whibh was to have crushed the Confederacy, hangs fire at a season most favorable to active military operations. We, however, with certainly ex pect his armies to be again repulsed before next snow.” The Examiner says: “ There was a rumor current last night, that Maj. Gen. Robert Rhodes was kiHed in the YAlley, and that his body had reached Staunton. We did not iearu whether he was killed in a battle or a skirmish, nor any particulars.” The Examiner publishes an account of a Yankee raid into Orange County op Monday. It says: “ The racing party was about 500 stropg. They came down through Culpepper, and ou Monday morning arrived at the Or ange & Alexannria bridge over the Rapidan, which they attempted to destroy, but the tim bers were green aud the damage was trifling. The raiders then grossed the Rapidan into Or ange and burnt Holiday's mills, containing a large quantity of wheat belonging to the rail road company. They then started for Orange Court House, but had proceeded but about two miles when they were ambuscaded by some of our infantry, who captured forty and killed fifteen, and drove the rest belter skelter over the Rapidan apd into Oulpepper. The raiders a re now making tracks for Alexan dria.” In the city council Mr. Scott presented a resolution to offer a reward of $1,000 for the detection of the incend'arigs engaged in kipd llng the fires which are now of nightly occur rence ip Richmond.” A letter from Camden County, N- C.,says: “The Yankees have just made a raid out here, committing the most fiendish acts o! cruelty on our people.” The Examiner complains that “there are citizens of Winchester and the neighborhood, calling themselves Confederates, who refuse to supply Early’s commissaries and quartermas ters with feed for ipan or horse except ou terms of heing paid iu Fessenden’s greenback paper, and utterly refused to sell to the so’ diers an egg or apple for any quantity of pa per which serves us for money in this coun try.” The same piper rays: “ The reports fron all over Texas, of the coin and grain crops, are that they are exceedingly favorable. Very heavy crops have been made, heavier, Indeed, than ever before known. The Charleston Mercury of the 17th says: “ The enemy’s bombardment of the city yes terday was quite brisk, about forty shells hav ing been thrown. An old negro waman killed was the only victim. There wqs the usual exchange of shots be tween the hostile batteries in the harbor, but nothing worthy of special note. There will, we understand, be another com munication with the enemy by flag of truce on Monday next.” •# _ I From Xew Orleans and Mexico. Xeiy Orleans, Sept. 16,1 vift Cairo 23d. S Nothing now from Mobile. Some additional particulars of the recent capture of Brownsville by Cortlnas have been received, but they embrace nothing impor tance. It is rumored in military circles here that Gen. Banks lpaves this Department next week He is more popular with the Free State party than ever. A McClellan organ is to be started here if his friends cannot purchase one of the city papers. LATEB. The transport Alabama has arrived here from Brazos. She Ininas the intelligence that another fight has occurred at Bagdad, between the French and Coitinas. A private letter, written ten minutes before the Alabama sailed, savs:—“A fight is now Th>gw*8lne- Artillery is used on both sides, me French marines are good gunners and are entrenched. The result Is purely conjectural. ■— from Fortran Monroe. Ther« j,. *'?5rRKS8 Monroe, Sept 23. j City Point? bee“ “° arrlTaU 10 d»y from 1 Landing this morn innI™Pn»lv m Hye erdly MaJ0r Mulford W88 apparently making an exchange of the 1000 | prisoners taken np on the 19th. Booionatiom of Pootsnastrr Oenoral Blair. Washington, Sept. 23. When a resolution of the late Baltimore Convention, declaring they “deemed It essen tial to the general welfare that harmony should prevail In the National councils, and regarding as worthy of official trust those only who cordially endorsed the principles proposed In the series of resolutions, was shortly after its passage read by General Blair, be at once verbally his resignation, which was not formally made and accepted Atll to-day, as will be seen from the following correspondence. It Is under wood that Ex Gov. Dennison, of Ohis, is to be his successor: , - Executive Mansion, IT ashmgton, bept. 23, 1804.—Hon. Montgninery Blair:—My Dear Sir_You have generously said to me more than once that whenever your resignation could be a relief to me it was at my disposal. The time has come. You very well know that this proceeds from no dissatisfaction of mine witbycu personally or officially. Your uni form kindness hasTteen unsurpassed by that of any friend, and while it is true that the war does not so greatly add to the difficulties of your department as to those of some others, it is yet much to say, as I most truly can. that in the three years and a half during which you have administered the general Pest Offlcl I remember no single complaint .against you in connection therewith. Yours, as ever, A. Lincoln. ' Post Office Department, Sept. 23, 1884.— My Dear Sir:—I have received your note of this date, referring to my offers to resign whenever you should deem it advisable for the public interest that I should do so, aud stat ing that in your judgment that time has now come, I now, therefore, formally tender my resignation of the office of Postmaster Gen eral. I cannot take leave of you without re newing the expression of my gratitude for the uniform kindness which has • marked your course towards mo. Yours, very truly, M. Blaib. To the President. _; Presentation of Captured Plays. Washington, Sept. 23. To-day Capt. Ellis, the acting Inspector General of Gen. Torbett’s division of cavalry has reached here from the front in the valley bring eight rebel battle and regimental flags captured by that division in the engagement of Monday last. He proceeded immediately to the War Department, where they were formally presented in the name of Gen. Sheri dan. Seven of the men bearing were the ac tual captors of the flag each carried. The Adjutant General will take charge of the flags and furnish the captors with medals with their names inscribed on them. Death of Maine Soldiers. Fobtbess Monboe, Sept. 23. The following are among the deaths iu the Hampton Hospital:—George W. Woodward, Ira D. Tcothaker, Aaron Young and H G Otis, 11th Me.; Geo. P. Wheeler, 8th do. Financial. Washington, Sept. 23. The subscriptions to tbe 7-30 loan for the last two days amounted to $1,705,000; total subscriptions to date, $39,500,000. I nion nominationa for Congrraa. New York. Sept. 23. Col. T. B. Gates, of the 20th N. Y. Regi ment, waa to-day nominated for Congress by the Union Convention of the 13tli district. Nona York Market. N*w York . Sept 23 Cotton—sales 350 bales at 1 60(5,1 E0(5,1 56 for mid dling uplands. Flour—sale* 7.800 bbls; State and Western 26c lower; State 915&9 15; Round Hoop Ohio 10 60@ 10 60; Western 9 u:; sonVern—lower; sales 1400 bbls; Extra do 1100@1460; Canada tower; 6ales 350 bbls; Extra 9 9:@12U0. Wheat— 5<58c lower; sales 2,260 bushels; Amber Michigan 2 22@2 23; White Kentucky 2 50. Corn—lower; sales41.000 busbels; mixed Western 160®1 60}. Oais— hrm; sales Canada uewal8So. Reel—dull. Pors—sales 1600 bbls: now mess41 25® 11 62}. ' ard—lower; sales 2100 bbls at 2ljgz3}o. Butter—lower; State at 46®64o. Whiskey—lower; saies 1160 bbls at 1 £2. Naval Stores—dull Freights to Liverpool—quiet Stock Market. K*w York, Sept.£3. Chicago fc Rock Island.103} Illinois Central scrip,.1234 Cleveland t Pittsburg.1124 New York Centra!.IIP **2.iff*! ftteaduig. 123 ; Michigan Souths >;t:,. 76 i Aiq mcs$u frold.212 : U'umbovland Coa! Company preferred. 67£ ; United States 6's 1881 coupons,. United 8tates 6-20 registered. JCM United States 6-20 coupons..HO Unit id States one yeai ^iltfeaies new. 943 Pacific Maii ..295 Canton Company.’ 214 Gold closed this evening at 2 21$. "" -—— Univeys&lijrt General Oonvention. The Universalist General Convention, in session at Concord, N- H.,on Wednesday last, unanimously passed a series of resolutions on national affairs. We copy from a Boston pa per: The first recognizes in the war the punish ment of our people for their persistent arro gance and oppression. We cannot hope for the returp of peace thropgh efforts to rivet auew tbe chains of the bondman, or to perpet uate the former glaring inconsistencies be tween our prolessions 01 love of liberty and the support of slavery. Secondly—That while we deplore the blood shed, costliness and agonies of wsr, and earn estly pray for peace, we ye( deem a cessation of hostilities which loaves it unsettled wheth er treason is to be rebuked or petted and fon dled, a delusion and a snare. If followed by attempts to bribe traitors to return to a nomi nal allegiance by the promise of surrendering to their vengeance two hundred thousand col ored men who are now bravely battling in our armies for Union and order, it would show such dastardly perfidy in our Government as would call down on our nation the stern dis pleasure ol a righteous God, and condemna tion from all good men. Such attempts would sound the knell of our Union, and the ship wreck of our country, The fourth resolution awards the meed of praise to our commanders on land and sea, and teqders especial thanks to our common soldiers and sailors. The last recognizes the power of earnest prayer. Most reverently will we suplicate God that justice and equity may be done in our land} that anarchy and misrule may be peeked, and that righteous ness way triumph and peace speedily return to the nation, The Latest Paris Novelty. A good wqrdfor Fashion.—To-day the mil liners of the city exhibited their fall and win ter styles ot bonnets- turbans, jockey and oth er batsand the show has been as fine as us ual. The most prominent feature of the exhibi tion is an entire change in the shape of ladies’ hats. The large crown and front are to be worn no longer. There are no more capo* nor masses of trimmings; and the body of the hat is reduced nearly or quite one bail'. The new style of bat is u novelty; it com bines the qualities of a head dress and bonnet;* is adapted to the style in which the hair is now generally worn; and will no doubt be popular with the ladies. The materials generally used are the" same as in other years—silk and velvit, with some satin. Tne change of fashion has In this ease prov ed a real blessing to the public, if new hats must nccessarially take „hu place of those now worn. The prices ol goods have doubled with in a year, and the value ot ladies’ hats of the dimensions which ruled last winter, would have placed.* good article in that department of dress almost beyond the reach of the mas ses. There is little that is new in 'colors. Black, white, green and blue, and nil regular colors are employed. There is a shade of green and another of violet, both of which arc pretty. The style does not admit of much trimming; the sloping crowns of the uew bonnetts re quire but little; and even the amount of face trimming is reduced. There is a decided novelty in trimming.— Small birds, originally from Borneo, but pre pared in Baris, with beautiful plumage, are to be used among other ornaments.—(New Yoik Bvening Post, Sept. 22d. Masonic Mission.— A society with the above name has recently been organized in New York, whose purpose is to select proper female nurses who are competent in bodily vigor, mature age, correct character, and nat ural fitness for the discharge of the duties ol a nurse. These nurses thus selected are seut to the hosplsals of the army and put in the service of the government and as such subject jo orders of officers in charge as much as the soldiers. The affairs of the Mission are man aged by Masons exclusively, but contribu tions are received from aDy source, and the blessings despensed to sick and wounded sol diers wlihout reference to the fact of theli Masonic connections or otherwise. We have received the first number of the “Masonic Mission Manual,” published by this society, a nut little paper of f our pages, in which is given the history and purposes of the Masonic Mission. This new organization promeses to be a useftil agent in helping sick and wound ed soldiers. Success to it. Appointment.—S. P. N. Smyth, son of Pro. Smyth of Bowdoln College, a graduate, class of 1833, has received an appointment as 1st Lieutenant in an independent company just raised. Lieu:. Smyth gave up a highly honorable and lucrative position in the U. S. Naval School, at Newport, to enter the army. He is a young man of very fine talents, having taken a first rank in his class—and is bound, if his life and health are preserved, to make his mark in the contest. A[ Brunswick Tele graph. BALL L. DAVIS, MANUPACrCRKE AND DIALER I* BLANK BOOKS, STATIONERY, PAPER HANGINGS, Ac., NO. r>3 EXCHANGE STREET, All standard and latest publications constantlyon band. AIbo Writing Materials, Fine Cutlery, Games, fcc.. in great variety. All orders promptly filled. Portland, Sept. 22. dlw Instruction in Music rT.TttfS&lr--...', I MR. G. R. PAINE, WOULD respectfully announce to those inter ested in Music, in Portland aud vicinity, that be is giving instruction on the Piano Forte, in this city, and respectfully solicits a liberal patronage. Terms, 812,00 per Quarter, (24 lessons, each lesson occupying one hour.) Slate at PAINE’S Music Store, No. 163 Middle St. Any information wanted concerning me, can be had by inquiring at Paine’s Music Store. Reference, H. Kotzsohmar. Sept 18—eod2m* W. S. Gardiner, Merchant Tailor, -AUD DEALER IE Ready-Made ClotniDg, Aud Gen s’ Furnishing Goods, A'o. 62 Middle SI.,'corner of Lime Street, oppo site tlie roet Office, PORTLAND,.Maika __ sept3dti For Sale. Qbns^ CIGARS of ths following choice 27 400 Designio 1st Locdre, 36 600 " 2d 41 000 •' 3d « AngeliUe. 6 000 11 2d Reg Britanicaa. 6 000 " 2d BrGanicas 2 600 11 Eutrieetus Galenaslat. 2 600 “ 2d. 5 000 Angelitan 8d Londros FrineadOB. 6 000 A C 2d Brer.s. 10 000 A C 8d Londren. 20 000 A M London Flor. 32 800 A M Flpr PrimadoB. 26 800 A M LondonCortes. 7 400 A M London Ftno. 83 000 Londros Port Mahons. 268 000 ISAAC FMKRY, Head Long Whf. Sopt 12—lm Young Ladies’ Seminary. THE Fall Ses-ion of this School opens Thursday, Sept. 22, in Morton Block, Congress St. In addition to the day school,which has received so large a share of the best patronage ol the city, ar rangements have now been made to admit a few Boarding Scholars. For Circulars containing Terms, fee , address MISSES 8 YMONDS, Principals, 18 Brown St. Aug 24—eodtdlt wow First National Bank. This Bank will convert the seven-thirty notes ma turing Aug. 19, and Oct. l,into six per cent. bonds of 1881, in all the denominations in which the note were issued, viz*60, *100, *600, and *l,000-at a commission of j per eent. W. E. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, July 80,1864.—eodtf Hanson Block, Middle St., No. 161. Scholarships good in any part of the United States . ae Principal has had 20 years experience; is always on the spot, and attends to liis business; and prom ises, as during the past 12 years, no pains shall be spared in the future. Five hundred references ol the first class business men, with many others of this city, will testify to the practical utility, capacious ness and completeness of my systems and manner of teaching, and citizens of other cities have testified to the same. Diplomas will be awarded for thor ough courses. Able Assistants secured. Bartlett’s Plan, the founder of Commercial Colleges, strictly adhered to as regards not copying. Certain times will he devoted to Commercial Law elucidations.— Come all who have failed to be taught a business hand-writing and I will guarantee to you success. Applications solicited for Accountants. Separate in ■ rttruction given. Students can enter any time. Sep anffe rooms for Ladies. Tuition reasonable. Intri cate accounts adjusted. Ladies and Gentlemen that desire to take lessons, or a full, or a separate course, in cither Book-Keeping, Navigation, Commercial Law, Phonography, Higher Mathematics, Civil En gineering, Surveying, Native Business Writing. Commercial Arithmetic, Correspondence, Card Marking, (and teaching from printed copies and Text Books will be avoided please oall, -or address the Principal, R. N.BROWN. Portland. t)et.1,1863. oc29 eodAeowly 0LOTHING AND CLOTHING MATERIALS. * Navy Department. ) Bureau qf Provisions and Clothing,} September 1,1864. ) Separate Proposals, sealed and endorsed “Pro posals fur Navv Clothing and Clothiwg Materials,” will be received at th s bureau until two o’clock p.m, on the 12th day of Octobor iext, lor furnishing and deliverin^(on receiving thirty days* notice) at the United States Navy Yards at Charlestown, Mass , aud Brooklyn, N. Y„ in auch numbers aud quanti ties and at such times os may be specified by the chief <*of this bureau- or by tso commandants of the said Navv Yards, respectively, the numbers aud quanti ties of the different ertielos.and at the places speci fied iu the following list, viz: Charlestown. Brooklyn. Pea Jackets.•.. 3 000 7 000 Hound Jackets. 2 00} 3 000 Blue Cloth fro wsers, pairs.... 3 00.) 6 (HO Blue Satinet Trowsers, “ ... 8 0 0. la 000 Canvass DuckTrowsers, “ 30P0 6 000 Barnsley Sheeting Frocks,..,.. 6000 3000 Blue Hannel Overskirts.^ $000 10 000 Blue Flaunel Underskirts.12 OOO 18 (00 Blue F\annel Drawers, pairs .12 000 18 000 i Blue satinets, yards.60 0*0 10 000 , Blue Flannel, 14 60 000 100 000 Blue Nankin, " . 6 000 10 000 Calfskin Laced Shoes, pairs .. 10 000 16 000 K ip-skin Shoes.1010Q 16 000 Woolen Socks.IOOoO 16 00» Blankets .8000 12 000 Ma.tressos (with one cover lor each)...$(T0 8000 Black Silk Handkerchiefs. 6 000 8 000 Boots, pairs.. .... 4 (j00 6 000 Offers may be made for ono or more articles, at the option of the bidder, and in case more than odo ar ticle is contained in this offer, the chief of the bureau will have the right to accept one or more of the arti cles contained in such offer and reject the remainder. The price must be uniform, an4 offers must embrace all of any one or mox* articles detioerctble at all the stations. For tb© description ot articles iu the above list, bidders are referred to the samples at the said Navy Yards, and to the advertisement of this bureau dated July 8,1863; and for information as t j the laws and regulations (in pamphlet form) regarding contracts, to t)\o officers or the several commandants of navy yards and navv agents. The Department reserves the right to reject any proposals not considered advantageous to the Gov ernment. Blank form of proposals may be obtained on ap plication to the navy Agent at Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, and at this bureau. sep91aw4w Executor's Sale. BY virtue of a license from the Judge of Pro bate of Cumberland County. 1 shall s*-ll at pri vate sale, on Monday,October 10 1801, at 10 o’clock, A. M.. at my dwelling house in Pownal, the lollow-* ing described real estate, belonfirg to the estate of Charles Allen, late or Pownal, iu ssid County ot Cumberland deceased, viz., the Homestead Farm qf said Chailes Allen, containing about fifty acres, With thebuildings tuer. on, situated in said Pownal, together with about live ard one half acres of land, situated iu New Gloucester, iu said County, both parcels of land being thosame owi ed and occupied by saift. deceased at the time of his death, Lkanueb F. Woou, Executor. Pownal, Sept. 6.1864. sept7w3w At a Court of Probate held at Portland, within and for the County of Cumberland, on the Hist Tues day of September in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred apd sixty-lour, JAMES<1’. McCOBB named Fxecutor in a certain Instrument purporting lobe the last Will a#d Testament of Nancy Hanlon la*e of Portland in said County, deceased having presented the same for Probate: It teas Ordered, That tho said Executor give no tice to all persons interested, by causing notice to be published three weeks successively, in the Maine State Press, printed at Portland, that they may ap pear at a Probate Court to be held at said Portland, on the Ar t Tuesday of Ootobernext, at ten of the clock in the forenoon, and show cause if any they have, why the said instrument should not be prov ed, approved, and allowed, as the last Will and Testament of said deceased. JOHN A. WATERMAN, Judge. A true copy, Attest: 27w8w*. EUGENE HUMPHREY, Register. _ MILITARY. VOLUNTEERS FOB THF Arm) and Aavy, Attention ! City of Portland Bounties! # 1 ,* O O O ! #700! #400 ! The Citizens' Committee will pay to any volunteer enlisting on the quota of the CITY OF PORTLAND, THE rOlLOVIXG ADDITIONAL bounties for ohn.8,T«5E D' 8- K°UNT‘ES,Yiz:_*80O liatment5 iioo 4300 tcr ‘«™yea*' en •SSrthe °° 66 Jcar“’ tnliscment into ARMY OR HAVIf, *!^l?ffIh•n^0tll^0“,ltIt, revived by (he recruit Sviyo,?, t,,r®» years, §700 tor two tears, f400year. The b.ate aud City bounties will be paid CAS8 IN HAND to ihe recruit in per servtce° time °* being musterid into the U. 8. Recruiting Office in City Building. APPLY there! JOHN T. HULL, 1 HENRY C RAKER, JOHN U. HALL, I Recruiting CHARLES A. UJLSON, 1 8 RY WtLLJS, I Committee. CHARLES K. MILLIKEN. I _ KDWARD L. RICKARD. J * M|lfl_dtf Enrolled Men Attention! There are in the city of Rortland 2000 Enrolled Nfen who have not paid one dollar towards ailing the quota of the city. $22,000 Has Been Raised towards the object, but #30,000" MORE! MUST BE RAISED, ornothingcaubedone. If the enrolled men will pay $ 1 O H5 A O H , ifeiS,U0JaWd1Jbefi,l6d,lndther®wia be no draft. If the enrolled men do' not pay their ehare the money subscribed must be returned, and ' The Draft Must Proceed! „,Tb.eJCommit.^® are '' "Hag ior you all, but you must do something tor yourselves. * ft^*Come forward at ouce and pay your share to the members of the Committee, as follows:— ° General Committee CommoUro!a"?r1elrKO,e9t"e,: «®org® *■ Hose, 73 : ward 4—Samuel Chadwick, 22 Market Sanre* Al- ! ket'square *** J*Iddle street; Chas. A. Gilson, kar RfotTruli' 8- Badliw, American Telegraph Office; ! wiT?. Clement, Congre^ street near Brown; Henry Wil is, 1 ension Office, Exchange street i ^;rd8T,J,af, E- Carter, 4 Ho lland IRr; Andrew invn *’111 Commeicial street; chas. R. Miiliken, 107 Commercial street. ’ m- O- Fox, Fox Block; Jam»s E. Brin d1®; *> Lxchange street; E. L. Rickard, 149 Commer cial street, Finance Committee. Samuel E. Spring, 149 Commercial street; J hn Lynch, Commerriaistreet.head oHfidgcrg’s Wharf; A k. bhurtleff, Dirigo Insursnc- Co. Eusharg. Hi; Charles H. Pling.9o Commercial street: J. B Fille brown. 166 Commercial street; Thomas B. SroMiing ham, Commercial street, cor Union Wharf; Wm. A Winship, Casco Bank. A meeting will be b'!' at OLD CITY MALL, EVERY EVENING UNTIL THB HONEY IS RAISED! D‘t Every Enrolled .11 tin be Present. Sept 29—dtf CUSTOM TAILOR! Alexander D. Reeves, NTo. 98 Exchange St., laving Just returned from New York and Boston v ith a large and Well Selected Stock sloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, Embracing all the most FASHIONABLE STYLES, —AND 09-7 THE BEST QUALITY. He is prepared to make up to older 3 0 AT S, PAHTS, and VESTS. It the lowest figure of which the times will admit, md in the latest style. Just reoeived a NEW STYLE of Cloths lor LADIES' CLOAKS. sept!6dlm FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING! A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OP Fall and Winter Clothing! For Men and Boys, May be found at a. nvr. sivtithe’S, No. 171 Fore Street. Also a fine stock of Cloths, such as German and American Mos ow and Castor Beavers, Cassimeres & Doeskins, — FOR— IVice Custom Work. We would inform our firiends a*d the public that wo intend to keep the best the market a fluids, and can sell at the lowest rates. Our Custom Work wo guarantee and warrant to fit at alt times. We would also call attention to our nice Custom Ready-Made Overcoats, Undercoats, Pants, Vests, And Furnishing Goods, All of which will be sold low Ipr Cash, at the old stand of Lewis to Smith. ABIEL M. SMITH, 171 Fore St. 8ept 20—dtf New Wholesale House! Merrill, Parsons & Small, Successors to H. Merrill, HAVE removed 131 to the new spacious rooms 145 Middle St. Evans’ Building, where tbev now offer a cbmplete stock of Foreign and Do mestic Fancy Goods, Worst#ds, Woolen Yarns, Hosiery, Gloves, Drees Trimmings, Undertakers’ Good, &c. H. Merrill, „ L. Parson**, 8eptl3—dim Crab. Small. Sale of Lands and Timber tor the Benefit of Normal Schools. Land Office, 1 Bangor Septet ber 13,1S64. J IN pursuance oFthe Act entitled "An Act tor the establishment of Normal Schools," approved Mavoh 25.1863. and the further report of Council made August; IMh, 1^4: the Land A^ent will offer for sale at public auction, at the Land iu Ban go-, on Tuesday, Maicb 14 1865. at 12 o’clock noon, the right, title and interest wh ch the State has, being one undivided half, owned in common proprietors, of townsh ps numbered Sixteen, Ranpe Eleven, (16 K 11) and Sixteen. Range Twelve. ( 6 U 12) West from the Ea»t line of the State, in Coimty of Aroostook, at a minimum price of thirty centr per acre for either or both tracts. Terms Cash. ISAAC B. CLARK, 8cpt 10—lgwtd Land Agent. V MILITARY. R EC R U ST S WANTED 1 —fob ONE AND THREE TEARS! FOB INFANTRYj CAVALRY, LIGHT k HEAVY ARTILLERY, AND MARINE CORPS. HIGHEST BOUNTIES PAID! APPLY AT 2MC jSl 1 jKT £3 Recruiting Head Quarters, 105 Federal Street, Near XT. S. Hotel, MEAD, DAME & BUTMAN. SELECT HEX OF TOWXS Bhould Uuse Every Effort to Hecruis at th>s Time. Gen. Grant and Gru. she; man, BESD MSB FOB 1IIB FALL CAMPAIGN. I Another Oall! fTill soon be Issuni. Principals Wanted I FOK 12 Veteran AND 100 ALIEN SUBSTITUTES! | Information given concerning B unties, Tensions, State Aid, 4 c. 0 Any soldier who has served two years in the Ar my, whether discharged in conrequer.ce of Expira tion term of service, or ior Physical Disability, can now go into the INVALID CORPSI I BY BSC BBT OBDBB8 OF Provost Marshal Geneial. VETERANS AND RECRUITS Will And it to their mdrantago to with MEAD, DAME & BUTMAN, at Maine Recruiting Head Quarters, 10.1 Federal Street, ISTear XT. 8. Hotel, PORTLAND, HE. WB STILL SUBSTITUTES AND RECRUITS. MEAD, DAME & BUTMAN, 105 Federal Street, Near IT. S. Hotel, PORTLAND, ME. N. SELECTMEN, >TOW IS THE TIME TO FILL YOUR QUOTAS! « Don’t Be Afraid of Getting Too Many! THE ARMY MS THEM Ml! GIVE US A CALL I MEAD, DAME AND BUTMAN 105 Federal Street, Near IT- 8- Hotel,. PORTLAND, ME. / \ • ENTERTAINMENTS T H EAT RE. Mooring Hall ’• c- E. Bidw*ll AJrD ^ Piki,.Managers FOR TWO NIGHTS ONLY! Friday and Saturday. Sept. 23 and 24. for* tt!e top too °in wA*l Pro,,»o« in a style never be Drama of ' “* lhl* «ity, the great sensation ■Uncle Tom’s Cabin In six Acts and nine Table,.,. „ ’ Scenery. Startling Effect-- ; uV* an<i Beautilnl Tickets 56 o-s. Reserved Sem ! at 7; commence J to 8. * *•*»• Door* open ___1_fet22o8t* J¥EW C I TY~aXlirL7 Monday Evening, Sept. 26,1864. VARIAN HOFFMAN COMBINATION! 1804. FALL TOUB. 1804 ONE GRANrCONCERT! (AS ABOVE,) Bg the Most Popular Artists in America. MAD. CHARLOTTE VARIAN, Tne Beautiful Prima Dona, mb. j. B. THOMAS, The Celebrated Baritone from N. Y. EDWARD HOFFMAN, The Distinguished Pianiit and Composer, IX AX BNTinK XXV AND ELEGANT FBOCBAXaX. Tickets, 30 Cents. DOORS OPEN AT 7, COMMENCE AT 8. E3P“ Tickets for sale at Paine's Music Stoxe, and at the Doors. Sept 20—dtd Hinging- School ! Mr. Grardixxer WILL commence his Fall Tekk o 1 Singing School at Sons ol Temperance Ball, No. Con gress Si., on Tuesday Evening, Oct 4th, at 7) o’cl’k. Terms— Twentg-Four Lessens : Ladie*.*2.00 Gentlemen,.8.00 COBB’S_BAND! b prepared to farabh MUSIC for Balls, Assemblies and Private Parties, On the moat reasonable terms at short notioe. Orders by mail or otherwise promptly attend ed to. Addretts A T. WALSU, 8v3 Congress St, or E. A. JORDAN. No 27 Market Square. N. T. COBB, Leader. Sept 1.— eodlm* PORTLAND BAND Re-Organized. VJI, UAV1NC. re-organized under our old Leader. mg D. H. CHANDLER, we are now prepared to luruiah Music for all occasions where music is wanted. Orders left with D. H. Chandler, P. J. Willey or at l*aine'e Music Store, 163 Middle street, will be promptly attended to. D. II. CHANDLER, septl, eod6w* Secretary. LEWIS, ROLLINS & BOND, Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street, Store Formerly Occupied by Josiah Burleigh. Haring leased the above store at a very low rent, we propose to open a First Class Tailoring, FINE CLOTHING, -AMD Gents’ Furnishing Goods ESTABLISHMENT. We Buy and Sell for Cath and At' tend to Our own Bnsineu. We are enabled to offer tJ the public • Goods as Low as Can bo Bought In this City or State. OUR CUSTOM DEPARTMENT U under the direction of Mr. Bonn, well known to the publle m n FIRST CLASS CUTTER. Uratefui to our Mends and the public for theli lit era] patronage at onr lormer places of business, we still solicit tbeir favors, and we pledge to deal wi :h them ou the square. T. C. LEWIS, N. C. KOLLINS, W. M. BOND. Sept 6—dim New Fall Millinery Goods! Comprising RIBBONS, FLOWERS, FEATHERS.' VELVETS, BLONDS, LACES, And all other artieles desirable for tbe Millinery Trade. Also tho LATEST STYLE HATS, which will be sold low for cash at BOSWOKTH. KALFTR * Co. Sept 20—d3w 162 Middle street, Portland. Sewall C. Strrut, Of the late firm of Howard Etrout, Attorney and Connsellcr at Lav 105 Middle Street. Opposite International Bank,.. Portland. Aug 12—dfcw3m I FALL STILE LHATS & CAPS! Now ready it S H A "W * S , 136 MIDDLE STREET. «ept8 iaedlw S New Hat Cap and Fur Store ’ COE Sr MoCALLAR WOULD respectfully inform the citizens of Port land and vicinity, that they have this day taken the store • No. 95 Middle Street, recently occupied by Rollins k Bond, for the pur pose of carrying on the Fur, Hat and Cap Business. in all its varieties. Our stock will embrace all Hi® latent aud most Fashion A B La Paris. London ana Hew York Stylus, of plain and iaucy U»*“ *“° Capa. Fur Goods in Great Variety. Uj&BBELLAS ! P MB BELLAS ! ! ,sriT“»“ sA’S'as call and see ua „ J.F. MCI,liar. Portland, 9ept lo, l»t4. Llm TASTEFUL iND ELEGANT! Wheh you seeagentlemi n wearing a attracts general attenti on br the beauty of tie fabrio. and its remarkable uea'no'ss and elegance ol •tyla you may be assured tk at It ia one of Haiti*’ Latest Introductions, cy liis etUblislimeut is opposite the I’cst Offlco. bept22—tt _ R E lfl ©~V A L ! D!Stis,,,ssr3SJS2!,M?51”rs AUCTION SALES. York and Cumberland Consoli dated Bonds at Auction. ( V* -Hkin.-dajr. Sept. 21th, at II o'clock M., at Ur, v ■ we "hall HirimufrlU aundrtd l.oi romr fc Cumberland connotated Bond., and Mechanic.’ Bank. Sale po.Ilive. ni HKNKY BAILEY fc CO., Auct'r». lackt 'iaiy Aiieuder at Auction. 24 10 ®’o!ock A. Mi at head Mnrv ► Header of ".Vl° flne schooner-rigged 7 .cut “"7 *™ burtbeo.with a"her .all>, rigging, ancuors. a»bte., (ud ,iorcy. She I. ell fitted, wltn (.tore,-aier-«a.g cornea. <. ac Shei. well cAcu-atod lor pleasure paryt.. boiugeaio and last. Can be examined morning of ,a> * U .»liERY BAlLliY A W.!Auctioneer.. Sept 22—d'd • £. M. PA11 BN, AUCTION£££, a Exchange st* Dry and Fancy Goods. ON Saturday, 24t7 September, at 10 a u. Broad Cloth.., Caiwimefes, sat,net.-, klpscca., Lirms, Ur. ss Coca.. Cloakings, Diapers, Doylies Napkins, Crash Damask, Hosiery, Lit ju UJiia., Balmorals, “1 ging,. cringes, Clothing, to. a. . ALSO, pin? ‘*T|noe of Note and Letter Paper. Cetlery, “pj.^^^^stationery, So. No postponcmeat. K.jB. Patten, AUCflONEEK, ll Exchange SI Furniture at Auction. 0N1 'TrtrM^mranLT-U0*' «*10 A M . at home No. Km!. Knddh..,, blM' Cha,r»- hofss, Bed.teads. Slew and Genteel Furniture at Auction. ON Tuoeday Sept. 27, at 10 o'clock A. M at stcra Nos MS and lud llidulc .treet, all toe 1 hr min re in said piiir, c'nri.urg of Parlor Suit., noia.. Chairs, Marble Top Centre Tables. Blsck Walnut, Chestnut and Painted Frenoh Chamber sot., Com mon Furniture, Sole, Desk. Offiee Furniture, &— Also a good family Uor.e, SKpres. wagon. Uarreis, a douole runner lurnituro sled. Sc. At 12 w, a three ■dory wooden bni ding in the rear of said .tore, which can be r moved or remain leased land. HEr, .7 iJ-ULET fc CD., Auorjouxxua. Sept ao—utd Valuable Iteal Estate at Auction, ON Tuesday .Sept. 27, at 3 o’clock r m, we shall sell house No. 2 Deer St, the hawepteacl ©1 tho late Capt Benjamin hirght. The house is two story and ol brick; it has 18 Hoicked rooms, with good closets. Flouty hard aud soft water. I he hou&e is 38 by 40, with a barn 16 by 84, anda good garden.— the lot is about 60 eet square. UENliY UA1BEY * Co., Auetioncera. Sept 16—dtf Furniture ut Au< lion. ON Wednesday, Sept 28, at 10 o’clock a. m. and 2j f. m. at tho Central Houi-eon Lime street, near tho Custom Hour©, all mu 1'vu»hukk in said hjaso, consisting or Beds, Be-stesds, Bedding and Mftfre*'*e*l carpets in variety, Bureau*, Keek ers, Bofiis, Mirrors, Chamber beta, Toilet, Work, and Extension 1 able*; Chairs in gicst variety; i ar ,lor. Cilice ai«d Cook stoves Table CuHeryjCbii», (jlft«8, Crockery; Iron, Stone, Tin and Wooden Ware, together with the entire effleo and kitchen Furniture. UENR1 BAILEY k CO., Auct’ri. Sept 21—did Valuable Tenements at Auction* ON Friday Sopt 80th. at 3 o’clock T. x. wo stall sell a doutle tenement at Ferry Village, Capo Elizabeth opposite Turner’s Ship-Y ard. Ibetuiid >ngs are of wood, two-story, well hmshed thieugh out and uuurly u<?w. It h»s good closets, good cel lars, good v» ate r—hard and soft. Tho home is in good repair and a sate property lor investmer t. Sale positive, the own*' having removed trcm the place. HENRY BAILEY k CO., Auctioneers. Sopt 23—dtd Administrator’* Sale. NOTICE is horeby given, that by virtue of a li cense from the Judge of Probate lor the County of Cumberland, 1 shall sell, by public auction, at the dwelling house on the premises, on the seventeenth day of October, A. D 1864, at 2 o’clock in the after noon, tho homestead lot of the late Rouben Hol broosc. late of Freeport, in said County, situat* d in taid Freeport, and containing lour acres of land, wiili tho buildings thereon. HORACE BREWKR. Administrator. Dated this 7th day of Sept., 1864. 2taw.iw« EDWARD M* PATTEN* Commission Merchant & Auctioneer Hu removed to the spacious store 12 £xonu;ige Street, four doors below * Merchant’s Exchange. Will .receive consignments of Merchandise oi every description, lor public or privste »s)e. Sties of Rea! Estate. Vessels, Caigoos, Stock* and Mer chandise solicited. Cash advances made, with prompt sales and rotnrns. mchl2 dly MERCHANDISE. Spruce Shipping Boards. I W\ i'kkT Gan, Sawed Sprue lOU,vtvtt Board. for ml. bv 7 J. 11. UAMLKN, Hobson', Warf, Portland, Me. A«g*—d4w. Ilackmctack Ship Timber. OAK. Hacbmetaek, and Hard Wood Plank, Treo nail. from 12 to 38 inches, Treenail Wedges, ho. Sfco, by C. TATLOtt. jnno28»lSm Galt's Wharf, Portland. Treenail*. 1 j^QQ (J(JQ WTilTJC QAM TKEKWAJL*, tU ’ sTilONTON k KNIGHT, 48 Commercial WherL Portland, June 13,1884. Jonelbdif Sugar anti molasses. •^QQ HUGS.) CHOlCk MUSCOVADO 8D 10 TC8. j GAB. 8TT HUBS Superior Muscovado, and sr XCS Clayed Molasses, «, 11 BBLS trout sierra Morena, Now landing and for sale by THOMAS ASKNCIO fc CO., majrBtf Custom House Wharf. Sierra Morena Molasses. QQK HHTS , OOO . ) CHOICE SIEBKa MOKSHA 30 TIEBCKS 1 MOLaSSKS, 10 BBLS ' Now lauding from Brig "C. H. Kennedy" THUS. ASKNCIO * CO., May3.—tf - C. H. Wharf. TO THE AFFLICTED! UK. » . nr. UEIIIVK, Medical Electrician, No. 11 Clapp's Block, CORNER ON CONGRESS ANN ELM STREETS WOULD respectfully announce to thecitixen el Portland and vicinity, that be has pcrxnai tut ly looated in this oity. Daring the eleven month* that v e have been in town we have cured some ol the wont forma of dlseaso In persons who have tried other forms of treatment In vnia, and curing pa tients in so short a time that the question Is ottsn asked, do they Ftay cured T To answer this question ve will say that tail that do not nav onied, we will d votor the second time for nothing. •)r. E>. t»s been a p.-aotioz: wisetrieian fer twenty, one years, end is also a regular graduated pi Klentrioify ia perfectly adapted u ohrouio one,sea In thvform of hervous or slei headache; neuraiglet in the head, extremities; consumption,whr a In the \cuio stages or where the lungs are not fnlly involved; acute or chronic rheumatism, zcrotnla, hip fLcnser. white swellings, spinal diseases, curvati s ol tho sptso. contracted mnsclot, distorted limbs, palsy or paralyda, St. Vitas’Dunoe, deafness.etam. mering < r hc-itanoy of speech, dyspepsia, indlgca. tt n, constipation and iiver complaint. pilee—wo onra every ca*o that can be presented: asthma, bronchi. Us. strtotuft.* Of the cheat, and all Ibras ol female complaints.. Ey Electricity The Bhoutnatte, tf»e gouty, the lame and the laay leap with ioy. end move wiut the agility and elastic* Sty of youth; the heated brain is oooled; tho ftoat brttst. limbs restored, the unoonih deformities re moved , ftintneen converted to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind made to see, the deaf to hear and the palsied lornK> move upright; tho We™"®*,®* youth nre <k Uterate*; the aocitifuts tntMire a prevented; tbs calamities of old Ago obviated, an active clreuiMion maintained. . .1 ■ X. A DIES Who have cold hare's and feet; weak tlomdaks, lame and weak backs 1 dlsjincas and swiMotok J® tb*bfJd’ain jn iJdlW" wornb^vith internal gfe jdlthat lorkt^”t°' rd, For painful mcnstruatuin ityasuremeana 0 0Edaii of those long lint »f°t?nebi« wiTh yoc"g ladies Electricity is a certain ffffiiffsfd will. I» o ohort timo, restore the sufferer swTiWsefro-Ch* leal Apparatus lot -JSiAting iBneralPoison l>om »he system, such at SSnurv. Antimony, Arsenic, kc. Hundred? whs iretreum’d with stiff Joints, weak fcaoks, and vtri I 8 oehcrdifllonlties, the direot cause of which, ia ,^a* cases out of ton, is the effect of poisonous drurg. ate be restored to natural strength and vigor by ths B.e of item five to eight Baths. Offer hours from 8 o’oloek a. u. to 1 T. K. i 11 |; and7to 8 w. If. Consultation Pres. |yl4Its* Billiard Table for hale. A#r«t rate Billiard Table, with marble bed; also two sets ivory bads aud a set ol p In s, srd everything penaining to a well Itarnished table. Will be soy on livery term-- /'JcDO*AI.D. Ku. US Federal Street, under U. S. Hotel. iept21 dtf ____ ' Notice to Physician*. T.,.. cT,?, k and STAMP of a FbysieianandDrng **r, In a flourishing \ illage in this State, on a i,* Vd. Will te sold at a bargain, aa the owner la from business Anolr to W. F. PHILLIPS, 149 Miedte Street, Portlsntl. »ettl«IT*8tf TUU subscriber hereby gives public notice to all concerned, that he lias becu dulysppon ted and taken upou bimaelfttie trust of Executor ol ths la-t will aud testament of HKKBIL COOLirGF,’ late of Prrtland, in the county of Cumberland. deceased,hy **JI ho are indebted to •!.* said fbre request* all persons w“" dj t ,,,4 thereon, to exhlbB the same for settlement to HEHKT p, CQOLIDGE. I Portland, Stp‘ *>. »*■ «8w»w*

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