Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 26 Eylül 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 26 Eylül 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINITY. Now AdoertUoaum ta To-Day. Advertised Letters—A. T. Do]9. burgeon General’s Notice. . Chain Cable—McGilvery, Ryan k Davie. Skates—D. W. Robinson. Apples and Butter—C W. Smith. A Card—ilose Co. No. 1. For Fortress Moo roe. Draft ia the 1st District. Saturday the drafting in this District was proceeded with by taking the sub-district com posed of the towns of Dayton and Hollis. l>AYTOX. Ia this town the deficiency was twenty three. Seventy-nine names wero placed in the wheel, from which forty-sir were drawn, as follows; Libby, George W Sheppard, HoracA vv i'owusend, George Bickford, Horace B Dennett, Heury HU1, George liuuery, Lyman Hill, Luke Smith, Andrew J Peterson, Jona than Goodwin, George G Young, John E Murch,.Benjamin Wbitehouae, James Me serve, Orui Gordon, Wm H Gould, John P Bean, Cyrus E Bicker, John B Hill Jr, King Stimpson, Nathl Smith, James E Nason, Sami D lllaisdell, James E gnok 'Fraucis L Wilda Joseph Smith 3J, George H Moore, Stephen Meserve, Staples Gordon, Geo Clough, Cyrus K Smith, Napoleon Fellows, Thomas M Buck U S Dunn, George W Uumery, Bdward Jose Jiieob Bean, Horace Woodman, RobtC Smith CUver Dow, Henry T Young. George K Dyer, Samuel Patterson, BeDj O Hight, Albert G flight. HOLLI8. The deficiency in this town was thirty-one. Sixty-two names were drawn from one hun dred and seventy placed in the wheel, in the following order: Jacob E Durgin, Ephraim C Smith, Ivory Maddox, Eicazur B Kimball, Ivory Bradbury, Calvin Dearborn, Charles Roberts, Samuel Abbott, Thomas G Kendrick, Henry K Brad bury, Sami A Benson, John A Meserve, Jo seph W Akers, Wm J Bryant, J Q A East man, Alonzo Wakefield, Jacob Maddox, Jo seph S Jenkins, Daniel York, Charles O Ross, John Bradbury, itoscoe G Stuart, MUbury t> Smith, Francis A Swett, Charles Hanson, Eben S Kendrick, Aram Haley, Thomas C Sawyer, Nathan S Atkinson, John E Wake field, Joseph Benson, T J Kurnary, E S Guil ford, John Beau, J II*Soveriugs, B E Kimball, Josiah J Tarbox, James Bradisb. George Tar box, William. R G nit lord, T M Hobson, Nathan P Nason, Robt E Eaton, Robert S Clarke, Jo seph Hooper, Elias P Kimball, Wimhrop' Bradbury, Edwin W West, Orin GilpatiK*. Levi Clough, R G Nasos, W S Moulton, W H Bryant, J H Sawyer, Alvin Hobson, David Hodsdon, G G Davis, S O Boody, Amos Hanson, J G Hobson, Simon Lock, George Littlefield. 6 There will be no more drafting until Tues day. The number of recruits examined at the Provost Marshal’s office Saturday was fifteen, of which thirteen were accepted. Number of substitutes examined, nine—four of whom were accepted. Portland Soldiers’ Home. The following' soldiers were admitted and left the Portland Soldiers’ Home for the week ending September 24: • Admitted—Thomas Smith, Co B, 30th Me: Hamblin MeMurphy, H, 19th; Henry D- By; Elias W Gonld, A, 8th; Daniel A Conant,G, 17th: Asa Jennings, do; William A Richardson, E. 1st Cavalry; George H Richardson, A, 11th; Lewis Childs, E, 7th; James W Grindle, K, 10th; Bazlila Bragg, 88th Co 2d Battalion Veteran Reserve Corps ; Marcellos A Hardin, K, 2d Cavalry; Pearl Spear. C, do; Thomas L Wing, Ldo; Steph an D Joy, D, do; Abram S Sowle, K, do; Geo W Nash, 1,do; Willard Maddox,; Cbas H Burke, D, 8th; William Mills, 17th U S Ia fautry; PUilomea H Fernald, G, 30th; Albert J Morrison, D, 17th; Winfield S Potter, E. 1st Heavy Artillery; S W Trask, K. do: William J Hayford, H, 29th; James Clark, B, 17th U (8 Infantry; Joseph Avery, B, 9th; Joaeph Timm, P, 8th; Charles Hodgdon, A, 11th. Left—Thomas Smlih, Hamblin H Murphy, ' Henry D Bya:d, Elias W Gonld, Daniel Co nant, Asa Jennings, William A Richardson, George H Richardson; Lewis Childs, James W Grindle, Bazilla Bragg, returning to their hospitals; Mareellus A Hardin, Pearl Spear. Thomas L Wing, Stephen D J oy, Charles H Burke, Abram S Sowle, Geo W Nash, Willard Maddox, Philnmen H Fernald, Albert J Mor rison, Winfield S Potter, 8 W Trask, William J Hayford, Joseph Avery, left for their homes; William Mills and James Clark, left for Fort Preble. Wjt- H, Plummer, Agent. U- S. Circuit Court, CLIFFORD, J., PRESIDING. Saturday.—The trial of the case of Haus sknccht vs. Brown, for alleged infringement of S patent for ge»r for taping garbages was re sumed. The evidence for the plaintiff being put in, Mr. Putnam made an able and elabor ate opening for the defendant. The plaintiff recides in New Yorjt, and the j defendant in Wa'erville. > Court adjourned to 1 o’clock P. M. Monday, j The above case will, probably, occupy two days longer. There are several important in surance cases to be tried at this term. Fire.—The email dwelling-house No. 138 Brackett ftreet, owned by Patrick pnffie, and partly occupied by Mr. Dawson, was destroyed by fire between Aand 4 o’clock Sunday morn ing. The flames extended to the adjoining two and half story bouse owned by Capt, York, of Westbrook, and occupied by Messrs. . Hutchinson and Leavitt. The roof of this building was destroyed, and other damage was done to the tenement. The furniture in both bouses was nearly all saved. It is conjectured the fire was the work of an iopendlary, as }t originated in a shed be tween the two buildings, and that it was set for the purpose of attracting the attention of the police and private watchmen up towu while a robbery could he effected down town. Mr. Dawson, who occupied a portion of the small house, was nearly suffocated by the smoke before the fire was discovered. •AJ -ft J , t vt-i T-—— Attempt to Jump the Bounty-—A sub stitute, from Boston, who was recruited Sat urday, by one of the substitute brokers, on the quota for this district, after he had re ceived bis bounty escaped from the room where he was placed by Jumping from the back window. He took a hack and was driv en through various streets of the city; but e Deputy Marshal Wentworth and officers Burnham and Akers were after him. He left the carriage and was coming up Silver street when he found that officers were in pursuit, and that another was heading him off. He then jumped into a wagon that was being driven along, and attempted to conceal him self by lying down. It was all in vain; he was soon snaked opt and furnished with a pair of bracelet* and taken to the office of the Provost Marshal. To-Night—Varian and Hoffman.— Everything indicates that these artists will meet with a war® reception this evening. Their concerts heretofore of late years have always more than excelled the most sanguine wishes of those who have attended. Who would miss bearing the delicious strains and warbllngs of Madame Varian? Music that touches the heart and penetrates the soul is what all will hear who attends this concert, and Mr. Hoffman’s brilliant solos on the piano are always fascinating. Mr. Thomas, the bar itone, and Madame Varian will sing several duets, and the former will execute some touch ing ballads. We advise every one to go to the City Hall this evening. At a special meeting of the May7Jr and Al dermen on Saturday, the following gentlemen were drawn to serve as Grand Jurors at the Supreme Judicial Court to be held on the last Tuesday of November next:—Henry Bunn Rufus Cushman, Joseph Hale. The following gentlemen were drawn to serve as traverse jurors at toe supreme Ju dicial Court to be held on the second Tuesday of October next:—Thomas B. Jones, William Gould, Alvin Neal, Joseph Bussell, Henry C Lovell, Levi W. Atwood. Y. A C. Bonds.—About $4000 of the con solidated bonds of the York & Cumberland bonds (with accrued interest) were sold at auction Saturday by Henry Bailey & Co. They brought abont twenty cents on the dol K< 11" Base Ball.—The match games of Base Ball for the championship of New England, Which have been the great topic of conversa tion in all half playing circles, are to com mence on Tuesday, the 27lli. The llrst game to take place Is between the Tri-MeunUin Club of Boston and the Osceola Club of this I city, and is to be played on Boston Common, the fly game to be observed, The Osceola Club leave for Boston this evening. They ; are a new club, and have not had as much practice as would be desirable, but they have hopes of making a fair trial of their playing. Their llrst nine coasists of the following mem bers Geo. Thompson, Catcher and Captain; G. L. McAllister, Pitcher; S. Daggitt, 1st Base; S. C. Moody, 2d do; E. Tomlinson, 3d do; Win. Armstrong, S. Stop; Win. C. Me Al lester, L. Held; P. Clark, Center Field; A. Evans, Right Field. May success attend them. Attempted Store Breaking.—Another attempt was made during the fire Sunday morning to break into the clothing establish ment of Mr. A. F. York, corner of Middle and Plumb stroets, by operatious in the rear of the store. As was the case a fortnight since in an attempt on the same premises, it was frustrat ed by the noise being beard by a female resid ing in the Titcorab house, who immediately lighted the gas iu her room. The scamps finding that their thieving operations were discovered quickly left. Fatal Accident.—While the train irom tills city to Boston, on the Eastern Railroad, was standing at the Ipswich station, taking water, Friday evening, the flue-sheet of the boiler of the locomotive (the Gov. Endicott) burst, throwing John Robinson, the fireman, some distance and scalding him so severely that he died that night Timothy Bryant, the engineer, was badly scalded, but, it is thought, will recover. Both of the men belonged in Salem. Caught.—Some of the substitute brokers thought they were very bright last Saturday in getting away a couple of men who Intended to enlist on the quota for this city, and pass ing them on to another town’s quota. But they felt a little down in the mouth when they found themselves obliged to pay up the fuU amount of bouuly these substitutes would have received from the city, which left the brokers out of poeket about seventy-five dol lars. Delirium Tremens.—A sailor n»n«xt Barry O’Donnell went into the shop of Hugh Carney, on Fore street, Saturday afternoon and requested small hills for a *100 green back. A woman who was in the shop said she would change it, and counted the amount. O’Donnell then seized the pile and attempted to escape, but was taken by officers Mont gomery and Fickett and placed in the lockup. He was suffering severely from delirium tre mens. Testaments.—As a part of the cargo of the Anglo-rebel blockade runner Minnie, cap tured Dec. 6,1863, off Wilmington, was found quite a number of Testaments. They were printed at Oxford for the British and Forign Bible Society. They are the pocket edition, ueatly printed, and done up in substantial binding. Mr. H. Packard has them lor sale. Mr. P. is constantly adding to his stock of Sabbath School Books. KoTransfer Allowed.—The Mayor of Bath having been applied to to transfer their surplus men to another town’s quota, on re payment of the bounties paid them by the city, says in a note to ns that he should be williug to transfer twenty-four men to accom modate any deficient town, but Gen. Hodsdon refuses to transfer even odo to fill the West Bath quota—says he cannot do it without au thority from Washington. Fpow Newhebn.—A letter from Beaufort, N. C., to a gentleman in this city, dated Sept. 15th, states that the yellow fever is rsgiDg at Newbern, N. C. More than fifty deaths oc. curred there within forty-eight hours Just prior to the date of the letter, • The drouth injured the cotton crop severe- 1 ly, and the army worm has about completed | the destruction of the entire crop on some of I the plantations. Fine Pears.—We are indebted to that old veteran in the newspaper history of Portland, Wm E. Edwards, Esq., for a basket of very fine pears, several varieties, grown in his gar den on Park street. Mr. E. has some of the best fruit in the city, and hia trpes qre not of the barren kind, We hope that when we re tire from the eanetum we may be able to en joy similar good fortune. Portland’s Quota.—We arc glad to iearp that good success is beipg (pet with in filling up the quota of the city. The generous boun ties offered from the Volunteer Draft Fund, with the active exertions of the City Recruit ing officers, backed by Jhe effort? of tffe May or and Aldermen, are likely to saye us from a draft, and keep Portland's patriotism at a high figure, _ Store Breaking.—The shop of Mr. C. B, Hamilton, Commercial street, was entered some time 3unday afternoon by the rear door and a box of candles, some tobocco, two or three dollars in silver, copper and currency and some other articles stolen. The scamps left Borne tools with which they had tried, in effectually, to break open the safe. Notice.—Mr. William Goold, of Windham, will leave next Monday to visit the hospitals at Washington and Portress Mource. He will attend to enquiries that friends of disabled soldiers may wish to make, if such enquiries are left at Messrs. Lowell & Senter's, or with himself prior to that time. Seizures.—Deputy Marshal Wentworth visited the shop of Joseph Brooks, on Fore street, Saturday, and sesaed a small quantity ol liquors. At the same time, f)eputy Marshal Merrill visited the shop of Wm. Moore, on Temple street, and made a like seizure. A Slight Difference.—The internal revenue tax of the Portland Match Company will be two hundred and forty thousand dol lars a year as we stated, and not twenty-four thousand, as the leaving off one cypher makes : it read in several papers into which it has been | copied. Sale of a Yacht.—The schooner-rigged yacht Mary Ellender, twenty-eight tons burthen, with all her tackle, &c., pps sold at auction Saturday by Henry Bailey ifc Co. Capt. L. H. Stover, of Harpswell, was the purchaser at *350. Tue doings of the First Editors and Pub lishers' Convention in this city, together with the address of Hon. Charles Holden, have been published in a neat pamphlet form by Biown Thurston. A Bio Potatoe.—A White Mountain po tatoe, raised by Mr. H. F. Winslow, in Fal mouth, large enough for a dinner for two men, has been left at our office. It weighs a pound and six ounees. Base Ball.—A match game between the Resolute and Nameless Clubs of this city was played Saturday afternoon. Notwithstanding the rain the game was kept up, which resulted in the defeat of the Nameless by four runs. New Custom House.—Contractors, by calling at the Custom House, can find plans and specifications of the new Custom House to be erected In this city. • Th* American Illustrated newspapers for i this week have been received at the book and periodical store of A. Robinson, No. 51 Ex change street. | FoBEtos value pf ^ ** ** week amount I ed to $51,627.8d. BY TELE6EIAPH toxhi Portland Daily Press. •--■—— — ONE 0A1 LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the North American. Farther Point. Sept. 24. The steamship North American left Liver pool at 7 o’clock iu the evening of the 12ih inst., taking the place ol the Damascus, which was obliged to return to port with machinery disabled. The steamship Asia, from Boston, reached Queenstown on the 11th. The steamship Pe ruvian, from Quebec, arrived at Londonderry at 0 o’clock on the morning of the 12th. Tho London and Lives pool journals were discussing the Aaia’s news, which seemed to lurnisli the sole topic of interest on the Liver pool Exchange, but seemed to have little ef fect good or bad on business. The Times says, never since the war began has there been such a display of vigor and en ergy on both sides. Battle succeeds battle with frightlul rapidity. The conflicts are long and bloody—the victories trifling and indeci sive. The most important part of the news relates to the Chicago Convention. Lincoln and his policy have received a heavy shock.— That convention lias chosen McClellan, the man whom Lincoln endeavored to keep down t the man most able to repair his errors, and arrest the ruin plainly impending over the great republic. It will be observed that the convention had stated what course it would recommend in case conciliation aud compro mise, which it advised, should fail in effecting, as assuredly they will, the reconstruction of the Union. The Post says Gen. McClellan has always been distinguished by extreme moderation,— ! If imstalled unfettered by pledges, there is reason to believe be would assent to any ar rangement which might bring to a termination a war which no one knows better than him self Is equally wicked and profitless. The Star thinks the Federal successes at Atlanta and Mobile will powerfully stimulate the war feeliug in the North, and inasmuch as they bear heavily upon the South, It is possi ble that the southerh leaders may be much in clined to listen to compromise, before their military strength is entirely broken. In this view they would be more inclined to treat with McClellan than Lincoln. But the north ern people will see less cause for change when Lincoln’a administration brings success. The Daily News says, in presence of the gfeat movements in the field, the proceedings of the Chicago Convention are of much less importance than otherwise might be. Mc Clellan’s platform is friendly to the Union, with efforts for Its pacific re-establishment.— In point of fidelity the Democrats cannot com pare with the Republicans, while nothing could be weaker than the vague aspirations after place, on no basis at all, or on a basis which the South has repeatedly declared it will never recognize. . The Paris Mouiteur says the cotton crisis is well nighpassed, and Ceylon, Algeria, Galana and the West Indies will soon produce cottou enough tor France. The Ministers of various nations have brought under the notice of the Spanish gov erhment the practice of firing into vessels without warning when tbeir national colors are not displayed, by the Tariffa batteries. In future vessels will receive notice by blank cartridge and p shot across the bow before be ing fired into. Tranquility has been restored in Geneva.— M. C. Henevaure, whose election caused the election disturbance, has been sworn in before the Grand Council. A telegram from Constantinople states that the Divan bas consented to recall the Turkish fleet from Tunis, as well as the commissioner accredited to the Bey. . Advices received at St. Petersburg report the capture of Nankin by the Imperialists. The Coast of Africa mails have arrived. The British Commodore expected dally to i blockade Benin River, to enforce the fine itn- | posed upon that nation for the outrage on Dr. ! Henry. -__ From Forth Carolina. New York, Sept. 34. By the arrival of the steamer Albany, New barn, N. C., dates of the 22d inst. have been received. The steamer Fawn, whioh was recently captured and burned by the enemy, contained v Boston mail of the 4th and 5th inst. and Mew York mails of the 5th and 6th, a large part of w hich have been recovered fro® the wreck and brought to Newbeyq, A flag of truce recently brought Into New bern quite a nutnher or refugees, many or whom belong to tile first families of the State, who are on tbeir way North, having lost all confidence in the rebel pause sinee the capture ol Atlanta, Among the number was the wife of the rebel Geo. Martin. The Washington & Weldon Railroad adver tises a dividend of ten per cent, The Snulsbury, }f. C-, Watchman sayn:— We protest against the inhuman treatment to the Yankee deserteas, who are sab ected to a course of treatment which makes life far more uncertain than the battlefield Itself. A gener al pardon from Lincoln would doubtless re lieve the South of at least 50,000 of these miserable beluga, provided they have strength enough left to make their escape North. Five Federal officers, consisting of a col onel, lieut. colonel, major and two captains, who were dishonorably expelled Uy Gen. Sherman from his army and sent into the rebel l&P* bx speaking disrespectfully of the Government of the United States la presence of the enetuy while accompanying a flag of Upce, have arriyed in Richmond, where they are to be confined during the war for fighting anainst their principles. The sudden appearance of congestion, chills and bllllous fever In Newbern has driven all transient persons out of this department, including many established business men, who supposed they were fleeing front yellow fever. Through the skill and untiring labors of the surgeons a material abatement of the epi demic has been effected. From the Army before Michmend. Headquarters Army Potomac, / Sept. 23. i Several casualties occurred to-day from picket firing in front of the Sd division second corps. A deserter who came in on Thursday eve ning says the rebel army is very much dis couraged on account of Early’s defeat, aud be th'mks be'ore long Lee will be obliged to evacuate Richmond and Petersburg. The people of Richmond and vicinity are Buffering terribly for the necessaries of life and particu larly firewood, the cost of which places it al most beyond the reach of masses of the com munity. Richmond papers admit their defeat in the valley, and give their loss at 2500, about 500 of whom are prisoners. Rhodes’ division lost 1000 men. Thetf put our loss at from 6000 to 8000. Gens. Rhodes aud Goodwin were killed, and Gen. Fltz Lee and Col, Totter wounded. Gen. York lost an arm. Gen. Early was entrenched at Fisher’s Hill, twen ty two miles south of Winchester. Headquarters Army Potomac1 I Sept. 25, 6 A.M. ( Quite a cannonading was heard this morn-w ing on the centre, which continued about half an hour. AH is now quiet.. (Signed) W. D. McGregor. F. am the Southwest. St. Louib, Mo., Sept. 24. The train captured at* Cabrin Creek on Tuesday last consisted of 200 wagons instead of 100. Several ambulance and sutlers’ wag ons were among the list. Total value estimat ed at $100,000. The escort numbered 800, all of whom were captured except Lieut. Wilder and a few wagon masters. The attack was made by 1500 rebels, and must have been a complete surprise. The team was destroyed on the spot. A dispatch from Mound City, Mo., says large forces ot rebels are moving North, one column towards Fort Scott and another to wards Springfield, Mo. The same dispatch mentions a rumor of the capture of Fort Gibson by 3000 rebels. Price is reported at Cave Creek. | - Movements Around Petersburg. New York. Sept. 25. Au army correspondent of the Herald states j that the rebels have changed the troops in front of our lines, in consequence of the heavy desertions. The shotted salute of the 22d pretty effectu ally usedT up the rebel Spring Hill battery, and Petersburg must have suffered severely from the effects of dropping thirty shells a minute. The rebels hardly responded for thirty min utes. __ Washington Correspondenee. Washington, Sept 24. The Commercial’s Washington dispatch ! says Gen. Sheridan’s prisoners are so numer ous that it is found necessary to send rein forcements to act as guard. The officers of Grant’s army are betting that Petersburg will be in our possession in ten days. Itomw from Sou thorn Sources. New York, Sept 24. The Richmond Dispatch of the 22d contains an official dispatch from Gen. Lee, announc ing Earl; *rst defeat The Richmond Enquirer of the 22d gravely asserts that Early’s position at Fisher’s H1U is Impregnable, from whence he would advance again on the enemo. Two Treasury officials have absquatulated from Richmond after converted nearly a mil lion rebel treasury notes into greenbacks. ^ The Eaquirer admits that the first of Early adds to the gloom consequent on the all of Atlanta. Washington, Sept. 25. Late Charleston papers contain an adver tisement requiring all mall persons in that district, between the ages ot 10 and 50‘ to im mediately report themselves lor enrollment. The order extends throughout the South, the object being to ascertain the present and pros pective military strength of the Confederacy, i In several military districts slaveholders are required forthwith to furnish one fourth, and in some cases one half, their slaves to work on the Charleston fortifications. Advertisements are also published for the collection of 30 per cent, on profits as a war tax and for the sale of foreign and domestic goods of recent importation from Nassau. The Mercury says Gen. Sherman has seized and sent North every bale of cotton in Atlan ta to the credit of the United States treasury, and that on the l*th the Federals were appar ently very busy hauling ammunition, Ac., to batteries Wagner and Gregg. The same paper remarks that Kentucky, Maryland and Missouri are either lost or par alized and bound neck and foot to the ears of the usurping despotism at Washington. The Savannah Republican* says that the losses during the bombardment of Atlanta reach $5,000,000 worth of real estate, embrac ing 47 houses burnt There were 497 persons killed and 09 wounded. Gens. Dick Taylor, Mowry, Forrest, Frank Gardner, Liddell and Thomas, aDd Gov. Watts were all In Mobile on the 10th Inst From Atlanta. Louisville, Ky., Sept 26. Advices from Atlanta report all quiet there. A portion of the city is being destroyed, the lumber from the dwellings being used to con struct camps. Tbe rebel army is swinging around to cover | the Atlanta and Wes} Point railroad to pre vent our advance on Mobile. Gov. Brown, of Georgia, has offered to Gen. Sherman propositions for peace, notwithstand ing the assertion of Eastern correspondents to the contrary. Ftrate Vessels on the Eastern Coast. New York, Sept. 20. Tbe schooner Sarah Gage reporta that off Capo Sable, on the 18th, saw a gunboat chas ing a pirate. A schooner spoken by the Sarah Gage re ported a pirate as having put into a small port id Nova Scotia, after destroying a number of mackerel fishing vessels. She was blockaded by gunboats, but escaped at night. Financial. , . Washington, Sept. 24. I he subscriptions to tbe 7-30 loan to date amount to $40,381,600. Commercial. Per steamship North American.'off Farther Point LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET, Sept. 12th. Sales to-day were 6,000 bales, including 2.000 to .peculators and exporters- The market closed Arm but quotations unchanged X yVER1‘°OL BREADS TUFFS MARKET Flour dull. Wheat quiet; Winter Red Western 8s@8s 2d. Lorn steady; mixed 29s LIVERPOOL PROVISIONS MARKET-Beef reprdull. Pork very dull. Bacon Arm. Lard in active but steady. Tallow Bteady. Butterquiet. ,PRODDCE MARKET.-Ashes Potsffl. 3d; Fear!. 33s. Sugarsteady. Coffee quiet undswady. Rice quiet. Linseed steady. Rosin in* aotive. Spirits Turpentine dull. Petroleum steady; refined 2s. LONDON MONKY MARKET, Sept. 12.-Conaola dosed at 88088J for money, AMERICAN SECURITIES.—Illinois Central rail road 46042 die: Erie Railroad 41048. Ifets York Market. . . Nxw York. Sept 24. Ashes—salesat 12 50 Tor Pots aud 1400(014 50 for Pearls, uuvtun—dull, heavy and fully 10c lower with snail .ales reportad at 140 for middling uplands. receipts 0542 bbls; sales 6500 bbls; Slate and Western heavy, unsettled and nominally 60clow er: Superfine State 67 0900; Extra do900® 920; choice do 10 65a13 00; Round Hoop Ohio 10 95® nSa.2£01<* dQ M 90013 00; Superfine WestrVS 8 8009 00; common to good Extra do 9 23010 00; Southorn—heavy aud lower; sales 600 bids; Mixed to good 10 SOgll 50; Fancy and extra 116(0014 28; Canada heavy and decidedly lower; sales So bbls; 100001176*“* 926(®9 76; ««tra good to choice Wiieet—dull, unsettled and nominal 5®8c lower l fif rnu4avy aud about lc lower; mixer Western m^*i?re.ctroS,*n? amtt - 8ab>8 £8o f°f Canada, i9,a«0Jc lor W,stern. ’ heavy; sales 150 bbU; Country imo U oo i leuaUEOU t.imnni. 1D 1)0 019 00; pr;»o mess 32 uO@36 00. * tn*$SidMdedlj' lower; “„»lcs 3400 bbls; new mess ew pnme »'*»« 87 00083 00; op ioTstuomi*™' ch“ay for Uct0be^ujer“ nil*B1,eB 186 pkg>; shonlder* .t‘-9*^heavy, unsettled aud lower; sales 1300 bbls <■>H!,lled *Dd Pri“8 nominal: Ohio 88® 13; Mate 44®60c. »*J78®nV*T7 “d ’ow*r 1 “le8 400 bbl8 Wes.ern Rioe—heavy. Coffee—dull! ',le,188hbd,l Mueeovado 19*c. Molasses—heavy. Naval Stores—dull aud nominal. Iron—dull; sales Scotch pig 78 00074 00. Leather—quiet. Fish—dull. Oil—dull aud nominal, the large decline In gold ttavtog completely unsettled the market.. . stroleura— inactive and prices are nominal. Hidesu-quiet. Lead-dull; Spanish 160161 Tobacco—dull. w*?,MWTdCCi?*<il<f !awur! f»!t8 83.000 lbs, chiefly last evening, at 18017c. heights to LlT#rpot(fi-^duU,ge aeCli,‘e ‘D g0M CROSMAN & CO.j Successors to Croeman ft Poor,' DRUGGISTS, T3 XIDDIiE^TREET, Fox Block, near tbe Post Office, Portland.Maine. Dealers in Ohemicala, Pme Drags, Genuine Medicines, English,French & American Pertamery, AND FANCY GOODS, Trustss, Supporters, Braces, Scotch Wood Chois, Rubber, Uoods, 4o. ALL OF THE CELEBRATED MINERAL WATERS) Kisslngen, Vichoy, Congress, Saratoga, and Empire Spring. Fine Turkey aud Venice Sponges. PERN WJNX8 AND L1QUOPS, For Medicinal Uso. sept23dlw Clothing \ Clothing" \ Custom and Eeady-Madel As (wood as the Best & Cheap as the Cheapest! Overcoats of every shade and quality on hand or made to order in the latest style and in the best manner. Also,. Furnishing Goods, Of the beet quality at the LOWEST PRICES by N. 8. QARDINr.Rj At 62 Middle Street. Opposite the Post Office. HT Call and examine this stock before purchas ing elsewhere sept23d6w Instruction in Music \ MR. G. R. PAINE, WOULD respectfully announce to those inter ested in Mu-ic, in Portland and vicinity, that 18 Rising Instruction on the Piano Forte, in thia city, and respectfully solicits a liberal patronago. Terms, $13,00 per Quarter, (24 lessons, each lesson occupying one hour.) Slate at PAINE’S Music Store, No. 163 Middie 8t. Any information wanted concerning me, can be had by inquiring at Paine’s Muslo Store Keference, H. Kotzschmar. Sept 13—eod2m* Billiard Table for Sale. A flwt mt* Billiard Taw*, with marble bed; alu „ *eU l»«WT ball, and a net oi point,, and B wel1 fcmiahed table. Will be ,old on liberal term,. Appivto , wm. j. McDonald. aeptfldtf136 FedenU stre6t' ““dor U. S. Hotel. jkX. For Bangor. Tl»« good Sob Bate Aubrey. Jacob, SmmJgH'yK wl11 have immediate dispatch. K„H T tbe master on board, h”gft 31dt? WhBrf’ *rD.T. CHASE. military. VOLUNTEERS FOR THR Army and Navy, Attention ! City of Portland Bounties! #1,000 ! $700! #400 ! The CltbeD»'Committee , ill pay to ary volunteer enlisting on the quota of the CITY Op PORTLAND, THE FOLLOWING ADDITIONAL BOUNTIES Tf. o*!?.STA1lE lnd C- 8- BOUNTIES, viz —*200 fist meat*1ii9,m??t *300 «>? two yea*' en either the f0r thr*e *'*'•' e»!»tient into arhy or navy, ‘hc total bounties reneived by the reeralt Recruiting Office in City Building. APPLY there! JOHN T. HULL. HENKY C Bakes, offijElKfLlIKEl., hdwaeb l. pickakd. ,6plal__ dtf > C. H. OSGOOD, DENTIST, No. 8 Clapp’s Block, Market Square, P OR TLAND. Teeth Inserted on Oold, Silver, and au Enrolled Men Attention 1 There arc In the city of Portland 2000 Enrolled Nfen who have not paid one dollar towards ailing the quota of the city. $22,000 Has Been Raised towards the object, but #20,000 MORE! MUST BE RAISED, or nothing can be done. If the enrolled men will pay $lO EACH, Tr*.Saota k® fll)ed and thore will be no draft. II the enrolled men do not pay their share, the money subscribed must be returned.and The Draft Must Proceed! The Committee are working for you all but von must do something for yourtSlyes. ' y0" MT'Come forward at once and pay your share to the members of the Committee, aslfbllows General Committee.1 Waxdl^Jobu T. Hall, City Treasurer’s Office land & Portland Co; Cbaa. H. Holland,Port „ Chas. E. liccket’, oor. Congress and I rankUn streets jJH.C. Baker 108 Commfroial It ^°ody, oalt’s Block, Commercial street. _ %—J.eUn H. Hall, 209 Commercial street Crnnweroiafetreet? K°r" ,treet: 0eor«* *• Kom’ » i Ward 4—Samuel Chadwick, 22 Market unnM. a» sags;189 Middu »"iSSSaSssriift i ,,,w■ 8- Mlow, American Telegraph Office: 5?,!*!“ w52f?t’.Vj?**ry If* bear Brown; Henry is, Pension office, Exchange street^ Wwd$-Ja». E. Carter, 4 Portland Her; Andrew ®’111 Commercial btreet; chas. R. Milliken. 107 Commercial street. J,Wnlr(!J“'Vn1, 0 Fox*Fo* Block; JamesE. Brin dle, 90 Exchange street; E. L. Fiokard, 149Commer cial street, Finance Committee. Samuel E. Spring, 149 Commercial street; J hn Lynch, Commercia’Street.head ot Widgery’a Wharf; h K bburtlrff, lririgo lnsursnc • Co. Exchange St; Charlo, H. hhng.96 Commercial street; J. B Fille brown. 166 Commercial Btreet: Thomas B. Frothing. wS^SSS1cor C,,ion Wh"yi Wm. A. A meeting will be held at OLD CITY HALL, EVERY EVENING UNTIL THE MONEY IS BAISEDl Iktt Every Enrolled lUan be Present. Sept 20—dtf CUSTOM TAILOR! I Alexander D. Reeves, No. 98 Exchange St., Havingjust returned from Hew York and Boston with a large and Well Selected Stock —OF— Cloths, Cassimeres and Vostihgs, Embracing all the moet FASHIONABLE STYLES, —AVD OF— THE BEST QUALITY. He is prepared to make np to order COATS, PASTS, . and VESTS, ▲t the lowest figure of whioh the times will admit, and in the latest style. Just received a NEW STYLE . of Cloths lor l LADIES’ CLOAKS. septlfidlm FALL AND WINTER C L O TJS I N G ! A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OP Fall and Winter Clothing! For Men and Boys May be found at •A. SMITH’S, Wo. 171 Fore Street. Also a fine stock of Cloths, such as German and American Hos;ow and Castor Beavers, Gassimeres & Doeskins, -FOB Wice Custom Work. We would Inform our flrienda and the pnbllo that 2S.*2Sf5*tt be8t the marketaffords,and can sell at the lowest rates. flt5oE?it0m 199 fnarante« “d warrant to ntafcnatoa”' W° wou*d al8° cal1 att6ntion to onr Beady-Made Overcoats, Undercoats, Pants, Tests, And furniahing Goods, ®f VWeh wffl he gold low for Ca«h, at the old stand of Louis & Smith. Sept ao—dtf ABIEL SMITH, 171 Fore St. New Wholesale House! Merrill, Parsons & Small, Successor! to H. Merrill, HAVE removed fj om 131 to the new spacious rooou 145 Middle St, Evang’ Building, whore ™ offer a complete etock of Foreign and Do Pancy Goods, Worst* da, Woolen Yarns. Hosiery, Gloves, Drew trimmings. Undertakers’ Good, Ao. H. Mubbill, _ L. Fabbobs, Sept 13—dim Char. Shall. Notice. A joung lady, a stranger in this elty, would like to form the acquaintance of a middle aged j geutlemau or wealth. No o'hers need answer All I correspondence strictly aonfldentleL Address tor I ^repWdJt* M. H. D. MASON. MILITARY. IT e C R U ITS WANTED! —FOB— ONE AND THREE YEARS! FOR INFANTRYj CAVALRY, Hi HEAVY ARTIUEM, AND MARINE CORPS. HIGHEST BOUNTIES PAID! APPLY AT M A 1 ST £1 Recruiting Head Quarters, 105 Federal Street, Hear TJ, S. Hotel, MEAD, DAME & BUTMAN. SELECT HEX OF TOWNS Should Uuse Every Effort to Recruit at th'e Time. Gen. Grant and Gen. Sherman, ■BSD MBS FOB 1HB FALL CAMPAIGN. knottier Call! Will toon be Haunt. Principals Wanted I FOB 13 V" eterau AND 100 ALIEN SUBSTITUTES! I Information given concerning B.untie*, tension*. State Aid, &c. Any soldier who has served two j ears in the Ar my, whether discharged in consequence of Expira tion of tei'm of service, or for Physical Disability, can now go into the INVALID CORPSI XKomrr oidibb ok Provost Marshal Geneial. VETERANS AND RECRUITS Will find It to their advantage to enlist with MEAD. DAME & BUTMAN, AT Maine Recruiting Head Quarters 105 Federal Street, Hear U. S. Hotel, PORTLAND, ME. • 1 '1 WE STILL W-A.ISTT' SUBSTITUTES ViifiCfixioO AND RECRUITS. ■ . MEAD, DAME & BUTMAN, 105 Federal Street, ISTeai' TJ. S. Hotel, POSTLAND, ME. .ioiarfi > -■ rt(vTir 1 SE LECTMEN, NOW IS THE TIME TO FILL YOUR QUOTAS! Don’t Bo Afraid of Getting' Too Many I - xS THE ARMY SEEDS THEM All! V o I GIVE US A GALL! MEAD, DAME AND BUTMAN 105 Federal Street, IS’ear XT. S. Hotel, PORTLAND, ME. entertainments HEW CITY hall. Monday Evening, Sept. 26,1804.! VABIAM HOFFMAN COMBINATION! 1864. PALL TOUR. 1864* ONE GRANFCONCERT! (AS ABOTB,) By the Mott Popular Artiete in America. MAD. CHABLOTTE VABIAN, The Beautiful Prime Done, MS. J. A. THOMAS, The Celebrated Baritone from Si. Y. EDWARD HOi'FMAH, The Distinguished Pianiat and Composer, IB AS BJItSB HBir ABO BLboast raOeUBUB. Tickets, 60 Cents. DOORS OPEN AT 7, COMMENCE AI 8. C3P~ Tickets for sale at Paine's MuaIo Store, and at the Doors. Sept 20—did Singing School! Mr. G-ardLluer WILL oomraenoe hit Fall Tabu oi Sieging School At Sons ol Temperance U All, No. Con* great St., on Tueaday Evening, Oot 4th, at 7i o’ol’k. Term*—Twenty-Four Leucm : Ladles,....f2 00 Uentlemen,.3.00 [^'Tuesday and Thursday Eveninga. Tickets for sale at the hall. sept20d2w I DRY GOODS ESTABLISHMENT. Feuchtwanger & Zander, 81 Middle St., Fox Block, Fourth door West of Post Office, Portland, Hare jut opened a New and FaihionaMe Stock Fall and Winter DRY GOODS! Very large in variety, ol Foreign u well u of De mottle Manufacture. ALSO OF CT A r->i Shawls and Cloak-is, Of every description. PRICES REASONABLE, And Lower than in Boston or New York. We ere also mannfkctnrlng to order all Unde of Outside Garments for Ladies’ Wear, For the Wholesale or Eetail Trade, at the shortest possible notice. FEUCHTWANGEE & ZUNDEE, 81 middle St., Fox Block, Near the Post Office, Portland. Sept it—dfcwlm New Fall Millinery Goods! Comprising RIBBONS, FL0WER8t ; FEATHERS,! VELVETS, BLONDS, LACES, And all other articles desirable for the MilHnsry Trade. Also the LATEST STYLE HATS, which will be told low for cash at BOSWORTH. KALES A Co, Fept SO—daw lea Middle Street, Portland. Sewall C. Strrut, Of the late firm of Howard S treat, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 105 Middle Street. Opposite International Bank,......... Portland. Attgii-dawssc*"" .. FALL STYLE I HATS & CAPS !J How ready at S EC A W * s , 136 DI1D6LE STREET. *opt9 iso44w New Hat Cap and Fur Store I COE Sr Me CALL All WOULD resiMctfally inform the citizen* of Port* land ana yioinity, that they hare this day taken the store No. 95 Middle Street, recently occupied by Rollins fc Bond, for the pur pose of carrying on the Far, Hat and Cap Basinet*, In *11 its varietiee. Oar stock Till embrace all the iateet and most faimosssu Paris. London and Nct York Styles, of plain and laney Hats and Cape. Far Goods in Great Variety. P ALBBBLLA8 1 PMBRglLAB 11 ty Particular attention given to Kirinuse Funs, by our Ur. Coe, rroentiy in charge of that department at J. F. Shau ’s Our numerous friends Till plesse call and sec ns at 95 Middle street. Alfred H. Coe. J. F. MoCallar. Portland, Sept 15,1804.--dim &.ND ELEGANT! Wi- rim you seeagentieman wearing a uai wuiou attract* general attention by the beauty of the fabric, and lta remarkable ueatsoaa and elegance of style you may be auurcd tbat it i* one of Harris' Latest Introduction*, gyllij establishment is oppoai te the Port OSes.' Sept 22-tt HALL L,* DAVIS, MANUFACTURER AND DMALES IN BLANK BOOKS, STATIONERY, PAPER HANGINGS, Ac., NO. 03 EXCHANGE STREET, All etandard *nd latest publieationa constantly on hand. Alsi Writing Material*, Fine Cutlery Games, Ao.. In great variety. All orders promptly filled. Portland, 8«pt. 22. dlw m sale. Havana ciqabs «r th* following choioe brands: 27 400 Deeignio let Londrea 3* 600 •• 2d AJ JK? I* ®<* “ Angelitaa. W 000 •• let « Prinsadoa. 5 000 “ 2d Beg Brltanicaa. 6 000 " 2d Bruanicae 2 800 •* Kutriaetua lialonaslat. 2 600 ... »d. 6 000 Angelitae 3d Londree Prlneadoe. 5 003 A I. 2d Brey.e. 10 000 A C 3d Londree. 20 000 A M London Fior. 32 800 A M Fior Prineadoe. 26 800 A M London Cortea. 7 400 A M London Fino. 33 000 Londree Port Mahena. v 268 000 ISAAC KNEBT, Head Long Whf. Sept 12—lm TBANlIENf PRICE UPf FOtt Blocking Felt Hats for 1864, AT Sweet sir’s Bleaohery, 312 Congr ess 8t, On Saratoga, Christiana and Eugeni* ‘shape, ft eentt. On.Tooky Crown and Englleh ahape,. (0 « onta. Blocking Felt B«nn«t», 60 oanta. For ooloring, 20 ennta additional to the abovi P NUUnera prioea in proportion, wptS dtf AUCTION SALES. K. U. PATTEN, AUCTIOKEKli, 11 Exohsnge at Furniture at Auction. 0N, Ja«»<l»y • Sept. 2TtlL at 10 A M , at heu-e No. Bed. hISm St™**, Tables. Chain, boras, Bed.teaai, Vm?'ua*. Mattie,«ts, Carpels. Cro kery anu Claw W„,^tTO|| fca sept28 utd Hf«w and tienteel Furniture at Auction. ONoI"l4S andSlw^• SLW °'cl0ck A. M . at store "d? lost” «, mriJl'lale Ht,,eet, all tee k multure cJl. Mart'ie^^^'T^r Bfae'iVSSfr Chestnut *“d/'"“^d£"aeh Chsmte• eels, com mon k manure, baft, Deskmp,* k'urBiinni, fc„.— Also a good tktnny *Pr * exps„. h are ess. a dou bio runner 1 urniture sic", l, At 12 x, a three sterv wooden buldiug *“ the rear of asm store, which ran bo removed or remain le»eu i,Bd. HEN BY BAILEY fc CO., Aoonoaaxaa. Bept 20—dtd Valuable Real £»tatc at Auction, ON Tuesday Sept. 37. at*o’clock r. x. >1 shall sell house No. 2 Deer Sc, the homestead of the . late capt Benjamin En-ght. The house is . « story aud or brick; it hes 18 flni-hed rooms, with good closets. i loDty bard aud soft water. fba bouas is 3d by 40, with a barn 1« by 84, audu good garden.— the lot is about 00 tec. aqonre. UENUY BA1LEL k Co., Auetlooeera. Sept 16—dtf Furniture at Auction. ON Wednesuay,Bept2S. n> lOo’olcck a. X. and P- X, at the Ceutrai House on Lime street, near the Custom House, all tux FbiisIiVkk In said house, consisting ut Bods, Beustegas, Etadltg aud Ug'ro see, Carpels in variety, Buieaus. Kock ers. Hulas, Mirrors. Chamber new, To.iet, Work, and Extension Tables; Chairs in gicat variety ; I ar lor, Ollioesad Cook btuvos; Table Cu lerv ; Chita, (jla-s, Crockery; Iron, Stone, Tin and Wooden Ware, together with the entire office and kitchen furnituio. HENBY BAILEY k CO., Auot’ra. Sept 21—dtd Valuable Tenements at Auction. ON Friday Sept 30th. at 3 o’clock p. x wo shall sell a double tenement at kerry YUJage. Cape Elizabeth oj peeite Turner t bbjp-k sr^jnie build ings are of wood. lao-stpry, we.) tlidfr*! though out and nearly new. It has good atmU. gpod cel lars good water—hard and soft. 1 no house Is in good repair and a sale property,ar positive, A net ioneer*0* Sept 23—dtd _ Administrator’s Kale. NOTICH is hereby given, that by vjrtue of all ceiine from the Judge of Frobate lor the County of Cumberland ,. X ah all aJIJ* puRiio auction, at Ihe dwelling house oh the J? remise*. o* the Jr day otOofobtr. A. D ldb4f *1 3 Q\lockiv the alter uov», the hweatead let oi thi» >t§ Hpubeu Dol brooir. lato of Freeport in wiii C< unty, snuatid in *aicl Freeport. and containing lour acres of iana, with the buildings ther**o«. JfctOttACF BilFWi1 JU. Administrator. Dated this 7th toy of Sept, 1864. 2taw#w» EDWARD M. PATTEN. Commission Merchant & Auctioneer tt.. removed to the bpaeloee Tier® fA KxohMUto Street, tour doors below Morobant’a Ebcohauge. WUI receive oonulgnmonta ol Merebandiae ol •very description, for public or private uele. Sale* of iieal Estate, Vessels, Usrgoes, Stocks end *«r obandlse sdidteJ. Cush sdvunoee maoe. prompt aales and rvtnrw*. moau day ^mmmm ME ItOHANDlSE. Sprue* Shipping Board*. 150,000~SSt*— 7 J. U. HAMLEH, Hobeon’a Warf, f m: Portland, Me. Artg 8£—(14w Hackmetack Ship Timber. OAK, Haukmetick, and Hard Wood Plank, Tree nails from 12 to 28 Inches, Treenail Wedges, be. to. by E. TAYLOR, JuneffidSm Galt’s Wharf, Portland. Treenails. 100 000 '^UbTE OAJ£ THEEHAILB, fl>r * sunoarroN * khight. ’ 48 Commercial Wharf. Portland, Jane IS. 1884. Junelhdtf Sugar sad Molasoes. 300 HHD8, jCHOICB muscovado su WTCS. ) GAH. 371 BH1)S buperior Muscovado, and 8' TCS Clayed Molasses, 11 BBLS from sierra Uorena, How landing and tor sale by THOMAS ASKNCIO * CO., mayttf Custom Bouse Wharf. Sierra Uorena Molasses. OO >) CHOICE SIESBA MOKSHA 30 tierces i molasses, 10 BBLS » How landtag from Brig "C. H. Kennedy" TliOB. ASESCIO fc CO.. May 2—tf C- H Wharf. R. Jb Da LARRABEE & C0>f No. 69 Exchange SL, Manufacturers of all kinls of FRAMES — FOR — Oil Paintings, Engravings, Photographs, * Uoklug Olcssess Manufacturers of all kinds ol MOULDINGS —sou— Pictura Frames and Looking Olaaaea. The Trade supplied with Black Walnut, Imitation Rosewood and Ebony^and Gilt Oval Frames, Our manufacturing facilities enable us to lumlah all ar tides in this line as lew In^piic.# m to be found elsewhere. We Invite purchasers to oall and esam lae ear vary Aim Kngra.lugs of whloh we base a JVW&'i'u t* i bcplOdtf TQ THE AFFLICTED I OR. W.M. A£H1N«, Medical Electrician, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, COBNRR OBCOBORBSS RBI> BLM strbb tb WOULD reepeetfully announce to the aitisent ol Portland and vWnity, that be haapermani at ly located in this city. Daring the eleven month ■ that v e have been in town we have cured tome ol the worst forms of disease in perrons who have trial other terms of treatment in vm, and eortng p«. flente (a so short a time that the question is cite a asked, do they stay cured I To answer this question we will say that all that do not >tny eu> ed, we will doctor the second time lor nothing. Dr. Q. has bean a praetio*. ^leotricisn fer twenty one year*, and is also a regular graduated p] taio.aa Bleotrtoity is perfectly adapted , to chronic cueeseei in the form of nervous or sick headache: neuralgli, iu the head, ncck.or extremities; consumption, when in the acute stage* or where the lung* are not fully involved: acute or ohronlo rheumatism, aerotulx. hi', diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, ourvatt a of the spine, coot*acted muscles, distorted limbs, palsy or paralysis, 8t. Vitas’ Dance, deafness,staiu. merlagtu hesitancy ef speech, dyspepsia, Indiges tBu, constipation and liver complaint, piles—we curs gortrease feat oan be presented; asthma, bronohl. Us, strlcfjres of the oheet, and all Sanaa of female 33y Electricity The Rheumatic, the gOoty, the lame and the lasr eap with joy, and move with the agility and elastic' iky of youth; Urn heated brain U cooled; the Dost bitten limbs restored, the uaeouth defortnaies re moved : falninaw converted to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind made to see, the deef to hear and too palsied tuna to move upright; the blcniahee o yoath are obliterated; the accident* of mature lit, orevs*tod: the calamities of old ago obviated, am • am active circulation maintained. LADIES Who have cold hands and foot; weak stomiohs, lame and weqk tyck«; nervous and sick headache. lizxinosr. s.nd swUcming in the head, with indigos bon and constipation of the bowels; pain In the side tad bask; loneorrhoa, (or whites); lading of ths womb wCth internal oaaoers, tumors, polypes, am. all that leagtraln os diseases wlU ted in Electric Ity a sure mesne of care. For psinfUl mesetrniUon too profuse menstruation, aadallot those long line of troubles srtsm young Isd^.^o^eEy isa oertaiu «p«oiUo. AMBd vri:i, in »*A«rt restore the soffere t0ymr- K/^haJt .11 Electro-Chi. leal Apparatus to - gge «£cs ®dt of ten, is fhee&ct of polmmeaSdro-V ognbswftored tduatumlsreenpthandyigof by thi —art of trvxn fire to eight Beths. 0«oe„h«r. from 8 e'eloek a. *. to 1 l* §• end 7 to 8 f. m. Conraltabou Free. ly 141 eed Stage Notice. OH and after Mo:.da ■, S*l>t 36, 1804. Windham, gaily Stage wil leave ae follows North Windham 6 a x via. (ireat FaS|, Souta Windham. Baccarappa and Porthrd JWave Rim House, Portland, st*j r X. Sept 34—dlw E MchEEN, Driver. Wanted. WANTED Immediately, a flret-eiaaa Machinist to take charse of a shop where marine work i* being done, tme who has bed experieuoo a* fore man preferred; to a superior man compe> cation ill eral—gone other te“S apply. Addr-re hau No. 78 East Boston Poet Office, Mate. Bept 24 -dlw Scotch Canvass. onn BOLTS of "David Cotsar h Son’s” Leith. —l" *yJ a sail-oloth of superior qua’liy. Jusi re oeived direct irem Llvrpeel a* d far s.le by Me jlLVhUY, RV*N k DAVIS, Sept 24th—dtf 161 Commsrc al St. ~ R £ n (Tv a l ! DH. HEALD hasremoredWaeflM’’rowIfcSI Coogrem ^•a^ffltfSmSSWo ferni ay“^^yD”BSo»P»Bm«». sepddtf • • •.

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