Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, September 28, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated September 28, 1864 Page 1
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portl..:;:. ....... . • VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, WEDNESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 28, 1864. WHOLE ===== PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, J OUB T. OILMAN, Editor, published at Ha. 82} EXCHANGE N. A. FOSTER* CO. Thi, PoarLAKD Daily Pnass is published at *8.00 per year. iu AAimsSTAT*PB*»sis publishedevery Thurs d.y morning,a: *2.00por Annum, in advanoe; *2.26 if [ aid within six months; and *2.50,if payment be oelay ed beyond the year. Kates of Advertising - One Inch of space tn length of ooluom, constitute, a'suLAaa.” *1.60 per square daily first week; 76 oents per week after; three insertions or less, *1.00; continuing eve ry other day a ft or first week, 60 oents. Half square, three insertions or loss, 76 oents: one w,i, 8*1.00* 60 oents per week alter. Under head ol Ahdsbxbkts, »2.oo per square per «uek . three ltmertions or lees, £1,60. SrEotAL Notioks, *1.76 per square first week, •1,0C per square after; throe insertions or loss, *1.26; ha ^a square, three insertions, *1.00: one week, Advertisements inserted in the Maihb 8*at« Eebss (which has a large oircuiation in every part of the Mate) for 60 cents per squarein addition to the ftbuVv ratea, lor each insertion. Lbgal Notices at usual ratos. Transient advertisements mast he paid forln ad fanu« Bubihesr Nonoss, in reading columns, 12 oents per line for one insertion. No charge less than fifty cents for each insertion. Aii communication.) intended for the paper should be directed to the “ Editor of the Press1' and those of a business character to the Publishers. pSf'JoB Printiho ox every description executed v ith dispatch. f • Tracy* Traveling Agent. Wednesday Morning, Sept. 28,1864. Unpublished Letters from General Jackson good advice fob the prsknt day. The following letters of President Andrew Jackson, which have never before been pub lished, have been handed us by the gentleman to whom they were written. They contain seutiments and advice which we recommend to all who love the Union now : “Washington, November 2, 1832. ■ “My dear Sir: X have just received your let- I ter of tbe 31st ult., with the enclosure lor which 1 1 thank you. “I am well advised of the views and proceed ings of the great leading uulliders of the South, in my native state (S. U.,) and weep for its fate, and over the delusion into which the peo ple are led by the wickedness, ambition and lolly of their leaders. I have no doubt of the intention ol their leaders first, to al&im the other states to submit to their views rather than a dissolution of tbe Union should take place. If they fail in this, to cover their own disgrace and wickedness, to nullity the tariff, and secede from the Union. “We are wide awake here. The Union will be preserved, rest assured of this. There has been too much blood and treasure shed to ob tain it, to let it be surrendered without a struggle. Oar liberty, and that of the whole world, rests upon it, as well as the peace, pros perity and happiness of these United States. It must be perpetuated. 1 have no time to say more. My health Is good, improved by tbe travel. With a tender of my kind salutations to you and your amiable family, I am sincere ly your frieud, Andkew Jackson. “Col. J. A. Hamilton.” Washington, December 6, 1832. “My dear Sir: Yours of the 3d instant is just received. I accord with you fully in the propriety of the people giving fully and freely their seutiments and opinions on nullification, and the course pursued by South Carolina in i her late proceeuings. “The ordinance passed, when taken in con- i ncction with the Governor’s message, is rebel lion and war against the Union; tbe raising ol 1 troops under them, to resist the laws of the I United Stales, is absolute treason. The crisis j must be, and as far as my constitutional and legal powers go, will be met with energy and | firmness. Therefore tbe propriety of the pub- i lie voice being heard, andit ought now to be j spoken iu a voice ol thunder tnat will make the uulliflers tremble, and which will cause the good citizens of South Carolina to retrace tbejr steps, and adhere to that Constitution of perpetual Union they have svynrn to sqpport, This treasonable procedure against the Union is a blow against not only our liberties, but the liberties of the world. “This nullifying movement in the South has done us great injury abroad, and must not on ly be promptly met and be pat down, but frowned down by public opinion. It is there fore highly proper, tor tfre people to sneak ad over the Union. “J am preparing a proclamation to the peo ple of tbe South, and as soon as officially ad vised of these rebellious proceeding, will make a communication to Congress. I can say no more, as I am surrounded at present, and bid you for the present adieu. “Andrew Jackson. <‘Cpl.J. A, Hamilton." From the Zion’s Advocate. Ought Ministers to Vot# ? Such a question would not be asked now, had it not been again and again asserted, that ministers ought not to meddle in any way with civil or political affairs. And while it has been admitted that abstractly, they have the right to vote, it is said as a matter of expedi ency they had better waive that right, and at tend only to the duties of their sacred office. The reasons urged iu favor of this are vari ous. The chietest however is, tnat they have iu their congregations and churches persons | of diiierent political parties, and if they vote, ! they must necessarily do it in opposition to i some who sit under their ministry and thereby give offense. But do both of these results fol low ? It is true, that iu most congregations there are persons of different political opin ions, and In voting, ministers must vote in op- ; position to those of one party. Bat it does not ! lollow that in doing this they necessarily give offense to any. Observation teaches, that rea sonable men prefer to have their minister vote, even if he does not vote with them. They do not want a timid, cowardly man for a minister, without any manly posltivenes* of character. They say, let us have a man, that is a man, who knows his rights as a minister and as a citizen, and has independence enough to maintain them.—And though they would not have him a partisan, they would have him act accord ing to his own honest convictions in casting his vote. We say reasonable men respect a minister the more for doing this. But it will be said all men are not thus reasonable. Very true. But will yielding to their unreasonable ness tend to make them reasonable ?—Most certainly not; but serve only to make them more unreasonable and imperious in their de mands. Such men are not the ones to teach ministers their duty about voting, or anything else. In a country like ours we hold it to be a most sacred duty for every man to vote, what- 1 ever may be bis profession. It should be a part of our roligion to take care of our coun- j try and have a voice in regard to our rulers; , for our religious privileges are ideulitied with our civil institutions. And every man what ever his calling, should note regularly and ac cording to bis intelligent convictions in the case. It is his privilege to do so, as well as his right. And he who parts with this privil- I ege through fear of giving offense to some op ponents, acts as unwisely as he did, who sold his birthright for a mess of pottage.—And he who has not the courage to go quietly to the ballot-box and vote because he is a minister, better lay aside the ministry and prove him self a man, asserting the rights and performing the duties of a man, to be a man and a citizen is more than to be such a minister. Melascthon. New Fall Millinery Goods! Comprising RIBBONS, FLOWERS, feathers; VELVETS, BLOIDS, LACES, And all other articles desirable for the Millinery Trade. Also the LATEST STYLE HATS. which will be sold low for cash at BOSWORTH. KALER A Co, Sept 20—<38w 162 Middle Street, Portland. Sew all C. Strrut, Of the late firm of Howard '■ Strout, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 105 Middle Street Opposite International Bank,.Portland. A Of 12—dAwSm MISCELL ANEO US. LEWIS, ROLLINS Si BONO, Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street, Store Formerly Occupied by Jtosiah Burleigh. * Having leased the above store at a very low rent,we propose to open a First Class Tailoring, FINE CLOTHING, I AMD Gents’ Furnishing Goods ESTABLISHMENT. --- ■■ We Buy and Sell for Cash and At tend to Oar own Business. We are enabled to offer to the pnblio Goods as Low as Can be Bought In this City or State. OUR CUSTOM”DEPARTMENT Ib under the direction of Mr. Bond, well known to j the public as a FIRST CLASS CUTTER, a Grateful to our friends and the public for their liberal patronage at our former places of business, we still solicit their favors, and we pledge to deal with them on the square. T. C. LEWIS. N. C. ROLLINS, „ W. M. BOND. Sept 6—dim Maine Bonnet Bleachery, 308 Oongres Street, PORTLAND - - . MAINE. Straw, Lace & Leghorn Bonnets -AND GENTLEMEN’S HATS, Bleached & Pressed at the Shortest Notice -ALSO HATS & BONNETS DYED. Every exertir n will be made to have all orders promptly attended to. JAMES B. RACKLYFT. aug813m. New Bedford Copper Comp’y. THE undersigned, agents of the above Company, are prepared to famish suits of Yellow Metal & Copper Sheathing, Bolt Copper, Bolt Yellow Metal, Spikes, Kails, fe., at short notice and delivered at any port required. MeGILVEBY, BY AN k DAVIS. Sept 6.—dtf OKFIOE OF T HK ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, NEW YOBK, JANUABY 26, 1864. i THE Trustees, in conformity to the Charter o( the Company, submit the following statement of ts aflairs on the 81st December, lStiJ: Premiums received on Marino Bisks, from 1st January, 1883, to 31st De comber, 1863, *8,214,336 93 Premiums on Policies notmmrked off Dt January, 1868, 1,706,802 24 Total amount of Marine Premiums, 810,006,001 17 No Policies have been issued upon Life Bisks; nor upon Fire Bisks discon nected with Ffarine Bisks. Premiums marked oif irom 1st Jan., 1833, to 3lst December, 1853, *7,867,666 66 Losses paid during the same period, 3,806,661 04 Returns olPremiums and Expenses, 1,082,967 48 The Company has the following Assets, viz: Unit, d States and State of New York Stock,City. Bank and other Stooks, 83,492,631 30 Loans secured by Stocks,andotherwise, 1,460,700 00 Beal Estate and Bonds and Mortgages, 193,760 Op Dividends on Stooks,interest on Bqndp and Mortgages and Other Loans',sun dry Note?, re-insurance and other claims due the Comp'y., estimated at 104,964 61 Premium Notes and Bills Beocivable, 8,278,676 68 Cash in Bask, 744.813 88 Total amount of Assets, 89,266,^66 3? Si» per cent luterest op thp outstanding Certlii: Oates oi prqhts will he paid to tpe holders thereof, or their legal representatives, on and afterTnesday, the Second of February next. Alter reserving Three and One half Million Dollars of profits, the outstanding certificates of the issue of 1%2, will be redeemed and paid to the holders there of, or their legal representative s, on and after Tues day, the Second of February next, from wbich date all iuteresttlnyeon willcoase. The certificates to be produced at tSe time oi payment, and o.u««ned. A Dividend of Forty Per Cent, (s declared on the net earned premiums of the Company, lor the year ending 31st Deoember, 1863, for which certificates will be issued, on and after Tuesday, the F'iltll of April unit, The Profits of the Company,assertalned From the 1st of July ,1842,to the 1st of Jan., 1863, for which Certificates were issued, amount to 814,328,880 Additional from 1st Jan,, 1863, to 1st J anuary, 1864, 2,630,000 Total profits for 21f years, 816,968,880 Th» Certificates previous to 1869, have been redeemed by cask. 11,690,210 Net earnings remaining with tke Com pany, on 1st January, 1864, 86,963,670 By order of the Board, W. TOWNSEND JONES, Seoretary. TRUSTEES. John D. Jones, David Lane, Charles Dennis, James Bryce, W. H. H. Moore. Win- Sturgis, jr., Thos. Tileston, H. K. Bogert, Henry Coit, A. A. Dow, W-0- PifikersgiJl, wm, K, Dqdge, Lewis Curtis, Dennis Perkins, Chas. H. Russell, Jos. tialllard, Jr., Lowtll Holbrook, J. Henry Burgy, P. A. Hargous, Cornelius tiriunell R. W. Weston, C. A. Hand, .ioyal Phelps Watts Sherman, Caleb Barstow, E. E. Morgan, A. P. Pillot, B. J. Howland, Leroy M. Willey, Benj. Babcock. Daniel S. Miller, Fletcher Westray, S. T, Nicoll, R. B. Minturn,Jr., Josh'aJ. Henry, (j. W.Burnham, Geo. G. Hobson, Fred. Chaunoey, James Low. JOHN D. JONES. President. CHARLES DENNIS, Vice President. W. H. H. MOORE, 3d Vice President. BP*Applications forwarded and Ora Policiss procured by JOHN W. HUNGER, Agent, Mo. 168 Fore street, head of Long Wharf, PORTLAND, MB. Juno 3.—w2w&eo<ltojan29 ------ New Hat Cap and Fur Store J COE Sr Mo CALLAH W°ULD respectfully inform the citizens of Port land and vicinity, that they have this day taaen the store J No. 95 Middle Street, recently occupied by Rollins k Bond, for the pur pose of carrying on the Far, Bat and Cap Basineu, in all its varieties. Our stock will embrace all the j latent and most Fashionable Paris, London and Mew York Styles, of plain and lancy Hats and Capa. Fur Goods in Great Variety. UMBRELLAS! UMBRELLAS!! 1ST" Particular attention given to Refaibinq Fobs, by our Mr. Coe, recently in charge of that department at J. P. Shaw’s. Our numerous friends will please call and see us at 95 Middle street. Alfred H. Coe. J. F. McCallar. Portland, Sept 15,1864.—dim The Cheapest Agency FOR collecting all classes of claims arising from the war is that of the “MAINE WAK CLAIM ASSOCIATION/ in which the expenses are controlled by a disinter ested Executive Committee. Apply in person, or by letter, to GEORGE F. EMERY, over the Portland Poet Offioo, 3d story. •I*w1f REMOVAL! DR. HEALD baa removed hi. office from No. 341 Congress 8t. to the opposite side of the street, oorner oi Congress and Temple streets, office form erly oooupied by Drs. Baoon fc Brealln. sepadtf EDUCATIONAL. Prof. Masse,A.M. Recently of Philadelphia, Instructor in the French and Latin Languages. LESSONS in «chools and families, lecture* in schools, explanation in Frenca Idioms A na tJvf, of,Frauce' instructor of Rhetoric and £es«iuJSn*Vn Pa?fsmSgne Colle*e For further paaticulars, apply at Messrs. Bailey k n ,*,!*?12 A- *•. where inlormatio* as to term, Ao, will be given. references. kH‘ 5?ward’ Secretary of State. Rev. Bishop W. B. Stevens, D D., of Philadelphia. 5ev; o ¥! Coxe»01 Baltimore. 2°V C. D. Cleveland, of Philadelphia. Fr°r_P* Coppie, of Penna University. beo.B.Emerton, Esq .ofBoston. R. H. Dana, Esq., of Boston. Epes Sargent, Esq., of Boston. Kt. Rev. Bishop T. C Brownell, D. D., Hartford, vt. Dr. E. P. LeProhon, Portland. Bept 5. d2m NEW HANPSBIRE Commercial College, Central Hall, - - - - Concord, N< H. THE most thorough and extensive Commercia College fn New England, presents unequalled facilities for imparting to young men and ladies a complete business education. 8end lor a circular containing Pall information address WORTHINGTON A WARNER, • . .._ Principals. Aug 9—dAw6m THE PORTLAND COLLEGE, Located in Clapp’s Block, Congress Street, T8 a link in Bryant, Stratton A Co.'s chain of In J®™**®®*! Business and Commercial Colleges, established in twenty-two of the leading commer ci&l cities in the United States and Canadas. The object of these Colleges is to fhrnish young men and ladies the best facilities for obtaining a thorough Business Education. Scholarships for full course of Bork-keeping, Com mercial Law, Commercial Calculations, Spencerian Penmanship, Correspondence, Lectures and Practi cal Eicrcises, is good throughout the chain for an unlimited periodT L. A. GRAY. A. M .. RESIDENT PRINCIPAL. For further informations please oall at the College, or send for Circular and College Monthly, inclosing letter stamp. Address J BRYANT STRATTON & GRAY, Portland, - Maine. augSl d & w3m ANNUAL MEETINGS' Annual Meeting: ! THE stockholders of the Merchants’ Bank are hereby notified ta meet at the Bank on Monday. Oct. 3d, at 8 o’clock P. M. for the following purpos 1st—For the choice of scren Directors for the en j suing year. 2nd—To consider the subject of adopting the Na tional Bank System, and act thereon. —For the transaction of any other business that may legally come before them. By order of the Directors, _ CHAS. PAYSON, Cashier. Portland, Sept 16,1864.—dtd Manufacturers ana Traders Bank. THE Stockholders of the M&nufooturers and Trad ers Bank are hereby notified that their Annual Meeting will be held at their Banking room on Mon day, the 8d day of October next, at 3 o’clock P. M.f for the choice of Directors for the ensuing > ear, and the transaction of such other business as may legal ly come before them. By Older of the Directors, I aeptl4 dtd EDWARD GOULD, Cashier. Caseo Bank, THE Annual Meeting of the StoeV holders of this ! B.nh lor the choice of Directors, and tho trans action of other busineas, will be held at their Bank ing House, on Monday, the 3d day of October next, at 3o'clock P. M. Per Order. E. P. GEEEISH, Cashier. Sept lu—dtd Mechanics’ Bank, rTIHE Annual Meeting of stockholders of the Me A chanios Bank, for the eoice of Directors, and any other business whioh may come before them, will be held at their Banking Boom on Monday, 3d Get. next, at 3 r. u. Per Order, W. H. STEPHENSON, Cashier Portland, Sept 16,1884.—dtd Canal Bank* FjHHE Annual Meeting of the stockholders of this A Bank, for the ohoice of Directors, will be held at their banking house on Monday Oct 3 at 11 o'cl’k A. M. Also to consider the subject of adopting the Na tional Bank System, and forthe transaction of any other bu-iness. Per Order, J Sept 16—dtd B. f. SOMEpiBY, Cashier. Bank at Cumberland, ! MXQT1CE is hereby given that the annual meeting X! of the .tookholders of the Bank of Cumberland ' ’hr the eh°iee of Directors tor the ensuing year,and tbvtr.u.action ef any other business that may cone before them, will be held at their Banking Hoorn on Monday the 31 of October next, at3 o c ook r. u. Per Order of the Directors „ , SAM'L SMALL, Cashier. Portland, Sept 16.1861. septedtA Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company, THE Annual Meeting of this Company will be held on Monda*, October 3, at 74 o’clock r. m. Par Order. EDWARD SHAW. Sept 16—dR w Secretary. RE-OPENED. The subscribers would respectfully announce to their nunorous friends and the public that they have thoroughly Repaired, Refitted and Refurnished The popular and oentrally located EATING HOUSE, No. 77 Middle Street, (FOX BLOCK,) Which will be open on and after MONDAY, JULY 25th. lull uni Lunches at all hours of the Da; aud Evening. IOE CREAMS. PLAIN AND FANCY CAKE, FRUIT, CONFECTIONARY, Ac., Constantly on hand. SODA WATER., Drawn from Dow’s Patent Ice Cream (Soda) Foun tain, with Fruit Syrups. PAH TIES SUPBIED AT SHOBT NOTICE. We shall be happy to see all our old friends and make a host of new ones, and trust that none will have cause for complaint. CALL AND SEE US ! ATKINSON & INGERSOLL. ECONOMYJS WEALTH. THE subscriber respectfully informs his frionds in general that he will Repair Gentlemens’Garments OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, AT SHORT NOTICE AND FAIR PRICES, So that Monty can be Saved in these War Timet. 3. E. 8TOEY, No. 23 Exchange St. Aug 27—dtf_ _ STATE OF MAINE. Executive Department I Augusta, Sept. 20, 1864.j An adjourned session of the Executive Council, will be held at the Council Chamber, in Augusta, on Monday, the third d.y of October next. Attest: EPHEA1M FLINT JK., 1 sep21dtd Scarstary qf State. WANTS, LOSTJOUND Wanted. BY a Young Lady, a situation to tend in a Fancy Hoods Store, or to run a Sewing Machine. Address, E. Portland P. O. sep27dlw* Wanted to Bent AF'E W pleasant Booms fir a family of three per sons. Address, D Press Office. sep27dlw* Wanted 10 Rent A HOUSE in a desirable locat on. Kent from *200 to S500. Address, Box 1999, Portland Post Office, sepmdtf Wanted, WANTED immediately, a first-class Machinist to take charge of a shop where marine work is being done. One who has had experience as fore man preferred; to a superior man compensation lit eral—none other need apply. Address boa No. 78 East Boston Post Office, Mass. Sept 24—dlw Board Wanted. IN a private family, where there are no other boarders, for the wife and child of an officer in me Revenue Service, Or a Small Rent Wanted In*oonvenUmt\o<»tio». Part of a hou?e preferred. felftT-dtf STEPHEN *EKBY,172jE’oreSt. Found. A BOLL of bills. The owner can have th> same by proving property and paj iog charges. Call .. „ a. leighton, septl7 d&w2w No. 2 Warren Market. Drug Clerk Wanted. /~kNE prefered that has bad one or two years ex Bop7l6dtf Apply 81 146 toukre«« street. Boarders Wanted. A EEW gentlemen with their wives can obtain jCIL boart; also a few single boarders, at 13 Atlantio street. Enquire of MBs. BUTLEB, on the prem 1868 • _ sepl6d3»* Shook Rakers Wanted. A FEW good workmen will and steady employ Bsi?q sLot®M igh?8t Prioe8' b? applying at Y^harf^BoBton*. ^°8t°D’ OT oept 13—dim Wanted. A£-L«ASANT *nd °®“Y*nlent tenement of four or five rooms, near the centre of the citv fora lamily of only two persons, auoh a tenement can irx^riitxeMXf"o*f Lost or Stolen. AF.?LP ]VAT9P' °Pen face, a gold eolorcd dial attached to a blaek ribbon, wfth a gold buokle auu a gold quartz rook seal—supposed to have been lost ID gentlemens' walk at G. f " H. Depot Wh<J a5^D^rSSS^JSi?8^5f.,32S5 VXd.SeptH,. N'S4mffr TV anted. apeoTofflooDabl"k' Ad<—"ff0rt! hOST. $V00 REWARD. r Central wharf, or around the Grand Trunk V . ?®P°‘»nd y»rd; a Calfskin Wallet contain ing a considrable sum of money, and papers of no value to any one but the looker. The finder will be rewarded as above on returning the samo to No 8 Central Wharf| or Braokett *treet ro " Portland, Aug. 811861._ang81 dtf Wanted I Elderberries and Cherries. THE highest price paid for ripe Elderberries,piok clean, and also Black Cherries, by W. S. Mains GKEENOUGU £ MOUSE? Sept 6-d fc wtf 20 Market hquaie. House Wanted. ® Wanted by the advertiser, a convenient, centraliy located, and pleasant house for a small family, without children—possession to be had as early as the middle of October, sooner if possible. It mu8thave good water conveniences, and be well finished. The advertiser would lease such a house 1 or a term of years, or purchase if terms suited. A two-story cottage, small lot, preferred. Address o. P. Q., at the press Office, stating loca tion, general terms, fco confidentially. Pqrtl&nd, Aug. 1,1864 —dtf Lost. STRAYED from the pasture of Mr. Francis Rob erts, Westbrook, last month, a three year old gray Colt, small size; whoever will retqrn him or give information where he may he found, will be suitably rewarded, byqalijnf a* No. 88 Spring St. FRANCIS E. EMERY. P&rtl&nd, July 18,1864.—dtf Board. SUITS of Rooms, with Board, can be obtained by applying immediately at 80 Danfortb struct. May 11th. uaylfeitf Portland Army Committee OF THB U. S. Christian Commission. Chairman, T. B. Hayes, receives Stores at 119 Mid dle street. Treasurer. Cyrus Sturdivant, receives Money at 76 Commercial streot. Secretary, Henry H. Bnrgoss, rece*ves Letters at 80 Commercial street. Andrew J. Chase, Dr. W. 1.. Johnson. Junel&dti TRASISIENr PRICE LIST FOB Blocking Felt Hats for 1864, AT Sweetgir’s Bleaohery. 312 Congress St. On Saratoga, Christiana and Eugenia shape, 60 cents. On Jooky Crown and English shape, 60 conts. tUooking Felt Bonnets, 60 cents. For coloring, 20 cents additional to the above prices. Milliners prices in proportion. sept22 dtf R. J. D. LARRABEE & C0.7 No. 09 Exchange St., Manufacturer, of all klnde of FRAMES — FOE — * Oil Paintings, Engravings, Photographs, & Looking Classes. Manufacturers of all klnde of ML OU LTD 11ST O-S —FOR— Picture Frames aud Looking' Glasses. The Trade supplied with Black Walnut, Imitation Rosewood and Ebony, and Gilt Oval Frame*, Our manufacturing facilities enable ns to furnish ail ar ticles in this line as low in prices as otn he found elsewhere. We invite purchasers to call and exam ine our very line Engravings of which we have a large variety. seplOdtf To Merchant Tailors asd Cutters. I HAVE left with Mr. W. D. James, No 02 Mid dlo street, Portland, copies of the true science of drafting garments. Mr. J. fully understands the theory and practice as well as I do. and can com municat as well to others. OTIS MaDISON. Portland, Sept 16,1864. Having received authority from Mr. Madison, I am prepared to furnish all the necessary informa tion, and supply those who may wish with the rules, at Mr. N. 8 Gardiner's, No. 62 Middle street. Sept 16—3m W. D. JAMES. [BY ROYAL LETTERS.] A R C T U S I W E , Beal Canadian Bears’ Grease! THE best preparation for the growth and luxnri ance of the hair. For sale by the Druggists. scpt9dlm Abut quartbb Mabteb’b Ornca, 1 Forage Vparlmrnt, ( No. 66 Cedar Street. N. Y .Sept. 12,1864.) THE Government will require in all purchases of Hay on its account In the State of Maine, a strict aaheranceto Section,35. 36 and 87. Chapter 88 of the Revised Statutes of Maine of 1858. The law is just and proper for the prevention and detection of fraud, and must be strictly complied with. 8. L BROWN. Capt. and A. Q.M. J. B. Fibhxb, Q M. Agent, No. 90 Commercial St. 8ept29—dim Portland, Maine. Billiard Table for Sale. A first rate Billiard Table, with marble bed; also two seta ivory balls and a set ot points, and everything pertaining to a well furnished table. Will be sold on liberal terms. Appiv to WM J. MCDONALD, No. 125 Federal Street, nnder U. S. Hotel. sept21 dtf For Sale. THE House. Barn aud Lot situated on the oorner of Congress and Lowell streets, adjoining the West Congregational Chapel lot. The lot Is large enough lor a good garden or for the erection of an other house. For further particulars appiv to HENRY P. WHITE. «eptl7-2w Or to LEVI WEYMOUTH, financial. u. s. 7^ LOAM. The Socretary of the Treaeury gives notice thal sabeoriptions will be received tor Coupon Treasury Notes, payable three years from August U, 1884, with semi annual interest at the rate ot seven and three-tenths per oent per annum,—principal and in terest both to be paid in lawful money. These notes will be convertible at the option of the holder-at maturity, Into six per cent, gold bearing bonds, payable not less than five nor more than twenty years from their date, as the Government may elect. They will be issued in denominations ol fifty, one hundred, five hundred, one thousand, and live thousand dollars, and all subscriptions must be for fllty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dol lars. The notes will be transmitted to ths owners free of transportation charges as soon after the receipt ol the original Certificates of Deposit as they can be prepared. As the notes draw Interest from August 15, persons making deposits subsequent to that date must pay the interest accrued from date of note to date of de posit. Tarries depositing twenty-five thousand dollars and upwards for these notes at any one time will be allowed a commission of one-qnarter of one per oent., whioh will be paid by the Treasury Depart ment upon the receipt of a bill for the amount, cer tiiied to by the officer with whom the deposit was made. No deductions for commissions must be made from the deposits. Special Advantages of this Loan, It is o Notional Savings Bank, offering a higher rate of interest than any other, and the best securi ty. Any savings bank whioh pays its depositors in V. S. Notes, considers that t is paying in the beet circulating medium of the oountry, and it cannot pay in any thing better, for its own assets are either in Government securities or in notes or bonds pay able in Government paper. it is equally convenient &s.a temprary or porma- 4 nent investment. The notes can always be sold for within a fraction of their face and accumulated in *®reM»411(14re boat security with banks as collat erals for discounts. Oonyertible into a 6 per cent. 6-20 Gold Bond. In addition to the very liberal into rest on the notes (t>r three years, this privilege of conversion is now worth about threo per cent, per annum, for the current rate for 6-SO Bonds is not ess than nine per cent premium, and before the war the premium on six per cent. U. 8. stookf were over twenty per oent. It will be seen that the aotual profit on this loan, at the present market rate, is not less than ten per oent. per annum. Its Exemption from State or Municipal Taxation. But aside from all the advantages we have enuin crated, a special Act of Congress exempts all bonds and treasury notes from local taxation. On the average, this exemption Is worth about two per oent. per annum, according to taxation in various parts of the country. It is believed that no securities offer so great in- I dnoements to lenders as those issued by the Govern ment. In all other forms of indebtedness, the faith or ability of private parties, or stock compan 168, or separate communities only, is pledged for pay ment, while the whole property of the country is held to secure the discharge of all the obligations oi the United States. While the Government offers the mostliberal terms or its loans. It believes that the very strongest ap i P®aI wU1 b® •*>tb® loyalty and patriotism of the peo | pie. i Subscriptions unit be received by the Treasurer oi i the United States, at Washington, the several As j sistaut treasurers and designated Depositaries, and ! by the First National Bank ol Portland, Maine, and by all National Banks which are Depositaries of public money, and all reepectable Banks and Bankers throughout the oountry will give further information, and afford every faoility to subscribe. Aug 20—d&w2m CASCO BANK, GOVERNMENT 7 3-10 LOAN. THE Cmco Can* is prepared to received snbsorip tions to the new 7 3-10 loan in sums of #60 and upwards, payine intoreston same from date ot sub senption to August 15th, the date of the Government notes. All persons having 850 and upwards now have a good opportunity of lending a helping hand to thoir Government by subscribingliberally to this loan. The notes are convertible at the end of three years Into specie, paying «per cent. 5-20 bonds. Loans taken on asfhvorabie terms as at any other Bank. —Portland, July£ P' Cashier. FIRST NATIONAL BANK. Seven-Thirty Notes for Sale. Interest semi-annually, payable in paper at the rate of seven and three-tenths per oent. per annum. Bonds oonvertable in three years into six per cent live-twenty bonds, upon whioh the interest is paya ble in ooin. The notes will be delivered here free of expense. Tho purchaser will receive the interest to August 16 if subscriptions are made before that time. One-eighth per cent, commission will be allowed subscribers at this Bant upon all amounts qf >1,000 and over, W. E. GODLD, Cashier. Portland, July 30th, 1864.—d&wtf Oa nal Bs nls.. Government 7 3-10 Loan. This Bank is prepared to reoeive 'ubsoriptions to the new 7 810 loan in sums of #5P and upwards, paying interest from date of subscription to Angust 15th, tbe date of tbe new loan. The notes are conrertable at the end of three years into specie paying 6 per cent 5-20 bonds. One eighth per cent will be allowed on all amounts of $1000 and over. B. C. SOMEKBY, Cashier. Portland, Aug. 1, 1864.—dtf First National Bank. This Bank will convert tbe seven-thirty notes ma turing Aug. 19, and Oct. 1, into six per cent, bonds of 1881, in ail the denominations in which the note were issued, viz*60, &100, *600, and *1,000—at a commission of ^ per cent. W. E. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, July 30,1804.—eodtf New N team Mill, i Footoi Cross, between Fore A Commercial Sts. WINSLOW, DOTEH & CO., WOULD inform their former customers and the | public general y, that they have fitted up their New Mill with New Machinery, and are now ready 1 to do Planing, Matching and Jointing, also Sweep j and Circular Sawing, Wood Turning, fc. We have in operation one of Messrs. Gray k Wood’s new improved Planers, for PLANING OUT OF WIND. It will plane with tbe greatest accuracy from j inch in thickness to 12 inches square. Also AN 1BDGER FIFTY FEET LONG, For sawing htavy plank and edging boards. Particular attention given to planing Ship Knees, Clapboards, and heavy Timber. For the accommodation of dealers and others hav ing large loth of boards to plane, we have in connec tion with the miA 17,000 sqnare feet of yard room. Jyl9eodtf ^ _ Carriages, Carriages 1 Firmly Bui and Neatly Finished. J. F. LIBBEY, No. 20 Preble St., /AFFER8 for sale, at his establishment, a variety VP of Carriages made in the neatest and most sub stantial manner. The assortment comprises all the different styles of Light Carriages, and they will be sold on the most favorable terms. Persons intend ing to purchase Carriages will find it for their inter est to call and examine before buying elsewhere. June284tf MISCELLANEOUS. J. E. FERNALD & SON, Merchant Tailors, I And Dealers in Gent’s Furnishing Goods, No. 87 Middle Street. Our facilities for supplying our customers; witl promptness, fidelity and despatch are unexcelled. Our Stock is large and desirable, presenting at the Novelties of the season. TERMS "NET CASH.” Portland. Ang 10,1864.—dtf NOTICE. The Weed Sewing Machine Co. Have established an office for the sale of their M.. chines at No. 1871 Middle St., oppo.ite Free St., which will be open to the publio on Wednesday, Bept 7. Wherever this Machine has been introduced it has to a great extent supcrseeded all others. Having en gaged the services of Mr. J. Bradford of Boston, a practical machinist, who has had over ten years ex perience as a manufacturer and repairer of Sewing Machines, they are prepared to repair and put in perfect running order every kind of Sewing Ma chine. For the purpose of introducing them more extensively they will for a short time allow the valuo of cheap and inlbrior machines In exchange for the Weod Machine. A limited number of Weed Machines to let by the month or year. Maohine Findings of every description constantly on hand. Orders from the country should be addressed, Weed Sewing Machine Co. No., 1371 Middle 8t. x. ® KOBINSON, Agent. Portland, Sept. 6—eodtf NOTICJE. WE, the undersigned, having sold our Stock of Coal and Wood to Messrs. Randall, ilcAlit «f y |to., do cheonnlly recommend them to our former customers. All persons having demands against us are requested to present them lor settle ment, and all persons indebted to us are requested to make immediate payment at the old eland where one oi the undersigned may be found for the present. „ - SAWYER Sc WHITNEY. Portland, June 6,1864. Junel3d3w Coal and WooilJ THE snbscriber having purchased the Stook of Coal and Wood, and taken the stand recently occupied by Messrs. Sawyer If Whitney, bead of Maine Wharf, are now prepared to supply their former patrons and the publio generally, with a fine assortment of WELL PICKED AND SCREENED Old Company Lehigh, Sugar Loat Lehigh, Ilazelton Lehigh, Locust Mountain. John’s, White and Red Ash, Diamond and Lorherry, Together with the best quality of Cumberland Coal I A Superior Coal for Blacksmiths. Also, Hard and Sou Wood, Delivered to order in any part of the oity. The former customers of Messrs. Sawyer & Whit ney are respectflilly invited to give ns a call. - BANDALL. MoALLISTEK fc CO. Portland. June 13.1KB4—dty Copartnership Notice, -Ann BUSINESS ADVEETISEMENT THE subscribers having on the 7th day of May formed a copartnership under the name of MeCarUiv & Bern, For the pnrposo of carrying on tbo " BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS In all its branches, aDd having all the facilities for getting up first class work for gentlemen and ladies, wear, are now ready to execute all orders with neat ness and dispatch. Oar work will be made of the best of imported stook, by the best of workmen, and warranted to give porieot satisfaction. It is oor that our work shall not be second to any In ihe Unit ea states. We have also completed a stook of rcady-mado work of the first quality, tor Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children’s Wet Selected irom New York and Boston markets Our Ladies’ work is from the oelebrated Burts 1 Manufactory of New York. For Uentlemen’B wear we have the beet assortment over offered for sale in this city ; such as ti ue f rench Patent Leather Boots; Glove Calf and Calf Con gress for gentlemen’s wear; Patent Leather Con gress, and Calf Congress Balmoral, and new Fronob Bnckle Boots. Have von seen the new style CKIMPED-FBON1 BUCKLE BOOT, now made by McCarthy & Ber ry ? For neatness, comfort and bcautv, it surpasses anything ever got np in this city. Call and see it; Carth"8 0,1 hand at n,d Btand of M M° y McCarthy & berry, No. 96 Exchange Street. Juneldtl The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON Sc HAMLIN Aro the best instruments of tbeir class in the world. Nearly all the most prominen' artistB in the country have given written testimony to this effect, and these instruments are in constant use in the concerts ol the most distinguished artists—as Gottschaik and others—as well as in the .poras in the principal oit ies, whenever saeh instruments are required. Price 896 to 8600 each. These instruments may be found at the Mnsio Booms of the subscriber, where they will be sold at the manufacturers’ prices. H. S. EDWARDS, No.8491 Stewart’s Blook, Congress St. aprl3dtl BRADFORD & HARMON, Pension and Claim Agents, (Established in 1861.) STILL continue to devote tbeir special and exclu sive attention to the prosecution of Claims for Pensions, Bounties, Arrears of Pay and Prize Money, And all other claims against the Government, h r ing been duly licensed therefor. E3T All advice free. Terms as low as at any oth «r Apnoy, and no pay required until the olaimsare Oflioe 88 Exchange street, Jose Block. F. BBADFOBD, T O, ... Z- K- UAKMON. JnneSl.—dtf MILLOOHAU’S PATENT PAINT OIL. A Perfect Substitute for Linseed Oil, AND MUCH CHEAFEB. IT is used in the same manner as L'nsecd Oil, dries quickly and very hard, can be used with all colors, and possesses decided advantages lor all work on manufacturing establishments, depots, cars, engines, all kinds of iron work, for roofs, and wherevera watter proof paiut Is reqnired. For all kinds of ship work, exposed to salt water, it is su perior to any other. Address orders to CRAFTS & WILLIAMS, 8 fc 8 Commercial Wharf, Bobtoh. Boston, Ang. 27,1384. sug8 eoil3m Sewing Machine Improvements. ALL owners of approved Sewing Machines are invited to oall at NO. 11 CLAPP’S BLOCK, and aee the operation of two of the moat important improvements of the day— William’s Patent Crank lotion, and Hyde’s Attachment. The former places the control of the machine en tirely under t-o control of the feet of the operator, preventing all backward motion of tho wheel, al lowing the freedom of both hands to handle the work, and saving the breaking of needles and the entangling of tho thread. The latter will allow the free use of linen thread or of inferior cotton, and entirely does away with the soaping of the cloth. Call and see and yon will not fail to have them ap plied to your machines. JOHN PORTER, Agent. Mr. Porter will put machines in order ana teach the operators how to use them, so that they will have no trouble. Portland. Aug. 10.1864. dtf Portland Company, SUB8CR1BER8 to the New Stock may make payment at the office of tho Company on Fore Street, or at the Merchants’ Bank. after the 16th Inst, interest will b» charged. Payment mast be made, or secured ! by Oct. 1st The ccrtifieatesof stock ofthe present Shareholders will be received at fifty dollars per share. EDWARD H. DAVEIS, Clerk Portland, Sept 14,1864. d2w House and Store Lots to Lease. ON Congrcsss, North and Cumberland, above Washington street, including tho desirable lot °°rnerof Congress and N orth street,. Apply to 8epl6d8m A. P. FULLER, 286 CoAgruw stmt. BUSINESS CARD~ 3>T. S. Merchant Tailor, -AHD DEAL UR IV Ready-Made Clotning, And Gen s’ Furnishing Goods, Mo. 63 Middle St.,'comer qf Lime Street, oppo site the Post Office, POETLAND,.HlISS. _ septSdtt R EMOY ALl NATHAN GOULD, Merchant Tailor, Hi8, ”’“°T«d ‘o »«• 131 Middle street, where be will be plowed ta moot hia tlrienda and custom ore. A good assortment of Cloths and Trimmings conflt&n ly on hand. * ^“ Particular attention given to cutting for others to make. ® Sept 12—d3m Dana & Co. Fish and Salt, Luther Dana, \ ^OTtlfllld, Woodbury Dana,} _ John A. S. Dana. ) Halite. __ inneldtf JOHN T. ROGERS A CO,, Commission Merchants, AND WH0LU8ALK DIALIBfl IV I Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. 61 Commercial Street, "lTohn T. Kogers, I PORTrsicn mp £Chas. B.Kogors. ( POBTLAKD, MB. __Juneld6m Wholesale and. Retail. H. L. DAVIS, Bookseller, Stationer, ▲HD MANUFACTURER 07 Premium Paged Account Books. PAPER HANGINGS. No, 63 Exohange Street. Portland, Me. ______jnneldtl CHAS. J. SGHUMACHBB, Fresco and Banner Painter, No. 144 Middle Street. PORTLAND, MS. OT* Work executed in every part of the State. juneltf RUFUS DURHAM, Manufacturer and Whoieaale Dealer in B BIT ANN IA Plated Ware, ft No. *18 Fore street, Portland * Mdtnt. Portland, May 17th, 1884. msyl7dtl BURGESS, FOBES, & CO., KABUPA0TUBRR8 OF Japan, White Lead, Zinc, Paints, And Ground Colors, in sntiu i m Drugs Medicines, Paints, Oils & Varnishes. Paint and Color Factory, No. 29 Mon joy St., OMee t Salerooms, 80 Commercial St., (Thomas Bloom.) llalCBY H. BUBSKSS, nnnaimn ■■ Chablbb S. Fobbb. rOKfUU, El. _____may!8dtl BLAKE, JONES A CO., FLOUR & GRAIN DEALERS, And Be Ton of Western and C adian Produce, 1ST Commercial Strict, - - . Granite Block. Charles Blake, ) It6 wf Gage DeS’ j POBTLAND. Jnneldtf JOHN LYNCH A CO., Wholesale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Granite Stores, * - - Commercial atreet, (Opposite head Wldgery Wharf,) John Lynch, ) l-eleg Barker,! POBTLAND, ME. Thoa. Lynch ) Jnneldtf DOLE & MOODY, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And W holesale Dealer? In FLOUB. CORN AND PRODUCE, Mo. 5 Galt Blook, Commero'al St, Andrew T. Dole. I nnw-rr non vnr Franklin C. Moody, ) POBTLAND, ME. ____Janoldlm E. K. LEMONT, Carriage manufacturer, Preble Street, Portland, Me. ty Carriages and Sleighs on hand and made to order. JnnelSdtf C. P. K1UBALL, MAKUFAOTCann OF Carriages and Sleighs, PreTole street, (Near Preble Honae,) POBTLAND, ME. Sale Rooms, 110 and 113 Sudbury St., Boston, Mats. jttheltf Safes \ Safes \ \ WOM BALE AT JAMES BAILEY & CO., Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealers, 162 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND,.ME. Jyl8d3m Law Partnership. HOWARD & CLEAVES. Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, Office 91 Middle St., over Casco Bank, PORTLAND, ME. JOSEPH HOWARD. NATHAN CLBAVM. Jyl8d&w3m dr. o. h. rich, SURGEON DENTIST, NO. 145 MIDDLE ST., POBTT.ATJn (Opposite foot of Free Street,) Having fitted up the above named room., he would be happy to wait on all who may wi«h for the vices of a .killfhl Dentist. RJryTXh ££ „try will reoeive careful attentloS, and perlectsat isiaotion will be warranted. jyttdSm M. pearsonV Silver Plator, AND MANUPACTUBBK ON SILVER WARE, 938 Congress St., Opp. Court House, Portland,Me, tr All kinds of Ware, such as Knives, Forks Spoons, Cake Baskets, Casters, Ac., plated In the best manner. Also, Repairing and Re-finishing Old Silver Hare■ augfidfim A. & S. SHURTLEFF & C0~ NOS. SI A 56 PUDDLE 8TKEET PORTLAND, ' Manufacturers and Dealers in Men’a B°y«’ and Youth’a Thick, Kip and Calf Boota, Woman-s Mlasaja and Children's Ooat, Kid Balmorals, Bobbers. Shoe Stock, Findings, Ac. WITH our superior facilities for msno tkctnrinp, and a large experience in the business, w I we are able to sell as low as ia Boston or cl wwbere. Dealer, are respeetftdiy Invites to sail and e*. I amine our stock before purobsaisg R-Orders by mail promptly attended te. rtland, April IS.WA |W* BUSINESS 0AR1)&~ BRADLEY, MOULTONaTrogERiT Ygouuu Uuuu la Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, Thomas Block, j «OBKET BRALBT, J moplio,, J PORTLAND, MM. «. IlOUBRS. ) - - may3dtf W- w. CARR & CO., * taken the Fruit Btore lormsrly occupied b SAWYER. 11 °* 3 Elc»Muige Street, ! *" PreParedt°<>XSdt^*>*re. axd well Foreign and Domestic Fruit I Wholesale and BetaU Orawges. Spruce Cam, u».«. Leaeoaa, Canary Seed, CaadlJl L—n» syrap, Heu.y, Prunes, Cocoa Nate, Citran, Nata, all kind.. Data., OllTea, Ralalaa, Tebweee, Sardine*, Claara. Fancy Candles *f all description. ootPdtf IRA WINN, Agent, NTo. 11 Union St., It prepared to ftirnlsh STEAM EKGIRSS and BOILERS, of various slate and patterns, 9touPipu4fixttn«, lulling,Shifty, fiJliyatv, IdORTliocee Work of all desoriptlons, and all kinds of work required In building Fobtikoatioxb. Ironataira a ad other Architectural Work. Hoasee, Stores, and other bunding*, fitted with Oa* and Steam In the beet manner. In eenneotlon with the above is as Iron Foundry with a largo assortment of Patterns, to whioh tfi* attention ol Machinists, Millwrights,-\nd Shin-Bulld or. is invitod-end aU kinds of Cas'tngs Hirulshed at short notice. m ^^F*Orders for UasMse Jobbing Patterns and forgings, promptly exeeuted. ocHAU siin eBit s SEWING MACFINESI WOODMAN, TRUE * CO., AGENTS, »«• ** ■»* *•.Mi idle Street. Needleeaad riliBBlnisalwayi on hand. ■ChlBtf A CARD. DR. S. C. FERJiALD, DEXTISI, No. 175 Mlddl F treet. .Drs Bauo t end Bum, Portland, May 36, IMS. tf Dr. J. H. HEAJ D HATWa disposed of his satire interest In hi* Offioe to Dr. 8. C FERN ALD, -eould oheerfally reooommond him to his former patio its and the pub* Dr. Fbbmald, from long expe» lenoe. is prepar ed to insert Artificial Teeth on the “VulcaniteBase.'* and nil other methods known to the profession. Portland. May 36.1868 tf WOOD AND COAL CHEAP FOR CASH ! SPRING MOUNTAIN, LEHIGH, HEZILTON. SUGAR LOAF, OLD toMPANY LEHIGH. L<V OUST MOUNTAIN. JOHNS, DIAMOND, WEb£ TER and BLACK HEATH. These Coals are of the very best quality, well screened and picked, and warranted to give satisfaction. Also for sale best of HARD AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the oity. Oraion CoMHnaoiAL St., head of Franklin Wharf. S. ROUNDS 4t SON. fsbl8 dly _ WARREN'S IMPORTED FIRE AND WATERPROOF FELT COMPOSITION, Gravel Hoofing for flat roofs. E. HER8EY, ASont, Jan36 dtf No. 19 Union Street. ALBERT WEBB * CO., — DULBS or — Corn, Flour and Grain, HEAD OF HEBBir.T/a WUAHJK, 4 •■■•'•Iml Street. - - Portland. Mo. _, ___teSStf EDWARD H. BURGUN, WUOLKflALK DMA LEM IV Corn, Meal and Flonr, Also, C ound Hock Salt Commission Merchant PO* PT7BOHA8S AND BA LB OP Bariev, Bye and Oats. t3jr i>r“ loaded with Corn in bnlh free of oharge Waiehonne No. 1*0 Commercial Street And City Milib, Deeriog Bridge. ___Jnneieod»in Alexander D. Reeves, Tailor Ac Draper, 98 EXCHANGE ST., Manufacture; to order and in the beet manner Mil itary and Navy Uniforme, and Boye’ Gar monte. -_—__eeptSdtf JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODMAN BLOCK. moh!7 d Awtf_Tbbplb Stbbbt. Scotch Canvaa, -YOB BALB BY JAMES T. PATTEN A C0.; Bath. Me. 200 asSMKMNte! 800 do ^^All'uSnTaaa Arbroath4*' ■TOO do Navy Fine Delivered In Portland or Bootes. Bath. ADrtlM.iaoa. anMdtJ WILLIAM A. PEARCE, PLUMBER! MAKER OF Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 194 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND, ME. Warm, Cold and Shower Baths, Wash Bowls, Brass Ac Silver Plated Cocks, EVHnRYHon'^!PSS?.FX.V2rF^««"for Dwel . ht. "r™nv^d^H^t*,,, Pnbll° Bulldln*., Shop#. k^Ld^ofJtoobt"no, ^ssssrsxbrs B*sjfi®KKra88m»W PUMPS of «11 description*. ae»dtf i J- T. Lewis Sz> Co., Manufacturers and Wholeaal* Dealer* In I READY-MADE CLOTHING AND FURNISHING GOODS, Chambers - - - No*. I and 1 Fret Street Bloat, (Over H. J. Libby ft Co.,) i j-SSSS PORTLAND, ME. I JylMtf Lewis, Bolling Ac Bond, | JOBBERS or Cloths, Tailors' TrLnmings, Clothing and Furnishing Goods, I A’o.». 141 and 143 J Portlard, Mb Middle Street, I *,P«»wtW

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