Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, November 21, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated November 21, 1866 Page 4
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THE MARKETS._ Iteview of «hc i»I«rk. l FOR Till! W1FK EKDIWO NllV. 20, I860. Notwithstanding tho slackening up of trade lor tire past week, a tiilr business has Ixou ilono, rather bel ter than usual two weeks before tluuiksgiving. Our country merchants must,of course,have their lull sup plies tor thanksgiving occasion, hut their purchases are made solely to meet the demand, and without any disposition to lay in heavy stocks lor winter. Tho r.iureo of trade is altogether diiferont now from what it was before railroad lines run through tire State. Then, country traders were obliged to pureliaso their whole winter's stor k in the tall. Now, they can have their orders tilled <lai!y. The prevailing high prices induce theni lu purchase as scantily as is consistent with tho demand, and they are not. dis posed to anticipate wants. Gold lias steadily declined in value during tho week: Onr list report loti it at ltd: on Tuesday, 13th. On Wednesday it went down to U4»; Tliurs liav to 113|; Friday to 143; Saturday to 142. Monday, 19th, it opened at. 141 closing at 14h‘. Tuesday it opened at 141|, doting at 141J. Notwithstanding the reductions in the price of goid, there lias been but slight variation in the prices of commodities which it requires gold to purchase, as will be seen by our Price Current lor tho wor k which are made up on Tuesday'a. APPLES—There is a slight, advance on choice fruit and our outside quotations arc realized for Hie best winter apples. Dried apples are plenty ami dull. ASHES—The price for potash is firm, hut the de mand Is limited. BEANS—There is a better supply in the market and they are coming forward more freely; but no cliauge is made, as yet, in prices. BltEAD—There is no change in quotations. The demand for pilot and ship continues to he good. BOX SHOOKS—Prices are nominal at 80@85e, bnt the demand is slight. They are coming forward pretty freely and the views of manuiacturers and shippers are not so wide apart as they were. BUTTEB—Good butter is more freely brought for ward, and the market is pretty well supplied with tubs of family, wldcli can he bought for 40'n>42e for solid. CANDLES—There is a good demand for Trow bridge's moulds at our quotations, wlilch arc the fac tory prices. CHEESE— The market is well supplied with good Vermont and New Tort, and prices have shaded down. CEMENT—Prices uncliaugod. Tlio demand con- ; tinuca to be large, but the supply is good. COAL—Dealers are stiff in their prices. TJie de mand lias somewhat slackened oft’, a large propor tion of our people having got in their winter supply. COOPERAGE—There is uot one*halt' the stock of hiid snooks in Portland that there was last year at this time, or for many yearn previous. The demand for all kinds of cooperage is good but stocks are light. CORDAGE—1Tlioro has been a slight increase iu the price of Manila. DRUGS AND DYES—No alterations from last week’s prices. A fair business has been douc. DUCK—The demand for Portland duck is large and it is taken up as fast as manufactured. Prices are unchanged. DRY GOODS—Cotton goods are lower ami the market Is unsettled. Woolen goods continue very dull and arc sold fiir lielow the cost of manufacture. The market is well stocked with cotton and woolen fabrics, and a tab- business has been transacted dur ing tlio week. FISH—Tho receipts of dry flsh have been larger than fcho demand and prices are not so firm. The receipts of mackerel have not l>een large, but the demand has fallen off and prices favor purchasers. Herrings are plenty and lower. Bbl herrings are freely offering without finding purchasers. The re ceipts of box herring were more than 10,000 boxes last week. FLOUR—The medium and low grades of flour are full 60c lower than they were last week. On the choice grades there is no change, as the supply is not equal to the demaud. FRUIT—Raisins are plonty but prices are not changed from last week’s quotations. Figs are low er. Peanuts are higher and there are but few in the market. Lemons are scarce.. ■* GRAIN—The market for corn has been subject td fluctuation, but pricos at the end of tlio week were Arm. Oats are steady. HAY—Very little is brought in, the former* hold ing on in expectation of getting higher prices. Deal ers are unwilling to pay more than $22^23 ton lor screwed. HIDES AND SKINS—The transaction* have been rather light. Tiierc is no variation in price. IKON—A fair business has been done in all kinds of iron. Prices unchanged. Nails are quick at $7 26 ^ cask. LARD—There is a further reduction in price and the article is dull at our quotations. LEAD—No change. The demand is steady both for sheet and pipe. LEATHER—The market is quiet anl price* favor purchasers on the lower grades. Good grades are scarce and holders are stiff in their price?. LIME—The demand continues to bo very largo, but the supply is ample. The price does not vary from last week. LUMBER—The market is active for all kind* of lumber, and prices are fully sustained at our quota tions. MOLASSES—1The stock of molasses is very small, and holders are stiff at our advanced quotations. NAVAL STORES—Spirits of Turpentine is selling at 96c. No change iu other articles. OAKUM.—There is an advance of half a cent on American, and we alter our quotations. OILS—Portland Kerosene is selling at (55c by tlie quantity, and 70c lor the single cask, with a large de mand tor their productions. Linseed is a shade lower than last week. Shore and porgic oils have declined. ONIONS—The market is well supplied and prime sliver ekius can be purchased at our inside quota tion*. PAINT'S—No change in pricos. The demand continues to be good. PLASTER—There is a good supply iu market and price* of both hard ami soft are lower. Ground is selling at $9 00 by wholesale and $10 00 at retail, O ton. PRODUCE—The market is well supplied with all kinds of produce. Beef is plenty and poultry is now brought in in more ahumlance. Our quotations give the prices for good lot*. Eggs continue scare**. Po tatoes are plenty and price* arc well maintained. For choice potatoes $2 263)2 50 per barrel is obtained. Sweet potatoes are selling at $4 U0x&4 50 fbr g»x>d Jerries. PROVISIONS—Beef remain* tolerable steady. Pork eonti uues on the downward turn, and the re duction from last week’s prices is full $2 00 bbl. Hams are lower. RICE—Rangoon rages from It)a) 12c $» tb. There are no Carolina rice* in market. SALT—The disaster at Turks island Las teudud to increase the price of that commodity, and we ad vance our quotations. A cargo of 26(H) hlids of Liv erpool has arrived here and i* held for a higher price. SOAPS—The demand lui Loathe & Gore’s Btcam refined soap* is well maintained %ld order* are com ing in from all ove r the country. Our quotations give the factory prices. SUGAR—The market is rather weak. We note a decline on refined and quote them at 16jCqdCic. STARCH—There is an advance of lc ib, in con sequence of the uicreased-price of eoru. SHOT—The demand is moderate and prices with out change. TEAS—The demand is good, stocks are fair and price* unchanged though firm. TIN—A good demand fbr all kinds. Prices are slightly reduced. Roofing tins are scarce. TOBACCO—Market quiet and price? steady. VARNISH—No change. The demand continues f-o be good for all kinds. WOuL—A dull marker. Prices are lower, and in foot nominal; and, until there is a movement in man ufactured woolens, the raw material mu»r continue to fill. ZINC—The demand has been good, but no change in price*. FREIGHTS—There is more doing and a slight im provement in rates. Hie following are the engage ments for tho week: Brig Merriwa, tbr Matanza*, with box shook* at 20c; new bark American Lloyd’s, to load boxes for Havanna at 21c; brig David Owen, to low! at Ellsworth for Havanna at 23c for box shook*; Brig Minnie Miller, 228 tons, N. M., lor Matanzas. for tbe round sum of 1700 out; bark Pliilena. for Matanzas, for the round sum of $2100 out; 8Slip Clara Ann tbr Buenos Ayres with lumber at $13 « M; ship Matilda from Chin dial si and with guano for Hampton Roads at. $17 y ton; and brig L. Staples, from Savannah with flooring boards at $10 ■ii? M; and timber $12, Portland l>ry Goods Market. COTTON GOODS. Inches. Price. Heavy Sheeting.37.21 ®, 23 Kino Shooting.3ti. 2,1 ®T 22} Fine Shooting,. . 10.73 in 21 Medium Sheering,.37.17}g; 20 Light Sheeting,.37... .tl ® It) Shirting,.27 to 39.42}® 17} BLEACHED SHEETING. Good Bleached Sheeting,.3«.271® 30 Good Bleached Sheeting,.9-8.J5 ® 37J Medium Sheeting,.S3.224® 25 Shirting,.27 to 32.13J® 18 DRILLING. Heavy Drilling,.S3.221® 25 Medium..30.20 ® 22} Corset Jeans..7.15® it} COTTON FLANNELS. Heavy Cotton Flannels,.25 @ 321 Medium Cotton Flannels,. 22®’ 25” Bleached Cotton Flannels,..!.' ’ 35 ® 45 STRIPED SHIRTING. Heavy Stoped Shirting,.3D.30® j3 Heavy Striped Shirttng,.27.33 27t LIcdium Striped Shirting,.27.17 w 22 Tic* king. Heavy Ticking,. 374® e3 COTTONADEH. Heavy double and twist,.43 i® 55 DENIMS. Heavy Denims,.45 ® 60 Medium Denim.-s,.274® 35 CAMi!RIC9 AND PRINTS. Colorwi Camhric.,.12}® t3 Medium Prints.“Z |2 _ . , DELAINES. Dr-Lames, .,5 ® ,M „ . CRASH. c“Bh-... m n "AITING, WADDING, &C. Gotten Battmg, ft lb,.’ _18 ® 25 Cotton Wadding, ft lb,.30 Jg 35 Wleking,.....'.'.K ® 05 WOOLEN GOODS. Kentucky Jeans,.25 @ 624 Satiuct*,.50 (yj 85 Union Meltons,.75 ®1 00 Black Union Cassimores,.80 ®l 00 Black all wool cassimeres,.I 00 (ml 30 Black Doeskins,.1J5 ®l75 Fancy Doeskins,.1 rm £150 Repcllant, 6-4,.1 37J®145 WOOL FLANNELS. Blue Mixed Twilled Flannels,. ..33i(^ 65 Blue and Scarlet,.40®; 65 White, plain, .3-4.35 ® 50 White, plain,..<6 . . ...GO @ 70 Boxicii Stock Liu. Soles at the Brokers’ Board, Nov. 10 American Gold. ,, !.Sjates Coupon Sixes. iajti . !,,, United States 7 3-W 1 * wrics.!.. ;ijgf I,.. ins} 2d senes. mb’ United States B-20* u® ies. 195. .mull.:;:.:.... {2* m*.. XL i% 1 i^55 . United States Ten-iortie:. JJJJi Rutland let Mortgage B«.nas. . Boston and Maine Railroad." .. Vermont Central 1st mortgage bonds...... Vin Vermont Central 2d mortgage bonds .. on Western Railroad.. . Portland Wkolemle Pricer Cnrrent. Corrected for tbe Putt"* to Nov. *>. Apples. Urecn brl. 2 60 ;o> 4 50 ■ Cooking t* bu. 50 <g? 7;> Dried p ft.— JO ft 13 Western do. 12 Ashes. Pearl <j> It.■■»“““ Pot.10 « *l i Beans._. Marrow {* bu. 2 50 ft 3 00 Poa.3 00 ft 3 36 Blue Pod.2 50 ft 2 76 Box Shooks. Pino. 80 ft 15 Bread. ! Pilot V 100 lb 12 00 ftlo 00 • Hot ex 100 1610 .>@12 00 Ship.8 50 @10 00 Crackersfibrl G 75 ft Crackers pillO 50 ft 65 1 Butter. Family;, tb 40 ft 42 Store. 28 ft 32 Candles. Mould ;>lb... 10 ft 17 Sperm. 40 ft 12 Cement. brl.2 40 ft 2 50 Cheese. Verm out 41 tb 17 ft 19 New York— 17 ft h* Coal—< Retail i. Cumberland. l» 60 ft 1100 l.orbyeiDiamoud.I0ftlel Lehigh.10 50 @11 00 Bed Ash. 9 50 ftlo uO White Ash. 9 50 @10 00 Coffee. .Java tb. 39 ft 42 Kia. 26 ft 30 Cooperage. i llui. Sll’ks X Hils, Mol. City. ..3 26 @ Sug.City.. .2 75 ft 3 00 .Sug.C’try..l 50 ft 1 75 C’tryRIftMol. Hhd.Sh’ks. 200 ft 2 25 Hbd. H’d’gs, Soft Pine... 26 ft Hard Pine.. 30 ft Hoops,(14 ft1.35 00 @40 00 R.Oak StavesSO 00 ft56 00 Copper. Cop. Sheathmg 43 ft y.M.Sheathing 32 ft Y. M. Bolts... 35@ Cordage. American t*B> 20jft 21 Manila. 23 ft 2,3) Manila BoUrope 25 ft 25j jjrags ana -uyes. Alcohol p gal 4 70 ® Arrow Root... 30 @ 70 Bi-Carb Soda 13® Borax. 39.® Camphor. ...125® Cream Tartar 35 ® 55 Indigo,.1 50 @1 85 Logwood cx... 10 @ 17 Madder. 18 @ 20 Naptha p gal. 85 ® 55 Opiums lb. 11 25 (ill 50 Rhubarb.5 00 @ Sal Soda. 5 @ 5$ Saltpetre. T6 @ 28 Sulphur. 7£@ Vitriol. 18 @ D ok. No. 1,. @ 90 No. 10,. @ 64 Ltavcue. @ 40 Dyewooda. Bar wood. 3 ® Brazil Wood.. 13 @ Camwood — 9 @ 10 Fustic,. 4 @ 5 Logwood, Car.i peachy. 3 @ St. Domingo 2j{@ 3 Nic.Wood- @ Peach Wood.. 8® Red Woof l.... 7£@ 8J Sapau Woof!.. @ Fish. Cod, P qtl. Large Shore 076 @ 8 00 Large Bank 575 @ 6 50 Small.3 75 ® 4 25 Pollock.400 @ 4 75 Haddock,new 2 00 ® 2 75 Hake.3 00 @8 25 Herring, Shore. P bU5 50 @ 6 50 Scaled,'pbx. 40 @ 50 No. J. 25® 35 Mackerel Jpbl. Bay No. 1.. 18 00® 19 00 Bay No. 2. 16 50® 18 00 Bay No. 3. 13 25® 14 25 Shore 50 ®19 5& Shore No.3. 9 00 @10 GO Flour. White Winter choice xx 16 00@17 50 xx 14 50 ®1G 00 x 13 00@14 00 Red Winter xx.U 50® 15 50 x. 13 00® Spring xx • 14 09® 1-1 50 x.. 13 2D@ 14 00 Superfine .11 50 @12 50 St. Louis & Southern Superior xx 1650@13 00 Canada Superior xx 16 00@16 50 Michigan & Western Sup*r xx . 15 60@IG 50 Fruit. Almonds—Jordan p lb. Soft Shell... @ 40 Shelled.... @55 PeaNuts.4 00 @ Citron,new... 38® 40 Currants. ® 18 Dates, new_22 @ Figs,.new 24 @ 2G Prunes,.. 18 @ Raisins. Bunch,^bx 4 00 @ 4 25 Layer.4 40 ® 4 U0 Lemons,box 12 00 Oranges, box none Grain. Corn, Mixed.. 1 35 @ 1 40 West1 n Yellow ® 1 4o Rye.140 @ 1 45 Bai ley.1 20 @ 1 25 Oats. 75 @ 80 Shorts p ton.35 00 @83 00 Fine Feed.. 40 00 @ 45 oo Gunpowder. Blasting.5 50 @ 6 00 Sporting.6 00 ® 7 50 Hay. Pressed#tou-2 00 @23 00 ! Loose.20 00 @25 00 , Straw. 12 00 @15 00 ! Hides and Skins. Buenos Ayres 29 ® 31 : Western. 18 @ 19 j Slaughter.... Hi® Calfskins.... 30® Lamb Skius. 1 00 @1 50 Iron. Common. 5 @ 5f Refined. 54® 6 Swedish. 81® Norway. 91® Cast Steel.... 28 ® 30 j German Steel. 18 @ 20 Eug.Blis.SteeJ 24 @ \\ Spring Steel.. 12® 15’ Sheet Iron, English. 7 @ 7f gTo.. 4® n i I Russia. 24 @ 27 Russ.lmit’n 23 @ 25 I Lard. Barrel, #*lb. 10 @ 17 Kegs, p lb. .. 17 @ 18 I XlBHU. Sheet * Pipe. I'.'J'tr 13 Leather. N'ew York, Light. 32 a) 35 Mill, weight 31. u 4(i Heavy . 3S @ 41 Slaughter .. 60 @ 53 Am. Call.... 1 co @ 1 ko Lime. Rockl’d,caak 14.5 @ 1 fe Lumber. Clear Pine, Hoe. 1 4 2....65 00 «60 00 Ho. 3.40 00 @42 On Ho. 4.20 00 @26 00 hipping_21 00 @24 oo Spruee.14 tat @10 oo tnmension spruce 20@25 Item lock_13 00 <el8 oo .Clapboards, 1 SprucaEx..2C00 ,a,27 00 : Fine Ex none. .Shingles, 1 Cedar Ext. .4 50 @ 4 76 I Cedar Ho.1..3 00 @ 3 26 Shaved Cedar 5 73 “ l'uiu 0 73 .Laths, Spruce.3 00 @ 3 60 Piue.none Molaasea. ■PortoBico.76 @ 80 .Cienihegos_ 00 @ 66 iTrinidad. 53 @ 5p (Cuba Clayed.. 50 u. 62 ; Clayed tart. 45 @ 48 . Muscovado. 65 (gt 60 Nails. |Cask. @f 7 23 Naval Stores. (Tar p brl_5 00 @5 30 Pitch |C. Tar 13 25 @ ; Wil. Pitch .. .6 00 @ 5 60 Rosin.700 @1200 Turpentine p ! g<2........ 96@ Oakum. '■ American-10* (3> 13* ! ou. Kerosene,_ (5 @ 70 [Sperm. 8 50 @ Whale.1 CO @ 1 70 Bank.33 00 @34 00 ‘Shore. 00 @32 00 Porgie.19 00 @>24 00 .Linseed. 147 @ Boiled do.1 58 @ bLard.185 @ 2 00 (•Olive.2 25 @ ICastor.3 30 @ • Heatsfoot 1 85 @2 00 unions. Siv’skins® bl. 2 @2 50 Paints. Portl’d Lcad.17 50 @ Pure Grd do.lii 75 @17 00 Pure Dry do l7 00 @ Am. Zinc... .13 00 @ Rochelle Yel.. 4 @ Eng.Ven.Red. 44@ Red Lead. 16 @ 18 Litharge. 15 @ 17 Plaster. Soft, ® ton. .275 @ Hard.2 25 @ 2 37 Ground.0 00 @ lo oo Produce. Beef, side ® lb 12 ® IE Veal. 10 @ 12 Lamb. 10 (ai 12 Ohickcns. 17 @ 20 Turkeys. 18 @ 20 Geese. 18 @ to Eggs, ®doz.. 33 a. 35 Potatoes,® bbl 1 70@2 00 Cranb’s ®buab 3 5(>@t 00 Provisions. Mess Beef, Chicago,. .321 00 @23 00 Ex Me #. .24 00 @26 00 Pork, ExtraClear @37 00 Clear.33 00 @35 00 Mess.28 00 @28 00 Prime_ 23 00 @25 00 Hams. 18 @ 20 Bice. Rice, ® lb.... 10 @ 12 ' Bum. New England 2 55 Saleratue. Salcratus ® lb 12@ 13 Salt. Turk’s Is. ® hhd. (8bus.)4 25 @4 75 Liverpool.4 25 @ 4 50 Gr’nd Butter. 30 @ Seeds. Hcrdsgrasibush 480@450 Clover lb.14 @15 Red Top bag 5 00 @ 0 00 Shot. Drop,® 100 Iba @13 00 Buck.@14 00 Soap. Extra St’m Refine 1 114 Family.104 No. 1. 10 Ollue. 134 Chem Clive. 114 Crane’B. 134 |Soda. 13J Spices. jCassia,pure.. 60 @ Cloves.". 46 @ 48 iGiuger. 30 @ 36 Mace.150 @ Nutmegs.140 @) Pepper. 30 @ 40 Pimento. 30 @ 33 Starch. Pearl. 11J@ 12* Sugar. Muscovado... 11 @ 125 Hav. Srown . 1U@ 14 Hav. White... 14l@ 16 Crushed. 5«|@ 164 Granulated... lfa 164 Powdered_ 164 @ 16} Eagle Rehnery A @ inf do do B @ 10J Teaa. Souchong_ 75 @ 80 Oolong. 90 @ 95 Oolong, choicel 00 @ 105 ; Japan,.1 10 @ 1 25 ■Pin. Bauca, cash.. 35 @ 34 Straits, cash.. 34 @ 36 English. 34 @ 37 iChar. I.C.. 13 00 @16 00 Char.I.X... 18 00 @19 00 Tobacco. .Fivesa Tens, Best Brands 70 @ 80 j Medium_ 60 @ 65 i Common... 55 @ 60 Half lbs. best brands. 75 @ SO Nal’lLeal, tt.s.1 00 ® 1 25 'Navy lbs. 75 @ 85 Twine. Cotton Sail... @ 65 Flax. ’ @ 75 Varnish. Damar.2 7E @ 3 75 Furniture .. .2 25 @ 425 Coach.3 00 @ 6 60 - Wood. Haru, retail. 10 50 @1100 Soft. @ 7 00 Kindling®box 30 @ 40 Wool. Unwaah’d Fleecc?7 @ 40 Washed do.35 @ 40 Lamb Skins.. 75 @ 1 10 Zinc. Mosseiman, sheet,t44@15 Lehigh.14 @ 15 Portland Daily Press Stock List* CORRECTED BY WM. H. WOOD A 80N, Stock and Exchange Broker, 178 F^re St., Portland For the week ending Nov. 20. Descriptions. Par Value. Off ered. Asked GovernmentG’s, 1881,.112. H3 Government 5-20, 1802,.107.100 Government 6-20,18(4,.1P6.107 Government 5-20. lfc'CBj.106.107 Government 5-20, July,.106.109 Government 7-30, l*t series.106.106 Government 7-90, 2d and 3d series, —104.luff Government 10-40,. 99.100 State of Maine Bonds,.694 i09 Portland City Bonds, —.67.98 Bath City Bonds,...0f>.......07 Bangor City Bonds, 20 years,.95....... 97 Calais City Bonds,. 94.. . .....66 Cumberland National Bank,_40..47..*_.49 Canal National Bank,.100.1054.106 First National Bank,.100.1054.106 (’asco National Bank,.100.105] Merchants' National Bank,.75.77. National Traders Bank,.100.105. Second National Bauk,.100.8c. Portland Company,.100.90. Portland Gas Company,.50.61. Ocean Insurance Company,_1(M).106..%. At. & St. Lawrence R. R.‘,.56. At. & St. Lawrence R.R. Bonds,loo_ .60. A. & K. R. R. Bonds,.86. Maine Central R. R. Stock,_100.11. Maine Central R. R. Bonds,.83.86 Androscoggin R. R. stock.50.worthless. Androscoggin 1st Morvg*ge Bonds,.85.90 Ken. & Portland R. R. Bonds.. 100.85. 60 Portland & Forest. Av’n'e R. R., 100.60.70 Portland Glass Company,. 100.100 .... 101 Port. Shovel Manulfcc’gCo.,.. ..100.nominal. Richardson’s Wharf Co.100.65.100 TEI.EGBAPHIO HEPOBTS. Financial. New York, Nov. 20. There is considerable activity in the Money market, owing to large transactions in securities. The rates are firm but unchanged. Governments allow a gen eral reaction from the depression of yesterday. New York Market. New York, Nov. 20. Cotton—more active; Rales 1,400 bales. Middling uplands at 34 @ 34Jc, chiefly at 34o. Flour—firmer: sales ft,700 bids. State at 8 @ 11 50: Round Hoop Ohio 10 76 «g) 13 75; Western 825 M 12 60; Southern at 11 Tj @16 75. Wheat—0 @ 3c lower closed firm; sales 39.800 bush Milwaukee No. 2, at 2 25. Amber State 3 1*6. Corn—firmer; sales 67,400 bush. Mixed Western 1 26 (ft) 1 27. Mixed Western 1 25 @ 1 30. @ 20 '1,we i *oles 43,000 bush. Chicago and Milwaukee 64 @ 66c. Beet—heavy. Pork—opened firmer and loscd eavy and irregular. Lard—heavy Butter—quiet. Whiskey—quiet. Rice—dull. Sugars—quiet. Co flee—dull. MolasscH—and. 1200Store8—V1*8'and Beady. Roeta at 5 12}<a' Petroleum—quiet. PwJSrfTvr/ SaleS 80’00# *»• H} @ 14}. Freights to Liverpool—unchanged. 3 Chicago Markets* Flour dull. Wheat firmer SIn.'i and 176} @ 1 B1 for No. 2. (Srn higher; sates at 80 @ 821c lor *£V£n3l fo?Vn° 2. Oats quiet at 36 (a) 36} for No. No. 2. Provisions dull; Moss Pot's .? rary duU^sales at 5 75 ® 6 66 for common to goSd.— Receipts 11,060 bbis Flour, 71,000 bush Wheat ra 000 bush Com, 3,000 bnsh Oats, 350 lings. ’ ’* Shipments 12,000 bbis. Flour, 73,006 bush. Wheat. 68,000 bush. Cora, 63,600 bush. Oats. Chicago, Nov. 2n. Flour quiet at 9 25 @ 11 25 for Spring extras.— Wheat advanced 1 @ 2c, closing firm at * 02 @ 2 12 for No. 1, and 1 75 ® 1 oi lor No 2. Com advanced 2 @ 2fc, closing firm at 84 (<i Ml ior No. 1, and 77 @ 30c for No, 2. Oats advanced i (it Ac; sale* at 551 for No. 2. High W|ues at 2 33 for bonded. Provisions—mess pork 21 00. Hogs nominal. Receipts—13,000 bole flour, 57,060 bush, wheat, 43, busli. com, 28,000 bush, oats, 2,060 hogs. Shipments—21,000 bbis. flour, 126,000 bush, wheat 83,300 bush, com, 51,000 bush. oats. 44'i lining tan Markets. WlLMISOTOlt, N. C., Nov. 20. Crude turpentine 5 06. Spirits turpentine 70 @ 71c. Virgin and yellow dip 251. Rosin at 3 75 la! 4 00 for common; 500 for new; 650® 7 50 for No. Land 6 50 for pale, Milwaukee markets. . . Milwaukee, Nov. 19. r Jour dull and 6 % 15c lower. Wheat 2 (g Be lower; Bales at 2 07 for No. 1, and 1 87 for No. 2. Oats salsa at 45c. Receipt# 3,<KM) bbls Flour, 85,000 bush Wheat. Shipments, 9,900 bble Flour, 120,000 bush. Whea. Milwaukee, Nov, 20. Flour active at a decline of 10 (g 15e. Wheat de clined 4 (g 10c, closing quiet. Com at 84c. Oats de clined 1 @ 2c. Re5eipU—3,300 bbls. flour, 86,000 bush, wheat, 23, 100 bush, corn, 4,500 bush. oats. Shipments—2,306 bbls, flour, 65,000 bush, wheat. ttt. Louis Market. St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 19. Flour dull and lower at 5 50 <g 12. Wheat dull and heavy at 2 12 (g 2 72. Corn unsettled at 1 05 (g 1 12. Oats at 43 (g 46 for choice. Provisions—pork nominal. Bacon quiet; shoulders lftj; clear sides 15jc. Whiskey inactive at 2 33. St. Louis, Nov. 20. Flour dull and lower; superfine 8 50 @ 9 25; extra 8 75 (g 10 25; double extra 11 00 @ 12 50. Whoa Ulull and lower; prime to choice spring 2 10 g 2 12; prime fall 2 60 g 265; choice 2 TO @ 2 75. Corn 2(g3c lower; old mixed 1 06 @ 1 03: choice yellsw and whije 110 g 112. Oat# 2 @ 3c lower; prime 52 @ 54, Provis ions—pork declined 100. Bacon qutet; shoulders at 15c^; rib sides 14$c; clear sides 16c. Whiskey dull at Commercial—Per Cable. London, Nov. 18. Before the official hours to-day, there was better enquiry for United States 5-20’s, and sales were re ported at70§ (g 70$, against 70 (g 70$ on Saturday.— The advance was lully sustained at the opening of the market, when some sales w ere announced at 704 @ 70$. Dispatches Horn Frankfort and Amsterdam also re port 5-20’s better by $ @ |, with a steady business.— In the lormer market transactions were 'effected at 751 closing firm. American Railways are rather higher, Erie being quoted at 49| (g 50, and Illinois shares at 78$ buyers, 78$ sellers. Liverpool, Nov. 19, Noon. The Cotton market is quiet and unchanged. The sales to-day will reach 10,000 bales; Middling Up lands are quoted at 14d. There is continued firmness in the market for Breadstuff's, and sound parcels find ready buyers at current rates of Saturday. London, Nov. 19, Evening. Consols for money closed to-day at 90$. American Securities—The prices of American secu rities are as follows: Eno Railroad shares50; Illinois Central Railroad shares 784; United States 5-20*8 70$. Australian Markets. „ . _ SYDNEY, Australia, (Jet. 8. California uiul Chilian Breadstufft were In full sup ply, and at present pricea leave a loss to importers. California Wheat Ss 9d to 6s. California Flour £15 @£19- Calilbrdla Oots 3s Od. Barley 4s @ 4s 3d. Hew York Stock Market. New Yoke, Nov. 29. SECOND BOAKD—Stocks. American Hold....1411 Treasury Seven Three-Tenths, 2d scries,_,...105? IT. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1802.1081 U. S. Five-Twenties, conpons, 1565.10fl| Chicago * Fort Wayne. 107 Chicago & North Western,. 51] Chicago* Pittsburg,. 86 Illinois Central,,.129 -Michigan Southern,. 83 Reading.114 Erie,. 78 New York Central,.v. 110 Chicago & Bock Islnnd.106 Western Union Telegraph,. 47 MARRIED. In Saccarnppa, Nov. 17, by Rev. H. J. Bradbury, Charles Fickett and Miss Mary E. Libby, both of Westbrook. In Westurook, Nov. 15, by Elder G. Lord, George L. Cobb, ol Gorham, and Miss Martha L. Cook, ol Windham. In this city, Nov. 20, by Rev. Air- Bolles, Nathan Alorrell, Esq., ot Bucks-Id, and Miss Frances E., daughter ot ilie late William Capcn, of Portland. _DIED. In this city, Nov. 20, Edward H., youngest son of Capt. Andrew J. and Esther L. Pettengil', aged 1 year 4 days. [Funeral this Wednesday afternoon, at 2 o’clock, from their residence, No. 67 York street. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. In Cumberland, Nov. 19, Mrs. Sarah S., wife of Beiy. Goodnow, aged 68 years 8 months. In Grceue, Oct. 13, of consumption, Mrs. Octavia E. Fogg, aged 29 years. IMPORTS. * LIVERPOOL. Steamship Hibernian—2 case aid e Bailey & Noyes; 1 case do, C E Jose; 43 pkgs, Cana* dian Ek Co; 254 pkgs tin plates, N P Richardson & Co; 6 pkgs goods, J EPrindle; 6125 bars 200 bdis iron, A E Stevens & Co; 220 bdls steel, 32 tons iron, Eben Corev; 27 cases mdse. J Skinner & Co; 1 case do, British Ex Co; 4 cases do, A Walker, 3 cases do. Agent G T R Co; 8 cases do, Thos Paddock; 1 ea-k, Alex Allan; and goods for Canada and New York. DEPARTURE OF OCEAN STEAMERS NAME FROM FOR DATE. Java.New York. Liverpool.Nov 21 Rising Star.New York. .California_Nov 21 Etna.New York -Liverpool.Nov 21 South America —New York. .Rio Janeiro.. .Nov 22 Moro Castle.New York. .Havana.Nov 24 Erin.New York. .Liverpool.Nov 24 Saxouia.New York.. Hamburg.... .Nov 24 New York.New York. .Bremen.Nov 24 City ot Boston.New York. .Liverpool.Nov 24 Pet si».New York.. Liverpool.Nov 28 City of Limerick.. .New York. .Liverpool.Nov28 City Washington.. .New York.. Liverdool.Dec 1 A fiica.Boston.hi vorpooi.Dec 6 Scotia.New York. .Liverpool.Dee 12 Miniature-Almanac—November 21* I sun rises.6.5b I **un set?.4.34 ■Moon sets. o.42 AM Hteh water.10.30 AM M A R1 N E N K WH POUT OS' PORTLAND. Tuesday* Noveuiter 20. ARRIVED. Steamship Hibernian, (Br) Dutton, Liverpool 8th inst, with 26 cabin and 164 steerage passengers. Steamer New England, Field, St John, NB, via Kastporc loi Boston. Barque Mary E Libby, (of Portland) Ubby, Ha vana 21 at ult, in ballast. Brig Prentfss Hobbs, (of Portland) Morton, Savan nah Kth mst. Brig A J Upas, (oi Sear .-port) Small, Philadelphia. Reports, on Sunday night, 18th, while at anchor at Holme> s Hole, was inn into by an unknown vessel, and had top of stem crushed in. stem moulding car ried away, &c. Brig Bonitta, (Br) Clark, Walton, NS, lor Boston. Sch May Belle, (Br) Carter, Joggins, NS. Sch Wm Arthur, Andrews, Baltimore. Sch E G Wilard, Parson0, Philadelphia. Sch Tilt, Prescott, Philadelphia. Sch Persia L Smith. Brown, Elizabeth port. Sch Maria Whitney, Snow, New Yo'.k. Sch Success, Merrill, Roekporl. SchNopoleon, Hutchins, Wisca-set. Sell Julia Maria, Gott, Calais for Boston. Sch Exnre i , Dix, Calais tor Boston. Sch Billow, Cousins, Bangor for New York. Sch Ann Parker, Berry, Augusta for Salem. • Sch Mary Frances, Hatch, Deer Isle for Boston. Sch Pavilion, Parker, Augusta for Gloucester. CLEARED. Steamer Chesapeake, Johnson, New York—Emery I & Fox. Steamer Gen McC ’llum, Laughtou, Halifax, NSf John Porteous. Barque Arthur Kinsman, (new, of Portland, 414 tons,) Mean-, Havana—Geo S Hunt. Sch Jas Bropby. Packard, Hock land. Sch May Day, of Bo.a doinlmm. 101 ton , built in 1866, lias been purcliased by parties in Salem. DISASTERS. Barque Annie, Chase, before reported ashore at tbe Bimini Islands, has become a torn! meek. Part ol the cargo, withr;ail&,-rigging, &c, have been saved. Tbe A registered CC9 tons, rated At, was built at Newcastle in 1x63, where she was owned. Seh El Dorado, Cotton, from New York, of aipl tor Macbias, in ballast, went ashore on Cuttvhnnk, Sat urday morning, and is a total wreck. Tlie crew, to gethcr with sails, rigging, &c, were saved. DOMESTIC PORTS,. ■SAN FRANCISCO—Ar 241b, ship Will Cummings. Miilsr, Philailtlpbia; 6th, steamship M out nu, Brad bury, New York, 87 days via Panama 14 days. GALVESTON— Cld ytb, barque Oak Ridge, Gian. Pensacola. KEY WEST—Ar 7th inst, sch John H French, Burgess, Boston. JACKSONVILLE—Ar 5th inst, sell Windward, Lib.y. New York. Cld 3d, schs Franklin Belle, Brewstor, Newark: otli, Hrrrict Newell, Gpuld, New York; 3th, bldg W It Sawi er, Bay, do. DARIEN, GA—Old 6th, Bch Wm Flint, Post, lor New York. Cld 10th, sch John McAdam Willard, Waldoboro. WILMINGTON—Ar 15th, brig Ambrose Light Simp on. Boston. UAMPToN ROAIiS — Sld lStli, brig Carolina E Kelley, (A urn Baltimore) ibr Boston. BALTIMORE—Ar 17 h, brig Hattie. Thomas fin Turks islands; sch EllzibetS Areulariu” Abbot” New York. ’ Sid 14th, slnp Xhoobold, for Rotterdam. PHILADELPHIA—Cld 17lb, sch S E Nighrimrale Hillyard Laiiesville. Ar 17th, sch C W Elweil, Long, Salem, land cld for Bath.) Cld 17th, brig J Means, Wells, Boston. NEW YORK—Ar lstu, schs Willie Dill, Farrow, Caibaricn; DA Berry, Pinkliam, JarksoaviLe, An nie Lewis, Darling, Port Royal; Eurotus, Bam, irem ior Boston; Ned Sumpter, Lord, Rockland. Ar l#tb, brig Hattie E Wheeler. Guritill, East Har bor, TI; sch cock of the Walk,-. Ar 13th, ship Constellation, Hoxie, An Liverpool; barque Norton Stover. Stover, Matanzas; Jg-ig iien sliaw. Smith. Turks islands. Ar20th, brig Veleran, Snuw, Tarragona. Cld loth, ship Lizzie Oaklord, Rocbo, San Fran cisco; barques Jasp r, Ave v, Malta; Arizona, Co nant, Havana. STONINGTON—Aj* Inth, sch Raven,| Rose, rom Bangor. PROVIDENCE—Ar 17th, Bchs' Knght, Bomcr, and Melbourne, Marsen, EUzabethport. Ar 18th, sch Zicova, Heath, Poughkeepsie. Ar 19tli, sell E C Knight, Taylor, Baltimore. Cld 13th, brig Amos M liobci Is, Doak. Ellsworih NEWPORT—Ar 18tb, sch Kate, Smith, An Provi dence lor New York. Sailed 18th, brigs Monica, Mitchell, Fail River or Bangor; Abner Taylor, Lowell, lor do: sets Ellen Forrester,Warren, Bangor for Baltimore; T R Ham mond, Cram, Eastport for New York; RE Pecker, Sherman. Calais for do; Louis Walsb, Wall, do nr New Haven: Mineola. Holt, An Providence fur Ells worth; Lookout, Wall. FaU River for Calais. HOLMES’ HOLE—Ar 17tli, brig Chimborazoo, Hatch,Newburg for Boston; sch* Veto, Robinson, New York ior Newburyport; Adrian, Ererell, do or Bangor; Banner, McFarland. Ncwiiortfor Bel iast; Marietta, Hall, Rockland tor Baliimorc. ’ brig* oiara Brown, Brown, Philadelphia J Ro.8B’ Sm-,u. doro* Portia d; schs fo?m, » V Kd’r.nar.t and E G Willard, Parsons, do mfids ’do d-SElS; WBIiams, do for do; Sylvi, ii.-y fon for B(i?w ^!’ur:’.!>°‘ t; freJmont, Orr, mirt for d?^?.LnWen„Peavy> Armstrong, Elizabeth **4g5SHH£r Jameson, Richmond. ’ catawamteak, is? Ar 20th, barques Oak, Chase, Capo Ilavden; Marv 0 Fox, Ross, Cardenas; Toscano. Delano, New Or leans ; brigs Scotland, Hose, Savann h; Clara Brown. Brown, Philadelphia; sche Clinton. Shacklord, Bal timore; O E Elmer, Halev, Philadelphia; Martha Nichols, Small, do. CldSOtli, ship Mery Ogden, Hathaway, Savannah; brig Chas Poo e. Sherman. Philadelphia. • SALEM—Ar 18th, sch Messenger, Emerson, Irom Savannah. Ar 19th, sells Chiloe. Hutchinson, Philadelphia; Antelope, lLowu, and Leader, /.Hen, New York. BATll—Cltl 19th. l»i!g Sportsman. Ghun. Mobile. Sld 17th, brig David Owen, (now) Chadbounie.tor Ellsworth. FOREIGN FORTS. Ar at Callao 54th ult, ship "W B Diusmore, Free man, Chinchas, (ana sailed tor Germany); Speed well, (hooper, do, (and sld tor France;) 22d, Deborah Pennell, Dunning, Chinclias. Sld Oct 27tli, ship Astrea, Millett, Mauritius. Sld fm Valparaiso prevto Oct 16, ship Elizabeth Kimball. Frost,-. Ar at. Melbourne Sept 13, ship K oar surge, Stevens Boston; 26lb, Gom of the Ocean, Pritchard, New York. Sld 13th, ship Delfthaveu, Freeze, Callao. Ar at Honolulu 4th ult, ship Sea Serpent, Snow, San Francisco (and sailed 5th for Kong Kong.) Sld fhi Kio Janeiro Sept 23, barque undine. Clark, for Hampton Roads. At Surinam 20tli ult, brig Moonlight, Small, for Boston, ldg. At Sagua Gth lust, brig J B Brown, Bain, for Bal timore, ldg. At Salt Cay, TJ, 2d Inst, brig Kenshaw, Smith, for Bangor, ldg Ar at St John, NB, 17ib iust, ship Samoset, Tuck er, Portland, (had a tearful gale on ilia iGth, in the Bay of Fundy, but sustained no damage.) Old, sch Alwllda, Trafton, Portland. [Additional i* r City of Boston.] Ar at Lfrlrpofel Gth Inst, Pilot Fish, Sedgely, Irom Montevideo. Old Gth, Ocean Spray, Nichols, Galveston. Oft' Brixham 2d, Vanguard, Scott, irom Shields for Slianghae. Sld fm Batavia Sept 16, Ocean Rover, WftcRnb, Boston. Ar at Madias Oct 3, Calliope, SinunonB, fiu Masuli patum. Sld An Bombay Oct 3, Calumet? Luht, Ca’cntta. Sld fin Cronstadt 28th ult, Telegraph. Ca'dwell, for Boston. NPOKEN. Sept 1«, frit 22 N, Inn 115 E, kuque A delta Cariton, Tapley, from Foo chow for New York. Oct 5, lat 8 17 N, Ion-lew, ship Rutland, Ingra ham, from Akyab tor Falmouth, t'. Oct 18. lat 34, Ion 78, ship L'abou, Curtis, from New Orleans for Bordeaux. Oct 19, lat 8 27 S. Ion 34 40, baique Rover, from Buenos Awes for New York. Nor 1, lat 48 05 N, Ion 10 50 W, ship Oorlcii Rule, from Callao for Antwerp, 110 ditvs out.

Nov 12, lat 2810, Ion 73 20, ship “Ellen Davenport” steering SSW. Nov 14. lat 24 20, Ion 80 85, barque SValdr, iron) ; New York tor Mobile. | Nov 18, lat 40 21, Ion 71, ship lte-olute, from New I York tor Liverpool. MISCELLANEOUS. ‘t he wondcrinl progress ot meilical Sci :nce (luring thcpan‘ site years, onlv makes t i.ossible for the conscieritions Physician o declare, now that, Consumption is as trtainlv culti d ns Intermittent Fever, |Huid ani Eiir.uNiA rut.. oa-i i;u as Umal ■define. F. King, Jl. TJ., h. It., etr. KING'S | PREPARED PRESCRIPTION, ! [MXIIE I'UUM THE pRKSOBIPTION OF REV. CHAS. E. Kino, M d. L. L. D., ®c.l is confidently presented to the public for the Preven tion and core of CONrHU M P T10 N. (in the most advanced stages,) for the radical Cure of ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS. CATARRH, and all atfectiousot tie THROAT and AIR PASSAGES: lur Gineral and Special derange ments of the N ERVOUS SYSTEM : and for ail Funo ! tioual 1 flsoiders of the Stomach and Bowel?*. It immediately increases the strength and deepens I the color ol the pale blood. It subdues the Chills and Fever, and diminishes the Eipecl oral ion. It i checks the Night Sweats always in from seven to ! fourteen days. The appetite L ai once invigoi aled, | and the patient rapidly gains flesh; the cough and ! the diilicult breathing are si eedily relieved, the sleep become? cahu and refreshing: the evacuations regular and uniiorm. ALL THE GENERAL SYMP TOMS DISAPPEAR WITH A REALLY ASTON ISHING RAPIDITY. The PRESCRIPTION should be used in every case where the Physician commonly prescribes ••Tomes, i Ikon, Acids, Bark, Quinine, <’od Liver Oil,' { Whiskey, <&c. And in every, by whxtever ! name kn iwn, in which L ere »exk bited any one or more of the tollowing 8 Jl MI* TOMS: Diflicul or Irregular Breathing, Loss of breath, ] Cough, Wanting ot Flesh, Bleeding ftom the Lungs, Lossol Strength, Loss of Appetite, Gen ral Debility, I Night Sweats, Flying Pains through the Shoulders. I Chest, Face o>' limbs, Nervous Headache, Nervous Prostration, Gi Jdiner-s or Dizziness, Excessive pale | ness, Sore Throat, Ugcowsiness, Sleeplessness, Sour | Stomach, lie art-Boro, Oppression or sinking ot the Stomach bctbie or after c iting. Remil taut Fever &c. j and especially in all Female D.sorderor Uterine Ir regularities, such as Diilicult. Paimul, Suppressed, Scanty, Excessive, Delayed, Premature or too Fre I quent Menstruation. Ntatemeuls iron Paiienl». “Your Prescription saved my daughter’s life, and has saved me hundreds of dollars.*'—Klv. E Hi m PHBEYS,ReaidcB N. Y. “We bless God tor the benefit we have received from your Prepared Preset ip ion.”—Rev. P. Pjeiie gbin, Blosseburg. Penn. “Every oue to whom I have recommended i lias been bene fitted much b> its use.’"—Rev. C.D. Jones, Racine, Wis. Bible Hoct&e. Astor Place, N. Y.,—In the early part of February, 1865, 1 was suffering H orn a violent cough, lor which l had been tugated, during the six months previous without any benefit. I bad Xlyht Sweat3 which completely prcstraied me In the eveniug, hoarseness would come on, which would prevent me from sneaking above a whisper I 1ml then had two attacks ot hemm rhage from the Luug«. My family physician assured me lie could do more tor me, yet I was growing rapidly worse, and had been compelled to leave business for nearly two months. All my symptoms indicated, unmistakably, the presen e of CONSUMPTION. In the beginning oi February Mr. Henry Fishi-h Jreasurer qt the American Bible Society, presented me with a bottle ot the Prepared 1’re-clip don. In a few days ray appetite which I had eudrely lost, rctur ied; within a weak my cough almost left m ; and in less than two weeks the Artphi Sic eats were broker- tip. Thenceforward f regained strength rapidly, and am now regularly at i nding to my duties as <. lerk io the AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY, in whose employ ment £ have been nine years. 1 am now enjoying good health Your PRESCRIPTION effected a cure when my friend-: despaired of oav recovorv. THOS. J CONGER. ‘•I have had Nervous or Spasmodic Asthma, lor eleven years. During the last six year? 1 liqvc never had an uninterrupted nights rest, it often seemed to me tliatl would die before 1 couLl get air into my lungs. I was ha gard and spiritless and Buff red so greatly from shortness of breath’ that 1 was compelled to take frequent rests in walking from my residence to my plaCff of business. “The night before I obtained the ‘PREPARED PRESCRIP1.T»N*’was the worst I ever passed. On obtaining the remedy, 1 took a teaspoonful at noon ?nd again at night, and slept all night without wak ing. 1 have RUT, had A nnoKE.N night’s rest since. * * *■ . * * X no longer look ‘haggard,’ hare gained in strength ami spirits and am al« ailiicted with ‘sir lines? of bro-ith/ I shall be glad to bava any one afflicted with Asthma call and see me. “EZRA O. DANGDON, No. 334 Fourth, St., N. Y. TU» • PMEPaB I J> PKi:SttUPTION”ts put up in a $1 bottle, and is sold by W. F. Phillips, Po t lamJ, Wholesale Agent. Sold at Retail by every Druggist in Maine—Druggists Generally. Orders may be ad >re?sed to the sole Proprietors, OSCAR G. MOSES & GO., 27 Corilasdt Street, N. Y., Consultation Free. Circulars ontai ing particu lars of many cases successfully treated, will be sent free by mail. J une 18 eod & eow U. S. Marshal’s Notice. United States of America, \ District of Maine, s. s. I PURSUANTto sundry Monitions tome directed from tue Hon. Edward Fox, Judge cl ibe Uni ted s atos District Court within at id lor the District ol Maine, 1 hereby give public notice that the iol. lowing Libel and Informations have been tiled ui said Court, viz: An Information a;amst one Horse called the “NeJ lie VY. L.jcfre,’’ seized by the Collector of the Dis trict Of Portland tint! Fal.noutli r:ti tlic thirteenth day oi Oc ober last past, at Portland in said Dis trict. . A Libel against Twenty-two Quintals qf Pollock Fish: One Half Barrel of Herring : Twenty-seven Barrets No. 1 Mackerel: One Barrel No. 2 Macker el: 340 Lbs. ilusfu Mackerel: 73 Empty Barrels: 22 Barrels Salt, seized by the Collector ol the District of Portland and Falmouth on tlic litteenth day ol October lavt past, A Portland in said District. An linformation against One Wafer Wheel: One Jjathe: Lathe Bench and Turning Tools : One Board Plane ■ One (Wind Stone and Bench: Twelve Circular Saws: Six Saw Shafts: One Clapboard Machine: One Lath Machine: One Match Splint Machine: One Face Planer: One Machine for preparing Match Blocks : One Power Cross Cut Saw: One hand crosscut saw . On? and one half gross Stamped Matches: ninety-three Ove cent Stamvst.and all the Shifting, Belting,un stamped Matches, Stoves, and other Furniture in the Atill ami Dry Home connected therewith: ('best of Tools. Monkey Wrench, %c., ffc., seized by the Collector rl Internal R. venue lor the First Collec tion I>istriel f Maine, on the twenty-seventh day of October Jest past, at Hollis, iu said Disti let. Which seizures were for breaches of the laws of tba United Stales as. iff more particularly set forth in said Libel and rniormatdous; that a hearing and trial will be had thereon at Portland in s i d District, on ihe/GSr*' Tuesday qf' December next, where anv pe s .nsin.e ested tin rein, may appear and show cause, if any can be fbown, wt* retort the sama should not be decreed forfeit, and disposed of accord ing to law. Dated at Portland this seventeenth day of No vember, A. D., J8W. F.A QUiNBY, Deputy U. S. Marshal Dist. ol Maine. Nov. 17—dl4d A. COBB & C0.9 Successors to F. P. and Ar. T. Ik lford, at Airs. At. J. Nichols. U. S. Hotel HAVE received a lot of Trefousse, best quality, Kid Gloves. Also Zephyr Worsteds, Slippers, Hoods, Hosiery, Ladies’ Under Vests, Corsets, Lin en Setts, plain nnd emb. Hdkfs., Muslin ami Cam. Edgings, Dress Buttons, together with all articles usually found in a lirsfc class Fancy Goods Store. Their friends and the public are invited to call and examine them. nov 7 till Jan. 1,1867. NX. Xu. jl.7~ YYEMBEBS aiid subscribers to the Mercantile Li 1VL brary Association arc hereby notified that the Library Koom on Lime street will he open for the de livery of Books, Saturday Evening, November 17th. Zfr'lt is paructilarly requested of persons having a book taken out previous to the fire to hand it in with out further ddlay. noieaiw Per Older of Library Com. Portland Laundry. Orders received at the Office of the Forest City Dye House, No. SlACongrers Street. Notice is hereby given that, the Portland Laundry has been reopened oy the subscriber, who bas been many years connected with the well known Chelsea Dye House anil Laundry, and with the experience thus acquired he is now prepared to do all descrip tions of Laundry work in a satisfactory manner. Jy9d6m_A. T. CRAWLEY. Agent For Sale. THE Schooner C. F. Young, 214 tons burthen— wen fonnd in Sails, Anchors Chains, &c. For , terms enquire of SAMPSON & CONANT, nov 7 d3w Nos. 19 and 30 Commercial Wharf, ! IN9I1MNCL MUTl/AI. BENEFIT LIRE INSURANCE GO. The numerous Policy holders in this popular Company, and the public generally, are inioimed that its office ts now established at No. 80 Commer cial street, in Thomas’ Block. WARREN SPARROW, Jot 19 ■ ' Slate Agent. OFFICE OF THE Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Coni puny. Hprinilelil, .Haas. September 15. 1SG6. To the Agents ol the Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Gentlemen The otttcers ot this Company take great pleasure iir announcing to their Agents, patrons and frleuds, that by an unanimous vote of the stock holders, the capital stock of this company has been in creased to HALF A MILLION Dollars, all paid in BASH, aud that the assets of the company are $0110,171,74; Capital, $500,000; Surplus, $190,171,74 Notwithstanding the frequent fires and the heavy ’ losses sustained by insurance companies, THIS Com pany is able to show to Its agents and patrons, such a list of assets and securities as to entitle it to a position in the front rank among insurance companies in this country one worthy of the fullest confidence, and giving the most perfect securities to policy-holders. The policies in this company, furnish (he most am ple indemnity to our customers, we ask in return good risks, aud adequate rates, and we trust our many and fldththi agents may in the future as in the past, look woil to our interests—enlarge and increase our busi ness, upon whatBhall prove a safe class of risks. Edmund Freeman, President, Chartered 1849, J. N. Dunham, Sec. Capitul s Surplus $G90,171,74, Chas. E. Lane, Assistant See. We are Yours Very Truly, E, Freeman, President. J. N, Dunham, Secretary, John E, Dow A' Bon, Argent*, sep29-6odtf PORTLAND, MAINE. R*****'lasurasce t’ompnuy, ol New Vork City. Cash Capital.$300,000 “ Surplus,. 276,000 Total Cash Assets,. 575(810 Ike tt,a ,°ompany i . tile Portland tire is abont ^28,000, or about one tenth of its surplus. All clauuants lor loss by the recent fire, who have not already received their money, are invited to hand in their proofs without delay. Those wishing insurance in a Company, First Class, in every re spect,at fair rate*, are Invited to call at my office, No. bO Commercial street, Thomas Block Jy-’S__WARREN SPARROW, Agent. ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company. 51 Wall Si, cor. William, NEW YORE, January, 186G. Insures against Marine and Inland Navi gation Risks. ! The wholo proltts ot the Company revert to the I Assured, amt are divided annually, upon the Premi ums terminated daring ihe year; and ior which Cer , tlhcates are issued, bearing interest until redeemed. The Dividend was 40 per cent, in each ol the years ( 1863-4, and 6, and S5 per cent, in 1606. The Company has Assets, Oyer Twelve : Million Dollars,viz:— I United .States and State of Now-York Stocks, City, Bauk and other Stocks, $4,828,686 . Loans secured by Stocks and otherwise, 3,330 360 j Premium Notes and Bills Receivable, Real Estate, Bond and Mortgages and other se i curities, 3 <ji;o.025 | United States Gold Coin, 80 too , Cash in Bank 31o)660 412,199,070 TRnaTVffs • I JobnD. Jones, Wm. Sturgis | Charles Dennis, Henry K.Bogei t, VV.H. H.Moorc, Joshua J. Henry, Srenry92?» Dennis Perkins, ! Wm.C.PIckersgiU, Jos. Gallard, Jr., j Lewis Cartia, J. Henry Burgy, Chas.U. Russell. Cornelius GrinnoU, I Lowell Holbrook, C. A. Hand, i R. Warren Weston, B. J. Howland, j Koval Phelps. Benj. Babcock, Caleb Barscow, Fletcher Westray, •j A. P.Pillot, Rubfc. B. Minturn, Jr, Wm. E. Dodge, Gordon W. Burnham, Geo. G. Hobson, Fred’k Chauncev, David Lane, Janies Low, James Bryee, Geo. S. Stephenson, Leroy M. Wiley, Wm. H. Webb I Daniel S. Miller, JnnK D. Jokes, President. Charles Dekni«, Vice-President. W. H. H. Moore, 2d Vice-Prest. __J- D. Hewlett, 3d Vice-Prest. | J. H.Chapmak,Secretary. j Applications lor Tnsarance-witb the above named Company received and forwarded by Joint W. IVmiger, ,,Correspondent. apUdlm eo(li)m&w6w LS. Twoinifiry, General Insurance Broker, • would inform bis many friends and the pubPc i generally that he t i continue the fnsur ! auoe Busin'.ss as a Broker, and can place Fire, Life ana Marine Insurance to «ny extent in the best Com i p inies in the United States. All business entrusted I to my c re shall be faitbfu ly attended to. i Office at C. M. Rice’s Paper Store, No. 183 Fore St, ! wbore orders can be left. jullfitf • Ibifroct of the Annual Statement OF j The Plieenix Insurance Company, OF HARTFORD, CONN., Da the 1st Day of November, 18(18, TO THE STATE OF MAIKE. A a m c t a t i Cash on hand and in Bank.$42,968.57 i Cash in hands of, and due from Agents,.120,669.75 : Loans on Real Estate,.1 Jo,000.00 j Loans on Real and Personal Security. 24,880.00 I United States Securities,.141,047.50 New York Bank Stocks,. 88,(-25.00 Hartford Bank Stocks,.160,975.00 | Other Bank Stocks,. 50,250.00 i Bonds—State, City and Water,.292,220.00 Accumulated Interest,. 4,627.83 j Total Assets..$1,061,273.15 | Amount of Premium Notes,.None. | Total Amount of Liabilities,.$59,595.97 WM. B. CLARK, Sec’y. i HENRY KELLOGG, President. A. W. JILLSON, Vice-President. j W. D. LITTLE & CO., Agents, 79 COMMERCIAL STREET. | November 19,1866, d3w Marine Insurance —ON — Ships, Barques, Brigs an : Schooners ! —BY— Ocean Mutual Insurance Coinp’y, NEW BEDFORD. Pacific Mutual Insurance Coinpy, NEW BEDFORD. Aggregate Capital, $580,161,17 No extra charge for Cargoes Grain in Bulb, Coal, Salt, Iron, Copper Ore, Marble or Slate coastwise. We shall be pleased to secure a share of public patronage. Ollier 10l» Fere Street. Portland. J. IF. 31UNGEH <& SON. cei6.eod3m n REMOVAL. Sparrow’s Insurance Office is this day removed from No. 80 Commercial Street, to the new and commodious rooms NO. 06 EXCHANGE STREET, IK THE CUMBERLAND BANK BUILDING, where he is now prepared to place insurance, in all its forms, an. I for any amount, in companies second to no others on the glol»e, and on the most favorable terms. Parties preferring first class insurance, are res pectfully invited to call. November 5,1806. dtf Fancy Goods! Fancy Goods! Bowen & Merrill, JOBBERS OF Hoop Skirls & Corsets, GLOVES A_nd Hosiery ! Hand and Machine Made WORSTED GOODS! Such as Nubias, Hoods, Sontags, Breakfast Shawls, Scarfs, &e Together with a large aasorlment of SWAll WARES, All of which we offer at the Very Loioest Marine! Prices! Nov 2—dim HALL’S KLASTIC Horse Shoe Cushion! (Talented May 1st, 1866.) Prevents snow and ice from adhering to the shoe or hoof of the horse; prevents lameness, in tender or sore-looted horses; keeps gravel and sand from get ting beneath the shoe; prevents the horse from inter fering, and In tact is invaluable in all respects. Kvcrv horse should have them. Send for circulars, or call anil see samples and fudge for yourselves, at princi pal office ot Elastic Horse Shoe Cushion. ‘ B.—No State, County, or Town rights for 8^e*_n ___sept8—d.3m Portland Boat Office. Nov- 12th, 1866, Western 12A0 “ffP.M01 A' M’ aDd M0 P M' Due at Eastern Mails cldse at 12 M. Bangor and Grand Trunk Mails duo at 2.00 P. M. Kennebec Mails due at 2.15 P. M. Portland & Rochester close at 6 A. M. and 1 P. M Due at 11 A.M. and 5.30 P. M. Country Mails close at 6 A. M. Due at 3.30 P. M nov9d2w W. DAVIS, P. M. HEAL ESTATE. ':*-*■* ----— farm for sale, iw tALillOUTIli A Bhnifi^v-i11?68 wWi Porl*8nd, and one and a con,aining Fnrm House, Horn, Ac, for Slum. Apply to I. j^h^c^hoc'TKB °r *° no2deod&w3w* Middle street Portland. Brick llouses lor Sale ou Spring St. rpHREE Btnrv brick dwelling Houses, with o\er A 8600 feet of land, pleasantly located. Price rea sonable. Terms liberal. Inquire of JOHN 0. PROCTER, uovl9d3w Middle street. Laud For Sale. npHK Portland Society of Natural History oifer for X sale their valuable Lot on Cungrcss Street. Said Lot has a frontage on Congress Street of 61 loot, and is about 00 feet in dopth, with a right in a passageway on the west side of the Lot of 4 foot in width, extend ing from Congress Street to the back line. For terms, &c., apply to the subscriber at No. 10 Central Wharf, where a plan of the Lot can bo seen. RUFUS E. WOOD. Portland, Nov., I860. NOTH' 111. ,i Proposals will be received by the subscriber until ih, hi9t.,for taking down the walls of the Natur al History Building, and cleaning and piling up the bricks of the same. RUFUS E. WOOD. Portland, Nov., 16GG. uov 17 dtf Houses for Sale Low. USYtSAL desirable, medium sized dwelling kJ Houses will be sold al low prices and ou very favorable terms if applied tor immediately. This property is situated on Congress street and Congress ®tty—tuid adjoins St, Luke s ChurcnloT, and will be sold in lots to suit purchasers. Inquire of WISWELL & REED, No. 356 Congress, culrance on Oak street, up stairs novlsdtf ’ House and Lot for $1,500 1?OR SALE. Location central. Immediate poy session given. Apply to .... w. M. JEBRI8, _nql5dlw Opposite Preble House. LIOR Sale. Three story brick bouse on Danforth f. Street. The house la nearly new and In line or der. Immediate poseesslon given. W. Q. ( HADBODRNE. POBSALE, in Gorham, litteon minutes walk J. from the Depot, a nearly new, neat Cottage House, Barn and outbuildings,ha ring atl the convcn lences and in prime condition. It is situated near a grove aud a short distance from the County read Apply to J. E. STEVENS. Gorham, July 17. Two Houses for Sale for $1700 Each, j&h On Oxford street. Lots 33 by 70 feet. Also l&iiiil fi,ne ,lot »*»<* tok and Prospect streets, with UtiL the dwelling bouse thereon; the lot is 80 by 90 leet; a tine location. Also good building lots on An derson and Cleaves streets on favorable terms. Ap ply to W. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent. novl0d3w House for Sale, THE subscriber oflers for sale his Dwelling House situated near the corner ot Oxford and Wilmot Streets. It is a two and a half story House, thor oughly built, nearly new, finished in modern style. It lias a large cistern, and a good well ot water. Ap ply J- PENNELL, on the premises, or W. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent. novciLiw* A Bare Chance lor Investment. THE ALBION HOUSE, on Federal street, adjoin ing U. S. Hotel, tor rale. ’ ^ For particulars enquire of „ , „ JOHN C. PROCTER. Nov 8—d3w Lota for Sole. Only 14 eentn per Peat ! FINLL i' located Lota on tlie Eastern Promenade, in Lots to suit purchasers. Also tine Lots on Congress between High and Stale streets, aud on Uceriug street, iu Lots to suit purchas ers. Apply to W. H. JERRIS, Real Km lute Agent, A t Railroad Office, opposite Preb’c House. augl5—dtl House Lots. ELI GABLE House Lots tnrsale on Thomas, Em ery and Congress streets; one near the head ot suite street. „ , W. H STEPHENSON, Portland. Aug 8—dtf ltd National Bank. House Lota lor Sale. ON Stevens’ Plains, near the HorBe Railroad. Enquired A. L. RICHARDSON, April 11—dtf On the uremiaes. House and Lot for Sale. THE two story brick house and store No. 419 con t grass st, 25 feet front occupied only ad a garden, lor particulars enquire on the premises. aug7d m House for Sale, No 32 Myi tie Street. Eni quire at No. 8 Central Wharf. July 12—dtl VTOTICE. I will sell on favorable terms as to -LI payment, or let lor a term of years, the lots on the corner ol Middle and Frankliu streets, and on Franklin street, including the comer of Frankliu and Fore streets. Apply to WM. HILLIARD, Bangor, or SMITH 6c REED, Attorneys, Portland. jyl2tf For Sale. Tll° now FRENCH COTTAGE, ami abont te!IS se*'*® acres of land, situated on the Chpc Cct JkkIL tage Road, iu Capo Elizabeth. The house con tains fourteen rooms. The sea view is unsurpassed. Enquire of W. II. STEPHENSON. aug25-illt Second National Baud. Lot for Sale. ONE of the best building lots in the city, situated on the north side of Beering Street adjoining the residence of Gen. J. B. Fessenden. This lot is sixty two feet front on Beering street, extends back one hundred feet, and is bounded on the east side by a street fifty toot in width, making it a corner lot and very desirable. S. B. HEKSEV, . No. I Galt Block, Com. Street. Oct 17 uu Valuable Hotel Property Ibr Sale. f | \Hli Oxiord House, pleasantly situated in the vil X luge oi Frye burg, Oxiortl county, Maine, is ot lercd tor sale at a bargain, ii applied lor soon. The House is largo, in good repair, with lurniture and tix.urcs throughout, together with all necessary outbuildings. J For lull particulars inquire oi HORATIO BOOTHBY, Tr _ Proprietor. Or Hai.son& Dow, Congress st. Fryeburg, Sep’. 2b, i860. dtf For Sale. 40 brook* ra9tarage and woodland in West Lot oi land on l’oplar street. Uou-e and land on Washing on street. House and lot on Brown stree t. House and lot on St Lawienc.- street. DAJtlL'3 H Lngrahajh, or W. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent, under Lancas ter Hal l^ .__oc22—4i i Valuable Building Lot NEAll THE New Park, for Sale. The Swedeiiborgian Church Lot, CWNTAINING about 12,000 square feet, on Con fc^j:j;css Street, just above Hampshire Street, is of A rare opportunity is here offered to any oue wish ing to bmld in the vicinity of the Bark. Apply to either of the Committee. J. hi. FERNALB, BAVXB TUCKER, J. P. BAXTER Or WM. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Broker, at Rail wad Ollice, under Lancaster Hall. August L-g, mr.(j. Desirable Store Lob FOR SAcLsE, ® COMMERCIAL STREET. r| 'HK subscribers ofter far sale tlic lot of land on A the southerly side ot Commercial Street, head ot Bairn s Wharf, measuring 72- by too feel. For far ther particulars inquire JONAS H. BEK LEV. °ct id tf _ OT W. S. Dana! Por Lease. rPHE valuable lot of laud corner oi Middle and A Blumb Streets. lor a iorut oi years. Enquire 0* C. C. MITCHELL A SON. Aug. 28, UOC-dli_1,8 Fore Street. First Class Houses tor Sale. V\7 E offer lor sale the eight first class brick houses, * T recently built by us, situated on Pine street between Clark and Carleton Streets. These bouses are thoroughly built, with slate roofs, brick drains, and marble mantelpieces throughout._ They will be sold at a low price, and on very favora ble terms. Apply at our otlice, No. 271 Danl.rth St J. a. littoWN a sons. October 1G, 1800. dtt a HOUSE AND DOT lor sale at Cape Elizabeth Per ry,—house nearly new. Enquire oi A .P. COLE at the retry, or W. if.MANSP'ELDf Portland Steam packet co._ jui ip (in valuable Real Estate on Elm St. EOR SALE. A POiiTION of llie "DAY” Estate oil Elm Street, comprising over 2tf)0n loot of land, together with Brick Houses, stable &c. This property ii lo cated on Elm ami Cumberland streets all susceptible oi improvement, and has a front on Elm street ot 2t>2 feet. The above property is oilercd lor side either iu por tions or collectively, oil liberal terms. Apply to augi!0—it _ JOHN C. PROCTOR. HOUSES FOR SALE—House comer ot Congress and Merrill streets; also, House adjoining the sauie, with 10,UQ0 ieot of land. This lot will be di vided to suit purchasers. Terms easy aud made known by applying to W. W. Carr, at W. A. Duran's Lioihin Stoie, loot of Exchange slice . jull9-dtt Farm for Sale. I WILL sell my tiirm near Allen’s Comer West brook, about three miles ltoin Portland, one mile li'om hoi sc ears, aud Westbr »ok Seminary. Said thrm contain* aliout 100 acres, part of it very valuable lor tillage, ana port ot it fur building lots. There is a good house, two large barus, and out hous es on the premises. 11 will l*o sold together, or iu lots to suit, purchaser* CY UUS THURLOW, scpll-dtt 1C5 Commercial St. For Sale TMIL lot oi Land on the westerly corner of Con gress and Pearl Stt; fronting on Congress street at> ut 111 lectaudni Pearl about 90 leet. 4‘‘P■>- “> ClIAREES E. BARRETT, p„,.„ At ottiee (,rand Trunk Railway Station. Portland, Aug, g. li-m;. ’ aug91l For Sale in Cape Elizabeth, a few rods aerossjPortland Bridge, Lot of Land SO by lOO. Enquire at 8. I. Cumming’s 8t«re. November S, I860. d5w* miscellaneous Philadelphia Oak Tanned Leather FIRE HOSE! Military, Masonic and Firemen’s EQUIPMENTS ! Mesarn. John L. Shaw <£ Co., after having been burned out of Federal street, July 4th, haye resumed business in the room over the store of J. TEWKSBURY Ot CO., CORNER OF ' LIBIK AND FOBE ITBEETS, OPPOSITE THE NEW CITY MAKKEX. PhnS3&|?fIPK®d » »t«ck Of Oak tanned Leather In daiSfor ’ y "e u,,wready to exeente all or Phila telphia Oak Tainted Leather Fire Engine Hose, Double and jingle riveted, and of all sixes, as used on For™p2m£ *Dei'’ an‘‘ En,ta“> Stoambo^ Lod Cities, Towns aud Corporations can be supphed with a strong and durable Hose, war ranted e>)aal to any made elsewhere, aud on as rea sonable terms. N. B.—Fire Bucket*, Spanner Bolts, Flexible Pipes, Knapsacks, Cartridge Boxes, Pistol Holsters, Ac., made to order. Couplings, Pijies anil Nozsels furnished and Hose repaired. novl7dtf IMPORTANT fo LUMBERMEN -AMD Owners of Hemlock Lands t rilHfi AMERICAN PATENTED IMPROVEMENT i TAN NINO COMP AN V, of New York, own the exclusive right in the United States tor the manufac ture of an imperishable “EXTRACT” from Hemlock Bark for tanning purposes. This Bark Extract is now extensively used among Tanners, and the de mand lbr it rapidly increasing. It commands a ready sale in the Boston, New York and Philadelphia mar kets, at sixty cents per gallon. The appliances for manutactnre are simple and not expensive, costing but little more titan the ordinary leaches used byTan ners. By this process, two cords of Bark may be re duced so as to concentrate the entire strength into forty gallons of extract, without in the slightest de gree injuring its tanning qualities, and at a cost not exceeding one dollar per cord. The saving in freight alone, between the transportation of the Extract mid the bark, will range Rom six to eight dollars per cord, so that any one who may get out but three hundred cords of lark per year, may save from two tiiousand to twenty-fivehundred dollars in the diiference in freight. The Company does not propose to sell Territorial rights, but will grant exclusive privilege to manufac ture in certain localities, oharpinp a small royalty per gallon on the amount manufactured. The Company will send competent men to sorter in tern! the construction of the works, where parties de sire to enter into the business, and to instruct in the manufacture of the Extract. As a guarantee of success to parties entering into this business, the Company will contract to take all the Extract manufactured under their process st fifty cents per gallon, delivered in Boston or New York. Parties in New England desiring further informa tion as to terms, Sic., may call upon or address Mr. Thomas W. Johnson, Gonoral Agent of the Com pany, at the American House in Boston, where mod els ol the apparatus mav be seen, nov 13 d3m 6. H. KENNEDY, Prcs’t. MAGIC II AI R Restorative ! ! NO. 1, Will Restore Gray or Faded Hair lo in ORIGINAL COLOR, EITHER BLACK OR BROWN. Strengthens the hair and gives nourishment to the roots. Makes the hair soil and moist. Prevents and cures Dandruft A S plendid Hair Dressing, PROVED TO BE THE Best and Cheapest in the Market. MAGIC HA.IR RYE Has only to be applied to the Hair or Whiskers and the work Is done; no washing. jy For sale by an Druggists, CHARLES NEWHALL, Prspfletsr, octl3eod 47 Hanover st, Boston. 3m CAUTION To Purchasers and Dealers in the Celebrated • Water-Proof & Oold-Proof Arctic Gaiter Shoes Patented by T. C. Wales, of Boston. THE Goodyear Metallic Rubber Shoe Company, of Naugatuck, Connecticut, would inform Dealers and the public generally that they are the exclusive owners of the Patent and Soft Manufacturers of the above-named Shoe, and will promptly prosecute any and all infringements of their rights under said Pa tents. All genuine Arctics are bound tcifh cord and have the name ot the Patentee and of our Com pany on the bottom. All others are but poor imita tions. The public will promote their own interests by purchasing those only mado by this Companv, at Naugatuck, Conn. WALES, EMMONS Jfc CO., Nos. 17i and 173 Pearl street, Boston, and BREEDEN & SOUTHWICK, Nos. 107 aiul 109 Liberty street, New York, are Sole Agents for the sale of the above-named Shoes. GEO. H. SCRANTON, Tteas. JAMES E. ENGLISH, Prest. uovlGdlw Wholesale Millinery! johh eTpalmer, HAS removed to Store No. 31 Free Street, up stairs, where ho is prepared to ofier A CHOICE STOCK - Of - Straw Goods, AND MILLINERYl AT SATISFACTORY PRICES ! „ , . JOHN E. PALMEE. Portland, Sept 10. . dtf AMERICAN LLOYDS 1 THE undersigned hereby give notice that be has been appointed Agent of American Lloyds for the State of Maine, and is prepared to inspect vessels of all sizes in course of construction and report the same for classiflcation. Ship builders and owners would therefore confer a fhvor by sending me early notice of the vessels they are building for which a class is desired. WILLIAM ROGERS, Inspector. Bath, Me., Nov. 16,1866. novlikllin* Portable Steam Engines, COMBINING the Maximum of efficiency, dura bility and economy with the minimum of weight and price. They are widely ami favorably known, more than COO being in nse. All warranted satis factory, or no sale. Descriptive circulars sent on application. Address J. C. IIOADI.EV A CO. „ „ Lawhenck. Mass. Nov. 6, lSfi« "md. Muskets, Muskets! SOHO Tcrcussiou Nmsslh bore LtV/V/V/ uslicts, In good order. HT*For sale singly or bv the Case. Price $1.25 in American Currency. WILLIAM READ A SON, 13 Faueull Ball Square. BOSTON. Nov 3—dAw3w __ Family School at Gorham. Me. THIS school for boys has been recently established by Rev. Geo. A. Perkins, formerly a missiona ry 01 *he A. B.C. F. M. The situation is very plcas Mit and accessible, and the number ol pupils fs iim ,®fV‘ 5 winter session will commence on the 5th of December, and will continue 10 weeks. Applica ttons should be made early. For particular* juhlress the 1 rinclpal. References may be found in the Christian Mirror_ OCM eodftw The Portland Glass Company Are prepared to furnish Rich Cut Dinner and Tea Sets t And ail kinds of Cut Ware suitable fin the HOLI DAYS; also GAS SHADES of various patterns.— Samples may be seen at their Manufactory, not 7.11m ASt C ^ issucov/ntc i'/r% riujgus. treasury Wte© ONLY TRuf method nn;,28<t3m Notice to Land Holders, MI>. O’DUROCHER. !milder,.is prepared to lake contracts for Kidding, cither by .fOB or hv iiAV WOllK. (’an furnish First Class workmen mid material of all description. Residence, AMERICAN HOUSE. August, lVec tlaBa8tml’ Confectionery Saloon fbr Sale yi1T,^y™D r Fae^>r> JSknd in the town of Saco ( nf,tra<1h—» well fitted up for Ice ^Ippfy^o ’ a,*° f<>r 8 DiuiDg or Lunch Saloon. M1TCHELSON & RICHARDS, nov 14 dti_ *X£ESSS%'o,M, Particular Kotice. VALUABT.E bouse lots for saloon the oorncr oi r Decring and Hoary streets. Tire nr pet deal ratio lots now In the market. Inquire of HANSON & DOW. Real Estate Agents No. S4T. Congress St. tp-Hoiisesaudlntsin diftbrcul parts or the city, sale cheap. seplldtt For Sale. A NICK STOCK ot GROCERIES and PROVIS IONS, with STORE, in one of tho best locations in this city. lias a good run of tbe best ut trade. For particulars enquire at no8dtf__ PRESS OFFICE. For Sale Cheap. FVE Black Walnut SHOW CASES, 9 feet long each, and one counting-room Desk. a very nice one- .. „ F. INURAHAM.’ Yarmouth, Nov. 19,19G6. STEAMERS. FREIGHT FOB THE SOOTH AND WEBtT Boston and Philadelphia , Steamship Line. Th* Steamer. ROMAN, SAXON, and AKlEi „„ tho hue, and ft steamer leaves each pur EYEHY FIVE PAYS. hoOK Whar , 12M. 10 A.M niaSif tl'e.We,t fcrwarded br the I'ennaylva a t°J*»l‘lmora and Washington bj cvno^eigfei>,>rr,'r''mn‘i—■ Nov *-d,vr _ASSWW^m. FARE REDUCEDJO BOSTON. Smuttier Arrangement! the Stcameis ol the Portland Steam Packet Co. will tun us lollnws:— Iieuvc Atlantic \\ hull, i Boston "7T^T™"°je.y evening, (.iccpt Suudavlat 7 o clock. Lcav e Boston (ho suiuc days ut r> p M Cabbi iare. gl.BO Deck,. i oo 33T* Package tickets to be had of the Age nts at re duced rates. Freight taken as usual. L. BILLINGS Agent Alay -*2ud, lbtW—dtf _ * International Steamship Oo. Kaatpart, Calai j and St. John. FALL ARRANGEMENT. TWO TRIPS I*EK WEEK. On »n<l after Monday, October 1st, the steamer NEW. BRUNSWICK, Capt. E. B. WINCHESTER, arm the steamer NEW ENGLAND, , Capt. E. FIELD will leave Kail Tt?rHMrrx tc^1 reel every MONDAY ami jSn1*804^’ t5°Cl0<kI> MrorRa®l,’orl “*d S1 BETUHNING, will leave St. Jolui and Fatti/ori same days for Portland and Boitou ^ ’ A* Kf8ntpo"tl“1‘“‘‘a<ncrC|CEtN wUi connect lor o ',£.“dl . ", Robbmston, Calais and New Brunswick, Railway to W oodstock and Houlton Stations, an i Stage Coaches will connect lor Machias , AiwSh John posaengers take E. A N.' A. Railway, for Shedujc, and Aom thence lor Suinmendde ami Charlottetown, P. E. Island, and Pfclou N S' also at St. John the steamer Empress tor'Windsor and Haliflut, every Tuewlay and Friday evenings, anil lor Digby every Monday and Thursday mnrntngs ITT" Freight received on days of sailing until 4 o’clk p- *£• , . C- C. EATON, sepgg-dtl_ _ Ageut. PORTLAND AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP COMPANY. SEMI-WEEKLY LINE. The splendid and fhst Steam ships D1K1GO, Capt. H. Sher ‘ woon, and FRANCONIA, Capt " ■ W. Sherwood, will, until --'further notice, ruu as iotlows: heave Brow,/sWhart, Portland, everv WEDNES DAY and SATUBDAI, at 4 P. M„ anti leave Pier £,.£Sd.Rive.r’ Ncw To‘k' ‘-'ery WEDNESDAY and SATUBl A Y, at 4 o’clock P. It. Theec vessels are tit ed up with hue accommoda tions for passengers, making this the meet speedy sole and comfortable route lor travellers between 2?J. Y?\k »n<1 Maine. Passage, in Slate Boom, ?6J)0 Cabin passage Si on. Meals extra. Goods lorwaxded by this line to and iron Mon St Joi^neb**' bangot, Bath, Augusta, Em.tpoitand shippers are requested to send their fi eight to tho ^PortEnd^' 883 P M °n '"e For freight or passage apply to 1 « POa, Brown’s Wharf, Portland J. P. AMES, Pier 3* K'aal Biver. May 29,lafik___ dtl STEAMBOAT NOTICE. WINTER ARRANGEMENT! To Penobscot River twice a Week. The Steamer LADY LANG, Capt. A. L. Whitmore, will comment o the Winter tries on MONDAY ’Nov. 19th, Will leave Portland f..r _... ’Bangor (or as lar as the ice will pennit) every Tuesday and Frida\ eteuiugs at 9 o’clock. - • lie turning, will leave Danger every Monday and Thur day mornings at 6 o’clock, and Wintcrport ^l0C^I0sUndin^..Hndm^hwB^kS|“'lt’ Ra;?t,oiS^tCTesSt^rTy ^ " Portland, Nov. IT, IMP. A" S0M£RB'> A*|®"t HOTELS. PARKS HOUSE, 1ST Washington Street, Neat the of Milli Sticc!, BOSTON, THE uudereigned would respectfully elute la the citizens of Portland uud the East generally that they have leased the above well known Hotei, and having made imi rovoimnta in the same, are prepar ed to entertain them in the best manner and at rea sonable prioea. Merchants from tlic country art! Travellers gener ally, will lind a pleasant home at the PA11KS HOUSE during their sojourn in theeitv. Terms : $3,00 a day, iuclmliiig metis and room.. T. H. 4k J. H. BA.tfD, S-<>. l-'tsn. Clerk. Propkiktors ang29d3m UNITED STATES ■IOTUL, PORTLAND, MAINE, THesubscrfler.recently Proprietor of the COM MKltClAf. IlOUSIi. (wlii< h was degiro vod in Uie great lire.) l>cgg lo uiuuuuice to his, old patron a and tlie |>nblic tbit be lias leased the above hotel and will open for the accommodation of the public niter ally, on Saturday August 11. Thankful to bis old cugfomeis for past patronage, be would solicit a continuance of the same. TERMS FAVORABLE. aug29-Cm N. J. DAVIS. WINTHROP HOUSE. Bondoin Siren, BOSTON. 1 lie undersigned has recently thoroughly renovat ed and refitted this establishment and will hereafter conduct it for the accommodation ot the - Travelling: Public. Country merchants visiting Boston will find the Winthrop House singularly <tniel, Convenient and Central, it being within five minutes walk of the principal buisiness portions of the city. EFTenn |:l.M per day. oct22—dim* n_W. F. DAVIS. Important to Travelers LITTLE & CO’s ! Western llailway Ticket Office! Market Square, UNDER LANCASTER II.VLL, (PARTI s'GTON’* SALOON THE sulacrihcrs hSYiugrcstmieil the Agency {which since trie Qrcal >re ha* been suipendctf) fur the *a/e of THROUGH TICKETS — to im: Went, South and Worth- Went nrt prcimrcd to tarnish passag® tickets at TOE LOWEST BOSTON R ITES CY ALL THE Popular and Most Expedition* Routes! via Hail or Stenmer to B*>8t«vn*, I bonce via the New York Oentwl. Pennsylvania Central, Erir and Baltimore A Ohio Railroads, TO ALL POINTS SOUTH o j: WEST l All 1 ruvcllers will lin<l it grcatlr for their ad vantage (o procure kickcta at this olHce, or at T9 Commercial Street, ((Jp Ntnir*.j FOR CALIFORNIA! Passage Tickets by tlie b&miers sailing irom New York i'll the 1st, 11th and U 1st of cadi m> utli. may l»c secured by early application to W* D. LITTLE A CO,, Agents, September 3, UCti. d*wtl Jackson’s Catarrh Snuffl BLEfl tNT TROCHE aud SNUFF Combined tor Cough 8, Catarrh, Bi on chitis, Cold*, Hoarseness. Asthma, Had Hreath, Headache,He. Instantlv relieves annoying Csuulw in Church. Cures t'slsnfc, pohitively without sittizitio. Valuable lo ,Vc., rlean and BtreiBfiltH'MB slie voice ; acta 'lUicVIy; Wales nlcas untly;i ever nonwaiM. IVrventa takingroht from Skating, I,return fc&s&j*****nr *»* swar Hooper, Wilaon&Co. (som'WtinnelS’CT) rtUL.Vl>FI.rHI A. ** WIPPI^Ejportkiml.Wh'.iesaJe Agt. $100. $100 WAR CLAIM OFFICE. Patterson & Cltadbournoi Horton Block, 2 doors above Preble House. fPHE new Bounties, under the law approved July 1 2Sth, 186U, Increase of Pensions, Arrsare of Pay. Prize Money, and all other elaitns against the Gov eminent, collected at short notice. The neoessary blanks have been received, and claim i ants shonld flle their claims promptly. Frank G. Pattkrson, late I.feut 5th. Me. Vole Paul Chadbournk, late Mr), lot Me. Cav. Oct 16-dtf g