Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, November 23, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated November 23, 1866 Page 2
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DAILY PRESS. PORTLAND. Friday Morning. November 23, 1060. The Giu of G«ml We have heard ad nauseam of the boldness of the Democratic party, and certainly we had cause in the recent canva;s to admit e its courageous consistency—perhaps outrageous consistency would be more exact though at the expense of its discretion. It anything were wanting to prove the completeness of the rout which this forlorn remnant of a once powerffi^party has just experienced, the pan ic which prevails in its disordered ranks, the X headlong retreat from its chosen positions, the wild abandonment of its standards, sufficient ly mark the nature of the event. The Port land Advertiser pronounced Ihc defeat “final and fatal,” and gave up its daily edition at once. The Chicago Times (uprises to “cut loose fi'oiu’the hybrid Johnson concern” and r-dvocate impartial suffrage. The Washing ton Star advises the Southern States to ratify iiie pending amendment to the Constitution, before worse conditions are tendered. The Boston Post is for impartial suffrage, and the Buffalo Advertiser is for the aineudmcut. Tile Portland Argus is on the IcueeJwUh both legs on tiie side ot impartial suffrage. Presi dent Johnson himself, if we may credit his official organ,.is preparing to abandon the Johnson party and outdo Sumner, Wilson, Banks, et als. for negro rights and impartial j usticc. This is encouraging. The political millen nium has undoubtedly arrived. The Demo crat and (lie Negro will lie down together,and there will be only one party throughout the land The Southern States are to coaler the elective franchise impartially upon all their citizens, and everybody is as happy, and the country is as sale as Mr. Seward himself could possibly desire. There are some creatures so constituted as to like being beaten and kicked. Spaniels, lor instance, and dough-faces. The excessive admiration of Northern Democrats for the cotton aristocracy in the good, old times, was notoriously due to the high and mighty way in which the Southern gentry used to carry themselves towards their humble followers. To he cursed by Toombs, snubbed by Davis,or hustled by Wig fall, was glory and honor enough lor (he < axes, and Vailaudighams, and Woods. The drubbing which has just been administered to the same people at the polls has had its nat ural effect. They are seized with a sudden ' and praiseworthy admiration of the Republi can policy, and as that policy is two-fold, em bracing the constitutional amendment a,id impartial suffrage, we find tire Democratic party declaring a part for one and a part for the other of these great measures, with nota ble impartiality. Captious people look with some suspicion upon the movement, and even pretend to see danger in it. They note sharply that the talk al out impartial suffrage is not only coupled with a condition, which under the specious name of universal amnesty seems likely to send perjured traitors to Washington to make laws for us, hut is to be led entirely to the ac tion of the Slates, according to the programme of these vivacious new converts. No! say these incorrigible Ka deals, if we are to have impartial suffrage, let us have it in the shape of a constitutional amendment which cannot he repealed next j'ear. Let us be sure of it.— Let us be 3ure too, ol the amendments which blot out tbe rebel debt and insure the pay ment of our own. Let the men who led tbe Southern people such a dance of death, if they really want peace and harmony, retire from public ti'e nor seek to afflict ns with I heir presence in our national councils. Let the citizenship of every native or natural ized American be declared and defined in our Great Charter. Wc voted for the amendment, and we cannot surrender its principles now. Was ever such obstinacy'? These Radicals, who voted lor the amendment under the im pression that it was just and generous, are actually disposed to insist upon it alter carry ing only sixteen States out of eighteen which have voted. They are willing however to make some concession. They will accept the Democratic suggestion about impartial suf frage, and insist upon that too. President Johnson has issued a bulletin announcing his strong desire for impartial suffrage in the DIs ti ict of Columbia. We hope Congress will gratify him promptly. It is wise to make some trifling concession of this sort for the sake of harmony.aud a cordial understanding between the two branches of the government. Mr. Johnson understands now, we believe, that Congress is a part of the government. tVnlker’a Appeal. About the year 18.X0. a panic was raised in several of the Southern States, by the discov ery of an inflammatory pamphlet called “An Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World,” which was found he're aud there in the hands of the more intelligent slaves. Very few copies of this little work ever came into the hands of white men North or South. We find in the New York Post a description of a single copy which has been preserved. It is the third edi tion, dated 1810, makes 88. pages octavo, and purports to have been written in Boston, in September, 1829. David Walker, the author, was a negro of powerful but untrained intel lect. His pamphlet is full of rude force, some times startling iu its earnestness. “We color ed people of these United States,” he says, “are the most degraded and abject set of beings that ever lived since the world began.” Aud again, most truly, “The Christians of America, who hold us in slavery, treat ns more cruel aud barbarous than any heathen nation did any people whom it had reduced to the same condition." He urges the people to edu cate themselves, to defend themselves agaiust oppression, and to resist to the last11 the coloni zation plan.” Here is a passage which illus trates the spirit and intuuer of the hook: I would crawl on niy hands and knees through mud and mire to the ieet of a learned man, where 1 would sit aud hunbly supplicate him to instill into me that which neither men nor devils could remove only with iny life. For colored people to acquire learning in this coun try make tyrants quake and tremble on their sandy foundations. Why, wlut is the matter? Why, they know that their infernal deeds of cruelty will he made known to the world. Do you suppose one mau of sense aud learning would submit himself, his father, mother, wile aud children to be slaves to a wretched man like himself, who instead of compensating him for his labors, chains and I teats him and family almost to death, leaving life enough, however to work, and to call him master? No, no! he” would cut liis d. velish throat, from ear to ear • audiwell do the slaveholders know it. The hare mine of educating the colored people scares our cruel oppressors to death. But if they do not have’ enough to be frightened for yet, it will be because they e • n always keep us igno rant. The whites shall have’ enough of the blacks yet, as true as God sits on his throne in Heaven. This pamphlet was printed at the expense of a few colored men who had earned something more than a living. Walker 1 imself carried it secretly all over the South years before Mr. Garrison began Ills agitation among the whites. The appeal met with no response. Sickened, and almost drivsu to frenzy by the oppression he saw, disappointed and discouraged by the apathy of his people, his labors were at last cut short by poverty and illness. His labor had apparently been wasted. It seems scarcely possible tint a single gen eration has witnessed a change so wonderful, but tho son ofthii illiterate pamphleteer has just been elected to represont the city of Char leston in the Massachusetts Legislature. David Walker complains in his little book, that‘‘the school committee forbid tho colored children learning grammar.” He was crushed by anx iety for the future of his children. His son, Edward Garrison Walker, is well known as a lawyer in Charleston, has long been prominent in political meetings, and will do credit to him self and his race anywhere. “The South says, Poor folks /’own " An’ Alt men up! says wo,— White, yaller, black and bl own: Now which is your idee’.”’ The Srai|»< »f ■»*••• The London Baturda? Review has these speculations upon the ambitious ptojeoti of Russia- curious as Speculations, it not tound ed on truth: The early conquest ol Bokhara by Russia is aa event which may already l*e counted upon. Coupled, as it must be, with the conquest of Khiva and the valley of Amu-Daria, it will undoubtedly be an event of much moment to oui Indian empire. So one supposes that it will tempt Russia to attack India, at least lor many years to come: but the opportunities which she tyill have of molesting us after these acquisitions are greatly under-estimated. The difficult nature of the couuiry which she is an nexing, and the ridges of the Hindu Kush, which must be surmounted before she can roach India, are triumphantly pointed to as complete obstacles to all Russian intermed dling. But two things are forgotten. First, however difficult the country may be at pres ent for the march of armies, the difficulty will cease for a power actually in possession, which can march troops to its new frontier, not in bat ' tie order, but in convenient detachments. In the districts already acquired, the roads aud communications have been abundantly im proved by digging lines of wells, establishing settlements at suitable intervals, and persuad ing the nomads to follow agricultural pursuits. In the advance through the Kirghis desert the Russian base was necessarily on the distant Ural; but aready in Kokan a fertile country has been found whieh will serve for a new and the oases of Khiva and Bokliara will be equally suitable. The upper valley of the Amu LiarU is also most favorably spoken of for its fertility, aud under good government it would easily support a vast population. Russia, then, in possession of the whole country to the Hindu-Kush, would have no difficulty in collecting a large army at her own convenience ill the extreme south. Next, as to the passage ol the Hindu-Kush, it seems to be torgotten that the.mouutains can be turned by marching on Herat and Oandabar, and thence to the Indus; but at auy rate the Hin du-Kush is not an impracticable rauge. In vading armies, from the days ot Alexander downwards, have crossed it" repeatedly, and two at least of its passes are known to modern travellers to be passable for modern artillery. The danger to Persia when Russia shall over lap it on the east, as it does now on the north, is also to be considered. How long would it take, if Russia desired, to overrun all Persia to the Persian Gulf, and seize our telegraph wires, perhaps the future railway down the Euphrates valley? These questions are suffi cient to indicate the problems which will be raised by the further extension of Russian con quests infthe direction of India. Indian states men must before long address themselves to the difficult task of their solution. Ifcfuriu in England nud Ike S’averuiuenl. The London .Star of November 5th has the following: Rumor lias It that the government are ar ranging a brilliant plan for the baffling of Re formers in the coming session. A reform scheme, of some sort or other will, it is said, be shaped out and laid upon the table, the govern ment generously offering the House a full op portunity of considering it by undertaking not to proceed with it until the following session. Thus it is hoped that the Adullamites and all those on either Bide who are for delay at any price, will at once he won over, while some few sincere hut rather simple reformers may be in duced to grant time to a government so willing to undertake the work of reform and so con siderate as not to press it forward too eagerly. Mr. Disraeli, people say, rests all his hopes on having ‘time on his side’ in a different sense from that in which Mr. Gladstone used the memorable woods.” Rrcrut (‘■bliraliaaa. Nasby. Divers Views, Opinions aud Proph ecies of yoors trooly Petroleum V. Nasby, Lait Pastor ov the Church uv the Noo Dis Sensashun. With humorous designs by Thee ones. Cincinnati: R. W. Carroll & Co. Among the humorists of his class Nasby has no superior. Everybody reads him, everybody laughs at him, and everybody will want this book which is full aud running over with his inimitable drollery and satire. The genius of this writer has done that which it is not easy to do,—he has created a new personality, he hag added a uew character to those which live for us iu the world of imagination. The “lait pas ter” of the church of the “Noo»Dispensashun,” is as much a reality to our minds as Mr. Pick wick and Sam Weller, as Pecksniff', Tartuffe or Sancho Panza. And the unutterable meanness and baseness of that political class of whose motives and principles he is the embodiment, the type and the exponent, has perhaps never been so scathiugly set forth us by him.— There is fun withont stint in Nasby’s lucubra tions, hut there is a sharp moral as well. Short and Luring have the book for sale. The Mystic Circle, and American Hand Book of Masonry. By George H. Gray, sen. of Mississippi Fifth Edition , Revised and corrected. Cincinnati: R. W. Carroll & Co. The contents of this volume comprise; first, a brief history of Free Masonry in Europe and America; second, the symbolic chart of the or der; third, a sketch of the ancient constitutions of the Grand Lodge of England; fourth, Ahi man Rezon, or the Book of Constitutions; fifth, constitutional rules, aud sixth a record of res olutions, decisions and opinions of grand lodg es aud enlightened Masons on questions liable to arise in subordinate lodges. To these are appended a code of by-laws for subordinate lodges, and instructions, suggestions and forms for the use of secretaries. The book is neatly printed, illustrated and bound. For sale by Short & Loring. —Godey’s Lady’s Book for December is a holiday number, full of all sorts of Christmas attractions. A beautiful steel engraved front ispiece, a title page, also on steel, containing five tableanx, colored fashions, patterns by the score, ami stories by the dozen. Marian Har land and Virginia Townsend are among the contributors to this number. The former is announced as among those writers who will contribute regularly during the coming year.— Published by L. A. Godey, Philadelphia. Mpecic Pa}uft«uli aa.l IT* 8. SlotUk. To the Editor of the Press : Will you please inlorm a reader of the Daily wliat your opinion is in regard to the value of U. S. bonds, in ease specie payments arc re sumed. Will it bring their value below par or not? Respectfully, Reader. Answer.—United States 5-20’s ot 1884 were quoted in yesterday’s paper at 1061-4, and Am erican guld at 140 1-2. It is plain therefore that the value of those bonds in gold wa| 75 5-8 a hundred, If our currency were redeemable in gold, the quotations would have to represent values measured by gold and not as now by irredeemable paper dollars, which with gold at 1401-2 are worth seventy-one cents apiece.— The bonds would therefore be quoted at first below par. The mere resumption of specie pay ments will have no effect upon their real value. Whether they would subsequently advance or decline, would depend upon tbe rate of inter est. If money were scarce and interest high, they would decline. With an easy money market and a low rate of interest they would advance. Montgomery Blaib —In looking back upon the political campaign which has terminated so gloriously, we can but wonder at tbe want of tact and sagacity of the Johnson leaders Sending Messrs. Doolittle, Parsons, Taylor and Blair to New England was a blunder which was turned to the advantage of the Republi cans. Montgomery Blair was the most mis chievous and maliguant of the number His speech in the Tremont Temple was of the most revolutionary and infamous character It damaged every one who could be politically damaged, that participated in the meeting Wherever the Republicans need somebody to recruit for the party, they should employ Mont gomery Blair to play the demagogue.—Boston Transcript. Blair’s speeches in tins city and Biddeford had the same effect. The Republicans would willingly ha\ e paid his expenses to stump the State and deliver his “revolutionary and infa lnoua” speeches. Ahe Eyes Expressionless?—They Dlav at a game in Paris in which certain members of a company are entirely concealed, with the'ex oeption of their eyes—everything is hidden ex cept the eye itself—and then it is the business of tbe rest of the company to identify the con cealed persons simply by their eyes. One who bad played at this game told me, says a cor respondent, the difficulty of such identification is exceedingly great; and that he himself was unable to find out his own wife when thus con cealed. More than this, it happened that on one occasion, a lady celebrated for her beau v and especially distinguished for her fine eves’ la Duchess deM., was drawn intoeng^kngin ‘•^ Pashme there being only one otiufr pexs. n hidden besides herself, and this person -m old gentleman not celebrated tor Ids eves The pair wore duly concealed and bandaged up, vrith nothing but their eyes visible, and then the person—a lady—who was to declare to whom the respective eyes belonged was intro duced. Without a moment’s hesitation she walked up straight to where the old gentle man was placed, and exclaimed, “Ah tliere is none but la Duchess de M. who can ’boast of such eyes as these." She had made her choice, but it was the wrong one. —Setting the police on the watch for the me teoric shower, in all the principal cities, is sup posed to have prevented its appearance. gri:dAL HOTIOES. *1' ^ ^ ■ - ■ Vat us Cak’t 8LEKF NIOHXB.—We are noW prepSBd to supply Hospitals, Phyelciana, the t«3e ana the great public gjjeial y, with the staud rfuud invaluable remedyJKiDIi's NEnvtSE, which su3K*a all known Separations lor the cure Tall f.HimTofNcrvousi.CBB. It Is rapidly superceding everv preparation of opium—the wefl-kuowu result oi which is to produce costivencss and other serious , difficulties i it allays Irritation, restlessness and spasms, and induces regular action oi the bowel and secre- [ tlve organs. ,. No preparation Ibr Nervous Diseases ever sold so readily, or met with such universal approval. For Sleeplessness, Loss of Energy, Peculiar Female Weaknesses and Irregularities, an.l all the .cavtul mental and bodily syumloms that follow in the train of nervous diseases, Dafid’s Nervine is the best reme dy knowu to science. Sold by all druggists. Price SI. Geo. C. Gooiiwin at Co., augllsnlyd&w n Wlioleaale Agents, Bostou. FELLOW’S ORIGINAL WORM LOZENGES. 1HTE can *ith confidence point to FELLOW’S Y V WORM LOZENGES as the most perfect rem edy for those troublesome poBts, INTESTINAL WORMS. After years of careful experiment, success has crowned our efforts, and we now offer to the world a confection without a single fault, being sate, con venient, effectual and pleasant. No injurious result can occur, let them be used m whatever quantity. Not a particle of calomel enters their composition, They may be UBed without further preparation, and at any time. Children will eagerly devour all you give them, and ask for more. They never foil m ex pelliug Worms Horn their dwelling place, and they will always strengthen the weak ami emaciated, even when he Is not afflicted with worms Varions remedies have from time to time, been re commended, such aB calomel, oil of wonuseed, turp entine, &c., producing dangerous, and sometimes fatal consequences. After much resoarch, study and ex periments, embracing several years, the proprietors of Fellow’s Worm Lozenges, have succeeded In pro ducing this remedy, free from all objections, aud posi tively safe, pleasant and effectual. They do not ton the worms, but act by making their dwelling place disagreeable to them. In order to assure consumers of the genuineness of these lozenges, the analysis oi Dr. A. A. HAYES, State Assayer, is annexed: “I have analyzed the Worm Lozenges, prejwrea by Messrs. FELLOW3 & CO., and find that they are free from mercury, and other metallic or mineral mat ter. Those Lozenges are skilfully compounded, pleas ant to the taste, safe, yet sure and effectivei ini their action. Res^ctftiily, A. A. HAYES, MJL Assayer to the State of Mass. Price !*» cents per Box j Fire for GEO. W. SWETT, Proprietor of the New England Botanic Depot, 106 Hanover Street, Boston Mass., Sole Agent for the United States, to whom all or ders should be addressed. Sold bv dealers in Medicines everywhere. oct6-deow6msN n__ Colgate's Aromatic Vogetable Soap. A superior Toilet Soap, prepared irom refiued Vegetable Oils in combination with Glycerine, auil especiafly designed for the use of Ladle* and for the Nnrsery* Its porfume Is exquisite, and its washing properties unrivalled. For sale by all lirug gizbs. 1 felO'Mssdly A Sure Pile Cure. DR. GILBERT’S. PILE INSTRUMENT positively cures the worst cases of piles. Sent by mall on re ceipt of $4. Circulars fee. Sold by tlrnggiste- -Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. 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TO THE BCVEK, ON ALL GOODS WE SELL! Come aud See and be Convinced! j^Fiud out oar New Store and yon will be Money in Pocket. ANDERSON & CO., 333 CONGRESS STREET, 333, ABOVE CASCO. Nov 17—dim Carpetings and Curtains! As good an assortment of Fine, Medium nnd Low Priced CARPETINGS! \b was ever exhibited in Boston, is now being opened at the NEW CARPET HALLS, 116 TUEMONT STREET, Which, together with a large Stock oi Window Shades and Upholstery Goods, Will be sold at very LOW PRICES ! Foreign Goods by every Steamer. Domestic Goods daily from Mafmtacturers and N»w York Auctions. Window Shade' and Draperies made io o dor. Lace Curtains, in great variety, at LOW PRICES. CHILDS, CROSBY & LANE, No, 116 Treuont Street, BunIoh, seplSd-Tm Nearly opposite Park St. Church. Mari'ett, Poor & Co., Having taken (heChambers 311 CONGRESS STREET, ADJOINING MECHANICS’ HAM,. Arc now prepared to offer (heir friends and the pub lic a large and well asorfed stock-of CARPIJTLYGS! Paper Hangings CURTAIN GOODS, Ac., Purchasers of the above goods arc respci l tally invi ted to examine our stock which is New, Clean and Desirable. lysoatf Hayward’s Rubbers ! We offer to the trade A lull assortment of the above celebrated RUBBER BOOTS AND SHOES, At Agency prices. Also Roots, Shoes A Moccasins, At Wholesale only. STEVENS, HASKf l.L & UHASE. 83 Commercial St,, Portland, Me. Oct 10—dSmos SPECIAL NOTICE. \I7M. C. DUNHAM, whose ability and energy i y are well known, respectfully informs the people of thi9 city that he is prepared to clear out ruins, clean out and dig cellars in a manner and at a price that will certainly be satisfactory, by the day or special contract. Refers by permission to A. w. H. Clapp, Esq, John Mussey, Esq, Jas. Todd, Esq, M. q. Palmer, Bnq, W. H. Fessenden, Esq. Address or call, WM. C. DUNHAM, Hussey's Row, or 77 Free street. oc23dtl Bounties, Pensions, Prize Money And all other Government claims prosecuted by Emery A Drummond.

At JYo. 8 Clnpp’* Block, opposite City Hall.— Treasury certificates cashed, and tensions collected. Geo. F. Emery. D. H drummond. Messrs. Emery & Drummond have formed a gen eral copartnership, and will also attend promptly to all business entrusted to them as Attorneys and Coun sellors at lnw. n aug7—dtf j R E M O Y A L.T the Merchants National Ranh Will remove on MONDAY, Nov. 12, to the OFFICE OF H. M. PAYSON, 3S Exchange St. onlOdtf___ “Little Blue.” THE Winter session of the Abbott Family Schoo will open on WEDNESDAY, Nov. 28tb. Two orl three vacancies remain to be occupied. Apply to the Principal. EDW. P. WESTON. Farmington, Nov 10.—d&w2w 46 * REMOVALS, :y - -■ jp REMOVAL. •MMES O’DONNELL tJOUNSELLOK at i,A\v, OMre iu L'hflilwicU’. H«m. 248 Congress St., nest above Stone Clmrcb. aep7-dtf a OUT OF THE FIRE ! B. F. SMITH A SON’S New Photograph Rooms, —AT— NO. 16 MARKET SQUARE. aug20 n <ut HOLDEN & PEABODY, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, Office, 2291-2 Congress Street, Near the Coart House. A. B. HOLDEN. sepfitftl H. C. PEABODY. CALVIN EDWARDS di CO., HAY BE FOUND AT NO. 3M tONUBEMS NTBSKT. July31dtt n ANDERSON AND CO.’S HOOP SKIRT ABD CORSE f STORE, is removed to 32* Congress St., opposite Mechanics’ Hall. n jylodtl e. O. DOWNES, MERCHANT TAILOR, HAS BEHOVED TO No. 233 1*2 Congress Street, CORNER OF CHESTNNT August 30, I860. n dtf N. J. OILMAN, For the present cccupips part ot the Store NO. « FHEfi Nl'UEET BLOCH, with Messrs. J. M. Dyer & Co., and is prepared to re sume his usual business, and offers a choice assort ment of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver Ware, Spectacles, Cutlery, <&c., on the most reasonable terms. n aug4dtf O. M. <Sb 1). IF. NASH have resumed business at the head of Long Wharf under J. W. Munger’s Insurance Office, and will be pleased to see their former customers and receive theii orders as usual. July 10,1866. n dtf DOW Ac LIBUE1. lujuraace Agentt* will be found at No 117 Commercial, corner o Exchange St. Home Office of New York; Nationa Office of Boston, Narragansett Office of Providence Putnam Office of Hartford; Standard Office of Nev York, and other reliable offices, are represented b< ibis agency. John Dow. jy2odtf E. W. Libbey. YBOIV, r.REENOIOlI 1 CO., Furs Hats, Caps and Robes, 164 Middle St,, over T Bailey 4 Co. jull7tt OODHArTtBIJE Ac CO., Wholesali Dry Goods, No. 4 Galt Block, Commercial St Jul 17-Nlti NOTICE. H. J. LIBBY A CO., Manufacturer and Commission Merchants. Counting Rood over First National Bank, No. 23 Free street. secon< story. Iyll tf AMBROSE ITIERKILL. Dealer ii • Watches, Jewelry, Masonic Regalia, and Mill tarylGoods, No 13 Free street, Portland. Same store with Geyer and Calef. 1yI2dtf agl,ieSiTLls, althougn burned up, the Pro prieturs, Messrs. L. J. Hill & Co., are now pre pared to furnish Coffees, Spices, Cream Tartar, &c at their new place of business, No. 100 Green St. An Order Slate m;y be found at Messrs. Low Plummer & Co’s, No 63 St, and at Mr C M. Rice's Paper Warehouse, No. 185 Fore Street. All orders promptly attended to. Goods at the lowest prices. jull6tl H PACKARD, Bookseller and Stationer, mav b • found at No. 337 Congress St., corner of Oal St._ jull6tt RS. WEBSTER 4 CO., can be found at the ston • ot C. K. Babb, Clapp's Block, No. 9, where wi olfer a good assortment of Clothing and Fnrnishinj Goods at low prices. ^ jul 16 CJM1TH & REED. Counsellors at Law, Mortoi ^ Block, Congress St. Same entrance as l). S. Ar my offices. iyl2dtf ALL READY to commence again. C. M.&H.T PLUMMER W.bite and Blacksmiths, having re built on the old site, No. 12 Union St, would l»c pleas ed to answer all orders tor Iron Railings, Doors Window Shatters, Gratings, &c. Particular attention paid to Gas and Steam fitting HE EASTEBIK E.YPREHH CO. are nov permanently located at No. 21 Free street, axu prepared to do Express Business over all the Rail road and Steamboat routes in the State, and Wes by P. S. & P., Eastern and Boston & Maine Roadi to Boston, connecting there with Expresses to al parts of the country. For the convenience of our customers on Commer cial and Fore streets, an order book tor Height Calli will be kept at office of Canadian Express Co.,.No — Fore Si reef. ,f. N. WINSLOW. jy24 tl JA IE. r%I. RAM), Attorneys and Counsellor • No. 16 Free Street, near Middle. jul.3 DVill 1IO170 E —NOTICE—Persons Lav ng let orders at 101 Exchange street, cau now tint them at 324 Congress street, opposite Meehan cs HaU, where we shall continue our business in alt it; various branches arid at low».r rates. 83T* Ladies’ Dresses dyed for $1,00. All other ar tides dyed at equally low rates, jul I7t>m __ H. BURKE. JE. FBR1VALD A NON, Merchant Tailors • have taken Union Hall, entrance on Free iM. where they are ready with a good stock of Goods Id] Men's wear, which they will manufacture in gar ments to order. t3F*FIrst class Coat-makers wanted 0. RICH Ac TON,~ 138 Exe.hange~ street • Coffins and Caskets: also, Me talic Buria Caskets. jy ue TAARIUS H. INGRAHAM, Counsellor at Law, 11 Federal street, up stairs. iyll UIHARLES J. WALKER & CO. may be found a No. 150 Commercial street, store formerly occu pied tfy N. O. ( 'ram, where they will resume busi ness, and be pleased to see their customers, or re ceive their orders. JulylOtf A 4 S. E. SPRING may be found at the store o Fletcher 4 Uo., corner ol Union and Commer cial streets. iyll tf "M-A THAN GOULD, Merchant Tailor, lias remove* to No. 16 Market Square, over Sweetsir's Apothe cary store. jylO—tt BOOTH, NIioca, Hals and Ciothiug Benj. Fogg may be found rosjy tc w ait oi cust .mers at No. 4 Moulton stri et. foot Exchange ju!20_ CIGARN. 200 M. imported ana domestic Cigar tor sale by C. C. MITCHELL & SON, Jull3tl_ 178 Fore Street. DKBLOIO a EHb7 Atturaeya am CoauMcliai M, at the Boody House, corner o Congr 88 and Chestnut streets. jy26 BYRON D. YERRILE, Counsellor at Law No. 19 Free Street. jull4 LEWIN PIERC-E, Attorney and Counsello at Law. No. 8 Clapp’s Block. jul21 REM O V A La 3 Dr. W. R. Johnson, DENTIST, Hn» Ren. jvrd hie Office to 13 1.3 Free Si Second Houeehom U. H. Hay’s Apothecary may10 Store. di-wtl ———m——nffijc—at I^fipry Davis’ Paiii Killer. Messrs. Perry Davit $ Son. Providence, /?. I.: Dear Sir 1 feel that It is a du'y 1 owe to suffer ing humanity that I should give a relation of th great benefits I have derived trom the use of Pen-; Davis Pain Killer. Last Summer I had the tnisfor tone to lose two ol my children by that dreartfu scourge—the cholera—and in all human piobabilit; should have fallen a victim to the p .stilenco mysel if a kind Prnvid nee had not provided me help ii he hour oi need. I fust became acquainted will the Paul Killer whilst traveling on tbe river with m; husband. A gentleman passenger had some witi him which he recommended in the highest terms a a remedy for the cholera. I thought no more of i at the time, bnt the same night 1 was attacked b; the cholera in its woist torm. I rosorled to variou remedies used to arrest ,ts progiess, but all in vain I was seized with violent cramps, and my discharge began lo assume the same character as cid those o my dear children previous to their death. I wa looked upon ao lost, but all at once thought of th PAIN KILLER. My hftsbaud obtained a hoftl from a fellow passe iger and admin's c-rul to me i dose. 1 expei ieuced almost immediately a cessatioi ot pain. The dose was repeated at intervals ot fit teen luinu'cs, four or five times, and the result wa my complete recovery. I (eel confident that I ow my life to the Pain Killer, and only regret that I ha not known ol its extraordinary virtues earlier, then might have saved the lives ot my dear children Since that time 1 have useiTthe Pain Killer in m; family extensively, an t the more l use it tl.e bette; I like it. As a great family medicine it has noequal Oct 28 lm __ SARAH SANDERERV, SI. Louis. Brick Machines ! The undersigned manufacture Blake’s Patent Brick Machines, and believe them to be tbe best Brick Machine in us< tor several r« asons; i»t, their simplicity of construc tion. rendering them sure in Ibeir opera tinii. and 110I liable to get out of repair; 2nd, the amount oi wori done by each machine daily, and finally, the lo\* price tor which they are sold These M achines are the only ones used by tbe Bay State Brick Company of Boston, in their extensive Brick Yards where 3r»ft M are manufactured in a day by eaci machine, turning out 12 Min about e*gh1 hours. We alsomanuiaclare BUkc’s Patent Steam Pumps, one of which was used to feed the boiler in tbe late Mechanic's Exhibition, and received a Medal. The Committee of Examination say ol it, that he ar rangement ol the valves if* such, that the steam is always in communication with the piston in one end or the other of the cylinder, which renders it certain ana positive in itsoperation. GEO. F. BLAKE & On., scpl2d3m 14 Province St. Boston. Free to All! A BEAUTIFUL CARD PHOTOGRAPH sent free lo any one. Addiess '“PHOTOGRAPH" Lock Box 8087, Boston Mass. aug 24-dCui TARIM, c ._a»— MMBt V. MIUBRi L»D B. DBVNRT #, Counsellors at Law, Merlon Black, 1'eugrets fit., Two Door* above Ibe Preble House, jy9 PORTLAND, ME. tf GERRISH & PEARSON, Dealers in WATCHES, Jewelry, Silver and Plated Ware, Oeld, Silver and Hleel Spectacles, Teels. Files, Ac. ’ ’ sep28 NO, IS FREE STREET. U3m W. F. T O cTl), Dealer In Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles, EVE GLASSES, Arc., Nr. *25 Free Si., Ptrllnud. Repairing clone and warranted. n sep3dtt H MERE WER, (Successors to J. Smith A: Co.) • «f l.cnllin Belting. Also tor sale Belt Leather, Backs & Sides, Lace Leather RIVETS and BURS, sept3dtf n 311 C«uffreMfc Mireel. w. p. freeman & co., Upholsterers and Manufacturers of FURNITURE, LOUNGES, BED-STEABS Spring-Beds, Mattresses, Pew Cushions, No. 1 Clapp’s Block- feel Oke.tnat Street. __ Peinlamd. "augioMREEn1AN’ D' ^‘ Deane' L. Quisby. A. N. NOYES & SO>L Manufacturers aud dealers lu Stoves, Ranges & Furnaces, Can be found in their NEW BUILDING ON MIKE *T., (Opposite the Market.) Where they will be pleased to see all their former customers and receive orders as usual. augl7dtf n H. P. DEANE, Counsellor and Attorney, IN*. 8. Clapp’s Black, Csifren 81. fy Particular attention given to writing Wills, Contracts, Deeds and Legal Instruments. ' July Cl, I860. dtf STROUT & GAGE, Attorneys and Counsellors, Office 113 Federal Street, I PORTLAND, ME. Sevell C. Stront Hanno W Gage _JyTtt n ‘ ■ STAN WOOD & DODGE, Commission Merchants, ^ And Dealers in ! Orocerics, Flour, PB0DU0E AND SHIP STOBES, No. 3 Chase's Block, Head Long Wharf Portland, Me. CHASE, CRAW & STDRTEVANT^ ’ GENERAL Commission Merchants, Wldgery’g Whuri, Portland, Me. 1 oetl6dti JAMES BAILEY db CO., Importers and dealers In FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC Saddlery Hardwar e —ANT)— Carriage Trimmings. Na. 163 Middle Street, Portland, Me. augiy—tt n MERRILL EROS, db CUSHINO, Late Merrill & Small, Wholesale Dealers iu FANCY GOODS, Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, Ac., No. is Free Street, “Arcade.” angSldtl HO WARD db CLEAVES, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, PORTLAND, M NE. Oijice ATo, 17 Free Street, Near* Middle Street. Joseph Howard, Jy9tf n Nathan Cleaves. M. PEARSON, i Gold and Silver Plater -AND— Mauuiuetiirer «i Silver Ware, Temple, Street, first door from Congress Street rORILAND, MB. May 19—dly n OUT OF THE FLAMES t r o. s. bIT ale, , SIGN PAINTER, Has resumed business at No. 187 FORE STREET, Over Wall’s Clothing Store, augls—tf n Portland, Me. A. WILBUR & CO., 112 Trent ont Street, Boston, Importers and Dealers in WELCH and AMERICAN ROOFING SLATES, of nil colors, and slatingnail*. Careful attention paid to shipping. _n aug22-6m JABEZ C. WOOD MAX, COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Has raved his Library. Office at2 2 1-2 Free street, in the Griffith block, third story. n jy9dtf BRADBURY & SWEAT Counsellors at Law, 340 CONGRESS! STREET, Chadwick Mansion, opimsiie United States Hotel, Portland Maine. Bion Bradbury. nov 9ti I .D.M. Sweat Deering MilJiken & Co., Wholesale Dry Goods, 31 COMMERCIAL STREET, ,, Maine. TODD’S Hair Dressing Rooms• Neatly fitted up on LIME STREET, A few doors above the Poet Office where he will be happy to see old customers and new. He now hat ever} facility for conducting his business in the most satisfac tory manner. n sep20d3nf ; JOSEPH STORY Penrhyn Marble €#. Manufacturers and Dealers in Enameled Slate Chimney Pieces, Brackets, Pier Slabs, Grates and Chimney Tops. Importer and dealer in Eng lish Floor Tiles, German and French Flower Pols, l Hanging Vases,,Parian. Bisque, and Bronze Statuette and Busts. Glass Shades and Walnut Stands, Bohe mian and Lava Vases and other wares. » 112 TREMONT STREET Studio Building aug22—Cm n BOSTON, Mass. SHEPLBY & STHOITT COUNSELLORS AT LAW, O F F ICE. lu Post Office Building, 2d story; Entrance on Ex change street. O. F. SHEPLEY. j.v9tl A. A. STROUT. L. F. PLNGREE, Pattern and Model Maker, Machinist and Mill-wright, Shop at C. P. KIMBALI/S Carriage Factory No. 2 No. 16 Preble St., Portland, Me. 13/"0rder» Horn Founders, Manufacturers. Print ers. Pain'er*, Surgeons, Hatters, and Shoe-Makers, promptly executed. seplHd&w3m J. C. MOXCET, Hair Dresser, Has Removed to No. 330 Congress Street, no7dtt (A lew doors above the Preble House.) PEKCIYAL BONNE Y. Counsellor and Attorney at Law, Morion Bloch-, Congress Street, Iws Hoar* above Preble Hone, PORTLAND, ME. nov!9 tf I ■ .....----HJlUlilim Bt lilUM CARDS. ' - -- ££ -ic . £;1L. - -L W. W. THOM4*. Jr., Attorney and Couweller at Lit, [CkjOwick Bouse:,] 240 Congress Street. ocIMly S. L. UAJtLETON, ATTORNEY AT I, AW. 27 Market Square. Sept 24—dtf „ V. C. HANSON * CO.’ 34a CON GRESS STREET, Manuibcturers and Jobbers to Women’s Misses ’ and Children's BOOTS AND SHOES, 345 Congress St. Upstairs, aug27-d3iu J. B. HUDSON, JR., A R T I N T , 27 Market Square, aug21d6oi _ PORTLAND, ME. C. H. STUABT & CO., Masons, Builders, Blusterers -AND CONTRACTORS. Address Pos’ Office Box 1,9#8, or at the office rear o C. H. Stuart’s residence, WO. 80 CLARK MTRCKT, _Angg-t, P*r,,“Md WM. W. WHIPPLE^ Wholesale Druggist, 21 MARKET SQUARE, any, iPOBTLasp, ME, W. H. CLIFFORD, COUNSELLOR kt LAW, —AND— SOLICITOR OF FATENTS, WO. 8 CLAPP’S BLOCK, aug2dU_ Congress Straet. W. H. WOOD A SON, BROKERS, Fiji tf°" -Fore Street. McCOBB A KINGSBURY. Counsellors at Caw. OFFICE OVER H. H. HAY’S Jy*_Junction of Fret & Middles tree! »■ RYDER A REINHARDT, * HOUSE, IIGN, Fresco and Ornamental Painters Gilding, Graining, Glazing, Ac. OAK STREET, oct22-dlm*(Between Congress and Free.) DAVI8, ME8ERVE, HASKELL A 00., Importer8 and [Jobbers ol Dry Goods and Woolens, Arcade 18 Free Street,' P. DAVIS, 1 L. r. f PORTLAND, MR E. CHATMAN. |_IIOVfl'BSdtf J. G. LOVE JOY, Wholesale Dealer in Lime, Cement and Plaster, 33 Commercial Street, _tobtlanp, me. luneltt FREEMAN & KIMBALL, Successors to STEVENS, FREEMAN A CO., Wool-pullers and Dealers in Wool and Wool Skins, Al'O Manufacturers ol PEBLE8, KIDS, LININGS, Ac. OROFE STREET,.PORTLAND. ME SAMUEL FBEEMAN, Oe6 L. KIMBALL. ty We pay Cash for every tiling we buy. Jelti ROSS A FERNY, P IrAHT K Ti K liH, PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL 8TP000 AMI) HASTIO WORKERS, Oak Street, between, Congress and Fret Sts., PORTLAND, ME. Coloring, Whitening and White-Washing nmnipt y a ttended to. Orders trom out ol town solicited. May 22—dtl CHAS. J. SCHUMACHER, FRJESCO PAINTER. At present to be ftmud at Ids residence 244 CUMBERLAND, Jyso tt WE AD OF MECIIA NIC STREET. ATWELL & CO., ADVERTISING AGENTS. 1T4 Middle Street, Portland, Me. What?180:18t ,,IC Mcrc,1:ui,s’ Exchange, No. 2 Long Adyorlisctncnts received for all jwpers in Maine, Oiroughout tlio country. Orders felt at the Mer chants Exchange, cr sent through (lie Post Orth o, ro ceive prompt attention. * angj0 u CHARLES FORES, " Dealers In Paints, Oil, Vranishes, Window Glass, Ac., Ac. No. 3 Custom House Wharf, Continues tlie Painting busiuesaa* usual. aug3d4m* New Store ! New Goods'! CHARLES II. MARK, DRUGGIST & APOTHECARY, HAS opened his new store. 34 St. Lawrence street, and has a lull stock ol Medicines, Perfumeries, tombs and Fancy Goods, all new and cheap. Physician prescriptionscarefully prepared. septl7 D. CLARKE Jb Co7 can l>o found AT 29 MABKET SQUABE, USHER LANCASTER HALL. Bools and Shoes for Sale Cheap. jyl# dtf H. r. A. HUTCHINGS, GBAINER, BIDDEFORD,.. H.u,, Will promptly attend all orders from Portland House Painters, or others, on reasonable terms. £&"P. O. Box396 Biddeford, Me. nofidlm BEDDING, HKDDIltn, BEDDING! P. H. SAMUELS, Manu&cturer ot Hair Mattresses, Feather Beds, &c. W Particular attention paid to the renovating of Hair Matresses, and remade equal to new. Blankets, Ac. morion Block, oror Perkins’, two door* oc-5dtt nkove Preble House. W. F. PHILLIPS db CO., Wholesale Druggists, No. 148 Fore Street. OCt 17 !ft iiA,'SON BROTHERS, Sign, Window Shade, —AND— Ornamental Painters. Having taken the Shop No. 17 Union street, are prepared to do all work entrusted to them in a sups rior manner. The shop will be (bund open through all the business hours oi the day. All orders prompt ly attended to uc30dlm» /flSjgfe Dental Notice ! ' T,V Thiele to inform my Mends and pat rons that I have associated with me In the practice ol Dentistry, DR. ALBERT EVANS, Formerly ot Bangor, a skillful dentist of long experi ence, and take pleasure in Introducing and recom mending him to them. Ether and Chloroform admin istered when desired. „ . C. H, OSGOOD, octfiutf n No. 8 Clapp's Block, Congress St. BANG ! BANG I Muskets are still Going Off! NDIODY HURT! A new lot just received, brass mounted and patent chamber; nice and clean. NO. » FREE STREET, _novl2d2w ®. L. BAILEY. Chambers to Let. THREE Chambers to let in Free street Block -u t W, suitable fbr jobbing. dry goods, millinery or fancy goods. Possession given immediate!!- Fn quire of CHADBOURN & KENDALL, nov7d2w _Ware’s Hall, Federal Brett. Sold Out. ~ WE would recommend our former patrons la our successor, E. M. THOMPSON. ocl3d3,n‘ Assisi Ac dwelt. town I tWen ftom Ms old stand by the late fly?, W*L. c. BECKETT Was established biniself at 207 Oouifiess St., Morton IHock, JVBT ABOVE THE P H K B I. K HOIJtl, LATEST FASHIONS, ^Andha,MB, supplied Mu,self with ,nthe StyI(s Coat, Pantaloou and Vest Goods, Which he is ready to make up at short notice. He would particularly call the attention ot hie sus torners and the public to his stock of Cloths lor Fall anti Winter Overcoats, ririmn* r',JTrlco,1V Caster and Moscow Heaven, Chinchilla,, &c., and some of Ms goods for Businew and Dress Coats are very elegant Business He has also a tine assortment of Goods for Ladies' Sacqacs, Talmas and Capes. vi&Hs "•iine ,re LEVY tit- MATHIAS, CUSTOM TAILORS, AHO DEALEB8 IN BEkD V-M ABE CLOTHING, HAVE Just returned from New York and Boston with a line selected stock of German. French and English Broadcloths, Doeskins, Casslmercs, Tri cots, etc., etc., which they will make up in the most fashionable style and substantia) manner, and at the lowest possible cash prices. ’ pur stock of Beady-Made Clothing is targe well selected, bought for cash, which enables us to sell cheaper than any other similar establishment n the city. tJt Good Coat, Pants ;,nd Vest makers wanted. '«» CONOBKSS HTREET, one door West of New City Hall. “P* __dam I. P. FARRINGTON, CLOTHING AND Furnishing Goods! ,,26 Market Square. ROcW—(13m II J. T. LEWIS <e CO. Manufacturers of CLOTHING, have remove! to No. 1 Galt Block, Commercial Street jyw _ n lew Store, 34» Congress Street, (Up Stairs.) H. W. SIMONTON & CO., HAVE opened a Ladle*’ Furnishing Stove, con taining a good aeaortment of Hoop Skirts, Corsets, (Tader Clothing, Merino Vesta, Collar*. CaFs, Wonted oad Fa ary Hoods. French Stamping Done to Order. Congress Street, (Up Stairs.) octat a if. MIL1NERY and FANCY GOODS, ». ii. cTdiim * ' La* removed to 29 Free Street, over J. R. Corey Sc Co.. Where he has opened u splcudia stock of Millinery & Fancy Good: and having bought them at A ucl ion in New Yori will *efl correspondingly low. ’ D. M. C. Dunn. »epCdtf New Book Sloire. C. R. CHISHOLM & BRO . Having joet commenced bustaene at ' No. 307 Congress Street, We intend keeping a large assortment of French, English and American S TVf TIOJYEMt. V, Blank, School, Toy, .lavralie, Story Books, Be., Be. Also a choice selection of Albums and Photographs, SELECT BOOKS, NOVELS, MAGAZINES AND DAILY AND WEEKLY PAPEES. We hope by selling at small profits, and by strict attention to business to merit a share of the pnbHa. patronage. r / HJ..Subscription* received for American and Eoe *•*“ “d p°rt' C. K. CHISHOLM & BBO., no2dM_ 307 Congress st. STEAM REFINED SOAPS! LEA THE £ GORE, WOULD solicit the attention ot the trade at* consumers to their Standard Brands of STEAM REPINED SOAPS e -VI*! EXTRA, FAMILY, NO. 1, OLEINE. CHEMICAL OLIVE, CRANE’S PATENT. SODA, AND AMERICAN CASTILE. AD ol SUPERIOR QUALITIES, in package, »nP ble fur the trade and lamlly use. Importing direct our chemicals, and using on) beat materials, and OB onr goods, are mannDu under ihe personal eupervislon otour senior pern, who has bad thirty years practical experience in tt. business, we therefore assure the public with con deuce that we car and will furnish the Best Goods at the Lowest Prices! Having recently enlarged and erected NEW WORKS, contain)* all the modem improvements, we are enabled to tarnish u supply of S«HB, of the Best Hwalities, adapted to the demand, for Ex port and Domestic Csnuaaptiss. LEATUE dt GORE’S STEAM REFINED SOAPS I SOLD BY ALL THE WholtMule Graccri* Tkr«M{th«nl He Slate. Leather & Gore, 307 C.urnlal SI, 47 k 40 Brash Street, PORTLAND, MAINE. March SC—dt I BLANO HARD’S Improvement in Strain Boilers! ON some boilers TOO dogs, of hcaf is thrown away. making a loss ot 1-3 the fuel. The uuestlou i otten asked how can this be saved. Mr Blanchsru uss invented a boiler that takes perfect control ot all the heat and makes It do duty in the engine. This la very simple in its construction; alter the engine Is In motion the smoke pipe Is closed tight, and the waste bent carried through heaters, beating the steam lb any temperature desired; the remainder carried through the water heater, using up ail the waste heat but 200 degs.; the heat being reduced so low there can be no danger of sotting fires by sparks thrown Arom engines, which will add muoh value to this invention, besides the saving 1-3 the fuel. For particulars Inquire oi „ WM. WILLARD, Comer of Commercial Wharf and Commercial St. Feb 21—dly Consumption, like the Rat tle-$»ake, always gives warning of Its approach. A backlog cough, dull pain in the cbeet, dirtunlty of breathing, are the in dications that there la more or lees irritation of the lungs. It this be neglected, and go on until pustules arc formed, toUowed by tubercles, which sometimes eat off the blood vessels, Death will be the result Allen’s l.nng Balsam will heal all thenriiated par allay the tnaamation. removing the phlegm anefr ter. Thus stopping the cough and prevent lata' sumption.—For sale by T. W. PERK INS * i ami W. F. PHILLIPS*CO.,Portland. Also Dealers in Family Medicine generally. Ck OIK and CAID^ LARD, SPERM AMD WHALE OIL, OLIVE, ELAINE AND RED O’ KEROSENE AND MACHIK) SPERM * ADAMANTINE CA' For Kale by B RADER AW ( aa*S-Cm_No. 7 f WAR CLAT Patterson Harlan Bla> THE naw Bourn 28th, 1868, In Prize Money, and eminent, eoneete«' Thenectttary ’ ants should file Frank G. I Paul Chat OotW-dtf D^tomroel