Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, November 23, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated November 23, 1866 Page 4
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'■ - j w »' mm ***** THE MARKETS. •- v...^t^;f'1. i.1'.! * -'ll1 ■ffttHOBAggiq aafOKTB. Financial. New ifoBK, Nnv. 22. MnneVl* itecldedlv stringent atfull7percent.ini (null, ami iu the stock market there was a general to realize, amounting to almost a panic. diluting is almost at a dead stand, iiovaminejM 1 i-io’s continue very weak. Exchange weak. |ue t inpl v of hills gradually gains upon the demand. Cold at 1.30 P. M., was I37j. New York Market. Kmv VoitK, Nov. 22. Cotton—unsetUed aud nominal; sales 8®» bales.— ^nJSE^afi^SSSl- sum at 8 25 fe ll 75; liound A'oop Ohio 1*« ® Western 8 25 a) 12 50; Southern at11 80 ® i«50. \VrliPuf—verv dull jsales 3,500 bush. Ooru—dull!Tioavy aud 2^ 3c lower; sales 48,600 l.iiHh.flMixed Western 1 23. White Southern, new, 1 (>afs—1 @ 2e lowe; sales 34,000 bush. Chicago and Milwaukee 61 62c. State 66 @ 67. Beet—heavy. Pork—heavy. Lard—lower; sales 470 bids, at 12 @ 13c. Butter—lower. Whiskey—quiet. Rice—quiet. Sugars—quiet.. Coffee—quiet. Molasses quiet. Naval Stores—Spirits Turpentine <3 ;s 73jc. Petroleum—steady. Tallow—heavy. Freights to Liverpool—quiet. Chicago Market*. Chicago, Nov. 22. Flour duliaiullS @ 25c lower. Wheat firm at 2 08 to) 2 12 for No. 1, and 1 80 % 1 93 for No. 2? Corn 3 i«> 34c highert sales at 86} (g) 87c tor No. 1, and 80c f>r No. 2. Oats quiet, and 1 (g> 2c higher; salerjat 37} tiij 38c for No. 2. Provisions dull; Mess Pork at 20 00 @ 2050. Hogs are fhlrly active and 25 (gi 40c higher; sales at 5 50 6 75 for common to ‘good. Freights dull. Receipts 13,000 bbls Flour, 68,000 bush Wheat, £8, 600 hush Corn, 15,000 bush Oats, 1,800 hogs. Shipments 7,000 bbls. Flour, 65,000 bush. Wheat, 115.000 bush. Corn, 52,000 bush. Oats. Milwaukee Market*. Milwaukee, Nov. 22. Flour dull and 25c lower. Corn 2i higher. Oats lc lower. Receipts 1,900 bbls Flour, 73,000 bash Wheat and 4.000 hush. OatC. Sliipments, 4,500 bble Flour, 51,000 bush. Whea. C'iuriniiHti Markets. Cincinnati, Nov. 22. The decline in Gold lias unsettled all articles, aud prices at.the close were to a great extent nomlna.— Flour dull ami little done. Whiskeys teady at 2 34 7 75. Hogs, Receipts 60,900. New Orleans Market*. New Orleans, Nov. 22. Cotton dull and lower; sales to-day were 2,200 bales. Low Middlings at 31 Q 32c. Receipt* 5,900 bales.— Sugars dull and unchanged. Molasses higher; infe rior at 45<-; prime 60 (a> 62c. JVcw York Hlock Market. New York, Nov. 22. Second Board-Stocks dull and lower. American Gold.1384 Treasury Seven-Thirties,.106} C anton Company,. 44} Chicago & Rock Islnnd,.163 Illinois Central,,. 116} Cleveland & Pittsburg,. 82 Chicago & North Western,.42? Chicago & North Western, preferred,. 691 t leveland & Toledo.Ill* Pittsburg & Fort Wayne. 101 g Pacific Mad.174 Erie... 71J Reading,.116ft Michigan Central,.HI Michigan Southern,. 79 Western Union Telegraph,. 44? Cumberland Coal Company,. 64} JBuslou Stock List. Sales at the Brokers' Board, Nov. 22. American Gold. 1384 United Stales Coupon Sixes, 1881. 112$ l nited Stat«3 7 3-10ths, 1st serie s. 105 “ 2d series. 105 3d series. 106 CniteJ States 5-20s, 1862. 1084 lsb*. lOti* “ 1865. 106* U nite i State s-Ten-lortie-s. 1024 i a fern R iiroad. Ill} Rutland 1st Mortgage Bonds. 123 i: iston and Maine Railroad . 131 Vermont Central 1st mortgage bonds. 119 Vermont Central 2d mortgage bonds. 39 Western Railroad. 146 (Sales ai Auction.] New Hampshire Stale Sixes,. 964 Pori land City Sixes, I87C. 97} MARRIED. In Buxton, Nov..II. by Bov. Joseph b rtlclt. Cy rus JF, Davis, of Portland, and Mbs Harriet C. Dow, of Bnstou. [No cardH.| In Belgrade. Oct. 31, Hezckiah Bean and Mary E. Hallowefl, both or S dney. In Turner. Nov. 11, Henry Vf. Jones and Mrs. Lliza A. Foss. In Wcbfitov. Nov. It, Horatio G. Small, of W., and Lizzie K. Gould, ot Bowd in. in Yarmouth, Nov. II, Rntus E. Bounds and Miss Amelia W. Lowe, both or Auburn. I)II5p, In A ugusia, al tlie Ins me Hospital, Mrs. Lucctta if. Monroe. <*i TiiomafitiTn, ag <1 ;i.i years. In St George, N-iv.L uu'sa D. Wall, aged JO yrs. 2 months. In B .ngor, Oct. ,8, Mir. Remembrance Howard, aged 7!) year-. In Union, Oct. 25; Mr. Joli.i Bowes, aged £5 years 4 month . DEPARTURE OP OCEiV bTElMERS NAME FROM FOR DATE. Java.Now York. .Liverpool.Nov 21 Rising Star.New York. .California-Nov 21 Lina.New York. .Liverpool.Nov 21 South America_New York, .llio Janeiro.. .Nov 22 Moro Castle.New York. .Havana.Nov 24 r.rin.New York. .Liverpool.Nov 21 Savonii.New York.. Hamburg.Nov 24 New York.New' York. .Bremen.,.Nov 21 City ot Boston.New York. .Liverpool.Nov 24 Persia.New York.. Liverpool.Nov 28 City of Limerick.. .New York. .Liverpool.Nov 28 (itv Washington. ..New York. .Liverdool.Dec 1 A frica.Boston.Liverpool.Dec 5 Scotia.New York.. Liverpool.Dee 12 Miniature Almanac.November 23* sun rtfes. 7.01 8un sets.4.32 | Moon ns'js.0.12 fm H4rli water.11.45 AM MARINE NEWS PORT OP PORTLAND* Tiiarsdayt November 22* ARRIVED. Steamer New England; Field, Boston for Eastport and St John, NR. Brig J C York. York, Philadelphia. Sell F A Ileaih, Williams, Philadelphia. S h ftagaduce, Kennard, Philadelphia. Seh Moses Waring. Plummer, Elv/.abetbport. Sch Sardinian, Holbrook, New York. Sell E H Pray, Clark, Portsmouth. CLEARED. 11/jg Trento::, Sawyer, Tremont—master. Sell Shooting Siar, (Br i Coggins. Westport, Kg. Seh Napoleon, Roberts, Wlscaaact—Eastern Pack et Co. SAILED—Brigs L Staples, and B nil a; sch Mar tha Maria, and others. LAUNuaRii—At Westbrook 22d in;t, itoiu Lewis’s yard, a line clipper barque of about 450 bins, named • jossphiuc.” She was rigged on the stocks and the launch whs a very suecesslnl one. The best of ma terial has been used in the co- Bt ruction of this ves sel, and sLo is first class in every respect. Her di mensions are—130 ft extreme length, 110 ft k It lower bold, and 5$ ft, bet eeu decks. She it* own ed bv R Lewis & Co, Deo S Hunt, Capt H C Mitchell, (who is to command her.) Ruruery & Burnhui, and others, ot Portland, and J O Ward, of New York. She was towed up to port and now lien at Central whart. From the yard of Merrill Brother*, a su^ ior brig ot about 350 tons, named Gip.-ey Queen, owned by Cap! Cha* Merrill, and Capt Wm Yo:k, (who is to command her.) A : l homaston lAth lust, from the yard of Thomp t on Sc Walsh, a white oak ship ot 1260 bins, named ‘ Pride of the Port.” She rates At. with a star, to. 10 years. NOTIC E TO MARINERS. Al.ltkli VltLl: SOUND, nobtu uaeoi.ina. A screw-pile light-house lias been erected on the Par at the mouth of North ltiver, Albemarle Sound, Mirth Carolina. It stands in 3} feet water, mean tide, aud distant a out GOO yards io the westward of ilie channel acres* the bar, as indicated by the three buovs in range. The new structure will Ikj lighted for the first time on the c\ening of the 1st December, lsfki. 'flie illuminating apparatus is by 1 us of the tilth order, showing a ti.ved red light. The light is placed at an elevation of 35 feet above the level ol the rea, and should l*e seen in dear weather ac a distance ol 10 nautVal miles. By order of the Lighthouse Board: W. It. KHUBRICK, Chairman. Treasury Department, Ofliee L. H. Board Washington City, Nov 14, I8fi6. DISASTERS. Brig Calm nek, (of Portland) Capt Minot, from Ha vana lor Trinidad, was w recked cn Cay Britain 1st Materials saved. (The C was a good vessel of 308 tons, built in 185% and owned by Clias Littlejohn and others, of Portland.) Brig Stephen Thurston, (of Serusport) Capt Clark, sailed ftrom Beifast. Me, Oct 13, with a cargo of lum ber lor New Loudon, since which nothing has been heard from her, and It is supposed th .t she was wrecked in the gale which occured a few days after she sailed. It is hoped ihat the crew wercNaved by some foreign bound vessel. DOMESTIC PORTS. SAN FRANCISCO—Ar 2'ith nit, barque Rainier, Carlton. Tcclcalei, and sided 27 th for Puget S. und. Ar 28ih. ship Templar, Rogers. I'm Boston; barque Cbas Devons, Reynolds, Port Madison. Ar 20th inst. ship Garibaldi. Atwood, New York. MOBILE—Cld 14th, barque Hunter. York, Port land. CHARLESTON—Ar 17th, sch Marion Gage, Shep pard, New York. Sid 17rh; barque E A Cochrane, tor West Indies; 18th, ship Southern Rights, for Liverpool. WILMING I ON—Ar 18th. brig Paterson, Scott, fin New York; sch La b Rich, Bon hod". Nassau, NP. With, brijrAlta vela, Reed, Porto Rico. BALTIMORE-Ar 21st, sch Harriet Baker, Web her. Portland. Belcw 20th, barque David Nichols, from George town, SC. PHILADELPHIA—Ar20th, ship J G Richardson, Kendall, Liverpool. Cid 20th,brig Emma, fmith, Havre; sch Ethan Allen. Blake. Portland. '*8? ,ciiai'iena, Waterhouse, Cardenas; Nellie Mowe. Nicboia Savannah; sch W E Alex an- I d^vP™T,<l,'n’,Tl’rk* Islands. §“*!»• sch Julia & Martha, Reed, Calais. Ar 2mh, schs Lucy, Copp, Wind ! for, NS, tor Boston; Wm Flint, Post, Darien. Ga; i • J.Haac 4*loT^e, Bradford, Sa.annali; C S Sylvester, Sylvester, Belfast ’ ■ -Ar, f}*1' «r'S R Ka>’ Jacksonville; cli ' Marietta, Hall,lrom Rockland tor Baltimore. ■ . ...-J- - -------- - - QMItfrtljgto K,.lit,li«. »Lr«llt, RfuWWtri, «8, ».H ret, Brown. Phi!»!lsli!hi» <W |H38l«»l Itiwva, Bent, N«W YofKi Montrose, Orierwn, for Bangor j Eri, S,?n?w£oKX—ArtStfc. whs Emm# Brown, Sylves ter Belfast for I'aliimore; Hornet, Hiob, Providence lor Belfast NEW BEDFORD—Ar 21st, sell Louisa, Davis, Calai BOSTON—Ar 2lst, barque A C Small, Gutt, from CieuAiegos; bug J C York, York, Philadelphia. SHI, ship Borneo. Chi 22d, brig clias Poole, Sherman, Savannah; sob Ocean Wave. Lansil. Bangor. DANVERS—Ar 2i»tli, whs Figure. Pray, Calais; Pearl, TUayer, Rockland. Ar 14th, scbs Frances Ellen from Perry; Leonora, Spofford. Bangor. PORTSMOUTH- Ar 20tli, scbs UuihC Thomas, Crockett, Savannah; Crusoe, Quimhy, New York. FOREIGN PORTS* Sid trn Wellington. NZ, 15tb ult, ship H B Wright, Park, Callao. Sid ftn Newcastle,NS W, Se, t 3, ship Dublin, May hew, San Francisco. Arat Melbourne Sept 1, ship Detroit, Thomas, London. At Calcutta 6tli ult, ships Elizabeth Cushing, Brown; Colorado, Freeman; Sapphire, Hatcli, and Hamlin, Wheelwright, unc. Ar at Callao 22a ult, ship W B Diusmore, Free man, Chiuchas, (and aid 24th for Germany.) In port 27th ult. ships Washington Booth, Bryan, for Chinchas; Edward O'Brien, Oliver, for United States. Ar'nt Rio Janeiro 3d ult, sch Caldera, Heath, New York for Valparaiso, (put in tor repairs.) In port 9th ult, ships East rn Star, Curtis, and Italia, Whitmore, tor Callao, in ballast. At Barbadoes 24th ult, brig Tubal Cain, Dorkee, for-, ldg. At Vlayaguez 25th ult, sch Wur E Alexander, Bow den, or Turks Islands 2 days. Ar at Cienfuegos 11th Inst, brig J W Drisko, Ea ton, Philadelphia, 14 days. Ar at Havana 18th inst, A II Curtis, Merri mau, Portland; Clara M Goodrich, L»ok, do; 14th, Hi am Abiff, Tibbetts, do; 15th, LijeHoughton,Mor ton, do. Cld 16th, barque Eliza White, Gooding, Boston. Ar at Cardenas 15th Inst, brig Mechanic, Merriman Portland. Ar at Matanzos 10th inst, barque St Jago. White, Ellsworth. SPOKEN Oct 27, oft Tortuga*, barque Conquest, Howes, flu New Orleans for Gibraltar. Nov 9, lat 24, Ion 80, seb H P Russell, from New York for Galveston. Nov 15, lat 34 20, Ion 74 40, ship Crest of the Wave, 40 da vs from Cardiff lor Baltimore, (Cap! Smith fell •into the hold some time previous and was killed.) The wonderful progress ol medical Sci nco during the pant au years, only makes I ossibie for the conscientious physician declare, now that. Consumption is as erj ainly cured as luiermhteiit Fever, id as certainly prevented as Smal i. K. King. 21. D.. L. L. J)., rfe. KING'S PREPARED PRESCRIPTION, (Made from the Prescription of Rev.Chas. K. Kino, m. D. L. L. d., dire, j is coutidentiy presented to the public for the Preven tion and cure of CO N SUM PTI ON . (in the most advanced slaves,) lor the radical Cure ot ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, CATARRH, and all aftcctious ot the THROAT and AIR PASSAGES: for General and Special derange ments of the NERVOUS SYSTEM: and for ail Func tional Disoi ders of the Stomach and Bowel*. It immediately increases the strength and deepens the color of the pale blood, it subdues the Chill* and Fever, and diminishes the Expectoration. It checks the Night Sweats always in from seven to fourteen days. The appetite i. al once invigorated, andihe pa lent rapidly gaius flesh; the cough ana the difficult breathing arc speedily relieved, the sleep becomes calm and refreshing: (he evacuations regular and uniform. ALL THE GENERAL SYMP TOMS DISAPPEAR WITH A REALLY ASTON ISHING RAPIDITY. The PRESCRIPTION should be used in every case where the Physician commonly prescribes “Tonics, Iron, Acids, Bark, Quinine, Cod Liver Oil, Whiskey, &c. And in every case, by whatever name kn jwu, in which there is exh bited any one or more of the following SYMF TOMS: Difficult or Irregular Breathing, Loss of breath, Cough, Wasting ot Flesh, Bleeding from the Lungs, Lossol Strength, Loss of Appetite, General Debility, Night Sweats, Flying Pains through the Shoulders, Chest, Face or limbs, Nervous Headache, Nervous Prostration, Giddiness or Dizziness, Excessive pale ness, Sore Throat, Drpwslnesi, sleeplessness, Sour Stomach, Heart-Burn, Oppression or sinking ol the Stomach befoi e or afrer eating. Remi: tant Fever Ac. and especially in all Female Disorder or I terine Ir regularities. such a* Diiiicnlt, Pam ml, Suppressed, Scanty, Extensive, Delayed, Premature or too Fre quent Menstruation. niaieuicHii* iron k'niienla. “Your Prescription saved my daughter’s life, and has saved me hundreds of dollar a.* —Rev. E Hum phreys. Kemden N. Y. “We bless God tor the benefit we have received from your Prepared Prescvip ion.’*—Rev. P. Piere grin, Blosseburg, Penn. “Every one to whom I have recommended i has been bcnelitted much by its use."—Rev. C.D. Jones Racine, Wia. 9 Bible House. Abtor Place, N. Y.,—In the early part of Februar y, 1806,1 was sufiering irom a violent cough, lor which 1 had been treated, during the six months previous without any benefit. I bad Sight Sweats which completely prostrated me In the evening, hoarseness would come on, which would prevent me from sneaking above a whisper I had then had two attacks ol hemorrhage from the Lungs. My family physician assured me he could do more lor me, yeti was growing rabidly worse, and had been compelled to leave business for nearly two mentis. All my symptoms indicated, unmistakably, the nresen e of CONSUMPTION. In the be Aiming ol February Mr. Henry Fisher treasurer qt ihe American Bible Society, presented me with a bottle ol the Prepared Prescription. In a few days iuv appetite which 1 had eutirelv lost, returned; within a weak my cough almost Jen in ; uid in le-s than two weeks the Styhi Sweats were broken up. Thenceforward I regained strength rapidly, and am now regularly at ending to my duties as < lerk to the AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY', in whoso employ ment 1 have been nine years. 1 am now enjoying good health Your PRESCRIPTION effected a cure when iuv friend- despaired of mv recovery. THUS. J CONGER. *•1 have had Nervous or Spasmodic Asthma, lor eleven years. During flic last six years I li^vc never had an uninterrupted nights rest. It olten seemed to me that I would die before I could get air into iny lungs. 1 was ha gard and spiritless, and sutt red so .teatly from shortness of breath’ that 1 was compelled to take frequent rests In walking from my residence to my place o* business. “The night before I obtained the ‘PREPARED PRESCBIPTON/ was the worst I ever passed. On obtaining the remedy, I took a teaspoonrul at noon and again at night, and slept all niglit without wak ing. 1 have not had a broken night's rest since. * * * * * I no longer look •haggard,’ have gained in strength and spirits and am not at all afflicted with *sh rtness of Die-th.* I shall be glad to have any one afflicted with Asthma cal) and see me. “EZRA C. DANGDON, No. 334 Fourth, St., N. Y. The “PREPARED PRESCRIPTION’* is put up in a $1 boitle, and is soi l by W. F. Phillies, Port land, Wholesale Agent. Sold at Retail by every Druggist in Maine—Druggist* Generally. Orders may be ad re-sod to the sole Proprietors, OSCAR G. MOSES & CO., 27 COltTLANBT SiHLET, N. YM Consultation Free. Circulars c mtai uig lartici - lark of many cases successfully treated, will be sent free by mail. J unc 18 eod & eow Fancy Goods! Fancy Goods! Uoweii & Merrill, JOBBERS OF Hoop Skirts & Corsets, t; f> © x*cs -A-nd Hosiery ! Hand and Machine Made WORSTED GOODS/ Such as Nubias, Hoods, Sou tags, Breakfast Shatvts, Scarfs, etc, Together with u huge assortment of SMALL WARES, AH of which we otter at the Very Lowest Market Prices! Nov 2—dim Copartnership Notice. rilHB subscribers have this day formed a copart ner 1 ship under the style and name o CART KB & DRESSER, Fur the puipo,-* of carrying on the Publishing?, Book selling and Stationery Business, at 170 Fore Ml, near the fool af Fxchnugc Ml. EZRA CARTER, JR. A. 1„ DRESSER. Oct 15, 1806. oc28eo<l&.wlin The Portland Glass Company Are prepared lo furnish Hicft Cut Dinner and Tea Sets l And ail Linda of Cut Ware suitable for the HOLI DAYS; also GAB SHADES of various patterns.— Samples may be seen at their Manufactory. nol7dlm Muskets, Muskets! ftflOO Vi°°? p,rru»ioii Sn»th OUV/U lVInekeiH, in good order. 53T*For sale singly or by the Case. Price $1 25 in American Currency. WILLIAM READ & SON, 13 Fnneuil Hall Sqnare, BOSTON. Nov 3—d&w3w JUST ARRIVED! WHICII we will sell cheap for cash, to close con signment, Twenty-Five Army Wagons, suitable for Dump Carts, Jiggers and Lumber Wac ons. Call and examine them. ^ JOSEPH WESOOTT & SON, • Head Union Wharf November 21. dlw 0 For Sale. A NICE STOCK of GROCERIES and PROVIS IONS, with STORE, in ono of the bet locations in this city. Has a good run of the best ot trade For tot i ticulars enquire at no8dtf _PRESS OFFICE. For Sale Cheap. FIVE Black Walnut SHOW CASES, 9 feet long each, and one counting-room Desk, a vert nice one. F. INGRAHAM. Yarmouth, Nov. 19,1806. tf UlMY'.UA^F.or*. Philadelphia Oak Tanned Leather FIRE HOSt! t Military, Masohie and Firemeit** equipments t Messrs. John X. Shaw & Co., after having been burned out of federal street, July 4tl>, haye resumed business in the room over the stole of J. TEWKSBURY & CO., OOBNEK OP I.I9IE AND FORK STHBETS, OPPOSITE THE NEW CITY MAKKET. Having prepared a stock of Oak tanned Leather In Philadelphia, they are now ready to execute all or ders lot Phila telphla Oak Tanned Leather Fire Engine Hose, Double and single riveted, and of all sizes, as used on Steam Fire Engines, Hand Engines, Staamboats and Force Pumps. Cities, Towns mad Corporations can be supplied with a strong and durable Hose, war ranted equal to any made elsewhere, and on as rea sonable terms. ’ N. B.—Fire Buckets, Spanner Belts, Flexible Pipe*, Knapsacks, Cartridge Boxes, Pistol Holsters, &c., made to order. Couplings, Pipes and Nozzels furnished and Hose repaired. novl7dtf Muskets, Muskets. $1.35. 8000 Smooth Bore Muskets American make, Percussion Locks; In perfect order. Excellent Shooters. Just the thing for duck shoot ing. Price tl 28 each. 3003 Hew Carbines! « •' *4? #f'% ’» :?JL i j. I 31 iuch Barrel, Black Walnut iisck*/ For boat shooting. ‘Blight and new having never been in service, at $3.25 Each ! 5000 Prussian Smooth More .Muskets t BRASH HODNTBH, at |1,M Fork. POB SALE AT loo FEDERAL ST., POBTMND. oct30tnov23 M AYil c H A I H Restorative ! ! NO. 1, Will Restore Gray or Faded Hair to . Its ORIGINAL COLOR, EITHER BLACK OR BROWN. Strengthens the hair and gives nourishment to the rojots. Mokes the bait soft and moist. Prevents and cures Dandrufl A Splendid Hair Dressing, PROVED TO BE THE Rest and Cheapest in (he Market. MAGIC HAIR RYE Has only to be applied to the Hair or Whisker sand the work fa done; mo washing. For sale by all Druggists, CHARLES NfiWHALL, Proprietor, octlSeod 47 Hanover st, Boston. 1 3m GAS AND COAL OIL FIXTURES! E. TARBELL & SON, ;«o 11 BHOIH VI KI.D 'MTRE fc,T, BOSTON, MANUFACTURERS AND DEALEBS IN Chandeliers, Brackets, Lamps, &c. GAS FITTING in all its branches. GAS STOVES, for Cooking and Heating. CHANDELIERS, LAMPS, &c., Re-Gilt and Bronzed. no21eod3m Jackson’s Catarrh SnufFI ELEGANT TROCHE anil SNUFF Combined tor Coughs, Catarrh,Bronchitis, Colds, Hoarseness, Asthma, Bad Breath, Headache,<&c. Instantly relieves annoying Coughs in Church. Cures Catarrh* positively without sneezing. Valuable to Singer*, Clergy, Ac., clear* and strengthen* the voice; acts iniekly; tastes pleas antly ; never nauseate*. _ Prerent* taking cold from Skating, Uectnre* &c. ' Sold by Druggists or sent by mail En lose 35 cts to Hooper,* Wilson & Co., |6epu“eodtjunelR’67) PHILADELPHIA. tV. W. WHIPPLE, Portland,Wholeaalo Agt. GEKTLEHEN WISHING Clothing Cleansed J AND REPAIRED, C.uuiot find a place where it can be done more to their satisfaction Ilian at !Vo. 20 Temple Street, Second Door from Congroae st. E3/*Evu-y Garment will receive prompt and faith ful attention. Ladies’ Jacques ! CLEANSED IN FIRST CLASS STYLE I EP" Give me a trial and I will endeavor to please. I (HAULER II. 1UHGNEY. l5&“Highest Cash price paid for r.aat-off ClotUine. Nov 21—d3m ! Men’s Grloves At *493 Congress St., jSAorton Block, Charles Cnstis A Co. uov21—d3t _ ^ HALL’S ELASTIC! Horse Shoe Cushion ! (Patented May 1st, ltJCti.) Prevents snow aud ice from adhering to the slice or hoof of the horse; prevents lameness, in tender or sore-tooted horses: keeps gravel and sand from get ting beneath the shoe; prevents the horse from inter fering, and In fact is invaluable in all respects. Every horse should have them. Send for circulars, or calf and sec samples and judge for yourselves, at princi pal office of Elastic Horse Shoe Cushion. Washington Mt., Boston, Mu**. BPN. B.—No State, County, or Town rights for sale. n sept8—d.3m AMERICAN LLOYDS t fTiiiE undersigned hereby give notice that he has 1 been appointed Agent of American Lloyds for the State of Maine, and is prepared to inspect vessels of all sites in coarse of construction and report the same for claasitlcatioi). Ship builders and owners would therefore confer a favor by sending me early notice of the vessels they are building for which a class is desired. WILLIAM ROOERS, Inspector. Bath, Me., Nov. 16,1866. novl9dlm« Confectioner; Saloon for Sale. SITUATED on Factory Island in the town of Saco O—has a good run of trade—is well fitted up fur Ice Cream, Sc., and also for a Dining or Lunch Saluon. Apply to M1TCHELS0N & RICHARDS, on the premises, nov 14 dtf 50, Factory Island, Saco, Me. For Sale. SCHOONER Matanms, MS tons. Sclu Leesburg. 174 tons. 9ch. Wm. H. Mailer. 193 tons. Sell. Splendid, 59 tons, old measurement, all well (bund. Enquire of SAMPSON & CONANT. uugaS No. 51 Commercial Wharf. Store to Let. o CITABLE for a "Fancy Goods or light Stationery O business. Inquire of J. J. W. REEVES, nolOdtl No. 9 Green St. To Rent, WAREHOUSE ob Custom House Wharf. En quire of LYNCH, BARKER & CO., novldtf 139 Commercial street. I UlMCtl.AMIOI S. V, m Wthkivi kotUm XhtfTED States ok America, 1 District of Maine, s. a. f PURSUANT to atintfry Monitions to me directed from tbe Hon. ™»wird Fox, Judge of the Uni ted Slates District Court within and lor the restrict of Maine, l hereby give public notice that (be to), lowing L i-el an<l information* have been bled in said roar t, Tiz: « * Jr f A A E An Information a ainst one Horse called the “Nel lie W* Locke,’* seized by the Collector of the Dis trict of Portland and Faln.outli on the thirteenth day ot October last past, at Portland in sa>d Dis trict. • A Libel against Twenty-tiro Quintals of Pollock Fish: One Half Barret of Herring : Twenty-seven Barrels No. 1 Mackerel: One Barrel No. 2 Macker el: 340 Lbs. Rusty Mackerel: 73 Empty Barrels; 22 Barrels Soft, seized by tbe CJolfeetoi e< the District of Portland and Falmouth on the fifteenth day ol October last past, at Portland in said District. An Information against One Water Wheel: One Lathe: Lathe Bench and Turning Tools : One Board Plane: One Grind Stone and Bench: Twelve Circular Saw8: Six Saw Shafts: One Clapboard Machine: One Lath Machine: One Match Splint Machine: One Face Planer i One Machine for preparing Match Blocks: One Power Cross Cut Saw: One hand cross cut saw ; One and one half gross Stamped Matches: ninety-three One cent Stamps, and all me Shafting, Spiting,un stamped Matches, Stoves, and Other Furniture in the Mill and Pry House connected therewith: Chest of Tools, Monkey Wrench, tfc.. tfc., seized by the Collector ri Infernal Revenue lor the First Collec tion District cf Maine, on the twenty-seventh day of October last past, at Hollis, in said District, Which seizures were for breaches ©f the laws of the UnitedStates as is more particularly set forth in sahl libel and Iniormationa; that a hearing and trial will be had thereon at Portland in said District, on the First Tuesday of Pecember next, where any persons inie ested therein, may appear and show cause, if any can be shown, Wherefore the same should not be decreed forfeit, and disposed ol accord ing to law. Dated at Port!arid this seventeen fh day of No vember, A. D., 18GG. f\A QUINBY. Deputy U, 8. Marshal Dial. of Maine, Nov, 17-rdUd iMrdnfLWTv Fv ftiEumEw Owners of Hemlock Lands ! HPHE AMERICAN PATENTED IMPROVEMENT A TANNING COMPANY, ot Now York, own the Bark for tanning purposee, This Bark Extract is now extensively used among Tanners, anil the de mand lor it Mjaffly inffreapig. Itcounnandsa ready sale in the Boston, Now York and Philadeli >ma mar kets, at sixty cents per gallon. Tlie appliances for manutacture are simple and not expensive, costing bat little more than tbe ordinary leaches used b/Tan ners. By tlxia process, two corits of Bark may be t6 duced so its to concentrate the entire strength into forty gallons of extract, without in the slightest de gree injuring it# uniting qualities, and at a cost not excelling ona dollar per cord. The aavlng in freight alone, between the transportation of the Extract .and the bark, will range from six to eight dollars per cord, *o tbat any one who may get out bat three hundred Cords of bark per year, may save from two thoosaud to twenty-five lmnifreil dollars in tbe difference in freight. The Company docs not propose to sell Territorial rights, but will grant exclusive privilege to manutac ture in certain localities, charging a small royalty per gallon on the amount manulhctured. Tbe Company will Bend competent men to superin tend the construction of the works, where parties de sire te entupioto the basinaes, and to instruct in tbe uiannthcture 6f the Extraot, As a [friarantee of success to parties entering Into thiB business, the Company will contract to take all the Extract manulhctured under their process at titty cents per gallon, delivered in Boston or Now York. Parties In New England desiring further informa tion as to terms, Xc., may call upon or address Mr. Thomas W. John son. General Agent otthe Com pany, at the American Hoorn in Boston, where mod els of tbe apparatus mav be seen, nov 13 d3m S. H. KWNEDY, Pres't. ESCAPED FROM JAIL I $300 REWARD t Escaped from the Port laud Jail, ou the night of tbe 19th, the following described persons:— MAMVEt. 5T years of age, 5 feet 8 inches high, dark complexion, black curly hair, chin whiskors. Had a brown broadcloth coat, grey pants and vost and round top hat. FREDERICK RICHARDS, about 6 feet 9 inches high, of medium built), slightly stooping shoulders, had on gray sack coat, black vest and pants and btowti iteck-tie. He wore a silk beaver hat. CHARLES BRAINARD, about 22 years old. six feet high, dark complexion, one eye sightless, anti liasn heavy swinging gait, of powerful and wiry build. He wore a coat originally dark blue, but now faded to a dull brown; panls and vest dark mixed, new shoes with brass buckles, and unit uitat ion Scotch cap, . HKMIaVVN KfiSimiRTON, about 5 feet 8J inches high, pretty stout build, dark complexion, with heavy and rather sunken black eyes, and thin .moustache. Wqre short dark coat, pants and vest dark, white bosom shift, with scarlet neck-lie, anti black cloth cap. The above prisoners escaped last night about 1 o’clock. I offer the following rewords roflhlif apprehension, or such information as shall ensure their arrest:— For FREDERICK RICHARDS.$100 “ SAMUEL NEVILLE. 100 “ CHARLES BRAINARD.... 50 44 MELVIN KENNISTON. 50 GEORGE W. PARKER, Sheriff and Jailor. Portland, Nov. 20, I860. nov21d4\v i M MEN’S It tis4 k ; n Under-Shirts 2 A \I) DMA H EMS, In English, Scotch and American. Charles Cnstis & Co. NTorton Block, in COlVGREIS STRICT. novLldSt JOHN lb SMALL & CO., Wholesale and betail dealers in Salt Provisions, Groceries, —AND— COUNTBY PRODUCE, NO. 12 LIME STREET. Highest Cash Prices Paid Tar Country Produce. Oouaigumenis will roc iv ■ Prompt Att nl'on. Wo take pleasure In informing the trade tliat we have resumed business at Store No. 12 Lime street, where wo should be pleased to receive customers to any goods in our line. We oiler goods at the tOWEIT MARKET TRICES, and shall constantly endeavor to make it th. interest oi customers to purchase of us. JOHN T. SMALL & CO. Portland, Oct. 25, I860. oct30dlm FAIRBANKS’ PREMIUM STANDARD SCALKS ! Mjxvr. oi rne t>e3t materials, in the moat thorough manner, and receiving constant Imfrove Mttrst under the supervision ol THE ORIGINAL INVENTOR. Every vari and Counter Grocers’, ami &c, tor sale s 118 MILK ST BEET, BOSTON, MASS. Fairbanks, Brown & Co. Agents for sale of Tiltio & McFarland ': Oeledf ittd S-fes. White’s Patent Money Dibotin, aud €rei> Cro« Bcgulalorii. For bale in Portland by nold3m Kuiery, WniirliouiM' 8c Co. JParfland Laundry. Orders received at the Office of the Forest City Dye House, No. 315 Congress Street. Notice is hereby given that, the Pori land Laundry has been reopened by the subscriber, who has been many years connected with the well known Chelsea Dye House and Laundry, and with the experience t? snow prepared to do all dehcrip tu vork in a satisfactory manner. __ A. T. CIIAWLEY. Ageirf Family School at Gorham, Me. r PH IS 8.'liool tor boya lias boon r«eatly aalabltshed L by Rev. Geo. A. Peekess, formerly a missiona ry ol tlie A. B. C. F. M. The situation is very pleas ant and accessible, and the. number of pupils Is lim ited. rh winter session will commence on the 5th of December, and will continue 19 weeks. Applica tions should be made early. For particulars address the Principal. References may be found in the Christian Mirror oc22—eod5w Bridgeton Academy. THE Winter Term of this Institution will com mence Tuesday, December 4th, and continue ten weeks. C. E. HILTON, A. iH., Principal. T. II. MEAD, Secretary. No. Bridgeton, Oct. 27,18G6. uol5<l2aw&w3w47 „ „ For Sale. A ^,cxcc^anf Eamfly Horse—to be sold only because xX the owner has has no use for him this winter, Also a second-hand Kockaway and Harness. The horse will be sold eilhor w3h or without the carriage. Enquire of B. P. GERRISH, no!7dlw _At Casco National Bank. For Sale. THE Schooner C. F. Young, ?14 tons burthen well found in Sails, Anchors. Chains. &c. For terms enquire of SAMPSON & CONANT, nov 7 d3w Nos. 19 and 20 Commercial Wharf. 4XIAFX1C Mutual Insurance Oompany» 5/ Vail .S7, c«r it'tlllani, NEW'YORK,

.lASLAJtf, 186fi. fna tires adjust Marine and Inland Mari gation Eiaks. The whole proiith ol the Company revert to the Assured, and are divided annually, upon the Premi ums terminated during ihe year; and tor which Cer •re issued, bearing interest until redeemed. The Dividend was 40 per cent, in each ol the years 1863-4, and 6, aud 35 per cent, in i860. The Company lias Amci., Over Twelve Million l>ellar„, vis:— United States ami State of New-York Stoeks City, Bank and other Stocks, $4 5^5 Loans secured by Stooks andotberwise. 3l33o'si50 Premium Notes and Bills Receivable Real Estate, Bond and Mortgages and oilier se curities, 3 050 025 gnitetf States Gold Coin. ’ so.iW) ash in Raqk 510,550 *12,199,970 TRUSTEES: Henry K.riogmt, V- H. tt. Moore, Joshua J, Henry, HeqryCoit, Dennis Perkins, Ww, C, Pickeisgill, Jos, Gal lard, Jr„ Lewis Oiirtja, j. Homy Hurry, Chas. H. Russell, Cornelius, Lowell Holbrook, C. A. Hand, R. Warron Weston, B. J. Howland, Roval Phelps, . BenJ. Balwock, f¥°*i Wrtwer Wi'stray, AP'PlilQl, Roht. B. Minturn, Jr, Wm. E. Dodge, Gordon W. Burnham, Geo. G.tlobOA, Fred’k Chauncej David Land, James Low, James Brvce Geo. S. Stephenson, JegftSag; Wm. H. Webb Jn>l» D. Jokes, President. CRAHAJd I HAS jus, Vice-President. W, Via. Moqre, 2d Vtce.Prest. J. P. Hewlett, 3d Vice-Prost. J. H.GfiAPMAN, Secretary. Applications tor Insurance with the above named Company received and forwarded by John W. hunger, 5 Si fsr|t«uaa***l apltdlmoodOniAwOw Abstract af ikejAnnaal Nluleiuci.t OF The Phmnix Insurance Company, OF HARTFORD, CONN., On tba 1st Say af November, 1866, . ?Q THE STATE OF MAINE, r . Aiicln Cash on hand and in Bank.*42,908.57 Cash in hands of. and due from Agents,.120,809.75 Loans on Real Estate,.1.35,000.00 Loans on Real and Personal Security,. 24,890.00 United States Securities,.141,047.50 New York Bank Stock*,.. 88,025.00 Hartford Bank Stocks.160,975.00 Other Bank Stocks,. 50,250.00 Bonds—State, City and Water,.292,220.00 Accumulated Interest,.Y.. 4,C2T .33 Total Asset*,...; s.... 861,272.15 Amount of Promium Notes,.None. Total Amount Of Liabilities,... .*59,695.97 WM. B. CLARK, Sec’y. HENRY KELLOGG, President. A. W. JILLSON, Vice-President. W. I>. LITTLE-*' €©., Agents, »» COMMERCIAL. STREET. November 19, 1866, d3w OFFICE OF THE Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Springfield, Maes. September 15, 1866. To the Agents of the Springfield Eire and Marine Insurance Company. Gentlemen ofiiceraoi this Company take great pleasure in announchig to their Agents, patrons and friends, that by an unanimous vote of the stock holders,-the capital stock of this company has been in creased to HAAF A MILLION Dollars, all paid In CASH, and that the assets of the company are *690,171,74; Capital, *500,000; Surplus, *190,171,74. Notwithstanding the frequent fires and the heavy lowes-Eustained by insurance companies, THIS Com pany tfiable to show to its scents and patrons, such a list of assets and securities as to entitle it to a position in tbe front rank among insurance companies in this countiry— one worthy of the thllest confidence, and giving tire most perfect securities to policy-holders. The policies in this company, burnish the most am ple indemnity to our customers, wo ask tn return good risks, aud adequate rates, and we trust our many and falthml agents may in the future as in the past, look well to our interests—enlarge and increase pur busi ness, upon w hat shall prove a sals class of risks. Edmund Freeman, President, Chartered 1849, J. N. Dunham, Sec. Capital a Surplus *690,171,74, Chas. E. Lane, Assistant Sec. We are Yours Very Truly, E. Freeman, President. J. N. Dunham, Secretary. Jafau E. Daw Sc Man, Afiema, sep29-codtf PORTLAND, MAINE ABSTRACT of the Statement of the Hanford Elrelusurauce Company, Hat. 1, 1906 —made to the Secretary of the State of Maine, in compliance with law: Capital Stock, (all paid in,) - - - *1,000,UM) U0 ASSETS. Cash and cash items, - -*' - - 155,494 61 Loans well secured, ----- 13,814 54 Real Estate, unincumbered, cash value, 75,000 00 U. S. and Bank Stocks, Bonds, &e., par value. lurkt value. *1,193,950 00 *1,382,751 23 1,382,751 23 *1,827 090 40 LIABILITIES. Unadjusted Losses, - $105,438 05 Amount at Risk, October-1,1860, *105,851,193 00 TIMO. C. AI.LYN, President. GEO. M. COIT, Secretary. State pr Connecticut, 1 Hartford County, ) November 17, 1866 : . Personally appeared Timo. C. Allyn, President, and Geo. M. Colt, Secretary, of tho above named Hartford Fire Insurance Company, and sev erally mode oath, that the above statement by them subscribed, is in their belief, true. Before me, GEO) SUMNER, nov 21 d3tNotary Public. marine Insurance —ox— Ships, Barques, Brigs ani Schooners ! —BY— Ocean Mutual Insurance Comp’y, NEW BEDFORD. Pacific Mutual Insurance Comp y, NEW BEDFORD. Aggregate Capital, $580,161,17 | No extra charge for Cargoes Grain in Bulk, Coal, Salt. Iron, Copper Ore, Marble or Slate coastwise. We shall be pleased to secure a share of public patronage. Office tOG Fore Street* Portland. J. IF. M UNGER cfc SON. ociG.eodSra ^ SPECIAL NOTICJG —OF— I Ihis 111*21 nee! HAVtNG been Appointed General Agents for Maine of the old N«w England Mutual Life Ins. Co., Of Boston, Mass., being the oldest purely Mutual Life Ins. Co. in America, we wish fifty good, active agents to work in the ditferent cities and villages throughout the State. None need apply unless good reference can be give. The Co. is 23 years old and has paid in rividands *1,247,000 00 and over *2,000,000 00 In loss es by death, rt has now a Well-invested accumulated Capital of over *4,000,000 00. 'ike Co. formerly made and raid its dividends once In five years. A Divi dend will be made up in Nov. 18GC, and annually thereafter, and available one year Iron* date of Poli cy. Applications for local Agencies will he made to RUFUS SMALL & SON, Gen’l Agents, no2103ra_ Biddeford, Me. j^E**r UljfU Insurance Company,ot New Casli Capital.*:>on ooo “ Surplus,. 275,000 Total Cash Assets,. 575,000 The loss bv this Company 1,< the Pot Hand lire is abonl *28,(sio, or about ohk tenth of its surplus All ulaimafits tor loss by the resent fire, who have not alreAl* ihcenw.f tiie.r momyy -Are limited to hand in their piuofi without delay. Those wishing Insurance in a Company, First Class, in everyre Spcct, at feir rates, are invited to call at my office, No. 80 Commercial street, Thomas Block WARREN SPARROW, Agent. LS. T\v oiubley, Oenfial Insurance Broker. • would inform his many Iriends and the pubi c generally that he is prepared to continue the insur ance Busin ss as a Broker, and can place Fire, Life and Marine Insurance to any extent in the best Com P mtes in the United States. AU business entrusted tomyc re shall be faithfuly attended to. Office at C. M. Rice’s Bapcr Store, No. 183 Fore St. where orders can be lelt. julltitf Mutual benefit lire insura noe co. The numerous Policy holders in this popular Company, and the public generally, are iulonned that its office is now established at No. So Commer cial street, in TliOmaj’ Block. WARREN SPARROW, jnl W _State Agent. B K »1 O V A I. . Sparrow's Insurance Office is this day removed from No. 80 Commercial Streep to tl»e new and commodious rooms NO. 66 EXCHANGE STREET, IN THE CUMBERLAND BANK BUILDING, where he is now prepared to place insurance, in all its forms, and lor any amount, in companies second to no others on the globe, and on the most favorable terms. IWT Parties preferring first class insurance, are res pectfully invited to call. November 6,1866. dtf Notice to Land Holders, MR. (rniTROCimt. nundcr,.is prepared to take contracts fbr building, either by JOB or by DAV W01U7. Can furnish First Class workmen and material of nil description. Residence, AMERICAN HOUSE. . ... India Street, Portland. August 17th, lEbC aug20—tf IlfUL FSTATR ■: '* -- .. ■-■ - -■: I onir $i,ooo! 1>j» * good one and a half story Hut'S# in bld r deford, onlv five years old—contains 7 rooms, good cellar, and excellent water. Fine garden witll young fruit trees. Lot 42 by 96 feet. Apply tmme diately to W. H. JERRls nov 22 d3w Real Estate Agent House Lots un India St., for Sale. E'lNQtJIRE of CONANT & RAND, * a 153 Commercial Street or on H. M PAYSOn’ Portlnnd, Nov. 21. dtf_Exchange .Street. Brick Houses for Sale on Spring St. THREE story brick dwelling Houses, with over 8000 feet of land, idensantlj located? Prfce sonable. Terms liberal. Inquire of C. PROCTER, uovl»d3w__Middle street. Laud For sale. tpHE Portland Society of Natural History uher lbr A Bale tlieir valuablo Lot on Congress Street. Said Lot lias a frontage on Congress Street of 81 feet. and is about 50 feet in dopth, with a right in a passageway on the west side of the Lot of 4 feet in width extend ing from Congress Street to the back line. sI’Plv ,t0 the subscriber at No. 10 Central Wharf, where a plan of the Lot con be seen. „ „ RUFUS E. WOOD. Portland, Nov,, 1886. NOTICE!, .. ptuia*al» will be received by the subscriber until , U, th inst., for taking down the walls of the Natur al History Building, aud cleaning and piling up the bricks of tho same. RUFUS E. WOOD. Portland, Nov., 1866. nov 17 dtf Houses for Sale Low. (JEVERAL desirable, mediniu sited dwelling Houses will be sold at low prices and on very tavorable terms if applied for immediately. This property is situated on Congress street aud Congress place—no better location in thi* city—aud adjoins St. Luko s Church lot, and will be sold in lots to suit P“fc|iMovs. Inquire of W IS WELL & HEED. No. •we Congress, entrance on Oak street, up stairs. UovlGdtf L^GR Sale. J hree story brick house on Danforth A Street. The house is nearly new and in hne or der. Immediate possession given. J u,16tf_W. Q. CHAD BOURNE. ® Gorham, fllteen minutes walk r*? *he Hepot, a nearly new, neat Cottage House, Barq god ogtbuilcUngsJiMing all tl.ooonven l*nces and ut prime condition. It is situated neat • grove aud a short distance from the County read. ■Apply to J. E. STJ&VENS. Gorham, July 17, Two Houses for Sale for $1700 Lack, ‘ On Oxford street. Lois 33 by 7u feet. Also kalis fine lot corner Oak and Prospect streets, will, ifltiLihe dwelling house tliereon; the lot is So by 90 teet; a line location. Also good building lots on An derson and Closves street* on favorable terms. Ap ply to W. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent. novl(kl3w A Bare Chance tor Investment. rr«E ALBION- HOUSE, onFederal afreet, adjoin A iug U. S. Hotel, tor sale. For particulars enquire of „ John c. pboctkb. Nov 8—33w Lol$ for Sale. Only 14 cema per Emi ! TJUNEiA' located Lots on the Eastern Promenade, A in Lots to suit purchasers. Also line Lots on Congress between High and Stale streets, aud on Peering street, iu Lois to suit purchas ers. Apply to W. II. JERRIS, Kent Ramie Agent, At Railroad OBicc, opposite Preble House, ^ auglS—dtf House Liots. ip LIOABLB House Lots lor sale on Thomas, Em J cry and Congress Bt. ccts; one near the bead ol State street. W. H STKPHENSON, Portland, Aug 8.—dtl2d National Bank. House Lola'lor Sale. ON Stevens’ Plains, near the Horse Railroad. Enquire oi A. X- RICHARDSON, April 11 —dtf On the premises. House aud Aot for Sale. THE two story brick house and store No. 119 con gress st, 25 feet lironi occupied ouly as a garden. For particulars enquire on the premises. augTu f|tr House lor Sale, No 1* XyilTe “streetT En^ ;■ quire at No. 8 Central Wharf. ilL duly 12—rttl VTOTICK. I will sell on lavoruble terms as to i-l payment, or let for a term of years, the lots on the coiner ol Middle and Franklin streets, and on Franklin street, including the corner of Franklin and Fore streets. Apply loWM. HILLIARD, Bancor, or SMITH A KELP. Attorneys, Portland. jyl2tl For Sale. AnvtV The new FRENCH COTTAGE, and about Kiii sevcu acres "f land, situated on the Cape Cot wal lago Road, in Ca|ie Elizabeth. The house con tains fourteen rooms. The sea view is unsurpassed. Enquire of W. il. STEPHENSON. aug25-dll Second National Dank. Aot for sale. ONE ol the best building lots in the city, silnated on the north Ode of 1 jeering Street adjoining (he resilience ofGen. J. i >. Fessenden. This lot is sTxty two feet front on Deering street, extends back one hundred feet, and is bounded on the east side by a street titty feet in width, making it a corner lot and very desirable. ,8. B. HKKSEF, No. 1 Galt Block, Com. Street. Oct IT dtl Valuable Hotel Property tbr Sale. r| 'HE Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the vil A lage OJ Fryeburg, Oxford comity, Maine, is oi iered lor sale at a bargain, il applied ror soon. The House is large, in good repair, with iurniture and hxlures throughout, together with all necessary outbuildings. For full particulars inquire ol Hull A TIO BOOTH BY, Or ITa i sen Dow, 315 Congress sc. ^ Fryebukg, *bp . jy, isoo. dtf * For Sale. 40 ACRES pasturage and woodland in West Lot ol land on Foplar street. Hou o and land on Washing on street. House anil lot on Brown street. House and lot on St Lawrence street. DARIUS J^JgfiRAHAM, or W. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent, under Lancas ter Hall. oc22—di 1 Valuable Building Lot NEAR THE Wew Park9 lor Sale. The Swedenborgian Church Lot, t CONTAINING about 12,000 square feet, on Con gress Street, just above ILtiupshiro Street, is of fered lor sale. A rare opportunity is here ofiered to any one wish ing to build in the vicinity of the l»ark. Apply to either ci the Committee. J. E. FERNALD, DAVID TUCKER, j p BAXTER Or WM. H. JERRIS, Real £stalc Broker, at Rail road OJlu-e. under Lancaster Hal*. Angust 25, it CO. dtf Desirable Store Lots FOR SAlLE, our ctniEBciiL street. THE subscribers offer for sale the lot of land on A the southerly side ol Commercial Street, head ot Dana’s Wharf, measuring 72 by 150 fceu For fur ther particulars inquire JONAS H. PEKLEY, Oct 18 tf_ ur \y. S. DANA. f For Lease. THE valuable lot of land corner ol Middle and plumb Streets, lor a term ot years. Enquire 0* C. C. MITCHELL A SON, Aug. 28. 1S6C—dll1,8 Foro Street. First Class Houses for Sale. WE offer tar sale the eight ffrst class brick bouses, recently built by us, situated on Pine Street, between Clark and Carleton Streets. Tlu-Be houses aretboroughlv built, with slate rooft, brick draius, and marble throughout.— 'They will be sold at a low price, and on very favora ble terms. Apply at our office, No. 271 Dajliorth St. J. U. BLOWN & SONS. October 18,1808. dli HOUSE AND LOT tor sale at Caiie Elizabeth Fer ry,—bouse nearly now. Enquire oi A .F. COLE at the Ferry,or W. H.MANSFELD, PortlandSteum Packet Co. jul U dtf Valuable: Heal Estate ou Him St FOB SALE. A POL'J'ION of the "DAY'” Estate 011 Elm Street, J comprising over 28000 leu cf land, together with Brick Houses, Stable Ac. Tils property is lo cated on Elm and cnmlvrland streets all susceptible of improvem nt, and has a llont on Elm street of “82 1 cel. The abovo property is offered tor sale either in por tion* or colleclirely, on liberal terms. Apply to MpC-stf JOHN C. PROCTOR. HOUSES FOR SALE—House corner ot Congress and Merrill streets; also, House adjoining the same, with 10,000 ieet of land, ibis lot will be di vided to suit purchasers. Terms easy and made known by applying to W. W. Carr, at W. A. Duran's Clothin Sto.e, foot of Exchange stree . juUo-dtl Farm for Sale. I WILL sell my firm near Allen’s Comer West brook, about three miles from Portland, otic mile from horse cars, aud Westbrook Seminnry. Said liitm contains aliout 100 acres, part of It very valuable for tillage, and part ot it lor building Inti. There is a good house, two large barus. ami out hous es Oil the premises. It will be sold together, or iu lots to suit purchasers CYRUS TIIURLOW, sepll-dtt_ 185 Commercial St. For Sale THE lot ol Land on the westerly comer of Con gress and Poarl Sts., fronting on Congress street ab ut 111 feet and on Pearl about 1)0 (eet. di'ply to CHARLES E. BARRETT, At office Grand Trunk Railway Station. Portland, Aug. 8. 1868. angiltl For Sale in Cape Elizabeth, a few rods across Portland Bridge, Lot of Land .VO l>y IOO. Enquire at 8. B. Cumming's Store. November 5, I860. d5w* For Sale. QUINTALS largo Cod Fish, r V/V/ 1 wo quintals small Cod Fish. Soo quintals Pollock. JOSEPH WESCOTT & SON, _T , , Head Union Wharf. November 21. dlw P_, „ . Notice. LUSONS clearing the ruins or digging cellars can find a good place to ilcposlt their rohl.ish «u Franklin Wharf. s. ROUNDS, seplio—tuf Wharfinger, -■imgi'a. ...liuu'.'i'.i.u.. _j—ijiMiiui l. w RAILROADS. 88**0 TRUNK ’ BtILWAT. Canada. * -Alteration of Trains; WINTER ARRANGEMENT. rai.lnuEan Ou and after Uhndau, Nov. 12 me* »«FIIWW>.train» will run iu follows; - ’ ’ and Lewiston, at7.40 A. M. Mall rrain tor Watervilte, Bangor, Uorharn. Island Fond, Montreal and Quebec at 1.10 P. M. This train connect* with Express train for Toron *°j DfcflS? ^ Chicago. Sleeping car* attached from Island Pond to Quebec and Montreal. Train tor South Paris at 5.0o P. M. No baggage can be received or checked after the time above stated. Train* will arrive as follows:— From So. Paris, Lewiston and Auburn, at 8.10 a. m. From Montreal, Quebec, &t\, - - 1.46 p. m. Ihe Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding $50 in value (and that person al) unless notice is given, and paid for at the rate of one passenger for every $600 additional value. if. f^rt&Ssiass* “• Portland, Nov. 2, 1B0C. dy PORTLAND UENNEBEC R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, Cwatnscx-iMg Monthly, Nov. 12ik, I8dd. I ff’tifWifcitTI I’toMciigot Trains leave PoiUau.l dallv at IA) P. M., for Bath, Ahyusia, Wot* K,' l‘lial1 “Mills,Skowhegan,and intermediate Stations, (connecting at Brnnswlck with Androseog **•Lowiston and Farmington, and ai KendaH s Mills with Maine Central R. It.) lor Bungor and intermediate atatlons. >Vrrc« nstnvbythii route as any other. Leave Portland tor Bath, Lewiston, Augusta and intermediate stations on Saturday only at 7.46 P. M. Mixed Train leaves Portlandfor Brunswick and In termediate stations dally, except Saturday, at 5.30 P. Freight Train, with passenger car attached, will leave Portland for Skowhegan and inte mediate sta tions every morning at 7 o’clock. Trains Iroiu Brunswick and Lewiston are due at Portland at 9.20 A M., and Iron Skowhegan and Fannington and all Intermediate stations at 2.00 P M. to conned with trains for Boston. Stages tor Buckland connect at Bal li; and for Bel la't*' Augusta, leaving daily on arrival oi train from Boston, leaving at 7.30 M. j and lor Solon, Anson, Nocrtdgewoek, Athens and Moose Head Lake at okowbegan, and for Chma, East and North Vaasa! a* Vas9a,boro*:for Unity at Kendall'* MUI’s, and for Canaan at Pishon’s Ferry. W* HATCH* Sapeiiateailettl, Augusta, Oct, 27,18€d. novl2dtt WlAINt ULFHRAL R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. 011 aDj a,ter Monday,November 12th. Mfc^Wftcurrent, Gains will leave Portland fbi ?????'£“.A1 intermediate station on this line, at T l# Am’ da,ly’ 1OT Lewiet"n Bn<* A“b«ra only, ot HT-Ereight trains for Waterville and all Interme diate stations, leavo Portland at 8.25 A. M, Train trom Bangor is dne at Portland at 1.48 P. M in season to < onnect with train for Boston. ’ *rom Lewiston and Auburn a.iO A. M Nov. 1,1866 ^INKOVES^. P. 8. & P. Railifoad. IV o TIC e . THE Express Trains hetman Portland and Boa ton. leaving Portland axdfoii and Beaton at 7.00 P. M. will be discontinued aflf Saturday, the 13th hiBt. CF“ On and aftc'r Mond#, 15th, the Evening Train for Saco and Biddeford w5fleave Portland at 6.45,tn stead of 6.03 as now run. _„ . „ F. CHASE, Sunt. Portland, Oct 5,1866. _ocUkitf V PORTLAND*ROCHESTER B.R. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. IlgTMgiffll On and alter Monday, April 30,1866 <*g *JHp*iraue> will laave as follows : 3iij'e'£Sac'0RlT*rr°rPortland st6 30 and B00 A. u. Leave Portland for SaooRivar at 7 15 a. 200 and 0 45 P If I ho 2 00 p u train out and the a. m train in to Portland will be freight trains with passenger ears attached. „ ASTStages connect at Gorham for West Gorham, Blandish, bleep Falls, Baldwin, Denmark, Sebago, Brulgton, Lovell. Hiram, Brownlield, fryeburg Conway, Bartlett, Jackson-Limluston, Cornirh,Por ter. freedom, Mad nun and Eaton. N. H At Buxton Center for Wbst Buxton, llonny-Eagte South Llinlngton Limiagton, Llmeiick, Newttel-1 Parsonsiield and Ossipe* At SaoMuranpa for South Windham, Windham Hill and North ft indbatn. daily Steam Car and Aeoomodaiioe trains will run u fol lows:— Leave Gorh?ln for Portland at M o0 a m and 2 OOP m Leave Portland for Go, bam at 12 15 p u and 4 p. a. / n By order oi the PreaMeel. Portland. April 28,18i:c—dii PORTLAND SACO A PORTSMOUTH R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, Commencing Mauds,, Ner, 19th, 188A ITtffflfPTMn Pk*s*nFCT Trains leave Portland for V BE* yoBoston at 8.4# A. M„ and 2.20 P. M. DIf»ve Boston tor Portland at 7A0 A. M., and 2.30 P. M. «.A,M,KC?A.!*f€’*a d Laborer's Train wUI leave Biddeford daily, Sundays excepted, at 6 A. M., ami Sftco at 6 08, arriving in Portland at 6.40. Returning, will leave Portland lor Saco and Bid deford and intermediate stations at 5.30 P. M. A special freight train, with passenger car attach ed, will leave Portland at 7.10 A. M. for Saco and Biddeford, and returning, leave Biddeford at 8.38 and Saco at 8 40 A.M. „ , , FRANCIS CHASE, Supt. Pol l land, Oct 23, 1866. noidtf Important to Travelers LITTLE A ( OV ! Western Railway Ticket Office t Market Square, UNDER LANCASTER IIAT.L, (PABTIVOTON’S SALOON THE subscribers having resumed the Agency (which Since the great t,rc lias been r.tupea&rf) for the sole oi THROUGH TICKETS -TO TIIE West, South and North- We st are prepared io furnish passage tickets at T*E f OiVEST BOSTON BATES nr ALL THE Papular nud Moat Expeditions Homo! via Rail or Stainer to Boston, I hence via (he New York Ceatral, Pennsylvania Ooutral, Erie anil Baltimore A- Ohio Railroads, TO ALL POINTS SOUTH OR WEST/ 8Sp* Atl Travellers will liml it greatly for ihcil* ad vantage to procure tickets at this office, or at T» Comim-rcinl RireM, (lTp Stair*.) FOR CALIFORNIA! Passage Tickets by the stJbueTs sailing from New V ork on the 1st. fltn ami 21st of each month, may le secured by early application**) W. D. LFTTlrE * CO., AgeMt. September 3, 1666. ' *, <l»wtl Great lied action in Fare TO THE W K S TP i itfo Combination! OPPOSITION TO MONOPIY t fWc 88,06 less Than by any otber Ro .to, frnn. Maine to all Points Wesi, via tke Grand Tiunk Railway I Or $3 Less vi« BiKmi, Buffalo dc Dutio t rPHIs Company would respectfrilly imonu their X I*atrons and the public, that they are determin ed not to be coerced into any combination of Rad Roads, for advancing Rate* either to or from the we t f. mlv believing that all such compacts are m « s- -r > iiion |o (he interests oftlm public, from v. n.ft: .f, vpectpatr rage aid support. PARE TO DETROIT $14, DETROIT AND RETURN ONLY *25 And corresponding low rates to all Western Points. |3f“ Time less than by any othor roate. Baggage checked through, amt no Hacking iu crowded cities. P urther particulars ma he obtained at all Grand Trank Ticket Offices la New England. D. H. BLANCHARD, Agent. Qc21d4w_Union Ticket Office, 2*2 Congress st. Help! Help!! Help!!! rilHE m°W reliable place in New England to get 1 good male and female help, is at the General Agen cy and Employment Office, No. Ml I-A congress hirers, Portland, Me. l*he subscribers respectfully inform all parties wishing to secure good girls for any respectable employment, that through their extensive advertising throughout the Provinces and in New England, there are arriving daily at their office num bers ot good America* and Prov inc ial girls, warning situations iu private families, hotels, boarding houses and feiloons. Also in stores, offices, &c., and as house keepers, nurses, seamstresses, Ac., &c. All those wanting any such, will do w«U to apply soon, with their fee, fifty cents. If you want- men. also, for any employment, wc will supply you, free or charge, only let us know vou want them. trff“ The Arm is only changed In name. Mr. Whit ney could not come, aud Mr. Ox has conducted the business alone until the 1st of October, when be look Mr. Powars into the business with hm». The firm now is OOX A POWARS, Late Whitney & Co. Portland. Me.. Nov. 1,16R6. dtf Portable Steam■ Engines, /'COMBINING the Maximum i f efficiency, dura V bility and ecou iny with the minimum iTxveight and pries. They -ire widely and lavorubly known, more than 600 being in use. All warranted satis factory, or no sale Descriptive circulars sent on application. Address M. C. HVABI.EV * CO. „ . Lawkesce, Mass. Nov. 6, 1866 3md. ""•WAinwiT1 SUam Hout MU**< LA»T Titli» OP THE SBaSomI ON and after Friday, the l«th In ..S??1, the "'earner CITt OF RICHMOND wi.l make oti« Inftre ln» Fraiitilii °T seiiwolij) taav 2LhiJ?i2?^I“*rf ,*r,<Ja}' 2ri*l inut., for raraca^DiS^XfrbilS?,rnln,r'wm Port^,Kov.T^STU&>1VAKf’ FARE REBUCED TO BOSTON. Summer Arrangement! Until further notice the Siasiuev. otthe Portland Stein Pa<*JtT.' will run a* tonowi.*• Leave Atlantic W lian for Huston T XratS3U,r 11." .*;;••;.. <n.w of the Agents l.tre Freight taken as usual. May «nd,18a«-dtt *' l,1,L1N<i'C -V.oot. International Steamship (Jo. Eastport, Calaii aiui St. JoUn. FALL ARRANGEMENT. TWO TBIPS her WRHK. On and alter Monday, Of tots* 1st \ J?® Meatner M W BRUNSWICK’ Ca,,t. E. U. WINCHESTER, Mil the steamer NEW ENGLAND B-dWharffoo, of^ate^ree^ry MOjiSSV ^ * JHUHSDA If, at6 o’clock V. »I for iaSjirttng RETURNING, will leave St. John and Eastuoil saute days it* Purdaud and Boston ^ *• o.Ai Kf«PO«Staamer QUEEN will connect lor St. Andrews, Bobbineton, Calais and New Brunswick ‘ Railway t» Woodstock and Boulton Stations, an,I Stage Coaches will connect for Macliias At St. John Toesengers take E. ,v N. A. Railway for Sbedatc, and tioin thence tci.LuBniierM.te ami C.hylo*t**?»fr **'*•■ l»iand, altd fi*Tou,N. j*; ako *f ^hJot>a Emriress for Windsor and HaUtkx, even- luSday and mtay evenings, and fur Dtgby every Monday and Thnrsdav mornings, taf’Freight received on days of sailing until 4 o’clk. u. C. AATON,^ PORTLAND AND NEW YORK. STKAMSmi' COMPANY. SEMI-WEEKLY LINE. The splendid and fkst Steam ship* DlttlUO, Capt. H. Sher wood, and FRANCONIA, Capt. W Sh kb wood, will, until turthernotiee, pun as folio*?: Lmvc Brow, s WhaitfPurtland.evaryiBJtDNYd DAY andSATLBDAY, at I F. M„ and ^ave?Fi«i ”fw YorK’ rvefi’ WfcDNESD'ASfmnd SAlURi/ A\, at i o'clock P. It, These vessels are lit od up with fine Rons lor passengers, making this.die uTcB ineedy •ale and comfortable route lor triHsHers hetsrem New York and Muter. FtssagrTSoMate Zlw l®-00 Cabin passage $*.00. Meets extra. ’ Goods forwarded by this line to anti Irokn Mou treaJ.QeMme, Bangui, Bath, Augusta,Uaatportand Shippers are requested to seud their fteiclWM the steamers as early a*3 P. the day tfitthey leave Portland. ^3 * For freight or passage apply to -i ’V' EMeRV A KOX, Brown’s Wharf, Portia nd J. F. AMES, Pier 3R Fast River. MayaM*ifi.__ dts STEAMBOAT NOTICE WINTER ARRANGEMENT! To Penobscot River twice a Week. The Steamer LADY LANG, Capt. ^ A. L. Whitmore, will commence the Winter trt|>a on MONDAY, Nov. 10th, Will leave Portland for --’Hang* (or as tar as the ice will permit) every Tuesday i.nd Friday evenings at 9 o’clock. Returning, nlllleaTC Bangor every Monday and TliiirstUy morolugs at 6 o’clock, and Wteterport at T o clock, touching at Hampden, Buck-port, £jol ■ast, Camden and Kuckland, eoeli way. For freight or paseage pleare apply to oltloe on > Railroad Wharl, loot of State str et. .. A. SOMERBY, Agent. f Portland, Nov, ft.isar <Rf FREIGHT FOR THE SOUTH AND WEST.~ Bouton and Philadelphia _Steamship Line. The Steamers ROMAN, SAXON, and ARLES now form the line, and a steamer leaves e oh por KVEUT FITE DAYS. From Long Whar , B< mod,.jt 12M. From Pine St. Wharf, E'hfladt-h>liia,.*t 10 A.M Freight for the Went fc»rward*>d by the 1 *unaylva, nia Railroad, and to Baltimore and WmMpgton bv Canal or Railroad, freed eou.iiii‘Mons. For freight, apply to „ WHITNEY A SAMPS<5!\ JN^^^HjlT^^Agent^7o^ii^Aliari^Bo8toij^ HOTELS. UNITED STATES hotel, PORTLAND, MAINE, Tn,fts»m?<a«si2sst' the great urc.) begs fo announce to his old r»atrons aiui the public tlial be has leased the uLmivo hotel and w-w oi>en lor tlie accommodation or the public gener ally. on Saturday August 11. Tiianktnl to his old customers for past patronage, he would solvcjt a continuance o* rlie ni^. D?*1rs PAvbitAmB. F u"g£9-fiin N. .1. DAVIS. WINTHROE HOUSE. Bowdoin Hireri, J_ BOSTON. The undersigned has recently thoroughly renovat ed and refitted this establishment and will hereafter conduct it for the accommodation of the Travelling Public. Country merchants visit inp Boston will $nd the Wtethrop House singularly Quiet, douveutrnt and Central, It being within five minutes walk of the principal btiisiness portions of the city. gT’Ternsa Wt.tkO per day. oot*T-*il«n» n \V. W. UiVD PARKS HOUSE, 187 Washington Street, Nuu Uie ol Milk 8treat, BOSTON, fFHE undersigned would rebpectluliy state to Urn i citl/.cns dr Portland and the East generally that they have leased the above well known Hetei, end having made iinnroYouienta in rbe saint, are prepar ed to entertain them in the best manner and at rea sonable prices. Merchants from the country ai d Travellers gener ally, will find a pleasant home at the PARKS HOUSE during their sojourn in the city. Terms : $3,0p a day, including meals and room.. T. B.AI. H. 1IAKB, S. O. Fish. Clerk. Proprietors aigUdSm -1— VINELAND. FARM AND FRUIT UNDW lnamlu health All climate. Thirty luilea somh ot phi adelph a, by Railroad, in Kew -feTsey, on the sail' line ol latitude as Baltimore, Md. The soil is rich and productive, waiving trom ac3 to a sandy loa n, suitable lor wlutt. Glass, C* Tobacco, Fruit and vegetables. 'J his Is a great Country. Five hundred V ine.\ aula and Orcl^* have been planted art by experienced trait Grapes, Peaches, Pears Ac., produce in i a, Vinelaiul is already one 01 .he mosr tPMhl places in the U. U. d States. The entire t?torT» conalstiiMMi ffty aqnare miles of land, is^4. out upon a genciafsvstem owlnipfitt mints. te tod Is only sold to actual settlers with provision1 P^lie ido mine at. The place on account of itsgre bounty, as well as other advantages, has become"6 r«*°rt of people ot „o#*c. It has incretstd fi' Hioaaand people within tha past three years Chur468* &&»■$> Schools; Academies. Societies ol Art at learning, and other eiem nts of refinement and altura have been lntrodu ed. Hum beds t»i people* eonaiantly settling. Hunuiens of new hoitfes f6 being con structed. Price of Farm Land, tw«ug acre lota and upwards, $29 per acre. Five and tevacTe and Vil lage lots for aale. Fruits and Vegetables ripen earlie in district than in any other 1 cality, uorth of Jbrfett> Va.Im proved places tor sale openings tor all kinds ol business Luinlsr Yards, Maauiaetories, Foundries, Ston»and th< ^ 1 and Steam Power with room can bo rented. ..... For persons who desire mild winters, * healthful climate, and a good soil, in a country be?*ll4,"»y [p3* prov d. abounding la fruits, and pO'S«*4n< other s >cial privileges, in the heart oio®®twi, it is worthy ol u visit. Letteis answered, and ti e Viuelan* Kural a papu living full jfi$Dniiatjau. and oruto»rJI8 r^ortaof w Tm ft outturn, sent to applicants., ■ , . _ ^ Address uHAS K. LANjvd, Vineland P. O., Landis Township, New Jersa* From Report of Solon Ramson, Agricnltoral Edi tor of the Tribune; “It-* ^oof the most extensive ferule tracts, iu an iiliH8* ,cy*1 poairJcti and suitable c mdition for pleusa*1* farming that we lrnow of this si.Ic of tie Wc« r.<> Pialries." sepcl r»d& nUT** A. COBB & co., Sitemtaro to F. P. anui U. T. HrlforA, at Afn. M J. Nichols, t. N. Hotel HAVE received a lot of Treiousse, best QUALITY, Kid Gloves. Also Zephyr Worsteds, Slippers, Hoods, Hosiery, Ladles’ Under Vests, Corsets, Lln en Setts, plain and emb. lidkfr.. Muslin and Cam. Edgings, Dress Buttons, together with all articles usually found in a first class Fancy Goods Store. Their friends and the public ;ire invited to cull and examine them. nor 7 t.m .Tan. 1, fW7. ■ja-ssssagg* aog28d3m