Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, November 26, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated November 26, 1866 Page 4
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THE MARKETS._ TELEGRAPHIC REPORTS. Financial. New Yobk, Nov. 24. The Comiuorchl *ay» aftairs in Wall Street are becoming settled. There Is a decided gain of eonfl ilenoe and the panic will probably blow over. Money in 7 percent, on stock credentials, and ti per cent, on Governments. Stocks bavo improved. Governments are Btrong, the fall in prices having brought out largo orders from the Interior. New York Market*. New Yobk, Nov. 24. Cotton—quiet; sales 1,200 bales; Middling Uplands at 394 © 35c. Flour—Receipts 16,007 bbl»: sales 4,000 bbls; State and western 10 @ 15c better, katclosed* advance lost. Superfine State 816 @880; Extra do. I at 10 00 10 75: Choice do, 10 80 @11 75; Round I Hoop oiL lJ 75 © H 65} Choice do |tl 70 @ 13 50 ; Super Hue Western 8 10 © 990; Common to good Ex traWestern, 9 15 © 11 00; choice do 1135® 12 40.— Southern a shade Armor, closing heavy; bales 220 bbls.; mixed to good, 11 80 © 13 40; Fancy ami Ex tra, 13 45 © I® 25. Wheat—opened 1 © 2c hotter, with a moderate in qui-y. but doeod quiet with buyers refusing to pav the advance; sales Milwaukee No. 3 at 2 00 ® 2 13; No. 3at 2 28 © 2 32: No. 1 at 2 40; White Geueaeec at 3 25. Sales 69,000 bush. Com—opened 1 © 3c better, closing irregular and unsettled and dull, with the advance partlaUp lost; sales 120,000 bush; Mixed Western 1254@127 in store and afloat, closing with buyers for export at 1 1/ afloat. Southern White, common. 1 27; Follow Jejsey 1 05 © 1 07 for new. Oata—1® 2c better and more active; sales 53,000 bush; Chicago Spring and Milwaukee 62 @«4; state 67 @ 674c. 6 . Beef—heavy; sales 450 bbls; new plain mess 12 00@ 18 00; new extra do, 17 00 @ 22 oo. Pork—opened lower, but closing firmer; sales 4, 500 bbls.; also 1,850 bbls. new mess at 2276 @ 22 85, seller’s January and all the year on private terms; new mess 21 58 @ 22 12 regular and cash, closing at 22 00 cash; prime 1950 @ 20 50. Lard—firmer: sales ot 1,100 bbls, at 12 @13|c.— ^ButtSr^duU; sales &hio at 15 @ 30c; State at 33 @ 10; Orange County pails, 40 60. Whiskey—quiet. Rice—quiet. . . Sugars—dull and nominal; sales at 9i @ »J for lair jeflnigg. Molasses—dull. Coffee—dull. Naval Stores—dull; Spirits Turpentine, 73© 74c; Rosin at 4 75 ® 10 00. Oils—quiet; linseed 1 43 @ 1 45; lard. si>erm and whale quiet. Pctrollum—easier; sales 500 bbls. crude at 22 @ 224; refined bonded 34 © 25. Tallow—quiet: sales 64,000 lbs, at 112 ® 12c* Wool—domestic fleece dull and lower, while foreign is quiet and without decided change; sales 195,000 lbs. at 40 © 624 for domestic fleece; 48 © 50 for pulled, 50 for tubbed, 19 @ 32 for Texas, 164 t >1' Mexican, and East India sn private terms. Freights to Liverpool—firm, Wheat and Corn 4Jd per steamer. * Chicago Markets. Chicago, Nov. 24. Flmu* quiet. Wheat advanced 2 © 3c for No. 1, and 3 © 5c for No 2, closing at 2 10 © 2 15 for No. 1, and 1 85 © 1 874 for No. 2. Corn opened strong at an alvanoe of 2c, but closed weak; sales at 874c for No. 1, and 86 © 86c for No. 2. Oats advanced lc, clos ing Ann; sales at 38© 394c for No. 2. Provisions dull; Mess Pork sales at *20 00. Hogs doclined 25 © 30c, but closed moderately active; sales at 6 124 @ 6 75 for fhir to good. Freights neglected. Receipts 11,000 bbls Flour, 32,000 bush Wheat, 25, 000 bush Corn, 15,500 bush Oats, 1,600 hogs. Shipmonts 10,000 bbls. Flour, 57,0 k) bush. Wheat, 32,000 bush. Corn, 2,500 bush. Oats. Milwaukee Markets. Milwaukee, Nov. 24. Flour dull. Wheat active at 2 05 for No. 1, and 1 83 for No. 2. Cora steady at 88 for No. 1. Oats advanc ed 2c. Receipts 1,300 bbls Flour, 37,000 busli Wheat. Shipments, 8,000 bble Flour, 89,000 bush. Wliea. Wilmington Markets. Wilmington, N. C., Nov. 24. Crude 1 urpentine at 5 00 for yellow dip, and 1 60 for hard. Spu its turpantino sales at 66 © 68c. Tar 1 75. Cotton at 304 © 3lc for Middling uplands. Cincinnati Market*. Cincinnati, N*v. 24. Flour at 15 00@ 1675. Whiskey dull at 2 31 in bond. Hogs dull aud lower; sales at 6 3*» @ 6 50.— Receipts 3,500 bead. Mess pork dull at 21 00. fiord dull at 12$c. 8li Lenin Market. St. Loris, Mo., Nov. 24. Flour nominal and unchanged, with small business. Wheat dull and lower.% Corn dull and closed 5c lower; Sales at 92 @ 66c for old, and 91 for new.— Oats dull and lower; sales at 49-<j} 52. Provisions— dull and lowor; mess pork at 22 00. Lard dull at 13c tor choice tierces* Wliialcey dull and lower. Hogs 5 85 & 6 25. Augusta C'otlou Market. Auousta, Ga., Nov. 24. Cotton firm; sales of325 bales; Middling uplands at 31 @ 32c. Savannah Market*. Savannah, Ga., Nov. 24. Cotton—irregular. Sales of Middling Uplands at 31 @ 32c. CharleNton Market. Charleston, S. C., Nov. 24. Cotton advanced 1@ 2c; sales 160 bales of Mid dling Uplands at 31$ @ 32c. Stock light. New Oi leaun Market*. New Orleans, Nov. 24. Cotton active and hither; sales to-dav were 4,200 bales. Low Middling at 32c. Receidts 3,900 bales. Sugars lower; tair at 10c. Molasses lower; superi or at 40c; prime at 62c. Freighrs unchanged. Commercial—Per Cable. Liverpool, Nov. 23, P. M. The Cotton market lias been quite active to-day. The s ties will probably reach 10,000 bales. Middling Uplands closed firm at 14d. Petroleum dull ami prices declined 1 @ 2d; refined closed at Is Ci. The tallow market is easier. London, Nov. 22, Evening. Consols for money are quoted at 90. American Securities—The prices of American secu rities are as follows: Erie Railroad shares 50$; Illinois Central Railroad shares 78$; United States 5-20’s70$. Liverpool, Nov. 23, Evening. The market tor Cotton is unchanged Provisions are unchanged. The market for Lard is tending downw ard. London, Nov. 23, Evening. The money market Is slighf ly easier. Consols closed at 90 for monev. American ‘Securities.—1The following are the quotations for American Securities: Erie Railroad Shares 59. Illinois Central Railroad Shares 781. Unit ed States 5-20’s 70$. Liverpool, Nov. 23, Noon. Cotton—During the week the Cotton market has been rather dull and steady at 14 1 for Middling up lands. Transactions were not very heavy, and the sales for the weak do not foot up over C6,000 bales.— To-day the market shows some improvement, and firices nave an advancing tendency. The sales to-day promise to reach 15,000 bales. Middling uplands are quoted at 14$d. Breadstuff* continue to advance, and the market is still firmer. Corn is quote i this morning at 40s per quarter. London, Nov. 23, Noon. Cons »la arc quoted at 90$ for money. American Securities.—The following were the opening pi ices of American securities: Erie Railway shares 50$. Illinois Central shares 783. United States 6-20’b 70$. Boston Stock Ll«l, Sales at the Broker*’ Board, Nov. 25. American Gold.... J3Ju United States 7 3-lfttLs, 1*1 series. 104| United States Ten-tort ie'. 102 liiston and Maine Railroad. I;;0 (Sales at Auction.) Pepperell Manufacturing Company. 1170 Hill Manuiacturing Company. 12?:$ Bates Manufac'U: ing Company.... 158 uaconla Manufacturing Company. 1230 Western Railroad. U5$ i* i tern Railroad. 111$ Massachusetts State Sixes,. 1104 Rhode Island Stub sixes. uftj New' Hampshire Slate Sixes,. 994 Bath City Sixes, 1891. <n| Portland City Sixes, 1870. ?»7$ MARRIED. In Westbrook, Nov. 15, by Rev. W. N. Ricli udsoii, S. L. ilutclfns, of W., and Mrs. Hannah Babb, of Chelsea, Mass. In York, Nov. 2*2, by Rev. J. W. Sawyer, Charles F. Parrott, of K itery, aud Mias Anna L. Munson, of South Berwick. in Norway. No.. 19, Charles F. Morrill and Ella M. Heath, of Sumner. In Ij<>v*1I, Nov 18 Stephen F. llerriman and syl via R. < otfin. in B.ith, Nov. II. Jordan Bolder, Jr., of Pliipw b ug, ai.d Josphino Morse, of B. In Pbipaburgf^'ov. 21, Thu C. Wyman and Rose Maters. DIED. U till! city, Not. 21, Mil. hit** A. Woodakbi, aged 27 ytart. In strnudwal r Village, Weatbrook, Not. 2.1, Mr. Nahum IvVeu. aged ti tear*. iFnm-r.t on Tuc^n) >n. al 2 o’clock. 1 In Kenmlumkium. So, St, Mia. II irriaon Down lag. ag"d M >ean. a*3 w ear^"0®'’ °** '**• Mr Lawrence, In Hkfclafcrd Mr. Siaua L. Dennett, aged » ycnra II imatks. 7 K<"' Mr Co,“* Fo*-'. afiud ao yean TnOreone, Noe. I* Han. I Slab Bair.ll aged <0 lean In Dark pen, Nor IT, Mr Keeney Han* aged • Team IMPORT*. * INImofc NR Re* TV Me IBckies-H* laaa Ida tee, tender. ** Nod—l*n tea, flute. ardor. Mladatare llaeaae ... Hennkrr M. n .. . smm a/tt........(ji * h» pm wm'rr . mfll M A KtNK K KW8 P0RT or rOITI.iiD, ■MlantaT, Xamkti *4. ARRIVED. *rk Thue Dick-on. tBr) Ma»«)W. W.ndgor, K<. Ml Noel, I Bn Mulder , Wiudeor, NS. Nek thine. iluiclun-un, Sakai, kchkawn scaler, Kunel. ll, Hu-tan. M saitor Buy. snout. UltlbrU^c. Seh < -ene*. Genre, Belli. Hek Albetriee Crockett, Bocke|iort. M UUea Thorndike Rockland. Nek Ida Mmt..n. Wtueliciihach. Wakliborn. l5?TjEUan. Ce«»ley, WaMubor... Hck l iurltBr, Parnliiuu, Damarieroua. •H* !3."‘V*I;s*wer», 1 >»mari«cottu uCc ?2!*i '*l,r k EIDarortli tor Danvers. Beb Caatcltaue. • unnlngii ira, Bella,t fir Boaton. CLEARED SI earner Dirig*, Sherwood. New York -Ein.rv A tax. 1 Brig Sarah, 1 Bn V.uudey, Halihu—j purteou». Seh i:.iw utii, Randall. Wllmingion-,1 It Knight Sch Julia A Decker, Diinton, Now York —J I I.iUby. Nth Belle, (Hr) Iugalla, Grand Monau. NB. Sch Sterling, |Br) Proctor, WimUar, NS. Sch May B*Ue, <Br) Carter, Amher»t,S8—John Portoous. MonrtoT. XoTCnibev 3d. Bar'iue Charlotte tlcddie, t Br! JIcKeniie. Boston, to load for London. Sch A lie.*, Frfrbee, Bath. • Sch Bel Iona, Wallac , Camden. Sch Cinderella. Pierce. Moi-hegan. Sloop Frame, Preble, Bath. SAILED—Bark Arthur Kinsman; brig Meriiwa; hcbb llattio Boss. Win 11 Mailer, Ida L Howard, Ida ! F Wheeler, Bow.loin, Olive Elizabeth, Sarah Eliza beth, Julia A Decker, Wm Lt Genn, Ann Parker, ! Maria Hunt, Express, Mary Frances. [FROM OCR CORRiilUPONDENi’.] KENNEBUNKPORT, Nov 22—Sid, sch .Sarah K Merrill, (new, 100 70-100 tons) Howe, of and lor Gloucester. Nov 22—Sid, brig Ossifiee, (new, of Keimebank, 313 tonsl Nason, tor Boston. . .. Launched—21st, bv Me>srs Tttoomb «V Perkim. a eu(»erior ship of a. ou/ looo tons in Irame a ship of abopt tso loaf, winch will not ue launched until next spring. ... . From Ward’s yard 22d, a lino fishing schr ol about 90 tons, which, with another iron) the same model nud nearly finished, were built on contract tor par ties in Gloucester. LiuNCHEb—At Ellsworth 21st inst, from the yard of S «&*<' Lqrd, a first class brig ol 382 tons, named Coriautcn. She Is 131 feet on deck, 111 feet keel.9} feet lower hold, c, feet between decks, and 29} reel lKJ.nn. She is owned by the builders, and others, ol Ellsworth, and parties iu Boston. Capt Chas Lord is to command lier. At Searsport 22d inst. by J H Lane & Co, a double deck barque of 525 torn*, named August ine, owned by the builders, Capt P P Carver (who is to command her) and others, of Searsport, and parties in New York. At Eastport 23d. from the yard of AbUah Leigh ton. a schr of 250 tons, owned by parties hi Eastport and to be commanded by Capt H E Wooster. Sell Eben Brown, of Trenton, 24 toDs, built at Thomaslon in 1852, lias been sold to parties in Rock port lor $550. Sch Racer, (of Gloucester,) Capt W M Fait, has stocked the past season, $20,000. She has engaged only in the Georges fishery. DOMESTIC PORTS. SAN FRANCISCO—Ar 20th inst, ship Garibaldi, Atwood, New York. CldOOdi u t, ship Dashing Wave, Carlton, lor New York. NEW ORLEANS—Cld 23d, ships Union, Mil'er, Liverpool; Molocka, Norton, Boston: barque Floia Southard, McIntyre, do. Ar 15th, barque Alcyone Partridge, New York; sch Wa ter H 'Thorndike, Cables, Rockland. PENSAOLOA—Ar 5tli inst, Prig Faustina, Griffin. Galveston. SAVANNAH—Below 22d, trig Mariposa, Nash, Pensacola. CHARLESTON—Al 22d ult, brig Charlotte W Ring, fiom New York. BALTIMORE—Ar 2lst, sch Harriet Baker, Web ber. Portland. Cld 22d. Wig Proteous, Mahoney, Charlestown. Ar 22i, ship Crest of the Wave, Smith, Cardiff. PHILADELPHIA—Ar 21st, sch John A Griffin, Foster, Charleston, (with sails split and boat stove.) Cld 22d, brig A C Tltcomq, Titcomb. Gibraltar, tor orders. Cld 22d, sch Nsw Zealand, Foliam, Portland. NEW YORK—Ar *22d, brig Ponvcrt, Alien, St Marks, Fla, via Synepuxcnt beach, where she was ashore. Ar 23d, brtg Nellie, Taylor, ftn St Croix; schs E N Perry, Haniil on, Rondout lor Portland; Porto Rico, Wentworth, Elizabethport for Host,on. Cld 23d, ships Clara Wheeler,Wilmartli, Liverpool; Trimountain, Sear-, London; No Plus Ultra, Wood bury. Savannah; barque Gan Eden, Greenleai, Mar seilles ; brig G< o Downes, Lan lair. Barbadrcs; schs A F Ames, Ames, Savannah; Sylv..n, Blanchard, do; Rio, Young, Elizabethport. PROVIDENCE—(.11 23d, sch Hattie E Dodge, Rich, Ca’ais. Sid, sell Ontario, Vcrrill. Calais. PAWTUCKET-Sid 22d, seb Flora A Sawyer, Reed, New Y'ork (or Calais.) NEWPORT—A r 23d, brig Mary E Rose volt, from St Mary’s, Ga, for Salem; Mary E Thompson. War ren, Boston lorPlnladelpbia; sells George Kilboru, Stanley, Bridgeport tor Poriland , Lizzie Guptill, Guptih. New York for Boston. Also ar 23d, schs E lv Dresser, Irom Portland for Tangier; Kalmar, Lambert, and Statesman, Cole, Mac bias lor New York ; Lady Woodbury, Smith, Portlaud lor do. FALLK1VEK—Sid 23d, sch Baltimore, Dix, for Calais. j>ju, yens iinaiiie, ninma urown rii joneg, TK Hammond, Willie Martin, R E Rocker, Harriet Gar diner, Fair Wind, and others. HOLMES' HOLE—Ar 22d, brig J H Cornice,-Wil son. Port Johnson for Boston; s ha Com Kearney, Roberts, Albany lor do; LTChester, Bernard, Port land lor Brooklm Ar 23-1, brig W Intake- , Look, Jersey City lor Bos ton; Barmah, Mclvenzie, Providence for Machiaa; acha H Curtiss, Haskell, Boston lor Wood’s Hole; Lady Woodbury, Smith, hn Portland tor New York; Lamartine, Hill, Saco foi do. Sid, schs H Cuttis, Lady Woodb.iry, E K Drcsaer, Lamartine, and others. EDGARTOWN—A r 22d, schs C F Dyer, fm New York for Franklin; Willow llarp, DavL, Delaware City tor Newburyport. Ar 23d, sell Frank Marion, Barber, Lorn — fj Bucksport. BOSTON—Ax 23d, sch Nellie C Paine, Hawes, Georgetown, DC. CM 2 >d, barque Oneco, Haskell, Port Chalmers, New Zealand. Av 2lth, brigs Lucy Ann, Dodge, Georgetown, I»C; Ossii»ee, (new) Nason, Kcunebunk; schs Leonfine, Pratt, aud Lexington, Kallock, iio kland; Martha Sargent, Sargent, and Charlotte Ami, Andrews, tm Rockland Cld 24th, barque Cbarlotte Geddie, (Br) McKenzie. Portia d; brig Jennie Cushman, Berry, Galveston; erhs Fndoia, Smith, Ellsworth; Rosanna'.), Look, Addison; Auellne llamlin, Wyatt, Bangor. SALEM—Ar 23d, Feb Eurotus, Ilam, Rondo* t lor Portsmouth. GLOUCESTER—Ar 22d. schs Express, Parsons, and Enterprise, Perkins, w« lls, tor Boston; David Crock* it, Matthews. York lor do. NEWBURYPORT—Ar 21st, sch Martha May, Clieney, Bangor. Sid 2tst, sens White Sea,, Baltimore; Duroe, Hardy. Bangor: Alcora, Talbot, and Elvira, Ban croft, Machias; J Elliott, Gilchrist, • alais. EAST PORT— Cld 15th, sell Good Intent, Coggins. Portland. Cld 1'.•Mi, schs Shooting Star, Cole, Philadelphia; C Fantanzi, Wooster, Providence. ELLSWORTH—Ar 16th, schs Telegraph, Wood ward, and Commodore, Clark, Portland. Ar 17th. schs Cares an, Lancaster. Portia d, Be le, Whitmore, do. Cld 17th, sella Katan Curtiss, and Georg a, Alley, Boston. Ar 18th, : ohs Grace, A1 ey, and Vandalia, Lord, Boston. Old lsth, sclis Senator, Bonsey. Lynn; Ageiioria, M< ans. Boston. Ar IDtli, *clia Frank Pierce, Grant; Fair Dealer, ;, and Forrester, Kemicl., Portland; Loduskia, Smith, Boston. Cld 19th, schs Elizabeth, Murch, Danvers* Mary Elizabeth, Eaton, Bost n. Ar20th, brig David Owen, Chadbourne Ba h‘, to | load for Cuba. BANGOR—Ar 23d, schs Avon, Park, Boston; Du roc, Hardy. Newburyport. <r Cld 22 i, brigs Cerena P Sm th, Ve izle, Messina; J Bickmore, Tracy. New York. Cld 23d, trig Cyclone, Haggerty, Port au Prince; Sea Foam, Coombs, New York. BATH—SJd23d. schs TJ Hill, Baker, Galvoelon; Frank Palmer, Guthrie, New York. FOHE1UN PORTS. Ar at Constantinople 23d ult, ship Ed Ivstone, White, Car dill. Ar at Port Mahon 31st ult, McGilverv, Nioli Is Callao. Ar at Malaga 4th inst, barque Moneynick, Gibbs, Pori Mahon. At Leghorn 7th in.*f, brig Mary Stewart, White, di«g, lor Palermo lo load lor New York. Sid /In Liverpool lOHi inst, ship Jane J Southard, Bishop. Philadc’p in. Ent tot idg 8th, ship Jere Thompson, Kennedy, tor New York. Ar at Deal 9(h, ship Crusader, Norton, fm London for New Orl- ans. Ar at Falmouth 10(h, barque Maiy Bentley, Claik, Santa Cruz. At Bristol 9tli inst, ship Ocean I’carl, Reed, lor New Orleans, Nig. At Sagua llth inst, barque Lucy Frances, for New York, ready. At Salt Cay, TI, Nov 8, barque Trovatore, Carve. , for New York. Ar at Halifax 10th inst, brig Regatta. Stanley, fra Portland. SPOKEN, Ocl 27, oftj’ortugaft. barque Conquest, Howes, fin New Or leaw for Gibraltar. GAS ANO COAL OIL iix'r lit i:s: E. TA K BELL & SON, N BKOHFIU.I) KTHELT. BOSTON, MANUFAClUKEUS AM) DEALERS IN Chantlellers, Brackets, Lamps, <1V. WAI PITTIIVCI In all its branches. €3.49 ttTOVKM, for Cooking anl Heating. 4 11 4*I>KI,I«:B«, L4.HPH, Ae., Re-Gilt Mid Iwai __no21ao»l3m Did You Know It? Gentlemen, yon can Save 5i5 Ccntw, BT HAVING ONE OF THOSE Perfect Pitting Shir* Patients! Cat from Hwiuie at the Sovelty Custom Shirt Factory, ,ou c'° aUo have Shirts of all I. itula, rut and at abort notit**, and at lUnsoiutblu nuSSJU **• , **«”“ **•, ___l |>-i>uur«, Portland. For Kale. 700 pnrr’h*«rr.I>h}’ES’ '* 1u*nti,i®» to anit JEREMIAH HOWE & CO., noMdlw___27 Commen-ial at. For Sale. A IWt QUINTALS large Cod Flab. “T v Jy t loo quintili .mall Cod Fieh. TOO uuiuuie PuUoek. JOSEPH WKSCOTT & SON, „ Head Union Wharf. November 21. ,nw For Sale. 21* tone burthen— * d3w N"*-19 and a> Commercial Wharf. For Sale Cheap. VtrVE Black Walnnt SHOW CASES, 9 feet long JC each, and one counting-room Desk, a vor* nice »»*• F- INGRAHAM Yarmouth, Nov. 19,18C6. To Bent, WAREHOUSE on Custom House Wharf. En quire ol LWCH. BARKER & CO., novldtf 139 Commercial street. I -mSCEIXA*110^* To the Ladles of Portland and Vicinity! viivurn i.iie •i.vii wijytem OPEN INO OF GOODS ! Or Monday, October 29, 1866, LADI 13 S’ O V 13 K - O O ATS ! I HAVE just completed my arrangements to resumo the manufacture of Ladies’ Over Garments for the Fall and Winter, and luive selected tlie largest and'choicest stock <»f goods ever ottered in Portland, com prising every style, color and fabric known to the trade, and having secured the services ot MADAME LANliTON, To fctke charge of the cutting and fitting department, I think 1 can assure the Ladies ol Portland 1 can givo them as good a stylo garment* as they cm procure in any other city. l-P^Madame Lank ton has had charge of Ohgmller’s large Cloak Establishment, on Winter street, Bos ton, for the last three or four years, and is competent to cut and tit any Lady’s Over Garments, of any style, in the most desirable manner. PLEASE (IIVK ME A CALL ! And Judge for Yourself. i* . 33 . F R O S T , 332 1-2 CONGRESS STREET, Up Stairs. oct24dtf , GRAND OPENING At 124 and 126 Exchange St., Eortland. IMMENSE STOCK OF HOUSE-FURNISHING GOODS! CHILDREN'S CARRIAGES, WILLOW AND WOODEN WARE, And Anything You Want! WHOLESALE AIM'D RETAIL ! OREN HOOPER. m>v26d4w The wonderful progress ol medical Sci ence during the pas/ six years, only makes “t ] ossible for the conscientious Physician declare, now that, Consumption is as irtainly cured os lulermitient Fever, id as CERTAINLY PREVENTED as Smal c7ias. K. King, if. IL. T.. JJ„ etc. KING’S PREPARED PRESCRIPTION, [Made from the Prescription of Rev. Chas. E. Kino, M. 1>. L. L. 1)., &o.] is confidently presented to the public for the Preven tion and cure of CONS UM FT IOJNT. (in the most advanced staves,) lor the radical (Jure of ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, CATARRH.and all aifectiousot t e THROAT and AIR PASSAGES: for (ft noral i nd Special derange ments of the NEUV( )US SYSTEM: and for all Func tional 1 dsorders o; tho Stomach and Bowel*. It immediately increases the strength and deepens the color of the pale blood. It subdues the Chills and Fever, and diminishes the Expectoration, it checks the Night Sweats always in from seven to fourteen days. The appetite i at once invigorated., and the parent rapidly gains flesh; the cough and the difficult breathing arc s. eeuily relieved, the sleep becomes calm and refreshing: the evacuations rt-guJur and uniform. ALL THE GENERAL SYMP TOMS DISAPPEAR WITH A REALLY ASTON ISHING RAPIDITY. The PRESCRIPTION should be used in every case where the Physician commonly prescribes “Tonics, Ikon, Acids, Bark, Quinine, Cod Liver Oil, Whiskey, Ac. And in every case, by whatever name kn jwn, in which there is bited any one or more of the following SY Ml* TOMS: Difiicul or Irregular Breathing, Loss 5f breath, Cough, Wasting oi Flesh, Bleeding from the Lungs, Loss ol Strengch, Loss of Appetite, Gen ral Debility, Night Sweats, Flying Pains through the Shoulders. Che*t, Face ov limbs, Nervous Headache, Nervous Prostration, Giddiness or Dizziness, Excessive pale ness, Soro Throat, Drowsiness, Sieeplessm.-ss, Sour Stomach, Heart-Burn, Oppression or sinking of the Stomach be foie or after eating. Rcmi'taut Fever Ac. and especially in all Female Disorder or Uterine Ir regularities, such as Difficult, Pamtul, Suppressed, Scanty, Exresfive, Delayed, Premature or too Fre q uent Menstrual ion. MtatenealM iron nuieniN. “Your Prescription saved iny daughter’s life, and hay saved me hundreds oi dollars.’ —Key. E Hum 1'iiRl\ s, ltemden N. Y. “We bless God tor the benefit we have received! from your Prepared Prescrip ion. *—Rev. P. Pilke urix, Bio jseburg, Penn. “Every one to whom I have recommended I has been benciiticdmuchby its use.’ —Rev. C.D. Joxls. Racine, Wis. Bible House, AstOr Place, N. Y.*—In the early part of February, 18U5,1 was sudering trom a vioieut cougli, lor which 1 had been treated, during the six months previous without any benefit. I bad Jfight Sweats which complete!v prostrated me lu the evening, hoarseness would come on, which would prevent me from speaking above a whisper 1 had then had two attacks oi hemorrhage from the Luug o My family physician assured me he could do more tor me, yet I was growing ra; idly worse, and had been compelled to leave business for nearly two months. All my symptoms in..icated, unmistakably, the preseii e of CONSUMPTION. In the be inning oi February Mr. Henry Fisher Treasurer q/' the American Bible Society, presented me with a bottle ot the Prepared Prescription. lr. a low days my appetite which I had eutirely lost, returned; within a weak my cough almost left m ; aud in less than two weeks the ATig7ii Sweats were broken up. Thenceforward I regained strength rapidly, aud am now regularly at emliug to my duties as < lerk to the AMEUlCAN BIBLE SOCIETY, ii\ whose employ ment I have been nine years. I a.n now enjoying good health* Your PRESCRIPTION efleci ed a cure when oiv friends despaired ot inv recovery. THOS.J CONGER “I have had Nervous or Spasmodic Asthma, lor eleven years. During the last six years i have never had an uninterrupted nights reet. It often seemed to me that I would die before I could get air into my lungs. 1 was ha gard and spiritless and suit rod so - really from shortness of breath' that 1 was compelled to take frequent rests in walking from my residence to my place o< business. “The night hef. re I obtained the ‘PREPARED PRESCR1PTON ,* was the worst I ever passed. On obtaining the remedy, 1 took a teaspoonful at noon and again r.t night, and slept, all night without wak ing. I have NOT HAD A BROKEN NIOHT*S REST SINCE. * * * * * i no longer loot •haggard,’have gained in slrengthand spirits and am not at al< alllicted with *sh. rtness of brc. tb.’ I shall be glad to have any one afflicted with Asthma call and see me. . “EZRA C. UANGDON} No. 331 Fourth. St., N. Y. Ttc -‘PREPARED PRESCRIPTION” is put up in a ill bottle, and 19 sold by W. F. Phillies, Port land, Wholesale Agent Isold a> Retail by overv Druggist in Maine—Druggists Generally, orders may be ad re sed to the sole Proprietors. OSCAR g. MoSES W CO., 27 Cortlandt Si huer. N. Y„ Consultation Free. Circulars ontai mg i ahtici - labs of many cases succes-fully treated, will be sent free by mail. .June 18 eodSc eow MEN’S Under-Shirts ! AW DBA WEBS, In I'nfrlkh, Scotch and American. Charles Cnstis & Co. Morton Block, CB1VGBE9S HTRRKT. nov^klSt_ PoriUinA Laundry. Orders received at the Office of the Forest Cil j Dye House, No. 315 Congress Street. Model I* hereby given that the rorilaiul Laundry b:u ken reo|M)nou by Ute subscriber, who lm been m:uiy years connected with the well known (Jitehen Dve House and laundry, and with the ex|>eriei:ce thus acquired he Is now prepared to do all descrip tions of I^aBiry work in a satiiuhrmrv manner. Jyddtou A. T. CitAWJ.LV. Agent 4%K/MH9iV rELLfftUS.TREASURY ONLY TRUE METHOD j Vffira ^HIS^SIAPDSLBSOM RtttlPT QTOMS DOU-AP au 2>d3in JUST AimiVED! WHICH we will sell cheap for cash, to close con signment, Twenty-Five Army Wagons, suitable for Dump Carts, Jiggers and Lumber Wag ons. Cail and examine them. JOSEPH WESCOTT & SON, Head Union Wharf. November 21. d1w Philadelphia Oak Tanned Leather fire hoses Military, Masonic and Firemen's E(c^rjir»JVIEIVTS ! Messrs. John X. Shaw & Co., :tilcr having beon burned out of Federal street, July 4th, hayc resumed business in the room over the store of J. TEWKSBURY A CO., CORNER OF I.IME Ann FORE STREETS, OPPOSITE THE NEW CITY MABKET. Having prepared a stock of Oak tanned Leather in Philadelphia, they arc now ready to execute all or ders for , Phila lelphia Oak Tanned Leather Fire Engine Hose, Double and single riveted, and of all sizes, as used on Steam Fire Engines, Hand Engines, Steamboats and Force Pumps. Cities, Town* and Corporations can be supplied with a strong and durable Hose, war ranted ouual to any made elsewhere, and on aa rea s uable terms. N. B.—Fire Buckets, Spanner Belts, Flexible Pipes, knapsacks, Cartridge Boxos, l'istol Holsters, &<•., ma.leto ortUn-. C.,uplines, Pljx* and Nozrels furnished and Hose repaired. novl7dtf Fancy Goods! Fancy Goods! Bowen Sc Merrill, JOBBERS OF IIoop Skirts k Corsets, GLOVE* -A_nd Hosiery ! Hand and Machine Made WORSTED G O ODS ! Sachas Nubias, Hoods, Sontags, Breakfast Shawls, Scarfs, &c. Together with a large assortment of SMALL WAKEN, All of which we offer at the Very Lowest Market Prices! Nov 2—dim GENTLEMEN WISHING Clothing Cleansed ! AND REPAIRED, Cannot find a place whero it can he done more to their satisfaction than at No. 20 Temple street, . Second Door from Congress at. • 1/ Every Garment w ill receive prompt and faith ful attention. Ladies’ Saetpies I CLEANSED IN FIRST CLASS STYLE! Zir Give me a trial and I will endeavor to please. CHARLES IT. HABONEY. tVr'J light at Cash price paid for east-off Clothing. Nov 21—d3m Men’s .Grloyes At 203 Congress St., Morton Block, Charles Cuslis Sc Co. UOV24—iljt HALL’S ELASTIC Horse Shoe Cushion I (Patented May 1st, 186*.) Proved* know and ICE from adhering to die shoe or lioot'of the horse; prevents lameness, in tender or fore-tooled lun ae*: keep* gravel and saml from gel ling boneath the shoe; prevents the horse from inter fering, and in tart is invaluable In all remets. Every hornc should have them. Ik ml for un ular*. or cell and see Mini-Jen and imlgo for youiseives, at piind pal ottkvot Elastic lior*e Hhot (Jaslii >11. .%•- If V a-kiegue Ik, iemee, M:m«. £ ff N. B.—No State, County, or Xmvu rights for w«®;__ »_L_ sept#—d3m AMERICAN LLODY8» fpIlE undersigned hereby give notice that he has 1 been appointed Agent of American Lloyds for the State ot Maine, and is prepared to inspect vessels of all sizes in course of construction and report the tame f«*r elassilication. Ship buildeis and owner* would tbereforo confer a favor by ^ending me early notice of the vessels they ace building for which a class i» desired. WILLIAM ROGERS, Inspector. Bath, Me., N»w. 1C, lt«6. novlsMIm* XUS. COLBY’S BOXNET ROOMS, will be fottn at No. 4 Cotton, noar Free street, where she oilers tho bal nee ol her stock, at very low prices, liios owing biMs, vri' r a favor by calling niiu sotthuc the same. seplleodtf Notice to Land Holders, Mu. O’Dt'I'.ATHFI:. r.ulWor,.)fi prepared tn take uairncts tor luiiMine, cither )>v -FOB or liv I'A V \\'r>l:t,. 1 *" ftftu'sli claw workmen mill material of an lr.rri[innii. Residence, AJUilUCAN HOUSE. . . Mi'jol, Port land. August latli. lttita_ nutSiil_If For Sale. SCHOONER Mktanzas, K3 tons. Sell. Lcislntrg, 174 tons. Sell. Wm. H. Mailer. 103tons. Sell. NjilcioJ id, 53 tom. old measurement, all well Annul. Enquire of SAMPSON A CONANT, aug'tS No. M Commercial Wliarf. For Sale. A NICE STOCK ot GROCERIES and PROVIS IONS, with STORE, In one of the best locations in tills cltv. Has a good run of tbo best ot trade. For paiiiculars enquire at noBdtf PRESS OFFICE. rttAL estate. PAfTBfcSOtf & C II VDBOLKNE, DEALERS IN BEAL ESTATE. 'Harlan Block, Next Above lhi- Preble House! OFFER for sale two and a half story liouso on At laiitlc Street, containing twelve tlnislied lot,ms ill perfect repair. Arranged fur two liunilies. Hard P1? Sw**®1'.®8 an<* a" m°derii conveniences.— Lot 51 by 70. Pnce $3,000. Termsonly$l,300 down batance m t wo yea™. Tills is a most Jesir.ible bn™ gain, and situated on one of tho best streets in the Also, two,two and a half story houses on Wilmot and Fraiikliu Streets, eighteen and nineteen rooms eoch. Both arranged for two families. Price $5 noo each, i orrns only $1,500 down; balalauce in four , B-otbfesouState,DsniprUi, Lewis, Brown, Ctuuber land, Oxford, Middle and other streets, at prices ranging front $1,900 to $15,000. ‘ November 34. d'.'w. Seven $1004) House Lots IT'OR sale on Congress street, noar the new Park F A line location tor a block of houses. Now Is the time to purchase, preparatorv for building in the spriug. Apply to WM. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent. no\24d3w House for Sale. rpHK subscriber olfers for sale bis dwelling House A situated near the corner of Oxford and Wilmot streets. It Isa two and a half story House, thor oughly built, nearly now. Unished in modern style. It has a large cistern, and a good well of water. Ap ply '<> d- PENNELL, on the premises, or W. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent. nov23J2w* For Sale, rpHE flue Lot corner Fore and Doer streels, 6* bv 71 A feet. Suitable for stores and dwellings. Will be sold on iavorable teiinB. Apply to WM. II JERRIS, Real Estate Agout. nov23dlw Only $l,OOoT IjfOR a good one and a half Btory HOUSE in Bid deford, only live years old—contains 7 rooms, good cellar, and excellent water. Fino garden with young fruit trees. Lot 42 by 98 feet. Apply imme diately to W. H. JERRLS, IIOV22 d3w __ Real Estate Agent. Laud For Sale. f pHE Portland Society of Natural History oiler lor A sale their valuable Lot on Congress Street. Said Lot has a frontage on Congress Street of 81 feel, and is about 50 feet in depth, with a right in a passageway on the west side of the Lot of 4 feet in width, extend ing from Congress Street to the back line. For terms, Ac., apply to tho subscriber at No. 10 Central Whart, where a plan of the Lot can bo seen. _ „ RUFUS E. WOOD. Portland, Nov., 1866. NOTICE. Proposals will be received by the subscriber until the 25th inst., lor taking down the walls of tho Natur al History Building, and cleaning and piling up tho bricks of the same. RUFUS E. WOOD. JCtotland, Nov., 1866. nov 17 dtf Two Houses for Sale for $1700 Each, MOn Oxford street. Lots 33 by 7) foot. Also fine lot corner Oak and Prospect streets, with the dwelling houBe thereon; the lot is 8J by 90 leet; a Une location. Also good building lots on An derson and Cleaves streets on Iavorable terms. Ap ply to W. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent. novl0d3w For Sale In (Jape Elizabeth, a few rods across Portland Bridge, Lot of Land £50 toy lOO. Enquire at S. II. Cumming’s Store. November 6,18GC. d5w# Valuable Building Lot NKAlt THE New Park, tor Sale. The Swedenborg tan Church Lot, CONTAINING a)►out 12,000 square feat, oil Con gress Street,just above Hampshire Street, is ol fored for sale. A rare opportunity is hero offered to any one wish

ing to build in the vicinity of tlio Park. Apply to cither of the Committee. J. E. EERNALD, DAVID TUCKER, ^ w J. P. BAXTER, Or WM. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Broker, at Rail road Ollice. under Lancaster Hall. August 20, lbCti. dtf Houses for Sale Low. SEVERAL desirable, medium sized dwelling Houses will be sold at low prices and on very favorable terms if applied for immediately. This proper ty is situated on Congress street and Congress tlace—no better location in this city—and adjoins St, uke’s Church lot, and will be sold in lots to suit purchasers. Inquiro of WIS WELL & REED, No. 356 Congress, entrance on Oak street, up stairs. novlfrdtf For Sale. Af\ ACRES pasturage and woodland in West TV/ brook. Lot ol land on Poplar street. Home gad land on Washing on street. House and lot on Brown street, tiou^e and lot on St Lawrence street. Dabjus 11 Ingraiiam, ^ _ 1 >3 Federal St., or W. xl. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent, under Lancas ter Hall. _oc22—dti For Sale fpHU lot oi Land on the westerly corner of Con A gross and Pearl Sts., fronting on Congress street ab irt ill feetandon Pearl about s#u teer. dpplyto CHARLES E. BARRETT, At ollice Grand Trunk Railway Station. Portland, Aug, 8, 1866._^ augtrtf House Lots on India St., for .sale. I^NQUIRE of CON ANT & RAND, . Ai 153 Commercial Street, or ™ , , ww H. M. PAYSON, Portland, Nov. 21. dti’ Exchange Street. Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. ri'.tlE Oxibrd House, pleasantly situated in the vii X iarool Fryeburg, Oxford couuty, Maine, is ot tered lor sale at a bargain, it applied lor soon. The House is large, mgoou repair, with furniture ami hxiurea throughout, toeetbei with all necessary outbuildings. J For fali particulars inquire oi HOltATIO BOOTH BY, _ „ .. Pioprietor. Or Hanson a Dow, .US Congre .a st. Fryeburg, Stp . », lssti. au' Farm for Sale. 1W1DL sell my hum near Allen’s Corner West brook, about three miles from Port (and, one iniio horn horse csrs, and Westbrook Seminary. Said laim contains about 1UU acres, part of it very saleable for tillage, and part ol it lor building lots. Thine is a good house, two large barus. and outhous es ou the premises- it will be sold together, or iu lots to suit purchasers CYRUS TIIURLOW. sepll-tltt_ 1CB Conunercial St. Brick Houses for Sale oa Spring St. rpHltEE story brick dwelling Houses, tfiili over A 8000 feet of land, pleasantly located. Price rea sonable. Terms liberal. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER, _ bov19u3w Middle street. A Bare Chance lor Investment. THE ALBION HOUSE, on Federal street, adjoin ing U. S. Hotel, tor sale. For particulars enquire of „ JOHN C. PROCTER. Nov 8—d3w Desirable Store Lots FOR SALE, ON COI1HEICU1, STREET. tj'HE subscribers offer for sale the lot of land on X the southerly side ol Commercial Street, head ot Dana’s Wharf, meupirhig Ti. by 160 feet. For fur ther particulars inquire JONAS H. PER LEY Ocm tf_ft: W- S. DANA. Lot for Sale. ONE of the best building lots in the city, situated on the north side of I leering Street a.ijoimng the residence of Ueu. J. D. Fessenden. This lot issixty two feet trout ou Dealing street, extends back one hundred feet, and is bounded on the east side by a Btreot fifty feet in width, making it a corner lot and very desirable. H. n H i nsi v „ • No. 4 Galt Bloek. Com. Street. Oct 17 dti . w.. '-Hi. iiiiBeswry ones nouse on Lanforlh 1. Street. The Iioum la nearly new atm iu line or der. Immediate poseesslon given. ju‘»Stl_W. Q. CHADBOUBNfe. For Sale. /•«S( Tlie new FRENCH COTTAGE, mid about JjiJi: •even acres of laud, situated on tbo Cnpe cot .uGJ, tage it-wid, iu Cape Elizabeth. The boimc eou lains fourteen rooms. Hie sea view is uiunmnsscd Enquire of VV. It. STEPHENSON. _ont&S-iUl_ _ Second National land.. 1 Val uni tie Keal Estate on Elm st. FOR HALF. A PORTION of the ••DAT” Estate on 1dm Street, comprising over -bCOj ns i .if land, logcilier with Brick Houses, stable Ac. This | roj'Ci ty la lo ratodon Klin ami Ctimlicrlaml streets all suscepHLile nf improveut nt, ami has a nhnt on Elm street oi '--sd leel. The abo'. c property Is ofifcrcd tor salccilhor In por iiona or collet lively, on liberal terms. App ly to augjo—ti_JOHN C. PKUOTOli. For Leaae. rrtHE valuable lot of land corner ol Middle and X Plumb Streels, ibr a term of years. Enquire of C. C. MITCHELL cV SON, Aug. !18, IiCC—ilu _1,8 Fore Street. tote f or Sale. Oaly 14 nan per Foot ! IdlNELV' located Lois on tlie Eastern Promenade, X in Lots to suit pnrebssers. Also line Lets wii Congress between High and Stale streels. ami on Deering street, iu Lois to suit nurclias :re. Apply to W. H. J10KRIS, Meal Eslatr Agont, At Railroad Office, opposite Preble House. atiglG—lift nOBWALE, tn Oortwm, lirteen miautes walli r irom the Depot, a nearly now, ueat Cottage Bouse, Barn and outbuildings,in,.Ihr all the conven iences ami m prime condition. Ii is situated near a Stove and a short from the County read Apply to J. E. STEVENS. Gorham, July 17. First Class Hoaaes for Sale7 WE offer for sale the eight first class brick houses, recently built by ns, situated ou Pine Street iietween Clark and Carleton Streets These houses are thoroughly built, with slate roofe, mck im151’““We mantelpieces throughout.— they will be sold at a low price, and on very thvora >1© terms. Apply at our office, No. 274 Danfbrth St. October la, 16G6. dtl J- B- BROWN & SONS. NOTICE. I will sell on favorable terms as to payment, or let for a term of years, the lots on Oie cornerol Middle and Franklin street*, and on franklin street, including the corner ol Franklin and fore rfreet*. Apply to WM. HILLIARD, Bangor, it SMITH & RLLD Attorneys, Portland. jy!2ti NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. List of Letters Unclaimed I1'tli«U“'£hSlT 0F/i,cli AT PORTLAND, Maine, on A the J4th day of November, 1860. ladies’ list. Allen Ei/zie M mrs .Iordan Inn«><» ....a All,;,. I’rancoa mr. 2 jSXjiSto" m" Andrew Joseph mrs JacobsKelif \ i,,m Abbott Richard mrb .Iordan Susai. .1 Pakf? dMkson Samuel H mn Barker Elvira Littlefield Ella a Burns Lizzie Lane u ton Frank mrs Baker Ellen M Lorrell Katie Browning Lizzie mrs Larrabee Jouan U Barrett Hannah Y W inrsLibby Lucy F mrs Burnes Hattie Libby Sarah F Brackett John lurs McLellrn Anuie C Baker Kersiah McSwaino Barbra Buzeli Susan McDonough Bridget Blaisdell Mary Myers Bridgctt mrs Bradbury Mary S Merrill Clara P Btowu Alory E mrs Mathews Elia Cushing 1 Brevier Mary A mrs Morreen Emmu Bell lurs McLouol Lizzie Bruddock Manuy M McLain John mis Burtriok N 0 mrs Murpy Mary Brown Willy mrs McGee Mary A Chace Alice O Morton Mary L Cash Abide mrs Mackenzie Murdo mrs Calkins A mrs McClusky Rebecca Chase t iara L Miller Robert mis Corpen mrs McNulty Sarah mrs Cha< c Elizabeth mrs Mayo Sami mrs 2 Curtis Florence Newcomb David mrs 2 Cou r sen Hattie mrs ONeil! Kato Clark .John mrs Nwen Carrie Carlton Ciarinda mrs f<.r Packard A J mrs 11 "ratio Merrill Pray Edward mrs 2 Cross L naa Po noil Elizabeth mrs Coi man Lydia Paterson H A mrs Gorman Lydia Poor Hannah mrs Connell Mary Ann Pingreo Mary mrs Costlier Lana II mrs Phillips Marth F mrs C anghy Mary Phelds Mary C Clark Mary E Prince Sarab t row ley Alary mrs Randall Helen F Campbell Mary E Ruls:U A F mrs Cook Alary O Rugg Clara Cook Mary Reed Ellen P Carry Patrick mrs Roberta Fannie Cross R B mrs Robblnson Etta At Cook S M mrs caro mrs JRourk Kattie A L Hamblin - Raders mrs tor Robert DeRossean Hattie Melhern Dyer Auffasta E Ross Sarah 2 Duneward Kate mrs Randall S K mrs 2 Dalton Hattie tor FredScaomion Annie 1 Dalton Small Annie 1 I hinkwater llaunah Spurr Augusta Devereaux Lydia mrs Silvester Betsey mrs Dana Loul a mrs Sooiull Bridget Davis Mary mrs Schill Bridget mrs Dow Alary j Scavey Cordelia A mrs Dorr Alary A Swett Nellie B mrs Donohue Sere E Shattock Nellie mrs Eliot Lizzie lurs Stapleton Lizzie Elder Ueorgie M Sawyer Eliza Ann mrs Emery A lark L mrs Smith Nellie Eastman Alary Stevens Emma mrB Fuller Ann mrs Swett Ferdinand M mrs Fling Cynthia m1 s Smith Holen mrs Farrar Lizzio mrs Stackpole Mattie D Frances Eliza mrs Su. ling Marth Fredericks Alary A Stevens M mrs Farrell Patrick mrs Strout Marth E Gilson Angie L mrs Swetscr Mary H Gordon A M mrs Staples R A mrs Gerrish Emma Stevens T A mrs Gould Martha mrs Shillln Washington mrs 2 Griltin Mary Ann mrs Smith Walker B mrs Gormly Mary Spring Heilon Gordon Alary A Tilton Ann T Gilson mrs Tubs Clara mrs Gregg Mary Emma Tukey Carrie Huston Abagail mrs Thornton Lizzie Hubbard Anna mrs Tucker Mary A Hull Caroline P mrs Thompson P S mrs Hollis Charlotte AI Towny Patrick mrs Hatt Dorathy mrs Utncn George L mrs Hull Dana M mrs Washburn Adda Harris Ellen S mrs Wyman Annie H Hovey Nelly Waterhouse Ann mrs Hall Emma R Whitten C L mrs Hlllbourn mrs Wileard Catharine J mrs Hamilton Hattie 3 Welsh Cairle Hunt »J M mrs Wiley Gilman mrs Huskins Mary mrs Woods Jane mrs Hatch Mary WcscottM Louisa Hamblin Florena Wait Mary J mrs James Ann J mrs 2 Williams P S Jordan Cordelia Walkor Syiva J mrs Jordan Millie H Webber S K mrs GENTLEMEN*# LIB I*. Ashley Prof 2 Higgins Dan] P Atwood, Back & Co Harvey David Allen A J Harrington Eph S Allen C H & Co Ho rises Ephraim Alden C G & Co Humphrey Eugene Atherton E P Hatch E H AJmoder Francis J Hawkcs Edwin J Ames Genereus Hagget.t Frank E Auger Joseph HulfFM Apply Jacob A Herrick Geo T Allen Jacob P for Mrs Ly-Hall Geo W dia H Allen Hardy, Brown, Goes & Co Adams John H for J HHanson Henry capt Whitten Howe Isaac A Abbot Richard Hardy John Allen Robert Hill Joseph capt for Miss Arey Robert M Abbie Swett Allen Wm Hallahan John Butler Albert G Hurley Joseph Harrow Mr (Agent Brack-Hutcmnson John R ett’s Pump) Hayes Mathew . Berg Chas Haynes Nahum Buck 0 W Harkins Patrick Burnham Chas W Hines Thcs Boothby Chas M Haines T Benard Donald Hyland Tlios Brackett Dexter W for MrsHobbs Wilson H Levi Drinkwater Hart Wm G Beal E F Hart Wm J Baker Freeiuan for Mrs Jon os C L & Co Eliza A Bean Jones C C 2 Burrill Fred u Jackson Daniel Bell F Jones Daniel Blake Henry Jones Ephraim Burton He my Johnson Frank C Brown Henry J for Mrs Jackson Geo W Sophia Brown Jones Geo A Buck James H Jewett H Bedell J F Jordan John Barnes James B Jordan James P Boyd James Jewett J for Annie Wy©r Brown Morris Jonson John fbr Mrs Su Bochner Mathew E son M Damo Boynton Oscar Johnson Joseph Brown Robert Jackson Joseph Bartlett S C Josselyn K R Bryant Walter L Jordan Leonard G Baclieldcr Wm Jordan Mikle Brooks Wm F & Co Jackson RL Burroughs Wm Joy S W Bolton Wm JeLison Sylvester Brown Wm Jordan W Chaso Alvali Jones Wm (Cape E) Colby B Frank Kane Francis Curtis Byron F Kiinerson James K Crosmau Chas C Kecley. James 2 Coombs Consider T Keaviey James Cummings Chas W Kelsey & Gray for C H Chase Daniel ' Handy Clark D H for Albert GKearney Michl Berry jr Keany Michl (Blacksmith) Clark Edward L Kennoy Natbl Cone Elisha 2 Keen Ozeu Carroll Edmond Kyne Patrick Cole E Parker Kingston Richard Chase E (Long Wharf) Kvne Wm Collins Edw C capt Kenney Wm H Chapman Elbridge G Larue Adolph Curtis G R Lyman Clias H Chase H A for Mrs Hun-Lo vie Chas H nali C Troop Lovqjoy Charles Cummings Herman Loisell David Cliase Henry Leo Edw Carver Isaac for capt Alon-Locke Goo E zo Shnte Long Henry W Cox Jacob Loring H Warren Croelter James H Lord U B Cooke J H Ladner John A Campbell Luther Libbv James for Mrs Mary Carter Paul A woods Caclana Para Manuel Lord Sc Crooker Cnapman Sami Lane MlieL Chase Tin s H Latham M M Clayton Wm J Major Lottis Michael Davis Ansyl G 2 Morrison Albert IHtvis A MuUhall A nest* alie t Dickinson Chas W Morse Hrnor Drake i hestcr B Mile B C Dunlap C T Moore I ienj Davis C F lor Miss AddieMace B II Bavis Meserve Charles 2 Dority Denis Murphy Charles Dumiuing Elijah Mains C S Dunn Edw Maxwell D C buarts Francisco Garcia Maxwell Eln-n Duvis Geo Mavnard Front lin Donnell GA Melville Frank Duran Gilbert Miller Georgs Dodge Horace D Meally John Dodge Horace for Miss Sa-Muldoon John 2 rah B Dodge Mathews J Davis Horace M Murphv J H Davis Isaac F Maaeley James Diinan Jolm Meserve James Dulen John Marr J M Dutort Jean Baptiste Millbery James Dooley Martin Merrow James Dun ton Alden for AnnieMantaquc Lean* ter Mason Moulton M H Duddy R. R. Marr Mark Le Dunn R B Wei rill Brothers Dyer Samuel Mason, Dawley A Baker Dolan Tlios F Minihan Mark Dalv Timothy Murry Michael Dyer Wm S Malone Simeon De Costc Wm Merrill S PRev EldriOge Chas W Michell Thomas Eastman C L Mooney Thomas Edgerlon D R Michell Wm W Evens Mr (Base Bali PUv-Mt Krisick Benj J er) McCollin A Co tor Charles r.aain r.iuj Lit/ liters Freilk Z McNeil Donald Evans Ingalls McDonald David N Eveletli Jabez P McKnlglit George Estrella Joseph Francis Murphy llugh Eustis Jolm T‘ 2 Merrill Henry & Co Eaton Stephen P Mot sc Heurv J Eldridge Win Moses H O Elliot Wm D McDonald Joint Foster C W (Westbrook) McLaughlin James Fernald Cyrus McLeand lames FnUcrton Chas B McM trrs. t Martin Fabin FF lor Jndson AMcOovlii Stephen Nutter MoLanslin Justin Frost Geo Edw McDutt.e Willie H Furbish G W Lieut McKaekUn William S Pttgtn Joseph McCatterty Patrick Furbish J M McSwain William t enno John H McCann Wm Fell Michl Nelson Andrew J 2 tortier Napoleon Newman A M Foy Stephen M Nickerson Am... Freeman Sami Neelen Eti captl Fulton Wm Nichols Francis C dreeno A L Lieut Nichols H J doodwtn Cheater B Nevons Hubbard dilnon Chas for Jolm BrlttNoyes Henry T Bop till Gluts Nicholson Joseph J*-'r K it „ Neal John for Georgie A dimes Freeman F Jordan drilhn Franklin Nicola N G Bardiner F Chattjoo Norton Parson drace Frank Newcomb W W SJ*y Mr Glney A G & Co dove Geo E Owens David daguc Geo for Eilw Roas-Owen Daniel E _01,11 _ O'Konrk James Bagnon Henry O’Roak Peter Bor.liner Isaac L O'Mara Jumos for Timothy Bouki 1S Silver Bartser John O’Donahue John Breen G S O’Herron John for Mrs Breen Jacob 8 Galavan Bould J S for Mrs SarahOleun Nilos J Parker O'Connell Richard Bay Jesse for Miss MarthaOmara James J Libby Poor Alphonzo Balvin James Piulnton A 8 Breenhalglt M B Pettingill Albion C Bibs.'it It M Perkins B A tor Mrs Marv Boodricli Walter B C Cram Borliam Win Pago Charles for Hattie Ball Allred Hopkins Page Howland Abner O Palmer C C 2 Humphrey Augustine Page Chas E Bill Albert Page Charles Benin way Beiy E Paine Charles Hanson B F tor Chas LPlielps Charles W MUliken Phillbrooks Danl capt Hammond Chas A 2 Paul Edwin A 2 iaeeliine Chas H Parker Ephraim I Hartshorn Clias A Post Edmond B Hodgkins Chas E Penaham Franklin L Hodgkins Chas Packard Frank Hawes C A Packard Frank B Harley Dwight G Perkins George L Perry Henry for Ell* MSonleN PSyHM lEStSS? Patterson living F Sayler llotet J Pjuhard Joseph Simonfon"! 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McDonald sch A McDonald Clark Gerf W barque C V Mlnott Chase Andrew capt sch Obpy Humphrey Jaa bark Caroline McNeil Sas Captsch Debineer I’rlnbe Capt packelt DeWitt Clinton Mann Alden H sch Dexter Tibbetts K J sch Geo Hil torn 2 I'iei CO Marcos sch Martha Marila An(lon J cha do Tracy Albert C sch PL Smith W. DAVIS, Postmaster. INfeEHANCL OFFICE OF THE Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company. SprissgBeld, .Haas. _ .. . ... September 15, 1866. To the Agents of the Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Gentlemen The officers ot this Company take great pleasure In announcing to their Agents, patrons and mends, that bv an unanimous rote of the stock holders, the capital stock of this company has been In creased to HALF A MILLION Dollars, all paid In CASH, and that the assets of the company are WWhm.M; Capital, *500,000; Surplus, *190,171,74. Notwithstanding the frequent fires and the heavy losses sustained by insurance companies, THIS Com Ky is able to show to its agents and patrons, snch a of assets and securities as to entitle it to a position in the front rank among insurance companies in this country— one worthy of the fullest confidence, and giving the most perfect securitise to policy-holders. The policies hi this company, flirnlsh the most am ple indemnity to our customers, we ask in return good risks, and adequate rates, and we trust our many Hid fltlthfid agents may in the future as In the past, look well to our interests—enlarge and increase our busi ness, upon what shall prove a sale class of risks. Edmund Freeman, President, Chartered 1649 J. N. Dunham, Sec. Capital * Surplus *695,171*4, Chas. E. Lane, Assistant Sec. We are Yours Very Truly, E. Freeman, President. J. N. Dunham, Secretary. John E. Dow A Man, Agents, sep29-codtf PORTLAND, MAINE. SPECIAL NOTICE —OF— Life Insurance! HAVING been appointed General Agents for Maine of the old New England Mutual Life Ins. Co., Of Boston, Mass., being the oldest purely Mutual Life Ins. Co. in America, we wish flitv good, active agents to work in the different cities and vdlages throughout the State. None need apply unless good reference can give. The Co. is 23 years old and has paid in Dividends <1,347,009 00 and over *2,000,000 00 in lom S death. It has now a well-invested accumulated nl of over *4,900,000 00. The Co. formerly made >aid its dividends once in five years. A Divi dend will be made up in Nov. 1809, and annually thereaiter, and available one year from dale of Poli cy. Applications for local Agencies will be made to RUFUS SMALL & SON, Gen’l Agents, no21d3m ___Bidileford, Me. R E n O V A L . Sparrow’s Insurance Office is this day removed from No. 80 Commercial Street, to the new bbJ miviLma room* NO. 66 EXCHANGE STREET. nt THE CUMBERLAND BANK BUILDING, where he Is now prepared to piece Insurance, In all lu forms, and for any amount, in run pontes second to no others on the globe, and on the moat levorable terms. Properties preferring jlrsf clam osmrwsre, are ws pectfoUy hi vise i te call. November 3, IMS, dtf •W *fan Aaaaal Btateweat The Pbeiii lasaraarr ('•■puy. OT HAJtTFUM). CONIC . TO THR STATB m SUSS * ■ I 4 isssisi Cash an haml ami in Iw* van '*• —•* *«■ *—74 Loans e« Real fcnsme.. iNAne w Ley <mi Hoi id Ki nil Ifc-wtif. Coiled States 'Nnikm. Ml S4! .m New York Bank Stocks. Hartfeed Bank Machs, Other BankSunks. Bonds—Slate, City ami Wait Aocmuabated lnuweat. Total Assets. Amount at Premiam N tee. Total Amoanl eg Liabilities. WM. B. a.ry HENRY KELLOGG, Preoilaat. A. W. JILLSON, Vke-Praeident. W. D. LITTLE A CO., Agents, J» CO.n.UKKtlAI. STB KIT. November t9,1966, d#w H urine Insurance~ Ships, Barques, Brigs an l Schooners l —BY— Ocenii Mutual Insurance Comp’y, NEW BEDFORD. PacriU' Mutual Insurance Comp'yi NEW BEDFORD. Aggregate Capital, $580,161,17 No extra charge fbr Cargoes Grain in Bulk, Coal. Salt. iron. £opi«r Ore, Marble or Slato coastwise. We •hall be pleased to secure a sliare of public patronage. OiMcr lOtf Fore Street, Portland. J. W. MUNQRR Jt SON. oct6.eod£m n RKYtnkCttyV t*MmrmmCK «»»P»»y,ot New Cash Capital.*300 ooo Stirploa.2T5,000 Total Cash Asset*,.:. #75,000 .The loss by this Company In the Portland Hro ia aoout S-e.oun, or about one tenth of itb surplus, i All claimants for loss by the recent Are, who have not already received their money, are invited t<* hand m their pi oofs without delay. Tlu-se wishing Insurance in a Company, First Cla>s, in every re spect, at fair rat. s. are invited to call at my office. No. 80 Comineicial street, Thomas Block. JvV-3WARREN SPA KUO W, Agent. LH, Twomblev, General Insurance Broker, • would inform his many irlends and the publ c generally that he Isnrepar.u t'< continue the Insur ance Busin ss a9 a Broker, and can place Fire, Life and Marine Insurance to any extent in the best Com p mies in the United States. All business entrusted to my c re shal be feitlifti ly attended to. Office at C. M. Rico's Paper Store, No. 183 Fore St, where orders can be leit.jnllttf Mutual benefit lire insurance co. The numerous Policy holders in this popular Company, and tiie public generally, are informed that its office is now established at No. 80 Commer cial street, in Thomaj' Block. WARREN 8PARROW, J"119 State Agent. RAII.K '• Is. MsiH£~Ccl|BM. R. iT WINTER ARRANGEMENT. Ou and after Monday,November lath, SM^UBSTiirrcnt, tialna will leave Portland for i 1.7 *£71 uV** Intermediate stall in on this tine, at 7 40 A M »*’*■ For l.ewiston lUid Auburn only, at u1®1*1 !rain* for WatiTTille and all interroe nvi leave Portland at 8.25 A M. ,_lrim lrom Bangor la ,lUe at Per,land at 1.45 P. M, m eeaaon toromiect with train for boston, front Lewiston and Auburn only,at 8.10 A. M. nov. Mw_idwi^ *°v P. 8. <£• p. Railroad. in o T i o fcj . 7I1IIE Express Trains between Portland and boa ^Ma»0!sssi:£if Htead of 0.05 as now mn. Portland, Oct 5, I860. PORTLAND* ROCHLSTEh R.R. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. -TBgfalfliaj ’in and after Monday, April :«>, ls«< rains will leave as follows: Umi'tiiHV! Klvor lor Portland atj30 amt 0 00 a. m. JW P. If. j^*v®FortIsnd for Saoo River at7 15 a. u., 1 On and PoiuUto.mLr.'i !* tr8ln °’lf ""‘I ",e a. u. train into attached*'**l>e ^'e*4S*,b tralus with pa*seugor iters StSniifh*K"ocn“e<’t *t Uorhatn for West doiAam, dteep Kails, Baldwin, lienmars. Stletgo, Conw^t Ith’?®.1.1',Uit8,u- Blown field, Krvil uTgl ter Krb,’ n rn' et11.Jkcl‘'lun Liuilngton, Cornish.Por At H?.vd,»?I.W^1,80,“' au l Faton; N. A H,>ntl,r7J77„7i0t®r ?,r **»• Buxton, Bonny-Eagle, &^?,!na^O0.s|L'ndn^n' “»**■ *"■» .ndtI^Th"wKnda,iVVind,UU°’ *'Ud'‘*m UUl EISAooomodatloB tritins will tun lw. “ ,for, portl*o«l •* » 0«> a %i a:* and 4 »* ii L P°rtl*t,U f°l Gorham at 12 I.'. r. h i, ... . . liy order ol the Preside*l. I’ortlwid. April 28. 1866—dn poktland SACO * PORTSMOUTH R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, C««a ucinu Monday, Aer. Mtk, 1M8. “1 Passenger Trains leave Portland for ^JBoston at 8.40 A. *4., and 2.20 p. M. P~M-08tun tor Portland at 7.JO A. M., and 2.3M ^ A MECHAMtc’s a d I.ABoncn’a Train will leavu n.7rrf^.,.dal yl ?on?ays excepted, at 6 A. M., and Saeo at 6 08, arriving In Portland at G.40. Returning, will leave Portland for Saco and Bid detord and ini armed iate stations at 5.80 P. AJ. A special freight train, with passenger car attach ed wUl leave Portland at 7.10 A. M. for Saco and Biddeford. and returning, leave Rlddelord at 8.30 and Saco at 8 40 A. M. FRANCIS CHASE Snpt. Pori land, Cot 29, 18f6. noldtf gramd trunk railway, Ol Canada. -Alteration of’ Trains. K WINTER ARRANGEMENT. nfifitf’TMP 0" anti after Monday, Nov. 12,1888, SW^gfetrains will run as follows:— Jiru‘^vr|S0.Uthi,!Par’' ,Va L«wi»to». «t7.10 A. M. „ ya1" lev Watervflle, Bangor, Gorham, Island Pond, Montreal and Quebec at 1. 10 P. M. TUia train connects with Exprona train for Toron tn. Detroit and Chicago. Sleeping cars attached lrom Island Pond to Quebec and Montreal. Train lor South Paris at IS.O'J P. M. No baggage can be received or chocked after Iks time above stated. Trains win arrive as follows:— From So. Faria, Lewiston aud Auburn, at 8.11) a. K. from Montreal, Quebec, Ac,, - - 1.45 P.M. The Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding *68 in value (and person al) unless notice is given, aud paid lor at tko rale of one passenger for every *500 additional value. rt n irT %'r'TB,£?£>h Manas'•»» Director. POATUND hJltNNEBtt R. B. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, lomneurlng Monday, Nor. l*ik, 180*. rPSitPiitfan p"ae»jer Trains leave Portland dailv SPES; LW fr. M., lor B.Uh, Augusta, Wat ,uda11 * Milb*,SkowhegHD, and intermediate Station*.(connecting at Brunswick with Audroscog * *n» Lewiston and Farmington, and at Kendall s Mills with Maine Central B.It.J for Bangor and intermediate station*. Farts as low by this route as any other. ¥ Leave Portland tor Bath, Lewiston, Augusta nnd intermediate stations on Satin flay onlv at 7.45 P. M Mixed Train leave* Port!aud for Brunswic k and in- * tormediate station* daily, except Saturday, at 5.30 P.. Freight Train, with passenger oar attached, wild leave Port.aud for Skowhegan and inte mediate sta tions every morning at 7 o’clock. Trains trom Brunswick and Lewiston are due at Pori land at 9.20 A M., and from Skowliegan an:l Farmington and all intermediate stations at 2.00 P M. to conn?ci with trains for Boston. Stages for Bockiand connect at Bath; andtorBel tast at Augusta, leaving daily on arrival o ircin from Boe^ou, leaving at 7.30 A. M. ; aud tor Solon, Anson, Nocrl.uewock, AtheTkS ana Moose Head Lake at Skew began, and for Chma, Fast and North Vasaal *alb01°,i Unity at Kendall’s MLT-s and for Canaan at Pishon’s Ferry. W • HATCH* Snperiniewt.tul* Augusta, Oct. 27, 1866. _ novl2dtl U. 8. Marshal's Notice. United States of America, » District of Maine, s. a. ( P UBS U ANT to suuury Monitions tome directed from t .« Hon. Edward Fox, Judge c| the Uid tc<L?!,ateB Dl9tnct L'ouft wnhln and lor the District 01 Maine, 1 hereby give public notice that the fbl. 1 wing L bol and Informations Lave been filed in said Court, viz: Au Ii\/brmutitm a ainst one Horse called the !!S a •vL^ke.»’* *«lzed by the Collector of the Die tnctof Poriland and haliioutn on tlio tolrteeuth day ot October last past, at Portland in takl Die trict. aN5‘S’t Twm/y-tsro Quintal• qf Pollock fish: One Half Barr,l qf Herring : Twenty-seven BarrthNo.l Mackerel: One Barrel No. 2 Mocker tk MO Lbs. Rusty Mackerel: 73 Empty Barrett: 22 Barrtlt Salt, soiled by ibe Collector o< the District ef Portland and Falmouth on the titteenth day ot Uclobcr last past, at Portland In tskl District. w\nInfr,rmationny,UM One I Voter Whesl: One kfht-2??l.an4 Toole: On, Bcxwsl J9*1 Sy** and Bench: fSceti'e Circular One Clapboard Machine One Usth Maehms: One Match Splint Machine: One Pace Planar : One Machine /Or preparing Match Block, . Ora tracer t roes list Saw: One hind cross cut sow JJra «ra ync' SMmped Match,, ninety.three mSL: a’iLaL'St S*!**: sramnl Matches. Voces, ami other fhtrnitvr* tn Dry Homme connected therewith: Chest jflWs. Monkey Wranch. »c., fr, wised by tbe ‘f 1*r,*‘»V “■ '»*■«• tor the llrxt Coltac tfow IWow f Maine, on the twenty-wremh day ef ratobev :eet pa,l, at iful is. hr sali District. . »r»» for bread.n of the taws of * f. ."fti *'“.(** ** * mS* !• rt'eularly set forth la •abl UM and Iwttwmartnn.: that a hearing and »*ra wldbe hadthat on at lorttand in aa d District. •• ‘Ne **•> Tuesday qf Iteremher next where any *••>«•*» a aeted lb. r-n. utay appear and show rasms, ff any can be bown, wherefore tbe tame Jh-ram nea be darrsii for last, and disposed ot accord b*ra aa Portland this mreatseaih day of No nartaa. A. IMA #. A QIINBV. _ _ ^ Drpaty U. S Marahal Dial, ol Maine. *ev 17—di«d magic hair Hewtorative! ! XO. 1, WOi iMm dray w FadrJ Hair M> ORIGINAL COLOR. mm black ob non. Strengthens the hair and gives nourishment to the roots. Hakes the hair soft and moist. Prevents aad cores Dandrnfl A S plemtid Hair Dressing, PROVED TO n* TUB Best and Cheapest in the Market. MAGIC HATH I) Y E Hasonlv tube applied to the Hair or Whiskers and the work is done; no washing. ISP" For sale by all Druggists, are CHARLES NEWRALL, Pr«priefoi, ootl3eod 47 Hanover at, Boston. 3m FAIRBANKS’ PEEMiDi STAND VEP SCAEES ! MADE of the beet materials, In the moet thorough manner, and receiving Constant Improve ments, under rbo supervision ol THE ©RIOIXAI. HVEIVTOB. Every variety, as Hay, Coal, Railroad, Platiorm and Counter. Druggists, Confectioners’, Bute hors’. Oroceri*, ami Oo'«I Seales, Be in is, Spring Balances, &c, for sale af our IVABKIlOtlMl, 118 MILK STREET, BOSTON, MASS. Fairbanks, Brown « Co. Agents for sale of Tilton & McFarland's Celebrated Safes. White’. Patent Money Drawer., and Crew moii’m CnHN Kcgulnlam. For tale in Portland by nolditm Emery, Wnlri Ar Co. Store to Let. UL;ITABLE fbr n’Fancy Goods or light Stationery O buaincse. Inquire of J. J VT. REEVES, _nolOdtl_____Nn. 9 Green St. Private Sate of Furniture AT tho bon« No « Spring Street, daring FRIDA T and SATURDAY, Nov Ol and W. noasdSf ■*. M. ATWOOD.