Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, November 29, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated November 29, 1866 Page 3
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[Written fct the Free*.] An Adventure in the Pacific# BY ONE WHO WAS THEBE. “ Keep a sharp look out aloft there, my lad,” rung out the cheery tones of our natty little skipper, as he turned his gaze upwards to the fore topgallant croas-trecs—“a sharp look out— and do you hear, a double eagle to the man who sights the first whale.” The good ship Champion, ot New Bedford, eleven mouths out and “clean,” was at this time rolling lazily along before the wind, mak ing passage towards the off shore ground, upon the edge of which she was but entering. To the master of a whaler, on his first voyage in that capacity, the days that creep slowly along after bidding farewell to the owners, seem as weeks, until, with his first whale alongside, iie finds his voyage fairly begun, and something else than salt water filling the casks from which he has been obliged to abstract “provisions and profits to no small amount.” Somcwnat despondent, though generally hopeful, Captain Hazard looked, as lie stood there on the try-works, the very picture of a man battling courageously withtortune. Turn ing at last to the mate, an old, weather beaten Nantuckctman who stood at the vise-bench at work on a steering-strap,—“Mr. t^arey, all I ask is hut a commencement; let me but put two streaks of the old ship's copper under water, with oil ballast, aud over to the Saudwicli Islands we go to recruit for a season in the Arctic. “Sperm oil or no port,” was now the subject of much discussion, especially among us of the forecastle, and many an eyo was strained over the green bosom of “ old treachery,” to catch the lifting spouts that would give us a run ashore. Since leaving the Azores, a month af ter our departure from home, we had “banged it about” for ten weary months, from the coast of Africa across to the Biver La Plata aud around Cape Horn, and but sixteen barrels of blackfisb oil had passed through our “cooler.” Jack, with less interest in the success of the voyage than the officers, is a sorry biped after ten months fare upon hard tack and salt beef. Brooding through the day watch upon his un happy lot, and growling along in his night vigils, he becomes thoroughly morose aud sel fish, and losing all care for the present, thinks only of the future and a run ashore. “Sperm oil or no port’’—and our thirty-six malcontents before the mast, opened wider their eyes as each in turn took his look-out from mast-head. . Three days after the golden promise of the skipper, my turn came tor a look-out, and in the middle of the morning watch was sent aloft. We were then near the middle of what is called the “off shore ground,” and since our entering it had seen not one blow or “white water” save that made by a solitary tin-hack and a school of porpoises. eagerly, then, as cue sun painted up the Bast, j did I scan the magnificent expanse before mo; ■ and as the morning’s glory crept down from [ truck to top-mast, from top-mast to yard and I thence to the hull of the old Champion, the j twinkling, dancing, rippling wave seemed like | a coquettish belle throwing about her face a pink veil with which to heighten her charms. Nothing, nothing; and I was fast relapsing into reverie, in which my friends, like shad ows, passed before mcj their f.iaes daguerreo typed upon my brain in tho same sad expres sion as at parting, when my eye became rivet ed upon something on the horizon which seem ed like a sail, disappearing at intervals, and which I accounted for by the heaving and rolling of the sea. Again, again and again— and by the bushy appearance of the fancied sail, I knew, I/elf, that a veritable sperm whale had made its appearance. With my eye still fixed upon it, I gave the peculiar cry, appreci ated so fully by wbaemeu, “ There she blows—blow-o-o-s—blow-o-o-sl” Firemen at their work, soldiers in battle, pol iticians in debate, could not he more alert, more determined, more excited, thau were the forty-five souls comprising the crew of the Champion, as that sound broke upon tlieii unprepared ears. In less than ninety seconds every man was on deck, the watch below having hurried up with their unmentionables in hand, hardly knowing, in their drowsiness, whether the ship or themselves was over board. “ Where away?” instantly demanded the third mate, who headed the larboard watch, to which I belonged, mounting th. main rigging as he spoke, nor stopping till well over the futtock shrouds. Two points on the lee beam.” “ Keep her off a couple of points.” The " olu man,” (as the captain is usually called, with spy-glass in hand, soon stood on the fore top-gallant yard by my side, in a most ridiculous style of undress uniform, and as his eye caught the welcome white-water ahead, he called out: “ Get your boats ready, fore and aft!” With ready will the tubs of line were passed into the boats, oars unlashed, neglected boat kegs refilled, while the several boats’ crews gathered together on the rail near their res pective stations, were eagerly looking out for the time when the spout should be seen from off deck. Aloft, sundry exclamations were heard at intervals, such as “ there she white waters,” or “there she lop-tails,” while perhaps a so liloquy might be heard from the captain of “there’s his old hump." “ Haul up the mainsail, Mr. Carey; we are full near enough,” said the captain as he kept his eye still fixed on the leviathan which continued to gambol, unaware of the approach of its pursuers. “ There goes flukes,” shouted a dozen voices at once, as the mighty fish throwing its huge flukes high in air, descended into the depths below. “ Who’se got that wheel, there,” shouted the skipper, thoroughly vexed, as the ship yawed off a point or two from her course.— “ Throw the lubber overboard, and put a man in his place;” and Bill Barker, thoroughly abashed at this rebuke, gave up the wheel to a boatsteerer. “Haul back the main yard!” now came from aloft, and “ clear away the bow and waist boats ” soon followed. “ Come on here, bow-boat’s men,” shouted the third mate. “Where’s my boat’s crew?” yelled the sec ond officer, and hoist and swing, lower away fore and aft, and over the side jumped the lads, tumbling over their oars, stepping into the line tubs, jamming their fingers against the ship’s side, in their various attempts to put in their boat pins, while with a smothered curse at I heir stupidity from the boatsteerer, and a thump or two from the boat’s-header, the boats finally shove astern of the ship, where their oars are shoved out, and “lined” and the order given to pull ahead. Receiving instructions to pull to the spot from which the whale disappeared, the boats proceeded but a short half mile, when the or der was given to “ heave up,” and each man was cautioned to look over his oar for the re appearance of the whale. The “ irons,” as the harpoons are technically termed, were now placed in their “ crotches ” or rests, while the lanoes were cleared away from the sides of the boat, to serve for ready action. Six persons comprise the crew of a whale boat, which is made sharp at both ends to obviate the necessity of turning around when necessary to remove from too close proximity to the whale. The boatsteerer pulls the for ward, or what is called the harpooneer oar.— No. 1 pulls the how, No. 2 the midship, No. 3 the tub, and No. 4 the after oar. The boat header, or officer in command, takes the steer ing oar, holding it until the boatsteerer (who refinquishes his oar in time to strike the whale) has fastened. The tub, containing many fathoms of compactly coiled line, made of manila, occupies a place between Nos. 3 and 4. A loggerhead, shaped something like a hat block, stands in a firm position in the stern sheets of the boat, ami close under the boat header’s right hand. From tne tuD, tne line takes one turn around the loggerhead, back again, and acrcss the oars to the forward part ot the boat, in which is cut a slot or groove. Through this the line passes and is bent on to the “irons.” These latter are light, slender barbs, into the sockets of which are fitted oaken poles, eight feet in length, for the purpose of giving additional force and impetus to the instrument, which is intended merely to fasten to and hold the whale until the lance takes its life. They may be thrown by a strong arm with tolerable cor rectness of aim to a distance of thirty feet. Upon fastening to the whale, the word is given to “change ends” at which the officer leaves the steering-oar and takes his place in the head of the boat, the boatstcerer’s further duty being simply to tend the line and to steer the boat. It was ray lot to be bowman of the third mate’s boat, and as I sat there looking over my oar, and wondering where the whale would “break water,” it seemed to me as I gazed, that the bow boat never looked so small or the ship so large, as, viewed from our little cockle shell, she graceiuUy rolled and lifted upon the heav ing breast of that summer ocean. We had waited perhaps half an hour, when Mr. Brown, our boat-header, suddenly ex claimed with the tone and gesture of a mad man, “ Down to your oars, you devils I—every man pull hard; spring hard, spring, bovs: there’s his old hump—an eighty barrel whale,” aud, accompanying each breath with a vigorous push upon the after oar, his eyes dilated with fiorcc excitement, as, catching sight of the whale ahead, ho seemed like a fieud to our 9tartled selves swooping down upon an cscap- j floth^boats were now darting like arrows in pursuit of the monster, who had broken water at a distance from us of a half mile; and as wo bent our backs to tl!e task before tis, we could seo two other boats pulling away from the ship’s side. “Spring hard my sons, oh do spring,” coax ed our boat-header, as he perceived we were rapidly coming up with the whale ‘‘Only lay me alongside of that 'fish, and I’ll givo each man a pound of tobacco. PuH bard you sarpints, pull, if you would go ashore again.” Pull we did, hard and strong, making the the ashen blades bend like reeds. A most ex citing race wo now bad; and, cheered by the promises and energy of our officer, on we sped the oars springing and buckling, promises anti threats sounding, when, as we come nearer the object of onr pursuit, the officer’s voice falls to a whisper— “Pull, my good”boy s; there he lays like an old fool—there he rolls; pull, my beauties; there he lays like a log on the water; five dol lars apiece, boys, only get me alongside; pull, men, pull; only two ship’s lengths off; pull, pull;’ and his voice dying away to a whisper he passed the word to the boateteerer—“peak your oar, Ned, and stand up/* , € Grasping the “iron” firmly in both hands the boatsteerer stands with compressed lips and dilated nostrils, while the boatheader with mo tions only encourages us to spring on, till sud denly in a voice of thunder, he cries, “give it to him, Ned—stern all, give him another—fltera all—hard, you wretches, if you value llle stern, steru” and amidst white waters to which our boat seemed fixed immovably, wo gather up the back* hand stroke and sBm on out of our first peril. . . ^Ain^\„ Upon being struck, the whale sounded, making no show of resistance, and we began to feel that we hadmade an easy conquest. Each man sat with his face towards the head of the boat, waiting for the animal to finish sounding, while the line with its single turn around the loggerhead run out through the “chocks” with incredible speed, the slight check bringing a wreath of smoke irorn the timber around which it spun. Our work soon commenced, however, for “slack line" quickly proclaimed the whale to be tired of “plumbing it,” and that he was now coming again to the surface. Gathering in the slack which was coiled down loosely in the stern sheets, we commenced to haul line, the boat steerer keeping a sharp watch at the logger head, checking the line as the whale would go ahead, and again coiling down as we would gain ground. Another boat’s waif set—and another, three boats fast to whales. Good bye company, for us. The Captain and first mates had each struck a fish, having raised a school just after the boats had left the ship. Three hours had passed and we had been unable as yet to get near enough to throw a lance, and the whale making a straight wake for the windward. He was now thoroughly aroused, and as our offi cer expressed himself, was going “eyes out.”— W e had held him at a short line, hut through repeated soundings and sudden darts he had kept out of the reach of our lances. The ship was now but a speck «n the horizon, and the whale still moving. Now I prayed within my self that those irons would “draw.” but Ned had buried them to the “hitches,” and with us it was either “cut or kill." To cut the line was our “labor for our pains.” To kill our fish was three thousand dollars worth of oil, and a sure run into port. “We’ll nave that whale, even if we never see our mothers again,” exclaimed Mr. Brown,— “so hold on to him Ned, if he takes ns to Tahi ti.” Slack line again; and we hauled with a will. The whale was getting fatigued, and we were shortening the distance between us. “Haul hard, my lads—two boats’ length more and I’ll fix his grave/’ saying which, with lance in hand, and motioning to Ned he jumped up on the bow of the boat, and with the strength of despair hurled the weapon through the air a distance of fifty feet and buried it deep into the vitals of the monster. “Sla-k line—slew round and take your oars every mother’s son of you—hard, boys hard." **•••*## I remember the flight of the lance through the air—the orders of the mate,—the boiling and bubbling of the waves—the sight of the monster as with open jaws he rushed upon us. and I still hear shrieks and the crashing of the cedar as the enraged whale in his agony struck the stern of the boat, and I see a bruis ed and lifeless form floating near me as I clutched the oars, from which I had parted be fore being rescued by the waist boat. Poor Ned and two others had perished, three only of us having been saved, by the most oppor tune arrival of the second mate’s boat, which had worked up to windward during the latter part of the contest. One hundred and fifty barrels of oil, came along side of the Champion before sun down, and the skipper in the goodness of his heart gave me a double eagle, as I stepped aboard the boat to spend on my “liberty-day” ashore at MERCHANDISE. $8. CHEAP COAL l ~ $8. WE can now offer nice CHESTNUT CUX, at $8.00 per ton, delivered at any port of the city. Also for sale at the lowest market price, Old Co. Lehigh, SUGAR LOAF LEHIGH, For Furnaces. For Ranges and Cook Stoves, John’s White Ash, Diamond, Bed Ash, which are free of all impurities and very nice. Also Cumberland! A cargo just landed, fresh mined, for Blacksmith use. Lehigh Lump, for Foundry Use! •Wekeep constantlyon hand a fhll assortment of Choice Family Coal. Those wishing to pur chase large lots will do well to give us a call before purchasing. HARD AND SOFT WOOD Delivered at any part of the city at short notice. Randall, McAllister & Co., No. 60 COMMERCIAL ST., oc25dtf n Head of ffirine Wharf. Reduction in Coal! The undersigned will sell their McNeal Lehigh Coal from this date until farther notice at *9 lO per ton of 9000 lb* delivered. Also now unloading a cargo of Locust Mountain Coal which they offer tor 99 per ton of 9000 lbs delivered, PERKINS, JACKSON& CO. oct2-dtf n_High gfr Wharf, foot of High Street. Forge Coal. NOW landing from schr. John Crooker. 303 tons prime CUMBERLAND COAL, fir m Hie Midland mines. It is fresh mined, t>f extra strength, and just the article for heavy work. Also the usual variety of Anthracites, viz:— J.Kiurm—Harlcigli, L high Nav. Co’s. Hazclton and Sugar Loaf. White Asa—Locust Mountain, Johns’ and Broad Mountain. Red Ash—New England &c. JAMES H. BAKER. 8Cpl4dtfRichardson’s WliLri. Coal, Coal, Coal. JUST RECEIVED and tor sale by the undersigned at their Wharf, Cor. Franklin Wharf & Commercial St, 275 Tons Hazclton Lehigh, BROKEN AND EGO SIZE. 300 TONS LOCUST MOUNTAIN EGG AND STOVE SIZE. 300 TONS LOBERY, Free burning and VERY PURE, and all kinds White and Red Ash Coal. These Coals are of the very best quality, and war anted 1 ogive satisfaction. Also, 600 cords ot best quality of HARD and SOFT WOOD, which we will sell at the very lowest prioe and deliver it to any part ol the city at short notice. S®”Glve ns a call and try us. s- »«"■■« * SON. COAL, COAL, COAL, -AND-1 W O O T> i GEO. GILMAN A CO., Head Union Wharf \ HAVE taken the stand formerly occupied by the CONSUMERS’ MUTUAL COAL CO., and are now prepared to furnish the different varieties ol COAL ANH WOOD! OF THE BEST QUALITY, Delivered in any part of the cita which we will sell at the LOWEST CASH PRICES. We are nffw dis charging from vessels Red Ash, Egg and Stove, free burning and pure: White Ash. Egg and Stove Also Lehigh, of the different sizes, ro> furnace and stove. Our Coals are kept under cover, screened and de liver od in the best possible mar tier. We intend to spare no effor on our part to please those who may patronize us with their orders. June 11—dtt WOOD! WOOD I WOOD! The subscribers has just received a lot of good NOVA SCOTIA WOOD t and intend to keep constantly on hand the various kinds and quality to oiler their customers at the low est cash price. HEAD UNION WHARF. SIMEON SHURTL.EFF A CO. j 2dtf Southern Pine Lumber Prepared to execute orders for SOUTH. . J'J*1 PINE LUMBER, by the cargo, deliver ed with dispatch at any convenient port. Mc^ILiVERY. RYAN & DAVIS April 17 dtf_181 Commercial St. Saint Louis Flour!! CHOICE New When Family Flour of tlio most celebrated brands. T. Harrison A Co.. Plants. Eaglr y Brilliant XXX, Dictator, Trapical, Amaranto, Whitmore, FOB SALE BY Churchill, Drowns & Hanson aug7dtf Bricks for Sale. HO ODn OLD BRICKS and 60 perch of ^ ^ w Stone for sale by CALEB SMALL, nov2Gd.,t 114 Brackett street. COPAHTrtERSllIP. Dissolution of Copartnership ■ — — ■ rpHE copartnership heretofore existing under the 1 name of CALVIN EDWARDS & CO., is this <lay dissolved by mutual consent. All persons hold ing bills against the iirui, are requested to present them tor payment, and those indebted will please call | and settle at 337 CongrttBB Street. CALVIN EDWABD9. WILLIAM G. TWOMBLY. The subscriber having obtained the fine 337 Congreee Street, will continue the buaineaa, ana I will keep constantly on hand piano fortes Horn the BEST MANUFACTORIES, among them the Celebrated Steinway Instrument, which he can «ell at the manufacturer's LOWER! PRICE*. Also, a good assortment of ORGANS and MELODE ONS. OLD PIANOS taken in exchange. jpjr'* Orders for tuning and repairing promptly at tended to. wn. ©. TWOMBLY. November 26, 1866. dtf___ Copartnership Notice ! New Provssion Store. rrtHE stibscribera have this day farmed a Co-part [ nersliip under the name of YVIXSHIP fa lAIGHTOY, for the transaction of Provision & Country Produce Business, and have taken the Shire No. 351* C.airru Street, recently occupied liy Mr. Wm. M. WTSWELL, and hope by strict atten tion to business and fair dealing, hi merit and secure a fair share of patronage. ^ ANDREW LEIGHTON. Portland, Nov. 12, 1866. nov 22 d3w Copartnership Notice. rpiiE underaiguel have this day formed a Copart X nCTShip under the firm of WEBB & FOGG, and have purchased of AI.BBBT WEBB Mr CO., their Stock and lease of Store HEAD OF HEBBIIiIi’R WHABF. for the purpose of transacting a wholesale Corn, Flour ood Or-.-bu,.n^pHEij & wj.BB • JAMES L. FOGG. Portland, Nov. 6, 1866._ noSdlm The subscribers having disposed of their stock in trade to Meases. WeW A Fogg, would recom mend them to their former patrons. All persons having business with onr firm wm Slease call at the Counting Room of Messrs. WEBB r FOGG, Head of Merrill’s Wharf. AtBEST WBBB fa CO. Nov 8—dim _ Copartnership Notice. THE undersigned have tliis day termed a copait nership in business under the name of UPHAM & ADAMS, For the transaction ol a general C< mmission Busi ness, and have take the Store and Counting Booms lately occupied by Messrs. E. E. UPHAM & SON, bead ol Rich aid soil’s Wharf. Liberal advances made, and con iguments solicited. E. E. UPHAM, oct4dttCHAS. H. ADAMS. Copartnership Notice. mHE undersigned have this day lormed a co X partner slip under the style and firm of Morgan, Dyer & Co., And have purchased ol Messrs. LORD Si CRAW FORD their Stock and*lease of store No. 143 Commercial Street, For the purpose ol transacting a general wholesale business in W. I. Goods, Groceries, Flour and Provisions, Siy Consignments of Cooperage. Lumber, Country Produce. A:solicited, and shall receive personal afld prompt attention. A. P. MORGAN. J. W. DYER, J. K. HANNAFORD. Po t and, Sept 10,1866. sep25dtl Copartnership Notice. THE undersigned have this day formed a copart nership under the name of O’Brios, Pierce & Co., ibr.the purpose of doing a wholesale Flour and Oraln Business, as successors of L. &.E. A. O’Brlon, No. 152 Commercial street, and hope by strict atten tion to business and fair dealings to merit and re ceive a &lr share of patronage. LEWIS O’Brion, Edwin A. QSBrion, sep 4d3m n Marshall Pierce. Leach, Parker & Co. Would respectfully invite purchasers of DRY GOODS t ^ to call and examine their / GOODS AND PRICES belore making their selections. We have one of the best stocks of Fall and Winter Dry Goods Ever opened in this city, and we feel confident that our prices will be found to compare favorably with those of any other establishment. We have in stock a beautiful line of Dress Goods of every variety, such as BEAUTIFUL COLORED SILKS, PLAIN AND PIQU’D BLACK SILKS, RICH SILK AND WOOL POPLINS, PINE ALL WOOL POPLINS, PLAID A STRIPED WOOL POPLINS, BLACK ALPACCA, COLORED ALPACCA, THIBET! in nil .bade, Ac., Ac. We have also a full line of Housekeeping Goods ! Table Linens, in bleached, half bleached and brown, Bleached and Brown Covers, Napkins and Doylies, English Toilet Quilts, Manchester, Lancaster ana Bates Quilts. BLANKETS ! all qualities, very cheap. Domestics, Hosiery and Gloves ! FLANNELS I A complete assortment. 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En ' V . qnire of LYNCH, BARKER & CO., • novldtf 139 Commercial street. BUILDING. LUMBER, Wholesale and Retali. BOARDS, punk, Sliiiigles »n J Sc.intling of all area constantly on hand; Building material sawed to order* ISAAC DYER* auglltf _ No* 0| Union Wharf* (ireat Inducements FOR PARTIES W13HING TO BUILD. ffIHE subscribers otter for sale a large quantity ot J. desirable building l its in the West End ot the city, lying on Vaughan, Pine, Neal, Carlton. Thomas, West, Emery, Cushman, Lewis, Bramhall, Monu ment, Danforth, Orange and Salem Streets. They will sell on a credit of from one to ten years, il desircu uy me purchasers. From parties who build immediately, no cj sh payments required. Apply at the office o: the subscribers, where full particular* may be obtained. J. B. BROWN & SONS. Portland, May 3, 18G5. _«na 5tf RCHITfiCTURK & ENtilXEERINU. Messrs. ANDERSON. BONNELL * CO., have made arrangements with Mr. STEAD, an Architect of established 1 ©nutation, and will in future car it on Architecture with their business as Engineers. Par ties intending to build are invited lo call at their office, No, 306 Congress street, and examine eleva tions and plans ot churches, hanks, stores, blocks of buildings, frc. J 12 WM. B. WALKER, 241 COMMERCIAL STREET, Foot of Maple Street. General Agent lor the State for JET. W . JO HNS * Improved Roofing, For buildings ot all kin«ls. CAR and STEAM BOAT BECKING. HOOFING CEMENT, for coat ing and repairing all kinds of roofs. PRESERVA TIVE PAINT for iron and wood work, Metal Rooft, &c. COMPOUND CEMENT, for repairing leaky shingled roofs. BLACK VARNISH, for Ornamen tal lion work &c. Full descriptions, c rcular, prices, &c. furnished by mail or on application at the office, where samples and testimonials can be seen. sep12dtf Notice Extra S ANDERSON & CO., Have Removed ! 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facturing are such that we can guarantiee a Saving of Twenty per Cent. TO THE BUYER, ON ALL GOODS WE SELL! Come and See and be Convinced! CST’Fiud oat oar New Store and yoa will be Uloaey ia Pocket. ANDERSON & CO., 333 CONGRESS STREET, 333, ABATE CASCO. Nov 17—dim Brick -Machines ! The undersigned manufacture Blake’s Patent Brick Machines, and believe them to he the best Brick Machine in use lor several reasons; 1st, their simplicity of construc tion. rendering them sure in their operation, and not liable to got out of repair; 2nd, the amount ot work done by each machine daily, and finally, the low price tor which they are sold. These Machines are the only ones used by the Bay State Brick Company of Boston, in their 'extensive Brick Yards where 350 M are manufactured in a day hyNeach machine, turning out 12 M in about eight hours. We alsomanuiaciure Blake’s Patent Steam Pumps, one or which was used to teed the boiler in the late Mechanic’s Exhibition, and received a Medal. The Committee of Examination sav ot It, that he ar rangement ot the valves is such, that the steam is always in communication with the piston in one end or the other of the cylinder, which renders It certain anl positive in itsoperation. GEO. F. BLAKE* Co-, sepl2d3m14 ProvIncoSt. Boston. “THE PEN IS HIGHTIBR THAN THE STVORR.” The Gold Pen—Best and Oheapeit of Pens. Morton’s Gold Pens 1 The Best Pens in the World! For sale at his Headquarters, No 25 Maiden Lane, New York, and by every duly-appointed Agent at the same prices. A Catalogue, with full description of Sizes and Prices, sent on receipt ot letter postage. no20d&w6m A. HORTON. JOHN KINSMAN DEALER IN GAN FIXTURES —AT— 25 Union St., PORTLAND. Aug 20 dtf CALIFORNIA CHEAP JOHN 335 Congress Street, RESPECTFULLY invites all to call and exam ine the large and assorted stock of CLOTHING ! HATS AND CAPSl Boots, Furnishing Goods ! CUTLERY, HOSIERY, YANKEE NOTION),*!., Ac., Which will he sold Cheaper than the Cheapent. J. lfEWNAlV. Portland, Nov. 22, d3w Notice. THE undersigned having purchased the Bakery, &c., of Mr. R. Kent, will continue the BAKING BUSINESS AT THE OLD STAND, NO. 107 FORK, COR. TINE STREET, Where we shall be liaapy to see onr old customers, and as many new ones as may fevor us with tlietr pat ronage. PEARSON & SMITH. October 1, I860, dtf The subscriber having disposed of bis Bakery to Messrs. Pearson * Smith, would cheerftilly recom mend them to Ids former patrons, being assured that, from their well known reputation, they will continue the business acceptably. And be will take this opportunity to gratefblly ac knowledge the many lavors bestowed upon him by Ms patrons for many vears. REUBEN KENT. October 1^1866. dtf_ Portable Steam Engines, COMBINING the Maximum of efficiency, dura bility and economy with the minimum of weight and price. They are widely and favorably known', more than 600 being in use. All warranted satis lactory. or no sale. Descriptive circulars sent on application. Address I. C. HOABLEY & CO. . Lawrence, Mass. Nov. 6, 1866 3md. _ Particular Notice. VALUABLE house lots lbr sale on the corner ot Decking and Henry streets. ’JTie mort desirable ! lotsnow in the market. Inquire of HANSON * DOW, i Real Estate Agents No. 846 Congress St. 83F”Housos and lots in different parts or the city, sale cheap. seplidtt MISCELLANEOUS. -- -M- ---— «— ■■■■—*■*»•■«• ■Ti nr» n 1|„.| To the Ladies of Portland and Vicinity! -— GlI.IA'F FAFF A.YF WIJYTFU OPK^INO OF GOODS! On Monday, October 29, 1866, LADIES’ OVER-COATS ! I tVe*u,nj“ ,the manu&cture of Ladies' Over Garment* for the I Diialntr pvor» I?*?*’ have selectai the largest and choicest stock of goods ever offered in Portland com p s ng every style, color and fabric known to the trade, and having*secured the services ot° * MADAME LANKTON, Srothem ?*, c“t0n* department, I think I can assure the Ladies ol Portland I can gi e teem as good a style garments as tney can procure in any other city. toFLMte,^kton *• had ch“«® Sf'®*e C1°»k Establishment, on Winter street Bos iwfefto ta&KS “d “ C°mpetent *° CUt and fit nny Lady’s Over Garment of any PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL ! And Judge for Yourself.] P. B. F R Q S T , 332 1-2 CONGRESS STREET, Up Stairs. oct24dtf * Ten Days—November Sdd, 1860. -- Casco Street Clmrelt. CFOSIJYG SAFE OF FMl\* GOOFS FOR TENT DAYS! One Price and Vo Variation! DRY Gr O O D S HARKED DOWN! E. T. ElcLen & Co., jxdsaKSsssr“ovaltathet "Ew 8tobe 3‘fhebbt., FOR TEN DAYS ! At a great reduction from their former LOW PBICES. B«gaine may be expected in Rich and Low Priced DRESS GOODS. Flannels, Under-Clothing, Cloakings, Shawls and White Goods l A FULL ASSORTMENT OF MOIJBWIWO GOODS. IN OUR HOUSEKEEPING APARTMENT m!‘cotb. _ W“r*nWd ^ "Te satis taction. r|t P.T.DEIS & CO., E* •*■■ VESTRY casco street church. ONE PRICE, Cfriw. Peru Afwcfc Under Price, inn Dozen Brunei's Balmoral Skills, Very ™ ___ M0cf2Q—dtf______ _~ KHIIBALL & CO., Upholsterers, Decorators ! Manufacturers of Furniture, and dealers in all kinds of Upholstery Goods,Looking-Glasses, Mattresses Feathers, &c., Liberty Tree Block, 460 and 464 Washington Street, BOSTON. _____ -n V It o A 1 N s J WAliTEB^OBBlT & CO., A„p,.^BiR0A™““ FURNITTRE • FOB CASH l (lot the same quality of goodsl Lower than the Lowest ! In.-* — .*———-- " 8“Cl' rTlRLOB AND CHAMBER SUITS t Sofas, Easy Chairs, Centre Tables Etergeres, What-Nots, Extension lames, Dining Chairs, &c. X „r OUR OWN MANUFACTURE, at Wholesaleto center of trade, we think we can offer such in ty Although temporarily re mov from Ta* ue, ducemente that our friend* will take the trou „ “ON THE HUMP ! X Kennebec St., opposite foot of Chestnut Street. WALTER COBEY & CO. I octlB eodtf____— - Lea &: Perrins’ CELEBRATED Worcestershire Sauce ! PBOHODJtCID BY Coaialman To be The “Only Good Sauce!” Anil applicable to EVERT VARIETY or DISH. EXTRACT of a letter from a Medical OenlUman at Madras, to Ms Brother at Worcester, May, 1851. “Tell Lea A Per rins that their Sauce is higMy esteemed in India, and le in mv opinion the most pal atable as well as the most wholesome Sauce that is made.” The success of this most delicious and unrivaled condiment having caused many unprincipled dealers to apply the name to Spurious Compounds, the pub lic is respectfully and earnestly requested to see that the names ol Lba 4 Perrlns are upon the Wrap per, Label, Stopper and Bottle. Manu&ctured by 1'EA Be PEBBIYSj Worcester. •John Duncan’s Sons, NEW YORK, Agents for the United States. octTdly j BLANO HARD’S Improvement on Steam Boilers! ON some boilers 700 degs. of heat is thrown awmp, making a loss oil-3 the feel. The question la onen asked how can this be saved. Mr Blancljkrd has invented a boiler that takes perfect control of all the heat and makes it do duty in the engine. IfJs is very simple in its construction; after the enginje is in motion the smoke pipe is closed tight, and the <faste heat carried through heaters, heating the sty 3am to any temperature desired; the remainder • carried through the water heater, using up all thf waste heat but 200 degs.; the heat being reduced so low there can be no danger of setting fires b/ sparks thrown from engines, which will add muchI value to this invention, besides the saving 1-a the tag 1. For particulars Inquire of „ WM. WILLARDk ! Comer of Commercial Wharf and Commf rcial St, Feb 24—dly SHORT Jt ZORING, Booksellers & Stationers, 31 Fit*, Corner Center Street*. Have on hand El full supply 0t Law, School, Miscellaneous and Blank Books. STATIONERY OF ALL KINDS, dash, Post Offioe and Envelope daaes, Let* ter Pregges, Pen Backa, &o. We have Just rccleved from New York a full supply ol PAPER HANGINGS, New patterns and Choice Styles. DRAWING PAPER OF ALL SIZES. Give ns a call. Short & T.oring, jy3ntt ‘I free, Comer Center Stiee Elliot & McCallar, No. 11 Market Square, DEALERS IN Boots, Shoes and Rubbers. W the rory best stock and warranted work. WINTER STOCK FOR fcLadies’, Gents/ and Children’s Wear, ’just opened, Very Cheap for Cash! ELLIOT 4b McC ALLAH, Nov 24—dgw N° ” “"ket Skates! Skates! For Ladies and Gentlemen. oy ENTIRE NEW STOCK—OLD STOCK ALL BURNED. Bemember the Number. ° Free Street, © no27<13w g. L. BAILEY. Horses for Sale. AT the Horse Railroad Stable 10 or 12 low priced Horses. oc8eo»12m _ MEDICAL. MEDICAL ELECimCITV DR. W. n7 DEWING, ^Medical Electrician m MIDDLE STREET, W om«na ut p^uarlfl?p':r',‘ulJy.»n»0""»e to permanently locale.! In c'u vVk'.,,'lty' tha* **B * years we have been In tlriscltv**. iuliI*K the three oftbe worst tonus ol disease iiT m!r™e curBj *>nle tried other forms ot treatment tnv3?,ni_1!ho h?Te patients in so ehort a time that the , a,.I,*, cur,ny asked, do they stay cured? To answer This we will say that all that do not stay cured1*,?1 “* doctor the aecond time without chaige. * ° Dr. D. has been a practical Klectrn-ian tor t wen tv • oue years, aud is also a regular graduated physician Electricity is perfectly adapted to chronic distasesin the ton a of nervous or eicic headache; neuralgia ir the head, neck, or extremities; consumption »bei lu the acute stages or where the lungs are not fully Involved; acute or chronic rheumatism, scrofula, nip diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature of the spine, contracted muscles, distorted limbs, palsy or paralysis, St. Vitas* Dance, deafness, stain m irfng or hesitancy of speech, dyspepsia, indiges tion, constipation and liver complaint, piles—we cure every case that can be presented; asthma, bronebi t s, strictures oi the chest, and ail forms of feiuaie complaints. Hv Klectricity . e Bhuumatle. the gouty, the lame and the lazv leap wUh Joy, and move with the agility and elasttr Ityot youth; the heated loain■‘iscooled; the (lost* JL t*Bn, fo,ore!,t0re''’ ,t,B ',ncou,1> deformities re. m >ved, faintness converted to vigor, weakness to strength: the blind made to see, the deal to hour and the palsied form to move upright ; the blemishes ol youth are obliterated; the acotiients of mature lire prevented; the calamities ol old age obviated and an active circulation maintained. a,“ an hi I) I E S Who have cold banns anil tret; weak stomachs 1am aud weak backs; nervous and sick headache dlul ness aud swimming in the head, with Indlge-.lton and constipation of the bowels; pain In the Bide anil back ■ leucoiiliQja, (or whites); falling of the womb with in’ terual cancers; tumors, polypus, and all that long train of diseases wlU Bud in Electricity a sure means of cure. For painful menstruation, too ...nfuse menstruation, and all ol those long line ol trouble, with young lailies, Electricity Is a certain specific. v"go*ofiiealth,h0" l,m®’ re8tore the "utferer to Mm TEETH 1 TEETH 1 TEETH 1 Dr. D. still continues to Extract DeeUi by Elec tricity without PAIN. Persons Ian Ing decayed tieth or stumps they wieli to have removed for reset ting he would give a polite invitation to call. Superior Electro Magnetic Machine* lorsah lor family use, with thorough Instructions. 5|DreD. enn accommodate a few patients with board nd treatment at his bouse. . 0®ce hour», from 8 o’clock A. M. to 18 M.; from I to 6 P. M., and 7 to 0 in the evening. Consultation free. novltl i CR LAROOKAirS Pulmonic Syrup. FOR TJIE CURE OF Coughs, Culils, Whooping Cough, Croup, Asthma. Catarrh, Imluonaa, LromhitLs, Spitting or Mood! I'lounay, Iuilumation or tho Lungs or Chest, l*ain in the aide, Night Sweets, Hoarseness, Consumption in •t» early stages, and all Diseases of tlio Throat and Lungs. Tins remedy is too well known and too highly es teemed to require commendation hole, it is re^aido.I a nocoMlty in every household, and is heai tilv endors ed by the medical tkculty, clergymen 01 every doiiomi natiun, mothers, editors, members or Congress, and many of our most itiatioguishod men in public and private Hie. Coughs, Colds, Sore Throats, Ac. Letter tYom Bon. i). W. Gooch, Member of Congress Massachusetts. .. „ _ ,, Melrose, July 191868. Dr. E. 15. fTxir.irrs—Dear Su - I have used Dr. rsiruiiltuh’s Syrup in my fkinlly for ax years, and havo round It an excellent remedy mr Couglis. CuliIs, Sore Throaty r rrd all consumptive complaints, At*. I Iiavu reeoiuniended it to several fnends, who have received be no fits from its use. Letter .from a well known Boston Druggist if twentii efurch^'' and Mtward °f Hanover Street .. Boston, March 9, lies. H-d'ius usutl LAUOciKAH’S PULMONIC SIRUP myselr aiul in my nukQy for ihc past six years, 1 am prepared to say that it Is su perior to any medicine I have over known, for the positive cere of coughs. Colds, Sore Throat and all similar complaints. As I take cold very easilv, 1 have bad great onpori unity to tost the virtues of this valuable remedy, and it lias never failed me yet, however violent the disease. Having been iu (be Drug business for over 20 years, I liave liad good op portunities of knowing the virtues of the various me t felncssold, and pronounce LA ROOK AH’S SYRUP, the BEST of any arliclo eveu presented to the public. Yours, W. It. BOWEN, 80 Itanovcr St. CROUP. Mrs. J. R. Bmtsis, 114 East 23<l St„ N. Y., writes Oct. 9, ltC4: “During last winter three of my eliil ureii were attacked with Croup, and from the violence of the symptoms, they wore pronounced to lie in much danger. At the Instance of our pastor. Rev. Mr. Stiles, I tried Inrookah’s Pulmonic Syrup, which promptly relieved them, and in a very short time they entirely recovered. In gratitude lor tlio benolit con ferred, I cannot refrain from making tills testimony public.” WHOOPING COUGH. E. W. Mayer of Carlcton, N. 15., writes 7 Dec., K*t>: My son, live years old, was a few months sinco suffering greatly Irom WHOOPING COUUII. I nev er saw a more distressing case. 1 gave him Larookali’s Pulmonic syrup according (o directions and soon bo ffin to sco Improvement. The Cough bocumu easier— 1110 expectorationtlccr, and in two weoks the malady was entirely overcome.” BRONCHITIS AND CATARRH. A. W. Harris, writes from whale-ship “Eldoi.a tin.” Maicli 11, let'll: “Havingsuffered tor tour tears with Bronchitis and Catarrh 7u llieir most aggravat ing forms, 1 leclit my dutvto state that 1 Lave boon permanently cured by the tiso 01 Larookah’s Pul monic Syrup. I had paid large sums to physicians and 101 so calod Uatarrah Remedies, but until I used tho Syrup 1 experienced no relief.” spitting of blood, pleurisy, infla tion OF THE LUnVss, PAIN fN THE SIDE NIGHT SWEATS, HOARSE NESS. Sc. From Rev. B. F. Bowles, Manchester, H. H.: “Tliobottle of Dr. trerookah’s Pulmonic Syrup, you so kindly sent me, has been tried tbr hoarseness, with very pood results; (br this I would coniidentlyrecom From Rev, Is A. Laupiikr, North Hero, Vf. “I have used Larooknh’s Syrup, and feel under obliga tion Rankly to acknowledge its excellence. Wliito using your syrup, i have enjoyed belter health than I bad eujoyoddbr year s. I bavo bad slight attacks of hoarseness, but Uie Syrup would soon remove it. I find It Is a mild ami safe remedy also In Spasmodic Bilious attack* to which I am constitutionally sub E. W. Field, Esq., write* ilom Virginia City, Colorado, Mare'1 11, le«: -I feel very grateful ror having Laruokah’s Puhnmde Syrup near me. mv lungs 1 icing weak and demanding the most vigilant care. I believe the Syrup Iho surest rein civ for Pul monary Complaints tnatjm* ever been made avails - ole to the afflicted.” CONSUMPTION Wonderful Cure of a child Two and a Half Years Old. Gent*:—My grandchild, a Ut ile girl of 2 1-2 years old, was taken sick in PorlLaml, Me., In January, 185e. No one could ted what was (be matter with her. But she was much pressed lor breath: bad a hard, (tght cmigli; could not raise; her throat troubled hor greatly; slie seemed Io lie rilling ttp. and though attended by tl.o best physician* In Porlland, they could not help her, and she declined; anil lor some three months was not expected (0 live. Her doctors, and at length her iYieiuls. gave up sll lmpcs of her recovery. She was brought home to my house In Pliipsliurg. Me. Wc I rle.1 Cod liver Oil, but the effect seemed rat her opposite from good. She now coiddnotmove her liaud, so redtteoil was she. 1 was taking larookah’s Syrup at the time, aoil eommeuved giving it io her, and in a week, she nhowod unite a change for the lietlor, and we continued giving it to her. She grudually improved, and is now a perfectly healthy child. People were astonished to see what effect the medicine liad on this child, and to see her Rit well by the use of T21 rook ah’s Syrup, which we slieve to tie tlio best medicine for Pulmonary com plamts in tho world. Fours, H. LARABEE, Pliipeburg, Mo. Space will permit ttie publication of hut a tithe 0 the certificates wliicharc constantly coming in from all quariers of tho glotie. Patient* w1U rind the most conclusive evidence of Ilia value of ties temodv, In a trial or’ It, which will cost but a triite, and which may yield pr iceless results. Large bottles $1,00—medium sire B0 eonts. Pro ttfuedoy E. R. KNIGHTS, M. D., Chemist, Mclroso, Mass., end sold by all druggists. ^jysold by W. F. Phillips A Co., W. W, Whipple & Co., J. W.Perkins A Co, Portland; George C. Goodwin A Co, Boston, and by all Druggists snd Merchants. no2 eod&vvti FURNITURE —AT— REDUCED PRICES FOB THE NEXT SIXTY DAYS The undersigned will sell from their EXTENSIVE STOCK — OF - Furniture -AT— GREATLY REDUCED KATES —roB’— CASH. George 1. Burroughs <f Co. octl2dtf OIL and CANDLES. LARD, SPERM AND WHALE OIL, OLIVE. ELAINE AND RED OIL. KEROSENE AND MACHINERY OIL, SPERM & ADAMANTINE CANDLES, A SOAP, For sale by BRADSHAW & PATCH, aug 9—6m No. 7 Central Wharf, Boston. — — • .. ■*-m AtCTION SALES. Administrator's Sale at Auction. THE beautiful SORRELL 1LAUE AND SEN A SHADE CARRIAGE, recently drovo by the lad CuHrleu L. Beckett, Fsq„ together with a Sleigh liar 8“%. L-p Robe' Ac., &c., will be sold on SATL'R r,AXdP oC* FUtST» at 1* o’clock M., at Sager s Sea ble, Oak street. This is r rare opportunity of pur chasing an elegant establishment. „ . , B- Beckett, Administrator, nov 27 <lidH. BAILEY & SON, Anc‘g E. Ifl» PATTEN A CO., Auctioneer*. Plumb Street. ON SATURDAY next, December 1st, at 10 A. M., an assortment of Dry Goods of every descrip tion. Also at 11 A. M., 50 boxes Tobacco, 5!) boxes Bread, with a variety of Furniture, Bedding, &c. nov27dtd Household Furniture at Auction. O^KSDAY, Dec 4th, .t 10o’clock A. M., wo 3"V* *> '! the Furniture in House No 5 Henry St., Ch.iri'w. “r. H?tb,teiwlH, lledn, Bureaus, Sola, Easy bio TnnTn?li’No,t’ StuljB'l and Cano Seat Chaii t, M ar Tab}^.uperTo’rV^k slov“&rie ar^U'‘ ,'i"inK PianTami'pi^™,’"0 ,Ul ““ 0,19 fl"a t9n9'1 no28.1td "• BAILEY & SON., ___Office 176 Fore street. Dwelling' Houses on Dan 1’ortli St. ^ for Sale at Auction. IWBSUANT to a license fr„m ,he Judge of Pro i bate for tlic County ot Cumberland, the subset' her as trustee under the Will of Samuel Elder w/ll offer for sale, at public auction, on Saturday the 8th dayot December next, at 11 o’clock, A. M., the two Dwellin'? w »*«e* vr ** *n "i 20, on the south side of Dau forth Street in Portland. 1’iie two Atuutf^a v»a*. * ..d separately, with a largo anti convenient lot of land for each—a carriage way of entrance on the lot No. 20, and a five foot passage way will bo secured on the cast side of No. 18. Salo on the premises. Terms cash. For farther particulars inquire of the subscriber, or of P. Barnes, No. 19 Free Street. SARAH S. ELDER. HENRY BAILEY & SON, Not. 28, dtd Auctioneers. c. w. HOLMES, AIT CTIONEER, 360 Congress Street, rtrsalc. of any kind of property in the City or vi cinity, promptly attended to on uiomi>st favorable termiL novllhltf Patented Way 99, lg<ML This is an article ior waslilng without rubbing, ex cept in very dirty places, which wih ivquuc a very aught rub, and unlike other preparation* ottered lot a like purpose, will not bot the clothes, but will leave them much whiter than ordinary methods, with out the usual wear and tear. It removes grease spot* as it by magic, and softens the dirt bv soaking, so that rinsing in ordinary ct6cs entirely remove it. Tnu* powder is prepared in accordance with chemi cal science, and upon a process recnliar to itself, which is secured by Letters Latent. It lias been in use for more than a year, and has proved itself an uni versal thvorite wherever i has been used. Among the advantages claimed are the following; It save* all the exfienso of soap used on cotton ax d linen goods. It saves most of the labor oi rubbing, and wear and tear. Also for cleaning windows it is nnstirp&SFrd. With oue quarter the time and labor usually required ii im parts a bountiful gloss and lustre, much superior to any other mode. No water required except to moist en the f>owder. Directions with each package. And can be readily appreciated by a single trial. The cost of washing for a family of live or six persons, will not exceed three cents. Themanufheturers of this powder aic aware t>at many useless compounds have been introduced to the Public which have rotted the cloth, or foiled in remov ing the dirt, but lcnowine the intrinsic excellence ot this article they confidently proclaim it as being adapt ed to meet a demand which lias long existed, and which has heretofore remained unsullied. MANUFACTURED BY HOWE & STEVENS, 9ttO Rrondirny, Boston. For sale by Grocers and Dealers everywhere. sep28-d3m FOR Instantaneously Silver Plating ARTICLES OP Brnw, Copper, firrmnn Milvcr, flee., Restoring tba plating where worn off; and for Clean ing and Polishing Silver & Silver Plated Ware. This most useful invention of the age is a prepara tion of pube SILVEH, and contains no mercury, acid, or other substance injurious to metals or tbo han'3 It is a complete electro-plating battoty in a bottle. For sale by Druggists and Variety Stores: HOME A RTEVEims, MANUFACTURERS,.BOSTON, Mass sept28-d3m JOHN T, SMALL & CO., WHOLQRALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN Salt Provisions, Groceries, —AND— COUNTRY PRODUCE, WO. 12 LIME STREET. Highest Cash Prices Paid far Ceiatrr Produce. Oongigamew a will roc in Prompt Attention. We take pleasuro in Informing the trade that we have reeumed businees at St.iro No. 12 Lime street, where we should bo pleased to receive customers to any goods in our line. We offer goods at the I.OWEIT JIARKET PRICER, and shall coDstantlv endeavor to make It the Interest of enstomers to purchase of us. JTOHW T. SMALL & CO. Portland, Oct. 25, 1866. oct30dlm Wholesale Millinery! JOHN lTpALMER, HAS removal to Siorc Nb. T Fr.-« Street, up stairs, wiiere bo is prepared to oner A CHOICE STOCK S t r ft w G oods, AND MILLINERY! AT SATISFACTORY PRICES I „ _ JOHN E. PALMER. Portland. Sei»t 10. ^ Another Change of Jtsase t Back to tbe old Middle St. Stand ! Boots, Shoes and Rubbers — AT— OLD TIME PRICES!! G. M. ELDER Beg* leave to inform hie Mends, costumers end the public gcnoially that having robullt his store at NO. 9.'] KIDDLE AX BEET, ie now prepared to sell at prices lower than the low est all qualities and description* of Boots, 81k , Rubbers, &c. Repairing done ns heretofore, and all description ot work manulSctured to ordor. nov22dtf Confectionery Saloon for Sale. QITUATED on Factory Island In tho town of Saco O—has a good run of trade—is well fitted up f„r Lee ^Applyw', *n'1 al*° fOT * I)intng ur LooetaSaluon. MITCHELSON & RICHARDS, ... .. _on tllc premies*, nov 11 dtl_55 Factory Island, Saco, Me. Taunton Copper Co., ESTABLI SUED 183t. Cower, Yellow Metal and Zinc Sheathing and Xails, Oopier and Yellow Metal Bolts and Spikes. Dimension anil Brnairrs Copper rolled to order. For sale at New York and Deaton prices by LYMAN. SON * TO HEY, Agents, llSCommcrcia Street. Tortland. Sept. 21.1 ess. am Trinidad^Molasses. | 150 5oLlSSPl®I,hr^Ubf'ITY T*°nI>AD IiTMCn, BARKER & CO., nov23dtf iso OammemM Street. $100. 9100 WAR CLAIM OFFICE. Patterson A ChadlHmrne, K.rl.n Block, 2 doors above Preble House. THE new Bounties, under the law approved Juls 28th, 1M«, Increase of Pensions, Arrears of Pa», Prize Money, and all other claims against the Gov, eminent, collected at short notice. The nettMtaru blanks have been received, and ol.iw ants should file their claims pronpitt/. Frank G. Pattebson, late Llont fith. Me Vois Pacl CH.tPnociutE, late M«J. 1st Mo. Os Oct l#-dtf ^ Dental Notice ! ronsthat I have^^t? Dentistry, * »K. ALBERT EVANS, Formerly ot Bangor, a skillful dentist of long txper. ence, ana take pleasure ti> infp rtwhiT • mending him to them. Ether and Chloroform admit.* {stored when desired. * C. H, OSGOOD, octCdtl n No. 8 Clapp's Dlock, Congress St,