Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, December 5, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated December 5, 1866 Page 4
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rilfi MIRKim K**rif/4 «if the Jlnrfccl rou tbk wkek ewdihg Doc* 1* 1866. The volume cf trade f<»r the past week has not been urge, hut it has fully equalled the expectation* of our nicrchaulh, who, at this season ol tho year, al \v;;y s expect a tailing ott in trade. There is a good leeiing in Ute mercantile community, uud move con fidence in the stability of prices. They are now looking with some auxiety towards the movements if C uugress in relation to the new tarlft. Gold was left at our last week’s report at 142^. On Wednesday, 23d ult., it ran up to 143], but declined during the day, and closed at 141]- Since drat time i' uas Deeu quite steady at 141 J aud 141]. APPLES—The market is well supplied. The choicest fruit commands •t>4 and $4 50 per bbl. Dried apples arc dull. AsllES—The price tor potash !s firm, but the de mand is limited. LEANS—There is a better supply in the market and they are coming forward more ficely; but no change is made, as yet, in prices. iiHEAD—There is no cliange in quotations. The demand lor pilot and ship continues to be good. BOX SHOOKS—Prices nominal. We note one salo of 1*5,000, of tbe beBt quality, at 75c. Maimtiutarers’ vie .vs totally ditfer from those of shippers, and the consequence is that stocks are piled up. BUTTER—The supply of tubs of choice solidis good, and prices are lower. Good Vermont dairies have been sold at Me, and single tubs,at .'8<g>41e. < an ad a butter is ottering freely at 35c. UANDLES—There is a good demand h>r drovi bridge’s moulds at our quotations, which are tnc lory prices. CHEESE—The market in well *UPP1!^ Vermont nnd New York, anil pric®*> ,1#,L b,iailc 1 down. CKMSNT—Prices um luuiK«J- d#B‘*nd l'OB' tinueu to be lava*', but tbe supply is go*«t. CO VL—There ha« In-fln more of a demand thu past week. Dealers are tiriu and priees uneliaugcl. COOPERAGE—A brisk demand for all kinds, ami orders are ahead of the manufacture. The stocks ot all kinds of cooperage are very light. CORDAGE—With light demand prices remain firm, and there is no change from last week’s quota nous. DRUGS AND DYES—Bi-earb soda is lower and selling at 10c. Opium and rhubarb have also receded m pi ice. No change in other articles. DUCK—The demand for Portland duck is large and it is taken up as fast as manufactured. Prices are unchanged. DRY UUUUS—The market is min anu ueprosseu, tliou.'h more firnmess is manifested in cottou manu factures. The woolen market continues in a low .state, and manuthcturers arc anxiously awatting ac tion upon the taritf bill. The mule for the past week in dry goods has been small, compared with former weeks, but this is the period of the year when merchants anticipate a tailing ott' in trade. FISH—The Western demand is about over, and the market being well supplied, owners of several faros that have arrived during the week have not been able to dispose of them at the price asked. Our dealers here are not anxious to pile up stocks at the present asking prices, and the probability is that concessions will l»e made and lower priceB rule. Fl/OUB—On the low grades of flour prices have re coded full 50c per bbl since our last report. On the choice grades there is no change as the supply in the market is small. Duluess rules the market. FRUIT—Raisins are lower, bunch selling at 93 87@ *1; and layers at 94 20c^4 40 per box. Lemons ar e lower, and selling at 93 & 50. Peanuts liave re ceded to 93 75. Figs are in abundance, andfselling at 18c@20c. There are a few Havana oranges in the market, which are selling at 95 per hundred. GRAIN—Corn has shaded down a trifle since last week. Oats are steady. Rye withont change. HAY—Dealers are paying *22 and $23 per ton for the best pressed hay and $15 lor straw, but the form ers do not seem disposed to bring their stocks freely into the market. HIDES AND SKINS—The transactions have been rather light. There is no variation in price. IRON—Dealers arc not disposed to make any con cession, especially with the prospect of an increased duty upon iinportod iron. The stocks are beirfg aug mented by the arrival of foreign sioamers at this port. LARD—The market is dull at the reduced prices but holders aro not disposed to yield turther. LEAD—With a steady demand for 3heet and pipe, prices are unchanged. LEATHER— The trade la quito dull. Holders are lirm for the be&t grado of leathers. LIME—The demand lias somewhat slackened off and prices are a shade lower. The market is well supplied, there having been several cargoes arrived during the week. LUMBER—The market is active for all kinds of lumber, and prices are fully sustained at oar quota ions. MO LASSES—Holders are very linn for the siuall stock oil hand. There is no old molasses com ing forward, amt the new crop will not be along till the middle or the last of January. NAVAL STORED—Spirits of 'J'urpemiue is selling at 92e. No change in other articles. OAKUM.—The market is steady at last week’s prices. OILS—The demand tor Portland Kerosene con tinues large at GGcby the quantity aud 70c by the sin gie barrel. linseed lias shaded down since last week. No change in oilier oils. ONIONS—The arrivals have been free and sales from vessels made at $1 M>vu)2 per bbl. Prime silver skins arc selling from shops at $2 25U-2 50 per bbl. PAINTS—We note a slight redu ction In loads.— There is a good demand. PLANTER—The market is well supplied and prices arc lower. We quote soft at 52 50 and liard at #2 00 perron. Ground is soiling at $0 0u at wholesale an d $10 at. retail. L ^ PRODUCE—The market is well supplied with all kinds of piedu t. Beef Is plenty aud poultry is now brought iu iu more abuudanoe. Our quotations give the prices for ‘rood lots. Eggs are selling at :t3c u?36. Potatoes are plenty and prices are well maiubutted. For choice potatoes $2 25qi;2 50 per bbl. is obtained. Shipping potatoes bring BOoggfu per bnsl e'. Sweet potatoes are almost ou* of the mar ket. Cranberries are selling at $1,04 60 per bushel. ^PROVISIONS—The market for beef and pork re mains the sinn; as last week. The stork of beef is not large and the demand ta moderate. Pork is quite steady at the reduced prices. Round hogs arc belling at I0e per lb. RICE—The trade is moderate for Rangoon. There are uo Carolina rices In the market. SALT—Steady under the recent slight advance. The demand in good. SOAPS—The demand for Loathe A Gore’s steam renned soaps is well maintained aud orders are com ing in from ® »l over the country. Our quotations give the factory p-iees. SUGAR— There is no change to note except for i the refined, which are lower, and we quote granu- j lated, crushed nml powdered at lop-alGf. STARCH—Finn at the recent i trance, with a I moderate demand. SHOT—There is a slight decline iu both drop • and buck shot. TEAS Firm and steady, for the sticks on hand, with but few transaction*. TINS— There is a fair demand for all kinds of tine. Stocks have been replenished by recent arrivals from Europe. TOBACCO-We have no changes to note; the mar ket is dull and price:* steady. VARNISH—No change. The demand continues to be good for all kinds. WOOL—A dull market. Price* are lower, and in tact nominal; and, until there is a movement in man ufactured w'ooleu*, the i aw material must continue tofiall. ZINC—The demand has Ihjcu good, but no change in prices. FREIGHTS—Nothing ottering and they socm to have touched bottom. The only engagement re- . ported for the week i* the brig Clara Brown, to load ! sliooks.ond head* for Point au Peter, Gaudaloupe, at i 25c; tlience to Bonaire to load salt for Portland at \ 18c per bushel. Fokiland Dry Goods Market* COTTON HOODS. Inches. Price. Heavy Sheeting,.37.19 ft 21] Fine Sheeting,.36. Is ft 21 Fiuc Sheeting,. 40.22 (ft 24 Medium Sheeting,.37.17 ft 18 Light Sheeting, ft 16 Starting,.27 to 30.12](ft 15 DLEAlHED SHEETING. Good Bleached Sheeting,....-36.27]@ 30 Good Bleached Sheeting,.9-8.33 ft 37] Medium Sheeting,.36.17 ft 20 Shirting,.27 to 32.12]ft to DRILLING. Heavy Drilling,.30.22]ft 25 Medium,.30.2o ft 22] Corset Jeans,.lo ft 20] COTTON FLANNELS. Heavy Cotton Flannels,.25 ft 30 Medium Cotton Flannels,.20 ft 25 Bleached Cotton Flannels,.25 ft 37] STRIKED SHIRTING. Heavy Striped Shining,.30.25 ft .?0 Heavy Striped Shirting,.27.2*] ft 2b Medium Striped Shirting,.27.IT ft 2o TICKING. Heav v Tit-king,.374ft 55 COTTON ADEN. Heavy doable End twist,.45 n 55 DENIMS. Heavy Denims,.40 (ft 45 Medium Denims,.25 (ft 32] CAMBRICS AND PRINTS. Colored Cambrics,.12]ft 19 Best Prints,.16 ft 1« • d odium Prints,. .•... 14 ft 16 DELAINES. DeLatnes, .>5 ft 26 CRASH. Crash,....U]ft 17 UArilNG. WADDING, AC. Cotton Baiting, lb,.is ft £5 Cotton Wadding, %> lb,.30 ft .35 Wicking,.55 ft 65 WOOLEN GOODS. Kentucky Jeans,.25 ft 5 :4 Satinets,. r»o ft 85 Union Meltons,.75 al Oo Block Union Cassimeres,.go fti oo black all wool cassimeres,.i oo fti 50 Black Doeskins,. 125 fti 75 Fane v Doeskiius.1 00 fti 60 , Rspeliant, 6-4,.l 37] fti 45 WOOL FLANNELS. Blue Mixed Twilled Flannels,...... . .32]« 621 Biue and Scarlet.40 ft 624 White, plain.j-t.35 ft 50 White lain .. . .30 ft 7': Porilauil Daily Preu Stock Lift* CORRECTED UY W1I. H. WOOD & SON, Slock and Exchange Broker, 178 Fore St., Portland For the week ending l>ec. 4. Descriptions. Par Value. Ojf ersd. Asked Government 6*s, 1881,... 1)3 Government 5-20,1862,...too Government 5-20.1864.....10G].107 Government 5-20. ffcfflL.1-7.107] Government 5-20, July,. •;.108.1011 Government 7-?0, 1st series,.•.1014.105* Go\crnnient 7-30, 2d and 3d series,... .104.1115} Government 10-40,. 99.100 Slate of Maine Bonds,.99] .10) Portland City Bonds,.97.9s Bath City Bonds,.99.97 Bangor City Bonds, 20 years,.95.97 Calais City Bonds,. 94.96 Cumberland National Bank,... .40.47.49 ( anal National Bank,.100.106.107 First National Bank,.100.106.10T Casco National Bank,.loo.106.107 Merchants’ National Bank,.75.77.78 National Traders Bank,.100.105.106 Second National Bank,_,_100.85.904 Portland Company,. .loo.50.96 Portland Gas Company,.50.51.52 Ocean Insurance Company,. ..loo.106.. .108 At. &. St. Lawrence E. U.,....65. 60 At. & Si. Lawrence R.B. Bonds, 93 A. & K. R. R. Bonds,.86. 87 Maine Central It. R. Stock.lou.11 Maine Central li. It. Bonds,.gy.B0 Androscoggin li. li. Stock. -60...worthless. Androscoggin LI Mortage Bonds,.$5.90 Ken. & Portland R. R. Bunds, .100.85.1. ’ 90 Forflnn.l & Foresl A y’n’e R. B., 100.GO.’ .70 Portland Glass Company,. 100.100.101 Port.Shovel Manutk -’gCo.,....109. .nominal. Richardson’s Wharf Co.100.95.100 I’aulmttl UkaUiuU prAc'flu t-im***.*4 j Corrected for fhfe PfcK*H Dw» A, APP1M. Green ^ brl. 2 50 g. 4 50 f Cooking p bu. 50 ^ Dried!? lb.. . 10 g 13 Western do. 12 Ashes. Pearl ^ it>. Pot.. 10 da 11 Marrow 4/bu*? 50 ^ ^ o0 Pea.3 00 fe 3» Blue Pod.2 oo fe 2 70 Box Btiooks. Pine,. 70 fe 80 Bread. Pilot t» loo B12 00 fell 00 dot ex 100 lb 10 Wife 12 00 Slap.8 00fe 10 00 Crackcrsybrl 0 75 w GraekersWlUO 50 fe 56 Butter. Family y It. Mi fe to Store. 25 fe 28 Caudles. Mould y lb. . 10 fe 17 Sperm. 40 fe 42 Cement. V brl.2 40 fe 2 80 Clreese. Vermont*!til ‘ fe }; New York.... 17.f 1U Goal—1 Retiuli. t.’uinberlaiid. 1050 fe*1 o'1 I nrb' v& I Via mond. iOfe lb* Lehiirli.1° 50 fell 00 Ked Ash.9 *0 @10 00 While Ash. 9 50 fglO 0*1 Coffee. Java p lb. 39 Cg 42 Rio. 26 (w .30 Cooperage. Hhd. Sh’k*& Uds, Mol. City... 3 25 g Sug.City.. .2 75 g 3 00 SugaCtry. .150 iw 1 75 C* try Rill Mol. Hhd. Sh'ks. 2 00 eg 2 25 Hhd. H’d’gs, Soft Pine... 35 g Hard Pine.. 30 g Hoops,(14111.35 00 *££40 00 R.OakStavesSO oo ^55 00 uopper. Cop. Sheathing 43 ft Y.M .Sheathing 32 ft Is Y.M. Bolts... 35 ft Cordage. 1 American^ lb 2*>4ft 21 i Manila. 23 ft 231! ManilaBoltrope 25 ft 25 £ Drugs and Dyes. Alcohol 4p gal 4 5"» ft Arrow Boot... 30 ft 70 t Bi-Car b Soda 10ft : Borax. 39 ft Camphor . ... 1 25 ft Cream Tartar 35 ft 55 1 Indigo,.1 50 ft l 85 j Logwood ex... 1C ft 17 Madder. 18 ft 20 Naptha pgal. 35 ft 55 j Opium p !b 10 75 ft Rhubarb.4 02 ft Sal Soda. 5 ft 5j Saltpetre. 16 ft 28 f Sulphur. 7Jft Vitriol. 18 ft D'ok. No.l,. ft 90 j No. 10,. ft 54 1 Ravens. ft 40 Dyewoods. Barvvood. 3 ft Brazil Wood.. 13 ft Camwood — y ft 10 Fustic,. 4ft 5 Logwood, Campeachy. 3 ft St. Domingo 2 {ft 3 YY UUU. ... iM Pefcch Wood.. 8 (p: Red Wood — 7$^ 6} Sapan Wood.. (w Fish. ore 0 r.o (g 7 50 LargeBauk 5 75 & 0 50 Small*.3 75 (g 4 26 Pollock.3 50 (g 4 50 Had dock, new 2 00 fa) 2 75 Hake.2 00 <& 2 7G Herring, Shore. bl.5 50 @ C 50 Scaled, j^bx. 40 (a£ 50 No.l. 25 \0> 40 Mackerel fcibi. Bay No.l.. 18 00@lft00 Bay No. 2. 16 50;a l8 00 Bay No. 3. 13 25@ 14 25 Shore No.l.18 .50 (u£d 00 Shore No.3. 9 00 'agio CO jriour. White Winter choice xx 16 00® 17 50 xx 14 50 @16 00 x 13 00@14 00 Red Winter xx.14 50® 15 50 x. 13 00® Spring xx - • 14 00® it 50 x.. 13 25® 14 00 Superfine . 11 50 @12 50 St. Louis & Southern Superior xx 1650®IS 00 Canada Superior xx 16 00@16 50 Michigan &- Westem Suprr xx .. 15 60® 16 50 Fruit. Aluionds—Jordan lb. Soft Shell... @ 40 Shelled. @ 55 Pea-Nut?.3 75 @ Citron, new... 40® Cui rants. @ 18 Dates, new_22 ® Pigs,.new 18® 24 Prune?,.. is @ Raisins. Buucu,|>l*x3 >7 @ 4ii j Layer.4 20 a. 4 4o j Lemons,tiox 3 50 @ 5 :'A) | Grunge#,<jpi0u 5 00 @ drain. Corn, Mixed.. 1 32 @ 135 Wes t’n Yellow @ 1 40 Rye.1 Li ® i 45 Balley.1 20 @ l 95 Oats. 76 @ 80 Sh.*rif, v ion. 36 0« @3# 00 J'inf Peed. .40 03 @ 45 00 uunpowaer. i Blasting.5 DO ® 6 00 | Sporting.6 00 ® 7 60 Hay. Pieasedt>ton :2 00 ®23 00 ! Loose.20 00 ®2f> Oil I Straw. 12 00 ®16 00 Hides and Skins Buenos Ayres 29 @ 31 I Western. 18 ® 19 Slaughter_ In ® Calfskins.... 30® j Lamb Skins.. I 00 ® 1 60 ; Iron. Common. 6 ® 51 Refined. 64® 6 Swedish. 84® 1 Norway. 94® ii Cast Steel_ 28 ® 30 German Steel. 18 ® 20 ;i ICug.Blis.Steel 24 ® ii Spring Steel . 12® 15 I Sheetlron, Luglish. 7 ® 7| I R. G. SJ® It 1 Russia. 24 ® 27 [i Ituss.Imit’u 23 ® 25 I Lard. [3 Bairel,$41b. 15 ® 111 I Kegs, 4>lb.... 10® 17 . 9bf'»'t a Pipe- 12f& 13 Leather. New York, Light. 30 t» 34 Mid. weight 31 o 38 Heavy. 37 @ 4o Slaughter .. 30 (@ 53 Am. (.‘all_ 1 60 @ 1 80 Lime. Roekl\l,cask 1 40 @ 1 Do Lumber. Clear Pine, Nos. 1 & 2....55 00 @60 00 No. 3. it) 00 @1? 0-J No. 4. 20 00 @25 00 hipping_21 oo @24 00 Spruce.__ 1 i 00 @13 oo Dimension Sprucej*®@-** Hemlock....woo @1* 00 |CsSw-«M a27 00 ! pine Ex.. . none roSa^xt. 4 50 ® 4 7* j Cellar No.1. 3 00 @ 3 23 Shaved Cedar 5 75 •• Pine 0 75 | Laths, Spruce.3 00 @ 3 50 Pine.none Molasses. Porto Rico.75 @ 80 Cienfuegos.... 00 (a) 05 | Trinidad. 53 ft 55 I Cuba Clayed.. 50 @ 52 I Clayed tart. 45 (@ 4s . Muscovado. 55 @ 00 Nalls. [Cask. @ 7 25 Naval Stores. Tar A* brl.. .5 00 fa 6 50 Pitch (C. Tar >3 25 @ Wil. Pitch .. .5 00 @ 5 50 Rosin.7 00 % 12 00 Turpentine p* gal. 02 @ Oakum. American— 101 @ 13] Oil. Kerosene,- 65 @ 70 Sperm.3 50 ft SVhale.I 00 @ 1 70 Bank.33 00 @34 00 Shore._29 00 @22 00 Porgie.10 00 o 24 00 Linseed. ! 41 @ Boiled do. @147 1 Lard.1 00 (u) 1 75 I Olive.2 25 @ Castor.3 30 (ft Neatsfoot —1 85 @2 00 Onions. Siv’skinsP hi. 2 @2 53 Paints. Portl'd Lead l7 50 @ > Pure Grd do. IK 50 @ Pure Dry do. 16 50 (o’ Am. Zinc,.. .13 00 @ l Rochelle Yel.. 4 (a > Eng.Ven.Red. 4]@ Red Lead. 16 @ 18 Litharge. 16 (tv 17 > j i Plaster. I (Soil, p ton.. .250 @ 'Hurd.2 00 (a Ground.0 00 @ 10 (M Produoe. I Beef, side P lb 10 (@ 13 \ I Veal. 8 @ 10 ) Lamb. 10 @ 12 Chickens. 17 @ ?0 Turkeys. 20 fa 22 Geese. 18 @ 2o I Eggs, |4doz.. 33 @ 3a i Potatoes, V bbl 1 7o@? 00 Cranb’s bush 4 00@150 Provisions. i Hess Beef, Chicago... .2100 @23 00 Ex Me 4. .24 00 @26 00 Pork, ExtraClear ’@£ 00 Clear.20 00 @30 00 Mesa.25 00 @26 00 Prime. ... 21 00 @22 00 Hams. 16 @ 17 Bice. Rice,# lb.... 10 @ 12 Bum. New Rutland 2 65 Saleratua. Saleratus p 11. 12@ 13 Salt. Turk’s Is. # lihd. (6l>us.)4 25 @ 4 75 Liverpool.4 25 @ 4 50 Gr’nd Butter. 30 @ Seeds. Herdsgras bush 400 a 150 Clover lb.14 @15 Red Top bag 5 DO @ 0 00 Shot. Drop,# IOOILb @12 60 Buck. @13 50 ooap. Extra St’m Relinc 1 114 Family.10A No. 1. 10 j Oline. 154 Che m Olive. 114 I Crane’s. 134 'Soda. l.jJ Bpices. ;Cassia, pure.. SO @ iCloves. 43 ^ 45 [Ginger. 28 Caj 30 Mace.1 40 ia, [Nutmegs.1 35 Q 1 40 [Pepper... .. 28 @ 30 Pimento. 30 (<£ 33 Starch. Pearl. 124 Sugar. Muscovado... 11 @ 121 (Hav. Brown . 1 14 Ilav. White... 10 [Crushed. I'd |Gi anulated... 1 1'»; Powdered- I5|<«g lcj Eagle Rcnncry A g) lo ' <io do B aj 10 ‘ Teas. .Souchong_ 75 @ 90 [Oolong. 90 (a! 95 Oolong, ehoicel 00 <g} 1 05 '•Japan..1 10 (g) 1 25 Tin. IRanca, c ash.. 35 (a 3ft [Straits, cash.. 34 (§} (English. 34 (£ 37 lOhar. I. C.. .15 00 <&lti 00 [Char. I. X.. .id 00 (&19 00 Tobacco. !*ives# lens, Best Brands 70 @ 80 Medium- GO @ G5 ' Common... 65 v& 60 Half lb*. best brands. 73 @ 80 iNat’lLeai. fi»U «»0 @ 1 25 Navy ibs;. 75 @ if Twine. Cotton Sail... @ 86 Flax. @ 75 Varnish. Damai.2 76 (a/ 3 76 Furniture .. .2 25 @ 4 25 Coach.3 00 @ 6 50 Wood. Haiu, it tail. 10 50 @11 Oft Soft. @ 7 00 Kindling^ box 30 (a 40 Wool. UnwashM fleeced7 @ 4«) Washed do.36 @ 40 Lamb Skins.. 76 @1 10 Zinc. \io?j eiman, sheet, 14^15 Lehigh.11 @ 15 Brighton and Cambridge* Markets. Amount of stock at Market for the w ek ending November 21: Cattle. 2022* Sheep and Lambs, 9339 Shotes, 150 ; Fat hogs, 4100. The following table shows the amount from oat h Stale. Maine. 1(7 730 New Hampshire. 23 609 Vermont.515 0156 Massachusetts. 25 00 New York. 192 1183 Wt-stern States.116o 301 Canada. 00 go PgicEB. Beef Cattle —Ext ra. 013 0o @ 0u 0t): lirst quality,0*200@1275; second quality, jy 1050@1J fiC: ! third quality, 9 50 @ 10 00 per 100 lbs (on total weight ol hides, tallow anil dressed beef. I Extra and first quality Beef, in hides nothing but the best, large mt stall led oven ; second quality >u eludes the l»est hay-fed oxen, best si Jl-fed eowes : aud best three-year o d ste rs ; ordinary consi-'ts of j bulls and the refuse ot lot-. Working Oxen- -Sales at .'JITS to 275 — according to 1 quclit v and fancy ol the purchaser - Stores—Two years old, £30 to 45 ; three years old, , £55 to 65 per head. M ich Cowes—Extra .f60«|i>0; . rdlnary, £40<f70; : Store Cows, $30@45. Sheep and Lambs—From $1 50 to £1 50 pr head Hides—Country, 91 ffilOc. lb; Brighton, lola llk- , Cal/ Skins—20e £ Tall'iw—Country, 9@9i; Brighton. j Pelt-.—$1 0U@1 *5. Swine—Wholesale, t@14te lb ; retail, 10@tlc ; Fat Hogs. 8/@9 t>lb. i*o*lou Stock List. Sales at the Brokers' Board. Dee 5. Aii.erican Gold. i<p»$ | United States Coupon Sixes, 1881. ll.i , li uited States 7 3.10ths, 1st series. ; “ small. 105* 2d series. *• 3d Series. loij| ** small. 105 United .Suites 5-20*, 1802. wsA “ lKCVft. MCI i " 1865.:. Hi. ! Unite J Statr-a i'en-iorties. . 103 ; Rutland 1st Mortgage Bonds. 123 I Fa It nr U.ilroad. H04 Portland. Saco dr Portsmouth Railroad. 103 Western Riilroad. He Vermont Central 1st mortgage bonds. I 'O j TELEGRAPHIC REPORTS. New York Market. New York, Dec. 4 , Cotton—firm and qubit; saJes 1.5<H) bales. Middling ; uplands at 334 ® 34; Orleans at 35£ ft 36c. Flour—dull and 5® 10c lower; sales4,100 bbls.— 1 State at 7 50 111C.; Hound Hoop Ohio at 10 00 ® i 13 00; Western at 7 50 @ 1180; Southern at 11 00 u 1 16 00. Wheat—dull; sales 5,200 bush. Winter Red West ern at 2 86. Corn—dull and 2 a 3c lower; sales 38,500 bush.— I Mixed Western at 115 ® 1 16. Oats—dull and drooping; sales 34.000 bush. Chica- 1 go at 61 @ 63c. Beet—heavy, Pork—heavy and lower. New mesa 20 GO ® 21 00; j old mess 19 02; prime 18 00. Lard-heavy and lower; sales at 111 @ 13c. utter—lower. Ohio at 15 @28c, State at28 ® j Whiskoy—quiet. Rice—dull; Rangoon at 9$ @ loc. Sugars-^dull; Muscovado at 11 fa) li’c Coltee—dull. 8 ’ j Molasses—dull. Naval Stores—quiet Petroleum—dull; crude at 21; refined bonded at i 311® 33. Tallow—quiet. Freights to Liverpool—quiet and firm. New Orleans Markets. New ORLEANS. Dec. 4. j Cotton steady; sales to-day were 2,200 bales.— ; ?rddlu,8 at 31c- Middling at 33c. Receipts 3,- . 090 bales. Sugar in good demand; sales of lair at 91c; prime at 10c; ehoiceat 11 ® 12c. Molasses in good demand; 1 sales ol fiur 60 a 024c; prime at 50; choice at 63® j 71. Sterling Exchange 153® 15at. sight Exchange 1 4; discount: sixty day’s 24. Gold 141* (w M1L Freights quiet and unchanged; steam to New York ‘ lid; to Liverpool Id. _ Nt. IiOiiia Market. St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 4. | Elaur steady bnf dull; common 8 75 @ Hi on; extra 13 26. Wheat firm; choice spring at 2 06: fall at 2 63. Corn dull, heavy and declining: old White at 82c: j new White at 75 ® 80c. Oats advanced. Rye, sales at 80 @ 07c. Barley, sales of spring at 115; fall at . 170. Lard, sales at I2k\ Mess pork, sales at 20 60. J Whiskey lower; sales at 2 27. Hogs firmer at 6 00 @ 6 25 In gross. f'lttflflHfttl iHlorbrlit CrNCINFAH, I-Hkj. 4, Flour dull f»t» l urn-hanged j sates of ohO'Oe at P 00.— Wheat 2o higher; No, 2 at l si, Oats, No. 2 at 44c. Corn nominal at 82c. Provisions dull and lower. Hogs at 6 50 io: 7 00. Receipts, 1,000 bbla. flour, 4,700 bush, wheat. 4' o »i» ui t* »•«'•«1.--!*«■»• 4'ublc. Liverpool, Dec. 3, Evening. Cotton—the market closed very linn at this morn ings iirices; sales to-day 12,000 bales, including 3,000 bales to speculators and exporters. London, Doc. 3. Evening. The market closed dull lor United States bonds; United Suites 5-20’s, 1862, 70 3-16; do. do., 1805, C9d. Erie Railway and llliuois Central slanes closed at a decline of }. Liverpool, Doe. 8, Evening. The Bicadstuifs market closed to-day unchanged. London, Doc. 3, Evening. Cons.dn closed this evening at 80} for money. American Securities.—The following are the quotations for American Securities; Erie Railroad Shares 46. Illinois Central Railroad Shares 77. Unit ed States 5-20’s 704. Liverpool, Dec. 4, Noon. The cotton market opens steady at yesterday's quotations. The Manchester market is quiet and unclianged. London, Dec. 4, Noon. American Securities.—The following were the .opening prices of American securities: Erie Railway shares 4G}. Illinois Central shares 77. United States 5-20’s of 1862, 70}; do. do. of 1805. 69}. Di-patches received from Berlin, Frankfort and Hamburg quote U. S. Bonds tinner. New York Block Market. New York, Dec. 4. Second Board—stocks not so strong. Money ac tive at 6 per cent. American Gold.14*i$ U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1862.10R« U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1861,.108} IT. s. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1865,.;107j U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1865, new issue.... 109 U. S. Ten-Forties, regestered.100 New York Central,.113} Erie. 72| Hudson,.120 Reading,.Ill} Michigan Central,.110 Michigan Southern,.’ gig Illinois Central,,.118} Cleveland & Pittsburg,. 85} Cleveland & Toledo. 113} Chicago & Rock Island.104} Chicago & North Western. 51 Pittsburg & Fort Wavne. 105} Western Union Telegraph,. 46? MAItltlEIi in this cltv, Nov. 25, Lieut. Win. JI. Kaler, late of the Signal Corps U. S. A., and Miss Mary A. Hickey, both ol Portland. In Lewiston, Nov. 2'*. Jetieivon Sin Ah, of Portland and Miss Susan I. Doughty, of L. In North Yarmouth, Nov 2o, »,y Rev. F. N. Lord, Roseoe Perlev, ot Gray, and Miss Fannie L., daugh ter of Gen. B. B. Porter, oi No. Yarmouth. In Freeport, Nov. 25, by Rev. B. T. Sanborn. How ard T. Walker and Miss Sarah A. Brewer, both ol Yarmouth; 28th, by same, Walter S Brown, of Yar mouth, and Miss Susan J. Far well, ot Freeport. di ivn. In this city. Dec. 3, Patrick F. Flaherty", aged 42 years 9 months. On hoard ship Kate Dyer, Dec. 1. Frederick V., son of Frederick G. and Rose C. Smith, of Port and, aged 16 yeais 4 months. [St Louis papers pltase copy.] In New Bedford. Mass., Dee. 2, Mrs. Lizzie H. L.. wife of Henrv H. Page, and daughter ol John Low ell, Esq., ol HallowcU. In Topahara, Nov. 2 ), Mr. William Brown, former ly of Portland, aged 6a years 7 months. IMPORTS. I PICTOU, NS. Brig J W John—218 tons coal. 25 bbls nil s ae, to F ATc Donald. I COltN W AI .LIS, NS. Soh Diadem—70 cordu wood i to order. j UGPAftlllilt, OP Ol'iGAUf STEAMERS NAA1K FROM FOR DATF.. j Africa.Bouton.Liverpool.Dec G Cityo Dublin.New York. .Liverpool.Dec 6 Columbia.New York. .Havana.Dec 0 ! Belgian.Portland.... Liverpool.Dt c 8 City of r alii more.. New York.. Liverpool.Dec 8 I Germania. New York. .Hamburg.Dec 8 i Manhattan.New York.. Hav & Yt'ru/..Dec 10 i Henry Chauncey. New York.. Aspmpall ... .Dee ll j Kangaroo.New York.. Liverpool,.Dec 12 J Scnlia.New Yoik..Liverpool......1 ee 12 More Castle.New York. .Havana.Dec 13 j America.New York. .Bremen_.. .Dec 13 Miniature Alumnae*.Dectuibci’ 5* ! bun ii' es. (.1 * | Sun set-.4.28 I g**—» r 'tm. r ■ mill i nr Menu ris. s.5.30 AM High water.10.05 AM | MARINE Sf BAVH PORT OP PORTLAND. Tuesday, December 4. ARRIVED. Steamer New England, Field, Sfc John, NR, via • Eastpori toi Boston. I Barque Hunter, (of Portland) York, Mobile 16th | ult, with com on. Brig J W John. (Bri Du it, Pictou, NS. Biig N Stevens; Saunders, Calais tor New York. Brig Alex Milliken, Estes Calais tor Providence. Sch Diadem iBr) West, Cornwallis. NS. Sch Blundell, Atwood. Tangier, with oysters. S. liE N Perry, Hamilton, Rondo lit. Sell Magnolia, Jasper, Boston. Sch J C RoVer, Bogan. Boston. ! Sen Xcdiok, Campbell, Boston. | Sell Ann Parker, Berry, Salem. Sch Helen Mar. Morrill. Camden. • Sch i haparel, Teel, Sc George. Sch .Agnes. Young, Ellsworth I Sch Catharine, Davis. Ellsworth, j Sch Cameo, Small, Bangor. ! Sch Americas, Sptmiv, Baih. i Sch Waterloo, Green low, Calais tor New York, i Schs Hampden BeUe, Hart, and Madagascar, fiodg ! don, Calais Ibr New Haven. I Sch Caroline Grant, Pressey, Calais for Providence Schs Bed Beach, Agnew, and Jane, Haskell, Calais j for Boston. | Sch Game Cock. Robbins. Calais for Lvnn. Sch Thames, Robbins, Cala s for Beverly. Seli J P Bent, Strout, Mi 11 bridge tor Boston. Sch Forest Strout, CherryJield tor Boston. Sch J S Moulton, Crowley, Addison lor New York. Sch liiilow, Wasp, Addison tor Boston. Sch William, Jeliison, Ellsworth tor Boston. I Sch Emily. Smith, Ellsworth tor Boston. I Sch Azolda & Laura, Mcludoe, Bangor lor — . Sch Juliet, Snow. Bangor tor Norwalk. 1 Sch Oc o er, Scott, Bangor foi Boston. CLEARED Barque Mai yE Libby, Libby. Cardenas -Yeaton & Hale, and Churchill, Browns & IManson. Brig C H Kennedy, Merriman, New York—J l Libby. Sch Wm Arthur. Andrews, Baltimore—Moses B Nickerson. t Sch E G Willard, Parson-, Philadelphia—E G Wil lard. ch Noel, (Br) Marsie.s, St John, NB—John Por t 0119. DISASTERS. Sch E A Conant, Fosp, from Portland tor Philadel phia, was towed into Holme Hole 3d inst. w ith con- I siderable damage, having Iveen in collis n with schr j R W Tull, off Handrr. hief Lightship, night before, ' and lost spars and rigging fore and a t. The 11 W T sunk near the Light. Brig Danl Boone, Parker, from Oonaives for Bos- I ton, put back prevto 9tli ult, leaky, and will praba- I hi. have to discliaige. DOMESTIC.' POUTS. SAN FRANCISCO-Sailed lot inst, ship Dashing Wave, Carlton. New York. MOBILE—Ar 30th. sell Hattie Baker, Crow jil Ua New York. DARIEN, GA—Ckl 21st, sell Emma F Halt. H it, »o; Boston. Cld 22d, brig B Young. Gibson, Boston. SAVANNAH—Ar 241 h, ship Charlotte, Spear,New York ; sell Charlotte Fisli, Strong, do Ar 2bth, barque Alary C Dyer, Walling ton, Nev» York; brig E 11 Kennedy, Geyer,do. *eh* ira bliss Bragg, Boston ; John I'rooke , Lowe, Wiscassa!; A1 ired Keene. Robinson, Philadelphia. i HABbESTON—Ar 1st, brig CastitNan, Harder, luook. Matan/.as. GEORGETOWN, SC—CM 21st, brigs Chattanooga, blank, Martinique; Chas Wesley, Waterhousc. ior Sea import. ( Id 28th. brig Paragon, Shute, New York. WILSONGTON, NC—Ar 2Qtli. s.-h Dacotak, Grant Itemedios.J FORTRESS MONROE—Ar 1st inst, barque Alalia Henry, from Liverpool tor Baltimore. BALTIMORE—Cld 3d, brig Emily Fisher, Shaek ibrd, Boston; Ida L Ray. Rav, Chai leaton. Ar 1st. brig Frances jane, Norris,Rio Janeiro. Cld 1st, sens Willie, Staples, Matanzas. Horiensla, Patterson, Boglon. PHILADELPHIA- ( Id 1st, seh W E Alexander Bowden, Portland. NEW YORK—Ar 1st. ships Prima Donna, Herrl ltan, San Francisco. 130 days; Paetolu-, Toby, Callao, 81 days. Ar 3d, ship Juvcuta, from Calcutta; sell Ti Idem Jameson, Rockland. Ar-4th, barque Halcyon. Earmhoa. Lbcrpocl; brig Martha A Bern', Chase, Matin/as. Old 3d, »blp Cromerne, Yates, San Frum-bco: brig Tubal Cain, boring, Marseilles- seh Golden Gate, 30!.., >cli< Oc-u Stj&bAd, Rocklan I; Minnie Cobb, Ingraham, do. NEWPORT—Ar Lst, sch Four Sisters, Sheerer » uii ikivcr un Sailed, brigs E H Kich, Nellio Gay, sells -Bowdoin H Prescott, Hattie Ho s, Ida 1' Wheeler, Ida L How ard, B S young, E K Dresser, Tlios Hlx. Emily Fowler, Del,ance. Bengal, Oregon, -Maria Luut, Soa Bird, Shooting Star, ami others. HOLMES’ HOLE—Ar 1st, brigs p M Tiuhfci.Eer nard, Mobile tor Boston; Isabel Bcuiman, Small, and Waller HoweU, Pierce, Hondo .,t fordo; 9th Hes perus, Lord, Elizabetbport lor do. Ar 2d, barque Hunter, Yoik, Mobile lor Portland: brig. Elmir i, Hamilton. New York for Boston ; Ma ry Lowell. McFaildcn, Poughkeepsie lor Pembroke; sells Hatiie E Sampson, Liake, from Ph Iatleli.hia for Portland: Ned Sumter, Lord, New York ibrEils worth; Olive Ayery, Wilson, and Willie Lee. Nash, Fall liiver fir Bnrkland; Hannibal, Cox, Boston f. r Philadelphia. Stilled :3d, barque Hunter; brig* Eimirn, Tangier, Walter Howes, Ambrose light, A I) Torrey, a bby Tbaxter. Mazatlnn, Marshall Dutch, Liberty; nebs Sarah Flizaueth, Marshall Perrin, W R Genii, Open Sea, Rockingham, Corinthian, Geo W Glover, N K Clark, R Leach. George & Ennlv, Kate Wentworth, Alma, Hattie E Samx>s *n, Olive A very, Willie Lee’ ai:d all oHvmp bound out. BOSTON—Ar 3d, sclis Mary Elizabeth, Eaton .and Dolphin, Lord, Ellsworth; Surl, Shaw, Milibridge; E Dudley, Hopkins, aud Sarab Ann, Lamb. Bangor; Sterling. Adams, and S H Tool, McFadden. Wiscas »et; Franklin, Aibec do; ShKvrinut, Ricker, and citizen, Union, Portland. Below, sldp Akbar, from Ca entta; brig Ambrose ftn Wilmington; Anna D Torrey, fm George town, DC. Ilangor* 80,1 P ®'“se' Collins, lor Portland and Akbar. Crocker, fui Calcutta; tannic Gooding, Havana; lings p M 'linker, ’ nVt'll e’ Ajahrose Light, Simp on, do; Ali Viv„yPhdaui'lphm, Uuorgo F. Prescott, Mills. Bondout, Isabel Bonvman, Small, and Walter Howes, Pierce, do; AbbyThaxtor. Lone. ,lo. Cld 4th. sob Henry A, Wade, Walnoburo. FOREIGN PORTS. At Patiuiea, t.Eollviitl °et 25, ship M K Ludwig, Harding, for United elates, Idg. Aral, I'ana i a 14tli uit, barque Korv. r jran. Dil lingham. Baltimore. At Ohincha islands 13th uit, allies Juliet Trnndv Allen; Virginia, Weeks; Europa, Patten; S Flier* sey, Staples; Gen Butler, Chase: Anna Decatur, Barith*. David ib.atnn Nirbuis, John Br-%wt*i, Oar dim , OCeoU, TVnmitj Star, Luting; El Durado, HwMtatr; das CUwtga, Obi*®] ivaidtoi', Hcrrlnum; WashingtonBooth j Bryan; ftavguo Oityof Bangor, Menml Jdg guano, Ai Mt Valparaiso Oct 16. barque Geo Treat, Kilt mami, Montevideo ; 30th, ship Otago, Thorndike, New York tbr San Kranclfco. In port., ship Kli/abotl) Kimball, Frost, wtg for charter. Ar at Aspinwall 18th ult, barque Eva II Fi-k, Eme ry, Philadelphia; brig Sarah E Kennedy, Duncan, New York; Crocus, llecd, Wilmington. Ar cit kciucqiOH nth ult, bn; II Houston, r'isn."h, Portland. Ar at Cumberland Harbor, barque Gertrude, Ath erton, Boston. (Per City of Baltimore, at New York.] Ar at Live)pool 18th ult, Luzon. Rob nson, Lorn Hong Kong. Aral Falmouth 20th ult, fdagnei, Keating, from Maul main. Sid 18tb, Annie sine, S Melds, tirom BasNelu) for Antwerp. • Sid liu Bristol Pill &»th, Ocean Pearl, Reed, for Now Orleans Sid ini Glasgow 17th, Lizzie H Jack-on. Marwick, Boston, (and from, Greenock 19th. > Cld at Malaga 14th ult, Moneyntpk, Gibb#, San Francisco. At at •iibra’tar lltb ult, John Boulton, Lindsey, Philadelphia land cld for Pi ran a.) Ar at Bordeaux 14tli ult, Lisbon, Curtis, from New Orleans. Ar in Havre Roads I8ih ult, We terhora, Stinson, lioin New Orleans. Antwerp—Ar in the Scheide 18th, Esther, Prince, Philadelphia. Sid fin Marseilles 15th ult, J W Sawyer. Partridge. Palermo. b’ Ar at B arcelona 1.1th ult, A G Jewett, Reed, from New York Deal, Nov 17—The Am ship Bazaar, (rom Phila delphia lor Antwerp, ha* been supplied \vith an an chor and 100 fathoms chain, to replace others which were lost. SPOKEN. Nov 7, lat 39 N, Ion 35, ship John Tucker, 108 da vs from Callao for Nantes. Nov 11 lai 31 06, Ion 73, barque CatKon, kYom Bos ton tor New Oileans, 7 day.- out.* Nov 21, off Bahama Banks, brig John Brighiman from Bos'on lor Galveston. MISCLI.I.ANUOIJM _ l“Tliu wonderlui progress ol medical Sci ence during the pant nix years, only makes il | ossfblcTor tLecouscienliouaPhysician to declare, now that, ux'iion is *g i i KTAiNLv mini as hUerMitent Fever, _ rnd asi-F.RTAiXLV prevented as Smal rox."— Clan. F-. Kmg. J/. l>., £. t. J)., etc. KING’S PUEPAKEIT PRESCRIPTION, (Maueikom the Prescription «>f Rev. Ohas. E. King, M. O. L.l. D.. «&c.] is confidently presented to the public for the Preven tion and curt ot CONSUMPTION. (in the most advanced stages,) lor the radical Cure ot ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, CATARRH, and all aftfeetious ot ti o THROAT and A1R PASSAGES: for < it nejal and Special derange ments o? tlie NERVOUS SYSTEM : and for all Func tional Disorders oi the Stomach and Bowels. It immediately increase9 the strength and deepens the color of the pale blood, it subdues the Chills and Fever, and diminishes the Expectoration. It checks the Night Sweats always in from seven to fourteen days. The appetite i at once invigorated, and the pa.ieot rapidly gains liesli; the cough auu the difficult breathing are s; cedily relieved, the sleep becomes calm and refreshing: the evacuations

regular and unhorm. ALL THE GENERAL SYMP TOMS DISAPPEAR WITH A REALLY ASTON ISHING RAPIDITY. The PRESCRIPTION should bo toed in every ca«e where tlie Physician commonly prescribes "Tonies. Iron, Acids, Bark. Quinine, Cod Liver Oil, Whiskey, &c. And in every case, by whatever name kn >wn, in which t ere is exh bited am one or more of (he following ST Ml* TO M S : Difficul or Irregular Breathing, i„oss of breath Cough, Wasting ol Flesh, Bleeding train the Lungs" Lossol Strength, Lossof Appetite, Gen ml Debility j Night Sweats, Fly i-;g Pains through the Shoulder*,, Face o»-limba, Xan oifr Headache, Nervous Prostration, <‘|Jdht£:-r•• or Dfrzlriess, Excessive pale ness, Sore i hivat, Drownmeea, Sleeplessness, Sour Stomach, Heart-Burn, Oppfltaslon or sinking ot the Stomach bcibie or alter eating. Kemi tant Fever. &c. and especially in all Female Disorder or Uterine Ir regularities, such a< Difficul 1, Pauiiul. .Suppressed, Scanty, Excessive, Delayed, Prc mature or too Fre quent Menstruation. HialewrulN irea PaticiiiM. “Your Prescription saved my daughter's life, and has saved me huiidrcus 01 dollars.’—Rev. E Hum phreys. Remden N. Y. “We bless God tor the benefit we have recoined from your Prepared Prescrip ion."—Rev. p. P/ere urjn, Blosseburg, Penn. ‘ j£very one to whom 1 have recommended i has been bene fitted much by its use.’—Ki.v. C.D. Jokes. Rucine, Wis. Bible House, Aston Place,N. y.,—Inihe early part of February, lxGo, 1 was sutiming from a violent cough, lor widen J had been uvated, during the six mouths previous without nay benefit. 1 had Afqht Sweats which completely prostrated me In the evening, hoaiseness would come on. which would prevent me from speaking above a whisper 1 had then had two attacks oi hemorrhage from the Luugs. My fondly physician avsmefMiunm could do more forme,yeti was growing rapidly worse, and had I been compelled to leave business for nearly two mouths. All mysymptomsindioated, unmistakably. the preson e cf COaSUMPTJ»JiN. J n the be diming o1 February Mr. Henry Fisher Treasurer qf ihc Americas Bible Society, pvc.sente.I me with a Lott ie ol the Prepared Prescription. In a few days my appetite which I had entirely lost, rctur «rd; within a weak my cough almost loft m ; and in less than two weeks tlie Atffhi Sweats wore broker* up. TlMieoiorwui d I regained strength rapidly*, and am now regularly at coding to my duties as , Jerk to the 1 AMERICAN BIBLE wCil i i, in whoso employ-' j mem 1 have b on nine years, i am now enjoying I good hcaiih Y.rnr PRl->:« K1PTJ ON effected s cure | when my friend- despaired of mv recoverv. THOfe. J CofTUER •*1 have had Nervous or Spasmodic Asthmv, : for eleven years. During the last, six years J have never had an umn/erruptod nights rest. It ollen seemed to me tliat 1 would die before I could get air into my lungs. T was ha gavd and spirt ties-, and suit red t*o .reatly from short ness of breath’ that i was compelled to take frequent rests in walking from my residence to my place o* business. “The night before 1 obtained the ‘PREPARED PREBCRiPTON,’ was the worst I ever passed. On obtaining the remedy, 1 took a te-ispaoiuiip at noon and again at night, and slept all night without wak ing. i have not had a broke:, night’s rest since. * * * * * I no longer look •haggard,* have gained In strength and spirits and am not at all alllicted with ‘dfr.rtncos of breath.’ 1 shall be giad to have any one afilicted with Attlima call and sec me. “SPmV DANGDON, NO 334 Fourth, St., N. Y. The “PREPARED PRESCRIPTION” Is put up in a ft bottle, and is sold by W. F. Phillips, Po.i land, Whole-ale Agent. Sold at Retail by every Druggist in Maine—Drugglsts Generally. ' Orders may be addressed to the sole Proprietors, OSCAR G. MOSES & CO., 2J CORTLANDT STREET, N. Y., Consultation Free. Circulars omtai mg particu lars of MANY cases successfully treated, will be sent free by mail. J une 18 eod & eow IMPORTANT to LUMBERMEN -AND Owners ol Hemlock Lands t riAHE AMERICAN PATENTED IMPROVEMENT 1 TANNING COMPANY, of New York, own the exclusive right in the United States tor the luanutoc ture of on imperishable “EXTRACT” from Hemlock Born for tanning purposes. This Dark Extract is now extensively used araong'Tanners, and the de mand lor it rapidly increasing. It commands a ready sale in tlie Boston, New York and Philadelphia mar kets, at sixty cents per gallon. The appliances for manuiactuie are simple and not expensive, costing hut little more than tlie ordinary loaches used bvTan nero. By this process, two cords of Bark may be re duced so as to concentrate the entire strength into forty gallons of extract, without in the slightest de gree injuring itstanning qualities, uud at a cost not exceeding one dollar per cord. The saving in freight alone, between the transijortation of the Extract and the bark, will range Horn six to eight dollar, per cord, so lhat any one who may get out but thiee hundred Cold- of bark per year, may save fr.uu two thousand to tv. euty-flve hundred dollars in the difference in it eight. The Company docs not propose to sell Territorial lights, but will grain exclusive privilege to manufac ture in certain localities, charging a small royalty per gallon on the amount manufactured. The Company will send competent men to superin tend the construction of the works, where parties de sire to enter into the business, ami to instruct in the manufacture of fire Extract. As a guarautee of success to parties entering into tills business, theGompanj trin contract to take all the Extract manufactured under their process at fiftv cents pci gallon, delivered in Boston or New York. Parties, in Now England desiring further informa tion as to terms, Ac., may call upon or address Air. THdMAS W. Johnson, General Agent of the Com pany, at the American House in Boston, where mod els of tlie apparatus mav be seen, uov 13 «13m S. H. KENNEDY, Pres’t. Bank Notice. r|UiE following are the 1st and 2d Sections of an act 1 of the Legislature, passed Fe b 20, 186C: “Section 1. In all cases where the liability of anv “bank in thig State to redeem its bills would expire “in the year 1SG6, but for tljp provisions of this act “such liability shall be extended until the 1st day of “March, 1R67, except such banks as are now in the “hands of the Receivers.” “Sect. 2. The Bank Commissioners shall publish “m one or more newspapers nearest the place where “a hank Dwrnnted, and In surhTrthcr newapanofs as “they may see lit, a notice of the time when the lia bility of such bank will cease for the redemption of “its bills, said notice to be continued for three months “next before the time named therefor.” Tlie liability of the following tanks to redeem their bills, which would have expired in the year lsctf, and alter the passage of I his act is, by the Hi st section of tlie act, extended until the 1st ilay of March, 1*67: Augusta Bank,at Augusta Long Reach Bank at Bath Bafli Bank, at Bath. Lewiston Falls Bank, Bank oi Somerset, at Lewiston. , _»t hkowliegau. Marine Bank, Bank of nmthron, at Damariscotta. at Wiuthrop. northern Bunk, Freemans B’l,,tit Augusta at HaUowell Granite Bank, at Angnsta.OaklandBank, International Bank, at Gardiner at Portland. Orono Bank, at Orono. Kenduskeag Bank, Skowliegan Bank, at Bangor. at Skowliegan. A. C. BOBBINS,) Bank ... F. E. WEBB, ) Commissioners. Nov -3,1866, no28dlaw3m Special Notice. A LL persons disponed to engage in the erection of a V an at metive Con regafiomd lluuse of worship in the district of the Second and Third Parishes are requested to meet in the vestry of tlie Moth Mist Church, (lieatnut St., on Wednesday evening next at 71 o’clock. ’ Members of the above named Societies, and all oth ers interested in the enterprise, especially owners of real estate in that district, arc requested to he pres ent. Some inducements t» union aud Bpeedy effort will be made known at the meeting dec 4 d2t* Portland, Saco & Portsmouth Rail road Company. DIVIDEND No. 4C will be paid December 10th, to Stockholder* of record Nov. ao, lb66. Per < )rder, E. NOTT, dcc3—cd < doc 11 Treasurer. Store to Let. SUITABLE fur a Fancy Gouda or light Stationery business. Inquire oi J. J. W. REEVES, nolOdti No. 9 Green St. IMI'BAArt SPECIAL NOTICE —or— Ijife Insuiraiifo! HAVING 4een appointed General A«eht$ for Maine of the old Nw England Mutual Cite Ins. Co* Of Boston, Mass., being the oldest pui el y Mutual Lite ' Ins. Co. in America, we wish fifty good, active agent* to work in the diilerent cities and villages throughout ilia State. None need apply unless good reference can be give. The Co. is 23 years old and has paid in Dividends $1,247,000 00 and over $2,000,000 00 in loss es by death. It has now u well-invested accumulated Capital ot over $4,000,000 00. The Co. formerly made and paid its dividends once in live years. A Divi dend will be made up in Nov. 1806, and annually thereafter, and available one year trom dale of Poli cy. Applications for local Agencies will be made to RUFUS SMALL & SON, Gen’l Agents, no21d3m Biddctbrd, Me. r Kin o v at; Sparrow’s Insurance Office is this day removed from No. 80 Commercial Street, to the new and commodious rooms NO. ee EXCHANGE STREET, IN THE CUMBERLAND BANK BUILDING, whore he is now prepared to place insurance, in all its forms, and for any amount, in companies second to no others on the globe, and on the most favorable terms. 6^* Parties preferring class insurance, are res pectfully invited to call. November 5,1800. dtf A TLA MIL Mutual Insurance Company. 51 H ull St, cor. William, NR\V kORK, January. 1666. Insures against Marine and Inland Navi gation lUsks. The whole profits ol the Company revert to the Apsnred, and are divided annually, iipm. the Premi ufiie terminated during i he yearand tor which Cer tificate') are issued, bearing interest until redeemed. The Dividend was 10 i>er cent, in each ot the years 1663-4, and 5; and 36 per cent. In 1R66. The Company has Asset a. Over Twelve Million Doilnes, viz United States arid state of Ncw-York Stocks, CUV1* Bank and other Stocks, #4,828.6^6 Loans secured by Stocks and otherwise, ' 3,33#'.360 Premium Notes and Bills Receivable, Real Estate, Bond and Mortgagee anil other se curities, a afo, nos United States Gold Goto. ’ go160 Cash in Bank 31o’,6f» *12,190,070 1*081 EES Jofclll) Joliet, Will Stjlrffia ChmlesDenriis. Henry If. liogoi t. W. H. H. Moore, Joshua •], Henry, Henry Colt, Dennis Perkins, Wm. C. Picketsgill, ,j08. Galiar.l, Jr., Lewis Gottis, J. Henry Burgy, Ohas.H. Basset], 'Cornelius Grinned, Lowell Holbrook, C. A Han I R. Warren Weston, B. J. Howland, Royal Phelps Benj. Babcock, Caleb Barst.nv, Ehtcher Wcstrav. w P‘ S’ , d ’lst. B. Mialorn, Jr, Win E. Dodge, Gordon YV. Btrrnh iin’. Geo. G. Hoii ion, Fred’kCLaimcev, David Lane, James Low, James Bryce, Geo. S. Stephenson, Leroy M.MUe.i, Wm. H. Wool. Daniel S. Miller, J mi.) 1>. J i in tea, President. Charles Denni", Vice-President. W. H. H. Moore, 2d Vice-Brest. J-D. Hewlett, 3d Viee-Prest. J. a. Gbarban, Secretory. Applications bn-Insurance with the above named ■Company received and font arded by .lotui W. illiiiigfr, Corraapandcut. apIldlmeudSmawGw Abstract of ike Anuuul Ntateucal OF The Pham Insurance Company, OF HARTFORD, CONN., O* the laf Oar November, lSGti, TO THE STATE OF MAINE. Anelai Cash on hand and in Bank.$42,968.57 Cash in hands of, and due from Agents,.1*0,669.75 Loan*on Beal .Estate,..135,000.00 Loans on ffeal and Per onal Security,. 24,K90.00 Unitea States Secnrmea....141,047.50 New York Bank Stocks,!. 88,625.00 Hartford Bank Stocks,.160,975.00 Olher Bank Stocks,. 50,250.00 Bonds—State, City and Water,.292,220.00 Accumulate 1 Interest,. 4,627.33 Total Assets,.*I,0G1,273.15 Amount of Premium Notes,.None. total Amount of liabilities’.$59,595.97 WM. B. CLARK, See’y. HENRY KELLOGG, President. ' W. JILLSON, \itu-Piesidcnr. W. 1>. LlfTLE & 4JO., Agents, T» rOMMKRCIAI, NTHE15T. November 19, I860, d3w Marine Insurance —OX— Ships, Barques, Brigs and Schooners’! —BY— Ocean Mutual Insurance Comp’y, NEW BEDFORD. Pacific Mutual Insurance Comp y, NEW BEDFORD. Aggregate Capital, $580,161,17 No extra charge for Cargoes Grain in Bulk, Coal, Salt, Iron, Copper Ore. Marble or Slate coastwise. We shall be pleased to secure a share of public patronage. Office 16o Fare Street, Portland. J. W. MUNGJUR & SON. ocrtJ.eodCm n MUTUAL BENEFIT LIRE INSURANCECO. The numerous Policy holders in this popular Company, and the public generally, are informed that its oirice is now established at No. to Commer cial street, in Tliomap Block. , , _ WARREN SPARROW, Ju*19 _ State Agent. L». Tvvomblcy, Geneia. Insurance Broker, • would inform his many friends and the pubi c generally that he is prepar. a t contiuuc tin* Insur ance Busin ss as a Broker, and can place Fire, Lite and Marine Insurance to any extent in the best Com p nios in the United States. All business entrusted to my c re shal be faithlu ly attended to. Office at C. M. Rice’s Papei Store, No. 1; 3 Foie Si where orders can be left. jul lGU ** ** >6 11 L* » 1 114 BVTWfc. Sir ESCAPED FROM JAIL ! $300 BEWARD ! Escaped from the Portland Jail, on the night of the 19th, the following described persons:— SAMUEL NEVILLE. 27 years of age, 5 feet 8 inches high, dark complexion, black curly hair chin whiskers. Had a brown broadcloth, grey pants and vest and round top hut. FREDERICK HItHAKDs, about 6 teet 9 inches high, of medium build, slightly stoopin'’ shoulders, had on gray sack coat, black vest and pants aud brown neck-tie. He wore a silk beaver hat. CHARLES RRAINARD, about 22 years old. six teet high, dark complexion, one oye sightless, and has a heavy swinging gait, of lowcrllil and wiry build. He wore a coat originally dark blue, but now faded to a dull brown; pants and vest dark mixed, new shoes with braes buckles, and an Ira itation Scotch cap, MELVIN KENNISTON, about 5 teet 8* inches high, pretty stout build, dark complexion, with heavy and rather sunken black eyes, and thin moustache. Wore sliort dark coat, pants and vest dark, white bosom shirt, with scarlet ncck-tie, and black cloth cap. The above prisoners cscaied last nigbt about 1 o’clock. 1 offer the following rewards for their apprehension, or such information as shall ensure their arrest For FREDERICK RICHARDS.Slot) “ SAMUEI. NEVILLE. 1110 “ CHARLES BRAINARD. SO “ MELVIN KENNISTON. 00 GEORGE IV. PARKER, Shcriri and Jailor. Portland, Nov. 20, 1816. uov21d4w GAS AND COAL OIL FIXTURES ! E. TAKBELL & SON, 11 BRUMFIELD STREET, BOSTON , MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN Chandeliers, Brackets, Lamps, &c. GAB FITTING in all its branches. OA8 HTOVESj for Cooking and Heating. CHANDELIERS, LAMPS, Ac, Re-Gilt and Bronzed.__ no21eod3m ynsv JEWETT A LOOK’S | eyw1 Oyster and Eating House. With Saloon fitted mi expressly for Ladies and i Gentlemen. 310 Congress Street, cor. lit oum. deco—lw Miss Newton, DRESS & CLOAK ALAKER, (formerly on Middle I Street,) is now at Nio. io Atlum* i where she would be pleased to see tier old customers 1 as well as new ones. nov mj ,uw* To Let. API A N O—Address dec4d3t H., Box 1114 Post Office. , lien CTTATf!, for Hate. AVEtlY desirable aatt conv.'nN'tlt li story houit'( with barn, wood shed and carriage house, all in good ordek, with seven acres ot land, only one mile misfile of cily, upon which there are 800 choice IVuit trees, consisting ol* apple, pear, plumb ^ cherry; ilso an ahundan e ol currants, gooseberry, straw ber ry, Ac., with very best ol water, large brick cistern ind furniuc in tlie collar; a splendid garden and in i first rate neighborhood, ami in every way a desira ble pro|*erty. Immediate possession given. PrLje Duly $5000. ’ IfiANMON A DOM , lieai Estate Agents, No. .'115 Congress Street. dec3—ilim PlTTLiiMJ* A. CJlftA k*l>OU Ji:Mh, UEALKRH IN HLAJL ESTATE. itlsrieu Klocb, !Vert Above the t'reblc Ifl uun-! OFFER tVii* sale two and a bait' story bouse on At lantic Stieet, containing twelve finished rooms, in perfect repair. Arranged for two families. Hijru and soil water, gas and all modern conveniences.— Lot 51 by 70. Price $3,000. Terms only $1,300 down, balance in two years. This is a most desirable bar gain, and situated on one of the best si reels in the city. Also, two two and a half story houses on VVilmot and Franklin Streets, eighteen and nineteen rooms each, both arranged for two families. Price $5,000 each, forms only $1,500 down: baialanco in tour years. liniist g on Slate, J>.mforth, Lewis, Brown, Camber laud, Ox lord, Middle and other streets, at prices ranging from $1,050 to $15,00*1. November :M. d‘Jw. Seven $iOOO House Lots L’UU sale on Congress struct, near the now Park. A A fine location Ibr a Uu'k of houses. Now is the time to purchase, preparatory for budding in the spring. Apply co W M. H. JERRIS, Estate ^£eilt-_ 110 V 24* 13 W House for Sale. 'I'HE subscriber offers lor sale Ids dwelling House L situated near the corner of Oxford and VVilmot streets. It is a two and a halfstorv House, thor oughly built, nearly new. finished in luodoru style. It has a large cistern, and a good well of water. Ap ply to J. PENNELL, on the premises, or W. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agcut. nov23d2w* N O TICE. bn. T. A. FOSTER, WISHING to to close up his business in Port land, would Bay to all indebted to him tor pro fessional services that they will find it to their interest to settle with him immediately, us his unsettled bills will soon iias* into other hands for collection. lie ha# for Sale One of the best building lots to be fotuid in the upper I>art of the city; 1(>4 ft square, situated on Cushman staeet, at the head of Lewis struct. A LAO, A beautiful place in Westbrook, near Muiiiil’s Cor ner, with new buildings, fruit and slinde trees,hedges, graj*e vines,&c., thereon. For further particulars inquire at office Ho 30 Free streeet, or W. H. JEKKIS, Beal Estate Agent, dec 102 w* Only $1,0001 ]DOIt a good one auda half story HOUSE in Bid A doford, only live years ohl—contains 7 rooms, good cellar, and excellent water. Fine garden with young Unit trees. Lot 42 by 98 feet. Apply imme diately to W. H. JElclds, nov 2jd3\v ^ Real Estate Agent. for .Sale in Cape Elizabeth, a tew rods across Portland Bn.lge, Lot of Laud 50 by lOO. Enquire at A. 0. Cumming’s Afore. November 5,18G6. <15w* Houses for Sale Low. oKVEKAL desirable, medium sized dwelling k} Houses will be sold at low prices and ou very lavoiable terms if applied lot iinmeihatcly. This proper tj- is situated on Congress street and Congress place—no better location in this city—and adjoins St, Luke’s Church lot, and w ill be sold in lets to suit purchasers. Inquire of WLSWELL LKEI>, No. 356 Congress, entrance oil Oak street, up stuirs. nov!6dtf For Sale fpHfc lot oi Land on Hio westerly corner ot Con A gfess and Peart Sts., R outing on Congress street ab ur ill leetuudo.i Pearl about 90 feet, ply to CHARLES E. BARRETT, At office (iraiid Trunk Railway Station. Portland, Aug. *, J8Cd. augati Valuable Hotel Property lor Aide! r I 'HE OMbrd House, pleasantly situated in the vil X la<e ol Fiyoburg, Oxford county, Maine, i* oi ler ed lor sale at a bargain, il applied Ibr soon. Tbe House Ls large, in good repair, with lurnilure and lixlures throughout, together wirh all necessary outbuildings. For full particQlais inquire oi iioRAiiu BOOfUBY, , Pi oprietor. Oi li.ti noii ^ Dow, .U5 Congie.s ; t. cTyeburg, i?*», Irfd. dti Farm im* Sale. 1 WILL bell n:y firm near Allen’s Corner West brook, about three miles from Pm timid, one mite from horse cars, aud Westbrook Seminary. Sakl laini contains about KM) acres, part ot it very valliable for tillage, and p tri oi it linir building lots. J here is a good house, two largo bams, and out bous es on I he premises, i t will bo sold together, or hi lots to suit, piifelusers CYKU.i THLJKLOW, sepll-dtl _ 1G5 Com mere in) St. Brick Houses ibi* Sale oil Spring’ St. r PH REE story brick dwelling Houses, with over i X 8000 licet of land, pleasantly located. Price lea- j sonable. Terms liberal, inquire oi' JOHN C. PROCTER, novl0d3w Middle street. Dr^rabic Store Lots FOR SALE, OiV COIUITI1F B C I A J. SiTItlkf. rj'HE subscribers offer for sale the lot of land r.n A the Southerly side ot Commercial Street, headot Dana's Wharf, measuring 72 bv loo leer. For fur thei particulars inquire ' JONAttH. PER LEY, Oct 18 rf or W. S. DANA. lot for Sale. ONE ot the beat buildiug lots in tho city, situated on the north Bide ot 1 Hiding Street adjoining the residence of Gen. J. D. Fessenden. This lot issixty tw«» feet fiout on Deoring Street, extends back one hundred tcet, ami is bounded uu the east side by a street fifty feotiu width, making it a comer lot aud very desirable. S. Li. HEliSKY, No. 4 Galt Block, Cum. Street. Oct 17 dtt Valuable it cal Estate on Him St. E O It SALE. A PORTION ol llie ;,DAV’ Estate on Elm Street. . comprising over I’bOfld tecU.d land, togeiber wiili Brick Houses, stable etc. This property is lo cated on Elm and Cumberland streets uR susceptible ol improvement, and has a front on ERn street oi ‘'S'i leet. The above property is off ered ibr sale cither in por tions or collectively, on libel ui terms. Apply to i i JOHN C. PRUOTOR. For Lease. riHIE valuable lot cI liiHl corner oj Middle and A Pinnib Streets. I'cr a term oi wars. l.uqtLfe 0* C. C. iVl ITCilELL A SON. Aug. 2 g. If CO—dl 1 1 its Fore Street. L^tHl Sxkl.15, in Gorham, fifteen minutes walk 1 irom the Depot, a nearly new, mat Cottage House, Barunnd outbuildings,having all ti e couven lences and in prime condition. Ii is Mutated near a gmve and a snort distance from the County read. Apply to f. E. STE YENS. Gorham, July 17. First Class Houses for Salr. \\T E offer tor sale the eight first clans brick houses, v ▼ recently built by U3, situated on Pine Street, between Clark and Caide ton Streets. These houses are thoroughly built, with slate roofs, brick drains, and marble mantelpieces throughout.— They w ill be sold at a low price, and on very favora ble terms. Apply at our office, No. 271 Dautorth St. • J. D. BROWN & SONS, or WM. H. JK&RlS, Real Jfistai. Agenr, upooMieibe Preble House. Octoiler 1G, lbGG. dtl AJUYICK. i win sell on lay >rabh term to i 1 pa.i meat, or let for a term of years, the lots on ibe corner t.i Middle aud Franklin streets, and on Franklin street, including the corner oi Franklin and Fore streets. Apply to WAi.HirA.IARI>, Bangor, or SMITH &■ REED Attorneys, Portland. jyl2lt Mouse Lor IM-ltlAlSLE House Lets lor sale on Thomas, Em a ery aad Conflux'S st.eets; one near ibe head ol SUi»o sTrcet ^ W. H SXfcP HENDON, Portland, Aug a.-du ?d National Bank. HOUSE AND LOT for sale at Cupe Elizabeth Per* ry,—house liCuii* new. Enquire ol A.P. COLE at the Feiry, ot W. U. MANS IK LD. Port land Steam PaekotCo. lulUdtl FOIt Sale. Three story Lick house on Dauforlh Street. The house L nearly now aud in line or der. 1 mroodiate poseesskm given jttlltitl \V. O.. HADEOUKNE. House nots on India St., tor Sale. rtNQUlBE ol (ON A NT ,* HAND, -1-^ 153 Commercial Street or^1‘ . . XT a H. M. PAYSON, Portland, Nov, 21. dn Exchange Street. Southern Pine. About 110 M very superior Flooring ami Step aX Boards now lauding at Custom Bouse Wharf and lor sale in lots to sun purchasers. Apply to * C. M. DAVIS & CO., t> .xt 1*7 Commercial street. Portland, Nov. 31, lt-fifi. nov23dti For Sale. ONE-Sixieemh and ouo thirty-second of two line Schooners ol atnnt 280 toon, <>ne new and one three years old. Inquire of -SAMPSON & CONANT, deeldlw*_No 111 and 30 Commercial Wharf. Notice. 4 LL parsoiu^arc hereby cautioned against harbor iug or trusting any of the crew of the Norwe gian Barque Firkloveret,as ihe Master or Agents will not be responsible for any uobts ot their contracting, deoldlv, ’ O. V. HOT ST. Goto Adams Purinton’g FOR your House-fumisliing Goods of all kinds; Carp-tings, and all kinds of Crockery, Glass, Tin, Stone. Karthern and Wooden Ware, Paper Hang ings, Window Shades, &c, &c. no&tdJim Spruce l looiiug Hoards. Ac.u intity of well-seaaineil, clear Spruce FLOOK }N,.‘ 10 feet Lug, Bli inches Vbik for sale liy ItENUY BPLLAKU ti»y 17 dim V ^ _ smith’* Wha’rf. TO LET. r11 -O' First of January, tic Store nntv occupied by . tile subscriber, No. .’If I'ice Mirert, i li st'.Its. 1 nov 29 dlw ... JOHN E. PALM IB. tti^offireery 8ty,e ot'^°*> work neatly executed at i RTEAWB1M, Montreal OccanSteamship Co, i (ARRYINO THE CANADIAN' 4 • i L\\ AND UNITED STATES • MAILS. Pn»*eng<‘i‘M Uoolml lo I.Amlondevir and l.irrrpool* Kct«ro Tickela grauted at ISeduccd Half.-** The Steamship BELGIAN, dipt. Blown, will ■nil iroiu (liie port lor Liverpool, SATLRDAY, 8th December, lhbb, immediately alter the arrival of tire ti^on of (ho previous day from Montreal, to be iollow M by the-on the lath. Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool, cabin, (ac liordrnj'm accommodation) $70 to $80. Steerage, $25. if*£?‘Vr1.* \n or ita equivalent. *or l're*ghtor iKiHHagc apply to ¥>. . K G. A A. ALLAN, No. Ii India St. I o»Band, Nov. lm. noUTillf STEAMBOAT NOTICK. WIMTKli ARRAN CEMENT! To Penobscot River twice a Week. A The Steamer LADY LANG, Lw L. will c. nm.eace A. ill a I ",nter m,s on MONDAY. ■«*.10th, Will u nxc Pen t>m<i r„r I »•— ra> tor as J.u- as the ice wdl permit) evafy Tflcmtay aird Friday evenings at t* o’clock. Returning, w ill leave hanger every Monday and Thur day mornings at C o’clock, and Wintarport at 7 o'clock, loucl-imr fti Hampden, Buckaport, Bel ia t, Oamd« n and Lock land, each was. For freight or paean-e plca. e apply to oiiice on Railroad Whari, foot or State sir el. A. SUM Fit BY, Agent. Portland, Nov. 17,18df. dft FLIGHT FOR TDK SOOTH AND WEST. Boston and Philadelphia Steamship Lini. The Steamers ROMAN, SAXON, and ARIF? now hum fhe. line, and n steamer leave?, each i»ot EVEHY FIVE KAYS. From Long Whar , Breton, .ut 12M. From Ffcc si. WhatL Lhilndeifehia.ui U) Y.M Freight lor the Wed iorv.axdea by ■ he PonnMh a uia Railroad, and to Baltimore and W i hiugTon bv Canal or Railroad, freed conunir.-ions. For freight, apply to WHITNEY A SAMPSON, l>ec 10- dlvr Ag<-nts. 70 Long Whari. Bool. n. FARE rJoUCED fol'O'M. Summer Arrangement ! Until iurlhei notice the Steamer* ol the Portland Steam Packet Co. will run as follows:— Leave Atlantic WharfforB.» ton 'eve»y »Toning, (except Sund;v)&i 7 o’clock. Leave Boston thq sumo day.- at r» P. At. Cabin fare,....7T.;.*1.56 gjpkv. 1.00 f» Package ticketsto l»e had of the Agents at »e dnoed rates. Freight taken as usual >< _ , L HIM,INKS Agent May 22m i ,H8G6—d 11 * InterMnMl Steamship Oo., Calilii aini St. John. FALL ARRAN GI&MLNT. TWO TRIPS PER WEEK. ^ *\ On and alter Monday, October 1st, the steamer NEW BRUNSWICK. rLal 1. \Cal-'-E- B- WINCHESTER, anil the steamer NEW ENGLAND, | ^Capt. li. HELD will leave Bail Road Wharf foot ot Stale Stneef ifetj MoNlblY and THt USD AY, at 5 o’clock P. M tor Kustport ami St. John. RETURNING, will leave St. John and Kastport, same days for Portland and Boston. At Easiport the Steamer Ol KFN will connect tor St. Andrews, Robbinston, Calais and NewRiun.swkk, Railway to Woodstock and Houlrou Stations, and Stage Coaches will connect for Marinas. At St. John possengers take E. A N. A. Railway, for Shediac, and ilom thence for Summerside and Charlottetown, P. E. Island, and Pictou, N. S; algo at St. John the steamer Empress for Windsor and Halitax, every Tuesday and Friday evenings, and lor Digby every Monday and Thursday mornings. I if’Freight received on days of sailing until 4 o’clk. P- M. C. C. EATON, lgp2G-dtt Agent. PORTLAND AND NEWYORK ST LA Ms I1IH COMP A N V. SEMI-WEEKLY LINE. \ The splendid ami last Stciim ships DlliIUo, Cat. H. Siilk A. JJ . I'I-A wood, and FRANCONIA, Capt. ■1?-'--sFS-J*«T. W. SiiEEniioi), will, until muter notice, run as I allow.: Lc ive Brow Whart,Portland,cterv WEDNES 11AV and SATURDAY, at 4 P. Yi.,juil leave Pier Fan River, New Yarn, every WMISKSI1AT ami SATPHi'AY, at 4 o'clock P. at. Iliese vessels are lit ed up with fine aceoiamoda fiou- i.>r pus a»npeva, mat inn this tl.r speedy sale ami colnlnrtable loilie iol ll.r.oiler. between New York and Maim . Passage in Slate Room, ? Cabin pannage S'.jOft. Mmils ostia. Oood- lorwavded bv thi- lim in and irom Mon trial, Quebec, Bangui, Bath. Augusta, Fa. i.i.m tand St. Jo n. Shippers aie requested to send Iheir Height to Ike steamiis as early as.3 P. Af. on the day lhai they leave Ponland. For Ireight or passag, iij'piy to J* EMERY SVtTJv, ‘Brown's Wharf", Portland. ,J. F. AMES, Pier 36 Easl River. Alayi'U, lsi:5. . . j(t Jackson’s Catarrh Snuffl II.HRAYT TROfHE iiud aNIFF Comlnut’ll lor Coughs, Catarrh ^Bronchitis, Colds, Hoarseness, Asthma, Bad Breath, Headache,£e. instantly relieves annoying roughs in ( hurch. Cures Calorehs fusiilt klv without SiiBEzUiii. \ abiable io Miugem, Clergy, Ac. clear* and strengthens the voice ; acts .,uiokly; tastes ploas antly; never unm.rntcs. Prevents taking cold Isom Skirting, lures &c. ~ir- Sold by I>ruggNts or sent ny mad si I n lose 35 cts to Hooper, Wilson A Co., (seplflendt iunelR’GT) PHILADELPHIA. AY* AY. tvniPPl.E,Portland,Wholesale Agt. House ler Sale, No 32 Mvitle Street. En ■; quire at No. 8 Central Whan. ■ik July 12—.it I HILINEETandEA-VCr GOODS D. in. cTdum > has removed to 29 Free Street, over J. F. Corey * Co.. Where lie has opened a splendid t»loik uf Millinery & F ancy Goods atui ha ving bought them at A muon in Xc7.- V v. ill sell eoires|H'iuiiugly low . -D. M. C. I>unH. .-epcdii Stockholders’ Meeting. JJ1HE Stockholders of the I arm AND Farmim; i ton Railroad Coupany. air hereby notified to Pcary M •%»»>, lit Portland, V™}’ LIlNESDAY, the mm teouthdnv of Deem,.her, In 1- O th,riu "fine clock 111 II,oiafternoon, tu act On the tollowiug articles. 1st-To fill a vacancy In the lioanl of Director* 2d—To see it the stockholders will ratify the bai nani nia/le by the Directors with the Amiroscoggjn Kajlroad Lo., tor running of said Itomib. 3d—SCO if they wHl reconsider, modify, change or annul their former instructions to Die Directors respecting assessing the Stockhobhrs for the pav mem oi the first and second mo.»gages. 4th—To transac t any other business that may le gally come before the meeting, (the isst three articles being on request by Stockholders.) By order bf the Dfrcrmr*. Portland, Dec'r 3d, 18CC. JU * ^^dVc^lfd1 ' The Portland Glass (ompany Are prepared IB fiuuj.di . Etch Cut Dinner and lea Sets! And ail kinds of Cut Ware suitable for the HOLI DAYS; also G AS SH ADES of vailnua pattirns. Sampl,.. maybe seen at their ALuuiiietory. nol7dlm -Vrioter to hand Holders, \| 1 ‘VA •*'-‘0iiI li. liuil lor, in ]>rc].u«Uo take f'i* ' ciliter bv fOB ar l.y "V '» ran burnish I'ust Class werl.ii.en ftiul material ol all dcMtiiiiuiii, IlcsideiKc, A.MK.irrr.KN HOUSE. India Surcol, Portland. August 17th, Hh: nugiiiu- if Ri’ \dy i use i:i mvi -4N w [ii(\ >, BlioWN, formerly at HI Federal street, is now permanently located at Ids now store No<>4 Federal at, l few doors below J.ime street. He is now prepared to intend to the wants ct his numotous customers and the public gent rally in the. way nt cleaning and re- i pairing Clothing or all kinds, nu t will bo attended Lo with his usual promptness. Also aocotid-band King for sale at fair prices. no Cdti M. (\. \ STtZFP JIh IKI MAINE CHAIII mlil in^ibl it *Vi'ALATION will be IvENma'.I^^STr".^’.’'' tUVBSVAY Dec 4—dill STEPHEN JIAKSII, Secretary. M It S. CO I. B Y’S BONNET BOOMS, rdt be Idun • at No. 4 Cotton, near Free street, rherc she otters the baluiceot l.ordrtock, ai very aw | neo*.. 1 lioseowing hilb, wdle nt ra l*vor by ailing and settJiyg kite same. sepllcodu Store to lie I.. t. JtTOHH No. L‘i)4* Fore street, tool • i‘ 1‘lniiib, new oe- j j copied by lieu id Brothers, will be lor rcni-and j -ornpanoy on or nhmit the 11th IVeembcr prorfino, tpply to J. It. BBAZIKH, 17 Brackett street, • r at I M. PATTEN & i n., plumb sitcet. hOV/Ttt I Notice. I >EUSO.v;S denting the ruins or digging cellars can / I lind ag.od place to depoidf tlieir rubbish on Vanklin Wlinrf. 8. ltOUNliS. ■opt 10—dlf Wlifuhfyfei, | RAILROA1M, j>OA*i:r,Aisrx> SAU) & PORTSMOUTH ft. ft, WINTtll AlUIAN'GKMK.\T. CuHln„ ,„ i„u [>«,. litlh • I st) 4; j_ Pr»vS,| Trains I. ..\e for Pam) u •’ cl*- -^H**S«*|1 utg i„ \ -w> a„j o j., P AhVk* k,‘ **',ri,ami ut 7.JU A. M., .1* . ■AfaaP* Trino i.iii k-ai. vtui U uv. for i In ii i L.,,.n . , »•;, l.i.miai.i nit,,medial, tot tor.* t,i a. u f A *l*cial (Vfij.iit train, wm. ,,;l MI,,C1 K.TX,‘ r1aTL1i““,aD" ‘ l" 4c.. ail an*. I Saco at H* tft A .'ft Ik«< t.i.fl.t.., .1 at •> For.ton... HM.F“AM',!S CHASi: GRAND TRUNK (AILma'i, Oi ('unada. -Alteration of MTtiins. WIKTEH AKliANGKMHJsi. [--fi-nati-.;*.-, On ami utter A/r?iulay, N«rv. n i.<t» Uaiins will mu ua milom : - ibr South Paris ami l.enision, at 7.10 A. M. i.* , Train loi Waltrviilc, Uangoi, (Jurlium, l.laml 1 VfV‘* Montreal ami v^ucbev at 1. 1»* P. IJ. 1|Ju u" 4witli L\|.re»a train i«»r ’itaou iJ, aml Chicago. cars aitachcil r. mu 1 'i I! . .ouU.,° ****** amiihioutical. train lor bo.ui, i';uig at v.ii i I*. M. lltaeatoWMaM. “v"lv"1 or cfceck,'‘' '0® ,j-r ^ follow.:— FrMami Auburn, at a.lo a. m. From Montreal, Quehee, &«., - - 1.4.1 t*. m. The arc not reaponeiWo lor kaiitri-.■ to “‘ Value land ttau^oE al) unleas notlenh. (dvou an.l ^0,1 iilr He the raie .,i one paim-ngur tor erely *5*.. nSlTttonal value. Man,lying b., ',.r. Portland r. KENNEBtL r. h WINTER ARRANGEMENT, < •ua.neB.-iBS MoiaAnr. IVBe. 14,h, IHOU. A- . J PM*ciu»r’J.'rmui, J.-iY* tuiUn.all-. ■»*»' -rati at l.Oii P. M., Ur ft.if I,, Was ervilli K«Mloir» MUU»,i>kf wls. gnu, awl in:. .n.r,.11,11 Statu.H ,(eoiiiii, ring »f I.ii.i .«„ i, Amli. c.a &■“ for Re .vision and Farmington, . I&iiuj.iIi 1 Millc withMain*•.rntia) t: R.)wj* i;-,,,.... nn.nm.nm diatestationn. Fares aslflw bn ti asanyotlu/. Leave Portland tor RtiIi, icwiitoa. Au^n»taiin.l r.nb.unr.uycniyiu 7.4.. P. \! Mixed iratn ieav.. Ton mud lor Piunswiik andlr term, di.ue E(.«jor»> daily, exreplSaturany. ut .; o P. ffeoight Train, with paaa&nger ear at toe hod- win leave i oil.jailor Skowm-an and mu mediate • tious every mctningafT r.Mu k. Trainsnou Bnuisaiekand lc\vit>t.»o ax* due at Portland at 0.2u A M., and Irani Skowbcgitn and Farit., o;*, ton bn-l ail inrirnicdiku stations at! .H) p M. to (i.iio .1 wnu trains lor boston. Stage- for bu M:*nd counoct at bath; and i. r BJ Pisfcei Augusta. I. iviu*t dmlv on arrival ot train from Po^on, tearing i. . *A. M.; md mr ;> ,i..u, A ns ,n NoiiM^wuck, Allien. nmi Moose Head Lake. .u okwv ik^.u, and for China, East and North Vaasrv r.(.io u. Va svilboro*: for Pnit. *at Kendall’ and i >r Canaan at ribbon's Feriy. \V. HATCH, Su^etiun int< ut, -f,Oct. 27, ISCti. novlJdit RHiKE CENTRAL R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. t-Jb H On aud alter Monday ,N'ovendk-r lath. ^«rt!»T;Vtir«vni, ttan • will have Poilland for Pangoi ami alMnttimed.aiL* tail, n i n this lino, at 7 40 4* M * 4 H<ly‘ For 1 a,ul A nhum onlf, st tff Fr. igbt trams for Wakrvflle and alliut.nuc dlati* station*, bsvt> I'.iflimd r,i rf.Lft A M Train trust bangor is due at Portland at 1.46 i*. Al in g aaon to< onnci t with train ii.r boston. Worn lewbtou and Auburn ouly,:»t islu A. M. Nov. I, I860_ '* N°* k*&*{u P. S. & 1\ Railroad. NOTI C 1: . rpilK Express Trains Pori land ami hos A ton, Paying Portland at and lo won ai 7,c«. )• Jl. will be diA.nubiucd alter SatnnU.v, the lath iiutt. k-V '* *n and alter Monday, 15th, the Evening Train for Saco and hi. Id.lord will leave Portland ai 6.15, in stead ot 6.05 as now run. „ P. CHASE, Sunt. Porti.uel, Oct 5,1666. oelodtf PORTUHDS RUCHi STtii fi ii! SUMME)! ABBANOEAIENT. On andalter Moodu) , April rains will leavi* asfollows Lt-avi. Saco Jtiver tor Con i,m<t nt . to and On a u 340 p. u. C^ttv'eFortBih«ir<»riiivc«.liiTer ii 7 !'• a. »«. c*rtl ul 515 p h the 200 p. n u,.iii out and the s » ti n. to 1 on (and will l*e iiou^iti iiiiuo with t-uer. <r iaij attached tdF‘ connect at Giuliani l»>r Wt .t Gorham. BtandCh, Strep laih:. L'ald«vin, lw*nn.ark, Sol»n r •, Bndgton, Go. ell, thlAUi, oheid, rMtkuiVi Conway, »tail!etc, Jncw.u Ureii.jfton, r lahh.f'ir tor Freedi tit. Mud ■ >01 .ind F.jtoi. N »» At. Buxton Center tor U. i i B..nn> i u io, couth Liumtgton Limit i.u.o l.imerak, Noviit hi, rf.rPon^iit;i*l and 0>*slpc© AtSacporappaforSwuLli VViadhuiu. Windham uni and North Windham daily Steam Car am* Ao i u. t r»l*.a w.H run lo’ kws:— Leave Gorh in for 1. sr .. * >, ,j 21.0 p m. Leave B«.rtlund h r Ciihuiuat I 1;. » and 4 p u _ , By order ol ilit ricHidcni. Portland April 58. d*i eg iim -p, HOTBLS. UNITED STATES II OTGL, PORTLAND, MA1NU. T'Hc subscriber, recently Proprietor ot'the - IAL HOUSK. (which was <lestroved m Hie lire.) bogs lo unnninnelo his old liatrons and the* public that he has leas.',I the above hotel ami will oi cu for the accommodation ot the public gener ally, on Soltirtlav August 11. Thai. K'l.d to iimold cubhoucis i-r past p-atronage, he would solic it n con tin nance oi the same. ft: UBS FAVORABLE. nugai-i;iu _N.,T. DAVIS. VINULA ND. r*“‘« -CNO I-It riT L t \ a mild „nrt A hedtimd climate. I hJrt\ miles gem;//oil* In I •dclpli a, by Railroad, in Kew .Jersey, on the saue line ot Iititude as bull in.ore, Md. '»’!.« m.ll .... l- <M' . ‘ , .-Orchard* nave been planted ort by experienced fruit growers Grapes i cache.., Pears ].r..ducc in.incuse prof 1 p. \ iQeiand Is already one of the mote beautiful places in the U; ited State-. The emire territory, consiiiny-i fitly BtpAre miles of Imidjte laid out ujion a general system oi improvement-. The land »" only sold to ac tual settlers with provision ibr public adomme r. The place on account of its great beauty, as well as ether advantages, lia> income the resoit oi pruple oj task, lr has inert »»td five thousand pc iplc within th_ pad three years I'hurches. stores, Schools, AeadeniV'. Societies oi Art and Learning, and other eiem ni of lvlini ..lent an.l culture have bciii in trod 11 ed. Hundreds »ipeoplef»iccori:danliy settling. ♦ iluuiltc s of n- ho . ee me being con structs 1. Price of Farm L: d, twenty acre lotr and upward*, 925 rur acre. Five and feu acre and Vil lage lots for sale. Ik uds am! \ ♦ £etables r pen earlier in this district than iu any other 1 cality, north of Norfolk. \ a Im proved place:; tar - ale Openings lor all t In is ot business, Lumber Yards, Manu aetofirs, F\»uiuU\e ;, stores and the ltk ; and Kteam Lower with room can be rented. For person who diviro mild winter*, a healthful cl.mat.', and ^o 1, in a country Vcaulilullv iui prov o. ab'iuuuiug in iruitp, siui po sesr-ing all ether social privileges, in the htart oi civilization, it is worth\ ol a visit. i Letters answered, ar.d t o Vineland Rural a pnpei giving mil inhinnaiion. and containing rep. ri hoi so lon Rob n-on Boutin applicants. Addn.s CUfeAS K. UM)1K, Vineland P O, Landis Town-hip. Kcw .Jersey. : From Report ot &>loa Robinsm , Agih ultural Foi torof tin* Tribune; “ff'Is ..non»Tbc most extensive P-rliU- tracts, mun . lui.tsr lew< 1 poainon and suitable cundiiion tor plea, ant fanning Ihar w • knew 0i this side of tic We *o*u Flakier, peird.t: '.tini hi ■Mpt I «olj»!! Help!!! rjiHK most rcUal.le [.bee in New England to let 1 gondinalt andfemale' help,Is u theUeneral A;en cjatidlMirloyi.iitifOlH.e, N„ ;,.jj l.gui|IT Mreel, 1 oiti.uni. Me. life subscribers reHi«ctAilty inform all parties wishing to secure good girls for ant «Sr2"HE employment, iliut through their extensive adve. using throughout tin* 1'rnvlnceg and in New Lnglanil, there ftre arriving daily at their office num bei-Hoi go.*! American arm Provincial girls, wanting situation* in private lauilu-s, holwla, boarding houses and h iloons. A iso in store*, offlrn. At., and as bouse Keefers, nurses, seamstresses, Ac., Ac. All those wanting any such, will do well to apply non, with tiK ir fee, tidy cents. 11' jou want nu n. also, for any employment, we will supply you, ire.'* or charge, only let us know y.»u want them. C it ' 'flic firm Is only changed In name. Air. Whir ncy could not cotue, awl Mr. Cox lias conducted the business atone until the 1st ot ivtobcr, r. hen he look Mr. Powuis into the business nidi bin*. The firm now is COX A J*o\VAIbs, Late Whitney A Co. Portland. Me.. Ncv. I, Idas, dtf AMERICAN l.I.ol>Ys ! r|UIE undnnicBod J*i*b)- K*Toiwdlce ilial ho has 1 lx?t*n npp..fir'd A.eul <d Ai-icrieaa l to,.lx r,,r the Sia u >a .dtdi.c. nnd is prepared to hisjxxi? v«-x-. Is . f III Hi.:ea ia ruur.;e ot oimtru. il ,n aud reixirl Uu same I'-.r elaiHdli'uui.'i.. .Ship bud ..I o.vneia would tlier, ... . H favor hjjM'O.iihs noli..- of the vewu u.e. are building tor wliicli t«Ions is d* sired „ , ,, v . 'Yn,'I IAM Eimieks, I,,,,,dor. Baih, Me., Nov. lb, |?p,. n .vpxi||tl. NoiU-«-. 1THI- umlm-d??ne<l niter ihelr nicer to the pul, - ■ . * *>'• '* *'H ••.» .... \ll .. wg to ini',, h u or li-.i c pr-»p* ;v, are requ. Hied to edi at our oiilc. .*Uo I on:*» . tn ct up sni; v All bu hies.- er.trudcd to our tar*■•dull hruc r..»i:,pt lenlun;. n a A SON A l ♦ k\\, '• . • . li\n.sov, »Uu27-Utl .VI. (1. |)0 w. For Mile. I •'l 11 )• ilj, and Mocha, in;.il> new 2\ from a iis'.in ; Schooner of luotmis: ;*.l , - Top sails, Foie and M.dnuails. second hand. SAMPSON A CON ANT dec Idtf No. l:> & -0 < ommerctel Wharf.