Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, December 6, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated December 6, 1866 Page 3
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COPAWfUEIWHIP._ Dissolution of Copartnership rpHK copartnership heretofore existing under the Jl luune o'. CALVIN EDWARDS *& CO.t is this day dissolved by mutual Consent. All persons hold ng bills against the firm, are requested to present them tor payment, and those Indebted will please call and settle ut 337 Congress Street. CALVIN EDWARDS. WILLIAM G. TWOMBLY. The subscriber bating obtained the tine store No. 837 Congress Street, will continue the business, and will keep constantly on hand PI A NO FORTES from tlio BEST MANUFACTORIES, among them the Celebrated Steinway Instrument, which he can sell at the manufacturer’s LOWK8T FBICEN. Also, a good assortment of ORGAN'S and MELODE ONS. OLD 1»IAN 03 taken in exchange. ;/|y Order* for tuning and repairing promptly at- j tended to. _ n. w WM. C. TWOJIBh*. November 28, 1866. dtf____ j Copartnership Notice ! S'cw I'rovssion Store. rnHE subscrilwrs have this day formed a Co-part J. nershlp under lhe name ol WINMIIIP &. LKIGIITO\, tor lhe transaction of Provision & Country rroducc Business, anil have, taken the Store No :|£tf r»nu><» Street, rocontly occupied by Mr Will M. WISWELL. and hope by strict atten tion to business anil fair dealing, to merit and secure a fair shine of patronage. EDMUND WINSHIP, ANDREW LEIGHTON. Portland, Nov. 12, 1868. nov 22 d3w Copartnership Notice. THE undersigned have this day formed a Copart nership under the firm of WEBB & FOGG, and have purchased of ALBERT WEBB A CO., their Stock and lease of Store HE All OF IflERRULE’S WHARF. tor the purpose of transacting a wholesale Corn, * Flour and Grain business. __ ! STEPHEN H. WEBB, JAMES L. FOGG. Portland, Nov. 6,186b. _ no8dlm , The subscribers having disposed of their stock in trade to Messrs. Webb A* Fogg, would recom mend them to tlieir former patrons. All persons having business with our hrm will please call at the Counting Room oi Messrs. WEBB & FOGG, Head of Merrill** Wharf. ALBERT IPBB X CO. Nov 8—dim _' I Copartnership Notice. 1M1II undersigned have this day formed a copart nership in business under the name of I P II A1I & AO AHN, For the transaction oi a general <’< mu ission Busi ness, and hove take t.lie Store and Counting Rooms lately occupied by Messrs. E. E. UP1IAM & SON, head ot Uicha< dsj.n’a Wharf. Liberal advances made, and con igntnents solicited. ' K. E. UPRAM, octidtf CHAS. II. ADAMS. Copartnership Notice. THE undersigned have this day formed a co pertnershp under the style and firm of Morgan, Dyer & Co., And have purchased ot Messrs. LORO & CRAW FORT) their Stock and ease of store No. 143 Commercial Street, For the purpose of transacting a general wholesale business in IF. I. Goods, Groceries, Flour and Provisions, Consignmentsof Cooperage. Lumber, Country Produce, A , ., solicited, and shall receive personal and prompt attention. A. P. MORGAN. J. W. DYER, J. E. HANNAFORD. Po"t and, Sept 1ft, sep26dtf Copartnership Notice, THE undersigned have this day formed a copart nership under the name of O’Brion, Pierce & Co., for the purpose of doing a wholesale Flour and Grain Business, as successors of L. & E. A. O’Brion, No. 15ii Commercial street, and hope by strict atten tion to business and bdr dealings to merit and re ceive a fair share of patronage. Lewis O’Bfion, Edwin A. O’Brion, aep 4d3m u Marshall Pierce. Leacli, Parker & Co. Would respectfully Inv ite purchasers of DRT GOODS! to call and examine their GOODS AND PRICES before making their selections. We have one of the best stocks of Fall and Winter Dry Goods Ever opened in tins city, and we feel confident that out prices will be found to compare favorably with those of tmy other establishment. We have in st.ick a beautiful line of Dress Goods of every variety, sucli as • BEAUTIFUL COLORED WILKS, PLAIN AND FIOU’D BLACK WILKS, RICH MILK AND WOOL POPLINS, FINK ALL WOOL POPLINS, PLAID A STRIPED WOOL POPLINS, BLACK ALPACCA, COLORED ALPACCA, THIBETS iu nil shades, Ac,, Ac. We have also a full line of Housekeeping Goods ! Table I.inenn. in bloachcd, half bleached and brown, Bleached and Brown Covers, Napkins and Doylies. English Toilet Quilts, Manchester. Lancaster ana Bates Quilts. BLANKETS ! all qualities, very cheap. Domestics, Hosiery and Gloves ! FI A A IE L S t A complete assortment. And a full 3tock of Beavers, Pilot Cloths, Broad cloths, Tricots, Tweeds, Doeskins and Cnssimercs both Plain and Fancy, and all at the LOWEST CASH PRICES ! We would also call special attention to our fine se lection of C G O A K S —AND— CLOA KING MATESIALS every description, which we are able to ftimish at WHOLESALE OR RETAIL, Having engaged some of the best Cloak makers in the city, we are prepared to monutacture LADIES’ AND CHILDRENS’ Outside Garments at short notice and in all the newest styles. NO. 5 DEERTNG BLOCK, CONGRESS STREET. ' GOTIiEiflE^ WISHING Clothing Cleansed ! AND REPAIRED, Cannot find a plac e where it can be done more tc their satisfaction than at No. 20 Temple street, Second Door from Confess st. ‘Every Garment will receive prompt and faith ful attention. Ladies’ Sacques I CLEANSED IN FIRST CLASS STYLE! jar- Give me a trial and I will endeavor to please. CHARLES H. MAHONEY. jSF-IIighoid Cash price paid for cast-off Clothing. Nov 21—4" in To Rent, WAREHOUSE on Custom House Whorl. En quire of LYNCH, BARKER & CO., novldtf 139 Commercial street. smmivo. L UMB Eli, Wholesale and Retail. BOARDS, Plank, Shingles ami Scantling of all sizes constantly on hand. Buihling material sawed to order. ISAAC DYER. auglltf No. DJ Union Wharf. (■rent lml ucements ! KOI! PARTIES W'SHING TO BUILD, i TIT HE subscribers otter ! or sale a large quantity ol J.. desirable buihling lots in the West End oi the city, lying on Vaugban. Pine, Neal, Carlton, Thomas, West, Emery, Cushman, Lewis, BramhatJ, Monu ment, Danfortli,Orange a nd Salem Streets._ They will sell on a credit or' from one to ten years, ! u destreu uv tne purchasers. From parties who build Immediately, no osh rATMEWTa REQUIRED. Apply at the ottice o: the auhacilbeis, wlicio full particular, may be oblalued^ & Portland, May 3. 166->._ma 5tf A KC HlTilt Tl Kli A BNGIMBKKING. J\ Messrs. ANDERSON. BONN ELL <r CO., have made arrangements with Mr. STEAD, an Architect of established reputation, and will In future carry on Architecture with their business as Engineers. Par ties intending to build are invited lo call at their ottice, No, 306 Congress street, and examine eleva tions and plans ot churches, bauks, stores, blocks oi buildings, $c. j 12 WM. H.' WALKER, 241 COMMERCIAL STREET, Foot of Map • Street. General Agent tor the State for H . IF . JOHNS* Improved Roofing, For buildings ol all kinds. (JAR and STEAM BOAT DECKING. ROOFING CEMENT, for coat ing and repairing all kinds ol roofs. PRESERVA TIVE PAINT for iron and wood work, Metal Booth, &c. COMPOUND CEMENT, for repairing leaky shingled roots. BLACK VARNISH, for Ornamen tal Iron work &c. Full description!., c rcular, prices, &C. furnished by mail or on application at the office, where samples and testimonials can be seen. sep12dtf IXotice Extra ! AMM I(SO\ & CO., . HAve Removed ! TO THEIR NEW STORE 333 Congress Street, AND HAVE OPENED THE BEST ASSORTMENT - OF - HOOP SHIRTS - AND CORSETS EVER OFFERED TO THE Ladies of Portland I The Prices will be such as to Defy all Competition. Ladies, c*me and see our New Store. Our facilities lor purchasing in quantity and manu facturing are such that wc can guaranteee a Saving of Twenty per Cent. TO THE BCTER, ON ALL GOODS WE SELL: Come aud See and be Convinced! out oar New Store and you will be Honey in Packet. ANDERSON & CO., 333 CONGRESS STREET, 333, ABOVE CASCO. Nov 17—dim Brick Machines ! The undersigned manufacture Blake’s Patent Brick Machines, and believe them to be the best Brick Machine in use for several r. asons; 1st, thetr simplicity of construc tion. rendering them sure in iheir operation, and not liable to get out of repair: 2nd, the amount oi work done by each machine daily, and finally, the lov/ price tor which they are sold. These M ichines are 1 he only ones used by the Bay State Brick Company of Boston, in iheir extensive Brick Yards where 350 M are manufactured in a dav by each machine, turning out 12 M in about eight hours. We alsomanuiacl are Blake’s Patent Steam Pumps, one oi which was used to leed the boiler in the late Mechanl’s Exhibition, aud received a Medal. The Committee of Examination say oi it, that he ar rangemenr ol the valves is such, that the steam is always in communication with the piston in one end or the other of the cylinder, which renders it certain ant positive in its operation. UEO. F. BLAKE & Co., sepl2d3m 14 Province St. Boston. JOHN KI USMAN DEALER Hf G^ A. M FIXTURES —AT— 25 Union St., PORTLAND. Aag 20 dtf CALIFORNIA CHEAP JOHN 335 Congress Street, RESPECTFULLY tnviteo all to call and exam ine the large and assorted stock of CLOTHING ! HATS AND CAPS! Boots, Furnishing Goods I CUTLERY, HOSIERY, IAKKII NOTIONS, Arc., Ac., Which will he sold CHienpcr than the Cheapest. J. NEWMAN. Portland, Nov.22, d3w Notice. 1VFTE undersigned having purchased tlie Baker v, . &c., of Mr. R. Kent, will continue the BAKING BUSINESS AT THE OLD STAND, NO. 107 FORE, COR. VINE STREET, Where we shall be liaapy to see our old customers, and as many new ones as may favor us with their pat ronage. PEARSON & SMITH. October 1, 1866. dtf The subscriber having disposed of his Bakery to Messrs. Pearson & Smith, would cheerftillv recom mend them tb his former patrons, being assured that, from their well knownTeputation, they will continue the business acceptably. And he will take this opportunity to gratefully ac knowledge the many favors bestowed upon him by his patrons for many vears. REUBEN KENT. October 1.1860, dtf Portable Steam Engines, COMBINING the Maximum of efficiency dura bility and economy with the minimum m weight and price. They are widely ami lavorably known, more than OIK) being in use. All warranted satis factory, or no sale. Descriptive circulars sent on application. Address J. C. IIOABTiET A CO. Lawrence, Mass. Nov. 6. lgtift 3md. Reconstructed on the Old Ground ! A. T. HALL, COMMISSION MERCHANT, and dealer in Grcceriee, W. I. Goods and Produce NO. 1 MILK STREET, PORTLAND, ME., ! Would respectfldly announce to his former customer! and friends that lie lias re-estaidished himself in busi ness at the old place, No. 1 Milk street, near Ex change. All persons in want of Groceries, Produce &c., will do well to make me a call, as an entire nev stock of selected goods will be offered at greatly re duced prices. Come one, come all. dcc4d3w To Capitalists! A PROPRIETOR of a very extensive Coal proper ty of four Bqnare miles, containing many seam: I Of bituminous and oil coal at Nova Scotia,wishes lor i partner with a Capital of Fifteen Thousand Dollars. Inquire of JAMES WHITE, 77 Washington Bt Boston. no28d2w wimrnAsniNr. $8. CHEAP COAL t $8. _ «*. \\TE can now offer nice CIIEHTNITT COAL I V at #8.00 per ton, ilelivereil at anv part of the city. Alw> for xale at tlie lowest market price, 01*1 Co. Lehigh, SUGAR LOAF LEHIGH, For Furnace*. For Ranges and Cook Stoves, Jehu’s White Ash, Diamond, Knl Ash, which are free of all impurities and very nice. Also Cumberland ! A cargo just landed, fresh mined, for Blacksmith use. Lehigh Lump, for Foundry Use! •Wo keep constantly on hand a ftill assortment ot Choice Family Coal. Those wishing to pur chase large lots will do well to give us a call before purchasing. HARD AND SOFT WOOD Delivered at any part of the city at short notice. Randall, McAllister & Co., No. CO COMMERCIAL ST., oc2&ltt u Head of.Matoe Wharf. WHITE ASH COAL. \\TE have about Fifty Tons White Ash Coal, egg f \ size, which will be sold low FLETCHER & CO., 159 Commercial Street. Dec 4, 18G6. decSdSw Forge Coal. \] OW landing from schr. John Crocker, 3C3 tong jX prime CUMBERLAND COAL, tt m 1 lie Midland mines. It is fresh mined, of extra strength, and .lust (lie article for heavy work. Also (he usual variety of Anthracites, viz:— Lf.iiiuii—Ifavleigh, L bighNav. Co’s. Hazelton and Sugar Loaf. White Asn—Locust Mountain, Johns’ and Broad Mountaiu. Red Ash—New England &c. JAMES H. BAKER. scpl4dtf Richardson’s Wharf. Goal, * oal, Goal. JUST RECEIVED and for sale by the undersigned at their Wharf," Cor. Franklin Whurf & Commercial St., 275 Tons Hazelton Lehigh, BROKEN AND EGG SIZE. 300 TONS LOCUST MOUNTAIN EGG AND STOVE SIZE. »00 TONS LOBERY, Free burning and VERY PURE, and all kinds White and Red Ash Coal. These Coala are ot the very best quality, and war anted (ogive satisfaction. Also, 600 cords ot best quality of HARD and SOFT WOOD* which we will sell at (he very lowest price and deliver it to any part oi the city at short notice. lyGive us a call and try us. • S. ROUNDS & SON. Jay loth—dtf COAL, COAL, COAL, -AMD*—| W O O I> » GEO. GILMAN & CO., Head Union Wharf \ HAVE taken the stand formerly occupied by the CONSUMERS’ MUTUAL COAL CO., aud are now prepared to furnish the different varieties oI COAL AND WOOD! OF THE BEST QUALITY, Delivered in any part of the cit> which we will sell at the LOWEST CASH PRICES. We are now dis charging from vessels Red Ash, Egg arid Stove, free burning and pure: White Ash. Egg and Stove Also Lehigh, of the different sizes, fo* furnace and stove. Our Coals are kept under cover, screened and de liverod in the best possible manner. We intend to spare noeffor on our part to please those who may patronize ois with their orders. June II— dti WOOD ! WOOD 1 WOOD! The subscribers has just received a lot of good NOVA SCOTIA WOOL l anti intend to keep constantly on hand the various kinds aud quality to offer their customers at the low est cash price. HEAD UNION WHARF, SIMEON SIUTRTLEPP & CO. J 2dtf Southern Pine Lumber WE are .prepared to execute orders for SOUTH. ERN PINE LUMBER, by the cargo, deliver ed with dispatch at any convenient port. IUA\ 6c DAVIS April 17—<ltf_161 Commercial Bt. Saint Louis Flour! ! CHOICE New Wheat Family Flour of the most celebrated brands. T. Harrison & Co., Plants. Eaglfy Brilliant XXX, Dictator, Trapicnl, ' A nun-auto, Whitmore, FOB SAXE BT Chur chill,Browns & Manson augTdtf Lea Ac Perrins' CELEBRATED Worcestershire Sauce! PR027OU2JCED BY EXTRACT Connoisseurs f a letter from a To he edical Gentleman The “Only Madras, to Iris Brother at Good Sauce !” orce*ter,May,lS5J. “Tell Lea & Per And applicable to ns that* their Sauce highly esteemed in EVERY VARIETY idia, and is in my >inlon the most pal of able as well as the osfc wholesome DI9H. ^auce that is made.” The success ol this most delicious and unrivaled condiment having caused many unprincipled dealers to apply the name to Spurious Compounds, the pub lic is respectfully and earnestly requested to see that the names ot Lea & Perrins are upon the Wrap per, Label, Stopper and Bottle. Manufactured by LEA & PERSIA; Worcester. John Duncan’s Sons, NEW YORK, Agents for the United States. oc!7dly Elliot & McCallar, No. 11 Market Square, DEALERS IN Boots, Shoes and Rubbers. Of the very best stock and icarranted work. WINTER STOCK FOR Ladies’, Gents,’ and Children's Wear, ’just opened, Very Cheap for Cash l ELLIOT X idcCAI.LAB, No 11 Market Square. Nov 24—d2w D Hai ' Congress at., Portland, > Maine. / _ i L. B. FOLLETTE. HOST EE r AND GLOVES, HOOP 8KIRTB AND OORSETS, Ladies’ & Children’s Underflannels, WHOI.ESALF AND BETA1E. Max lti—dtf _ _ $100. $100 WAR CLAIM, OFFICE. Patterson & Chadbonrnc. morion It lor k, 2 doors above Preble House. T®E now Bounties, under the law approved 'Till; A 2Jtb, 186H, Increase of Pensions, Arrears of Pa, ■ Prize Money, and all other claims against the Gov errten ’ collected at short notice. iauir,,.x lVl,:3 *‘ave teen received, and claim oiiiln9 prompt!//. P^ f'n;^nnT,TEUSON>,ate Meat- «h. Me. Vols ortiEdt” E’ ateMaJ-,!tMe-CaT W Of be with a new stock ▼ Y • Sewing Machines, ol various kinds- silk Twisty Cotton—aft kinds and colors. Needles Oil A-e 106 Middle street, up one flight stairsJnm«Jd | WISCUIXAWOltR, To the Ladies of Portland and Vicinity! GJRuIND JVILL .1.17) WINTER OPENING OF GOODS! On Monday, October 29, 1866, -FOR LADIES’ O VER-COATN ! T HA VE But completed my arrangements to resume the manuthctnre of Lai lies' Over Garments for the 1 Fall and W Inter, and have select 31 the largest and choicest stock of goods ever offered in Portland, com prising every stylo, color and fabric known to the trade, and having secured the services ol MADAME LANKTON, Z°jyichnT*° of,the cV,tin8 an(1 fittin? department, I tliink I can assure the Ladles ot Portland I can give them as good a style garments as they cau procure in any other city. ISP*Madame Lankton has had charge of Chandler's large Cloak Establishment, on Winter street, Bos u. themost'de^maS " COmpetent C“‘ “J fit LUVOver Garments, of any PLEASE GIVE ME A. CALL ! And Jud<ye 'for Yourself.] P. B. FRONT, 332 1-2 CONGRESS STREET, Up Stairs. oct24dtf • Ten Days—November 23d, 1866. -(---••«##-> Casco Street Cliureli* CLOSING 8*1 IE OE OUR GOODS FOR TEN DAYS! One Price and Mo Variation! DRY GOODS HARKED DOWN! _ tp rP Elclen & Co., FOB ten dan s I . * I ow PRICES. Bargains may be expected in Rich and I-ow At a great redaction from their former I.O« DRESS GOODS. rr„.- Vm,, Cloaklny,. am*. and I™** Flannel,, vna ^ full assortment of MOURNING GOORS. , TN OUR HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT I I satisfaction. r|X EE©EX & C©«1 *“ ^ VESTRY CASCO STREET CHURCH.. ToeT™.. arm**. Balmoral a**. Very and. Under - . & CO., ' TIpholsterers, Decorator* ! i Manufacturers of Furniture, I and dealers, in ALL kinds of Upholstery Goods, Looting-Glosses, Mattresses Feathers, &c., Liberty Tree Block, 460 and 464 Washington Street, boston. _ bargain81 WALTER COBET & CO., V Are prepared to offer to their Mends and the public BARGAINS tn FURNITURE . FOR CASH t „ very LOW BBHT® - «* >» •— ” « — “ (tor the same quality of goods) Lower than the Lowest ! That can be found at any other establishment in the city. Please call and examine our Stock, consisting m part of PARLOR AND CHAMBER SUITS! Sofas. Easy Chairs, Centre Tables, Etargeres, What-Nots, Extension Tables, Dining Chairs, &c. Also all kinds of Caue and Wood-Seat Chairs of OUR OWN MANUFACTURE at Wholesale and Retail. Although temporarily removed from the center of trade, we think we can offer such in ducements that our friends will take the trouble to visit us, “ OlV THE DUMP ! ! ” Kennebec St., opposite foot of Chestnut Street. octlS eodtf _ WALTER COREY & CO. BAY- STATE LUMBER DEPOT, Office, No. 441 Tremont St., Boston. THE undersigned have established to connection with theirwell-known “Bay State Mocldiso Manu FAc.T.°ST’U?5,^lin9iIe >'“d for the purchase and sale of Lumber, giving especial attention to SEASON tii) HARD WOODS and now offer for sale a large andswell-selected Stock of Black Walnut, Cedar, Cherry, Oak-, Ash, Maple, Sycamore, Chestnut, Butternut, Whitewood, Ac. In Boards, Plank. Joist, &c., to which they respectfully invite the attention of purchasers. Also common and Hard Pine, all qualities, rough or dressed for Floors, Sheathing, &c. Spruce Floor Boards worked and kiln-dried, ready for immediate use. Our facilities forsupi dying the wants of Builders are unsurpassed, and parties at a distance ordering bv mail, by giving reliable reference, can depend upon having their orders tilled in a satistactory manner—thus saving the time and expense of a visit to the city. UjMRosewood Veneers, Slabs and Logs of any desired quality, at less than New York prices. Price List of Mouldings, Lumber, Doors, Brackets, &c., furnished on application. Address orders and communications to JOSEPH F. PAUL & CO. Nov 29—eodJJn __ BLANCHARD’S Improvement on Steam Boilers! ON some boilers 700 (legs, of heat is thrown away. making a loss 011-3 the fuel. The question is otten asked how can this be saved. Mr Blanchard has invented a boiler that takes perfect control m all the heat and makes it do duty in the engine. This is verV siii;i>»e in its construction; after the engine Is in motion the smoke pipe is closed tight, and the waste heat carried through heaters, heating the steam to any temperature desired; the remainder carried through the water heater, using up all the waste heat but 200 degs.; the heat being reduced so low there can be no-danger of setting fires by sparks thrown from engines, which will add much value to this Invention, besides the saving 1-3 the tuel. For particulars inquire of WM. WlhLARD, Corner of Commercial Wharf and Commercial Si. Fehfil—illv A. COBB & co., Successors to F. r. and M. T. Be!ford, at Mrs. M. J. Nichols. V. 8. Hotel HAVE received alotof Tretonsse, best quality, Kid Glovee. Also Zephvr Worsteds, Slippers, Hoods, Hosiery, Ladies’ Under Vests, CofSets, Lin en Setts, plain and emb. Hdkli Muslin and Cam. Edgrlngs, Dress Buttons, together with all articles usually found in a first class Fancy Goods Store. Their friends and the public are invited to call and examine them._ nnv T till Jan. 1,1867. WH. FESSENDEN, Attorney and Ucun . seller, Deering Halt, opposite Preble House jul li dtf ORGAN 1 AND Mt-lodeon MA2JUFAC TOKV No. IS bCkniral Portland, Me. WILLIAM P. HASTINGS IS now propared to attend to the want* of his former patrons ami customers, and the public generally The superior character of his tnstrumeDts, especially his UPRIGHT ORGANS, which in style oflinish resemble the upright Piano, la too well known to require an extended notice. Me will keep on hand a full assortment of instruments ot the Most Approved Styles and Patterns, - AND AT - Prices Within the Bench of All 1! ami trusts that the superior excellence of tone, as well as the excellence oI his workmanship, may, a' here tofore. commend him to the public laror and pat ronage. Sepl ember 17.18CC. eod&wtt Horses for Sale. AT the Horse Bailroad Stable 10 or 12 low priced Horses. oc8eoil2m mmcAL The Eye, Ear, Catarrh - AND — THROAT. Mrs, Manchester* THE INDEPENDENT CLAIM VOYANT/ AMO Eclectic Physician ! From 618 Broadway, New York, has returned to Portland, and can be consulted at her office, No. 11

Clapp’s block. Cerliflcalc* of Cures. This is to certify that I have been cured of Catarrh I in the worst form, by Mrs. Manchester. I have been I to New York ami Boston, have paid out large sums of money, and was never bcneiilted, but in most all cas es made worse. I saw Mrs. M. in June. She told mo my case was a bad one, the tubes in the throat and upper parts of tho lungs bad become very much af fected, all of which 1 knew was the case. 1 com menced taking her medicine in June, and can truly say that I am now a well man. I am a trader, and In the habit of talkiug a great deal, and her curing me will be the means of hundreds of dollars in ray pock ets, as now 1 can talk without hurting me. Go and consult her, and you will be perfectly satisfied. S. H. Stephens, Bcltitst, Me. Bangor, May 15,16CG.** Mrs. Manchester—Dear Madam:—When you were in Bangor Inst summer, 1 called to set you with a child of mine that had been sick for four years. 1 had taken her to a number of physicians, and none could tell what ailod her or even her symptoms. V uu examined her case, and told me exactly her symp toms from the commoni ement of her sickness, which were very peculiar; also told mo that there was something alive in her, and also said there was a num ber of them, and told me that she drank them from a rain-water cistern. You said that you would not warrant a cure, but would try and do the best you could for her. She commenced taking your medicine in August last, and from that time uijtil December, the chibl has passed oft’ large quantities oi what wo call Toilpoles. from rain-water, ami I thin*, and am certain that the child must have died had it not been for you. And I advise everybody to see Mrs. Man chester, for I know that she has the ]»ower of know ing the condition of a person diseased better than any peysician that I have ever heard of. My cliild is now perfectly healthy. Please have tins published, and let the world know that there is one who practises what they profess to. Very truly .and gratefully yours, George DI'Makxin, Mary L. Martin. CAM BE FOUND AT HIS PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS. No. 14 Preble Street, Near ike Preble IIou«v, WHERE he can be consulted privatclr. ancl with the utmost confidence by the afflicted, at hours daily, and from 6 A. M. to 0 P. M. Dr. H. addresses those who are suffering under the affliction of i rivate diseases, whether arising from impure connection or the terrible vice of sell-abuse. Devoting his entite time to that particular branch of the meilical profession, he feels warranted in Guar anteeing a Cure in all Cases, whether of long standing or recently controcted, entirely removing tire dregs of disease from the system, and making a per fect and PERMANENT CURE. | He would call the attention of the afflicted to the . fact of his long-standing and well-enrnod reputation [ furnishing sufficient assurance of his skill and suc cess. « • " Caution to the Public. f Every intelligent and thinking person must know that remedies handed out lor general use shoulddiavc their efficacy established by well tested experience in the hands of a regularly educated physician, whose t rrenaratory studies lit him for all the duties he must filfll; yet the country is flooded with poor nostrums and cure-alls, purporting to be the best in the world, which are not only useless, but always injurious. The unfortunate should be particular in selecting his physician, as it is a lamentable yet incontroverti ble fact, tliat many syphilitic patients are made mis erable with ruined constitutions by maltreatment ftom inexperienced physicians in general practice; for it is otpolnt generally conceded by the best svphilogra phers, that the study and management of these come plaints should engross the whole lime of those who would be competent and successful in their treat ment and cure. The inexperienced general practi tioner, having neither opportunity nor time to mak himself acquainted with their pathology, commonly Eursues one system of treatment, in most cases niak ig an indiscriminate use of that antiquated and dan gerous weapon, the Mercury. Have Confidence. All who have committed an excess of any kind, whether it be the solitary vice of youth, or the sting ing rebuke of misplaced confidence in maturer years, SEEK FOR AN ANTIDOTE IN SEASON. The Pains and Aohes, and Lassitude ancl Nervous Prostration that may follow' Impure Coition, are the Barometer to the whole system. Do not wait for the consummation that is sure to fol low: do not wait for Unsightly Ulcers, lor Disabled Limbs, for Loss of Beauty and Complexion. How Many TIiounnuiM au Testify to This byUuhappy Experience! Young men troubled with emissions in sleep,—a complaint generally the iesult of a bad habit in youtn.—treated scientifically and a perfect cure war ranted or no charge made. Hardly a day passes but we are consulted by one or more young men with the above ilisease, some of whom are as weak and emaciated as though they had the consumption, and by their friends are supposed to have it. All such cases yield to the proper and only correct course of treatment, and in a short time are made to rejoice in perfect health. Mid die-Anvil Men. There are many men of the age of thirty who are troubled with too frequent evacuations from the blad der, often accompanied by a slight smarting or burn ing sensatiou, and weakening the system in a man ner the patient canuot account for. On examining the urinary deposits a ropy sediment will often be found, and sometimes small particles of semen or al bumen will appear, or the color will be of a thin mdk ish hue. again changing to &dark and turbid api*ear ance. There are many men who die of this difficulty, ignorant of the cause, which is the SECOND STAGE of SEMINAL WEAKNESS. I can warrant a perfect cure in such cases, and a full and healthy restoration of the urinary organs. Persons who cannot personally consult the Dr., can do so by writing, in a plain manner, a descrip tion of their diseases, and the appropriate remedies will be forwarded immediately. All correspondence strictly confidential, and will be returned, if desired. Address: DR. J. B. HUGHES, No. 14 Preble Street, Next door to the Preble House, Portland, Me. car* Send a 8tamp for Circular. Electtc Medical Infirmary, TO TUG LA OIKS. DR. HUGHES particularly invites all Ladies, who need a medical adviser, to call at his rooms, No. 14 Preble Street, which they will find arranged for their especial accommodation. l>r. H.’s Electic Renovating Medicines are unrival led in efficacy and superior virtue in regulating all Female Irregularities. Their action is specific and certain of producing relief in a short time. LADIES will find it invaluable in all cases of ob structions after all other remedies have been tried in vain. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing in the least injurious to the health, and may be taken with perfect safety at all times. Sent to any part of the country, with full directions, by addressing DR. HUGHES, No. 14 Preble Street, Portland. N. B.—Ladies desiring may consult one of their own sex. A lady of experience in constant attend ance.,lani.lP65d&w. CHEROKEE CURE, THS GBEAT ( INDIAN MEDICINE, Cure* all leases caused by self-abuse, Loss of Memory, Universal Lassi tude, Pa ins in the Back, Vim J-nexs of Vision, Premature Old Age, Weak Nerves. Diffi cult Breathing, Pale counte nance, Insanity, Consump tion, and all diseases that fol- . ivw a sequrncp oi yuuuuui inmscreuoDS. The Cherokee Cure will restore health and visror, stop the emissions, and effect a permanent cure after all other ineulclnea have failed. Th!rty*two pase pamphlet sent in a sealed envelope, tree to any address. Price $2 per bottle, or three bottles for $5. Sold by all druspists; or will be aent by express to any portion or the world, on receipt of price, by the sole proprietor, Dr. W. B. HEBWUT, 37 Walker St, S, T. Cherokee Remedy, Cures all Urinary Com plaints, vli: Qravel, Inflam , motion of the Bladder and I kk'idney*, Retention of I I Urine, Strictures of the \Urethrn, Domical SxceU Tingi, Brick Dust Deposits, and ajl diseases that require a diuretic, and when used !q conjunction with the CHEROKEE INJECTION, does not foil to cure Glut and all Mu* com Discharges in Male or Female, curiDg recent caw in from one to three days, and is especially recommended in tl.'jee cases of Fluor AU>%* or Whiten in Female*. The two medicines used in conjunction will not &il to remove this disagreeable complaint, and In those cnses where other medicines have been used without success. Price, Remedy, One Bottle, $2, Throe Bottles, $5. u Injection, 44 44 |2, “ 44 $5. The Cherokee 44 Cure? 41 Remedy” and 14 Infec tion” ore to be found in all well regulated drug stores, and are recommended by physicians and druggists all over ihe world, for their Intrinsic worth and merit. Borne unprincipled dealers, however, try to deceive their customers, by selling cheap and worthless compounds,—in order to make money— in place of theee. Be not deceived. If the drug gists will not bny them fo^you, write to ns, and we will send them to yon by express, securely packed and free from observation We treat all diseases to which the human system is subject, and will be pleased to receive full and explicit statements from those who have failed to receive relief heretofore. Ladies or gentlemen can address us in perfect con fidence. We desire to send our thirty-two page pamphlet free to every lady and gentleman in the land Address all letters for pamphlets, medicines, or advice, to the sole proprietor, ■j Dr. W. E. KEBWIN, 37 Walker St., H. T. Bounties, Pensions, Prize Money And all otlier Government claims prosed ted by Emery & Drummond. At No. N Clnpp’H Black, opposite City Hull-— Treasury certificates cashed, and pensions collected. Geo. F. Emery. d. 11 i»bummokd. Messrs. Emery & Drummond have formed a gen eral copartnership, and will also attend promptly to all business entrusted to them as Attorneys anti Coun sellors it law. n aug7—dtf wfuicUi MEDICAL ELECTRICITY DR. W. N. DEWINU, Aledical* Electrician WioMIbltLE sntEET. N«arl? Opposite the United Slate. Hotel w.oulJ respectluUy announce to i»Arn.n?!^Ttfc.n9iol **or,L‘,l,l uiul vicinity, that he s cit> - l uriiiK the ihno ot the ivorat,i’rrnl r city, *t have cured some triad ouXft r,?1 ,°{ 'U,"'a“ 1,1 Pe‘-3on» who have tneu oiner iwimi ot treatment in vuin and curfriv short, a time that the Iwltab“S asked, do Uii;v stay cured? To answer ? ,1 mV* u wo will say that all that doled »tay cured‘we doctor the second time without « li»ri0 Mr. I>. has hceu a practical Ilk etrliliu t„. ,WH„,V ouo years, and Ib also a regular giaduated i.hvaicist Electricity is jierlecUy adai.tcd to chronic disease l.n tho form ol' nervous or aick headache; ,mural-os the head, neck, or extremities; consumption"nhet .in the acute stages or where the lungs are not lolly involved; acute or chronic rheumatism, scrofula. hip dineasoB, white swellings, spinal dteoaseb, curvature ol the spine, contracted muaclew, distorted limbi-, palsy or paraiysiB, St. Vita&* Dauct. doaliHB*, .sum . mering or hesitancy ol Bjtccch, iijspepsia, indiges tion, constipation aild liver complaint, idles—wo cur* every cose that can Ik.* prcsenliHl; asthma, broneld tib, srriciures »*i the chest, aud all forms of female complaint*. Bv Electricity The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame and t he luzv leap, auu tuovo with the agility and clastic ity of youth; tho heated brain ia cooled; the frost bitten limbs restored, the uncouth detbrmiiieft re* moved; huuiness converted to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind made to see, the draf to hear am! the palsied form to move upright; the blemishes oi youth are obliterated; the aivithsnts of mature hie prevented; the calamities ot old age obviated and an active circulation maintained. LA U I R8 Who have cold lmnn* ana feet; wouk stomachs, 1am aint weak books; nervous and sick headache; dizzi ness and swimming in the head, whh indigestion and constipation of the bowel.*: pain in tlic. Bide aud back; leucorrhoa, (or whites); falling of tho womb with In ternal cancers; tamors, polyims, aud all that Ions train oiiliseauea n il] find in Electricity a sur»- m. :tns of cure. i?\>r painful menstruation, too ...^frise menstruation, and all oi those long line ol trouble* with youfig ladies, Electricity ia a certain bpeeioc, and will, in u abort time, restore the sutlcrer to the vigor ol health. TRUTH I TEETH 1 TEETII S Dr. u. still continues to Extract (Yath by Klfc TBICITV WITHOUT fain. Persons having decayed teeth or stomp* they wiwh to have removed tor r.*sct ting ho would give a polite invitation to call. Superior Electro Magnetic Machines lor salt tor faintly use, with thorough instruction*. fiDr. D. can accommodate a lew patients wilh board and treatment at Ids house. Office hours from 8 o’clock A. VI to 12 M.J n ow 1 to C P. M , and 7 to 9 in the evening. Oonsuitalioi. free. novlti MTLImIs Pulmonic Syrup. FOR THE CORK OF Coughs, Cohlf, WliocpJng Cough, Croup. Asthma, Catarrh. Inllucii^a, Bronchitis. Spitting cl Blond, rwurisy, fniluinatiur of the Lungs or Chest, l*ain in tho side, Night Sweets. Hoarse ness, Consumption hi its early stages, and all Diseases of the Throat ami Lungs. This r cm oily is too well known and too highly ck teeiuod to require commendation line. I t is regarded a neoosbity in every houschrJd, and is lieailily cil by the lucilieai (acuity, clergymen of every demnnl mrticii, mothers, cilitus, member* of Congress, and many of our most distinguished men in public and private life. Doughs, Gold*, Sore Throats, &c. Letter from Hon. X>. W. Gooch, Member of Omar its Maseachtuette. _ _ „ Melrose, July 191600. Dr. E. R. II.Nli;nr-—T>tar sir* I have used Hr. f aronkah’s Syrup In my family lor sixveors, and have i nn 1 !t an excellent remedy tor Coughs, Colds, Sore Throats, t ltd ull consumptive complaints, Are. I have receiumvmled it o> several friuuds, who hnve received great heuelitsfrom its use. Letter from a well known Boston I>runi/ist ■ f twenty iJ«tra er^eriencc, and steward of Hanover Street Bonox. March :> isos. ..Pl'-St.1," Ksifitira: Having used JAROuKAIPS PULMONIC SYltUP ntvseli and inmv ihmllv lor the just six years, 1 am ore pored lo sav thill it Is su perior to any medicine I luveever known, tor the positive cure of coughs, colds, sore Throat and all smulur complaints. ah I take told very casilv, 1 have had great opiiort unity to test the vlirrwts ot tins valuable remctly, and it has never rt iLi.n me yel, however violent the disease. Havingheon iu the Drug business for over 20 years, I have had good op portunities of knowing the virt ues of the various me l fcincssold, and pronounce LAltOoKAH’S SYRUP, tub rest of any article ever prcseuled to the public. Yours, W. It. BOWEN, 8li Hanover St. CltOUP. Mrs. J. It. Bvltsls, 114 East 23d SI.. N. Y., writes, It ft: ‘-Liurirg kjst winter tlirccofmy chil dren were attacked with rileup, and fr om the violence of the symptoms, they were pronouucctl to bo in much danger. At the instance of our pas.' or, Rev. Mr. SUles, I tried Luookali’s Pulmonic Set up, which promptly relieved them, and in a very short time they entirely recovered. In gratitude ior tlie lument con iCrred, I cannot refrain from making litis testimony public.” WHOOPING COUGH. E. W. Mayer of Cnrlcton, N. It., writes 7 Dee., U'BH: "My son, live year-OM, was a few months since siinoring greatly irom W HOciPINO COUG1I. I nev er saw a more distressing case. 1 gave him LarooknVs Pulmonic syrup aceonilug to directions anti soon be gan to see improvement. Tho Cough became easier— tlie expectoration freer, and in two weeks the malady was entirely overcome.” BRONCHITIS AND CATARRH. A. W. Harris, writes Irom whale-ship “KJdoia do,” March II, lefts: "Having guttered lor lour years with Bronchiilsand Calarrh in iliotr most aggiavat ing forms, 1 foci it my duty to stale that 1 have teen permanently enred by the use of Lorookwh’s pul monic Syrup. I had paid large sums to physicians and for so calod Catnriali Remedies, but until l used tlie Syrup J experienced no relit I.” SPITTING OF BLOOD, PLEURISY, INFLA TION OF THE BUNGS, PAiN IN THE SIDE NIGHT SWEATS, HOARSE NESS. Arc. From Rev. 11. F., Manchester, N. IE: “Tlieholtle of Dr. rnrsikah’s Pulmonic Syrup, you so kindly sent me, has been Iriod tor hoarseness, with veryjjood icsidts; lor Ibis 1 would confidently recoin - From ltev. D. A. L.utfinal, North Hero, VI. “I have used Taroohalrtt Syrup, and feel antler obliga tion frankly to acknowledge its excellence. While using your syrup, I haw enjoyod hi tier health than I lead enjoyed for teats. 1 have leal slight attacks oi hoarseness, hut I lie Syrup would soon routine II. I find it is a mild ami safe remedy also in Spasmodic It-lions al tauka to which I am constitutionally sub Ik W. Fielii, ksr|., writes from Virginia City, Colorado, March 11, bftJ: **I feel very grateful ior having Ijarookrih’si Pulmonic Syrup near me, my lungs being weak and demanding tlie most \igiLout care. I believe the Svrup I ho surest remedy for .Pul monary Coninlaiuls that lus ever been made availa ble to the atllictcd.” CONSUMPTION WoNDr.RFiTL Cunr. of a child Two and a Half Ymiis Old. Gents:—My grandchild, a lit t!o girl of 2 1-2 years old, was taken sick in Cortland. Me., in January, lhHs. No one could tell what was the matter with her. lint she was much pressed lor breath; had a ban 1, tight cough; could not rnlrsc; her throat troubled hor greatly; she seemed to l>o filling up, and though attended by the l>cst physicians In Portland, they could nut help her, and sl:e declined: and for some three months was not: expected to live Her doctors, and at length hex lYionds, gave up a)J hopes of her reco very. She was brought homo to in \ house In Phipshurg. Me. We tried Coil Liver oil. but the enoer seemed raf her onposito from good. She itow could not move her lrand, so ml need was she. 1 wa> taking Larookuli’s Syrup at the time, acd commenced (pvtng it to her, and in a week, she showod quite a change for the bettor, and wo continued giving it to her. She gradually improved, and is now a perfectJv heaJthv child. J To pie were ast on; died to see what cf.ect the medicine had on tills child, and to sec l cr get well by IIio use of Larookah’s Svrup, width v.e iKdieve to he tho ii ht medicine for I'ulmonarv com plaints In the world. iours, li. LAllAP.EE. Phipslmrg, Me. Space will pormit the publication of but a tithe o the lertnicntcs which arc constantly cmning in irom ull quarters of tho globe. Patients will nr.d the most conclusive evidence of the value of tlris remody, in a trill of it, which will cost but a triilo, and whkii may yield priceless results. Dirge bottles il-tlO—motUtim Hive 50 cents. pr# pnietl by E. R. KNIGHTS ,VT. D., Chemist, Melrose, Mass., end sokl by all di uggists. jars<dd by W. F. Phillips Jt Co., W. W. Vhippie & Co., J. W. Pert In, ,v C.t, Portland; Gootge C. Goodwin & Co, Boston, an l by ull Druggists and Merchants. no2 cod&wti IfOSt Dental Notice l , ItiH is to inform my friends and pat rons tliat I have associated with me in the practict ot Dentistry, * DK. ALBERT KYAA5, Formerly ot Bangor, a skillful dentist ot long expert ence, and take pleasure In Introducing and roront mending him to them. Ether and Chloroform admin isterod when desired. oct6dti ti No. 8 Clapp's Blot’k^CongrS’s St. Portland Academy. UNION BAM,, 8S FREE STREET. ; Winter Term begins Dec. 3,1600. PUPILS of all ages and attainments received at any lime in the Term. Terms Slo.00 jter term of ten weeks. I riv^e recitations and private classes attended to by the Principal at any hour of the day ear evening. Terms for private instruction made known on ap plicalJou to the Principal. CHA9. o. Fl££9, Principal, r. O. Bov 027. 28 Jlauover Su»et. <loc3—3w* r __ Caseo Street seminary. rplIE Winter 'form of this Seminary for Yonng I.a 1 dies anti Misses will commence on Mondav, De cember 3d, ami continue ten week*. There v. ill be a vn*!?.1 ‘rr„Ci.Ll'!rI<'.,V'f bS“‘ «•*<ta-miu by Ml*. rXLLNM. FREEMAN. For terms, &c., apply nt No. 15 Preble Street. ■ ’ * 1 v ’ tieci—lw MAKV C Bridgeton Academy. THE M Inter Term of this Institution wtfl cont menco Tue»lay, Deeemlxr 4th, and continue ten weeks. C. £. HILTON, A. II., Principal. T. IT. MEAD, Secretary. Vs°» Bridgeton, Oct. 27, I860. uol5d2aw&w3w47 North Yarmouth Academy, -AT Yarmouth, Maine. TIIE Winter Term will commence Dec 3 rrtnclpallorUCUlarS en'llUre ot' E- *• HOTT, A M., j no22eodAW2wAg_JAMES BATES, Secy Eaton Family School. NORBID«EW«CK, NS. rpilE Winter Term of the Eaten Family J School will commence the Second Monday tn Tiicanber, to continue Thirteen WeOce. H. F. EATON, Principal. nov. 29 dlw t AUCTION BALE*. Sleighs, Harness.*, Robes, Ac^B Auction. ON THURSDAY, Doc. otb, at 10 o'clock A. 51 Market Square, we sLall soli 13 single ami double S eighe, 5 single and double Uarnoeees, 2 Top Bugvies, Bobos, Blanker,, Whips, &<\, &t. This Isiti closing out ea.e, as the owners are zoit.g to leave the State. ' * i . i. j BAILEY & SON, Auctioneers decldtrt__ Fore street. E. n. PAT TEA * co.T AMIliimisj PLUM STREET. Clothing, Blankets Dry Goods, Ac. At Auctirn. ON SATURDAY, Doc. 8, at 10 A. M., WO piece Clotliing, 160 flat*, COO l.dknap Shirt*, fit! Sliirtn and Jirawers, 20 doz. Ih Also 100 pair Blanker*, together with a genera. aMforLiuent of I>rr CJ.mxIh. All of which must b© jold. 600 yard* New Carpeting. 10 2d baml Carpets - c’ 4!1.8^; _ dec 3 till I E- M' PATTEN A o'o.. Auctioneers, PLUM STREET. <*Hions, Onions, Onions., At Auction. Oj^W™rf"£^^a“3 M.,at No. IlCenj K. M. PATTEN” A oo:rA«,i.«^.r., • OIHrc Plntu urnr Pore Street. ISUIINITURE, Bods, Bedding, Dry Goods ,s f „ auction, on Saturday, Docftth iti« lit' V?? shall Bella general assortment of Furniture twts i Bedding, guilts, Blankets, Carpel*, Uug»,’ silvir Plate, Cutlery, Clock*, Koom Paper*, Crockery an l I in fiictall sort*ot’household good*, also at 11 A. V | Tobaec >, Bread, Lemons, Spices, with a general 1 sortmentuf Groceries. | Parties wishing to contribute U) this sale will sen l I iu their invoice* on Friday morning. tlecfl t*i Dwelling Houses ou Danlorth St. for Sale at Auction. PURSUANT to a license trout Iho Judge of Pro. h ue for the Counry ot Cumberland, the aubat ri hcr a* trustee under the Will of Samuel Cider, wi’l fiflei for sale, at public auction, on Saturday tl»c 8M d«y ot December next, jt 11 o’clock, A. M., tl.o tv > I Dwelling Daises, N s. 18 and 20, ou the south side I lMnforih Street In Portland. The two llousf* will be Bold separately, wl*li a Lsrg i and convenient lot of land for cneh- * carriage w u / of entrance on the lot No. 20, and a five foot passes waar will l>e secured on the cost side ol No. 18. Sale on tho premise*. Tenu* cjisb R.r fttnlicx pirtlniUrs inquire of lire kubtoriber,, t of P. Barnes, No. 18 Free Street. •VtRAJtt 8. ELDER, w no . a UFNRY 1U1LEY & Nov, 28, dtd Auciit -ncers. E. M PATTEN At CO., PMiW STB BUT, Andioners, Commission Merchants -AN XX General Agents for Wilder’s Safes, \ V £. give t° the public facta in regard <o tint , : y* II.IJKR SAFES. They were thoi. tighlv test ea during our conflagration of Julv 4tb aixi (kb. ami proved to be fire proof. Wo are also Agents t.-r the most celebrated bakery of bread hi New England, viz: liOI.I>r.ll A' of Boston. Thm bread, received by ug week ly, warranted fresh, baked from the beet of wheat and we guarantee to sell it less than it can be pm - chased In our city. ' To Bakers, Dealers and Shippers we ofTer our sari * pics, in order that they may test the quality of .nr goods and compare with our price list. Please exam - ine and you will imrehnse. c. w. HOLMES, A. IT CTIONEER, 369 CongTcss Street, kTS'-Sales of any Kind of property in tho Oitv or vi cinity, promptly attended to oo ito moet ^rm*-_ novlSdtt Patented May J9, ldtili. Tliie is an article lor washing without rubbing ex cept In very dirty places, which will require a v, t. gtlght rub, and unlike other preperat long ottered for ;l JIKe purpose, will not rot the clothes, but wilt leave them much whiter than ordinary method*, with out the usual wear and tear. A11 remove* grease spots as It by magic, and soften* the dirt by soak mg, so that rlnsiug in ordinary cases entirely remove It. * Tnl* powder is prepared in accordance with chrnl • cal science, and upon a process peculiar to itself, which Is socured by Letters Patent. It has been in use for more than a year, and lias proved Itself an uni versal favorite wherever i has been u^-ed. Among the sd van taste s claimed arc the following; It save* all the espouse of soap used on cotton an. I linen goods. It saves most of the labor of rubbing, and wear an«l tear. Also for cleaning windows It is unsurpassed. Wlt’l one quarter the time and labor uguallv requlrsd it in* parts abeautitbl gloss arfd lustre, much tfUporiur 11 any other mode. No waler roquirod except to moist. en the pnwdtr. Directions with each package. And can be readily appreciated by a single trial. The cost of washing for a liunily of five or six persons, will not exceed three cents. The njaruifacturers of this powder are aware that many useless cowi»ound3 have been introduced to tho puldic which have rotted the doth or failed in remo* - Inc the dirt, but knowing tho intrinsic excellence <t this article they confidently proclaim it as being adapt - ed to meet a demand which has long oxigted, an-l which has heretofore remained unsuppliod. MANUFACTURED by 1IOWE A «TEYJEK8, ‘■JtiO IVrondtvny, Bomou. For sale by Grocers and Dealers everywhere. sep28-d3m i'OR Instantanoously Silver Platintr ARTICLES OF nravw, fopper, f.crmnn Silver, Ac., ln^ndrpo!iSLga""gnh°rCWOrU °9<>*" Silver tC- Silver Plated Ware, •rills most useful Invention of the age Is a prscarn lion of pure ftiLVEH. and contains no mercury, ack' <»r other substance Injurious to inctalg or the hands rt is a complete etectro-plutlug battery tu a bottle. For sale by Druggists and Variety Stores. HOWE A HI EVEN*, MANUFACTURERS,.BOSTON, Mass septI28-a3m Philadelphia Oak Tanned Leather FIRE HOSE! Military, Masonic and Firemon’s EQ UIPMENTS I Messrs. John L. Shaw & Co., after having been burned out of Federal street JtUv sb!i’e ofy* re,umeJ '"Wiuess In the room over th« J. TKWK8BUHA' & CO., COB3TE* OF l>ms AA» FORE STREETS, OPPOSITE THE NEW CITY JLUUUtT. HaWng prepared a stock of Oak tinned Leather In deni for™*’ t^Cy *** ready to execute all or rnila tetphla. Oak Tanned Leather Fire Engine Hose, Double and single riveted, and of all sites, ae used on S!!,'!^1118*' Uana Engines, Swa»bo!£fand CiUea, Towns and Corporations can be supplied with a strong and durable Unse, war. ranted equal to any made elsewhere, and on 11 ran sonable terms. N. B.—Firo Buckets. Spanner Belts FlnvlM. Pipes, Knapsacks, Cart, idge Boxer, 1-lae^l fiKs i wiT- nidiueo, pipes |M IIwvIh liimisticd and Hose repaired. uovlTdtf Another Chmit/e of liasc ! ~ Back lo the old Middle St. Stand ! Boots, Shoes and Rubbers —AT— OLD TIME P DICES!! o. m. elder Bog* leave to lnf-nn Mg friends, euitoimm .ailj public generally tint baring rebuilt WO. i»S MIDDLE RTBfiET, ia tnivr prepared w sell at priors |„wm. ^ ^ , Bubbers.' itc.108 U'‘J ,lwriP"'«>» «f bU^TsiS. *. work1 mtiiiui;iutufv(l tOMtfr'.™’ 8U'1 811 dc*^J^iy°‘ Tu union €opp«r €«., ESTABLISHED 1*31. Copper, Yellow Metal and Zinc Sheathing and Mails, Oop[.nr and Yellow Metal Bolts and Spike,!, Iliiueneiaii mill llrnrirre Copper rolls I la or,lot. Foi soloct New Yoik anil Dor ton price* by LYMAN, SON 4 TOHKY, Agent*, U3C< uimcrcm Street. Portland, Sept. 21, l-efic. dti Trinidad Molasses,' 1 -n HHDS. ntlMi. yVAUTY TRINHm ll ov »«X<U1AU LYWCII, BARKER St CO., n*w23.kf__ 139 Conun orcinl Street For Sale Cheap. FIVE Black Walnut SHOW t.Ar-tS, 9 tee* tong each, and one counting-room TV*f.a eerc nice on«- v T. INGRAHAM Yarmouth, Not. 19, lkC6. u