Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, December 7, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated December 7, 1866 Page 1
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PO ■’***■"* ™- * ___PORTLAND, FRIDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 7, 1806. TerMmHtj>o„a,,Pc,unn,,mMance. THE POKXi VNJi I'PkiLY PRESS i pubh-b d everyday, p-iuudiy excepted,) at No. 1 i’nnUis* Exchange. poinmon ial SI root, Portland, by N. A. Poster, Proprietor. Terms:—EightDnll.a* u ,nat mudvanc. . TJ1E MAINE STATE PRESS, is published at tlic ante place '.very Thursday morning at #-.'>0 a year, n variably in advance. Rates ok ahvk.rtisinij.—u*.*c inch m space, iu ength ol column, constitutes -t > inure." $1.50 per juaie daily lirst week: 75 cent- per weckalter; thieelnseril ms, oc levs, $1.00; coutinu ng every other day alter lirst wi ck, 50 cents. Halt square, three insertions or les?, 75 cents: one week, $1.00; 50 cents per week alter. Tnder head oi •*Amusements** $2.00 nei square per week ; three insertions or le.-s, $1. Special N<cn«•rs,$1.2?» per square tor tne nisi »n s?rtion, and 25 cents pet equAre for each sub.-equenl nsertion. , Advrrtiseni' ids inserted in tin 'MAL\’E .yfATE Press” (wliicu lia- a lar:-e circulation in every par ol the State) for $i.0fl per square for lirst insertion* and 50 cents per square for each subsequent inser tion. ENTERTAINM EN TS. R. F. Society! A CONCERT Under the auspices of the R. F. Nocici) of %'oiiug E adieu, will be given Monday Evening-, Dec, loth, -AT MECHANICS’ HALL, By tile following artisifc: Hi>. Rurubain, Mr. Hurnbaus, Hr.,. JElli.ou, Mr. Morgan, MR. MARS TON, PIANIST. J3f“Flower8 anJ Christmas Emblems, for sale in the Ball. REFRESHMENTS IN THE ANTEROOM! ’l-if Dancing after the Concert ! MUSIC BY CHANDLER. Fi.oon Managers : Col A W Bradbury, Mr J Hall Boyd, Mr W W Thomas, Jr, Mr J Frank Dyer; Mr Win R Wood, Air Elius Thomas, Henry P Wood. Doors open at6j. Concert at 74. TI€I(ETN FIFTY CENTS, For sale at Short & Loring’**, Andrew Geycr’s, and at Paine’s. £3^ ’The Hall will be open in the afternoon for the sale of Christmas Wreaths, Emblems, &c. Dec 6—dtd Theatre, - Heeriaig Hall. Bi«lwell A Browne, I.cssncs A Hlanagcni. C«. E. lYibon, - Ntage Hlaunyer. ENTIRE CHANCE OF Fit OCHA HI HIE. Monday livening-, Dec. 3d, and every Evening during the week, the favorite artiste DOLUE KIDWGLL ! her first appearance since her recent severe indispo sition. During the week will be presented the popular plays of “FANOHOls,5’ “EAST LYNNE, “CA MILLE,” “GIPSY QUEEN,” “FRENCH SPY,” &cM &c. I $r’Full particulars in bills of the day. doc3d6d G RAND Promenade Concert! The 17lh Maine Reg’t Association WILT, GIVE A Promenade Concert — AT— MECHANICS’ HALL, —ON— Thursday Evening, Dec. 13, 1860, the Fourth Anniversary of the BATTLE OF FBEDEBICKSBIJRCr, Complimentary to the FOREST CITY BAND! MANAGERS: Col. Thoa. A. Roberts, Col. C. P. Mattocks. Col. Cbns.'B. Merrill, Col. Win. Hobson, Maj, E-lwin 13. H< ugh ton,Major W. H. Green, Surgeon II. L. K. Wiggin, Surgeon N. A. Hersom, Ast. Surg. N. B. Coleman, A»t. Surg. Jas. G. Sturgis, Adjt. C. \V. Roberts, Ailjt. P. S. Boothby, Adjt. Geo. A. Parker, Qnartercn’r JosialiBcmick, Capt. A. Goldcrman, Capt. J. A. Perry, Capt. S. S. Richards, Capt. J. C. Perry, Capr. I. S. Fanuce, Capt. G. W. Vcrrill, Cs»pt. C. C. Cole, Capt. U.'W. Briges, Capt. G. B. Dunn, Capt. G. F. Sparrow, Capt. I.dwin I. Merrill, Capt. E I ward Moore, Capt. G. C. Pratt, Capt. Geo. A. Whidden, Capt. E. II. Crie, l.ieut. I». J. Chandler, Lieut. Tho . W. Lcrd, Lieut. S. W. Burnham, Lieut. Edwin Emery, Lieut. C. G. Holyoke, Liout. O. W. Burnham, Li eat. J. M. Hail, Lieut. Jas. M. Webb, Lieut. ,1. M. Saftbrd, Lieut. F. A. Sawyer, Lieut. T. .1. Snowman, Lieut. H. L. I3arteis. Lieut. Newton Wliitten. Lieut. II. 13. Cummings, FLOOR MANAGERS. Col. T. A. Roberta, Col. C. P. Mattocks, Col. Win. Hobson, Capt. A. Goldcrraan, Capt. J. A. Perry, Lieut. O. W. Burnham. Lieut. J. M. Saubnl, Officers and Soldiers who served during the recent rebellion are invited to attend in uniform and with toe distinctive badges of their Divisions or Corps. Bnuciag ut 9 O'clock. Tickets admitting Gentleman and Lady, $1.00; for sale at Paine’s Music Store, Geyer’s, 13 Free street, and by the Committee of Arrangements. COL. T. A. ROBERTS, CAPT. J. A. PERKY, MAJOR E. 11. HOUGHTON. dccSdtd. l. ..■■=yii_--■! "*-— J. & C J. BARBOJJR, Manufacturers and Retailers of Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, NO. 8 EXCHANGE STREET, rORTIAND, HIE. fmdicfc’ anil JUisseH’ Merge and Calf Boot*. IVlea’A Fine C'nlf anil Thick Boots. Boys’, Voullis* anil Children’s Boots and ft hoe*. Rubber Boot* and MIiocm of nil kinds. O IK AND HEMLOCK BELTING. LACE LEATHER. MOI.AHISEN HOfiE, EXRIKTE HOSE RUBBER BEEPING, RUBBER PACKING. Rubber Cloibins, Rubber Hose. JOHN BARBOUR. C. J. BARBOUR. E. R. BARBOUR. DOV26 (J‘l MITCHELL’S Domestic Patent Washing Machine Will be on Exhibition for a few days at the IXV EXTOR’N EXCHANGE, 209 Congress St., Pori land, Me. The public are respectfully invited to call and see the Machine lor ihomselv*s. CT^.State and Counts* Rights for sale At a moder ate rate. , . ALEX. MITCHELL, ilccG—d°.t * Inventor and Patentee. OYSTERS. HAS ING made arrangement for a large supply Oysters during the winter 1 am now ready to sup ply Ovstern at the low price of >1.4it per gallon, solid. ti -$f~ All orders by mail or Express promptly attend ed to at No. 2 Union W half. JAMBS FREEMAN. Dec*—<12w Fur MatanziV"). BAEK “ Fhii.kna,” Capt. Morton, now loading a . Hobaon’s Wharf, will liavo good dispatch. 13 Freight taken at fair rates. Apply to J. S. WINSLOW & CO., *» Centra] Wharf, or A. L. HOBSON, Hobson’s Wharf. Portland, Dee. 5, 1SG0. 'kit Notice. At a meeting of the Belief Committee holden on Monday last, it was voted that all applications for aid, in lobutldiug dwelling houses the comii g year, must be ma le on or before the first Monday of ^January next. Blank upplicnlions can be had at the Office of the Treasurer of the Committee at Market Hall. Dec fi—dm.Jnnl Notice. 1 ALL personsinre hereby cautioned against harbor ing or trusting any of the crew of the Norwe gian Barque Firklovcret,as the Master or Agents will not be responsible for any uebts of tlieir contracting, dccldlw* G. c. HOLST. For Sale. ON E-Sixteenth and one thirty-second of two fine Schooners of about 280 ions. One new and one three years old. Inquire of SAolSON & CON ANT, dccldlw* No 19 ami 20 Commercial Wharf. Store to Let. SUITABLE for » Fancy Goods or light Stationery O business. Inquire of J. J. W. BEEVES. nolodt1 No. 9 Green St. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Holyoke Mutual Fire Ius. Co., saLkm, mass. Statement oi tho condition of said Company on the 1st day of November, A I), 1806, being the date of its exhibit next proceeding Doc 1, I860. Amount of Capital Stock,..*.$712 764,38 Oout-Jrttiug of Notos and Statute Liabilities. 005,198,58 And oi cash assets as follows: Mortgages... 15,630,91 Bank Stock,. 42,205 Real Estate, . 29 lou Railroad Bonds and Stocks,. 6,137,50 State and City Bonds,. 6,795 Loans on collateral and notes re ceivable,.... 2,686,16 Sundry Assets,. 610,91 Cash on hand,. 3,872,10 Balance In agents’ hands,. 1C7.S9 -$712,701,38 Amount at Risk.14,618,738,11. LIABILITIES: Losses claimed,.2,399 Drafts given in payment tbr losses,not yet pre sented for payment,.3,803,80 Unclaimed Dividends. 572,61 Alo. Stoby, Brest. Thomas H. Johsson, Secy. JT; I*. WEBSTER, Agent, dec~d3w _ H0 4p South street. CONDENSED STATEMENT Of the condition of the Bay State Fire Insurance Go., Of Worcester, Mass., As made to Secretary of State, Nov. 1,18CC. Capital Stock.$130,000. Amount of Capital Stock actually paid in, $10t,800. AMOUNT or ASSETS. U. S. Bonds, par value,. 43,730,00 State of Vermont Stocks,. 6,000,00 Bank Stocks in 'Worcester and Boston,. 13,485,'i0 Bail Koad Stocks,. 12,831,00 Loaned City ofWorco3ter on demand, . 20,000,00 Leaned with Collateral,. 6,000,00 Cash on hand,. 9,382,15 Cash in hands of agents,. 2,782,03 Other Cash Items,. 1,200,00 $145,410,18 LIABILITIES. Ain’t of losses due and unpaid,. 205,00 Amount of losses claimed and nnpaid,. 4,475,00 Ain’t of losses reported upon which the liabil ity of the Company is not determined,.. 6,200,00 10,970,00 W. S. Davis, President. L. C. Paeks, Secretary. 3. II. WEBSTER, Agrnt, doc7d3w No 10 South Street. NEW BO OKS FOR THE HOLIDAYS i WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ! BAILEY~& NOYES Will open their Kew Store on Exchange Street, MONDAY, 17th. Our friends and patrons and the public generally we trust will wait and examine our NEW STOCK of Books, Fancy Goods, Writing Desks, Stationery, &c., before purchasing elsewhere. We shall have a good assortment of English and American Standard and Juvenile Books. We beg a continuance of the generous patronage and iavor which we have heretofore received. BAILEY & NOYES, decTsydow_ New Block, Exchange street. IRON, LEAD, COPPER I And Other Materials, FOE SAIF AT AUCTION! PURSUANT to a License from the Judge of Pro bate for Cumberland County, the subscriber, as Administrator of John M. Wood, w ill sell at Public Auction, on Friday, the 14tli day of Dec rusher iust., At the site of Wood’s Hotel, Middle street, nil the Bar Iron, Iron Bods, Pipes and Coils, now on the premises. Also, Two Iron Boilers in the cellar, in good order, with all the appurtenances. Also, all the loose Bricks on the premises. On the same dav, at Store No 1 Iron Block, on Portland Pier, a large quantity of promiscuous Iron, Lend ami Copper materials; also a Stove. i^^Sale on tho Hotel premises at IO A. M. On Portland Pier, at II A. M. Terms Cash. JOSEPH ILSLEY, Administrator. Dec 7—(ltd Pork mid Lard, 50 Brls Northern Extra Clear Pork 50 “ “ Clear Pork, 25 “ <■ <♦ Backs 50 Tierces Prime Leaf Lard. 50 Tubs Prime Leaf Lard. For sale Low by FLETCHER & Co., _ „ 1-19 Commercial St. Ccc C; 18CG. d8c7d3w Notice to Builders. THE Plasterers’Union of this City arc now pre pared to do Plastering, Stucco-work, Mastic, Whitening, Coloring.Wkite-washing, &c.f in the best manner and at the shortest notice. Jobbing promptly attended to. Apply at PLASTERERS' UNION ROOMS, Cushman Block, No 355 Congress St, Up-Stairs, Or to R. J. Jennings, No 29 Pleasant st., Or to R. K. Gatley, No 9 Neal st. dc7dtf REM( )VA L ! Mr. J. Cushman’s Millinery Store HAS been removed from No. 12 India sireet to No 25 Middle street, between Lidia and Hampshire streets. Just added agoad variety of goods suitable HOLIDAY PRESENTS. tr^Pieasccall. dec7d3w Casco National Bank. THE annual meeting of the Stockholders of “The Casco National Bank of Portland” lor the elec don of seven Directors, and for the transaction of auy other business that may legally coine before them, will be held at 190 Fore street, on TUESDAY, the eighth day of January next, at .3 o’clock P. M. ^ , n E. P. GEKRISH, Cmtiicr. Portland, Dec. 7,18GG. dim J. T. SMALL &15o., Wholesale and Retail dealers in Groceries and Provisions f Highest rash prices paid for Country Produce. SJ&r'Consignracnta receive prompt attention, decldlm NO 19 LING STREET: Caution. ALLpersous are hereby lorbidden paying an7 tHbncy to or doing any business with Charles F. Libby on account of John Crockett & Co. tleddlt_ JOHN CROCKETT. Lost! ON Thursday afternoon. Dec. Gtli, on Free or Con gress streets, a pearl and onjx BREASTPIN with exlrasc-im setting. The linder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at this oiHce. dot-7d3t* Picked up Adritt. A SMALL BOAT which the owner can have by calling at Fort Gorges. dc7dlw * The School-girl ts France. By Miss R. McCrindell, author of “The Convent,” etc. 10mo., pp. 248. New York: Robert Carter & brothers—1867. (For sale by H. Packard. This is an English story, the design of which is to warn parents and guardians against the mischievous consequenaes which too often rc su t from the practice of sending the children of Protestant families to be educated in Roman Catholic schools and convents. The custom is fortunately leas prevalent in this country than in England, still it is not uncommon, owing to an erroneous impression that there are greater facilities in these institutions for the acquisi tion of elegant accomplishments than in Prot estant schools. The author does not bring ac cusations against any sect; her objections arc to the system; and she has endeavored to show in an unprejudiced manner, the harm that may be done, even where there is on the part of the Catholic teachers the most consci entious adherence to what is right. —Gen. Joe Johnston was born in Enniskil len, Ireland. His brother is reported to be still living there, and a waiter in the Imperial Hotel. LATEST NEWS HY TELEGRAPH TO THE FOUTLAND DAI L V PKbSS. «*»-• 1'riday Morning. December 7, 1868. -;-— LATE It l'HOW MEXICO. Important Liberal Victories. Maximilian’s Abdication. BAB STATE OF AFFAIRS AT MA. zateI.v, Havaaa, Dec. 1. The Spanish steamer Ciudad Condad arrived an the 28th ult. Iron] Vera Cruz. Dates from Vera Cruz, to the 22d and City of Mexico to the 18th, state that tiie political situ ation had completely cleared up. The Liberals had obtained several victories and hail taken the important towns of Jalapa, Toluca, Pachuca and others. According to the papers of the capital, Gen. Castagny with 700 or 800 men, was marching toward Topic. It was rumored in Mazatlan that several American war vessels wore preparing to occu py the city as soon as the troops should leave. Tiie CniduJ of Guadalajara says there are in Mazatlau 800 French emigrants, from Sonora, in great suffering. Trapsaxata is in possession of the Liberals In Mexico, up to the latest moments, the re ports concerning the abdication oi the Empe ror, and his departure lor Europe, were as vague and contradictory as ever. Tiie French troops had evacuated Matehula, leaving a portion at Venando, ami the remain der returning to ban Huie. There were at San Hiuc the French Legion, Chasseurs and Mexican forces, in all about 2,000. Gen. Mejia was ill of intermittent fever. The enemy’s forces in the vicinity of Match uia preserve order, but confiscate all Imperial property, and are selling the lands of Carlos baneliz ftavauo. The Archbishop of Guadalajara died on the 12th. Letters from Mazatlau report a bad state of affairs. Many persons who sustained the Em pire, have been obliged to emigrate to Guay mas, and on its evacuation to Mazatlan, San Francisco or Tepee. Several families evacu ating from Lower California in a vessel, were I pursued by Martinez in another vessel, cap I tured and shot down. The Patria published a letter dated the 8th, from Fenancingo, which says the town was at tacked on the 6th and 220 houses bnrned down. The Estafette repeats its belief that the abdi cation of Maximilian was a decided affair and that he would leave in a few days for Europe. Miramou, considered the most able man of tiie conservative party, arrived in Mexico on the 16th, and it was believed he would enter into the neVr campaign together with Mar quez, Meudoz and Mejia. The surrender of Jalapa is a fact. The gar rison capitulated, leaving everything in the hands of the Liberals. An Austrian detachment had been cut to pieces on the road to Real del Monte, being compelled to surrender to a force of 300. All were shot down. The Estafette of the 18th asserts that already have the politicians begun to fix upon a Pres idential candidate to succeed the Emperor as soon as the throne seems vacant. Three or four have already been indicated. A Provis ional Government would first he established, then a general armistice would lie proclaimed and the people called upon to elect a i ew Chief of btate, but most decidedly would the form of government be Republican. Foreign Jicws per Steamer. Halifax, N. S., Dec. G. Hie steamship Asia, from Liverpool 24th via Queenstown 25th, arrived at 11 30 last night. The crew of the abandoned brig E. M. Dyer were taken off the wreck by the brig “Meg,” off Cape Hattevas, which vessel had reached England and landed the second mate and two colored seamen, the only survivors of the crew, the others having died. They were ten days without food before they were rescued. Numerous arrivals from America at Queens town attracted attention. At Limerick on the 23d, ten men were arrested, and numerous pike heads and a large quantity of bullets were seiz ed. A man named John McPherson McGul vany was arrested at Dublin on the 23d, imme diately after cashing a draft for £050 on the Hibernian Bank. A revolver was found on him, but no documents. The Dublin police are all armed with six chamber revolvers. The Paris correspondent of the Globe says it was impossible to obtain in official circles an avowal that Maximilian had left, but it was considered morally certain that lie had. and that the French Government knew it. The La France says that authentic informa tion justifies the belief that the speedy depar ture of the Emperor was extremely probable if it had not already taken place. The vessels that are to bring home the French troops consist of twelve steam transports and eight frigates turned into temporary transports. They will sail after the arrival of the Mexican mail of October 25th. The London Times has no donlit Maximilian lias abdicated and looks forward to the inter vention of the Washington Government as the next step. That intervention will be popular with the nation instead of unpopular, and cheap instead of costly America will enter the coun try as friends. They will hunt the enemies (?) down and thus render civilization possible and transform the community into a civilized state. They will have this advantage too: they will seem less like invaders than their predecessors. This will preserve the name and form of the Mexican Government, and probably leave the native Mexican as ostensible ruler. Tho reported meeting of the North German Parliament is fixed for February 1st, and those governments allied with Prussia have been no tified of the fact. Canadian Affair*. Toronto, O. W., Dee. G. Our authorities have received information of an intended raid on the Old Jail, previous to the 13th, for the purpose of attempting a res cue of the Fenian prisoners. Extra precau tions have been adopted, and no visitors, un less well known to the authorities, are admit ted. Ottawa, Dec, 6. The Rid can Canal is now closed for the sea son. The schemes for the construction of the Mur ray Canal is again revived. An engineer is now surveying the locality between Presque Isle harbor and the Bay of Vuiuto. The Ottawa Snow Shore Club was organiz ed last evening. The Ottawa garrison battery is being raised to its full strength and efficiency. Montreal, Dec. fi. The Bank of Montreal is about to withdraw its agency at Chicago. The imports at this port for November were $1,730,000, a slight decrease from the, corres ponding month of last year. * Quebec, Dec. 6. The Gov. General leaves here to-night for Montreal en route to England. Montreal, Dec. G. The Gazette of this morning says Secretary Ssward’s letter with respect to the Fenian prisoners, excited deep anger in England, and President Johnson’s message will not allay this feeling. No vessels are now in the harbor. 4 Havana. Havana, Dec. 1. The Winooski arrived from Key West last Saturday. She will remain in port several days. The Susquehanna with Gen. Sherman, Min ister Campbell and others on board, sailed at 4 P. M., Saturday, for Mexico, but to what port did not transpire. Sunday morning the body of Nicholas Mila, of Mestre, a prominent and wealthy merchant of this city, was found murdered and floating in the harbor. Wednesday being the birthday of the Prince of Astenias, the heir to the Spanish throne, the Captain General held a court and the dif ferent war vessels in port fired a salute. The Samuel G. Adams, an American vessel condemned, was sold at Matanzas for $2,000 on Thursday. jTInrinc Disaster*. New York. Dec. 6. The now ship Majestic, from Portland, got ashore on the mud flat near South Ferry, Brooklyn She will get off at high water with out damage. The schooner Cerro Gordo, recently ashore on the Gridiron, in Hell Gate, was got ofl‘ this morning full of water, after having discharged Tier deck load of lumber. Remora! of Gcu, 8nls« icb. • New Orleans, Dec. G. Gen. Sedgwick has been removed from com- ; mandon the Bio Grande. The order for his ; removal is said to hnvc been forwarded to Gen. SUendau from Washington by Genural Grant. He will probably report at Washington. -- Virginia I.r8i*lai„re. T s. er • Richmond, Va., Dec. 5. In the House ot Delegates to-day, resolu tions were adopted to inquire into the expedi ency ot permitting contracts to be made at higher rates of interest than G per cent. XXXIX CONGRESS—SECOND SESSION. SENATE. Washington, Dec. 6. Mr. Trurobull reported favorably from tbe Judiciary on the bill of the House to repe tl the amnesty power of the President, and asked its immediate consideration. Mr. Hendricks objected, and it goes over. Mr. Wade called up the bill of the last ses sion to regulate the selection of grand and petit jurors in the Territory of Utah, which was ordered to be printed with amendments. Mr. Poland gave notice that on Monday he would call up the baukrupt bill. It was ordered, on motion of Mr. Grimes, that when tbe Senate adjourned to-day, it ad journ to meet on Monday next. Mr. Wilson gave notice that he would call up next week the joint resolution to disband and prohibit militia organizations in the rebel States. The Senate then adjourned till Monday. HOUSE. On motion of Mr. Washburn, of 111., the Post Office Committee was instructed to inquire in to the expediency of conferring on the Post Of fice Department the same jurisdiction and con trol over the various telegraph wires now in operation and hereafter to be constructed, that is now exercised over post offices and post roads, and to Report by bill or otherwise. On motion of Mr. Eliot, a committee of three w,»s appointed to proceed to New Orleans, to institute ail iuouiry into the riots there in Ju ly and August last. On motion of Mr. Folsom, of Iowa, the Ju diciary Committee were instructed to inquire into the necessity of further legislation iu re gard to the organization of the House, and the counting of electoral votes. On motion of Mr. Kasson, the same commit tee were instructed to inquire into the proprie ty cf directing martial law to be proclaimed in counties in the rebel States where Union men have been murdered and the laws not enforced against tne murderers. The bill for the regulation of appointments to and removals from office, came up, and was postponed until Monday next. On motion of Mr. l*ike, a select committee of three was ordered to inquire into the cir cumstiilfces of the murder of three U. S. sol diers in South Carolina, in October, 1885, and of the reprieve and subsequent pardon of those convicted thereof. Mr. Dawes introduced a bill to fix the elec tion of members of Congress for the first Tues lay after the first Monday in November, 18f>8, and the same day each alternate year thereaf ter, which was referred to the Committee on elections. On motion of Mr. Banks, the Committee on Foreign Afiairs was instructed to inquire as to the measures necessary to secure recognition by other nations of the principle of our natu ralization laws. Resolutions were offered by Mr. Darling, and adopted, for the removal of sunken vessels in the. vicinity of Sandy Hook harbor. N. Y., and for determining the rates of cartage on the same. The communication received from the Sec retary of War with the aciomt of funds re ceived by the Fieedmen’s Bureau, was re ferred. On motion of Mr. Hubbard, of Conn., the Committee on Commerce were instructed to enquire into the expediency of making provis ion for such harbors on the coast of Connecti cut as have been surveyed by the General Gov ernment during the year. On motion oi Mr. Thayer, the President was requested fo inform the House whether Mexi can territory has yet been occupied by U. 8. troops. Mr. Miller introduced a bill to protect all loyal persons in insurrectionary States. Re ferred to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Garfield moved that the Judiciary be in structed to inquire into the expediency of passing more stringent laws to check bribery in elections. Mr. Price introduced a bill authorizing an exchange of registered for coupon bonds. It was read twice and referred to the Commit tee on Ways and Means. Mr. Myers, of Ohio, offered a resolution re questing the President to furnish the names of all persons .appointed by him to office with out consent ot since the adjournment of the Senate, A motion to lay on the table was negatived 3 to 124. Mr. Schenck s bill to fix the time for the reg ular meeting of Congress came up as a special order. Mr. Schenck explained and advQoatod it. After an extended discussion oil the amend ment ordering elections in all the States on the 22d of February next, and after providing in the first section that Congress shall meet on the 4th of March, the House adjourned till Monday, when this bill again comes up. New York Items. . New York, Dec. 0. During the past ten days there has been un usual activity at Brooklyn Navy Yard. Or ders have been received to got eight vessels in readiness for sea with all dispatch. The Get tysburg was formally put into commission yes terday, with orders to report to Admiral Palm er, of the West India sqaadron. At the meeting of the Chamber of Com merce this afternoon, the United States tax on cotton, and another proposed Atlantic cable, were the principal subjects under considera tion. Judge Michael Connolly is preparing to contest the election of Kichard B. Connolly to the Comptrollersbip of the city, on the ground that his tickets were refused impera tively at some of the polling places. A handsome gold medal has been made in this city for Gen. Thomas, and forwarded to Gov. Brotvnlow, by whom the presentation will he made. On one side are the words, “ To Maj. Gen. Thomas, from the State of Tennessee.” On the other, “We will hold the town till we starve.” The business at the office of the Assistant Treasurer to-day, was as follows: Total re ceipts $6,931,210.88, of which $219,900 were’ for customs; Gold notes $294,000; payments $1, 418.048.79; balance $119,794,508.40. The examination into the charges preferred against contractor Brennan was resumed to day, when the case for the defense closed. The steamship Denmark, from Liverpool Nov. 21st. has arrived. Miscellaneous Dispatches. New York, Dec. 6. Special dispatches from Philadelphia state that this morning at half past four o’clock, there were disturbances at a ball given by the Washington Fire Company, at Musical Fund Hall. Three policemen in attempting to quell it were badly beaten; one of them, officer Steele, was stabbed in the thigh, inflicting an ugly wound. Others were bruised and con tused. No arrests were made. A man named William Owens had his nose bitten off by a gambler, who, it is said, raised the row. Fortress Monroe, Dec. 6. Mrs. Davis left to-day for Canada. Chicago, Dec. 6. The official ceremony of laying the last brick in our Lake Tunnel was performed this morning by Mayor Rice, in the presence of the Aldermen and invited guests, numbering about seventy, after which there was a ban quet at the Crib. Jerome B. Claflin, a grain operator, is miss ing, and proves to be a defaulter to the amount of $30,000. He purchased wheat on credit, sold it for cadi and decamped. From tlie West Indies. New York, Dec. 6. Dates from the West Indies to the 22d ult., state that in San Domingo political matters were quiet. Ilaiz’" party leaders are watching events, with the hope of revolutionizing the country. From St. Thomas, a decree has been issued by Cabral, Governor of St. Domingo, expelling all followers of Baiz, who wete prominent enough to be dangerous, from the island.— Three of the principal rebels have been con • deinnod to death. North Carolina I.rgislntnrc. Raleigh, N. C., Dee. fi. Col. Leach, of Davidson County, chairman of the Committee on the Constitutional amend ment, reported in the State Senate to-day ad versely to to the ratification of the Howard amendment. Both Houses of the Legislature resolved unanimously to accept the proffers of assistance made by the Freedwcn’s Bureau to destitute blacks and whites. Alieinpicd Rank Robbery. Keene, N. H., Dec. G. There was an unsuccessful attempt to enter the Ashuelot National Hank in this place last night. The robbers broke into the banking room and attempted to loree open the iron door of tli ■ vault by drilling through it two holes, but failed to even disturb the lock. After ex amining the drawers in the bank room and finding nothing of value, they left. Endian Troubles in IVery Mexico. Leavenworth, Dec. 5. Santa Fc (New Mexico) papers of Nov. 24th, contain a proclamation from the acting Gov ernor of the territory calling on the citizens to organize military companies for protection against murderous incursions of Indians, a portion of whom he represents as on the war

path, plundering and murdering. From IVcw Orleans. New Orleans, Nov. 6. Judge Head, of the Fourth District Court of New Orleans, to-day overruled an application to transfer to the United State sdCircuit Court, suits brought in his Court against officers of the United States for acts done in their official capacity. FROM WASHINGTON. Gen. liutl.r Anxious for tlie Pres ident's Impeachment. Communication llelalivelo !•'reed men Affairs. Washington, Doc. 5. u t? aud Assistant Treasurer of States now hold in possession $97, 000,000 in gold, $22,000,000 ot which is repre sented by gold certificates. Secretary Seward was in the Senate Cham ber tor some time, in conference with several leading Republican Senators. (Aen. Butler was in the House to-day for some time. He said to several leading radi cals that he did not believe in the policy of taking patronage from the President and rest lng it any other branch of the (Aoverument.— He thinks it should lie left where it is, and hold the President to strict accountability.— He is lor bringing in a bill of impeachment at once, and not wait tor the appointment of a special eammittee to inquire into the conduct of the President. The Secretary ot War to-day sends a com munication to the House in auswer to a reso lution calling for the amount of funds received by the Bureau of Refugees, Kreedinen and Abandoned Lands, from its organization to thelst ot April, 1866, etc. The receipts from various sources were $90,739,628; total amount expended, $47,836,317; balance on hand, Oct. 31st, 1865, $42,903,311. Deduet amount as re tamed bounties, $11^23,049; balance on hand, Oct. 31st, 1805, available to meet liabilities, ?j>31,379,662. The money derived from miscel laneous sources from which the current exn;n ses or low iiureau were paid previous to July 1st, 18615; now termed Kefugees’ and Freed ruen’s Fund, to distinguish it from the regular appropriation the statement showing the re ceipts and expenditures on account of this fund from Novemler 1st, 1865 to Oct. 1st, 18li6, to be $102,078,404, and expenditures $1 ,'484,042. The retained bounty iund is $9,122,.'44!); the es timate 1 cost of transportation furnished iu requisitions or order of the Bureau, to April 1st, 1866, is as tollows: Freedmen, $6,424,760; refugees, $1,045,530; officers and soldiers, £fS£a8,’oC‘1!i!iau culPl«yees, $2,348,804; total, $pl,283,318. The number of acres in possession at the last annual report was 768,590, of which 287,822 have been restored, and 45 tracts of land ol which the number of acres are uot re ported. By the constant restoration of the lands to original owners, much of the proper ty simply passes through the hands of the Commissioner from other Departments of the Government, and the practice of subsisting freedmen upou some of the farms, from pro° duce raised, and the larger portion beiii" leas ed for a share of crop, render it impossible for the Commissioner to give a fair estimate of the value of the crops raised in all the tracts of land which has been iu custody. The total rental to Oct. 1st, is 104,755. The official documents show the returns of the American seamen relieved during the past year, to be as follows: Maine, 315 natives and six naturalized; New Hampshire, five natives: Massachusetts, 224 natives and nine natural izedj Rhode Island, forty-nine natives; Con necticut, one native; New York, forty-two na tives and two naturalized; Pennsylvania, nine ty-eight natives; Nevada, thirteen natives; Virginia, seventy-four natives. George W. Bruner, ot Philadelphia, depart ment reporter on the Evening Star, commit ted suicide this morning, by cutting his throat. It is understood here to-day a majority of the Finince Committee of the Senate are fa vorable to the recommendation of Secretary McCulloch, as laid down in his report to Con gress. The Ways and Means Committee of the House are disposed to give his recommen dations a favorable consideration. The propo sition ol the Secretary, however, which looks to the resumption of specie payments in 1868, finds no favor with the majority in either House, the suggestion being deemed not only impracticable, but impolitic. Sir Frederick Bruce and Count de Montho lon find reason to complain of the President’s message. Several special committees of investigation, appointed by Congress, will depart for the scene of tlieir labor early next week. WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. Results of flic Congress ional Caucus. THE SIFFRACE BILL. New York, Dec. 5. The Post’s Washington dispatch says the re sults <>f the Congressional Caucus held last evening are regarded as indicating a more con servative policy. The views of prudent radi cals triumphed. The investigations whichhave been ordered will be conducted fairly. Speaker Colfax it is thought will make up select committees from the ablest members on both sides. The Senate refuses to he drawn into a course of precipitate action, and will, if there is necessity, act as a restraining power. There is a prospect of a movement for plac ing the District of Columbia under the govern ment of a commission, abolishing the local gov ernment. This would avoid the question of negro suffrage. Senator Morrill, on Monday night, will bring up the suffrage bill. In his speech he will ad vocate impartial suffrage. He proposes to ex clude nnpardoned rebels. The proper committee will report on Monday the bill relating to appointments to office. Condition of Ike Freedmcn in East Tcu neaaoe. Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 5. Gen. Lewis, Commissioner of the Freeil men’s Bureau, has returned from a tour to East Tennessee. He reports the treedmen as generally prosperous, and living on the most amicable terms with their employers. The col ored schools are increasing, and a craving de sire for education everywhere is manifested. From Charleston. Charleston, 8. C., Deo. 5. Admiral Palmer, commanding the North Atlantic Squadron, was received this morning by the Mayor and military authorities. Gov. Perry publishes another letter against fhe Constitutional Amendment. FROM EUROPE NEWS BI THE CABLE. Alexandria, Egypt, Dec. 5.—John H. Surratt is now in the custody ot the United States Consul General at this place, Mr. Hale. Florence, Wednesday, Dec. 5.—It is asserted that the Pope has agreed to receive the envoy ot the Italian government, for purposes of ne gotiation. Liverpool, Dec. 5. — The steamship City of Boston, Capt. Brooks, which left New York Nov. 24th, has arrived out. The Resolute has also arrived. Dublin, Dec. 5.—The police and military are still active in search of Fenians. Several sup posed head centres were seized to-day and committed to prison under guard. Rome, Dec. 5.—Gen. Montibello, in command cf French forces in this city, embarked to-day on a French iron*elad. He was accompanied by his numerous staff. Preparations are mak ing for the departure of French troops on the 15th inst. Berlin, Dtc. 5.—Count Bismarck has resum ed the discharge of his duties as prime min ister. London, Dec. 5.—Mr. Fox, Assistant Secreta ry ot the Uuited States Navy, is visiting the British Navy Yards. He is received every where with a great deal of courtesy, and afford ed every reasonable facility to compare Eng lish Navy Yard arrangements with our own. The London Times, in an editorial article of this morning, fully agree* with the policy of President of the United States as set forth in Ins annual message to Congress. It frankly declares that theAlabama claims should be set tled promptly and amicably. It expresses deep regret that the whole matter was not compro mised and thus disposed of at a much earlier date than the present. + An Enabling act.—A special dispatch from Washington says: “It is the opinion of a prominent Senator who has had unusual opportunities of observa tion, that at the present session of Congress an enabling act will be passed, rejecting the i resent governments of the rebellious States as nullities, and that the loyal people of those Stab's, without respect tocolor, will be author- ! ised to choose delegates to constitutional con ventions, and that the conventions will he re quired to submit the constitutions thus formed vote of the people for approval or rejection. The Senator makes these statements with so much earnestness, that little doubt can be en tertained of his source of information. He pre dicts that the hill will very shortly he present ed for action. Brown’s Broaehial Troches clear and give strength to the voice of Singers, and arc indispensable to Pub lic Sj'eakers. “I recommend their use to Public Speakers.” Rev. E. H. Chapin. ‘ They have suited my case exactly, relieving my throat, and clearing the voice so that I could sing with ease.” T. Dtchabme, Chorister French Parish Church, Montreal. Sold by all Dtalem in Medicines. dec3eodlw<£w PORTLAND AND VICINITY. New AlrertiwurutH Te-Dny. NEW ADVERTISEMENT COLI MN. Groceries—J. T. Small St Co. New Books—Bailey St Noves. Lust—Breastpiu. Casco National Bank—Aunnn) Meeting. Pork and Lard—Fletcher & Co. Found Adrift—Boat • Iron, &c., at Auction. Notice to Builders. Holyoke Mntual Fire Insurance Co. Caution—John Crockett. Statement of the Bay Stats Fire Insurance Co. Removal—Cushman’s Millinery Store. THE COURTS. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT. BEFORE JDDOE FOX. 1 iti!RSDAv.- 'Tlie petit jury was formed as follows: Harrison Cleaves, Saco, Foreman; George S. Sylves ter, Washington Libby, Portland; Moses Dole, West brook; Edward F. Flint, Emerson Iliggias, Cai>c Elizabeth; WillardClougli, Rufus Morrison, Cumber land; John B. Hopkins, George W. Crockett, Gor ham; Benjamin Foster, Edward J. Stubbs, Yar mouth. The grand jury not having reported, the petit ju rors were excused until Friday. In the case of the libel of Henry L. Fearing & als., owners of brig Star of Hope v. Henry C. Cheeseman ala., to recover $1,250 for charter of said vessel, further testimony was introduced. Iuconsequence of the Ulness of Mr. Evans, the arguments in the case were postponed until some time next week. SUPREME JUDICIAL COURT. CRIMINAL TERM.—TAPLEY .». PRESIDING. Thursday.—The grand jury came in and reported tllirty-two bills of Indictment, found oy them at the present term. They wore then discharged from any farther attendance at this term. The traverse jnrors were then impar.neled as fol lows: Ut Jury.—Jonathan A. Fendcrson, Portland, Fore man; Otis Allen, Pownal; Benj. M. Baker, Wind ham; Samuel Baker, Yarmouth; William Campbell. Portland; Charles P. Davis, Brunswick; Jacob L. Davis, New Gloucester; Samuel Davis, Freeport; Rufus Dcering. Portland: Nathan Dyer, Cape Eliza beth; George M. Farewell, Cumberland; Nathan R. Flint, Baldwin. 2d Jury.—Henry Green, Freeport, Foreman; An drew 11. Gay, Casco; Jpelcrick Gilkey, Gorham; John Greene, Naples; Anthony S. Hatch, Portland: Samuel Hawkes, Windham; I!. Pride, Westbrook; James B. Barker, Brunswick; Asa A. Lufkin, North Yarmouth; Henry Moulton, Scarboro1; Jas. Monnt ftrt, Portland; Wm. Perley, Harrison. The following arraignments took jilacc: Amos C. Cripps assault and battery on Thomas Quirk. Plea not guilty. Mark Roach, John Sullivan and John Maguire, lar ceny of twelve Iron rods from the Eastern Cemetery. Pleas not guilty. William H. Bradcen, larceny of an overcoat from Hampden Spiller. Plea not guilty. Henry Brown, larceny of nineteen shawls from the store of George W. Woodman at the time of the groat fire. Plea not guilty. John A. Stoyell, for enticing a female from her home for the purposes of prostitution. He waived the rea ling of the indictment and pleaded not guilty Simeon Howard and Dennis Haley, breaking and entering the store of Charles F. Duran. Howard pleaded not guilty; Haley ploadcd guilty. James Kelley, assault and robbing Sarah G. Evans. Plea not guilty. Michael Callighan and Edwin Eda m, against whom no bills were found, were discharged iroin their re cognizances and permitted to go without day. Mark Sullivan, f >r arson, in setting fire to ilie dwel ling house of Edward Slavin in the night time. Plea not guilty. Edwin Stackpole, for mischievously taking a boat, was fined $10 without costs. In a* afternoon Mark Roach, John Sullivan and John Maguire were placed at the bar for trial, on the indictment found against them for larceny of iron rods from the Eastern Cemetery. Under fdvico from Mr. O’Donnell, tlieir connsel, they refracted their plea of not guilty and pleaded gniltv. Sentence was deferred. Court then adjourned to Friday morn ing at 10 o’clock. MUNICIPAL COURT. JUDGE KINGSBURY PRESIDING, Thursday.—Isaac Dyer, for obstructing Coruiner cial street with lumber, was fined is and costs. Thu Plasterers' Mtriku. Mr. Editor:—A few words in regard to the late strike oi the Journeymen Plasterers’Union oi this city, may be of service to builders anil the public generally, as reports derogatory to the Union have been freely * circulated by 'our late employers. There has been a series of resolutions adopted by U3 some two weeks ago, of which the several employers received a copy, warning them against employing brick layers to do plastering, thereby iniringin^ on our trade. As a firm in this city has seen fit to employ bricklayers on their work, in direct opposition to the resolutions passed by us, we feel it onr duty to the trade generally, to resist this ag gression on our rights. We are now prepared to furnish bnilders and the public with any number of first class plasterers at short notice. See advertisement m another column. (Signed) Plasterers’ Protective Union. Portland, Deo. Gth, 18GG. Explosion at the Glass Works.—One of the “glory holes”—a small furnace in the heat er, fed by oil—at the Glass Works, exploded Tuesday, shaking the brick work upon which stood the oil tank, and injuring eight of the employees, four of them badly, hut not fatally. One of them, a boy, was taken to the hospital, and the others were well cared for. As the ex plosion was a gaseous one, it is supposed the vents had become choked so that the gas could not escape. The works were not hindered in manufacture by the accident. One workman states that in his experience of thirty years in glass works, he has never heard of but one case of this kind previous to the present one. Hungarian Halm.—Mr. John M. Todd, man ufacturer of Hungarian Balm, has received among many other certificates of its useful ef fects upon the headgmd hair, the following: „ Harrison, Oct 24,18(16. Mr. Todd—Sir: Having lost my hair four teen years ago, by sickness, and since that time tried many hair tonics, I gave up in des pair. But I heard of your Hungarian Balm, and was prevailed upon to try it last July.— I am happy to say that I have uow on my head a fine growth oi hair, where, for fourteen years, it was as bald as your hand. I recommend the Balm for all bald heads. Yours truly, [G. E. Frisbee. Good Templars.—The Good Templars of this city will meet in convention at Little Falls, Gorham, on Wednesday next, 11th inst., at two o'clock in the afternoon, and hold a session in the evening, which will be open to the public' It is hoped that Good Templars in the county will generally he present, whether specially delegated or not, and that other friends of tem perance will be at the evening meeting, to which they are cordially invited. Good sing ing and good speaking are promised. Larceny.—Officer Williams yesterday ar rested a girl named Rosa Brown, for larceny of a watch, chain and some ladies’ wearing ap parel from the house of Mr. John Curley on Fore street, where she had been residing. The property was recovered and the girl was lock ed up for examination. Some time since, the same girl was arrested ior larceny from a house at which she had been working, but was let off on promise of good behaviour in fu ture. New Dancing Hall.—In the beautiful block of stores erected by Hon. J. B. Brown, on the corner of Congress.and Brown Streets, the up per stories arc (arranged for dancing parties, and will bo handsomely fitted up for the use o social assemblies. Workmen arc now engaged in finishing the interior of this block. The corner store is to be occupied by Messrs. Lowell & Scnter, and the upper one by Messrs. Crosman & Morrison The second story will be arranged for offices. In the early settlement of our country the greatest anxiety was, how onr people could get cuough of good wholesome food. Now the manner of living has changed, so that many people really suffer, and enough of every kind around them. Why is this? It is because their food distresses them. Buy one bottle of Main’s Elderberry Wine and you will get relief. Then buy a case. dec4tf Every Saturday for this week, containing the whole of Dickens’ Christmas story; “Mug by Junction,” is for sale b.v C. R. Chisholm & Brother, 307 Congress Street. Mortality of Portland.-—The whole num ber of deaths m this city during the month of November was 48; of these there died of Consumption;; Disease of the Heart 2:„. II in of l: >wels2; Typhoid i'ever «; Old Age *;■ ~ ease of Liver I; lulautile 2; Casualty 1; Long* K,.Vl r 4; Croup.".; Canker I; Whooping Cough 4: Burned 1;; Congestion of liraiul; Tumor 1; Dropsy Brain 1; Cancer 1; Dropsy 1; Congestion or Lungs I; Unknown 4; Still-born'S.—Total 4k. dyes.—Under 6 years ly; between 5 and 10,4; be tween ID ami 20, s'; between 20 and 30,3; between30 and 4o. 5; between hi and 00, 1; between 30:uid ou, 2; between 60 and 70,1; between 70 and (to, 3; between 80 and 90,1; between Island 104, 1; Unknown, 1; Still-born, 2.—Total 48. Sexes.—Males 27; females Hi; Still-lmm, 2.—Total *• . Louih BtTNOE, Superintendent of Burials. OB3TBDCTINO Stueets.—It will be noticed in our Court reports that our fellow citizen Isaac Dyer was yesterday obliged it. pay n fine for obstructing Commercial Street with lnm I’er. Now, ‘ lair play is a jewel," and <• what is sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander.” Mr. Dyer is no more culpable than many others on that and other streets; and as proceedings have been commenced, we hojie they will la carried out until people begin to learn that they caunot obstruct the streets and go unpun ished. Signs.—II any person wishes tu see speci mens of Beale’s handsome signs, let them go through Exchange Street and notice the many he has already put up. There are many more to come from this establishment. The signs of Warren Sparrow, or. the Bank of Cumberland building, arc deserving of notice for the taste and beauty displayed in their execution. Apples.—Mr. J. M irtin, of Buxton, has ex hibited to us a specimen of apples which lie calls “hard heads,” winch will keep through more than one season. One of the apples was ot the growth of 1865. It was quite hard, had suffered no decay, and tasted as well as fruit that has been picked six months. Deserters.—During the absence of the mate, and while the bark Devonshire was an chored in the stream, on Frid y, two of the seamen took the boat, came on shore and se en ted themselves until the vessel sailed. They were arrested yesterday afternoon. Insurance.—Mr. -i. IT. Webster continues the insurance business in which he was con nected with his late father, and has the agency of the several offices which the firm had. Seizures. — Yesterday, the police seized small quantities of liquor from S. Chadwick, Alden Duntou and .Tohn O. Neal. THU (STATE. — The Aroostook Pioneer doses its ninth vol ume with this week’s issue. Ttseditor indulges in some expressions ot natural self-gratulution on the success which has attended his some what bold enterprise of establishing a newspa per in that remote section, and makes the pleasing announcement that the prospects of the Pioneer were never more flattering than at the present time. He has recently associated with him in the editorial department Mr. Geo. Curtis, and proposes to mike the paper better than ever before. It is already a good one, and we wish for it a fall measure of prosperity. —The ciiizens of Gardiner have called a meeting for Saturday to discuss the matter of the AViscasset railroad, which they areso desir ous to have terminate at Richmond inst"ad of Bath. —The Union says the lumbering products of Machias River, including East Machias, will this year reach very nearly 60,000,000. Besides the manufactured lumber quite large quantities of piles, spars, posts &c. are shipped from the vicinity. —The Skuwhegau Clarion says that Ate «ts. Gould & Staples of that place, have invented a new kind of car couplings, which will do away with all the danger attending those now in use. —AVe learn that the steamer Katalidin ran upon a ledge while coming out of Camden har bor ou her up trip yesterday, sustaining slight injury. She arrived at lnr wharf at eight o clock .—Bangor Whitj. —The AVhig is informed that Capt. Fred. C. Low, ol the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, has re ceived his promotion to the rank of brevet Ma jor, to take rank from March, 1KR& Capt. Low was iu every engagement in which the regi ment took part —The Machias Union says that a large num ber of teams,have gone into the woods. Trite mild weather is generally disadvantageous to lumbering operations. Teams are usually in the woods by the last week in November have not yet started. —A railroad is in contemplation to start from Fishon’s Ferry on tho Kennebec, and passing along the valley, through Canaan, Hartland, and St Albans to Dexter, giving to the rich mineral county of Piscataquis a pleas ant outlet to the railroad world, by a cornice - tion with the Portland & Kennebec Railroad. The preli.ninary reconnoissance is said to he very favorable. —The Bath Times ‘ pokes fun” at us for ti e blunder of a sleepy “night hand” in making up his form. AVait awliiie, brothers; you’ve just begun; perhaps you’ll learn that accidents happen in the best reguIatedTamilies. —The New Masonic Hall in Augusta was dedicated on Tuesday by Grand Master T. J. Murray of this city, assisted by other members of the Grand Lodge. The escort of Knights Templars embraced delegations from five Coal man leries and two Encampments. A great number of Lodges were represented. —Several accidents to unwary skaters are re ported in different quarters. Thy ieois not yet strong. —The Lewiston Journal says that a kero sene lamp exploded Monday evening in the house of Salmon Brewster, at Leeds, throwing the oil over the floor and table on which the lamp rested. As good fortune “would have it” no person was iu the room at tho time. Mrs. B. heard the noise of the explosion and went into the room whence it proceeded, when she found the floor and table in a blaze. George IV. and Bgbthovkn.—A great many ugly stories have been told of George IV. of England, but it scorns that another is to be added, to the effect that he swindled Beethoven. The latter writes, in 1815, to a London correspondent: Perhaps you may also be able lo point out to me in what way I can recover from the Prince Eegent (afterward George IV.) the ex ponses ot transcribing the “Battle Sym I! i- on V ellington*8 victory at VittoriiC, to be ded cated to him, for I have long since given up all hope of receiving anything from that quarter. I have not been detuned worthy oi an answer, whether I am to be authorized to dedicate the work to the Prince Kegent; and when at last I propose to publish it here, I am informed that it has already appeared in Lon don. W hat a fatality for an author! While the English and Get man papers are filled with accounts of the success of the work, as performed at Drury Lrtne, and that theatre drawing great receipts tirpm it, the author h i not 0110 friendly line to show not even payment for the cost of copying -the work, and is thus deprived of all profit. For if it he true that the piano-forte arrang«rment is soon to bo pub lished by a German im Wisher, copied from the London one, then I W both my fame an 1 my honorarium. A Straw.—The RaLiigh (N. 0.) Stamford, owned and edited by .(be former Provisional Governor, Holden, bn,up faith in the present State governments of tWb South. It says: “Let Congress conigumre do novo. Let the new government, lie Unruled on the rock of loyally, and nut, aa »haaixi»tiug experiment* are, on the shifting sRtKip&fsecession and treas on. We think the loyatjieople of North Caro- ‘ ilna are competent to govern themselves. They feel that they, at least, -have not forfeited the right to govern thfiuseljia. They are tired of exp rjments. They hdrafepressed and afflicted by the rule of mtUconM&ts and traitors, who have at length worked their way to the head of these experiments. ThAv desire permanent civ il governments on a thoroughly loyal basis, and they look to Congress W effect this result. Let it be done at once. Wo can hope for no peace and no prosperity until it is done.” —Deer are reported to bo making their ap pearance quite boldly in the northern portion of New Hampshire. VARIETIES. —A writer in the Danville (Va.) Register nominates Gen. Robert K. Lee for the next Governor of Virginia. The election will b.i »‘*M in May u**xt. — The Chinese at Pekin have been eleven nonths without rain or snow. This is in Chi be avert* 1 ealatnity, which la sought ft. etnoniPK ' t* fi*8tlMf!’ P™yor and expiatory cor • In the summer of 18114 the drought a'vowl?"* lh“f *he El"Peror bimsett made f 7 * bU <‘on'l“<=‘ be more anxmu- for the welfare of his people." The great exhibition oftSfif is beginnin t to frighten the 1 ansians. The p, opie fe ,r lest there 1m a famine in Pari Unless the government makes an effort to keep Up the supply, the country people will not. a,„i , tradesmen, it is thought, cannot. —At a literary dinner in Loudon, where Thackeray and Angus B. 1 teach were iU a cU at the table, Thackeray—who had never Uefo-e met Mr. iteach—addressed him as Mr. Ruacli, pronouncing the uauio us its orthograph would naturally indicate, ‘ iie-ach, sir—K. aeh, it you please,” said Mr. Reach, who i t punctilious npou having his name pronounced in two syllables, as it it spelled Re-ak.— Thackeray, ot course, apologized and cor rected bis pronunciation; but in the c atrso </ the dessert ha took occasion to hand a plate oJ poaches across the table, saying In a ton t whi* ii omy lie possesses!. -Mr. Re-nk, will you have a pe-;ik'.>" Whether Mr. lle-ak t-sik a pe-ak or . pi<iue, is not recorded, —Anna Dickinson is seriously ill iu Ibiimi . —A Washington correspondent - iys a friend asked the President a lew days ago wlrtdhi : his alleged remark about -losing his head tik i •Tames the Second” was not a blunder of t!vi reporter rather than of the President hints*,:*, ‘ Certainly it was” said Mr. Johnson, ‘ the' whole press of the country s-om-d to ho bought up to misrepresent what I sai l and f.> make me appear ridiculous in the e\ es pf t!i i world. I never said that James the Second lost his head. It wa« Charlet ihe Second t spoke of.” —One of the saw-mills at TTtsalady, Wash ington territory, has prepared a spar tweh i inches ill diameter at the Inigo end, and &IJ ) hundred aud filty feet long, for the Exhibit', i at Paris. —AParis letter says, “A great s'ir has bee i raised in the Latin Quarter by the arrest id fort.v-seven students, who were led eif mtu. cled to prison to answer to the aceu . - lien of belonging to a secret society. At these young men a;* all .Republicans it will probably go barti with them. There word some demonstratioas hostile to tiro govern* ment at the opening of th» Medical Lectures, and several of the young men arrested wets implicated in the disorder.” Mu. SuM-VEit’a XUcoNSTnuoTiov P.esolc X10.N8.—The following aro tho resolutions on reconstruction offered by M:*. Sumnoriutba Senate, on Tuesday, to which reference ij made in tho telegraphic summary of tho pTo-eed;:. a in Congress: First, That in tlie work of reconstruction t is important that no false step should lie taken iutorpo-ung obstacle or delay, hut that oy caro tid provisions wo should make haste to coiii Jilete the work so that the unity »t the R«nu' licshall lie secured ou pc m..n<-ut foundatjon* and fra torn il relations *Ji ho .me more . sta ► lisle d among the people ti.crccf. Second, That this can be accomplished on ly by Iplhiwiug the guiding principles of our institutions as declared by our fathers when the republic was tunned, and that any neglect or forgetfulness of these guiding principles must postpone the establishment of union jus tice, domestic tranquility, tin general welia • and the blessings ,,f Ubetty, who h are the > «• rlareiPohjceis of the Constitution and (hers for- crust he the essential object of rcconstruo* turn itself. a.iiro. That this work of rerun.truciion muaft he ciiD'lio tod hy Congress anil under its con stant supervision. That under tfo. Constitu tion Congress is solemnly bound in assume ^li1'1,!'rd'oesi'iildy, and that in the pcrforuiancs ot this duty it must see that everywhere throughout the rebel communities loyalty" is protected aud advanced while tho new govern ments are fashioned according to the requiri meats of a Christian Commonwealth, so that order, tranquility, edne.ition and numun ri^ht i Shalt prevail within tl. ir borders. Fourth, That in determining what is a r< publican form of government, Congress uiu.-1 eo-ow implicitly tho deftuitiou supplied by tb ) Declaration of Independence, ami in the pr»< - ticul application 01 this definition it must ex cluding all disloyal persons, take care that new governments are founded on tbeAindc niental truths therein contained. First that all men aro equal in rights; and secondly that all just government stands only ou the consent of the governed. Fifth, That all proceedings with a view to re construction originating in executive power are in the nature ol usurpation; that this usiit-: pation becomes especially offensive when is sets aside the fundamental truths of our insti tutions; that it is shocking to common sen- r when it undertakes to derive new governmen't from that hostile population which has jn-s beeu engaged iu aruiod relielliou, aud that alt governments having such origin are necessari lv illegal and void, Sixth, Tltat it is tho duty of Congress to pro ceed with the work of reconstruction, and t • this end it must assume jurisdiction of tin Status lately in rebellion, except so far as tile a jurisdiction may have renounced an t it must recognize only the loyal States ortho- > States having legal and valid legislatures, a i entitled to representation in Congress, or to a voiee in the adoption of constitutional amend ments. Tire Pa ms Kaimmox.-'The ship Harp - woll which has been engaged to carry to Havi x from the United States articles designed for the Paris Universal F.xhibition, is nnwloadin j iu New York and will probably sail this wed.! She leu now ou board between one aud tw » hundred cases, boxes, parcels machines, &. from various parts of tho United States. T" « applications to Mr. J. 0. Derby, general agec g for space at the Kxhibition havo beeu so nu merous that about one-half of them wili liai s to bo rejected. Among the articles are ~t' cultural implement* of various kind*, tnod- s of machines, very namorous manufactur i, classed as “,” and specimens 4 handier lit illustrating the ingenuity of Amur - can artificers. Therein au army wagou, an l aiso a cannon, and instruments of war in box es from the United States military storehous. i. Surgeon General Barnes has forwarded ma: y cases of articles from the medical departm i t of the service. It is understood that other d.v partmonts will be represented at the Exhibi tion. An American restaurant and drinking s t loou will he one of tho features of the Unit, d States department of the Exhibition. It w U eomjnito a restaurant proper, a bar with t ► haceo and cigars, and fountains of soda aid mineral waters. The Imperial Commissi* a favors tho project. It is promised that this restaurant and saloon shall he “purely untie i al iu character.” In connection with it various articles are to bo exhibited, such as rang a, cooking utensils, cutlery, cream-ftce*er ,ip o imetis of Hour, oorn-meal, max to, domesiio wines, and many ocher things. In accordance with the request of the co: a uiissioners, expre-scd through Mr. Beckwvb, that a delegation of the aborigines of lie.til America should be ecu: to I'aris, tgj Cell .11 § Sioner for Minnesota aud the teriifhrie. of Tar kota and Idaho haa been invited to take the necessary measures to carry out tbis project. In consequence, a tronp; of Indians, m n. women and children, will embark on the 1( th of March next, with their wigwams, thofr , 0. mestio utensil'!, their implements of war, cl a, to represent the Iforthwi ?t at the Expositi >n of 18G7. _ Mm.aj»choit Studexts. It is annonn id that the Facility of Yale College havu forbol den the Beethoven Society to give anv puhllo concerts in future. The * indents r- 'Uetin ly acuntese. .1 ;u the inter iirenre with the honors to Undid; they do not open the 'c mouths when the pleasant eounrlsof "Fow-v ,-.v” , ;rH pl;Ji, cd; thov respected the motives which deliv r ed Freshmen from all their fears, and in de “hazing" amt otiier venerable customs pe tal o(fences; they submitted to tho success re ukases which foib.ide foot-ball,base-lull, sn. w halling, playing marblea, and pitching penn ec ou the college grounds; but (hey hors'd t' at the spirit of innovation would he satisfied v th these sacrifices. They were mistaken, sad there is mourning in the halls of Yalo.