Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, December 8, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated December 8, 1866 Page 3
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tW^KTWBHfclftP. Dtimlution 6f Copur tntnhtp copartic”lld®r 1 name cm CALVIN KDVtrAUD.» & CO., Im• tlii# »iar dissolved by mutual consent. All persons hold ng bills again ut the firm, are ream sted to present them fur pay me at, and those indebted will please call aud settle at 337 Congress Street, CALVIN EDWARDS. WILLIAM Q. TWOMBLY. 'f be subset lb*.r having obtained the bee store No. 337 Congress Street, v. ill continue the business, aad will keep constantly on hand PI A N O F( )RTES froiu tlie BEST MAN CFACTORIES, among them the Celebrated Steinway Instrument, which lie can sell at the manufacturer's I.OVB8T PKie*S. Also, a good assortment of OBGANS and MELODE ONb. OLD PIANOS taken to exchange. Orders for tuning ami repairing promptly at tended to. win< 0, TWOMBLV. November 20,dtt _ _____ Copartnership Notice t New l*rovssion Store. rpHE .nbacribera have this day formed aCo-nart L ncrahlp under Ihe name of H IXNIIIP ft LBliillTO.V) for the transaction of Provision & Countrv Produce Business, and have taken the Store No. MSB Con^KMi bttfcl. recently occupied by Mr. Win. M. WISWELJ., and hope by strict atten tion to busineas and fair dealing, to merit and secure a (air share of patronage. EDMUND WINSHIP, ANDREW LEIGHTON. Portland, Nov. 12,1866. nov 22 d3w Copartnership Notice. rpHE undersigned have this day termed a copal tr I uership in business under the name of IPI111H A ADAMS, For the transaction ot a general C< inn ission Bus! nc» ', ami have take the Store aud Counting Bo«bu lately occupied by Messrs. E. K. UPHAM & SON. bead oi Kieha id son's Whan. Liberal advances made, and con ignhients solicited. K. K. UPHAM, ictblli CtlAS. H. ADAMS. Copartnership Notice. rpiir undersigned hare this day formed a co X partnerahp under the style and firm of Morgan, Dyer & Co., And have purchased ot Messrs. LORD & CRAW FoRI) tiieir Stock and ease of store No. 143 Commercial Street, For the purpose ol transactinga geueral wholesale business in W. I. Goods, Groceries, Flour and Provisions, uAf~Coujigiiuicnts of Cooperage. 1 .umber, Country Produce. Asolicited, and shall receive personal and prompt attention. A. P. MORGAN. J. W. DYER, J. E. HANNAFORD. Po *t. and, Sept 1»1,1866. sepS&dtl Copart tie t ‘sh ip Notice, THE undersigned have this day formed a copart nership under the name of O’Brion, Pierce & Co., for the purpose of doing a wholesale Hour and Grain Business, as successors oi L. & E. A. O’Brion, No. 152 Commercial street, and hope by strict atten tion to business and fair dealings to merit and re ceive a fair share of patronage. LEWIS O’Brion, Edwin A. o’Bkiox, sep 4d3m n Marshall Pierce. auru.ULiLS. III ■ — WWIBI ■ .-atMM—JM—■—I— Leach, Parker & Co. Would respectfully invite purciiasers of UBV GOODS! to call and examine tlicir GOODS AND PRICES before making their selections. We have one of the best stocks of Fall and Winter Dry Goods Ever opened in this city, and we feel confident that our prices will be toun J to compare favorably with tHrae of any other establishment. We liavc in stock a beautiful line of Dress Goods of every variety, such as BKAliTIFt L COI.OBKB NILKg, PLAIN AND FICl ’D BLACK BULKS, Bit'll SILK AND WOOL FOPLI.NS, FUNK ALL WOOL POPLINS, PLAID He STRIPED WOOL POPLINS, BLACK ALPACCA, COLORED ALPACCA, TIIIRETS in all abaffes, Ac,, Arc, NVc have also a full line of Housekeeping Goods ! Table Linens, in bleached, half bleached and brown, Bleached and Brown Covers, Napkins and Doylies. English Toilet Quilts, Manchester, Lancaster and Bates Quiits. BLANKETS / all qualities, very cheap. Domestics, Hosiery and Gloves J F L AOE L 8 ! A complete assortment. Anil a full stock of Beavers,'Pilot Cloths, Broad cloths, Tricots, Tweeds, Docslcius and Cnssimeres both Plain and Fancy, and all at the LOWEST CA_SH PRICES ! Wc would also call special attention to our fine se lection of C L O A KS —A.XD— _ CLOAKING MA TEBIALS every descri.-cion, which wc arc able to furnish at WHOLESALE OR RETAIL, Having engaged some of the best Cloak makers in the city, wc are pn pared to manufacture LADIBS’ AAI) C HILDRENS’ Outside Garments at short notice and in all the newest styles. NO. 5 DEERING BLOCK, CONGRESS STREET. oct23_ dtf CBNTLKJIBN MTSIIINO Clothing Cleansed / AND REPAIRED, Cannot find a place where it can lie done more to their satisfaction than at No. 20 Temple Street, Second Door from-Congress st. livery Garment -a ill receive prompt and faith ful attention. Ltidics’ Sacqnes ! CLEANSED IN FIRST CLASS STYLE 1 ■lj ■ (jive ine a trial and I will endeavor to please. CHARLES II. IHAnONEL ry II igheut Cash price paid for cast-off Clothing. Nov 21—,13m. __ __ JUST RECEIVED l A hu ge lot of /.I.Vf1 V goods 1 Foreign ami Domestic Perfumeries, Pomades, Hair Brushes, Pocket ami Toilet Combs, Soaps, Puff-Box es, Tooth Brushes, Portmonnaies, composing one of the very host stocks erer offered in the Port land Market! Of Also a superior stock of pore Drugs and Medi cines. OJTAll the Choice Brands oflmportod and Domes tic Cigars. ROLliINS & GILKEY, Corner Congress nail Preble Sis, no27dlw*eodlw Old Stand of E. DANA, Jr. Eaton Family School. mOSKIDOEVnCK, ME. ritHE Winter Term of the Eaton Family I. School will commence the Second Monday in Isccetnber, to continue niirtecn Weeks. H. F. EATON, Principal. nov. 29 (14w .I iiiii u »].!, j i. Bniono. R00F1XQ tUt PLATES IN BOND. I*helpH, Dodge & Co., NEW 18BK, Otter for sale, In lots to suit buyers, TIN AND VERNE PTATE8, *“ »»•“<•» •*’ •la,> ‘*oid- jecs 2w j Wholesale and Retail. ■" Hines j mAAo DYER. augilU'_Wo. flj Union Wliaif. threat InducementN WOK PARTIES W.'SHINO XO BUILD. . fTlHE subscribers otter fur sale a lar ge quantity oi X desirable buihiipg lots in tire West End oi the ! ^}$y» lyid? on V a ugh an. Pine, Neal, Caritou. Thomas, West, Emery, Cushman, Lewis, firainhall, Monu ! naent, Danfortli. Orange a ad Salem Streets. Tuev will sell on a credit of from one to ten years, d desircu uy tnc purcitasers. From parlies who build immediately, 04 sh pa k diems hf.qlirfd. Apply at the office o the subscribers, where lull , paitii'.uiavs may be obtained. .1. B. BROWN & SONS. Portland, May 3. idCi. <oa 5tf ABCHITECTIKF A KPfGINBEB1NO. Messrs. ANDERSON. BONNE LL if CO., have made arrangements with Mr. STEAD, an Architect of established reputation, and will In fhlure carnr on Architecture with their business as Engineers. Par : ties intending to build are invited 10 call at their office, No, 306 Congress street, and examine eleva tions and plans 01 churches, banks, stores, blocks ot buildings, 4-c. j 12 WM. H. WALKER, 241 COMMERCIAIi STREET, Foot of Maple Street. General Agent for the State for 11. w. j o 11 n s > Improved Roofing, For buildings oi all kinds. CAR and STEAM BOAT DECKING. ROOFING CEMENT, for coat ing and repairing all kinds oi roofs. PRESERVA TIVE PAINT for bon and woodwork, Metal Roofs, &c. COMPOUND CEMENT, for repairing leaky shingled roots. BLACK VARNISH, for Ornamen tal Iron work &c. Full descriptions, c rcular. prices, Ax. furnished by mail or on application at the office, where samples and testimonials can t e seen. scp12dtf Notice Extra! ANDERSON & CO., Have Removed ! TO THEIR NEW STORE 333 Congress Street, v. AND HAVE OPENED THE BEST ASSORTMENT — or HOOP SKIRTS - AND - CORSETS EVER OFFERED TO THE Ladies of* Portland! The Prices will be such as to Defy all Competition. Ladies, c*me and see onr New Store. Our facilities for purchasing iu quantity and manu facturing are such that we can gunrantcee a j Saviny of Twenty per Cent. TO THE SEVER, ON ALL GOODS WE SELL! j Come and See and be Convinced! Cgr'Fiad out our New Store uud you will be Money in Pocket. ANDERSON & CO., 333 CONGRESS STREET, 333, ABOVE CASCO. Nov 17—dim Brick Machines ! The undersigned manufacture Blalce’s Patent Brick Machines, and believe them to be the best Brick Machine.!n use tor several reasons; 1st, their simplicity of construc tion, rendering them sure in I heir operation, and not liable to get out of repair; ?nd, the amount ot work done by each machine daily, and finally, the low price tor which they are Fold. These Mi chine 3 are the only ones ured by the Bay State Brick Company of Boston, in their ox torsive Brick Yanis where 350 M are mdnnfhcturj 1 in a day by eacu machine, turning out 12 M in about eight hours. We also manufacture Blake’s Patent Steam Pumps, one of which was used to Iced the boiler in the late Mechani. ’s Exhibition, and received a Medal. The Committee of Examination say ot it, that he ar rangementoi the valve* is such, that the steam Is always in communication with the piston in one end or the other of the cylinder, which renders it certain ani positive in its operation. GEO. F. BLAKE * C<)., sepl2d3m14 Province St. Boston. , juhjn nimaMAa DEALER IN . a v n FIXTURES —AT— 25 Union St., PORTLAND. Aug 20 dtf CALIFORNIA CHEAP JOHN 333 Congress Street, RESPECTFULLY invites all to call and exam ine the large and assorted stock of CLOTHING ! HATS AND CAPS! Boots, Furnishing1 Goods T CUTLERY, HOSIERY, YANKEE NOTIONS, Ac. , Ac. , Which will b? sold Cheaper than the Cheapest. J. NEWMAN. Portland, Nov. 22, d3w Notice. THE undersigned having purchased the Bakery, &c., of Mr. R. Kent, will continue the BAKING BUSINESS AT THJS OLD STAND, NO. 107 FORE, COR. VINK STREET, Where'we shall be haapy to see our old customers, and as many new ones as may favor ub with their pat ronage. PEARSON & SM1TH7 October 1,1806. dtf The subscriber having disposed of his Bakery to Messrs. Pearson & Smith, would cheerfully recom mend them to ids former patrons, being assured that, from their well knowirteputaiion, they will combine the business acceptably. And he will take this opportunity to gratefully ac knowledge the many favors bestowed ufion him by his patrons for many vears. REUBEN KENT. October 1,18C0. dtf ■ anmon Dopper to., ESTABLISHED 1831. Colter, Yellow Metal and Zin< Sheathing and Hails, (topper and Yellow Metal Bolta and Spikes. Dimension nod Braziers Copper rolled to order. Foi rale at New York and Boston prices by LYMAN, SON * TOBEY, Agents. llDCoramcrcia Street. Portland. Sept. 21,18CC.___dtl Portable Steam Engines, ClOMBlNlNG the Maximum of efficiency, dura J bility and economy with the minimum m weight and price. They are widely and tavorably known, more than BOO bringin nse. All warranted satis faatiz-v, or no sale. Descriptive circulars sent on application, address A. C. HOADl.EY A CO. Lawrence, Mass. Nov, c. 1800 amd __ m Horses for Sale. A T the Horse Railroad Stable 10 or 12 low priced IT Horses. oc8eod2m MEBCHASmsr. $8. CUE AX COAL I $8. \*fK can flow offer nice COBSTNUT COAL ? t at £K.Ojfj>cr ton, delivered at any part of the city. Also for sale at the lowest market price. Old Co. Lehigh, SUGAli LOAF LEHIGH, For FiirnaccK. For Ranges axul Cook Stoves, Jobu'. White Abb, Diamsud, Red A*h, which are free of all impurities and very nice. Also Cumber laud ! A cargo just landed, fresh mined, for Blacksmith use. Leliigli Lump, for Foundry Use! ♦We keep constantly on liaml a ftill assortment ot C hoice Family Coal. Those wishing to pur chase large lots will do well to give us a call before purchasing. HARD AM) SOFT WOOD Delivered at roiy part of the city at short notice ltandall, McAllister & Co., No. 60 COMMERCIAL ST., oc23dtf 'di Head of Maine Wharf. - WHITE ASH COAL. \\JE have about Fifty Tons White Ash Coal, egg V ? size, which will be sold low FLETCHER & CO., 159 Commercial Street. Dec 4, 1800. dec5d3w Forge Coal. NOW landing from sohr. John Crocker, 3C3 tons prime CUMBERLA ND COAL, ft m (lie Midland mines. It is fresh mined, uf extra strength, and just the article lor heavy work. Also the usnal variety oi Anthracites, viz:— J, r:n Hill—Ilarlcigh, L liigli Nav. Co’s. Hazcllon nnd Sugar Loaf. Wnm: Asn—Locust Mountain, Johns’ and Broad Moantaiu. Ri:j> Ash—New England &c, JAMES H. BAKER. scplftltf Richardson’s Whnrl. Coal, < 'oal, Coal. JUST RECEIVED and lor sale by the undersigned at their Whurf, Cor. Franklin Wharf & Commercial St. 275 Tons Hazelton Lehigh, BROKEN ANt> EGO SIZE. 300 TONS LOCUST MOUNTAIN EGO AN I, STOVE SIZE. 200 TONS LOBEHY, Free burning and VERY PUKE, and all Unit White and Red Ash Coal. These Coals are ol the very best quality, an.i -ear anted to give eatisiaction. Also. 600 rords ot best quality of HARD aae SOFT WOOD, which we will sell at the vary lowest prioe and deliver it to any part ol the city al short notice. Hr-Give us a call and tty ns. * S. ROUNDS & SON. Jan Iqtfi—dtf COAL, COAL. COAL, -AKD ■ ■ ) w o o r> t GEO. GILMAN & CO., Head Union Wharf, HAVE taken the stand lormerly occupied by the CONSUMERS’ MUTUAL COAL CO., and are now prepared to furnish the different varieties of COAL AND WOOD! OF TlfF, BEST QUALITY, Delivered in any part ot the citi which we will 6cl! at the LOWEST CASH PRICES. We are now dis charging from vessels Red Ash, Egg and Stove, free burning and pure: While Ash. Egg and Stove Also Lehigb, of the different sizes, fo» furnace .and store. Our Coals are kept under cover, screened and dc liverad in the best possible manlier. We intend to spare no effor on our part to please those wlio may patronize us with their orders. June II—dti WOOD! WOOD! WOOD! The subscribers lias just received a lot of good NOVA SCOTIA WOOD l and intend to keep constantly on hand the various kinds and quality to offer their customers at the low est cash price. HEAD UNION WHARF, SUVIEOK SHCBTLEPF & CO. j 2dtl Southern Pine Lumber WE are prepared to execute orders lor SOUTH. ERN PIKE LUMBER, by the cargo, deliver ed with dispatch at any convenient port. RYAN &. DAVIS April 17—dtf_ 161 Commercial St. Pork mi cl Lard. 50 BAs Northern Extra Clear Porli 50 “ “ Clear Pork, 25 “ *• “ “ Backs 50 Tierces Prime Leaf Lard. 50 Tubs Prime Leaf Lard. For sole Low by FLETCHER & Co., 159 Commercial St. Dec C, 18GG. dec7d3w saint JLonis jt ioar: i CHOICE New Wheat Family Flour of the most celebrated brands. T. Harrison & Co,. Plants Caylf, Brilliant XXX, Piclator, Traiiical, Aniaranto, Whitmore, FOE SALE BY Churchill, Browns & Manson augTdtf jTrinidad Molasses. 1 PA HHDS. PRIME QUALITY TRINIDAD lOU MOLA SSES for sale by LYNCH, BARKER & CO., nov23dtf 139 Commercial Street. Dirty Salt. HHDS Dirty Salt, fur sale by WALDRON & TRUE, dcod2w* Non. 4 and S Union Wharf. Lea Ac Perrins’ C £11. E B BAT ED Worcestershire Sauce 1 pronounced BY _ EXTRACT Connoissesirs of a letter from a To be Medical Gentleman The “Only a* Madras, to his Brother at Good Sauce !” Worcester, May, 1831. “Tell Lea & Per And applicable to rins that* their Sauce is highly esteemed in EVERY VARIETY India, and is in my opinion the most pal of atable as well as the most wholesome DISH. Sauce that is made.” The success ol this most delicious and unrivaled condiment having caused many unprincipled dealers to apply the name to Spurious Compounds, the pub lic is respectfully and earnestly requested to see that the names ot Lea & Perrins are upon the Wrap per, Label, Stopper and Bottle. Manufactured by LEA &• PERRINS, Worcester. John Duncan’s Sons, NEW YORK, Agents for tlie United States. oclTdly asl y Congress St, Portland, ^ Marne. • L. B. FOLLETTE, HO SI E It r AND GLOVES, HOOP SKIBT8 A HD OOBSETS, Ladies’ & Children’s Underflannels, „ , WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. SI ar lb—iltf To Capitalists! A PROPRIETOR Of n very extensive Coal proper ty of lour square nules, containing many seams or Bituminous and oil coal at Nova Seotia.wisbesfora partner with a Capital af Fifteen Thonaand Dollars. Inquire of JAMES WHITE, 77 Washington at Boston. no28d2w mWCBLUKEOll, To the Ladies of Portland and Vicinity! ojt.i.m ^viLL ^.vo wijvteh OPENING OF GOODS! Ow Monday, October 29, 1866, -for LABI ES’ OVER-COATH ! IHA VE just completed my arrangements to resume the manu&cture of Ladies’Over Garments for the 1?all and Winter, and have selected the largest and ohoioest stock ofgoo<b ever ottered In Portland, com prising every style, color and fabric known to the trade, and having secured the services ot * MADAME LANKTON, • To lake charge of the cutting and fitting department, 1 think i can assure the Ladies ot Portland I can give them as good a style garments as they can procure in any other city. {T p Madame Lankton has had charge of Chandler’s large Cloak Establishment, on Winter street, Bos ton, tor the last three or four years, and is competent to cut and fit any Lady’s Over Garments, of anv style, in the most desirable manner. * 3 PLEASE GIVE ME ^ CALL ! And Judge'for Yourself. JP . B. FROST, 332 1 2 CONGRESS STREETJJp Stairs. 0Ct2kitf Ten Days—> November 33d, 1866. -T Casco Street Church. CFOSIJTG S*1UJE OF DRY GOODS FOR TEN J> AYS ! Ouc Price and No \ ariatiou! DRY GOO D B MARKED DOWS t E. T. Elden & Co., In order to reiui^) their Stock previous to removsl to their NEW STORE JVO. S FBER mi* now offfcr to the trade their entire assortment * ** FOR TEN DAYS ! At a great re lucdou from theii former LOW PRICED, Bargain. may be expected in Rich and I.ow priced DRESS GOODS. Flannels, Under-Clothing, Cloakings, Shawls and White Goods l A FULL ASSORTMENT OF MOURNING GOODS. IN OUR HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT TOcot’ a,,colore- C39S,mere8’ SEWING MACHINES. wn^r!mcnl a,“■““£? °i,tl,e Celebrated GROVER & BAKER, Manufacturing an! Fami sat^siactlon'TnCllinC3’ anJ Macllmc *™HBgs, at Mauutacturcrs’ Price*. Every Machi :o Warranted to give E. T. ELDM A CO., ONE PRICE, VESTRY CASCO STREET CHURCH. -*00 Dozen Bruners Balmoral Skiris, Very Much Under Price. SaUCl filllBALL & CO., Upholsterers, Decorators ! Manufacturers of Furniture, AND DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF Upholstery Goods,Looking-Glasses, Mattresses Feathers, &c., Liberty Tree Block, 460 and 464 Washington Street, Oct 20—(12m BOSTON. BAY ’ STATE. LUMBER REROT, Office, No. 441 Tremont St., Boston. rpHE undersigned have established in connection with theirwell-known “Bat State Moultono Manu mSn' vvrlnna11^6 yarU *!'r ‘he pnrebaso and sale of Lumber, giving especial attention to SFAS0N LD HARD WOODS and now oiler for sale a large and well-selected Stock of Black Wdlnul, Cedar, Cherry, Oak, Ash, Maple, Sycamore, Chestnut, Butternut, Whitewood, Ac. In Boards, Plank. Joist, &c., to which they respectfully invite the attention of purchasers. .”?= al} qcilU.tie9’ r,°,a*h or cUe3scl for Floors, Sheathing, &c. Spruce Floor Boards worked and kiln-dried, ready fir immediate use. Our facilities for supplying the wants of Builders are unsurpassed, and parries at a distance ordering by mail, bv giving reliable reference, can depend upon having their orders tilled In a satisfactory manner—thus raving tue time and expense of a visit to the city. J pr ‘Rosewood Yeneers, Slabs and Logs of any desired quality, at less than New York prices. Price Listoi Mouldings, Lumber, Doors, Brackets, &c., tarnished on application. Address orders and communications to JOSEPH F. PAUL A CO. Nov 19—eodSm B A RG_AI TV S ! WALTER COREY & CO., Are prepared to offer to their friends and the public BARGAINS in FIRNITURE ! FOR CASH! VVitb very LOW RENTS and daily expenses in proportion, we can afford to make dhr prices for the same qnahty of goods! 1 Lower than the Lowest ! Chat can be found at any other establishment in the city. Please call and examine our Stock consisting in part of ’ PARLOR AND CHAMBER SUITS! Sofas, Easy Chairs, Centre Tables, Etargeres, What-Nots, Extension Tables, Dining Chairs, &c. Wholesale mARetaiL ““ “nd AVoo,l'Seat Chair8 of OUR OWN MANUFACTURE, at 83F"Although temporarily removed from the center of trade, we think we can offer such in lucements that our friends will take the trouble to visit us, “ ON THE DUMP ! j *» Kennebec St., opposite foot of Chestnut Street. oct!5 eodtf WALTER COREA & CO. I HATE FOUND fhe place to buy Whips and Cigars, cheap at whole sale and retail. LEE & STEBBINS, 300 Congress Street, Is the place. THEY IV A KK ANT *11 goods as represented. Don’t forget the place. Sign >t the Indian Queen. n septl8d3m Hayward’s Rubbers! We offer to the trade A full assortment of the above celebrated RUBBER BOOTS AND SHOES, At Agency prices. Also Boots, Shoes & Moccasins, At Wholesale only. STEVENS, HASKELL & CHASE. S3 Commercial St., Portland, Me. Oct 10—dSmos_ To Rent, WAREHOUSE on Cnstnm House Wharf. En quire of LYNCH. BARKER St CO., novldtf 139 Commercial street. ORGAN AND Melodeon MANUFAC TORY IVo. IS Cknlnnt S PoBTLATTO, Me. wilililAJU p. HASXLKUS IS now prepared to attend to tlie wants of his former patrons and customers, and tlie public generally big6 8aper‘0r character of his instruments, especially , UPRIGHT ORGANS, winch in style of linisli resemble the upright Piano, is too well known to require an extended notice. He will keep on hand a fiill assortment of instruments ot the

Most Approved Styles and Patterns, — AND At - Price* Within the Rench ef All T! ami trusts that the superior excellence of tone, as weli as tlie excellence of hta workmanship, may, as here tofore. commend him to the public favor and pat ronage. September 17* 18CC. _ oodtfrwft WH. FBSSKirnEN, Attorney and Coun • sell or. Deerlng Hall, opposite PreWe House Jul 11 dtf NEtmiU CMItlVOVXk AT li!S PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS. No. 14 Preble" Street. Near liar Preble* ll*u*>e, WHEltE he can be consulted privately, and with the utmost coniidencc by the afflicted, at hours daily, and from 8 A. M. to 9 I*. M. Dr. H. addresses those who arc sintering under the affliction of i rivatc diseases, whether arising from impare connection or the terrible vice of sell-abuse. Devoting his entire time to that particular branch of the medical profession, he teds warranted In Guar anteeing a Cure in all Cases, whether of long standing or recently controcted, entirely removing the dlpgs of disease from the system, and making a per fect and PERMANENT CURE. He would call the attention of the afflicted to the fiict of Iris long-standing and welVeamad reputation furnishing Bn.ttcient assurance of ins skill and suc cess. Caution to the Public. Every intelligent and thinking person must know that remedies hando-l#ut tor general use should have their efficacy established by well tested experience in the hands of a regularly educated physician, whose preparatory studies tit niui for all the duties lie must fulfil; yet 'the country is flooded with poor nostrums and cure-alls, purporting to bo the best in the world, which are not only useless, but always injurious. The unfortunate should be particular in selecting lus physician, as it is a lamentable yet incontroverti ble thet, tliai many syphilitic patients are made mis erable with ruined constitutions by maltreatment from inexperienced physicians in general practice; for it is appoint generally conceded by the boat sypliilogra phers, that the study and management of these come plaints should engross the whole time of those who would he competent and successful in their treat ment and cure. The inexperienced general practi tioner. having neither opportunity nor time to mak himsetf acquainted with their pathology, commonly pursues one system of treatment, in most cases mak ing an indiscriminate use of that antiquated and dan gerous weapon, the Mercury. Dave C'oufidrucc. All who have committed an excess of any kind, whether it be the solitary vice of youth, or the sting ing rebuke of misplaced confidence in maturer yeais, SEEK FOR AX ANTIDOTE IN SEASON. The Pain9 and Aches, and Lassitude and Nervous Prostration that may follow Impure Coition, are the Barometer to the whole system. Do not wait for the consummation that is sure to fol low: do not wait lor Unsightly Ulcers, for Disabled Limbs, for Loss of Beauty and Complexion. Haw -Tinny Thousand* Can Testify to This by Unhappy Ktxpcricur**! Young men troubled with emissions in sleep,—a complaint generally the tesult of a bad habit in youth.—treated scientifically and a perfect cure war ranted or no charge made. Hardly a day passes but we are consulted by one or more young men with tlje above disease, some of whom are as weak ami emaciated as though they had the consumption, and by their friends are supposed to have it. All such cases yield to the proper and only correct course of treatment, and in a short time are made to rejoice in perfect health. ' Uliildlc-ilgcd illen. There are many men of the age of thirty who are troubled with too frequent evacuations from the blad der, often accompanied by a slight smarting or burn ing sensation, and weakening the system in a man ner the patient cannot account for. On examining the urinary deposits a ropy sediment will often he found, and sometimes small particles of semen or al bumen will appear, or the color will be of a thin railk ish hue, again changing to a dark and turbid appear ance. There are many men who die of this difficulty, Ignorant of the cause, which is the SECOND STAGE OF SEMINAL WEAKNESS. I can warrant a perfect cure in such cases, and a full and healthy restoration of the urinary organs. Persons who cannot personally consult the Dr., can do so by writing, in a plain manner, a descrip tion of their diseases, and the appropriate remedies will be forwarded immediately. All correspondence strictly confidential, and w ill be returned, if desired. Address: DR. J. B. HUGHES, No. 14 Preble Street, Next door to the Preble House, Portland, Me. Send a Stamp tor Circular. Electic Medical Infirmary, TO TUt LADIES. DR. HUGHES particularly invites all Ladies, who need a medical adviser, to call at his rooms, No. 14 Preble Street, which they will find arranged tor their especial accommodation. Dr. H.’s Electic Renovating Medicines are unrival led in efficacy and suiwrior virtue in regulating all Female Irregularities. Their action is specific ami certain of producing relief in a short time. LADIES will find it Invaluable in all cases of ob structions after all other remedies have been tried in Sin. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing in e least injurious to the health, and may be taken with perfect safety at all times. Sent to any part of the country, with full directions, by addressing DR. HUGHES, No. 14 Preble Street, Portland. N. B.—Ladies desiring may consult ono of their own sex. A lady of experience in constant attend ancc.jaiil.l865d&w. CHEROKEE CURE. TBS GBEAT ( INDIAN MEDICINE, | Cures all (Psoases caused b/ self-abuse, viz:a* i Loss of I Memory, Universal Lassi 9 Unit, Pains in the Back, Dim —ness of Vision, Premature 3 Old Age, Weak Nerves, Diffi gjcult Breathing, Pale (cunte “nance. Insanity, Consump tion, and all diseases that fol The Cherokee Cure will restore health and vigor, stop the emissions, and effect a permanent ouro after all other medicines havo failed. Thirty-two pace pamphlet sent in a sealed envelope, freo to any address. Price $2 per bottle, or three bottles for $5. Sold by all druggists; o* will be sent by express to any portion or the world, on receipt of price, by the sole proprietor, Dr. W. R. MERWItf, 37 Walker St., N. T. Cherokee Remedy, plaints, viz: Gravel, Injlam . motion of the Bladder and mKidneys, Retention of I Urine, Strictures of the k Urethra, Dropsical SxoeJU Wing*, Brick Dust Deposits, and all diseases that require a diuretic, and when used in conjunction with the CHEROKEE INJECTION, does not fall to cure Gleet and all Mu* cou8 Discharges In Male or Female, curing recent cases in from one to three days, and is especially recommended in those oases of Fluor Albus or Whites in Female*. The two medicines used la conjunction will not fail to remove this disagreeable complaint, and in those cases whore other medicines have been used without success. Price, Remedy, One Bottle, $2, Three Bottles, $5. w Injection, 44 * $2, * - |5. The Cherokee “ Cure? 44 Remedyand 44 Injec tion" are to bo found in nil well regulated drug stores, and are recommended by physicians and druggists all over ibe world, for their intrinsic worth and merit. Borne unprincipled dealers, however, try to deceive their customers, by selling cheap ana worthless compound/^—in order to make money— in place of these. Be not deceived. If the drug gists will not buy them for you, write to us, and we will send them to you by express, securely packed and free from observation. We treat all diseases to which the human system is subject, and will bo pleased to receive fall and explicit statements from those who have failed to receive relief heretofore. Ladies or gentlemen can address us in perfect con fidence. We desire to send our thirty-two page pamphlet free to every lady and gentleman in the land Address all letters for pamphlets, medicines, or advice, to the solo proprietor, 9 Dr. W. B. XEBWIX, 37 Wtlker St., X. I. MILINERY and FANCY OOODS, D. M. C. W1MV > lias removed to 29 Free Street, over J. R. Corey <Xr Co.. Where lie hns opened a splendid slock of MillineryFancy Goods and having bought them at Auction in New York, will sell correspondingly low. D. M. C. Dunn. acpHtUf Wholesale Millinery! JOHN eTpAJMEE, HAS removed to Store No. SI Free Street, up stairs, where he is prepared to oiler A CHOICE STOCK - OF - S tr a w O o o d s , AND MILLINERY! AT SATISFACTORY PRICES 1 ' JOHN E. FALMEB. Portland, Sept 10. dtf OIL and €AKDL£$. LAUD, SPERM AND WHALE OIL, OLIVE. ELAINE AND RED OIL. KEROSENE AND MACHINERY OIL, SPERM & ADAMANTINE CAUDLES, & SOAP, For sale by IIH ADMIIAW & PATCH, ang 9—Gm No. 7 Central Wharf, Boston. BLANC H ARD’S Improvement on Steam Boilers! ON some boilers 700 dogs, of beat is thrown away, making a loss o» 1-3 the fnol. The qnestion i» otten asked how con this be saved. Mr Blanch a> d has invented a boiler that takes pcrtect control of all the heat and makes it do duty in the engine. This is very simple in its construction; after the engine is in motion the «moke pipe is closed tight, and the waste heat carried through heaters, heating (lie steam to any temperature desired; the remainder carried through the water heater, using up ail the waste heat but 200degs.; the heat being reduced so low there can be no danger of setting fires by sparks thrown from engines, which will arid much Value to this invention, besides the saving 1-3 the iuel. For particulars inquire of n WM. WILLARP, CorneT of Commercial Wharf and Commercial St. Feb 24—dlv _ Fop Sale Cheap. T7HVE Black Walnut SHOW CASES, 9 feet long X eaoh, and one counting-room jP^kRAHAM ** Yarmouth, Not. 19,18C6. tf HE DH'Ate mmcAt £hxcwicm dr. w. n.~ oeming, nut; ytuiB, uuu is iHw » nj**"* y-MiMwu I'ltvstCial Electricity is perfectly adapted to chronic dhca**'* in the form of nervous or sick headache; neuralgia n the head, neck, or extremities; consumption win* in the acute stage* or where the lungs are not lull) involved; acute or chronic rheumatism, scrofula, iup disease*, white swellings, spin til diseases, curvutuic oi the spine, contacted muscles, dislorte 1 limbs, pulsv or paralysis, St. Vitas'Dance, deafness, stam mering or hesitancy ol speech, dyspepsia, ind'ges ti »n, constipation and llvei complaint, piles—we cure every case ihatcau be presented; asthma, bronchi t«, strict urea <*l the chest, and all tirtins of temalt complaints. HV KlHC*tIMiHtV The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame ami tliehiav leap with joy, and move with the agility and elastic I y ot youth; the heated brain is cooled; the frost b iten iiuibs restored, the uncouth deformities rs* ODTed; faintness converted to vigor, weakness to s length; the Miml made to see, the deal to hem and t'»e palsied hum to move upright; the blemishes ol y jojth are obliterated; the acc idf.nvr oi marine Me prevented; the calamities ol old age obviated and an a live circulation maintained. Lilli E S Who have cold hama* ana loet; weak stomach*,lam and weak backs; nervous and sick headache; diz::i nese and awimmimr in the head, with ludigestiou ami c mwtipati.m of the bowels; pnin in the side ami hack; 1 moorrhoja, (or whites); failing oi the womb with in ternal cancers; tumors, polypus, and all that long train of diseases will liitd in Electricity a sun- means of euro. For painiul men sir uat ion, too J&ise menstruation, and allot those long line ol trouble? with young ladies, Electricity is a certain specittc, and will, in a short time, restore ihe suherei to the vigor ol health. TEETH 1 TEETII I TEETH l Dr. D. still continue* to Extract feeth by Elec TBiciTY without pais. Persons having decayed teeth or stomp? they w b>U to havo removed for reset ting he would give a polite invitation to call. Superior Elect no Magnetic Machines lorsak tor family use, w1th thorough Instructions. B)Dr. D can accommodate o lew p itients with board end treatment at his house. Office hours from 8 o’clock A. W. to 12 M.; from 1 to 6 P. M., and 7 to 9 In the evemug. Consultation free. novlti Pulmonic Syrup. roil THE IT RE OF Coughs, Colds, Whooping C'ougli. Croup, Asthma. Catarrh, Intluen/a. Bronchitis. Spitting of tihmd, Pleurisy, rmlaniation oi the filings or Chest, l»aiii in the side, Night Sweets. Il*► arson css. Consumption in its early stages, and all Diseases of the Throat and Bungs. Tins remedy is too well known and too highly es teemed to require commendation here. It is regained a noc ossify in every house hold, and isheaitily cmlcrs ed l»v the medical tlu-ulty, clergymen of every denomi nation, mothers, editors, members of Congress, and many of our most distinguished men in nubile and private M/e. Doughs, Cold', Bure Throats. -4c. Letter from Hon. JD. H . Gooch, Memo r of Congress Massachusetts. _ _ _ Melrose, July Vj U&\ Dr. E. K. I.Nlnnrs—Dear Sir* I have used Dr. f<iroakuh’s Sviup in my family for six \ears, ami have lotind it an c.vclient remedy ior Coughs. Gelds, sore Throat* i ml ull cnusutiiptivo ■*omplaints. tVrc. I liavo recommended it to several friends, who have received great bo no lit* from its use'. Letter from a well known Boston Druggist < f twenty years expc ience, and : ttuard of Hanover street M. E. C/turch • _ ,, , Boston, March J. Pc*. KNlf:frrs: Having used BAKOtmAH’S PL EMON1C SVUUP lhy so If and in mv I'unHy ior the past six years, 1 am prepared to kay that il is su perior to any met Heine i liavc ever known, ior the positive cure of Coughs, Colds, sore Throat and all nimlur eomplaints. As 1 take cold very easily, 1 liavc bad meat opport unity to test the viinirs of this valuable remedy, ami il has never f.uikii mo yet, liowcver violent tlio disease. Having been In the Drug business for over 2d years, l have had good o(» i*ort unities of knowing tlie virtues oi tlie various med icines sold, and pronounce BA HOOKAH'S S i B L1 *, Tin* best of any article presented to the public. Hours, W. IL BOWEN, fc(j Hanover St. endup. Mrs. J. IL r.uusis, 114 Ku*t 23d St., N. Y.. writes Oct. U, UC4: “During last whiter three of mv chll ilr cn were attacked with Croup, and from the violence oi tlio symptoms, they were pronounced to lie in much.danger. At the instance of our pastor, liev. Mr. Stiles, I fried Buipokali’s Pulmonic Syrup, which promptly relieved them, and in a verv short time they entirely recovered. In gratitude lor'fhc hunent con jorrol. I cannot roiridn ^m making this testimony WHOOPING COUGH. E. W. Mayer of Cartel on, N. 11,, writes 7 Dec., lbfiu: “My son. live years old, was a teyv mouths since siificiing grcailv irom W HOil'lXW COUCUJ. I nev er mw a more iU*tH*.si)i|{(;ibC. 1 gave l.iui Hirooknliit i'ulnioni. nvruparuoniin. tuilueciioiis and b-kwi Iic giui to see inim'Dvciucut. Tlio Conyli Imamu unsiui — llio cxpeutoialion iVoct, anil in two weeks (lie malady was entirely oveteome.” BRONCHITIS AND CATARRH. . A \V. H veins. wriles itou wliato-diip “Kldoia do. Maid. II. lifO: “Having smlete I ior War ,c:us with Bronchitis anil Catarrh in their most agger. at mg fhrvns, 1 feel if my duly to state that 1 huve been permanently cured by the use of f-oiookah’s pup moir.cSjrup. Iliad paid large sums tu physicians and for so caled Cafariali Kcinedics, but until f used tlio Syrup I expctieiKOd no relief.” sin-msu of iiUKjD. riEuiasv, ini ta. IlOiJ Olf THE i.lNldS, J'AiN is THl; SU)h NHiJIT SWKATS, HOAJiSK NKSS. Ac. From liev. I!. F. liuwt.tb, Main liobl or. 71. H.: “Tliebottle of Hr. ftirookali’b l'ulwouic Syrup. vou so kindly wetil me, has boon trie 1 nr lloai.-viuib*, with v®t\VjFJ°d icsulls; fbr tlds 1 would vonjidcnlly rix-oiu* From liev. E. A. r. vMi'UKii, Hoilh Hero, VI. “I have used T^trooknli's Sytiip. ami feel under obliga tion frankly to acknowledge its excellence. White using your syrup, I have enjoy cd better health than I had enjoyed ibr ycms. I have bad slight attacks oi hoarsenoss, but Dm .Syrup yv.ndd soon rouune it. i Audit is a mild and safe remedy also in Spisumdio Bilious attacks to which I am const ituiionaJly suit E. W. Field, Esq., writes from Virginia City, Colorado, Marc'i 11, lillj; **l icol very grateful *c»r having fauroukah’s Pulmonic Syrup near me, my lungs heiug weak and demanding (Tie most \ fgllani care*. I believe the Syrup tbesme.d remedy for Pul monary Complaints that lias ever been ma«le avail a ole to the alluded.” CONSUMPTION Wonderful Cum: of a child Two and \ H ilf^Teaus old. (Jknts:-Mv grandcliiiil, a lit v© g*?'1 oir 1 l~2 yew* old. was taken sick in Port'ami. Me., in January, lhfe. No one could tell what was the matter with her. But she was much picssed for breath; ha»la hard, fight cough; could not raiso; her throat troubles 1 hoi grently;. si*c sciiiie! to lie idling up.and though attended by the best physicians in I orfiand, they- coidd not help her, and she declined; and ler some tinea mouths was not exiiocied fo live II or doctors, and at icneib lu r Udends, gave up all hopes oi Jut leeovury. She yvas brought Ikhuc (o mv hniDC HI Ploi^iburg, Mo. We fried Cod Elver Oil. but Dioeiluct seemed rather opposite from go*\l. Slieiiow couhl not move her hand, so reduced was she. 1 was taking iarookah’s Syrup af the time, awl cojnnieu< ed g:vmg it to her, and in a week*, she showed quiie a change lor Die bcllcr. and yvo ^>utiuued giving it to her. She gradually improved, and is now ;i p’rhxtlv heaJtliv iTizld.a People were asionrshed to see what one< t the medicine had on this child, and to mjc Jjoi got wollbvtheuso of 7*arookah’s Syrup, which we iiehevc fo bo thebegt mixUcine for Tulmouarv com plaints in the world. . 3 1 oil is, H. TiAlLVBEE, Phipebuig. Mo. S(»aee wfliiwrmit the publication of Imt. tithe o tlie certificates which aro constantly coming in from all quarters ©r Ihc globe. Puffents will liud the most conclusive evidence of the value of this remedy, Hi a trial oi if, which will cost but a triile, and yvbien may yield piiceloss results. r<nige bottles Jfl.Oil—medium sbe 50 cents. Pre pared l>y h. IL KNIGHTS, iVT. 1>., Chemist, Melrose, Mass., end sold by all druggists. r^Sol l by W. F. rhillip3 & Co., W. W. Whipple & Co., J. W.PerUnr a; Co, Portland; George C. Goodwin & Co, Boston, and by all Druggiafe and Merchants. no2>-eod&yvtf FURNITURE —AT— REDUCED PRICES FOE THE NEXT SIXTY DAYS The undersigned will sell from their EXTENSIVE STOCK Furniture GREATLY REDUCED RAfES CASH. George 1. Burroughs & Co. OCtl2dtf _______ Bounties, Pensions, Prize Money And all other Government claims prosecuted by Emery «£• Drummond. At No. S 4'tapp'a Block, opposite City Hall.— Treasury cenTIlcates cashed, and pensions oolleoted. Geo. f. d. H Dr.rtcwotrD. Messrs. Emery & Drummond have forme*! a gen eral copartnership, and will also attend promptly to all business entrusted to them ns Attorneys and Coun sellors 8t law. n aogT—dtf At'CTlON f»A *•’Mtm’V wrjtw!?'1 ■1 Ft inustT Clothing, Blankets Dry Goods, a. , At AUcUiilL ON SATURDAY, Dec. 8, it 10 A. M., -t«0 , i Uothuu!, 1M Unts, «uo bflkaap Shin., i:i Sliiru .aid Drawer*, 20 rtoz. llose. Also lixj i Mr Blanket?, tngeihur with a general asauruucut ol 1 r< Good?. All or which tuusc he wold WO yards New Carpeting. io 2d hand Carnet* P”- *•181^-___ dec ,did E, HI, PiTI'h.V A CO,, Auctioncrr., . PLUM STREET. Onion?*, Onions, Onion: , At Auction. ON SATURDAY. Dee 8, at 12 M., at No. 2 Cen tral Wharf, IHi bids. OmonB. Ue 5,|t I E. 31. I* AT PEN A CO., Auctioneer,, OUlee Pima near Pore Mtrcel. Fl action UE’oB.,:,1“' ^^Wing. Pry Good*, Ac.,: t Jail Jfoi ' V. ,u* SfOiiday, Dec. 8i h, at 10 A. II. W , Bedding? of Garniture, . j 1 1 «““»*enc,?;.Ra‘:: Paitics wishing to contribute to this aalo win „„ i in their invoices on Friday morning. dec.'! t!' Dwelling Houses on Dauiorth St! (or Sale at Auction. 1 PURSUANT toa license fr< m the Jndze of Pi bato tbr the County ot Curaborlnutf. the . ber ns triwtoe under the Will ot' Samuel ei«j0, w. i Oder ii.r bale, at public auction, on Saturday tbo 111 ! day ot December next, at 11 o'clock, A. M., tbo is. > levelling 71.>111*4*0, Ni b, 18 and 20, ou tbo south tj-.i- • t Dan forth Street in PorilamL The two Jlouact* will be sold separately, with a ]r-jr~ « and convenient lot of land for ertcli—a v.nv of onirauee oy tbo lot No. lib, and a five tf»ot pase^.) way will bo boruxed ou the cast bide of No. 18. Sale ou ibc pi onuses. Xeiiaa cash. For Du tbci partftuUrs inquire of the subscriber, or of P. Dames, No. 10 Free Street. SARAH S. ELDER N iv os a*» HENRY BATLEY & SON, Nov. 28, dtd aucti *ne»rft. ! IRON, LEAD, COPPER! And Other Material*, FOR SALE AT AUCTION f I)URSUANI to a Licence from the Judge of Pio bate tor Cumberland County, tlie subscriber, n» Administrator ot Jolm M. Wood, will ecll at Puinio Auction, on Fridur, Ibe I-4III day vf'December la,*,., At tho site of Wood** Hotel, Middlo street, ell tlin Mur Iron, Iron Hade, Pi,*. „ud t ail.. now on t)ic premises. * Also, Tit a Iron Rollers in the cellar, In goo-l order, with all tho appurtenance*. Also, all the loose Brick* on the premises. Ou Uie same d*v, ac tibiro No l Iron Block, on I ortJan.I Pier, a large quantity of promiscuous lion lirad mail lop per materials; also u Ntovr. 24/ 'Sale on the llolel premiscH at IO A. M On Portland Pier, at 11 A. M. Turin a Cash. JUSBPH ILSLR Y, Administrator. Dec 7—rttd E. M PATTEN & CO., Pi.l n m g fc.,.T, Anefioiers, Commission Merchants -AND General Agents for Wilder’s Safes. U’ Kw?'r‘,*Lvr. )ml,lk' *«*» in regard to tho WII-DtR SAPE.S. They were th, i„uglily Le e i nnriii* nur connagratlon of duly 4iii amiMti, an I proved to be tire prom. We .ire also Amnia h.r the most celebrated bakery ot bread in New Pnglaud, vU: lltll.D ,K . .*l»N,oi Nosi ,n. This bread, received by ns week, ly, warranted fresh, baked from the beat of wheni, and we guarantee (o tell it leas than it can boi.m enased in onr city. To linkers, Dealers and Shipper, wo offer nnr ann - plea, is onlcr that they innv teal tlie quality of dm geode and cmniare with onr price lint. Please exaio me and you will purchase. rtocl c. jr. holmes, A17 CTIONEER, .‘JOO < oiiffress Street, PIT Salea of any kind of property in the Oily r,r vi cinity, promptly attended to on idiom, at tavnrnhin ter™'- ___ novltkltt Faimird may J'J, ISiiii. This Is no article u>r washing withont nibbing, cx ccpt in very dirty pl'vccs, whkli will require a verv 8 lght rub, and unlike other prejieratioiiH ottered lor a. hku purpose, will not rot trk cm iifh, but will leave them much whiter than ordinary methods, wbb out th«> usual wear and tear. “ E™°ves g" >»» apot* a« II by magic, and soilen* the dirt by snaknig, so that rinsing in ordinary citsea ontiroly remove It. 3 * Tnia powder is prepared In accordance with cheml cal science, and upon a preens loculiar to itsolr, wbudi is secured by Letters Patent, lthuabtcn in use ror luoru tluip a year, ami haa proved itacit an uni versal tavordc wherever I has been uacd. Anion-* the advantages claimed arc tlie following; Dsaves alnbe expense ot*soap used on cotton An.l linen goods. It saves most of the labor ol rub bin ;r, ami wear and tear. Als.> f ir cleaning y/lndows it is uusuri^satMl. Wit!» unequal tor tlu* time and labor usually required it im iwm a beantlluT gloss and lustre, much superlnr to inv other mode. No water required except to moist - on I lie powder. Directions with each parkape.. Andean bo readily appreciated by a sinjlo trial. ITio cost of washing for a tlunily oflive or six i-ciboni*. will not exceed THREE cents. The inannfaeturers of this powder wo aware thi manv useless emnpmmd* hare been Introduced to Ihu yiuliUc which have rolled the cloth, or hilled ln nuno* mg the itirt, but kuowiny the Intrinsic excellence ot this article wry confidently proclaim It aa behig adapt • eJ tl. meet a demand which has long existed ue*i widen has hereto foie remained uiuMippljed. ’ MANVFACTI'liFD BY HOWE & STEVENS, $ISO llrondkvny, Boston. For sale by Grocers And Dealers everywhere. *cp28-4l3in • YOU Instantaneously Silver Plating zin iri.Es or !i ”rn.M, Copper, Cii iiinn Silver, At., KcMmluz tba plating where wurn ofl j and !nt Clear, mgaiui Polishing Silver A Silver Plated Ware, .:P,,?m''8tnfoft‘l,nv<'mJonoflbcago Is a prepare nr^/hrr^ L',SILv^"r *"‘1 contains nu mercury, aci h nr otlier substance injurious to meral, or the l anna ftlaacomptotoelectro-plalta* battery i„ » For sale by Druggist* aud Variety Stores. * now*: at nevK^a, MANOTACTDB*BS,.BOSTON, Mass. Philadelphia Oak Tanned Leather FIRE HOSE! Military, Masonic and Firemen’s equipments r Messrs. John L. Sha w & Co., after hayinu bean burned ont of Federal street July stmoh,fTC rcsu“ei business In tho room oror J. TEWKSBURY A CO., COMTEK OF I-IME ANO FORE SWEETS, OPPOSITE TIIE NEW CITY MARBLE r. Having prepared a stnok of Oak funned Lealhor In JW{»W|*la, they an now ready to execute all ci Fhila ielphla Oak Tanned Leailur Fire Engine Uose, Double and single rtvetod, and of all sizes a, used c.u f'I««lPimpj!‘*tae*’ U*“'1 Kngit“'*' SWamboato an I Cifiea, Towns and Corporation. can be supplied with a strong and durable Hose, war ranted equal to any made elsewhere, and <« a* re a 8 -liable terms. **• 8-—Fire Buckets, Spanner Bolt*, Flexible Pipes, knapsacka, Cartridge Boxe.**, Pi»tol Hclstoi s, «c., made to order. Couplings, Pipes and NorrtU tarnished and Uoee repaired. novlTdtt Another Change of Base l Back to the old Middle St. Stand ! Boots, Shoes and Rubbers —AT— OLD TIME PRICES!! G. M. ELDER BogB leave to inform Mm friends, cn*tomors and tbo public geneially that having rebuilt Mm store at NO. 9IIODLE STREET, Is now prepared lo soli at prices ffvor than the low est all qualities and descriptions of Boots, SIwh*. Buhbcrv, &c. Ktqiairim; done ns heretofore, and all dmtfaUon ot work man a Ike 1 ured to order. imv’JlMu Portland Academy. 17 .MO* IIALL, M FREE NTREET. Winter Term begins Dec. 3,18Qft PUPILS of Mlagaa and attainments received at any tune In tU« Term. Terms par tenn of ten weeks. Private recitations and private classes attended to by the Priuci|iai at any hour or the dav or evening. Terms ror private instruction made known on ap plication to the Pt mdpal. CUM. O. FILER, Principal, P. O. Boa ayy. rs Hanover Street. deed—Jw*