Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, December 8, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated December 8, 1866 Page 4
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l-'lrsl A unit rtf Hrpari of the S*»‘i'«T*rj of Ikr Horllnnd Frerilnien's AM AssOrMlion. Early during the rebellion various organiza tions sprang into life to uiiuister to a race sud denly delivered by the judgments ot war from a long oppression. They were for the most part without concert or definite modes of oc ii..u. During the last year they increased their efficiency by consolidation and cooperation, and greatly extended their operations both ill awakening the people of the North to a just sense ot the importance ot the work they have undertaken and in expending their enlarged contribution in the education of the freedmen uf the South. The record of the educational oi>ei ations of the year lias not been one of uni form success. While there have been scenes nf outrage and brutality, burning of school houses anil churches, persecution of male and female teachers, murders and massacres of in utfensive freedmen, all disclosing the essential barbarism which the long practice of slave lioiding has made the type of national charac ter in a large section of our country, there have liecii unexpected exhibitions of liberality and humanity in other quarters to encourage and help op the work of civilization and pacifica tion. As a general thing the religious denomi nations of the South have uot only sanctioned but aided the efforts of the Freediuon'sAidSo eieties to instruct Jlie people lately in slavery. Many enlightened planters have seen their best interest in promoting the education of their hired laborers so as to render their Tabor more valuable and their conduct as citizens more blameless. A more hostile feeling in the huge mass of the Southern people, partly a relic of slavery, partly the bitter chagrin and hatred grown out of an unsuccessful and not thoroughly punish ed rebellion, has been kept to some extent in check by the Freedmen’s Bureau, supported by i he sanctions of the Civil Rights Act, and the strong arm of military force wisely main tained in the disaffected region. Of course the task of carrying the simplest elements of knowledge in the spelling hook and reader to the children of a degraded peo ple, in the midst of the hatred of caste and the antipathy of one barbarous race for another, h is been anything but agreeable. It is a work that has uo attractions but for rare and heroic souls. Only such men and women as would make themselves martyrs for the testimony to a great truth, or heroes to lead their age in some upward struggle for freedom aud piogif Js, offer themselves lor such labors and sacrifices. Noth ing has happened, it is safe to say, during tin past year to daunt or turn hack spirits like these, who like angels of mercy have wandered over the dreary battle fields of the Smith to pour tlie oil of fraternal charity into the wounds of war. There has never yet, I be lieve, been an accumulation of funds in any of our treasuries, because there have been no he roic women ready to leave the refinements of New England homes to brave the perils ol'asiil try climate, anil the prejudices, threats and violence of unfriendly people in trying to ele vate a hated and oppressed race’ to such a knowledge of their rights and duties as shall exact from all other men a recognition of their equal humanity. anon alter me organization ui the Portland Freedmen’s Aid Association, its Executive Committee aud other officers went to work to raise funds to enable it to undertake its just share of the honor and toil of jhe great work ot converting into valuable citizens a race ol emancipated slaves. There were local organi zations iu aid of the Sanitary and Christian Commissions, which happened to be left at the close of the war with unexpended funds These, amounting to $500 from each society, they were readily induced to contribute to our treasury. The young ladies’ society, called "R. F.,’’ that had sprung into existence to aid the charities of the great war, not only gave us their funds, hut coutinued and ever increas ed their activities in adding largely to the same, contributing iu all ihe sum of $1275. The churches and clergy generally aided and encouraged our enterprise, aud several of the religious parishes had anticipated us in can vassing their own pews, and engaging and sending out toachers to the field. Late in the \ginter a fair was projected, and was most en ergetically, tastefully and liberally planned and conducted by the various committees of ladies aud gentlemen connected with all the different religious societies, and both the lead ing political parties, to whom the management of it had been committed. We have to congratulate ourselves at the good feeling and zeal with which the people of Portland, almost as a whole community and in the almost complete absence of sectarian prej udice, entered upon this noble enterprise. The work was not ouly good in its end, but effected good in its progress in bringing together into the most cordial relations, calculated to be"ct mutual respect our best people, too much ac customed to social connections aud benevolent efforts within the close circle ot an exclusive party, sect or clique. The proceeds of the fair paid into our treasury was $1.3,160.29. We re ceived from a society iu Westbrook $148.75, and from Otisfield $17.00. Liberal d. nations iu aid ot education of freedmen have also been taken up in State, Park and Chestnu. street cliurches anlT the First Parish, perhaps in some other parishes, that have not come into our treasury. From all these sources the revenue derived l'or the uses of our society, was more than $17,000. Considering this, the fruits of our ef fort in a single city of only 30,000 inhabitants for a period of ouly six months, it is apparent that our success lias not been equalled by another society in the country. At the close of an enthusiastic meeiiug of the National Freedman's Union Commission in New York, the other day, it was resolved -to raise in New York and vicinity $100,000 for the education of the freedmen. But New Y'ork and vicinity embraces a population of not less than a mil lion or thirty-three times the population of Portland. Should the wealthy city of New York contribute to the education of the ffeed men iu the proportion that Portland did last year, she would raise not $100,000 but more thau $500,000. By the time this fund came into our treasu ry too season was too far advanced for any new schools to be established. The older children were leaving the schools and goirnr to labor • upon the plantations. In most parts of the South it was deemed unsafe to peril the lives of our toachers by keeping schools open during the summer months. We were advised by the officers of societies that had more experience tnan we, to svilhcld our funds till the opening of another season. The engagements made with our own teach ers and those we had adopted, however, were promptly met. Thirty-five hundred dollars has been expended up to the present time in paying the salaries of these. One thousand dollars was sent to the Hon. John Lynch, last March, in response to a most moving call for succor to the unclothed and starvim^poor of Washington city, fugitives from eveiypart of the South during the war. Five thousand dol lars was advanced to the National Freeduien’s Union Commission, to be expended by them in paying expenses of schools under their super vision, and to be reimbursed to us upon call for the payment of our own teachers. A part of this has since been repaid and the balance will soon be drawn upon. Five hundred dollars | was advanced to tire society of the ladies of ' Portland to purchase materials for work to he . disposed of afterwards for the benefit of the general objects of the society. The account ot Hon. J. T. McCobb, the Treasurer, shows $1,621.63 was left in deposits on interest to be used for prosecuting vigorously during the • now opening season the work of continuing and multiplying our schools in the South. The number of teachers supported by our so ciety during the past year is twelve—ten fe males and two males. Some of these were sent out at the beginning of the school year, Oct 1,1865, others in the spring of 1866. The nm of $3500, which has been paid out of the funds of the society, for the support of the teachers, will pay their salaries up to July 1, 1800, the end of the school year. Our teachers have, with the exception of two, been found competent and faithful. These two have been withdrawn from the field and others substitut ed iu their places. Ou the 1st of October, 1866, we sent the same number of teachers into the field, aud the lunds in our treasury will enable us to support them during the coming year. One or two more teachers, whose expenses are partly paid from other sources will probably be sent iu a few days. me loresigm oi collecting so large a mini even wiser than we knew, for the occur rence of the great calamity that fell so sudden ly upon the city of Portland the memorable night of July 4th, iSdfl, necessarily turned our benevolent solicitude anff helpfulness in an other. direction nearer home. Very many of our citizens, whose generous hands had con tributed to aid every local and general charity, whose large gifts were already in our treasury, by the losses oi a single night, were made them selves the objects of charity. Others have been obliged to slip down from the category of large pains, and to devote perhaps the rest of their lives to the slow work of restoring a lost inde pendence; anil from those whose means have not been consumed in the conflagration, the claims of neighbors made houseless, flying from the ashes of all their earthly possessions, into tents and barracks, to be fed upon a table sup plied by gifts from all the generous hearts of tlie land, have been recognized as, for the time, more pressing than those even of the impover ished and ignorant l'reedmeu. In our present crippled condition, with scarce ly any of tlie resources by which we made our treasury last ysar available, we ought, perhaps, content ourselves with keeping good the num ber of our teachers, and we may congratulate ourselves that tiie untouched resources of our treasury will enable us to do this without any recurrence to the lilerality of the public. There is one department of ettort hitherto too much neglected, to which the organized efforts of this society might under the present circumstances be wisely directed. I mean the canvassing of this State, and the establish ment of auxiliary Freedmen’s £ ocieties in all our principal towns. This is properly the work of tlie State society, and to devise some plan of having it undertaken, a delegation of this society met the oflicers of the State and of one or two local societies last June at Au gusta. A full and very interesting conference was hold, disclosing a most hearty interest in the work on the part of the oflicers of tlie Slate society with whom we met. A plan of presenting the claims of the Freedmcn to the people of Maine in every considerable town by the agent of tlie State Society in connection willi some other able and eloquent public speakers was proposed, favorably entertained, and funds were pledged to carry it out. Noth ing, however, has yet been set in operation,—I am unable to say whether on account of the difficulty of finding and employing tlie right kind of canvassers, or whether our great and absorbing calamity soon after this meeting put ali other CuaectW bflt our own out of our thoughts, ami the State society lacking our Co* operation, and unable to collect together its too much scattered organization to concert any scheme of effort by itself, suffered the whole matter to subside in the rising excitement of a polit:cal campaign. The work, therefore, is yet to be done. While we are compelled to some extent, by a great calamity, to restrict our ouerations, other cities and towns that have been more tavored may well enter into our labors and hold our place in the ranks, while we are recovering from our wounds. Business during the last year has been prosperous. The strange, perhaps delu sive, commercial prosperity, begotten of a most costly and protracted war, contrary to gene ral exjiectatiou, has not yet been interrupted by a commercial revulsion. While all the channels of labor and trade are crammed to fulness with what passes as money, whatever is funded in a treat charitable institution for the education of the poor "wards of the nation, will remain and 3ield increasing dividends, even if our banks. <*ur railroads and our facto ries should tuniblo in an indiscriminate bank ruptcy. George F. Talbot, Secretary of the Portland Freedmen’s Aid Association. Tin: itIAKKETN. TELEGRAPHIC REPORTS^ Finaneial. New York, Due.j7. Tlie Pont says the loan murket is easv an«l well sup plied at 7 per cent, on call loans, with considerable business at 6 per cent. Discounts dull at 7 @ 8 per cent. Uncertainty has been pro* 1 need by rumors that the Government is selling Gold and drawing green backs into the Treasury, with the view to disburse ment on Saturday week. Governments steady.— Railroads lower, and transactions are spiritless. At the close there was more animation. Second board steady. Gold 138*}. JVew York Market. New York, Dec. 7. Cotton—heavy; sales 1,200 bales. Middling uplands at 33c. Orleuus at 35c. Flour—dull and 15 @ 20c lower; sales 6,100 bbls.— State at 7 40 (fa 10 00; Hound Hoop Ohio at 10 00 @ 13 00; Western at 7 40 @ 11 65; Southern at 11 00 @ 10 00. Wheat—very dull amljiiominally lower. Corn—irregular and unsettled; sales 216,oOO hush. Mixed Western at 1 06. White 110 @ 111. Yellow 1 00 @ 1 10. Oats—dull and 1 @2c lower; salt's 18,000 bush.* State at 64c. Western at 60. Beet—heavy, Pork—dull and heavy. Lard—steady. Butter—unchanged. Whiskey—quiet and nominal. Rice—dull at 92 @ lOJc for Rangoon. Sugars— quiet; Muscovado 10$ @ lie. Conce—quiet. Molasses—sales by auction of 200 bbls. New Orleans at 75 @ 80$c, and 300 hhds. Demarara at 61 @ 67$. Naval Stores—dnlland lower; Spirits Turpentine at 63 @65c. Petroleum—dull; crude at 20c. Tallow—heavy. Wool—quiet. Freights to Liverpool—a shade tinner. Chicago Markets. Chicago, Dec. 7. Flour dull and unchanged; Spring extras, low grades io fair at 3 50 @ 9 25; do. good to choice 9 25 @ 10 00; White Winter at 14 25; Red Winter at 11 00.— Wheat dull and lower, No. 1 closing weaker; sales at 2 02 @ 2 03 .or No. 1, and 1 79 (fa 1 81 for No. 2.— Corn quiet; sales No. 1 at 82$c and No. 2 at72 @74c. Oats at 39 @ 39$c. Barley sample lots at 1 00 fa 115. Mess pork firm and 35 @ 5Qc higher; sales 600 bbls. at 18 00, and 300 bbls at 17 75. Lard dull and inactive a tl2c. Dressed bogs are active ami 15 @ 20c higher: sales at 6 25 @ 7 00. Cincinnati Markets. Cincinnati, Dec. 7. Flour at 9 00 @ 9 50 for spring wheat, and 9 50 @ 10 84 tor winter; 10 00 @ 10 50 for spring extra, and 10 50 @ 12 00 for winter extra. Wheat, No. 2 Spring at 2 00 @ 2 05; No. 1 at 2 25; extra spring 2 30 (fa 2 35 for No. 2; winter 2 60; No. 1 winter 2 70 @ 2 76; and extra 2 80. New Corn at 65c for ear and 75 for shelled; old at 70c for car, and 75c shelled. Oats at 47 @ 48c for No. 2, and 51 @ 52c tor No. 1. Rye at 1 10 tor No. 1. Whiskey, in bond, at 2 30. Mess Pork at 18 00 19 00; Bulk Meats—shoulders and sides at 1\ @ 8$e: packed green meets 5$c for shoulders, 7$ for sides, 9$ tor hams. Hogs dull at 5 50 @ 6 57 in gross; receipts 7,000 head. Milwaukee Markets. Milwaukee, Dec. 7. Flour dull and unchanged; Wheat inactive; sales at 1 79 tor No. 2, and 1 68$ for No. 3. Oats steady at 44c for No. 2. Rye advanced to 88 @ 88$c for No. 2,— Provisions firmer; sales of mess Pork at 16 25 @ 17 00; dressed Hogs lower; sales at 6 00 @ 6 50. Receipts—900 bbls Flour, 6,500 bush Wheat, 2,500 bush. oats. Shipments—2,700 bbls. Flour, 18,000 bush. Wheat. Wilmington Market*. Wilmington, N. C., Dec. 7. Cotton—quiet; sales at 30c for Middling uplands.— Spirits turpentine salos at 58c, an advance of 3c since forenoon. Rosin at 1 76 @ 6 00. Tar at 1 56; Crude tun>entino 4 00; Virgin and Yellow Dip at 5 00. Pork dull at 24 60 (fa 26 90. Sf. Louis Market. - St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 7. Elour dull and unclianftd. Wheat firm; fall at 2 60; spring at 2 05, Corn firmer; old Yellow at 90c; old Mixed at 80c. Rye 1 00. Hay 18 00. Oats iin prolled; sales 60 @ 63c. Whiskey sales at 2 26. Mess Pork declined; sales at 20 00. Hogs sales at 5 80 (fa 6 00. Navauuah Markets. Savannah, Ga., Dec. 7. Cotton—the market is weak and declining* sales of 235 bales. Middling (j plands at 3c. Augusta Cottou Market. Augusta, Ga.. Dec. 7. Cotton — ie better demand; sales of 300 bales; Mid dling at 31c. Mobile Market*. Mobile, Dec. 7. Cotton—sales of the week 7,100 bales; receipts 10, 447 bales; exports 2,789 bales; stock in port 60.093 Dales; stock unsold 42,000 bales. The sales to-day l,5ui) bales. Middling Uplands at 30c, Gold in de mand and market easy. IVfw Orleans Markets. New Orleans, Dec. 7. Colton—in demand, prices being influenced by news from Liverpool. Low Middling at 28 @ 29c; Mixed at 30 fa 31c. The sales of the week were 22,900 bales; receipts of the week 25,299 bales; stock in port 19,349 bales, quotations assimilating with those from Live5 pool. Sugar—in good demand and advanced 4c; sales of foir at 10c; prime to choice at 11$ @ 12c$. Molasses dull and 2$c lower; sales of good at 60c; prime to choice at 62 @70. Sterling Exchange 150$ @151.— New York sight Exchange 4c discount. Gold 139.— Freights quiet and unchanged. Commercial—Per Cable*. Liverpool, Dee. 6, Noon. The Cotton market is quite active. The sales will reach 13,000 bales. Middling Uplands are quoted at 14d. ^ Liverpool, Doc. 6, Evening. I he Provisions market, which has been steady all day. closed unchanged. V London, Dec. 6, Noon. Consols are quoted at *8$ tor money. Amebic an Securities.-The following are the quotations for American Securities: Erie Railroad Shares 474. llliuois Central Railroad Shares 77$. Unit ed States 5-20’a 70^. _ , . London, Dec. 6, Evening. Consols for money closed at 884. American Securities.—The following were tl e closing prices of American securities: Erie Railway shares 47. Illinois Central shares 77*. Unite.i Slate's B-20'8 71. New York Stock Market. ^ „ % New York, Dec. 7. second Board—Stocks strong and active. Money 7 per cent. American Gold. 1371 U. S. Five-Twenties, coujions, 1862.10al U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1865,.. ’107 U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1865, new issue_ 1063 U. S. Ten-Forties, registered. 984 Canton Company,. 45 Cumberland Coal Company.1! 69 Quicksilver Mining Company.44 New York Central,. . . .UOg Erie.''■■■' 71| Hudson,. j.»q4 Heading,.’ ’‘ ’ [ *_ * * *'' ‘ " ijqs Michigan Central.Ill3 Michigan Southern.. 904 Illinois Central,,. 1174 Chicago & ltoek Island.*.. 113I Chicago & North Western.52 Pittsburg & Fort Wayne.1054 Boston Water Power Company,. 30 Western Union Telegraph,...... 4GJ At 4 o’clock P. M., Gold closed at 138$. IS out on Boot aud Nbop Market. „ t . Boston, Doc. 6. Busiueas has been very quiet the past week, with but little demand irom distant markets; the lew or ders being received are for small parcels of thick work. Prices are as yet fairly sustained, and for goods on order very nearly the same as for the j»ast season, rhe stock in the market is accumulating but slowly, and the present indications are that but. little lower rales will rule tor the winter and spring for de sirable goods. Manufacturers from the neighboring towns are looking over the leather market, prepara tory to commencing on spring work, and donut liud that they can put their goods in market at much low erjmces than they have done for the (last few months. ” ith the jobbing trade tor the home consumption the demand is light owing to the general impression abroad outside of the trade, that prices must -recede; buyers are backward about taking hold, and the mild ness of the seasoii|enaides them to wait. The shixuuents of boots and shoes for the week have been 6,978 cases, showing a falling oft’ from last week of 2,598 cases. We norice 178 cases t'.»r San Francisco via New York.—(Shoe and Leather Reporter. Boston Stock Id*!. Sales at the Brokers’ Board, Dec 7. Amerlsan Gold_. jjgi Uni rod States Coupon Sixes, 1881. 112 United States 7 3-lUlhs, 1st series. small. 2d scries. 3d series. United State: 5-2#., l«ej“m3.U'.".'‘;. .no I«i4.10t',j United States Ten-iortics.l<lB. J™ : ** K» tern Railroad.). jm* Western Railroad. 14^4 Boston and Maine Railroad. i;iq* MARRIED. In »bi' city, I >ee. 4, by Kev. Win. H. Fenn, Kumbrd binimonM and Miss Mary K. Dow. [No cards.) by Kev. Mr* Windsor, George L. tooaaie, M. D., ot Portland, and Henrietta I., daughter ot Joseph Hobson, Esq. Jn Norway, Nor. 28. Francis P. Putnam ot Rum ioril, and Airs. Eunice E. Town, o, N. ’ 1 DIED. ■ At terry Village, Cape Elizabeth, Nov. 2G, Alice C. daughter of Joseph H. and Eliza 15. Littlejohn, ageii 1 year 1 month. in Whitefield Nov. 21, Newell Carle ton, aged 45 years. » • ■ lu Not, i*. tty. BrHKmiti King. Med Wytww ;i month*. In Wlnthrop, Nov. g>, I,hot B. Woodco.'k, egvd 88 vear» 8 month*. In Aina, Not. 20, Mis* Hattie B. Turner, aged 24 years ________ DEPARTURE OF OCEAN silamwks NAME FROM FOR DATE. Vl uili-iitan _New York..HaV A' VCruz.Dec 10 Henrv Chauucey. New York. Aspinpall.Dec 11 Citv of Cork.New York. .Liverpool.Dec 12 ..Now York.. Liverpool.Dec 12 Scotia.Now York. .Liverpool.Dec 1? lYloro Castle.New York. .Havana.Dec 13 America..New York, .Bremen.Dec 15 i.iiv of Paris.New York. .Liverpool.l>ec 15 Asia.Boston.Liverpool.Dec 15 Eagle.;Now York..Havana.Dec 20 Rising Star.New York. .California_Dec 21 City ol New York..New' York. .Liverpool.Dec 22 Virginia.New York. .Liverpool.Dec 22 Arago.Now Yora..Havre.Dec 22 Bavaria.New York. .Hamburg.Dec 22 Guiding Star.New Pork. .Rio Janeiro.. .Dec 22 Cuba.... ✓.Boston.Liverpool.Dec 26 Miuialure Almauar.December 8* sun rises. 7.J7 Sun sets.4.2S Mo. *u bets.t>.05 rftl [ High water.12.15 I’M MARINE NKW8 PORT OF PORTLAND* Friday. December 7. ARRIVED. Sieaiuer Dingo, Sherwood. New York. Steamer New Brunswick, Winchester, St John via Eastport for Boston. Sch Amazon, Lewis, Bristol. CLEARED. Sch Star ol the Sea,(Br) Tower, Jogglns, NS—Thos Paddock, and J Porte.>us. Sch Frank Pierce. Grant, Ellsworth — Eastern Packet Co. new si bp “Oakland,” built by the Messrs Pennell Brothers, al Brunswick, and how lying at Central wharf, is attracting a good deal of attention irom those interested in marine architect ure. But. two ships have ever been built in this state which equal her in beauty of finish and quality ot material, one at Belfast (the Ivanhoc) built in i860, and the other at Batli, recently launched. The Oakland rates Al lor nine years, by French Lloyds, and Al lor ten years by American Lloyds, with the highest marks, which is the best proof of her superior qual ities. She was built entirely ot white oak, every stek having been selected with I ho greatest care, and the work of putting together done in the best manner. All the modern improvements have been introduced in her construction to make her what she is, one of the best ships ever built in the State. Her rigging, which is done in iliebcst manner, was put up by Air William Reed, of Bath, Mr Fickett. of Portland, furnishing the sails, ant Mr Brower, ol Freeport, acting as master builder. She was built irom a model by the late Jas Pennell, and cost about #100,000. Her extreme Length on top is 195 feet, keel 180 feet, beam 37, depth 21 feet, and register about 1250 tons. She is owned by the Messrs Pennell, Capt A H Merryman, wrlio will command her. and others, and will proceed to a Southern 1 ort to load lor Eu rope. Launched— Ar Saco 7th inst, from rhe Saco Ship building Co’s yard, a ship ol about 1300 tons, named RFC Hartley, in compliment to the President of the Company. DISASTERS. Schs Noi l hern Light, and Silver Lake, both irom an Eastern port, with lumber, tor New York, came in collison oft Sand’s Point 5th inst, and both were disabled by the contact. The Northern Light was cut down to the water’s edge. The other has been towed to New York full ot water. A dispatch irom San Francisco states that the ship Nicholas Bidale put in at Vancouver’s Island 1st inst leaking at the rare of two teet per hour, having had a very severe gale. It was with the greatest difficul ty that the ship was saved. DOMESTIC PORTS. NEW ORLEANS—Ar 30th, ships Soriento, Wil son. Havre; Gettysburg, Edge, New York. Cld 30th. ships Fannie Larrable, Randall. Havre; R C Winthrop, Stewart, New York. MOBILE—Ar 4th, barque Sancho Lanza, Heagan, New York; sch Harriet Thomas, Robinson, do. Ar5th, seb AI J Adams, Billings, Boston. SAVANNAH—Ar 5th, brig Charles Poole, Sher man, Boston. Cld 5th, ship Thos Freeman,Owen, Liverpool; br'g Mariposa, Staples, Boston; sch Alfred Keene, Rob inson, New York. CHARLESTON—Ai* 2d. brig C’astillian, Harden brook, Matan/as. FORTRESS MONROE—Ar 6th, ship Atlantic, fm Chinchas. BALTIMORE—Cld 6th. ship Crcseent City, Dela no, Accapulco; barque A B Wyman, Smith, lor San Francisco; sch Yankee Maid, Thomas, Charleston. NEW YORK—Ar 5tli, brigs Imogene. Saunders, Cette; E P Swett, Lawrence, Cardenas; Ma/.atlan, Leland, Bangor; schs Mary E Long, Haidy, Carde nas; Lamartine, Griggs, Calais; Decora. Ingalls.and Northern Light, Moore, Machias; Rockingham, Wy man, and Billow, Cousins, Bangoi; Martha Maria, Carle, and W R Genn; Parker, Portland. Ar 6tli, ship Majestic, Lucus. Portland. Ar 6th, schs Agcnora, lm Ellsworth: Silver Lake, Matthews, Bangor. Cld 6th, brigs veteran, Snow, Cadi/.; L AI Merritt, Berry, Nuevitas; schs Jason, Stuart. Jacksonville; Constitution, Smith, Apalachicola ; Lila liah, Wilev, Baltimore. J NEW LONDON—Ar 5tli, brig A F Larrabec, Car lisle, Baugor for New York; sen Lebanah, Wall, im Calais for Bridgeport. PROVIDENCE—Sid Gill, schsC Fantauzi, Woos ter. New York ; M E Pearson, Veazie, Baugor. NEW BEDFORD—Ar 5th sch E A Conant. Foss, Portland tor Philadelphia, (to go on ihe marine rail way lor repairs.) EDGAltTOWN-Ar 1st, sch Geo W Glover, Hol brook, Eaton’s Neck or Boston AY 2d, brig Geo E Prescott, Mills, New York for Boston; sells Mary Fletcher, Pendleton, Philadel phia lor do; Mary Langdon, Hix, from New York lor Portsmouth; Corvo, Picketing, do for Weymouth; Ned Sumter. Lord, do for Ellsworth; Mary A, Mer rill , Portia id. BOSTON—Cld 6th. barque Chalmerte. Waite, Bal timoie to load for San Francisco; ch S & B Small. Cole, Aiachias. Ar7tli, schs May, Whitney, Mobile; Dexalo, Le laud. Eden; Canova, Fullerton, Ellsworth. < ld 7th, brig Arthur Kgkso, Clifford, Galveston; sch Eowena, Aguew, East dort and Calais. GLOUCESTER—Ar 6tli, seh Clara Norton, Rich, Bangor lor 1 Boston; (fold Hunter, Weare, Ironi York for do; Kosciusko, Richardson, i liornaston tor do. NEW BURY PORT—Ar 6th, schs Gen Kleber, Tur ner. Bangor; John & Frank, Fowler, Boston. PORTS AI. UTH—Sid 5th, schs Volant, McFarland, and St Lucar, Austin, New York ; Eben Brown* Smith, Rockland; At&rv Ann, Wallace, PhipslHug. MACHIASPORT—Sid 2d, ship Harrisburg, Wis well, Buenos Ayres. FOREIGN PORTS. Ar at Liverpool 5th inst, ship Resolute, Freeman. New York. At St Marc, Hayti, —ult, brig B Inginac, ioi New York, tdg. Ar at Port au Prince Oct 21, barque Sulioto: Brack ett. Bangor. Ar at Havana 26th ult, brig Paragon, Bos ou; 25ili tTOS? ^eo,s Hunt, Woodbury, New York: 27th, H D Stover, Pierce, do. Cld 26th,brig Poinsett, Anderson, Boston; 1st inst barque Chilton, Staliord, New York. Sid 28th, barques AJartin W Brett, Thurlow, New York: 29*b, C B Hamilton, Shepard, do. Cld at M&tauzas 23d, brigs S L Colson, Charleston; Cast-illian, Hardenbrook. do; 24th, barque Aberdeen, Cochran, Cardenas, to load lor a port North ot Hat .era -; John S Harii.-, Kenney. Savannah; Rch Hen rietta, Snow, Pensacola; brig Lizzie Billings, Mimdy for a port North ol Hatteras. Ar at Cardenas 23th ull.sch Ivate Carlton. Bow den, St John, NB. Injx>rt24th ult, brig Cascatclle, Carlisle, for New York in 2 days. Cld at Windsor, NS. 23d ult, schAchorn; Rolph, Portland. 1 ’ SPOKEN. Dee Ij lat 35 46. Ion 72 50, ship Atlantic, ol Baih, from Callao tor Hampton Roads. ,, Ai ai lt Magxolia.—The prettiest thing, the "sweetest flung,” and the most of it for the least money. It overcomes the odor of perspiration: soft ens ami adils delicacy to the skin; is a delightful iicr furne; allays headache and inflamation, and is a nec essary companion in the sick room, in the nursery ami upon tiie toilet sideboard. It can be obtained everywhere at one dollar per bottle. Saratoga apring Water, suld by all Druggists. S. I;~18tW.—X.—The amount of Plantation Bit tore sold in one year is something startling. They would till Broadway six leet high from the Park to 4th street. Drake’s manutaetory is one of the insti tutions in New Vork. It is said that Drake painted all the rocks in the Eastern States with his cabalistic "S. 1'.—i860—X.,’’ and then got the old granny legis lators to pass a law "preventing disfiguring the lace ot nature, wliich gave him a monopoly. We do not know how this is, but we do know that plantation Bitters sell as no other article ever did. They are used by all classes of the community, and are death oil Dyspepsia—certain. They are very invigorating when languid and week, ami a great appetizer.” S&rato a pring Water, sold by all Druggists. “In lilting the kettle iVom the fire I scalded inyselt very severely—one hand almost to a crisp. The tor ture was unbearable. * * - The Mexican Mus tang Liniment relieved the pain almost immediately. It liealed rapidly and left very little scar. Chas. Foster, 420 broad street, Philadelphia.” ibis is merely a sample of what the Mustang Lini ment will do. It is invaluabe in all cases of wounds, swellings, sprains, cuts, bruises, spavins, etc., either upon man or beast. beware of counterfeits. None is genuine unless wrapped in the steel-pi ale engravings, bearing the signature of G. W. Westbrook, Chemist, and the pri vate stamp of Demis Barnes & Co, New York. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. All who value a valuable head of hair, and its pres ervation from premature baldness and turning grey, will not lajl to use Lyon's celebrated Katharion. it makes the hair rich, soil and glossy, eradicates dand ruu, and causes the hair to glow with luxuriant beauty. It is sold every where. L. Thomas Lyon, Chemist, N. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. What Did It? A young lady returning to her country home after a sojourn of a few montlis in New York, was hardly recognized by her friends. In place of a r ustic Hushed taco, she had a soft ruby complex ion of almost marble smoothness, and instead of ¥3 she rcsilly appeared but 17. She told them plainly site used Aagan’s Magnolia Bairn, ami would not he without it. Any lady can improve her appearance very much by using this article. It can be ordered of any druggist for OH cents Saratoga Spring Water, soid by all Druggists. Heimstrcet’s inimitable Hair Coloring has been steadily grow ing in lavor lor over twenty years. It acts upon the absorbents at the roots of the hair, and changes to its original color by degrees. All instan taneous dyes deaden and injure the hair. Heim strocta is nut a dyt but is certlin in its results, pro 522?8.?.!* growth, and is a beautiful Hair Dressing, Price 50 cents and $1.00. Sold by all dealers. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. Lyon’s Extract or Pcre Jamaica Ginoek— for Indigestion, Nausea, Hem iburn, Sick Ueadaeiie, Cholera Morbus, &c., where a warming genial stim ulant is required. Its careful preparation and entire purity makes it a cheap and reliable article for culi- 1 nary purposes. Sold everywhere at 50 cents per bot- ' tie. j Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. I n J une 14, '66—cod&wly W4STEt)i #4000 WaiitedT - ¥ '+ i H r ■ rpHREEOK FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS for 1 two or three years for which the Bewt of Se curity will l»e given, and interest paid at the rate of nine )*er cent |«r euusiu. Address . t Box 2058 Portland, J\ O., or W. H. JEltRlS, Retd Estate Agent. Dec G— dlw* Wasted, y rpEN or Fifteen TEAMS wanted to cart IOO, I OOO Bricks and IOO Perch ol Stone from the Park to No. Ill Brackett Street, By TALER S. SMAJUL. dccG dlw Wanted. BY ayouuB Lafty » situation as Copyist. Address “w.." Poitlaod I‘. t>. . dtivkllw* Partner Wanted. A PARTNER is wanted by a man in iho retail Provision and Grocery business with a capital ot Twelve or Fifteen Hundred Dollars,in a first rate lo cation, and good business. Itisararo chance for a man who wishes to go into tire business. Apply at the Press Office. decldtf Owner Wanted rtOR a Copying Press loft at my store night of July 1' 4ih. E. COKEY. nov2Tdtf Flour Barrels Wauted. \\rE will pay 30 cents each fin* first class Flour ▼ f Barrels suitable tor sugar. LYNCH, BARKER & CO., novl3dtf ju 13!) Commercial street. Wanted. \ \ BUSHELS good Pumpkin Seeils l.y I.UU KENDALIi & WHITOEY. Nov 13—dim Wautecl, imiuetlialely. 1 \ Good Amettfan, Nova Scotia and Irish VJVJ Girls to do housework, cook, $c.} in pri vate families and hotels in this city and country. Situations sore. The best wages paid. A>so 50 Girls t • wal k in Factories. Farmers and others wanting men for any nfork will do well to call on us, a? we will supply them free of charge. Address or apply at the Geueral Agency Employment Office, 8514 Gnfcgrefc* street, up stain. COX & POWARS. *upt2Cdt! late W111XNE Y & CO. -t lffi| V—r-T Agents Wanted l FOE FRANK MOORE’H “ Women Of the War,” W0NDEE1HLIA POPULAIi ! OO jiopul.ii lias it already become, (not one moirfh O yet since its first issue) that hundreds of people are writing lor it from all suctions erf the country. From one City alone, 172 persons have written tor this Work,—could not wait for Agents. Four of Adams’ large size Presses are running on this Book, and the demand exceeds our supply. Ex perienced Agents and others, who poa«**-= intelli gence, energy, and perseverance, and \, ant rioai-.w ble Employment, will find by engngii c hi the sale oi this Book, all they desire. Many now hj tho field a*© meeting with astonishing success. . For full particulars send for circulai * C. A. ( BAPLh, Room 9, 21 \ Free Street, Portland. nov 13 d&wtf A^cutk Wanted 1 To canvass for the cheapest and ) book in the country. HEADLEY’S HH1 OF THE GREAT REBE1 .1 Two volumes complete in one. 12<H E .,. ■ i Pages, sold for Five Dollars. C5r*Many agents aus. making Iron •>!«*» u -i : week canvassing for tins work. Sold by only. ' Sole and exclusive rights given ot uj» .ii. fui.x.: ritory with liberal commissions. For circulars and terms apply to at .uiJvi rs J. PATTEN Fib■••11 Lock Box 1722. No 233£ Congress St., near €ti> Hail, Portland, Maine. no2i<i&vi ■———■ ■■■ 1 jggggggggH 11 M3-SBBB BOARD AND ROOMS. Boaril. WITH pleasant rooms for gentleman w.d wlie id single gentlemen, at I¥o. 1 O 1'Kiviftut £t dec 4 dlw* Boar;’, A PLEASANT Room, withb ... ;t,. i rcatleman and wife, or two lin^n Koniieiuon, 11 No 56 Clark street. n.vikltf TO LET . TXTITHOUT Board/* pleasant front room lum ▼ T ished. in the Western part of the city. io one or two single gentlemen. Address Box 42 Post of fice, Portland. nov 16 ti* lost and rorm Lost! ON Thursday afternoon. Dec. 6th, on Free or Con gress streets, a j>earl and onyx BREASTPIN with extrascam setting. The finder will be snitably rewarded by leaving it at this office. dcc7d3t* Picked up Adrift. A SMALL BOAT which the owner can have by jC\. calling at Fort Gorges. dcTdlw* M A 0*0 H A I R Restoratiye ! ! NO. 1, Will Restore Gray or Faded Hair to , its ORIGINAL COLOR, EITHER BLACK OR RROWTf. Strengthens the hair and gives nour^nment to the roots. Makes the hair soft and moist. Prevents and cures Dandruff 4 A Splendid Hair Dressing, PROVED TO RE THE Best and Cheapest in the Market. MAGIC PI A T R DYE Has only to be applied to the Hair or Whiskers and the work \a done; no washing. WST* For sale by all Druggists. CHABLES NEWBALL, Proprietor, oetlSeod 47 Hanover st, Boston. 3m The President’s Message Has arrrived this morning and so has a CARGO of Fresh Oysters S (the first of tha season,) At Atwood’s Oyster House, Centre Street, rear Lanca&tor HaU, and will be sold at SI.40 PER G A L It O N, SOLID, 35 Cents per Quart. All orders by mail, telegraph or express promptly attended. ATWOOD’S OYSTER HOUSE, 43, 47 & 49 Centre St., Portland, Me. dec5dlw FOR SALE. Jf WEBB, lias on hand tor sale thirty 'sleighs and pungs. The best lo be found in the county. Also four heavy Bagg.ige Wagons, and three light open buggies, which lie otters lor sale on more lavorablo terms than any other Carriage Manufacturer, as he closes ids busi ness with this sale. Persons desirous of purchasing will find it for tlicir advantage to call upon him. R. M. WEBB. \\ ebb'. Mills, Dec 3, 1806. 'Iee4epd\w4w49 Bools, Shoes and Rubbers manutnetuxed of the beat material and workman ship, at prices as Low ns the Lowest, - AT - CHAS. A. BACKLKFF & CO.’S, NO. lit, MIDDLE Nl'BBET. novl2eod&wtf _ opposite the U. S. Hotel. PAINTS AND OILS.

Drags, Medicines, Dyes stiiils, "Window Oliiss. AGR.N1S FOB 1 Forest lltver <fr Warren Lead Co.’s CBAITs A iril.l/1 AMS, Nos. 6 end 6 Commercial Wharf, Boston. Doci—TufhStly OYSTERS. HAVING made arrangements fir a laxg* supply Oysters 'luring the winter I am now ready to sup ply Oysters at tha low price of 41.411 ]>er gallon, solid. <l ir All or, lew ljy mail or Express promptly attend ed te at No. 2 Union Wharf. JAMES FREEMAN. Dec 6—<12W * . * .TEWETT A COOK’S Oyster and Eating House. With Saloon litted up expressly for Ladies and Gentlemen. 310 Congress Street, cor. Brown. dec3—lw Portland, Saco & Portsmouth Rail road Company. DIVIDEND No. 10 Win be paid December 10th tu Stockholders of record Not. 30,1366. Per Order, E. UOTT dec3—edtdecll Treasurer. Store to be Ret. STORE No. 206 Fore street, toot of Plumb, now oc cupied by lleald Brothers, will be for rent and oeeupanev on or about tire II tn December proximo. Apply to ,T. R. BRAZIER, 47 Brackett street, or at E. M. PATl'EN & CO., Plumb street hov27tf • mrK.oifii COWOEIVSBO mrtJIMl Of the condition of the Bay State Fire Insurance Co!, Of Worcester, Mass., As made to Secretary of State, Nov. 1, I860. Capital Stock. $150,0410. Amount of Capital Stock actually paid in, $104,800. AMOFNt OJf ASSETS,*'* U. S. Bonds, par value,... .. 43,730,00 State of Vermont Stocks,. 5,000,00 Bank Stocks in Worcester and Boston,. 45,485,00 Rail Road Stocks,... .. 12,831,00 Loaned City of Worcester on demand, . 20,000,00 Loaned with Collateral,... . 5,000,00 Cash on hand,-- y.... 9,382,15 Cash in hands of agent*,... 2,782,iVj Other Cash Items. 1 200 UO ' $145,110,18 LIABILITIES. Ain’t of losses due and unpaid,. 295 00 Amount of losses claimed and unpaid,. 4,475,00 * Am't of losses reported upon which the liabil ity of the Company is not determined,.. 6,200,00 10,970,00 W. s. Davis, President. L. C. Parks, Secretary. 3. 1*. IVEBSTEft, Ageut, decTilGW_ No 10 South Street. Holyoke Mutual Fire Ins. Co., SALEM, MASS. Statement ot the condition of said Company on the 1st day of November, A D, 1866, being the date of its exhibit next preceediug Dec 1, 1866. Amount of Capital Stock,.$712,764,38 Consisting of Notes and Statute Liabilities. 605,198,58 And of cash assets as follows: Mortgages. 15,630,91 Real Estate,. 29,460 Railroad Bonds and Stocks,,.... 6,187,60 State and City Bonds, 6,705 Loans on collateral and notes re ceivable,.. 2,606,16 Sundry Assets,. 610,91 Cash on hand,. 3 872 40 Bjttanee in agents* hands,.. 167,89 -$712,764,33 Amount at Risk,.14,649,738,11. liabilities : Losses claimed,..!.....o 300 Drafts given in payment for losses,not yet pre sented for payment..3,803,60 Unclaimed Dividends. 572,64 Auo. Story, Prest. Thomas H. Johnson, Secy. JFt H. WEB9TKR, Agent, dec7d3w__ No 10 South street. Abstract *f the Annual Statement OF The Phoenix Insurance Company, OF HARTFORD, CONN., j the Bay of November, 1660, 5 TO THE STATE OF MAINE. Assets: Cash on hand and in Bank.$42,968.57 Cash in liands of, and due from Agents,.120,669.75 Loans on Real Estate,.155,000.00 Loans on Real and Personal Security,. 24.890 00 United State® Securities. 141,047.50 NewJmfcBank Stotps,... 88,625.00 Hartford Bank Stocks,.160,975.00 Other Bank Stocks,. . 50,250.00 Bonds—State, City and Water,..292,220.00 Accumtflated Interest,.. 4,627.38 Total Assets,.$1,061,273.15 Amount of Premium Notes,.None. Total Amount of Liabilities,..$59,595.97 WM. B. CLARK, Soc’y. HENRY KELLOGG, President. A. W. JILLSON, Vice-President. W. D. LITTLE & CO., Agents, 70 COMMERCIAL STREET. November 19,1866, d3w STATEMENT otthe Condition of the lUecfliHHin luaurauce Compuuy of Hartford, CouuZ made to the Secretary of the State of Maine, on the 1st day of November, I066. CAPITAL. The amount of the GMpital 8cock of the Company is>.$200,000 00 ASSETS. Oash onltand, - ,«4dg 53 “ in Bank, j- . . ; jg o6 “ *n hands of Agents and in course of transmission, - i8,533 37 Government Securities. - - 109 300 00 State and City Bonds, - j. 27,’loo no New York Bank Sto k. - - - 17.650 00 Hartford “ “ ' ' - - 48,300 oo Boston « “ - - - . 23,000 00 Other . “ “ - - - 8,125 00 Loans, secured by mortgages, - - 70,700 00 “ “ by Bank Stock, - - i,24u 00 Interest accrued, - . _ j Total Assets of the Company, - - $.333,515 22 LIABILITIES. Amount of losses adjusted and due, - none • a “ “ “ not due - $4,360 18 “ unadjnsted (estima ted in ParL).16,0.7 Of) Total Liabilities lor Loesses (uo usher Liabilities,) - - - - $20,417 18 (Signed) MARK HOWARD, President. “ E. THOS. LOBDELL, Sec y. Sworn to before me, N. Shipmam, Notary Public. \\. D. LITTLE & CO., Agents, _ „ Ottieo No. 79 Commercial Street. Dec 5 d&wlw SPECIAL NOTICE . —o*t Life Insuvauce! TTAVTNG been appointed General Agents far * A Maine of the old New England Mutual Life Ins. Co., Of Boston, Mass., being the oldest purely Mutual Life ins. Co. in America, wo wish filly good, active agents '*ork in the diiferent cities and villages throughout ihe State. None need apply unless good reference qan be give. The Co. is 26 years old and has paid in Dividends $1,247,000 00 anti over $2,000,000 00 in loss es by death, it has now a well-invested accumulated Japital of over $4,000,000 00. The Co. formerly matte md paid its dividends once in five years. A Divi dend will lie made up in Nov. 1860, and annually thereafter, and available one year from date of Poli T. Applications lor local Agencies will be made to Rui? US SMALL & SON, Gen’l Agents, [ _ u°2ffi3m_ ^ Biddeibrd, Me. K E HI O V A I, . Sparrow’s Insurance Office is this day removed from No. 9* Commercial Street, to the new and commodious rooms NO. GG EXCHANGE STHEET, IN THE CCilBEBLAND BANK BUH.DIN8, where lie is now prepared to place insurance, in ail its forms, anil for any amount, in companies second to no others on the globe, and on the most favorable terms. S3rParties preferri ng first ciacs insurance, are res pectfully Jawed to call. November 5,1966. dtf office of nii: . Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company, Springfield, Jlais. September 16, 1866. To the Agents of the Springfield hire and Marine Insurance Company. Gentlemen The officers of this Company take great pleasure in announcing to their Agents, jmtrons and friends, that bv an unanimous vote of the stock holders, the capital stock of this company has been in creased to HALF A MILLION Dollars, all paid in CASH, and that the assets of the company are $690,171,74; Capital, $500,006; Surplus, $190,171,74. N'otwitbbtaiulhig the freqmnt fires ami the huivy losses sustained by insurance companies, THIS Com pany is able to show to its agents and patrons, such a list of assets and securities as to entitle it to a position in the trout rank among insurance companies iu this country— one worthy of the tUllest confidence, and giving the most perfect securities to policy-holders. The policies in this company, funush the most am ple Indemnity to oilr customers, we ask in return good risks, and adequate rates, aud we trust our many ami fhitkihl agents may in the future as in the pasi, look well to our interests—enlarge and increase our busi ness, upon what shall prove a safe class of risks. Edmund Freeman, President, Chartered 1849, J. N. Dunham, Sec. Capital & Surplus $690,171,74, Chas. E. Lane. Assistant Sec. We are Yours Very Truly, E. Freeman, President. ,J. N. Dunham, Secretary, lohu E» Row »V Mon, Agents, sep29-eodtf PORTLAND, MAINE. T N. Tivomblfy, General Insurance Broker, Aj. would iuiurui liis many Iriends and llio putil'c generally that he isurepar. u t.. continue the Insur ance Busin m as a Broker, and canola, e Fire, Life and Marine Insurance to uny extent in the best Opm p -nies in the Unltod Stales. All business entrusted to my c re shall be faithtudy attended to. Olfiee at C. M. idea’s Paper Store, No. 183 Fore St. where orders can be lelt. juliett RBPIIBMC Iusuriiu»I Clonipnny,ot New York City. ’ Cash Capital...tooo.ono “ Surplus,. 270,non Total Cash Assets. 575,IK)0 The leas by this Company hi the Portland tiro 19 about *28,utm,oraboutostETEitTitoriTssuiu t us. All claimants lor loss by the recent fire, who have not already received their money, are invited to hand In their proofs without d. lay. Those wishing insurance in a Company. First Class, in every re spect, at filir rales, are invited to call at my office. No. 80 Commeicial street, Thomas Block. jyl«_WARREN SPARROW, Agent. Mctuai. benefit lire INSURANCE CO. The numerous Policy holders in Hub popular Company, and the public generally, are inloniied that its office is now established at No. 80 Commer cial street, in Thomas’ Block. WARREN SPARROW, jhl 19 _ State Agent. Store anti Offices to Let. IN the Building now being erectcd by the subseriber on Fore Street, near the Biot of Exchange Street, will be really for occupancy Jan. 1st, 1807. dec6d2w CHARLES MCCARTHY, Jr. F*1‘iTF First Class Houses for Sale. \V* 0l*er {or sale the right tliat olaa* brick houses. kI, bullt by us, situated on Pine Street, between Clark and Carle ton Streets These house* are thoroughly built, with elate rooft, ru Ck ! M!' u':u We mantelpieces throughout they will be sold at a low price, and on very taiora ble terms. Apply at our ofiiee, No. bj Danlorth St. • I. L». i»Kii\V,N rfc SONS pUleHo;rt1;UBIS’ KU“ KSUU- A*“‘.<*HUe October 1G, 1hCG. ■viujilh.. i \uii sen oil favorable terms as to 1.1 pa\raent, or iet tor a term of years, the lots on the corner of Mid.lie and Franklin street*, ami on Franklin street, including the corner 01 Franklin and ' Foie streets. Apply to WM. HILLIARD, Bangor, or SMJ t n \ HELD, Attorneys, Poriland. jyl^ti HOUSE AND LOT ioc sale at Cain* Elizabeth Fcjn ry.—house nearly new. Enquire ot A .P. COLE at the Kerry,or W. M.MANSFELD, Pori land Steam Packet Co. . jul 11 dif POR Sale. Tiireo story brick bouse on Danfort h P Streor. The house is nearly new and in tine or der. 1 in mediate poscession given. jul ltd I W. G. (HADBOURNK. House Lots on India Si., for Sale. IANQUIRE oi CON ANT & HAND, L 153 Commercial Street, or on H. M. JAYSON, Portland, Nov. 1*1. dff * Exchange Street. 1 or $3000. rpHE 1 j story House on Winter Street, third from 1. Pine, containing seven finished rooms, a splendid well ot water on the premises. Lot container 11500 square feet. Apply to PATTERSON & CHADBOI RN, Dealers in Real Estate, dc5diw Morion Block, just above the Preble House. For Sale. A VERY desirable and convenient 14 story bonne, with bain, wood shed anil carriage house, all In good order, with seven acres ot land, only one mile outside of city, upon which there are 300 choice fruli trees, consisting of apple, pear, plumb and cherry; also an abundance or currants, gooseberry, strawber ry, &e., with very best ot water, large brick cistern and furnace in tbe cellar; a splendid garden and in a tilsL rate neighborhood, and in every way a desira ble projierty. Immediate possession given. Prine only $5000. HANNON A UOW, Real Estate Ageuta, No. 345 Congress Street. dee3—dim Seven $lOOO House Lots FOR sale oh Congress street, near the new Park. A line location tor a block of houses. Now is the time to purchase, preparatory for building m the ! spring. Apply to \\ M H. .TERMS, Keai Estate Agunl, _noviMdilw TV O T I C K . DA*. T. IT~FOSTER, I VANISHING to to dose up his business in Pori-’ ▼ f land, would say to all indebted to him lor pro fessional services that they will find it to their interest to settle with him immediately, as his unsettled bills will soon pass into other hands for collection. He has fer Male One of the best building lots to be found in the upper part of the city; 104 ft square, situated on Cushman j street, at l he head of Lewis street. * ALSO, * I A beautiful place in Westbrook, near Morrill’s Cor ner, with new buildings, Unit and shade trecs^iedges, grape vines, &c., thereon. For further particulars inquire at office No 30 Free streoet, or W. H. JERK1S, Real Estate Agent. decld2w* Only $1,000! EK)R a good one and a half story HOUSE in Bid 1 deford, only live years old—con Lai us i rooms, good cellar, and excellent water. Fine garden with young fruit frees. Lot 42 by ‘Jfi feet. Apply imme diately .to W. H. JEitKlS, nov22o3w Real Estate Agent. Fop Sale in Cape Elizabeth, a few rods across Portland Bridge, Lot of Land GO by lOO. Enquire at N. H. Cumuiing’s Store. November 5,18bt>. dfiv* Houses for Sale Low. 0£Y£BAL desirable, medium sized dwelling O Houses will be sold at low prices and on very favorable terms if applied lot immediately. This property is situated ou Cougiess saeet and Congress place—no better location in this ( icy—and adjoins St, Luke’s Church lot, and will be sold in lots to suit purchasers. Inquire of WISWELL & REED, No. 356 Congress, entrance on Oak street, up stairs, novlbdu M House lor Sale, No 32 'Myille Street. En quire at No. S Central Wharf. July 12—dti * Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. r |MIE Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the vil X lageoi Eryeburg, Oxford county, Maine, is ot icred tor salt at a bargain, it applied lor soon. Hie Ho list'is targe, mgood repair, with lurmturo aud hxiores diiougnow, together with ail necessary outbuildings. i-'or full particulars inquire oi A to RATIO BOOTH BY, Pi oprietor. Or Hat.son.* Dow, 315 (Jongrefes at. Krycbutg, Sep1, in, l*ttt>. dtf Farm For Sale. 1 WILL soil my farm near Allen's Comer West brook, about three miles from Poll land, one mint from boisc ears, and Westbrook Seminar). Said hum contains about 100 acres, part ol it very valuable for tillage, auu part oi il tor building lots. I’liero is a good house, two large barus, and out bous es on the premises, it will be sold together, or hi lots La suit purchasers CYRUS T1HJRLOW, sepll-dtt lo5 Commercial St. Brick Houses for Sale on Spring St. rjlHREE story brick dwelling Houses, with over X 6000 feet of laud, pleasantly located. Price rea sonable. Terms liberal. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER, novl9d3w Middle street. Desirable Slope Lots FOR SALE, o w f o *i ii i: ui i a ■. sex hje e t.• M'lliS subscriber, after for sale tlic lot ui lami on X iho southerly side ol Street, hea l ul Daua’9 Wharf, measuring 72 by ISO feet. For fur ther particulars iiKiuire JONAS II. FEN LEY, Get 16 If_ or W. S. DANA. Lot for Sale. ONE ui the best building lots in the city, ail noted on t he north side oi I Kitting Street adjoining the residence nl'Gen. J. D. Fessenden. This lot issraty tivo feet trout on Deering .street, ex tends hack on* hundred feet, and is bounded on the coat side by a street fitly feet in width, making it a corner lot and very desirable. S. B. HERSEY, No. 4 Galt Block. Com. Street. Oct 17 dtt Valuable Re&l Estate on Elm St. F OR HALF. A PORTION of the *'\DAY*' Estate on Elm Street, comprising over 26000 icet of land, together with Brick Houses, Stable «5fcc. This property is lo cated on Lira and cumin rlarnl streets uil susceptible of imj rocciuAit, ami has a front on Elm street oi 262 feet. The above property is olfercd for Sale cither in por tions «>r collectively, on libciai terms. Apply to tHigY'iT— 11 J UH N C. PROCTOR. For Lease. THE valuable lot of land cqrucr oi Middle and Plumb Streets, for a term of >eais. Enquire of C. C. MITCHELL A SON, Aug. 2K H6C—dtt 17? Fore Street. FOII SALE, in Gorham, fiiicen minutes walk Irom tiie Depot, a nearly new, neat Cottage House, Barn and out buildings,liaring ail ti c eonven nnccb And in prime condition. Ii is situated near a grove aud a snort from the County read. Apply to J. E. STEVENS. Gorham. July 17. FAMJI for Sale. The fiuhsc liter oiler? his Iarm for sale or will exchange ior city properly. It is a first rate farm ot 116 acres, with a two story House, in good if par and a new Barn with cellar, tdxGO. then is a n var lading supply ol good water and wood lot. Said (arm Is situated on the road iroin Sacearappa to Corliam Corner, about one mile from the latter place, for further particulars applr to DOW & JOHNSON, Moulton street, or d. H. Cook, on the premises. jy27-endti Farm for Sale. IN SCARBOROUGH, about 7 miles from Portland, on “ Beech Ridge,” (so called,) contains about 75 acres mowing, tillage, a good Orchard anil pasture, and 30 acres wood and timber. Buildings finely situated and in good repair, with a good cellar and cistern. Good Dairy ami convenient wells of water. Apply to JOHN LIBBY 4th, near the premises, or WOODBURY LIBBY, Searboiob HENRY H. & EDWIN LIBBY nov 22 eod&w3w* Marrett, Boor & Co., Having taken the Chambers 311 CONGRESS STREET, ADJOINING MECHANICS’ IIAIX, Arc now i.reitarc.1 to oiler their friends ami Hu pul lie a large ami xvell aborted stock of CARPI ITIITOS t Paper Hangings CJJIiTAIK GOODS, Ac., Purchasers of the above goods arc respectfully invi ted to examine our stock which is New, Clean and Desirable. jyCOdtf Holiday Presents! At Mra. L. Walker’s, 30 Center St., OPPOSITE LANCA8TEU HALL, Ilkl. :ind Perfumery Boxes, Al bums, Work Boxru, Writing Df*(k«, Portfolios, fpariau NiatotWf WORRIED HOODS, BREAKFAST SHAWLS AND WORSTEDS, Together with a huge variety of Dolls, Toys, &c., See. Dec 6—cod4w& wit Southern Pine. ABOUT HO M tcit snperlnr Flooring and Step Boards now landing at Custom Jloiisn Wharf; ami for Bale m lots to suit purchasers. Apply to a M. DA VIA & CO., n .. ... „ H7 Commercial street. Portland, Nov. 21, lCGfi. . nov22dtt Go to Adams*A; Puriutou’s your House-furnishing Goode of all kinds; X Carpetings, and all kimls of Crockery, Glow, Tin, Stone, Ear tin'in ami Wooden Ware, Paper Hang ings, Window Shades, Sec, &c. no23d3m wrmm, FIRE REDUCED TO BOSTON. Sommer ■ Arrangement! I'ntil* notice Ilia Stininuw of the Pm thud Steam P ictet Co. .will run as toliowsi— > Leave Atlantic Wharffor Iloston "every evening, (except Sunday) ui 7 o’clock. Leave Heston the Hamedays at 5 p. St. Cabin tare. JLOO Leek,.... j.«o fit' Package tickets to be had ol the Agents at re duced rates. Preight taken as usual . I- lifLIdNUS. Agent May 22ud, 1866—gitl PORTLAND AND NEW YORK steamship company. S »: itl MV K E k L 1 MNE. v . A , Tha ypteimi.l aial i,»l stt'um M V 1''*’", Wliiuo, ( apt. 6. SBF.K °!v a‘v f*AN»;ONIA, C»pi. • ?HKI‘»oo», will! until i |, , .T *,or nol'CP, run a* iotlawx ■ Iheso veasels are lUied up with line accommoda tions tor passengeis, making this the most hiieedv sale and comfortable ronte l..r traveller* between *orA ttU,i A,aiiJ* • Fassago, in State. Room. •jb.OO Cabin passage $5 oo. Meals extra. Coeds lor warded by thin line to and Iroiu Mon Quebec, Baugoi, Bath, Augusta, Ea St. JoLb. Shippers are requested to *>eud their height to the steamers as early as 3 P. M. ou the da v that thcv leave Portland. For height or passage apply to EMERY & FOX, Brown’s Wharf, Portland. J. r. AMES, Pier 38 East River. May*9, dti Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. —.. I . CARRYING THE CANADIAN •li Tut-1'1. A AND UNITED STATES MAILS. Pn.M‘a,en BookiA la l.ondoudr rry aud LneipopL Keturu Ticlua granted at Reduced Knlcs. The Steamship BELGIAN, Capt. Brown, will sail iron, this port (hr Liverpool, SATURDAY', Hth December, 1866, immediately after the arrival of Ihc train ot the previous (lay from Montreal, to be Ibllow ed by the-on the 15th. Paseagc to Londonderry and Liverpool, cabin, (ac cording to accommodation) *70 to 880 steerage, -$2^. Payable in Gold or its equivalent. Fur Freight or passage apply to , H. & A. ALLAN, No. 3 India St. Portland, Nov. 2b, 1866. no27dtt STEAMBOAT NOTICE. WINTER ARRANGEMENT! To Penobscot River twice a Week. The Steamer LADY LANG, Capt. A. L. Whitmore, will commence f[ , 1i worses.the Winter trips on MONDAY, !*il^j^Eov. 19th. Will leave Portland tor 1 ■"“•Bangor (or as far as the ice will permit i every Tuesday and Friday evenings at 9 o'clock. Returning, w ill lea va Rangor every Monday and I hur day mornings at 6 o’clock, and Wmterport at 7 o’clock, touching at Hampden, Buekspoi t, Del bert, Camden and Rockland, each wav. For freight or passage plCa>c apply to office on Railroad Wharl, toot of -fState street. A. SO.MEKBY, Agent. Portland, Nov. 17,18Cf. dtf FREIGHT FOR THE SOUTH AND WEST. ii 08 to n and Philadelphia Bitamship Liu*. lie steam* r« ROMAN, SAXON, and ARIES now loiui the line, and a steamer leaver u;u ii pur' EVERY FIVE DAIS. From Long Wbar , Be stun, .at 12 ii. - From Pine St. Whirl, Ehiladelnlua,.at 10 AJM Freight for the West forwarded® the Fen ns viva ma Railioad, and to Baltimore and Washington hi Canal or Railroad. Irecoi eommisMous. For freight, apply to WHITNEY & SAMPSON, Dec 10—dlyr Agents,III Long Wharl, Boston. CH ARLES STAPLES & SON, Iron Founders, Boiler Makers & Mach inists. subscribers liavina rebuilt their Workshops, X arc uow prepare,! to take orders lor Machinery and Uon Work of all kinds. Iron Store Fronts and Columns for buildings promptly fund hod. STEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS, SAW AND GRIST MILL WORK AND GEARING made to order. Having able and experienced pattern maker* and new tools of modem design, can. supply pattern:, with promptness and at a moderate cost. Repairs of all kinds of iron Work attended to with despatch and at reasonable rate*. Having a large and well eunip Eed Forge, ran Airuish forgings and shapes of all inds for Steamboat* and Locomotive work snrh a* Nlanflv, f'rniah*. Pi* Iota Rod*, Cur n..«l Kugfifcie Axle* mad Slaape* to pattern or draw ing*, from 10 ton* to 100 pound* weight. They are also Selling Agents for MERRIMAN'S PATENT BOLT CUTTER, the best Maehiue ever in vented for the purpose, performing double the amount of work of any other now in nw*. FOR SALE, n If# h «»<-»<> power l.ocomo live Boiler with new tube sheets and new set ol tube*, in first rate order, and warranted safe with a pressure of 100 pounds to the square inch. A NEW TEN HORSE POWER PORTABLE FN GINE, an excellent Machine, cun be seen running at our Foundry. CHARLES STAPLES & SON, Cor. Com. St. and Brown’s Wharf, novlOe d3m Portland, Maine. ESCAPED FROM JAIL I $300 REWARD 1 Escaped from the Portland Jail, eu the night of the 19th, the fallowingdescilbod persons:— 8AHIIKI. WEVIIiIjK. 27 year* of age, 6 feet 8 inches high, dark complexion, black curly hair, chin whiskers. Had a brown broadcloth coat, grey pants and vest and round top hat. FREDERICK RICHARDS, about 5feet 9 inches high, of medium buiffl, slightly stooping .-boulders, hau on gray suck coat, black vest and pan is ana brown neck-tic. lie wore a silk beaver har. . CfllARJLE* BBADARD, about 22 years old. six foot high, dark complexion, one eye sightless, and has a heavy swinging gait, of powcrfril and wiry build. He wore a coat originally dark blue, but now laded to a dull brown; pants and vest dark mixed, new shoes with bras* buckles, ami an imitation Scotch cap, MELVIiY KENNI8TON, about 5 teet 81 inches high, pretty stout build, dark complexion, with heavy an.I rather sunken black eyes, and thin moustache. Wore short daik coat, pant* and vest dark, white bosom shirt, with scarlet neck-tie, and black cloth cap. The above pri-oners escaped last night about 1 o’clock. I offer the following rewards for their apprehension, or such information as shall ensure their arrest:— For FREDERICK RICHARDS.$100 “ SAMUEL NKVlKLE. 1U0 “ CHARLES BlLimAlU). CO “ MELVIN KENNISTUN. 50 GEORGE W. PARKER, . , w , Sheriff and Jailor. Portland, Nov. 20, 1866.V nnuffiTliii ./• & C J. ItAJiBOVJl. Manufacturer* and’Retailers of Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, NO. 8 EXCHANCE STREET, PORTTAYD, ME. I.udic*' qu.I Aliases’ Serge mid Call'Bools. ▼Ini’* Fine Calf nud Thick Boot*. Boys’, Youth*’ and Children’* Boots and Shoe*. Rubber Boot* mad Shoe* of ull kind*. OAK 1ND IIEIULOC K BELTING. LACE LEATHER. MOTaA88E8 HOSE, lAGHF HONE RUBBER BELTING, RUBBER PACKING. Rubber Clothing, Rubber Hose. JOHN BABBOUB. C. J. BABBOUB. E. B. BABBol R. noviti ittt Stockholders' Meeting:. rpHE Stockholders of the Leeds asd Farmccq l TON Railroad COMPANY, are hereby noli Led to meet at the office of Henry M. Pay son, In Portfcmd. !*n WI']»7’KSDAY, the nineteenth day of December, "* « , » f tne clock iu the aftermon, to act on • Articles. Isa — to nit u vacancy in the Board of Directors. 2*1—To see it the stockholders will ratify the bar gain made by the Directors with the Androscoggin Railroad Co., tor running of It -ad*. •'•d—To see if they will reconsider, usvIlfV, change, or annul their former Instructions »•* the Director** respecting assessing ihe Stockholders lor the payment of the first and second mortgages. 4th—To transa. t any other business that may le gally come Indore the meeting,(the lost three articles being on request by Stockholders.) By ordor of t he Directors. JOs. 11^LEY, Clerk. Portland, Dcc’r 3d, 1866. dcc4«ltd Fat a^U Grow Fat! •Inal Arrived. O Y N rT E H N ! AT $1.40 PEIt GALLON. At Wholesale ami Retail, at TIMMONS & HAAVES, d©c6—lw 15 dc l(i Mnrkrl SqHHtr. Notice. 4 T a meeting of the Belief Committee holden on Monday Inst, it was voted that all applications for aid, in rebuilding dwelling lu'iL*cs the coming year, must be made on or hetore the brst Monday of January next. • _ _ Blank applications can be im«l at the Office of the Treasurer of the Committee at Market llall. • Dec 6—d to Jan 1 Notice. FTOSOKSclearing til© ruins or digging cellars can tii id a good place to deposit their rubbish on Franklin Wharf. S. BOUNDS. sei'110—dlf Wksihiifti, ntiiKoviiv MAINE CENTRAL R. R WINTER ARRANGEMENT, f^' M._ 3 t »n :u»«J alter Monday,\oVi uilv r 12th, fmCSSfj iJi’ri'Jit, *HI t* nw JViilaud for i a" intermediate statu n • n this lino, at 7 40 a M <Ja**y‘ *1,1 I pw^'.ii and Auburn only, at I .M~y * reixht trains u>r W at. rv ille and all itncrme diatc station*, kavo H.rMand ai 8.*f. A. AI, lr.tin iroin Bangor Is one at Portland al 1.4CP. Al. I 1,1 season to umncct with train tor Ho don. rroiu Lewiston and Anhui u mil v, at 8.10 A. Al. *°y-_ P. S. A* /*. Jtailroati. in o rr i c k . TMJ' rain" G-tWrpu porltemi ami Bo» A tan leaving Portlan.1 al (i.ou nix I at T.tai p. M. wlU l»- .luvnntuiutil aller Su. unlay, tla> lift. inw. HTG n and aft. r Man,lay, Mdi, tl„ ErMlil«ltala for Saco and Biddeford will Itau Portland tt? .5 in stead of 8.05 us now run. F. CHASE, Sunt. Poriiand, Oct fl, 1886. ocltAlti PORTLAND! ROCHESTER fill. blJMAIL'R ARRANGE MENT. I 1 On and niter Alouduy, April .<0, UOii ^W^ilBH'liuin.s will leave a* follow*; laaiv *riiMiOiUrer lor Portland at . hi and 00vl A. u 340 p. m. Leave Portland for Saco River at 7 15 a. m ., 2 uu au ! r» »;> i*. m p frrikna** Fi‘i M lr*'D *>ut and the a. M, train Iti tv at vadUir I ^*1 i t»a freight trains with pasMnget car.A 1,'lin.ett at Gorham for Went Oorluunt, «.u i 1 ’ “i0®!* Baldwin, Ikumarb, Sel*ego, HrulKi.u j.uvmT. tliiaiM, BroVuiield, Araburg) Couwuo, » arlk-u Jack** u liioiin^toD, Corunh.l or tei premium, Al.» t.M.n and *«. li e Center lor VVe?t Buxton, Bunny-Eagle, •ouln Luamxton Luuinxton, Limerick, Newhehi. Par*oiu neld and Oaeiuo* A1!M?T.arc?pp?llortSoutuvvln',h’‘«n, Windham Hill hnd North Windhaiu,dally Meant ar *Od Accomodation tr-aua will ran ar/•»» *°Wi' -Leave t.orh .i« for a at 800 v a. - •* * Lc.ive Portland for Gorham at 1j 15 p. :u and 4 p. y „ tl . 4 ,, By order oi the President. Portland. April 28, I860— cftii £* o IBM rr jl ./\. tj x> SACO ! PORTSMOUTH K. fi. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. iMunuoming Meaday, Nor. Uih, A ML*. -r5i>>,, «-,.£3_ Passenger Trains leave Portland tor Wr." .ygBoston at 8.40 A. Al., and 2.20 p. Ai. p LJj‘ve Boaton ,rtr Portland at 7.30 A. M., and, 2.30 n A?rEC? \Xm * a M JuAIjoekk’s Train mill leave Bimleford daily, Sundays excepted, at fi A Man. Saco at 6 08, arriving in Pint land at. 0.4*1. Returning, will leave Portland .or Saco and Bid delord and inieimediate stations al 5.30 p. M. A special lipiglii train, wiili pa ««nger ear attach ed, will leavo Portlnui at 7.1» A. Ai. for Saco ami Biddcford, and returning, leave Liddelord at 8.30 and Saco ai 8 40 A. M. FRANCIS CHASE. Supf. Portland, Oct 20, no hilt GR&fcU I RUNK RAILWAY, oi f’aittulu. -Alteration of Drains. WINTER AH1.AX0EMENT. rBWBrgi;.y| On and after Minulay, Nov. 12, in trains will run as follows:— brain for .South Paris and l.ewiston, A. Jd. Mall l rain for Watcrville, Bangor, Gorham, island Pond, Montreal and Quebec at 1. 10 P. M. Ibis train connects with Kxpr* sw train lor Tonai to, Detroit and Chicago. Sleeping cars attached from Island Pond to Quelier anti Montreal. Train tor South Paris at .i.oo P. M. No baggage can be received or cheeked after the time above hijited. fraiua will arrive a.* follows:— From So. Paris, I,, wiaton and Aoh.irn, at 8.10 a. m. From Montreal, Qnebeu, Ac., - - 1.45 j*. m. Ihe Comjan > are not rr sponsible for baggage to any amouiii exceeding $5b in value jand that person al) unlese notice in given, and i-ud lor at the rate of one passenger tor every *5oo additional value. u n iti Managing Director. H. BALLL Yy Local ‘Superintendent. Portland. Nov. 2, 1866. ^ PORTLAND UENIeBECXr. WINTER ARRAXliF.MENT, t'eaaiHeacing Monday, i\ov, 14ala, h. . , Paaaenger Trains leave Portion < dally p. M., tor B.uli, Augus.u, \\.tt ervllie, Ken da it s Mill ,Skuwhi g,m,and Intermediate* Stations,(connecting at Bruntwiek with AndroMi./ S‘n Lewist‘>n and Fuiinington, and m .endall s Mills w ith .Maim i «^mul I. h.) or Bangor audintermediateatations. Fares uWatc tu lUis »■ at any other. Leave Portland tor Bath, Lewiston, Augusta ami intermediate stations ou Sauiroa only at 7.45 1*. M Mixed Train leaver Portland for Brunswk k and In termediate stations daily,except Muraay, at 3. u p. Freight Train, with plu nger car attached, will leave Port and for Skowhegan and into mediate sta tion* every morning at 7 oVI... k. fr io.s Horn Bruoswkk and Lewiston aie due at Portland at 9.2a A TV1., nod ironf Skow began and Farmington and all inn llord, do matfon- at L.OO P. M. to » min- < i w all trains lor Boston. Stage s lor Rockland connect at i ail. and i. r Bd fc'tat Augusta, leavin': daily on anivaloi train from Bos.on, leaving at7J#A. M.; and lor Solon, Anson, Norodgt wock, Athena ami Moose Wend Lake at SkoWhegHii, and for Lliiua, Fast and North Vassal horo at Ya salboro*; for Unit.) at Kendall's MiTV and for Canaan at Piahnn’s Ferry. \V . IIITlTI. Sii|h'ri.i«udeul, Augusta, Oct. 27, l.o. uorl2dtl IIOTIXS. UWITEP STATES? n O T li L , PORTLAND, MAI XE, f|3Hc subscriber, recently Proprietor of ti e C'OVi L MEKClAL HOUSE, (which was destroyed in ihe iirc;) begs lo announce lo his old patrons arid the public that he has leased the it eve hotel and will open for Ihe necoinin il ition cf the public gener ally. on Sal unlay A ngnst 11. Thankful to bin old criHt«ai»ers f>r past patronage, he would solicit a continuance at the same. TJJliMS FA yon ABLE. aug29-fim n. .1. DAT IS. MILLS lIorsF, cn ARLES TON,.SO.'CABOL IN A. rpHE tiioprletm ha* Ihe pleasure t.> inform the A traveling jiubiic that the anove house is now open for the reception of guests, having made exteusiveal terations improvements, aud relurnished ii through out, it is now in capital order, and « very cxeriion w ill be made to render it acceptable to his patrons. nolOeodGm JOSEPH PIIUKI.I, —-n.-gfc.gfc iii.,..--- — ... | _ . n , | IMPOMTANT to IAr MBERMEA -asp Owners of Hemlock Land*! rPHE AMERICAN PATENTED IMPROVEMENT A 'iANNIMI CUMPAN Y, of New York, own tlio exclusive right in the United Staten tor the manufuc ture of an impcrisli."Me “EXTKAC’T ftom Hemlock Bark for tanning purposes, 'ibis Bark Extract is nuw extensively used among Tunneis, and the de mand for It rapidly increasing. It commands a rc*<l\ sale in the Boston, New York and Philadelphia mar kets, at sixiv ctn^ l*cr gallon, ihe appliance* for manufacture are simple and not expensive, costin bat little more than the orduiary h aches u*ed by Tan ners. By this process, two cord, of Bnk may be re dured s.» as ro concentrate the »ntire strength into forty gallons of extract, without in the slightest de gree injuring hr- tanning qualities, and at a cost not exceeding oue dollar pe r eor<l. The saving iu freight alone, between tlio tnuisportolion of die Lx Iran and the lmrk, v. ill range from six to eight dollars Tier cord, so that ;un CU wlism.u got out lot thrs* hun<n a cohIh of bark per year, may aavo from two thousand to twenty-live hundred dollars in the difference in freight. The Company does not propose to sell Territorial rigid**, but will giant exclusive privilege to luauuftc iiue iu certain localities, charging .a small royalty per gallon on the amount manuiaclured. The Company w ill send competent men to super iu tend the construction ot the w orkw, where parties de sire to enter into the business, and to instruct in the manutiictore of rtic Extract. As a guarantee of sneers* to parties entering Info this business, the Company will contract to lake all the Extract mauuiact nred uuder their pi ck css at flltv cents per gallon, delivered iu Bruton or New York. Parties in New England desiring farther informa tion as to turns, A:c., may call uj*.>n or addn^ss Mr. I ho m 5w W. ,?OHN5u»v fisneral A-ent at the <^m jijui', at the American Honse In Boston, v hero mod els oi tlio vuav t« nov IS i)?m ■ s. II. KENNEDY. Pros’!. AMERICAN LFODYS! rP^J* kndcrslgncd hereby give notice that he has , ***5<'•* appomteil Agent of American Lloyds li»r the ' uuo of Maine, and is prepared to iuspect ves ols of all sizes in course of c> hstrueli *d and rcinut the Mine f.r classiiicatlnii. Ship builders :in«l owners would therefore confer a favor by kendhig me early noil* c of the vessels are building for lilch a«lass is desired. WILLIAM KOBEKS, In.«|^*for. Bath, Me., Nov. 1G, Dw». mivlikllin* ANNUAL, Mi:iOTIN<J. t|fIlK Annual Mociingof Cumberland Pom: Cou I panY will lie held at Oilier ,»f Treasurer dohu W. Junes, No. Ic.l Commonio I Ninet, Tuesday I lit: lust., at a o'clock I\ M., to act ou the following hual 11 ess, viz: 1st, l«'or the election ofonicer:, lor the ensuing year. I’d, To act on any business that may legally i belore (hem. . (IKO. W. UAMMOND, Clerk. Portland, liec. t, 1S66. dec 5 dlw* fkank mi.i i ic’N | PA L V Pit ESI' It I A T1VE ! I hi Botfl h, prepared without B1 ick, expressly for Lahikh and Gentlemens Moiphxo. Km, f\u v and 1‘AifciaT Lea uikk Shoes. I ir on trial it commmtla irsi(f. S. Id by \Wl. !>. TRUE Co., Boot and Sfo>e Deal* r*. 3W Cui« h street, oppnmte MocbmrtcV null. do, VII111 l or Sale. A SUIT of Sails. and Blocks, nearly now. from a li-hinj* Scii.xaiei ol foo ton*; al, > T ip Hails. Fore and Mainsail*, wound band. SAMPSON & OON.WT, dec hit f No. ID a 20 (.•tuinercial Whan. Spruce k ioAxin^ lloartls. A quantity of well-seasoned. clear spruce FL(4 »R 1NG BOARDS, IB leci, six inches w».io, for naie by HENRY BlrUABD, nov-7 dim Smith's Wliart.