Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, December 12, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated December 12, 1866 Page 2
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5,'AIM 1’ltKSS* POHTLAM). Wednesday Morning, December 12,1866 Annexation of Ihe CnnnSax, It is admitted by the Canadian newspapers that there is one British American who (avors liie annexation of the British Provinces on this continent to tlie United States. This sin gular person is known as the ltev. Joseph A. Allan, and was lately Professor of Moslem History in Queen’s College. Kingston.C. W.— may be now perhaps, though he has been ask ed to resign since the publication of his an nexation letters. We publish this morning an amusing sketch ot his life and character, tak en from the Toronto Globe. Mr. Allan ap pears to be a very respectable gentleman, as much entitled to an opiulou of his own as even the editor of the Globe. • The sketch is amusiug, not so much lor its obvious misrep resentation of Mr. Allan’s character, as for Us exhibition of the chronic fear which seems to possess the Canadian mind of being inadvert antly brought into the American Union. The Globe says, “Every mail brings us a batch ot Yankee editorials gravely discussing the Can adian movement of annexation.” The Que bec Chronicle says, “Having failed to Fenian iie us Into the Union, the experiment is be ing tried of biking us into annexation.’’ The Montreal Telegraph explains that “one of the institutions of the United States is organized lalsehood,” and adds that “the appi.cation of this system to Canada for certain political and diplomatic ends enables us to understand its workings.” It is encouraging news that the Canadian press is in a lair way to understand anything, though that pleasing reflection is immediately dampened by the egregious nonsense which accompanies and envelopes the announce ment. If it were possible, without trepan ning a score or more of Canadian journalists, to beat it into their heads that the American people are not just uow thinking or caring very much about them, iu any way, and are by no means longing for their frozen territory with its mongrel races, associated like oil and water, It would be worth while to attempt the teat. There is nothing iu the territory of the Provinces to excite our cupidity. We have quite as much territory of our own already, as wc want. There is nothing in the charac ter of the Provincials to excite our affection to any ungovernable pitch. We are not drawn towards the French Canadians of Lower Canada, or the Uritish snobs of the tipper Province. The inhabitants of the Lower Provinces come o( better stock. They were the Tories of our Revolutionary war, and at its close left their country for their country's good. There has never been any love lost between us since that tearless sepa ration. We had nearly forgotten them. They have handed down for two generations their inextinguishable hatred against the United States. When our sore trouble came upon us, they openly rejoiced. The snobs o.' the Canadas took their cue from the Times. The French haven't heard of the war yet. Mon treal was the headquarters of Southern conspirators. Halifax was a rendezvous for blockade runners Whatever this, that, or tbe other American may say, Canadians may be quite sure that tbe people of this country have forgotten none of these things and want no intimate alliance with the cowardly, back biting insects who kept up such a buzzing two or three years ago. It seems necessary to use pretty plaiu lan guage, in order to reach the apprehension of the writers of these hysterical editorials.— There is something else which must equally lie said, to convey the whole truth. There are Uritish Americans whose encouraging words at a time when we needed encouragement, will be long remembered. Under the snob Irish txiei'ioi ol the transplanted Britons there are sterling qualities, which we cheerfully ac knowledge. The Canadian Frenchmen are a simple tolk ; it is impossible to harbor any ill will against them. Our Tory cousins, down East, if they would out let us forget their Toryism, are not altogether unestimable.— Wounded we certainly were by the jeers and insults which came to our ears, while we were struggling lor life here. We desire no inti mate association with the Provincial British. The thing is impossible while this generation is upon the stage. But neither do we desire to perpetuate ill will. Let bygones be bygones. Let our neighbors go on to complete their confederation, or manage their own affairs in such other way as may suit them better. Let there be peace between us, and if a reciproc ity of commeieiai favors should be advantag eous to both parties, let us have that; but no annexation, and as little talk about it as will possibly answer. Gen. Whittlesey’s Case—It is to be hop ed that the proceedings in the trials of the sev eral officers court-martialed on complaint of Generals Steedman and Fullerton, and honor ably acquitted, will be speedily published, in accordance with Gen. Howard’s recommenda tion. In Gen. Whittlesey’s case the charges were two; 1. Conduct to the prejudice of good order and military discipline. 2. Conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman. He was found gnilty of the first charge and ac quitted of the second charge by the Court, and was sentenced to be reprimanded by his com manding officer, the Commissioner of the Bu eau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands. The proceedings, findings and sen tence of the Court have been approved and or dered to be carried into execution by the Sec retary of War. The following special order, issued last week, has been published, and shows how closely a reprimand may sometimes resemble a panegyric: , War Department, i Bureau of Refugees and Abandoned J. Lands, Washington, Dec. 4,1866.1 Sueeiat Order No. 173- First; In compliance with instructions embraced in General Court Martial Orders No. 212, dated Nov. 17, 1866, War Department, Adjutant General’s Office’, Washington, requiring me to reprimand Bre vet Brig.-Gen. Eliplialet Mittleton Whittlesey, Colonel 46th United States Colored Troops, I have to say that the findings and sentence of the second sjpecification of charge No. 1 are deemed sufficient censure. A life of integrity, devoted to the welfare ol his fellow men, an ar my record above reproach, and conduct that calls lroni the Court such ail expression as to liis fidelity to the government, and his honesty and justice to the freedmen under his charge, make me join with the Court in the belief that some inadvertaiice to the gravity of the facts reported to him, occasioned his neglect to or der a prompt and thorough examination. To the extent of the above implication I do bere bv reprimand Brevet Brig.-Gen. Eliphalet Whittlesey On the receipt of this orderT Gen E. Whittlesey will report by letter to the Com missioner for reassignment to duty. O. O. Howard, Major- Gen. Commander. The RoBfif.—The Secretary of the Worces ter Couuty Horticultural Society is evidently not enamoured of the robin. In his annual re port on the “Birds of Massachusetts" he says that, He cannot too strongly express his convic tion of the imperative necessity for the diffu sion, throughout the community, of a more cor rect and exact knowledge of the character and habits of our birds. Anything—It matters lit tle what—that will thoroughly cure the exist ing sickly sentimentality about the American robin. Your Sccrecary, in vindication of his position heretofore assumed, has spent much time, aud lost some Christian grace that he could illy spare, in watching the feathcr.-d nuisance. In the absence of strawberries with which to tickle its dainty palate, it gorged itself upon cherries. When that fruit, so rare and unwonted, was gone, the black-cap raspberry was not disdained. But to measure the full ca pacity of an appetite almost insatiate, the de spairing cultivator must observe its ravages among pears. Nothing less than the Bartlett, Belle Lucrative and bekel will serve the tastid lou-. taste. The fabled rush of the Harpies to their gluttonous feasts was as nothing compared to the nocking of these birds of ill-uinen to their pomologicul banquet. Remaining with us so long as anything was left upon our trees they have now migrated well fattened and plumu to stuff the pot pies of a wiser people It is urged that at times—before fruit is ripe enough for their excellencies—this robin of purs eats a few earl h-worms. Possiblyhe may if the ground is previously dug up for him, for lie is too proud to work and to scratch he is ashamed! But the poor worm is harmless, aud therefore, to insure his destruction this worse % - — -^ than useless pest is protected by law*; Let us pray, if \\a have no other resource, that he may die of a surfeit. Now we can welly enough-exercise a litt 10 Christian grace In uttering an earnest protest against such a wholesale condemnation of the robin. Grant that he is dainty and voracious; what then? Why, there are less berries to piek and less truit to gather on his account.— That ie the whole of it; and for this lack the robin is undeniably chargeable. But to be surprised ot a bright spring morning, by the clear, full, euthusiastie, inspiring, thrilling note& of the active, wide-awake songster, with the many pleasant, exhilirating associations connected with liis early advent, more than compensates—yea, repays a hundred told—the loss of all the berries and the truit which his alleged dainty palate and voracious maw so largely appropriate. Let the law, then, staud, and the penalty of its violation be strictly en forced. Ifnp>lr«u’a Reply lo Mr. Seward’s Din pul eh. lu answer to Mr. Seward’s dispatch of the 23d November, demanding a "satisfactory res olution” of the French government by tele graph, at once. Mr. Bigelow replies,— In answer to a verbal communication, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, M. Mousticr, writes me to-day that “France has not changed her resolution, but that upon military considera tions she has deemed it expedient to substitute one compreheusiv i evacuation tor an evacua tion in ; eparate parts. All of our troops will leave Mexico In the month of March.” That is to say, the Emperor adheres to the policy which Mr. Seward pronnur.oed “every way inconvenient and exceptionable,” and iu which he furthermore took leave to say, the U uited States “cannot acquiesce.” It is one of the unfortunate results of such reckless writing, that the Secretary will have to eat his own words. The United States will acquiesce in a change of plan which promises to bring about a complete evacuation of Mexico by French troops in March instead ot November, 1867. Mr. Bigelow, who has the best opportu nity to know, has no doubt that the Emperor is acting in good faith. Senator Sumner, chair man ot the Committee on Foreign Relations, says he is satisfied, from the information which he has ou the subject, that the Mexican ques tion is solving itself very rapidly, and that there is no need of taking any steps iu the matter.— He says that Napoleon is as anxious to get out ot Mexico as we are to get him out, and that, if left alone, he will have all the French troops out of the couutry within two or three months. Considerable remark has been occasioned by the unusual spectacle ot conferences at the Capitol between Secretary Seward and Thad deus Stevens and Mr. Seward and Mr. Fessen den. A bettor explanation of these confer ences than any which has heretofore been of fered, is to be found in the embarrassing posi tion in which Mr. Seward finds himself. I The Tempebance Refokm.—It is most grat I ifyiug to us, as it is no doubt to all friends of ' reform, to observe a general awakening among I the people on the subject of Temperance in our own State, as well as in other States, and that the friends of the cause see the importance of bringing to their aid an auxiliary whose in fluence is beyond all estjgiate,—the press,—an agency employed by all wise educators and re formers the world over. Not only religion, philosophy, and politics, but every shade of re ligious faith, and every hue of political creed, must have its published organs. But, if we give the people no Temperance reading, and the cause has no particular organ of its own, they of course suppose it is not a subject of sufficient importance to have their attention; especially is this true of the young. There fore, it was with pleasure that we announced the proposed publication of a weekly Temper ance paper,—the Riverside Echo. This paper affords the friends of Temperance and reform an excellent opportunity to serve the cause by circulating among the people one of the best papers in the land, filled with good, whole some Temperance and other uselul reading.— We unite with the Price Current in saying that such a paper as the Echo is much needed at this time, and should be largely circulated and read, for “wine is a mocker, and strong drink is raging” all around us, and the allure ments to evil are on every hand. Friends of Temperance, at once subscribe lor the Echo, and use your iulluence in extending its circu lation, if you would see a steady and healthy advancement of the good cause iu our State, A Good Deal too Sharp —Why will not the Argus give over the vain attempt to be critical and precise, and nil that, and be satis fied to apply its common sense to the ques tions it is called upon to discuss! Here is its last experiment with the critical boomerang, shied at the Press, but returning with great ce lerity and accuracy upon the sender: Our ueighbor, when essaying to be technical, should be careful to be so. in the article yes terday it defined treason to “consist in levying war against the United States,” yet if' the people of Canada were to make war against us, we presume the Press would not claim they were guilty of treason. Its definition was therefore defective by the omission of an im portant element of the crime. Again, it said: “There can be no treason without war.” Shay’s Rebellion in Massachusetts, and the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania, were not wars technically speaking, yet we presume the Press does not doubt that the citizens of Mas sachusetts and New Hampshire who engaged in the former and the citizens of Pennsylva nia who eugaged in the latter, were guilt) of treason. The Press “defined treason” by quoting ver batim the Constitutional definition of that crime. If we had for a moment supposed that the Ar gus would fall into this painfully ludicrous misapprehension, we would have marked the citation distinctly. As the case stands, though, we regret that our neighbor is not satisfied with the definition, we don’t see how he can help himself. The Press is not responsible for the shortcomings of the Constitution, and the immortal old instrument itself will probably stick to its “defective” definitions and contin ue to assert that “there ran be no treason with out war,” without much regard to the Argus. See art. 3, sec. 3. The Illinois Senatorship.—According to a Washington dispatch Hon. E. B. Wash burne authorizes an emphatic denial of the statement sent from the West, to the effect that be is a candidate for Senator from Illi nois. A t'it median Annexation! si. The genius at Kingston, who has set hall the newspapers in the United States wild about tlie annexation of Canada to the United States, deserves a passing notice. His name is Joseph A. Allan. He was some years since a clergy man of the Church of England, having a parish on Wolf's Island, but some difficulty about the orthodoxy of his views, we believe, closed his active administrations. He is wealthy, and “Alwington,” from which he dates, is the house which was the Governor’s residence when Kingston was the Seat of the Govern ment. After he quitted preaching he turned farmer, and proved a good neighbour. Latter ly he spent some time in travelling in the Uni ted States, and became enamoured of the Yan kees. Previously he had been as ultra-British as Irish Protestants often are. He is described as a vain, impulsive, impressible man, easily flattered, liable to sudden changes of opinion, and ready to take up with every new fancy.— He ip a bit of a poet, too, and once published a volume of poems—one of the chief of which was the “Day-dreams of a Butterfly”—a title under which he should .publish his annexation letters. Mr. Allan is a “Lecturer on Modern History” it Queen’s College, Kingston—a posi tion of little importance, but one nevertheless be has been asked to resign since the appear ance of his annexation letters. But he says he will not—a refusal which exhibits very bad taste on his part. He ought to be ashamed to insist upon compromising the reputation of a respected University, The flattery and conrtesy which a pleasant fellow, spending plenty of money in the States, very naturally received from the people with whom he came in contact, proved too much for the weak nerves of Joseph A. Allan, and the consequence is that the gentleman is a full blown annexationist. His vanity induces him to write letters proclaiming his views to the world, and as country newspapers are usually civil to rich men there is nolhlug wonderful in the fact that they And their way to the pub hc. Once Mr. Allan got his letters in print, the * ankee newspaper correspondents were bound to make the most of them, and they dished them up in the form of a sermon—taking care to alter his words whenever an alteration would improve the sensation.— When Mr. Allan in his letters said his views were distasteful to a “large” portion of the Oa uadian .people, the 1 aukeecorrespondent made him say, in the imaginary sermon, that liis views were distasteful to a “small” portion of the people. Out of this sensation a terrible ado is being made in the States. Every mail brings us a batch of Yankee editorials, gravely discussing the Canadian movement of annexa tion. It is astonishing how easy it is to gull a Yankee editor on that subject. The cleverest journals in the Union can be hoaxed about the anxiety of Canadians for annexation as often as any liar would take the trouble to do it.— Toronto Olobe. # SPKClAh NOTICKS. i\ i : w books for THIJ HOUIJ VYS i iVUOLE^Ai.L AMD DETAIL ! 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CATARRH. Testimonial of Hon. Theodore Wyman. [I'Yom Maine Farmer., Dr. Carpenter’s Remedies have cured me of Catarrh and Polypus from which I sufiered six years. Had copious discharges, dullness in H e head and much difficulty in talking or breathing l u i i o mne of these troubles. THEODORE WYMAN. State House, Augusta, Jan. 15,1806. [From the Kennebec Journal qf Any unfa. Augusta, Me., August ", 1866. 1 was very deaf and sufiered from inflammation and a constant and profuse discharge from both ears for ten years: one ear was totally deaf, the other nearly useless. Dr. Carpenter’s Remedies cured me. I can now hear as well as ever in both ears. Miss E. O. CACHET,DOR. We have seen and conversed with Miss Bacheldor ahd her statement is full and satisfactory.—[ Ken. Jour. BLINDNESS. Augusta, Oct. 8, 1866. My daughter suffered tVom scerofulons sore eves for eight years ami had become nearly blind. We em ployed many physicians without benefit. Dr. Car penter cured her over a year ago. Her eves remain perfectly well. Mrs. RACHEL SCHOLES. Mrs. S. resides In Augusta, and the above state ment is given in her own hand and is correct.—[Gos pe! banner, Augusta. [From the Maine Farmer.j Augusta, Oct. 3, 1866. Dr. Caipcntei cured mo of dearness of fifteen years’ standing over a year ago. My hearing remains per fectly good. I reside in Union, Me. LEROY Z. COLLINS. [From the. bockland Gazette.] I suffered from Catarrh and Deafness twenty-soycn years. Dr. Carpenter's Remedies cured my Catarrh entirely, and greatly improved my hearing. Miss A. L. STAPLES. bockland, April 19, 1865. [From the Bangor Whig (f Courier.] Under the care of Dr. Carpenter, 1 have been en tirely cured of Catarrh with which l was severely af flicted, to the great Improvement of my general health. Mias LOIS E. YOUNG. March 12, \m. Testimonial of Rev. Mr. W.O. Tlioiuai. Having been afflicted with irritation and discharge of my cars six years and receiving only temporary re lief, 1 was imbu ed to consult Dr. Carpenter last Feb ruary. His treatment cured nie. My ears remain perfectly well. W. O. THOMAS. Belfast, Oct. 11, 1865. DEAFNESS. [From the Bangor Times.] 1 had been growing deaf fifteen years and had be come so deaf I could not hear our minister, who is a very loud speaker. Under Dr. Carpenter’s care, at the Bangor House, I have recovered my hearing, can now hear as well as ever. I reside in Benton. Mrs. CLARK PIPER. Bangor, Oct. 1. All the published Certificates of Dr Carpel)ter are bana fide.—[Maine Farmer. The Certificates, published in our columns, of Dr. Carpenter’s cures are bona fide to our own knowledge.

He is all he professes to be, and will not humbug or deceive .the public.— [Kennebec Journal, Augusta, j Dr. Carpenter has entirely cured persons In this city who have been under treatment at the Eye and Ear Infirmaries without being bene-fitted.—[Belfast Age. Several marked cures have come under our obseiv ation, and we have conversed with many others who have been benefitted by Dr. Carpenters treatment, and w e have become satisfied that he is skillful in the class of diseases which he treats, and careful to prom ise only what he can perform.—[Banuor Whig Sf Cour. See other Certificates in Portland Transcript . novl9 d&wtt Did You Know It ? Gentlemen, you can Save 95 Cents, BY HAVING ONE OF THOSE Perfect Fitting Shirt Patterns! Cut from Measure at the Novelty Custom Shirt Factory, Where vou can also have Shirts of all kinds, cut and matte to order, at short notice, and at Reasonable 999 1-9 CougreMH £»t., no23dtf Up-Stairs, Portland. Carpetings and (nrtains! As good an assortment 01 Vine, Medium aud Lou Priced CARPETINGS! As was ever exhibited in Poston, is now being opened at the NEW CARPET HALLS, lie TREMONT STKEET, Which, together with a large Stock ol Window Shades and Upholstery Goods, Will be sold at very LOW PRICES! Foreign Goods by every Steamer. Domestic Goods” daily Iron) Manuiacturers and N »w York Auctions. Window Shades and Draperies made to o’dpr I.ace Curtains, in great variety, at LOW PRICES* CHILDS, CROSBY & LANE, No. lit, Trrmont Nlrcft. Bouton, sepl8d;iui Nearly opposite Park §t. Church. •■THE PEN IS niUBTIEB THAN THE NWORD.” The Gold Pen-Best and Cheapest of Pen8. Morton's Gold Pens! The Best Pens in the World ! For sale at his Headquarters, No 25 Maiden Lane, New York, and by every duly-appointed Agent at the same prices. EF^** A Catalogue, with full description of Sizes and Prices, sent on receipt f't letter postage. | no20d&w6m A. MORTON. REMOVAL*. R EMOV A L.T M. J. < usliman’s Millincryl Store HAS been removed from No. 1?India street to No' 25 Middle street, between India and Hampshire streets. Just added a good variety of goods suitable for DOLIDAV PBESENT*. _ C3f~ Please rail. _ dec7d3w Harris & Waterhouse, •IOBBKKS OF Hats, Chips anil Furs. Portland, Dec. 3d i860. HARRIS & WATERHOUSE, Wholesale Dealers in Hats, Caps, and Furs, have removed to their New Store, Xo. 12 Exchange Street, h. K. HARRIS. deltf J. E. WATERHOUSE. REMOVAL. : JAMES O’llOXXELL COUNSELLOR at LAW, OHIci* in i'lrndwick’. Hohiw. 249 Congress St., next above Stone Chureh. sep7-dtt a OUT OF THF FIRE ! B. F. SMITH A SON'S New Photograph Rooms, —AT— NO. ltt MARKET SQUARE. aug20_ n dtf HOLDEN & PEABODY, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, Office, 229 1-2 Congress Street, Near the Court House. _A. B. HOLDEN. 0ep5tftl H. C. PEABODY. ANDERSON AND CO.’S HOOP SKIRT AMD OORSIi t STORE, Ib removed to 328 Congress St., opposite Mechanics' Ha"-_n_JylOdtl O. O. DOWNES, MERCHANT TAILOR, HAB BEHOVED TO No. 233 1-2 Congress Street, CORNER ' OF CHESTNNT August 30,1880. n dtt N. J. OILMAN, For the present occupies part ot the Store NO. 6 FREE STREET BLOCK, with Messrs. J. M. Dyer &■ Co., and is prepared to re sume his usual business, and offers a choice assort ment of Watches, Clocks, Jewelrv, Silver Ware, Spectacles, Cutlery, &c., on the most reasonable terms._n ang4dtf REMO YAL! T H K Merchants National Bank Will remove on MONDAY, Nov. 12, to the OFFICE OF H. M. PAYSON, 33 Exchange St. oalOdtf ~07m7IK W. NASH have resumed business at the head ot Long Wharf, under J. W. Munger’s Insurance Office, and will be pleased to see their former customers and receive their orders as usual. July 10,1866. u dtt OW 4c LIBBEY, liuaranee AgenD, will be found at No 117 Commercial, corner ot Exchange St. Home Office of New York; National Office orBoston; Narragansett Office ol Providence; Putnam Office of Hartford; Standard Office of New York, and other reliable offices, are represented by this agoncy. John Dow. jy25dtl F. W. Libbey. VRON, €3RKENOUGH * CO., Furs, Hats, Caps and Robes, 164 Middle St„ over T. Bailey^ Co. jull7tt OODMAN. TRIPE A €0., Wholesale Dry Goods, No. 4 Galt Block, Commercial St. Jul 17—dtt fJOTICE. H.* J. LIBBY <fc CO., Manufacturers and Commission Merchants. Counting Room over First National Bank, No. 23 Free street, second story. iyll tf AMBROSE MERRILL, Dealer in • Watches, Jewelry, Masonic Regalia, and Mili tary Goods, No 13 Free street, Portland. Same store Geyer and Caleb tyI2dtf EAGLE >11LLS, although burned up, the Pro prietors, Messrs. L. J. Hill & Co., are now pre pared to furnish Coffees, Spices, Cream Tartar, &c, at their new place of business, No. 100 Green St. An Order Slate may be lound at Messrs. Lew, Plummer & Co’s, No 83 Commercial St, and at Mr C. M. Rice’s Paper Warehouse, No. 185 Fore Street. All orders » romptly attended to. Goods at i he low« si prices. j ull6tf Hia'/raiu;, DWEsciifr »iiu r>iHuonfr, may ne • found at No. 237 Congress St., corner of Oak 6tt KS. WEBSTER if CO., can be found at the store i* ol C. K. Babb, Clapp’s Bloelc, No. 9, where we olfcr a good assortment of Clothing and Fnrnishing Goods at low prices. jul 16 OMITS & REED. Counsellors at Law, Morton ^ Block, Congress Si. Same entrance as l). S. Ar my offices. iyl2dtf ALL READY to commence again. C. M. & H. T. PLUMMER White and Blacksmiths, having re built on the oid site, No. 12 Union St, would be pleas ed to answer .dl orders lor Iron Railings, Doors, Window Shutters, Gratings, &e. Particular attention paid to Gas aud Steam tilting. II Jk. EANTILKW EX PltKNN CO are now permanently located at No. 21 Free street, and prepared to do Express Business over all the Rail road aud Steamboat routes in the State, and West by P. S. & P., Eastern and Boston & Maim; Roads to Boston, connecting there with Expresses to all parts oi the couutry. For the convenience ol our customers on Commer cial and Pore slreets, an order book tor ireiglit Calls will he kept at office of Canadian Express Co., No. — Fore street. .1. N. WINSLOW. Jy?4 tf J .Ar E. M. H \ \ D, Attorneys and Counsellors, • No. 16 Free Street, near Middle. jul-3 YfcTIior* mvng left orders at 101 Exchange street, can now find them at 324 Congress street, opposite Meehan 06* Hall, where we shall continue our business in all its various branches and at lower rates. Ur^Ladies’Dresses dyed for $1.00. All other ar ticles dyed at equally low rates, jul 176m ff. BURKE. JK. FE KN Alii) A NON, Merchant Tailors', • have taken Union Hall, entrance on Free at., where they are ready with a good stock of Goods for Men’s wear, which they will mannish ure iu gar ments to order. First class Coat-makers wanted. mTk1€H A MON, 138 Exchange street. • Coffins and Caskets: also, Me talic Burial Caskets. jy26 pH ARLES J. WALKER & CO. may be found at No. 150Commercial street, store formerly occu pied by N O. Cram, where they will resume busi ness, and be pleased to see their customers, or re ceive fheir orders._ JulylOtf A 4r S. E. SPRING may be found at the stole of Fletcher 4r Co., corner ol Union and Commer cial streets. jyil tl "MATHA N GOULD, Merchant Tailor, lias removed ** to No. 16 Market Square, over Sweetsii’s Apothe cary store. jylO—tl BOOTH, Hhoc*, Hats mid Clothing. Bexj. Fogg may lie found ready to wait on customers at No. 4 Moulton street, foot Exchange. ju!20 CIOAJKN. 200 M. imported and domestic Cigars tor sale by C. C. MITCHELL & SON, jqll3tl _ 178 Fore Street. DEHI Vo IN A WEB H, Attoraoyi aad C'ouuMcIlori*, at the Boodv House, corner oi Congress and Chestnut streets. jy‘>6 BYRON D. VEllRIIil., Counsellor at Law, No. 19 Free Street. jull4 LEWIS PIERCE, Attorney and Counsello at Law, No. 8 Clapp’s Block, jul21 “The National Traders Bank of Portland.” THE Stockholders of this Bank are hereby notified that their annual meeting will be held at their Banking Room No 21$ Free st., on TUESDAY, the 8tli day of January next, at 3 o’clock P M, to choose five Directors for tne ensuing year, and to act on anv other business that mav legally come before them. EbWARb GOULD, Cashier. Portland, Dec 7,188b, dc8dtd Canal National Bank. THE Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the Canal National Bank of Portland, for the elec tion of seven Directors, and for the transaction of any other business that may legally come la-tore them, will be held at 1*8 Fore Street, on Tuesday, the 8th day of January, 1867, at 3 o’clock P. M. B. C. SOMERBY, Cashier. November 8. dtd Second National Bank. THU Annual Meeting'of Stopkholdersof tlie “Sec ond National Bank, Portland" tor the election of Directors, and any other business which may legally come belorc them, will be held at Nos. 188 and 11)0 Fore street, (U|i stairs,) on TUESDAY, 8th January next, at 3 P. M. * W. H. STEPHENSON, Cashier. Portland, Dec i, 186C. dcSdul Casco National Bank. riiHE annual meeting of the Stockholders of “The 1 Casco National Bank of Portland” for the elec tion of seven Directors, and for the transaction of any other busineas that may legally come before them, will be held at (Ik) fope gtnset, on TUESDAY, the eighth 'lay Of Jap navy next, at 8 o'clock p. M. E. P. GERRISH, Cashier. Portland, Dec. 7, I860. dim JUST RECEI VED! A large lot of /VI.WP GOODS ! Foreign aud Domestic Perfumeries, Pomades. Hair Brushes, Pocket and Toilet Combs, Soaps, Pud-Box en, Tooth Brushes, Portmonnaies, «toc, See, composing one of the very best stocks ever ottered in the Port land Market! figp’Also a superior stock of pure Drugs and Medi cines. the Choice Brands oflmpoited and Domes tic Cigars. UOLLIiNss & GILKEY, I Cornrr fongrru and Preble Mis, E< 27dlw&eodlw Old Stand of E. DANA, Jr. ktittitvrsK i .4ki>». ' - I * w GEJi /,* IS I! A- PE. 1 R SOX, IJcuIcvh ia WATdtl'.s;, Jewelry, Silver and Plated Ware, Gold, Si Ivor and fttrrl Spectacle*, Tool* File*, dk-o. ’ sop*__iio. I* FREE STREET. ,Wm W. F. TODD, Denier in Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles, E YE 0 IjASsES. & e., '15 Free Sr., Portland. jyBepalrlhg done ami warranted. n seitfdtt H. M.B R i: WEB, j (Sui-iu-asora In J. Smitli Sc Co.) Mauulnrturrr of l.oallior 11,-lling. Also lor sale Belt Leather, Backs & Sides, Lace Leather RIVETS and REUS, sept3dtt_n -'III Fongrcn* Street. w. p. freemax a co., Upholsterers and Manufacturers of FUMITORE, LOUNGES, BED-STEaDS Spring-Beds, Mattrerses, Pew Cushions, No. I Flapp’a Blorli- fool Fheiinut Street, Portland. ^ngioft^'n 4'" W- DKASE- C.L.OHXBY. A. N. NOYES & SON, Manufacturers and dealers in Stoves, Manges & Furnaces, Can bo found in their NEW nni.DIKH OK 1.1.till NT., . (Opposite ilia Market.) Where they will be pleased to see ail their former ciutomers.and rzjfcivc orders as usual. augl7dtf n H. P. DEANE, Counsellor and Attorney, Kfo. 8, Clapp's Block, Congress Hi. ItSF" Particular attention given to writing W ills, Contracts, Deeds and Legal Instruments •Inly 31, lftli;. dtf STROUT «S- GAGE, Attorneys and Counsellors, Office li-3 Federal Street, PORTLAND, ME. Sewell C. Strout Hanno Wr Gatze JyJtt n ^ ' STANWOOD & DODGE, Commission Merchants, And Dealers In Groceries Flour, PBQDU0E AND SHIP {STORES, 3 Chaae'aBloek, Head Long Wharf Portland, Me. CHASE, CHAM 6 STURTEVANT; GENERAL Commission Merchants, Wldgory’s Whart, PoEri..oip, Me. octlod 11 JAMES BAILEY <{ CO., Importers and dealers in FOREIGN 4 NO DOMESTIC Saddlery Hardw are —ANT)— Carriage Trimmings. IKo. 1HJ iniddlc Street, Portland, Me. augl5—tt n MERRILL BROS. <P CUSH1NG, Late Merrill & Small, Wholesale Dealers in FANCY GOODS, Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, Ac., No. IS Free Street, “Arcade.” aug21dti HOWARD A CLEAVES, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, PORTLAND, M NE. Office No. It Free Street, Near Middle Street. _Joseph Howard, Jy9tf n Nathan Cleaves. M. PE Alt SOX, Gold and Silver Plater -AND— Manufacturer of Silver Ware, Temple Sheet, first door from Congress Strett* PORTLAND, ME. May 19—(Uy n A. WILBUR .1 VO., 112 Trcinont Street, Boston, importers and Dealers in tVEI.CIf nml UIKIUr iA ROOFING SLATES, of all colors, and stattngnails. Careful attention paid to slopping._ n aug22-6m A A HEX C. WOODMAN, COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Has saved his Library. Office at2 2 1-2 Free street in the Griffith block, third story. n jy9dtf/ BRADBURY & SWEAT Counsellors at Law, 449 ctwaauas street, Chadwick Mansion, opposite United Slates Holol, Portland Maine. ’ Bion Bradbury. nov 9li 1 . n. M Sweat Dee ring Mill iken & Go., Wholesale Dry Goods, 31 COMMERCIAL STREET, angSl-dtf_Porilaad, Maine. TODD’N Hair Dressing Rooms, Neatly fitted up on LIME STREET, A few doors above the Post Office where he will be happy to sec old customers and new. He now has every facility tor conducting Ills business in the moat satisfactory manner. n aep20il3m JOSEPH STORY Prarhrs Marble Ca. Manufacturers and Dealers in Enameled slate Chimney Pieces, Brackets, Pier .Slabs, Grates andCiHMNE Y Tops. Importer anil dealer in Eng hsh Floor 'Idles, German and French Flower Pots, Hanging Vases, Parian, Bisqne, and Bronze Staf net ts and Busts. Glass Shades and Walnut Stands, Bohe mian and Lava \ ases and other wares. . 112 TREMONT STREET Studio Building au^-«m_n BOSTON, Musb. SHEPLEY A STRUCT COUNSELLORS AT LAW, O F F 1 G K . In Post office Building, 2d storv; Entrame on Ei clutnge street. _d• V- SHEPl.LY. jy9tl A, a. STROUf. • J. T. SMALL & Co7,~ Wholesale and Retail dealers in Groceries and Provisions ! Highest cash prices paid lor Couniry Produce. SJr'Consigmnenta receive prompt attention. dec7dlm_NO 14 I.IME STREET. PEHCIVAL BONNEY, Counsellor and Attorney at Law, Morion Block, Congress Street, Two Doom above Preble House, PORTLAND, ME, novl9 tt ’1. C. MOXCEY, H ail* Dresser, Has Removed to No. 330 Congress Street, no7Jtf (A lew doors above tile l*reb|c House.) Eaton Family School. NORBIDUEWOCK, HE. rsiHE Winter Term of the Eaton Faioilv 1 School will commence the Second Morulau in December, to continue Thirteen Weeks. nov. 29 dlw "• P- ***** Pri,"'i'al m Dental Notice ! TMsh tolnfoim my (Mends aud pat Dentistryf ^iavo:'ss<x’*ate<I with me in the practice ot *»«. A I,BERT EVANS, > Formerly ol Bangor, a skillful dentist ot long expert encc, and take pleasure in introducing amt recoin mending him to them Ether and Chloroform admin iatered when desired. _ .A. „ C. H, OSGOOD, octGdtt n_>»o- 8 Clapp's Block, Congress St, W7 Attorney and Coun " \ Dej,ril>*' Hall, oppostt* Preble House : ml 14 dtf BUlMNBS* CARDS. ~ ^ ^ Wt -K--- j W. W. THOMAS. Jr.. Allwiicy and Counselor al Lair, (Chadwick Hooke,] 249 Congress Street. octli-dly S. L. CARLETON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, 27 Market Square. Sept 24-dtt D J- B. HUDSON, JK., A R T 1ST , 27 Market Square. *ng21J8m ?ORT^ND,Mh. C. H. STUART <fe uo.. Masons, Builders, Plasterers -AND UO IV TRACTORS. Address Post Office Box l,*58, or at the office tear u C. II. Stuart’s residence, NO. NO ri.AHK NTBEETi . 0 Portland. Itlninr. Aug rt—tl WM. W. WHIPPLE, Wholesale Druggist, 21 MARKET SQUARE, „ PORTLAND ME. ___’_U_ W. H. CLIFFORD, COUNSELLOR AT LAW, —AND— SOLICITOR OF PATENTS, NO. 8 CLAPP'S BLOCK, aug2dtl__CongressStreet. W. U. WOOL A SON, BROKERS, No. US-Fore Street. y 111 MeCOBB A KINGSBURY. Counsellors at Law. OFFICE OVER H. H. HAY’S J _Junction of Frco & Middle Streets. DAVI8, MEBEBVE, HASKELL k 00., Importers and Jotters of JOvy Goods and tYoolens, Arcade 18 Free Street* F. DAVIS, \ L. ?: HASKELL* } PORTLAND, MR E. CHAPMAN. I nor9‘«5dtf FREEMAN * KIMBALL, Successors to STEVENS, FREEMAN A CO., Wool-pullers and Deale rs la Wool and Wool Skins, Also Manutacturers nt EEBLES, KIDS, LININGS, Ao. OROVE STREET,.PORTLAND. Mt SAMUEL FREEMAN, OEO. L. KIMBALL. We pay Cash lor every thing we bny. |el« 6inwtf ROSS A FEENY, PLASTERERS, FLAIR AND ORNAMENTAL STU000 AMD MASTIO WORKERS, Oak Street, between, Con greet and Free 8ta., PORTLAND, MX. Coloring, Whitening and White-W ashing prompt y attended to. Orders trom out nl town solicited. Mai- !K—dtl CHAS. J. SCHUMACHER, FRESCO PAIHTTER. At present to be round at his residence 244 CUMBERLAND, HEAD OF MECHANIC STREET. JySOtt_ E. S. HATCH, M. D., No. 300 1-8 CongrpHM St. Office Hours— {f to *4 p 2' Dec 4—dlw D. CJ.ARKE «f CO. can lie found AT 29 MABKET SQUARE, UNDER LANCASTER I1ALL. Roots and Shoes for Sale Cheat). iylO dtt 1 IF. F. PHILLIPS A CO., Wholesale Druggists, Wo. 148 Pore Street. oct 17-dfi . U. M. PAY soy, STOCK BROKER. No. 30 Exchange Street, PORTLAND, ME. HOSldtf SOMERS SEWALL, - AT - NO. 331 CONOBESS STREET, Six Doors aherc Case* Street, would respectfully Invite tl,e attemion of tlie people of Portland and vicinity to tile VARIED COLEEtTlOS HOLIDAY GOODSI to be found at his store. The Bent Assortment in the City, —— AND - THE CHEAPEST PRICES! TOYS OF "ALL KINDS! Work Boxes and Desks l! Pi any. Beautiful Publication* ! Stationery and Toilet Articles t! CUTLERY, And Numerous Other Thluya! Now is a good time for purchasers of CHRISTMAS GOODS! to call, tor more time and attention can be shown them in selecting, than at a more busy season. November 26. dtf Ready eor hinivess. william BROWN, formerly at 91 Federal street, is now permanently located at his new store No64 Federal st, a few doors liolow Lime street. He is now prepared to attend to the wants of his numerous customers and the public generally in the way of cleaning and re pairing Clothing of all hinds, and will be attended to with hia usual promptness. Also second-hand Clothing for sale at lair prices. no' 6dtf SHORT A TORINO, Booksellers & Stationers, 31 Free, Earner Crater Street.. Have on hand a full supply ot Law, School, Miscellaneous and Blank Books. STATIONERY OF ATX KINDS, Clash, Post Office and Envelope Oases, Let* t*r Presses, Pen Backs, 4c. We lnve lust relieved front New York a full supply ol PAPEK HANGINGS, ■ patterns anti Choice Styles. DRAWING PAFEIl OF AI R SIZES. Give us a call, ■ _ _ Shari * I.eriag. SI Free. Comer Center Stteo jvSntl _ _ A. COBB A CO., MMatri to F. P. and Af. T. Be (ford, at Mrs. .If J. Atchols. U. S. Hotel HAVE received a lot of Tretousse, best quality Kid Gloves Also Zephyr Worsted! Sllp^' nowis, Hoetery, Ladles’ Under Vests, Cohets, Lin ^La5Lemb M,'s»n and Cam. Edgings. Drew Buttons, together with all articles UI!SJ5JJ £jUT11in c»**Eincy Goods Store. I neir tnendg and the public are invited to call and examine them. nov 7 till Jan. 1,18CCT. Skates! Skates! For l adies and Gentlemen. ENTIRE NEW STOCK-OLD STOCK ALL BURNED. Remember the lYamber. I* Free Street, O no27dSw «. I,. BAIl.EY. LOWELL A SENTER, AF1I L occupy the new Store INn. 301 Ean V «re.« Mtreel, corner of Brown Street, about Dec, l.ttli, with a new stock of IT air he., Jewel ry, Silver nail Plated Ware, and Fancy l-aads tor the holidays. They have reorettpird their old stand Ns. 04 Ex change .treel, wiih a complete stock Of INnnlirnl and Opticnl Clood., i.'hron..meters. Watches, Clocks, Fine Tools for Machinists and Engineers, Ac. OTT Friends and customers invited to old head quarters. Dec 1,1866.-d3m IHISl'ELLANEOVS. «.Ki:AT ItAlUa'AI ys DRY GOODS* HAVING secured the Whole OI Stmv \o. S',l4 ( ongrcM "Greet, and made great additions to our stock, we are now able n. oiler the Jtest Ilarf/aiiiN in Dry (Joinht the market adonis. We shall continue Co sell ohr goods at our former VERY LOW PRICES, ™ fe"!/ ,ny om‘- '**" Rich Dress Clouds ! Shawls and Cloahinys. WOOLENtt! We have naid particular attention to . nr WUOf, KN DfcPAKTMKNT, which Comprises nil the latest styles of Foreign and Domestic Cloths: Heavy Beat - era lor Overcoats. All Wool Double and Twist Cloths tor Men and Boys* Wear. DOMESTICS ! lu lUll variety. Every kind and quality of Houiu keeping goods. Link*a, Damask, Cambrics, Toi let Quilth, All Wool Blankets A full line ot heavy SHlltTING FLANNELS. ranre of those Ladies dire MERINO HOSE, tor 28c. Trouble to Show Goods. EASTMAN BROTHERS 339 CONGRESS STREET. Nearly Oyjtosile Mechanics’ Hall, Nov 16—dim OPENING —O F— MEM ITR ROODS! R. X. RRRRY, Will open at hJs new Store, 900 Congress Street, THURSDAY. DEC. 6th, A large and fashionable stock of*Ladies' and Chil dren’s FIJSTE FTJRS! Comprising the most desirable kinds and qualifies, selected from the choicest AMERICAN' and EXJBO PKAJN FCRS, and manufactured expressly foi our own trade. Our nice bets of SABLE, ROYAL ERMINE, FITCH, and SIBERIAN SfJUIIi REL, are unsurpassed, ami we shall he able to show in thi* line of goods the best Assortment ever ottered at Re tall in this city. In connection with these staple grades, may be found all the new and Fancy Styles, such as the Astraean, Persian Lamb, Grebe Bird, and the new style MUFFS find COLLAHS. Gentlemen will also find a great variety of Fur Coats, Gloves Collars & Cuffs! And a fins stock ot SLEIGHING ROBES ! Well worth their attention. We would particularly Invite those in pursuit of NICE FURS, well made, into stylish and useful garment*, and at moderate prices, to examine this stock. deco tl NEVV FIRM ! ______ * ROBINSON _& KNIGHT I CLOTIIINO! We have taken the store 2HH CONGRESS STREET, (Opposite the Preble House Where we have a new stock ot CLOT IIV <Gi —AND— FURNISHING GOODS ! The stock embraces FINE, MEDIUM and LOV» PRICED CLOTHING, made up in t>»e most fashion able style. A large assortment of ibe newest styles of GENTS’ FURNISHING GOODS is n<»w on hand. deo8 dtl A FULL SUPPLY -OF Boy’s Clolliint* ! AT THE New England Clothing Com., JS market ftqaare. dcSdoiu_ E. LEVBEN A CO. i. i‘. f a hk iy a to a , CLOTIIDiG AND Furnishing Goods! 26 Market Square. t Oct4--d3m n J. T. LEWIS if- CO. Manufacturer*, ol CLOTHIIMi, have removed to So. 1 Galt Block, Commercial Street. Jyw _n _ New Store, 349 Conjgress Street, (Up Stalls. H. W. SI MONTON & CO., HAVE n),ened a Ladies’ Furnishing Store, eon tabling a good assortment ol Hoop Skirts, Corsets, Inder Clathiug, merino Icvta, Collar^, fsli, Worsted and Fancy €«aod*. French Htiunpino Done to Order. 349 Congress Street. (Up Stairs.) octal dtf. 9100. 9100 WAR CLAIM OFFICE. Patt<'i-M)ii At Chadbuurnc, Marten Blwrh, 2 duor*above Prehit House rnHE new Bounties, uniter tbc law approved Jul> A 28th, 186H, 1 nervate of Pensions, Arronrs of Pa.. prize Money, anil all other claims against the Gov ernment, collected at short notice. The necessary blanks hair been Teemed, and cbtln ants should Hie theit claims promptly Frank G. Patterson, late Lknt.iSth. Me. Vola Paui. Chadboprnf, late Mid. 1st Me. Cav Oct16-dtf „ Reconstructed ou the Old 0round ! a. t.Tialt., COMMISSION MERCHANT, aiul dealer in Groceries, W. I, Goods and Predace. NO. 1 MILK STREET, PORTS,AND, ME., Would respectfully announce to his tonner cm.miners and that he has re-established himscll in busi ness at the old place, No. 1 Milk street, near Ex change. All iicraons in want of Groceries, Produce, &c., will do troll to make me a call, as an entire new stock ot selected goods will be oft, red at grcatlv re ilnceil prices. Come one. eoine all. dee tifew home again. SIGJV PMJVTGVG. FLLY sensible of iny obligations for the liberal kindlier of my patrons, 1 announce to th«in with great pleasure, iny return to No lO Exchange Street, over the Shoe and Leather Warehouse recent ly erected by the Messrs. Harbour, with increase.! ja cilities to answer all orders in the various branches of my profession. I shall endeavor to keen posted in the newest im provement*. to be supplied with ilie best materials, and to be prompt and till th fill in my workmans j». My work may be seen on every business street in the city, to which, with specimen* constant iv going up on the new stoics, I confidently rellr. OL1VKK S. BEALE Dec 4 th, 1F88. dec5d:tw Sold Out. \WTB would recommend our loriuer patrons to «.iir y y successor, E. M. THi »MPS< »N. ocl3d3xn* Hanson A Mim ii,