Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, December 12, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated December 12, 1866 Page 4
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tiii: w*itiisits. Kfiictr of the IWnrUel Kon thk vtkkk KNDiNd Deo. 11, 1860. As usual, at this season of the year trade has gen erally fallen off, and the transactions in business cir cles have been comparatively light. The market for most commodities is depressed and prices rather rule in favor of buyers. There is no great disposition manifested by our merchants either to increase their stocks which are now ample for all present wants, or to expand trade to an exnavagunt extent. They have transacted a good business for this year, and . now wait to see what the new year close ut hand, will bring forth. fiold which at our last week's report was about 141, lets gradually decliuod; Wednesday otli, it touched 118}; Thursday Friday 1384; Saturday 137 \; Monday, 10th, 137; Tuesday 137. APPLES—The market continues to be well sup plied with gbod fruit, and prices raugo from .<3.r>0,«j 4 60 per bhi. for souuil winter apples. Dried apples are not brought in freely, and have advanced lc. jier pound. ASHES—Pots are lower, but tho demand Is quite limited. BEANS—The supply is not large and holders are turn at our quotations. BREAD—Prices are steady, with a Mgbt demand for pilot and ship. BOX SHOOKS—Prices are nominal and the inar ket is dull. Very few arc shipped and the stocks iu store are daily increasing. BUTTER—The market continues to beweU sup plied, and prices tend downward. The truth is, the dairymen iiave large stocks on hand winch now they arc more anxious to sell thau thev were two montlts ago, as they autiepate a lurther decline CANDLES—There is a good demand for Trow" bridge’s moulds at our quotations, which are tho tfcc tory prices. CHEESE—The market is well supplied with good Vermont and New York, and prices have shaded down. CEMENT—trices unchanged. me demand con tinues to be large, but the supply is good. COAL—There has boon more of a demand the past week. Dealers are tlrm and pricos unchanged. COOPERAGE—No change. Shooks of all kinds are scarce, and orders are ahead of the manufacture. CORDAGE—With light demand prices remain firm, and there is no change from last week's quota tions. DRUGS AND DYES—The demand has slackened oil . Alcohol is a shade lowor. Bi-carb soda is lower, and selling at 9@10c. DUCK—The demand lor Portland duck is large and it is taken up oh fast as manufactured. Prices are unchanged. DRV GOODS—The market is dull and unsettled for dry goods of all descriptions. As the season is u ear at hand when accounts of stock will be taken, jobbers have not increased their stocks, but, on the contrary have been rnnning them as low as possible, waiting to see what disposition will be made of the t.iilft bill by Congress. Preparations for the spring trade will not be made until after the new year comes in. FISH—We have no change to note from last week. The market is dull and the demand light. FLOUR—Stocks continue light, especially for the superior grades of Southern and Western, and we have no changes to make in our quotations. FR U IT—Raisins are in good supply. Lemons are coming along more free!}'. Havana oranges are more plenty. Prices unchanged. GRAIN—Corn has shaded down to $1 26c®l 30; oats to 70gj76c. Rye is lower; fine teed is also lower. HAY—Pressod is coming in more freely and deal ers are paying $22@?3 per ton. Straw is bringing $15 per ton. HIDES AND SKINS—The transactions have been rather light. There is no variation in price. IRON—The reduction in the price of gold has tended to reduce the prices of all kinds of Iron ex cepting sheet, as will be noticed by our quotations. Nails are selling at $7@7 26 per cask. LARD—There is further decline in lard mnl we reduce our quotations. The article is dull at the re duced price. LEAD—With a light demand for sheet and pipe, prices are unchanged. LEATHER— The trade is quite dull. Holders are Arm for the best grade of leathers. LIME—Tho demand grows less and the stocks are large; but prices are unchanged from our quotations of last week. LUMBER—The market is active for all kinds of lumber, and prices are fillip sustained at our quota tion. MOLASSES—Holders are very firm for the small stock on band. There is no old molasses com ing forward, and the new crop will not be along till the middle or the last of January. NAVAL STORES—Spirits of Turpentine is selling at 90c. No change in other articles. OAKUM.—The market is steady at last week's prices. OILS—The demand for Portland Kerosene con tinues moderate at 66c by the quantity and 70c by the single barrel. Linseed has shaded down since last week. No change in other oils. ONIONS—The market is well supplied and prime silver-skins are selling at $2®2 25 per bbl. PAINTS—No change from last week's quotations, ! though prices rather favor buyers. The demand has fallen otf. PL ASTER—Tho market is well supplied and prices are lower. We quote soft at #2 50 and hard at $2 00 per tou. Ground is selling at 99 00 at wholesale and 910 at retail. PRODUCE—Cut meats are in good supply without any change in prices. Poultry is a little lugher. Eggs arc shading duwm Potatoes are plenty, and choice ones command $ J25®2 50 per bbl. Shipping potatoes bring 50c®60 per bushel. Cranberries are selling at $4®4 50 per bushel. PROVISIONS—Beef is quite 9teady. Pork is low er and we reduce our quotations about 82 per bfei. and the market is dull at that. Smoked hams are dull at 15c®16 per lb. RICE—Steady at our quotations tor Rangoon. We notice the arrival of a quantity of Carolina, the first that lias been in the market lor a long time. It is selling at 12*c. SALT—Steady under the recent slight advance. The demand is good. SOAPS—The demand for Leathe & Gore's steam refined soaps is well maintained and orders are com ing in from a‘.l over the country. Our quotations give the factory p.ices. SUGAR— There i6 no change to note except for the refined, which are lower, and we quote granu lated, crushed and powdered at 15*c®15| for first qualities. STARCH—Firm at the recent advance, with a moderate demand. SHOT—There is a slight decline in both drop and buck shot. TEAS Finn and steady, for the stocks on hand, with but few transaction!. TINS— There is a fair demand for all kinds of tins. Stocks have been replenished by recent arrivals from Europe, and prices are a shade lower. TOBACCO—We have no changes to note; the mar ket is dull and prices steady. VARNISH—No change. The demand continues to be good for all kinds. W OOL—The wool market still continue* very dull and there is no prospect of an improvement at present, in New York, last week, the trade brightened up, but it has again subsided and prices are weak. The manufacturers are losing on their goods as they can not he manufactured, with wool at the present rates, without a loss. It is not supposed that the prices for wool have touched bottom. ZINC—Except for home purposes the demand has fallen off. Prices are unchanged. FREIGHTS—Duller than ever. The only thing we have to note is brig Mary A. Chase, now loading box shocks for Matanzas, on owner’s account, rates not yet fixed, and bark Melville (new) to load cotton at Charleston for Liverpool, at half-penny. Poi tlaud Drv tissdi Market. COTTON GOODS. Inches. Price. Heavy Sheeting,.37.19 ® 21* Fine Sheeting,.36. 17*® 20 Fine Sheeting,. 40.21*® 23 .Medium Sheeting,.37.17 ® 18 Light Sheeting,.37.14® 16 Shirting,. ..*.. 27 to 30.12*® 15 BLEACHED SHEETING. Good Bleached Sheeting,.36........ 25 ® 27 Ctood Bleached Sheeting,.9-8.35® 37* Medium Sheeting,.36...«_17 ® 22* Shirting,.27 to 32.12*® 15 DRILLING. Heavy Drilling,...-30.22*® 25 Medium,.30. 20 ® 62* Corset Jeans,...16 ® £€* COTTON FLANNELS. Heavy Cotton Flannels,.'.25® 30 Medium Cotton Flannels,.20® 25 Bleached Cotton Flannels,.25 ® 37* STRIPED SHIRTING. Heavy Striped Shirting,.30.25 ® 30 Heavy Striped Shirting,.27.22* ® 26 Medium Striped Shirting.27...17 ® 20 TICKING. Heavy Ticking,.37*® 55 COTTON ADES. Heavy double and twist,..45 @ 55 VAAUiB. Heavy Denims,. 40® 46 Medium Denims,.’.,7.26 ® 32J CAMBBICS AND I’BINT*. Colored Cambrics,. 124® 16 Best Prints.. 16® 18 Medium Prints,..14® 16 DELAiHlsB, DeLatnc., .'.'5 @ 2*i , CRASH. C*a»h,.11 j® iT baiting, wadding, ic. Cotton Batting, p ft,. 18 ® 25 Cotton Wadding, |> &,.., .30 ® 36 Wicking,.55 ® u WOOLEN GOODS. Kentucky Jeans,.go ® j.a Satinets,.60 ® 85 Union Meltons. 75 Ml 00 Black Union CasMmeres. 80®100 Black all wool oaasimeres,.1 00 -ul 50 Black Doeskins,.125 ®1 75 Fancy Doeskins,.1 00 ®1 60 Repeilant, 6-4*.1374&146 _ WOOL FLANNELS. Blue Mixed Twilled Flannels,.324® 624 Blue and Scarlet.40 !ai 621 White, plain, . .M.33 ® 30 White. main. . ;IC . . .30® 7t; Poitiaml Bail, prCM Nleck Dial. COBBBCTED BY Wit. H. WOOD A SON, Mock and Exchange Broker, 178 Fore St., Portland' For the week ending Dec. 11. Descriptions. Par Value. Offered. Asked. Government6’s, 1881.112. j,s Government 5-20, 1862,...i((g Government 6-20, 1864,.log .m7 Government. 6-20.1866,. 1 (;.p, Governinent 5-20, July,.108.108 Government 7-30, 1st series.106.1051 Government 7-30, 2d and 3d series,... .106.1051 Govenunout 10-40,. 00.loo* State of Maine Bonds,.00.101 Portland City Bonds,.*7.9k Bath City Bonds,.95.97 Bangor City Bonds. 20 years,.65.97 Calais City Bonds,. 94.£6J Cumberland National Bank.10.47.49 Canal National Bank,.100.106.ltff First National Bank,.100.106.10T Casco National Bank,..100.106.107 Mercliants’ National Bank,.75. 77.78 National Traders Bank,.100.105.io6 Second National Bank,.100. .80 85 Portland Company,..100. 90. 95 Portland Gas Company,___50. .51 52 Ocean Insurance Company,_100 10 ’ 104 At. A St. Lawrence R. B.,.. ' 55. 60 At. & St. Lawrence R.R. Bonds.lOO 9ft.91 A. & K. R. R. Bonds, . gc.g7 Maine Contral R. R. Stock,—100.II.12 Maine Central R. R. Bonds, Androscoggin R- R- Stock,.60.worthless. Androscoggin 1st Mortg’ge Bonds,.35. 90 Ken. A Portland R. R. Bonds,. 100.8,7. .. 90 Portland A Forest Av’n’e R. R., 100. 60.. 70 Portland Glass Company,.100.100.101 Port.Shovel Manuihc’gCo.,. ...100.nominal. Richardson’s WharfCo.........100...95.100 I’oiiIhikI Wkol««tr Prlwa l'»rrew> I Corrected for the Paces to I'ee. U. Apples. Green ** I'll. 2 60 @ 4 5b Cooking#1 bn. 60 @ 73 ( Dried ** lb ... H @ 1* Western do. 12 Ashes. Pearl t> lb.none Pot.-. 9 @ 10 | Beans. Marrow *> bu. 2 30 @3 00 Pea.3 00 @3 50 Blue Pod.2 50 (a; 2 75 Box Shooks. Pine. 10 @ 80 Bread. Pilot *> loo tbl2 00 @15 00 ■ dot ex 100]bl0 50(819 0# Ship.*50>8 l«o» Cra.kont**brl li 75 @ Cracker»*>100 50 @ 55 Butter. | Family** lb... no C<* 4,J ' Store. 25 24 *» j Candles. I Mould 4* lb- « ■% 17 Cement. a brl.2 40 @ '2 50 Oheeee. Vermont#lb IS @ IK New York.... lti @ 18 Coal—(Retail i. Cumberland, lo 50 @11 00 lx>rb'y&l>iamoud.l0@10* Lehigh.10 50 @11 oo Bed Ash.0 50 @10 00 White Ash. 9 50 @10 00 Coffee. Java#lb.... 37 fo) 40 Bio. 26 @ 30 Cooperage. HhiLSh'ksaHds, Mol. City. .3 25 @ Sug.City.. .2 75 @3 00 Sug. C’try.. 1 50 @175 C’tryRift Mol. Hhd.Sh'ks. 2 00 @2 25 Hlid. H'd'gs, Soft Pine... 26 @ ■ Hard Pine.. 30 (8 UoopsJ14ftk35 00 @40 00 U.CakStavea50 00 @55 00 Cop. Sheath£g*43 @ Y.M.Sheathing32 @ Y.M. Bolts... 85 fe Cordage. American** lb 2v4u. 21 Manila. 23 @ 211 Manila Boltrope 25 @ 26 j Drugs and Dyes. Alcohol*>gal 4 50 @ Arrow Boot... 30 @ 70 Bl-Carb Soda 9 @ 10 Borax. 39 @ Camphor. ...125@ Cream Tartar 35 @ 55 Indigo........1 50 @ 1 85 Logwood ex. •. 16 @ *7 Madder. 18 @ 20 E” " a **gal. 35 @ 55 *» lb. 10 75 @ rb.4 62 @ Sal Soda. 5 @ 5j Saltpetre. 16 @ 28 Sulphur...... 7J@ Vitriol....-18 1 D-ok. No. 1,. @ 90 No. 10,. @ 54 Etavene. @ 40 Dyevrooda. Bar wood. 3 @ Brasil Wood.. 13 @ Camwood.... « @ 10 Fustic,. 4 @ 5 Logwood, Campeachy. 3 @ St-. Domingo 2*@ 3 Nlc.Wood_ @ Peach Wood.. 8 @ Bed Wood_ 7J@ 8* SapanWood.. @ Fish. Cod, # utl. Large Shore 6 50 8 7 60 LargeBank 5 75 @ 6 50 Small.3 75 @ 125 Pollock.3 50 @ 4 50 Haddock,new 2 00 @ 2 75 Hake.2 00 @ 2 76 Herring, Shore. # bl.S 50 ffl 6 5<> Scaled,#bx. 40 @ 60 No. 1. 26 @ 40 Mackerel #bl. Bay No. 1.. 18 00@18 00 Bay No. 2. 16 60@18 00 Bay No. 3. 13 25@14 25 Shore No.1.18 50 @20 00 Shore No A. 9 00 @10 60 Flour. White Winter choice xx 16 00@17 50 xx 14 50 @16 00 x 13 00@14 00 Ited Winter xx. 14 50@ 15 50 x. 13 00@ Spring xx- - 14 00@ 14 50 x.. 13 25@'14 00 Superfine .10 00 @12 00 St. Louis Sc Southern Superior xx 16 30@18 00 Canada Superior xx 16 00@16 50 Michigan * Western Sup’r xx.. 15 50@16 50 a .7, Pea'Nnta.3 75 @ Citron,naw... 40 @ Currants. @ 18 Dates, new.... 22 @ Fig*,.new 18 @ 24 ab w ® Burnt, *>bx 3 87 @ 4 00 Layer.4 20 @ 4 40 Lemons,box 3 50 (gf 6 50 Oranges, #100 5 00 @ Corn, Mixed..1 28 @ 130 TVest’nYell’w 1 30 @ 1 33 Rye.135 @ 140 Barley.1 20 @ 1 25 Oats. 70 @ 75 Shorn # ton.82 00 @35 00 Fine Feed. .40 00 @ 45 00 Gunpowder. Bleating.5 50 @ 6 00 sporting, -jj# 00 ® 7 ®° Pi esse<l#von‘:2 00 @2.3 00 Loose.20 00 @25 00 Straw. 12 00 @15 00 Hides and Skins. Buenoa Ayres *» @ 31 I Western.; 18 @ in Slaughter.... 10 A Calfskins.... 30 @ Lamb Skins. 1 00 @ 1 50 Iron. Common. 4J@ 64 Refined. 6J@ 5j Swedish. 8 @ 84 Norway. 84@ 9 ti Cast Steel.... 27 @ 29 i Barman Steel. -18 @ ; Sis.Steel 22 @ ! sr 11 s 14 f English. 7 @ 71 rTg. sji 11 Russia. 24 @ 27 Belgian— 22 @ Hard. Barrel, # lb 134® 14 1 Kegs, #ft..r. 14® | Lead. ilwet 4 Pipe. 124 it 13 Leather, few York, Light. 30 '<i 34 Mill, weight 34 ... 3s Heavy. 37 40 Slaughter . .50 @ 53 Am. Call .. 1 no @ 1 so Lime. Hockrd.cask 1 40f@ I 59 Lumber. Cteai Hue, ^ , ... ni. Non I & 2... »*o 00 fek* u0 Wo- 4.i'(MH) tg 26 00 hipping 21 00 (ft'24 oft Spruce •• .14 00(8/19 00 I MiueiiHioii Spruce 20@25 Hemlock-16 00 (5,’IK 00 'lap boards, Spruce Ex..21 00 (m 20 00 Pine Ev_ none. Shina; Jos, Cedar Exl. .4 50 4 7ft CodarNo.l..3 oo 3 25 Shaved Cedar 5 75 “ Pine 0 75 Laths, Spruce.3 50 @ 4 00 Flue. 4 do (ft 4 75 Molasses. Porto Kico.75 @ 80 Cieiithegos.... (10 @ 65 Trinidad. Sit lai 55 Cuba Clayed.. 50 Uj 5 ’ Clayed tart. 45 @ 48 Muscovado. 55 60 NaUe. Cask.7 Oil @ 7 25 Naval Stores. Tar Sm . .5 00 (a. 3 He Pitch (C. Tar IS 29 <*> Wll. Pitch . ..5 00 @ 5 50 Kosin.7 00 @ 12 00 Turpentine ? gal. oo ou Oakum. American_10} @ 13} OU. Kerosene. 65 @ TO Sperm.3 50 ® Whale.i 60 i® 1 70 Bank.33 00 @34 00 dhore.20 00 (o>8' 06 Porgic.10 00 @24 00 Linseed. ! 40 @ Boiled do. @ 1 40 Lord.1 60 @ 1 75 olive.2 23 @ Castor.3 30 @ Ncatsfoot . ..1 55 @2 00 Onions. Siv’skins? bl. 2 @2 26 Faints. Ported Lead-17 50 A Pure Grddo.lC 50 @ Pure Dry do. 16 50 a Am. Zinc,. ..13 00 a Rochelle Yel.. 4 « Eng.Vcn.Rcil. 4J@ Red Lead. 16 @ 18 .Litharge. 15 a IT Plaster. Soft, ? ton. .2 50 @ Hard.2 00 @ uK omiil.0 00 (a) to oo Produce. Beef, side ?lb 10 A 13 Veal. 8 @ 10 Lamb. 10 @ 12 Chickens. 20 a 92 Turkeys. 20 a 23 Gceae,. 18 (a 20 Eggs, ? dots.. 32® 34 Potatoes,? bbl 1 70@2 00 Cruib's ? bash 4 Oil® 150 Pro visions. Mess Beef Chicago,’.. .21 00 @23 00 Ex Me-6. .24 00 @26 00 Pork, KxtraClcar @;io 00 Clear. 20 00 @26 00 Mess.23 00 @24 00 Prime. .. 2o 00 @21 00 Hams. 15 @ 16 Rios, Rice, p ft.... 19 @ 12 Bum. New England 2 65 Saleratus. Saleratus ? Ib 12® 13 Balt. Turk’s Is. ? hhd. (&bus.)4 25 @175 Liverpool.4 25 @ 4 50 Gr’na Batter. 30 @ Seeds. Herdsgrass bush 40052150 Clover B>.14 @16 Red Top ba^5 50 @ 6 00 Drop,? lOOlbs * @12 50 Buck.. @13 60 Soup. Extra St’m Rennc.1 Family. No. 1. Oline. Chem Olive. Crane’s. Soda. Spices. Cassia, pare.. 60 Cloves. 43 _ Ginger. 28 @ Mace.140 @ Nutmegs.1 35 @ 1 40 Pepper-. 28 @ 80 Pimento. 30 @ 33 Starch. Pearl........ 11}@ 12} - Sugar. Muscovado... 11® 12} Hav. Brown . l .j® 14 Hav.White... 14 @) 16 Crushed. 15 @ 16} Granulated... in® 13| Powilereii..,. 15}@ 15# Eagle Refinery A @ 10} do do B @ 10} Taas. Souchong- 75 @ 90 Oolong. 91) @ 95 Oolong, chotcel oo @ 1 06 Japan,.110 @ 125 Tin. Bancs, cash.. 35 @ 38 Straits,cash.. 34 @ 36 English. 34 @ 37 Char. I. C.. 14 75 @15 50 Char. I. X .17 75 @16 50 Tobacco. Elves & Tens, Best Brands 70 @ SO Medium_ .60 @ 65 Common .. 55 @ 60 Half lbs. best brands. 75 @ 80 SatiLeaf fcs.l oo @ 1 25 favy lbs. 75 @ 85 Twine. Totton Sail... @65 flax. @ 75 Varniah. Jauiav..2 76 @ 3 75 furniture ... 2 25 @ 4 26 'oach....3 00 @ 6 50 Wood. lara, retail. 10 50 @11 oo Soft. fe 7 00 Iindling?box 30 @ 40 Wool. Jnwash’d Fleecers @ 30 Vasbcd do.30 @ 35 .amb Sklus.. 76 @ 110 Zino., sheet,14}@15 ■ehigh.14 @ 15 TELEGRAPHIC REPORTS. VilMtill. New York, Dee. 11. The Post says the loan market is easy, but a little more active, the rate being 6 per ceut with exception*. Discounts dull at 7 @ 8 per cent. The tone of feel ing In Wall Street Is one of suspense and uncertainty. Kvery one seems to regard the state of the currency with distrust, consequently general business is de pressed and confidence disturbed. The stock market opened unsettled, but became strong aud closed steady. Governments inactive and drooping, the dis position being rather to sell than buy. Railroad shares more active, Western stock being chi; flv in re quest. i New York market. New York, Dee. 11 Colton—*c higher ftr Middlingvplands; sales 3,000 bales. Middling uplands at 33*c. Orleans at 35c. Flour—dull and 10 ® 15c lower; sales 0,100 bbls.— State at 7 30 @ 11 00; Round Hoop Ohio at 9 90 ® 12 75; Western at 7 30 @ 1160; Southern dull and lower; sales at 10 50 g 16 00. Wheat—dull and nominally easier; sales 27,000 busb. Milwaukee No. 2 at 2 15 @ 2 26. Com—dull and heavy and 2 ® fie lower; sales 87, 000 bush. Mixed Western at 1 07 @ 108. New South ern at 1 00. Oats—21® 3n higher, with an active speeulativo de mand; sales 116,000 busb. Western, new, 67 « 68g. State 66 @ 7oe. Beet—heavy. Pork—firmer but not active. Lard—firmer. Butter—steady. Whiskey—quiet. Bice—quiet. South Carolina at 8* g. Me. Sugars—steady; Muscovado 101 <a> 11c. Havana 476 boxes at 12c. Coffee—dull. Molasses—dull; Demarara at 60 i® 701c. Naval Stores—quiet; Spirits Turpentine at 61® 66c. Boain ot4 12 10 00. Oils—dull, Linseed at 1 36 @ 1 83. Petroleum—more active and firm; crude at 194 ® 20c. Refined bonded 30* ® 31c. Tallow Wool—q Freights to Liverpool—more active and a shade easier. Chicago iUarkclH. Chicago Dec li Flour a shade firmer with improved inquiry tor low • er grades; White Winter 12 50. Spring extras, 8 00 Jg 10 25. Wheat quiet; No. 1 opened at 2 00 and used nominal at 2 01; No. 2 in moderate request at 1 76 @ 1 79$, Corn No. 1 closed at 80 (a) 80]c. Gate quiet at 39$ @ 40$c. Barley unchanged; sales No. 2 ati 59 @ 60c. Mess pork 25 @ 50o better; sales at 17 50 ® 18 25. Sales name at 10c. Lard old at He; new at ll$c. Dressed hogs in light receipt and 15 (gj 20c betterp sales at 6 85. Head at 7c. Milwaakee Market*.. __ Milwaukee, Dec. 11. Hour unchanged and dull. Wheat dull; sales at 1 7Mk# No. 2 Oats dull at 44for No. 3. Provisions higher; sales of mess Pork at 18 00. Dressed Hogs advanced; sales at 6 80 ra> 6 90. Receipts—500 bbls Flour, 3,500 bush Wheat, 2,500 bush. oats. ’ * Shipments—1,300 bbls. Flour, 2,000bush. Wheat. ***• Mlarkel. . . . . . St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 11. Elour steady and quiet; inferior grades 9 30 (S> 10 25; double extra 12 76 a. 13 75. Wheat dull and prices unchanged. Corn without change and small sales. Oats steady; sales 500 bush, at 67c. Whiskey sales at 2 23. Mess Pork lower; sales at 20 oo. Hogs im proving; sales at 6 00 @ 6 55. Hew Orleans Markets. New Orleans, Dec. IX. Cotton—The demand is active and pricos have ad 1c. Sales arc reported of Low Middling at £1} (eg 3o!c; Middlhigat olio. Receipts 7,060 bales. Cleared for Liverpool 7,0B0 hales. Sugar—doll and drooping: sales of fair at 9Jc; prime to choice at 111 <® igfc. Molasses dull and unchanged, sales of thir at tsuc; prime to choice at ®MS Exchange 110}. New York sight Exchange |c disopunt. Freights unchanged. Coinnsrrcial—Per Cable. Liverpool, Dec. 11, Noon. Cotton market opened to-day with a promise of continued activity. The sales to-day will probably reach 16,000 bales. Sales of Middliug uplands con tinue to tic made at 14}d. London, Dec. 11, Noon. Cons ils for money firm at 88}, ex dividend. American Securities —The following are the quotations for American Securities: Erie Railroad Shares!*}. Illinois Centra) Railroad Stares 77}. Unit ed States 3-20‘s, 1862, coupons, 71. Liverpool, Dec. 10, JAenltig. The Cotton market to-day has been very active, and the sales will toot up more than 20,000 bales.— Pi Dos' adVaiiced ftillv 4<1. Middling Uplands closing at 141d. Tlie market t r tallow is steady and prices are without ouotable cluiBgt. 1’ork is tinner and udsea Und upward. Brea, l.-i lift's and provisions ore unchanged. There is a very quiet feeling in the mar ket Air wheat to-day, but prices have undergone no material variation, Indian corn is offered at 39a for Mixed, and 39a :M for high do. London, Dec. to, Evening. The money market etoaed quiet and atcady. (Jou aols for money ate quoted at 88[ex-divideud. Duriug the day Erie Railway Bhares declined i, doaing thin erenino at 46J. U. S. B-io bonds of thC3, coupons, al so declined t, and at the close were quoted at .1. Uli noiH Central, however, closed at an advance, being in. demand at 774. N«»n York Niork JMaikH. New York, Dec. 11. SECO-Sr» Board—Stocks steady, American Gold.137] U. S. Coupon Sixes, 1881.1121 IT. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1862. . ..107* U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1804.....106 U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1865,.1061 U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1865, new issue_ 108] U. 8. Ten-Forties, coupons,.100 Treasury Seven-Thirties,.1052 Treasury Seven Tliree-Tent hs, 1st series,. 1662 Treasure Seven Tim e-Tenths, 2d series,.105] Cumberland Coal Company. 68 New York Central,. .1124 Krie. 72J Hudson,.120 Reading.1094 Michigan Central,...Uli Michigan Southern. 80j Illinois Central,,.1184 Cleveland & Pittsburg,.*. 88j j Cleveland Sf Toledo.113* Chicago & Rock Islnud,.104jj Chicago & North Western,.53j Pittsburg & Fort Wayne.1054 Gold at 4 o’clock 1371. Komiom Slock Lint. Sales at the Brokers’ Board, Dec 11. American Gold. 1374 United States Coupons, Nov,. 13|>3 United States Coupon Sues, J881. 112* United States 7 3-lotbs, 1st series. 1054 “ 2d series. 1*54 • 1.1 Series 1(15* United States Ten-lollies.. . 104 Vermont State Sixes. 100 Ugdcnsburg 1st Mortgage Bonds.*. I004 1» >»ton and Maine Railroad. 131 MARRIED. Ill this city, J)e<\ 8, by Rev. l>r. Shatter, John H. Woods and Miss Mary Wark, both ot' Portland. In Briagton, Dee. », by Rev. G. F. Cobb, Leonard B. Moody, 01 B., and Miss Hattie K. Berry, of Den mark. In Oorhain, Dee. 10, by Rev. C. Fuller, Mr. Charles C. Akennan and Miss Bella F. Treadwell, Loth ot Portland. In Robbinston. Dec. 0, bv Rev. Mr. Pearson, Pren tiss M. Vose, of Winchester, Mass., and Miss Muy H. Brewer. --■.. . "-■I DIED. In this city, Dec. 11. Mrs. Ann, wife of John Grif fiths, aged 47 years 5 mouths. [Funeral on Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock, from her late residence, No. DO Clark street. Rela tives and friends ore invited to attend. At Kidder, Mo., Nov. 28, after a long and severe sickness, George D. Chubbuck, ageJ 33 years 7 urns., lormerly ot Boston, Mass. In Hyde Park, Dorchester, Mass., Dec. 6, Mrs. Louisa M., wife of George A Patrick, aged 32 years. In Kennebunkport, Dec. 7, Mr. Joseph Averill, aged 7 / years. In Bath, Dec. 8, Thomas F., son oi Eli and Mary Fish, aged 17 years. la Ba h, Dec. 7, Etta T., daughter of Ezekiel B. Drummond, aged 17 years 3 months. DBPARTITRE OF OCEAN STEAMERS NAME FROM FOR DATE. Moro Castle.New York. .Havana.Dec 13 a America.New York. .Bremen.Dec 15 City of Paris.New York. .Liverpool.Dec 15 Asia.Boston.Liverpool.Dec 15 Eagle..New York. .Havana.Dec 20 Rising Star.New York. .California ... .Dec 21 City ot New York..New York. .Liverpool.Dec 22 Virginia.New York. .Liverpool.Dec 22 Arago.New Yora..Havre.Dec 22 Davaria.New York. .Hamburg.Dec 22 Guiding Star.New Pork.. Rio Janeiro.. .Dec 22 Cuba.Boston.Liverpool.Dec 26 Mfniafnrc Almanac.December 13. Sun rii-es.7.20 Sun Bets.:. ...4.2$ Moon seta.9.47 PM High water. 3.05 PM MARINE NEWS PORT OF PORTLAND. Tuesday* December 11. ARRIVED. ; Steamship Moravian, (Dr) Alton. Liverpool 23d ult via Londonderry 24th. Steamer New England, Field, St John, NB, via Eastporr toi Boston. Steamer De Witt Clinton, Prince, Camden. Sch Texas, Day, Boston. Sch Ceres, Robbins, Ellsworth. Sch Trader, Pratt, Rockland. Sch Decatur, Murphy, and Banner. Rich, Calais ior Boston. CLEARED Barque Philena. Davis, Matauza?—E Churchill , & Co. Sch Diadem, (Br) West, St John, NB—John Por- I teous. • FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. GREEN’S LANDING, Dec 4—Ar, soh Sarah B flan Is, Wilson, Boston. Dec 1—Sid, sch Tiara. Chatte, Bluehiil for Boston Dec 3—Sid brig J W Wood well, R.tyn< s, Boston lor Calais; sch Mary Louisa, Joy, Gouldsboro for Rock hud. Doc 4—Sid, sch Jane Brtndle Hall, Mt Desert tor Rockland. Dec 6—Sid sch Industry, Caudage, Bluehiil lor Rockland. KENNEBUNKPOKT, Dee 9—Sid, sell Barbary Frtetchie. (new <10 13-tooths tons) of and for Glouces ter. Launched—On the 4th inst, from Ward’s yard, a scho >nor Irom the same moulds as the Barbary Fiitchie, and owned principally by Mr Jolui H Gal. of Gloucester. On the 8fh inst, bv Mr DavidClaik. a fine selioonrr ol about 90 tons old measurement,—built for a Glou cester tiim. skip Tlios Freomah, Capt Owen, which cleared at Savannah 6 h inst for Liverpool, 1ms a cargo ol 388s bales cotton, valued at $001,740—being the largest and most valuable cargo of cotton that has been shipi>ed from that port since the war closed. DOMESTIC PORTS. SAN FRANCISCO—Ar 10th ult. Br ship Sarah March, Duncan, Newcastle; brig Deacon, Reed, Pori Madison. NEW ORLEANS—Ar 7th, ship Castillian, Grave.-, Liverpool. Ar 9tb inst, Iby tel] ship KingQ.di«*r. Harding, ftn New York, 121 days. CHARLESTON—Ar 8tb, brig Poinsett, Anderson, Havana for Bos.ou, leaky. BALTIMORE—Cld 6th, ship Ores cut City, Dela no, Acapulco; b.irque A is Wyman, Wood, San Francisco. Ar 8th, sch Nellie Tar box, Pendleton, trom Hog island. Cld Mth, baruue David Nichols, Coombs, Savannah; sch Nautilus, Jameson, Weymouth. Ar 11th, sch Carrie AlellviUe, Watts St John, NB, via Kent Island, where she was ashore and threw overboard part of deck load. PHILADELPHIA—Ar 8th, brig E H Rich. Hop kins, Bangor. NEW YORK—Ar 0th, brig ocean Wave, Sylve3-* ter, Darien, Ga; sells Navigator, Wicks, Baiaeou; American Chief, Pressey, Rockland Ar, shin Calhoun, Liverpool; baruue M W Brett, Thurlow, Havana; brig H F Coltnirst Emery, Mansanilla; schs Sarah Jane, El well. Luoee. Cld 10th, ship Harpsweli, Owens, Havre ; brigs Rising Sun, Scoiield, Ponce: J Poliedo, Piummer, Portland. NEW LONDON—Ar 10th, schs May Day, Adams, Bangor for New York; Superior, Jameson; Reding ington, Gregory; Gertrude Iloiton, Jameson, and Susan & Mary, Keene, Rockland lor do; Walton, In graham. Bangor tor do. PROA IDENCE—Ar 10th, .icbs Flyaway, Matthews Bangor: Mary Susan, Snow, Rockland: Juniata. Patten. hid8th, barque Jennie Cobb. Hanley, Rockland; schs Lucy Ames, Flanders, New York*; Flora King, Cook, Portsmouth NH. PAWTUCKET—Ar Oth, sch Champion. Clark, Elazabethport. Ar 10th, sch July Fourth, Shaw, Bangor. NEA\7PORT—Ar 8th, sells May Day, Adams. Ban gor for Nerwalk; Philanthropist, Warren, do ior do: Mary Alice, Pe*ry, do lor Newark; Paul Seavey, Guilder, do fur New York; lien Banks, Ryder, no tor New York; Lochiel, Haskell, I'm do ior do; Volant, Dodge ; Moses Patten, Harding; A’ickrburg, Me Cormick ; Walton, Ingraham ; Mattie Holmes, Tap ley, and Mary J, Parks, do tor do: Andrew Peters, Moore, Ellsworth lor do; Franconia. » rewo.igyfdo ior do; Redington, Gregory, Rocklanu tor do; Susan & Mary, Keene; Supetior, Jam son, and Maria Lou isa, Rol> nson. do for do; G D King, Blatohford, and Sami Fish, Brown. Calais for do; Lyndon, Eastnoi t for do; Hero, Small, Salem for do; L -ader, Holbrook Bangor for New London; Hattie Annab, Lord do tor Bridgeport; Cabot, Bacon, Boston tor New York; Emeline McLain, Sleeper, do lor Baltimore; Fannie A Bailey, from Calais or do; W T KmcrsJn, Emer son, Bucksport for do; Susan Taylor. Lord, and L M Strout, Dean, Bangor for Bridgeport: Union, Bish op, Roekp rt tor Wilmington; Atlantic, Oakes, Ban gor for Fall River. Ar 10th, brig Angelia, from Milibridge for XYork. FALL RIArER—Ar lntli, sch Atlantic, Oakes, Bangor. HOLMES HOLE—Ar 8th, brig Forest S ate, Shute, Bucksport lor New York; sch U S Grant, Grav, Camden lor Washington DC. Ar 9th, sch Emm a F Ha: t, Hart, Darien for Bos ton. Ar 10th, schs Lamartine, Hill, and Willie Martin, Noyes, Elizabelhport for Boston; Ba State. Carle, New York for Rockland; Planet, Dermont, New York for Bucksport; Flora King, Cook, Providence fin- Portsmouth; Corinthian, Carle, Bristol for Ban gor; Gen Grant, Orchard. Bangor for New York. BOSTON—Below loth, ships Milton, troin Ca cut ta; Moioeka, from New Orleans: barque Andes, frm Savannah. t;w nun, urge loch Lomond, mack, Bar haloes Haucock, Ilallet, Mobile. Ar 11th, ship Milton. Smith. Calcutta; brig Forest State, Shute, irom Cherry liekl; schs -lulia, Nash, Marinas; J P Bent. Means. Clierrylield. Below, ship Moiocka, from New Orleans. Cld 1ltli, brig Surf, Sheppard, Cardenas; sdi J F Carver, Kuu)ill), Kastport; Florence, Cror-.kett, for Bangor. . SALEM—Ar 71 li, sdis Rainbow, Philbrook, Ban gor tor New London. Ar8tli, sells T R Jon. s, Smith, Eli/.abetliport for Maehiasport; E L Thompson. Brown. Ellsworth; Ju ia & Mary, Linnell, and Sol Francis. Clark, Ban gor; Jasper, Wentworth, Orrington. FOREIGN PORTS. 904 12’ sh'l® Antelope. HaU, and Ooklen Slate, 1>» lano, disg. for^New*York * **aiYlue Powhattan, Patten, At Hong Kong Oct 15, ships Miarger. Hatch, tor New Yolk ; Martha liideout Jellorsou; Pocahontas, Grave*1, and Sami Russell. Lucas, unc. At Singapore Oct 2a, ship Tennyson, Graves, for Kong Kong, ldg. . 81d Irom Valparaiso 2d uit, ship Otago, Thorndike, San Francisco. Ar at Messina 13th uit. barque Nellie Chapin, Waas, Jaffa, Ac, and would commence ldg immedi ately tor Boston. Sul ftn Aspmwall 2d inst, brig H B Emery, Small, Manssiiiilla. Av at Barbadocs 4tli uit, brigs Ida Abbott, Clarke, Georgetown SC; 5th, A Rowell, Maguire, Fernandi pa; 10th, sell J Boynton, Reed. St Sephen; 13th. brig \ aVncia, Smith. New York. _ Ar 2} Havana 2d inst, barque Arizona. Conaut. New York. Sid 3d, barque Chilton, Sttftord, New York; brig Juli t F Carney, New Orleans. SI-1 from Aiatanzas 30th ult, barque Ellen Stevens. Howe, Boston; Alonitor, Larrrbee, Cardenas. Ar at Cardenas 1st tost, brig Robin, Killmun, Frank lb. t. Ar at Salt Cay Ti ll'th^ilr, brig Ortolan, Ely, Mar tinique. [Additional p« r City of Paris.) Sld iui UvuiiKkd 27th. Momana, Tlerriikan, k>r Cieiiluegos. Ent out 26th, Andrew Johnson, Curling,for Caliao; J H Stetson, Wo*»dwarU, Boston. Ar at London 27th, Ladoga, Samians, from Crun Isadt. . > Sid ihi Gravesend 2stli, C M Davis. Koo mail, for Port Phillip. Sid fin Cowes 21st, Norwe ter, Aloslier. (fm Callao) tor Hamburg. Sid,fm Falmouth 27tb. Magnet, Keating,(fm Maul main) (or Deptford. Sid fm Swansea 20tli, Emma C Beal, Dawes, tor Messina. Sid tin Milllord 21st, Yumuri, Thompson, (from Liveri>ool) lor Charleston. Oft* Waterford 24th, Lizzie H Jackson, Marwick, from Glasgow for Boston. Ar at Queenstown 26th. Hattie E Tapley, Tapley, Iquique, (and sa led 27th lor Londonderry.) .Sid ttn Sliangliae Sept 27, t Inis Hall, Addy, for Howland’s Island. Ar at Gibraltar 21st ult, Speed. Patten, from New York. Ar at Gceatemunde 21st ult, Pacitie. McKenzie, Philadelphia. S1J tm Malta 22d ult, Ann Duncan, Case-tr, tor New York. SPOKEN. Oct 3, lit 3 N. I.jIi 30 W Br barque B,dwell, from Buugor Aug 26 tor Montevideo. . Oct 21, lat s 38 S, Ion 23 46, strip Z< i>hvr: Irom IAv erpool lor Calcutta. Nov 10, lat 51, Ion 11, ship N Boynton, Hrler, trom Liverpool lor Boston. Dee it, oft i'ape Florida, barqne Orchllla, from Ma tauzas lor Charleston.

No date, lat 36. Ion 14, ship Sylvia, McCulloch, im IdverpoolOct 23 fir New Orleans, 11 days out. -- " J „ J_ THE GREAT ENGLISH REMEDY. PROTECTED BY ROYAL LETTERS PATENT SIR JAMES CLARKE’S Celebrated, Female Fills. Prepared from a prescript ion of Sir.f. Clarke, Mb., Physician Extraordinary to the Queen. This invaluable medicine Is unfailing in the cure ol all those painful and dangerous diaeaees to which tbo tamale constitution issubject. It models tee all excess and removes all obstructions, trom whatever cause, and a speedy cure uiay be relied on, TO married ladies it is particularly suited. It will,in a t line short,bring on the monthly period with regularity. CAUTION. These Pills should not be taken by the FIRST l'HRKK MON THsoj Pregnaiu ‘hen are sure to bring on Miscarriage, but at am/ other iime they are 8(\f e. In all cases ol Nervous and Spinal Affections, Pains in the Back and Limbs, Fatigue on slight exertion, Palpitation of the Heart. Hysterics, and Whites, these PUls will effect a cure when all other means have tailed; and although a powerful remedy, do not eontalnirou, calomel, antimony, or anything hurtlul to the constitution. Full directions in thespamplilet around each pack age which should be carefully preser ved. SOLD BY ALL DRUQGI8P8. Price dl pot bottle. SPECIAL NOTICE. It is the fate of every valuable Medicine to be Coun terfeited. Be cautious, therefore, and see that the let ters “T. tc M.," are blown in the bottle, amt that each wrapper bears thefac smiles of the si,natures of I. C. Baldwin tf Co., and Job Muses, Or ‘ Without which none are genuine. N. B.—#100 with eighteen cents tor postage, eis cloved to any authorised Agent, or to Iho sole (Jeneral Agent for the United States ami British Dominions, JOB MOSES, 27 Cortland! St., New York, will ensure a IsitUe, containing 50 Pills, by return mail, securely scaled irom aUobservaMbu ' g LIFE—HEALTH-8TR ENGTH. LIFE-HEALTH-S TRENGTH. LI PE-HEALTH-STRENGTH. Hundreds and thousands annually die premature ly, when, il they would give the Great French Rem ’ DR. JUAN DEIiAMARE’S W 0 \ CELEBRATED SPECIFIC PILLS. Prepared by Garanctere & Dupont, No. 214 rue Lombard, Paris, from the prescription ol Dr. Juan Delamane, Chief Physician to the Hospital du Nord ou Lanhoisiere, a fair trial, they would find immedi ate relief, and, in a short time, be fully restored to Health and Strength. It is used in the practice ol many eminent French physicians, with uniform suc cess, and highly rccomcnacd as the only, positive ami Specific Remedy tor all persons.. ' - 'j gl or Sexual Debility, all derangeuu... -.civous Forces, Melancholy, SpermatonJu. a or Seminal Emissions, all Weaknesses arising Hum Sexual Ex cesses or Youtntiil Indiscretions, Lons ot Muscular Euergy, Physical Prostrations, Nei vousncMK Weak Spine, Lowness of Spirits, Dimness of Ytei n, Hr sterics,Pams in the Back and Limbs, Jinpofeney.&c. No language can convey an adequate idea or the immediate and almost miraculous change it produces in the debilitated and shattered ? y8iem. stands unrivalled as an unfailing cure of the mala dies above mentioned. Sutter no more, but use The Great trench Remedy, it will effect a cure where all others fail, ami, although a powerful remedy, contains nothing hurtlul to the most delicate constitution. Pamphlets, containing full particulars and direc tions for using, iu English, French, Spanish and Ger man, accompany each box, and also arc sent face to any address when requested. Price One Dollar per box, or six boxes for Fiv Dol lars. Sold by all Druggists throughout the world; or will bo sent by mail, securely sealed from all observation, by inclosing specitied price, to any authorized agent. Proprietors’ General Agents for America, OSCAR G. MOSES & 00., 27 Coruandt St., New York. W. F. PHILLIPS & OO., Portland, Wholesale Agent. Sold at Retail by every Druggist in Maine. June 13eodeow&wly Furs, . Furs. GRAND ~OPENING ' Tuesday, Dec’r 11th, AT OUR NEW STORE No. 12 Exchange St. Hudson Bay Sable, Bearer Bobes, American Sable, Bear Bobes, Ermine, Astracau Bobes, Seal, Fox Skin Bobes, Pcrsiaunas, Lap Robes, Fitch, Buffaloes, lined, Astracau,Grey and Black,Buffaloes, unlined, Squirrel, Blankets, River Sable, Ac., Ac., A c., Ac, Also a Kew Style of Furs for Ladies and Miss es. Our Goods are all new and will be sold cheap. Satisfaction guaranteed. HARRIS A- WATERHOUSE. jplT’Mr. J. W. WATERHOUSE occupies an office in our store. aeclOdlw J. & c J. BAR BOUR, Manu&cturers anil Retailers of Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, NO. 8 EXCHANGE STREET, POBTI.AND, ME. • adie«> aud mime.’ Serge aud Calf Baal*. Men's Flue Calf aud Thick Boats. Boy.’, YouthC aud Children's"Bool, and Mhoea. Bnbbcr Boot, aud Shoes of all kind.. O IK AND HEMLOCK BELTING. LACE LEATHER. IBOf.ASMES HOSE, ENGINE HOSE RUBBER BELTING, RUBBER PACKING. Rubber Clothing, Rubber Bow. JOHN HARBOUR. C. J. BARBOUR. E. R. BARBOUR. B0V2S __' ' dtt Stockholders’ Meeting. rpHE Stockholders of the Leeds and Fakminq l TON Hailroad Company, are hereby notified to meet at the oflice of Henry M. Payson, iii Portland, on WEDNESDAY, the nineteenth day of December, 1S66, at three of the clock in the afternoon, to act on the following articles. 1st—To fill a vacancy in the Board of Directors. 2d—To see it theltockholders will ratify the bar gain made by the Directors with the Androscoggin Hailroad Co., tor running of said Hoads. 3d—To see if they will reconsider, modify, change, or annul their former instructions to the Directors respecting assessing the Stockholders for the payment of the first anil second mortgages. 4th—To transact any other business that may le gally come before the meetiug,(the last three articles being on request by Stockholders.) By order of the Directors. JOS. ILSIJSY, Clerk. Portland, Dec’r 3d, 1866. dccJdtd COOPER & MORSE, TAKfi pleasure in mfoiming their old patrons and A friends that they have resumed business at their OLD STAND, lorner of Market and Milk streets, where they will keep constantly on hand the best as-r sortment of Meats, Poultry, Game, &c„ Thai the market attords, and it will be their earnest endeavor to serve their customers with promptness and fidelity._ decl dtf OYNTERS. HAVING made arrangements for a Large supply Oysters during the winter I am now ready to sup ply Oysters at the low price of $1.40 per gallon, solid. liS^’All orders by mail or Express promptly attend ed to at No. 2 Union Wharf. JAMES FREEMAN. Deo 6—d2w Southern Pine. 4 BOUT 140 M very superior Flooring and Step Boards now landing at Custom House Wharf, and for side in lots to suit, purchasers. Apply to C. M. DAVIS & CO., 117 Commercial street. Portland, Nov. 21, 1866. nov22dtf IKANk MILIEU'S PALE PMESEBTATIVE l In Bottles, prepared without Black, expressly for Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Morocco, Kid, Calf ami Patent Leather Shoes. l^r’On trial it commends itself. Sold by WM. D. TRUE & CO., Boot and Shoe Dealers, 318 Congress street, opposite Mechanics’ Hall. aecoalra Go to Adams A Purinton’s ElOR your Honse-furnishing Goods of all kinds; Carpetings, and all kinds of Crockery, Glass, Tin, Stone. Earthern and Wooden Ware, Paper Hang ings, Window Shades, &cf &c. no23d3m WANTED. I Wail ted. AS expel leiieed Salesmen in a Clothing Stole. Address Box No 15. dedfdTw* #4000. Wanted! rnHRKE OK FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS tor A two or three years for which the Be*I of Ne curity will be giveu, and interest paid at the rate of nine per cent pci annum. Adftress Bo* v>058 Portland, P. O., or W. H. JERRLS, Real Estate Agent. Dec 6—dlw* WautPd. rpEN or Fifteen TEAMS wanted to cart IOO, A OOO Bricks and IOO Perch ol Stone from the Park to No. Ill Brackett Street, By CALEB S. SMALL. dc*-G dlw Parmer Wanted. A PARTNER is wanted by n mail in the retail Provision and Grocery business with a capital of Twelve or Fifteen Hundred a Hint rate lo cation, andgood business. Lis a rare chance for a man who wishes to go Into the business. Apply at the Press Office. decldtf Flour Barrels Wanted. \\7E w ill pay 80 cents each ioa* lirst class Flour M Barrels suitable for sugar. LYNCH, BARKER & CO., 4iovl-'fclt t lit) Commercial street. * Wauled. •I / \/A BUSHELS good Pumpkin Seeds by -LV>fVj KENDALL & WHITNEY. Not 13—dim « Wanted Immediately. -I Oond American, Nova Scotia and Irish IV/tJ Girls to do housework, cook, 4 c., in pri vate (amities and hotels in this city and country. Situations sure. The best wages paid. A«bo 50 Girls t > work in Factories. JfemLers and others wanting men lor any work will do well to call on us-, a? we will supply them I'ree of charge. Address or apply at the General Agency Emplovui' nt Office, 35U Congress Street, up stairs. COX & POWARS. septfCdtt late WHITNEY & CO. Elm Tree Wanted f SEALED proposals to furnish an ELM TREE, O will be received at the office of the Secretary of the School Committee, Market Hall, until December 15th, 1866, noon. Said Tree to he not leas than ten, nor more than fif teen Inches in diameter at the but, and of good prdr portions; to be delivered on the High School lot, Cumberland Street, early next Spring. For the “Committee on Memorial Tree” LEWIS B. SMITH. Portland, Nov. 26.1366, deoffid | BOARD am6 ROOMS, 1 Board. A PLEASANT Koom, wirhbeanl, eoliable lor i gentleman and with, or two t ingic gentlemen at No 66 Clark atreet. noVTdtt TO LET. WITHOUT Board, a pleasant trout room lorn Ished, in the Western part of the mey, to one or two single gentlemen. Address Box Li Pom Of fice, Portland. nov 16 tt* — LOST AMD FOUND. Lost! 1 ON Thursday Evening, Dec. 6, between Free Sfc., Vestry anu Stevens’ Place. Park Street, a Gold I Bracelet, marked E. C. Niev« n*. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at the resi dence of Davitf Stevens, Park Street, dec 11 dlw* Lost! ON Thursday last, near the City Hall or on Frank lin street, a Pocket Book containing about thirty dollars in bibs, and several gold pieces. The finder will l>e suitably rewarded by leaving it at No 15 Myrtle st. r declld4t* Watch Lost! STOLEN from the subscriber on the 1st inst., an English Patent Lever Silver Watch, No 1955,with the name of D. RICHER on the inside, marked with a pin. Persons are cantioned against purchasing said watch._ delldlw* j LOST! \ LARGE sized'Morocco Wallet, containing two A Railroad passes and a number of pai»ers of no use to any person but tbe owner. Any person return ing the same to this office, or C. R. Chisholm & Rro., 307 Congress Street, will be suitably rewarded. December 1L dtf LOST! BETWEEN Boyd and Brackett streets, Thursday, the 6th inst., a BUNDLE, containing a gentle man’s woolen shirt, a lot of linen towels, and other articles of clothing. The finder will be suitably re warded by leaving it at No. 6 Boyd street. declOdlw Ricked up Adrift. A SMALL BOAT which the owner can have by A calling at Fort Gorges. dc7dlw* NEW STOKE ! Entire lew Stock ! C. F. THRASHER & CO, take pleasure in announcing to the citizens of .Port land and vicinity that their new store NO. 4 FREE STREET BLOCK, will be opened THIS DAY with an entire new stock of foreign and domestic DRY GOODS {inrchased in New York and Boston since the recent leavy decline in prices. The stock comprises every description of DUESS GOODS, such as BLACK SILKS, SILK AND wool, POPLINS, ALL WOOL POPLINS, THIBET* in all .hades, BARATHEA CLOTHS, EMPRESS CLOTHS, ALPACCAS all •hades ! Also one of the largest assortments ol HOUSEKEEPING GOODS ever otfhred in the market. We would call particular attention to our stock of WOOLENS for Men and Boy’s wear, confident that the price, as well as the goods, cannot lail to please. REMEMBER THE PLACE ! C. F. THRASHER & CO., AT THE OLD STAND, No. 4 Free Street Block. decll dtf ESCAPED FROM JAIL I $300 REWARD ! Escaped from the Portland Jail, on the night of the lath, (he following described persons:— OAMUEIi NEVILLE, 27 years of age, 5 teei 8 inches high, dark complexion, black curly hair, chin whiskers. Had a brown broadcloth coat, grey pants and vest and*round top hat. FREDERICK RICHARDS, about 5 leet 9 inches high, of medium build, slightly stoopihg shoulders, ha.i ou gray sack coat, black vest ana pants aud brown neck-tie. He wore a silk beaver hat. CHARLES BRAIMARD, about 22 years old. six leet high, dark complexion, one eye sightless, ana has a heavy swinging gait, of powerful and wiry build. He wore a coat originally dark blue, but now faded to a dull brown; pants and vest dark mixed, new shoes with bra98 buckles, and an imitation Scotch cap. MELVIN KENNINltfN, about 5 feet 81 inches high, pretty stout build, dark complexion, with heavy and rather sunken black eyes, and thin moustache. Wore short dark coat, pants and vest dark, white bosom slifrt, with scarlet neck-lie, tmd black cloth cap. The above prkoncis escaped last night about 1 o’clock. 1 offer the following rewards for their apprehension, or such information as shall ensure their arrest :— For FREDERICK RICHARDS.8100 « SAMUEL NEVILLE. 100 “ CHARLES BKAINARD. 50 “ MELVIN KENNISTON. 50 GEORGE W. DARKER, „ Sheriff and Jailor. Portland, Nov. 20, I860. nov21d4w Retraction. WHEREAS I heretofore stated in conversation that I heard that Mrs. Mery Hamel liad stolen a dress or dresses in New York; hut 1 now state that in my Opinion tile statement is utterly false—that I know nothing whatever against the good character Dt Mrs. II, but believe it, on the contrary, to be as good as that of any other lady. her ANNIE X M. MOORE. _ ,, mark. Witness, Margaret Bell. Nov 116th._ declOdlw NOTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber has been duly appointed Executor of the Will of Daniel Hood, late of Portland, in the County of Cumberland, deceased, and lias tak en unon himself that trust by giving bonds as the law directs. All persons having demands upon the estate bt said deceased, are required to exhibit the same; and all persons indebted to said estate axe call ed upon to make payment to SEW ALL B. HASKELL, Executor. Portland Dec. 4. 1800. dec 11 d&w3w 51 The Portland. Glass Company Axe prepared to furnish Rich Cut Dinner and Tea Seta l And ail kinds of Cnt 'Ware suitable fot the HOLI DAYS; also GAS SHADES of various patterns.— Samples maybe seen at their Manufactory. no17dlm INSITOANCL M V I N E STATK »I».VT Ol THE fO-TDi riOif —OF THE — International Insurance Co., On Ihe 31st Day of October, in accord into w ith the Laws ol Maine. The name or the Company is ‘'INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY.” It is located in the city of New York, and was incol|>oraled Jan. 4,1804. The amount of'ilie Capital .Stock is One Million Dollars, and is all paid up. TILE ASSETS OF THE COMPANY ARE AS FOLLOWS: ! Cash on hand and in hands of Agents and others.. $t>6,07.~>.73 United States Five-Twent Upmarket value 557,700.00 United States Seven-Thirties “ “ United States Ten-Forties “ •* 100,250.00 Wisconsin & Virginia War Bonds 11 20,400.00 IxKinson Bond aud Mortgage, being first lien ou unincumbered Real Estate, w jrth double the amountloaned thereon 50,OOo.Oft l>ebts otherwise secured, being loans on Call, secured by Stocks aud Bonds held as Collaterals. 2l0,U30.d6 Debts for Premiums aud all other Securi ties---..-- 169,943.93 Total Assets..$1,460,003.24 LIABILITIES: Amount due or not due to Banks or other Creditors.nothing Losses aihustod aud due.none Losses adjusted and not dm*. $60,2:15.47 U»ses unadjusted and.i l iq 4^,7 97 Losses in suspense await’g further proof 1 * All other claims against the Company, none. The greatest amount insured in any one risk, in any City, Town, Village or Block. No arbitrary rule cu these points. The Company is goyemed by a prudent regard ior the construction, occupancy and exposure of risks. The Act ot Incorporation is herewith: STATE OF NEW YORK, I COUNTY of New York, November 1,1866. I Charles Taylor, President, and C. C. Hine, Secre tary, of the INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE CO.M PaN Y, to me personally known, depose and soy, that they are said officers, ami that the lorcgolug is a true, fuir and correct statement of the affairs of said Com pany on the Thirty-first dav of October, 1866; that uid Company is the bona jide owner ot' One Million Dollars, Cash Capital, and Four Hundred anil Sixty Thousand aiul Six Dollars and Twenty-Four Cents, Cash Surplus, invested as above, all of which is the absolute projierty of said Company, Dree and clear from all Ileus and claims thereon, excopt as above stated, (and as may he necessary fir a re-tnsuranre fund,1') according to the host of their knowledge, in formation and belief respectively. CHARLES TAYLOlt, President. Ci C. HINE, Secretary. Sworn to and subscribed, the date last above writ ten, before me, CHARLES NETTLETON, Commissioner for the State of Maine. Portland Office. 166 Fore Street, JT. W. WINGER A HON, Agent.. decineodlw SPECIAL NOTICE —OF— Life Insuraace! TTAVING been appointed General Agents lor t1 Maine tot the old New England Mutual Life Ins. Co., ‘ Of Boston, Mans., being the oldest purely Mutual Life ■ Iaa. Oh. in America, we wish fifty good, active agents ^ m the different cities and villages throughout the State. None need apply unless good reference can be give.* The Co. is 23 years old and ha9 paid in Dividends $1,217,000 00 and over $2,000,000 00 Ui loss tih by death- It has now a well-invested accumulated Capital of over *4,(100,000 00. The Co. formerly made md paid its dividends once in five years. A Divi dend will be mails up in Nov. I860, and annually thereafter, and available one year trom date of Poli cy- AEP'i'NRops *w lo<al Agiineiea wiU ba made to Mil1 US SMALL g SON, lien’1 Agents, no21d3m Blddeford, Me. marine Insnranee —ON— Ships, Barques, Brigs and Schooners ! -BY Ocean Mutual Insurance Comp’y, NEW BEDFORD. Pacific Mutual Insurance Comp’y, NEW BEDFORD Aggregate Capital, $580,101,17 No extra charge for Cargoes Grain In Bulk. Coal, Salt, Iron, Copper Ore, Marble or Slate coastwise. We shall be pleased to secure a share of public patronage. Office 106 Fore Hired, Portland. J. W. M UN OH It & SON. oetfi.codSm n • Holyoke Mutual Fire Ins. Co., SALEM, MASS. Statement of the condition of said Company on the 1st day ot November, A D, 1866, being the date of its exhibit next proceeding Dec 1,1863. Amount of Capital Stock,. X 71712,764,38 Consisting of Notes and Statute Liabilities.003,108,68 And of cash assets as follows: Mortgages,... 15,630,91 Bank Stock,!----. 42,295 Rea] Estate. 20,460 Railroad Bonds and Stocks,. 6,137,60 State and City Bonds,.. 8,705. Loans on collateral and notes re ceivable,.. 2,696,1C Snndry Ascets,. 610,94 Cash on hind,. 3.872,40 Balance in agents’ hands,. 167,89 -!- *712,761,38 Amount at Bisk.14.048,738,11. LIABILITIES: Losses claimed,.2,300 Drafts given in payment for ios3cs,not yet pre sented for payment,.2,603,86 Unclaimed Dividends.. .. 572,64 Ana. Stobt, Prcst. Thomas H. Johnson, Secy. Mt II. WEBSTER, Agent, dee~d.1w _ No 10 South street. ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance (Jompauy, 51 Wall St, cor. William, N ETV YORK, JANtTABY, 1660. Insure- against MaIune and Inland Navi gation Risks. The whole profits ot the Company revert to the Assured, and are divided annuaUy, upon: he Premi ums terminated during the year; and lor w hich Cer tificates ate issued, bearing interest until redeemed. The Dividend was 10 percent, in each ot the years 1863-4, and 5, and 35 pel cent, in 1666. -— % The Company has Assets, Over Twelve Million Dollars, viz United States and Stats of New-York Storks, City, Bank and other Stocks, *4.628.585 Loans secured by Stocks and otherwise , 3,330.360 Premium Notes and Bills Receivable, Real Estate. Bond and Mortgages and other se curities, 3,050,025 United States Gold Coin, 60,160 Cash in Bank 31(^560 » *12.199,970 TRUSTEES. John D. Jones. Win. Stnrgis, Charles Dennis, Henry K. Bogert, W.H. H. lloore, Joshua J. Henry, Henry Colt, Dennis Perkins, Wm. c. Picker sgill, Jos. Gallant, Jr., Lewis Curtis, J. Henry Burgy, Chas. H. Russell. Cornelius Grinnell, Low ell Holbrook. C. A. Hand, R. Warren Weston. B. J. Howland Royal Phelps. BcrJ. Babcock,' Caleb Barstow. Fletcher Westray. A. P. PiUot, Robt. B. Minturu, Jr, Wm. K. Jpbdgr, Gordon W. Burnham. Geo. G. Hobson Fred’k Cbauneej David Larne, James Low, James Bryce, Geo. S. Stephenson. Leroy M. Wiley, Wm. H. Webb Daniel S. Mider, John D. Jones, President Charles Denni«, Vice-President. W. H. H. Moore, 2d Vice-Prest. J. D. Hfwlett, 3d Vlce-Prcst. J. H. CHAPMAN,Secretary. Applications tor Insurance witli tire above named Companv received and ibnvarded by John W. niingcr, Corrcapoudcnt. apUdlineod9m&w6w CONDENSED STATEMENT Of the condition of the Bay State Fire Insurance Oo., Of Worcester, Mass., As made to Secretary of State, Nov. 1, 1886. Capital Stack.9150,000. Amount of Capital Stock actually paid ill, (101,800. AMOUNT OF ASSETS. U. S. Bonds, par valuo,. 43,730,00 State of Vermont Stocks,. 6,000,00 Bank Stocks in Worcester and Boston,. 45,485,no Bail Road Stocks,... 12,831,00 Loaned City of Worcester on demand, . ... 20,000,00 Loaned with Collateral,. .. 5,000,00 Cash on hand,. 9.382,15 Cash in hands of agents. 2,782,03 Other Casli Items,. 1,200,00 $145,410,18 LIABILITIES. Ain’t of lossc s duo and unpaid,. 295,00 Amount of losses claimed and unpaid. 1,475,00 Ain’t of losses reported npon which the liabil ity of the Company is not determined,.. 6.200,00 10,970,00 W. S. Davis, President. L. 0. Parks, Secretary. • If. WBB9TKB) Agrni. dec7d3w_ No 10 South Street. IN. Tuoiublt;jr, (ieueval insurance broker, !• would inform his many triends and the pubPc generally that he i< prcpai- u to continue the Insur ance Busin ss as a Broker, and can pla»c Fire, Lift; and Marine Insurance to «uy extent lu the best Com p nies in the United States. All business entrusted to my c re sbal' be faithdi ly attended to. Omcc at C. M. Bice’s Paper Store, Ivo. 1*3 Fore St, where orders can be lelt. JuliCti | HEAL ESTATE. House and Lot for Sale. A TWO STORV and a one story House on jtijii Brackett street, near Pine. Lot 57 bv 127 feet. JHIil Also a Lot on Cross street, *0 by 156 feel.— Terms fororable. Apply to W. H. JERHIS, Real Estnic Agent. decStirw A Forty Acre Lot for Sale. ONLY four miles from Portland, one mile from Morrill’s Corner. This lot must be sold to close an estate, and can be bought for the low price of $DUO. About one hundred cords of wood now standing.— Apply to W. H. ,J CHRIS, l>ec. 8. lw Heal Estate Agent. First, t'to House** tor Hale. YV t£ otler lor Hide the eight first cIhhh brick houses, »f recently built by us, situated on Flue Street, between Clark and Carleton Street!. i • T. • U8es aro thoroughly built, with slate roofs, nricfc ilraiiiH, ami marble mautolpiocos throughout.— . iue\ win i»e Hold at a low price, and on very favora ble terms. Apply at our ollice, No. ‘J7i Danforth St. or WM H ifrrw b BROWK&80NS, Preble!iioijj ’ ***» A«cnt» opposite the October 16, 1866. . ^ \T O l id:. 1 will t,ell on lavoraUU- terms as to I payment, or let lor a term of years, the lute on the corner ot Middle and Franklin street, a,,,! I rauklin sheet,including tbecoruer ut Fraukimaud AW*y to. WM. Hll.LlARIi, Bangor or SMITH «& HEED Attorneys, Fori land, jy I2tft * HOUSE AND LOT lor sale at Cape Elizabeth Per ry,—house nearly new. Enquire of A .P. COLE at the Ferry,or W. H.MANSFELD, Portland Steam Packet Co.___jul U del F>H Sale. Three story brick house ou Danforth Street. The houae is nearly new and iu line or der. Immediate poseession given. jullUtl_ _\V. O. CHADBOURNE. House Lots on India St., for Sale. T7INQUIRE of CONANT & RAND, Li 163 Commercial Street, or on H. M. PAY SON, Portia mi, Nov. -1. tltf Exchange Street. For Sale. AV 1SR Y desirable and convenient 11 storj house, with barn, wood shed and carriage house, all in good order, with seven acres ot land, only one mile outside of citv, upon which there are 300 choice fruit trees, consisting of apple, pear, plumb and cherry: also an abundance of currants, gooseberry, strawber ry, &c., with very best ot water, large brick cistern and furnace to the cellar; a splendid garden and In a first rale neighborhood, and in every way a desira ble proijerty. Immediate possession given. Prlne only 95000. HANSON At DOW, Real Estate Agents, No. 346 Congress Street, decs—dim Seven 91000 House Lots IX>R sale on Congress street, near tlm new Park. A tine location for a block ot houses. Now Is the time to purchase, preparatory lor building in the spring. Apply to WM. H. JERKIS, Real Estate Agent.__aov24d3w NOTICE. UJt. T. A. FOSTER, WISHING to to close up his business in Port land, would say- to all indebted to him tbr pro fessional services that they will find it to their interest to settle with him immediately, as his unsettled bills will soon pass into other hands for collection. He has far Sale One of the best building lots to be found in the upper part of the city; U>4 ft square, situated on Cushman street, at the head of Lewis street. ALHOj A beautiful place in Westbrook, near Morrill’s Cor ner, with new buildings, fruit and shade trees,hedges, grape vines, &c., thereon. For further particulars inquire at office No 30 Free streeet, or W. H. JERKIS, Keal Estate Agent, declui'w* . Only 91,000! ~ POR a good Odd and a half story HOUSE in Bld i detbrd, only live years old—contains 7 rooms, good cellar, and excellent water. Fine garden with young trull trees. Lot 43 by W feet. Apply Imme diately to W. H. JERKIS, nov 'ti d3w. Real estate Agent. V aluable Hotel Property for Sale. 1 |>HE Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the vil ± lageol TTyeburg, Oxford county, Maine, is ot tered tor sale at a bargain, H applied tor soon. The House is Urge, in good repair, with lurniture aud fixtures throughout, together with all necessary outbuildings. • T or lull particulars inquir e ol HOitATIO BOOTH BY, . __ Fiopnetor. Or Hanson A Dow, 316 Congress sr, Fryebuig, fcepl. 186U. dtf Farm for Sale. I WILL sell my liirin near Allen’s Corner West brook, about lliree miles trom Fort land, one mile irom hoi sc ears, aud Westbrook Seminary. Said liirin contains about 10u acres, part of it very valuable lor tillage, and p:irt 01 it for building iou. There is a good house, two large* barus, aud out hous es on the i remises. 41 will be sold togeiher, or in lots to suit purchasers CYKUS THU BLOW, sepll-dtl 1U5 Commercial St. Desirable Store Lots FOE SALE, ON COMMERCIAL STREET. rilHE subscribers oiler lor sale tlie lot of land on A tlie southerly side of Commercial Street, head ol liana’s Wharf, measuring 72 by 130 feet. For fur ther parHcidara inquire JONAS H. FEKLEY, Oct 18 if_or W. S. DANA. Lot for Sale. ONE ot the best building lots in the city, situated on the north aide ol 1 leering Street adjoining the residence of Gen. J. 11. Fessenden. This lot isstxty twu feet front on Peering Street, extends back one hundred feet, and la bounded on the east side by a street iitty feet ill width, making it a corner lot anil very desirable. 8. 1). HEKSE Y. No. 4 Galt Block, Com. Street. Oct 17 dll Valuable Real Estate on Elm St. FOB SALE. A PORTION of the -DAY” Estate on Elm Street, “ com,'rising over L'SOUo loct of land, together with Brick Houses, stable Ac. Tills (ropeity Is lo cated on Idea anil Cumberland streets all susceptible of improvement, and lias a front on Kim street ot 2S2 feet. The abovo property is offered lot side either in por tions or collectively, on liberal terms. Apply to angi'ft—tr __ JOHN C. PROCTOR. For Lease. rPHE valuable lot cf land corner of Middle and A Plumb Streets, for a term of years. Enquire Of C. C. MITCHELL A SON, _Aug. £8, ltC*j—dll 178 Fore Street. EMIR HALE, 1u Gorham, fifteen minutes walk A trom the Depot, a neat ly new, neat Cottage House, Barn and outbuOdingsJiavlng all the coiivtn fences and in prime condition. It is situated near a grove and a snort dtetmee from the Countv road Apply to .1. E. STEVENS. (Joritam^JulykL^^ A GREAT RUSH x* —AT— I*. M. FROST’S, -FOR BARGAINS! NO BIG PROFITS, NO DULL TRADE But Crowds of Customer Who are receiving Blessings by buying Goods Cheap. Blankets at Qld Brices! Only 94,75 per pair. Fancy Shirting Flannels! ONLY 50c PER YARD. Good American Prints 1 Shilling pr. yd. Bleached and Brown Cottons, Ar LOW PBICESI Thibet*, Shawls, Cloakings, Beav ers, Poplins. Drm I.st4* of all Dca^iplians. WOOLEN GOODS FOR MEN & BOY’S WEAR! » k ' A 11 of the above Goods will l>e offered at a G tfl A i l! INDUCTION from regular rates. # iieuioubct 1 No. 4 Dcering Bloclc. Dec 8—dawn Notice. APPLICATION will be made to the Legislature of Maine ai its next session,for further aid to secure the construction of the European and North Ameri can Rnilway, and tbr authority to the Portland Saco & Portsmouth ItaUroad Company to subscribe to the stock and bonds otsai.i E. & fl. A. Ity. Comp’y, and to farther increase the caiitul stock of the Portland, Saco and Portsmouth Railway Coinpam to the amount thus subscribed and paid By order of the Directors. G. K. JEWETT, Prcs’t K. & N. A. Ry. C.itup’y. Bangor, DecJ, 13t«. deolld3w Employment for Both Sexes. Disabled Soldiers, Widows of slain soldiers, snd the unemployed ot both sexes generally, of good address, are wanted to canvass tor an illustrated and elegantly bound book, founded on the late Rebellion. Indnee men 18 : Quick Sales, Large Profits, and no risk. Address JOHN JI. DAIlMl.t, No. 9 Clinton Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Deo 10—uiwlw Store to be Let. STORE No. 306 Fore street, foot of Plumb, now oc- I cupicl by Heakl Brotheva, will be for rent anti oocupancy on or abmrtfne llth December proximo, Apply to A. K. BHAZIER. 47 Brackett street, or at E. M. PATTEN CO , jMuinb stieot. nov27tf Tor Sale. 4 SlTIT of Snils, Rising and Blocks, nearly new, XV troia a tishmg Schooner of 100 tons; also Top sails, Fore and Mainsail*, second hand. , . SAMPSON & CONANT, decldtt No. 19 & 20 Commercial Wharf.*. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co, T*81—•ARRYINO TUB CANADIAN* AND UNITED STATKS Pff*"*er* Boolo'J to Liulnlm) ,iu,l l,ircipo«| Ueluru Ticket* grained ai ■Seduced Rale*. 0aU1frrtT?l.eiainii*hit' ST- i*A V II* Cam. »r:i WiH D«'imbirL|«f01it ,or IJ'O'I’ool. SATURDAY, lull, u^eiuber, 18M>, imiuediaielv alter the arrival <>i the ^ n th® Farcv 0uh day from Montreal, loi-c follow ed bv the Moravian on the 23d. L*,n,lon'1li?ri> an«l Liverpool, cabin, uo ^Staeragi i0fiaUon 1 *70I«»*mo. SStiaZiSH °r IU ^“‘valem. MT For freight or paMume apply t*» i» ,i i v A. ALLAN, No. 3 lipli i m I ortland, Nov 2»», lI,, .j,, Nicnmhoiu Fast Trip ol the Season t r^.dTTXs The.lMi.uii I.ADY I.ANU will u.ak« Mu '1 l,“' ' trip tor tin. M.iton,t-■ linni-.d or aa far as lln* Im will permit), ou FRIDAY FVFN 1NG. Dec 11th, at 9 o'clock. Will return AI,.,. I.,. Dec 17th. *11,141 A SOM Hi BY Agent. FIRE REDUCED TD BOSTON. Summer Arrau/ft meul Until further notice ilic sn at.i, i* of the Portland Steam Packet to, will run a* follows Leave Atlantic Wharf for Host* i, _ «vcvy evening, (except Sunduvi ai 7 o clock. Leave Boston the same days at 5 h. M. Cabin tare. *t.» P«*V.—,.. U* 1 ackage tlcketato be hail „i the Ag nt- at re duced rates. Freight taken as usual. ■. L LILL1NU6. A^ent May 22nd, ltvBG—tji i PORTLAND AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP I'O.MPANt . SEMI- W EKKL1 LINE. The splemiHt ami iu.$t Stead. V chips Dll.lUo, < apt. H. sm i X wool*, anil FK.AXCONIA, rapt. W. SHCIIWOOP, will, on t.i — —'-'further notice, run a* follow • Leave Bruno's Wharf,Portland,every Wk.USky S VV *li SA^l;I'AV1 IU 4 P. M., anil leave i „ , SATraiaJ' N®* T?1*- ••vary Wfcl»EM>A V uni SATUiiliAk , at -l o'clock p. M "e uP«1th fine Mcounuoda ttOHM lor pachPUgel-!*, luuklli.; thirl the must ICt:l . NowaVo,k0^. /'m'T roUo lor teavellera la-iweeu MM. V ia a d W:,lnc. Passage, In State Roam, »6.00 Cabin passage $5.00. Meals extra. Goods iprwaxded by this line t.» and irom aim. tr. al, Quebec, Bangui, Bath, Augusta, Eaatport and 31. JOuU. Shippers are requested to send their Bright to the Korttond^ ^ *’*-m "‘C >•«> tlsa, they For freight or past-agt apply to i Brown’sWhttf.Portland. J. F. AMPS, Pier as East River. May at, IsttS._ ,h, International Steamship Oo. Eaatport, Calais and St. John. FALL ARRANGEMENT. TWO Titles PER WEEK. On and after Monday, Oetober I the steamer NEW BRUNSWICK,' Uapt. E. B. WINCHESTER, and the steamer NEW ENGLaNP rna, ™ , — ‘ “pl- F. FIELD, will leave Rail 3tatc Street, etery MciNDA V and StH,iolin1,Ai’ at * oVd,’ck l‘ ‘ M - fol Fastport KERNING -will leave St. John anil Eaatport, same days for Portland and Boston. s,AtiET,po*tt.^c.V,l Bmer «UFKH will connect for CA od MW8’ Kobbiuston, Calais and Now BrttiM FaOwvy to Woodstock and Houlton Stations a ^.So?®eT<Coac,1'’sl wiu fonnect f..r Ala. bias, r ‘'Lsl11,"ta passengers take F. dt N. A. Railway Sj.?,m?.**?0’ tfiotfe f»r Summersido „„d Cbarlo tetown, P. E. Island and Plctoit, N. s,; al tt fi?llfa* ®'’ery Tuesday and Friday evenings and eT°ry flJ?*da>' !*"d Friday evening* and ®* .•*««? Monday and Thursday moitungs. oWk pT r“e ed on dajj? ■ArgNuntl1 1 aept28-dtf__' , International Steamship Co. Eastport, ratals him! SI. John. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. ONE TRIP PEK WEEK. A On and after Mom lay, December Ex 1**1*. the sltaim-r MEW UK(*N ‘E. B. WINCHES. IER, will leave Rail Road Wharf, , . , . . „ 77ftxrtofiSlate .St., every MONDAY, at 5 oclock P. M lor Eastland and St. John. RETURNING, will leave SI. jnnn every THURS DAY at 8 o'clock A. M. At Eastport the Steamer QUEEN will connect lor St. Andrews, ltobbin-.ton, Calais and New Brunswick, Railway to Woodstock ami Hotilton Stations and Stage Coaches will connect lor Mat-bias. At St. John passengers take E. ,v N. A. Railway, for Shediac, and ftoui theme tor Stunmerside and Charlottetown, P. E. Island, and Pictou N. S; also at St. John Ihe steamer Empress b,r Windsor and Halifax, every Tneaday anil Friday i-venings, anil for Digbv every Monday and Thursday mornings. LIT*Freight received on days of sailing until 4 oVIk. P- M. C. C. EATON, dee8-dtf Agent. Bank Notice. rpiiE following are the 1st ami 2d Sections of an act A of the Legislature, passed Fe h 2U, 1868: “SECTION 1. • In all cases where tho liability of any “bank in this State to redeem ita lolls would expire “in the year 1868, hut for the provisions of this art “sneh liability shall ho extended until tho 1st day of “March, 1887, except such hanks ns arc now in the “hands of the Receivers.” “Sect. 2. The Bank Commissioners shall publish “in one or more new spaper* nearest the place w hcia “a bank is situated, and in such other newspapers as “they may soe fit, a notice of the time when tlic lia bility of such bank will cease tor Hie redemption of “its hills, said notico to lie continued for three month* “next before the time named therefor.” The liability of the following hanks to redeem their Mils, which would have expired in the veur 1*86. and after the passage of this act is, by the first section of the atft, extended until the 1st day of Mar h, 1807. Augusta Bank,at Angusta long Reach Bank at Bath Bath Bank, at Bath. Lewiston Falls Bank, Bank of Somerset, at Lewiston.. at Skowhegan. Marine Bank, Bank of Winthrop, at Damuim .tta. at Winthrop. Northern Bank, Freemans B’k, at Augusta at HaUowolL Granite Bank, at Augusta.Oakland Bank, • International Bank, at Gariliner. at Portland. Orono Bank, at Orooo. KenduskeagBank, Skowhegan Bank, at Bangor. at Skowhegan. A. C. ROBBINS, I Bank F. E. WEBB, f Commissioner*. Nov 23,1888,_ no28dlaw.ini GAS AND COAL OIL EIXTIUES ! E. TARBELL & SON, !«• 11 BBOfflFIKI.D 1TRELT. BOSTON, MANUFACTURERS AND OjCAI.EItS IN Chandeliers, Brackets, Lamps, &<■. GAS fc'ITTINf© in uil its branches. GAS STOVES, for Cooking and Heating. CHAKDEMERS, LAMPS, Ac., Re-Oilt and Bronzed. no21eoJ3iu Jackson’s Catarrh Snuff I ELEKAMT TROI'lli: mm Combined tor Coughs, Catarrh ,Broneh it is, Colds, Hoarseness, Asthma, Bad Breath, Headache,Ac. Instantly relieves annoying Coni’ll* in Church. Lures C'ntnn-ha positiveia without snkkzino Valuable to Mangers, Clergy, Ac., clear* ana “R*neu*» the voice ; acts •,uickl\ ; tastes plea ■ aotly; never uauNratcM. taking cold lron» Nkatiag. l.ecture** *3r Sold by Druggist* or sent by mall En lose 35 cts to lloo|Mkr, W ilson A C o., (sep Pfoodti une 18’67) PH I LA DEM 'HIA. w. W. irniPP|iE, Pori land, Whole-sale Agt. U. S. Marshal's Notice, United States ok America, ) District of Maine, s. 8. f PURSUANT to a Monition from the lion Eduard Fox. Judge cf Ibo United Slates District Court, witbiu and lor the District oi Maine, l her. by give public notice that the following Libel has Ik en l.lM in said i 'ourI, viz.: A Libel against the Steamer II. II. DAY, h r En £iue, Machinery, tackel, apparel and lum.t -i on ehab «>t John in-it ot < uoiberiancl. in said District In.*cause of c dlBim civil and marilime,as is umr. particularly set t.vth in the said Libel; that a bcai lng and trial will l»e bail thereon at Portland in said District, on M eilncsdaif the twelfth dag oj lr a tuber current, at llo'cloci in the farem+m, wlien and where any poi sons ted therein, may ;ip| t ar and show cause, If any can Ik- shown, wbeiekm the same ,i)i>uit 1 not be doereed liabbi (i> sunt elaim. Dated at Portland tills ten 111 dav 01 inter. A. D., 18tti. F. A QI'INBY. _ Deputy l'. S. Dint, ol Maine. Doc. 11—dtd M US. CO L It Y’S BONNET BOOMS. will l>e ii»un ' a« .No. 4 L itton, near Free street, where she otTer* the balance or her stock at vnv low price*. Thus ■ owing bills, «ill,- ,nf , f4 favor bv calling and sett Hue the sauie. saplleodil Store uml Oflim to Let. IN the Building now being erected by the subscriber on core Street, m ar the loot of Exchange street, will be ready lor occupancy .Jan. Ur, 1W.7. dac6>l2w CHARLES MCCARTHY, dR.