Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, December 13, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated December 13, 1866 Page 4
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truer from tin*. Xoiinu*1 4’ai»ilnl. Washington. D. C., Dec- 10i IStOT. To ini: K.ditou of the Press: THE FORTIETH CONGRESS. Discussion is now progressing upon the hill offered by Gen. Schenck, fixing the time lor each Congress to assemble, upon the Fourth of March next. When this bill was introduced ex ceptions were made by representatives from California and Connecticut, relating to their spring elections. In those States, as in lour others, the inembeTS of Congress are not elect ed till spring, and in the case of California not until after Congress assembles. 1 be l ulifornia members state that these Stales must be un represented in the Fortieth Congress, as the season,-snow in the mountains and ram in the lowland,-will prevent the casting of the State vote by preventing the citizens from go ing to the polls. fn the case ot Connecticut it appears that tlio election is not holden till April, and that the registry of voters is under the present law not made until the proposed time of meeting. It being understood however a special bill would he presented from the Committee on Elections, fixing on a uniform time of electing representatives to Congress, all opposition was withdrawn. The hill is now on its passage, the roll being called as I write. Every Republican is voting for it, and the subject considering its bearings, fails to excite much attention. Its success is of course a foregone conclusion. The hill of General Sclienck provides that no luemner or senator wno nas ueeu rceiecieu to the incoming Congress shall receive any mile age for coming to the same. This is rendered necessary as such members will not leave their seats before taking them In the new body. THE DISTRICT SUFFRAGE QUESTION. I am informed on the best authority, that the Senate District Committee have not determin ed to present any bill qualifying the suffrage here by any artificial test of intelligence. This statement has been made by the New York Tribune and other journals. Considerable l'eoliug has been aroused by the statements, and in response to the inquiries Gov. Morrill has given assurance that no bill other thpn one of manhood suffrage for all loyal citizens has been discussed in committee. Senator Wilson, as well as others are very emphatic in their declarations against an im partial qualified suffrage subterfuge. Mr. Wilson declares that he esteems the battle for univer sal suffrage, a battle fought and won , and that with his consent no loyal man shall fail of full enfranchisement, and none now possessed of the ballot shall be disfranchised. This declaration of Gen. Wilson is the ex pression of the majority so far as I have had an opportunity of knowing the same. The col ored people of the District are just entering on an active canvass. They will hold the first of a series of meetings, in a couple ot days, at which speeches will be made by Dr. Sidney of Miss., Judge Sherwood of Texas, Hon. W. H. Smith, and J. Milton Saffold of Ala., and by others. Tiie country has no idea at all ot the manner in which the colored citizens of the District are outraged by the municipalities of Washing ton and Georgetown. I ought to except the latter now, as it has done better of late. Take the matter of schools. In the first place there are t welve thousand white children in Wash ington, while school accommodations are pro vided only for about^b e thousand. There are nearly as many colored children, for whose ac commodation outside of the benevolent organ izations, there are but two schools. This is not the fault of the Board of Trustees for colored schools, who are empowered by Congress with the care of these institutions. It is a together due to the conduct of the city government.— Congress provided in l&ii'J for an equitable pro rata of all school taxes being used for colored schools. The municipal authorities failed alto gether in such duty. The Board of Trustees was then appointed. Then the city fathers made no separate tax, and thus evaded the law, Congress made a law compelling them to make such assessment. Since that the Board has been unable to collect but eight thousand dol lars of the amount due. There is now thirty two thousand dollars due from the city to the ♦colored schools. The various Freedincns Associations operat ing here have over fifty schools under their di rections, and over five thousand scholars. The better class of colored residents support twelve excellent private schools. Is not this a dis graceful record? THE ADMISSION OF COLOBADO AND NEBRASKA. A caucus of Republican Senators was held on Saturday which was however but thinly at tended. The Senators-elect from the two em bryo States,—Messrs. Chaffee and Evans of Col orado, and Gen. Thayer and Tipton of Nebras ka,—attended and made statements in relation to the, population and material condition of their respective sections. The Colorado repre sentives are understood to have made an impor tant statement relative to the Pri sident’s con duct upon the veto of their bill. Last session it came to my knowledge that the President had in some way proposed to the Senators elect that, if they would act with his friends in the Senate, he would sign the bill for the admission of Colorado. It is understood that at the caucus, Messrs. Chaffee and Evans, made a definite statement as to this proposition, which was made in direct term3to them some four or five days before the veto was sent in, and was by them (Senators elect) refused as directly. I have not the least doubt of the substantial truth of this state ment. The facts will come out in the Senate, when the discnsBion is renewed upon the Col orado veto, as it will be at an early date.— The probability now is that both Colorado and Nebraska will be admitted. KIDNAPPING OF FREEDMEN. From loyalists who have lately left some of the cotton States, it is repoited that the kidnap ping of freedmen and their sales in Cuba, which has been at various times reported, is go ing on quite openly. From Northern and Central Alabama it is declared that this ne farious business is quite active and open. DISCUSSION ON THE MESSAGE. Mr. Blaine struck the keynote of the discus siou to-day in one of the tersest and most com pact little speeches I have heard in this Con gress. The House was in Committee of the whole on tl»c Message, Mr. Stevens having yielded the floor to Mr. Blaine, the latter pro ceeded to affirm that the late election decided that no terms less than the Constitutional Amendments would be acceptd for the admis sion of any rebel State,—hut that the people demanded more, and asked no less than a full settlement ol the question of reconstruction upon the basis of universal manhood suffrage. No more compact statement of the case will bo made this session. Spectator. the markets. TEliEUilARHIC REPORTS. Finaurinl. , New Yoke, Dec. 13. Tlie Post ssys the stuck market h irregular. Oov .rnmeuts dull and rather lower, but there is a brisk Investment demand springing up from country in vestors. Railroad shares active. After the Hoard the market was heavy, hut settled at the close.— JLoaus quiet and easy at 6 g; 7 ]>er cent on;call, and 7 ,<t 8 for discount. New York Markri. New Y'obk, Dec. 12 Cotton—$ tv 2 c ldgher and more active; sales 4,loo bates. Middling uplands at 34$ @ 35c. flour—moderately active, but prices are without jocided cliauge; sales 8,400 bills. State at 7 M ft .100; Uoundlioup Ohio at 3SW @ 13 75; Western it 1 30 (a) 11 00; Southern sales tit lo 50 'aj 16 00. Wheat—quiet and without deciped change; sales 7,10.1 bush. Milwaukee No. 2 at 3 15. Corn—opened 1 @ 2c higher, but elused dull with the improvement lost! sales 96,000 bush. Mixed Western at 1 09. Oats—less active but prices without decided change; sales 67,000 bush. Western 63.® G6g. State at 08« 7'Jc. Beef—mere active; sales 850 bbls.! new plain mess at 13 00 (g 18 00; extra ac 17 00 ^ 22 00. Pork—tinner and more active; sales 8.200 bbls.; new moss 28 25 (g 21 75; old at 20 00; prime at 17 do ig 18 12$. Lard—firmer; gules800 bids, at 12 @ 12]c. Batter—firm. W hiskey—quiet. Groceries—dull. Naval Stores—firm; Spirits Turpentine at 65 @ 66c. Rosin ot 4 12£ <& 10 00. Oils—dull, Linseed at 1 36 @ 1 83. Petroleum—dull; «idesi600 bbls.; crude at 19c. Re fined bonded 31 gg 314c. Tallow—firmer; sales 135,000 lbs. at 111 @ 111c. Wool—steady; sales 200,000 lbs. at 48 a)65 for do me slicfloece; 70 @ 75 tor pulled, 37c fur lamb's pulled 41 47c lor sujmr pulled, 50c for tubbed, and Mespza <>n private terms. Freights to Lixerpool—firm. Cincinnati markets. Cincinnati, Dec. 12. Flour more saleable; sales superfine 9 oo (o 5 60.: spring extra at 10 00 (aj 1150, Wheat more active and without advance. Mess pork firm: sales at 20 00.— Lard firm, with sales at 122. HogB firm; sales at 6 25 6 75* whiskey sales at 28c in bond. Cotton some early sales Middling at 31c, but sellers generally hold ing'out of market. Gold unchanged. !4t. lionb market. St. Louis, Mo., Doc. 12. Elour 850 @ 950 for inferior grades; 12 00 @ 14 0 » for higher grades. Wheat stiff; spring 1 95; fall 2 60, with sales of fhney at 2 80. Corn market easier; mixed 95 for old; white 98 @ I 00 Oats hither and exetted; sales at 69@74c. Kye 90@ 92c. Barley hi better demand; spring 92; fancy 7 K7L Ilay 17 00 @20 00. Whiskey sales at 2 2. Mess Pork higher; sales at 20 50 @ 21 00. Lard 12c. Hogs sales at 6 00 @ C 35; receipt* 2,050 lie ait. liOiiisrillc Cottou Market. Louisville, Ky., Dec. 21. Tobacco sales 156 lilids. at 9 @ 10c. Cotton—sales low Middlings at 30} @ s0*c. Green shoulders 6c.— limns l»c. Mess Pork 20 00. I Aid tieices 12c. Hogs 6} «; 6}; receipts 3,050 lieud. Oats in bulk 56 @ 57c. Bed Wheat 2 50@ 2 60. Sugar at 123. Raw Whiskey at 2 26. New OilcaiiM Market** New Orleans, Dec. 12. Cotton—The demand is active and prices are look ing uu, sales 1,500bales; Ixiw Middling at 29} @ 30}e; Middling at 30k. Receipt* 4,427 bales. Sugar—dull and jc lower; sales of fair at 9}c; prune to choice at lljc. Molasses dull and«ll ooping; saleslof good at 54c; prime to choice at 55 @ 62c. Sterling Exchange 149}. New York sight Exchange } @ Jc discount. Freights unchanged. Gold 137}. Commercial—Per Cable. Liverpool, Dec. 11, Evening. The Cotton market to-day has been quite active, and the sales reached 20,000 hales. Middling Uplands dosed at 14}d. The market for Breadsuitfs closed unchanged. Corn was last quoted at 38s 3d. Provis ions—the market is inactive. Lard closed dull. London, Dec. 11, Evening. Cons >ls for money Ihls evening at 88}. American Securities.—The following are the quotations for American Securities: Erie Railroad Shares47}. Illinois Central Railroad Shares 77}. Unit ed States 5-20’s, 1862, coupons, 71. Frankfort, Dec. 11, P. M. U. S. 5-20 bonds close steady, though the transac tions are not large. New York Nt«ck market. New York, Dec. 11. Second Board—Stocks, American Gold. U. S. Coupon Sixes, 1881,. V. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1805,. U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1805, new issue— U. S. Ten-Forties, coupons,. Treasury Seven-Thirties. Treasury Seven Three-Tenths, 1st series,. Treasury Seven Three-Tenths, 2d series,. Missouri Sixes... New York Central,. Erie,. Hudson,. Heading. Michigan Central,... Michigan Southern,. Chicago & Rock Islnnd. Britflnou and Cambridge Market** Amount of stock at Market for the w ek ending December 5: Cattle, 2282; Sheep and Lambs, 11,5^4 Shotes, 320 ; Fat hogs, 2000. The following table shows the amount from each State. Maine. 230 1304 New Hampshire. 42 1578 Vermont. 522 7013 Massachusetts... 35 36 New York. 151 206 Western States.1162 600 Canada. 750 781 Prices. Beef Cattle— Extra, $13 00 @ 00 00; first quality, $12 o0@12 75; second quality, $10 50@l| 5C; third quality, 9 00 @ 10 Ou per 100 lbs ton total weight of hides, tallow and dressed beef.) Extra and first qualit y Beef, includes nothing but the best, large tat stall led oxen ; second quality in eludes the best hay-fed oxen, best st ill-fed cowes anil best tluee-year old steers ; ordinary consists of bulls and the refuse of lots. Working Oxen--Sales at $150 to 250 — according to qutility and thucy o! the purchaser Stores—Two years old, $32 lo 45 ; three years old, $50 to 65 per head. Milch Cowes—Extra $75(5)100; < rdinarv, $40@70; Store Cows, $30@15. Sheep and Lambs—From $2 00 to $5 25 pr head. Hides—Country, 6J@0c ^ lb; Brighton, 10@llc ('alt Skins—I7@20c & lb Tallow—Country, 7J@9e ^lb; Brighton, f@10. Pelts—$1 00@1 25. Swine—Wholesale. 8@ 9c ^ lb ; retail, 10 @l2c. Fat Hogs. 81@ 9 $> lb. Bostuu Stock JLi*t« Sales at the Brokers’ Board, lie.' 12. American Gold. 138 Cuited States Coupons, Nov. 1363 United States Coupon Sixes, 1881. U2| United States 7 3-lot ha, 1st series. 105* “ 2d series. U5 “ 3d series. 1054 “ small. 104* United State* 5-20s, 1862. 107$ " July, 1866. 1081 United States Ten-forties. 100# Rutland 1st Mortgage Bonds. 122 MARRIED. In this city, by Rev. E. C. Holies, Samuel J. Tut tle, ot PownaJ, and Amanda E. Crockett, of North Yarmouth. In Bath Dec. 9, Sewall Chamberlain, ot Auburn, and Mrs. Augusta E. Brookings. In Batli. Dec. 9, Saul Somes and Mrs. Susanna S. Farnham. In Norway, Nov. 28, Francis P. Putnam, of Rum foid, and Mis. Eunice E. Towne, of Norway. In Rumford, Dec. 1, Henry S. Pliilbrick and Mi s Vianna M. Howe. in Biicktield, Nov. 27, Charles H. Dunham and Colia B. Buck. In Auburn, Dec. 5, Almon Vouug. of A., and ICli/a A. Taieott. Dm ix In this city, Dec. 5, Mr. Orlando Liobv, aged o0 years 11 months. iFnnoial ibis Thursday afternoon, at 1J o’clock, at his late residence, No. 19 Winter street. Rela tives and friends are invited to attend. In this city, Dec, 11. Mrs. Almira E., wile oi Jas. B. Newell, aged 06 years. In Wbiteflcld. Nov. 23. Mr. Benj. Ring, aged 90 years 3 months; 24tb, Mr. Newell Carlton, aged 45 years. In Aina, Nov. 20, Miss Ilattie E. Turner, aged 24 years. IMPORTS* LIVERPOOL. Steamship Moravian—2 cases ma chinery, 2 castings, Baring Brothers Co; 22 bales Dundee linens, to C M Bai ey; 18 cases machinery, Emery & Fox; 1 bale 2 cases 1 cask indse 2 cases sil ver plate, Agent G T Co; 3807 bars 10 bills iron, A E I Stevens &< o; 762 bars iron. J C Brooks. 11 cases mdse, J E Prindle; 2 cases mdse 1 case jewelry, 5 boxes oranges, Canadian Ex Co; ID bales mdse, to order; 100 boxes tin platc.x N P Richardson; 6 bale. 5 cases mdse, Thos Paddock; 72 bars iron, order, and goods lor Canada. HALIFAX, NS. Steamer Gen Mct'aJlnm—10 case 100 boxes ligs, 50 boxes raisons, 10 bags almonds 16 boxes cotton cords, John Porteous; 6 crates 2 bd s sheep skins, Freeman & Kimball; C crates do, II li 6 H M Hart. j DEPARTURE OF OCEAN STEAMERS name from for date. Moro Castle.New York. .Havana.Dec 13 America.New York..Bremen.Dec 15 Cilv of Paris.New York. .Liverpool.Dec 15 Asia.Boston . ... Liverpool.Dec 15 ■Cagle.New York.. Havana.Dec 20 Rising Star.New York. .California_Dec 21 City ot New York..New York. .Liverpool.Dec 22 Virginia..New York. .Liverpool.Dec 22 Arago.New Yora. .Havre.Dec 22 Bavaria.New York. .Hamburg.Dec 22 Guiding Star.New Pork. .Rio Janeiro...Dec 22 Cuba.Boston.Liverpool.Doc 26 Miniature* Almanac.December 1 3* Sun ripcs.7.21 Sun sets.4.26 Moon sets.. .10.48 PM ! High water. 3.46 PM MARINE NEWS PORT OF PORTLAND. Wednesday* December 12. ARRIVED. Steamer Gen McCalhim, Laughton. Halifax, NS. Brig Mary C Roeevelt, Farnsworth, Boston. Sch Annie May, May, Philadelphia. Sch Eagle, Thorndike, New Yor*\ Sell Geo Brooks, Henley, Boston. Sch Florida, Thompson, Boston. Sch Delmont, Oit, Boston. Sch Catharine, Merrill, Bluehill for Boston. Sch Lone Star, Johnson, Bangor tor Boston. Sch Albion, Sirousland, Bangui ior Boston. S h Diadem, Blanchard, Bangor for Neponsef. IJELOW—Sch Nellie Starr, Foster, Calais for New York, (ar7th.) CLEARED. Steamer Franconia, Sherwood, New York—Eineiv & Fox. Brig Mary A Chase, McDonald, Matanzas—Chase, Cram & Sturdivant. Brig Antelope, (uew, of New York, 32 * tons) Bum ball, Philadelphia—master. Sch Mary A, Men ilL Rockland. iu ballast. Sch Ida Morton, Wl- chenlmeli, Waldoboro—Eas tern Packet Co. SAILED—Brig Antelope, steamer Franconia. Launched—At Damariscotta 8th inst, trorn the yard of S L Foster, a brig ol 300 tons, named Geo S Berry. She i owned by Jan Little, T J Merrill, S H Jones, Cap! Jas E Bradley, (who will command her,) ami others, ol Damariscotta. DOMESTIC PORTS. NEW ORLEANS—Cld Cth, brig MW Norwood, Washburn, Providence. Towed to sea 2d, ship Fanny Lart ubee. PEN SACO I iA—Cld 30tli ult, sch Cyclone, Bab bidge, Galveston. SAVANNAH—Ar 5th inst, brig Chas Poole, Sher man, Bostou; sell Ada F Ames, Ames, New York. tli 5th, ship Thus Freeman, Owen, Liverpool: sob Alfred Keene. Robinson, Satilla River. CHARLESTON—Ai loth, barque Orchilla, Chase, Cardenas. GEORGETOWN—Cld 4th, brig Lincoln Webb, W.\ lie, Bath. BALT!MORE—Cld nth, barque David Nichots, Coombs, Sa>annah. Sid 11th, barque David Nichols, fur Savannah. PHIl.AUliLl- .IA-Ar 8th s hs j v Wellington, Freeman, and Ida F \> heeler, Dyer. Portland. Ar loth, ecu Elwood Doran, Jarvis, Bosion. At Delaware Breakwater 7th,>chs H Prescott, Freeman, Portland for Norioik; Nevada. Doughty, New York for do. NEW YORK—Ar 10th, ?cks Saxon, Cassidy, from Lebreaux; Union. Rich, Wilmington, NC; l’eicy, Malilman, Easlport; Ellen Perkins, Perkins; Moses Patten, Harding, and C W Holt, Hart, tm Bangor; Malauar, Burgess, Belfast for Ruiidoiit. Ar 11th, kcIi Astoria, Smitli, (late King, deceased) Aux Cayes, 28 days Cld Uth, ship George . Kissam, Callao; sells A C Noyoi, Orwell. Corpus chriati ; Dresden, Smith, Sliu lee. NS; J D Grimn, Gould, Gloucester. NEW LONDON—Ar 10th, brig John AvU< s, Phil brook. Bangor lor New York. PROVIDENCE-Ar 20th, sch July Fourth, Shaw, Bangor fur Pawtucket. NEWPORT—Returned, brig Trindclen, Howes, Provlrtencj for Wilmington; sch Hannibal, Cox, fin Boston ior Philadelphia. In port 11th, schs Paul Seavey, Gullifer, Bangor for New York; Gen Banks, Ryder, do tor do, Moses Patten, Harding; Vicksburg, McCormick; Walton, Ingraham; Mattie Holmes, Tapley, and W J Parks, Bogart, do tor do: Andrew Peters, Moore, Ellsworth lor do; Franconia, l rewojgy, dolor do; Hattie An nali. Lord, fin Bangor tor Bridgeport; Susan Taylor, Lord, do lor do; Samuel Fish, Davis. Calais for do; Win McCobb, Chipmau, Rockland lor do. HOLMES' HOLE—Ar 10th, brig Emma, Keene, New York for Rockland. Ar 11th, schs Elizabeth Arcularius, Jackson, iron* Baltimore for Boston; Annie May, May, New York lor Porltaud: M D Scull. Steelman. tin Rockland for Middleton, dt; Hattie Coombs, Drinkwato, do lor Richmond; Nicola, Hyler, Alachias for New York, Eugene, Brav, Calais for Providence. o Sch David Faust, of Surry, while be.ihag down Fast River 10th inst, came In colbson brig Her ald! of^Philadelphia: and lost jibboom, jib, maintop mscb1Chief,tCod^V, Horn New York for Texas, put Into Norfolk 10th, with loss of Kills and jibboom, hav ing encountered a heavy gale oil* Hattera-. BOSTON—Ar lltli, ship H L Richardson, Hewes, Liverpool. rid 11th, sh'p Flying Eagle, Hayes, San Francisco; barque Abide N Franklin, Holbrook, New Orleans; brig Wm A Black, (Bi) Hobbs, Portland, to load iot Halitax; Br bcUh Catharine, Leblanc, and Melita, Fougeron, do do. Ar 12th, ship Molocka, Norton, New Orleans. Cld 12:h, barqne Sagadahoc. Carlton, Savannah; brig T W Rowland, Berry, do; sch Montana, Park er, Baltimore. FOREIGN FORTS. Sid An Yokohama Sept 12th, barque Benefactor, Berry, New York. At Amoy Oct 11, barque P.rotbers,Weeks, lor New casclc, NSW. At Hong Kong Oct 15. ships Alice Ball, Ross, and Wm Wilcox, Manter lor San Francisco, ldg; A M Lawrence, Taylor, and Richard III. (ireenough, unc; aud others. At Bombay Oct 28, ship Belle of the Sea, Ham mond, for Calcutta same day. P. ssed Gibraltar 20lh, barque Velma, Nickerson, tVoru Smyrna for Boston; 22(1, brig Sarah B Crosby. Crosby, from New York for Genoa. Ar at Honolulu Ocl 2ist, barque Monitor, Nelson, Puget Souno; 28th, Arctic, Perkins, Boston. Sid An Valparaiso 2d ult, ship Otago, Thorndike, (from New York)lor San Francisco; 7 th, barque Geo Treat, Killinan, Callao. Sid fm Aspinwall 2d inst, brig II B Emory, Small, Mansanilla. Ar at Matamoras 30tli ult. barque- E Ich Stevens, Howe, Boston; Orchilla, Chine, Charleston; Moni tor, Larrabee. Cardenas. At Mansanilla 18th ult, brig T J McGuire, Little field, lor New York 3 days. Ar at t John, NB, 5th inst, sch May, Rogers, itom Machias. SPOKEN. Oct —, lat 20$ N, Ion —, ship Jow ph Holmes, Horn Boston for Calcutta. IVIlStELLANEOUS Afau de Magnolia.—The prettiest thing, the “sweetest tiling,” and the most of it for the least money. It overcomes the odor of personation; soft ens and adds delicacy to the skin; is a delightful i*er fume; allays headache and intiamation, and is a nec essary companion in the sick room, in the nursery and upon the toilet sideboard. It can bo obtained everywhere at one dollar per bottle. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by ail Druggists. S. T.—I860.—X.—The amount of Plantation Bit ters sold in one year is something startling. They would fill Broadway b!x feet high from the Park to 4th street. Drake’s manufactory is one of the insti tutions in New York. It is said that Drake painted all the rocks in the Eastern States with his cabalistic “S. T.—1860—X.,” and then got the old granny legis lators to pass a law “preventing disfiguring the mcc of nature,” which gave him a monopoly. We do not know how this is, but we do know that Plantation Bitters sell as no other article ever did. They are used by all classes of the community, and arc death on Dyspepsia—certain. They are very invigorating w hen languid and week, aud a great appetizer.” Sarato a pring Water, sold by all Druggist 3. “in Lifting the kettle from the fire 1 scalded myself very severely—one hand almost to a crisp. The tor ture was unbearable. * * * The Mexican Mus tang Liniment relieved the pain almost immediately, i t healed rapidly and left very little scar. Chas. Foster, 420 broad street, Philadelphia.” This is merely a sample of what the Mustang Lini ment will do. It is invaluabc in all cases of wounds, swellings, sprains, cuts, bruises, spavins, etc., either upon man or beast. Beware of counterfeits. None is genuine unless wrapped in the steel-plate engravings, bearing the signature of G. W. Westbrook, Chemist, and the pri vate stamp of Demis Barnes & Co, New York. 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Bebuilders will effect a great saving by purchasing In this way. Every description of PAINT STOCK at the lowest rates by J. W. PERRINS A CO., decl‘_'d3t 86 Commercial street. VTOTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber has ll been duly appointed Executor of the Will of Daniel Hood, late of Portland, in the County of Cumberland, deceased, and has tak en upon himself that trust by giving bonds as the law directs. All persons having demands upon the estate of said deceased, axe required to exhibit the same; and all persons indebted to said estate are call ed upon to make payment to SEW ALL B. II AS KELL. Executes. Portland Dec. 4, ltWO. dec 11 dAW.'iw 51 The Portland Glass Company Are prepared to famish Mich Cut Dinner and Tea Sets! And ail hinds of Cut Ware suitable for the HOLI DAYS; also GAS SHADES of various patterns.— Samples maybe seen at tbeir Manufactory. uolTdlm FRANK MILLER’S PALE PRESERVATIVE ! In Bottles, prepared without Black, expressly lor Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Morocco, Kid. Calf and Patent Leather Shoe*. 53r "On trial it eommendt Half. Sold by WM. D. TRUE & CO., Boot and Shoe Dealers, 318 Congress street, opposite Mechanics’ Hall. decSdlm WANTED. I^mPliOVUlENT wanted by a married man in Ja store or private family, is a good writer and cipherer and ha* done family work lor several yeais past in this city. Please address through Post Office, naming place of residence to Martin Kavenv, No, 25 Chestnut Street. Good reference given it required. Portland. Dee. 12, 1*GG. dlw* Wanted. 4 N experienced Salesman in a Clothing Store^ J\ Address Box No 15. dcelldlw* Partner Wanted. 4 PA RTNER is wanted by a man in the retail XXProvision and Grocery business with a capital ot Twelve or Fifteen Hundred Dollars,in a first rate lo cation, and good business. It is a rare chance for a man who wishes to go into the business. Apply at the Press Office. deeldtf Flour Barrels Wanted. Y\TE will pay 30 cents each for first class Flour \ V Barrels suitable foi sugar. LYNCH, BARKER & CO., novl3dti 131) Commercial street. Wanted Immediately. . / \ \ Onod American, Nova Scotia anil Irish 1 UU iJiils to do housework, cook, $-c., in pri vatc latuilics and hotels iu Ibis citv ami country. Situations sure. The best wages paid. A iso 50 Oiris t. work in Factories. Farmers ami others wauling men ior any work will do well to call on us, a? we will supply them tree of charge. Address or apply at the tleueral Agency Employ m, nt olliiv, 351J Congress Street, up stairs. COX & POWABS. sept26dtl late WlilTNlSF & CO. BOIRO AND ROOMS Lodging: Rooms. mwo good Punished Lodging Rooms may be A bad by applying to W. H. JERRIS, Real Es tate Agent. Reference g veu and required, dec 12 dlw _ _ Board. A PLEASANT Room, withbt aid tudabit fur i gentlemau and wife, or two »ingi« m-iiCc-mou. at No 56 Clark street. i»o24dtf TO LET. WITHOUT Board, a pleasant trout idem limi ished, in the Western part of the city, to one or two single gentlemen. Address Box 42 Post of fice, Portland. uov 16 tt* LOST AND FOUND. Lost! ON Thursday Evening, Dec. 6, between Free St. Vestry and Stevens’ Place, Park Street, a Gold Bracelet, marked JF. C. Hlerenn. The tinder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at the resi dence of David Stevens, Park Street, dec 11 dlw* Lost! ON Thursday last, near the City Hall or on Frank lin street, a Pocket Book con mining about thirty dollars in bil’s, aipi several gold pieces. Tire finder will he suitably rewarded by leaving it nt No 15 Myrtle st. declldit* Watch Lost! STOLEN from the subscriber on the 1st lust., an O English Patent Lever Silver Watch, No 1965,with the name of D. RICHER on the inside, marked with a pin. Persons are cautioned against purchasing said watch. dclldlw* LOST! 4 LARGE sized Morocco Wallet, containing two A Railroad passes and a number of papers of no uso to any person but the owner. Any person return ing the same to this office, or C. R. Chisholm & Bro., 307 Congress Street, will be suitably rewarded. December 11. dtf L OST ! BETWEEN Boyd and Brackett streets, Thursday, the 6th inst., a BUNDLE, containing a gentle man’s woolen shirt, a lot of linen towels, and other articles of clothing. The finder will be suitably re warded by leaving it at No. 6 Boyd street. declOdlw Picked up Adrill. 4 SMALL BOAT which the owner can have by lx calling at Fort Gorges. dc7dlw* VINELAND. flAliitl AND I IU IT liA!V»*,inamilciaii i healthful 'climate. Thiri . les so- !v ^ «*hd ailelph a, by Railroad, in New r . . i line of latitude us Baltimore, Md. The soil is rich ami productive, varying fr om a clay toasandyloa ’ . suitable tor When , t rass, Corn, Tobacco, Fruit and vegetables This is a gn at fruit Ojuutiy. Five hundred Vineyards and orchards have been planted out by experienced trait growers. Grapes, Peaches, Pears &c., produce in.rueu^oproi i s, Vineland is already one ol the mos; beautiful places iu the Gi ited States. The entire territory, consisting of titty sijnare miles of land, is laid out upon a general system 01 improvements. The land is only sold to actual set tlers with proii <g. !'. rmiblic adornment. The place on account ol ire great beauty, as well as other advantages, has become the resort of people Qf lank. It has increased live thousand people within tin past three years. Churches. Stores, Schools, Academies, Societies ot Art aud Learning, and other elements of refinement and culture have been introduced. Hundreds of people are constantly settling. Hundreds of new houses are being con structed. Price of Farm Land, tw nty acre lots aud upwards, $25 i*er acre. Five and ten acre and \ il e lots for sale. ruits and Vegetables ripen earlier in this district than in any other 1 cality, north of Norfolk, Va.Im proved places tor sale Openings tor all kinds ol business, Lumber Yanis, Manufactories, Foundries, Stores and the lik ; and Steam Power with room can be rented. For persons who desire mild winters, a healthful climate, and a good sod, iu a country beautifully im prov d. abounding in iruits, and po sessing all other social privileges, in the heart of civilization, it is worthy ot a visit. Letters answered, and the Vineland Rural a papei giving lull information, and containing reports of So lon Rob nsnn, sent to applicants. Address CHAS K. LANDIS, Vineland P. O., Landis Township, New Jersey. From Report ot Solon Robinson, Agricultural Edi tor of the Tribune; “It is one of the most extensive tortile tracts, in an almost level position and suitable condition tor pleasant farming that we know of thi* side of 11 e Weslern Prairies.’* septl.'Ui&wGm 57 ESCAPED FROM JAIL i $300 REWARD ! Escaped from the Portland Jail, on the night of the 19tli, the toll owing described persons:— NAlfKIJEL NEVKELE. 27 years of age, 5 feet 8 inches high, dark complexion, l>l:u k curly hair, chin whiskers. Had a brown broadcloth coat, grey pants and vest and round top bat. FREDERICK RICH A RDM, about 5 feet 9 inches high, of medium build, slightly stooping shoulders, lia i on gray sack coat, black vest and pants and brown neck-tie. He wore a silk beaver hat. CDARLE9 DRAI1VARD, about 22 years old. six leet high, dark complexion, one eye sightless, an«t has a heavy swinging gait, of powerful and wiry build. He wore a coat originally dark blue, but now faded to a dull brown; pants and vest dark mixed, new shoes with brass buckles, and an imitation .Scotch can. HIEIjVIN KElVNIgTON, about 5 tcet 8J inches high, pretty stout build, dark complexion, with heavy and rather sunken black eyes, and thin moustache. Wore short dark coot, pants and vest dark, white bosom shirt, with scarlet neck-tic, and black cloth cap. The above prisoners escaped lost night about 1 o’clock. I offer the following rewards for their apprehension, or such information as shall ensure their arrest:— For FREDERICK RICHARDS.$100 “ SAMUEL NEVILLE. 100 “ CHARLES BKAINARD. 50 v MELV1H KENNISTON. 50 OEOIUiU W. PARKER, Sheriff" and Jailor. Portland, Nov. 20,18G6. nov21d4w The Old Stand Re-Opened ! FULTON FISH MARKET! T1IEOPIIILUS HOPKIIVS, DEALER IN Fresh, Salt and Smoked Fish —AND— L O B S T E JEt, s oi every description, at the old Stand, AO. IIO FEDERAL STREET, POUTLAND, IHE„ FElt DOOBS BELOW MIDDLE STREET. k# Goods will be delivered, when desired, during {be morning. decltdlm Men’s Gloves At 293 Congress St., Morton -Block, C'laarlcs Custis X Co. decl2—d3t Notice. APPLICATION will be made to the Legislature of Maine at Us next session,for further aid to secure the construetiou of the European and North Ameri can Railway, and for authority to the Portland, Saco & Portsmouth Railroad Company to subscribe to the

stock and bonds ot sai l E. & N. A. Ry. Comp’y, and to further iucreasc the cai ital stock of the Portland, Saco and Portsmouth Railway Company to the amount thus subscribed and paid. By order of the Directors. G. K. JEWETT, Pres’t E. & N. A. Ry. Comp’y. Bangor, Dec 7,18f«6. declld3w COOPER & MORSE, rilAKE pleasure in informing their old patrons and J. tfienas that they have resumed business at tlieir OLD STAND, lorner of Market and Milk streets, where they will keep constantly on hand the best as sortment of Meats, Poultry, Game, &c.. That the market affords, and it will be their earnest endeavor to serve their customers with promptness and fidelity. decl ultf INSIJHANl'Jb Ocean Insurance Company. Annual Meeting. rpHK Stockholders of the Orenu InMurnuce X foiuiiuuy, are hereby notified to meet at the Office ot said Company, on Monday the 7th day of January, A, D. 1867, at 3 o’clock P.’ M„ lor the pur pose of choosing Seven Directors for the ensuing year and for the transaction of any other business which may then be legally acted upon. GEO. A. V/RIGHT, Sec’y. Portland, Dee. 11,1666, dec 12 dtd Twombl«*y, General Insurance Broker, would inform his many friends and the pubic generally that he is prepare u i » continue the Insur ance Busin < ss as a Broker, and can place Fire, Life and Marine Insurance to any extent in the best Com panies in the United States. AH business entrusted to my c re shall be failhl'u ly attended to. Office at C. M. Rice’s Paper Store, No. 163 Fore St, where orders can be left. julldtf OFFICE OF THE Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Npiiugfidd, tins*. September 15, 1866. To the Agents of the Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Gentlemen The officers oi this Company take great pleasure in announcing to their Agents, patrons and friends, that by an unanimous vote of the stock holders, the capital stock of this company has been in creased to HALF A MILLION Dollars, all paid in CASH, and that the assets of the company are $690,171,74; Capital, $500,000; Surplus, $190,171,74. Notwithstanding the frequent fires and the heavy losses sustained by insurance companies, THIS Com pany is able to show to its agents and patrons, such a list of assets and securities as to entitle it to a position in the front rank among insurance couiitanies in this country— one worthy of the fullest confidence, and giving the most perfect securities to policy-holders. The policies in this company, furnish the most am ple indemnify to our customers, we ask in return good risks, aud adequate rates, and we trust our many and faitliml agents may in the future os in the past, look well to our interests—enlarge and increase our busi ness, upon what shall prove a safe class of risks. Edmund Freeman, President, Chartered 1849, J. N. Dunham, Sec. Capital & Surplus $690,171,74, Chas. E. Lane, Assistant Sec. We are Yours Very Truly, E. Freeman, President. J. N. Dunham, Secretary. Job it K. Dow & Son, Agents, sep29-codtf PORTLAND, MAINE. Holyoke Mutual Fire Ins. Co., SALEM, MASS. Statement of the condition of said Company on the 1st day of November, A D, 1866, being the date of itB exhibit next preceeding Dec 1,1866. Amount of Capital Stock,.*712,761,38 Consisting of Notes and Statute Liabilities,.606,198,68 And of cash assets as follows: Mortgages,. 15,630,91 Bank Stock,. 42,295 Beal Estate. 29,460 Railroad Bonds and Stocks,. 6,137,50 State and City Bonds. 6,705 Loans on collateral and notes re ceivable,. 2,686,16 Snndry Assets. 610,91 Cash on hand. 3,872,40 Balance in agents’ hands. 167,89 I #712,761,38 I Amount at Risk,.14,048,738,11. LIABILITIES: Losses claimed,.2,300 Drafts given in payment tbr losses,not yet pre sented for payment,.3,803,80 Unclaimed Dividends. 572,64 Aug. Stoby, Brest. Thomas H. Johnson, Secy. J: II. WEBSTER, Agent, dec7d3w No 10 South street. SPECIAL NOTICE —OF— Life Insurance! TTAVING been appointed General Agents lor t X Maine of the old New England Mutual Life Ins. Co., Of Boston, Mass., being the oldest purely Mntual Life Ins. Co. in America, we wish fifty good, active agents t3 work in the different cities and villages throughout t he State. None need apply unless good reference tan be give. The Co. is 23 years old and has paid in dividends #1,217,000 00 and over #2,000,000 00 in loss es by death, it lias now a well-invested accumulated Capital of over s1,000,000 00. The Co. formerly made md paid its dividends once in five years. A l>ivi lend wifi be wade up in Nov. I860, and aifnually thereafter, and available one year from date of Poli cy. Applications for local Agencies will be made to RUFUS SMALL & SON, Geu’l Agents, no21d3m_ Biddetbrd, Me. CONDENSED STATEMENT Of the condition of the Bay State Fire Insurance Co,, Of Worcester, Mass., As made to Secretary of State, Nov. 1,1866. Capital Stock..$150,000. Amount of Capital Stock actually paid in, $161,800. AMOUNT OF ASSETS. U. S. Bonds, par value,. 43,730,00 State of Vermont Stocks,. 5,000,00 Bank Stocks in Worcester and Boston,. 45,485,00 Rail Road Stocks,. 12,831,00 Loaned City of Worcester on demand, . 20,000,00 Loaned with Collateral,. 5,000,00 Cash on hand,. 9,382,15 Cash in hands of agents,. 2,782,03 Other Cash Items,. 1,200,00 $ 145,410,18 LIABILITIES. Ain’t of losses due and unpaid,. 295,00 Amount of losses claimed and unpaid,. 4,475,00 Am’t of losses reported upon which the liabil ity of the Company is not determined,.. 6,200,00 10,970,00 W. S. Davis, President. L. C. Parks, Secretary. J. H. WEBSTER, Agent, dec7d3w No 10 South Street. REMOVAL. Sparrow’s Insurance Office is this day removed from No. 60 Commercial Street, to the uew and commodious rooms NO. 66 EXCHANGE STREET, IN THE CUMBERLAND BANK BUILDING, where he is now prepared to place insurance, In all its forms, anil for any amount, in companies second to no others on the globe, and on the most favorable terms. Hr Parties preferring first class insurance, are res pectfully invited to call. Novembers, 1866.' dtf CHARLES STAPLES & SON, Iron Founders, Holler Makers <£ Mac hinists. 'pHK subscribers having rebuilt their Work Shops, A are now prepared to take orders lor Machinery and lion Work of all kinds. Iron Store Fronts and Columns for buildings promptly furnished. STEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS, SAW AND GRIST MILL WORK AND GEARING made to order. Having able and experienced pattern makers and new tools of modem design, can supply patterns with promptness and at a moderate cost. Repairs of all kinds of Iron Work attended to with despatch and at reasonable rates. Having a large and well equip ped Forge, can furnish forgings and shapes of all kinds for Steamboats anil Locomotive work such as Skaft*, Frank*, Pi*tou Rod*, Far and Engine Axle* and Shape* to pattern or draw ings, from 10 tons to 100 pounds weight. They are also Selling Agents for MERRIMAN’S PATENT BOLT CUTTER, the best Machine ever invented for the purpose, performing double the amount of work of any other now in use. FOR SALE, a 55 korwe power Locarno live Boiler with new tube sheets and now set ot tubes, in lirst rate order, and warranted safe with a pressure of 100 pounds to the square inch. A NEW TEN HORSE POWER PORTABLE EN GINE, an excellent Machine, can be seen running at our Foundry. CHARLES STAPLES & SON, Cor. Com. St. and Brown’s Wharf, novlOe doiu Portland, Maine. FOB SALE. R.II. WEBB, has on hand for sale thirty . five SLEIGHS AND FUNGS. The best to be found in the county. Also four heavy Baggage Wagons, and three light open buggies, which he oilers lor sale on more favorable terms thau any other Carriage Manufacturer, as he closes his busi ness with this sale. Persons desirous of purchasing will find it for their advantage to call upon him. R. M. WEBB. Webb’s Mills, Dec 3,1866. dec4eod&w4w49 Employment for Both Sexes. Disabled Soldiers, Widow's of slain soldiers, and the unemployed of both sexes generally, of good address, are wanted to canvass for an illustrated and elegantly bound book, founded on the late Rebellion. Induce ments: Quick Sales, Large Profits, and no risk. Address JOHN M. DAGNALL, No. 9 Clinton Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Doc 10-hd&wlw_'_ Notice. AT a meeting of the Relief Committee holden on Monday last, it was voted that all applications for aid, In rebuilding dwelling houses the coming year, must be made ou or before the first Monday of January next. Blank applications can l»e had at the Office of the Treasurer of the Committee at Market Hall. Dec 6—dtoJanl Notice to Land Holders, MR. 0*DCROCHKIt, Builder,Js prepared fo like eon tracts fur building, either by JOB or by I>AV WORK. Can furnish Fust Class workmen md mulcted of oil description. _ Residence, AMERICAN HOUSE. India Street, Fort land. August 17tb, 18#6 aug20—tf HEAL ESTATE. FA Bill for Male. The subscriber offers his larm for sale or will exchange xor city property. It is a tirst rate larm 01 lio acres, with a two story House, in good repair and a new Barn with cellar. 40x60. There is a never tailing supply »t good water and wood lot. said larm is situated on the road from S;iccarappa to Gorham Corner, about one mile from the latter place. For further particulars annlv to DOW & JOHNSON, Moulton street, or J.H. Cook, on the premises. jy27-eodtt * House uml Lot for Sale. A TWO STORY and a one story House on |ij|i Brackett street, near Pine. Lot 67 by 127 leet. .MmILAIho a Lot on Cross street, GO by 16G feet.— Terms favorable. Apply to W. 11. JEKK1S, Real Estate Agent. dec8d2w A Forty Acre Lot tor Sale. ONLY four miles from Portland, one mile from Morrill’s Corner. This lot must be sold to close an estate, and can be bought lor the low price of $!>ou. About one hundred cords of w'ood now standing.— Apply to W. H. JERK1S, Doc. 8. lw Real Estate Agent. First Class Houses for Sale. WE offer tor sale the eight tirst class brick houses, recently built by us, situate*I on Pine Street, between Clark and Carleton Streets. These houses are tliorouglUy built, with slate roofe, brick drains, and marble mantelpieces throughout.— They will be sold at a low price, and on very favora ble terms. Apply at our ohice, No. 27| Dan forth St. J. B. BROWN & SONS, or WM. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent, opposite the Preble House. October 1G, 18GG. dtt AT O'l’ICJE. 1 will sell on xavorahle terms as to -LI payment, or let lor a term of years, the lots on the corner ol Middle and Franklin streets, and on Fraukliu street, including the coiner of FrankJinand Fore streets. Apply to WM. HILLIARD, Bangor, or SMITH <& REED Attorneys, Porriaud. jyl2tl HOUSE AND LOT tor sale at Cape Elizabeth f er ry,—house nearly new. Enquire ol A.P. COLE at the Ferry, or W. H.MANSFELD, Portland Steam Packet Co. _jul 14 dtf FjX)R Sale. '1 hree story brick house on Dan forth A Street. The house is nearly new and in line or der. Immediate poseession given. jullGtl_W. G. CHADBOURNE. House Lots on India St., for Sale. 'P'NQUIRE of CONANT & RAND, A-J 153 Commercial Street, or on H. M. PAYSON, Portland, Nov. 21. dtf Exchange Street. For Sale. AVEltY desirable and convenient 1$ story house, with barn, wood shed anil carriage house, all in good order, with seven acres ot land, only one mile outside of city, upon which there are 300 choice fruit trees, consisting of apple, pear, plumb and cherry; also an abundance of currants, gooseberry, strawber ry, Ac., with very best ot water, large brick cistern and furnace in the cellar; a splendid garden and in a first rate neighborhood, and in every way a desira ble ijrutterly. Immediate possession given. HANSON Sc DOW, Beal Estate Agents, No. 316 Congress Street, dec 3—dim__ Seven $1000 House Lots TX)R sale on Congress street, near the new Park. A A tine location for a block of houses. Mow is the time to purchase, preparatory tor building in the spring. Apply to WM. H. JERRIS, Keal Estate Agent. _nov24d3w NOTICE. Dli. T. ATFOSTER, WISHING to to close up his business in Port land, would say to all indebted to him for pro fessional services that they will tind it to their interest to settle with him immediately, as liis unsettled bills will soon pass into other hands for collection. He baa far gale One of the best building lots to be found in tbe upper part of the city; 104 ft square, situated on Cuslnuan street, at the head of Lewis street. ALgO, A beautiful place in Westbrook, near Morrill’s Cor ner, with new buildings, truit and shade trees,hedges, grape vines, &c., thereon. For further particulars inquire at office No SO Free streeet, or W. H. JEKRIS, Keal Estate Agent. decld2w* Houses for Sale Low. SEVERAL desirable, medium sized dwelling Houses will be sold at low prices and on very favorable terms if applied tor immediately. Tins property is situated on Congress street and Congress place—no better location in this city—and adjoins bt, Luke’s Churchlot, and will be sold in lots to suit purchasers. Inquire of WLSWELL & REEL, No. 356 Congress, entrance on Oak street, up stairs. novlGdlf House lor Sale, No 32 Myitle Street. En quire at No. 8 Central Wharf. LL July 12—dtl Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. f I>HE Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the vil X lage oi Fryeburg, Oxford county, Maine, is of tered tor sale at a bargain, it applied tor soon. The House is large, in good repair, with lurniture and nxlures throughout, together with all necessary outbuildings. For lull particulars inquire ol MoiiATio booth by, Pioprietor. Or Hanson & Dow, 515 Congress at. Fryeburg, Sept. 2R, 18Cf». dtf Farm for sale. 1W1LL sell my liiriu near Allen’s Comer West brook, about three miles trom Foitiand, one mile from hoisc cars, aud Westbrook Seminary. Said farm contains about 100 acres, part of it very valuable lor tillage, and part ot it tor building lots. There is a good huiisc. two largo bams, and out hous es on the premises. It will be sold together, or iu lots to suit purchasers CYRUS THU BLOW, sepll-dtt 105 Commercial St. Desirable Store Lots FOR SALE, ON CONIIE II C I A L STREET. TI1HE subscribers otter for sale the lot of land on X the southerly bide ot Commercial Street, head ol Dana’s Wharf, measuring 72 by 150 feet. For fur ther particulars inquire JONAS H. HER LEY, Oct 18 tf or W. S. DANA. Lot for Sale. ONE oi the best building lots in the city, situated on the north side of Deering Street adjoining the residence of Gen. J. D. Fessenden. Tins lot is sixty two feet front on Deering street, extends back one hundred feet, and is Lmnded on the east side by a street titty feet in width, making it a corner lot and very desirable. S. It. HERSE Y, No. 4 Galt Block, Com. Street. Oct 17 dtt Valuable Real Estate on Klin St. FOR SALE. A PORTION of the ••DAY” Estate on Kim Street, comprising over L'8000 loci of land, together with Brick Houses, stable &c. This property is lo cated on Elm and Cumberland streets ail susceptible of improvement, and has a trout on Elm street of 282 tect. The above property is oii'ered for sale either in por tions or collectively, on liberal tonus. Apply to aug20—tf _ JOHN 0. PROCTOR. For Lease. 11HE valuable lot of land corner ol Middle and Plumb Streets, for a term of years. Enquire of C. C. MITCHELL & SON, Aug. 28, 1SGG—<111 178 Fore Street. 17*011 SAXJE, In Gorham, fifteen minutes walk X1 trom the Depot, a nearly new, neat Cottage House, Barn and outbuildingsjiaving all the conven iences and iu prime condition. It is situated near a grove and a snort distance from the County road. Apply to J. F. STEVENS. Gorham, July 17. A GREAT RUSH -AT P. M, FROST’S, -FOR BARGAINS! NO BIG PROFITS, NO DULL TRADE But Crowds ol" Customer Who are receiving Blessings by buying Goods Cheap. Blankets at Old Prices! Only 84,75 per pair. Fancy Shirting Flannels! ONLY 30c PKK YARD. Good American Prints. 1 Shilling pr. yd. Bleached and Brown Cottons, Ar LOW PRICES! Thibet*, Shawls, Cloakings, Beav ers, Poplins. Dress Goad* of all hescripliaas. WOOLEN GOODS FOR MEN & BOY’S WEAR! Bap" All of the above Goods will be offered at 1 GREAT REDUCTION from regular rates. Remember! No. 1 Deeriug Bloolc. Dec 8—d&wtf Stockholders’ Meeting. rpilE Stockholders of the Leeds and Farming 1 ton Railroad Company, are hereby notified to meet at the office of Henry M. Payson, in Portland, on WEDNESDAY, the nineteenth day of December, 1866, at three of the clock in the afternoon, to act on the following articles. 1st—To fill a vacancy in the Board of Directors. 2d—To see if the stockholders will ratify the bar gain made by the Directors with the Androscoggin Railroad Co., for running of said Roads. 3d—To sec if they will reconsider, modify, change, or annul their former instructions to the Directors respecting assessing the Stockholders for the payment of the first and second moi tgages. 4th—To transact any other business Hint may le gaily come before the meeting, (the last three articles being on request by Stockholders.) Bv order of the Directors. y JO ILSLEY, Clerk. Portland, Dec’r3d, 18CG.__ dec4<ltd Notice. THE undersigned offer their services to the pub lic ao Ileal Estate Agents. All persons desir ing lo buy, sell or lease property, are requested to call at our ofHce 345 Congress street up stairs. All bu Inoss entrusted to our tar shall have prompt at tention. HANSON & DOW. V.C. H tjisos, aug27-dtt M. G. Dow, Notice. PEUSONS clearing flic ruins or digging cellars tan liitd a good place lo deposit their rubbish on Franklin Wharf. S. UOCNJiS, septlO—dtf Wbavunger. ItAILItOADS. PORTLAND SACO S PORTSMOUTH R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, Cauiiueueinit Monday, Not. Uik, lgug. Passenger Trains leave Portland for j*J£j^H5rB<>Htoii at 8.40 A. M., and 2.20 P. M. Leave Boston lor Portland at 7.30 A. M., and!2.30 P. M. A Mechanic’s a-.d Labokkh’s Train will leave BUldeford daily, Sundays excepted, at <J A.-M., and Saco at e.08, arriving in Portland at li.40. Returning, will leave Portland lor Saco ami Bid delord and mtei mediate stations at 5.30 P. 11. A special freight train, with passenger car attach tttiT.* . vo Furl laud at 7.10 A. M. idr Saco and an'l s'woa“'i.AtMm,11J’ h*TU Wdde'ord at ,t-30 Por.iand, Oct *,,' 1W/«ANC.8 CHASE, S^. GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY. Ot C'uiiuda. .Alteration of Trains. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. Train for South Paris and Lewiston, at 7.40 A. M Mail 'rrain for Waterville, Bangor, Gorham, Island Pond, Montreal and Quebec at 1. 10 P. M. This train connects with Express train for Toron to. Detroit and Chicago. Sleeping cars attached from Island Pond to Quebec and Montreal. Train lor South Paris at 5.00 P. M. No baggage can be received or checked atler the time above stated. Trains will arrive as follows:— From So. Paris, Lewiston and Auburn, at 8.10 a. m. From Montreal, Quebec, &c.t - - 1.45 P. m. The Company are not responsible lor baggage to any amount exceeding $50 in value (and that person al) unless notice is given, and paid lor at the rate of one passenger for every $500 additional value. (\ J. lilt YDGES, Manat/iny Director. //. HAILE Y, Local Superintendent. Portland, Nov. 2, 1866. dtf PORTLAND & KENNEBEC R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, Coiuiucuciag Monday, Nov. I'Jili, I N*;u. Passenger Trains leave Portland daily Kl 1.00 T. M., lor Batli, Augusta, Wat erviile, Kendall's Mills,Skowhegan, and intermediate Stations,(connecting at Brunswick with Androseng gm 1.. K., for Lewiston and Farmington, and at Kendall’s Mills with Maine Central K.H.) lor Bangor and intermediate stations. Fares as loir by this route as any other. Leave Portland lor Both, Lewiston, Augusta and intermediate stations on Saturday only at 7.16 P. M. Mixed Train leaves Portlaud for Brunswick and In termediate stations daily, except Saturday, at 5.30 P. M. Freight Train, with passenger car attached, will leave Portland for Skowhegan and inte mediate sta tions every morning at 7 o’clock. Trains from Brunswick and Lewiston are due at Portland at 9.20 A M., and lr«>m Skowhegan and Farmington and all intermediate stations at 2.00 P. M. to connect with trains for Boston. Stages for Bock land connect at Bath; and tor Bel last at Augusta, leaving dailv on arrival ot train from Boston, leaving at 7.30 A. M.; and lor Solon, Anson, Norridgewock, Athens and Moose Head Lake at fckowbegan, and for China, East and North Vassal boro* at Va-salboro’: for Unity at Kendall’s Mill’s, and for Canaan at Pislion’s Ferry. W. HATCH* Superintendent* Augusta, Oct. 27,18C0. novl2dtt MAINE CENTRAL R. K. W1NTEB ARRANGEMENT. I F’-Hiiffliiitflil 0,1 and al,er Monday,November 12th, «■■ *T1Sill current, tiains w1U leave 1'oitland for Bangor and all intermediate station on this line, at 1.10 P. M. daily. Fur Lewiston ami Auburn only, at 7.40 A.M. tyFreight trains for Watcrville and ail interme diate stations, leave Portland at8.25A.M, Train irom Bangor is due at Portland at 1.45 P. M, in season to i onnect with train lor Boston. From Lewiston and Auburn only, at 8.10 A. M. » , EHW1S NOVAS,S«pr. J<ov._l, 1800_ iSoOtt P0RTUN0& ROCHESTER R.R. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. On and alter Monday. April .30, i860 will leave as follows: Leave Saco River for Portland at 5 30 and 9 00 ▲. m. 3 40 p. m. Leave Portland for Saco River ai 7 15 a. m., 2 00 and 545 p m. the a 00 p. m train out and the a. m. train into Portland will bo freight trains with passenger oars attache*!. ,H^Btagef* connect at Gorham tor West (torham, blandish, Steep Falls, Baldwin, Denmark, Sehago, Bndgton, Lovell, Hiram, Browulieid, tryeburu. Conway, Bartlett. Jackson Limington, cornirh,Por ter. Freedom, Mad.son, and Baton, N. H At Buxton Center for West Buxton, Ronny-Kagle, South Limington Limington, Limerick, Newtleld l'kisousfield and Ossipee AtSaccarappafoi bouth Wimlhinn, Windham Uiii and North Windham. «iaily x"tcam Cai and Accomodauoo trains w di run i.s Id lows:—Leave Gorham for Portland at H(KI a ir. and 200 p m. Leave Purtiund for (ioihamatl2 15 p. s and 4 p. m _ By order of the President. Portland April 28, 18t>C—du IMPORTANT to LUMBERMEN -AND Owners or Hemlock Lands! 11HE AMERICAN PATENTED IMPROVEMENT TANNING COMPANY, of New York, own the exclusive right in the United States tor the manufac ture of an imperishable “EXTRACT” from Hemlock Bark for tanning purposes. This Bark Extract is now extensively used among Tanners, and the de mand tor it rapidly increasing. It commands a ready sale in the Boston, New York and Philadelphia mar kets, at sixty cents per gallon. The appliances for manufacture are simple and not expensive, costing bnt little more than the ordinary leaches used byTan uers. By this process, two cords of Bark may be re duced so as to concentrate the entire strength into forty gallons of extract, witliont in the slightest de gree injuring itstanning qualities, and at a cost not exceeding one dollar jier cord. The saving in freight alone, between the transportation of the Extract and the bark, will range from six to £.ght dollars per cord, 80 that any one whs may get out but tlirce hundred cords of hark per year, may save from two thousand to twenty-live hundred dollars in the ilid'crencc in freight. The Company does not propose to sell Territorial rights, bnt will grant exclusive privilege to manufac ture in certain localities, charging a small royalty per gallon on the amount manufactured. The Company will semi competent men to superin tend tho construction of the works. » bore parties de sire to enter into the business, and to instruct in the manufacture of die Extract. As a guarantee of success to parties entering into this business, the Company will contract to take all the Extract manufactured under thoir process at flftv cents per gallon, delivered in Boston or New York. Parties in New England desiring fbrther Informa tion as to terms, Ac., may call upon or address Mr. Thomas W. Johnson, General Agent of the Com pany, at the American House in Boston, where mod els of the nppuratus may be seen. nor 13 il.'im_S. H. KENNEDY. Pres’t. J. & C. J. BARBOUR, Manulhcturers and Retailors of Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, NO. 8 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND, ME. Ladies’ aad Misses’ Merge aud Calf Boats. Mea’s Eiae Calf aad Thick Boats. Bays’, Vsaths’ aad Childrca’s Boats aad Skocs. Rabbcr Hsats aad Nkors af all kiads. OAK AND HEMLOCK BELTING. eace leather. MOLARSEH HOME, ENGINE HONE RUBBER BELTING, RUBBER PACKING. Rubber Clatblag, Rubber Hose. JOHN BARBOUR. C. J. BARBOUR. E. R. BARBOUR. _novV6 (JU Marrett, Poor & Co., Having take i (lie Chambers 311 CONGRESS STREET, ADJOINING MECHANICS' HALL. Are now prepared In oiler I heir friends and llie pub lic a large and well asorted stock of CARPETINGS! Paper Hangings CURTAIN GOODS, Ac., Purchasers of tlic alaivs goods arc rcsnccUully invi ted to examine our slock width is New, Clean nnd Desirable. SLEW iilS, SLEIGHS, SLEIGHS. fpHE best and cheapest assortment of Sleiglis in -L New England, can be found at the Manuiactory of J. M. KIMBALL A CO., 302 Congress Street. ; gr - sioighs at prices to suit all customers. Good business Sleighs at the low price of *50,00 to 875.00 Good Sleighs, trimmed all through, ftorn 875,00 to 8100,00. Also Light Trotting Sleiglis of splendid make and finish, hour, six and nine passenger sleighs. air'Any one desirous oi getting a good Sleigh at Low figure, will do well to give us a call. Dec 11—d2w B L Al\ KETS -At OLD PRICES! Only $4.73 Per Pair, -AT I*. M. FROST’S, DEERIXG BLOCK. CONGRESS STREET. Nov 27-dti __ Store to be Let. STORE No. 206 Fore street, toot, of Plumb, now oc cupied liy Hoald Brothers, will be li>r rent and oocupani v on or about the Uth December proximo, Apply to .1. It. BRAZIER, 47 Brackett street, or at E. M'. PATTEN & CO., Plumb street. nov27tf RTEAHERN. FARE REDUCED TO BOSTON. Summer Arrangement! Until further notice the Steame r* of the Portland Steam Packet Co. will run as follows ( Leave Atlantic Wharftor Boston r«o„ ®very Gening, (except Stinda>) at 7 r-o»S^!CAo^LeaVe Bo8t011 the same days at 5 P. M. ££*“«*•. . . *1.50 diu»d rates!*4** **cl‘e‘®'t0 tM *‘:ul ol the Agents at re Freight taken as usual. May 22nd.lKttf-.lii L BUJJNCS' A«e,,t Ntpamboat Notice Idist Trip of the Setuttui! or as iar as ine ice win pern „ .— - „ . ». -v 1NG. Dec 14th, at 9 o’clock. Will return Monday Dec 17th. J ’ dclld4t A. SOMEKBY, Agent. International Steamship Oo. Eaatport, Calais and St, John. FALL ARRANGEMENT. TWO TRIPS PER WEEK, Do and alter Monday, October 1, tbe steamer NEW BRUNSWICK, Capt. E. B. WINCHESTER, and the steamer NEW ENGLAND, rood ww. i™, V*?1' K- FIELD, wUl leave Kall a^J1 ramMiv".?rau:. ,Str«'<. every MONDAY “d StHJohnY’ 0cl<K:k e < M-> for Kastport RETURNING -will leave St. Johu and Enstport, same days for Portland and Boston p At Eaatport the steemer QUEEN wlU connect for St. Andrews, Uobbtnston, Calais and New Bruns wick, KaUwey to Woodwork aid Klmlum Stattont and Stage Coaches will connect for Mac bias At St. John passengers take E. * N A Railwav for Shediac, and Rom thence for Snmtaerside and Charlottetown, P. E. Island, and PkE" NS »l mj Halifax every Tuestlay and Friday cvemfop.’,’and Halibut every Tuesday and Friday evenings ami for Digby every Monday and Thursday mornings Bair- Freight received on days ot sailing until 4 o’oiock P. M. C. C. EATON, sept25—dtf Agent. International Steamship Co. Enslport, Calais aud St. John. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. ONE TltlP PER WEEK. On and alter Monday. December . 17th, the steamer NEW BRUNS 1 WHE. Cant. E. B. WINCHES 1ER. Will leave Rail Road W harf, 777“—---■foot of State St., every MONDAY, at 5 o clock P. M tor East port hnd St.John. RETURNING, will leave Si. John every THURS DAY, at 8 o’clock A. M. At Eaatport the Stoamer QUEEN will connect for St. Andrews, Robblnston, Calais and New Brunswick Railway to Woodstock and Huulton Stations, und Stage Coaches will connect for Machias. „ At St John possengcre take E. & N. A. Hallway, for Shediac, and from thence for Summerside an. Charlottetown, P. E. Island, and Ptctou. N. S: also at St. John the steamer Empress for Windsor and Hahlax, every Tuesday and Friday evenings, and for Digby every Monday and Tbure.|ay mornings %sr “Freight received on days of sailing unSi 4 o’clk pM- C. C. ISA TON, dec8-dtf_ Agent. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. CARRYING THE CANADIAN AND UNITED STATES MAILS. ffr-*"". Hawked ta Londonderry aad Liverpool. Ticker, (ranted ni Reduced Rale.. .Steamship ST. DAVID Copt. Aird will sail Rom this port for Liverpool, SATURDAY, 16tli December, 18M immediately after the arrival of the °J> Uteprerious <Uy from Montreal, to be follow eu by the Moravian on tbe 23d. Passage tx> Londonderry and Liverpool, cabin, (ac cording to accommodation) |70 to ino Steerage, |2= Payable in Gold or its equivalent. tSr For height or passage apply to _ H. & A. ALLAN, No. 3 India St. Portland, Nov 2b, 1*86.Dee. 11 dtf HOTELS. UNITED STATES nOTEL, PORTLAND, MAINE, I rol'rlct )r of tl.« COM HOUSE, (wliuli wa» deturmed in uiu lire.) 1**11 lo anmmmelo Ids old patron, auil tho imliliu tJi.'U lie him leased the above hole! and ™ open lor the liccommudatlon ol the publiu eoncr ally, on Saturday August n. ThanklUl to hjs old customers lor past patronage, he would solicit a continuance of the same. TERMS EAVORABLE. a»g20-Cm_N, .T, DAY19. MILLS HOUSE, CHARLESTON,.SO. CAROLINA. THE proprietor has the pleasure to inform the traveling public that the above house ia now open tor the reception i.fgucsta, having made extensive al terations. improvements, and refurnished It through ?“*''*}■ "ow in capital order, and every exertion will, be made to render it acceptable to his patrons. nolOcodCm JOSEPH PURCELL. MEN’S TJnder-flsiliirts* ! AND DRAWERS, In English, Scotch and American. Charles Custis & Co. Morton Block, CONGRESS STREET. <lecl2dSt Furs, Furs. GRAND ~OPENING Tuesday, Dec'r 11th, AT OUR NEW STORE No. 12 Exchange St. Hu4m«u Ray Sahle, Beaver Babes, America a Sable, Bear Babes, Ermine, Antracnn Babes, Seal, Fax Skin Babes, Persiaanas, Lap Babes, Pitch, B a Haloes, lined, Astracaa,Grey and Block,Bofluloes, unlined, Squirrel, Blankets, River Sable, Ac., Ac,, A c., Ac. Also a New Style af Furs for Ladies and Miss es. Our Goods are all new and will be sold cheap. Satisfaction guaranteed. HARRIS <e WATERHOUSE. t^TMr. J. W. WATERHOUSE occupies an office iu our store. _ dec 1(MIn Retraction. -llfHEREAS I heretofore stated in conversation \\ that 1 heard that Mrs. Mary Hamel had stolen a dress or dresses in New York; but I now state that in my opinion the statement is utterly false—that 1 know nothing whatever against the good character ot Mrs. H, but believe It, on tho contrary, to be as good as that of any other lady. her ANNIE X M. MOORE. ^ mark. Witness, Margaret Bell. Nov 26th. declOdlw Portland Laundry. Orders received at the Office of the Forest City Dye House, No. 315 Congress Street. Notice in hereby given that- the Portland laundry has been reopened by the suW-iiber, who lias been many years connected with the well known Chelsea Dye House and Laundry, and with the experience thus acquired lie is now prepared to do all dew-rip' tions of Lauudry work in u Mtiahctory manner, jytftim A. T. CKAWLKY. Agent Portable Steam Engines, CAOMBININO tlio Maximum r.f efficiency, dura J bility and ecou my with the ounimnm of weight and price. They are widely and favorably known, more than OOO br ing in use. All warranted satis factory. or no sale. Descriptive circulars sent on applleati -n. Address E, Mass. PAINTS AND OILS, llrujiw, Medicines, Dye* Ntiiflk, Window GIbmk. AGENT* FOB Forest Hirer A Warren Lead Co.'s CRAFT* * WIIUAHI, Nos. 5undo Commercial Wharf, Bouton. Dcc4—TuThStly Slow* nml OIRccs to TN the Building now luting erected by the Rubwrlher on Fore Street, near the loot of Kxcluinge street, will t«e roaily for occupancy Jan. 1st, 1W7. decedrw CHARLES McCARTltY, Jb.