Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, December 19, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated December 19, 1866 Page 2
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i>< )!{tland. Wednesday Moniiug, December 19,1866 Kim-o umI r ii r I iou. Mr. Johnson'sex|>eriment lias failed. After a trial of nearly two years, it lias proved worse than useless. From Texas to North Carolina the leaders in the late rebellion fill all the local offices, elect one another to t mi gress and manage to control all the public sent i inent which as yet has been able to make itscit heard. Congress offered to these people the mildest possible terms-tenns so mild that we need continually to repeat them, to assure ourselves that these were indeed all. These Suites were required to guarantee equal civil lights to all American citizens, to consent to a just apportionment of representation in Con gress, to declare perjured traitors unworthy of official position, to repudiate the rebel debt, and to affirm the validity of the national debt. Such are the terms which Mr. Johnson s ex perimental legislatures have rejected, foolishly believing once more the assurances ot the Northern Demociatic press, and expecting to create a "dead4ock” which wrould enable . them to make their own terms. But the North will not consent to a dead lock. As it becomes evident that the South ern States, as now organized, ate determined to reject an oifet sy considerate, so charitable, higher and higher rises the popular demand for a new and more vigorous policy, initiated this time by the chosen representatives of the people and the States. We have tried long enough the experiment of pleasing our late enemies; now, In Heaven’s name, let us try to do right, whether they are pleased or not. We print in another column the very im portant hill introduced in the House of Rep resentatives last week by Mr. Elevens, to re establish civil government in North Carolina, it was proper to begin with the State in which the President's experiment begau.— Air. Stevens stated that the bill was ottered at the request of several citizens of North Carolina, and the telegraph informs us that Uov. Holden and others have expressed their satisfaction with its provisions and have gone home to prepare the public mind to co-operate with Congress in bringing about a final set tlement upon this new basis. The bill does not undertake to establish any theory of .■state-suicide. It is a practical measure and simply declares the tact that in 18<i& North Carolina had no government organized ac cording to the requirements of the Constitu tion of the United States. No such govern ment has since been organized. The proceed ings under the direction of the President have been purely experimental; they still lack and in some important particulars will probably never receive the sanction of Congress. 'Hie present civil government of the State is mere ly provisional. With this brief recital of tacts m the pream ble, the^bill passes to enact that a convention shall assemble to frameaState constitution, as the first step towards reorganization; that the delegates to the convention shall be such per sons only as were entitled to the amnesty of lered by President Lincoln's proclamation of December 8,1868; and that the electors of these delegates shall be all male resident citi zens over twenty-one years ot age, who can read or write, or own real estate assessed at one hundred dollars or over, without distinc tion of race or color. It is provided that no one who has heretofore exer cised the right of voting in North Car olina shall be disfranchised for lack ot these qualification, and it is to be hoped that Congress will strike out the property qualification altogether. The intelligence in Pennsylvania. It is diltieult to conceive ot any objection which can be made to this scheme. The President's experiment has resulted in a dead lock, and something else must be tried._ Democrats who have just been voting lor a negro for councilman in Boston cannot rea sonably object to a negro voting in North Car olina. It is not ignorant suffrage but im partial suffrage, which is proposed. Distin guished citizens of the State most interested are ready to lend their influence to the meas ure. The only plausible objection would be, that fbe execution of such a law may be ob structed by violence. Ah! shall we hesitate to do right then, for feat- that somebody may do wrong ? Let us have done with this palter ing! The remedy is easy; it has been urged a hundred time3 by a Southern journal. The very last number ot the New Oi leans Tribune, which has come to hand, urges again the or ganization ot a loyal militia throughout the South. The material is there, and if the oc casion should demand its use, we trust Con gress will not hesitate to use it. A Bill I o inn he Polities .% (tractive* We have been intending, whenever Mr. Dawes’s bill to fix the time for the election of Representatives and Delegates to Congress sfcould he reported by the Committee of Elec tions, in whose hands it now lies, to call atten tion to its merits and express our sincere hope that it may become a law. With equal sur prise and pleasure, however, we find ourselves anticipated by the Argus. Our neighbor is really enthusiastic in hi3 admiration for this particular bit of Radical legislation; and we are certainly gratified to be able to quote an article from the Argus which needs no con tradiction. Here goes: Mr. Dawes has introduced an excellent prop osition, providing that Congressional elections shall be held on the same day throughout the country. Congress has clearly the ypwer to regulate this matter, and the neglect to fix a day has sometimes proved an embarrassing evil, lu 1861 Congress adjourned without giv ing the President authority to raise a single regiment of troops to suppress the rebellion -— President Buchanan pointed out this lack of authority, but Congress heeded it not and spent the whole session without making any provision of the kind. The succeeding Con gress was only partly elected and President Lincoln found hinisel! compelled to call for an army of 75,000 men without the slightest show of authority under existing laws. Con gress, it is true, covered the case with a heal ing act in the duly following, and we refer to the matter only to show that Congress should provide for the election of oue Congress before lhe previous one expires by limitation. Had such been lire case in 1861, President Lincoln would at once have called an extra session to supply the legislation needed and which the previous Congress had criminally neglected to enact. And not only should the election precede the expiration of the previous Congress, hut it will prove highly advantageous to have it in all the States on the same day;and the dav suinrest ed by Mr. Dawes we think the best one viz the Tuesday after the first Monday in Novem ber, that being the day of the Presidential election every fourth year, it this date is fix ed for the Congressional elections, the State elections will he made to conform to it and thus political struggles will lie decided on the same day all over the country. The great advan tage of this will be that the whole year will not be taken up with political campaigning.— lliere will be but one campaign a year, and very soon but one in two years, we think, which will leave business less disturbed and will tend to cure that nausea of politics with which so many of our bestcitizens arc natural ly but unfortunately afflicted. They get sick j of constantly hearing about elections and con sequently pay little attention to them to the detriment of Hie best interests of the country They are the very men who should take an in terest in them, who should make their influ ence felt: and if hut a month or six weeks each year, or bettor still, every second year, were devoted to clectiort campaigns, wc believe they would do it to a far greater extent than now. AVe behove nlso, that the business interests of the country would lie subserved in large decree by such an arrangement, while there can be no doubt that there is really an urgent and im portant necessity for the seasonable election of cacn Congress before its predecessor ceases bv limitation. \Ve therefore, thank Mr. Dawes for moving u, this matter and we trust that Ins associates wifi not only excuse this mo mentary forgetfulness 0n his part of the dear negro, &c.. &c. The rest is immaterial. Latest Decree of Fashion.-The “ Km |'ire 'style of hair dressing is becoming unite popular, notwithstanding no time of year could he more unfavorable than this for it. It is suit abK- only for summer, but eves became accus tomed to it then, aiul so it continues, uotwitii- , ((.Hiding its evident inpuitablefless lei tins Season, t'l'bo l.air d<#sers/ do It very etofco- ; lately, and with au astonishing degree of in tricacy, and call each style by some special name * but the Empire proper is simple enough; any lady can do it herself. It consists in'pre paring the hair across the head at about the middle, and rolling the back into a loose ooil at rather a high angle of the head; the tront is also divided crosswise into two parts, each roll ed over a bandeau of silk or velvet, which may or may not be studded with steel or jet stars. Civil 44ovvrl»lllcnl in North 4'uroliuu. The following are the material sections of tlie hill introduced in tile House of Represent atives last week by Mr. Stevens, of Pennsylva nia, to enable the State of North Carolina to re sume its former relations to the United States: * Wltereas, On the -’Oth day of May, 18(51, the citizens ol North Carolina, one ol the United States of America, did rebel against the gov ernment of tlie United States, and on the Altli day of May and thereafter, did violently set aside and destroy the organized eonstituti^ial government of tn- said States, and did engage with others in armed hostility and wartare to maintain their said action; and Whereas, After the lapse of more than four years the United States, by force of arms, having succeeded in quelling said rebellion and disarming such insurgent citizens, did find in said district formerly comprising the State of North Carolina, no government organized or officers qualified according to the requirements of the Constitution of the United States; and Whereas, The President of the United States, by virtue of his power as Commander in-Chief of the Army and Navy, under the op eration of martial law for the purpose of pre serving peace and order, and of relieving his subordinate military officers from executing de tails of civil regulations in the several and widely separated localities in the district did, under forms’and rules by him prescribed, au thorize certain citizens of the district to assume the execution of said purpose of preserving peace and order under the protection and sanc tion of the military authority; and HTiereus, It is the duty oi the Cougress ot the United States to preserve the said District, and the loyal citizens thereof as one of the United States, and by law to cause tube organ ized therein a government republican in form, based ou the civil and law-making power of the nation; therefore, lie it enacted, etc., That ou the 20th day of May, 1807, at the hour of 12 o’clock, meridian, there shall assemble at the State House, in the city of Raleigh, a Convention of the loyal citi zens ot the district tormerly comprising the State of North Carolina, composed of 120 dele gates, to be chosen by voters qualified as herein after provided; and each County in said Dis trict shall be entitled to send to said Conven tion the same number of delegates that it was entitled to send members to tne House of Com mons of the State of North Carolina prior to the 20th day of May, 1861; aud a majority of the delegates elected to said Convention shall constitute a quorum, and be invested with the sovereign power of the people of the Dis trict to frame a State Constitution, which shall be submitted to the Congress of the United States for approval, modification or rejection, as preparatory to the re-establishment of the said State and the reinvesting of loyal citizens with all the rights,privileges aud immunities ap pertaining to the the citizens of the other States of the U nion; and the said Convention shall have power and authority to do all other acts which by the recognized principles of republi can government sovereign conventions of the I people of the States may of right do; provided that in ease no quorum shall assemble on the said 20tli day of May, any less number of dele gates assembled may adjourn from day to day until such time as a quorum may assemble tor 1 the transaction ol business. Second—That, in the election of delegates to said Convention there shall he allowed to vote all male resident citizens of the District form erly comprising the State ol North Carolina, of the age ot twenty-one years, without distinc tion of race or color, wno can read or write, or may own in fee real estate of the value of jtlOO, or more; Provided, That no one who has here tofore exercised the right of suffrage in said District shall be disqualified from voting in said election. Third—That the qualification for the delegates to the said Convention shall be the same as required tor members of the House of Com mons of the State of North Carolina, immedi ately previous to .the 20th of May, 1861, upon i the taking and subscribing, before the Judge of the District Court of the U nited States tor the I District ot North Caroliua, or some other offic er of the United States authorized to adminis ter oaths, the following oath, to nit: I <lo solemnly swear oil the Holy Evangelists of Al mighty Ood (or atiirm as the ease uiay he,) that on ihe fourth day of March, 1804, aud at ad times there after, 1 would willingly have complied with the re quirements of the Proclamation of the President of the L nited States issued ou the eighth day ot Decem ber, 186:1, hail a sate opportunity of doing so been af forded me. That on the said lom'lh day of March, 1801, aud at all times thereafter 1 was opposed to the continuation of the Rebellion and to the establlsh meut of the so-called Lonlederate Uoverumeut, aud f" me ..I,, , „ giiij or I'Hwrtii^w-ut thereto of the Lnitel Stares,-wt.nt tin' 1'irou forth faithfully support the Lousiitutiou of tlie Lm ted States, aud tne Union of States thereunder. And no person shall be allowed to sit or act .as a delegate in said Convention, or hold any office or under-appointment thereunder, until he shall have taken and subscribed the above oath in the manner aud lorm as above provid ed. The next three sections provide the requisite machinery to make the law operative. Seventh—That the present organization set up under martial law by the military power of the President, aud all officers in said district charged with the execution of civil regulations therein, except the regular officers of the Unit ed .States, shall esase to be such, and their functions aud powers shall terminate at such time as may be provided by the said Conven tion after the recognition an.l approval by Con gress of the State Constitution and civil gov ernment provided for and sought to be estab lished under this act. Viyli111 -That the President of the United States is hereby authorized, aud it shall be his duty so to dispose and employ the military and naval forces of the United Slates, from time to time, andj in such places, as to enforce the prompt and efficient execution ol the provis ions of this act; and to preserve peace and or der, and obedience to the laws of the United States in the district formerly comprising the State of North Carolina. The bill was referred to the Committee on Territories, of which Mr. Ashley of Ohio is is chairman, and Mr. Rice of Maine a lead ing member. Norser'se.—The Argus quotes liberally from a recent article in the Press, respecting the de cliue in ship-building, and then proceeds to talk about ‘‘the Radical policy of protecting and fostering class interests by an enormously high tariff'and an irredeemable paper curren cy. and of visiting vengeance and consequent poverty and suffering upon one third of the Republic.” The present tariff of duties is a necessary complement of the internal revenue law. The paper currency was the necessary resort of a country struggling for existence.— The Republican party demands of the South no penalty, but security for the future. The origin and occasion of all the evils which beset us are to be found in the aristocratic discontent of our Southern gentry with democratic insti tutions aud in the snobbish servility of North ern Democrats, acting as a direct stimulus and invitation to rebellion. The Republican party has put down the Democratic rebellion, and is aow preparing tc remedy its attendant evils. Admiral Kkmhks is about to lecture on Ids own exploits, and upon the “international law" bearing on them, at Galvesron, Texas. We have indulged in some pleasantry about this personage, but he is really becoming too seri ous to joke about. We submit, in all gravity for the consideration of Congress, whether there be not some truth in the suggestion of a writer in the New York Times a few days ago that the spectacle of Semmes parading tlie’ country uuwhipyed of justice, and teaching “moral and political philosophy to the youth of the South, is an unpleasant and damaging commentary upon the diplomatic attitude we have assumed in London, if the Alabama was a pirate ship, and the British Government lie liable for all damage done by her, Semmes was a buccaneer, and deserves legal punishment.— If, as Mr. Johnson lias been pleased to hold, he is exempt from punishment by reason of the parole which,he gave, and which ought never to have been accepted, then we ask that he re ceive the treatment of a paroled prisoner, and lie at least condemned to silence until our claims with Great Britain are settled.— We may add that there can be no question that the impunity accorded to worthies like this ad min! increases every day the difficulties in the wayoi settling the South. What Southerner can believe in the earnestness or determina non ot a government which permits unpar iloned traitors to parade the country, justify-* ing their exp oits on high moral grounds’ Semmes is clearly an irrepressible dunder head of the Cornell Jewett and George Fran cis Train order, who has lost liis reckoning and is wandering about in utter ignorance of all his bearings, both moral, social and political and it would be a kindness to him to relegate him to his home and the cultivation of some harmless vegetable— The Nation. 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And prevent the rattle of Sashes with BRADSTREET’S Improved Rubber Moulding UPON YOUR DOORS AND WINDOWS. Will save 50 per cent, in Fuel, and last a life time. Simple, Cheap and Durable. The best Weather Strip invented. Examine Testimonials and Specimens at tlie Real Estate Agency of W. H. JERRI^at Horse Railroad office, opposite Preble House. rrxs-A , , U. E. BARNES, Agent. By Agents Wanted. decUdlm* Hayward's Rubbers !

We offer to tee trade A full assortment of the above celebrated RUBBER BOOTS AND SHOES, At Agency prices. Also Roots, Shoes & Moccasins, At Wholesale only. STEVENS, HASKELL & OHASB. 33 Commercial St., Portland, Me. Oct 10—d3mos COOPEli & MORSE, HHAKE pleasure in informing their old patrons and A friends that they have resumed business at their OLD STAND, forner of Market and Milk streets where they will keep constantly on hand the best as sortment of Meats, Poultry, Game, &c„ That the market aSords, and It will be their earnest endeavor to serve their customers with promptness mid fidelity,deelldtf Portable Steam Engines, C10MB1NING the Maximum of efficiency, dura / bility and economy with the minimum oi weight and price. They are widely and iavorably known, more than 600 being In use. All warranted satis iactory, or no sale. Descriptive circulars sent on application. Address J. €. no iDLEV & CO. * Lawrence. Mass. Nov. 6. Iflflft 3md. K E M O V A I. ! Or. A. S. THA TER, Hsik Removed his Office TO HIS New Residence No. 6 Brown St. Dec 14—dlw* | REMOVALS. REMOVA L ! M. J. Cushman's Millinery! Store HAS been removed from No. 12 India street to No 25 Middle street, between India and Hampshire streets. Just added a good variety of goods suitable tor HOLIDAY PREMENTM. {^Please call. dec7d;tw Harris & Waterhouse9 JOBBERS OF Hats, Caps and Furs. Portland, Dec. 3d 1866. HARRIS & WATERHOUSE, Wholesale Dealers in Hals, Caps, and Pure, have removed to their New Store, No. l'i Exchange Street, K. K. HARRIS. de4tf J. E. WATERHOUSE. REMOVAL. JAMES O’DONNELL COUNSELLOR at LAW, Office in Chadwick's House. 249 Congress St., next above Stone Chim b. sepT-dtt a OUT OF THE EIRE l B. F. SMITH &, SON’S New Photograph Rooms, — AT— NO. lO MARKET SQUAItE. augi'U u dti HOLDEN & PEABODY, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, Office, 229 1-2 Congress Street, Near the Court House. A. B. HOLDEN. sep5tfh H. O. PEABODY. ANDERSON AND CO.’S ROOF SKIRT AND 00RSE11 STORE, is removed to 328 Congress St., opposite Mechanics’ Hall. _____ _ u___JylOdtl C. O. DOWNES, MERCHANT TAILOR, HAS REMOVED TO No. 233 1-2 Congress Street, CORNER OF CHESTNNT August 30, 1866. n dtl REMOVAL! THE Merchants National Bank Will remove on MONDAY, Nov. 12, to the OFFICE OF H. M. PAYSON, 39 Exchange Sit. oulOdtl O. M. & i>. w. NASH have resumed business at the head of Lone Wharf, under J. W. M unger’s Insurance Office, and will be pleased to see their former customers and receive their orders as usual. July 10,1866. n dtl DOW A LIBBEY. luMiiraucc Ageuta, will be found at No 117 Commercial, corner ot Exchange St. Home Office of New York; National Office ofBoston; Narragansett Office of Providence; Putnam Office of Hartford; Standard Office of New York, and other reliable offices, are represented by this agency. John Dow. jy25dtt F. W. Libbey. YBON, GREENOIJOH A CO., Fnr^, Hats, Caps and Robes, 164 Middle St,, over T. Bailey if Co. jullTtf WOODMAN. TBiTe A CO., Dry Goods, No. 4 Galt Block, Commercial St. Jul 17—dtl NOTICE. H. J. LIBBY A CO., Manufacturers x' and Commission Merchants. Counting Room over First National Bank, No. 23 Free street, second story. iyll tf AJ1HBONK 'MERRILL, Dealer in • Watches, Jewelry, Masonic Regalia, and Mili tary Goods, No 13 Free street, Portland. Same store with Geyer and Caleb iyI2dtf EAGLE NULLS, although burned up, the Pro prietors, Messrs. L. J. Hill & Co., are now pre pared to furnish Coffees, Spices, Cream Tartar, &c, at their new place of business, No. 100 Green St. An Order Slate in;iy be found at Messrs. Low, Plummer & Co’s, No 83 Commercial St, and at Mr C. M. Rice’s Paper Warehouse, No. 185 Fore Street. All orders promptly atten. ed to. Goods at the low. st prices. jullGtl H PACKARD, Bookseller and Stationer, may be • found at No. 237 Congress St., corner of Oak St.JullCtf RS. WEBSTER CO., can be found at the store • of C. K. Babb, Clapp’s Block, No. 9, where we offer a good assortment of Clothing and Fnrnishing Goods at low prices. jul 16 QMITH & kEED. Counsellors at Law, Morton ^ Block, Congress St. Same entrance as D. S. Ar my offices. iyl2dtf cTmT htt: £■ ___ j THE EASTERN EXPRESS €«. are now permanently located at No. 21 Free street, and prepared to do Express Business over all the Rail road and Steamboat routes in the State, and West by P. S. & P., Eastern and Boston & Maine Roads to Boston, connecting there with Expresses to all parts ot the country. For the convenience of our customers on Commer cial and Fore streets, an order book lor freight Calls WiU be kept at office of Canadian Express Co., No. - Fore street. J. N. WINSLOW. jy24 tf Jdk.E. j\l. RAN D, Attorneys and Counsellor, • No, 16 Free Street, near Middle. juli3 DITE HOUSE— NOTICE—Persons having left orders at 101 Exchange street, can now find them at 324 Congress street, opposite Methan es’ Hall, where we shall continue our business in all its various branches and at lower rates. e^Ladies’ Dresses dyed for $1,00. All other ar ticles dyed at equally low rates. jul 176m_ H. BURKE. J?* A SON, Merchant Tailors, • have taken Union Hall, entrance on Free St where they are ready with a good stock of Good# for Men s wear, which they will manufacture iu gar ments to order. jaf^First class Coat-makers wanted, S®* 138 Exchange street. • Coffins and Caskets: also, Me talic Burial Caakets. __jy26 CHARLES J. WALKER A CO. may be found at No. 160 Commercial street, store formerly occu pied by N. O. Cram, where they will resume busi ness, and be pleased to see their customers, or re ceive their orders, j ulylOtf A S. E. SPRING may be found at the store of • Fletcher if Co., corner of Union and Commer cial streets. i«y NATHAN GOULD, Merohant Tailor, has removed to No. 16 Market Square, over Sweetsh’s Apothe cary store._ jylO—tf BOOTS, *hoea, Bata and Clofbiag. Benj. Fogo may be found ready to wait on customers at No. 4 Moulton street, foot ** Exchange jul20 6 CIGAR*. 200 M. imported anddomestic Cigar? tor sale by C. C. MITCHELL & SON *d*3tf_ 178 Fore Street. nEBIOINA wHb, At<»rn.r.«.,d jLr CounurllorN, at the Boody House, corner of Congress .and Chestnut streets. jy2g BVRON D. YVRRILL, Counsellor at Law, No. 19 Free Street. Jull4 LEWI* PIERCE, Attorney and Counsell# at Law, No. 8 Clapp’s Block. ju!21 Marked Down. VICKERY & HAWLEY, No. 31 Free Street, Having made new additions to their already exten sive Stock of DRV GOODS WOOLENS ! Together with a general assortment of Domestics,have marked them down to correspond with the present state of the market, and are now prepared to give customers as good Bargains as can be found iu this city. Gap** All wishing to buy good goods at low prices, are respectfully invited to call and examine our stock and prices before purchasing elsewhere, as we are confident that our prices will please. Vickery & Ilawlcy, <lecl2<l2w 31 Free Street. “The National Traders Bank of Portland.” THE Stockholders of this Bank are hereby notified that their annual meeting will be held at their Banking Room No 21Jlreo at., on TUESDAY, the 8th day ot January next, at 3 o’clock P M. to choose five Directors for the ensuing year, and to act on anv other business that may legally come before them EDWARD GOULD. Cashier Portland, Dec 7, 1866._ ’ tl“itd Canal National Bank. rpHE Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the A Canal National Bank of Portland, for the elec tion of seven Director*, slid for the transaction of any other business that may legally come them, will be held at 188 Fore Street on B.S 8th day of January, 1887, at 3 .3™ M November 8, dtd * C ^EBBY, Cashier. Second National Bank. T^A"’!"*' Stockholders of the “Sec on a National Bank. Portland” tv»r aiAi *** Directors, and any other business whicl? ™,oA™'™ ii° come before them, will be held at No. ?i2y next, atTl^ ™FBtair,,) °“ «? Portland, Doc 7^860.'' ','i KPIrEN<3°N, Cashier. Casco National Bank. ion of seven Directors, and for the tnu, AjLiJ10 rlec" I ariSrsar^sK iTuirome : Portiand, Dec. 7, I860. E> GEKK1SH’ 1 BUSINESS CARDS. O Eli Ills II <f- 1>E ARSON, Healers in w atciies, Jewelry, Silver and Plated Ware, Gold, Hilror and Nleel Mporiaclc, Tool., Filna, Arc. sep28 NO. 15 FREE STREET. d3m IV. E. TOD I) , Dealer in Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles, KYK GLASSES. &e., \ «• 25 Free Si., PorlKud. Sr‘Repairing doue and warranted. n sepBdtt II . M . 11R E W E R, (Successors to J. Smith & Co.) .'Uauuiaiturer of Leather Belling. Also tor sale Belt Leather, Backs & Sides, I.aee Leather RIVETS and BI BS, " .‘111 t'ougrcH* Hired. W. P. FREEMAN & CO., • * | I pliolitercru and Manufacturers ot FURNITDKE, LOUNGES, BED-STEAUS Spring-Beds, Mattresses, Bew Cushions, 8e. 1 C lnpp’B Blork- foot C beMuut Street, Portland. Waufio«M:BnA*' D w °EASE C. I. QuntBT. A. N. NOYES & SON, Manufacturers and dealers in Stores, Ranges <£• Furnaces, Can be found in their NEW BI ILDIIVC: 08 UNE ST., (OpiKaite the Market.) Where they will be pleased to see all their former customers and receive grders as usual. augUdtf n H. P. DEANE, Counsellor and Attorney, 8o. 8. Clapp’s Block, Congresa 8l. Particular attention given to writing Wills, Contracts, Deeds and Legal Instruments. •July 31,1#GG. dti ■ STROUT * GAGE, Attorneys and Counsellors, Office 113 Federal Street, PORTLAND, ME. Sewell C. Strout Hanno W Gaee.* Iy7tt n W. H. CLIFFORD^ COUNSELLOR AT LAW, —AND— SOLICITOR OF PATENTS, 80. 8 CLAPP’S BLOCK, ang2dtt_Congress Street. CHASE, CRAM A STURTEVANT, OFJENERAIj Commission Merchants, Wldifery'H Whart, . , Portland, Me. octlGdti JAMES BAILEY £ CO., Importers and dealers in FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC Saddlery Hardiva re — AND— Carriage Trimmings. Mo. 169 Middle Street, PorilauJ, Me. auglS—tt n MERRILL BROS. £ CUSHING, Late Merrill * Small, Wholesale Dealers In F^JSTCY GOODS, Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, Ac., No. 18 Free Street, “Arcade.” aug21dtjanl HO WARD £ CLEAVES, " Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, PORTLAND, M NE. Office No. 17 Free Street, Near Middle Street. .loeeph Howard, jyfltf n Nathan Cleaves. —AND— Manufacturer ol Silver Ware, Temple, Street, first door .from Congress Street* . PORTLAND, ME. May t»—dly n ’ A. WILBUR d- CO., 112 Tremont Street, Boston, Importers and Dealers in IVEI.CII and AMERICAN HOOFING SLATES, »}1colors, and slating nails. Careful attention paid to snipping._n aug22-6m JABEZ C. WOODMAN, COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Has saved his Librarv. Office at2 2 1-2 Free street ■n the Griffith block, third story. „ j$ggl BRADBURY & SWEAT Counsellors at Law, S*4» CONGRESS street, Porthnic?Matne?Si0,>' or>posi,c rnitcd S*>tes Hotel, I Blon Bradbury. nov 9tt I.. D. M. Sweat Peering Milliken & 0o„ Wholesale Hry Goods, 31 COMMERCIAL street, mgSl-dtf_ _Portland, Maine. TODD’S Hair Hr essing Booms Neatly fitted up on II ME STREET, .A'™ do°™ aj»ve tlie Post Office where he mil he JSStAff**1 customers and new. He now has tor conducting his business in the most satisfactory manner. n sep28d3m JOSEPH STORY ■Vnrhyii Marble Co. ^anntacturcrB and Dealers In Enameled Slate Chimney Pieces, Brackets, Pier Slabs, Grates Ush a-iY TJ£8' ImI'',rtcr ami dealer in Eng v Ue8’ £e*?na" and French Flower Pud. Hanpng Vases, Parian, Bisque, and Bronze Statuetts mil®Ulaa8 Shades and \Valnut Stands BoLe mnm and Lava Vases and other wares. „„ “A?UEMO>iX ST1:“;'r Studio Building aug22—Urn n BQSTbN, Mw. SHEPLEY & STROUT COUNSELLORS AT LAW, OPFl C F. , r Post Office Building, 2d story; Entrance on Ex change street. _*: *■ »HEPLET. _JyOtl A. A. STRODT. M. T. SMALL & CO., Wholesale and Retail dealers in Groceries and Provisions ! AM1081,088'1 Prlce“ Vaid for Country Produco ^^Consignments receive prompt attention dec7dlm_WO la LIMK STREET! PEBCIVAL BONXEY, Counsellor and Attorney at Law, Morton Block, Congress Street, Two Doors above Preble House, . PORTLAND, ME nov 19 --tx DAVIS, MESEBVE, HASKELL k 00., Importers and Jolbers of Pry Goods and Woolens, Arcade 18 Free 9lreei7 F. DAVIS, ) V. H. MESERVF, ! _ L.p. HASKELL, f PORTLAND, ME JE-CTAPMAK. I____ nort-GMH D. CLARKE # CO. can be found AT 29 MARKET SQUARE, uxnr.n usojuteb h ill. Ro and Shoes for Sale Cheap. W. F. PHILLIES# ro7, j Wholesale Drnggists, I No. 148 Fore Street. oct 17-dti ( H AS. J. SCHUMACHER, ~ fresco painter. At present to be found at bis residence 244 CUMBERLAND, HEAD OF MECHANIC STREET. I jySOt* KI'IS.M'SN CHUM. W. W. THOMAS. Jr., Attorney and Counsellor at Law, [Chadwick House,] 240 Congress Street. octb-dly s. L. CARLETON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, 27 Market Square. Sept 24—dtt u J. B. HUDSON, JR., ^ tt T I « T , 27 Market Square, augSUBu. PORTLAND, ME WM. W. WHIPPLE, Wholesale TEpiiQff/st, 21 MARKET SQUARE, PORTLAND, ME. _ n W. U. WOOD A SON, BROKERS, No. 178 --Fore Street. «• y7 tt MeCOBB <& KINGSBURY. Counsellors at Law. OFFICE OVER H. H. HAY’S Jyd_ Junction of Free & Middle Street.. ROSS & RE EM, P 1. ART K R K R R, PLAIN and ornamental STUOOO ANT) MA8TT0 WORKERS, Oak Street, hotwcou, Cougrcae end Free Sts., PORTLAND, MIC. Coloring, Whitening and White-Washing pronipt y attended to. Order. Iroin out ol town solicited. May 22—dtt H. M. PAYSON, STOCK BROKER. No. 30 Exchange Street, PORTLAND, MX. no21dtf JOHN W. DANA, Counsellor and Attorney at Law, No. 30 Exchange St. Dec 6—dtf L. F. PINGREE, Pattern and Model Maker, Machinist and Mill-wright, Shop at C. Ih KIMBALL’S Carriage Factory No. 2 No. 16 Pbkblb St., Portland, Mr. 168'"Ordere Irom Fournier,, Manulacturers, Print ers, Painters, Surgeons, Hatlers, and Shoe-Makers, promptly executed. seplgdft w3m A GREAT RUSH -AT I*. M. FROST’S, -FOR BARGAINS! NO BIG PROFITS, NO DULL TRADE It tit Crowds of Customer Who are receiving Blowings by buying Goods Cheap Blankets at Old Prices! Only 94,75 per pair. Fancy Shirting Flannels I ONLT SOc FEU YARD. Good American Prints. 1 Shilling pr. yd. Bleached and Brown Cottons, AT LOW PRICES! Thlbets, Shawls, Cloakings, Beav ers, Poplins. Drew* Rood* of all DescriptiouH. WOOLEN GOODS FOR MEN & BOY’S WEAR! U5F* All of the above Goode will be offered at a GREAT REDUCTION from regular rates. Remember! No. 4 Decring Bloclc. Dec 8—d&wtf SZiW AXJXJ, - AT - NO. 331 CONGRESS STREET, Si* Door* above Casco Sired, would respcctfidly invite the attention of the people of Portland and vicinity to the v VARIED COLLECTION HOLIDAY GOODS! to be found at his store. The Best Assortment in the City, - AJID - THE CHEAPEST PRICES! TOTS or "all KINDS! Work Boxes and Desks!! Prangs Beautiful Publications! Stationery and Toilet Articles t! CUTLERY, And Numerous Other Things! Now is a good time for purchasers or CHRISTMAS GOODSI ^November 26. dtf SHORT & LORING, Booksellers & Stationers, l*ree, Corner Center Street*, Have on hand a full supply of Law, School, Miscellaneous and Blank Books. STATIONERY OF ALL KINDS, Oash, Post €lflce and Envelope Oases, Let' ter Presses, Pen Backs, *c. We hive just reoieved from New York a full supply 0| PAPER HANGINGS, New patterns and Choirs Styles. DRAWING PAPER OF ALL SIZES. Give us a call. Sh*r* * faring, iySOtt 31 Free. Comer Center Stiee A. COBB A CO., Successors to F. P. and M. T. Belford, at Mrs M H J. tochols, V. 3. Hotel received a lot of Trelousae, best ocalitv Kid Qlovt'H. Aimi Zephyr WomiPils r«' Howie, Hosiery, Ladies’ tinder Vests, Ooftets^^h,’ KAiHni? ft?" a£d..ea,b Hdkfe., Muslin and’Cam. Buttons, together with all articlpa usually found in a first c Wa Fancy Goods Store ,bleItl9 and the Public are invited to cull and examine them. _uo»7 Ull Jan. 1,18$ LOWELL A SENTER, WILL occupy the new Store NT*. ,'tOl Cnn iU , corner of Brown Street, about Lee*w,th a new stock of Watches. Jewel* ry, Silver and Plated Wn “, a?i «?«*, €*oo4* tor the holidays. * They l ove reoccupied their old stand Na. 64 Ki i“Sr wl'h ai-omplete stock ofNaatical Chronometers, Watches, 1 i*.*--' *\mc Tools for Machinists and Engineers, Ac. (-tr^rlends and customers invited to old head quarters. Dec 1,1866.—dim 4EBk Dental Notice ! ^ This is to tnthrm my friends and nat rons that I bare associated with me in the practice n) Dentistry, M. ALBERT EVANS, Formerly ot Bangor, a skill Ail dentist ol lone enen ence, and take pleasure In introducing and recotu isasasar Ethw“d octSdt^ n_No. 8 Clapp’s Bk«k?ttmgresa St. £°™anrntly lwiatnl at his new store Nofit Federal st, a., w. helow Lime street. He is now prepared to attend to the wants of his numerous customers and the public generally in the way of cleaning and re pnlrino Clothing of nil kinds, and w ill be attended to with his usnal promptness. Also second-hand < lothing for sale at talr prices. nn cdtf Oo to Aclams A Purinton’s ITOR yonr Hnnsc-thmishing Goods ol all kinds: X Carpetings, and all kinds oft;rockery, Olsss, Tin, ! Stone, Earthcm and Woolen Ware. Paper Hang ings, Window Shades, Ac, Ac. no23d3m Notice to hand Holders, MI?. O’DUROCHER, Builder, 1* prepared lo lake contracts tor budding, either bv JOB or liv DAV WORK. CftnftarniMU First Class woikmen and of all deseriimou. Residence, AMERICAN HOUSE . ..... D>dia Street, Pori land , August 17tb, 1WS aug20- tf niNC'ELLAIM.OIW. DR. CARPENTER, Oculist and Amist. (1AN be consulted at the U. S. HOTEL, Port J land, on Friday morning, November 21, and until further notice, upon Blindess, Deafness, Catarrh, BRONCHITIS, NASAL ami AURAL POLYPUS, Discharges from the Ear, Noises iu the Head, Scrofti la, Sore Eyes, Films, Opacitus, and all Diseases of the Eye, Ear and Throat. EiP* I® most cases the remedies can be applied at home Without Interfering with the patients occupa tion. Artificial Eyes Inserted Without Paiu. CONSULTATION AT OFFICE FREE. jgfe 'But Letters must contain One Dollar to ensure rui answer. HOME TESTIMONY. The Testimonials below are all received in tin* state, and oan be readily investigated by those deslr ons of so doing. Hundreds of other certificates can be seen at the Dr.’s Office. CATARRH. nf lion. ThroJorr \V > iu an li-Voro Maine Farmer., Dr. Carpenter*s Remedies have cured me of Catarrh and Polypus from which 1 suffered six years. Had copious discharges, dullness in the head and much difficulty In talking or breathing. I now havo none of these troubles. 6 „ A „ . THEODORE WYMAN. State House, Augusta, dan. 15, 1866. [From the Kennebec Journal qf Augusta. Augusta, Me., August 2, 1*00. 1 was very deal and suffered from inflammation aud a constant uml profuse discharge from both ears lor tan years; one ear was totally deaf, the other nearly useless. Dr. Carpenter's Remedies cured mo. I tail now hear as well as ever in both ears Miss E. o. BAC'HEI.UOR. Wo have seen and conversed with Miss Bacheldor and her statement is full and satisfactory .—[Ken. four. BLINDNESS. Augusta, Oct. 8, 1*66. My daughter suffered from sccrofttlous sore eyes lor eight years and hail become nearly blind. We orn ployed many physicians without benefit. Dr. Car penter cured her over a year ago. Her eves remain peifectly well. Mrs. RACHEL SCHOLES. Mrs. S. resides in Augusta, and the above state ment Is given in her own hand and is correct.— [{im pel Banner, Augusta. [From the Maine Fanner. 1 Augusta, Oct. i, 1866. Dr. Carpenter cured me of deafness of fifteen years' standing over a year ago. My hearing remains per fectly good. 1 reside in Union, Me. LEROY Z. COLLINS. [From the Rockland Gazette.] 1 suffered from Catarrh and Deathese twenty-seven years. Dr. Carpenter’s Remedies cured my Catarrh entirely, and greatly improved ray hearing. Miss A. L. STAPLES. Rockland, April 19, 1865. 1 From the Bangor Whig f Courier.1 Under the care of Dr. Carpenter, I have been en tirely cured of Catarrh with which I was severely af flicted, to the great improvement of my general health Miss LOIS E. YOUNG. March 12,1«66. Testimonial of Kev. Mr. W.O. Thomas. Having been afflicted with irritation and discharge of my ears six years and receiving only temporary re lief; I was induced to consult Dr. Carpenter last Feb ruary. His treatment cured me. My ears remain perfectly well. W. O. THOMAS. Belfast, Oct. 11, 1865. DEAFNESS. [From the Bangor Timet.) i bad been growing deaf fifteen years and had be oorne so deaf I could not hear our minister, who is a very loud sneaker. Under Dr. Carpenter’s cars, at the Bangor House, 1 have recovered my hearing, can now hear as well as ever. I reside in Benton. ^ Mrs. CLARK PIPER. Bangor, Oct. 1. All the published Certificates of Dr. Carpenter are buna Jlde.—[Maine Farmer. The Certificates, published in our columns, of Dr. Carpenter’s cures are Iona fide to our own knowledge He 18 all he profosses to be, and will not humbag or deceive the public.—[Kenneltec Journal, Augusta. Dr. Caroenter has entirely cured persons in this ! city who nave been under treatment at the Eye and Ear Infirmaries without being benefited.—[Belfast Age. Several marked cures have come under our observ ation, and we have conversed with many others who have been benefltted by Dr. Carpenters treatment, and we have become satisfied that he is skillful in the class of diseases which he treats, and careful to prom ise only what he can perform.—[Bangor Whig tf lour See other Certificates iu Portland Transcript. nov19_ d*wtf NEW FIRM ! ROBINSON Jk_ KNIGHT ! CLOTH 1116 ! We have taken the store 288 CONGRESS STREET, (Opposite the Preble IIousi i Where we have a new stock of CLOTHING -AND— FURNISHING GOODS I The stock embraces FINE, MEDIUM and LOW PRICED CLOTHING, made up in the most fashion able style. A large assortment of the newest styles of GENTS’ FURNISHING GOODS is now on hand, _dec8 -_rtti A FULL SUPPLY -OF Boy’s Clothings ! AT TOE England Clothing Coni., 48 market Square. deM3m_ E. LEVEEN & CO. /. F. F Alt ll I,V a T O V C LOT H IjY Cm AND Furnishing Goods! 26 Market Square. Oetl-dSm n J. T. LEWIS d> CO. Manufacturers of CLOTHING, have remove*! to JyO 1 Galt Block, Commercial i'treet. Hew Store, 34» Congress street, (Up Stairs.: h. rr. simoxton# co., HAVJL0I*-' “ La,li<"’ Farahbln* store, cot, tuning a (food assortment ..| Hoop Skirts, Corsets, Under Clothing, merino Vests, Collars, *’■*•> Worsted and Vase, Uoods. French Stamping Done to OrJor. Conyraw Street, ( Up Stairs.) 9ltM>. 9100 WAR CLAIM OFFICE. Patterson & Clindbonrnc, morlon.ltloeli,2doors above Preble Homs UUll?r, ,he la» approved Jul' I Jftth, 18ft», Increase ot Pensions, Arrears of I*a>. °,ther<1;'lln8 the Gov • ir^,?en*’ te<l at short notice. . J? sh£ddn?u!',n'C!"*f ^are Ul‘" ami dally ‘ si..0!? ?,’ ? theit claims promptly. P?^ ewi«» TTEE80N’ late '-lout.-fdb. Me. \ sis Foct'ifr5ti?w>l,BNE’atc MaJ-181 **«’ Ch' Reconstreeled on the Old (iround ! A. T. HALL, COMMISSION MERCHANT, and dealer in • Groceries, W. I. Goods and Prodace. NO. I MILK STREET, PORTLAND, NIK., Would nnulfcUy announce to his former custom, is and Mends that he has re-established hlmseli In bnsi noss at the old place, No, l Milk street near f v chantfe. til per*,ns in warn of Groceries Brodne, Ac., will do well to make me a call as an ontir.. „„i. sto. it ol selected (roods w ill bo “ ™“tlr' .laced prices. Come one. come all d s ilk HOME_ AGAIN. ATt.'.v #■.#/.vy /.vr„. *CTM,ibl<' 01 my Oblicstions lor the llla-ral L “In.IrtfRis of my patrons, I announce to them wm, srreat pleasure, my return to No ■ <> Exchange Street, over the Shoe and Leather Warehouse recent Ti ’.Te< te' by the Mes,srs. Barbour, with Inc reased ?» eilities toanswer all orders in the various branches mv profession. 1 I shall endeavor to tee,, posted in the newest Im provements, to be supplied with the last materials and to be prompt and faithful in my workmansioo' Mv work may be seen on every business atrocL hi the city, to which, with specimens constantly coins up on the new stores. I confident) v refer * * " Dec 4th, 1WJ6, <*****'***£?•